Episode 430 – The Media Are the Terrorists

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Podcasts, Videos | 73 comments

Yes, it’s true: the terrorists do hate you for your freedoms, and yes, the terrorists are out to get you. But here’s the real question: Who are the terrorists? Join James for today’s important edition of The Corbett Report podcast where he explores the nexus between mass media and modern-day terrorism.

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Brian Williams is guided by the beauty of our weapons in Syria strikes 
Time Reference: 01:03


Wolf Blitzer questions whether a move to stop bombing civilians will hurt defence contractors’ bottom lines
Time Reference: 01:29


Jim Cramer advocates cyberterrorism against US enemies
Time Reference: 02:20


The Media Matrix
Time Reference: 03:17


The Copycat Effect by Loren Coleman
Time Reference: 04:36


Mailman massacre: 14 die after Patrick Sherrill ‘goes postal’ in 1986 shootings
Time Reference: 07:11


A former postal worker commits mass murder
Time Reference: 07:18


Ex-Postal Employee Is Arrested in Deaths of Two in California
Time Reference: 07:22


Three weeks of terror: How the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks unfolded
Time Reference: 08:09


One Sniper Is Suspected in Three Killings in West Virginia
Time Reference: 08:45


British MP shot in attack by copycat sniper
Time Reference: 08:53


Turkish police search for copycat sniper
Time Reference: 09:02


Corbett Report Radio 182 – The Copycat Effect with Loren Coleman
Time Reference: 11:28


Loren Coleman’s Twilight Language blog
Time Reference: 17:12


Creepy Clowns and the Copycat Effect – Media Monarchy w/Loren Coleman
Time Reference: 17:41


Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ Carries Danger of Glorifying Suicide, Experts Say
Time Reference: 19:29


Psychologists warn ’13 Reasons Why’ could inspire copycat suicides
Time Reference: 20:14


13 Things Pediatricians Should Know (and Do) About 13 Reasons Why
Time Reference: 20:52


Association Between the Release of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Suicide Rates in the United States: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis
Time Reference: 21:47


Netflix removes 13 Reasons Why’s controversial suicide scene
Time Reference: 22:46


Judge rules in Netflix’s favor over ‘13 Reasons Why’ suicide lawsuit
Time Reference: 23:03


OBL: “You’ll see them and hear about them in the media . . . God willing.”
Time Reference: 26:26


Mike Francesca on WFAN 9/11 (“like Independence Day“)
Time Reference: 26:38


Mass Media: A History (online course)
Time Reference: 28:21


September 11: The Pentagon’s B-Movie
Time Reference: 32:19


The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright (Schwarzenegger movie night for Qaeda terrorists)
Time Reference: 34:19


9/11 War Games
Time Reference: 39:14


Graeme Macqueen Discusses “9/11: The Pentagon’s B-movie” on the Freedom Loves Company podcast (2017)
Time Reference: 39:29


The Psychological Implications of Media-Covered Terrorism
Time Reference: 47:37


New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern says “disinformation” should be controlled like “weapons of old,” guns, nukes
Time Reference: 50:04


The Bombings of America That We Forgot
Time Reference: 54:36



  1. Synchronicity ?
    Recently, I dreamed about the notion of IDENTITY in “our” world. Like a revelation (not that I wasn’t aware of it before), a clearer image, from the birth certificate, the baby footprint, then the vax, the training camp… just like cattle… not like but as cattle. A bit more complex than chickens, sure, but still… they eat, poo, reproduce, make eggs… we eat, poo, reproduce, and produce.

    Synchronicity, because throughout my latest research it became clear how the control of information is key in managing/using the human cattle. And by information I include: schooling, media, research, and even culture by which is transmitted from generation to generation the specificity of identity-behavior-valueSystem…

    Synchronicity because last week I imagined a t-shirt with lettering saying “los medias son tus enemigos” (the medias are your enemies). These thoughts surely emerged from listening to massive numbers of CorbertReports. (You’ve done it James, you brainwashed me! hehe). But I find the statement “the media are your enemy” a bit too binary, it lacks perspective & precision… for one it doesn’t address the humans involved in supporting the medias, supporting the censure of information. But mostly, it does address the fact that humans are the ones believing without questioning.

    Why don’t I believe? Why do I question everything? Why don’t they? Simplistic existential question, I admit, but it brings me back to the notion of “the shepherd and his sheep”. No matter what, can sheep be converted in shepherds? Almost 3 years into this mass manipulation, there are still people wearing mask & going for the vax, and for the others that kind of see the scam, still they’re ready to believe in something else, without searching.

    Keep on the great work Mr. James

    • You are so right as to the need to question. For many if not most people, this is an attitude that they have not developed and thus every question seems to be an incendiary attack on their entire being.

      Critical thinking is all about figuring out what you do not know. In this way you can begin to learn to formulate the questions needed for any topic.

      A fancy definition can be found here:

      “Critical Thinking as Defined by the National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking, 1987

      A statement by Michael Scriven & Richard Paul, presented at the 8th Annual International Conference on Critical Thinking and Education Reform, Summer 1987.

      Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness.

      It entails the examination of those structures or elements of thought implicit in all reasoning: purpose, problem, or question-at-issue; assumptions; concepts; empirical grounding; reasoning leading to conclusions; implications and consequences; objections from alternative viewpoints; and frame of reference. Critical thinking — in being responsive to variable subject matter, issues, and purposes — is incorporated in a family of interwoven modes of thinking, among them: scientific thinking, mathematical thinking, historical thinking, anthropological thinking, economic thinking, moral thinking, and philosophical thinking.”

      Richard Paul

      Again, many if not most people and certainly Americans, have no time for such arduous work such as thinking; not when that basketball game is going to be on or that sale at Target is happening nor the phone has colonized the cerebrum.

      Add to that the fact that thinking is subversive and those who question must be agents, spies or in one binary camp or another and you have a society that takes orders without questions.

      And that is why the media sadly can manipulate the human mind.

      “A nation of sheep begets a nation of wolves”, as Edwin R. Murrow a famous journalist once said.

      Look around you. See much critical thinking? Hear many questions? See people examining their own thinking in light of others?

      Doubt it.

      The problem is us.

      • “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

        Walt Kelly via Pogo

  2. Massmedia is our enemy because it was taken over by the group who uses it as propaganda tool, this includes every branch maybe most obvious “hollywood” because it was from the start created by this group after they already owned the american theater scene when they noticed how worthy of a propaganda tool this is.

    Good documentary on that topic
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCQI1k5S8Ew “Hollywoodism”

    And sure as follow up “TV” and now livestreaming services etc are all in the same spirit.

    • Kati

      Thanks for the link!

      “Blackpilled” did a whole stream on that doc over at his Odysee channel …. he had ALMOST nothing to add because they literally said the Quiet Part out Loud.

      I really miss his earlier work where he did movie propaganda breakdowns

  3. Excellent narrative.

    I saw 9/11 live in what was the afternoon in the UK. It was like watching a scripted film. That somewhat traumatised me.

  4. Brilliant essay on the role of media. Brilliant!

    I turned off my TV in 1995, after completing 10 years in the field of TV Broadcasting.

    And in the rare occasions I see a TV screen playing, I still wonder how people can watch this superficial BS.

    Here’s my boring point that very rarely will people stop to internalize that all humans are the product of their environment, always influenced by externalities, physically and mentally. We may be careful not to expose ourselves to toxic gases, rotten food, dangerous chemicals. But when do we pay attention to toxic ideas, destructive energies ?? When do we pay attention to how we internalize what we watch & listen ?

    In 2020, after hearing the second broadcast of croveed propaganda, I also turned off the local radio.

    The simple choice of music affect us. Reading a magazine with the publicity affects us.

    People avoid the responsibility of their lives… the fault is always external, rarely there own.

    I rest my case here.
    Thx Mr. James

    • Yes this was excellent James.
      So good to hear of others who had also decided to do this Claude, we felt strongly we were being fed propaganda or material designed to keep us in a fear/negative frequency….and at the very least, TV was a terrible distraction that was not needed in our home. I can gladly say I’ve missed nothing by not picking up a news paper or having a TV which we ditched in 2018…we didn’t even know a scamdemic had been announced until we rolled up at work to the shock of our employers (we’d been holidaying in the wilds)
      I actually first saw this ‘media manipulation’ most obviously in religious services and literature which had become what I can only describe as ‘dumbed down’ which I used to read and attend (absolutely no more) and traced this back to the ‘Common Purpose’ ideology (here in England) I think called ‘Common Cause’ or something very similar in America, like the media, they infiltrate every area of society political religious, educational, propaganda purposed TV soaps etc, and manipulate accordingly whether that’s people into key positions at the right time, or keeping the little people on the ground manipulated in their mindset leading to behavioural change as I’m sure you’ll already know.
      What we feed our minds with is as important as what we feed our bodies with, at the very least, you make a great point.
      We simply have to take back our power and just walk away from these tools of manipulation, we’re going to see the oh so obvious gap between Truth and lies widen even more dramatically soon, which will lead to nothing but distraction and frustration for those who’ll sadly still be attached to these tools for manipulation….all we ever had to do was walk away. It’s great to hear others experiences thank you for sharing yours Claude.

  5. Fantastic video James. Thank you. Another point to mention is that when something huge happens (like 9/11) it becomes a topic of discussion in the future with the question being, “Where were you when (9/11) happened?”. We continue to relive the experience as if we lived through the drama itself. Like we were part of something big and important and get to share our details, yet, we were NOT there. We watched a movie and somehow put ourselves into it. I also wanted to share that (shamefully) I did watch 13 Reasons Why. Both seasons 1 and 2 and yes, the suicide was glorified. I found myself thinking for months afterwards how easy it would be to do it and even as I watched this video of yours today I can very clearly see that scene in the movie. What I actually found more disturbing was a scene in season 2. It was a violent scene and I remember thinking at the time that this was going to put horrible ideas into people’s minds for them to reinact. These shows do a lot of harm and since I have stopped watching all tv and movies I have been a much happier person.

    • Amber.m

      “…since I have stopped watching all tv and movies I have been a much happier person….”

      That is the best advice ever.

  6. Funny story, about 5-6 years ago I had a few beers and was thinking about how much comcast was raping me. I called and asked for a better rate. Things went south and I canceled my comcast. All cable gone, during the world series. Anyway, thats when I woke up, I had always questioned. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma. But when the constant parade of evil was no longer in my life I woke up. My boss once said, “you dont watch TV, where do you get your opinions from” I pointed to my head…… laughed and laughed. quit that year. lol

    • I enjoyed reading your anecdote, brutaleric.

    • BrutalEric
      That is a heartwarming story

  7. 1. Why is there so much Graphene bullshit?

    Where is it coming from? This looks like a disinfo campaign very similar to 911 no-plane theories.

    There is a huge difference between technology that is possible, and hypothetical things that may be developed far in the future.
    There is absolutely no way a functional electrical circuit can form in your body.
    No way, because you need a clean laboratory with extreme accurate machines to make a circuit. And even that only works 10% of the time.

    Now they claim that these circuits are formed with 100x more accuracy, in a living and moving body full with disturbances.
    Where these circuits can even be eaten by cells.

    But many people online do not seem to understand the difference between science fiction and technical reality.

    What we are seeing are crystals.
    Many look very much like cholesterol crystals.
    So they are probably from remains of lipid nano capsules,
    or other toxic garbage.

    2. Also no-virus theories are promoted.

    Why? Viruses are clearly visible and detectable.
    Your immune system even has all kinds of cells just devoted to fighting them.
    There are also plant viruses, bacterial viruses.

    And when I look at the “terrain” theories, I just see that the influence is very variable. Often they just try to blame pollution and radio.
    What about sleep, people?
    I agree that a virus does not equal a disease. Like a fishing-email does not equal a computer hack.
    But fishing-emails do exist.

    • But the influence of a virus is something different, than a virus not existing.
      And by the way a virus works, that is logical.
      It is similar to having a running engine and throw a hammer into it.
      Does the engine break? -Sometimes it will.

      Like a computer-virus one needs to have a security-hole in your immune system to get sick from it. Or you sometimes you get a DOSS attack on your system when the amount of viruses is overwhelming.
      And sometimes a stupid person will click on that fishing e-mail and enter the credit-card data.

      The Koch postulate is difficult with a virus due to the very very limited conditions for them to work.
      And they can not “live” without a host and break very quickly. So it is a “disease” by a different standard.

      And since we are talking about RNA-level or DNA-level programming we have programs that run based only under very limited conditions.
      These are biological and chemical conditions.

      Like fishing e-mails, the best conditions for viruses are when a person is weak or mistaken.

      It seems to me that “terrain” people are just not understanding biology on RNA/DNA level. And try to use old standards for bacteria.

      3. There are also certain conditions for Prions,
      which existence are also denied by some people.
      It appears that these special proteins cling to each other under certain conditions,
      forming visible chains.
      And it may be that the experimental injections has proteins that can form
      prions. So we will see a lot more in the future, because these take a long
      time to have damaging effects.

      • You must be joking. Sorry, zyxzevn, but there are no disease causing viruses and there are certainly no prions. The prion baloney is even 10x more ridiculous than the virus baloney.

        We’ve hashed this out so many times in the cr comment section. Why are we doing this again?

        • Like I stated.
          These fake ideas that viruses and prions do not exist
          are promoted wild and make no sense.
          But why?

          For your info, because you did not read my posts..

          You can see viruses right under the microscope, but for the small ones you have to lighten them up with isotopes.
          You can even follow the spreading and infections.

          You can also see the product of prions.
          They look like strings and take a long time to grow.
          With the analysis tools you should be able to see what they are made of.

      • I found Peter Deusberg’s book interesting, he was the molecular biology researcher and professor at UC Berkeley who hypothesized that HIV was a harmless passenger virus. I think there is room to debate what viruses are and how some of them function.

        The current iteration of terrain theory seems to say that the particles aren’t causing disease and that they might not exist in the human body because you can’t isolate them in the traditional sense of the word. But the language used is “they don’t exist” which is not the same as the previous sentence.

        If a virus is just another mobile genetic element that are thought to exist and be how organisms evolve, their physical existence seems logical and maybe even necessary for life. After all it is thought that our bodies contain viruses that are helpful.

        The definition of virus as well does not seem to be fixed, since some are thought to be benign or even beneficial.

        I think living cells and molecular and genetic processes are poorly understood and disease development has more than one cause.

        What is clear to me is that vaccines, even traditional ones have not been shown to stop disease and may even cause more problems than they are suppose to prevent. Sort of like the over use of antibiotics. What is obvious is that corruption of big pharma and captured agencies and intentional harm of the human population. I say we come together to stop it rather than dividing up by disagreeing about minutia.

        • “I think living cells and molecular and genetic processes are poorly understood and disease development has more than one cause.”

          For example: We all know that the psyche is very influential
          for physical health, and most doctors don’t even acknowledge it.

          But I wonder why people go ten steps further, and
          think that no virus (or bacteria) even exist.

          And that the experimental injections contain all kinds
          of extremely advanced futuristic technology.

          With our current technology, it is very easy to design
          the mRNA to let your own body make the zombie-drug instead.
          Vice- “The Devil’s breath” (Scopolamine)
          renders a person incapable of exercising free will.
          It will give any agency brainwashed zombies in no time.
          There are probably some alternatives to it.

          Maybe this is how they control some politicians too.

          • I tried to clarify this with some of the terrain promoters and from what I understand they don’t mean that bacteria or viruses don’t exist physically, that the particles under the microscope don’t exist as entities but that their definition of disease causing agent is wrong. That’s my understanding of what their views are. However, the statement “does not exist” is very confusing and misleading.

            Clearly the virus particles in photos and studied in the lab do exist as physical entities. What their function is and if they actually came from the organism is debatable according to my understanding of the terrain theory perspective. I would agree with this with certain viruses or supposed viruses such as Sars Cov 2 and other respiratory viruses. I don’t know enough about other viruses to say that there has never been a study that has shown the particle to be causal.

            I think looking at a particular particle (virus) and go to the research papers and discuss them individually would be better.

            Like with Ebola and Marbug I really can’t say much about these viruses because I haven’t read any research papers on these.

          • Interesting info on scopolamine, thanks. I didn’t know it had effects on cognition but rather only as an anti-nausea medicine. It can be purchased over the counter in the US as a patch for motion sickness. I don’t think I’ll be using it now that I learned more about it.

            I think sometimes people enjoy considering advanced technology and what might be possible because it stirs up intrigue and fascination.

            I could be wrong but I suspect that the graphene or other device being used by way of injection to hook people up to a wireless grid is a bit far fetched. Not that they wouldn’t do it if they could, but I just don’t think they know enough to implement this. Maybe this is being researched, but I’d be shocked if it was actually perfected.

            I think people follow along for simple boring reasons like wanting to fit in, fear of loss of income, and ignorance and cognitive dissonance. Psychological manipulation is pretty effective.

      • Everything is a hoax.
        Does not make any sense at all,
        and is a very destructive viewpoint that does not bring us anywhere.

        Many things are not a hoax, since you can see
        the evidence in different ways from very different people.
        And you can even interpret some evidence in different ways.

        And investigating these differences gives us progress,
        which is the goal of a good investigation.

        • The exit from Afghanistan was probably not a hoax, Lol

        • There is a war in Ukraine.
          There already was a civil war.
          And what is shown is very different than the media shows.

          They are mainly narrative promoters.
          The media does not need to make hoaxes most of the time.
          Because they can just show a few images or video-clips
          that only seems to show their narrative.

          Via Andy Gno you can see how the antifa aggression
          is used to stir reactions, which again are used to
          pick small clips that make it seem that the opposition
          was aggressive.
          Often these clips are produced by antifa themselves,
          and real& independent journalists (like gno) are attacked
          violently by antifa.
          BTW this is the basics of a fascist organization.

          They play a lot with words to confuse people, which seems
          to work well in the US.
          Like the patriot-act was against people and the country,
          and peacemakers are bombs.

          The antifa themselves are used by CIA for a color revolution.
          They create an environment to threaten politicians
          with violence, by clearly crazy people.
          But steer the narrative to make it seem that there is no
          violence. And spread lies via the media to pressure
          the politics via made-up news.

          This news again is swallowed by the people who do not
          resist when their basic rights are taken.
          Like freedom to breath was taken from us with masks.
          And freedom from medical / experimental interventions was
          taken from us.

          But hysterical people were in the streets protesting against Orange Man.

    • Here is a good example of a nano-tech scare video
      that is based on false ideas.

      World first: Robotic arms assembling via nanotech inside COVID-19 “vaccines”; Filmed RT ~ Dr. Nixon

      You see a short video of crystals moving around.
      According to Nixon this is nano-tech (because it moves?).
      And later he talks about 5G network.

      But in reality you can see movements like this in any slide,
      because the heating of the lamps under the microscope cause
      movement of fluids and cause crystals to grow or dissolve.
      These reactions are very temperature dependent, and every
      chemist know this.

      So is this Nixon spreading this information to make
      researchers look stupid?
      It certainly looks like that.

      Or maybe he is close to a psychosis, which makes him
      make conclusions that are not realistic.

      Get real experts instead of beginners

      Things like this should be researched with a team of experts
      in different fields.

      Subject: crystals

      Many resembled cholesterol crystals, and there must be some experts in that.

      There are also experts in chemistry that know what crystals are
      formed under the microscope and can recognize what materials they are.

      Subject: moving black substances

      These are all fake videos of magnetic fluids.
      Just search at youtube for magnetic fluid and you can find them.

      Subject: assembling wires

      Also fake videos.
      With an electric field you can easily move and align small wires to make
      something that looks like a circuit.
      It is actually more like a lightning-strike with its electric tentacles,
      and it works the same.
      There are some youtube videos on that too, and easy to do yourself.
      So people have fun scaring some “antivaxers” on tiktok.

      • Subject: nano-tech.

        That is kind of my expertise, because I designed chips and know how they
        work on all levels to the silicon or gallium-arsenic.
        But there are also people who worked with the latest 10nm lab technologies.

        My conclusions:
        There is absolutely no nano-tech in the injections. None.
        1. Nano-tech requires a machine that is as big as a house just to get the
        accuracy working. With clean room, 100% pure materials and careful quality controls.
        So not a living body in a polluted environment.
        2. Nano-tech needs many wires and circuits to perform a simple function.
        And power. And a control system. There are none there.
        3. Nano-tech as promoted in lectures and patents are just science fiction,
        which are meant to collect funds. In practice they only get extreme simple
        tasks working with careful control in a lab.
        It is like making a puppet move by having your hand inside it.
        4. Circuits need to be exactly 100% correct. And to perform functions
        they have millions of wires and transistors. All 100% correct.

        There is absolutely no way something like that can self-assemble in the body.
        Big machines are necessary to project the circuits onto the chemical
        layers in 100s of 100% pure chemical processes.

        If something self-assembles it can only be a basic chemical or biological process.
        I have some theories, but look forward to see exactly what
        chemical and biological processes are going on,

  8. Great video, as always. This one, coupled with the previous article on Plantir got me thinking. Could there be a multi-layered explanation for the current plague of mass shooters? If there was a black op to terrorize the public, it could be done by data mining social media for misfits that could then be groomed and encouraged on online to do evil deeds. Those doing the encouraging would have false identities that could later be scrubbed from the internet. The media would have an important part in this by sensationalizing previous killings, but the crucial part in this would be in making sure that the shooters could access the targeted building. As Colonel Fletcher Prouty (of JFK fame) pointed out, you can often point to a lessening of security, or at least a change in normal protocol prior to any successful assassination. This could all be done with minimal traceability and leave the public terrorized.

    • G Jimgping

      The “mass shooting epidemic” is just media focus to mess with our heads. In the USA you have more chance of dying from appendicitis than dying in a MASS shooting…not kidding, look at the numbers. Unless your a gang member or killing YOURSELF you are not very likely at all the die by gunshot and most of t he “children ” killed by firearms are teenaged gang members (so all in all good riddance)

      It is just t he TV that makes people scared, unless your doing crime there is no real reason to fear gun violence in the US. Just like the TV made us afraid of the Covid.

      They do not need to fake mass shootings, just focus on them with the cameras

  9. To the topic and the involvement of Netflix for 13 Reasons why:

    I just want to mention, that it seems to me that it is no coincidence, that one of the founders of Netflix is a relative of Edward Bernays: Marc Bernays Randolph.

    Yes its Brainwash.
    It’s a war of narratives, and what gets normalized.

    Netflix is normalizing a lot of shit.
    For example:
    There was a substential astroturf campaign for the Action Movie:”THE GRAY MAN”.

    Ohne of the MAIN PLOT DEVICES is a girl, that has a “heart problem” and a “pacemaker” that is tracable from all over the world.
    Its literally is explained in the first 30 minutes of the movie.

    Just as all the new Ghibli movies are astroturfed in german imageboards where the protagonist has heart issues.
    They Normalize stuff.
    Thats their job.

    • Perseus

      The People running Netflix hate you and me, they hate our children and want to hurt and kill and they think its FUNNY.

      Anyone who wants their kids to survive must understand that. Its not money, its not power, its not ideology…its hatred and they are the enemy of normal people

    • Thanks Perseus!

      Marc Bernays Randolph (born April 29, 1958) …is the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix.

      One of Randolph’s paternal great-granduncles was psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud. Another paternal great-uncle of Randolph was Edward Bernays, an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda.

      Randolph taught himself direct mail and marketing techniques while tinkering with different ways to sell Cherry Lane’s catalog of sheet music directly to consumers. Randolph’s fascination with using computer software to track customers’ buying behavior would ultimately inform his decision to create a user interface at Netflix that doubled as a market research platform.

      He further developed his theories about using direct mail to influence and retain customers doing circulation work while helping found the U.S. version of MacUser magazine in 1984.
      While co-founding computer mail-order firms MacWarehouse and MicroWarehouse with Peter Godfrey and his partners about a year later,
      Randolph made the connection between overnight delivery and improved customer retention.
      The discovery later proved crucial to Netflix’s growth and survival: the company’s subscriber base first blossomed and cut into Blockbuster Inc revenues in cities where Netflix offered overnight DVD delivery.

      Randolph spent the dawn of the Internet age building direct-to-consumer marketing operations at software giant Borland International starting in 1988.

    • I actually watched The gray man which was a dumbass movie but I was bored one day and sometimes enjoy action flicks. Anyway, I noticed that about the pacemaker. It’s kind of scary to think that they would have that type of function where it could be located by GPS tracking. I do know that they can be monitored externally by the pacemaker company and the company can do an interrogation with an external device that hooks up over the internet. I really don’t know how it works but know that that’s a thing. It’s common in the emergency room to have people with pacemakers come in for a possible heart issue and we have to get a pacemaker interrogation and use this device to connect the pacemaker data remotely to the pacemaker company so they can make sure it’s working properly. I never heard about a GPS tracking function though.

      I suppose if someone needs a pacemaker they are stuck with certain potential privacy issues. I hope I never need one, and I think our health is the most important thing to consider if one wants to be free. Any dependence on the medical industrial complex makes someone less free.

  10. Hang in there, MEFF. I don’t know where you are in Mexico but Acapulco hosts the yearly Anarchapulco gathering in February. Could you make your way there for the 2023 gathering where you’re sure to meet some like minds?


  11. MEFF
    “… I’ve been thinking even that there’s no sense of continue living, why? There’s no solution if people don’t help. ….”

    The idea that You “Can Not Win” is a Physiological warfare trick….. It is a trick to demoralize you.

    You JUST need to NOT LOOSE…. thats all. The mafia has always been there, they come and they go and new ones come and replace them.

    Not Loosing for long enough =
    Being Alive + Not being a slave + YOUR children growing up to have kids = Winning 🙂 What else to care about?

    MOST people in the past were slaves or serfs, MOST people in the past were ignorant and stuck where they were born, Most people could never HOPE to see or do or go to places/things many normal people can do today if they choose to be awake in their mind.

    • Yes, Duck, as Jon Rappoport says, “Hopelessness is a psyop and it’s world wide.”

      MEFF, beat them by lifting yourself up. Make the choice to be cheerful against the odds and make your little corner of the world a better place. That will drive the creeps crazy and keep you sane.


  12. RE: Episode 430 – The Media Are the Terrorists

    There are some extremely valuable concepts to take home from this presentation.

    My awareness continues to evolve with episodes like this.

    I need to revisit this episode in the future in order to refresh the concepts in a new unit of time/context.

    • Talking about that. I’m using less and less the internet. Soon it’s going to be just corbettreport.com and Jorge Guerra but eventually when it is only the corbettreport.com what would James advice? I think he has expressed few times that we should stop this digital prison and that naturally includes corbettreport.com

      Am I understand correctly his message?

      • Hi Facundo,
        I’m not qualified to put words in Corbett’s mouth. So I can’t directly answer your last question.

        From my perspective, I think an important thing that any person should do is to raise their awareness. For example: If we become more aware about the things which can affect our life, whether for good or bad, then we become more able in life.
        As for me, I will continue to interact with life (which often includes the media or its influences). But I am better armed if I am aware of what is really going on, and thus don’t fall victim to their deceptive ploys.

        • Hey HRM,

          What a difficult terrain is this one of media. Maybe this is a Q4C. I wonder if there are others feeling confused as me regarding this.

          You say “I will continue to interact with life (which often includes the media or its influences)” but I think that there might be a tradeoff. Media is a reflection of life. Books require the body to standstill to borrow from Neil Postman.

          Would James recommend to use the internet instead of books, pen, paper and old fashioned letters?

          Would it be better to balance less time reading and analysing and more time doing and creating?

          Probably is not black and white. It’s a question of balance and different for different types of people.

          But personally I feel sincerely confused in my quest to find balance.

          • Facundo Merciadri says:
            “It’s a question of balance and different for different types of people.
            But personally I feel sincerely confused in my quest to find balance.”

            Join the club. 😉
            I’ll bet the quest is a life-long endeavor. I’m still at it.

          • Facundo

            I can’t say what Mr Corbetts current position is but as I recall some years back he did state that he was making more of an effort to spend time READING rather than consuming fast media like videos and such…IF I recall correctly it was about the time he was making an effort to go over to more Big Picture work rather than just chase the daily news tail (or should that be ‘tale’?? Lol)

            Dr EM Jones (of Culture Wars Magazine and Fidelity Press) said one time that almost no one can know what’s happening because you CANNOT get sufficiently deep knowledge just listening to people talk and that you must read books to get the whole picture…. he does sell some rather good books so maybe he is biased. Lol…. also I changed how I read by adopting SOME of the techniques in “how to read a book” by Adler
            You CAN find download versions too but you need a special kind of dedication to do it totally like he suggests

            I know that I read on a totally offline E-paper reader now and its better on my eyes and much more relaxing than listening to most people talk about scary stuff.



            Could not find the talk, sorry. Best I could find were these

            • That first one “booksbooksbooks” is even better then I remember…just listened while I was doing my exercise

          • “ But personally I feel sincerely confused in my quest to find balance.”

            I sure can relate to that. Been trying to find balance for as long as I can remember.
            Its only lately that I’ve begun to fully apprehend the truth.
            That is that the only way to achieve balance in my life is to let go of my life. Or at least not maintain such a tight grip.

            When I’m so attached to my worldly existence and experience, how could I not be vulnerable to the unpredictable.

            And its only lately that I’m realizing, finally, that I can’t accomplish what I need to change about myself by myself.
            There is a passage in the Bible that goes something like “he who would seek his life will lose it and he who would lose his life shall gain it.”

            I am trying to learn to let go of carrying the burden of things that I have no control over and spend more time and energy focusing on becoming less of a hypocrite by nurturing my relationship with the Word of the God and the Savior who died for me.

            I’ve lately been praying more consistently and I’m beginning every day with reading the Bible and a twenty five minute study with a long dead southern preacher.
            And I’m rediscovering the fact that just like when someone starts changing their diet for the better their appetites change as well. They don’t crave the stuff that they wish to avoid quite as much.
            So too am I finding myself consuming much less media that contains stuff that doesn’t edify or at least educate me in some constructive way.

            For instance I’ve found myself very interested in the controversy that surrounds the idea of a pre or post tribulation rapture lately. Its not only a fascinating subject but it seems kinda relevant.
            (Hint, stick with the KJV)
            The rabbit holes one can explore in the Bible are myriad and mysterious.
            Thats why one must allow the Spirit to be one’s guide.

            • The quest for balance is a blessing or a curse. It just depends on our decision to either accept the peace and balance that is available for free by accepting the gift of salvation or to try to go it alone. To do it man’s way.

              I just learned this quote yesterday and I really like it.

              “This is God’s universe and He does things His way.
              You may have a better way.
              But you don’t have a universe.”
              Dr. J. Vernon McGee

      • There is a time for interaction and a time for “digestion”.

        Interact with only those digital outlets that make you think and inspire you. But then stop interacting and take time to make those thought yours (the ” digestion time”).

        Because your thoughts will drive your actions, and you want to make sure that you have time to carefully elaborate your thoughts according to your true self.

        That’s my personal recommendation

      • I think his message is that the internet is becoming more controlled and also could be shut down with some false flag cyber terrorism scam. They might try to make you put in your real name and address to use it. So having a decentralized internet will be helpful.

        For every controlled platform or media outlet we need to make an alternative so that we don’t depend on them. They want to control us because they fear us and they are afraid of the free flow of information. I don’t think they will shut down the internet and I don’t think they can make people have an ID to log in. They can already track us when not using a VPN.

        If the internet did go down, we would need to have radio to get information out but this was done in the old days so humans could go back to radio if needed, or even regular print media.

  13. There are many good sources in Spanish. Jorge Guerra, Lorenzo Ramirez, Nicolas Moras just to mention a few. And many can read english but if not there’s always Jorge Luis Borges and many others. “El que busca encuentra”

  14. I know that in the US the media warns against Copy Cat effect when it comes to school shootings.
    We don’t have any of those in the Netherlands but we have a lot of ‘family dramas’ That is when a white Dutch man commits suicide after he kills his children and sometimes wife.
    The media invites experts who advice not to talk about these matters as not to encourage Copy Cats.

    But when it comes to honor killings and terrorists the media just can’t get enough of those. No fear of Copy Cats there!
    Not only will they run stories for months after the killing but they will always spend more than enough time to educate the public about these matters.
    They will bring terrorism experts to talk all about the POSSIBLE targets for MAXIMUM death and damage.
    I would watch in horror thinking: DON’T GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS!!!

    And unlike ‘family dramas’ honor killings are always a prominent political topic. What to do to prevent honor killings? Because no matter how many Dutch native men, who can’t handle a divorce, kill off their offspring, it’s an exception that must be ignored or else it will give people ideas.

    I never understood that double standard. Why is the media not afraid to give terrorists ideas by explaining word for word what targets to choose?

  15. Tagourramt

    The white Dutch guy is having a mental illness where as the Muslim doing an Honor Killing is doing a CULTURAL ACTIVITY and no one is in danger of copying culture because of mental instability.

    Honor killing is because t the Muslim community applies shame until the murder removes the stain by killing

    In fact making a big fuss about it makes it more likely that people will NOT do honor killing because the Muslim community will hopefully start applying pressure to NOT do such murders because they make the community look barbaric. Right now the SOCIAL pressure from the community is to do such things, media may flip that around just as it has flipped many social behaviors (good OR bad) around.

  16. I haven’t been glued to a TV since I was a child. I found things to do that were more interesting to me. Missed out on a lot of the water cooler talk at work, but when I did try to watch a show, it was either insufferable or a rerun from the one time I watched it 2 year before. I thought everyone just used TV for when they were bored or sick when they grew up but my. I guess it’s true that too much television really does rot the brain.

  17. With regards to the Copycat Effect, I couldn’t help thinking how It could be applied in the context of Covid-19.

    If the Copycat Effect can actually work at a psychosomatic level, It may well be the cause (or one of the causes) of thousands of people developing flu-like symptoms just by listening to the incessant news and stats on the number of infected and hospitalised.

    Just a thought …..

    • Incredible! I had the same thought! I swear!! I’m not copycatting!!!! I really REALLY DID!!! REALLY!!!!!

      Seriously, in fact, I was thinking the same thing.

      I think copycatting is soooooo deeply ingrained in our nature, we don’t even realize we’re doing it literally ALL THE TIME!

      I even think we can do it on a parasympathetic empathetic cellular level thus reproducing the symptoms of those around us…becoming deeply ill in doing so, in a paradoxical effort to survive, to belong, to… exist.

      • “Copycat” is just another word for (not viral) “contagion” which in turn is another word for “resonance” 🙂

  18. This BBC clip was posted by OffG a couple of months ago, and I think it so apt in the context of this podcast. My recommendation: watch it!


    Dating from 1968, written by Desmond Lowden, this short TV play from the BBC presents us with a world in which there are shadowy people who “write the news” as if it were a screenplay. A world of wholesale fakery in which, to paraphrase CIA director William Casey, everything everyone believes about their geopolitical world is a lie.

    It probably speaks more to our time than to the relatively optimistic 60s. And the performances are great – especially the underrated Donald Pleasance as a wonderfully urbane recruiting officer.


    • BUMP – Short Play with Donald Pleasance

      I finally got time to watch this last night.
      “Dating from 1968” – This Play was well worth the watch!

  19. YEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!! The media are so obsessed with cancelling other people but ITS THEM.

  20. Okaaaaayyyyyy! I get it!!

    People have been waiting all their lives to have a reason to clap all together in tearful, thundering, moving and meaningful unisson, like in the movies, and Covid 19 offered the masses throughout the western world the opportunity to live out this fantasy which they did on cue with all their heart and soul unwittingly risking their lives and loved-ones by subscribing to an illusion.

    More than just virtue signaling, people want to live in a movie!!

    They are thus more than willing to suspend their disbelief!! And for God’s sake, don’t pierce the bubble and destroy the illusion with spoilers, telling them how the story ends or YOU KNOW WHAT!

    Imitating movies, imitating each other, imitating your mother…

    Imitation is what humans do best, it’s what makes us quick learners and successfully social beings,

    Then there was the eruption of mirror neurons into the media arena; their quite plausible role in lost limb replacement, autism, advertising, video games and Netflix series. And then their almost immediate exit and subsequent silence on the subject. With the exception, for example, of this short Ted Talk:


    Yes! Walt Disney understood the power of the copycat reflex and thus launched his cultural colonialism campaign by invading the psyches, imagination and fantasies of children worldwide with his trojan horse values and predictive programming disguised as entertainment.

    He understood that not only would these young brains seek to copycat the identities, adventures and values of his blue-eyed heroes and heroines be they man or huggable beast, he knew deep down that

    the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. vimeo.com/ondemand/12335

    Yes, many are still captured by the movie of 9/11… of the evil lone gunman, of Jafar bin Laden, Scar, Skinner and all those other bearded and baggy-eyed terrorists and Reel Bad Arabs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko_N4BcaIPY

    And the AGW catastrophe blockbuster! And the titillating overpopulation thriller! And the furiously indignant Ukraine box-office hit!

    Then there’s the machine-mimicking Simplified Man, as we robotify ourselves using AI phone servers for accessing insurance, transport, medical, public and private services or seduce smart cameras in a dire attempt to land a job interview with a human being, reducing our profiles, needs and manner of expression to fit the binary capacities of primitive algorithms, type 1 for yes, 2 for no, 3 for does not compute or hashtag for hold the line, a human may arrive shortly.

    So in this crimson contagion of connotation, was Sandy Hook a massacre or a suave and supremely suggestive invitation?

    • nosoapradio,

      Have you read Rupert Sheldrake’s “Morphic Resonance”? His hypothesis on morphogenetic fields may well be another way to explain how the copycat effect works on a deeper level than consciousness.

      Sheldrake is one of those renegade scientists James should interview 🙂

      • Yes, Colosseum! 😎

        Though I’m not deeply familiar with his work, I had considered mentioning Mr Sheldrake as being an alternative explanation. However, despite appearances, I was trying to stick to a single general idea.

        Thanks for your question.

      • Colosseum

        You do not need Morphagenic Fields to explain why Social Monkey’s copy the other monkeys 😉 “If THEY are still alive doing that it MUST be a good idea!!” Lol

        My Chickens do the same thing- fresh hatched chicks will often die of thirst or hunger unless they see another chicken eat or drink. (You can use your finger to ‘peck’ at food or the water and when one gets the idea the others copy)

        I guess you could talk about Mirror Neurons too.
        “…A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another.[1][2][3]

        Thus, the neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer were itself acting.

        Such neurons have been directly observed in human[4] and primate species,[5] and in birds.[6]…”

        I know personally for a fact that if you do visualization practice you get better at physical skills (as long as you actually KNOW how to do what your practicing in your mind and the sequence of movements) so I assumed thats why at a base material level we copy.

        • Duck,

          you need morphogenetic fields to explain phenomena that spread quickly over time and space when there is no direct interaction between those who initiate the phenomenon and those who receive it.

          (i.e. a “contagion” spreads so quickly, just like the rats new habit in Sheldrake’s experiment, without any direct interaction between the diseased person and the receipient of the new disease)

  21. Regarding the point of 9/11 being planned to make us think of a movie, I also think of the symbolism of the numbers 911, which is the national emergency number in the U.S. There was a connection between the events that day and emergency, panic, death, fear, etc. which is likely to be associated with 9-1-1.

    • Scpat

      If you want symbolism of 9/11 you should look at ‘William Ramsey investigates’… He has the whole set of numbers out of Crowley and the Kabbalah…the flight numbers the floors they hit…stuff like that.

      You could also look at Chris Knowles, of secret sun blog, he has some very interesting ideas on 9/11 to. He floored me with his take on the Millennium Dome show.


      To be honest he is a bit weird but rather smart. I do not yet know enough to say if I believe his take but it is very interesting

      • Duck,

        Thanks for the tips. I haven’t heard about any of that yet.

  22. As a footnote, Brian Michael Jenkins, the RAND Corporation author discussed around the 48 minute mark, was one of the nineteen 9/11 suspects identified by Kevin Ryan in his book, Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects.

  23. Shades of Mao II by Don Delillo.

    Also, Part 3 Drink Champs with Kanye West (2024 hat)….

  24. Hi, first time commenting on here. Currently watching this episode and it jogged my memory back to 2017 here in the UK. For a brief period of maybe a few months there were reports on the news of crowds of people being run over by vehicles. Didn’t happen for long and not heard anything like it since, but it happened regularly enough at the time that road blockades were being placed at events such as the Manchester Christmas markets. Just reminded me during the copycat section of this episode.

  25. [nrk.no | 22.10.27 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian & swedish]

    On this topic: Here is a recent NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) video interview with Greta Thunberg.

    NRK: “How do you rate the last years of your life?”
    (Hvordan vurderer du de siste årene av livet ditt?)

    GRETA: “I have no idea. There are so many strange things that have happened that I can’t understand how it happened. It feels like a movie, which has a too predictable plot.
    (Jag har ingen aning. Det är så många konstiga saker som har hänt att jag inte kan förstå hur det gick till. Det känns som en film, som har en för förutsägbar handling.)


  26. I have preferred to stay away from the psychology of COVID and concentrate more on the science of viruses and vaccines and the financial system feeding off them. However, as we try to understand the craziness of the COVID phenomena we can’t avoid psychology. So thanks, James, for bringing up the copycat effect. Copycat behavior has also been called mass hysteria, nocebo effect, and mass psychogenic illness. This is, of course, a huge and very deep rabbit hole, but I would like to offer a link to an article that summarizes and analyzes this phenomena and relates it to COVID-19. However, it goes further and identifies the size of government as another causal factor.

    COVID-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria
    P. Bagus, J. Pena-Ramos, A. Sanchez-Bayon
    2021 Feb 3

    “Abstract: In this article, we aim to develop a political economy of mass hysteria. Using the background of COVID-19, we study past mass hysteria. Negative information which is spread through mass media repetitively can affect public health negatively in the form of nocebo effects and mass hysteria. We argue that mass and digital media in connection with the state may have had adverse consequences during the COVID-19 crisis. The resulting collective hysteria may have contributed to policy errors by governments not in line with health recommendations. While mass hysteria can occur in societies with a minimal state, we show that there exist certain self-corrective mechanisms and limits to the harm inflicted, such as sacrosanct private property rights. However, mass hysteria can be exacerbated and self-reinforcing when the negative information comes from an authoritative source, when the media are politicized, and social networks make the negative information omnipresent. We conclude that the negative long-term effects of mass hysteria are exacerbated by the size of the state…”


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