Episode 458 – Meet Benjamin Netanyahu, Unconvicted War Criminal

by | May 14, 2024 | Podcasts, Videos | 72 comments

The International Criminal Court is supposedly mulling war crimes charges against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other high-ranking Israeli political and military officials. But what reason could they possibly have for charging Netanyahu with war crimes? Uncover all the dirt on the unindicted war criminal presiding over Israel’s crimes against humanity in this important edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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Israel likely violated international humanitarian law in Gaza war, U.S. report says
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Children in Gaza dying from “malnutrition and disease, Blinken set to meet Arab leaders in Cairo
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  1. In the past I had read comments here critical of James Corbett that he wouldn’t broach the subject of Israel. It seems that, once sure of his facts, he has run the gamut in this article.
    Thanks James, recently you have turned a corner and you are no longer afraid of anything.

    • bazanted says:
      “In the past I had read comments here critical of James Corbett that he wouldn’t broach the subject of Israel.”

      Let’s correct that false concept: ‘that he wouldn’t broach the subject of Israel’.
      Evidently those folks have not been following the Corbett Report and the plethora of material.

      Here are Search Results for “Israel” at Corbett Report.

      There are other Search keywords also. e.g. “palestine” or “zionism” or “hamas”.

      • One could always argue, Israel is not covered enough, since they are connected to just about EVERY aspect of what undermines humanity. I don’t care the Issue, from Trump and Epstein to 9/11 and Covid, there always seems to be an Israeli angle.

        But, it is unlikely anyone who built their site on REAL criticisms of Israel would still be around, so such criticisms need to be used judiciously and sparingly, less you be branded an “anti-semite” for speaking truth to power, too much.

        • Most important thing to understand is we are ALL Palestinians. If you think Palestine is a one off, you don’t know what is going on. We are all seen as Palestinians, or worse by this murderous cabal.

          They will do the exact same thing to us, just give them time.

  2. One has to hand it to Netanyahu, he is certainty carrying out his role and surely satisfying his influencers as the narrative-spouting, deception parroting spokesman (global leader puppet) they groomed for the position. And yes he, his deceived and deluded IDF, and supportive Israeli citizens around the world under the spell BN weaves should be punished for their engagement in the disgusting and despicable crimes. The questions become: how, who, what…

    • “The questions become: how, who, what…”

      I agree that there is no shortage of those who are deserving of punishment for their war crimes. But those guilty are not limited to Israel. I can’t really think of many nations without their own war criminals.
      For my part, rather than wanting to see individuals punished I’d prefer to see the governments that facilitated the crimes disbanded and abolished. Which would be every authoritarian government. Which would be every government except maybe Liberland.

      The way I see it is that if you go about trying and punishing people you’re going to need a government to do it. And as soon as you have a government you’re setting yourself up to repeat history.

      If you’re going to wish for the unattainable, you may as well go all the way. 🙂

      Understanding the reality of the situation is important for sure. Understanding the futility of the situation is equally so.
      We won’t find justice using the justice systems of men.

      • True that. Particularly when the Military is The Government, and the definer of “war crimes”.

      • I agree with Slow Cured Anarcho Hippy. I think we all play a role in this horror, by continuing to feed the beast that allows and encourages it. It’s the Hollywood fantasy to get the bad guy and then we can all breathe a sigh of relief and carry on “as normal”. The only part of your comment that I’m sceptical about is Liberland. As far as I know, it was founded by one man, who manages it – a centralised system. It might be fine for now, but what is his price – how much would it cost to corrupt him? Time will tell.

      • I remember VERY WELL how South Africa’s apartheid government was treated, no defense for their actions were allowed in our media/politicians, and South African apartheid was NOTHING compared to Israel’s 75 years of genocide of the Palestinian people.

        I think Israel is a rather special case, Zionists have their claws in just about every government, especially America. We see now Pat Buchannan’s 1990 statement, calling Capital Hill “Israel occupied territory”, totally accurate.

        Israel, a nation the size of New Jersey with a comparable population, nevertheless gets the majority of US foreign AID.

        And while Israel is called an ally, there is no evidence this is the case, quite to the contrary. When has Israel ever backed the US in anything, while America is constantly seen as a pariah on the world stage for blocking real efforts for Palestinian sovereignty.

        I believe it was the NYTimes who reported Epstein was working for Mossad, his, pedo island was visited by Clinton, TRUMP and many other leaders…Yet that obvious blackmail ring was a dead end, no further reporting on that connection, just like Johnathan Pollard flying to Israel on Trump’s biggest x-supporter Sheldon Adelson. Now Trump is decrying Biden for not sending Israel more weapons.

        This is just the tip of the iceberg, the endless Zionists machinations against American’s interests are endless, HIAS anyone, and I don’t believe George Soros, the anti-society psychopath is an American, last I checked.

        Lastly, we are going to get that world government that will serve to dish out “justice”, it’s called the Noahide Laws and THE ARE COMING, and they will be administered out of, take a guess?

        To be sure, the two most manipulated and propagandized populations on the planet are Americans and Israelis, but not necessarily in that order. This is not peoples against nations, it is governments against its peoples.

      • “This is not peoples against nations, it is governments against its peoples.”

        I find myself in partial agreement.

        The sickness of authoritarianism has infected humanity since humanity rejected the authority of it’s creator.

        Every so often the sickness erupts in a putrid boil which exposes the rottenness of the nature of a people without God. That is happening now.

        I don’t know if there is anything particularly more evil about what is happening in Gaza when compared to all the other acts of officially sanctioned inhumanity and cruelty that has occurred in the past.
        But I do know this, ITS HAPPENING NOW! Children and innocent civilians are being slaughtered and starved and deprived of the most basic of medical care at this very moment.
        While they are perishing in inordinate numbers. And here I am, typing and drinking my coffee and stewing in the knowledge that a portion of the fruits of my life’s labor is going to fund these atrocities. That a majority of the dumbed down and deluded droves I share this country with and even a majority of the deceived, so-called Christians I worship with with, fully support these atrocities.
        And I can’t do a damn thing about it…Except pray.

        And yes, I can hear the scoffing. But I pose this;
        Everyone who has eyes to see will concede that humanity is on the wrong path. Religious, agnostic. Doesn’t matter. Its obvious.
        The agnostic, atheistic, secular people would seek to unify and unite a large enough majority around a certain sort of philosophy or set of principles that they believe would be the solution to strife among men. Right?
        A very noble goal. But how do they propose to enforce the adherence to the wonderful principles of their “government”? By being a government of men of course. There is no other possibility.
        But suppose rather than seeking to unify people around and forcing them to be loyal to a man made system, instead, they were introduced to their Creator who designed us to be involved in and deeply desire a personal relationship with Him and who, if allowed, will “write His laws upon our hearts”.

        I contend that man’s conscience, when in honest submission to the one true God will be a more moral and effective means of creating and maintaining a just and peaceful world than any philosophy or system that omits God.
        Ceding one’s personal autonomy to God is the most liberating action that can happen to an individual. So I believe it is for humanity collectively.

        So you can laugh at my prayers and ridicule me for being impractical. But from what I’ve learned from my own personal experience and what history seems to illustrate very clearly, man’s best efforts are destined to ultimately fail when they aren’t founded on something much greater than man.
        I’ll do it God’s way and continue to fervently pray that a significant number of my fellow critical thinking fellow humans will eventually join me.

        Then we won’t need no stinkin government!

        And I was just kidding about Liberland. 🙂

  3. Thanks James. Really informative. Some of the media footage is shattering. Need some time to recover from that.

    • It is well known that BN is not a moral and good character. It is shocking that Israel has been duped into voting for groomed radical psychopathic Zionists to murder and steal their way to gain control, even their own people. Committing the very crimes that were committed against them in WW2 is an overwhelmingly sickening realisation.
      So many questions.

      • kmhull

        “…It is shocking that Israel has been duped into voting for groomed radical psychopathic Zionists to murder and steal their way to gain control, even their own people….”

        Not really- Israel was founded using terrorism, ran off a bunch of the old population with terrorism, and only survives because of it nowdays.

        Actually jews have a long history of using terrorism to get their way, even before Zionism, and have always persecuted jews who dissent from the leaderships line whenever they have been able to.

        One only has to watch “dead in the water” by the BBC about how they tried to sink the USS Liberty and murder the US sailors in order to get the US to fight their war to see what kind of folks they are…… they will probably nuke Russia and European cities with the Samson Option when they finally get taken down by their neighbors.

        Nasty people.

        • Yes, I know of the USS Liberty and it was absolutely appalling.
          The dancing Israelis 9/11 another one.
          They have radical terrorist factions like many other countries throughout the world and history and WW2 has been used successfully to get what they want.
          It is a confusing, fascinating history.

          • True, its a confusing history, but the point is its not surprising.

            The BEST single source on their behavior I can think of is “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by EM Jones, though “Culture of Critique” by KevinMacdonald is a good guide to the Cultureal (“evolutionary”) psychology of their behavior

            Jews have been doing Terrorism since forever- its part of their Xenophobic culture which sees everyone who is NOT them as an animal. It goes thru centuries, the actual targets change because of venue- Greeks and Romans they murdered in their Post Fall of Jerusalem, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, black jewish isrealis (they were giving them secret contraceptive shots).

            Every people has done horrible things, but only the jews have such an evil culture persisting thru centuries

    • even if it did had happened exactly as is claimed (which I doubt) the holocaust would have been nothing special, mo excuse for endless bad behavior.

      The (jewish led )Bolsheviks killed more people BEFORE the war then were SAID to have died in the holocaust- thats why the Ukrainians were so happy to see the nazis (at first anyway…..lol)

  4. I have a Theory relative to the Rothschild funded Zionist movement.

    We know that the Rothschild’s funded both sides of the War between England and France in 1812.

    We know that they controlled the privately owned Second Bank of America which President Andrew Jackson was only able to put an end to after surviving a number of assignation attempts in about 1828.

    It is likely that they bought Congressmen and Senators to pass Federal Laws like “The fugitive Slave Act” as a means to openly divide the Country and thus instigated the Civil War in 1860.

    We should know that they were behind the demonetization of Silver in 1871 which caused a depression greater than the Great Depression.

    We should know that they were at the table when the Federal Reserve Act was planned in 1910, and are among the controlling members of the privately owned Federal Reserve since 1913.

    We should know that these private Bankers funded Woodrow Wilson to become President in 1912 so that they could get the 16th and 17th Amendments, and the Federal Reserve Acted passed.

    We know the Belfour Declaration was a British document announcing support for a Jewish Home Land over the top of Palestine given to the Rothschild’s in 1917. (They could have written it themselves)

    The War to end all Wars (WWI) was likely instigated by the Zionists to created a Home for these Zionist Terrorist.

    World War part two (WWII) was created by running Germany into the ground after WW part I, then funding the Nazi’s so that they could overthrow the German Government. The existing German Government was not about to attack Russia so they needed someone to overthrow it. The Rothschild’s, J.P. Morgan, The Rockefeller’s, and even Prescott Bush, acting President of Union Bank, were in on funding the Nazi’s. The Bankers wanted Germany and Russia killing each other.

    Anyway in 1944, after taking boat loads of Gold back to America the Bankers got the Bretton Woods Agreement signed and thus established a “World Reserve Currency” under their control.

    1960’s: JFK calling for AIPAC to register as a foreign agency (which it is). Also called for inspections of Israeli Uranium enrichment facilities.

    1963: JFK Assassinated, AIPAC still the most powerful Lobby group in D.C.. Israel has atomic weapons and doesn’t want Iran or anyone else to have them.

    1967: the U.S.S. Liberty is attacked by Israeli unmarked Jets. LBJ calls off U.S. fighters on the way to defend the American Ship. (you could say the Zionists owned LBJ)

    From there the Zionists infiltrated nearly every part of American Government. Whereas now Congress has passed laws that allow all Americans to be spied on by the Zionists.

    The latest is that Zionists have been legislated into a protected class, and to stir divide, they say that Anti-Zionism is the same as Anti-Semitic (which it is not). Clearly the Zionists have deliberately turned everything on it head.

    Nut-head-Yahoo was funded by the Rothschild’s (like Hitler)

    • It is very difficult to parse reality from what we are given as “history”. I grew up hearing how learning history was a way to understand the present, but that is wrong. The truth is, we must understand the present to understand the past.

      To be sure, your perception of history is likely as accurate as any.

      And it may have started long ago

  5. When James mentioned the Israeli ‘ergoons’ (note: I now see where the term is actually spelt as, “irgun”) I found myself repeating the word several times out loud. “Ergoons ergoons ergoons, where have I heard that word before ?” Then, that fast, and as if an echo in the room, James says essentially the same thing: ‘Hmmm, now where have I heard that word before?’

    The word that I was actually thinking of, though, was “pigoon” – as in the word Margaret Atwood, in her 2003 novel, ‘Oryx and Crake’, gives to a species of formidable and vicious bio-engineered half-pig half-human creatures that had been released from a lab into the wild. The pigoons began to breed amongst themselves, and soon began to lurk in large feral packs while viewing everything and anything (especially humans, who’d become scarce … umm, because of a manmade virus and, yuh, c l i m a t e change) as food.

    While reading the book several years back, these creepy pigoons she described reminded me of none other than the zio-jews in our world today. Whereby, I cannot help but think that this – a rather succinct description of bibbi /bubba netanyahu and the other ilk of his species – may have been what was going through Atwood’s mind when she described the pigoons in yet one more of her unsettling if not prescient cautionary tales.

  6. Oh, thank you again James Corbett.
    Dang, what a smorgasbord of a feast. Just reading the documentation titles …already so satisfying to be given ,here, such professional journalism.

    Half of the “stuff” I see online these days has no author, no date….useless.

    I notice that someone in the schoolyard here has thrown the “sissy” taunt at you. “James was afraid…”
    Funny. Never ends, does it?
    Is that how Bibi whips us his troops? “Are you killers, or are you “sissies”? ”

    Seriously, I’m not joking here.
    Every world “leader” or “mover” or “controller”, or big media mouthpiece of such, that’s always got so much to say ….every time they are displayed in the media, the entire “show” needs to come with a little insert of the man naked. Full on frontal. As Is. Hunter style.

    The Principle of Full Disclosure. Need to know that before “buying”. Bibi is all about “real estate” so he knows.

  7. Bibi’s not the greatest actor on the stage here, is he?
    “Threatening our very existence…”


    After all, Israel is completely surrounded by Gaza. Must be tough.
    The Rise and Fall of Nations. The Rise and Fall of So and So.
    Rise and Fall. It’s always rising and falling. Obsessively.
    Such a fascination. It rises. Then it falls. Wow.
    Do it again!

  8. The antidote to domination is to have nothing to lose. But most humans arent hard-wired for that.

    or they dont think they are.

    James I’m physically shook after listening to this report. The hypocrisy, the heinous, merciless, disregard for fellow humans. evil with a grin. what is the best naming of how low a human can go? I looked for an antonym for compassion and found crumbs. Reminds me of the way there are few words that name feelings/emotions in english. Is that because we dont like or want to talk about these things?

    I gotta leave work and walk this off,, shakes nausea sadness.

    and all the while, billions of people, worldwide, who dont know what a pixel is, are getting about their days, some suffering equally as the middle easterners, some happy and home, but all having a go, one way or t’other, at facing the paradox of being a human body with an imagination that can name stuff like “infinity” yet will never see it.

    With this report its as if reality was set on fire, anybody got an extinguisher?

    • Yes. I had to leave work the day of the Kent State murders…(Wounded Knee was a “massacre”, Kent State four murders)…and walk.

      My conscientious-objector “boss” doing community service there asked where I was going, and replied he’d see me there, in Harvard Square, later.
      Cops showed up later playing military, a cop riot. Pulled a pregnant woman having dinner with her husband in a cafe out and beat her. Nice guys. Protectors.

      But no on the “not know what a pixel is. ”
      Sad truth of it is, everyone, and I mean everywhere, has those cell phones. Not me tho.
      Just like gasoline and Coke. They’ll sell at whatever local price they can get to push their agenda. They don’t need the money. They need the unconsciousness.

      What are named “third world” nations have been entirely saturated with all this technology, quickly, in the past twenty years. I’ve watched it.

  9. War, the Ultimate Crime, continues to attempt to divorce itself from “War Crimes”.

    Men continue in their attempts to establish a “difference” between “just” and “unjust” WAR.

    Good Guys and Bad Guys. Interchangeable. Especially “post mortem”.
    Remember Vietnam? The determination of whether a person was “Viet Cong” or not was simple. If they were dead, they were.

    I think they paraded the phenomonon of Biden out to make Some One look dumber than Bibi.

    Evil is so dull and banal, and appeals to those who are so.

    I wonder if George Carlin had any words on this crap show . Or Molly Ivins.

    I can testify from seven and half years residence in SE Asia,in an18- plus years span , that when these troops of young IDF males come out of their “training” and visit here in packs, it is remarked by all.
    They are hands down the most pumped-up, arrogant, and unconscious humans I’ve ever encountered.

    I also in that period had an Israeli punk-musician friend who would have nothing to do with the military. He did yoga in the mornings. So, there . That reduces their “citizen’s benefits” status quite a lot.

    James, when did Bibi learn to talk with his hands, and who taught him?

    Some talk with their hands to be heard by the deaf.
    Others do so to deafen what might be heard.

    And some are Italian.

  10. One more thing:

    Uhh, the “victory” in Afghanistan?
    And the assured victory in Iraq?

    Well….that says a lot if accepted. as is.
    I’m looking forward to a lesson on the various definitions of “victory”. “War Is Peace”?

  11. The good news James is that the more they tell students and others not to protest the more we hope they will! Thank you for this enlightening and revealing study of Netanyahu – it is of course as bad as we thought it would be – and worse. Any leader with a backbone would have stopped all this happening and reigned this guy in. Rains are going to fall – eventually I believe. Is the only hope a new leader of the US or do we wait for it’s further collapse? Wow what times we are living in – there appears to be nothing but war, genocide, and the stealing of lives. Such a thorough investigation James, thank you!

  12. It becomes more clear every day that the Nazis were never conquered and never went away – the Allies winning the Second World War was just theatre. Oh, I hear you say – howcome “Bibi” and his gang of murderers are Jewish then?

    I see it like this. The divisions of race and religion are simply used to divide and conquer us, and to rally us into fighting for the elites (and killing each other). There are a few dominant people who see themselves as elites for whatever reason, and they want these lands for themselves. Once they’ve got rid of enough Palestinians, they’ll turn on the Jews, and they’re already doing a good job of rallying widespread support for that. But their genocidal methods betray them as Nazis. Yes, I would like to see Netanyahu and all those “leaders” around the world who have been supporting this barbarity behind bars, but before this happens, we all need to grow up, wake up and stop feeding these monsters who claim authority over us.

  13. There are Hebrews (Race)
    Jews (Religion)
    Zionists (Political movement with anyone who wants to be as members)

    Israelis (Ashkanzi – Khazarian (from an area between the Black and Caspian seas, a people of Mongolian, Bulgar, Iranian, Turkish, and other mixed heritage who originally comprised the Khazarian Empire) Originally kicked out of more than 100 countries.

    And finally, the Sabatean Frankists (the true evil of the world since before the founding of our nation)]
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Netanyahu told the New York Times on 9-11 (when early estimates were about 10,000 dead) that the terror attacks were “very good” for U.S.-Israeli relations. “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”
    – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Bar-Ilan University, April 2008
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Israel must invent dangers, and to do this it must adapt the strategy of provocation and revenge.”
    – General MOshe Dayan
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
    (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155)
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Palestinian Rights
    1. Can’t live free of Israeli military presence.
    2. In Gaza they can’t control the flow of goods and supplies.
    3. Can’t control their access to water in the occupied territories.
    4. Can’t access certain life-saving health care.
    5. Can’t live in Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.
    6. Most can’t enjoy the rights of citizenship.
    7. Don’t have the same due process and civil rights as Israelis.
    8. Can’t travel in, out and through occupied territories without restriction.
    9. Aren’t equally protected by labor laws.
    10. Can’t stay out late.

  14. He and his father were members of terrorist organizations but they were on the refreshments comitee.

  15. — Recognition and real life utilization. —

    Meet Benjamin Netanyahu, Unconvicted War Criminal is an incredibly powerful presentation by James Corbett.

    I hope that there are those who recognize that. It has impact!
    And I hope that there are those who will utilize this as a tool for enlightening others.

  16. Hi James, Been following your work for more than 10 years. I’ve spent well over 5000 hours truthing since 2008 and you were always a beacon of light in a dark reality after truth. You’re recent jfk video sent me on a rabbit hole for months and I had to subscribe to ask some questions lol. First what is the Meyer Lansky connection to operation northwoods, in your research?

    I know about Dulles and general lyman (from your video) and others, but no one mentions the fact that cuba was a whore island for the jewish mafia and meyer lansky was the head of that racket. Recently saw him tied to OJ and the Mezzaluna incidents, where 4 waiters died the year ron goldman did. A known coke front for the mob, and Goldman only knew Nicole for 6 weeks, while only working at mezzalunas for 5 weeks. People in LA sprayed guilty on the restaurant afterward and they closed. Michael Nigg shot in the head another suspected drug dealing waiter had an unsolved mystery case about him.

    Do you know if Lansky had any part in the operation northwoods planning? He had the most to gain from it in the civillian sector besides bush who was probably CIA and not a civillian, with zapata oil. So what do you know about any ties to lansky and the generals of the time? Also im sure youre aware of the folowing.

    A. JFK lowered israel aid by 50% the yr before he died and it rose 500% 4 yrs after he died.
    B. He would have never let USS liberty incident happen the way LBJ did being trapped in his honey trap op and being part of the deep state.
    C. JFK tried to inspect the nuke program in ISrael and he called them bastards for not letting him check anything.
    D. Mossad was running spy ops in the ADL, infiltrating both john birch and the integration protests.
    E. Jew Weiss put the front page paper add in dallas calling JFK a Traitor the day he was shot.
    F. Jack ruby is Jacob Rubenstein (jewish mafia tied) Tied to campisis in Dallas
    G. Ruben Efron, CIA mail handler of oswald was most likely a Mossad spy according to my interpretation in jewish sources, he was also “handling” him like many of the weird shooters people think are mk ultrad in mass shootings, who were visited by FBI prior.
    H. JFK also dated jewish stripper Monroe, whose pimp was Anton Levy, jewish founder of satanism in the US.

    Do you think that a coalition of zionists including bush family and the texas tycoons, off’d JFK? They say LBJ was furious that his friend and governor at the time got in the vehicle with JFK. He’s involved and was at the meeting the night before in Dallas.

    Its pretty clear that Mossad was involved with 9/11 also. It just makes sense that JFK and 9/11 the two biggest events of the the last century for the US, were directed by the zio controllers. You don’t have to be direct, I know these are heavily censored topics.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done, I let everyone know for 7 years you were the best truther alive lol, you teach us how to think, listen and see, True force multiplier!!

  17. Hi James, one of the most brilliant Junos I have listened to. Your impartiality is very well known, HOWEVER, there is always an however the above article on Benjamin is outside of those parameters. I will always defend and argue for your rights to say or write what you, your biased-ness and cherry picking of supporting ‘evidence’ is very unpalatable.
    Yes I know I ma a Christian and you clearly are not so I tend to look through rosier coloured glasses than you in particular I regard to matters concerning the Middle East and Israel, but you deny the real history of Israel in your reasoning and so be it BN is a very opportunistic politician but your e reference to the Palestinians was not right to the extent you even used News articles to which you rally do to promote your love pf Palestine and anti Israel views. Unsubscribe me please. Regards Mark.

    • Mr. Marx1947 It is YOUR biasedness towards the Isreali regime that blinds you. You are a christian zionist. James is simply putting out the straight facts.

      • I don’t know man his handle literally has Marx in so there might be something else going on here 😛 Very strange that Americans are enamoured


        Look at Gittin 57a and search for the number 4 and the Talmud will tell you about Jesus

        >The Birkat haMinim (Hebrew: ברכת המינים “Blessing on the heretics”) is a curse on heretics[1] which forms part of the Jewish rabbinical liturgy.

        >In the early premodern form in Europe, the curse was applied to several kinds of people or groups: Jews who apostasized to Christianity; Christians themselves; the enemies of the Jews, and to the governing authorities of the Christian world.[1][c][d] From the 13th century, the terminology used in the prayer and rabbinical explications of their referent, Christians, began to undergo a process of censorship, imposed from outside or regulated internally, once Christian authorities learnt of them through information supplied by Jewish converts and from scholars who began to access the texts in the original language

        >on the Sabbath and holidays an alternative version lacking Birkat haMinim is used. It is mandated for prayer every day among Orthodox Jews, and is recited five times by precentors, six days every week

        Jerusalem Talmud text
        >For the apostates (meshumaddim)[u] let there be no hope,
        and uproot the kingdom of arrogance (malkhut zadon),[32] speedily and in our days.
        May the Nazarenes (ha-naẓarim/noṣrim/notzrim)[v][w] and the sectarians (minim) perish as in a moment.
        Let them be blotted out of the book of life, and not be written together with the righteous.
        You are praised, O Lord, who subdues the arrogant

        So yeah…fun book

      • As I say I will always defend your right to say or write whatever. Yes my biaseness is my fault but actually it is my opinion of which I am entitled and if not entitled I have it.
        I am anti Muslim, anti homosexual, anti abortion, anti climate emergency, fundamentally anti Left, anti woke, anti women’s over empowerment; why not because I pretend to be a Christian; but as you say I am biased towards Israel, not stupidly so as I have tried to say I realise that Ben Net is wrong and duplicitous, but Gaza and Gazans are not what is being portrayed by you and Jimmy Corbett, well know. But Hamas is portrayed as the victim and excused from their atrocities, much like the Nazis.
        So you can see there is no hope for me other that when I leave this place I do not go to hell.
        You are right, Jimmy is merely pointing out the facts but for what purpose and to the extent that for the first time derides truth unnecessarily which puts into doubt many other articles he has written. But se-la-ve it is what it it is. Cheers

        • I would very much like to discuss with you the biblical basis for the position that you’ve arrived at concerning the modern state of Israel.
          Please, for my edification and perhaps that of others, before you leave the community permanently, lets have a civil and respectful conversation about the Bible passages you use and how you interpret them to arrive at your conclusions.
          I would very much like to learn how you can, as a professing Christian biblically support the concept that the Savior, who was called the “Prince Of Peace”, and claimed that He was not willing that any should perish, could conceivably want His body, the church to be in favor of any war.

          I’m sincerely asking you, as a brother in Christ, that you would take a little time and talk to me about this before you leave.

          • Hi thank you for asking, but I am not the person you should be asking as my ability to ‘ut an argument’ is very limited.
            I come from the position that God is in control, but not controlling.
            My question of you is “How would you pray in the following circumstances”?
            Te Assyrians attack and disperse Israel, clealry a God action in order to punish Israle for ther following after other Gods and forsaking their God?
            It is God’s will so How would you pray in that case; Thats Gods will d be done or that Israle be protected?

            The same applies in the case of the Babylnians invasion and the taking of God’s people back to Babylon for 70 years. God wanted the Jews of whwt was going to happen through the Prohet Jeremiah but Israel disobeyed and denied God’. Later the Romans came and utterly destroyed Israel, dispersed the majority of the population for 2000 years.

            Clealry God’s will but how would you have prayed at that time Did Jesus tell us war was inapprot=riate and we should pray against war, I dodn’t remember reading atet anywhere?

            Is not, the forthcoming war of Ezekiel 30 & 39 against Isreal God’s will? Is not the punishment of the Tribulation God’s will but as I say how would you pray how do you praty in te current Hamas vs Israel waR?

            All these events are God’s will to bring Israel back to God, and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their messiah. It is written as such.
            Ezekiel prophesied the return of Israel from Dry Bones to it current state, knowing that they would still not return to Him, even the war of Isiah 38 will not get the to return to the necessary of the Tribulation. “The tribulation of for the salvation of the Jewish nation”. Then only do they return but only a remnant because the others have been killed by their loving God, They are His chosen people but He will not ‘tolerate’ [the great sin of the modern church] their apostasy and their disobedience. AND in all this how do you pray, do you really seek God and pray in accordance with His will or do you pray unanswered ineffctive rotes?
            I truly mean no illill towards Jimmy or you or anyone else, in fact I pray for them but maybe I should ask myself the same question as my prayers dodnt seem to be very effectual. Cheers.Mark.

          • PS one needs to ask How would you have prayed at the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ? It was God’s will that He is only begotten son died on the cross; terribly and very painfully. but you being you, a creation of God made in His likeness and loved greatly and truly loving God, how would you have prayed at that the crucifixion knowing what you would have known at tim.

            One question that is not really answered in the Bible is should you fight in the army should you fight to defend your self, you family and your country. That is a decision you alone have to make.

          • Hi Slow Cursed Hippy, Thank you for your courteous reply. I think we need tore to disagree agreeably. I think we will both get into heaven [not Jimmy tho] even though we disagree.
            I note that you didn’t answer my questions. I do not agree on the main pointthat Jesus renders the Old Testament obsolete He referred to it often showing it relevance to that day and our day. He opened up the old testament to us all. To say it is obsolete is silly it is like reading Part 2 of a book without knowledge or reference to Part 1. AND Jesus said He dod not come to abolish the Law or make it obsolete but to fulfil it. The main thrust of Jesus was to introduce love int a los world. knowledge of our Father in Heaven, and to call fro repentance. There can be NO forgiveness with out repentance, none. To be healed one has ot accept thatthey are sick, to be saved one haste admit that one is wrong and repent, pretty simple God will not and does not impose His will onto mankind to whom he has given freedom of choice and a free will.So He does not make people saved. Similarly are you denying End Time, as very clealry slayed out in the Bible which is in the New Testament in Jesus’s words string very simply that our Father in heaven is also our Judge and Jury. And his will as laid out for our guidance and working will be done.

            Yep I will look at the referred videos and I try to keep an open mind but I am not into dispensationalism or replace theology. Thank you taking the time; May God bless you and yours and reveal His word to you moreso. Mark.

        • Thank you for explaining your position Mark. I think that I understand where you’re coming from a little better.

          You seem to be assigning Jesus to a sort of old covenant, God of wrath role. Or maybe a Book of Revelation God of judgment role.
          Aren’t we in the New Covenant age? The age of Grace and forgiveness?

          One of the arguments that I like to make when confronted with people using the Old Testament stories about Israel’s experiences with it’s neighboring nations is that in those days, God was communicating with them directly. Through the prophets and judges and even the kings.
          I don’t think Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed to have heard God’s voice. There are no prophets of God directing Israel to kill more than 30 thousand people, most of them innocent women and children civilians.

          Jesus healed the ear of the servant of the man who came to take Him to be crucified. He forgave those who carried out the crucification.
          That is the character of Jesus that we are supposed to be reflecting to the unsaved world. Jews included.
          We are not supposed to be reflecting the image of the God of the Old Covenant because Jesus Christ has made the Old Testament obsolete.

          According to the Bible, to God, the Jews and especially those inhabitants of the modern state of Israel are not any different from any other ethnic people group or any other people caught up in any other false religion.
          The Bible is clear and unambiguous.
          ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
          Jesus said that no one comes to the Father but by Him.
          The Bible says in numerous places that God isn’t a respecter of persons.
          Jews don’t get a special pass to salvation.
          And if this one sided so-called war between Israel and Gaza is of God. God has not indicated that to anyone and for a Christian to support it based upon misguided interpretations of Old Testament passages is dangerously misguided in my opinion. And He certainly doesn’t require the help of the church or the American taxpayers in any event.

          I plead with you not to draw conclusions about something so important without listening to some other godly theologians who have entirely different interpretations of the passages that much of the evangelical church has arrived at with an open mind.
          May I suggest looking up some of the lessons by Chuck Baldwin. https://libertyfellowshipmt.com/
          Or perhaps Tommy McMurtry ttps://www.givemelibertybaptist.com/sermons

          There is also The Biblical Anarchy Podcast and one called The Universe Next Door. Both are biblically sound.

          I hope that you don’t disappear Mark and that you are objective and open minded enough to really examine this issue.

          God bless.

        • “Hi Slow Cursed Hippy,”

          Cursed? Ouch, that doesn’t bode well. ☹️

          “I think we need tore to disagree agreeably. I think we will both get into heaven [not Jimmy tho]”

          I actually think that its kind of a cop out to agree to disagree when there is a source where agreement can be found. And there is.
          The Bible can be mysterious but the fundamentals of the faith are plain and understandable to anyone who truly wants to know the truth.
          And I would caution you about attempting to tell God who is going to be in heaven. That is information that is not something that God shares with us.

          “I note that you didn’t answer my questions.”

          I’m not sure how the content of my prayers in various situations are pertinent to the discussion. But I’m certainly willing to share how and for what I pray.
          My prayers ALWAYS are ultimately for God’s will to be done.

          “ I do not agree on the main pointthat Jesus renders the Old Testament obsolete”

          “Galatians 2:16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.”

          That is what I mean by making the old covenant obsolete.
          As you know, the law, aka the old covenant can not save anyone. The purpose of the law was to illustrate to us our need for Christ. And now that Christ has redeemed the world, the law has become of none effect.
          Romans 6:14
          “For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.”

          “Similarly are you denying End Time”

          No, I’m certainly not denying what the Bible says about the end times.
          Jesus Christ, Our God will most certainly come again in wrath to judge the unrighteous of the earth and the angels that rebelled.
          However, I reiterate, the age that we are living in today is the age of God’s Grace. This is the age where we, His body the church, should be praying for and witnessing to all people. God loves and wants all to come to Him. Palestinian, Jew or whosoever will come.
          The last thing that God wants is for us, His redeemed to be supporting or celebrating in any way the deaths of those who He died for.

          Mark, if you’re honestly not a dispensationalist and you embrace the new covenant, then please understand that for the church to be the actual spiritual Israel is NOT replacement theology. Its what the Bible says.
          Galatians 3:7
          “Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham.”

          • Hello again, Yep you are right.

    • You sir, I fear, are one of them “fake ass Christians,” a term aptly coined by Mark Passio, one that he proceeded to describe in excruciating detail.

      To support incenticide is not very Christian, even if if it is fake Christian. The “fake” prefix kind of indicates there is a sort of an inversion going on.

      Having an “Israel bias” basically means having Nazi, fascist and general mass murdering tendencies.

      While we are spoon fed diversity these days, I have a difficult time supporting fascists of any flavor. But you do you.

    • B. Murry said something like,, “its difficult to win an argument against a smart person, but to win one against a stupid person is impossible”

      Perhaps generalizing about this or that group or some best selling book interpretation (for fuck-sake the bible’s a book) is a way of hiding from the sure near nervous break down conditions that can occur when we’re faced with the hideous gore of intended suffering.

      For all you pro “israeli’s” reading, look at the enforced starvation, look at the incomparable scale of indiscriminate murder and infrastructure obliteration (as ordered by b.net and likely other globaloneysts).

      nobody can justify the killing of thousands of innocent children.

      I dare you to try while looking in the mirror. those supporting the ongoing brutality are actually making a burnt offering. (the original/greek meaning of holocaust). The same thing was done to pols and gays and gypsys, anyone anti establishment, and jews (who are estimated to be not quite half of those tortured during ww2), its happening again, this time its another group name, but like last time, herded into a controlled area tortured and killed.

      even if only for your own protection, cease fire.

      • “its difficult to win an argument against a smart person, but to win one against a stupid person is impossible”, and they will beat you on experience.
        Man don’t get your knickers in a knot.
        I’m cool in my ignorance and stupidity. You will not convert me.
        Like a pig in poop, happy but very disturbed that you actually beleive that starvation is taking place in Gaza and it is caused by the Israelis but worse that you see the slaughter in the pogrom of October 7th as justifiable and that thousands have been killed based on UB Figures derived from Hamas that were halved the dry next day by the UN but not published until a week or so ago. So whwt does one believe that this attack on Isreal was from God or from Satan but God allowed it? Doesn’t really matter who either of us beleive, there is a war on. Wars kill people and have done since the beginning of the so what, you are not going to change anything neither am I.
        And you are absolutely free to believe what you want and what you see and read and form your own opinion, bearing in mind I do not see or read the same as you so we will always have different views because neither of us can know the whole truth, let alone the same culture, the same faith, the same education.

        • “you see the slaughter in the pogrom of October 7th as justifiable”

          I never said so, but your false accusation is a clue as to the indefensible shit you happily roll in.

          “thousands of children murdered”. I dare you to say it while looking in the mirror. If you do and get no reaction of self doubt, then you may be an arrogant psychopath. or at least blind to your own gestures, which marks the difference between a errant tantrum crazed toddler vs. a maturing adult.

          (15000 recorded child killings, many more still unaccounted for).

          here are some good questions for the likes of you:


          cease fire means everybody

          the israeli offensive force
          the remnants of palestinians

          most large conflicts are instigated by horrific acts that whip public opinion leading larger scale conflicts, these battles are ostensibly between power brokers who get others to do their dirty. To end the war, all thats needed is to put the killing tools down: stop breaking oath by following unjust orders.

          • Thank you for your comments. As I have said ands again you are equally entitled to your opinion as I am mine. You opinion or mine do not matter, there is a war people are getting killed – that happens is war so what? There is always injustice in war do you really think you can make a difference? That your opinion influences anyone other than your immediate family and friends?
            I do not wish to impose my opinions onto anyone. I vote in order to try and effect change but I cannot say that my vote changes or effects anything, that is the basis of democracies.Soem democracies create wars.
            I am not involved if war comes here I will move away or suffer the consequences.
            You read this and that I read that and this we cannot possibly have the same opinion. impossible because we have different sources, culture, ethnicity, IQs education. Thank you as I say for sharing your views will not change my views. Chill out. Mark

            • You continue to ignore the info i’ve offered. That doesnt inspire me, as you command, to “chill out”.

              Do you “thank me” to tick some “i’ve been polite” box?

              Your relativistic comments about war and how we may influence it, is the same marshmallow mind thats passively threatening to allow huge suffering planetwide. There’s no such thing as “agreeing to disagree”, thats oxymoronic circular logic spew.

              If you cant discern that the current state of terror in gaza is people succumbing to and acting on behalf of evil. Then you are lost. Thats not an opinion thats a demonstrable fact.

              but I keep forgetting, that you are only able to ignore the content of what I’ve said. Sorry for trying to help.

              off you go, no better than a drunk on a wandom ralk.

              • Yep you are right.

          • Hi, Further when I say so what, I mean my wife died at 40 from cancer, my grandson died at 2 1/2 from unknown causes, my father died at 91 from “old age”, we all die.
            Do you not think that my father as do I have changed our opinions over that time. We were adamant about some points as to argue and scream at those that disagreee. Whwt of today when we thought we were so right only to find out we were wrong. To find out that it didn’t matter as it changed nothing. So it is not matter of what we say or do in this life time but it is all about where we go when we leave here. That is the only important issue – where YOU go.
            This life and our opinions count for nothing in the context that we leave this temporal place for life in eternity elsewhere. Set your house in order while you still can, as with my grandson wife and father we do not know when we die only that we do die. Bless you in hope. Mark.

            • “it is not matter of what we say or do in this life time but it is all about where we go when we leave here. That is the only important issue”

              If theres such a thing as “going somewhere” when “we leave here” which sounds exciting, but as mortals we have zero knowledge about other than what others may have glimpsed or made up, If there is such a thing, then of course it does matter what we say and do in this life time, otherwise what would be the point of having free will?

              “we leave this temporal place for life in eternity elsewhere”

              sorry to burst the grass is greener bubble, but our current understanding of space and time is”space-time”. in other words the two phenomenon are interdependent & intertwined, one cant exist without the other. so casual statements about “eternity” being “somewhere else” dont work. Eternity isnt any place, it is every place.

              “That is the only important issue – where YOU go.”

              spoiler: youre already there.

              • Sorry Ishmael I was wrong you are not right.
                Please I do not want to enter a meaningless arguement with you not at all but there is hypocrisy in what you say. On one hand you protest about Israel’s killing of women and children [which they have not killed anywhere near as many as you think], and on the other you say nothing about 9,300 abortions in Western Australia last year, you say nothing about the disproportionate response by the Americans over the bombing of Pearl Harbour [of which you are a beneficiary], and nothing about over 65 million+ abortions since Roe V Wade, you say nothing about the current clarity about the Sudan but you say a lot about Palestinians injustices when +80% voted for Hamas and many participated in the killing of innocent Jews on Oct. 7, because they are of a different faith. I actually am in favour of the eradication of Palestinians as is Jordan which has hundreds in concentration camps but no one says anything.
                That is the problem with atheists that believe in nothing but want change, change to what only always works out for our destruction always.
                So you can see that you are not going to agree on anything I say as we are totally opposed in our views and beliefs – In your non beliefs. But I have enjoyed the exchange you have made me think a bit about how right I am, but that doesn’t matter for like memories they are mine and as long as I keep them to myself unless asked I am Okay. Way too old to change and don’t really want to. And your opinion doesn’t matter a rats arse. All the very best to you.

              • “I do not want to enter a meaningless arguement ”

                then stop making meaningless arguments

                you also falsely accused me of hypocrisy,, but then go on to do the very thing:

                you acknowledge some of the other killing fields including abortions but then say, “I actually am in favor of the eradication of Palestinians”

                so now we know your truth, its evil.

                I suspect I’m trying to converse with a propaganda bot

                good riddance.

              • Eradication of Palestinians.

                I think this comment is a benchmark for James’ determination in upholding free speech on his site.

                If it were up to me, I would delete your account, delete your comments, and reimburse your subscription fee.

                But am I a lesser man than James Corbett and I have a very hard time dealing with disgust I have toward human filth.

                Was it Voltaire who said: I disagree with what you say, sir, but I will fight to death to defend your right to say it. Well, if that’s the case, Voltaire was another greater man than I.

                I would not piss on you, Marx, to put out a fire. You are a despicable excuse for a human being and you offer a perfect example of how difficult is the work for doing of which we have been placed in this world.

                To defend inocenticide is the hallmark of a psychopath. You are my mortal enemy.

              • Marx1947 said,
                “I actually am in favour of the eradication of Palestinians as is Jordan which has hundreds in concentration camps but no one says anything.”

                The psychopathic infection spreads. It is contagious.

              • “Marx1947 said,
                “I actually am in favour of the eradication of Palestinians as is Jordan which has hundreds in concentration camps but no one says anything.””

                Eradication of Palestinians wow!

                I’m a firm believer in free speech but this comment disgusts me.

                Anyone who really believes in killing innocent children in particular but any innocent person is a psychopath. Lack of conscience is one of the defining features of psychopathy as pointed out above.

                Some people say things they don’t actually mean and if push came to shove could not really be okay with this.

                However if they really have this degree of psychopathy, they are no better than the evil elitist psychopaths who run the governments.

                I actually feel sorry for people like this in a way because the existence they live must be pretty empty.

          • The decision by the International Criminal Court prosecutor, the British lawyer Karim Khan KC, to request arrest warrants for Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and its minister of defence, Yoav Gallant, is a wickedly perverse and deeply troubling move.

            He has also requested arrest warrants for Yahya Sinwar, head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Mohammed Deif, commander-in-chief of Hamas’s military wing and Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’s political bureau.

            He has accused the Hamas leaders of murder, extermination, torture and rape which are crimes against humanity, and of taking Israelis hostage which are war crimes.

            Khan presents this as a display of even-handedness. This itself is morally bankrupt. There can be no equivalence between a genocidal attempt at extermination and a country’s defence against it.

            The accusations against the Hamas trio are based on factual evidence. Those against the Israelis are wholly without foundation.

            Khan accuses them of starving Gaza’s civilians, wilfully killing them, intentionally attacking those queuing for food and obstructing delivery of humanitarian aid.

            He says Israel has “intentionally and systematically” deprived Gaza’s civilians of objects indispensable to human survival”through “the imposition of a total siege over Gaza that involved completely closing the three border crossing points… for extended periods”.

            But the very opposite is the case. There has been no “total siege”. Since the beginning of the war, according to Israeli statistics, 18,255 trucks have crossed from Israel into Gaza carrying 399,580 tons of food, 59,660 tons of shelter equipment and 23,110 tons of medical supplies.

            It is Hamas that has been obstructing the delivery of aid and stealing civilian supplies for its own use and to sell on the black market at inflated prices, from which it is estimated to have made some $500 million — according to an analyst at the Washington Institute and supported by Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security agency. When Israel has opened fire around the aid trucks it has been against Hamas terrorists trying to steal their cargo.

            Even more astoundingly, Khan makes no mention of Egypt which also has a border with Gaza. Yet Egypt has sealed that border and refuses to let any aid supplies through at all.

            The claim that Israel’s defence forces have been wilfully killing Gaza’s civilians is also the opposite of the truth. It is, indeed, a blood libel.

            The civilian death figures produced by the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry and recycled by the UN have been grossly inflated. After experts pointed out they were statistically impossible, the health ministry slashed them — admitting that some had been taken from the media.

            Two weeks ago, the UN quietly followed suit and halved its own totals. Since the Israelis estimate they have killed around 14,000 terrorists, they have killed approximately one civilian for every combatant. This is a vastly lower proportion of civilians killed than

            • Mark, if I could make a suggestion. When you copy and paste someone’s work, you really should attribute it to the author.


              That said, I hope that Bibi is arrested, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and punished severely for his crimes.
              However I know that will never happen. But I also know that mr. Netanyahu will most definitely stand before the judge at the White Throne where he will receive the righteous judgment he most certainly deserves.

              • Sorry I sen this reply to the wrong the wrong person obviously the articles author is Melanie Philipswhich is neither here nor there insofar as that those who do not have ears to hear and those that do not have eyes to see will never be persuaded other than their own myoptic viewpoint unswayable in their own version of the truth, howver tat v=being said I am also of that ilk though I have formed my opinions over a much longer period that thee. It has changed somewhwt over that time persuaded by argument discussion and reading and revelation from God in His three forms. So whwt am I saying – to each his own. But I do suggest that I would rather stand before Jesus’s judgement than yours. Cheers. Mark.

  18. You and Mr West have done another very professional job here James. Nice to see you sailing close to the wind and I hope you come out of it well.


    At the 12:06 minute mark of Corbett’s May 14th “Episode 458 – Meet Benjamin Netanyahu, Unconvicted War Criminal”, Episode 261 – International Law? is referenced.

    On Saturday May 18th (Japan time), James Corbett published FLASHBACK International Law? (2013)

    Around the 21 minute mark is the 9/11/1990 President George H.W. Bush speech. (11 years before 9/11/2001)
    “A new partnership of nations has begun, and we stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment…
    … Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective, a new world order can emerge….”

    Towards the last part of “International Law? (2013)”, James Corbett covers real solutions.

  20. As I say we are all entitled to our opinions, and I will defend that to the best of my ability.
    I am though not entitled to your opinion.

    I have not said anything derogatory of young Jimmy and I have not challenged his record of Ben Net. But I have not agreed with Jimmy’s support and acceptance of the Palestinian propaganda. Maybe he has seemingly he hasn’t. I think that undermines his credibility and objectivity as a middle of the road objective truth reporter.
    Simple so as said If you do not support the country you live in go live in the country you support. I choose to be taught elsewhere.

  21. My heart is heavy after listening to this podcast. I am Jewish, not by religion, but by blood; I used to be quite proud of my lineage, it being so ancient, I can see no difference, other than that of religion between Jews and Arabs, and all the other Semitic peoples of the Southern side of the Med.
    When I was a teenager I learned about the Nuremberg Trails and heard the statement ‘Never again’. What a sham, what a lie, what nonsense!
    Inadvertently, in my twenties I ended up in South Africa and lived under Apartheid for many years, saw the atrocities, the stupidities, the murders and destruction of cultures, the cruelties… So ‘never again’ are cheap words, a sham, it happened there. And again in Rwanda, in parts of China, in East Timor, in America, and other places about which I’ve forgotten. The purposeful destruction of a peoples way of life, in order to gain what’s wanted by the aggressor.
    What, is even more awful, is that instead of the oppressed, when released from servitude or oppression, deciding to live honourable lives, some appear to have learned well from their masters, as in South Africa, now those in power use similar methods against those they wish to control, as did the Apartheid regime. Many Jews these days seem to have also learned well from those who previously oppressed them, as they too apply the same dishonourable, cruel tactics to get what they want, always aided and abetted by those who see profit in giving a hand.

    • Very perceptive thoughts.

    • SuziAlkamyst,
      Thanks for writing your comment and shining a light on how mankind’s humanity can flip into darkness.

  22. This is so disturbing that it worries me for your personal safety.

  23. A personal anecdote regarding Benjamin Netanyahu

    After the Rabin assassination in 1995 (Which I find likely a conspiracy based on research by an Israeli called Nathan geffen, although his research is possibly not available in English) someone I know told some people I know (He is more mature than me and was not speaking to me directly) that while he served in the IDF he got to somewhat know Benjamin Netanyhu and ”Do not vote for him, he lies all the time”.

    Looking it at from what I now know I find that slightly amusing. Thinking to myself I guess we all had some positive and some negative traits when young, to a lesser or greater extent, but some of us have not changed at all for the better. And remained exactly as we were.

    (Have not watched this episdoe, at least so far. And not sure if I would or would not agree with arguments in it, and would probably learn some new things. Still, thought this anecdote is worth sharing anyway, especially given the title)

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