Episode 445 – James Corbett Testifies at the National Citizens Inquiry

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On May 18, 2023, James Corbett testified to the National Citizens Inquiry in Ottawa on the subject of the WHO’s looming global pandemic treaty, the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, and the One Health approach that is being used to justify an even greater centralization of power in the hands of unaccountable institutions in the name of “global health.” The presentation also includes information on the prospect of Canada or other member states withdrawing from the WHO, information on the technocratic roots of the One Health agenda, how states of exception are used to undermine constitutional rights, and much, much more.

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National Citizens Inquiry – #SolutionsWatch
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National Citizens Inquiry homepage
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Quotations from WHO Constitution 
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Zero draft of the WHO CA+ for the consideration of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body at its fourth meeting
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WHO says COVID emergency is over. So what does that mean?
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WHO chief declares monkeypox an international emergency after expert panel fails to reach consensus
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Newsweek: PHEIC gives WHO widespread powers, up to and including “mobilizing NATO military assets”
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Council of Europe: The handling of the H1N1 pandemic: more transparency needed
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BMJ: WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies”
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Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) submitted in accordance with decision WHA75(9) (2022)
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Quote on Global Digital Health Certification Network from Implementation of the International
Health Regulations (2005)
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CDC page on One Health
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Quadripartite Secretariat for One Health
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Sovereignty Coalition Press Conference: Get the US out of the W.H.O.
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Biosecurity and Politics (Giorgio Agamben)
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State of Exception by Giorgio Agamben
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Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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Lab-grown meat could be 25 times worse for the climate than beef
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Shock: Elon Musk’s Grandfather Was Head Of Canada’s Technocracy Movement
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Exploring Biodigital Convergence – Policy Horizons Canada
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Denis Rancourt on excess mortality during the scamdemic
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The Independent Panel: “Pandemic Preparedness” scores vs. death rates
Time Reference: 01:16:31



  1. In spite of the repeated interruptions JC still got most of the message across. Well done and thank you.

    • dmay , I too had interruptions at key moments that disrupted the train of thought. Made it difficult to comprehend.

      James made some observations, late in his presentation, about availability of technology that were very astute but seemed to fly over the heads of the panel and moderator.
      I will come back to that when I have time. IMO they were vital in importance.
      Hampsterwheel time.

  2. Well done, I could distinctly hear some bubbles pop. Maybe some of those seeds will manage to set roots.

  3. An unfortunate ‘glitch’ omitting some words at 36:17
    James, please clarify what words you spoke at this point in your excellent testimony.
    Same ‘glitch’ in every recording I have found, audio & video.
    Thank you

  4. A must watch!

    A solid testimony (maybe in the form of a red-pill). So much is covered here, and given the evidence, there is no doubt that “One Health” (sponsored by then WHO and the UN) is meant to be Technocracy in action.

    Grow the resistance!
    The INDIVIDUAL has the right to choose or refuse. Full Stop.

  5. Karl, for clarification this is not a government inquiry that can be compared to the Paul Rouleau guided white wash of the Cdn governments use of Emergency Powers that was used to shut down the trucker protest. The National Citizens Inquiry is citizen funded, and has brought amazing people to the table (I have watched every day, every witness that gave testimony) and given them a voice, from those vaccine injured, doctors, researchers, emergency managers, journalists, etc who expose the lies of the mainstream narrative. They have done amazing work and now our job is to spread the word, find the clips that will break through the lies that our trusting normie friends have believed. I personally am sending out a two page summary to all lawyers, doctors and polticians in my city challenging them to hear the testimony given. James presentation was very valuable to be on the record…. Know that you can access all testimony at https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/testimony/ Know also that this is a followup to https://citizenshearing.ca/ Further I would recommend you listen to Shawn Buckley’s opening remarks – as he clearly understands the bigger picture (he has been a lawyer representing natural health products for years so understands state intimidation and corruption).

  6. Marker 1:01 “…where we will be more and more merged with machines…” Made me think of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. He once was a real man, a woodchopper. But once he accidentally chopped off his leg and they replaced it with a tin leg, then he lost an arm which they replaced with a tin arm, then another leg etc. until all of his body parts and organs had been successfully replaced by metal…But the only thing they couldn’t replace was his heart. He no longer had a heart…

  7. Fantastic job James!! You were at your VERY best. I hope that really scared the living shit out of everyone watching!!! From what I can tell, you succeeded.. Great job. To hell with the WEF and WHO.. we don’t need them.. Parallel economies..!!

    • Agreed re. the fantastic job!

  8. These Canadian committees always sounds so calm and peaceful. Even discussing the coming biosecurity horror the tone is like a soothing meditation recording.

    • Yes, although I have to say it made me despair to see the pathetic way some of the panelists put questions to James e.g. as if asking Teacher for permission to choose Taiwan for your partner in the Grade 3 science project. I was impressed with James for ignoring this and staying positive and focused on giving excellent answers.

      • It does seem the Taiwan-question drew the most attention. I thought it just sounded like she was on 1st base of working out what was happenning. I agree James handled that question well.

  9. I agree, valuing other than human life is not anti-human at all. In fact, when people devalue non human life and nature, something is lost. I think most people who have spent any time in nature and have a normal functioning conscience value nature and other animals. I always grew up with pets and some of my family members were ranchers and had lots of animals who were well cared for. I even value most insects, except for parasites. I’m not too keen on flies though either. But if they don’t bite me, I won’t just kill them. Having said that, I do value human life more than most animals. Not that I think other animals are expendable and some rare species like sea turtles that have a very long life span and other creatures and old trees are also extremely valuable too.

    But a human being is very valuable because we are the most “intelligent” life on the planet. I’m excluding psychopathic human beings and they may take a few points off our species. But, human beings have the capacity to protect other animals and make our planet better. Someone could even potentially develop a way to protect our planet from a massive meteor strike or find a way to preserve life here, our interdependent ecosystem. Humans can do that. Another animal cannot. This is why we are special. When intelligent life exists on a planet, there is a purpose and I think we are here to be guardians of our planet. Just my opinion.

    • What I mean is that human beings not only have an amazing mind, but an amazing heart. I know other animals have tried to save one another and they do have similar abilities, similar capacity to love. But a human being has more potential than any other living being.

      I mean, people have sacrificed their own lives to save other people. Humans have a profound capacity for empathy and bravery. And our intelligence allows us to put this out there to a much greater degree than other animals.

      There are some very amazing non human life forms too though!

  10. It’s very important to have debate in science. Trying to reduce fear is a good idea. I’ve never been afraid of germs (or hypothetical germs), not significantly anyway. It’s why I work in hospitals. I’m comfortable around sick people, blood, and other gross stuff people tend to want to avoid.

    I think this hyping of infectious disease has been going on for a while, since AIDS. Love is also a good way to reduce fear and dehumanization. Acts of empathy and kindness. I hope that the people in the “no virus” and “virus-exists” crowd can work together or be amicable with one another.

    I do think that there are probably agitators who stoke animosity in order to create division. That’s something that a government operative would do. They act to agitate people to break up alliances. I hope that people see that.

  11. At 1:12.00 the last panelist addressed James about Taiwan. Good example of doing an end around the Who bureaucrates by dealing directly with non members. By using
    the same technology to centralize the power WHO wants. James points out that same technology can be used to decentralize the bloated bureaucracies. Giving local states more autonomy to associate freely. Maybe with more transparency for the citizens than the opiac one world state.
    Technology and propaganda being used for good? One dancing guy state guide, or 14 US Senators could lead the way for others to follow. Leading a way out of centralized to decentralized associations. Hope this idea is heard in Ottawa.

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