Interview 1814 – The UN’s Apex Body with Jacob Nordangård

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Interviews, Videos | 17 comments

Have you heard of Our Common Agenda, the UN’s “roadmap for upgrading the UN,” and their new policy briefs on how they want to conquer cyberspace, the international financial system and (oh by the way) outer space? If not, why not? Joining us today to discuss this incredibly important topic and these incredibly important documents is author and researcher Dr. Jacob Nordangård.

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Jacob Nordangård – website / Substack / ThemTubebooks

Here’s What’s Next on the Globalist Calendar

Our Common Agenda

What’s next to the Moon? – An “Apex body” and Digital ID to rule us all

The Ministry of Truth – Revisited

Our Common Agenda Policy Brief 5: A Global Digital Compact — an Open, Free and Secure Digital Future for All

Our Common Agenda Policy Brief 6: Reforms to the International Financial Architecture

Our Common Agenda Policy Brief 7: For All Humanity – the Future of Outer Space Governance

Emergency Platform to manage “extreme global shocks”

Our Common Agenda Policy Brief 2: Strengthening the International Response to Complex Global Shocks – An Emergency Platform MARCH 2023

‘The Great Transition’ (pdf)

Rockefeller: Controlling the Game by Jacob Nordangård


  1. I whole-heartedly support upgrading the UN. To start, move the UN from NYC to western Japan; the massive Corbett estate would be perfect. That way James can keep a close ? on them! ?

  2. That was an interesting guest- I think the reason they are trying to rush everything must be because the Elite types are really starting to feel the instability of their current system. They may feel the need to bind everyone in their extended mafia under one organization because their in the prisoners dilemma as the players start thinking co-operation is less useful to them?

    John Titus “Best Evidence” suggests that the recent bank failure are caused by a few big accounts deliberately crashing selected Banks and thinks it is so they can get rid of the ‘middle men’ and go right to something like a CBDC. Its probable that the various power blocs are going to start getting their knives out for each other soon, which would be rather nice if it happens.

    Even if they get the CBDC they cant create value out of nothing so it will eventually fail, just with much more suffering…. the hype on tech and space is probably mostly hot air trying to inflate the bubble of optimism a little longer.

    Big Tech is really not profitable if you take the funny money out of it, and even if space was easy to get to it would be 50 years (or more) before anyone could turn a profit there. The Technocratic Space surveillance of the globe stuff is also probably a smoke screen too since you can do as good or better with high altitude blimps for less money right now.

    The Elite are probably more scared of the next decade or two then we are.

    • @Duck ,
      thanks for posting this. I have missed John Titus since I also relocated. Glade he has settled into a secure location and can focus on this complex and confusing topic for peons like moi.
      Knowing where to point the pitchforks and torches is so helpful when unwarranted caos ensues. Agreed with your last statement. When I fall off the presipace I will get a little bruise,they die.

  3. Thank you so much James for introducing me to Dr. Jacob Nordangård and his work. What a fantastic researcher and resource. Many thanks.

  4. What an exciting meeting of minds! Thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, and looking forward to more in the future.

  5. You need to think about Ying/Yang symbol. That symbol is black/white. But the truth is that it is united into a whole. Remember this when thinking about politics today.

    Next think about the saying “divide and conquer”.

    In todays policy there is no duality – they all work towards the same end-goal – and the way they do that is to appear as duality while conquering by dividing the rest of us. THAT is how it works…

    ONLY when we the mob manage to unite as well can and do we tear down their control.

    In other words: UNITY or PERISH! – and always remember that “they” are UNITED although they appear divided….

    • Siscu

      “…ONLY when we the mob manage to unite as well can and do we tear down their control. …”

      The ‘mob’ will probably never be united enough to tear down anything that ‘they’ do not WANT it to tear down (as with the BLM riots) and, even if it did, it would not be able to keep the lights on and the water flowing out of taps.

      There is an actual REASON that a ruling class exists in any society that is above the very basic level of complexity. You do not need a MOB, you need less evil and stupid people to run things.

      • Duck

        Hear, hear

        Exactly this,

        One thing WE ( the corbeteers ) can do is to “mob” togheter and stay togheter.

        Not physically but an actual forum to talk about this ever going subject.

        Then maybe, just maybe we could come up with something to actually do instead of complain about the control the controllers have.
        (The commenteers:P )

        Because if we come up with something

        ( for instance our own “bank”
        (with J.Titus in charge)
        with gold, silver, seeds, etc etc. Barter with what you produce. )

        WE could just nullify their control and go on about our business.

        And most important of all, we could start working towards getting child labor banned.
        Its fucking bonkers.
        2023 and we still eat chocolate produced by kidnapped young souls and we all have alot of rare earth material mined by exhausted kids.

        Welcome to aristocracy V9.1 😛

        I think James would be really glad if we actually did something.

        • helanda

          “…One thing WE ( the corbeteers ) can do is to “mob” togheter and stay togheter….”
          I see your point, and its a very good one, but IMO its going to be your IRL allies that matter. We all need to start thinking like ‘aristocrats’ ourselves…. as Mr Corbett pointed out King Charles does not eat GMO crud or fast food and we should not either

          “….but an actual forum to talk about this ever going subject….”

          If yo set up a website it looks like its pretty easy to do a forum…. I posed a link to a how to video that makes it look really simple….on the other hand I dont know how many folks will leave this site to go make a comment anywhere else ABOUT stuff they read on this site….but if you do one let us know 🙂

          also, Folks should NEVER use their PERSONAL emails register at a forum.

  6. By the way – have nobody noticed that the next DAVOS meeting is in China?

    Curious – would like James’ comments on that…

  7. Well, the Chinese are already testing the flying car…

  8. Thanks James for your latest new guest interview. Jacob certainly knows his remit with 2 PhDs and extensive media studies and also a fund of relevant info about recent history. I did check his YT channel and discovered some great music from the Band, as well as more good interviews. Maybe you sprang a surprise on him, asking him to summarise his experience and knowledge in one hour 😉

  9. Interesting conversation with an interesting guest. It’s also interesting I have never heard of this gentleman before.

  10. Thoughts I had while listening to this very good interview:

    When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, I thought it would be neat to go to the moon for my honeymoon. They certainly did talk like it would soon be possible…. 🙂

    Local governments…. My local government (rural town) has shown itself to be corrupt and willing to be used to bully people, including me. A year ago I filed a 91a (New Hampshire FOIA) with the town and got quite a bit of incriminating evidence about what had been going on unbeknownst to me. Very interesting. The point being that corruption is plentiful even at the local level. Power corrupts. People who want to be big fish have to live in, or move to, a small town … and they do, and have. I could name some names…

    I have no confidence or hope in humanity ever being able to improve this world on its own. Life as we currently know it is not going to end well for any of us. Through illness, accident, violence, or old age, we will all end up in the same situation as the generations before us. The world will be filled with justice, peace, righteousness, honor, integrity, purity, and all good things when Messiah sets up His kingdom on earth.

    At one point in the interview, I was reminded of a book I have read since “covid” started – Law Without Authority or Limits: Kelsen’s Dilemma by Daniel Gruber. These powers-that-shouldn’t-be fit perfectly into this category – those who seem to think they can impose whatever laws or requirements they desire, and enforce them on whoever they wish. The book is deep. Trying to follow the thought processes of the various legal philosophers is quite a mind-boggling endeavor. A very worthwhile book. Highly recommended.

    Speaking of the Rockefellers… there is a “small family” farm near here called Billings Farm and Museum. We went a few times many years ago, but when I found out it was a Rockefeller site, it ruined it for me. One time (I think the last time) I was there, a friend asked someone who was working or volunteering there if she was a descendant of the Rockefellers. She was. She said she doesn’t usually tell people so, but since she was asked, she did. Here is the website of the farm. I don’t know how entwined it currently is with Rockefeller interests, but it seems fishy to me.

    • “I have no confidence or hope in humanity ever being able to improve this world on its own.”

      I kind of agree with that. But I would say humanity won’t be able to permanently fix the problems of this world. I think that temporary improvements can occasionally be realized when people stand against injustice.

      “Life as we currently know it is not going to end well for any of us.”

      I definitely disagree with that. I am absolutely sure that when the end of my time in this body arrives, whether through physical death or by being raptured, I will be happier than I’ve ever been in this life.

      “Through illness, accident, violence, or old age, we will all end up in the same situation as the generations before us.”

      There is a tremendous difference in the situation that those who have accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation will find themselves in upon their death compared to those who have foolishly rejected it.
      Believers will experience inexpressible joy. Unbelievers…not so much.

      “The world will be filled with justice, peace, righteousness, honor, integrity, purity, and all good things when Messiah sets up His kingdom on earth.”

      Amen to that!
      Revelation 22:20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

      • Hi Steve,

        You may “definitely disagree” with my statement less than you think, the key words I included being “as we currently know it.” What I meant was that our lives as we experience them in this world in the here and now in these mortal bodies are going to end for each of us as they have for all those that have come before us (except Enoch and Elijah) – and without taking into consideration supernatural intervention by God. This life is full of difficulty, sadness, sorrow, sickness, pain, and finally death. Trying to spruce it up by human efforts will not change the final outcome.

        I agree with you that there are times of improvement when justice is implemented. Unfortunately, that seems to be rare and transient.

        “Through illness, accident, violence, or old age, we will all end up in the same situation as the generations before us.”

        I meant this in a purely experiential way, not what we believe – what we can see and experience … and still be here to talk about. Our lives will end. Those who have passed away can’t tell us what happens afterward. As you know, I believe similarly to you, but that is not scientifically verifiable.

        Even the “good guys” promote evil, perversion, and corruption of what God says is good, true, upright, etc. Even if humanity, or a part of it, could establish an ideal society, the longest it would last would be one generation – until their children grew up and some rebelled. And even that is very optimistic as I look around and observe … humans.

        God has provided a solution, but most are not interested in hearing about His offer of true life.

        Thankfully God has not given up on humanity. He will create new heavens and a new earth wherein will dwell righteousness. Yes, I agree. May it come soon.

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