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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine

FDA Grants Full Approval of Pfizer Vaccine, Critics Blast Agency

Two Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine

The Unjustified, Dishonest & Dangerous FDA Approval Of Pfizer’s Injection – Clearing Up Confusion

Does The FDA Think These Data Justify the First Full Approval of a Covid-19 Vaccine?

Package Insert – COMIRNATY

Story #2: Health Researchers Report Funder Pressure to Suppress Results

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”: Researcher Experiences of Funder Suppression of Health Behaviour Intervention Trial Findings

Whistleblowers Expose Corruption in EPA Chemical Safety Office

EPA Overruled Scientists in “Hair-on-Fire” Cases

A Survey of Suppression of Public Health Information By Australian Governments

Episode 353 – The Crisis of Science

Covid-19: Politicisation, “Corruption,” and Suppression of Science

Time to Stop Commercial Distortion of Healthcare Evidence and Practice, Experts Urge

Commercial Influence In Health: From Transparency to Independence

Time to Assume that Health Research Is Fraudulent Until Proven Otherwise?

Episode 354 – Solutions: Open Science

Story #3: Australian Truck Drivers Vow To Block Every Major Highway In Radical Anti-Lockdown Strike

Truck Drivers Identified As Queensland COVID-19 Cases

Montana Becomes First U.S. State to Ban Vaccine Requirements for Employees

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  1. I’d probably be more suspicious of the Truckie blockade if it wasn’t announced ahead of time, as a legitimate grass roots event would take time to organise and there would be no way to keep it secret and get people involved on a national scale. May as well announce it and get some publicity over it.

    On the other hand for something like that to be successful they would need good control over their own media and be really well organised, I’ve notice with similar events organised in other places like the US, you get the government controlled alt media like Alex Jones and Pete Santilli leading these events up the garden path while pretending to be in support of them.

    • As an ex trucker I get a kick out of how people think that because they often have cb radios that there is some sort of networking going on.
      The radios are used to keep from going batshit crazy from boredom and keeping tabs on the speed traps.
      There is probably just as much chance for large scale communication and coordination with grocery store checkers.

      • I’m reminded of the public fad and culture which sprang up around 1977 with movies like “Smokey and the Bandit”.
        I don’t have any idea what the current truck driver culture is like.

        I used to deal with a lot of freight companies in my businesses. Sometimes, I would hire a local independent trucker to do a run for me on the cheap. When I rented a 48 foot trailer, he came in handy moving it.

        Articles from “Freight Waves” are often featured on Zero Hedge.
        Wow! The supply-chain transport-chain is in knots…so many things affecting other things. Containers and shipping and ports jammed, and then unloading backed up while rail shipments become affected. Evidently, there seems to be a shortage of manpower, including truck drivers, for many of these transport industries.

    • RE: Story #3: Australian Truck Drivers Vow To Block Every Major Highway In Radical Anti-Lockdown Strike

      This link has 6 1/2 minutes of Video footage. The last minute or two show long line of truckies with horns blaring.

      I adamantly do NOT agree with James Corbett’s statement “that it was a tactical mistake” to announce this loudly, broadly, and well in advance of the event.

      As someone who has organized and promoted activist actions or events in the past, I can tell ya that it takes tremendous effort to ramp up the participation energy of a successful event.
      Tremendous, strenuous effort. Lots and lots of promotion and hype.
      It is more comfortable to not participate in an activist action, and thus, many like-minded folks do not.
      Most people do not have a clue to the amount of effort it takes to rally people or organize an activist action.

      However, when there are celebrity figures involved (e.g. Alex Jones back in the day, or Del Bigtree in this era), then the troops will more easily rally. Celebrity figures can help draw a crowd.
      …Or… if people perceive that huge crowds will turn out, then they too will rally more easily. If the public perceive there will be large crowds of like-minded folks turning out, then they are more prone to showing up. It is optics, a marketing perception.
      The ironic thing is that this “follow the herd” aspect applies not only to normies, but also to those who took the red pill.

      The alternative media and/or social media, play an important crucial role in the promotion of an event, but then also an important role of “follow-up” where they position the event as a heroic, noble action.
      When this aspect fades away, so will the activism.

      These are “Lessons Learned from 9/11 Truth”.

      I would venture to say that a large number of even Corbett Report members have not ever participated in activist group actions or dissemination projects, much less organized an activist event from scratch.
      …And I am not saying that everyone must participate in group activist actions.
      But I do believe that it is important that we at least bring visible admiration to those who participate in public activism.
      I was glad to see this Story #3 showcased on New World Next Week. Visibility.

      • “ I adamantly do NOT agree with James Corbett’s statement “that it was a tactical mistake” to announce this loudly, broadly, and well in advance of the event.”

        Absolutely correct. It could/would not be possible at all otherwise.

      • More on…
        “Lessons Learned from 9/11 Truth”

        I feel very lucky or blessed or whatever you want to call it.
        Resulting from a very bad set of personal life circumstances, and then, later, an effort to prove the official 9/11 story correct, I first became aware of the 9/11 Cover-up.
        It completely changed my life and mindset.

        If I had not become aware of 9/11 Truth back in 2005, would I now get the Covid shot? Would I now be hypnotized by the official narratives?

        I think that 9/11 Truth is foundational, because it takes one down the rabbit hole.
        The implications surrounding 9/11 Truth are dynamically profound and deep.

        During this Covid Pandemic era, I see a plethora of alternative pundits/reporters/journalists emerge trying to speak out on some of the truths.
        However, if they have never fully investigated 9/11, then I think these pundits have severely handicapped their insight. They lack a fundamental understanding. Without this important foundation, their projections of the current situations are on shaky ground.

        In my opinion, there is no substitute for the awareness that results from 9/11 Truth.
        “Lessons Learned from 9/11 Truth”
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        Coming up September 11th.
        Global Live Stream from the Lawyers’ Committee

        Speakers include:
        James Corbett, Kevin Ryan, Graeme MacQueen PhD., Whitney Webb, Richard Gage, AIA and more…

        • HomeREmedySupply

          “…However, if they have never fully investigated 9/11, then I think these pundits have severely handicapped their insight. They lack a fundamental understanding. Without this important foundation, their projections of the current situations are on shaky ground…”

          I think you are correct BUT think it goes deeper then that… you could trace the people involved in 9/11 to the JFK killings… or furtehr back to the FED conspiracy and the creation of WW1… probably further back then that, maybe to the killing of Lincoln or the American and french Revolutions, lol. Cato had to deal with the Roman Deep State and Caesar was killed by a conspiracy.

          I don’t think any ONE ‘operation’ people can study is the true ‘thing’ except in so far as it makes the person understand that deception and collusion is the NORMAL way that elites operate

        • RE: Global Live Stream from the Lawyers’ Committee

          Originally slated on the speaker list for the upcoming September 11th event was Ed Asner.
          Ed Asner died Sunday August 29th, 2021. He was 91.

          • I liked reading in his voice more than Morgan Freeman’s.

            Will be seeing you later, Ed.

  2. I am pro-consent and anti-coercion.

  3. Concerning the Truckie blockade, the one mentioned is not in the mainstream news. Mainstream talks about the one happening today Friday 27 August and possibly more of them in the near future. These ones are about pay disputes with big transport companies. They only offer a 2% pay rise and want to cut overtime, using cheaper contractors. A senior truckie earns just over AU$27 an hour, it’s the overtime’s higher rates which makes it worthwhile for them. I’m not sure if that blockade is actually going to happen, it does remind me a bit of the “Hopium” report from a while back but, you never know!

    • the local papers, talk about a truckie wage complaint, and mention nothing about multiple swab tests/day as one proceeds through many highway checkpoints & aggressive coercion to be jabbed. the grassroots txts talk about next Tuesday, “be ready for 2 weeks of blocking”. can it be a legitimate plan in the process of being co-opted? absolutely. are there other actions happening that the press wont report or dont know about: lawyer groups backed by military, doctor groups, activist groups, absolutely.

      The contacts in the street seem to be clarifying and consolidating who’s who in west whoop-whoop, pro-nonconsentors share mask-less nods, soft smiles, and sympathetic winks while anti-science death cultists nervously peer or angrily scowl from their sneech muzzles. a quick guess looks like a 50/50 split of the people. Though traffic is lots lower than normal.

      That which splits the people is a fog that can & will burn off; its only sustained by the threat of brutal bullying, something that the convict lineages know too well.

      Both sides are asking: “How many will be left standing?”

  4. Good day !

    I am not the only one who sees the truck strike being announced ahead of time as a failure. People need to start thinking like a battlefield commander and stop announcing the battle plan to the enemy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Australian government will import drivers from overseas. Who knows , the way that government is treating the public wouldn’t surprise me if they start gunning some of the populace down. I’m not joking.

  5. Part one

    I’ve been picking up on a repeating thought and feeling lately. I hope I can express what I mean mean and get feedback without triggering anyone. Please forgive me in advance

    I honestly believe that the PTSB are all in with this. What they are doing in Australia, they will eventually do here in Florida. If we let them.
    They will do it everywhere. They are studying what we do here as we watch what is going on there. As they distract us with never ending war and constant fear.

    What are we going to do?

    We’re at the crossroads of history. Its a fight to the death or surrender to unimaginable evil. And yet, we have the advantage of seeing the future.
    If we allow them to impose the mandates and steal our natural rights as they are trying to do in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam. Who knows how many other places. Then we deserve what we get.
    They are fighting in the streets against all odds.
    We can avoid that if we completely stop complying, yesterday!

    If Americans allow that to happen here, they are insulting their ancestors who risked everything for freedom.
    This nation of people weren’t afraid to completely uproot their lives, cross oceans on wooden sailing vessels and learn to farm and build from scratch.
    Later they risked it all again fighting to gain their independence.
    That is what Americans are supposed to be. Thats what every lover of liberty is supposed to be. Willing to risk it all for their own autonomy and the freedom of his countrymen. (And women).

    Its coming down to the wire. I’m in pretty good shape but I’m 65. I don’t want to ever have to use my weapons against anyone. Never did. So I started listening to really smart people many years ago and I learned that making something obsolete is much less violent than trying to fight it.
    That is why I listen to James. Both of them actually. And lots of others.
    They told me about the economy and the centuries old families that have manipulated the world. They told me how the masses are treated like tax cattle by the elite and it’s paid off puppets. I kept hoping to hear concrete instructions on what to do. And what I heard is that I can withdraw my consent. And once I did that I would be responsible for myself completely.

    • Part two

      I admire James Pilato for the principled stand he takes. And getting a deep freezer, (chest type) is a good idea. Make sure you have a way to keep it running without the power company though.
      But its one thing to say! “No more live concerts”, and another thing to say, “no more groceries”.

      But I really believe that it might be coming to that. It may soon not be a pleasant Saturday morning at the farmers market. But a matter of staying alive just to be able to get enough to survive without surrendering.

      If you own or are stewards of a piece of earth and you aren’t planting fruit bearing trees and growing medicine, you’re not fighting for freedom.
      If you’re not collecting, purifying and consuming water that falls on your land or roof, you’re not fighting for freedom.
      If you’re not willing to risk a friendship or relationship to stand by your principles and the truth to enlist resisters you’re not fighting for freedom.
      If your career or position in this artificial world means so much to you that you’re not willing, or confident enough to start over then you’re not fighting for freedom.

      Its now or never, as the song goes. But the good news, as this episode noted, the state isn’t even trying to make sense anymore.
      The bad news is that creates a division between those who have eyes to see and those who don’t.
      We can really hate to think about that but I its obviously true.

      Its time to decide whether we are going to stand together and stop this. Or give up having never really tried to fight.

      • “…….. So what are you going to do about it?

        You can try to snuff me out, but that means you’re trying to kill your own spirit.

        Spirit can be a tidal wave, or it can be a little piss-puddle. Your decision.

        If it’s a tidal wave, it’s bigger and more powerful than any so-called germ that ever existed.

        See, the germ the bosses are twisting your minds with is also a dream—and right now, you’re saluting it and taking a knee in front of it.

        You screwed up. You fell for the con.

        But it’s never too late.

        You can sell out your lives down to the last penny, or you can break the bank.

        I’m here as long as you want me to be.

        I’m standing up as long as you’re not lying down.

        I’ll be here interrupting the cocked-up news from your fascist bosses and thugs as long as you want me to be…”

        • I think building community and networks of people who know what’s going on is possibly more important than trying to wake more people up. I think there are probably a lot more people who know what’s going on than we think.

          Leading by example is also a good way to wake people up. I remember in 2014 one of my colleagues was telling me how they had a potentially lethal reaction to a vaccine and required regular medical treatment because of it. That was the first time I realized that vaccines could actually harm people. I had no idea about vaccine injury or vaccine court. In 2015 I started to have some unusual side effects from flu vaccines (I was taking them because I didn’t like wearing masks at work during the season). I took one more in 2016 and had the same weird reaction and I spoke with another colleague who was in a mask who didn’t take the shot. Seeing that someone else who refused set an example for me that this person cared enough about her own body to say no and also an experienced medical professional thought flu shots weren’t such a good idea. From that day on, I started refusing any more vaccines.

          I also started listening to the CR in late 2016-2017 and started to learn more about the wealthy interests that are pulling the strings. One of the old reports was about vaccines and medical martial law. I really never thought that that could happen at the time though. I was like “that will never happen here in the US” but sure enough it did and it blew my mind. I’m still recovering from the shock of all this and trying to plan wisely because I still need a little more capital to get out. California is not where I want to be. Being in a rural place is better and having some land you can raise food on and be as independent as possible. So to be honest, I haven’t done a lot of activism. I went to one anti lockdown protest over a year ago. There is another one this weekend that I will check out.

          My point is that being an example of how to live as a free person is very inspiring to people. It’s sometimes better than telling someone how to be free.

          • Birds born in cages think flying is an illness

      • “If you’re not willing to risk a friendship or relationship to stand by your principles and the truth to enlist resisters you’re not fighting for freedom.”

        I agree to all your thoughts, and this one stood out the most. I have risked losing my only remaining friend from high school to tell him my thoughts and open his eyes to what’s going on, and I believe we all should be taking steps to (1) recruit others to the side of freedom, and (2) to take steps to living off their grid by drilling water wells, planting crops, etc., not just for ourselves, but also to feed our neighbors.

    • Exactly! Anything to keep stringing people along believing that their particular “leader” is on the side of the people.
      Tampa is forcing children to wear masks. Pinellas county isn’t. So all the people here in Saint Petersburg are placated.

      We are at war! Its just that most people don’t know it yet. And when they discover it, it will be too late to peacefully fight using noncompliance.

      • Steve says:
        “We are at war!”

          • I have a very cliché weakness for firefighters; my only remaining close friend from high school is the captain of our regional fire department. A vocation, from the age of 14 he was actively working at the station. Today he’s been injected as have his wife and children.

            The rebellious firefighter in this video (really easy on the eyes) was particularly eloquent at about 11 minutes when he made the following two back-to-back statements:

            “You told us, just give us two weeks to flatten the curve; And this has gone from two weeks to flatten the curve to

            SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!

            If things had moved that fast in the last 18 months
            Where the hell will we be in the next 18 months!?”


            • Those words he said that you quoted impacted me also.
              It really puts things into perspective.

          • A fantastic French Firefighter!

            “Against mandatory vaccination, a firefighter camps on a roof

            A volunteer firefighter set up shop on Tuesday morning, with a tent, on the roof of a building of his fire station in Ablis, in the Yvelines, to protest against the compulsory vaccination that he refuses.

            A resident reported that a firefighter was on a building under construction at the fire station of the small town of Ablis, near Saint-Arnoult. The information was confirmed by the Yvelines fire department.

            According to a source close to the case, this man, a volunteer firefighter who has now just resigned, intends to protest against the mandatory vaccination.

            From September 15, firefighters, both professional and volunteer, will indeed have to be vaccinated against Covid-19, in the same way as caregivers…”


    • But hasn’t that forced-vax law been on the books for a long time in Florida? De Santis didn’t write this in there.

      I don’t think anyone should be under the impression that any of these leaders will protect us, but I think it’s hopeful that they are saying anything against the narrative at all.

      Trump had demonstrated that he is either in on this or has done nothing at all to stop it and his promoting the vax was very telling and he was booed by the audience. People don’t want this mRNA gene therapy even if these supposed liberty loving leaders are promoting it.

      But, the fact that they are resisting the vax passport in Florida, Texas and other states is a good thing. Now the people need to speak up and use what’s in place AND also start building something else. Just my opinions. I personally think South Dakota has been the most free place in the country for the last 18 months as far as Covid goes. It’s just too cold in the winter for me to move there.

      Also regarding the existence of Sars Cov 2, there are many anecdotal reports of people presenting with respiratory infections across the world that have a unique feature of hypoxia and needing supplemental oxygen. I have seen this syndrome with my own eyes and thought I know there are good treatments that are not being used and should be and could likely prevent people from hospitalization, this syndrome is not being faked. That part is real, the numbers and statistics are being manipulated and there are very few people in good health being hospitalized, but the people in poor health, vaxxed and un vaxxed are still coming in. This syndrome is being called Sars Cov 2. If it’s not a new virus or something else, fine, the thing is real and some people are being affected by it.

      I had an interview today in a hospital in another state and they said that they are seeing “Covid” patients coming into the hospital, many I am sure had the vaxx, but some not. I still see a few diabetics and overweight folks in their 60s and 70s coming in with hypoxia, cough and wacky labs. The numbers are being inflated but the few that come in are real people and some need a hospital stay by the time they come in to receive supplemental oxygen. Perhaps Rand Paul is hearing reports from other physicians who believe in viruses and who haven’t thoroughly looked into the questionable isolation. I think he said that people have a right to decide what they put into their bodies. If people want the gene therapy, let them have it, if they don’t leave them alone. I don’t have a problem with having vaxxes or gene therapy but no one should ever force someone to take drugs they don’t want.

      • “ But hasn’t that forced-vax law been on the books for a long time in Florida? ”

        “Right now in Florida, under the public health emergency statute chapter 381, they can literally take you, test you, quarantine you, but also force you to take a vaccine. They can restrain you and force you to do that,” he said. “The powers have not been used yet, but they’ve been on the books for over 25 years and it’s important that Floridians know that this power can’t be exercised by government, because it’s just too much an invasion of their personal liberties.”

        “ Anthony Sabatini, a GOP state representative from Florida, said he will file legislation to repeal a state law that could force people to get vaccinated during a public health emergency.”

        The only politician that I would trust is Ron Paul. And for one simple reason. He has plainly stated that he adheres to the non aggression principle and believes that all governments should as well.

        I’m glad that there are those in politics who do the right thing on certain issues. Such as DeSantis, Massey and Rand Paul. But unless they abandon the idea that there should be rulers in this world, I will never trust them

        • I was listening to a video with Kristi Noem and though I think she’s probably one of the best governors in the US, when she said “I have chosen to be vaccinated” I thought either she’s a moron or in on this charade.

          Anyone in good health who “choses” to be “vaccinated” with this gene therapy drug is an idiot or they are just doing it to fit in and go along. Those are poor qualities in a leader. We need an organized rebellion in the US. I really want to skip my taxes this year because this is criminal, the lockdowns, the mandates, the masks, everything. And to be honest, though Americans are really slaves to taxes and such, the money is used to commit crimes in other countries. I think there is Karma in that on some level. I believe that the government will use the military against the people. This is the next step, unless the military refuses.

          I think where this is going is to blame disease on the “un vaccinated” and to put people in camps and get rid of them. This is where this whole thing could be headed. When we get “gun control” here, that’s when it’s all over for us. These psychopathic parasites want a small easily controlled slave class and seem to be willing to do everything to get it. These government players aren’t stupid and they know what’s going on. They want to be spared and will lie and manipulate to further the agenda. If a government official in robust health said they had the vaxx, a red flag goes off in my mind.

          • “ I was listening to a video with Kristi Noem and though I think she’s probably one of the best governors in the US,”

            “It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice; and even mercy, where conquest is the object, is only a trick of war; the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf, and we ought to guard equally against both.”

            The Crisis, by Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


            We are at war!

            • Steve Smith

              “..We are at war!..”

              This Epp of Dangerous History is a pretty good guide for why no one wants to have bad people have too much power over them.
              Kinda stomach turning TBH


            • Duck, good episode. I’m about half way through.

              C.J. Just asked “what is it about communism?”
              I haven’t finished listening to Coopers response yet but the question got me thinking.
              Communism is something that has a pretty flexible definition. But the one thing that is certain is that it is pretty much always the antithesis of autonomy. It is the opposite of personal responsibility.
              Communism can sort of coexist with governments that call themselves democracies because democracies are also not conducive to autonomy and self responsibility.
              It is snuck in under the name of social welfare or nowadays simply socialism.
              It has grown like a cancer because if you have masses that believe that they must be ruled. Its not much of a leap to get them to believe that equality and equity and shared resources are beyond the capacity of individuals to manage.

              I do believe that we are at war. It is becoming urgent and pressing. But in truth, I have been at war ever since discovering that I was born into a system of slavery.
              I believe that revolution has been needed for a long time.

              But I also understood that any attempt to use violence in the revolution would simply be repeating history.
              I don’t know who it was who said something like “one of the most important lessons from history is that most people learn nothing from history “.

              I believe Christ is right. Violence begets violence. There is no possibility of defeating the global communist system with guns. The only thing that we can do is to refuse to comply. To create our own systems. To remove our dependence on the system.
              Idealistic? Of course it is. Realistic in our lifetime? Not likely in my opinion. Possible many generations in the future? Up till a couple years ago I thought so.
              Now I’m not so sure.

              When I say we are at war I don’t mean anyone should use violence except for defense. But if we don’t start fighting by refusing to comply with the tyranny completely. No matter how afraid we are of confrontation. Then I don’t think we can survive this.

              I foresee a time in the near future when I will refuse to comply with the theft of my income. I will probably be arrested or die resisting arrest because I don’t believe that there will be very many others doing it with me.

  6. Does anyone have a link to the Taliban meme? That made me laugh quite loudly.

  7. Use the exemptions they are allowing. Like FC said, don’t say too much. They won’t care or listen or be convinced. If you have a religious belief that conflicts with this policy, state what it is. There are many religious texts to draw from. This “vaccine” is purely evil and people know it! It’s against anything sacred. This goes beyond law or constitutional rights. You are being asked if you will chose your soul or your career. What will you chose?

  8. Yea we can trust the BMJ or can we?

    Before I forward any articles to my normie friends maybe I will investigate them more. I don’t want egg on my face.

    I checked their website and they look good and seem to be taking it up to big pharma. Wow great and they seem to talk the talk but my intuition tells me to see what they say about covid vaccines.

    “Campus vaccinations and phased re-openings can help make universities safer”

    “Firstly, they recommend universities consider encouraging uptake of covid-19 vaccines by offering them vaccination on site. The authors note that the current government plans to offer incentive schemes and insist on “vaccine passports” to gain access to nightclubs may also boost uptake. ”
    They seem to be airing propaganda to me and this doesn’t seem to be taking it up to big pharma.

    “Should covid-19 vaccination be mandatory for health and care staff?”

    Another article from the newsroom where they have a debate on mandatory vaccinations.

    The only caution against this is at the very end of the debate where most people would have already closed this window and that person doesn’t say the vaccines are dangerous. They only say that staff may leave and vaccinated can still carry the virus.

    More propaganda which supports the standard media tripe.

    I did find some better news reports from July below.

    “Mandatory covid-19 vaccination for care home workers is unnecessary, disproportionate and misguided”

    Now this is better but inside this article there are phrases like below.

    “Vaccination protects individuals from covid-19 and reduces the risk of transmission of disease to others,”

    I also found the below article which is good.

    “BMJ Case Reports: Experience of one patient strongly suggests link between COVID-19 vaccine and Bell’s palsy”

    But I found the below article in June.

    “Make COVID jab free for everyone in India to boost uptake and curb death toll”

    So just be cautious what websites you send to any normie friends who can cherry pick articles that promote clear disinformation.

    • Yes! And as I’m sure you’ve noticed,”truth” is a powerful tool for the propagandists: Truth is actually used to sugarcoat and deliver BS (just as lipid nanoparticles deliver mRNA spike proteins, I guess).

      Indeed, while someone is flabbergasted learning some genuine truth that is new to them, (for example, that a population is its government’s own worst enemy),

      other statements, which constitute the key propaganda message in the article or interview, that are ingested at the same time (for example, that the Bush administration could never have pulled off 9/11) will also be assimilated as true, this misinformation rendered even more powerful and indelible due to its association with the strong emotions generated from learning a genuine and shocking new truth.

      So, though I haven’t actually looked at it yet, it sounds like the BMJ is using this powerful propaganda technique.

      Sometimes propagandists will buy up a lot of credibility proffering averred truth on important issues over a certain period of time,

      but with the deliberate intention of misleading people on subsequent more strategic matters,

      this deliberate intention to mislead not to be confused with genuine disagreement on a given issue.

      Anyhow, my student clearly forgot they had a class… typical of this particular week in the year…

        • Hi Weilunion!

          I just discovered your reply this morning (don’t have the notification thingy switched on).

          Yes, I’d seen that Academy of Ideas video but as you linked it I watched it again (always a good idea) and I was once again impressed.

          I’m afraid I don’t have time just now to be thorough or insightful here but quickly, my impressions:

          The big difference between conspiracy theorists and so-called “normies”, is that the former believes that there are shadow groups operating behind governments to the point of controlling them and the latter is not aware of or underestimates the extent of that phenomenon.

          If you can not see that governments are no reflection of the people, but merely tools for a very small percentage of colossal fortunes, (oversimplification of course) then you are not equipped to question the Faucis and CDCs and FDAs and basically, you can not apprehend events like 9/11 etc.

          The cognitive dissonance generated by trying to reconcile something like global mass vaccination with “new” tech for which everyone knows there’s no long-term visibility for a disease that kills a very small, specific part of the population who’s on death’s doorstep anyway, and having them accept to sacrifice their own children to this experiment,

          must lead to the delusional phenomena described in the video. The first big menticide campaign of our post-war era was probably 9/11. Getting people to take that sitting down, testing the hypnotic power of the mendacious CCM (I prefer this to MSM now that I’ve seen it on these boards) was probably the beginning of this extremely powerful erosion of people’s lucidity. (I realize how nauseatingly arrogant I sound here).

          Nonetheless, I feel like, on the outside, I resemble the profile given of the delusional menticide victims in the video: nervous, isolated, vengeful… My students, I’ve discovered recently, don’t see me that way at all (end-of-training course satisfaction questionnaires) but that’s how I feel I appear on the outside viewing from the inside (if that makes any sense).

          I’m trying to learn to accept and manage that rage in me.

          When I have my family on the phone or my students on videoconference, their placid life-goes-on normality sometimes makes me feel like I’m the one suffering from menticide.

          Anyhow, thanks for the remark and link.

          • You are welcome. And I agree that if people cannot see this little club called ‘government’ is a social construct by the ruling class they will never be able to Socratically question anyone in power let alone themselves.

            It is hard to pinpoint when the menticide became the goal (religion,maybe); I remember having to sit under my desk in 1956 in Nevada for fear’The Russians are coming….”.

            What I can say with some credulity is that changes in the means of production,cybernetics in particular, and the forces of production, both of which are controlled by the ruling class has meant more powerful and more insidious plans have been executed to assure control of both the subjective and material realities of our lives.

            And yes, we are supposed to feel lost, each day,dependent on outside forces. Alienation is one of the menticidial mechanisms. It leads to numbness and from there to dehumanization and dislocation mentally.

            As long as this small group of ruling elites own all the means of production and forces of production, they will use them as a weapon against us.

            Eventually, if one assumes as Huxley did, humans will adapt to the menticide and love it.

            Hard to know


            Do be well

            • Hi again,

              Further to our exchange this morning;

              shortly thereafter, I was speaking with a student about the whys and wherefors of the global vaccination campaign and finally he arrived with his ultimate argument for why there was nothing untold about it. He said that China is not as “revolving door, conflict of interest, and financially motivated as the west and since China is making a vaccine and vaccinating everyone, then it must be legit.” This was the thrust of his reasoning almost verbatim.

              Besides being incapable of imagining that Power could be more motivating than even money, I realized how formidable the combination of binary “good-guy” vs “bad-guy” thinking boosted by the ‘nation state’ illusion is and how easily it can be manipulated for opinion/perception control. He assumes that if the neo-liberal capitalistic U.S. is financially compromised if not utterly corrupt then “communist” China must be better in this domain. A transnational conspiracy is just totally out of reach. (and of course absurd and uncouth conspiracy theory).

              And I agree with you; as Walter Cunningham explained about Climate Alarmism: Reason is not what drove people to get themselves and their children injected; so no amount of reason will prevent them from boosters and everything else that follows: mandatory QR codes that will eventually be injected as well, probably routinely at birth etc etc etc…

              I never thought we’d get here so fast. Just the idea of surveillance CCTV cameras in the streets was absolutely unheard of and ludicrous when I was 16…

              But I intend to be well nevertheless, thanks. As well as I can be knowing my youngest (18-year old) son went off with his father and got himself injected with that poison despite everything I’d attempted to explain to him and that my other two adult children (30 and 28 years old) who are trying to resist will probably cave in eventually as well.

              The physical violation of poisoning is profoundly dramatic; but the criminal and ethical violation and their implications are even more unspeakable.

              And nobody (except my elder children) in my former entourage seems to notice. Everyone’s lived with corruption for so long that it just seems to be a matter of course. Mass poisoning is just the next level. No problem, I can still watch Netflix and go out with my friends.

              Be well yourself.

              • clarification:

                No problem, I can still watch Netflix and go out with my friends.

                was glibly stated as being an example of the injected population’s reasoning, not my own…

                though … I have been known to watch Netflix… and have a beer or two on a sunny pub terrace…

              • As to the thinking of the student let us break it down.

                “shortly thereafter, I was speaking with a student about the whys and wherefors of the global vaccination campaign and finally he arrived with his ultimate argument for why there was nothing untold about it.

                So his conclusion is that the vaccination is fine.

                To support this conclusion he stated his assumptions:

                He said that China is not as “revolving door, conflict of interest, and financially motivated as the west and since China is making a vaccine and vaccinating everyone, then it must be legit.”

                1. China is not a ‘revolving door’which one would have to query as to what this means but assuming it means that China is not as avaricious, due to its policies, then this would be one ‘reason’ or assumption for his conclusion.

                Of course China is a state capitalist country and thus like all capitalist countries puts profits before people. This is what is left out of his assumption and thinking.

                2. China is making a vaccine for no cost to its citizens and thus this is used as a reason to support the student’s conclusion.

                This was the thrust of his reasoning almost verbatim.

                The argument is mottled with fallacies and unverified assumptions. Thus it is not a very good argument at all,not to mention that the premises and conclusions do not go together.

                Assuming that China is making the vaccine at no cost, this hardly vitiates the need for scrutinizing the vaccine.

                Surely, profits are the aim of the corporations so one would think that if it is no cost it is ‘free’ but this is not the case.

                As said,China is state capitalist.

                And you are right. Power is never brought up for power is hidden within the soiled fabric of the capitalist and their press.

                It is all about power.

                Yes, your children will probably take the vaccine as their ability to interact within the rubric we call society will be tethered if they do not.

                A principled stance on this issue is almost impossible without martyrdom.

                When the human clinical trials run their course, four to five years, we should know more. Or at least some bodies will know more.

                As to the binary thinking, this is accomplished by not thinking dialectically, not thinking about change and how change happens.

                I can only wish you the best and the same for your family.

  9. agree
    we’ll be reporting on that,,

  10. No Corbett report on you tube – no surprise.

    • The Corbett Report on ***Tube was shoved down The Memory Hole.

  11. These reactions by people who roll their eyes, or storm off, or quip “stop being so preachy” can prove more painful and energy-sapping than we like to admit…

  12. Trucker’s strike:
    Keep in mind the big “trucker’s strike” that was well planned and announced some years back, that was aimed at shutting down Washington DC’s “beltway”. Remember how it turned out to be a complete fake at best and possibly a fishing scam by the government at worst. Very much like the planned and announced “DC gun march” a few years ago that turned out to be one guy filming himself with a shotgun in DC and later arrested, gaining much financial support from his followers over his stunt.
    As James said, this is not how it’s done.
    Keep your mouth shut and just do the thing!
    Ben Stone (Bad Quaker)

  13. On Thursday’s 8/26 Episode 230: THE WRITING ON THE WALL
    of The Highwire with Del Bigtree, at just past the 17 minute mark, he mentions vaccine exemptions and the military. He gives some good legal framework, and also how to approach a religious exemption. (Keep a zipper lip.)
    Also in the video he showed examples of “Solutions” and also Activism of how people are voting with their dollars. (Examples: France and dining outdoors but not at vaccine-passport restaurants, the Aussie Truckies, “Texans for Vaccine Choice”)

  14. People do not understand ‘the scientific method’. They say, “Believe in science!” Sorry,science does not rest on belief it rests on evidence or lack of it.

    The need is to understand the method.

    The gravity of Pfizer being approved is that human beings are the clinical trial. And this is of course counter to the scientific method.

    They have big plans once the human trials are over. The issue is just what are their plans?

    Part of the plan is obviously physical elimination but even further, mass psychosis.

  15. You mentioned Snopes, James. You do know they have been dethroned due to plagiarism?

    “Sometimes the facts are stranger than fiction — and sometimes the facts are plagiarized.

    The co-founder of myth-debunking website Snopes has been exposed as a plagiarist, according to a BuzzFeed News investigation.

    David Mikkelson, who launched Snopes in 1995 with a mission to be “the internet’s definitive fact-checking site,” was suspended by his company, Doreen Marchionni, Snopes’ VP of editorial and its managing editor, confirmed to BuzzFeed, after their reporters uncovered no less than 54 plagiarized articles by Mikkelson.

    “Let us be clear: Plagiarism undermines our mission and values, full stop,” Marchionni said in a statement on Friday. “It has no place in any context within this organization.”

    In response to the investigation, Mikkelson said, “There is no excuse for my serious lapses in judgement. I’m sorry.”

  16. Dear Sandbag,
    Thank you for your service. I live in Canada, but we have heavily relied on the US for our defence. One of my sons joined the reserves 3 years ago while he was in high school, and will need to make his choice soon as well. I agree with the commenters above to stay silent while you are able to contact legal defense or get some advice on how to proceed. I am unsure about the religious exemption although from your post it sounds like you could make a case. The issue with religious exemptions is now they can decide if your ‘beliefs’ meet their criteria. Again a loss of freedom. (As you know, a medical reason exemption is unattainable). Do you have any other military buddies who feel the same way? For some support? Also, if possible, hold off until the very last minute. Many things could change.
    Godspeed my friend.

  17. Sandbag, thank you for your principled stand. You’re needed in the war that is coming. Please bring as many of your brothers and sisters in arms with you as you can. Use your powerful words to help them see and understand.

    The sacrifices are going to be hard for everyone who sees this for what it is and has the courage to stand for freedom. But death is better than dishonor.
    Welcome to the light and welcome to the fight! God bless you.

  18. NEWS
    August 27, 2021 – Zero Hedge
    ‘This Ends The Debate’
    Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta

    Dr. Anthony Fauci and the rest of President Biden’s COVID advisors have been proven wrong about “the science” of COVID vaccines yet again. After telling Americans that vaccines offer better protection than natural infection, a new study out of Israel suggests the opposite is true: natural infection offers a much better shield against the delta variant than vaccines.

    The study was described by Bloomberg as “the largest real-world analysis comparing natural immunity – gained from an earlier infection – to the protection provided by one of the most potent vaccines currently in use.” A few days ago, we noted how remarkable it was that the mainstream press was finally giving voice to scientists to criticize President Biden’s push to start doling out booster jabs. Well, this study further questions the credibility of relying on vaccines, given that the study showed that the vaccinated were ultimately 13x as likely to be infected as those who were infected previously, and 27x more likely to be symptomatic.

    Alex Berenson, a science journalist who has repeatedly questioned the efficacy of vaccines and masks at preventing COVID, touted the study as enough to “end any debate over vaccines v natural immunity.”

    Here’s an excerpt from a report by Science Magazine:

    The new analysis relies on the database of Maccabi Healthcare Services, which enrolls about 2.5 million Israelis. The study, led by Tal Patalon and Sivan Gazit at KSM, the system’s research and innovation arm, found in two analyses that people who were vaccinated in January and February were, in June, July, and the first half of August, six to 13 times more likely to get infected than unvaccinated people who were previously infected with the coronavirus. In one analysis, comparing more than 32,000 people in the health system, the risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19 was 27 times higher among the vaccinated, and the risk of hospitalization eight times higher.….

    • I have been battling with my union to include natural immunity as an alternative to vaccination. WOW, talk about pulling teeth. Nobody wants to hear it. The mandate shall only be…vaccination. Who cares about all those serious peer reviewed studies.

      Authorities say…

      • Normally I would agree that using questioning is a good way for people to see irrationality.

        But when the irrationality becomes simple avoidance an denial, then human reason is up against irrationality and irrationality will not be seduced or swayed by reasonable argumentation.

        Posing questions in study groups, with other people, would work to ferret out disinformation or at least surface assumptions and roads needed to be taken to acquire evidence.

        But nonsense is overtaking rational thought day by day. Not sure how much time we have left to look through the Looking Glass.

    • Related to “Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta”

      Sunday August 29 – Zero Hedge
      Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Berenson After Viral COVID Tweets
      It was never a matter of if, but when.

      Science journalist Alex Berenson has been permanently suspended from Twitter, just one day after a viral series of tweets spotlighting an Israeli preprint study which showed that natural immunity from a prior Covid-19 infection is 13 times more effective than vaccines against the delta variant.

      “The account you referenced has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation rules,” a Twitter spokesperson told Fox News.
      The last tweet he posted, meanwhile, accurately noted that the vaccine “doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission.”

      “Don’t think of it as a vaccine,” he added. “Think of it – at best – as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS.”
      “And we want to mandate it? Insanity.”

      “This was the tweet that did it. Entirely accurate. I can’t wait to hear what a jury will make of this,” wrote Berenson on his substack blog, Unreported Truths.

      In a subsequent blog post, Berenson wrote:
      They have defamed me and denied me a very important platform. But with your help I’ll do my best to keep getting the truth out.

      Adding his tweet activity from the Israeli study – revealing nearly three million impressions and over a quarter million people who interacted with the tweet….

  19. August 27 – Zero Hedge
    Japan Suspects Contaminant In Moderna Vaccines Is Metallic,
    ‘Reacts To Magnets’

    The Japanese Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that around 1.6 million doses of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine have been taken out of use due to contamination in some vials that ‘reacts to magnets,’ according to a ministry official.

    Several vaccination centers reported finding foreign matter in the doses.
    “It’s a substance that reacts to magnets,” the official told Nikkei, adding “It could be metal.”

    Moderna, meanwhile, has confirmed receiving “several complaints of particulate matter” in vials distributed in Japan, but that “not safety or efficacy issues” were found related to the reports.

    “The company is investigating the reports and remains committed to working transparently and expeditiously with its partner, Takeda, and regulators to address any potential concerns,” a spokesperson told Nikkei, adding that a “manufacturing issue” at a plant in Spain was to blame.

    After the complaints, the vaccine lot in question as well as two adjacent lots have been taken out of circulation “out of an abundance of caution,” according to the spokesperson.

    Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Thursday afternoon that he had instructed the ministry to look into the case with safety as the top priority, adding he had received reports that the withdrawal “won’t have a significant impact on the country’s vaccination campaign.” -Nikkei

    The foreign matter that ‘reacts to magnets’ is sure to revive speculation over the viral ‘Covid-19 vaccine magnet challenge,’ in which dozens of people recorded magnets sticking to their vaccine injection sites….

    • Its not really funny but it is still sort of ironically amusing that many of the “crazy things we talk about here. Like magnets sticking to people. Or the Terrain theory, or the Electric Universe theories.
      Things often debunked with someone’s personal scientific opinion of the day.
      Many times find their way into the mainstream media within a short time.

      Makes me wonder how many UFO videos are authentic and whether Michelle really is a dude??

    • The reason they have to store the MRNA concoction at ultra low liquid nitrogen temperatures is keep Graphine lipid emulsified around spike protein , Most likely Japan’s got warm somewhere !Like freezing and thawing homogenized milk components separate !

  20. OOOOOO..Janey woodcocky,…marketing a genocidal “vaccine”…CHOP CHOP HEH HEH…BYE BYE

  21. August 27, 2021 –
    Thought Crimes Lead to ARREST! Chris Sky Jailed Twice in Two Days, Globalist Crackdown
    (13 minute video interview with Chris Sky, but I don’t care for Stew Peters)

    It seems that Canadian police were planning to arrest Chris Sky BEFORE he committed a crime. Evidently, the cops had been planning to arrest him prior to an event he was scheduled for and thus taper the esprit of the demonstration. The police pulled all kinds of weird things in order to put Chris in jail.

  22. bobitto

    To control the narrative you need to
    1) What studies the normies get to hear about and the the conclusion normies get told about in the media 90 plus % of people will look no further then the conclusion the Screen Person tells them.

    Most Americans today are not smart enough to compare 2 paragraphs of text with different ideas and too lazy to read beyond the 1st paragraph of an article

    This is kinda a fun break down of how that works

    They don’t need to control al studies, just the what screens in people pockets say about those studies. The places where they really put thescrews on scientists are where it matters , like the FDA

  23. NEWS [But note the “Chasm of Realities” with family members]

    Saturday August 28, 2021 – AP Associated Press
    RFK assassin moves closer to freedom with help of 2 Kennedys

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — California’s parole board voted Friday to free Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin after two of RFK’s sons went against several of their siblings’ wishes and said they supported releasing him and prosecutors declined to argue he should be kept behind bars. But the governor ultimately will decide if Sirhan Sirhan leaves prison.

    Douglas Kennedy was a toddler when his father was gunned down in 1968. He told a two-person board panel that he was moved to tears by Sirhan’s remorse and that the 77-year-old should be released if he’s not a threat to others.

    “I’m overwhelmed just by being able to view Mr. Sirhan face to face,” he said. “I’ve lived my life both in fear of him and his name in one way or another. And I am grateful today to see him as a human being worthy of compassion and love.”

    Six of Kennedy’s nine surviving children said they were shocked by the vote and urged Gov. Gavin Newsom to reverse the parole board’s decision and keep Sirhan behind bars.

    “He took our father from our family and he took him from America,” the six siblings wrote in a statement late Friday. “We are in disbelief that this man would be recommended for release.”

    The statement was signed by Joseph P. Kennedy II, Courtney Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, Christopher G. Kennedy, Maxwell T. Kennedy and Rory Kennedy.

    But another sibling, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has spoken in favor of his release in the past and wrote in favor of paroling Sirhan. He said in the letter that he met him in prison and was moved by Sirhan, “who wept, clinching my hands, and asked for forgiveness.”

    “While nobody can speak definitively on behalf of my father, I firmly believe that based on his own consuming commitment to fairness and justice, that he would strongly encourage this board to release Mr. Sirhan because of Sirhan’s impressive record of rehabilitation,” he said in a letter submitted during the hearing to the board.

    Sirhan, whose hair is now white, smiled, thanked the board and gave a thumbs-up after the decision to grant parole was announced. It was a major victory in his 16th attempt at parole after he’s served 53 years. But it does not assure his release….[*Read following Paragraphs*]

    • Corbett Report – October 2016
      The Strange Case of Sirhan Sirhan

      If a movie is based on a book that is based on a real experiment that later actually happens in real life, is it “real” or “fiction.” Join us today on The Corbett Report as we step through the looking glass in search of information about Sirhan Sirhan, the shooting of RFK, CIA mind control experiments, and the blurring of the line between real life and fantasy.

      NOTE: This is a visualization of Episode 220 of The Corbett Report podcast, first released on March 03, 2012. This video was recently posted to The Corbett Report Extras YouTube channel as part of a project to make older Corbett Report audio podcasts and interviews available on YouTube. If you are interested in seeing more of this content in the future please….

    • UPDATE – Sirhan Sirhan | Robert F. Kennedy

      September 1, 2021 – CovertAction Magazine
      New Evidence Implicates CIA, LAPD, FBI and Mafia as Plotters in Elaborate “Hit” Plan to Prevent RFK From Ever Reaching White House
      By Jeremy Kuzmarov
      [This is a long article, but filled with PHOTOS.]

      …Kennedy Jr. has pointed out that Sirhan’s appointed lawyer at his original trial, Grant Cooper, was Johnny Rosselli’s personal lawyer. “Roselli,” he said, “was the mobster who ran the assassination program for the CIA against Castro. Cooper pressured Sirhan to plead guilty so that there was no trial.” [LINK to DailyMail – Here is the archive ]

      Kennedy believes the real assassin was Thane Eugene Cesar, an employee of Lockheed’s Burbank facility—which manufactured the CIA produced U-2 spy plane—and previously Hughes Aircraft who was moonlighting as a security guard for Ace Security Services…

      …RFK Jr. believes that Cesar was the one that shot his father in the back of the head after hiding in the pantry and waiting for his appearance in the pantry or, alternatively, that he held his father and shot him three times under the arm, while another assassin—a man dressed in a busboy outfit, fired the two shots to Kennedy’s head that killed him—with a gun that was disguised or small enough to remain hidden…

      …The case against Sirhan being the lone gunman can be summarized in six key points:
      1. More Bullets Were Fired Than Were in Sirhan’s Gun …
      …2. Kennedy’s Killer Shot Him from the Back, Not the Front…
      …3. Kennedy’s Killer Shot Him from Close Range—Sirhan Was Too Far Away…
      …4. Two Guns and Two Shooters…
      …5. Karl Uecker…
      …6. Kennedy Was Killed from an Elevated Position…

      …polka-dot dress…LAPD…and Show Trial…

      William Pepper, who took over Sirhan’s case in 2010 after serving as the Martin Luther King family lawyer, said that “there can be no reasonable doubt that this conflict influenced, more precisely directed Cooper’s lamentable trial performance.”…

      [Article goes on. There are some fascinating aspects mentioned.
      Keywords: Bulova Watch Company,singers Glenn Campbell & Eddie Cochran, Robert Maheu a top adviser to Howard Hughes. He had mob contacts. Robert Maheu Associates—the inspiration behind the Mission Impossible television series.,
      Don Nixon, Richard’s brother,
      The Shah (Iran)]

        CovertAction Magazine and CovertAction Quarterly are projects of Covert Action Publications, Inc., a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York.

        (- 1978 -) Twenty-eighteen was the 40th anniversary of the founding of Covert Action Publications, Inc. and the publication CovertAction Information Bulletin (CAIB), later to be named CovertAction Quarterly (CAQ). Former writers and publishers of CAIB and CAQ have relaunched as CovertAction Magazine (CAM).

        One of the co-founders is Attorney and Professor Emeritus William Schaap who testified at the Nov/Dec 1999 MLK Assassination trial in Memphis led by William F. Pepper.
        VIDEO “MLK Assassination Trial: William Schaap Testimony on Govt. Disinformation (1999)”
        (Schapp mentions the Covert Action Publication)
        (One hour 13 minutes)
        From the Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Civil Trial, in which a Memphis jury concluded that King had been assassinated by a government conspiracy. This 1.25 hour clip is the testimony of attorney, author, and publisher William Schapp (publisher of Covert Action Quarterly). Schaap discusses US government – and especially FBI – disinformation efforts throughout the nation’s history including efforts directed at Dr. King. Mr. Schaap is being questioned by King Family attorney William F. Pepper.

        I want to mention that this Magazine might be a good resource for researchers, because it has archives.
        For example:
        1982 – Chemical and Biological Warfare, “Yellow Rain”, Anthrax, Dengue Epidemic

      • UPDATE – September 11, 2021 Saturday
        REVEALED: How Ethel Kennedy, 93, reneged on deal and secretly sent letter to parole board demanding her husband’s killer stay in jail – but his lawyer found out and alerted two of Robert Kennedy’s sons who intervened to secure his release.
        The Daily Mail

        9/11/2021 – New York Post – By Dana Kennedy
        Ethel Kennedy, kids bitterly split on RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan’s parole
        …The family members against Sirhan’s release had promised that they would not make a statement to the parole board on Aug. 27, sources told The Post.
        Knowing that, Bobby — who announced in 2018 that he believes Sirhan did not act alone — had decided not to give a statement about parole.

        Then all hell broke loose, according to Sirhan’s lawyer, Angela Berry.
        “Bobby got backstabbed,” a source close to the hearing told The Post.
        “The night before the hearing I got a letter from the parole board via the LAPD,” Berry told The Post. “It read, ‘On behalf of the Kennedy family, we oppose the release of Sirhan.’ [Bobby] had been staying out of it specifically on the assumption that his family was going to stay out of it … I got ahold of him right away letting him know what happened.”

        In response, Bobby, who’s been publicly called out by his siblings in recent years for his opposition to vaccines, stayed up late writing a letter in favor of Sirhan’s release that barely made it into the hearing, sources said.
        “The parole hearing started at 8:30 a.m. and Robert’s letter streamed in at 10:30 a.m.,” Berry said. “It read in part, ‘I have to assure you that the letter you got is not on behalf of the whole Kennedy family.’ That was the very last thing the hearing officer read into the record.”

        While Bobby and Douglas support Sirhan’s release, Sirhan’s team had never been contacted by Douglas until he asked, two days beforehand, to speak at the hearing, Berry said.
        “[We] didn’t know at all what Douglas was going to say,” Berry said.
        In fact, he said he was “moved to tears” by Sirhan’s remorse, the AP reported.
        “I’m overwhelmed just by being able to view Mr. Sirhan face to face,” he said. “I think I’ve lived my life both in fear of him and his name in one way or another. And I am grateful today to see him as a human being worthy of compassion and love.
        “I do have some love for you,” he told Sirhan, who nodded in response….

  24. What are “natural laws of man”?

    Are you aware that the creators of the constitution did not like the concept of a standing army and tried to limit it with a set expiration date? Why do you think that was the case?

    Don’t you find it incredibly ironic that an order follower (YOU) would invoke “unalienable natural human rights”? How do you reconcile the two?

    • Here is a brief 30 second overview proving whom the order followers owe their allegiance, showing who it is they are protecting and revealing who is their true target. All in 30 seconds.

      SPOILER: the answers are not, in sequential order: the people, the right, the wrong.

  25. Some of the banter in Interview 1658/New World Next Week got me thinking that using our own language to refer to the appalling things being shoved down our throats is something to strive for. Not a new idea, I know.

    One, when we repeat “their” buzzwords online, it flags the censorship bots. I’ve gotten numerous posts past censors using the phrase “the great injection” instead of “the vaccine.” And sometimes changing up the language is good, too, lest overuse of a word or phrase land it with the censors.

    More importantly, repeating their language can imply that we accept it. We all have to use it sometimes, and hand-gesture air quotes and sarcastic tone are good for those times. The English language gives us much opportunity to phrase things differently than the doublespeak and misnomers in vogue, and refusing to use their terminology adds an extra layer of resistance. Not all of us are a clever and quick-witted as JEP, but he is an inspiration in this department. 🙂 Thank you both for your work and regular doses of sanity.

    • It’s jaust mafia talk for the plebs. If adopted by the masses, probably nobody will understand what anyone else is talking about. It’s crazy enough to work.

    • A new language emerges from struggles. and when the struggles are strong, the headwinds in the right direction then language is the vehicle that gets flipped and new language emerges.

      We already see this but yes, one should frame their own language around issues and not fall into the trap of repeating what are usually cliches

  26. Comirnaty? More like, Comintern “vaccine.”

    • To me, it sounds like “come here, nutty”. Which would the translate to “come’ere, you crazy indivudual, and take your voluntaty injection. NOW!”

  27. Comintern “vaccine.”

    • Wow! Thanks mkey! I read the whole thing, all 39 pages.

      A few websites were mentioned which I want to highlight for others who may have an interest.
      ~~WWW – Scientific Studies out the wazoo on the myriad of Covid treatment therapeutics (including “others”) via Dr. Jim Meehan who mentions it on page 31.
      ~~WWW – Meehan is THE anti-mask man. Info on masks and religious exemptions for vaccines.

      While, I always enjoy hearing what Dr. Peter McCullough has to say, I loved reading Jim Meehan’s stuff.

      EXCERPT from Dr. Jim Meehan
      [RE: Gain of Function & Masks]
      There is no question about it. What they did, one of the things that they did, was they inserted what’s called a furin cleavage domain right into that SARS COV-1 genetic structure. That furin cleavage domain is a very dangerous feature. It’s one of the reasons I came out so hard against masks, because we know that masks block oxygen. They inhibit your ability to absorb oxygen into the lungs. They drop your arterial oxygen levels.
      The furin cleavage domain is well known to increase its ability to cause infection, to invade a cell, a lung, when oxygen levels drop. So, when we began to identify… and this is March, this is April. Experts all over the world were clearly saying, “This looks like a bioengineered virus. It’s got all the signatures.” And then what did Fauci do?

  28. Thanks for your work.

    I did what I could on my little blog. Not enough to save my own family, unfortunately.

  29. I hope you win. I agree with others that you should not make any statements and let your lawyer talk for you. They might make you choose between your military career and your principles. I hope not. We need soldiers with principles in the military. Good luck.

    • Sodliers with principles. Could you expand on how is that supposed to work?

  30. Sunday August 29, 2021 – via Zero Hedge (Summit News – Steve Watson)
    Vaccinated Australians To Be Granted New “Freedom”;
    Government-Sanctioned “Hour Of Recreation”

    In a chilling development, Australians in New South Wales, which includes the city of Sydney, are to be granted extra “freedom” if they are fully vaccinated, with residents allowed to “leave home for an hour of recreation on top of their exercise hour.”

    9 News in Australia reports that “Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the vaccination milestone of six million reached this week would allow for a small renewal in freedoms for residents with the jab.”

    The report add that “From September 13, households living in the NSW government’s LGAs of concern will be allowed to spend an additional hour of recreation outdoors, as long as all adults in the household are fully vaccinated.”

    It clarifies, “This is on top of the already-permitted hour of exercise, meaning households will be able to visit a park.”

    Australia has faced some of the most draconian lockdown rules on the planet. The military has been called in to enforce the restrictions and curfews, with critics comparing it to North Korea.

    Lockdowns have been instituted multiple times in several regions after just one case of COVID has been registered, and scenes of residents, including children, being hounded by the authorities have become commonplace.

    Any Australians caught expressing anti-lockdown sentiments face massive fines, with government ministers telling people not to talk to each other, and declaring that what unvaccinated people are allowed to do in the community “will need to be controlled and restricted” by authorities.

    • Did you mean to say that they jumped the truck? 😉

  31. Excellent update Qno! Thanks!

    VIDEO 5 minutes

    This Trucker is very proud to say that He will be attending this rally organised by Truck Drivers on Monday morning in Brisbane ?????????!
    He asks that those of you who believe in freedom of choice, to stand by His side to get the message across to Government, that ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???????? ?????????!
    Senators Pauline Hanson’s & Malcolm Roberts will be in attendance, along with numerous Barristers, Nurses, Freedom fighters & A.F.P.
    This is no fruitcake rally

    From this Trucker’s talk, it appears that many companies will not allow truckers to load unless they are vaccinated. Thus, it essentially puts them out of work.

    • Video uploaded late August 29th (U.S. time)
      Driver stuck in Australian traffic jam
      Josiah starts talking while he is stuck in an Australian traffic jam. I think it is on the M1. Mostly it is just waffly talk. Just prior to the 28 minute mark, you see people protesting along the highway. He is originally from Red Deer, Alberta (about 31:00). His Doctor advised him not to get the jab. The video ends as he goes to a beachside parking area.

      • “There have been major delays this morning on a Gold Coast motorway after an anti-lockdown and vaccination protest. Victoria’s lockdown will be extended after recorded 92 new local COVID-19 cases and 29 mystery cases.” – 9 News Australia

        Late August 29th in U.S.
        Queensland truckie protest, Victoria’s lockdown to extend | 9 News Australia
        (9 minutes)

        • August 30th – via Zero Hedge (Epoch Times)
          Australian Truckers Protest Mandatory Vaccines And Lockdowns, Block Major Highway
          [Nice write-up. The excerpts don’t cover the full painting.]

          Australian truck drivers have blocked a major highway in the north-eastern state of Queensland in a protest against vaccine mandates and tough border restrictions, causing traffic to back up for several kilometres.
          The action marks a series of ongoing protests from Australians frustrated with state government COVID-19 lockdowns and mandated restrictions based on emergency public health orders.

          The drivers parked their prime movers at 5:30 a.m. on the southbound lanes of the M1 highway at Reedy Creek in the Gold Coast portion of the arterial on Monday. The highway is used by tens of thousands of Queenslanders each morning.
          A banner was unfurled and covered the front of both vehicles, reading: “Truckies Keep Australia Moving, Not Politicians.”

          One driver named Brock, who did not give his surname, said the drivers were protesting the Queensland government’s strict health orders that prevented all individuals from entering the state, except for essential workers.

          Those deemed essential workers need to be involved in skilled construction, farming, or healthcare, and must prove that a Queensland resident cannot do their job. Further, they need to prove they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

          “End all lockdowns, people go back to work, and kids go back to school,” Brock told Nine’s Today show.
          “That’s all we want out of it; we’ve had enough of it.
          “We’ve had a lot the support mate, the people that showed up today is amazing. We appreciate everyone that’s come down,”
          he added, saying the police had been lenient about the protest, and he respected what they did.
          “But it’s all about choice at the end of the day. If you don’t want to get the vax, don’t get the vax. If you do want to get it, get it. But just don’t keep locking up people.”

          News footage showed federal One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson and her advisor James Ashby at the protest.

          Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman of Gold Coast police said the truckers faced criminal charges.
          Wildman said the M1 was blocked for 45 minutes, and emergency vehicles were held up, which was a “great concern.”….

        • 1979 Australian Truckies
          [Be sure to view the 2021 flyer.]

          Aussies Hoping for a Repeat of 1979 Truckie Blockade when the Government Backed Down to Truckers’ Demands

          The stakes are much higher this time, but Aussies are hoping that a planned trucker blockade that is beginning Monday, August 30th, demanding “a guarantee from federal and state governments that there will be no mandated vaccine, and that no person, company or business can force anyone to get a vaccine to work, or go about their daily life in general,” will be as successful as the 1979 Truckie Blockade where truckers demanded an end to high road taxes.

          First published in The Sun-Herald on April 8, 1979:

            • This is a war and wars have far reaching consequences.

              The idea behind having a good war is not to destroy the “enemy” (even though more often than not the oportunity is taken for classic carnage and destruction) but to rape the minds and destroy the existing order so that a new order my be introduced.

              That’s why contollers don’t like to end wars too soon, pulling out could mean loss of momentum. Keeping up with up has a number of “positive” corollaries, all to the detriment of the (unknowing) people.

        • Introduction of Bill by Craig Kelly : No Requirement for Medical Treatment (Including Vaccination) Without Consent (Implementing Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights) Bill 2021.

          This Bill is dedicated to the truck drivers of the nation who have had their freedoms stolen and are about to lose their jobs because they refuse to submit to a forced medical intervention.

          10 minute video
          Australian Parliment
          Introduction of Bill. Dedicated to the truck drivers of the nation.

          — People should watch this. —

        • August 31st – Tuesday
          Mother disappointed & crying – No Truckies nor Protesters Show-up – (1:40 mark)
          “COVID protests target Queensland politicians, sending Parliament into lockdown | 7NEWS”

          (3 minutes)

      • “When will it be too much!??” is precisely the question I’ve been asking students since Monday…

        Like the French, at least the ones I know, the Spanish have unconditionally and even more massively accepted the injection

        BUT the latter have refused the so-called “Health pass” for the moment which represents a strategic advantage for me… for the moment… suppose that buys me time to find more durable solutions…

  32. August 26, 2021
    Transport giant Toll says 7,000 truck drivers walking off job caused minimal disruptions
    (Long article)

    • Woolworths.
      Man-o-man, I remember Woolworths in the U.S. states. In the olden days, at Woolworths or a “Five & Dime” you could buy a baby alligator (caiman) there. They had them in a tub or some container. My mother never let me get one.

      A corporation can increase its perceived value to the public if it has fewer shares offered on the stock market.
      Thus buybacks.
      It would be advantageous to buy shares at a lower price (such as when the supply chain gets hit). Then, later as things normalize, the share price increases. This, in itself, would actually increase the perceived value to investors, because now the company’s assets are valued higher. The company had added to its assets by buying back shares.
      It is clever but legal manipulation of asset value.

  33. QUESTION From the World Economic Forum:
    “What pandemic-era changes would you like to become permanent?”

    See video in this article…
    “How Our Lives Could Soon Look”: The World Economic Forum Posts Yet Another Insane Dystopian Video
    The World Economic Forum recently posted a video with the caption “Take a peek at the future”. Evidently, the future they want is a dystopian nightmare where dehumanization is taken to absurd levels.

    • Why not repurpose office spaces as WEF memeber reeducation centers?

      Homeschooling is a great idea, I can’t believe people are incredibly slow on the uptake of this idea even after 18 months of disruptions.

  34. Two articles relating to the “Trucking blockade”
    The two disputes running concurrently are related to covid only insofar as
    1/ outsourcing and pay and conditions are diminishing.
    2/ interstate drivers are faced with conflicting and contradictionary covid testing rules. Each state has differences that change almost daily it would seem.

  35. Based on everyday happenings and the ever-growing exposed info, here is what I suspect so far:

    The Pfizer Comirnaty was delayed probably because the final nano-transistor / nano-chip tech was under development. The nano-chip is made from graphene which will be able to run minimum functionality and to be able to communicate with G5 towers. Their long-term goal is probably a remote upgradeable chip by 5G.

    The vaccine shots (not just Pfizer, but probably all the western vaccines) are degrading your immune system, every shot destroys approx. 20-30% of it or so. Without immune system, you will have no other choice than to take their vaccine for the rest of your life. The booster shots will be forced to come probably every month. These vaccines are causing a lot of side effects and deaths, but they just don’t care, because it fits for the Eugenics agenda. Besides depopulation, they will make you to be their slave by making you vaccine dependent. This just serves as a pre-filter. As Klaus Schwab already admitted publicly, they have a strict deadline to force computer implants into every human by 2026 or so. Not everyone can withstand foreign object in their body, also not everyone will allow it. Those who die from this killer vaccine now would have been dead from the forthcoming transhuman implants as well, and those who can be vaccinated now will be probably obedient later too. Seems pretty logical.

    These nano-chips are reality, there are already publications of it. It will be able to measure biodata and will be able to modify DNA. We already know that natural DNA can’t be patented, but artificially modified DNA can be. So, the vaccines will alter the human DNA by each injection a tiny bit until the company you work for will claim you as their own asset. As you will no longer be recognized as a human being, you will lose all your human rights. You even won’t be able to breed. The agency, where you will request breeding assistance, will cheat you with a baby which is not yours anyway.

    The nano-chip will broadcast your location and all the data non-stop to the nearest 5G tower by a military-grade encoded transmission. As the tech will evolve, one of the upgrades on the nano-chip will allow the eradication of all the feelings, to read the thoughts and to modify the brain to be susceptible for direct commands. Later, the tech will probably enable the elimination of any individual by a single press of a button, who does not share a certain political belief. The nano-chip will cause some lethal damage inside the body, which will just be claimed as an unwanted rare side-effect from the vaccine.

    This all may seem a little bit harsh, but the year 2020 and 2021 just showed that almost all conspiracy theories can become real.

  36. Remember the news about 10 days ago on “New World Next Week”?…
    “One Virus Case Puts New Zealand Into Nationwide Lockdown”
    Their previous virus case had been in February.

    August 30th – Reuters
    New Zealand reports first death linked to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

    WELLINGTON, Aug 30 (Reuters) – New Zealand reported its first recorded death linked to U.S. drugmaker Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, the health ministry said on Monday, after a woman suffered a rare side-effect leading to inflammation of the heart muscle.

    The report comes as the country battles an outbreak of the Delta variant after nearly six months of being virus free. It followed a review by an independent panel monitoring the safety of the vaccines.

    “This is the first case in New Zealand where a death in the days following vaccination has been linked to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine,” the ministry said in a statement, without giving the woman’s age.
    The vaccine monitoring panel attributed the death to myocarditis, a rare, but known, side-effect of the Pfizer vaccine, the ministry added…

    …Pfizer said it  recognised there could be rare reports of myocarditis after vaccinations, but such side-effects were extremely rare.
    “Pfizer takes adverse events that are potentially associated with our vaccine very seriously,” it told Reuters.
    “We closely monitor all such events and collect relevant information to share with worldwide regulatory authorities.”

    The health ministry said other medical issues at the same time could have influenced the outcome after vaccination.
    But the vaccine’s benefit outstripped risks from side effects, it added.
    “The benefits of vaccination with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine continue to greatly outweigh the risk of both COVID-19 infection and vaccine side-effects, including myocarditis.”

    …New Zealand has provisionally approved use of the Pfizer/BioNTech, Janssen and AstraZeneca vaccines,
    but only the Pfizer-produced vaccine has been approved for rollout to the public.

    Monday’s 53 new cases took New Zealand’s tally of infections in the current outbreak to 562, amid a nationwide lockdown enforced this month to limit spread of the Delta variant.

    • Wow, thanks for this article, Joseph!

      And just in time for an English class with a pharma student!

  37. I have just found this on WHO website:

    Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: vaccination status: technical specifications and implementation guidance, 27 August 2021


    This is a guidance document for countries and implementing partners on the technical requirements for developing digital information systems for issuing standards-based interoperable digital certificates for COVID-19 vaccination status, and considerations for implementation of such systems, for the purposes of continuity of care, and proof of vaccination.

    2.1MB PDF

    • I’ll just copy that link as well, thanks! Kinda sorta indicates it’s passes partout pretty soon if they have their way!

  38. August 30 – Zero Hedge
    Protest Against Mandatory Vaxxing Turns Violent In Greece, 47 Detained

    On Sunday, protesters in Athens clashed with police against mandatory vaccination measures that go into effect on Sept. 1.

    Police estimate about 8,000 people attended the rally in Syntagma Square, the central square of Athens, chanting anti-vaxx slogans and demanding government officials reverse mandatory vaccinations for all health workers that begins Wednesday.

    At least 47 were detained in yesterday’s demonstrations, police said in a statement Sunday evening, reported by local media Iefimerida.

    Police said unruly protesters “threw objects” at police, and riot control response teams had to use tear gas, stun grenades, and water cannons to disperse the crowd.

    Here’s a stunning view of the demonstration. [VIDEOS]
    According to AFP, the demonstrators held signs that read: “We are not against vaccines, but against fascism.”

    For several weeks, Greeks have been angered and taken to the streets to protest mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, and other virus-related measures.

    Event the largest industry union, Panhellenic Federation of Employees in Public Hospitals, released a statement earlier this month, indicating it was against mandatory vaccinations for hospital workers….

    • Good video HRS and as it went along I thought “oh! Maybe I can use this!”
      But unfortunately it ended in an aggressive, vulgar way that renders it utterly unsuitable and even counterproductive for my purposes.
      Pity, because the general idea is quite good.

      • I agree. I would like to see a different scripted rendition delivered by someone else, preferably a woman.

        • Point taken. Touché.

  39. Hello,
    As far as I am aware, here in Germany, the BioNTech stuff was marketed “Comirnaty” from the beginning of the campaign. Not sure how to interpret this.

  40. I also agree. I posted on another site that shortage of goods at the stores will only lead to increased prices and potentially set the stage for hyperinflation and/or the govt stepping in to nationalize trucking/transportation, both of which would be catastrophic…but if I’m not seeing the forest from the trees, somebody please step up and tell me I’m wrong.

  41. RE Bio weapon approval blind studies : Local company JOCO ,KS started double blind studies with between 8-16 thousand participants early on in Apr 2020 , when bio-weapon was approved for emergency use authorization based on ongoing safety and efficacy double blind study in progress was approved the people conducting study Johnson County Research Associates immediately notified and vaccinated control groups , this is why CDC FDA won’t release data because it is null and void ! I bet taxpayers still had to pay for this fraud !

    • That’s a good interview. It reveals how the system is deliberately killing people.

      In my opinion…
      Besides government authoritarians who knowingly suppress life-saving information and protocols, I believe that some ‘regular’ people also have a hidden evil intent to see that the “Official Story is correct”, and they will let people die in order to be right and make others wrong.
      If they are solidly locked onto the official narrative, and are involved in healthcare, there is a prejudice at the very least.

      It has been my experience that “regular” folks will do some very evil things, such as deliberately sabotage a beneficial endeavor in veiled ways.

      I have no doubt that there are medical professionals who “like” seeing people die, because it proves their prejudice as “correct” towards the official narrative.

      Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Several Incidents of “Covid Patient?” Abuse and Intentional Life-Threatening Neglect

    • When a person is tubed-up, it plays hell on their health.

      Are many of these Covid deaths actually caused by Sepsis infections?

      …Sepsis is common, affecting at least 1.7 million Americans every year and leading to 270,000 deaths.
      In hospitals, 1 in 3 patients who die have sepsis, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and it’s a major contributing factor to influenza deaths.

      Not only is sepsis a leading cause of deaths overall, it’s also an important contributor to the death of COVID-19 patients — one that’s been flying largely under the radar….
      More here:

      • I have been told that Florida hospitals are total dumps and that they have no staffing ratios, low pay for nursing staff and other awful working conditions. This will lead to stress and bad behavior among staff. Not that this is an excuse, but just to give some context of the working conditions.

        A patients who is able to give informed consent has a right to leave against medical advice. Any patient has a right to refuse treatment or decide what medicines they take.

        Health care providers are heavily indoctrinated and have to memorize a ton of stuff, particularly MDs. People want to trust something and they believe that the field of medicine is good and that the wouldn’t hurt people. People are naive.

        What I would suggest is that people learn about basic physiology and have the ability to learn about their own health so that they can make informed decisions if they are unlucky enough to end up in the hospital.

    • An oxygen saturation of less than 80% on room air is not the normal for regular pneumonia, even people who are admitted to the hospital. Though I sympathize with this ladies experience and agree that protocols in hospitals covered by regular health insurance are very crappy and that hospitals should offer treatments that actually work, her expectations of quality of care should have been more realistic and that she should know how biased many doctors and nurses are toward whatever the CDC recommends.

      It’s good she refused the ventilator and that has been shown to be harmful to patients with “Covid” and also good that she knew what treatments work, but the lack of knowledge about the state of the health care system kind of shocked me. It sounds like he went to the ER at the appropriate time, when he felt he couldn’t breath and the fact that hospitals have oxygen is worthwhile knowledge. But if a person does go into the hospital, it’s wise to knowing ones rights before hand including the right to refuse unwanted treatment at any time. However if someone tries to leave requiring oxygen, they will get push back, not because of the money by the medical staff and nursing staff (they receive no bonus to keep people), but because many of them believe that the patient would die if they sign out AMA.

      A knowledge of the system, regarding the courts and medicine in the US should be fundamental for people who live in this country. Having said all that, western medical providers should have some basic knowledge about treatment protocols outside of their standard of care.

    • I remember reading the article of a situation in England where a woman, along with her daughters, had to fight to get access to her elderly mother who wound up in the hospital with a broken bone and was then due to policy and her age left to starve.

      Had it not been for her family she would have perrished. The first thing she said when her daughter finally managed to come to her was “I’m hungry”.

      These policy following people, zooming, whizzing and dancing while people starve in their death beds don’t care about oaths they supposedly have taken and are nothing but order following automatons.

      That someone “believes they are doing the right thing” isn’t worth the breath required to pronounce it. We need to screw on our heads straight.

  42. sandbag,
    Indeed, an illegitimate Central Government has replaced the “Union” of Free and Independent States known as The United States of America, and you have good reason to disown it, however “Contracts” can be tricky and you are not likely to get a Trail by a Jury of your Pears, (as the 7th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees).
    The Central Authoritarian Corporate Government that has replaced what was conceived as a Representative Government of the People is now composed of Zionists with dual citizenship to the State of Israel, and it defy s everything that the Union of free and independent States stood for.
    That said, I think it best to look for “Legal” means of dissolving the Contract you made with “It”, and once free from it, you can work to dissolve the standing illegitimate government from this land.
    Local government can work for the people.

  43. Not sure where to put this or why it feels important but here goes:

    China rejects blame for sharp rise in US fentanyl overdoses

    Chinese embassy in Washington blasts congressional report finding that Beijing has failed to stop synthetic opioid reaching US

    Report’s claim that China is sending raw materials for the drug to Mexico is ‘irresponsible and utterly false’

    Robert Delaney

    Published: 12:00pm, 3 Sep, 2021

    The report said China is sending raw materials to Mexico, where cartels manufacture them into fentanyl and deliver them into the US….

    Commitments by the Chinese government on the trade of fentanyl and precursor substances in 2018 were one of the few areas where former president Donald Trump’s administration and Beijing managed to cooperate. Within months, China moved to add all fentanyl-related substances to a list of controlled substances, a measure intended to stop drug makers altering the chemical structure of the drug to get around the current regulations.

    However, fentanyl-related deaths have only increased since then. The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in July a record 93,000 drug overdoses in the country last year, with fentanyl and its analogues accounting for most cases…

  44. Things just keep getting more and more coherent by the second!

    100% Covid-free territory mandates “vaccines”. Well.

    At least that way, when they start having Covid cases because of the “vaccines” the world will be alerted to the fact that the “vaccines” cause Covid. Right? sure.

    Covid-19: compulsory vaccination voted in New Caledonia

    New Caledonia, one of the only French territories to be “Covid free” (in addition to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon and Wallis and Futuna), has voted in favour of compulsory vaccination. The eleven elected members of the local Congress’ standing committee unanimously adopted the text on the night of Thursday 2 to Friday 3 September. The compulsory vaccination concerns people of age and will not lead to any sanctions in the first instance, reports 1re. From 31 December, however, frontline professions (such as health care workers) and people at risk may be fined 175,000 Pacific francs (1,466.50 euros).

    Travelling to New Caledonia will also require a full vaccination schedule.

    • Article says: New Caledonia, one of the only French territories to be “Covid free”

      I think that the new goal post is:
      ” Zero new cases is the goal, sustained.”
      “Green-zone rankings – The race is on. Get to zero. Stay at zero.
      The purpose of these rankings is to show how close a region (of any size) is to zero COVID-19 cases which arise from community transmission.”
      The use of the terms: GREEN ZONE “Net Zero” for a Covid cases goal is interesting.

      In my perspective, the proper goal post makes it very easy for Authoritarian Technocrats to issue controlling proclamations.

      • The use of the terms: GREEN ZONE “Net Zero” for a Covid cases goal is interesting.
        In my perspective, the proper goal post makes it very easy for Authoritarian Technocrats to issue controlling proclamations.

        Yes indeed! Splicing Covid propaganda with sustainable Climate jargon and that’s just perfectly normal for the majority. Trigger and buzz in the superficial hive mind…

  45. love the intent; it would do you wise to learn how to write lawful notices that do stand up in court, couldn’t recommend more thesovereignsway [dot] com

    • just a tiny correction:

      With his pronounced accent it’s difficult to understand everything but what I hear is:

      “there’s a fear that new technology, robots, just to take one… and it replaces maybe the workforce or jobs faster than we can replace them with new jobs. Not everybody can be a robot polisher…

      seems somehow worse than “will be”… for some reason…

  46. Hi jamila,
    That’s a nice anecdote.

    I follow the Business News.
    Supplies chains are a real mess, not the usual patterns of 2019. Everything got knocked out of whack in 2020.

    Currently, some businesses have a skilled manpower shortage which adds to the mess.

    For a period there was a shortage of shipping containers (40′). Different ports have gotten congested, some partly because of weather. If ships can’t unload or load rapidly, then timely delivery of goods gets weird. A recent September 11th example:
    Container Ship Congestion At LA Ports Hits Record High As More Ships Join Queue

    It goes all the way down the line to the trains. They are backlogged.
    Freight companies (trucks) are also.

    Some companies can not get the supplies they need for their products. McDonalds ran short of paper bags not long ago. Manufacturing gets thrown off if the source material is not on hand.

    We had a huge run-up on Lumber prices by May 2021 to over $1600 per thousand board feet. May 2020 it was $300 per thousand board feet. The trees for the industry were all available and the same price as normal.

    We all saw the toilet paper shortage happen in 2020.
    But I will notice odd “shortages” on different items in the store during various time periods.
    Baking soda and Borax were in short supply (shelves not filled as normal) during different months. Coconut oil also.

    The U.S. gets a lot of South American food products. Brazil had a freeze this winter (their winter). Oranges and coffee and who knows what might be affected.
    California produces an incredible amount of food for the U.S. The drought has really hurt that industry out there. So, that normal supply chain is a wreck.

    Electric rates will probably be higher for awhile. Natural Gas prices have exploded to the upside, along with Carbon credits.

    We’ll see how things play out. The “rent moratorium” ends in October.
    Interesting times.

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