Interview 1733 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 36 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: China Bank Protestors Stopped By Smartphone Health Apps Turning Red //

New Study Concludes Lockdowns Caused At Least 170,000 Excess Deaths In US

PDF: “Non-Covid Excess Deaths, 2020-21: Collateral Damage of Policy Choices?” //

Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates to Be Suspended for Domestic, Outbound Travellers

Biden to Unveil Plan for Next Pandemic While Seeking $88 Billion in Funds

Lieberman: China Can Shut Down The Internet, Why Can’t We? (Jun. 21, 2010)

Jay Rockefeller Says Internet Should Have Never Been Invented

Story #2: Ghislaine Maxwell Wants to Serve Her Jail Term In ‘Civilised’ UK

Fact Check: Is Kevin Spacey, Ghislaine Maxwell Buckingham Palace Pic Real?

Family of Clinton advisor block release of files related to his death; Family of Bill Clinton advisor Mark Middleton who admitted Jeffrey Epstein into White House seven times has blocked release of files detailing the death scene after he was found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast at a ranch 30 miles from his home

“We want the client list from the Maxwell/Epstein trial!”

Story #3: Microsoft-Made Glass Encoded With Thousands of Songs Headed to Norway Doomsday Vault //

The Most Important Bank in the World Gets Another Deposit

Swiss Post Releases ‘Agenda 2030’ Postage Stamp

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  1. Is it just me or does that stamp look a lot like the current lgbtwhatever flag?

    • It has all the colors. What’s the significance of “Brave New World” with it thought that James mentioned?

    • I could be wrong, but don’t think they’re just stupid. I think this is being done on purpose. Maybe they will think that we will just think they are stupid and ineffective when in fact they are very deliberate and calculating.

      I do think Biden has mush for brains at this point, but the people who are really in charge are not stupid.

      • Agreed cu.h.j, these people aren’t stupid, they know what they’re doing. That’s why at this point I believe they put Blow Jiden in office as the fall guy for the imminent economic fallout we’re about to experience. This administration has already provoked the ire of the masses. But why do I get this feeling Don “The Con” Trump is going to ride in on his white horse just in time for the 2024 election to save us all from economic turmoil? ?

        • That’s along the lines that I’ve been thinking for quite some time. They (the powers-that-shouldn’t-be) will let (or cause) things (to) get so bizarre and so bad that everyone (with few exceptions) will be looking for and eagerly pleading for a phenomenal solution/rescuer. According to my beliefs, this would be a set-up for people to welcome the false messiah (incorrectly translated as “anti-christ” in most English bibles).

    • For some reason I fail to find any real intelligence from any Western place by now.

      Probably isn’t “trendy” or ,”smart” to actually think in the west anymore..

    • Cool. I listened to Nick Bryant’s book the franklin scandal audiobook twice. It was excellent and showed just how corrupt our courts are too, letting these nasty pedo politicians off. It’s like they don’t want to look at it, don’t want it to be true, so have to go along with it to make it go away. Or they were in on it some way, who knows. I’ll definitely check this out. I think he’s a very good investigative journalist.

      • Most important journalist in America right now!

        • Exactly!!

          Western mindsets seems to crumble in front of our very own eyes – and fast?

          Nick Bryant is not just a good investigative journalist but, one of the very best!

          • Agreed. I think he is excellent and cares about the subject matter in order to help people. I really enjoyed the franklin scandal audiobook in part because I liked his narration. I was shocked by the book, particularly how they prosecuted the victim Alsiha Owens for perjury because she refused to recant. I just couldn’t believe a judge would go after her like that. It was revolting and the other crimes that were done to those children and by politicians. I knew that this kind of thing happened, but the extent of it in states like Nebraska was surprising. I mean what percentage of politicians are really pedophiles and psychopaths? Is it really that many, I wonder?

            • The Franklin scandal is a brief glimpse into the belly of the beast, it’s a religion.

      • cu.h.j
        “.. Nick Bryant’s book the franklin scandal audiobook t…”

        Did you see the Documentry that on that which made it into the TV guide but was pulled at the last moment?
        Tim Tate’s ‘Conspiracy of Silence’

        Tim Tate is a pretty interesting film maker as it goes- he has had a few interviews worth listening to and here is some of his stuff. His book on SRA was pulled and destroyed due to a libel case, though I understand some libraries have copies still

        • I’ll check this out! Thank you!

  2. Gentlemen,
    Please forgive my ignorance, you guys say we can support you but not digitally. but we can send a check, money order etc. to where? I can not find your address or P. O. Box you were talking about.
    Don’t be a smart ass and just please tell me, not all of us get what you are talking about for we just started this podcast watching world to get the real down low on the bullshit happening in the world.
    We do not trust MSM and your our lifeline to real time information.
    Therefor supporting you is a must because if you go down we go down so please, can you guide me?
    Thank you

  3. Stop, scratch that last post I wrote, I found it, was right in front of my face in the show notes.
    Sometimes I swear I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body. Another good show guys and again forgive my ignorance, learning all of this computer life can be quite challenging. I was raised when life was much simpler as we used pencils and paper and dialed a telephone. Then one day whether we wanted to learn these new porn boxes they call computers or not we were forced to learn them or be left behind. So I stumble around learning and in my last few years of my life I get tired and frustrated when I get lost on the mountain of information at my finger tips.
    You boys be safe and don’t take no shit from anyone.

    • A57 says:
      “Sometimes I swear I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body.”

      I gotcha beat by a wide margin.
      I have pulled so many bonehead blunders that the list forced me to get a new hard drive which is glass encoded.

      Be glad I did not address you as says.
      Such as…
      says says:
      “Sometimes I swear I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body.”

      It is wonderful being human.

  4. Under Story #2
    “Family Of Latest Clinton-Linked Suicide Blocks Release Of Shotgun Death Details”

    Clinton Body Count at The Daily Mail

    Surprisingly for the mainstream media, The Daily Mail article has a short Clinton Body Count list at the bottom of the article.

    Go to this LINK which is the Archive.ORG version of the Daily Mail and also the large list “Clinton Body Count”.

  5. Canada – Chrystia Freeland is an evil sociopath

    Thursday June 16, 2022 – “Clyde Do Something” Channel
    Chrystia Freeland Will Not Answer Questions in the Most Smarmy Demeanor – Emergencies Act Hearing
    (14 minutes of various clips of her testimony)

    • The most obnoxious part is that people lend creedance to such individuals.

  6. I’m looking forward to Whitney Webb’s Epstein book release. I hope she decides to do a follow up on Maxwell if that information isn’t already in there.

  7. Another great episode fellas.

    I’m always in awe at how stories just – disappear – from the MSM. Soon Ms. Maxwell will be a trivia question for those people who do not have Musk’s neural link. And try finding an average person that seems to actually care about the names on that list. I mean actually really care. It’s becoming quite frustrating.

    And, sadly, while speaking with a coworker the other day a reference as to how the WTC towers fell was spiced with “those silly conspiracy ” blah blah blah. That person is also “up to date” on their vaccines though.

    On the merch front, I’d be willing to sport a bumper sticker or window decal supporting New World. A coffee mug would be pure heaven!

  8. 21:40 they really are rubbing it into our faces. just 2 days ago i have seen an billboard ad at the trainstation from the swiss post office of a guy eating an insect pizzaslice. and their ad was about hey take our services, you can pay everything with it. first the stamp than this ad, the swiss post really pushes it.

    • BUMP Image

      I wonder if the texture is like mushrooms.
      Does it come with extra cheeze? Oops…that’s right – no more diary cows unless they are masked.
      Well, maybe they can put on fake cheeze…maybe some Kraft-ed Cheez Whiz.

    • Props to you for taking the high ground and not defacing the billboard. If that’s what you did. Otherwise, still props to you for defacing it.

  9. 27!! My lucky #!

    By the way great episode fellas! Anybody hear about these cow deaths out in Kansas!? Wild times

    Keep em coming. Have an awesome day!

  10. That was great. Not sure about the context, do panelists reply to these?

    • I would not dare to presume that they are listening. Staying silent does not imply that they are listening.

      But certainly worth listening a few more times.

    • Thanks for posting this audio/video!

      • The main problem with FDA is that people don’t understand its real purpose. Hint: it’s not about protecting the public from big harma.

      • And what about the dumb ass parents who allow their kids to be injected with this crap? You might have seen the video of the young girl who had a stroke from the Johnson and Johnson shot and is now permanently disabled in a wheelchair.

        Moms and dads share some of the blame IMO. What happened to common sense? Obviously kids aren’t dying from Covid and the injections don’t stop the spread so why are parents going to give this to their kids? It says right on the FDA website that these injections are experimental. I feel bad for children who have parents who are stupid enough to do this to them.

        It’s like the people who have their little boys circumcised like it’s some necessary procedure without even researching side effects or the procedure itself and how traumatizing it is.

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