Interview 1735 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Japan PM Seeks Major Upgrade of NATO Partnership After Russia’s War

PDF: Eurovision Was Created By NATO

Interview 548 – Rick Rozoff on NATO’s Expansion

NATO 2022 – Strategic concept

Nato Leaders Say China Is ‘Systemic Challenge to Euro-Atlantic Security’

NATO Expansionist Agenda a Threat to Global Security, a US Tool to Control EU and Enhance Hegemonic Manipulation Capacity

Russia’s Medvedev Says Any NATO Encroachment On Crimea Could Lead to World War Three

Türkiye, Finland, Sweden Sign Agreement Paving Way for Finnish, Swedish NATO Membership

Turkey Lifts Objection to Sweden, Finland Joining NATO

Story #2: Dutch PM Condemns Protests By Farmers At Minister’s Home //

Road, School Closures As Village Gears Up For Farmers’ Protest

Up to 40,000 Farmers Demonstrate Against Farm Closures

Dutch Farmers Protest Livestock Cuts to Curb Nitrogen

Bill Gates’ Purchase of North Dakota Farmland Has Locals ‘Livid’

Bill Gates Land Purchase Triggers Probe; Trusts, Corporations Can’t Own Ranches Or Farmland In North Dakota, State Authorities Say

#MorningMonarchy: June 29, 2022

Fake Album Art From Media Monarchy: Farmer Billy’s ‘This Land Is My Land’

Your Guide to a World on Fire

Jackson To Be Sworn In As Breyer Retires From Supreme Court

Story #3: Amazon Shows Off Alexa Feature That Mimics the Voices of Your Dead Relatives

Amazon re:MARS 2022 – Day 2 – Keynote

Learn more about Amazon re:MARS

Japan City Loses USB Drive With Info On All 460,000 Residents

I Watch The Super Bowl Commercials (2020) – #PropagandaWatch

Corbett Report 2007-2008 Data Archive On USB Drive

Who Is Bill Gates? DVD

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  1. Right out the gate on the first story, James Pilato says:
    ”…as the first Japanese leader to do so, highlighting the expanding reach of an alliance that faces challenges posed by ”Alien versus Predator”…I mean Russia and China. The two day saga – –
    I gotta work in an Arnold joke the second week in a row….”

    Here is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Humor Reference from the previous New World Next Week (Interview 1734)…

    • That’s a great line!

    • Lucky his not on eweTube anymore, he would have started a war!

      • As a Dutch Muslim I don’t know if I should laugh or cry when I see the Dutch state media propaganda use the same language to describe Dutch farmers liked they do with Muslims. Words like ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘radicalised’ farmers.
        I do feel bad for the Muslim parasites that made a career in selling out their fellow Muslims for profit. They’ll have to get a real job now the farmers are the new enemy.
        Good luck finding a job in this economy!I doubt there is a market for used canon fodder

        • Tagourramt I hope it can be realized that “We are all Palestinians now”, Muslims selling out Muslims isn’t unique, don’t feel too bad. The European people have been selling each other out for the last 1800 years. Thing is now the demonization is shifting from the general demonization of Muslims>White people> to your food providers. Only one group could create and benefit from this chaos.

          This could quickly escalate into a Holodomor situation and turn your cities into charnel houses pitting the native Dutch against the migrant populations. This should not happen. We have to realize who is at the heart of this thing, World Jewry. Recognize the Modus operandi and perpetrators of the first Holodomor, the Jewish Soviet Union and the Jewish Lazar Kaganovich use mass starvation as a weapon.

          Muslims are in the unique position of being able to recognize Jewish power and influence, White Europeans are still under a strong illusions after world war 2.

          As opposed as I am to all Abrahamic faiths I understand the necessity of unified power blocks as we have no alternatives, Muslims and Christians must unite to remove the Jewish power structures in our countries. This is the only thing they fear, as long as they can pit Ishmael and Esau against each other they win according to their zero sum game theory models. If they win they will eradicate the vast majority of the world population and turn the rest into brain chipped slaves for their collective hive mind. Look into Rabbi Michael Laitman, he lays it all out.

  2. Queue to the 16:30 minute mark where James Corbett speaks about ”a bigger story going on”

    Corbett makes some very good points about Story #2 and dissent. At the tail end, Corbett says:
    ”I hope people understand the gravity of what we are facing right now, because we are in a world where things are getting crazier and crazier and crazier. By design! And I think that the people who want to be in control of the world know that it is heading this way and are setting the stages and steps in order to try to control that dissent.

    – ANALOGY of Monkeys and Money and Dissent–
    We all know that the wealthy top 5% have been making Boo Koo Bucks (beaucoup) these past few years.
    Price inflation doesn’t affect their ‘food on the table’, but it certainly affects the ‘food on the table’ for the lower 95% of the population.

    Don’t miss this!… 🙂
    Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally: Excerpt from Frans de Waal’s TED Talk
    (3 minutes)

    • HomeRemedySupply,

      I do believe that the world is coming apart by design. The Oligarchs want to kill off upwards of 90% of the world population and they spend a lot of time figuring out ways that they can get us to kill each other. They have Bunkers and underground cities with upwards of 10 years of food, so deliberately instigating nuclear war is not out of the question. The crazier they make things, the less they think attention will be placed on them. We need to “Focus” on exposing the Oligarchs who are pulling the strings.
      I say we get rid of this small group of Oligarchs so that the rest of us can live in peace.

      • I say lets get people wise to their controlling cheap tricks, that’s the only way out. The price is eternal vigilance, of course.

  3. When J. Pilato said “capitalism” I jumped to “disaster capitalism”, an important distinction to make in these times.
    Well, that Japanese minister looks cowed by the bullies behind him. Funny they are calling out China. Well, Japan was the first to use biological weapons in war, in an attempted invasion of China. Not as if they’ve ever been friends.
    I can’t recall China having any footage on the Atlantic either. Then again, Saudi Arabia owns and controls many seaports in the US, so …..
    DAng, Turkey and Finland ain’t liking that for sure. Sweden has always been an imperial power.

    Oh, great. Alexa will now criminalize us post death. I thought it was going to be about how the bluetooth signals still are emitted from dead bodies devoid of all blood. Not a coincidinky it’s named Mars. That’s going to be the new story, the new myth, our supposed origins on Mars, says Klaussie Nazi dude.

    Mr. Corbett, you live in a buddhist nation. When you speak of “the real world”, you’re on a slippery slope.
    Oh, that’s funny. Anita Pigoni called the local city hall once to see if they had any work for court appointed volunteers, and they wanted no more whatever, as half their fines due records had been obliterated by one such.
    I had a friend who benefitted from that. Heehee.
    Nice show, gentleman. Nice links. Gracias.

    • Reminds me of this Rush Limbaugh segment on the “Gore Report” detailing how there was life on Mars and how scientists found DNA evidence that compares to members of the Skull and Bones Society migrating to Earth as they turned Mars into a dead planet.

  4. Starting at 23:20: “Living forever in the machine”, and “We will live on in the machine”, and, “put your life in the digital world”, I began thinking of the proposed possibility of downloading one’s consciousness (life, soul?) into this digital world. It might not be possible to do that, but… It is probably very possible to trick someone into thinking that it can be. Thus, if AI can accurately imitate someone’s voice (and all the nuances), then, say, family members can be tricked into thinking that uncle Joe is still alive in the cloud. However, Uncle Joe was actually euthanized.

    • Uncle Joe, you say. This reminds me of the then defunct president of this failed republic, more than 20 years ago. The president was the last thing holding the ruling party together (he basically had the pope status among the believers) and it’s rather probable his death was attempted to be kept secret for days, maybe weeks, until the hoodloms regrouped.

      Today these type of secrets could go on for a while.

      • I watched VERY LITTLE television in the 80s. I knew that there was a show called Max Headroom, but knew nothing about it. So, this was the first time I had ever watched it. I had to bear through the bad acting and story line, but I made it through. Yes, this was what I was talking about, but I feel confident that the immortality download to the cloud could be pulled off in much more realistic fashion when it is finally introduced to the gullible masses in the future.

  5. ”Stranger Things” – PIZZA Mind Control and Netflix

    I don’t watch Netflix nor any other paid show network, so I am not an ‘expert’.
    Netflix has been losing subscribers and money. Today’s stock price per share was about $178, but within the last 52 weeks it was over $700.
    Evidently, one of Netflix’s more popular series is a show called “Stranger Things”.

    — PIZZA –
    No, this is not about John Podesta and Pizzagate. If you are not familiar with Pizzagate, you might start here…

    I happened upon a clickbait ad within a series of headlines. Normally, I never click an ad, but this time I could not resist because the caption ran like this…
    Now You Can Order Pizza With Your Mind
    Both archives (Wayback and .ph) do not fully capture the ad.
    I am hesitant to put the ad link here, because it gives points/revenue to the propaganda rag, but…
    …here is the Yahoo-partnership ad…
    EXCERPT: From Domino’s:
    In celebration of season 4 of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” Domino’s has introduced the latest strange thing to come out of Hawkins National Lab, Domino’s Mind Ordering app. It’s a new immersive experience that places users inside the lab — transporting them to the center of “Stranger Things” in 1986. Users can explore the lab, uncover Easter eggs from the show, gain control of certain objects and place a Domino’s Easy Order. How? By using the power of their mind. Download Domino’s Mind Ordering app from the App Store or on Google Play and experience it for yourself.

    — At the ad, a person can Answer the questions below to reveal your “Stranger Things” pizza personality : e.g. “What are you known for?” (Confidence, Bravery, Jump scares, Always being hungry)

    – YouTube –
    Domino’s Mind Ordering
    (3 minutes)
    In 1986, scientists at Hawkins National Laboratory discovered that pizza could be ordered with the mind, and now, you can do it too with the new Domino’s Mind Ordering app. Download it today and watch Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix. Learn more at

    • Netflix began tanking soon after going woke. Some things do work out in the end.

    • Ironically…a Stranger Thing…

      Friday July 1st
      Netflix Crashed After ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Release
      EXCERPTS [Images in article]
      Shortly after streaming giant Netflix released the final two episodes of “Stranger Things 4” early Friday morning, users reported very strange disruptions with the streaming platform. reported a significant spike in user complaints about outages on Netflix around 0245 ET when Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 went live. Complaints about errors with Netflix topped 14,000 at 0300 ET and appeared to have only been a 30-minute disruption.

      Google Search trends show an influx of people across the US searching “Stranger Things release” around 2345 ET Thursday. Searches for “Netflix down” also coincide with Downdetector’s surge around ET 0300 ET Friday.

      What appears to have happened is a flood of people rushed onto Netflix simultaneously and caused network issues, though none of that has been confirmed by the company.

      Stranger Things fans took to social media to voice their despair about disruptions with the streaming platform….

    • George Soros and Media Narratives

      “But expectations set reality and Soros realized, ‘Well, that’s true of media as well.’ If you tell people what to expect, they’re going to reinterpret reality,” and that can be used to affect how people interpret news events, Palumbo said during a recent interview for EpochTV’s “Facts Matter” program.

      “For whatever reason, if people think something’s going to happen, it actually will happen,” and Soros applied this to media companies’ coverage to make people believe something that did not actually happen, happened, said Palumbo.

      Soros-backed media agencies use this concept to create false narratives and make people believe in something that did not actually occur. The reason Soros is able to have this level of influence is that he gives tens of millions of dollars to the U.S. media infrastructure.

  6. I woke up thinking about the second story. Thinking of better ways for the farmers to protest. So I would like to know what the Corbetteers are thinking about the following.

    The protesting farmers are only mentioned in the dutch “media” negatively. Only incidental violent situations are highlighted in the headlines. I think that these protests will also cause shortages. I know that until recently the majority of the citizens were sympathetic towards these protests. And obviously the machine is trying to create a wedge between the farmers and non-farmers.

    Wouldn’t it be better, if possible, if the farmers took another strategy. For example. What if…

    They raised their prices super high, for the suppliers of supermarkets and other giants. And simultaneously organized “markets” and other initiatives to bring their product to the consumer. This would indeed cause shortages for the soulless shelves, but the consumers wouldn’t need those shelves anyway. Even if the giants would pay the prices they asked, they could sell some of their product for enough profit to maintain their farms and still sell the rest directly to the consumer.

    I think this a parallel solution that James is talking about so often. Instead of looking for a seat at their forbidden table, we create our own table and put the food on ours instead of theirs.

    • That’s a good idea. But note that the supermarkets are still doing a lot of imports, so they would not hurt as much. The problem is, from what I know, large stores cut large deals with farmers while looking for bottom prices. These large deals will involve produce the farmer might not even be able to deliver on their own, so they resort to shopping around.

    • Soylent Green, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

      Read this Article on NRC in Dutch. We are Republishing this Article in English Translation below.
      Cabinet has Plans to Expropriate Hundreds of Farmers

      Nitrogen Emissions
      There are Advanced Plans to Buy Out and, If Necessary, Expropriate Hundreds of Farmers…

      …even the Ministry of Agriculture sees Expropriation as Inevitable.

      Last week Legal Experts in NRC already concluded that Expropriation is a Real Possibility.
      The Necessary Legislation is Already In Place.
      Only the Political Will seemed to be lacking, the Experts noted….

      • FLASHBACK: Feudalism 2.0 (2007)
        Tagged with: carbon eugenics • climate change • population control
        FROM 2007: Today we examine the implications of a fearful new religion that is being promoted in the mainstream media to introduce a new feudal society to the public.

      • What is lacking are guns. Battle rifles, to be more specific.

    • Could the Kulaks have done anything to protest or what about the Ukrainians during the Holodomor? Public perception isn’t going to mean dross when the country is being subjected to mass starvation and the cities are turned into charnel houses. The media is the enemy of the Dutch people. There is never going to be a right way to protest when your government wants to commit genocide. I hate to be the black pill but the time for protesting is over.

  7. The NATO JAPAN pivot scares the shit out of me. Years back I was talking to Oliver Stone, it was when Hillary n Barrack were dulling it out on the POTUS stage of illusion. Oliver was happy Hillary was losing and he told me why and he talked about info. warfare and exactly what is going on now with NATO, The details are accurate. damn phone… to be continued

    • Japan out of desperation seeks support of fourth Reich even though third provided WMD’s that decimated empire !
      Desperation is based on China war mobilization that is preparing to take SCS including Japan, the Philippines , not just HK, and Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam . To take China must eliminate US pacific fleet bases in Japan and Philippines ,and under the cover of lock downs and after immobilizing US Military with Vaccines they are preparing to strike , and Japan know this and is willing to lose honor before losing country to previous subjects !

  8. Like Gates saying, you never lose your gf u only lose your turn… lol… total sociopath… why did he say this?

  9. – NITROGEN –

    On Story #2, I’m glad Pilato read the article which mentions “nitrogen oxide and ammonia”.
    Some of the other articles about the Dutch protests ONLY mention “nitrogen” as the bad guy.
    What the hell?…About 78% of the atmosphere is nitrogen.
    Nitrogen is essential for animal and plant life cycles.

    This Dutch technocratic climate change cow mandate is wrong on so many levels.
    First off, it attempts to remove the natural world of how life operates.
    In my opinion, by extension, the mandates are dehumanizing.

    Evidently, one remedy that the technocrats offer is for cows to be fed less protein.
    For those who do not know, most proteins contain nitrogen.
    Why Does the Body Need Nitrogen?

    Of course, the waste products of animals will consist of nitrogen.
    Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH₃. Pee (Urea) is NH2 and NH2 combined with a Carbon and Oxygen atom.
    For plants to absorb nitrogen from urea it must first be broken down…forming ammonia and carbon dioxide…and then if water is added, then NH4 (ammonium) is formed. This is important because ammonium is a plant available source of nitrogen while ammonia is not.

    Despite the mechanics of chemistry mentioned above, the natural world has always done an excellent job of promoting the life cycle.

    I should mention that most synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is made from a petroleum base (natural gas or oil). Nitrogen from the air is captured and then artificially injected to make ammonia.

    Europe is so insane with their climate change directives.
    These directives are a fast road to their demise.

    I have to laugh at these European pipedreams of using Liquid Hydrogen as a viable, climate friendly fuel source. It is ironic that ammonia would be likely be needed in the process.

    End of rant.

    • First, I need to a bit correct you, then I’ll continue with my thoughts on the topic.

      80% of atmospheric nitrogen means literally nothing in this case, because it’s a case of N2 that is almost as inert as noble gases. To use N2, Haber-Bosch process was developed which is very intense with high energy, temperature, pressure on top of catalysts.
      Btw….we are examining a(the) Detonator…. : “Nearly 50% of the nitrogen found in human tissues originated from the Haber–Bosch process.[57] Thus, the Haber process serves as the “detonator of the population explosion”, enabling the global population to increase from 1.6 billion in 1900 to 7.7 billion by November 2018.” (wikipedia)
      Damn, 50% of nitrogen in tissues….how they came to the number?

      Would be controllers again simplified the language in the same manner like they did with carbon, now we have nitrogen. Dumb down the people and everything passes.

      “This Dutch technocratic climate change cow mandate …. it attempts to remove the natural world of how life operates.”

      I’m not sure what is more technocratic, Dutch government or Dutch agriculture.

      “The Netherlands, the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter…” (from the supplied source ‘France24’)

      World’s second????
      Might well be by value, because they have hi-tech agriculture, high value added. They use Everything…all the chemistry, genetics, heating in the winter, artificial illumination…..if racoon assholes on a stick might increase production for a miniscule part of a percent, then be assured, they are use it.

      Dutch agriculture is the epitome of being unnatural. Groundwater there is full of nitric stuff because of the century long over use of fertilisers. I wonder what they are drinking because nitrates tainted water is not drinkable, while cleaning it is not economically viable.
      Dutch animal production, which is supposedly under attack the most, is actually a sort of a joke. I’m sure fodder, mostly if not completely, comes from abroad, farmland and workforce in Netherlands is just too expensive. Soy from Brazil, corn from Us, is just unbeatable (gmo can be used as fodder in eu). I believe Dutch meat exports are among the least value added products of Dutch agriculture, with disproportionally a lot of externalities on the other side. Intensive meat production, on top for export, in one of the most densely populated areas on the world makes little sense.
      The whole shit reminds me in a way on California water shortages. The thing is a total mess, while in reality is simple: you can’t have millions of people and enormous agriculture in semi-desert. It hasn’t been like this in the past and only unwise human intervention enabled what is in essence unnatural.

      • I wonder how this became NWNW news. Probably because some people are likely to be screwed by the state and climate mafia.
        On the other hand, holistic approach is missing. Very unwise socio-economic system produced the current structure of the economy, not all things are worth preserving.

      • mik,
        I enjoyed reading your comments on this topic. It was very informative for me and gave me a better perspective.

        I know exactly what you are saying with: ” Groundwater there is full of nitric stuff because of the century long over use of fertilisers. I wonder what they are drinking because nitrates tainted water is not drinkable, while cleaning it is not economically viable.”
        For example:
        The most common cause of blue baby syndrome is water contaminated with nitrates. Certain young animals also suffer from this.
        My Organic Chemistry Professor during 2006-08 was trying to find viable methods of removing nitrates. (“Organic” essentially means “carbon” when used with Chemistry.)

        The Climate Change Narrative is picking up speed on this side of the ocean in the U.S.
        SEC’s New ESG Rule Hurts America’s Small Farms & Ranches

        …and a great article by MERCOLA…
        How Corporations Are Using Environment Concerns to Scam You

        • Climate religion is very pervasive throughout the world.
          For me, Dutch story is not unmitigated bad. No doubt, it’s excellent story for division sowing.

          Some more about Netherlands.
          “The Netherlands produces a massive food surplus and is one of the largest exporters of meat in the world and THE largest in Europe. ”

          The largest meat exporter in Europe, damn, didn’t know it’s so bad. Further on in the article:

          “….in a world beset by a shortage of fertiliser due to sanctions against Russia and Belarus, it would seem almost mad to complain about a manure surplus, let alone try to reduce it.”
          Yeah, city boys thinking, that is obvious from the above. Manure must first be matured, so some amount of space is needed. Then it must be spread on the fields with different machines than artif. fertilizers…and so on. It’s not trivial like writer suggested.

          A story how small meat producers in Croatia got fucked (by dutch too).
          Few years ago I worked with a guy, whose family was raising some hundred pigs until appr.10-15 years ago, when prices fell dramatically. Earnings didn’t cover the costs and they, like many others, had to abandon production. Pork from eu at the time was dirty cheap (3€/kg in the store!), probably a nasty move to destroy competition, because prices latter rebounded into viable area. In media it was presented as “a necessary adjustment of croatian farmers to free market”. And similar shit happened few years latter with milk and fucking same narrative.

          I guess you’ve seen:

          I wonder when they will come out with idea that movie The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) provides some interesting solutions. Today interesting includes disgusting-beyond-belief, what that film is. If one needs to watch it, (are you sure???) than last ten minutes is enough. And to make the whole circle, director is Dutch.

      • — Mr. T —

        I appreciate you calling attention to Tony Heller of REAL CLIMATE SCIENCE.
        During this decade of carbon lunacy, it is nice to have this resource.
        He puts out some great content. I enjoy going through some of his articles, especially when he has images.

        Tony Heller Odysee Channel

    • It’s Hot! People on the north side of our spherical-shaped earth may have noticed the heat…


      QUEUED at 8:50
      “…with SOLAR CYCLE 25 ramping up to a new Solar Maximum expected in three years. 2025. The hazard maps are coming not a moment too soon… …but guys, what they’re saying here about Solar maximum arriving in 2025; now, that’s this cycle but remember GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM is not about one 11.8 year cycle. They go back years and years and the cycles are declining in their peak. You understand what I’m saying: So we’ll have a surge for the next three years and it’ll peak in 2025 of a smaller cycle each time.“

      Wednesday June 15, 2022 – QUEUED
      Extreme Heat as Earth Passes thru Solar CME
      [Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are large expulsions of plasma and magnetic field from the Sun’s corona. They can eject billions of tons of coronal material and carry an embedded magnetic field (frozen in flux) that is stronger than the background solar wind interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) strength.]

      Video is from the The Real BPEarthWatch YouTube Channel, which offers products and info at ~~WWW
      In various videos, he warns how a solar event could take down satellites and the internet.

      • Recently I was listening to some people discussing the supposedly sudden surge of solar flares and linking them to giant particle accelerators, some of which have just come online while others are due soon. Apparently, China is building a 100km long one. This somehow reminds of the giant antenna arrays, like the one that was built and still stands, facing the west, close to the Chernobil plant. How much power would that thing need?

      • So sounds like my efforts for acclimatizing my annual heirlooms to be more cold hardy year after year and growing wild Kazak apple trees from seed is gonna work out well for me 🙂 Now if I can just build a faraday cage big enough to house all my off grid energy gathering gear, a computer and a harddrive filled with the Corbett Report archives i`ll be all set for the CME triggered mass starvation hypothermic apocalypse 🙂 no but in all seriousness, for now I do store a few key gadgets and back up drives in an old microwave for using as a makeshift faraday cage incase of either a Carrington Event or larger CME or a manmade EMP device. I plan on building a more solid one some time soon as a large scale CME is certainly inevitable if we go by the data we have on the sun’s lifecycle.

      • UPDATE – December 2022
        VIDEO Tom Nelson interviews Zharkova
        #42 – Valentina Zharkova: “in next 30 yrs, global warming prob. will be last thing in our mind”

        Valentina Zharkova’s GSM
        A site to report about my research in solar activity and energetic particles

        Paper by Valentina
        Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling
        In this editorial I will demonstrate with newly discovered solar activity proxy-magnetic field that the Sun has entered into the modern Grand Solar Minimum (2020–2053) that will lead to a significant reduction of solar magnetic field and activity like during Maunder minimum leading to noticeable reduction of terrestrial temperature.

        IMAGE from ICE Age Farmer
        Grand Solar Minimum Symptoms

    • NITROGEN is both demonized and praised, depending upon how best to control the populace…

      Sat July 9, 2022 – by a pro-climate change journalist
      The Green Ammonia Boom Is Coming

      ~~ Green ammonia is emerging as a major contender to become a vital emissions-free fuel for the world.
      ~~ The renewable fuel is also gaining major attention from energy giants such as Exxon.
      ~~ Greater investment in the energy source could support innovations in technologies to reduce production costs as well as support countries in meeting their climate targets.

      Green ammonia is a little-known contender to become a major renewable fuel over the coming decades. It has around nine times the energy of lithium-ion batteries and its denser nature makes it easier to transport than liquid hydrogen. As oil majors race to find innovative renewable energy alternatives, green ammonia is gaining more international attention for its potential as an emissions-free fuel.
      …Ammonia is a compound of hydrogen and nitrogen that can be used as fuel…

      …Green ammonia is becoming the most preferable form of the fuel as it is carbon-free, whereas one tonne of conventional (brown) ammonia emits around two tonnes of CO2. It is produced using wind, solar, or hydropower to provide electricity which runs an electrolyzer that in turn extracts hydrogen from water as nitrogen is separated from air using an air separation unit. Why the production of green ammonia is not new, recent innovations in technology have made it easier to produce, making energy firms more prone to invest in the energy source…

      …Ammonia is now being produced and shipped around the world as companies recognize its potential. Last month, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) sold ammonia, produced using natural gas, to the Japanese oil company Inpex. It was deemed ‘clean ammonia’ as the CO2 emitted during its production was sequestered using carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, to be injected into onshore oil fields in Abu Dhabi….

  10. Thursday June 30, 2022
    Coinbase Has Been Providing “Historical Geo Tracking” Information And Tracing Software To Government Agencies

    So much for decentralized finance.

    The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., Coinbase, has been reportedly selling Immigrations and Customs Enforcement tools to track and identify cryptocurrency users, a stunning new report from The Intercept [LINK] revealed this week.

    The company “sold a single analytics software license to ICE for $29,000” back in August 2021, the report says. The next month, however, it sold software worth $1.36 million to the agency, the report says.

    A contract involving the sales revealed that ICE “now has access to a variety of forensic features provided through Coinbase Tracer”, the company’s internal intelligence tool.

    The tool allows people to trace transactions through the blockchain. Coinbase markets the software primarily for use in corporate compliance and law enforcement, the report says. It boasts that the tool has the ability to “investigate illicit activities including money laundering and terrorist financing” and “connect [cryptocurrency] addresses to real world entities.”

    The contract revealed that ICE is now able to track transactions over a dozen digital currencies. The contract also revealed that “historical geo tracking data” was being provided to ICE, though The Intercept said details about what this data entails are fuzzy…

    …Coinbase vice president of global intelligence John Kothanek said earlier this month in front of Congress: “If you are a cyber criminal and you’re using crypto, you’re going to have a bad day. … We are going to track you down and we’re going to find that finance and we are going to hopefully help the government seize that crypto.”

    • “…Coinbase Has Been Providing “Historical Geo Tracking” Information And Tracing Software To Government Agencies…”

      Coinbase wants your ID and your face, live…. no way are they “private”… TBH Bitcoin is in no way Private either unless you buy it anonymously and never link it to yourself in any way

      If you want to buy crypto there are a ton of vending machines appearing (in Texas anyway) at gas and alcohol stations…. ‘you’ (as in anyone) 🙂 may wanna get a burner phone for the demanded number (never let it in your home outside of a farday bag) and keep purchases below the ID threshold .

    • “So much for decentralized finance.”

      That one line just about says it all.

      So, for all intents and purposes – unless someone wants to jump through hoops to obfuscate (if that’s really possible) – Bitcoin is transparent, and not anonymous, which had heretofore been one of its main attractive features for the anarchic and stateless minded. The Taxman cometh!

      And what closer equivalency to central banks are there than the manipulative Bitcoin/Crypto exchange hubs?

      In any event, blockchain technology, which has basically been likened to a form of software, is 12, 13 years old now? Bitcoin accounts seem to be increasingly vulnerable to being hacked, and, of course, as we know, are now traceable.

      What next? What is the value of obsolete software these days, when the next best thing comes along?

      Not that he’s some paragon of truth and virtue (though, nonetheless, I’m sure he gets things correct, once in a while) what comment did Xi Jinping make recently about Bitcoin’s future value?

      Um, it may be time for Corbett to re-visit “The Bitcoin Psyop”, only from a new, more up-dated perspective.

  11. As NATO expands up and away into the stars, how about the…

    N orth
    A stral
    T reaty
    O rganisation???????????

  12. It is called the class struggle and it is now global. Capitalism is now in the age of transnational corporate control or global fascism and yes,it is technocratic for the ruling elites own the means of production or the technology.

    For those young, in their 20’s or 30’s the future looks bleaker and bleaker as war seems closer and closer.

    Technocratic fascism is where we are. And the ethnofascists who follow Trump have no idea that in the long game,they mean nothing.

    Trillions in funds now have been kettled by the rulers of NATO. The military organization, which is what it is, is a global con job but with consequences.

    Capitalism calls the shots now. Fascism is the managerial elites favorite form of management.

    • Weilunion

      “…. And the ethnofascists who follow Trump have no idea that in the long game,they mean nothing……Capitalism calls the shots now….”

      “Capitalism” would care about MONEY… the ruling jewish elite care more about power. They will bleed money into Youtube and such to keep control of the narrative, just as they used to bleed money into TV and movies.

      The reason that Trump freaked the Ruling Elite out was that he spoke to the regular folks (even if he cared nothing for them)

      People need a shared identity in order to organize… either around religion or race. I prefer religion myself.

      • I agree Duck, things are incredibly serious, and we need some organizing principles. I’m willing to set aside my condemnation of Christianity until we deal with the primary threat. Which all people need to be uniting against.

        • “….until we deal with the primary threat.”

          And that is….

          “Which all people need to be uniting against.”

          United for will always be better.

          • mik,

            “And that is….”

            Not trying to be rude but please read Duck’s comment.

            “United for will always be better.”

            Unite for the preservation of humanity then. I think collectivism should serve a purpose, once that purpose is fulfilled people will necessarily be free to go about their business and live their lives without being bound to such constraints. Certain intrinsic qualities in the diversity of man need to be free to be developed without the forced coexistence of this current system. Diverse peoples being forced to live in a geographic region with a hostile media and education pitting them against each other is no life at all. It’s a non-linear warfare model. It’s a big world, peaceful separation should always be on the table.

            • “Not trying to be rude but please read Duck’s comment.”

              I did and I’m still clueless.

              “Unite for the preservation of humanity then.”

              Sorry, vague.
              Also, one might think you are an adherent of climate religion.

              • Mik, I just think you’re being deliberately obtuse. I have no desire to speak frankly until I ascertain the intention of your comments.

                Not an adherent of the climate religion. I’m speaking of humanity uniting against this world oligarchy ruling over us. Until were able to put aside differences to liquidate these systems and neutralize the entities attempting to cull the vast majority of humanity and turn this world into a hive mind prison planet there will be no future. As a member of the Corbett report can’t we at least find common ground in this barebones assessment of the situation?

    • We need to create our own cooperative game theory model. The individual always loses to the collective in all game theory models. The ethnofascists follow the most kosher controlled opposition that ever existed. Trump has nothing but contempt for the White race and will never even acknowledge them as he extols the progress of every other group under his presidency. It’s the bagelian dialectic, the true power structure never feared him one bit and made him an abundantly useful scapegoat to further categorized the White race as “enemies of the state” further limiting White people to act in their collective interests.

      The Jews are the progenitors of the fascist model and function as a collective to consolidate all resources for their fascist oligarchy. They create ideological models in the Authoritarian Personality commissioned by the World Jewish Committee to demonize healthy European ethnocentrism while promoting fascism amongst every other racial group and sexual preference as adversarial organizations against white majorities with Jews remaining the most radically ethnocentric people on the planet providing zero introspection.

      Karl Marx was propped by the arch monopoly “capitalists” as he was a Barent Cohen, yes that makes him Rothschild related and his uncle was Lion Philips, magnate of Philips electronics. Real name being Moses Mordecai Levi of the Levitical bloodlines.

      In this model were moving into there will be no private property, no free market, no market competition so can it truly be described as intrinsically capitalist? Maybe under some frame of reference that makes sense, but the nomenclature and -isms just becomes meaningless at some point. This technocracy is going to be the material fulfillment of Jewish Messianic Feudalism. Make no mistake.

  13. AI,empathy and social/individual deterioration.

  14. Wait a minute Breyer already said he was planning to retire, that’s why we have Katanji Brown sworn in. Breyer was a minority opinion on the Dobbs decisions (overturn Casey & Roe V Wade.

  15. Happy Canada Day, if you still want to celebrate…. well, I went ahead and had a bit of bubbly because I’d rather get drunk than cry.

    Anyways, I just want to let people know about Dr. Pamela Popper’s website called Make Americans Free Again. If anyone is interested in helping out, she is advocating for doctors who dared go against any mandates concerning vaxx, meds and other covid silliness. She is backing them up in court which, as you may guess, is expensive and time consuming. She also predicts an upcoming addition to the damn child vaxx schedule : the monkey pox. She doesn’t want to see it there, and hopes to manage to keep the new poison (which is already approved… I forgot where, but anyways, it’s about to get real) out of healthy arms.

  16. Wow just when I started to think we reached a level of absolute absurdity, your news raised the bar again. I’m sorry I’m here in America, in my front row seat, where some normal things used to occur. Things like a supply chain that operates, parents were expected to raise their own children. Fires here now are left unattended, floods are ignored by the “that isn’t what the governed meant” and anyone who believes in justice and fair play is persecuted to be prosecuted. History, as told here, is being obliterated. Food additive, like some new crap called gelan, is added to beverages unannounced. Oh by the way, it’s made in a chemical lab…but I am sure it’s safe. And last, my take on Ghislane is that they are cloning her right now so she can doppleganger her way out of prison. After all, Janis Atlantis has to keep searching for it and recover the tuaoi stone. Thanks for updating me guys.

  17. Remember Canada’s Trucker Freedom Convoy?
    Friday July 1st is “Canada Day”.

    Look at the photos…
    Dr Paul Alexander Substack on June 30th
    James Topp and I and his team arrive at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Ottawa, and there were thousands lined up screaming; it was beautiful, see some photos; June 30th 2022; I thank the police

      On the days leading to Canada Day (aka Dominion Day), Ottawa mayor Jim Watson warned there would be zero tolerance for unlawful activity and Ottawa By-law said they would hand out $1000 fines for certain behaviours, including shouting.

      True North News ( TNC.News )
      Freedom Canada Day celebrations press on despite additional security measures

  18. The PanHoax (Scamdemic) could have failed if people would disobey their masters. So, if people lost their businesses because they closed down, imprisoned themselves at home, and that didn’t teach them a lesson, will they ever stop believing in coercive govt.?
    Or, maybe, many did disobey! I know of a beauty salon in CA that quietly remained open, against the law. How many other businesses did that? The MSM won’t tell us, won’t even investigate, doesn’t want to know. How many are waking up to the tyranny? We can’t tell because a govt. boycott won’t be reported by MSM.
    My take? I am sure the worse the tyranny gets, the more who will start to question, to disobey, to disrespect authority. And, authorities’ response? There will be blood! Bring it on. “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

  19. Payments Company Mastercard Wants to be a Digital ID Provider
    By Ken Macon

    Financial services provider Mastercard has earned one of three accreditations under Australia’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF). The accreditation is a major step by the company which aims to be a TDIF accredited identity provider, exchange, and credential provider.

    The move is part of a big push to implement digital IDs…
    “Last year, Mastercard announced that it had applied for accreditation under the [TDIF] in Australia for its digital identity service, ID,”
    Bourne wrote.
    “We are thrilled to share that we have now successfully secured the first of three roles we applied for, with our accreditation as an identity exchange being confirmed earlier this month.”

    …To earn the identity exchange accreditation, the company’s digital ID system was assessed for usability, security, privacy, and risk management.

    Bourne went on to explain that Mastercard’s digital ID system is interoperable.

    “Mastercard’s digital identity solution can connect existing identity providers with other organizations in Mastercard’s global ID network, with verification facilitated by our highly secure network,”
    Bourne explained.
    “This is a huge milestone on our digital identity journey in Australia.”

    It is not the first partnership between Mastercard and Australia. Last December, the financial services provider partnered with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to perform trials of digital identity age for online purchases of alcohol.

  20. Dr. Zelenko has passed away. The man was only 48, I guess the cancer takes the credit for his aged appearance. Here is a recording of his motivational words. A whole lot of wisdom in under 3 minutes.

  21. I just want to say, I love watching NWNW so much. Long may it continue. That’s all.

  22. ? What a astute observation about our (societal’s) fundamental lack of geological awareness! I believe there is a good reason why they want to make us ignorant to where we are situated on the globe and how things are connected… I am lucky enough to possess some grade school educational material from the turn of the century and realized that geography was a big part of what was learned (as well as arithmetic → $currency conceptualization $) and not just province/states/country/continent but, WATERWAYS were a huge focus. Looking at maps today, i’m hard pressed to fine a italics or bolding of rivers, even the huge and major ones ? wonder why that is ? ahhh I’ll take off my tin foil hat… ??

    A archive jump drive??? ? NO WAY!! ? What a amazing idea (other than computer manufactures are silently making external ways of saving/writing/exchanging hard drive data/information obsolete ? I’m sure it’s just for convenience, nothing to see here ? kinda like why they don’t want people to own ways of watching information that they can’t track i.e. dvd players and the sort ?SHUT UP CONSPIRACY THEORIST! TAKE OFF THAT DAMNED TIN FOIL HAT! ?) Could I humble request ???? jump drive’s of classic morning monarchy shows be made available as well?? Hell, ANY and all morning monarchy I could get would make my life ❤️The on-point news mixed with abrasive- offensive humor truly sets up the day ?❤️???

    You guys are amazing!! Please keep up the excellent work ❤️

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