Interview 1739 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 35 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Nancy Pelosi Ends Whirlwind Tour of Taiwan

Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Could Be Start of World War III

NBC Just Simulated A War With China: Here’s What Happened

Dispatches from Taiwan: Follow an Atlantic Council delegation as it visits the island

Former US secretary of defense-led delegation arrives in Taiwan

China set to begin effective Taiwan blockade hours after Nancy Pelosi concludes visit

Implications of a Coercive Quarantine of Taiwan by the People’s Republic of China

Story #2: Biden Says US Drone Strike Killed al-Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri; Taliban Condemned Strike

US Has No DNA Confirmation of Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Death; The White House says it has ‘visual’ confirmation and confirmation through ‘other sources’

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri ‘died one month ago’, reports claim (Nov. 14, 2020)

Military says it can’t confirm report of Zawahiri death (Aug. 1, 2008)

False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda

Episode 258 – Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Al Qaeda Honcho Zawahiri Got Droned and No One Gave a Shit

Story #3: UN Declares War on “Dangerous” Conspiracy Theories: “The World Is NOT Secretly Manipulated By Global Elite”

UNESCO Says: “#ThinkBeforeSharing – Stop the Spread of Conspiracy Theories” //

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  1. I had to laugh when I saw this 2010 link via Corbett’s “Episode 258 – Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri”

    ‘Bin Laden’ blames US for global warming
    A new message said to be from al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has blamed global warming on the US and other big industrial nations.

    The audio tape, broadcast on al-Jazeera TV, urges a boycott of the US dollar “to free humankind from slavery”…

    …But IntelCenter, a US group that monitors Islamist activity, has said the voice on the earlier tape appeared to be that of Bin Laden.

    “All industrial nations, mainly the big ones, are responsible for the crisis of global warming,” the latest tape says.
    “This is a message to the whole world about those who are causing climate change, whether deliberately or not, and what we should do about that.”

    The tape criticises the administration of former US President George W Bush for not ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on combating climate change.
    “Bush the son, and the [US] Congress before him, rejected this agreement only to satisfy the big companies.”

    The tape also urges a boycott of the US dollar. “I know that there would be huge repercussions for that, but this would be the only way to free humankind from slavery… to America and its companies.”

    Responding to the earlier audio tape, also broadcast on al-Jazeera, US President Barack Obama said it indicated how weakened Osama Bin Laden had become….

    • Oh my gosh, that’s funny! OBL was woke lol!

  2. Humanity is a failed experiment in consciousness. We are bound for extinction. We have played this form out as far as it can go. Maybe life will spring up again with another incarnation, a more enlightened creature. Who knows? I truly hope for this all to end in an epic destruction of the human race. No creature is more deserving of going extinct. I truly hate this existence and hold much resentment for humankind. hey, but thanks James for all your hard work.

    • I’d kill off all the billionaires first before giving up on the human race. People can still live a wealthy lifestyle without having more than a billion. The billion seems to be the threshold however where the planet would be a nicer a place if you had never been on it.

      • Yes, a far better idea than the former.

      • If you kill the “billionaires” that will simply leave a power vacuum which someone else is going to take advantage of and find their spot under the Sun. After a while, they’ll probably continue rolling in the same direction, a tad abated but still going strong. Best case scenario, killing “billionaires” would only introduce a slight delay and it would reinforce the cult following of renunciation of personal responsibility.

        Some of the billionaires have probably cropped up organically, while I would assume the majority has been selected for the role, one way or another. If that is indeed the case, one has to wonder who might have selected them. Killing “billionaires” would thus mean completely missing the mark, with several orders of magnitude. I can almost assure you that the priest class is not in the billionaire’s club. “Money” means shit to these people, probably less. Shit can at least be used as fertilizer.

        One thing that strikes me as an extremely likely fit for the priest class is their disdain for the people. After spending so much effort on getting the people running around after shiny, colorful pieces of empty promises, I have a hard time imagining that these very same controllers would see “money” worth of anything else but utter contempt, on the same level as contempt they hold for the people.

        The core issue here is the apparent self hatred the people cling on to, hatred that is keeping them on a low frequency of consciousness, hatred that is defeating their inner care on daily basis, hatred that’s keeping them from even beginning to realize their potential. Now, whether this can be corrected, I’m very sure that it can, but it is exceedingly difficult. And therefore I’m not very optimistic for the majority of the people.

        I also understand where all that contempt toward them is coming from and I can not say it’s completely misplaced. Such unimaginable weakness is easy to hold in contempt. However, when one decides to abstain from doing those things that are not right, they will quickly find solace in doing so. Thus the only acceptable and possible solution becomes to keep bringing the acumen to the unthinking masses, instead of bloodshed or mass destruction.

        • I agree with what you say here. It makes a lot of sense.

    • What a cop out. If you cannot see any beauty and wonder in this world, yes even in other humans. In spite of all that is wrong. Then that is your deficiency.
      No one promised you a paradise on earth. That is supposed to come later from what I understand. As long as we don’t wuss out during this incarnation. Some say that we chose to be here now and I believe it.
      This life is for growing, learning, evolving and that doesn’t mean that you won’t suffer and be unhappy sometimes. But something tells me that if you give up. You’ll just have to go back and take the test over again.

      Suck it up Frank and learn to look for the larger picture. This world and life that’s is so horrible at times isn’t it. Its just a stepping stone on our path. Just boot camp for a better existence.

      And if I am wrong. So be it. Keeps me from losing all hope.

      • I second what Steve says here.

    • I understand how you feel because I sometimes feel the same way, but recognize that it’s something within me, a reaction to stress and feeling like I don’t have control over how things turn out.

      I think it also stems from guilt for not doing enough to try to change things.

      There are a lot of people who stand up to this and who have stood up and resisted this agenda and I think that things have improved because of them and for that I am grateful and they have my respect.

      I think I have not done enough to speak out. I have done a little bit by refusing the jabs and also going to anti lockdown protests in my area and with donations, but I think it’s not enough and I could do more. I have also bought land in another state, put a house up with solar and there is enough space to grow food.

      I think that my mom gave me life and I am glad she did and at least have tried to take care of myself and love myself enough that I want to survive and I deserve to survive, despite the fact that I probably have not done enough during the covid scam.

      What I have done in the past is volunteer and I have done a lot of volunteer work as a counselor and help the disabled take care of their animals and I felt really good about that. It made me feel better. I also help people at work in a hospital, at the very least providing care and kindness to others. I can even take credit for helping save some lives. Sometimes that even happens in the crappy health care system we have, a few lives are saved and those people may go on to help humanity.

      Working with the public gives me some insight into the consciousness of the general public and sometimes I feel like you do, but other times am surprised at the beauty I see in others. Especially with children who are innocent and have a lot of potential. I don’t want them to die. They deserve to live a good life.

      My point is that maybe if you did more in your community to make a positive change, you’d feel better and get a new perspective. Also, trying to take care of yourself during these difficult times may also provide a new perspective.

    • I’d say you’re affected by our enemy’s wartime propaganda. If they can get you to quit or to kill yourself, or affect your morale, that is what their propaganda is designed to do. You should know yourself as good. First, you have to do good, which leads to being good, and finally, you’ll understand yourself as good, and recognize evil. At that point, you will be an active agent in the fight against evil that you are designed to be.

    • frankwd
      “….I truly hope for this all to end in an epic destruction of the human race. No creature is more deserving of going extinct…”

      You have accepted the programming of your enemies if you truly believe that.

      What possible reason have you got to ‘…hold much resentment for humankind…”??

      Most of them have done nothing TO you and owe you nothing that you could resent them for not giving you. You don’t have a right to RESENT them, even if humans ARE stupid, selfish, cruel and such.

      I have a pretty low opinion of people in general, but its not like any animal the could replace by “evolution” would be any better since , as a being bound by nature the would have the same needs and the same kind of conflicts.

  3. James FYI,
    There is no graphic/video appearing here. And the Bitchute link is giving a 404 page not found message.

      • Check out these weird propaganda ads the Ontario government is pushing onto streaming platforms

        “Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole”

        They keep coming out with new ones, so far its for random hypochondriac stuff but judging from the way they focus on the so called “internet rabbit hole” and then suggest talking to a pharmacist at the end (and not doing research for one’s self) I have a feeling they will eventually throw ‘vaccine hesitancy’ or something specific to “conspiracy theories” in there in the future.

        I`ve seen three different ones so far while watching my wife’s favorite old tv shows with her that she was streaming on what ever platform she subscribes to.

  4. Watching those masked idiots in Taiwan elbow bumping and speaking with those face muzzles on is hilarious and disgusting at the same time.
    I refuse to take these people seriously.

    • Lol. That part was really funny though, the masks and elbow bumps! It’s sad that so many people really think that’s necessary or does anything at all, but still so absurd to watch these “leaders” perform this weird ritual.

      I can’t stand watching any MSM program or “News” anymore. I must get away or turn it off!

    • I agree. They’re megalomaniacs who think they are leading cultural trends. They are just jackasses. Quite amusing to watch.

  5. Happy Birthday, James. I remember my Dad used an old Grain Belt beer case for his ammo and gun cleaning supplies. Those old beer cases for the returnables were made out of very strong and durable waxed cardboard.

  6. Go Viral!

    This NWNW took me on a brief detour. Via WHO’s Myth-busters (, I went to “How to report misinformation online” (, and ended up testing out the game “Play Go Viral!“

    Play Go Viral! to uncover the latest tactics used to spread false information, build your resistance to misinformation and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Go Viral! is brought to you by the Government of the United Kingdom and the University of Cambridge.

    Quite an interesting game (where you are led down the same path, no matter what you choose).

    New technique mastered!: CONSPIRACY
    Spreading conspiracy theories is really easy: pick a topic and a target to blame, and connect the dots. And voilà?!

    (ended up with 22.462 likes)

    • I did not have the tenacity to go through with that till the end.

  7. By Jeffrey A. Tucker August 3, 2022
    Besties: Twitter, Facebook, Google, CDC, NIH, WHO

    …A trove of emails obtained by America First Legal tells a far more alarming story. The 286-page stack of correspondence reveals a cozy and daily working relationship between people in a position of control between Twitter, Facebook, Google, the CDC, NIH, and the WHO. They shared strategies, advertising ideas, and messaging. They talked up grants and privileges for each other, all designed to crush and exclude contrary narratives. They set up meetings and shared mutual compliments.

    They became besties…
    [Examples are given.]

    …Ever since reading through these emails, I’ve been struck by the strange friendliness of all the emails…
    …They believe they are the lords and we are the peasants…
    [Examples given.]

    …What we see here is not tension, much less conflict, but unity. Unity in what? My strong impression is that it is unity in power. They know they have it, are thrilled to exercise it, and happy to be in touch with others of the same ilk….

  8. “It’s always about the story.”

    Urban Farmer Curtis Stone sings many of the same tunes as James Corbett…

    The video itself is a great “tour” of his spread…
    Why The Dutch Farmers Are Wasting Their Time

    Curtis talks about writing our own narrative.
    He makes some points about how farmers or anyone can get locked into a centralized system.

    • Thanks a lot for sharing this video, HRS. Curtis makes several great points and his overall message is really powerful.

      “If you’re constantly just reacting to whatever the latest thing is, you can’t build your own story. You can’t create your own narrative.”
      (Queued quote)

  9. If the UN is at war with me, does that mean I’m at war with them? I think it must. Actually, I’ve been in a state of personal covert war with the UN since lockdowns started in March 2020.

  10. “…enjoy the things we’re fighting for in the first place.”

    Simple truth is actually powerful. Paused, hit me profoundly. Well said.

  11. 🙂
    Global Elite uses its power to wage war on the idea that there is a Global Elite that has power.

    The real problem is that most people see ‘reality’ thru the lenses of TV and Hollywood and as such are unable to think in ways that used to be pretty normal for humans.
    Blackpilled did a walk thru on the “Hollywoodism” (Main stream documentary from I think the 90’s) based on “An Empire of their own” book…. its how the old culture was eaten by the fake culture of Movies

    He has also just done a thing… “patcon edition” a very very long 3 part live stream thing… on how unliked and unlikable folks get shut down….. Only done an hour so so as yet and he went into the Kind of Lawfare used to bankrupt people much as is being done to Alex Jones.

  12. But a good way to get back to source > Corbett Report.
    A big thanks to James and James for another great report
    I thought a little strained there at the end.
    I admire James Pilagto and I find his dialogue so fast, funny and satisfying that I always have to put him on speed 0.75 to get the full value.
    Replies here show signs of a sort of slow despair. I encourage courage if we can. New Zealand for a while seemed completely overtaken and they were all taking phenothiazine and listening, obeying, and worshipping at the sick alter of the media. Mow we thousands and thousands of ” conspiracy theorists” and the tide against the lies and mistreatment of us is turning. It is thanks to people like James and James that the world’s people are awakening.

  13. I laughed so hard at Pilato’s explanation of the United Nations’ directives on how to deal with conspiracy theorists that I snorted. Thanks for that, I needed to laugh!

    Of course, these instructions are just to wedge a big canyon between people for their new layer of the divide and conquer part of their agenda. They made the list of instructions so ridiculous that it makes me wonder who they are actually cheering for. (Jk. Of course they want smart people out of the way, we know too much.)

  14. Happy Birthday James Evan Pilato…

  15. I always go straight to the website here for the shownotes and download option. Plus, I want to give my traffic to James. But then again I am old and learned to use the internet that way (actually go to a certain website). Search hubs and video hubs didn’t work then, and marginally work now. I want the whole story and the source.

    And everybody who is serious about this information and the people who make it should support it (pay money) and do the same. My 2 cents…

    • oh and to add: Happy Birthday and YES enjoy the summer everybody in this community! I don’t know you all but I sure know we are like minded free thinkers. Adn that’s my kinda folk 🙂

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