Interview 1772 – MAiD in Canada – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Coming Soon – Climate Lockdowns And The “15 Minute City”

The 15 Minute City

The 15-Minute City: Putting People At The Center Of Urban Transformation

Story #2: Paralympian Claims Canada Offered to Euthanise Her When She Asked For Stairlift //

Simons Removes Controversial Assisted Suicide Video From YouTube

Woman Featured In Pro-Euthanasia Commercial Wanted To Live, Say Friends

Family of Euthanized Canadians Say Assisted Dying Program Killed Patients Who Could Have Recovered

Soylent Green – FLNWO #04

We at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of David Ray Griffin, a most enlightened scholar, on November 25, 2022.

RIP, David Ray Griffin. Thank you for all you gave the cause of 9/11 Truth.

A False Flag Reading List – Questions For Corbett #093

Story #3: Anti-Vaxxer Nurse Who Injected Up To 8,600 Elderly Patients With Saltwater Instead of Covid Vaccine Walks Free From Court In Germany

Vermont Town Employee Quietly Lowered The Fluoride In Water For Years

Simple Sabotage – #SolutionsWatch

MIT: Covid Skeptics Champion Science

False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda (3-Disc DVD Set)

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  1. Thanks for covering the (incrementally expanding, disturbingly advertised, ‘The Giver-esk’) MAID program in Canada.

    I keep getting that creepy advertisement with the lady talking all poetically about killing herself pushed onto me (through some streaming tv shows my wife likes to watch). There is another one that they are pushing too, with some middle aged guy that is portrayed to have a mental health issue and is asking a doctor for “options”. Super disturbing, and I end up having to do some serious ‘eye bouncing’ and ‘ear bouncing’.

    Considering how they are simultaneously telling doctors in Ontario that people who refuse synthetic mRNA injections are to be deemed as mentally ill (and prescribed pharmaceutical drugs to make them more compliant) and considering how a doctor in Vancouver was forcibly hospitalized and drugged (after he pointed out that his colleagues were seeing an inordinate increase in miscarriages in expectant mothers that had received the synthetic mRNA injections) this is a very slippery slope indeed.

    Also, I heard they (the federal government) is looking to change the laws for consenting to applying for the MAID programs to make minors (12 and up) eligible in the near future as well. I have not looked to confirm it yet, but sadly, it would not surprise me if it was true.

  2. Also, thank you very much for that good news story about the nurse sabotaging the oligarch’s eugenics injection operations.

    I will assume that the “under-reporting factor” (which people often mention in reference to the VAERS system) is also expressed inversely in instances of people choosing courage, compassion and kindness (often in secret) to help protect those who cannot protect themselves. Thus, I imagine there is likely a veritable ‘army’ of rebel saboteurs, working diligently behind the scenes, risking their careers, livelihood and the rath of involuntary governance goons to cripple the technocratic eugenics operations by engaging in meaningful and selfless works worldwide! 🙂

    • “Thus, I imagine there is likely a veritable ‘army’ of rebel saboteurs,”

      From your mouth to God’s ears!!

      • @s511


        Good people are doing their small part everywhere, each random act of kindness and/or act sabotage which slows down/cripples the oligarch’s eugenics operation (and is life affirming) deserves to be celebrated and highlighted.

        In doing so, these people are engaging in the inverse opposite of Lingchi and planting the seeds for life, healing and truth through a thousand acts of kindness and courage.

        The end result will be the opposite of death. It will be the birth of a new way of living, a new civilization (filled with self-governing, sovereign and empowered individuals) that will render the plutocracy obsolete, irrelevant, impotent and one day leave it behind to pursue more noble and enriching endeavors).

        Which path we take in the fork in the road (between technocratic slavery and the potential I described above) will be determined by the choices we make in the here and now.

  3. Great episode fellas! Speaking of the “15 minute city,” Detroit has transportation projects being constructed to “modernize” the city. Whatever that means? The whole idea is to mitigate I-375’s affect on disadvantaged communities (black neighborhoods). Sounds like the same idea as the “15 minute city” to me!

    Off topic, but anyone watched the new documentary “Died Suddenly?” Its about the Covid shots and all the people dying from them. How these morticians are finding these massive clots in people. It’s on Rumble. It was really good, hits all the right topics for a great Covid vaccine documentary! Check it out!

    Have an awesome day!

  4. I had to split this episode in 3 parts it’s so dark. Had to pause in the 7 minute mark. This is incredibly evil and dark… It is needed to communicate but realise (all of us) that this material, this MAID thing, is dark matter. Cleanse yourself afterwards 🙂 Stay healthy people, stay free!

    • ya i feel ya there, i went immediately to find something life affirming to do afterwards (to shake off the heavy vibes that contemplating subject matter like MAID puts on the heart and mind). I ended up packaging up some heirloom seeds to send out to teachers my wife knows that will be running school gardens next year and then writing in a gratitude journal (which helped immensely) 🙂 I did appreciate that good news story they threw in the mix too

  5. I vote we put the gallows within 15 minutes walking distance of the council chambers for convenience.

    • That’s an idea I could get behind. I think we should also have at least monthly but preferably weekly get together events where we could get to practice angry mob innuendo. And you know how these things go, as long as we are practising, maybe we practise a bit too much, get carried away, even if you are not angry to start with, maybe you get worked up and need to blow off some steam … But no harm*, no foul, right?

      *no harm does not apply to pain and suffering experienced by officials, bankers, propagandists, sellout artists, talking heads, news and media celebrities etc.

    • Oh!
      Finally, I understand what ya’ll are talking about…

      The “15 Minute City” needs convenient Waste Management Services.

  6. RE: “Story #3

    Following NWNW on Thursday night in the U.S., I was on the phone for a couple hours with a ramrod Fluoride Activist catching up together on all the many activist and Dallas area actions happening.

    We got sidetracked into discussing the chasm of realities in our local area.
    Some folks still wearing masks even inside their own homes, the sexual perversions and weird genderness meme and making pedophilia acceptable, the Dallas DA not prosecuting shoplifting thefts under $695 (daily), and how many ‘upper middle class conservatives’ are still locked into a naive Sunday School follow-authoritarians perspective.

    We were astounded that some folks still wanted their m-RNA booster shots, and how out of touch those folks are with what is going on.
    This led to a segue in our conversation hitting the “Simple Sabotage – #SolutionsWatch” type approaches in life, where one is defiant to the rules but in an adroit way.
    She says, “I know some folks who ‘got the vaccine’ but really didn’t. Wink-wink.” And I responded like-wise, “Yea, me too. But I can’t say anything about it. wink wink.”

    From there, the conversation shifted to each of us sharing war-story after war-story of how we “adroitly broke the rules in order to fulfil an honorable outcome”.

    Glorious Bragging
    Like military medals on a soldier’s uniform where the soldier goes over each decoration and how he got it, we took turns bragging to each other about an unconventional “break-the-rule” deed we had performed. The skills and cleverness and approaches were masterful as these escapades were shared.
    And just like 8,000 saltwater vaccinations, some stories will always stay behind closed doors.

    Some of those shared war stories are truly historic…
    When G. Edward Griffin first published “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, he was making the rounds touring/talking to different groups in order to push his book. One of those groups Griffin went to contained this activist gal and also at least one of the Hunt Brothers (think silver). Well, ole Hunt personally knew what a ramrod this activist gal was. He had seen it. One time she needed some funds in order to facilitate a campaign. Hunt wrote her out a check for 50k. She thanked him and thanked him, but he responded, “No. No. I want to thank YOU! I’m only writing the check. It is only money. It is you who I want to thank, because you are out there on the street interacting and actually doing something.”

    I lift my glass to insouciant defiance of the system.

  7. Smart cities, fifteen minute cities are all testimonies to the power of language and those who wield it for power.

    We have no need for the ruling class to tell us how to build sustainable life.

    For those interested in some fascinating discussions called Cities After….

    These are intelligent bi-weekly podcasts on how to reimagine city life and what people are doing about it.

  8. I have to say that I’m starting to enjoy these somewhat weekly news roundups by What’s Her Face almost as much as NWNW. I mean it’s 2 faces > 1 face, no way to shake that.

    FAKE NEWS cries itself a RIVER!

    This is apparently a new channel so you may want to do the needful.

    • The last 10 seconds somehow made it back from the blooper reel that was cut from the final product. Totally NSFW.

    • Interesting. Dr. Eric Berg DC mentions the iodine protocol which actually originated from Fluoride Activist Dentist Dr. David Kennedy who still has a video floating around “Bad Bugs In Your Mouth”.

      I’ve listened to Dr. Eric Berg’s videos before, and sometimes the information is helpful. It is the message which is important. That said, very recently I discovered something of which I was completely not aware in the slightest…

      Dr. Eric Berg is married to a nutcase Karen…and…much more
      Karen Berg starts at about the 4 minute mark.

      • It’s difficult for me to suffer through such logical blunders. First this guy goes balls deep on a character assassination of Berg because of him being a chiropractor (almost as insane as being a kooky tin foil mad hatter) and then doubles down on Berg misleading his viewers about being a doctor. Berg has a disclaimer on his videos about what “dr” actually means.

        • I 100 % agree with you about the Chiro criticism.
          All in all, in general, I hate strained criticism.

          However, the Karen “think process” which was written in her report just blew my mind. It was like a Nazi micro-thought micro-morals control obsession. Karen wants her husband to be a Ken doll while she plays with her imaginary ideal doll house and her pretend scenarios of how he should behave.

          • Men have the right to marry poorly. Too many abuse said right.

  9. “In clown world, everyday is a Halloween” Love it! Maybe you could put it on tShirts or cups? 😀

  10. Hi James, I remember you mentioning that when everybody dropped their PayPal that you lost a bunch of subscribers support….. did any of those people come back or are you still taking a hit?

  11. Curiously, David Ray Griffin has written a book called “Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive the CO2 Crisis?” What do you make of that?

  12. This is the official mainstream story of the German supposedly 8k NaCl jab nurse:,impfskandal122.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=de&_x_tr_pto=wapp

    Even though 9X% of mainstream news is lies and manipulation, it makes the alternative story making its way through alternative media rather incredible. Sorry 2x James, you do an amazing job, but here please check your sources.

  13. The 15-minute city trial in the City of Oxford will occur in 2024, they say. That is the same year that the “intergovernmental negotiating body” will submit a “WHO convention, agreement, or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response” before the World Health Assembly of the WHO. Interesting timing. Just in time for the next “pandemic”, where they can incorporate climate change and pandemic lockdowns together possibly.

  14. Totally distracted by JEP’s T-shirt all the way through this. I loved JAMC as a teenager. Didn’t realise anyone in America even knew who they were.

  15. Re: 15 minute ghettos

    Starts off at 15 minutes – to “flatten the curve”

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