Interview 1777 – Swiss Army Deploys to Protect Fat Cats at Davos – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Swiss Army Starts Security Deployment Ahead of World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting: “Cooperation in a Fragmented World” 16–20 January 2023

Story #2: ‘Robot Lawyer’ Powered By AI Will Help Fight Speeding Ticket As It Takes First Case In Court

Paywalled: AI Legal Assistant Will Help Defendant Fight Speeding Case In Court

New World Next Year 2018 with James Evan Pilato

Things That Will Absolutely, Definitely, No Doubt Happen in 2023

China Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Run Courts, Supreme Justices; Cutting Judges’ Typical Workload By More Than a Third and Saving Billion Work Hours

Story #3: FAA Lifts Airline Ground Stop As Delays, Cancellations Pile Up

White House Says ‘No Evidence of Cyber Attack,’ Brandon Briefed On Grounded Flights

Computer “Outage” Hits Canadian Flight System Hours After US System Went Down

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  1. Re: the third story, I don’t know exactly how cyber disruptions occur, except in many ways. I spent some time documenting data center hardware procedures at a large pharma company. It’s been 15 or so years, so I’m sure technology has advanced a great deal.

    Part of the work was to document disaster recovery plans, sometimes called business continuity plans. In short, if main systems went down, backup systems housed at entirely different sites immediately or within a very short amount of time kicked into gear so major functions were not disrupted.

    Having such plans in place is very common, if not mandated, in corporations. No doubt governments have them too. Cloud computing has probably changed the way such plans work a lot since I had any involvement with them, but I’m sure such disaster plans and systems are even more common and sophisticated than the hardware switches and servers of “old.”

    So color me skeptical when people start blaming system failures for anything but minor interruptions.

    • I thing that this disruption coincide with strong CME from the sun known to cause disruptions in gravitational field, communication etc. and sometimes even some power substations or similar installations may burn.

    • There’s quite a difference in resource cost between documentation of DRP (disaster recovery plan) and actual testing of a DRP system. When cutting corners to save on annual IT operating budgets, as profit driven corporations are wont to do, one item deemed unnecessary may be a real time DRP test. Not only does it cost in labor, it is a risk of system failure during the test. A redundant system is not the same as DRP and it is reliable for non malicious situations such as a regional outage or hardware failure. In the case of infiltration/cyber attack causing a full system failure you know the technical staff will be shittin bricks as they dust off the DRP playbook that was written by some retired engineer and hasn’t been tested for 5 years.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the issue, lekp. The membership has been cancelled as requested. FYI, you can always cancel your payments yourself at any time or you can contact me if you need help with that!

    • Now that’s 5star service!!!

  3. Finally…at last…another great episode of #NewWorldNextWeek.
    These always lift my spirits.

    • Yes!! They lift my spirits, too. 🙂

      I mostly don’t know about the events covered in NWNW until the Jameses review them, so often get a big laugh over how nutty things are getting out there.

      So grateful. Thank you!

  4. On the news letter th at tells news types the news…. there is a similar thing going for churches where Pastors can get whole sermons done for them. That kinda agenda setting c an shape things in large ways.

    The “Switched To Linux” guy has 2 other channels, tux traveler about v an life and Our Walk on religion where he goes into the Docent Group.

  5. For Canadian Corbetteers, I find this guy’s channel could be useful to get quick news about politics, economy, and an overall view of how Canada is doing. This video is specifically about the excess amounts spent on outsourcing consulting contracts that would be cheaper if the government just hired people to do the work internally:

    To help hold the government accountable, this organization could help:

    I posted here to let everyone know about this partially because it could point towards possible corruption happening in your country too. Heck, if Canucks are doing it, surely Yankees are too. Plus, it keeps research time lower if someone else is doing it already, right?

    • I haven’t watched the videos because they are on YouTube. I’d prefer an alternative platform. This may be possible if you provide hashtags and search-words for an alt platform.

      • In the second video, the interviewee represents this organisation:

        As for the first one, it is an influencer by the name of Russell Matthews who gives info on Canadian taxpayers’ money going to waste. He doesn’t seem to upload his videos anywhere else…

  6. Here’s a video that gives a couple of interesting details about the sex-change business.

    One, people who have had a sex change can’t, technically, have children afterwards. Could this be part of the depopulation agenda on top of the transhumanist agenda?

    Two, these people become lifetime clients. No explanation needed here.

    As a bonus, I’ll add a third one: many of the children receiving these surgeries actually needed a psychologist, not a surgery.

    • If you’re a tax paying American then you’re paying for neo vagina testing under the NIH. They’re working on it. They think that some day it, with enough scientific research and mutilation, it will be like a real vagina instead of a weeping filthy hole.

    • Your video link is a Great introduction to the profit driven trans agenda and a call out to everyone to fight back

  7. HaPpY nEw yEaR James and cOrBeTt RePoRtEE friends 🙂

    I have to say I shared this on GAB and got a like n comment from ‘JAMES CORBETT’ wow..interesting as I’m pretty sure James doesn’t use GAB to post. Turns out is a fan profile, uploading James content to GAB, not sure why people don’t say james corbett (fans) I’m sure they’d end up having great convos, better convos that way than people not being quite too sure who they’re talking to. Just my thoughts.

    Great to see you guys together, James P is looking a lot more relaxed now the move is over, and what struck me is the overt way the cult are behaving now, it really doesn’t matter, anyone can see how wrapped in cotton wool they are by tax payers providing an army for them…it doesn’t need to be done covertly anymore, just as the sexulisation of children, openly offering death as the first solution rather than offering healing is now overt and being normalised. Just as is telling people they need to depopulate the world to a large degree in order to fulfil their ‘green’ agenda is right out there for any to see. The covert in 2023 is certainly becoming the overt for sure. There is no other way these disgusting and immoral practices could be normalised otherwise…..jab injuries being normalised in the main stream propaganda channelling while encouraging and even demanding (for travel) people still take them…is this the new normal, the stuff they’ve previously hushed up becoming ‘normalised’ out in the open…accepted by the mass compliant? #solutions are our way forward through the madness, and it’s the solutions to this madness we need to normalise this year more than ever. x

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