Interview 1794 – The eLibrary is on eFire – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Dutch Farmers Rebel, Win Enough Senate Seats To Block Technocrats

“The BBB (farmers citizens movement) gained a staggering 17 seats and the ruling parties have suffered severe losses and won’t reach a majority”


ReMarkAble Clients

No Agenda Show: March 16th • 1538: FedNow (Relevant Content @ 6:22)

“The Dutch Farmers voted for BBB, not knowing their marketing and PR campaignes were funded by Bayer/Monsanto thru ReMarkable. ReMarkable started the BBB party.” //

Story #2: Internet Archive Strikes Back, Defies Claims of Hurting Book Sales, Defends Access to Digital Library

Hachette v. Internet Archive: All Our Coverage

The Library of Alexandria Is On Fire

Metallica Just Bought Its Own Vinyl Record Factory

Story #3: ‘9/11: The Fifth Plane’ Pilot, Flight Attendants Say They Were Targeted By Hijackers

Documentary: Fifth Plane Likely Failed Target During 9/11 Attacks

Search: 5th plane 9/11 documentary

Episode 346 – 9/11 War Games

The Many False Hijackings of 9/11

Tucker Carlson Cites Fall of WTC7 As Topic People In Media Aren’t Allowed to Ask About

Video: Tucker Carlson: The Truth Needs to Come Out

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    I found 9/11 too depressing so I am not well read on it, but it is my understanding that the whole “Box Cutter” thing came from the Call by Barbara Olsen to her husband Ted Olsen .

    It is also my understanding that these calls are NO LONGER cited in the official report because they are unlikely to have been possible with the cell phones of the time and there were not plane phones on her flight.

    The question being- is there any reliable evidence of Box cutters being the tool of choice on 9/11 or is this just a media thing? This mentions some box cutters, but the link to actual hijackers is not clear

    I vaguely recall hearing of this issue ages ago, but was listening to blackpilled do “boxcutter edition” on the subject a while back. He is a great cultural critic and deconstructer of propaganda but I do not think he is always a super methodical researcher.
    He gets ontopic about 11 min in.

  2. Regarding the BBB thing, I would expect the technocrats to simply do some trades and buy votes/seats. This method works great in my neck of the woods to form the fabled majority, even if it’s just +1.

    Shifting gears, Fauci liar in chief fans are going to love this.

    • I think first letters to the men and women acting as officials enforcing these edicts, then Notices of Liability and claims of harm, and cease and desist notices. In order to do common law filings, one must have been personally harmed. If you can find someone who would have traveled to the US, if not for the killshot requirement, you could do the process with them.

      I had a little chat with the Director of Public Health for my rural “region” of CT. (The word region in relation to anything gives me the creeps, after fully digesting the work of Rosa Koire re UN Agenda 21.) I walked into his office. He was gracious, handsome, intelligent and completely unmoved, unconcerned with any facts that contradicted his education (mind control). “Oh yes, people send me things like that all the time”. He shook my hand before I left, as I did give him a good challenge to his BS.

      Now, I have to get down and dirty and file a claim against him, backed by evidence. I may use Jame’s “Future of Vaccines” transcript. I had already printed it out, ready to use in a claim against the VA for killing my dad with the pfizer shot. An expert in common law warned me that they have passed new “laws” to protect against “paper terrorism”. At the time I was embroiled in a nasty probate battle with my sisters, who had taken Dad down for the killshot against my medical advice, and I let it go. (I am an Ayurvedic physician) My visit to Mr Public Health was impelled by literature I found at our community center, urging people to continue to get the shots, especially seniors.

      • I’m all for any type of action which holds these authoritarians accountable and makes them sweat. I want them to be haunted.

        I enjoy Schadenfreude spices with these slime.

    • mkey

      “… would expect the technocrats to simply do some trades and buy votes/seats….”

      Thats true, but if someone is trying to drive the car your in off a cliff turning the wheel so you dont tumble off right away is better then nothing. 🙂

      Technocrats are not the only interest group in the game. There are lots of interest groups, many of which will side with you for as long as its in their interests to do so.

      Think about how the teachers union is basically an arm of left wing politics-its not that teachers are all left loving but because they Union management gets goodies in return. If some other group offered better gibs they would switch in an instant.

      Banks are not necessarily all gung ho about a Fed Coin CBDC that puts them out of work, either.

  3. Great show guys. Thanks for your thorough research. Much appreciated. Always learn something.

    • Further down the page you link to, scam detector explains their methods and criteria, at least in a general way. It seems that a site that’s not very popular, domain created just five years ago, and somehow associated with other sites that scam detector dislikes, is therefore likely to be a scam. Certainly not persuasive to me. As you get further down the page it seems scam-detector wants to sell you some kind of service, which may or may not be useful, and may or may not be secure.

  4. RE: Story #2: Internet Archive Strikes Back, Defies Claims of Hurting Book Sales, Defends Access to Digital Library

    I thought that Corbett made some very, very good arguments in a short amount of time.

    I have business experience with “book sales”, so then, by extension, my comment’s credibility-factor automatically gives Corbett extra points. 😉

    • I remember several years ago, when they were screaming about people downloading music for free, Janis Ian said that every time she put a song out for free on the internet, her sales went up. James is right about the books getting sales they might never get otherwise, as some (myself included) prefer to read an actual physical copy of a book. The only books I DON’T have physical copies of, are those that have gone out of print, and are priced ridiculously high, IF you can find them. Then, I make do with a digital copy.

  5. Thank you again James and James for the best weekly news summary to be found anywhere. I highly recommend to all Corbetteers, a 12 hour documentary on Rumble, called Europa, the Last Battle.

    Despite being redpilled now for almost 10 years, the scope of historical deception that the world has been victim to, is astonishing me. I am only up to Pearl Harbor and havent got to the part about the Holocaust. But it appears that Hitler, although ultimately a tool of the controllers in the end, started out as a true hero for the German people. He didnt hate Jews or any other race or group. It was the Jewish banking cartel that was trying to destroy Germany, just as it is doing all over the world now. This video documents that he did everything in his power to avoid war, and my former hero Roosevelt, did everything in his power, with the banksters whispering in his ear, to enter the war and prolong it, ultimately delivering Europe to the bankers.

    • Detox

      “… It was the Jewish banking cartel…”

      Its not just in Banking system- its ALL of culture. The fall of the WASP ruling class led to their replacement by the Jewish one which had previously been their servants.

      We live in a Jewish culture and most of us have been colonized by a worldview and by ideas that were always essentially Jewish ones.

      The best books on that kind of thing are “Degenerate Moderns’ (a series of small biographies of the shapers of modern culture) and “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” (which is best read by looking thru the chapter headings and picking a cool one)

  6. Great show guys, I appreciate your reporting and all the resources you add to your shows for us to dive deeper.
    I definitely recommend to anyone your documentary’s, they are worth owning and sharing with others. My husband’s eyes were open by watching the 9/11 War Games.

    • I appreciate your handle. I may borrow it some time. 🙂 I suspect I have been christened Aunt Wacko behind my back. 😀

  7. Remember when Blockbuster was supposed to empty movie theaters? Kind of the same idea as Napster and Open Library.

    • lotusblossom

      Block Buster DID ‘help’ to empty movie theaters…. but it was the Big Screen TV and BlockBusters successor of streaming that did the job properly.

      Back in the old days most people in the US (and many in the UK) would go to the movies at least one time a week-also getting serials and news reel as well which TV replaced. The home movie let you watch at home, which only leave Visually Spectacular movies as a draw to the theater.

      I recall Dr EM Jones saying that Block Buster freed him from the need to go to a Film School, where you could book out the movie and show it, when he wanted to do criticism or get an overview of old film media.
      It allows you to watch yesteryear’s propaganda in a way you couldnt before, and wonder about things your not ment to wonder about.

      Home video let people watch, or even collect, movies that you flat out could not see because the Distributers always owned the movie reels and had total control over circulation. I think Roddy Mcdowl (the Planet of the apes guy) got fined because he had an actual movie collection which comprised films stolen from the theaters and resold to people rich enough to buy and store them (old movies were rather dangerous what with their tendency to catch fire or even explode).

      In a way the attempt to kill off Physical media and get us all on Streaming is trying to get us back to the days when there was near 100% control over what propaganda we can see.

      I think that this last point is why they are attacking things like Open Library and Internet Archive (and z library) . They do not like people getting ANY kind of input (truth, propaganda or even fictional) that can mess with the current ‘firmware update’ of how people are to think. I think jay Dyer said that his old Uni library had been cleared out of a ton of expensive books when he went back and (according to something he was reading) the plan was to almost totally get rid of books for normal people.

      As in the ‘Screwtape Letters’ by CS Lewis

      “… And since we cannot deceive the whole human race all the time, it is most important thus to cut every generation off from all others;

      for where learning makes a free commerce between the ages there is always the danger that the characteristic errors of one may be corrected by the characteristic truths of another. …”

      • This strikes at the real utility of the elderly in our society. They remember farther back than the rest of us. They took care of us so we should take care of them. It’s important to keep our old people as long as we can. Our enemies want us to see our grandparents as an economic drain. They are the economic drain. Keeping our grandparents is what money is for.

        • palama

          :…This strikes at the real utility of the elderly in our society. They remember farther back than the rest of us….”

          That is only Kinda true IMO.

          As I’ve gotten older I have noticed a drop off in the quality of old people. Back when I was a kid old people could tell you about the war or simple living. They had seen actual hardship and were happy to pass on useful skills. They were considerably more together and more moral then your average boomer (#NotAllBoomers!! 🙂 )

          In contrast the old people we have now are have are mostly folks who have lived thru an unnaturally wealthy period and have assumptions that this (being what they have always seen) is a natural state. They were unable to stop the disintegration of social cohesion and and morality which led us to Trans kids on TV. As a generation they let schools and TV raise their kids, which is probably why those kids let their millennial children turn out so horribly.

          There are a few boomers that I will miss, but Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are kinda the Archetype boomers beginning and ending that generations reign which has kinda sucked and burned an amazing amount of wealth on trash

          • Thanks so much Duck. Another rabbit hole to dive down it seems, but it is one that ties so much together, as all of them are really. The rabbit houses are all connected underground!!

            I am trying to get a meeting with a 98 year old lady in my town, German, who lived through many of the things I am now seeing with a different eye. I want to help her get the two docs I have been viewing, up on a screen.

            She doesnt volunteer her opinions, but enjoys my comments about the Europa doc, and another called Documenting Deutschland: the Suffering and Genocide of the German People. She left Germany for the US in 1959, so her family were most likely National Socialists. If I was a German from that era, I wouldnt want to volunteer too much information, given the century of mind control we Americans have had against Germans.

            I will look up the info you posted. Thank you!

            One thing that makes me sad, understanding the contempt that some Jews have for the goyim, is that I have elderly Jewish friends, COMMIES, who run our Peace Council, a chapter of the World Peace Council. One of them sent out a vile email, that shocked me, advising members that we wouldnt want to be at an AntiWar rally with Trumpsters and homophobes. (The fake left boycotted the bipartisan rally on Feb 19th)

            My two dear friends may be lifetime actors, with an agenda, maybe a Jewish agenda. I stopped going to the meetings after I realized that protesting with signs and banging drums WAS NOT changing anything. I attended this years rally specifically because it WAS bipartisan, and the beginning of a move for unity beyond parties and ideologies.

            The invasion of Iraq proved that the activities of my lefty friends wasnt stopping anything. Yet they continue to hold these meetings and plan protests and letter writing campaigns, the definition of insanity, repeating the same actions and expecting different results. I cant help but add that no other members are Jewish, as far as I know. 🙁

            • Detox

              “…My two dear friends may be lifetime actors, with an agenda, maybe a Jewish agenda. …”

              All people do that under normal conditions…. Ethnic politics is the normal way stuff used to work. You shouldnt hate them for it but you should probably looking out for your own group- be that your family, your ethnic group or your church.

              • Normal people dont tell lies to mislead others into dangerous territory, but of course, you are right as far as tending to my own life now.

            • Pardon the intrusion into your discussion with Duck, but why don’t you ask them, your “friends” if they are plotting along with some “Jewish” conspiracy and if they hate gentiles. I’d be interested to know what they said.

              Duck mentions ethnic relations and I think that kind of tribalism is common, like a defense mechanism and/or people who have things in common tend to associate with one another. Nothing wrong with that IMO. Violence is the problem and hatred that leads to violence and not being smart enough to figure out who the culprits are.

              My point is that I think that while it might be accurate that there are some wealthy Jewish elitists who are evil racist psychopaths who hate gentiles (or just hate people who they find inferior, Jew and gentile alike), extending this to regular people misses the mark. And that’s why it’s clever to use racial hatred to hide and deflect what they are doing. A lot of people are racist and it’s very common among all walks of life but people need to know who their real enemies are, the real threat to their existence. I’m sure that there’s a whole lot in that group that aren’t Jewish.

              On a side note, I don’t think National Socialism is the answer to our problems but I have notice that people are being corralled in that direction more recently which is interesting. I have nothing against people who believe in that as long as they leave me alone. The Eugenics and and racial/ethno state idea is kind of creepy to be completely honest. I mean no offense, just my own opinion.

              • I am no longer in that circle and if they are some type of lifetime actors, they certainly wouldnt tell me. At least one of them totally fell for (or supported) the scamdemic, and locked his family in their home for the duration. He also wrote a scathing letter dissing conservatives, who may be “MAGAS” or those racist Libertarians. That emailed letter was to discourage anyone in the council from attending the BIPARTISAN AntiWar Rally on Feb 19th, in Washington, which was a beautiful, UNIFIED AMERICAN response to the continuous effery in DC. I organized buses to that rally myself, btw. No keyboard commando here.

              • CU.h.j

                “…Jewish elitists who are evil racist psychopaths who hate gentiles (or just hate people who they find inferior, Jew and gentile alike), extending this to regular people misses the mark..”

                NO, I think that you will find that the attitude of disdain and/or disgust is quite widely felt by people who have adopted the jewish culture.

                It did not need a grand conspiracy for whites in the South to be in favor of segregation, and I REALLY doubt the majority of them spent much time “hating” blacks.

                Whites across political lines felt like that- just as Jews across political lines do today.

                As far as I can see the attitude of those whites towards blacks was probably about what you see in Jewish behavior today.

                People will always look after their own first- and jews have been embedding a persecution narrative for so many centuries that they will side with each other across ideology almost Every Single Time

                “… don’t think National Socialism is the answer to our problems…”

                Socialism is generally a bad idea.

                The issue of jewish subversion of society crosses national, religious and political boundaries. People as diverse as the Russian Tsars to the US WASP’s were having the same kind of worries about their behavior

              • “People will always look after their own first- and jews have been embedding a persecution narrative for so many centuries that they will side with each other across ideology almost Every Single Time”

                Glad you mentioned “almost” acknowledging that there are exceptions. The most compelling example is how the poisonous jabs and “green pass” were rolled out in Israel and data shows they were not some type of placebo and it sickened the population over there. The Jewish elite is killing “their own”. They don’t care about Jewish identity. It’s a tool used to divide and create hatred so that people will be afraid to side against them. This is why racial/ethnic hatred is not productive because it strengthens evil.

                I know that there are many Jews who do hate gentiles or “goyim” because my mom told me. She told me that she was enrolled in Hebrew school and the rabbi told her mom that they should throw my great grandma out on the street because she was Catholic and she tore the rabbi a new asshole and pulled her kids out of that environment. She never finished and I am thankful that I never had that indoctrination into tribal bigotry.

                I’m also glad that I don’t live in a national socialist state either because they would probably want to ship me out of the country or worse. The racial/ethnic identity stuff is not something that really appeals to me perhaps because I come from a mixed ethnic background and have had friends of various races and ethnic back grounds who are true friends. I can see and feel how this is wrong. It is wrong because it embraces hate and fear rather than love and trust.

                There will always be people who love people who are different and build a family and produce offspring that are from different peoples for better or worse they were created from love and are “gods” children. That is not evil or ugly or wrong IMO. People who say that is wrong and try to dictate who people should love and associate with are tyrants and I want nothing to do with them. I understand that many people associate with others who are like them and there are some who do not. Human beings are not bags of chemicals and DNA and numbers on a bell curve.

                However I don’t see anything wrong with peaceful assembly of groups of people based on whatever characteristics they find unity around as long as they are not violent and imposing their beliefs on me. I think unity around principles and good will are better than immutable characteristics especially here in the US. That’s one of the things I like about America is the idea that it is a place that supposedly values liberty and freedom and the right to defend oneself against tyranny.

              • cu.h.j

                “…The Jewish elite is killing “their own”. They don’t care about Jewish identity….”

                The British ruling class (which, as an aside, was already rather jewish and into “British Isrealism” ) had no issue with chewing up its own people in WW1.

                Thats what Ruling Classes do… they farm their people. and sacrifice some so that “The People” can win.

                The Ruling class of the South (see previous example) had no issue with killing its own people to preserve white supremacy either. I think you would find “The Populist Delusion” enlightening in this regard- I sure did. 🙂

                The IDENTITY of being jewish, the part that even an atheist jew can get behind, is based on the REJECTION of “Christian” values. Thats why you hear such gems as “Abortion is a jewish value”… and find that its true across politics.

          • I mentioned you in another comment in this thread I think. The impact of medicine such as blood pressure medication and anticholesterol medicine has had a deleterious effect on the minds of elderly men especially. Many elderly women also have austioperosis or chronic nerve pain from their medications. I think your comment is a little cynical. At what point were our grandparents supposed to reject the path we’ve been led down? Everyone has some of the blame, since the founding of the Smithsonian in 1850, to the first bankruptcy in 1871, to the founding of dept. of Ed. 1904, to the Fed bank 1913, etc. You’re buying into our enemy’s attempt to divide and conquer us when you hate on boomers, or otherwise attempt to view whole groups of people in a negative light: stereotyping–it’s bad.

            • palama
              “… At what point were our grandparents supposed to reject the path we’ve been led down?…”

              When they saw what it was doing.

              When they saw what it had done.

              I most certainly DO admire those who rejected the propaganda, just like I respect and admire people today who break thru the mental miasma.

              “…You’re buying into our enemy’s attempt to divide and conquer…”

              No, the tactic was mush everyone into an identityless mass of interchangeable parts.

              Division is good… why would I want to unify with people who are useless and possibly a danger to me?

              I would rather have one of two people who are aware and trustworthy then a whole mob of stupid people or cowards.

              “…. stereotyping–it’s bad….”

              Stereotyping is a simple survival heuristic…its the short hand way humans use to make a ready guess on whats likely to happen. It is not infallible but it IS useful.

              People who do not take into account the TYPE of person they are dealing with are pretty stupid.

              BTW here is a rather cool video on the psy op that was done to the boomers- who I do not ‘hate’, they are mostly irrelevant now anyway.


      • Well, if you factor in Netflix, Hulu, etc, yes, theaters are mostly empty now, partially because we don’t need to leave the house, partially because it is so darn cheap compared to theaters or movie rental. BB forced us to go out, which meant that we often wanted the big screen anyhow which, you gotta admit, is not replaceable. If you’re going to pay at least 5 bucks for rental, might as well go to the theaters.

        As for collecting movies, most of those who did that only bought the ones they had already seen and liked enough to watch them over and over again.

        If you ask me, BB didn’t make enough damage to really notice a big difference. It’s the streaming services that did the job.

        I can see how all of this will lead to tighter control of what we lay our eyeballs on, though. And I see the connection between BB and streaming services. It’s a path towards another type of unwanted BB.

      • Yes, there is an effort to destroy or suppress works in the public domain. Please find my comment in this thread. Our enemies do want to cut us off from the past. It was smart of CSL to write that quote and very apt of you to remember it.

        • History only exists in individual minds. Learning history is a personal quest and one book leads to another, usually farther back. This is what William Blake meant when he said, “I give you the end of a golden string (meaning that he was the last representative of his tradition), simply wind it into a ball and it will lead you in at Jerusalem’s gate.” This reference to Jerusalem connects Blake with John of Patmos and the eschatological prophetic tradition. There is a lot to read along that line:

  8. James,

    Given that you mentioned Napster, It would be interesting if you had an episode talking about the *real* equivalent story of Napster for e-books which is not but the crackdown of Z-Library and the involvement of Google and the FBI, and the capture of the alleged russian (Surprise! Surprise!) administrators.

    Most of the story is summarized by torrentfreak, among the others:

    • Thanks for bringing it up, I was not aware. I did notice they change the domain often.

    • Blackpilled was doing a thing on some TV show from the 90’s, i was not paying attention to which one (hands full at time) , and he mentioned that one BIG recurring villain type was the Small (usually nazi) Print Shop owner…. he said that back then such places were almost the only source of Non-Corporate media.

      The ability to get your hands on books by folks that are kept out of print or super expensive or (Like Nesta Webster) got memory holed is one of the few good things about the internet.

  9. The great downfall of Capitalistic societies is their emphasis of power through possessions not knowledge. Here in America it is more important to have a pair of $300 canvas shoes then a library of interesting books.

    As you know James we go back a dozen years or so when you used one of my songs for segues. If only Americans would be inspired by others efforts ‘round the world or songs of optimism and actually be activists. We have grown to fat and lazy on the work of those of us who were in the streets in the 60’s.

    Marching with over 100,000 people on the streets of San Francisco was very inspiring for sure.


    • ejdoyle

      “…We have grown to fat and lazy on the work of those of us who were in the streets in the 60’s….”

      The work of those activists of the 60’s is exactly WHY we are living in an atomized, narcissistic society of self indulgent fat and lazy people. The hyper focus on self (rather then family, community, religion or tradition) that the boomers were programmed with has led us directly to where we are.

      • Why do you people chose to talk in pop culture cliches’??? You are just playing to the game of divide and conquer by identifying by your birth year circumstance!

        Get over it. Go make some changes that are real rather then hanging out in cognitive bias, keyboard commando nonsense.

        Everyone’s an expert on foolishness but an idiot about reality.

        I was one of those activists…shot at, phone tapped, tailed and more. We had no idea of the monster we were facing, just part of the story.

        Here is but a small piece of the truth, not pop culture gossip…
        At work today: UN Agenda 21&2030; UN Wildlife Project; The New World Order Agenda, and others.

        ALL of them part of the planned reduction of the population under 24/7 track, trace, and data basing living in 5G SMART cities, no private vehicles, no access to the country side, most living on the Government dole and forced to obey any laws or regulations put out by the Government to maintain the dole.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        A few of the 45 Communist Goals from nearly 60 years ago that are quite successful in their goal of taking down our Republic (searchable):
        Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

        15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

        17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

        18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

        20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

        21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

        25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

        26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

        40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

        WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

        • ejdoyle

          “…I was one of those activists…shot at, phone tapped, tailed and more. We had no idea of the monster we were facing, just part of the story….”

          Well… assuming you were a 60’s counter culture activist YOU ‘WON’. The 60s counter culture IS THE DOMINANT CULTURE NOW.

          Every single one of the desires of the counter culture have come to fruition and the terrorists and subversives of that period now have cushy positions in Gov and academia.

          How do you like the world you helped build?

          “….A few of the 45 Communist Goals from nearly 60 years ago…”

          were ALL achieved thanks to the Counter Culture….If you were an activist for that cultural movement you were, personally, helping to bring about the changes in that list.

          Just like the SJW, BLM, and Antifa today the activists then could have done nothing unless the Elites WANTED them to bring about those social changes. You were fighting FOR the monster, not against it.

          • You are fool trying to win your own argument rather then honoring the effort of an elder.

            Go away.

            • ejdoyle

              “…t rather then honoring the effort of an elder….”

              You do see the irony here?

              Considering the 60’s attitude towards the efforts of THEIR Elders it is rather funny that they should expect to be Honored when THEY get old.

              • You are living in the controller’s made up version of history with no real understanding of what happened.

            • ejdoyle

              “…You are living in the controller’s made up version of history with no real understanding of what happened…”

              “Ok Boomer”

              Look, I am totally not blaming people who were fooled. I have been fooled before myself…on the other hand refusing to see how you were fooled on the other hand is Not worthy of respect or even pity.

              • Facts/Truth

                Your favorite sports team lost a game. You rush to your favorite sports blog and debate with others about who did what and why spouting all the FACTS, averages, etc. Even name calling comes in to prove some point.

                What you don’t know is the team threw the game on orders from the owner’s agenda TRUTH. So all that postulating and huffing and puffing to prove your point is moot.

                I have been offering the Truth to people for many decades. But alas, the trap of cognitive bias (holding on to beliefs) cripples the thinking process.

                I used to enjoy face to face discussions with friends and strangers. But those days are gone.

                I don’t care about people’s “opinions’ these days. Either you are awake to the TRUTH (Bigger Picture) or trying to wake up to it or you are not.

                All the blogs are filled with the same nonsense. Children playing at word game dialog provided by the controllers.

                This includes religious nonsense, male/female dating “FACTS,” political mumbo jumbo, etc. Your arrogance and name calling means nothing to me. If you had anything to offer but pop culture scripted ideas it would be evident.

                I come to James’ site as it was the first one I interacted with a dozen + years ago and now the last.

                I don’t count on any of the “regulars” to offer me anything but I do know the lurkers have gone to my music/essay site by the thousands and that is what counts.

                So please, just don’t reply to anything I post as you are incredibly boring and full of yourself. OK?

            • ejdoyle

              “…So please, just don’t reply to anything I post as you are incredibly boring and full of yourself. OK?…”

              Ok….. Boomer 😉

          • I don’t think all the activism was bad or all the activists were bad. I also wasn’t alive so don’t have personal experience. Sweeping generalizations are often inaccurate. It’s good to qualify statements and back them up with evidence.

            Some of the activists were just shit disturbers and idiots I’m sure, the ones that threw feces on soldiers coming back from Vietnam. That was really messed up. The Marxists influence in the civil rights movement was not something I was familiar with before. But I do think that some of the people had their heart in the right place.

            I do think though that the “activism” now is much much different from the 1960s partially because people are much less intelligent now. Some people really were protesting because they wanted to stop the war because it was destructive and they saw actual footage on the news and became disgusted. And some people really believed that all citizens deserved equal protection under the US constitution. Afterall, if you’re a citizen it’s fair application of the law on the books.

            • There was little to NO bra burning or throwing things at the soldiers. When the troops came home on the west coast it was not in front of the public. That is all propaganda from the controllers “entertainment” machine.

              The problem here is far too many people get their “facts” from Internet gossip and not talking to people who are and were involved in the issues.

              • ejdoyle

                “…The problem here is far too many people get their “facts” from Internet gossip and not talking to people who are and were involved in the issues….”

                The FACTS of who was funding the movement, how the Gov controlled it, and the ethnicity of the prime movers is neither a secret nor hard to discover for anyone who likes to read.

          • The 60s counter culture was a social engineering project of Tavistock, starting with the Beatles and culminating in the Wierd Scenes Inside the Canyon. (See the book by Dave McGowan)

            Anyone who fell for “sex, drugs and rocknroll” was just another dupe, just as the previous generation fell for Hugh Hefner, the Playboy Clubs, and the “rat pack” mafioso entertainers on TV.

            Why are you continually trying to find fault and blame. I say YOU GO AWAY, because you are most likely a troll.

            • You are talking made up history pop culture “facts” and insight like reading the script of a TV movie of the week.

              I read the late Dave McGownan’s a decade ago or more. Around the time I made contact with James on his old show.

              I find “fault and blame” because I am a designated adult and thinker. I don’t speak in pop culture nonsense and cliche’s. People on the web seem to have no idea of the bigger picture of how they are under direction of the controllers.

              Here, go figure out if I am a troll…..

        • “We had no idea of the monster we were facing,”

          True. And sadly still true today.

          Ephesians 6:12
          “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

            • I’m not very religious either Doyle, but Christianity is much more than a religion. Consider it while there is still time.

              (For the record, I don’t need your permission to address you this way)

              You’ve spent the better part of your long life trying to make the world a better place. You’ve done what you and your peers thought would help bring about justice and fairness among men. You did your best to change minds and hearts and that is certainly better than abetting the wickedness knowingly. So I commend your efforts as far as that goes.
              But your efforts were futile because you rejected the only one who could actually heal the world.
              Now you write words/songs that decry the state of the world and beseech people to read them so that they might agree with you that the state of affairs is horrible.
              You’ve become so bitter and defensive that if someone doesn’t fully endorse your position you drive them away and refuse to engage with them in civil discourse.

              You’re living in your past and refusing to let go of what has failed you.
              Soften your heart and open your mind Doyle. Let go of your pride. Where has it gotten you after all? Have you attained peace of mind? Have you found joy? You can you know. Its not too late.

              Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding
              Proverbs 3:5

              It might be too late for God to fix this world. But He is the only one who could.

              If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
              2 Chronicles 7:14

              But it definitely isn’t too late for God to heal E. J. Doyle. He died for you and all you have to do is believe that. And the best news is that if you ask Him, He will even give you the faith to believe.

        • It appears that you have a keyboard, so doesnt that put you in the “keyboard warrior” category? Truthfully dear, you have no idea what any of the commenters are involved in during the vast majority of time we are not on this thread.

          Other than that snarky remark, your comment is excellent.

          • What is this “dear” crap??? I don’t know you or have given you permission to talk that way to me.

            The reason I don’t know what commenters are doing is because they are doing nothing. If they were they would offer insights.

            • I call Troll. Done with this conversation. Continue with your divisive bs elsewhere.

              • Some anonymous name on a blog is suddenly word cop?? I’ve been a supporter of James over a dozen years. You use the pop culture, digital nonsense vocabulary of an adolescent like on the Gateway Pundit, Black Listed News or The Donald.

                Unable to articulate anything but cliche’s.
                “divisive” ?? 🙂
                When your mind is soft, words have sharp edges.

                Go to my web site on BitChute and get some Brain Food, it is delicious and good for you.


  10. The internet archive is on fire. On the public domain side, old books are being deleted. I was able to rescue one such book and I want to tell you the story:

    So, since about 2000, there has been an effort to digitize old books from university libraries so that it will no longer be necessary to maintain the physical copies. The people working on this project believe they are preserving old books for posterity. In reality, some priestly agent goes back after the scanning is done and deletes them. Many thousands of college students support their stipends by doing such library work. The copy of the book that I saved was published in 1616 and scanned in 2013. It was deleted in 2019. Until 2019 there were many redundant copies of this work, all of them had been scanned by universities. The only reason I was able to save this copy was that it didn’t have a cover and was therefore listed under its long title (printed on the title page). In the weeks after I downloaded it, it was also deleted (prove it by clicking the link above). This book contains several extra-titular works which the public has no access to or knowledge of. This particular book was written by King James 1, and is the most openly anticlerical writing I have ever read from the baroque age. It refers to the false Jews and the Synagogue of Satan (as does Revelation itself). I am happy to present my transcription of these extra-titular works on my substack, free. Here is the latest transcription I posted earlier this week:
    (Yes, Duck, I’m the same one you chatted with last year still doing the same thing. I just reached 100 subscribers and some poor soul (God bless this person) gave me $50 yesterday. The entire Paraphrase Upon The Revelation is now available.)

  11. Well I never! I didn’t even realise that this library existed! I am studying music atm and beyond all the composition stuff I am researching Handel’s switch from composing opera to oratorios for an assignment. This is a god send! I was actually planning to visit my local library to see if there were any books that could help (and probably still will) but this is an incredible resource.
    Thank you!

  12. I find Mark Rutte to be extremely arrogant and am delighted to see the Dutch people possibly rising up against his governance. This video where a new MP gets to question Rutte on his views on Schwab’s Great Reset book is well funny. The woman at the back certainly thinks so! Makes me smile every time!

  13. I just watched a video on who was appointed rapporteur for the investigation of the scandalous Chinese intervention in Canada’s last 2 elections… and I’m not in the least bit surprised. For anyone who hasn’t seen the big news, this is yet another Liberal appointment (no surprise there) with a major conflict of interest (still no surprise). Who is this man? Well, let’s just say Justin used to go ice skating and build snow forts with his daughters way back when, because daddy and Johnston were very good friends (and of course, Justin is still friends with his family).

  14. Thanks for your piece on BBB. The ReMarkable background story is new for me.

    It was already clear BBB is not really a farmer’s party. They rarely go against the government, even voting in favor of forced buyouts of farmers. The members of BBB are former politicians for government parties (CDA and VVD.) The main stream media presented them as sympathetic, so they won 17 out of 75 seats. Not enough to block anything, and no reason to believe they’d want to.

    But the real story of the Dutch election is where those 15% BBB voters came from. It was a 15% vote swing from FVD to BBB. FVD was the only party questioning the Covid narrative, the Ukraine war, or Climate Change. And they lost most of their seats! This is good news for the government. The most powerful Dutch EU bureaucrat (climate czar Frans Timmermans) celebrated the results for that reason.

    Like you say, one can’t help but notice that Build Back Better also abbreviates as BBB. And lowercase bbb looks like the Number of the Beast.

    BBB voting behavior:

  15. I like Archive dot org in general for the many important services the website provides but one issue I have with their set up is they apparently cast a really wide net with their “spam filter”. That has (on multiple occasions) resulted in a large amount of photos and text I took the time to gather together for a post getting stuck in limbo with these silly “slow down” error messages showing up and all my pics and writing are lost.

    There is apparently no “awaiting moderation” mode for posts that trigger auto-spam filters in Archive dot org, from what I can tell, they just block the entire post and chuck it in the trash. Now that I know their website does that I back up my posts prior to attempting an upload, but it has still meant I wasted lots of time gathering photos together only to have them bounced and blocked for unknown reasons.

    I don’t know if it is the amount of pictures or the amount of links or some other factor that triggers their spam filter but it is very inconvenient and not optimally set up.

    If anyone knows a work around I would appreciate suggestions.

  16. A shadow library worth mentioning is Library Genesis. Zero registration.

  17. Unrelated to this topic, but still relevant, I think. This video is from a prepper who is making a link between food issues we have today and WWII. She is seeing a pattern and is warning us to stockpile items that will be eventually rationed if a WW breaks out:

    The reason I am posting this here is because this would be a way to make people live without certain types of food and then, find a way to keep it that way after the war is over. Once we are all used to eating rations, perhaps zee bugs will suddenly seem appealing to some? Lol

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