Interview 1797 – GMOs For Thee, Not For Me! – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Finland Formally Joins NATO, Doubling Alliance’s Border With Russia

NATO Sec. General: “We Will Welcome Finland As The 31st Member Of Our Alliance”

Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup; Obama Admits US “Brokered Deal” In Support Of “Regime Change” (Feb. 3, 2015)

Forget ‘Creepy’ – Biden Has A Major Ukraine Problem (Apr. 4, 2019)

How Finland Joining Boosts NATO Defences Against Russia

Finland In NATO: Strategic Shift With Limited Material Gain

Taiwan Set To Start Receiving Javelin Missiles In 2023

China Warns Philippine-US Base Deal ‘Endangering Regional Peace’

Saudi Arabia Decides To Join Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Meet The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Saudi Arabia Reportedly Considering Accepting Yuan Instead Of Dollar For Oil Sales

India Announces Trade Settlement In Rupees With Malaysia, Gives Blow To Dollar Hegemony

Ditch The Dollar Movement Grows As Moscow Calls For Creation Of Common BRICS Currency

“But The Digital Ruble Is Different”

US to Fast-Track Abrams Tanks for Ukraine By Choosing Older Version

Britain to Send Depleted Uranium Shells To Ukraine For Challenger 2 Battle Tanks

@Eurovision was created by @NATO

Story #2: Disbelief As “Green King” Gives Royal Assent to New Gene Breeding Technology

Coronation of Charles III and Camilla

King Charles’ Outrageous List Of Daily Demands Revealed

Royal Chef Reveals ‘Fussy’ Prince Charles Must Travel With Personal Breakfast Box Stocked With Favorites

You’ll Be Stunned By All Of Prince Charles’ Strange Habits

Prince Charles Very Unusual Request During Overseas Tours, State Visits Abroad

Prince Charles’ Food Habit During Visits: “Not Everybody Thinks It’s A Good Thing”

Biden Sees Future In Ag Biotech

Private Jet Flights Tripled, CO2 Emissions Quadrupled Since Scamdemic

Story #3: US Senate Votes to End COVID-19 National Emergency

America Launders $276B In Scamdemic “Relief Funds”

Japan To End COVID-19 Border Controls On May 8

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  1. Historical Record

    Bookmark this stellar New World Next Week episode! It contains an intense historical record.

    • It’s a record of abuse, trauma and mind control. Let us not forget it.

      What’s with these people and month of May, anyway?

      • I personally think that the official system is unraveling rapidly.
        The damn holding all the bullshit is about to burst.

        Government, authoritarian and corporate public trust is in the pits.

        The C-19 vaccine narrative is a disaster, excess deaths and injuries around the world. Thursday, the Highwire had stats on Austrailia’s excess deaths.
        The EPA and CDC look like corrupt fools with Ohio, PFAS and fluoridation.
        Financial institutions are quietly exiting ESG.
        Trust in mainstream media keeps dropping as folks move towards alternatives.

        I think we are about to see a BIG financial trainwreck.
        Market participants are placing their bets on it.
        From Steve Van Metre
        These 10 Big Banks Are Next to Fail as Speculators Bet Big These Banks Won’t Survive Much Longer
        At the 9:22 mark, he shows a graph of M-2 Money Supply.
        In this video, (and in other various pundit financial videos), it is nice to see people talk about “money creation” via the loans which banks make.
        Most Americans have no clue on how money enters the system.

        • I do think an exponential rise in anger and misery is to be expected. We’ll see how much bloodshed is going to be required this time around to appease our masters.

        • @HomeRemedy
          “I personally think that the official system is unraveling rapidly.”

          What gets presented here and at other “alt” blogs are IMO just reflections of the controller’s agenda of take down of humanity.

          The “facts” have been quite clear for a hundred years or more:

          *The “Pandemic”
          The 1954 Bilderberg Manual “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,” which laid out the strategy for genociding 90 percent of the world population…
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          Since the mid 1800s, American citizens have experienced an ongoing influence to embrace the tenants of the political state, just as humanity surrendered their spiritual autonomy for the religious church state. It is desired that people see the state as “The march of God through history”, that the state is also God, and it is a citizen’s duty to serve God by serving the state.

          This goal is being expressed through a spinoff of the Illuminati. it’s real name is Chapter 322 and is known as Skull & Bones (The Order), a senior only “social club” at Yale University. Since 1833. The major weapon of Skull & Bones in assisting the agenda of the New World Order is the Hegelian dialectic process based on the writings of a German philosopher Georg William Hegel, 1770 – 1831.
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          *A few of the 45 Communist Goals from nearly 60 years ago (searchable) put into the Congressional Record…

          Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

          15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

          17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

          20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

          21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

          25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

          26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          and from Morning Joe’s father in law…

          Zbigniew Brzezinski
          Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (written 50 years ago)

          “People, governments and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations.”

          “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.

          “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          1:28 of brilliance from the late John Trudell, co-founder of AIM, from 1980 on what we are now experiencing…

  2. Japan can borrow may 8, but it truely will be the upgrade for australia day mate.

  3. NWNW is my ultimate favorite watch. The two James’ are so complimentary it is seamless. Thank you both for these segments.
    Looking forward to following along during these tumultuous days ahead.
    All the best.

    Teresa S

    • teresa smith says:
      NWNW is my ultimate favorite watch.

      Ditto here!
      Sometimes the clever statements come so fast that I have to rewind to catch the full drift.

  4. There is a book by Joan M. Veon, who has since passed away, called “Prince Charles, the Sustainable Prince.”

    C/P the description:
    As a result of covering two dozen United Nations and U.N.-related conferences in the last four years, Joan Veon has come to believe that the connection between the British royal family and the United Nations is not coincidental but provides the way for America to be rejoined with Britain. She states that when the Senate ratified the United Nations Charter, America reverted back under British rule thus fulfilling the goals of Cecil Rhodes, the diamond and gold magnate, who left his fortune to achieve this very goal. What this means is that Prince Charles, as heir to the British throne, has a bigger role to play in world affairs than what people could imagine. She knows that he is a “Renaissance man” and a man with a mission. As a result of his behind-the-scenes role at the United Nations, Prince Charles is responsible for changing the order of life from the biblical perspective of man having dominance over the earth to one in which the earth has dominance over man. One of the major environmental philosophies which runs tantamount to this is that of “sustainable development.” Because of his global orchestrations, she has dubbed Charles “the sustainable prince.” This is a must read for all those who seek to understand the day and the hour and the powers that rule over us.

    I don’t have the book, but I want to read it but not for the prices I’ve been finding.

  5. I read that only citizens can enter the US without being jabbed, still.
    Well, the FED renews it’s deals with the BIS in May, also.
    And May 12 is the first day of the “Seven Days in May”.
    There’s some big thing planned for May 19, also. What was it?

    All in all, here comes full on military law, is my bet.
    Prince Charles favors fresh, organic human babies, right? Along with other mammalian flesh and blood? Veal and lamb?

    • So, so sad openlens…

      Many people clearly don’t mind being forced into extreme serfdom..for the rest of their lives and beyond…? ??

      Not being able to enter the US is no punishment for me..and/or millions of other people…

      There’s a reason a LOT of Americans are leaving the US these years..we could ask the old sad colonials why …as this IS where all this direct madness comes from…my old, old continent and their religions want to have all power, they want it everywhere and, at all times ….

      We cannot allow that….right!?!?

  6. James on the scamdemic:
    “Looks like they did win huh?”
    Yes they sure did and no one will ever be held accountable.

    Here’s my philosophy on the great false flags events over the past century or so.
    Whether it’s WWI, WII, JFK, RFK, MLK, Oklahoma, WTC first bombing, 9/11, all the 20th and 21st century ‘pandemics’ including Covid-19 etc.

    If no one is put away behind bars within the first few days or weeks of the event, it’s a done deal, a complete success and no one will ever be held accountable.

    • They appear to be batting a hundred. Or whatever is the correct expression, I don’t baseball.

      If the entire system is ran by scumbags then one should not expect any scumbag will get served with some justice. I see it as an afront to liberty when people clammor for “someone to do something about whatever”. That sort of mentality is at the very basis of this system.

      From time to time a politican may go down (we have seen an ex prime minister dragged through courts for decades now, who knows what’s up with that smoke and mirror show) beacuse they probably stepped on soke toes, but one needs to ask some key questions:

      – What would be an appropriate punishment for mass murderers?
      – Who should deliberate on the circumstances and execute the punishment?
      – Who exactly were the enablers?
      – How to redress the grievances, if at all possible, in a fair way?

      Much easier to just clammor for whatever.

    • I think about that often. (i.e. “not held accountable”)
      Sometimes, I get so disturbed and haunted by this aspect that my normal mojo stride gets murky.

      One example of many:
      Dr. Deborah Birx
      “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines,” Birx told the Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto.
      Birx, who is promoting a new book in which she confesses she manipulated data and quietly altered CDC guidance without authorization, was responding to the question of what she would say to unvaccinated people who in light of the ineffectiveness of the vaccines in preventing COVID might ask why they should bother getting the shots.

      Where are the mobs with pitchforks and ropes?
      Her head should be on a pike outside the White House.

      Corbett recently wrote about psychopaths and sociopaths in his newsletter.
      It is easily observable that Birx is not remorseful for the damage that she caused, nor does she see anything wrong with deceiving the American people.
      Corruption and Deception have been normalized, even when innocent people are harmed.
      Evidently, it has become ‘okay’ in society to aspire to sociopathic tendencies.

      • It’s all about shifting the focus from a war with Eastasia to Eurasia without anyone even noticing. What was held as the most revered truth of yesterday today is nothing but the most malevolent lie that is to be frowned up. People misremembered, that is all.

        The most important thing to remember is that these liars and crooks did not put a gun to anyone’s head and that is how it’s going to go down in history.

      • Demoralization of the enemy is at the top of the list when you are a psychopathic Communist Dictator. But then, a lot of this shit is destruction from within, which I think has to do with psychopaths here at home making people unwilling to fight their evil. The Corporate Propaganda Media does a fine job of Brain Washing People, and if you were among the Brain Washed who got the EUA Experimental Injections, how likely are you going to be to have any confidence in your self now? I think that for the most part, people have turned into Zombies, but, the revolution rages on as they sleep walk.

  7. The second I saw that Japan had dropped the entry requirements I went to JAL to book a flight- which has gone up 400%. Hotels I loved don’t seem to be accepting foreign visitors any longer, presumably the oiks are unbearable- I noticed it on faces even in 2019. Another loss to grieve.

    Everyone should really watch this conference from La Quinta Columna -there are English subtitles. Ricardo looks at graphene in vaxs under a microscope in real time, not only Covid but even local dental anaesthetic. It’s horrifying.

    The speech by poet Aaron Garcia Peña at the end is pure inspiration.

  8. Thanks very much both of you!

    20 years ago I wouldn’t have believed so much direct psychopathy could or rather, would be allowed/taken by the population of our planet…

    But the psycho’s are now clearly already starting to celebrate ?

    Can we please get these old monarchies and not least all their un-holy religions stopped!?!? Sooner rather than later/too late …

    I for my part, am more than “royally” pi…. about them all and, will have absolutely nothing to do with their mind control, eugenics and what have you…absolutely nada!!

    Exactly where are the critical thinking masses? All sleeping or, maybe all victims of lobotomy, MK-Ultra and the likes??

    WAKE UP please…is this really what you want…extreme slavery?? I neither can nor will believe this …???

  9. Charles is the king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England is just one country that makes up the UK. As a Brit it’s very annoying to hear Americans constantly make this mistake. It shows ignorance.

    • @gavin.s

      As a descendent of the Druids I find it annoying that all you people who live in what is now called the “United Kingdom” refer to that land with such arbitrary imperialist titles.

      Only joking.. I have not traced my bloodlines that far back or anything but you see my point. Judging from our shared first name, we likely have an equal chance of being directly related to the pre-colonial / pre-roman invasion inhabitants of what is now called the “British Isles”/ “UK”. My fathers side goes back to Lord Mounsey of Sussex and my mother’s side to the Maclaurin Clan.

      You seem to be very attached to geopolitical ego identities (sometimes expressed in attitudes such as “patriotism”).

      I was born in what is now called “Canada” (also a title imposed upon this land by thieving imperialistic thugs) but I certainly would not get annoyed if someone from Asia talked to me and thinks that Trudeau rules over Canada, the United States and Mexico, since I do not care who such statist/corporate puppets and megalomaniacal clowns claim to rule over, as I do not recognize their claims as legitimate.

      You said “Charles is the king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

      Says who? Did you have a say in that? Does he remain a “king” over people that live in those lands and did not consent to that title, nor do they recognize his authority as legitimate? If so, under what authority?

      Thanks for the comment.

      And may the blessing of the earth be on you, soft under your feet as you pass along the roads, soft under you as you lie out on it, tired at the end of day; and may it rest easy over you when, at last, you lie out under it.

      beannachd leibh from Turtle Island

      • Charles is a spoilt manchild. That we share this era with such a ignoble little coward is a blemish on us all.

        • @mkey

          I do not know much about the man except from what my wife tells me (she likes watching old british tv shows) and from watching/reading posts like this one above as I am less interested in what useless idiots are claiming to rule over me (or some other group of humans) as I am in feeding my self and my loved ones, helping others do the same and planting food forests for future generations, but from what I have seen I have to agree with you.

          Have you been attempting any mushroom identification and/or foraging on your walks since we last spoke (and I shared those book suggestions) ?

          I am starting to see the forest floor and fallen logs wake up here in southern Ontario, with some Turkey Tail mushrooms and Wild Leeks (aka “Ramps”) poking out.

          I appreciate your comment and I hope you are well.

          • I purchased a book/guide/encyclopedia on mushrooms that grow in my general area and did peruse it a bit. I did manage to identify some mushrooms, but due to my documentary approach someone else did the picking. The wood area is not large and there are many people making the rounds.

            I also established contact with a local man, also a woods denizen, who knows quite a bit about mushrooms and is glad to share the knowledge. The past fall was quite dry so it wasn’t a really great year for mushrooms.
            More on on that, hopefully, during fall this year.

            As much as I don’t like talking to people, I am often reminded how important is to do that to make meaningful connections.

            I identified something in the leccinum family, probably a quercinum or an auranticum. This is a pine forest we are talking about and there are just a handful of oaks to go around. So boletus is a rare find and if you let go of it, you won’t get to see it the next day.

            There are quite a lot of the poor man boletus, the slimy variations. These are probably mostly suillus luteus and viscidus. Or maybe suillus grevillei. A whole lot of these a available. My guru says they are edible, but not recommended. The fact people don’t pick these probably speaks enough on that matter. My book says some of these are edible after you get the slime off.

            I also found a rather nice macrolepiota procera. This one is probably the best score in my area, considering boletus rarity, but I guess I was just too excited to take it home with me.

            • @mkey

              Sounds like you are more knowledgeable about the local fungi in your area than I am of the ones that grow here, nice work! 🙂

              Do you ever see any morels near where you live?

              I have been able to cultivate them with some success near the raised beds in my garden using a mature fruit body from the wild as a source of spores (and then mixing / blending the mushroom with a food source and some materials that shift the soil into an ideal range for the mycelium to take hold, such as hard wood ash).

              Thanks for the reply and I hope you enjoy your walks in the forest this spring and if you do not get to harvest mushrooms may you harvest an abundance of knowledge and food for the soul through sights, sounds and observations.

              • Mo, no morels here that I have seen. Not sure if it’s growing at all in the area.

                Do not think for a moment that I provided that information without using the book as a reference. I used the latin names as I don’t know the English names of these mushrooms. Latin is great for referencing species, better than a part number.

    • What about the Commonwealth countries that recognize him as the head of state? Wouldn’t that status give him an unfair (like any of it is fair) advantage at the UN? According to the late researcher journalist Joan Veon, Chucky the third has been working behind the scenes at the UN for decades to push the “sustainable” agenda on the common folks.

      Not that that would make him king of the whole entire UK like you said, I understand the gaffe there. We aren’t taught such things in school please forgive us.


    Dear lord. Not sure if you guys can endure the first half. Thankfully, at around 42 minutes mark Del then said something like “I respect your time [so I am going to shred your ass to pieces]”.

    And he succeded to an extent. Del showed way too much respect to this gutless sophist.

    • I watched that.
      Actually, I had never known who Neil DeGrasse Tyson was until Bigtree brought him up on a prior episode.
      I think Tyson is a terrible communicator.

      When Jefferey Jaxen was on, he went over the “Excess Deaths” in western Australia. That was very telling.

      • To now know about this guy is a great privilege. Even Del refers to hims as the face of science. Just like that other fraud, Nye the science guy and a scourge on truth.

  11. I saw 2 posts on social media (one recently, one a few years back) from people claiming that they were diagnosed with a mental illness because they were cautious about the food they ate, preferring healthy foods and avoiding the garbage sold in most grocery stores. Both claimed to feel much, much better after they stopped measuring portions and started eating McDonald’s. So, what does that say about our current monarch?

    On another note, I was also asked a few times for cell phone numbers and – worse – my personal ID in order to get access to either Facebook (I salt my data, so…) and once for PayPal (which I no longer use). It was all, of course, for security purposes. My money was withheld by PayPal while I was traveling in a foreign country… for my security. I need to specify that I had been there almost a year before they decided to finally do what was meant to stop a thief from stealing my money. Seriously?

  12. Did I understand correctly? No leaders were hauled in court about the scamdemic atrocities? There’s a lawsuit against Canada’s Attorney General that took place this past week. Trudeau himself wasn’t there, but doesn’t that count?,any%20other%20law%20of%20Canada.

  13. James,
    I say this with all sincerity. I appreciate your work in regards to the many documentaries you have thoroughly and skillfully done. In general I am in agreement with most of what you say. However, I have had a problem from time to time around one particular theme. Russia, Russia, Russia.
    It seems like you have a particular bias against anyone that would view Russia or Putin or the BRICS in any favorable light. The way you snark and belittle people that don’t share in your opinion is difficult for me to sit through. I am wondering if your only source for Russia information is Slavesquat?
    Does your anarchist philosophy create a world of absolutism at times? The BRICS joining together in not necessarily bad or good yet. How exactly would a group of nations go about challenging the dollar? Is a digital currency backed by a commodity necessarily bad? Sincerely, I don’t know. Can we have competing digital currencies around the world?
    I am not so sinical on Russia as you are at this point. This does not make me a “shill” or a Putin fanboy. Putin has actually done things that I deem positive at times. I try to recognize potential good when I see it.
    I live in Florida. I see good thing that came from Ron Desantis. He has actually done amazing things for our freedom here during the Covid insanity. So maybe I should reject him because he is a Republican and is simply another part of a broken system.
    sometimes it feels like you are shaming anyone that does not align with you in a total rejection of anything within this centralized system.

    • @Goldismoney

      Money is a concept, a belief system programmed into people about the value of a thing (usually an inedible substance that is declared as having value by some self-declared central bankers and/or an involenentary governance structure of some other kind). Precious metals may have had a perceived stability of value historically, but they are only worth something as long as people have food to eat.

      Thus, Gold is only ‘money’, as long as centralized infrastructures continue to exist. The current trajectory of our society is headed towards a point where those systems will falter (and perhaps implode altogether).

      While I appreciate your candor and courage to speak your mind (and I would never claim to speak for James Corbett) I personally do feel that “a total rejection of anything within this centralized system” is necessary if we want to co-create any kind of future worth living in or passing onto future generations.

      Russia is a nation-state. All nation-states involve the statist dogma (which is enforced by armed thugs) that is involuntary governance. Statism is immoral. End of story.

      It all boils down to this: if you are not willing to do the work with your own two hands to plant the seeds for this world becoming a better place (whether they be literal seeds or figurative seeds that are planted by some other form of hands on ‘cultivation’ in your local community) and you think some alternative monetary system or involuntary governance structure is going to make everything better, you are fooling yourself into believing a comforting lie.

      Whether it is some involuntary governance structure in Russia or the U.S. (or any other nationstate) claiming to have the answers to all your problems, these are the promises of an abuser that wants to inculcate you into a sort of Stockholm syndrome.

      Do not fall for their trap.

      Instead, choose to chart your own course forward, not a pre-chosen and well worn path, but rather trail blazing a path forward to create something better than that which has existed in the past.

    • It seems like you have a particular bias against anyone that would view Russia or Putin or the BRICS in any favorable light.

      I guess you haven’t noticed that people in the background are always the same?

      The way you snark and belittle people that don’t share in your opinion is difficult for me to sit through.

      It’s called “disagreement” and “getting upset”. You know what happens when you get upset? Nothing, nothing happens when you get upset.

      Does your anarchist philosophy create a world of absolutism at times?

      The very word anarchy means one thing: without rulers. So yes, it is absolutist by definition. This has nothing to do with James Corbett or anyone’s grandma, the meaning is baked in the cake, it is what the words stands for. Anarchy can not abide by any people who claim to be rightful rulers of others.

      How exactly would a group of nations go about challenging the dollar?

      Maybe these groups of nations should become groups of people and clean up their crap before looking at what the neighbours are doing.

      Is a digital currency backed by a commodity necessarily bad?

      Yes, it is bad, even more so if centrally controlled. Everything centrally controlled is built with one purpose in mind: to be centrally controlled and behest and whims of the controllers.

      Putin has actually done things that I deem positive at times.

      Do those things even out his actions of sending off countless thousands of people to their death?

      sometimes it feels like you are shaming anyone that does not align with you in a total rejection of anything within this centralized system.

      If anything, James doesn’t do this enough, and probably because he doesn’t want to scare off a bunch of overgrown children in (futile) hope of rescuing them. Which stands as a testament to his merit.

  14. But we do get a day off work to watch Brian’s coronation. I plan to watch the whole thing whilst wearing my union flag pants and eating a whole box Duchy Originals ginger biscuits to control the nausea.
    Great show again gentlemen. Thank you.
    “FBI informants in funny hats…” ?

  15. I love you Jameses! Im gently trying to get an elderly, but very intelligent and passionate lady (Trump Derangement Syndrome victim) in our church, to swallow a teeny weeny red pill.

    If she passes her qualifying exams, I will send her the last two NWNW links. You guys are so nonpartisan in your disgust with the political creeps, its just what the doctor ordered.

    Her preliminary exam questions are:

    “Do you think its good for men dressed like Dolly Parton to be hired to read stories to little children in public libraries? Or should we let them form their opinions on such characters, naturally as they grow up, as we did?” Please research Cultural Marxism for our next discussion.

    If she says that the Dolly Partons are a victimized, misunderstood, harmed and/or ignored class of people, I surrender. She is too far gone. If she believes that, she will never bother to go and look up Cultural Marxism. Game Over.

    I’ll keep ya posted.

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