Interview 1812 – Moving Ukraine Closer to NATO – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Invitation For Ukraine To Join NATO Not To Be Discussed At Summit

Ukraine Still Pushing for NATO Membership Commitment At Summit

Lockheed Martin ‘Standing By’ to Help Ukraine With F-16s

Video: Lockheed Martin Takes Part in DC Pride Parade

Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Latest News From Russia

Image: Community Chest – Accounting Error In Your Favor, Collect $6.2B

Pentagon’s Ukraine Accounting Error Revised Up to $6.2 Billion

Story #2: IMF Working on Global Central Bank Digital Currency Platform

Central Banks Successfully Test Over 30 CBDC Use Cases, Including Offline Payments

BIS Innovation Hub Work On Central Bank Digital Currency

PDF: HKMA-BOT Cross-Broder Payments Proof-of-Concept Project Leaflet

Aber: A New Era of Cross-Border Digital Remittances

Video: 6 Questions On Technology: Neil Postman In 1998 @ 11m30s

Video: Trevor Moore – “What Was Wrong With Swiping” (NSFW)

Video: Mitch Hedberg – “The Donut Joke”

BlackRock Close to Filing for Bitcoin ETF Application

In Sam Bankman-Fried Case, U.S. Withdraws New Charges

Story #3: Obama Proposes “Digital Fingerprints” On Content To Combat “Misinformation”

Amazon Shuts Down Customer’s ‘Smart Home’ for a Week After Delivery Driver Claimed He Heard Racist Slur Through Doorbell

Exactly what many of us have been warning about, and that applies in multiple ways to this situation. The technocratic lock out from your own home/devices – that by itself should be enough – then add that this was based on (incorrectly) perceived racism.

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  1. The LMT info is interesting. I retired from the facility where “they” are built. Interesting!

    Yes, LMT spends massive amounts of money to appease their benefactors with hollow inclusion, diversity etc … . Why not, at the end of the day it’s tax payer’s money. It’s laughably pathetic!!!

  2. Don’t forget: the movie “Sound of Freedom” is going to be released on July 4th 2023

  3. Mr Corbett, I am sorry that we disappointed you with our visions of the future (or lack thereof) 🙁

    I think in the medium to long term things WILL be ok for people who value freedom and (reasonable) autonomy more then comfort and licence.

    I hope THIS guy’s vision of the future, which he lays out in more detail then I think can be predicted, will cheer you a little

    The sad fact is that most people will always take the easy path, which is why (like my chickens) they are pretty easy to walk where I want them to go….. On the other hand my favorite chicken hated me and being stubborn, sneaky and suspicious hatched her (unauthorized) chicks out on the sly.

    Most of my flock have some of her genes now (which makes them extra hardy and devilishly smart) so they are getting harder to psy-op back into the coup before their ready for bed.

    • “In dark ages people are best guided by religion, as in a pitch-black night a blind man is the best guide; he knows the roads and paths better than a man who can see. When daylight comes, however, it is foolish to use blind, old men as guides.”

      ― Heinrich Heine

      Here are some of the tenets of the Foundationalism.

      It is nothing more than a theocratic call for a white-settler Christian dictatorship/fascism and actually if you read below, states this as most likely outcome.

      The fascists just invented a new word to make a buck.

      Swaddled in hierarchy with a hatred for reason we are told that the Christian West is our heritage and will be our heritage.

      Eugenics of course makes up a good deal of the fascist fairy tale, as the person who posted this comment commented about putting his eugenically clean, white little kids to bed.

      Poor kids. Wrapped in the great Wurlitzer of indoctrination they probably will always live in Plato’s Cave unless they can find the strength and wisdowm to get out.

      Below you can see some of the claims from ‘Foundationalism” which is nothing more than a harken back to traditionalism but foundationalism is good for it sells more books and gets more likes.

      “Foundationalism is grounded in what is universally known to be true, or what was once universally known to be true; it does not invent new truths. Thus, it contains a strong bias toward traditional Western knowledge and modes of thought, without calcification of application.

      The asteroid miner who knows his Aristotle and his Aquinas, and extracts metals to build great works with a picture of Henry the Navigator in his rocket ship—he is a Foundationalist.

      Thus, the iron core of Foundationalism is that it opposes autonomic liberalism, and plans to destroy it as Foundationalism’s first act.

      Only when the Enlightenment, political philosophy based on false claims of wholesale human emancipation from all unchosen bonds, is both gone and wholly discredited is a new thing possible, for if not, the serpent will whisper his sweet lies in men’s ears forever, keeping them fixed in the dream become nightmare.

      But for certain Foundationalism will be a mixed government, long known as the only feasible type of stable government. The new government will be a protector of the collective of society in its spiritual aspect; it will represent the nation as it should be, not reflect the general will. It could be Augustan—a limited dictatorship (and almost certainly will be to begin).

      The incoherence of the modern philosophers will be replaced with the older and proven teleological conception of man, as filtered through Christianity. The government will seek to encourage virtue in the populace, but the populace, and in particular the ruling class, is the necessary repository and driver of virtue, if virtue is to permeate a society. The aim will be for society to seek the good, which is already known, though its application to new circumstances and happenings may require discernment.”

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • weilunion

        I am not endorsing “Foundationalism” 100% but…. on the whole it certainly looks ‘something like’ the way things will come out.

        You see… the idea of total liberation from tradition has created nothing but
        a)More human suffering
        b)People who have become progressively less happy and mentally healthy
        c)A population that is atomized and easy for the Elite to control.

        Now, while I am sure that things were not wonderful BEFORE the Enlightenment (and would not be perfect in the described system) I AM sure that what we have NOW is basically a sterile, dying civilization.

        What you call ‘white settler culture’, on the other hand, IS the normal way that people have carried on since forever. It WORKS, and thats the reason that it will eventually become the norm again…..though its quite possible that it will be “Brown settler culture”. Either way….human cultures will ALWAYS return to something that actually WORKS.

        The lie ALWAYS takes effort to maintain…and the idea that humans are interchangeable, perfectly mold-able cogs, is fast running out of juice.

        • There is no such thing as traditionalism.

          When do you want to start the clock?

          Did humans 5,000 years ago long for traditionalism?

          Ten thousand years ago, were they bemoaning their loss of traditional ‘values’?

          This is an ‘invented term’ that hails from Hitler’s Germany.

          It is the mythological subjective kernel of all fascism.

          So, without defining the term ‘tradtionalism’ we can see that its use is general, means little and is invented.

          The longing for what is called ‘traditionalism’ is the longing for a mythical past which is fine, for the mythical future is no better.

          The problem we face is capitalism, plain and simple and one need only look around the world to find the capitalist economies on their knees.

          The promises of freedom, social mobility, a fine old age, pensions, hard work is gone.

          Capitalism cannot provide this.

          So the mind makes up stories to ease the pain.

          Foundationalism and traditionalism are such stories.

          You want to go backwards.

          • Weilunion
            Its worth a read

            “…You want to go backwards….”

            Well, Duh! If you go down a dead end road you MUST go back to get to the right place.

            “…There is no such thing as traditionalism…..”

            hahahahaha, and THAT is the reason that the Enlightenment project, and all its children like socialism and Technocracy will always fail.
            There IS such a thing as ‘human nature’ and nothing built ignoring that fact can last.

            Look at the entire world….. look at what has always worked and compare to the society that is being built now

            “…When do you want to start the clock?..”

            ANY TIME you like… if something HAS NEVER WORKED then it never WILL work.

            Do you see ANY successful societies where women are told that they can function as men and childbearing is a waste of their talents? Do you see ANY successful society where mass sexual deviancy happens? Do you see any successful society where the family is seen as unimportant or where women run things?

  4. It’s not about winning but about playing the game. In this case it might be about not playing the game.

    Lets play a game: what’s the coming internet license going to be called? Liberty license? SAFE Internet?

    • mkey

      “…Lets play a game: what’s the coming internet license going to be called?…”

      Super Highway Information Tag….?

      Access Online Lies? ( cd will comes in the mail….)

  5. James, attacking the people that pay and support you is probably the worst thing you can do, unless you want to go back to teaching english that is.

    Looking forward to your “hypothetical” episode where perhaps you may say a lot without actually saying anything?

    Bad move man.

    Perhaps maybe if you read the open thread (again?) you left us for July you will see how archaic and frustrating your commenting system is, if you want more constructive conversations maybe spare a bit of your income investing is something like maybe Discourse (the best forum s/ware imo).

    • I don’t believe James was attacking anyone. In this reality we are all allowed days where we despair. Focusing on the world as detailed as James does, I am surprised he doesn’t have more of them. We are all right – lets hug and move on. My dearest friend woke me up yet today some of his comments make my blood boil. Still love him, and do not judge him.

      • Perhaps “attacking” wasnt the right word but boy does he sound full of himself. So far his op has an interaction of 50 comments, some long ones where people, i am sure, took some time on their heartfelt subjects. In one foul sentence he degraded those that choose to pay him to interact. On a video much about nothing frankly. He should consider himself lucky these days to have that especially with his out of date commenting system.

        “do not judge him”

        You mean as he did to his subscribers?

        • “Attacking” is not merely the right word. It’s absolutely the least accurate word for this purpose. Your comments are off base and you are pulling extreme generalisations.

          I found James’ comment a bit puzzling, but I can not know to which comments he’s referring to. Was it related to something that is coming to his inbox or personal discussions he had with people in the UK? I don’t know and you, sure as hell, do not know. There are certainly things that are going on (i.e. life) that people who comment on this website do not get to see.

          If you are so easily offended maybe you should rethink things you are taking for granted. Also considering taking a break from the internet.

          • If you dont know how do you know my comments are off base?

            How do you know how much time I spend on the internet?

            James was not specific to which comments. He said if you go by THE comments which refers to all in the thread.

            • You have access to Corbett’s inbox? No, I didn’t think that you have. Do you have sufficient information to assess the proper context of his remark? No, I didn’t think that you have.

              I wasn’t commenting on your time spent on the internet as I really could not care less about it, your internet time is your business. My recommendation for taking some time off internet was due to your apparent proclivity to get upset over a random, not very precise, off the cuff remark in regards to something.

              Your logic is extremely flawed and you are behaving like a petulant child jumping to conclusions. If James didn’t have anything to be disappointed before, he certainly has now. As I do.

              I bid you farewell, sir. Hopefully you will find whatever it is you are looking for.

              • “Sir”.

                My comment offended you?

                Your reply just speaks of yourself. Do you not know how to listen to words? You are assuming to know there is some other context whereas I am replying directly to the words that were spoken. Where does Corbett speak of an inbox? You have come up with this assumption yourself to justify Corbetts words have you not?

                What is so important to you that you cannot allow Corbett to speak for himself? The question is, will he?

    • Hare

      “…James, attacking the people that pay and support you is probably the worst thing you can do, unless you want to go back to teaching english that is….”

      I dont know his heart but Mr Corbett always came across as caring more about his ideas then money. That is the danger of idealism- you will be disappointed, though, at least he is not a Communist or something like that who starts killing the people that dont fit into the ideological holes in the world view…. 🙂
      ha…ideological holes vs rectangular ones in the ground….lol

      I kinda wonder if seeing the folks in person in the UK, people who have brains, dedication and resources to go to a IRL place reveals we, online, folks to be of lower quality….. that kinda makes sense since I can recall when having a high technical/desire bar kept normies mostly off the internet and thus the % of people worth seeing was massively higher then after Smart phones became a thing.

      Thats is probably why online discourse is at a lower level- back in 2000 you had to be at least a little smart to get online and thus total retards were kept out.

      • “I dont know his heart but Mr Corbett always came across as caring more about his ideas then money”

        I agree. That being said he has also stated many times that without his supporters he would not be able to do what he does. Publishing a video and requesting his contributors to offer their insights and then to mockingly laugh how they were disappointing puts it on another level.

        Those that he was disappointed in are the ones that support him, those that share his work and in turn hopefully gain him more supporters. Those he was disappointed in took the time, upon his request, to present themselves and offer their perspectives and they were all mocked. His “solutionswatch” series are not his own ideas, he presents others ideas. So, what ideas does Mr. Corbett have himself personally and in what way is he applying them to his life? Will he share and in turn shall we hang our heads in disappointment? We will see in his upcoming “hypothetical” episode.

        From my perspective to be disappointed in something/someone means that it/they didnt live up to expectations.

        So, sorry Corbett. We have failed you, which if we put it on that level means Corbett has failed us.

        “online discourse is at a lower level”

        This may be the case in a general sense but when users are offered a practical platform constructive conversations can and do happen.

        If Mr Corbett wants to see constructive conversations on his platform he should upgrade. There are solutions out there. Discourse being one. Take a look at the July open thread, it is a mess, ignoring that and then being disappointed just doesnt cut it for me.

        Just because someone interacts online does not mean they dont have other IRL interactions. In fact, one user shares quite a long story in the “will we win” thread about his/her experiences in Southern Spain but, was that disappointing?

        • To add; I have been a member here for two years, I rarely comment, I contributed to support not to comment but I have appreciated the ability. As you have said, your paying members have given you the ability to do what you do.

          Addressing James directly, I have wondered, why do you not interact with your supporters directly on the forum aside from tips about links not working?

          What are your goals here? What are you trying to achieve? To educate, yet education is also interaction is it not? You put out a media class (of which I contributed) yet your interaction with your audience is generally via a video camera, where you have no “live” feedback. Other than that you stand on a stage and give speeches. Your audience, paid contributors may be left wondering who is the real James. Why do you not present your personal self in writing on the very forum your subscribers pay for? You don’t have time for others because your work is so important? You cannot interact yet you can preach how your audience is disappointing? I ask again what are your personal solutions? What do you personally offer other than regurgitating what you find online? Is that any solution James?

          Sorry James, YOUR solutions and lack thereof are disappointing.
          What do say about that? Allez hop. Or shall you just be silent and leave your fans here to defend you?

          Speak up man.

        •  “Love truth, but pardon error.”

          — Voltaire

  6. I missed New World Next Week! Welcome back.

  7. At the 19:43 mark, Pilato asks James: “Are we going to win?”
    Within Corbett’s response, Corbett mentions his scrapping Film, Literature and the New World Order.

    I have a variety of thoughts, especially about Film (and the stories they tell) and about Celebrities. Pilato mentions music celebrities quite often.

    Some movie stories I really enjoy the telling. Some movies contain some insightful tidbits. Some movies suck.
    Regardless, our society religiously takes part in the Film Communion.
    Society’s culture is influenced by Film and Celebrities.
    Our lives are not insulated from society’s culture.

    Fran Drescher is now President of Hollywood’s largest Union, SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television Radio Artists).
    SAG-AFTRA webpage states:
    We are the faces and the voices that entertain and inform America and the world….

    …Fran Drescher urged Hollywood to end its vaccine mandates in her opening remarks at the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony on Sunday (Feb. 26), calling for everyone to use their financial influence to “make governors act” on the issue….

    Celebrities wield a lot of influence.
    Often the message by a celebrity gets some mileage.
    We should make note of this celebrity influence.

    Look at all the Celebrities even in the AltMedia space. Corbett Members have a long list of AltMedia celebrities who are often cited. I just cited two in the first paragraph.
    Ironically, RFK, Jr. is a cross-breed celebrity of AltMedia/MainStreamSystem. His message has really been getting some mileage as of late.

    As for me, I still have an interest in how certain films tell a story, and in how they might influence the culture.
    I like stories, especially if they are told well.

    • @ HomeRemedySupply

      Homie, for your very generous offer to inhabit Oklahoma with the worlds displaced dreamers, I have to thank you. Why the very creativity of desperate people’s will surely be an added benefit to the broke,dumb and desperate already here. I will strive to return such generosity you displayed toward your, above , neighbors. Untill then … I have never been so demoralized and disappointed in my neighbors response to the comment section of QFC Are we gonna win?. Golf as model for future was DOA,a complete miss, better then anything I have ever written. Im gonna rethink why I ever spent years on the G.O.L.F.puzzle, I will rethink any more stories toward those lines too and question my existential existence.
      I now have the mic, what was it you were about to say? Oh your woman likes to drink whiskey?

      • @ Homie RS.

        My second wife was from Terrell,Tx.
        She always wanted to put me up at the State Hospital there. Texans are generous that way.
        They wrote a song ’bout her, used it in a movie Here it is. Enjoy, its Saturday night.

        • I enjoyed that… (i.e. She’s Drunk All The Time – Tim Timebomb and Friends)

          Well, regardless of no comment response, there are probably many who play GOLF.
          GOLF – It cannot be won, only played.
          GBW QUOTE:
          “The golf reality is identical to building a new culture reality. So it really can’t be that hard since the model has already presented itself in golf. Follow the rules which are based in moral acceptance and responsibility. The rest will fall into place.”

    • Hi hrs,
      just a follow up between us, I had asked if you knew about or could better source criticism of “prostadine” (supplement for prostate health).,,you had been suss about the product, as I was, because the style of marketing pushing it. I already had a bottle, and eventually curiosity overcame paranoia, so I tried the month long course: claims were for “results within days”,,, I experienced no difference. (but thanks for taking the time to answer)

        • when you say “this supplement” do you refer to prostadine or to manose, or is it that prostadine has manose in it?

          I began to read your link. It looks comprehensive, thanks, but it will take half a day to parse through, which I dont have at the moment. hopefully I’ll find the time to respond properly.


        • That’s interesting about Mannose, Steve.
          For women with urinary tract infections, I often would recommend that supplement (which also contained cranberries) when I was working the Vitamin Department. A lot of women had success with it. But I never knew about the cancer type applications, and how d-mannose can benefit so many other conditions.

          Thanks for the update on the prostate product.
          I wish you luck on trying different remedies.
          I’m guessing that any anti-inflamatory foods/supplements/(minerals like magnesium) would be beneficial.

          • Since you are already on a roll, which magnesium compound would you reccommend? Everyone and their dog has an opinion on that issue.

            I bought some magnesium chloride. And while the taste is horrible and I miander with the dosing, I did see some benefits. Especially with adverse effects from an old leg injury.

            Now I’m wondering about the actual absorption rate.

            • When salt is dissolved in water, the atoms separate (ions). The sodium chloride molecule becomes Na and Cl ions.
              (By the way, the body utilizes the Cl for the stomach acid Hydrochloric acid – HCl)

              Most minerals are alkaline.
              Ideally, they need an acid to become ionic. Ionic minerals can quickly be absorbed by the body.
              EX: Limestone (calcium carbonate CaCO3) – When a relatively strong acid hits limestone, the limestone will fizz. CO2 is coming off. So, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) reacts with hydrochloric acid (HCl) to form calcium chloride (CaCl2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

              Relatively pure magnesium is used for fire starters or perhaps tracer bullets. Years back, I gave my grandson some magnesium block fire starters and switchblades to play with, along with some other cool “survival gear” for his adventures on their 25 acres.

              Magnesium citrate is a fast absorbing form of magnesium. (Magnesium/citric acid)

              The magnesium supplement product that I rave about is “CALM”, a U.S. made product by Natural Vitality. The founder of the Vitamin company made tremendous amounts of money with this product. More than 30 years ago, I heard a tape lecture by the guy.
              The product is a simple powder.
              Natural Vitality’s “CALM” magnesium supplement capitalizes on this “limestone” chemical process by blending citric acid and magnesium carbonate powders. When activated in warm water, the magnesium frees up with fizz coming off. Drink the warm water mix and the magnesium atom quickly can be absorbed by the body. This will stop a leg cramp in less than a minute. It does wonders for many back aches and can even solve a coming heart attack or panicky feeling or trouble sleeping.

              A person can get too much calcium, but if a person gets too much magnesium then diarrhea or loose bowels will result. In fact, some folks use “Calm” for constipation.

              The body likes some minerals to be balanced by its “opposite”, but in ratios. Three example sets: “Calcium and magnesium”, “sodium (salt- sodium chloride) and potassium”, “zinc and copper”.

              Lemons have a pH close to that of the stomach acids. This acidity is extremely important on absorbing minerals. The acid tends to break the chemical bonds of alkaline minerals into their ionic atoms. Thus the body can more readily absorb them. People who take an antacid for heartburn & acid reflux are setting themselves up for long term nutrient deficiencies, because the stomach acid is not available to separate nutrients.
              When starting my green smoothies, I often first put in a peeled lemon, some “Calm”, seaweed, and whatever.

              • Temperature
                I should mention that a warm-to-hot water mix of magnesium or cayenne pepper or whatever will more quickly be processed by the body.
                If I’m not mistaken (going by old memory), in chemistry often it is said that for every 10 degrees celsius temperature increase, a chemical reaction can double.

              • “This will stop a leg cramp in less than a minute.”

                On this recommendation I just ordered some CALM for my wife who suffers from severe leg cramps frequently.
                Thank you.

              • I did find a store in UK supposedly selling the CALM product. Are these prices somewhere in the ballpark? It’s about 453 grams for 45$. Not sure if I can get it delivered to my backwater location.

                In a local store I can see they offer magnesium citrate, 400g for about 15$. That product seems to belong to a different category altogether.

              • mkey,
                You might wanna try the magnesium citrate.
                It is cheap, probably local, and offers the “ionic” aspect.
                See how it works for you.

                The 453 gram size in the U.S. at the Natural Vitality website is $33.99.

                There are “knock-off” magnesium carbonate with citric acid powders, but the ones that I have tried don’t fizz in hot water. They were duds as far as the ionic aspect goes.

                There are many types of magnesium supplements out there. I would never get magnesium oxide.
                Some supplements are bound to amino acid proteins like theanine or taurine. These are fine and I have tried them, but they don’t offer some of the instant benefits of the magnesium ion hitting the system.

                Dosage depends upon the individual and what they want at the time. It also depends upon the calcium in the body system.
                Personally, I use a very small amount of hot water for my mix. If the first shot down the gullet doesn’t resolve a leg cramp, then I follow it with another, then another like a drunk sailor.

              • My takeaway from what you wrote was that it should fizz. So that’s going to be my litmus test.

                The price seems somewhat inline with the US price with the added bonus of the extra socialist tax we love to pay here. Price difference of about 30% between the US and EU is perfectly normal, we basically love our servitude about a third more than you guys and that’s all she wrote. I’ll try to find something in EU mainland with reasonable shipping.

                The magnesium chloride I got is a lot cheaper, so one is probably expected to take more for similar effect, but the taste is just terrible. I can’t manage to find the best way to take it. Masking it with something that I enjoy eating is a great way to ruin a cherished meal/snack. Just gulping it down leaves a long lasting aftertaste which makes me gulp down more water and the inextricably leads to several bathroom visits.

                I don’t suffer from many cramps, just an occasional one now and again, but I sure as #### could benefit from the calming effect.

              • Like salt NaCl water, I’m pretty sure that the magnesium chloride is “ionic” also. So, you do get the easily absorbed form of magnesium.

                Yea…magnesium calms the nervous system and relaxes muscles.
                Calcium does the opposite. There is a miraculous and continuous very rapid interchange of calcium and magnesium ions in the body’s system.

                Theanine is in tea, and that amino acid is a “calmer”. GABA is another supplement which is a calmer.

                We are shooting for greater socialist taxes over here, because we want to be sophisticated like you Europeans. We need more government officials to tell us how to live our lives, because we don’t like to think too much.

              • It does feel sophisticated around these parts. What, with no guns and Russian gas imported from India and venerated royal families and immigrants up the wazzoo and millions of displaced across the EU and the unelectable and unapproachable EU overlords…

                Trailer trash type of sophisticated, assorted with a fully grown mullet, several frontal teeth missing and cousin/brother Zeeke’s mobile phone memorised as first three quick dial numbers.

                You are just dumb, son. And you need some magnesium to restore a modicum of cereblar function.

              • hrs gets gold star, theres helpful info in that, nice work, I’ll post more on this if anything useful is learned.

  8. had to watch this podcast and then the “are we gonna win” posts to get to what the kerfuffle re james dissing the entire comment thread,, was about.

    I heard james c. critisize “all internet comment threads”.

    But james I heartily agree that there has been a decline on a large scale, of verbosity.

    I feel my own access to/capacity to spill verbiage rises and falls, a bit like practicing a musical instrument. When I drum 3x/wk my level improves, 2x it stays about the same, 1x or less and down goes my ability to express with drum sticks. In that way, re our capacity to “language” with ever better syntax, screen fetish is the obvious culprit, as it keeps us in sound bite mind. so we gravitate towards the drooling jaws of anacronymism. Yes, I’d say my ability to write, including here on this thread, has waned,


    I was complaining, around 2019, how many people were beginning to abbreviate so hard (its sport here in oz, but people were getting down right athletic in their terse vague off-handed disinterest. As if they simply couldn’t formulate complete sentences anymore. I tried to engage many people on that topic, but no one until you, 4 years later, concurred.

    may we grow grey gracefully. use it or lose it.

    • 6:30 mark
      That WhatsHerFace can sure sling those verbal descriptions.

  9. Some of the elites actually do want a fallout3 scenario. Lots of luxury underground bunkers have been built in the last 5 years. I considered that nuclear war was just scaremongering, but I am increasingly considering the possibility of nukes actually dropping.

  10. RFK Jr.: Saying I’m anti-vaccine is ‘way of silencing me’ | RFK Jr. Town Hall

    RFK does a town hall thing. Much of it is cringy, but the really interesting part is observing how these people perform mental acrobatics when something they are completely unable to argument against pricks their little bubble. Nonsequiturs abound.

    • NewsNation

      Coincidently, not long after your comment posted, I posted the following comment:

      The New Era of Lizard Media

      Your comment is spot-on.
      “…Much of it is cringy, but the really interesting part is observing how these people perform mental acrobatics when something that they are completely unable to argue against pricks their little bubble. Nonsequiturs abound.”

    • RFK Jr CONFRONTED with vax data

      RFK does “Reason”. The title is extremely misleading, of course. Why put “confronted” in uppercase? Could the the authors interpret what transpires in the video as victory? A victory of reason over RFK? Does this guy think he “won” this discussion? Incredbile stuff.

      Too bad RFK didn’t thwart their polio argument by noting how the disease was eradicated by rebranding it into something else.

      The single most useful thing RFK can do is pop some bubbles. Of course, most of these hardcore media personalities won’t even flinch.

      • The YouTube comments are insightful.
        They demonstrate that many people still have a brain.

        It becomes very evident that there is a contingent of “Journalists” who are straining very hard to demonize those who push back on the official narrative.

        This is an incredible story by RFK, Jr:
        The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma
        There’s a reason CNN’s Jake Tapper is intent on branding me a “menace” and “a liar,” and why he refuses to debate me on the merits of facts and scientific evidence. Here’s the back story.

        RFK, Jr explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) secret 2000 Simpsonwood conference.
        Via RFK, Jr., the transcripts were published in Rolling Stone, then Salon.
        …then later these articles disappeared.

        • I am often left astounded by the comments as they will usually seem incredibly onesided. Does youboob show me the comments it would expect I would want to see?

          Even on the local media sites the comments can be full of all sorts of trolls that are skewing the conversation. There is also a lot of live comment moderation going on where someone out there is obviously censoring manually.

          Whatever is happening on youboob in regards to comments is very strange.

        • Below are the first 9 comments below the long-form 82 minute interview
          RFK Jr.: The Reason Interview.
          For “official” “Libertarians”, these guys (Nick Gillespie and Zach Weissmueller) really suck. They un-embarrassingly promote official narratives. I wonder if they are CIA type moles.

          He’s is a good man. A thinker. A realist. Lifetime Republican here for Kennedy.

          The more interviews I listen to of RFK the more I start to believe that he’s the smart one and the people who instantly dismiss everything he says are the babbling mouth breathing idiots.

          RFK Jr. is brilliant! His patience and composure in the endless hours of interviews he has done with all sorts of people, ranging from well informed and polite to rude and unprepared is astounding. He is always calm and polite no matter how rude or disrespectul the question or comment. Respect, Mr. Kennedy!

          Great responses from RFKJ. I always learn a lot from his interviews. He is a person of substance and courage. I finally have someone I can support with great enthusiasm.

          I could listen to Robert for hours ! I know I’m not alone. We crave truth and class, here it is.

          It is impressive how calm and eloquent RFK Jr remains in the face of such rude and unsportsmanlike sandbagging.

          These hosts didn’t do a very good job. This was a great interview only because it shows how intelligent and informed RFK is and how easily most arguments against his position are dismantled when he is able to speak

          He doesn’t do lightning round answers. He talks in beautiful, fully formed, grown up paragraphs. Soundbites solve nothing.

          A display of patience and perseverance from RFKJ on this attack of an interview. First and last time I give “Reason” an audience.

          • Dear friends, this little talk may contain facts. Now all we need is a gov=good candidate to put it forward as straight as Dr. Dave Martin here does.

            If he can be believed, he, along with others ,”told us so.”

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