Interview 1863 – Take Musk’s Brain Chip to Own the Libs! – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: The Media Is Melting Down, Neither Billionaires Nor Journalists Can Stop It

Search: Mark Thompson Jimmy Savile

Chaos, Fury Engulf Los Angeles Times in Historic Cuts to Newsroom

Daily News Workers Walk Out to Protest Owners Alden Global Capital Who ‘Shrink The Budget To Fill Their Pockets’

The Media Apocalypse: Condé Nast, Other Publishers Stare Into The Abyss

Games Helping New York Times Thrive Amid Media Chaos

Story #2: Pentagon Admits It Has No Evidence Iran Was Behind Drone Attack That Killed 3 US Troops In Jordan

Enemy Drone That Killed US Troops In Jordan Was Mistaken For US Drone

Labour Suspends MP Over Gaza Remarks In Holocaust Message

No Diploma? No Problem! Navy Again Lowers Requirements As It Struggles To Meet Recruitment Goals

Despite Charges, No Evidence Iran Sending IEDs to Iraq

Story #3: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Put In Its First Human Brain Implant

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Killed 1,500 Animals In Four Years (Dec. 6, 2022)

Why We Should Be Skeptical of Elon Musk’s Neuralink Implant Claims

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  1. Don’t forget, Saint Elon put 15,000 low orbit satellites up and wants to double that number.

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years…

    It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.

    The super national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”
    David Rockefeller 1991
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” – Richard Salant, former President of CBS News
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The web has changed everything. The weapons of mass distraction have done their job and now, Linda with the weather….


  2. Having seen 9/11 and the controlled demolition of the financial system I quickly came to the conclusion that there are so many cards they can play to implement the great reset that would render us helpless.

    Slept badly, I got involved in a discussion about vaccine safety today on a facebook satire page and despite what some might hope for there is no great awakening. Only offensive crass stupidity.

    • Yea, none of my ‘normie’ friends and family have changed their minds about anything. They believe that the increased and sudden deaths are due solely to cv19. I don’t know anyone personally that doesn’t believe the main stream narrative.

      • Oh, that’s hard. We have it quite tough here, but I know several people who are very sceptical about the whole thing. Which is not to say they are completely aware, but at least they understand something fishy is going on.

        And some of them got the shot, anyway. Of those that did get it, some were corrupted by the state, some were scared into it, while others took it as an inside joke. Strange times.

        I guess their tactics are as efficient as they are since they have many different ways of getting to people. While we have only one, through truth.

        Many others also seem to be aware things are just not what they seem to be, but they do not dare speak about it.

  3. hey JEP,
    to put the mirror finish on your razor sharp machete, niche is pronounced “neesh” rather than “nitch” (from the french nicher “to make a nest”). I dare any Frenchman to say choo choo Chattanooga?

    • that’s funny – I was willing to let j dog slide on that one.
      after all, I only know how ‘niche’ is pronounced from watching the film “Michael Clayton” 100 times: “for cris’ sake, Michael, you found a niche (neesh) for yourself!!”

      vive la james!

  4. I am doubting the brain chip success. I have known people in research, regular research not weird DARPA stuff so maybe they don’t know anything, but based on regular research not much is known about the brain. They don’t know about dementia, ALS, or even mental illness. That theory about the neurotransmitter imbalance turned out to be wrong. The amyloid plaque hypothesis in Alzhiemer’s turned out to be wrong too. My guess is that the brain chip is a flop and no one is going to get one unless they are already on deaths door from some awful disease like ALS or something like that.

    • I hope that animal rights activists get involved with this too because torturing animals for being able to connect to the internet by thought is very lame. It’s similar to the experiments on bunnies and other animals for cleaning products, hurting a living thing for something like that is evil. But there are psychopaths who run the system, so it shouldn’t shock me. I had a friend who did research and had to kill the rats in the experiments and she had to move to soil research because she hated it too much. There is something missing from a person who can harm other living things without any twinge of conscience.

    • I hope your right.

      Thanks for the comment and for sharing your experiences.

      • I’m very confident at this point. I can always be wrong, but in this case I highly doubt it.

        • One thing I have learned the hard way about is to not to allow the confirmation bias momentum I have built up behind comforting ideas to blind me from considering that some of the things I would rather not think are true or could be possible, may actually be possible and perhaps even extant.

          This happened with me regarding how I used to make fun of people talking about “UFOs” and “flying saucers” quoting a bunch of ‘leading edge’ astrophysics stats and perspectives from “experts” to cast doubt on the likelihood that our planet is being visited by interstellar capable cultures. Then a massive spherical spaceship went zooming over me and my buddies heads right above the tree tops when we were out camping one night and all my comforting worldviews about humanity’s planetary isolation and technological superiority were shattered.

          Same thing happened for me with regards to what the mainstream educational institutions and research labs were saying about transgenic seeds, all through my childhood I was programmed to see such things as “wonderful advancements of science that will help us end world hunger”… that was the 90-s… and now we have simultaneous obesity and malnutrition epidemics and our life expectancy in the west is on a steady decline.. so much for that comforting fairy tale.

          I could go on but I think you get my point, I know there are experts that are confident how the brain is a super mystical and hyper-complex “black box”, but at one time people thought it impossible that we could build flying machines and if you told people that a teaspoon of soil was filled with billions of tiny lifeforms a few hundred years ago they would have called you crazy.

          All it takes is relentless dedication and one small invasive hard earned discover after another, until one day, the seemingly impossible, becomes possible, and then ordinary.

          • My opinion in this matter is based on looking at evidence I have access to and speaking with regular scientists who study brain injury, dementia and other degenerative diseases like ALS. There are already implantable devices for Parkinson’s disease and intractable seizure disorder and what currently exists doesn’t work very well based on what I’ve seen with patients who have these devices.

            What Elon Musk seems to want to do is similar to the existing device that helps people with locked in syndrome control a computer with their eyes.

            Let’s assume he actually has a working brain chip. He said it will be “a fit bit in your head with tiny wires”. Why would someone want a surgery if they can just use a fit bit? A person with no brain disease is going to have this surgery because they don’t want to use an external fit bit (if they like fit bits)? As “dumb” as the general public seems to be at times, I highly doubt many will risk surgery for this.

            The only use case something like this has is for people with severe degenerative diseases or paralysis. At this time, brain surgery is extremely risky and in the US people can and do sue their doctors for malpractice. I see this entire Elon Musk brain chip as a waste of time, money, and unethical in many ways including towards animals for something that can be worn externally without any risk of infection, death, and potential permanent neurological damage.

            Let’s assume that people would line up and want a brain chip, who is going to do the surgery? There is a limited supply of people who can perform this procedure and it is expensive. A good neurosurgeon is very hard to come by especially one who will do this and risk litigation.

            My opinions, though I admit I certainly can be wrong, are based on pragmatic information on what I have access to. In our lifetime, I highly doubt that this will be a thing. It is a stunt, like the Theranos debacle and I think this will flop hard.

  5. Brain CHiPs & dip:

    Don’t buy the dip…

    Nor the CHiP!

    Josef Mengele – Nazi Angel of Death & His Horrific Medical Experiments on Auschwitz Prisoners

    Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”’? If he called them ‘gods,’ to whom the word of God came—and Scripture cannot be set aside— what about the one whom the Father set apart as his very own and sent into the world?
    John 10:34-35, 36

  6. The Pox on Musk!

    (The Monkey Pox that is)

    I think that would be poetically appropriate if he contracted it (if such a thing exists)

    How long until kids are arguing with their parents to get the newest brain chip upgrade cuz all the other kids have the newer one?

    I think if we ever see real life zombies, it will not be some microscopic organism, but rather something like musks brain chips that get hacked, in mass and hijacked turning people into biological wirelessly operated drones.

    • I see zombies everywhere, e.g., daily on “Wheel of Fortune” people have choices and 80-90% make the wrong one. If they flipped a coin they would do better. At the polls, I see political zombies doing what has always failed them, but won’t/can’t stop. Why? They don’t know, can’t justify it, and don’t even want to talk about it.
      But I know they suffer from “The Most Dangerous Superstition” (Larken Rose) and superstition is impervious to reason because it is programed into children at govt. school and that is reenforced by MSM all their life.
      All, even the enlightened, suffer from “consensus of the lost” because it is forced on us with righteous zeal as if reason can be achieved/replaced by “democracy: the god that failed”.

      • @Voluntaryist

        Thank you for that poignant and illuminating comment.

        I shall contemplate what you have shared.

      • I wanted to mention the techno zombie equipped with “smart” devices, turning stupid proportionally to the rate of their dependence on the device.

        Let’s remind ourselves of the pokemon seeking masses of some years back, the prime example, one that leaves a orlasting impression and one that almost made me defecate my pants on the spot.

    • Okay i take it back… wishing “the pox” on people is not cool. Malice and animosity is never the answer to creating the world we all want to live in, it is just sometimes that smug transhumanist “sustainable development” fanatic really gets to me with his hubris and callousness.

      Instead I shall evoke the following blessing for this wayward human…

      May the whispers of the ancestors who knew the names and medicines of all the trees that grow within walking distance of their village arrive to you in a dream that speaks of humility and lasting fulfillment found in generosity, reverence and the simple things in life.

      May the spirits of the Earth envelope your broken and scarred heart, providing a healing salve to allow it to beat true and aligned with the heart beat of the planet once more, and may these invitations for your heart and spirit allow you to find a soft and seldom travelled path, outside the beaming and burning spotlight of celebrity and within the warming and humbling light of the Creator. May this path nurture you in a way that no amount of money or technology ever could.

      So it is, and so it shall be.

      • Wishing immaginary disases unto people is an above the waist shot.

      • On the contrary, I hope that all of these evil psychopathic narcissistic people have real world consequences and those with a remnant of humanity who can attempt to make amends may be worthy of redemption.

        Hate though can have a toxic component if the energy, the normal feeling of anger and rage, is not transformed into something positive.

        I think anger and hate and rage are a normal part of the spectrum of feelings. Could we even feel love without knowing what it means to hate?

        • @cu.h.j

          I feel your pain and my brain and ego can related to those feelings, however, when I look at the situation from the perspective of my soul I see things a little differently.

          Besides the fact that there is truth in sayings that express things such as “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” and choosing to let resentment and hate fester within the heart and mind is a self-destructive choice (and thus should be avoided for reasons of self-preservation and self-interest even from a purely physiological and psychological level) I also feel it is a dead end spiritually speaking. Hate and resentment are like an anchor that prevents one from lifting their vibration and gaze to the window that allows for piercing through the veil of the physical universe to perceive what lies beyond (using organs of perception such as the heart and the third eye). Thus, besides the physical consequences of holding onto hate, malice and resentment, I also see it as “shooting oneself in the foot spiritually speaking”.

          You mentioned “evil psychopathic narcissistic people” and a hope that they have “real world consequences”.

          I was hoping we could unpack those terms a little bit to bring clarity to what you are really talking about.

          How does one identify all the “evil psychopathic narcissistic people”? What are the characteristics that can be clearly measured that would tick enough boxes where one would end up in that trash bin? Who is uniquely qualified to render that judgement? How many of these “evil psychopathic narcissistic people” do you imagine exist on the Earth right now?

          If you were the one in charge of defining what form the “real world consequences” took, what would they be?


          RE: “Could we even feel love without knowing what it means to hate?”

          Yes certainly, that is, if you are talking about the unconditional love we are all born with as an innate state of being. Babies are not born with being hateful as part of their spectrum of states of being nor emotions. They are born innately loving, trusting and accepting and then slowly but surely, this civilization we have created and which we perpetuate (filled with humans that have multi-generational trauma and brainwashing) begin to teach those souls that are newly arrived in human bodies to feel hate, malice and animosity.

          Hate and Love are not like winter and summer where they are a natural part of a spectrum or cycle. Hate it is a learned human perspective that requires specific stimulus to take hold. Unconditional Love is an innate state of being which is either nourished to remain at the forefront of one’s conscious awareness, emotional spectrum and energy, or it is buried under layers of trauma and brainwashing, suppressed into the subconscious and covered under layers of learned patterns and stagnant unnatural energies.

          • “How does one identify all the “evil psychopathic narcissistic people”? What are the characteristics that can be clearly measured that would tick enough boxes where one would end up in that trash bin?”

            There are plenty of people who I could put in that category. The only thing that could redeem them in my eyes would be an admission of wrongdoing and a desire to make amends.

            I have “seen” some awful things done to people working as a counselor and a nurse. I won’t list them all here, but a couple were cases of child abuse.

            I am not of the opinion that we can know that every single human is born as a blank slate and only after brainwashing they become evil. I mean it could be accurate, but I don’t think this is known, so it becomes a matter of belief.

            Some believe man is born evil, “the original sin”. I don’t share that belief. I believe most people are born with empathy, but I can’t know for sure that every single human being is born with that capacity. That would be a belief.

            I do think hate is normal and also can be corrosive. On the other hand anger can be a productive energy, such as the freedom convoy in Canada and other types of resistance to tyranny.

            I am not a pacifist and do believe in the right to self defense and there are instances where invoking that right can lead to harm to another person. I’m also not a cruel person and don’t believe in torture or anything like that.

            There was a case of a man who had killed a pedophile who had abused him and this was confirmed because he had evidence in his house. The judge “had to” give this man 5 years but didn’t even want to give him that much time. Personally, I don’t think he should have been punished at all. This man has to live with his actions but in his case.

            If that is ego that is responsible for my feelings of anger, I’d say it’s a very important grounding defense mechanism in part. It anchors me to the earth until I depart completely. Some people speak of getting rid of ego, or that they have overcome it for periods of time during altered states of consciousness and I have had similar experiences but I believe we are always tethered to it until we leave and go on. It has a function on earth.

            Speaking of tyrants, some of them are evil at this point and I have no warm gentle feelings toward them at all. What I should do is use the anger to be productive. My warm feelings are shared with good people and other things that are worthy of them.

            My point being, I can’t tick off boxes but can provide case by case of evil people who should get exactly what they deserve.

            • @cu.h.j

              Thanks for the thoughtful in depth response(s).

              If you are open to the idea that “evil” babies can be born onto the Earth would you endorse a technology that could detect their “evil-ness” (genetic anomalies or subtle neurological adorations detectable via technology) and then take action to rid the world of the evil ones?

              If not, why not?

              Also, if such a technology existed, and you would not want to go all The Giver mode on the babies that had been measured to be “evil at birth”, what would your alternative method of dealing with them be?

              For me personally, while I certainly acknowledge that there are actions that can clearly be objectively discerned as malicious, self-interested, apathetic, greedy and/or lacking compassion discerning what is “good” and “evil” is not so clearcut.

              Those terms are defined subjectively depending on a range of different cultural, temporal, class based and education based variables. You and I may agree about what is obviously “good” and what is obviously “evil”, but if you go to another country, talk to someone with a different religion, talk to a billionaire vs a beggar on the street or go back in time to talk to someone a few hundred years ago, a good percentage of those would likely have starkly contrasted views with regards to defining those two words.

              For instance, some dominant cultural worldviews and religious dogmas see it is “evil” for women to be able to choose how they want to dress and be able to make choices for their own bodies. In my recent essay on how Involuntary Governance structures are antithetical to permaculture ethics I provided a historical cross section which speaks to this relating to the Jesuit Priests and their attitudes towards what they described as “Wicked Liberty” and women being able to divorce and have sexual autonomy.

              Thus, for me, “good” and “evil” are terms that are much too wishy washy and able to be subverted, manipulated, highjacked and used to gaslight and I tend to use terms that are more objectively measurable and definable.

              • @Gavinm:

                To answer this question:

                “If you are open to the idea that “evil” babies can be born onto the Earth would you endorse a technology that could detect their “evil-ness” (genetic anomalies or subtle neurological adorations detectable via technology) and then take action to rid the world of the evil ones?

                If not, why not?”

                No absolutely not, it’s unethical. Not only that but I don’t think this tech could do anything of a kind. There are way to many variables involved in someones life and such a thing could not be, in my opinion, isolated. and identified. I don’t think a human being, a soul is quantifiable, mere chemicals.

                I said I did not know if people were born as blank slates. I did not say this was a fact. What I did say is that, I cannot know for a fact that every single person is born as a “blank slate”.

                Can anyone here “know” that for a fact? People may believe that to be the case or opine it is true and I respect that belief. I am not sure I believe that to be the case at this time.

                My opinion is based on some cases of children who have psychopathic tendencies early on. It’s true many of these cases occur in people who were abused, but some have no history of abuse. This is why I can’t be sure and make a solid claim at this time.

                I did say most are born with the capacity for empathy and love.That can be demonstrated with evidence, and I have linked studies to read for people who believe in “original sin”. With respect to others who have that view, I disagree with that assertion and believe that is not the case. I believe most are born with the capacity for good.

                You mention the idea of moral relativism, that this varies from culture to culture. Indeed we can observe that some human beings have very different ideas about what is right and wrong. I do think some actions cannot be justified and are objectively evil like human sacrifice, child abuse, torture, slavery, etc.

                But those have existed a long time, and I think will probably always exist. But the balance of good and evil has shifted and humanity is on a path of complete destruction, physical, mental, spiritual.

                I am not an “absolutist” and do think there are shades of grey in some cases. Mistakes are made and people learn from them.

              • Gav and cu.h.j ,

                Growing , a metaphor for all existence? You two have popped the cork on the grand enigma. Your words don’t do it justice but that is one reason to continue. If you do find the words to unlock that enigma you certainly will be given the laurel crown and marched through the streets on the shoulders of humanity or…crucified. Why ? You are messing around with fire and you know what happens . To give a number or degree to any thing puts you into a scalar geometry , over, above, everywhere to a point, greater than our capacity to maintain ourselves, this body that seems to hold the mind. The mind that can understand the scalar over the Newtonian.
                The enigma seems to me to be our inability to communicate using Newtonian words, to share that enlightened scalar knowledge we possess with the unenlightened. The enigma may be the great editor in the sky and allude to keeping that part of self private should you be so fortunate.
                I have been reading a classic book, Edmond Dantes by Dumas. So far I’m convinced James Corbett is Edmond Dantes. We can spend eternity on that statement alone, but I’m suspicious that it is related to the enigma. It may be the key that unlocks the enigma.
                Wait and hope, and so far as I’ve read, timing!. As for Dumas was concerned for France and all of mankind, if yet to fully understand. for im only to chapter 11, the parallels to J.Corbett are stimulating and uncanny. The evil rigged game House de New Orleans seems to always win, win at all points of contact. Sound familiar ? That’s scalar. But what do I know, what? To keep trying, keep pushing the iron mask of Newtonian to the expensive reality of the scalar and maintain integrity in possession of such great power or good fortune should we win just once .
                Good luck and untill the end, happiness, untill then, as Solon said, good fortune.

              • @cu.h.j

                Thank you for the detailed response.

                I appreciate your comment as I feel it illuminates the need for a decisive delineation between humility and self-doubt.

                I feel like being able to discern the difference between acknowledging all the unknown unknowns and being able to definitively recognize the truth of an intuitive knowing which emerges from seeing from the perspective of the soul or receiving an instantaneous knowing from the Creator is of paramount importance.

                Otherwise, we can go through entire lifetimes stagnating in comfortable patterns, never truly challenging ourselves to climb outside of the box we were born into, to perceive broader aspects of reality that exist outside of it, always telling ourselves that the self-doubt is healthy, because it is “humility”… never listening to and accepting what is expressed by that deep inner voice that tells us, with unequivocable clarity and resonance that something either is, or is not true.

                The ingrained patterns of self-doubt disguised as humility can stunt our potential to develop our innate intuitive capacities and always give us the cop out excuse to say “well there is no way to know for sure, so I am not called to take decisive action either way”. The self-doubt disguised as humility can also become a weapon when we do not like what someone else is saying, when what they are saying invites us to see something in the world or in ourselves we would rather not take an honest look at, we can always just define what they are saying as “a belief” and use the idea that everything that does not align with our comfort zone is just “a belief” and there is no way we can know either way… casting doubt on what they are saying from the safety of the position we can define as humble.

                I walked that path of self doubt for many years. The family I chose to be born into in this life was steeped in doubt, living and breathing it, pushing it on everyone around them, doubting all except what “The Science” told us is true. Allowing their self-doubt path (which was often disguised as humility) to guide me it served to be a powerful force for self-sabotage and I also weaponized it when others arrived on my path embodying truths and sharing information that threatened my comfort zone bubble.

                Thus, while I am not sure how we should accomplish the task, I feel that we should strive to define some helpful sign posts that can provide a clear delineation between humility and self-doubt in the interest of empowering those that come after us to be more capable of trusting their God given intuition and achieving their true potential as human beings as they engage in the pursuit of Hap-piness.

                Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, i`ll reflect on what you said about psychopathic children.

              • @GBW

                Thanks for those insights my friend.

                I will meditate on what you have shared.

              • @cu.h.j

                I thought about your observations regarding “some cases of children who have psychopathic tendencies early on.” and I have come to the conclusion that while I sense that there is no such thing as an “evil soul” (and that most psychopathy is learned / conditioned onto the human being through trauma) some souls may agree to come here and play a role in inviting others to become their best selves (through engaging in behavior that forces them to either step up to bullies, take responsibility for making the world a better place, or languish in various forms of oppression).

                The problem I see with saying things like “I believe most are born with the capacity for good.” is that it leaves open the possibility of labelling anyone who one does not like at any given moment as part of some subhuman garbage class with “no capacity for good” and thus offers the opportunity for endless redemptive violence , endless us vs them, endless conflict and continuations of the same waste of human potential we have seen on this Earth for millennia.

                Throughout history, people who felt that they were so much better than others designated other groups of humans as “unredeemable” and thus “expendable” in order to dehumanize.

                While human sacrifice, child abuse, torture, slavery, etc might sound pretty clearcut to you, to others these terms may be more open to interpretation. Is abortion of late stage fetuses human sacrifice? Is encouraging and/or allowing children to be mutilated by transgenic fanatic doctors child abuse? Does psychological torture count? Does debt slavery count?

                If so, what should we do with all the “objectively evil” people engaging in said activities?

              • @Gavinm:

                You ask about debt slavery, late stage abortion, mutilation of children by mutilation by scalpel and hormones etc. as being evil.

                Indeed, I think these are evil and in just world, these types of things would be less common than they are because they could be earthly consequences for them. What types of consequences are up for debate.

                Are there mitigating factors to consider? Yes, I think those do come into play. My grandfather was in the military and was probably responsible for civilian deaths. He bombed supply lines and trains. He said he had nightmares about people screaming as he flew overhead. He was 18 or 19 years old at the time. He grew up poor and went hungry as a kid. He was also a misguided patriot who believed America was a bastion of freedom. These things he did and his life in the military did weigh on him and in his heart, I think he knows he did some awful things. But he was also a kind person to his family and I loved him. Lots and lots of people do horrible things, things that are wrong.

                The idea of justice includes consideration of context and mitigating factors, empathy.

                I can’t give a black and white answer to what kinds of people are evil because context must be considered.

                However after considering mitigating context in a case by case analysis, I can say without hesitation that some individuals are evil. Were they born that way? Maybe not. Maybe you are right about that. But there is a line that is crossed where I no longer doubt they are evil and I do indeed believe they should be held accountable for their actions.

                Case in point, Ted Bundy. He was probably abused as a kid and that is terrible but I do think he deserved to die. When I say that, I am not saying the state has a right to kill. But I do think he deserved to die and that his absence from the earthly plane probably saved some poor soul.

                Do souls chose to be tortured in the next life as a lesson for their soul development? Will Ted Bundy be tortured in the next life?

                I don’t think it works that way. That’s where my beliefs diverge from eastern philosophy although I do believe reincarnation is a possibility and that I have lived other lives.

              • @Gavinm:

                Perhaps there is some form of “hell” where a soul stays for a time before moving on?

                That would make sense to me. There have been some accounts of people who have had near death experiences who claim to have experienced going to a place like that. I found that fascinating.

                If there is a hell, even a temporary spiritual hell, I hope people like Henry Kissinger are rotting in it.

              • @cu.h.j

                Thanks very much for the detailed response(s).

                I personally do not think that redemptive violence or punitive justice systems are nearly as effective at mitigating nor abolishing unpleasant behaviors as many people do, but to each their own.

                I am still thinking of your question to me about “justice” btw.

                Re: “Do souls chose to be tortured in the next life as a lesson for their soul development? Will Ted Bundy be tortured in the next life?”

                While the use of the word tortured is a bit dramatic and judgmental, I sense that souls do indeed choose to come back and live through experiences that allow them to walk in the shoes of those they interacted with in “past lives” and experience the feelings and sensations they brought fourth into other being’s awareness through their choices. It is hard to imagine that one would willingly choose to walk in the path of an innocent being murdered because we are looking at such choices through the minds of our host body and brain (which colors our vision with self-interest and ego). The eternal spirit that breaths life into our lives sees such choices from a different perspective and does not fear as we do.

                On a side note, time as we see it from our human perspective is an illusion, so these existences we are talking about are actually all simultaneously occurring and being experienced by our eternal spirit (a bit like a mycorrhizal being that has hypha extended out in many directions, experiencing interacting with many different beings in seemingly completely different pathways, yet they are all connected to the same being always). It is a rough analogy and not literal of course.

                I do not share the perspective of religious dogmas from the East or anywhere else that involve judgmental and dualistic ideas regarding re-incarnation. Ideas that say we get punished, or that we have to come back as a frog if we are nasty in a life (seeing frogs as lower than humans) are ideas full of hubris and they are fallacious.

                Re “Perhaps there is some form of “hell” where a soul stays for a time before moving on?”

                I would not use the word hell, but I have directly perceived that some souls do indeed become stuck between lives sometimes. Unfinished business, anomalous death conditions, powerful regrets or deep love that anchors them into this physical realm (but without a physical body). In time, those souls all return home, it just requires some work or letting go first.

                Thanks for sharing your perspectives on justice, punishment, hell and evil.

                May all the kindness you choose attract a thousand acts of kindness from others into your life, may all your compassion lessen your own suffering a thousand fold and may the unconditional love you choose to cultivate in your heart for those who are most difficult to love extinguish the hate that others hold in their hearts to see you for the beautifully whole and imperfect being that you are, capable of wonderous and horrific things, and yet choosing to love.

            • @cu.h.j

              One of the reason I asked the questions above is to highlight that many people on Earth currently make choices that are varying in shades of grey on the scale towards darkness (and what many would describe as “evil”) we tend to point the finger accusingly at the most famous and wealthy people doing the most heinous deeds but what about the millions of other people choosing objectively sociopathic and sometimes psychopathic actions?

              If we had the capability to identify all of them should they be imprisoned? Killed? What?

              This gets us to the core of the endless senseless killing on Planet Earth, where people are always telling themselves (of believing when someone else tells them) “If we just get rid of these few evil people then everything will be better”.

              When this fails to show results, perhaps one might say “well that is because we did not kill the correct evil people, I know the correct ones and if we killed the ones I am talking about then things really would get better” but what about their lieutenants? Their enforcers? What about the millions of people that work for them and have been indoctrinated by them to see the world through their psychopathic lens ?

              Thus, when we take a step back to look at how “evil” is not so easily isolatable and able to be definitely eradicated the superficial and seductive myth of redemptive violence begins to unravel.

              • “If we had the capability to identify all of them should they be imprisoned? Killed? What?”

                I am a proponent of a court of law and a fair trial. A decentralized court perhaps? Common law?

                Individual case by case judgment calls and natural consequences for mistakes made leads to more just outcomes perhaps.

                How about a simple case of self defense. Some one tries to rob a person and violate their personal space and the assailant gets a stern lesson that the person is capable of defending their self. The assailant may be reluctant make an attempt at robbery in the future.

                Context should be considered by individuals interacting with one another. There are cases where being robbed doesn’t legitimize killing. This does not mean advocating for a centralized control grid, such as government.

                I think those ideas have been falsely conflated. The notion becomes “we must stop evil, identify, isolate and instill “equity” at all costs” and thus “must sacrifice freedom for the sake of equity and safety”

                The existence of good and evil does not mean we must sacrifice freedom or that is is necessary, but it also does not mean the idea of justice should be thrown out the window. There should be consequences for some harmful actions, a form of justice.

                What is your idea of justice? I think in the case of the scamdemic, people should be held accountable and yes indeed jailed, like Dr. Fauci for example. He is a criminal. And the fact that the courts and people allow him to go free is also wrong. Is it more wrong, less wrong, or just as wrong? In my opinion I’d say he is more evil than many people.

                But your observation that many people support evil institutions is very accurate. Lots of people buy electronics probably made in sweat shops using child labor and don’t even consider it. Is that just as evil as what Dr. Fauci did? I’ll have to think about it. If it is done out of ignorance probably not as bad. But if a person has not problem with borderline slavery of children, I’d say they should look into their heart and see if they are “walking their talk”.

              • @cu.h.j

                “I am a proponent of a court of law and a fair trial. A decentralized court perhaps? Common law?”

                But how you are going to find judges that are not willing to be bribed or blackmailed or threatened into playing ball when you are dealing with multi-generational thugs like this that have paid out 38,995,000,000.00$ USD in fines to make court cases and charges go away and they are still making a killing?

                RE: “What is your idea of justice?”

                Good question, I have never really thought about that, but I will now and get back to you when I can.

                I suppose the first thought that comes to mind is that I do not seek to enforce “justice” upon parasitic organisms in my garden, but rather, I change the way I garden so that the environment is no longer favorable to their continued existence in that space, and then they simply wither up and die going back to the Earth.

                I will give it some further thought though, thanks for asking.

          • Some may say hate would not exist if it was not meant to be. I think that might be true. Some say that evil is also part of the spectrum of experience here on earth. My guess is that there is an balance between good and evil and we are now in a point in time where evil is growing and our challenge is to restore the balance. I’m not sure evil will ever go away entirely or has ever not existed as part of the human experience.

            • My first question to the creator if that exists as a consciousness that can answer would be why. Why does evil exist and why do good people suffer? I would love to know the answer to that question from the source. However, I doubt I’ll get my answer in the physical realm of existence.

              • @cu.h.j

                The Creator is not some unapproachable Zeus type guy sitting on a magical mountain that only the blessed and chosen ones can visit. Nor is the Creator a universe micro-managing control freak that manipulates all events to be as they are on Earth and elsewhere. If you want to know the nature or and will of God, there is no book or preacher or Guru that can do that for you, it just requires patience, courage, genuine intent, persistence and humility.

                Based on my explorations of the more than 3 dimensional universe and moments where my awareness was able to sense glimpses of the Being that created all of our souls I have come to see that while humans like to blame God for all the ugliness on this world, the nature of life on Earth is not determined by the will of the Creator.

                As conscious beings inhabiting a physical body in this universe, free will is the name of the game. Humans have chosen to use their free will to create a world full of suffering, malice, desolation and continuing degeneration. The Creator respects our choice to come here and exercise our free will (even when we mis-use it). The conditions we see before us are an invitation to graduate to a new degree of sovereignty, to stop making excuses for why we feed into systems that are degenerative, destructive and malicious and instead to trail blaze a different path forward (lending our free will to becoming a force for a huge positive impact on this Earth).

                As James wisely stated in his recent editorial, “our happiness is not for anyone to give to us. Nor is it for anyone to take away from us.” and “Instead, true happiness only comes when we walk through the fiery crucible of experience and emerge on the other side with our morals and our dignity intact. Yes, bad things will no doubt befall us this year, but we are not defined by the things that happen to us. No. We are defined by the way we respond to those things.”

              • @Gavinm:

                Thanks for the reminder I don’t need a “guru” and I hope my comments did not convey that request.

                My snarky comment would probably be no shit!

                You say you have explored more than the 3 D universe. Do you think only you may have had these experiences and therefore your beliefs are more valid?

                How do we discern who’s religious beliefs are more legitimate?

                Though I do think JC shares a lot of wisdom, I don’t believe he is right all the time. I’m not right all the time and no human being is. We do the best we can, muddle through some times, make mistakes and learn.

                Having a lot of contact with the general public has made me more of a pragmatist than an idealist in some ways.

                Good to keep your idealism. There is room for many points of view, not only mine or yours.

              • @Gavinm:

                To be more precise, though I was very inspired by JC’s most recent post and I do believe he is mostly right on the money with happiness.

                However, his point of view is from a context of relative freedom and comfort, similar to others in his audience.

                If he is speaking to his audience, indeed he is right on. On the other hand if someone is rotting away in a prison camp being tortured, that individual may have an entirely different viewpoint. I say may have a different viewpoint, not that they will have a different one.

                I thank whatever force of the universe, or just sheer luck that I am housed, healthy and not in a prison camp somewhere. I also am blessed to not have bombs being dropped on me now (yet). Therefore I can definitely agree with Mr. Corbett about happiness.

                But I can certainly empathize with a suffering person’s rage and sense of pain, despair, unhappiness if they are forced to endure horrible things. I certainly would not lecture them about it.

              • cu.h.j and Gavin
                You two are just knocking it out of the park.
                On bombing cu.h.j , when is a bomb not a bomb. When it’s sent to you in a package that doesn’t look like a bomb.
                We are getting bombed all over this country. The propaganda has made the elephant in the room an invited guest.
                90 sec.

              • If you’re serious, I linked to an essay I wrote that addresses this question that you should be able to find near the bottom of this comment section.

                It’s the one that has Solomon as part of its title. It’s a bit long, but you might enjoy it even if it doesn’t seem like it’s to going to answer your question at first.

              • @Gavinm:

                Thanks for the response. Interesting you mention this regarding justice:

                “I suppose the first thought that comes to mind is that I do not seek to enforce “justice” upon parasitic organisms in my garden, but rather, I change the way I garden so that the environment is no longer favorable to their continued existence in that space, and then they simply wither up and die going back to the Earth.”

                I think there is some wisdom there, to have a “system” that makes parasitic behavior harder. In your example with gardening makes perfect sense and even JC discusses this strategy in his work. Many have discussed how a free market would improve or possibly reduce parasitic infiltration, the cancer of monopoly and totalitarianism.

                I think with complex life forms, specifically human beings, a broader approach may be needed that may include violence if necessary. It’s unfortunate and usually comes with a cost but I think sometimes is necessary.

                I have always been a person who hates violence, even as a kid. I was also bullied often (thank goodness there was no social media back then) but I recall the time I stood up to a bully and punched them right in the face and followed up with a hard kick to the groin. This person left me alone and in fact, I was no longer bullied at school. I have zero guilt about this but it was indeed an act of violence. Had I caused permanent damage to the person, I probably would have felt some remorse. I still think it was the right thing to do in that case.

                When I was in college I took a course called “peace and conflict studies” tthat covered Ghandian philosophy and social change. I did learn a lot from it and found some of it very sound tactically and in many cases morally sound as well.

                However, there are cases and situations where I disagree that non violence is the only solution or that it alone will do anything at all. “Love your enemies”? No I can’t honestly say that I do or that I must or that there is something wrong for naturally being angry when someone is hurtful or harmful. I just am not wired that.

                I value my own life and limb and out of respect and honor for the people who brought me into this life, I will protect it.

                On the contrary, the biblical remark “don’t cast your pearls before swine” is much more relatable for me. I really jive with that idea.

                The idea of being selective with ones affection, empathy and love energy really rings true for me. Not to be so idealistic to “cast ones pearls before swine”.

                I think pigs are getting a bad rap here, but I understand the point being made. I think there is wisdom in the ordinary raw emotion and first instinct sometimes.

  7. Right on cue… it looks like the US has begun its retaliatory strikes on Iran. How these people are continually able to start wars with no clear evidence just boggles the mind. 2024 is going to be a huge test for the human psyche.

  8. In this episode, James makes a reference to “order out of chaos,” so this would be a good opportunity to explain a few things.

    The key to understanding the elite is to realize at their core, most of them are basically gnostics.

    Gnosticism, for those who are unaware, is the belief that “god’s” spirit was somehow shattered or split apart during the act of creation, or at least some fraction of it was, and these pieces are what reside in every living humanoid being. Not only that, but one of these pieces, usually referred to as the “demiurge,” took control of this particular realm of creation and is out stop some or most of the other pieces from realizing what they are and overthrowing him. In addition, there is usually some figure that is out to help either all or a small selected initiated few discover this and carry out this plan to overthrow him.

    In short, it’s basically an inversion of Christianity, with Jesus Christ and satan having their roles rearranged regarding who is the hero and who is the villain.

    The fact that the elite are gnostics is why, for example, there are thirteen stars above the head of the eagle on backside of a dollar bill, seven stars within a circle of six stars. Seven being considered the number of God based upon what is called the seven days of creation in the Book of Genesis and six being considered the number of creation based upon the same thing, since creation was finished on the sixth day and that God rested on the seventh day. The meaning of this is that “god’s” spirit is hidden in each created humanoid being.

    It’s also the reason behind the infamous Skull and Bones 322 emblem, 322 being a reference to Genesis 3:22 where God says that mankind has become like them, and not only that, it is the reason for their frequent use of the so called “all seeing eye” or its more formal title, “the eye of providence,” which in addition to also being on the back of a dollar bill, is a reference to Genesis 3:7 where Adam and Eve’s eyes were opened after eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    Awhile ago there was book called The Secret, who’s author Rhonda Byrne claims that everyone is a “creator” on the inside, and this supposedly is what allows them to change reality if they can internally will it to be so hard enough. If one were to actually believe this, consider how much more powerful they would believe the effect to be if they could get others to internally will the same change in the universe in sync with them. Once you understand this, you can also under why the elite incessantly vomit out symbols and “predictive programming” into the public square: they simply believe that by getting enough of the masses to subconsciously internalize all of it they can effectively “steer” “god” into creating the outcome they desire.

    • “Ordo ab chao,” or “order out chaos,” from which the Hegelian dialectic thesis-antithesis-synthesis and its more common variant problem-reaction-solution are derived from, is itself derived from the belief that satan caused chaos in the “demiurge’s” world when he tempted Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil which they believe will lead to the “demiurge’s” eventual overthrow and them taking control of the realm. Feminism is derived from the understanding that, according to the Bible, the relation between husband and wife is meant to be symbolically similar to the relationship between God and mankind, thus turning wives against their husbands symbolizes them turning mankind against God. Egalitarianism, from which many socialist and communist movements are based upon, along with modern day social movements and programs like DIE, or DEI as it’s more commonly called, is derived from the fact that they believe the “demiurge” is a created being like them.

      With all of that, you can begin to understand why the elite do much of what they do: they are trying to follow in the teachings and footsteps of their leader by bringing in as much chaos and dysfunction as they can keep under control to eventually bring about the big event that they believe will lead to the overthrow of the “demiurge” and allow themselves to take control of the realm.

      It’s important to realize, though, that they do not do this in some kind of misguided attempt to “liberate” the masses. They believe that it is the “intended order” of this “god” that they believe they have part of inside them that there be at least two classes, a relatively small elite that will have almost complete control over the material realm and a much larger group that is the rest of humanity that is only there to be their playthings and serve them and little else. This is why if you again look at that backside of the dollar bill you can see that the so called “eye of providence” is ascended beyond the base, meaning that a small elite will, according to their beliefs, live like gods over the masses. It’s also why there’s an Egyptian style pyramid on the back of a dollar bill at all even though Egyptian style pyramids clearly having nothing to do with United States history.

      • But you don’t need to trust me that they hate the masses, just watch and listen to one of them yourself.

        The interviewer brings up how it’s shocking that American soldiers are being driven to suicide and he can barely contain himself from chuckling, and he certainly can’t contain himself from breaking out a smirk. In fact, if you listen closely you can even hear him just about to say that he thinks it’s terrific before he stops himself and dials it back bit because he realized he was about to show his hand a little too hard.

        Make no mistake, they hate you, they hate your children, they hate your families, they hate your friends, and they hate your communities. The only thing they hate more is God who they see as preventing them from making the masses and the world their toys and slaves that they see as how the masses and the world should “rightfully” be.

        And when I say make the masses their toys and playthings, I don’t say that lightly, because you should watch James’ video on “biodigital convergence” to understand the nightmarish level of depravity of their transhuman agenda.

        That these people are constantly telling themselves that they are secretly gods leads into their unknowingly biggest and favorite tool from their gnostic toolbox that their leader has gifted them:


        These people love lies. They just completely adore them, really. They simply can never spout enough of them to quench their their thirst to spout more. And who would expect otherwise? When they follow their leader so meticulously in everything else, why would it be a surprise that they would delight in his favorite pastime as well?

        There was a really excellent article uploaded to by Kit Knightly that I highly recommend reading, where among other things, he reveals a really powerful insight that when someone successful persuades someone else of a lie, they are essentially bringing them into a fictional world ruled over by them, a world that denies reality so that its captives will go along with the desires of the one who created it.

        When the day comes that these people find out they have been led on a long march through their dear ringmaster’s grand circus of insanity full of failed prophecies, inane rituals, and farcical ceremonies only to unwittingly be brought up on the big stage of the clown show for all the world to gawk at, and their fervent adoration for him turns into burning hatred with complete and utter disgust and contempt for everything he’s ever brought forth, may they remember to turn every bit of those feelings inward, for they are their father’s children, and were so from the beginning.

        • Their lies are their pride and delight, their sword and shield; but one day they will be their shame and disgrace, their ball and chain. When all of the pillars of deceit holding up their pride are destroyed and their hearts collapse into a void of emptiness and despair, then their incessant vomiting of lies will be silenced and they will have nothing left but to acknowledge the Truth, that Jesus Christ is Lord.

          • “…pillars of deceit…”? Lies depend on ignorance and stupidity (willful ignorance). No gullible, no “true believers”, no harm.
            I fear no lies, therefore advocate silencing no speech. Sometimes we don’t find the truth until we debate, exchange ideas, and record it for those who follow so the hard part, the “reasoning it out” has been done and all they have to do is retrace the steps taken.
            Or not. Most prefer NOT to think, just accept past “wisdom”. But what if there is a fatal mistake there, resulting in chaos, destruction? Those who are determined not to think, rationalize their decision by using partial reason to discredit reason and replacing it with force, psychological and physical.

      • Isn’t the demiurge supposed to be fed on strife that is currently running rampant in its creation?

        The all seeing eye symbol to my understanding means that there is a pyramid being built below it in an attempt to stop the light of truth from peering into our world.

        If the pyramid is completed we were forever be left in the dark, i.e. ignorance.

          • The important reveal to takeaway is that in the third and final mural there is no longer a sun, or “son,” in the sky and instead there’s a “big man” “resting under the earth”.

            Pretty easy to figure out.

            Also, just for laughs, look at the tacky little “EQ” for equal sign he stuck off to the side, because despite fancying themselves as masterful weavers at threading together art and symbolism in a way that only the initiated can understand, these people have less subtlety than a brick to the face.

            • A clue for those who want to know more:

              In the popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan, the main character Eren Yeager is an allegory for satan.

              Work from there and you can figure out the rest.

              May Jesus Christ Bless the one who can do so.

              • “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us. He that sits in the heavens shall laugh.The Lord shall have them in derision.” …Kiss the Son lest he be angry and you perish in the way when his wrath is kindled but a little.🔥 Blessed are all they which put their trust in Him. Psalm 2.

            • 😂 “…these people have less subtlety than a brick to the face.”

  9. Whether or not its warranted, or you are even real, you guys are my heroes anyway. Just when I get mind numbed into oblivion by YouTube, I come over onto Odysee and you are like a breath of fresh air. I need to stop thinking and start doing Odysee only content to compliment the important stuff guys like you do.

  10. Look guys, I know you’re American and Canadian but niche is a French word and even in English it’s pronounced neesh, not nitch. That shit is laughable.

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