Interview 1868 – Bill Gates is Coming For Your Memes! (NWNW 546)

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Interviews, Videos | 23 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: CIA Built 12 Spy Bases in Ukraine Near the Russian Border Over Past Decade

NWNW Flashback: Russia Puts Military On High Alert As Crimea Protests Leave One Dead (Feb. 28, 2014)

Foreign Intervention and the Ukraine Crisis (2014)

Ukraine Reconstruction Bank Eyes Near $1B In Committed Capital

How Tech Giants Turned Ukraine Into an AI War Lab

Story #2: Lord Jacob Rothschild Dead At 87

Rothschild-Owned The Economist Newspaper: “Trump Poses the Biggest Danger to the World in 2024”

Jacob Rothschild’s Death Triggers ‘Succession’-Style Battle For His $1B Real Estate, Investment Empire

Controversy And Legacy: The Dichotomy Of Jacob Rothschild’s Humor, Philanthropy

Lord Jacob Rothschild, Upheld Family’s Legacy To Benefit UK, Israel, Jews Worldwide

Video: Lord Jacob Rothschild Confronted By We Are Change (May 31, 2012)

No, Jacob Rothschild Was Not Inspiration For Simpsons’ Bad Guy

Corbett Report Search: Balfour

Lord Rothschild Discusses Cousin’s Crucial Role In “Miracle”’ Balfour Declaration (Feb. 8, 2017)

NWNW Flashback: Posting Anti-Vaccine Propaganda On Social Media Could Become Criminal Offence (Feb. 27, 2020)

Hillary Clinton’s Secret Weapon Is The Wife Of Multi-Billionaire Planetary Overloard Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

From Courtroom to Conspiracy: Alan Dershowitz’s Ties to Epstein’s Blackmail Network

World’s Richest People Meet, Muse On How To Spread The Wealth

Story #3: Bill Gates Partner GAVI Vaccine Alliance Targets Online Memes

How Memes Became Health Disinformation Super-Spreaders

“Memes Save Lives”: Stigma and the Production of Antivaccination Memes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Why Is The UK’s Office Of National Statistics Suddenly Changing “Excess Deaths” Numbers?

Health Canada Official Deleted Scientist’s Note Saying mRNA Shots Have “High Level of Impurity”

X Admits To Taking Down India Farmers’ Protest Posts

Why Do People Believe Fake Statistics?

Canada’s Liberal Government Advances “Online Harms” Censorship Bill

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  1. I looked, I couldn’t find a Bill Gatus of Borg meme at a decent resolution.
    Old stuff, I like the analogy, prophetic.

  2. Me Me,

    In the meme time.
    I me me mine …
    It’s only a matter of meme. Look at that French Man, he’s trying to get out of that box, he is a meme- mihm. Arrest that me me mihm.
    Who’s your little friend? Mini me me meme.

    • Mime your own meme!

      • Meme your own business*.

        **I’ll get serious at the bottom of the page.

    • I can not relate, insufficient number of people on the street wear apple headgear.

      • : )

        Now you`ve given me an idea! Lets get some hackers working on how to send little 3d flashing animated truth memes into over ride the goggle people’s visual interface, we can dose the goggle zombies with digital red pills all at once and turn them on their overlords! 🙂

        • Use Russian hackers for this and you’ll be triggering people left and right.

          • Yes good thinking.

            I`ll reach out to Riley and see if there are any meme forging, keyboard wielding, digital satyagrahi warriors in the village that would be sympathetic to the cause.

  3. Thanks James. Before even listening, this made my day. Got to laugh, loud and long.

    Was just reflecting for the thousandth time a couple of days ago how the memes were the magic. They nailed and crucified, so deliciously, the entire disneyland scape of corona’d /crowned ,boogies.
    Forgive me , but they make me look forward to another insane episode.

    As far as billy goat gates is concerned. that apparition of evil needs to self immolate. His sister can help him with that, so that there’s nothing but dust left, and green growing plants everywhere. Her NW company Avista has the cool tech, and has been a pioneer in paving the way for building back bitter.
    Seriously, the entire creation of true living beings lifts an immortal finger to the gates of hell.

  4. I’ve screenshot thousands of memes, which kept me sane from 2020 until now. Long live memes.
    Meme ’em more, the weasly weasels. Make ’em cry, then make ’em cry some more.

    I have always felt that the persons who create timelessly good jokes are the most creative intellects on the planet. No wonder they’re scared. Someone needs to tell them quick that they ARE the memes. Therefore……

  5. Evan, I think you should have said powerful, globalist, trillionaire family.

    • When I was a young man I had a mechanical service company. Repairing all things mechanical . Had a lot of rental magnets. Some kind,some not so kind to renters. I fired those unkind and gave big discounts to those kinder ones.
      You serious types out there may wonder ,what?
      Well on many occasions the renters were immigrants and refugees. I had to coordinate with the renters when things broke. I got to know them as individuals. It always, and I mean always delighted them when I’d ask ” tell me about the place you were born”
      The Mint Press article James links to on Dershowitz, had other articles that accompanied it as well. Syria specifically. Which brings me to the agonizing point I’m getting to. A QFC moment .
      The people I met, along the way while aging and capitalizing on my talents gave me some insight into character, integrity and kindness. And propaganda.
      Those refugees whose character was formed by the family and community propaganda , of sharing, kindness and interest , had a common desire , a meme that, in my observation was present in the Syrians, Iranians, Iraqi, Indonesian, Africans, Malaysians, Saudi,Irish, even Canadian ans Mexican. They seemed to reject their state propaganda and stayed in a community mind set even though they were a long way from where they started. Others were so stuck in a state, royal mindset were closed to the outside world and cold,hard and off putting. Maybe they were just vulnerable because they no longer had a state or regime propaganda holding or propping them up.
      They were free. I saw how powerful freedom was and how the ways it was accepted,used, and appreciated .QFC , is that a meme or propaganda? It was a beautiful thing to see.

  6. Also, the Rothschilds have also profited handsomely from every major conflict since the Napoleonic Wars.

  7. For another immense, hilarious and potent collection of memes that will make all your “woke” coworkers and mRNA injection loving associates make a pouty face and likely lash out to start calling you names :

  8. Gates et al.:

    “You can’t write memes because they are evil and hurt our business. Only we can write memes, because only we speak the truth! And don’t you dare try to write a meme about this subject! ”

    “Memes are bad for you!
    Don’t forget to thank us when we come and ban them in your area!”

  9. I’ve been nodding all along your podcast, completely agreeing with you, James x 2. And I ended with a huge smile listening to how bright, dedicated, warm you 2 guys are, and how you transmit your mutual love as well. Love you too guys!

  10. jep “its very gauling” (while smiling and kinda laughing? about the irony?)

    J mitchell “laughing and crying you know its the same release”

    I think so long as a persons got the basic mod-cons up and running, empathy is hard for most to evoke.

    If one could feel what bill feels (maybe he’s a black hole walk-in), to know that which drives his choices,, I’d expect projectile vomit and shit all at once. he’s demonic as it gets, aint no joke.

    surely thats memeable

  11. Thank You, James, from all my heart for this unique work You do to enlighten people.
    Warm greetings from winter cold Southern Sweden!

  12. Leave Toby Keith out of this James Evan Pilato! I still have the sads about his passing 🙁

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