Interview 1876 – Iran Strikes, WHO Protests, German 4/20 (NWNW 551)

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Interviews, Videos | 60 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Iran’s Retaliatory Strikes Have Begun

Israel Says Iran Launched More Than 300 Drones And Missiles, 99% Of Which Were Intercepted

Report: Israel Tells US It Has No Choice But To Respond to Iran

Ukrainian Officials Are Jealous of US Defense of Israel During Iran Attack

U.S. Crude Oil Gains As Israel Reportedly Prepares For Attack By Iran This Weekend (Apr. 12, 2024)

What Iran’s Attack On Israel Means For the Jewish State, America and the Region

The Missiles of April by Scott Ritter

I Don’t Agree With Scott Ritter and I Will Explain Why

The Resistance Axis Penetrated The Zionist Security Screen

Iran’s Response Against Israel Was Calculated, But Not If You Listen To Western Media

Was Iran’s Strike Against Israel a Psy-Op?

Digital ‘Sleuths’ Fuel Misinformation After Iran Strikes

Report: Iran Attack Delays Israel’s Invasion of Rafah

Story #2: In Japan, Tens of Thousands Protest WHO’s ‘Supranational Grab Over Global Health’

Sugamo Prison

Amidst Growing Resistance, WHO Turns Up Heat On Members to Sign Pandemic Treaty

PDF: Revised Draft Of The Negotiating Text Of The Who Pandemic Agreement – March 13, 2024

Biden Admin Announces New Partnership With 50 Countries to Stifle Future Pandemics

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Addresses Congress Amid Skepticism About US Role Abroad

World Council for Health Japan

Joint Vision Statement from the Leaders of Japan, the Philippines, and the United States

Story #3: Germany Becomes Biggest EU Country to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Use

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  1. Sometimes I forget how informed we are here.

    We see the bankers instigating wars, we see the puppets being selected to carry out these orders, we see the poison being added to the processed foods, we see the neurotoxins in the tap water…

    The other day a coworker asked me why I collect my own spring water when the tap water is “clean”. I gently mentioned that I can’t trust the tap water in America and then I brought up the Flouride lawsuit against the EPA.

    He didn’t look up the information I was telling him, he didn’t ask me where I heard about this, he didn’t care where I heard it, he just assumed I was crazy and changed the subject.

    That’s why I appreciate New World Next Week, thanks for the upload

    • b887,
      That is one golden comment!

    • Best comment I have seen here in a loooong time friend. No ego, good simple story, clear assessment of part of the reality.

    • Another big Thank You for this post! It reminded me about how lucky we all are to be steeped in so such high-quality information. I appreciate your time sharing your thoughts and giving us all the opportunity to echo them in our own hearts and minds.

      And, as always, a big Thank You to the two Jameses!

    • Actually, we are all crazy here. Were it not for us, the tin foil industry would have gone under years ago.

  2. Military perspective:
    Analysis of conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, Garland Nixon and Scott Ritter (Ukraine collapse and drone/missile warfare game change)

    (I tried to read some of the anti-Ritter perspective, but it is not as in-depth and certainly not military valid. Seems like there is a lot of
    misinformation against Ritter.)

    • Puzzled me a bit too. Who is Scott Ritter & why should i care? What in the world is a SMO? idk. I don’t care.

      My buddy told me y’day the idiot running the Ukraine scam just bought his mama a $230 million house in FL, USA. THAT, i care.

      • Thx for the Garland Nixon & Scott Ritter interview. The first 12min went kinda like the, “Why i Don’t Agree With Scott Ritter…,” article. Not a helpful source of info for someone who has only tracked the amount of money the USA is intent on laundering, and laying out the appropriate curses.

        I appreciated Mr. Nixon’s style of interview. Allowing the guest to talk, cordial, manly. I agreed w/ him a great deal. Will have to check him out further.

        Mr. Ritter gave an analysis of the rockets. This i had been waiting on for a while. If the “iron dome” is a thing, how did the israeli’s get hit? i had a theory they were allowed to be hit. Still pondering, but have a clearer picture of what weaponry is being used.

        Have been terribly disappointed in 1 group of supposed history buffs at “Kings & Generals.” Tried to look at some of their stuff in Jan. They were on the official narrative. Had to quit watching their “ancient” type battles some time last year bc their dates were off & i got sick of the same ai generated pics.

  3. Ah, that was a good laugh, James C. retorting asking James EP if he ever smoked pot, very funny.

    As for Iran’s “strike”, I am pretty sure Iran is just another paper tiger, long since it has been infiltrated. I think states like N. Korea and Iran are set up to be boogeymen to be used when needed for fear hyping, or some other narrative. How many times has Israel used Iran to justify more money or more war, and here we are again. NO, Iran is owned, just like ISIS. Real threats or real enemies, don’t last long, Iraq and Libya come to mind.

    • Have to agree with you, Rex. I keep thinking about Orwell, how 1984 was really 1948 and therefore there must be an awful lot of fake aspect of any political conflict including, of course, wars.

  4. My hot take on the marijuana legalization story is that marijuana legalization is not a good thing. I have no problem with people smoking weed in a private area such as their home. However, when it is approved and encouraged by the State, it helps foster a culture that tends toward modern day liberalism and degeneracy. Look at Portland for an example. In a more free world without governments involved, maybe it would somehow work out okay, but in the world we live in today, it doesn’t.

    States that legalize drugs create a nice environment for degenerate people to move to who then push the types of politics that go along with the liberal types, the horrors of which we see today such as porn in the libraries, pronouns, trannys, authoritarian mandates, and the rest of their BS culture.

    • scpat
      “…In a more free world without governments involved, maybe it would somehow work out okay, but in the world we live in today, it doesn’t. …”

      Very true- there is a % of the population that simply can not run their own lives properly, and that percentage gets way bigger when you introduce them as kids to degeneracy. In a hundred years the surviors will look back at Online Porn and Ipad kids the way we look at people in the past brushing their teeth with sugar and sweetening their wine with lead.

      Just in case folks dont believe me on that …

    • Another issue is tracking and taxation. If a person buys weed from a sanctioned shop they have to show an ID and pay extra for taxation by the state.

      Also, there has been an increase in ER visits because some people can’t handle the shift in mind strong doses can cause and also there’s a condition some heavy consumers get that causes belly pain, intractable vomiting and diarrhea. Some heavy users get this condition and consistently visit the ER. This is just more of a pain in the ass for staff, a trivial annoyance but nevertheless shows that there are some people who can get addicted to anything. And then there’s the GMO weed.

      Decriminalization IMO is a much better action, rather than legalization and encouragement.

      On the other hand, look at alcohol and tobacco and the harm those cause. Alcohol is ubiquitous in our culture and heavy use in particular is very toxic and destructive.

      • I accidentally ate a gummie (thought it was something else) someone had and was actually tripping. Visual distortions, bizarre thinking and anxiety.

        Looked at the packet when it wore off and its synthetic and super strong- shudder to think what it would have done to a kid, not mates with that guy anymore. I hate to think what a kid would have gone thru and still not real happy about synthetic chemicals in my brain.

        • I think the synthetic weed is different than natural compounds. Your experience with one gummy sounds unusual TBH.

          Even edibles made from natural weed can be very strong. A long time ago I had a full on panic attack after eating a brownie and it was unusual for me since I had experience with cannabis.

          Panic attacks are not fun at all but fortunately are not lethal although they are terrifying.

          I’ve noticed that there are young people who come into the ER with alcohol poisoning as well and don’t know that large amounts can be fatal. I didn’t know that when I was young either, but it’s true.

          Binge drinking can also cause liver damage as well and can be demonstrated by elevated liver enzymes.

          There was one young person who came into the ER who almost needed to be intubated because of alcohol poisoning. This person was a minor and had a full work up including a brain scan (lots of radiation). This person is actually lucky to be alive.

          My point is that if one were to look at the damage of alcohol versus weed, the former is probably several orders of magnitude greater.

          I think people should know about risk of things they ingest prior to ingesting them.

          • cu.h.j

            Yes, I agree that letting kids drink booze is a really bad idea, and in general its not really all that good a thing for adults.

            However, there are plenty of studies that show that young people who use weed are more likely to get mental health issues (probably because their brains are still going and that growth is altered by the drug). Booze can give you brain damage but I have never heard of it causing mental illness.

            You are right that there is plenty more obvious damage caused by drinking but its only now that young people are getting exposed en-mass to weed and, IMO worse, synthetic weed. We will not see the results for a while, though mental health is ALREADY going downhill for young people.

            I dont really care if people want to drink or smoke weed or snort drugs, but when it becomes a MASS thing (or starts in early life) I think that it will be a real problem that will destroy lives- IMO the mass use of drugs will be worse then drinking although when Gin hit the world it was without exaggeration as bad as the crack epidemic. (See “gin Lane” below which fits well with written descriptions of the effects.)


            You are correct people should know what their doing before they ingest things, but the fact is that they don’t. kids and teens are remarkably stupid. They guy who fed me the gummie thought it would be funny, and I imagine when I was a teen I would have thought doing something like that was funny too (because I was not a very nice kid TBH….)

  5. Iran could be said to have won the battle in the sense that they
    a)look like their more reasonable and measured then Israel (not that hard but still…)

    b)They got Israel and their western allies to spend millions, maybe billions, of dollars on anti-missile measures to take out cruse missiles that cost pennies to send on the dollar to stop. They also see what happened and can now probably now calculate how many cheapo missiles they need to send to overwhelm Israeli defenses.

    On German weed….. I dont really think legalizing Soma is a real win.

    Its not real good for the kiddies brains, even when its not GMO or the synthetic mystery goo that ends up in some of those gummies people appear to like so much. Kids will be getting their hands on it more easily, and a portion of them will develop mental health issues because of it.

    Its not like we dont already have the mindquakes happening in the youngest generation.

    As someone who just loves alcohol and cigars I’m not speaking from a moralizing position, just saying that all the guys I knew personally who were big into the weed were lazy scumbags. I’ve known plenty of drunks too, but most of them were more functional….. but hey, maybe I just hung out with the wrong sort of folks.

    • Marijuana Weed Pot

      Duck says:
      “As someone who just loves alcohol and cigars I’m not speaking from a moralizing position, just saying that all the guys I knew personally who were big into the weed were….”
      …”Its not real good for the kiddies brains”

      I lean with ya, but each to his own. As you know, I haven’t smoked since 1976.

      I think that THC pot does alter mental mechanisms & behaviors, short-term…then gradually long-term.
      Attention is not necessarily out on the environment, but rather inside the head. “Over-thinking” and “mental think-think-think over-analyze” can happen when a person is high…and traveling down the train of thoughts one is apt to forget what they were thinking about or talking about.

      Anecdotes of a Pothead

      • The mental issues are mostly related to the THC content and there are varieties that don’t cause this issue.

        Weed has been used medicinally and even for anxiety so there are appropriate uses for it.

        However sometimes some strains can cause the paranoia, overthinking and memory problems you note. It also seems to facilitate (in some users) procrastination and impedes motivation.

        If one was to measure damage caused by weed versus alcohol and possibly tobacco, weed would probably come out far less damaging.

        But I do think there are some drawbacks and I don’t really care for the effects anymore as a recreational drug. However if I had a medical need for it, I would much rather use it than a pharma drug.

        Thanks for sharing the anecdote.

        • You can bet alcohol damage is far far beyond anything they could pin on weed. Who among us does not know families destroyed by alcohol? Not in the past, but right now. I had/have several alcoholics in the family and too many to count in the wider community. It actively lowers IQ and numbs people who simply can’t afford to get even number. These people will completely destroy themselves and anyone who gets in the way.

          • mkey
            not a fan of kids drinking either, but the neurological effects are much less destructive (even though they ARE destructive) on SOME young kids brains
            see link, but plenty of studies show it

            It reminds me of the porn debate where people defend their own right to enjoy with discernment even though the mass availability is very harmful to some kids.

          • mkey says:
            “You can bet ALCOHOL damage is far far beyond anything they could pin on weed.”

            No shit!
            I’ve seen alcohol wreck many lives, including relatives.
            There is a reason that alcohol has a nickname of The Devil’s Brew.

            That said, I’m no purist, and certainly, across the boards, don’t live the ‘ideal lifestyle’.
            I like an occasional beer or drink.

          • Yes it does. My dad died from it eventually and it ruined his life as well. He was a different person when he drank and it wasn’t good.

            I probably shouldn’t touch it but I do from time to time and probably drink too much when I do. During the scamdemic my use picked up due to the stress.

            However, it is something I can quit which is good.

            I did do some research on the effects on the brain and it isn’t good. Plus it correlates to increases in cancer as well.

    • “On German weed….. I dont really think legalizing Soma is a real win.
      Its not real good for the kiddies brains”

      If you had to pick which was worst for the “wiener kid” brains, would you choose weed, public education or television?

      • Slow Cured

        Weed is worse since the other two are not linked to schizophrenia when used in adolescence.

        Not that I am a fan of the other two, but ADHD (which TV can cause) is not as life destroying as schizophrenia.

        I kinda hate that when you say anything bad about weed (even the fake and GMO weed that many folks consume today) people think your being moralistic. Just because the “reffer madness’ thing was over blown does not make it untrue

        link between use and mental issues

  6. Speaking of Japan, I was alerted to these FOIAs sent to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Japan, trying to find out if they have access to isolated viruses (many different viruses) and they cannot provide the information.

    This takes me back to James’ discussion with Derek regarding this isolation access and his non-normal response to the claims (doesn’t seem to notice the discrepancy or sorta shrugged it off as nothingburgerness). I consider James one of the best thinkers out there, yet this non-interest baffles me.

    I have read many of these claims and cannot easily shrug this off as nothing.

    So, what gives?

  7. Did the drone strike really happen? It’s all theater.

  8. James – your new search function sucks ass. I just searched ‘cyber polygon’ and I’m not getting near the results or appropriate article/video links I used to get when searching this. Can this be improved? Yours truly, Henry Kissinger & O.J. Simpson (we’re having sex with each other in hell…see you soon, Klaus!).

  9. What looks like an actual reporter asks David Cameron about the supposed Iran strike:

    DC: A reckless and dangerous thing for Iran to have done and I think the whole world can see, all these countries that have somehow wondered, well you know, what is the true nature of Iran, it’s there, in black and white.

    Reporter: What would Britain do if a hostile nation flattened one of our consulates?

    DC: (spoken like a mumbling idiot that he is – editor’s note) Oh, we would take… I I I … we, you know, we would take very strong action.

    What a jackass. My apologies to jackasses.

  10. Related to
    Story #2: In Japan, Tens of Thousands Protest WHO’s ‘Supranational Grab Over Global Health’

    Friday April 19, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Tiffany Chartier Assistant Editor
    Activists Raise Alarm Over Potential WHO Amendments

    Local activists convened on Thursday to discuss a Capitol Hill press conference in Washington, D.C. relating to the United States’ relationship with the World Health Organization.

    Frank Gaffney Jr. addressed a room of attendees via livestream on the evening of April 18.
    Discussion focused on how the federal government was allegedly handing over Americans’ rights to the World Health Organization (WHO).
    Citizens Defending Freedom of Collin County hosted the event, and the evening was moderated by America Can We Talk host and Republican National Convention committeewoman candidate Debbie Georgatos.

    Gaffney is the founder and executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. The non-profit, non-partisan educational corporation analyzes national and international foreign and defense policy matters. He also hosts Secure Freedom Radio, a nationally syndicated radio program that provides commentary on national security and foreign policy matters.

    He explained that the press conference included such names as Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI); Matt Schlapp, chair of the Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC; Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council; Kris Ullman, president of Eagle Forum; Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’t Rights Without Frontiers; Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, and members of the House.

    The press conference’s attendees issued an urgent call to action for citizens and state legislatures regarding allegations that the WHO is trying to strip the United States of its sovereignty when it comes to certain policies. Gaffney explained that the potential abuse of such power could result in far-reaching damage to American citizens.

    Georgatos claimed that two amendments that will be voted on by the World Health Assembly on May 27 would essentially allow Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, “to create America’s pandemic policy.”..

    …Georgatos told The Dallas Express, “The consequence of these amendments being passed is that America is actually surrendering its sovereignty of our healthcare system, pandemic policy, and a whole host of other policies.”..
    “You have to think about how deep this is. This includes things like climate change,” said Georgatos…

    …“People who want to fight this need to have their voices heard now.
    Go to
    There is a simple petition, and it is so easy. Tell your members in Congress that you don’t want this to happen in America,” Georgatos told The Dallas Express.

    • What is the Social Toolkit?

      The Sovereignty Coalition’s social media protest toolkit provides concerned citizens with sample Tweets/Posts, Memes, and videos that you may copy & paste or download, for use on social media, eBlasts, or to print and distribute to your friends, families, and other networks.

      • Thanks. Was playing around w/ the twitter & was timely to snag a few cute cartoons ready made.

  11. disappointed that James might have gotten WW3 wrong. China is not involved.

  12. “Me and my son watched the news…” ????????????????

    And this from a supposed English major? With a masters? What is the world coming to…

    • I ain’t got much learnin.
      But I found this…

      Colloquial means informal and conversational, and more suitable for use in speech than in writing.

      • HRS, you’re a great guy and I hate to say it, but I disagree.

        This isn’t at the level of colloquial, it’s horribly ignorant and repellant. This inability to properly sort out when to use the subjective and objective cases is new since I’ve been an adult, and I give some of the blame to the rapist in chief, who would constantly use the word “I” when he should have used “me.” Eg. “Come with Hitlery and I.” Nails on a blackboard. I never heard an adult speak that way until that poor excuse for a human being was in the White House.

        But the biggest culprit is–I’m gonna say it and I know it’ll make 85% of people angry–selfish parents and their extended families who put their children in daycare and gov’t school and use electronic babysitters instead of engaging with them. Children can’t learn to speak properly from other children who don’t know how to speak properly. Now, most adults speak like ignorant, lower class children. This is a very in-your-face sign of the degradation of our culture.

        I know all the arguments about how language changes and blah, blah, blah. Not buying it. It’s ignorant, lower class stuff.

        The middle class used to seek to improve themselves and their circumstances by trying to emulate the upper class, their language, their etiquette, their public habits, their public morality regardless of their private flaws and sins. Now, courtesy of the fed govt’s endless psyops, the middle class seeks to emulate the lower class. Rap, hip hop, tattoos, piercings, lousy grammar, absolutely no manners what-so-ever, f-bombs every sentence, adults reading children’s books if they read at all or watching mindless garbage on their phones all evening while consuming candy.

        Henry Higgens would be apoplectic. I know I am.

        • ccuthbert2001,
          I’m fine with your disagreement.

          Language, much like music…everyone has their tastes.

        • ccuthbert2001
          “….Children can’t learn to speak properly from other children who don’t know how to speak properly. Now, most adults speak like ignorant, lower class children. This is a very in-your-face sign of the degradation of our culture. …”

          IIRC it was Orwell who said English people had their class branded on their tongue or something like that- before TV and Radio people actually came from somewhere. Now people consume mostly mass media that has almost zero local flavor we’re all from nowhere….I watched the “BBS” documentary and even computer bulletin boards were localized because of long distance phone charges. Mass culture is always homogenized and lowered to the common denominator, especially when you are no longer allowed to look down on low class behavior. Not being able to look down on the lower class means the middle class dont have a drive to rise above them

          I have often thought it was probably easier for a rich person and a poor person to talk and communicate meaningfully before they were forced to pretend that they were exactly the same and on equal social footing. Seeing the Ukraine President appearing in public dressed like a slob really drives that point home.

          Hmn….now I think of it it that reminds me of Academic Agent and the “pineapple” story where he spoke of how people used to want a pineapple as a status symbol. They would use it as an ornament until it rotted, lol. Now that clothes and electronics are cheep the rich need to find new ways to mark themselves as special.

        • Hi ccuthbert2001!
          I hope you are well. 🙂
          Having read your comments, I felt the urge to respond. Not that I disagree with you, rather I feel the same way about the misuse of language. However, I wanted to point out how easy it is to fall into colloquialisms.
          I will be quoting from your writings to make my point. I will, for the purpose of readability, use capitals to mark corrections, so please don’t take this as an attempt to insult!
          * “And this from a supposed English major? With a masters?”
          Both sentences are without predicate. They are logically connected, but needlessly separated as well. It would have been better to say: “And this IS COMING from a supposed English major, WHO ALSO HAS a masters.”
          * “This inability to properly sort out when to use the subjective and objective cases is new since I’ve been an adult,..”
          Logic would dictate that this inability was new, if at all, even before you were an adult. There is also some confusing use of present tense and the word ‘since’. Furthermore, using the words “since I’ve been” indicates an ongoing period of time, whereas your sentence seems to refer to a precise moment, albeit an inexact one. A better alternative would be: “This inability to properly sort out when to use the subjective and objective cases HAD COME ABOUT AROUND THE TIME I BECAME an adult,..”
          * “Nails on a blackboard.”
          This is again without predicate. From reading the context, I assume you mean to say something along the lines of: “LIKE nails on a blackboard, THIS RAISES THE HAIRS ON THE BACK OF MY NECK”
          * “Not buying it.”
          Not having a predicate renders a thought incomplete. Therefore, this should be: “I’M not buying it.”, I assume
          * “..trying to emulate the upper class, their language, their etiquette, their public habits, their public morality regardless of their private flaws and sins.”
          In this sentence you sum up a list of aspects of ‘the upper class’, followed by a subclause. The correct use of a semicolon, the word ‘and’, plus an additional comma would have been the right approach to separate these different elements. “..trying to emulate the upper class; [semicolon] their language, their etiquette, their public habits AND their public morality, [comma] regardless of their private flaws and sins.”

        • * “..emulate the lower class. Rap, hip hop, tattoos, piercings, lousy grammar, absolutely no manners what-so-ever, f-bombs every sentence, adults reading children’s books if they read at all or watching mindless garbage on their phones all evening while consuming candy.”
          The same, numerous errors appear here. Also, here the summing up of seemingly unrelated items, such as musical preferences, fashion styles, mannerisms and habits, amounts to a very poor writing style. In correct grammatical style, with style corrections applied, this would read: “..emulate the lower class; [semicolon] LISTENING TO THEIR MUSIC: Rap AND hip hop, WEARING tattoos AND piercings, USING lousy grammar, HAVING absolutely no manners what-so-ever, INSERTING f-bombs IN every sentence AND BEING adults reading children’s books, [comma] if READING at all, [comma]] or watching mindless garbage on their phones all evening while consuming candy.”
          In jest, I would say: when riding a high horse, make sure you sit on it well.
          Aside from all this, I would like to point out that culture precedes literacy by centuries. Some prime examples of this are cave paintings, jewellery and similar adornments, pottery and tools. It can easily be argued that of these, most were produced by ‘lower class’ workmen and women, not by the ruling classes.
          I would also like to point out that rap and hip-hop culture is often not shallow at all, and that it can be easily argued that mainstream media such as big record labels and MTV, have had a devastating effect on the genre. This was ‘achieved’, I daresay, by heavily promoting artists embracing violent and criminal behaviour, whilst completely ignoring those of much broader artistic merit.
          There are highlights aplenty of poetic, musical, cultural and even political value in hip-hop, but these are not likely to come your way as they are not celebrated in mainstream media. Considering that these media are owned by ‘upper class’ figureheads, it would seem that the destruction of cultural merit of the ‘lower classes’.
          As a reader of the Corbett report, I assume you are familiar with the concepts of class being a social construct and education being a form of conditioning, often used to dumb down the masses. Incidentally, the root of the word education comes from ex, meaning out and ducare, meaning to lead. In my opinion this would refer to the leading out of farm animals as these were terms used in pre-industrialised, agrarian societies. A school, at the same time, is really a group of animals acting as a single entity.
          I hope I haven’t upset or bored you with my remarks.
          All the best, Mik

          • I see that these wanton attempts at carefree, ruleless expression simply don’t lead anywhere good.

            We just as well might institute a centralized globalist communication and information exchange governing body (CGCIE) that will act as a spigot through which all communications online have (as in mandatory) to be routed so that the grammar nazi overlords can help harmonize communication and understanding.

            While at it, they can also assure compliance with the community guidelines. Win-Win.

          • I forgot to add after ‘lower classes’ the following: “was intentional”. To err is to be human, it seems! 🙂

      • Me thinks that James should start feverishly editing (to the point of nausea, and beyond with help of pharmaceuticals) absolutely every piece of all content he puts out.

        If repeating inerviews 15 times is what it takes, so be it. I mean, the guy is obviously running this enterprise on a mile high budget, does not have a single care in the world and there are really no excuses to be found for cutting all this slack.

        Good enough is not good enough. Perfection or nothing. I can barely type this the way me’s shaking. Disgusted I am.

        • Thanks for the laughs! You make great points.

  13. marijuana is an entheogen. That means it is a sacrement that deserves respect. Without respect it will facilitate decay, especially of ones sense of meaning.

    There are odd combo’s of stressed or amped-up persona/mind sets that can be tempered/relieved by maijuana, and some may elicit helpful guidance, but most will have a break from our sobering reality, which is why demand is likely so high.

    In these days of accelerating populations, the majority of which is kept from thriving by the dominator/pyramid paradigm, protocols of master plant use has typically been perverted or abused. excessive users often hit a wall of unfulfilled desire. the goal of all entheogen use could be said to be functioning in a “higher” or “finer” way, greater sensitivity, greater sense of meaning, possible lucid interaction with “that which is unseen”. But the catch is, it aint for everyone. The majority of excessive users I know slide into a funk of paranoia, aggression, apathy. A tiny few bring home useful insights, while an even smaller few still haven’t come home yet, and probably never will.

    • I agree with you. Marijuana like other psychedelics are entheogens and do deserve respect.

      I have always been surprised how it does not have these effects in some users, but rather is abused and produces negative effects, albeit not nearly as negative as some substances.

      I think other entheogens that provide a more complete experience are more fun and mind expanding but that’s just my personal preference. I have also noted more learning from them being able to internalize the insights obtained, rather than fleeting glimpses.

      Cannabis also has medicinal properties that are quite remarkable as well.

  14. This morning I was left aback when I saw this sight. A photograph doesn’t do it justice, but I wanted to share. Maybe a good reminder to stand still from time to time and bask in the glory of creation.

    • Damn! That is majestic!
      Compliments to the professional photographer.
      Croatia has some wondrous views.

      However, the water must be Ai fake. It is too clear. Where are all the food wrappers and McDonalds paper cups?

      Corbett Member Jo-ann, who is great with posting updates, is taking some time off “to play in the dirt”…

      • Both the water and the sky are fake. How many chem trails can you see in the sky? Zero. Exactly.

        • 😉 ha!! You make a solid case for it being Ai generated.

  15. An interesting video I ran across today regarding the difference between Iran and the Islamic republic. I have sent the link to my daughter-in-law who just arrived from Iran in March and am waiting to hear her reply/reaction. I suspect she will be in full agreement.

  16. I think it’s important to make a distinction between the Islamic republic that is running Iran and the Iranians/Persians who are trapped in their own country under a religious authoritarian government.

    Many (maybe all) Persians detest the rulers of their native country, who impose their Islamic ideals on everyone whether they are Muslim or not (which my daughter-in-law’s family is not). Persians are not historically Muslim.

    My son’s in-laws hoped their daughter would not return to Iran after her education in India, but she did, and then kind of got stuck there. Can you imagine WANTING your children to get out of your country, at the risk of possibly never seeing them again, just so they can be free of Islamic oppression?

    I’ll include this link again. I can’t believe no one on CR has any opinions on this:

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