April Open Thread (2024)

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As you know, I’ve been off this past week and won’t be posting anything for another couple of days. So, why don’t we start the April Open Thread a day early?

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  1. This March Open April Thread is a MOAT encircling the castle of ya’ll’s Minds. Reading And Comprehension Includes Numerous Generations RACING back and forth over the lowered drawbridge of communication and nascent comity which is connecting us here and now.

    So, here’s my pitch: Let us begin to overcome divisiveness by identifying as #CREATORS (Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializers) #MovingForward.

    #CREATORS Candidate for the #AlachuaCountyFlorida School Board.

    • Whether one works with existing power structures or tries to construct new ones, the odds are stacked against.

      But, activity is a reward in itself, so good luck, Lew, with your efforts to get inside the School Board!

  2. Could you please have a lok into Timothy Hogan or give some thoughts about him and his authenticity?

  3. Hi All. Anyone else in the Shonan region of Japan at the moment? Great weather and cherry blossoms about to … blossom.

  4. Good easter everybody,

    I think it’s time to exchange on internet browsers. It’s become more and more blatant how little and how biased results one is getting, even on browsers like duckduckgo. I have been trying brave browser recently but it’s not much better as it relies on google crawler if i’m not mistaken. Can you all post here which browser you use/recommend or just your experiences with different browsers?

    This could be beneficial to all of us, economizing time and resources to try everything ourselves.

    Thank you all and wish you a great weekend!

    • Yeah, this. My internet searches suck compared to the “good” old days…

      And a happy Easter to you too and everyone else who is reading this 🙂

      I can also feel that I am losing interest I the net, not the Corbett report tought but news, articles and just to do any type of diving anymore. I think the reason is all the ai written stuff is just too obvious and everyone seem to be using it…

      Well, it’s spring time and I wonder how many Corbettèers there are in Scandinavia… anyone up for an CorbettCamp? Maybe we even get Ice Pick to join in 🙂

      • Hi @salty1312. Better late than never: There IS a few Corbettéers in Denmark & a Corbett-Camp sounds like a great idea – let me know if/when you read my answer and let´s get in touch

    • Search engines have been “Balcanized” with the rest of the internet. Use the engine suited towards the type of result you want. DDG & Yandex are my general choices.

      • I was wondering if there wasn’t another option, if it was possible to have decent search engines in the past, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be possible now. Does anybody know any search engine that never updated it’s algorithms since the good old internet days? It’s really frustrating nowadays

        • Look into searx.org


          Also, Floorp is a Firefox type browser from Japan that has a lot of promise, though I have not fully vetted it. I currently use Firefox that is “hardened”.

          • Just gave Searx a test. Looks very good.

            Clean, readable, broad search identifying where the metascrape originated.

            Test search was “origins of wahabism”. Various wikipedia and academic results and one other in first page of results. No NYT/CNN/blah garbage.

            Added to my Tor Browser Bundle via Firefox addon as my new default engine.

        • There is no really GOOD search these days that I know of BUT you can get an anonymized aggregation of many engines with Searx, you can even set up your own instance if your a tech type person.

          THIS video shows how it works



      On this Presearch Comment Thread are a few suggestions mentioned.
      ~~WWW corbettreport.com/solutionswatch-presearch/

      I most often use “Presearch”. It gives options for other search engines. This comes in handy when I want a “Google Map” of a location.
      Varying my keywords also helps bring about different results. EXAMPLE: “Fluoride Trial” and “Fluoride TSCA Trial” can bring different results.
      I like how the “search results” show with a short url at Presearch.

      Sometimes “Bing” will bring up different results, or even “Yahoo” and “AOL” as a search engine.
      Example: Over the past year, I have often searched for “Fluoride News” and sometimes I would find nuggets not shown via the censored Google renditions.

      MetaGer (as mkey mentioned on the above Corbett Thread) often brings up some alternative results.
      ~~WWW metager.org/

      Here are a few others which I have used…
      ~~WWW searchencrypt.com/home
      ~~WWW yandex.com/
      ~~WWW qwant.com/
      ~~WWW swisscows.com/en
      And even…
      ~~WWW dogpile.com/

      The Corbett Report ‘Trick’ for SEARCHING
      Put “corbettreport.com” into your search engine. Then play with other keywords using or not using ””.
      If you want some related comments, then also enter a handle keyword like “mkey” or “Zyxzevn” (pronounced ‘67’) or “ManBearPig” or “Jo-ann” or “Torus” or “HomeRemedySupply” or some other Corbett Report Member.
      I guarantee that if you play around with this CorbettReport ‘Trick’ and search for “Search Engine”, you will find stuff.
      Use Ctrl + F to search the webpage.

      REVIEWING the past #SolutionsWatch Episode LISTS can be beneficial…
      2021, 2022, 2023 – ~~WWW corbettreport.com/2023solutions/

      On one of Corbett’s #SolutionsWatch, he had this…
      Alternative News Homepage

      VIDEO PLATFORMS – All the video platforms can offer some interesting and varied search results.

      • Thanks a lot guys, i will definitely check all those out and see what i can use! There must be something out there that’s better than what i use now, would just be cool if there was a clear favorite that most people would agree upon coz right now it seems to me that plusminus 80% of the internet became unaccessible through most search engines…

    • Startpage with Firefox, for now anyways. Cheers

    • Along with mentioned searx, metager might be worth giving it a spin, now and again.

      I revert to google mostly for local stuff as other engines don’t cover that well. So even google is better than nothing.

    • I’ve been using DuckDuckGo for years now…and indeed has it gone to the left-leaning bias. And the first links are often trying to sell me things.

      StartPage has not gone wrong yet when it comes to searching for things. But the interface for their app needs a lot of work. You push the back button, and you are back at the search results, with no forward button to get back to what you were looking at.

  5. I noticed in your recent post giving some questions, that one of the statements you reported on claimed…”there will be time travel”.

    I know why they are saying this. Most folks don’t want to know why, though, so I won’t bother telling. But they are way ahead of most of us, and ever so clever.

    When dealing with werewolves, you better know something about the moon.

  6. Hi there,

    I just recently delved into the phenomenon of staged terror events – rather unexpectedly – as I first watched something about the Boston bombing and then Moscow happened with a report from Swiss Policy Research raising suspicions about it being staged too. In the course I was finally pointed to the terror attack at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin 2016. All very plausible staged events to say the least.

    What I cannot wrap my head around is how can staged events be covered up so well. In comparison to false flag events which are real with real dead people and real destruction, bystanders not involved in the operations must notice that something is not real. There must be hundreds if not thousands of them. They will talk to family and friends about this and we should have heard about this not from independent open source investigators but from people around us. How can it be possible that there are no rumours floating around afterwards? Any ideas?

    • It’s not as hard as you think. First of all, they control access to wherever it is that they are going to stage the event (think Manchester). Then they populate it with their own people, usually military intelligence personnel, many of whom have been told to grow their hair out and get tattoos. The actual number of people present will be falsely exaggerated by the press, who they control. They can use the police, or at least people dressed in police uniforms, to further control who is present and who is kept away from the action, since any forces that might have interfered will have been made to stand down before the event. Once the event is concluded, everyone “knows” about it by press reports that back up the narrative. If you were nearby and heard a boom, and the press reports told you that a bus crashed into a building and made a terrific “boom”, wouldn’t just assume that that was what you heard? Now you are unwittingly backing the official story. Since you’re Scandinavian, this write-up the the Brevik event should give you a better explanation: http://mileswmathis.com/part5.pdf

    • Bjorn
      :…What I cannot wrap my head around is how can staged events be covered up so well. In comparison to false flag events which are real with real dead people and real destruction, bystanders not involved in the operations must notice that something is not real. There must be hundreds if not thousands of them. …..”

      I Think it was on the Pete Quinoes show that someone mentioned that the number of folks who knew that the Gulf Of Tonkin incident that kicked off Vietnam was faked would have been IN THE THOUSANDS, possibly tens of thousands.

      When Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty and murdered US service men there were witnesses and families and millitary personnel who were ‘in the know’

      Who exactly would they tell though?

      Why would they throw away their government pensions?

      Since I do not personally know anyone who died on (say) 9/11 or (say) the Boston Bombing I only know they happened because the TV / media tells me they happened. I do not know if they ‘fake’ deaths and such, but it would be even easier to fool the public without annoying relatives of the victims making any real waves in the media.

      Give it a few years and it becomes “history” you get from newspapers and TV footage and such.

      On a more metaphysical note we can note that they are making a UK TV show about the Covid pandemic and people growing up in the future will watch it and think it was like the black death or something….. just like most people who consumed media think that starting World War Two had popular support form the UK or US populations. People think Civil Rights had popular support in the USA and that Nixon was a particularly evil president or that the Northern States were anti-racist crusaders in the civil war.

      I’m old enough to have SEEN history change.

      • Duck, that history that you have seen is always presented in a dialectical fashion. First you are given the official story, the one that most people will swallow. Then there is an alternate, skeptical take that appeals to people smart enough to harbor doubts about the official story. What you have to realize is that they can plant the seeds of that alternate narrative beforehand, because they know there will always be skeptics. There can be actors in the so-called alternative media that are ready to run with the tantalizing little crumbs that were planted, corralling all thought in a way that never gets to the truth. Sometimes the answer isn’t behind door #1, or door #2. When dealing with these liars the answer might be behind door #3.

        • G Jingping

          I dont think its really all that complex- they do lay back up stories and there is a lot of ‘unexploded propaganda’ we can step on in history but I dont think they lay out layer upon layer of fake story- if only because it doee not matter that much as long as they can get most people to go along to get along.

          I mean….. how many people really think Epstein killed himself? When nothing happened after he died it was the biggest propaganda win they could ever desire.

          • I’m not trying to make the case for complexity; time and people’s natural tendency to speculate will supply plenty of that. What I’m trying to drive home is that we are always being forced into choices that suit those in power. We know what the MSM will say (Epstein was suicide). But, is the alternative media view (Epstein murdered) also controlled, and just meant to be a dead end that keeps us from another possibility?

            • you make a good point I will need to think about that.

              • Thank you for your gracious reply.

      • It’s so much cheaper to actually cause the carnage than fake it.

        They don’t care about collateral damage – you’re just tax cattle anyway. If they need to blow a few of you up to keep the rest in line, they won’t even think twice.

        • Cheaper, yes, but when did our governors ever care about wasting money that comes from the treasury? The black budgets are huge, and we are never allowed to inspect the books. No, the reason to fake events is for CONTROL, not to save money or lives. I agree, they don’t have any moral qualms about violence, but in this particular theater (pun intended) it is easier to control the outcome by scripting the play and supplying the actors.

    • Don’t forget excercise simulation. That is the usual excuse under which they get hundreds of cops, firefighters and medics onto the scene. When media paints the narrative those people get home and get to know what was actually going on. Takes balls to ga against the mob mentality, even if one eas so inclibed, and 99% are not. They will take their money and go for some shopping.

  7. “The Mediasphere” is a re-telling of the intrinsic links between the private Western Wire services and their military intelligence organizations for all three of the Western nations who are veto-equipped permanent members of the UN Security Council based on the issuance of the lastest cover story to save their arses due to an uncontrolled covert operation by a proxy.

    Nothing particularly new in about 2000 words.


    Have fun.

  8. 👣 A Walk Through the Graveyard 👣

    Saddened friends, tragic ends,
    the tears of a grieving wife;
    the closing refrain, the end of the game,
    the final chapter of life.

    The gravedigger’s shovel makes ready the hovel:
    it fashions a “forever” home.
    A man’s final spark, then a den in the dark,
    and all the heavens to roam.

    With each plunge of the spade in this dismal trade
    of preparing the burial plot
    he tills a bed for planting the dead:
    this is the gravedigger’s lot.

    Listen to the click of the gravedigger’s pick
    —all the sounds of the gravedigger’s curse:
    the wind’s mellow howl, the hooo of the owl,
    the ominous whir of the hearse.

    In this secluded place, with suitable grace
    he considers the ground that awaits
    the flesh that will sleep, tranquil and deep,
    casting for Heaven’s gates.

    At times he believes the rustling leaves
    to be the turmoil of troubled souls,
    for he sees in his mind what all men will find:
    the abyss of his bottomless holes.

    No more to till; it is peaceful and still.
    Now a body lies six feet under.
    So he ponders the bliss of souls such as this,
    heedless of maelstrom or thunder.

    The silence is broken, an utterance spoken
    —the gravedigger turns from the tomb
    to a fretful remark from a voice in the dark,
    a stranger who seems lost in the gloom:

    “Gravedigger, gravedigger, pay me no mind,
    I have no appointment with you.
    I’ll make your acquaintance another time . . .
    —for now, I am just passing through.”


    • Having spent hours walking through various cemeteries in contemplation of the lives of those that have finished their journey and their families and friends which mourned and enemies that have rejoiced, laying these things to my heart, I’m often reminded of how short our lives really are and how unfathomable eternity really is, even to those that set it in their heart. The words of “The Preacher” found in Ecclesiastes resonates with great wisdom.

      Here’s a collage of scriptures to compliment your poem:

      “So I returned, and considered all the oppressions that are done under the sun: and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; but they had no comforter.
      Wherefore I praised the dead which are already dead more than the living which are yet alive.
      Yea, better is he than both they, which hath not yet been, who hath not seen the evil work that is done under the sun.

      A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.

      It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart.
      Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better.
      The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.
      It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.
      For as the crackling of thorns under a pot, so is the laughter of the fool: this also is vanity.
      Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart.
      Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.
      Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools.
      Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this.
      Wisdom is good with an inheritance: and by it there is profit to them that see the sun.
      For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.
      Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked?
      In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider: God also hath set the one over against the other, to the end that man should find nothing after him.
      All things have I seen in the days of my vanity: there is a just man that perisheth in his righteousness, and there is a wicked man that prolongeth his life in his wickedness.

      Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
      For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

  9. You know when you’re in primary school and you are shown to excel in soaking up their propaganda, they give you a gold star.
    Well, if you work hard and apply yourself in scientism you can go on to get a big boy gold star for being the bestest and most convincing liar in the whole world!
    A Nobel Prize.

  10. I saw some disturbing info re: Dr. Mercola. I have trusted him (so far as I trust anyone anymore) and I realize that he has been the subject of censorship, debunking and MSM “hit pieces.”

    However, I have learned the hard way that believing in “heros” is the quickest way to get yourself conned.

    I always look for the unvarnished truth, no matter what, and am just wondering if anyone has info regarding Dr. Mercola’s true credibility.

    • Back before “Google”, I was following Mercola. In fact, one of his newsletters said that a promising new search engine was on the horizon, and he mentioned Google.
      I remember when he once featured a 9/11 Truth video (Loose Change) and caught hell for it from Members. This was at a time when 9/11 Truth was completely taboo and just breaking out.

      It is a shame that he deleted his website.
      It was a tremendous archive composed of hundreds of interviews with Doctors and Researchers, with attached written highlights.

      It is the MESSAGE, not the MESSENGER
      That is my byline for heroes.

      I admire many of the things that Mercola has done in the past.
      In fact, he had always been a big champion of exposing fluoride, often donating large sums of money to F.A.N. FluorideAlert.org.

      Any messenger can have flaws. It is part of the human condition.
      It is up to each of us to evaluate the message(s), regardless of the messenger.

      • I thought…because that’s what I read…that his website was deleted. Not that he deleted it. Several years ago.

        • Openlens, you are right in a sense. See my next reply of Jo-ann 9/24/2022

          Dr Mercola on video quote: “So, the course of action I am now forced to take is to remove my entire archive of articles.”

          August 4, 2021– Fox 4 Now -WFTX-TV, Channel 4, Fort Myers – Naples, Florida – [Dr. Joseph Mercola lives/works in this region.]
          Local doctor removing health articles after claims of misinformation
          Dr. Joseph Mercola stands by his information – but says he will take all his content down – because of a New York Times article published just days ago. The article claims he’s spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines. He says he’ll publish articles again, but they’ll only stay online for 48 hours at a time.

        • Openlens, Note the word above “ARCHIVE of articles”.

          So, in the late summer of 2021, Mercola takes down his archive.

          However, Mercola still sold supplements and also has a health food grocery store.

          Jo-ann 9/24/2022 COMMENT

          Mercola.com has been taken down. They notified members via email today. Here is a partial quote:


          “Many of you are aware the Mercola website disappeared early Friday morning. This outage wasn’t scheduled, but we have been planning and preparing for the possibility that it could happen for some time.

          “The past few years have brought many challenges:
          • Our bank accounts were closed
          • Our partners’ Paypal accounts were shut down
          • The media, senators, federal agencies, Attorney’s General, and Big Tech have all been used by the global cabal to illegally shut down our right to free speech

          “But we stand together and can see through the coordinated agenda before us.
          A constant game of chess is being played out and our lives are at stake. We’ve broken through the blinding fog of the COVID war together. We have won many battles and are stronger and more enlightened by each one.

          “Our sites will be shut down temporarily and we will operate through Substack and Amazon [for products] until further notice.

          “The Substack website will host our content for the first 48 hours free of charge. It is imperative that you subscribe to my Substack website (for free) to receive our daily information.

          “Please also bookmark the website should you not receive our emails. You can find my Substack website at: TakeControl.Substack.Com”

          • Thanks so much. Good to know for a fact all this.
            Far as I feel, just me, Mercola’s been in it too long. He didn’t suddenly jump on the natural bandwagon in 2020. He’s been doing this for a long time.
            So, this is great for you to show the truth of it all.
            Especially that he has a substack. What he puts up for 48 hrs can be screenshot if nothing else.

        • in 2021 Dr. Mercola moved his articles to his substack that required a paid membership to access.

          But several weeks ago he reversed this. His archive of articles are again available, free of charge and no membership needed, on mercola.com

    • I stopped following him because reading about possible diseases you might have sort of drained my energy… Even with offered solutions…Because then I thought: oh, maybe I should buy this “just in case”. But I don’t wanna live that way. So I stopped following him and many others saving time and energy which I prefer spending DOING things, away from the screens😊
      Martin Armstrong and Corbett are my main sources.

      Any Dutch Corbetterians here?🙏

      • true that, and now you know of/have that resource to offer to those who need it

  11. No healthy youth activism is a clear sign the controllers have nothing to fear from the sheep.

    No healthy “adult” activism is a clear sign the controllers have nothing to fear from the sheep.

    The cartoonification of reality has left us with this whole thing of all cliche’ talk, memes, and Rambo fantasy.

    The rambling from one “major” headline event to another, sucking up the time and energy of people is one of the greatest weapons of mass distraction ever created. The delivery system of course is the highly controlled Web/Media offering lies, misdirection, and rabbit holes to get lost in in search for the truth of things.

    Hiding behind goofy blog names, pontificating the same talking points as others is not activism. The “glue” of tribalism or a movement is long gone. Sovereign, free thinking behavior is long gone for the most part.

    Lost in belief of mythical heroes or saviors coming to set things right is foolishness. Probably the best two things recently are the Mud Flood and Mandela movements towards trying to find the truth of who we really are.

    Clear hard evidence of the changing of brand names, major events, biblical verse, etc. and the concept of a horse and buggy culture building gigantic palaces world wide in a year or two that can’t be duplicated today. But the chaos, celeb worshiping masses are far too addicted to the “rush” to stop and just be with one’s self, as the “need” to be liked and “significant” overwhelms one and all.

    WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

    • Love it! Got a tear in my eye at the end – hit home for me.

      • I got a tear in my eye that something I created touched someone. Thank you, Jo-Ann…

  12. As requested a little peek into my garden. Here are some pics of our Giant Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) plants that are beginning to wake up and leaf out.


    The main stalks of this plant were over 8 feet tall last year and so now the hollow stems of last year’s dried stalks will be ideal for cutting into cross sections and tying together to serve as ideal cavities for ladybugs and solitary bees to nest and overwinter.

    The genetics of these plants are fantastically adaptable and resilient. In response to the minus 5 Celsius nights we had last week the new leaves decided to produce high concentrations of anthocyanins on the bottom of the leaves.

    The top of the leaf is remaining higher in chlorophyll to maximize photosynthesis given how few leaves have emerged but the bottom has the anthocyanins in the veins to protect the flow of sap, minerals and nutrients.

    I saved these seeds from wild plants growing on the edge of where the hard wood forests of southern Ontario begin to transition into Boreal Forest. I am never disappointed when I team up with Mother Nature in selecting the strongest and most resilient seeds for medicinal plants 🙂

    More info on the medicinal gifts of this plant:


    Part used for medicine/food: leaves, flowers, root and seeds

    Medicinal Constituents:

    Antioxidants, acacetin, apigenin, methyleugenol, pulegone, menthone, Estragole, isomenthone and spathulenol, 3-O-caffeoylquinic acid, calycosin, caffeic acid, 6,7-Dimethoxyquercetin 3-O-glucopyranoside, Agastaquinone (diterpenoid quinone), genistein, kaempferol 3-O-glucoside, 4′,5-Dihydroxy-3,3′,7-trimethoxyflavone, rosmarinic acid, tilianin, ursolic acid and β-sitosterol in significant amounts.

    Medicinal actions:

    antibacterial, antiviral, anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cardiac, carminative, diaphoretic, antihemorrhagic, pulmonary aid, pectoral, poultice and expectorant, cytotoxic activity to cancer cell lines, anti-nociceptive, anti-atherogenic, as well as soothing & coughs suppressing

    Respiratory Ally for Colds & Flus

    Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory Properties

    Digestive Support

    The leaves are cardiac and diaphoretic. An infusion of the leaves is used in the treatment of colds, fevers, weak heart etc. When left to go cold, the infusion is used to treat pains in the chest (such as when the lungs are sore from too much coughing). A poultice of leaves and stems can be used to treat burns.

    Use the leaves in a tea to stimulate the digestive system; it is a warming digestive aid, it is carminative (relieves flatulence) and eases diarrhoea. It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, making it useful for relieving congestion, coughs and colds.

    (more info on this impressive and resilient medicinal herb species available in an article I published on substack, which I will share in a separate comment below.)

    • For a more in depth exploration of the many gifts offered by this species and how she can be integrated as an effective member of a food forest design (or organic biodiverse garden), here is a link to my full article on the plant:


      For those thinking about growing some yourself, some basic facts:

      Cold Hardiness: 3 – 9

      Anise Hyssop scientifically known as Agastache foeniculum is neither anise (Pimpinella anisum) nor hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), despite its common name. However, it belongs to the Lamiaceae / Labiatae (Mint family), just like hyssop. The plant is native to Southern Canada (Alberta, Ontario) to the north central and northern states of the United States (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Dakota, Colorado). Few of the popular common names of the plant are Anise Hyssop, Anise-Hyssop, Anise-Mint, Blue Giant-Hyssop, Fennel Giant Hyssop, Fragrant Giant Hyssop, Giant Hyssop, Lavender Giant Hyssop, Lavender Hyssop, Licorice-Mint and Wonder Honey Plant.

      Habitat and Ecological Niche:

      Agastache foeniculum is native to most of the southern Canadian provinces and the Northwest Territory. The species occurs in Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and from Michigan to Montana south to Illinois, Colorado and Wyoming.

      The species is tolerant of deer and drought, and attracts various potential pollinators, including hummingbirds, butterflies, bumblebees, honey bees, carpenter bees, and night flying moths. Bees make a light fragrant honey from the flower’s nectar.

      Anise hyssop is considered one of the premier plants for feeding pollinators. The 1969 edition of the Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening claims that one acre planted in anise hyssop can support 100 honeybee hives, the flowers blooming for a very long season, often from June until frost and during the time it blooms, one can see bees on the flowers from the morning until dusk. The many flowers of the plant provide forage for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

  13. Why Democracy Leads to Tyranny (by ACADEMY OF IDEAS)


    “Remember Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes exhausts and [destroys] itself. . .It is in vain to Say that Democracy is … less proud, less selfish, less ambitious or less avaricious than Aristocracy or Monarchy. It is not true in Fact and no where appears in history. Those Passions are the same in all Men under all forms of Simple Government, and when unchecked, produce the same Effects of Fraud Violence and Cruelty.”

    Letter from John Adams to John Taylor, December 1814

    In every age there is a set of beliefs that are elevated to a sacred status and questioning them is deemed heretical. For centuries it was the dogmas of Christianity that possessed this status, today it is the dogma of the democratic state. Democracy, as currently practiced, is the greatest form of government and anyone who denies this commits blasphemy – or so we are taught. But just as much of the Christian dogma was a veil to protect the power of the Church, the same can be said about democracy. Democracy, with its political campaigns, elections, and the illusion of rule by the people, is a veil behind which politicians and bureaucrats parasitically enrich themselves while imposing their corrupt vision of society on the rest of us. In this video we explore some of the fatal flaws of modern democracy and explain how instead of promoting social flourishing, it has given rise to a form of soft totalitarianism.

    “Conceived as the foundation of liberty, modern democracy paves the way for tyranny. Born for the purpose of standing as a bulwark against Power, it ends by providing Power with the finest soil it has ever had in which to spread itself over the social field.”

    Bertrand de Jouvenel, On Power

    There are many institutions that are necessary for a free and prosperous society; these include free markets, the division of labour, a rule of law that promotes order and trust, strong families, sound money, a school system that educates instead of indoctrinates, and a robust media that pursues the truth instead of spreading propaganda. If a democracy preserves these institutions, then one can claim that it is a form of political organization conducive to social harmony. But if a democracy continually produces governments that destroy these institutions, then the value of democracy must be questioned. Across the globe, the governments of most democracies are doing the latter – from the family unit, to schooling, the media, free markets, sound money, or the rule of law, politicians and bureaucrats are actively destroying, or at least severely corrupting, these institutions. Why is this? What are the flaws of modern-day democracies that are leading it to manifest such corrupt governments?

    • GavinM

      Democracy is OK as long as it limits the vote to people with a stake in the outcome…the issue is that when you let people who dont have civic virtue vote they destroy the system.

      Most people really are not fit to rule themselves, and this is especially so now.

      Since the American System is only suited for ‘a moral and religious people’ (John adams IIRC??) and the people of America are no longer either the other shoe is bound to drop on what comes after.

      • @Duck

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on democracy.

        I suppose if it functioned as advertised (which is rarely if ever does) democracy might be aptly described in a nonchalant fashion as “OK” (if one was comparing to an alternative like feudal monarchy or modern totalitarian dictatorships).

        However, perhaps the real question should then be, why settle for something that is just barely deserving as being described as “OK” (and only in the context of being compared to something way worse) when we could do so much better than “democracy” ?

        Did you read my Substack essay on how “democratic” governments (and all other involuntary governance structures) are not compatible with the permaculture design ethical compass?


        RE: “Most people really are not fit to rule themselves, and this is especially so now.”

        I have a hard time understanding that kind of logic.

        So, are you saying that, because people are inherently nasty, we should give a bunch of people (that are also part of that group of humans) the legal right to steal from others using the threat of violence (and then to give another group of humans guns and make laws that only those people are legally allowed to kidnap and murder) because having some people with the legal right to be thieves, kidnappers, racketeering specialists and murders is better than having no laws at all?

        Are you under the impression that the federal government and it’s armed enforcers are operating in order to keep you informed and safe from the bad guys?

        Why is funding institutionalized blackmail, assault, theft, kidnapping and murder a good idea?




        The great health care options they provide us as part of the “social contract” ?


        Personally, I would rather take my chances with all the big bad boogie men we are supposed to be afraid of (and protected against by various thugs with badges and uniforms) and re-direct my energy and focus into being a contributing member of a resilient local community.

        Religion and involuntary governance systems have gotten us to where we are today, and I think the status quo is a pretty sad state of affairs indeed. We can do better and in my opinion that begins with rooting ourselves into the land and community where we are, putting our creative, collaborative, regenerative and protective efforts to work in a decentralized way.

        • Gavin
          “…I have a hard time understanding that kind of logic. ………….”

          When I say most people are not fit to Rule themselves I mean exactly what those words say- 80 to 90% of people are UNABLE to regulate their own behavior.

          Those people must have rules enforced upon them so they can have happiness and so they dont hurt others.

          You just need to look at the number of obese people, broken marriages, substance abuse and dumb life choices they make. A second point is that too much choice makes (most, not all) people unhappy.

          Its nothing to do with the inherent nastiness of human nature, plenty of truly awful people are quite able to regulate their behavior to suit themselves.

          The problem is that people think “freedom” means freedom to get fat, do drugs and practice sexual immorality – and every one of those choices ends up with the subject being less happy and more dependent. You can train a % of people to self regulate, and use social pressure and shame, but there will always be some who gravitate towards scummy behavior and must be ruled over.

          That is why there has never been an Anarchy where all do as they wish, because people must be ruled, and (like women and children) they are generally happier to be told what the bounds of acceptable choices are. There is no perfect system, but what system there is is almost always a REFLECTION of the people it rules which is why we are ruled now by vice addled perverts who want us to die.

          • @Duck

            Thanks for elaborating and clarifying your views on democracy and your beliefs about how you feel most people “must be ruled” and that “Those people must have rules enforced upon them so they can have happiness”.

            There is very little in what you said here that I agree with and it would take me a quite while to unpack all the propaganda of the Church, the patriarchal ego flattering fallacies and the Stockholm syndrome-esk ideas about “big brother” that are baked into your comment, so I will have to leave that for another day.

            Before I go check on my apple tree seedlings, harvest some crops from the backyard and transplant some medicinal herbs into bigger pots I do want to highlight one part of your comment in particular.

            The Part where you said: “because people must be ruled, and (like 𝐰𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧 and children) they 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐭𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐞𝐩𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞.”

            I have read a lot of galling things in your comments in the past, but even so, I was somewhat surprised you would have the audacity to state something as misogynistic as that.

            I suppose given your view that women are happier to be ruled and dominated by us men (who are apparently so much more fit to rule over other beings) you would see the suffragettes tax resistance as unpatriotic, unladylike and something to be frowned upon?

            In any case, I do appreciate your candor and I hope you find a swift path to healing from your hydroplaning incident.

            • Gavin

              Thanks, it was not too bad, it was really not that bad compared to what could have happened.

              “…..ou would see the suffragettes tax resistance as unpatriotic, unladylike and something to be frowned upon?….”

              LOL….. you must not have looked deeply into the Suffragist movement 🙂

              The woman linked below wrote a book, Jammie Hanshaw (jay Dyers wife)interviewed her on YT a while back if you want to hear her talk.


              If you look at Suffragists you will find that they were pretty much Proto-Woke, BLM, terrorist (yes, ACTUAL terrorist….) nut jobs. Less ‘un-ladylike’ and more evil, TBH.

              If you look at the actual history of that movement

              a) It was astro turfed by the types who fund NGO’s today.

              b)The women of that movement were generally psyco’s

              c)The Majority of women in the population were indifferent or against the movement

              d) It was a movement for rich and upper middle class women. The women in that movement were not in favor of anyone outside THEIR CLASS getting the vote (in the UK anyway)

              e)Aside from the large number of sexual deviants the movement was also into Theosophy, authoritarian communism, and violent terrorism.

              I used to believe the ret-conning propaganda too. 🙂

              On the other issue

              “…I suppose given your view that women are happier to be ruled and dominated by us men….”

              Considering that since the majority of men abdicated their role as leader women have BECOME LESS HAPPY (see link but you can google more stats ) yes, I think that is probably true.


              “….I was somewhat surprised you would have the audacity to state something as misogynistic as that. …”

              Surprised your surprised, I say all kinds of unpopular things on the internet AND in real life to peoples faces.

              But…hey, I’m kinda an ahole 😉 lol

              Have fun with the trees- I have a peach tree coming up but the damn dogs ate the fig trees.

              • Somewhat in line with your thinking, I came to realize that when women stopped being full time “home-makers” is when the health of families started to decline. This might be a coincidence only, but I think commercial foods that became staple meal ingredients were unhealthy even then.

                Back to the misogynistic comment… Perhaps if men had wisdom and could lead, they would have a partner that happily follows. Back in the olden days, most common women weren’t educated, so likely they felt intellectually inferior. As an alternative, how about a joint decision if it affects both or the entire family? I think they removed “obey” from the standard wedding vows about 50 or 60 years ago.

              • Let’s be real – “home maker” is an actual job, or calling if one so wishes, that requires a lot of work. More so when kids are around. More so if kids are not sent to gubment indoctrination centers.

                If the work is not done, whatever the work was relevant for is going to go down the tubes. Property maintenance, for example. If you don’t do the work your property is going to become easy prey for entropy.

              • @mkey

                Agree with you about the “homemaker” role being a full time job. At least back in the day when women actually grew, preserved, and prepared food, did their own laundry and mending, perhaps sewing, raised children without using a TV or smart phone to pacify them, and maintained the home. The fact that wages didn’t allow families to thrive off one income is probably a combination of reduced buying power and people wanting more than the basic necessities. Today, just about all married couples I know have the wife as the chief wage earner – that is worth looking into. (Obviously I don’t have friends in the 1%)
                The women with cooks, housekeepers, nannies, gardeners, etc. probably spend a bit of time managing their employees and social calendars unless they also have a personal assistant who does that for them.

              • Jo-Ann


                “…Perhaps if men had wisdom and could lead, they would have a partner that happily follows……”

                THAT is the truth, but IMO its not even wisdom that they lack (people have always lacked THAT 🙂 ) its coherent values and the strength to stick to them and enforce boundaries.

                “…. Back in the olden days, most common women weren’t educated, so likely they felt intellectually inferior…..”

                Its not like the men they married (generally within their class) were any better educated on the whole.

                I think that what happened is that back a hundred years ago if you made bad choices you KNEW you would suffer for them.

                Nowadays people, especially women, are encouraged to act as if there are no consequences for stupid and bad behavior.

                The end result will be FIRST a bunch of angry childless cat ladies or single moms

                2nd a bunch of ghetto trash type kids brought up in by single moms

                3rd a bunch of unhappy child men who could not actually function as husbands and fathers even if they got the chance….the fact that a guy like Jorden Peterson has to exists to tell boys what they ought to already know is horrifying

                “….. As an alternative, how about a joint decision….”

                There really can only be one leader in a relationship, and my experience is that women are cant be happy with a man they dont respect enough to follow.

                The trick is for women to find a man they will choose to follow, and not waste their time on the others. For dudes its not to waste time on women that wont follow willingly

                “….I think they removed “obey” from the standard wedding vows about 50 or 60 years ago…..”

                You are robably right, about the same time they started pushing for abortion and easy no fault divorce.

                I’m still married but ALL my old set of friends are divorced and mostly unhappy victims of evil social programing so I now avoid them

            • Gavinm:

              It sounds like you think women deserve equal human rights to men. What I mean is that you don’t view women as property of men or slaves that must do domestic work they don’t chose.

              I agree with you here and I’m glad that there are some men who also feel this way. What I mean is that some men believe in consent and dignity in a partnership rather than a slave like relationship where women are treated as property of an estate.

              Fathers used to “give” their daughters away for some business venture in olden times. I really can’t imagine that and I’m glad I live in a country that doesn’t see that as the norm.

              I wonder how Mr. Corbett would view his daughter or any other member here, that their daughter is property and expected to serve a man and his needs/wants and her only value is reproduction and child rearing/home making.

              My views are biased because I’m a woman and from a very early age knew that I did not want to be a slave or to have someone “lead” me and me be subservient to, no matter how good looking or whatever.

              I think there are some men who are truly misogynistic (have a hatred or fear of women) and some men are just confused. I try to keep that in mind. But either way, I do believe misogynistic men have the right to speak their mind, even if I disagree with their views.

              • cu.h.j

                “… slaves that must do domestic work they don’t chose. …”

                I do not think that working for a corporation rather then ones own family is particularly satisfying for most women.

                The numbers support my thinking as women are reporting lower and lower levels of happiness vs men


                The idea that having a family and bringing up kids is slavery is one of the finest pieces of propaganda ever crafted IMO.

                While bringing women into the workforce to compete with men has improved the life of upper class women (maybe 10 or 20% of women) it has had the opposite effect on most of the rest who hav ebasically been forced to take on male roles as a single “living” wage to support the family has been crushed by almost doubling the work force. Thus women are basically forced to work for companies.

              • “…..A new Gallup Poll shows that more than half of women in the U.S. with children under the age of 18, 56%, would prefer to stay home over going to work, and 39% of women without children under the age of 18 said they wanted the role of homemaker……”


                add in that most women want to marry a guy who earns more then them and you have women who are forced to either ‘marry down’ or no marry.


                “….”Women are now more educated than men, meaning that they will necessarily face a shortage of marriage partners with the same level of education,” Sawhill and Venator wrote. “What we are likely to see in the future, then, is either women marrying ‘down’ educationally, or not marrying at all.”…..”

              • @Duck,

                If you read what I actually said, I used the words consent and equal human rights to elucidate my point.

                Women as property of men, and lack of equal human rights is unethical. Like slavery and other non consensual interactions.

                If people WANT to stay home and have a bunch of kids and keep house, GREAT!!

                It would be wonderful if everyone could chose to do that. Inflation won’t permit that nowadays but if people can manage it, that’s terrific.

                However, there are some women who DON”T want to do domestic work as the only option and some women (and men) either can’t or don’t chose to have children can do something else with their time.

                Even my own grandma (old fashioned WW2 era) wen’t back to work when her kids were in high school because she wanted to. She liked to work and enjoyed her career.

                There are many women who enjoy working and enjoy having the relative freedom to go forth into the world and pursue their own needs and wants. Many women want kids and prioritize this and that’s wonderful.

                There are even some good single moms (because some fathers are absolutely terrible). Similarly, there are some great single dads (some women are horrible mothers). I strongly believe in adult autonomy and freedom. This applies to women as well.

                Look at Whitney Web, a single mom who is highly intelligent and works towards enlightening others. She’s done some amazing work.

                I’m sure some misogynistic creep would judge her or say she should be in the home or no one should listen to her because she’s female, etc. I think some men are actually afraid of women or they want to oppress someone to vent their own frustrations. It’s sad that the system has created such hate between people.

                This whole thing is like saying slavery wasn’t that bad. I think any kind of slavery is bad and that is how women used to be treated, similar to slaves, as property. Why do you think it’s the norm for women to change their last name?

                Mrs. “John Henry” instead of her name. That denotes ownership.

              • @Duck,

                I’ll look at the surveys and anecdotes you posted when I have time but I did skim the Guardian article and it’s problematic (interesting but not capturing complex changes).

                It assumes that the only change between the 70s and the 2000s were increasing social liberties in western countries and everything else is static. A bunch of things can affect someone’s subjective feelings of happiness.

                They mentioned that women felt unhappy because they were still doing most of the housework and child rearing while also having a job while the man might be sitting around. No one likes to feel exploited (the words used in the article) and be doing most of the work.

                I’m not saying that women who want to stay home shouldn’t have the option (similarly men who want to stay home). It is a matter of consent.

                Women and men should have choice and equal rights and responsibilities. Equal natural rights to be free from coercion and ability to be an autonomous person (use the fruits of their labor in a way they see fit).

                Equal rights means same pay for same work, etc. Right to travel, own property, etc.

              • @cu.h.j

                I appreciate you chiming in to share your thoughts on this.

                You are correct in your supposition that I think “women deserve equal human rights to men” and “that (I) don’t view women as property of men or slaves that must do domestic work they don’t chose”.

                Also beyond just deserving equal “rights” I see and acknowledge women as intrinsically deserving of respect simply because all conscious beings deserve respect (regardless of what any government says or does not say about the matter).

                Yes, there are some men that see women as equals and possessing their own unique gifts which can benefit this world, but not enough.

                Based on my research, all cultures (whether one is british, scottish, german, swedish or any other arbitary geopolitical label) have matriarchal (or at the very least medicine women which were seen as equal) indigenous roots if you go back far enough.

                It seems to me that there was a time around the beginning of the so called “dark ages” in Europe when (for what ever reason, whether it was power hungry male religious fanatics or just bloodthirsty monarchs) a war was initiated against womenkind. This culminated in the mass witch hunts all over the world (when the woman who were working close to the Earth using plants to heal and ceremony to honor the divine feminine) were demonized and mass murdered.

                I feel like this injury to our human family (inflicted by men and some complicit women who turned on their kin out of fear) is something that hurts us even now.

                It hurts men in a way they are often unaware of and do not understand for they are brought up in a world that propagandizes them with “macho” imagery and tough guy stories that flatter their egos. They pursue these false ideas of what it means to be a man and to embrace manhood/masculinity and they never truly take the time to appreciate the unique gifts that females offer this world (looking at females as religions, movies and porn conditions them to, as sexual objects or lesser people).

                The ancient witch burnings and genocide of the medicine women and Earth knowledge keepers hurts women in that they are now conditioned to abandon their innate gentleness, compassion, open heartedness, intuitive knowledge and softness in favor of becoming competitive, calculated and hard (in order to become “as good at capitalism and professional careers as men”) at the cost of nurturing their own innate gifts which this world needs so dearly right now.

                Of course, there were some medicine men burned and persecuted when the church and monarchs went on the warpath to crush all Earth reciprocal indigenous to place ways of living, but more women, a lot more.

                I would not seek to silence misogynistic males (or females) but I will speak the truth in the face of their delusions of superiority (and/or inferiority) complexes to shine a light on the truth that we are all given the same spark of Divine and thus all deserving of equal respect and freedom.

              • “They estimate that 8-9 million European women were burned alive, drowned alive, dismembered alive, beaten, raped and otherwise tortured as so-called, “witches.” It is obvious to me now that these women were not witches, but were the Medicine People of Old Europe. They were the women who understood the herbal medicines, the ones who prayed with stones, the ones who passed on sacred chants, the ones who whispered to me that night in the hogan. This all-out warfare on Indigenous European women, not only harmed them, but had a profound effect on the men who loved them. Their husbands, sons, and brothers. Nothing makes a man go mad like watching the women of his family get burned alive. If the men respond to this hatred with hatred, the hatred is passed on. And who can blame them? While peace and love are the correct response to hatred, it is not the easy response by any means.

                The Indigenous Cultures of Europe also sustained forced assimilation by the Roman Empire and other hegemonic forces. In fact, it was only a few decades ago that any Welsh child caught speaking Welsh in school would have a block of wood tied to their neck. The words “WN” were there-inscribed, standing for “Welsh not.” This kind of public humiliation will sound very familiar to any Native Americans reading this who attended U.S. Government boarding schools..

                ..The parallels between the genocide of Indigenous Europeans and Native Americans are astounding. It boggles my mind that more people don’t see how we are the same people, who have undergone the same spiritual assault. The only difference between the Red Story and the White Story is we are in different stages of the process of spiritual warfare. Native Americans are only recently becoming something they are not. They are only recently starting to succumb to the temptations of drugs, alcohol, gambling, self-destruction and the destruction of others. Just as some Native American people have been contorted and twisted by so many centuries of abuse, so too were those survivors of the European genocide. Both are completely forgivable in my eyes..

                ..Our task is to shake the amnesia. To not be ashamed of our European-ness, but to reclaim our beautiful grandmothers, to reclaim our venerable grandfathers, to reclaim our lost languages, our lost ceremonies, our lost homelands and become one with the Great Sacred Motherland of Europe once again. The European diaspora is spread all throughout the world, searching the planet for something that lives inside. I promise you will hear it when you climb the mountains of Switzerland! Of Scotland! Of Tuscany! Of Hungary! Of Portugal! Of the Great Sacred Motherland of Europe! Just because bad things happened upon her bosom does not mean she is bad.”

                – Lyla June

              • @cu.h.j

                and just to clarify, I think parenting, raising children, and “keeping house” are responsibilities that should be shared equally (and not dumped on one half of the partnership in a given household) regardless of gender. Each partnership and household is unique, and each being is unique, there is no one size fits all solution to “keeping house” IMO. Sometimes a situation might call for a stay at home dad, sometimes it might call for a stay at home mom, it depends on what works for both people. People who think all of one responsibility type should be dumped on one gender are brainwashed and/or lazy.

              • Cu.h.j

                First off let me assure you that neither I nor anyone I know is planing to go around and forcibly make women stay at home and have babies…. I really do not care enough to even want to do that. People are free to make as poor life choices as they wish- they will mostly weed themselves out in the long run.

                2) Re- “inflation” forcing people to work, its actually that having double the work force makes labour cheaper and thus forces people into the ‘2 income trap’ where they face utter ruin if either partner looses their job.

                3) as to marriage as ownership- YES, indeed. A man owns his wife and a wife owns her husband. Neither is, properly, free to do as they wish- think about it, if married people are ‘totally free’ then they are not actually ‘married’ are they? 🙂

                4)If a man chooses NOT to lead a marriage then generally speaking his wife will not respect him and will want a better man. One needs only to look at the current divorce rate, (mostly initiated by the woman) to see that woman are clearly NOT happy with their husbands.

                5)If someone feels that your husband is the kind of man you can trust to lead and protect you then why would they even choose to marry him?? Pretty stupid choice, eh?

                6) Man and women are not equal. Men are stronger, do more dangerous jobs, and tend to be less emotional. Men are worse then women at childcare and cleaning (the reason women feel put upon in a joint workingmarriage is that men clean to THEIR own standards, not a womens)

                7) No, society is NOT static from the 70 to now, but the major changes in society came from the sexual revolution and feminism.

                8)Single mothers are social cancer. I am sure some are good but male single parents result in massively better life outcomes according to stats.

                9)Many women cant find a ‘good’ man to marry because they have focused on work and money and dont want to marry down.

                10)The end point of this is the demographic collapse and miserable poverty and assisted suicide for the childless when social care collapses.

                11) I am sure when she is on her death bed Miss Webb will think her CHILD was her most important contribution to the world.

                12)I dont care about single women or men or people who want to fritter their lives away…. its their call.

                13) on having irrevokable bonds to others…..and marriage being “slavery” a religious POV might be that men have caught the lazy “ahab” spirit and women have caught the “jezebel ” spirit. There are dozens of Youtubers talking about that pet theory and its…kinda…right.

            • Gavin

              “…It seems to me that there was a time around the beginning of the so called “dark ages” in Europe….a war was initiated against womenkind. …”

              Dude…. you do know that Patriarchy is pretty much the default position IN EVERY society in Europe before that too? The Romans,Greeks, Jews, Mesopotamians,ect were ALL patriarchal societies.

              There is the old story about the Pre-Aryan European Mother goddess matriarchy but it was mostly invented by perverted Victorian Rich people, along with the Witch Cult theory.

              In fact, according to Glub in “fate of empires” + “search for survival” womens rights tend to come to the fore as a civilization declines, just before its over run. (Both read on this channel)

              As to the American Indian…. considering the horrible savagery that they were happy to carry out on each other before the white man set foot on these shores ,and especially the industrial level of human sacrifices by folks like the Aztec I would say that it was a good thing for humanity that their culture was destroyed.

              • @Duck

                I could offer you a long list of books and links to other evidence to educate yourself about the time periods and cultures in question but based on my interactions with you in the past and the generally “stick in the mud” reactions you gave me when I shared evidence previously, I will assume that such an effort would be an exercise in futility.

                I do not know if you go about commenting with the intent of being inflammatory, or if you actually have a deep seated superiority complex that you attach to your being a male and a person that is “not indigenous”, but in any case, I do not have any interest in spinning my tires attempting to discuss this subject matter with you as you clearly feel you have all the facts and that your understanding is absolute and unassailable.

                I do wish you all the best and I hope you do not miss the opportunity to enrich your mind, heart and spirit while you ride up on your high horse above all the the women and indigenous peoples, ignoring the enriching gifts that they share with our world (which can only be accessed when they are received with reverence and humility).

              • Gavin, your efforts are certainly better invested elsewhere. I do not write this to gang up on resident poultry, but to encourage you to move on.

            • Gavin

              “…I do not know if you go about commenting with the intent of being inflammatory, ….”

              Oh, most certainly!
              There is no other way to shake loose the propaganda that has silted up the minds of westerners over the last 100 years.

              I certainly needed to have my old assumptions (which were not unlike yours) shaken by a challenge.

              The funny thing is….MY current ideas were not at all weird and out there 100 years ago. They were not replaced by better arguments, just by better propaganda and the ruling class flipping them for a new set.

              “…..superiority complex that you attach to your being a male and a person that is “not indigenous”….”

              Saying that something is DIFFERENT is not saying its better. Men and women ARE different, forgetting that fact is why we have so many unhappy men and women……

              As to indigenous cultures, its pretty hard for me to feel that Aztecs cutting people hearts out on an industrial scale is anything but disgusting.

              I would challenge you to tell me if you would rather live in a world where they STILL DID THAT?????

  14. Hey everyone, I am hoping to get some of your thoughts on this evidence I put together regarding what appears to be a tidal wave of AI chatbot generated gardening, seed saving and foraging etc books being sold on Amazon.


    In the post above I show one of the books in question (which I purchased so I could closely look at it myself).

    What do you think my friends?

    Is this book generated by an A.I. chatbot?

    Or just a copy pasted mish mash of poorly translated seed saving material put together by an inept and unscrupulous human being by hand?

    Perhaps even more disturbing than the one book I review in the post linked above, is the fact that after investigating even further on Amazon I found there are also a range of other books with the word “bible” in the title claiming to be multiple-books in one covering a range of other topics from preserving, foraging, vegetable gardening, electro culture, homesteading to survival techniques, to farming to composting.

    These “books” all have suspiciously low page counts considering they claim to have multiple books combined into one and they have very pretty cover images that (if you were to judge the book purely by the cover, might give you the impression that the content inside will be rich and beautiful). As we discovered in the “seed bible” book above, I doubt that would actually be the case if you were to investigate further.

    I share some pics in the post linked above with the page count highlighted so you can see what I mean.

    This leads me to believe that these books are part of some kind of copy pasting of other people’s material and combining together make a quick buck scam/trend, or perhaps some kind of collection of A.I. Chatbot generated book creating racket that is proliferating on Amazon right now. I don’t know if these have a centralized source or if there are various scammers that are tryna compete with each other, but there sure are a great many fake looking authors listed.

    Is Amazon becoming a staging ground for a massive invasion of AI chatbot generated “books” that will be flooding into our book stores and libraries in the coming years ?

    Who is running this literary racketeering operation ?

    How many people will read fake AI chat bot generated books on preserving, gardening, foraging or homesteading and trust the content, resulting in food poisoning, lost crops, eating dangerous wind plants or setting up faulty homesteading machines?

    In this time of people endlessly scrolling down lists of images on social media and amazon type platforms, clicking like and purchase on things without further investigation, how many millions of billions of dollars will the scammers rake in during the coming years?

    • Gavin M

      AI looks like it will run out of power soon…. I’ve heard from several sources that the power consumption is getting stupidly high and the grid wont be able to support the ‘boom’ much longer- hence it will get expensive or otherwise unavailable to most people.

      Here is Lunduke talking about it

      I think AI is going to go the way of ‘pets.com’ and the rest when the .com bubble burst

      • @Duck

        Long time no see!

        I appreciate you taking the time to engage and share your thoughts on this.

        I would sure not complain if your (and Lunduke’s) assessment of the “AI” tech is accurate.

        I suppose it depends on what kind of “AI” we are talking about. Those Chat Bot large language platform things seem to be getting more and more portable, copyable, upgradable and decentralized in their use and applications. Corbett Report member mkey was talking about how he has some pirated (and/or de-woke-fied and more user friendly) version of Chat GPT downloaded onto his harddrive and he fed it a copy of my regenerative gardening book and had it writing blurbs about me and my work saving seeds, regenerating soil and educating people about preserving.

        So, the Google thinktank, Elon Musk’s pet and/or hidden away in a DUMB type massive server farm requiring AGI wannabe systems, ya I can see how those things would be power hogs and “unsustainable” (if we are only accounting for current publicly available tech).

        However, the more simple chat GPT type things that can be used from a person’s personal computer, fed a bunch of digital books and commanded to regurgitate some combination of that material (that vaguely appears to be original and can be sold as a book or article) seem like they are not that intense in their power requirements and they can be used for all kinds of scamming by lazy and scummy people (and of course used to dumb down, behavior modify and psyop the population by more shady interests as well).

        Did you check out that fake seed saving book I shared pics of in the substack post linked above?

        There are a slew of those types of books out there and all kinds of tictok/twitter scrolling type people are buying them constantly.

        My concern is that these cheap/decentralized chat bot “AIs”, will proliferate garbage content, watering down/polluting entire libraries, book stores (and human minds) by pumping out thousands and thousands of fake books a year.

        Oh well, I suppose people that were gonna buy that crap were already probably a lost cause anyways, so absorbed in the hypnotizing glow of their Instagram feed that they will likely not even begin to learn how to feed themselves until the whole system that spoon feeds them implodes.

        I do think this trend of proliferating fake books made by chat bots and scammers weaponizing various algorithms to pillage literary works will serve to accelerate the decline in IQ levels that is already well underway in a large portion of the population in the modern western world.


        • “….Long time no see!…”

          I am lucky to be able to post again….hydroplaning in the rain is not fun! 🙁

    • Gavin
      I was thinking about AI content and comparing it to the flood of ‘compilation’ books I saw in the early 2000’s where a ton of old books on a subject got slapped into a cover and sold. They were hit and miss, but at least the contained books were were judgeable as the work of a single mind.

      AI is far to prone to hallucination and making stuff up to be useful, but it can crowd out good stuff. I kinda think that AI generated content is why its so hard to find good sites or info on the net these days, and I have heard (do not know) that the reason search is such rubbish these days is partially due to AI generated sites “spamming up” the results.

      Thats why I have real books and more Ebooks then I can read in my life time, mostly off the internet archive….. its the exact opposite problem then what I had in my youth where you could find maybe ONE book on something you wanted to know about every year or so, if you were lucky. I think that people who dont want to drown in spam content will need to go back to the early days of the net and make connections with people who recommend stuff….I even miss “Web Rings” which were always fun.

      My guilty pleasure is going to https://wiby.me/ and hitting “surprise me”

    • I did not check the book, but AI churned content has taken hold of “scientific” publications, according to statistical analysis performed by the fella behind the Upper Echalon channel. The provided evidence seem quite damning.

      I did link that video in one of the recent threads somewhere. If you are interested and can’t find it, drop me a note here. The video was published about 5 days ago, there’s also an odysee channel.

      Ah, it’s linked just a bit down south.


      • @mkey

        That is interesting regarding the scientific journals.. what a disturbing thought, an entire generation of university kids being fed a bunch of “AI” generated “science”. For those who like to engage in behavior modification and social engineering (the ones who fund the coders making these “AI” bots and have a leash on how they are used) this is a big win. For the rest of us, not so much.

        I appreciate the intel my friend.

  15. CV19 should be called a Marxist “virus.” Destroys freedom, puts small biz out of biz, closes churches, etc. Yet, Walmart, Costco, Target, Home Depot never got closed down. Their stock benefitted by getting rid of their competition.
    Many things happening know are for not just communism, but a technocratic communism. For instance having to show your vx card to get in buildings/places.
    Why did many politicians support BLM? The founders are proud Marxists. What has BLM done for the African American community? Have they ever helped feed any? Have they helped at soup kitchens? Have they helped them rebuild after riots they contributed too? In Planet Lockdown video, Catherine Austin Fits exposes certain areas that were rioted/burn down by BLM/Antifa were in economic zones so banksters/rich benefitted: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7zt7e8
    Great Awakening Video exposed the Marxist agendas happening: https://www.bitchute.com/video/r4LjMitgEIMm/
    Why are they pushing transgender rights so much? It is part of cultural Marxism to destroy the family and churches. Communism hates religion–as the state wants to be the only power. I wouldnt be surprised if many of these transgenders are sexually confused because they are victims of big pharma vx. Many of these vx contain human albumin which may cause gender confusion. Why do they need to be in vx? They DON’T.How about MRC-5 which comes from aborted baby boy. Why is that there? How is aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury/thiomersal going to make you healthy? They dont. Why? They don’t use true placebos (i.e. saline solution) or none at all when they test vx. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/vaccine-secrets/video-chapters/vaccine-makers-do-not-use-placebos-to-test-the-safety-of-their-vaccines-for-kids/


    So they used CV19 to bring in technocratic communism. They use vx to keep use sick with toxins and thus making big pharma stocks do well because you need more drugs for your new ailments.

    What is one reason of the many illegals? Part of the North American Union they are trying to form. Biden signed it last year: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2023/01/10/declaration-of-north-america-dna/
    The illegals will be used to bring in communism since they will be dependent on government. If Trump (controlled opposition) does get in he will bring in digital ID system to supposedly identify the illegals–and eventually the rest of us.

    • The model of “church” which is presented in the world, as representative of the faith of Jesus Christ, was instituted at the Council Of Nicaea,, where a small fraction of Judases accepted the bribery of power, tax exemption and recognition by the state.

      After the re-formation, many daughters were spawned, having somewhat rogue autonomy, yet still having the same model and structure, many flavors were allowed to bloom.

      As a way to reign in the daughters (See Revelation 17&18 KJV), a contract with the state was created. Here in the USSA that contact was through the Internal Revenue Code “US-26-501(c)3” Not all of the impostor “churches” accepted that contract offer, but all of them operate under the clergy/ laity / pulpit/ statement of faith/auditorium design that was a part of the Nicean compromise.

      These are businesses. When a body is sold for money to be subject to a master other than its intended Lord (head) it becomes a harlot.

      The church that Jesus Christ has built is exclusively people that have his Holy Spirit in us and is not mingled with people that have not been born of that same Spirit (1 Corinthians 6)

      In the holy scriptures, (KJV) they gathered together, intimately, in homes. The church had no building or institutional entity apart from the souls of men that have found mercy and recieved the Spirit of Christ.

      The only doctrines or statements of faith of the true churches of Jesus has always been “The Word Of God.”

      The modern “churches” are subject to the state.

      The churches of God are subject to the Lord.

      The state never closed down any of Christ’s churches. They only closed down the daughters of “Babylon The Great.” The state has power over business entities, because the executive officers of those corporations have yielded themselves to the dictates of the state. They wouldn’t want to chance losing that precious tax exemption status or have their business license revoked; losing state recognition.

      It’s a false paradigm, but one day all will know of a certainty that those buildings and businesses depended upon deception and greed to keep their doors and accounts open.

  16. While awaiting my new CR fix, i peeked over at the antics of clownworld media. Needless to say, so much lure jiggling, but all without any interest.

    It reminds me of the tale of the 6pm dog walk that people under the soviet yoke would do when the news came on.

    In this sense, alternative narratives springing up in diverse locations (mostly digitally, but not wholly) are evidence of this going on in your world.

    My various haunts are well populated with others out walking their dog during the 6pm news charade.

    Ngl, someone should give timothy leary a post humulous “3rd Eye” award for encouraging the 60s folk to unplug.

    With you and this audience, it may well feel like you live some secret or privledged life. Looking out of your window, or chatting with someone in a queue, you may realize that many live what can only be described as “insane” worldviews.

    Back in the day, a fella conversing with his finger would obviously be a signal for a “mental health” condition. How far off the mark is listening to clownworld media networks compared to a finger? Not much.

    Frens, enjoy your peace & fraternity in your privledged existence, and if the poor dupe parroting what his finger tells him to say has a glimmer of cunning or doubt, invite him to leave the Authority Church.

  17. Following up on food plant type fires in 2023 – 2024 in US/Canada.

    Did a search for about 45 minutes. Found these. Seems like not as many as 2022 when this was a hot topic. (no pun intended) But there was a spike in Jan 2024.

    January – April 2023

    Many listed here

    August 2023

    Food distribution warehouse in Kansas

    Fertilizer plant in Texas

    September 2023

    Archer Daniels Midland processing plant in Illinois

    November 2023

    Evans Food Group Warehouse in Illinois

    McCain Foods in Nebraska

    December 2023

    Archer Daniels Midland plant in South Carolina

    January 2024

    Frito Lay plant in Virginia

    Sachs Peanuts in North Carolina

    Chicken Farm in Texas

    Dairy production facility in Idaho

    February 2024

    Grocery store in Georgia

    March 2024

    Shrimp plant in Montreal

    • Thank you. Even if you happen to be affiliated with “4 Patriots” etc. Just kidding. Good work, we all do need to know about this, I have a few years of food supply but want more still.

  18. Perhaps a bit of HOPIUM?

    WHO’s Pandemic Treaty negotiations are going very badly

    “The reason why negotiations are going badly is because the countries are really divided on matters of substance,” he said. As at the close of the day on 26 March, there was “somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 brackets of text.”

    “It doesn’t take to a genius to figure out that the negotiators are pretty far apart on every single chapter [Article] in the text right now,” Love said. He doesn’t believe an agreement will be reached on the Pandemic Accord at the upcoming World Health Assembly.

    The bracketed text are requested changes. There is a link embedded to a video overview, posted here for convenience:

  19. Is my search biased or is something very weird going on here?

    December 2023

    Dairy farm in Pennsylvania

    Dairy farm in Ontario

    Dairy farm in Minnesota

    Jan 2024

    Dairy Barn in Pepin County Wisconsin

    Dairy Barn in Juneau County Wisconsin

    Dairy farm in Vermont

    Kibler Dairy Farm in Ohio

    Celina Dairy Farm in Ohio

    Dairy farm in Washington

    Dairy Barn in Alberta

    Dairy Barn in Ontario


    Dairy farm in Massachusetts

    March 2024

    Dairy storage building in Newfoundland

    Dairy Barn in New York

  20. I would caution against getting caught up in the details of whatever “plan or accord” is currently being talked up and kicked around by Joe Biden or Netanyahu or any of their cohorts regarding the Palestinians. The calculated destruction of the Palestinian people has been in the works since the time Menachem Begin was a terrorist killing Palestinians. The ends justify the means, so if there is true onsensus to allow the genocide against the Palestinians to be carried out, the means of starvation and death by famine is quite an effective way to achieve that end and you now see it transpiring before your eyes as efforts at aid are thwarted.

    I do not condemn all Jews for the actions of the state/government of Israel. As James has noted, his condemnations of nation states are directed at their governments not their peoples.

    I am ethnically Jewish myself, although nonpracticing, but have never defined myself or determined who I might associate with based upon my religious and ethnic origins. In my opinion organized religions, while often based upon genuine interactions with spiritual or divine realms and knowledge, are essentially creations of the human mind to try to fathom and cope with the challenges of existing as a spiritual being in a mortal physical 3D body that will eventually die.

    The irony that Israel, the supposed “home of the Jews”, is now inflicting a punishment on the entire Palestinian people that at least meets or exceeds the degree of cruelty and barbarity of the Nazi Holocaust which was visited on the Jews themselves is not lost on me. However, I am not “Anti-Semitic” or a “self-hating Jew” as persons are often branded who dare to speak out against the atrocities committed by the state of Israel. It is not Anti-Semitic to be against genocide. Otherwise, you need a new dictionary.

    I suppose we will have to wait to see if the looming famine in Gaza and the West Bank cuts its full swath through the people there. I hope they are spared such a fate.

  21. Seize the day! Re-tap into the instincts that you were given, that were once common in all peoples, as in the birds and animals. Instincts have been lost with the passing of the home gardening elders. The ones that witnessed the deep blue sky with clean fresh air and pure waters making vibrant microbial rich soils. They ate from their labor or trading what they grew or made with their neighbors, without grocery stores! Imagine. They were in the understanding that the powers to be man made calendars with fixed seasons were inaccurate. They knew when certain birds arrived it was the season of regrowth. They knew daffodils and crocus’ start their growth then as well and that tulips and iris’ were for the hot season and should not grow at the same time as daffodils. Yet now, with the death of true spring with fake winter, true summer with fake spring, you see the flowers growing together, and birds having to make nests with barren trees in ice nucleated winds. Take heed, observe so when you are gardening, you have all these things in mind. The weather controllers are making growing seasons shorter, adjust your calculations. Learn the natural benefits of real natural growing plants. Protect them from dangers, feed them with the health they need that they will pass onto us. Harvest the herbs for your health and medicines, let some grow to seed to plant later. Become closer to nature, detox out the unhealthy and search for and cling to the ph of health. Breath in deep in a forest, let your bare feet earth out the bad energies; know what is not really a true sunset; smell the flowers. Have a picnic by the river and soak in the sounds…the running water, the frogs, the crickets, the birds etc. Look for pretty rocks or shells…Enjoy the birds and animals for real, not on a screen. Seek Truth in all things, for without our health what else is important? Health spiritually, mentally and physically. Never stop seeking to learn the Truth. Learn firsthand, put down cell phones. Find your way without an ai telling you how to get there. Be thankful. Be a light, a nutrient to others, fill yourself with true love and peace. Few find the path, but enjoy the company of those that share it.

  22. How about a deep dive into the Darien Gap and the separate holding facilities that are being tightly guarded of the military aged Chinese men that are being slipped into the migration waves. An invasion masked as migration.

  23. Hello Corbett Folk,
    Happy spring and the renewal it provides. The so-called “search engines” are not and have
    never been search engines. They are OPINION curation engines. Items are placed according
    price paid for prominence. Obviously the more money involved in any given subject the greater the level of manufactured consent and brainwashing. Internet censorship is built into the systems and regulated according to importance as determined by those who wield power.
    You can find out online how to repair a vintage Volkswagen, but good luck trying to find a clear and honest history of all the crimes that arrogant fool Obama committed in Ukraine that curse it to this day. Truth can be found but it involves understanding that the Russo-phobia now dominating the narrative has been in motion since 1917. If left to the experts and the schools and the news, people in the west know very little about Russia in the real world.


  24. I saw em standin on the corner,
    Bathed in ordinary light
    They turned away and started walkin
    And faded off into the night

    Some years ago they were in fashion
    Tonight they couldn’t get a seat
    They’ve got themselves a brand new history
    From revisionism street, written on revisionism street.

    The years of sacrifice and struggle
    The arc of stadom’s natural course
    The inevitable decline
    The wolves waiting at the door

    Let’s dig up somethin really nasty
    Let’s get some clay around their feet
    No-one’s memory is sacred round here
    On revisionism street

    We’ll never be in the arena
    Hey, we’ll never have to compete
    We’ll never write the classic novel
    And we’ll never have to be discreet

    Alfred Hitchcock, Issac Newton
    Elvis Presley, Captian Blye
    Their heroic or pathetic
    Depending on which book you buy

    Charles Dickens, Jackie Gleason
    Burn em all, turn up the heat
    If there’s not truth use innuendo
    This is revisionism street

    Let’s find ourselves some old acquaintance
    Let’s see what they have to say
    Some disgruntled ex em-plo-yee
    Prestooooooo Paydayyyyyyyyyy

    A tree falls in the forest
    A million copies go to print
    Some parasitic little feeder
    Sits back and makes a mint

    Somewhere a baby’s softly sleepin
    It’s innocence complete
    Unaware they’re workin late tonight
    On revisionism street

    Revisionism Street—-Bob Seger—“It’s a Mystery” album.

    Wonder what he really knows


  25. Words of Christian charity from a supposed Baptist Clergyman.
    (At least the word “Good” has air quotes around it.
    Just goes to show that you can be a pastor of a Christian church and still serve your master Satan.

    “Michigan Congressman Tim Walberg, pastor and “good” Christian, talks about his solution for #Gaza: Give it the Hiroshima treatment. “Get it over quick.”

    A sitting US Rep in a secret town hall feels comfortable musing positively about genocide.”



    Another world controller in-your-face money scam to get Ukraine NATO membership that comes with mandatory rules, to adhere to the NATO weapons/war equipment standards, thus giving BLACKROCK contractors billions of dollars in “defense equipment sales.

    Ukraine has already contracted BLACKROCK to rebuild its infrastructure. Much the same game as 11/21/1963 when a contractor attended a meeting with Nixon, Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover at Clint Mercheson’s Dallas ranch to discuss JFK’s murder the next day.
    And later the contractor got a deal to build an unneeded port in Viet Nam.

    The “legal” trick with Ukraine is it will get a “loan” with “conditions.” The main one is ALL their government assets must be put up for sale for the corporate Hyenas to feast on.

    Ukraine is considered the “Bread Basket” of Europe with its incredible farmland. Coincidence?? BLACKROCK through its subsidiaries (Dupont, Cardil, and Monsanto) has already purchased 30% of the farmland.

    In 1970, Henry Kissinger said:
    “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”

    The truth of that quote is evident in the immediate “1st day in office” regulation changes by Biden’s executive orders regarding pipe lines, oil reserve sell off and usage.

    Add to this all the recent “fires,” etc. of food procession plants; poultry and livestock deaths; (even now a “new avian flu has appeared in Texas,) the the sale of farmland to the CCP and Bill Gates’ purchase of 270,000 acres of farm land..

    The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY.


    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

    • @ej

      April 4, 2024
      Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit

      “Secretary of State Tony Blinken says that Ukraine will be joining NATO.”

      What are the odds of no 2024 Presidential election??

      • Thanks for the info….I cant it happening though, since Russia looks like its pretty much won the war and the only way to stop them would be a full scale intervention and war which NATO is not really up for IMO.

        I think there will be an election, unless we have a total $hitShow collapse or full on Nuke war.

        No election at all would signal to the normiest normie that the system is over and the people at the top really dont want that to happen.


    Monday April 1, 2024 – The Defender – By Dr. Brenda Baletti
    U.S. Surgeon General Quietly Backpedaled on Water Fluoridation 5 Years Ago, Emails Reveal
    After decades of pushing water fluoridation as one of the greatest public health accomplishments in U.S. history, the U.S. surgeon general’s office stopped issuing public statements of support after a National Toxicology Program report linked fluoride to children’s lower IQs.

    [Many links, including FOIA docs]

    EXCERPTS (highlighting a bombshell aspect)

    …The emails were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and shared with The Defender by plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

    They reveal that in 2020, on the 75th anniversary of water fluoridation, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams declined to make a statement endorsing water fluoridation, despite strong encouragement and behind-the-scenes organizing by his Chief Dental Officer Timothy Ricks

    …While the lawsuit and the political wrangling over the NTP report were ongoing in 2020, Ricks reached out to his colleagues for help getting the surgeon general to maintain the office’s support for water fluoridation.

    In an email labeled, “Not for dissemination; keep confidential,” Ricks shared a “bombshell” with former chief dental officers.
    He told them the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), the NTP and the NIDCR had informed the Office of the Surgeon General that the NIEHS/NTP report would “state that fluoride was DEFINITELY neurotoxic to children” and the surgeon general would be withdrawing the letter that Ricks had prepared.

    Ricks and others planned for the dental officers, without Ricks’ signature, to issue their own letter and share it at the meeting of the ADA. Ricks would privately facilitate wide circulation of the letter, he said….

    QUOTE from Corbett Member Mutig on March Open Thread (Kellogg’s & Fluoride)(Mexico)
    “The American Dental Association is clearly one of the most evil organizations on the planet.”
    ~~WWW corbettreport.com/march-open-thread-2024/

  28. Does anyone have thoughts or experience of shingles? There is a big push to get people to take the shingles vaccine here in the UK. I have heard of people who were very ill for a few days after the jab but I have also heard of people who were extremely ill from the disease itself. After researching many different articles and views about the covid vaccine, I can’t see myself ever taking a vaccine again. Does having had chickenpox as a child give any sort of protection? What is the best way to protect against shingles without taking the jab?

    • ugh…… I had a mate with shingles and it was horrible for him.

      I dont know much about the vax for it but as I understand it having had Chickenpox is how it starts up when the virus wakes from dormancy when you get run down. Thats why colesore pop up when you get sick.

      Best defense is to keep fit and healthy, sleep enough and eat real food, My mate was in a bad way from chronic health issues which is how he got the shingles outbreak.

    • I thought Shingles was reactivated weakened Chicken Pox virus caused by aging and decreased immune function (Covid jabs/bad diets/drugs, etc.).

      For the folks who still think in germ theory, the above statement is what I have been taught and makes sense to me. A dormant virus wakes up under stress and causes a flare up. That’s what Shingles is.

      I do think disseminated shingles can be transmitted but I’ve never been afraid of it since my immune system is like a fine tuned engine. But if I were older, I’d probably try to stay active, eat a good diet, reduce stress levels and hopefully avoid environmental pollution.

      As an anecdote, I’ve never had Chickenpox or Shingles. I took a chicken pox jab for nursing school over a decade ago and it did absolutely nothing. I have no antibodies to chicken pox even after 3 jabs.

      In short, I now strongly believe that most vaccines are completely ineffective snake oil. Except they can and do cause damage to people who take them.

      • I have been looking into this a bit more and it seems that you are both right in that shingles is the reactivated chickenpox virus. One article actually said that you cannot get shingles unless you had chickenpox as a child. I don’t see the adverts for the vaccine mentioning that though! It also appears not to be contagious. I had chickenpox as a child but I not really worried for myself as I am very healthy. I am more worried for family members. I am also leaning towards the viruses don’t exist theory but don’t know how to square that with chickenpox/shingles.

        • My opinion is that healthy living is probably the most important factor in preserving ones health.

          Shingles seems to be a problem of weakened immune function and there are many remedies for that even for older people.

          HRS mentioned some things below that seem really interesting. The idea that some illness are transmissible makes sense to me since it seems to happen under certain conditions. This is what I have interpreted in my physical reality. If my interpretations are incorrect, I am not opposed to being wrong but staying healthy via diet, exercise, natural remedies and avoiding as much pollution as possible are still things I wish to pursue regardless of viruses existing or not.

    • Penny10p,
      Shingles has come up many times over the years on these comment boards.
      cu.h.j offers excellent advise. She’s a highly skilled nurse and has seen many people over the years.

      Like she points out, the herpes virus lays dormant. During times of environmental stresses, the immune system becomes strained which allows the virus to activate. Lack of sleep, a hard work day, worry, a sudden odd diet [e.g. lots of nuts (which contain arginine)] can trigger the virus.

      Lysine and most anti-viral natural health remedies should help. Homeopathic remedies are great, especially for those on prescriptions.

      Ozone Blood Therapy and/or UltraViolet Light Blood Therapy, also called BioPhotonic Therapy (BPT) or UBI – Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation will handle shingles quickly.
      BPT is a relatively inexpensive treatment. I’ve done it. It saved a friend’s foot from amputation.

      Diseases Treated With BioPhotonic Therapy
      Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Raynauds Disease, Sclera Derma, Multiple Sclerosis, Pneumonia, Wound Infections, Septicemia (staphylococcus,streptococcus, pneumococcus), Lymphatic Infections (lymphangitis), Peritonitis, Severe Acne, Recurrent Skin Infections (furunculosis, carbunulosis), E-coli, Necrotizing Infections, Lyme Disease, Lymphoma, Varicose Veins, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Gangrene, Vascular Headaches, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Claudication, Diabetic Ulcers, Thrombophlebitis, Arthritis, Fibrositis, Bursitis, Nephritis, Iritis, Uveitis, Cholecystitis, COPD, Asthma, Emphysema, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, HIV, Influenza, Herpes Simplex/Zoster, Mononucleosis, Mumps, Measles Infections, Viral Pneumonia, Polio, Non-Healing Wounds & Fractures, Inactivation of Snake Venom, Fungal/Yeast Infection, Decreases Edema (Swelling), Cirrhosis, Tetanus, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Neuritis/Neuropathy, Chemical Sensitivity, Botulism, Malaria, Typhoid, Seizures, Blood Poisoning, Diphtheria

      On YouTube, there is a 25 minute Tom Lowe video explaining UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) therapy which has been known about for many decades.
      ~~WWW youtube.com/watch?v=Sr3ti1p0uMQ

      • Thank you. I will look into these therapies.

  29. What most everyone who loves freedom, probably wants…

    Contact with like minded people who live in or near your neighborhood. I’ve done some searching and this is hard to find, I think. A few years ago I submitted some “Prepper”/Survivalist” ideas and recommendations to our neighborhood HOA. They declined to do even the most basic and easy action-items suggested.

    Whether from EMP, martial law, disease, anarchy or other threats to civilization, we need to be prepared. 25 year shelf life survival food, water, energy, self defense, organized and elected leadership, community building knowledge, chickens, hunting, farming etc etc.

    How can I find these “like minded people”? I’ll move to them if they are in a “good” location and have such a community either in place or have plans for it. Too many people, throughout the world, are just too damn comfortable and can’t see the looming assortment of dangers that threaten us all. I hope their end is not as bad as what they possibly deserve.

    • Maybe attend a few liberty or freedom festivals? Attend first responder or first aid training courses? Try creating a group online via the Freedom Cells Network? https://freedomcells.org/

    • Let It Ring
      “….to our neighborhood HOA…..”

      Living where there is a HOA and Prepping sound kinda antithetical to me, LOL. But if you have even a few freinds you can probably TAKE OVER the HOA and make it whatever you want….

      How many people ever actually even vote for those posts?

      They tend to get run by the only people who are sad enough to show up, not the best people. If you and a couple of others take over you can change the rules to allow chickens and veg gardens or run a monthly “public Safety’ meeting (be careful to make sure you talk about Gov approved threats so as not to get coded as ‘Right Wing’)

      If you and your buddies are the HOA you can probably get the NPC types to look to you when things get scary…..hell you could even have a neighborhood watch patrol or even gun club when your in charge of the HOA finances

      Dont wait for like minded folks too much, if you have 2 or three people the NPC’s will look to you for leadership anyway

  30. “Philanthropic Henchmen”

    Whilst We’re All Distracted By Culture Wars
    Here Comes the Benevolent W.H.O. Broad brush
    Ram Through Amendments Like Kicking Down Doors
    So That “Next Pandemic” We Will Rush
    To Global Mandates, Keeping Science Hush
    Limiting How States Interact Erodes
    All Shores Of Free Exchange Of Thought and Such
    WAKE UP PEOPLE! Thems the Snakes, We the Toads!

    Removing Non-Binding From Very Start
    An Organization Of Henchmen Rise
    To Enforce What’s Their Public Health Threat Smart
    Striking Language On Human Rights Unwise
    Teaming With Governments, No Compromise
    Information Dissemination Plot
    Aimed To Crush Dissent, Delegitimize
    We’d Be Better Off If This Were Not…

    • The Psychological Battle for Truth — and the Power of the Farmers’ Uprising by Julian Rose

      In the 2024 battle for truth, everyone should behave as resolutely as the farmers. The need is to be uncompromising in one’s face to face dealings with political liars and hypocrites.

      We are the trustees of Planet Earth. In order to maintain its balance and equilibrium – we have no choice other than to enter into a pactless fight against all opposing forces.

      Those who have land, can grow food and draw water from the well, are the last independent individuals on the planet. They are not about to capitulate to a bunch of psychos in Brussels, London, Warsaw, Washington or Paris – and nor are we.

      Everyone’s life is dependent upon having access to nourishing food. Therefore, everyone’s life is dependent upon the survival and future prosperity of the farmer.

      Support them now in their hour of need. Their need is also your need.

      They have no future – and nor do we – without a lifesaving revolution that re-establishes the priorities for what is actually important in life. Think deeply about this and then act on it without delay.

      • This comment really resonates with me.

        I recently had a conversation with a vegan friend of mine, I told her that I absolutely agree that the conditions in which animals are raised in mass and in poor conditions is a terrible thing, and it is a direct result of having to cater for a growing population who doesn’t have the time to produce, but it seems to me that if everybody grew their own fruits/veg, supported their local farm for their meat consumption and/ or even started their own farm then we wouldn’t have this problem.

        I always hear people complaining about these issues and yet they still end up buying their meat/veg/fruit from supermarkets where the prices are the cheapest. If everybody simply stopped doing this and supported local producers then we could seriously bring about change.

        The power is in the peoples hands, we choose.

  31. REFERENCE – Gareth Soloway – Verified Investing Website

    Verified Investing Website – Debuted Monday April 1, 2024

    “The information that I have on this website is everything as a Trader that I look for on a daily basis to give me insights into the market is on that data center homepage.
    And I’m going to continue to keep it updated with my team of all the best data.
    This isn’t about hype. This isn’t about anything else.
    Verified Investing is where I want you guys to feel comfortable that you’re getting facts and data — not all the BS that’s out there around the rest of the internet.”
    – Gareth Soloway

    Gareth Soloway walks people through the website
    QUEUED 9 minute mark

    This video is one of his “Game Plan” videos. Every weekday morning 30 minutes prior to the markets’ opening, Gareth gives about a 25 minute “Game Plan”. During these shows, viewers can learn tools which will help them navigate market conditions.

    Disclaimer — I am not a Verified Investing member, nor a YouTube/Twitter subscriber. I just recognize the free values, training, and education which Soloway generously offers the common person.

    In case some folks don’t know, on February 29th, Gold started to break out. It has since reached all-time highs. Wednesday April 3, Gold was about $2300 USD an ounce. The last 5 days have been good for Silver, going from about $24.50 an ounce to $27 on Wednesday. Some silver stocks performed extremely well because of the short squeeze.

  32. James,

    Got an idea for a solutions watch.

    This may be outside of your personal wheelhouse, but there is a massive issue regarding video game ownership which, in a more general sense, is a consequence of digital ownership. This is something which concerns the whole globe, not just one country or province. It also effects more than just video game fans, but also movie fans or book fans, or any fans of any piece of media which could be bought and sold digitally. To give some context, this issue, and the movement I’ll be introducing to you in this post, came about due to there being some frustration over certain video game companies hosting video games as a service, where consumers pay to play these and are even told in some cases that they ‘own’ these games, but at the same time, these companies have pulled, and are pulling the plug entirely on access into these games, meaning nobody can even play it offline or on a self-hosted server. Now, I understand you may care little about video games or even consider them a distraction, but I am sure one such as you can see the wider influences of these digital ownership laws, since they surely won’t just apply to video games but also other things, in fact it may become more relevant in the short future as more things enter a subscription-based formats. If you’ll remember last year, Sony landed into some hot water when it threatened to pull away access into previously-purchased Discovery content on their platforms. This fortunately received enough backlash that Sony backpedaled and let people keep their Discovery content. Video games aren’t the only thing at stake here, but videos, movies, audiobooks, plain books – anything which is handled on an online platform, basically.

    This leads into the ‘solution’ part.
    One youtuber by the name of Ross Scott has taken it upon himself to try and fight back against the common practice of video games as a service. You can view the youtube video he just released regarding this here: https://youtu.be/w70Xc9CStoE
    Since this is a global initiative, he has planned out ways for viewers to help no matter where they are located in the world. It is important for me to note that consumer protection laws are very present in Europe and parts of Asia, but it is practically non-existent in the United States, although that’s not to say the US is hopeless here. If there is precedent law passed in Europe regarding the practices of Games as a Service, US courts may be convinced to judge in favor of the consumer as well. The main plan of attack is to shoot for the European countries like France, seeing as they have the most thorough consumer protection laws. If any action takes place in favor of the consumer in France, other European countries are sure to follow suit. What Ross needs the most of right now is publicity, and the Corbett Report audience may be able to help do just that. I’ve already sent an email to him about your show, you can send one yourself at [SNIP – no email addresses in the comments section. -JC]

    • “Consumer” protection laws are there only to reduce the man’s status and prolong the manchild age. The best way to counter all of that nonsense you described is customer backlash.

      • If you’re scared of manchildren as a problem, then let me assure you that those will exist regardless of consumer protection law OR consumer backlash. In fact, man children are more likely if consumer protection laws stay the way they are. If corporations can pick what media you can consume by revoking access, people will be reading and watching not informative media like Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or Citizen Kane but mindless crap like Harry Potter or the latest Marvel movies, because a consumer can no longer own what they want, only what the corporations decide you can own, and it would benefit them to dumb consumers down with the kind of slop they’ve been pedaling in Hollywood lately.

        But you also seem to be speaking in riddles, what is consumer backlash if not fighting against the arbitrary rules of corporations who think they can revoke your access to some piece of media whenever they choose? The StopKillingGames movement IS backlash. If it isn’t, then what is? Destroying companies by force? Aside from legality, most consumers are not going to be upset enough to risk their comfort with an option like that. Remind yourself that one of the battles being fought isn’t just against corporations’ greed, but also consumer laziness. You see this in other aspects of society like with the Pandemic Treaty. We can all agree that’s a bad thing, but how many people are actually trying to fight back against it? You can answer that rhetorical question for me if you wish. Consumer “backlash” as you say only makes a difference if the consumer can be arsed to lash back. Consumer involvement is inversely proportional to the amount of comfort consumers are allowed by the government and/of corporations. For instance, a man with his bread and circuses is probably not going to care about dropping all of his good things to fight in a revolution, but he might be convinced to write a simple email or put his name in a petition. A man who is starving and has no entertainment, however, probably has no issues giving up what little comfort he has to fight back in full force, probably to the level you are hoping for with your “backlash” comment. Well unfortunately for you, not only is that more of a reactive than proactive approach, but it’s also only applicable if comfort goes down, which isn’t likely in this Brave New World of distractions and soma.

        Now I forgive you for your mistaken conclusion since I believe it wasn’t done out of malice, just out of ignorance. Think back on your actions and conclusions and consider what I said here, hopefully you’ll realize the issue with your path and why I’m right.

        • Yes, I am the one talking in riddles and gibberish.

          It seems my brief and simple statement went completely over your head. So be it, I can live with that. Good day, sir.

          • It’s not my job to decipher meaning from your cursory and sloppy posts. It’s pretty clear you only came here to deride and not engage in any discussion anyways, so it’s for the best if you leave. Feel free to return after you’ve graduated High School.

            • Look who fell from their high horse. Are you now cranky because of the tooshy ache?

              • Stay mad.

  33. For your awareness (English translation available of this Opinion.)

    Comment: Hazardous particles from the wind turbine rotor blade – an underestimated environmental problem PUBLISHED MARCH 17, 2024 – BY JENNY PIPER

    Helen Karlsson, one of the initiators of the study, says that she began to take an interest in the issue of erosion from the wind turbine’s rotor blades when she discovered that there were discrepancies between the wind power industry’s figures and other calculations. Both she and the research colleagues are surprised at the result as they did not expect them to find as much fragment from rotor blades as they actually did when examining the area around one of Sweden’s largest wind farms.

    About 50 different chemicals were found in the particles collected in soil, water and plants around the large wind farm. The probability is high that they are derived from the wind spins and given that the government is pushing for further expansion of wind power, the researchers need to better understand how much impact will be, which one wants to follow up through in-depth analyzes to determine how big the environmental problem is.

  34. More craziness.

    Australians are facing a new ‘climate criminal’ — DIRT! Soil’s CO2 emissions are ‘threatening to ruin the country’s net zero goals’

    A study published in the Nature Portfolio Journal warns that Australia’s soil is becoming a net carbon emitter and threatens to ruin the country’s net zero goals.

    “They claim that over the next 80 years, Australian soil … will release up to 100 megatons of CO2 into the atmosphere,” Sky News host James Macpherson said.

    “There you have it … dirt is now a major threat to the future of planet Earth.

    “I reckon some greenie councillor is going to make you concrete everything now that they know dirt is a climate criminal.”

    Macpherson was referring to an article published by The Guardian yesterday about a study published on 26 March 2024 titled ‘A warming climate will make Australian soil a net emitter of atmospheric CO2’.

  35. April 8 – Zimbabwe Currency – Gold Backed

    The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has announced the replacement of its struggling dollar with a new structured currency backed by a basket that includes foreign currencies, gold, and other precious metals.
    This announcement coincides with the presentation of the much-anticipated 2024 Monetary Policy Statement by the new RBZ Governor, John Mushayavanhu, marking his first step in addressing Africa’s weakest currency and one of the world’s highest inflation rates.
    The Zimbabwean dollar has depreciated against the US dollar every trading day this year, losing over three-quarters of its value.
    The local authorities have repeatedly tried to rescue the Zimbabwean dollar since its reintroduction in 2019 after scrapping it a decade earlier when hyperinflation erased its value.
    The new currency is set to debut at a rate of 13.56 per dollar on April 8th, with interest rates adjusted to a new level of 20%, a significant decrease from the previous 130% under the old currency regime.

  36. hey guys,

    I wanted to share a realization i had.

    I was married to my wife for over 5 years, we had been in a relationship for almost 9 years and we have a seven year old son.
    I always gave my wife all the freedoms. She likes going out and was like that from the beginning. She is also from another country and at least once every year travels there for 3-4 weeks.
    I paid for the whole household, she even got the child support money from the government even though I paid everything for our child. She is still studying, but started doing jobs on the side a couple years ago, that was all pocket money for her, she didn’t have to contribute anything to the household.
    I always trusted her, even though her sister is a pathological liar and her brother started to show the same tendencies. I did call her out on occasion having narcissistic tendencies, not showing enough empathy for me and my responsibilities for the family and for attempting to manipulate me. She was traveling a lot and constantly making plans, as well as having work and study plans, which all lead to me having to take care more of our son than her, despite also being responsible for making the income for the household as a self employed man.

    Make matters worse, tax agency end of last year claimed I made more income than i claimed taxes for, which is completely wrong, but I had to get a lawyer and this put immense stress on me. She knew all that but did not start slowing down with her plans. Again i sensed lack of true empathy.

    I now found out in february this year not only has my wife had an affair for longer now, she has been caught in so many lies and constantly shifted her story to fit the new information i presented to her. She is incapable of admitting. I am 100% sure she has narcissistic personality disorder (i could expand on this, she just fits all the signs). 8.5 years i completely trusted her and the one and only time i checked on her, i found out she lied and from that one little lie i started investigating and found a whole conspiracy of making plans with a guy from a different country meeting up in other cities.
    She lives in her own reality now were she has done nothing wrong and now I am the bad guy who “spreads rumors” about her.

    Basically I realized, I am living through what the people on earth are going through on a bigger scale by the rulers and elite. These people are sick, they are narcissists without empathy and there is no truth you can point out to them that will make them admit their conspiracies. Gaslighting, denial, lies, manipulations, thats the sign of narcissistic personality disorder. It is what the media does to people who question their lies. And they will never admit. We have to treat them this way, as mentally ill. So the goal is not to convince them to change their ways. The goal is to get away from them.

    Just wanted to share this as being affected on a personal level made me understand this in a deeper (yet also more hurtful) way.

    • Zatoichi


      This world is full of evil people, even the ‘good’ ones will tend to go wrong thru selfishness and desire.

      Get to the gym or walk or do SOMETHING physical (walking, weights, or if you can find it cheap BJJ type wrestling) ANYTHING to to work the big muscles and give those stress hormones somewhere to go so they dont make you sick.

      It will be a hard road ahead but you can get thru it.

      My mate had his wife go wonkey and he lost 50lbs, has his own business and is banging a string of floosies (I dont approve of that part….but hey 😉 ) while his wife is basically getting more and more bitter and miserable. It was rough for him for a while but he just kept going so he could be there for his kids.

      for what its worth (not much I know) have an Internet hug.

    • Hang in there. At least one positive thing in that whole mess is that your son has one stable parent.

      I have indeed reached a similar conclusion, when it comes to the emotional vampires the only thing you can do is leave them. This other fella might be doing you a big favor. Good luck.

    • Thank you guys. I indeed resubscribed to the gym. And will turn that negative energy into fuel for my life and work. „The Lotus flower grows out of the mud“ as Thich Nhat Hanh puts it. It’s true

    • “I wanted to share a realization i had.”

      “Basically I realized, I am living through what the people on earth are going through on a bigger scale by the rulers and elite. These people are sick, they are narcissists without empathy and there is no truth you can point out to them that will make them admit their conspiracies. Gaslighting, denial, lies, manipulations, thats the sign of narcissistic personality disorder.”

      A perceptive realization Zatoichi. The sickness that permeates humanity does so at every scale. But though you’ve identified the symptoms, you’ve not pinpointed the disease.

      What is the common denominator in your examples? In your personal relationship with your wife and child, who do you serve? Your wife, your child or yourself? Or most likely some ever changing, nebulous concept like cooperation and family harmony or love.
      Its the same thing in society in general. We make decisions and treat others based upon myriad considerations and theories. But what both examples have in common is that everyone is making up their own moral code using their own flawed data set.

      As individuals and as a society we must realize that until we become loyal to serving our Creator and living our lives in accordance with His guidelines instead of our own fickle ideas we will continue to be sick. In our own lives and in the world.

      The Bible isn’t ambiguous when it comes to how God wants humans to conduct themselves. That we ignore that helpful handbook is both the direct cause and the direct result of rejecting God.

  37. [SNIP – No bare links in the comments, please. Please repost the link with a title and/or explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

  38. — James Corbett on IMDb —-
    …which comes up on a Presearch for keywords “Corbett Report” with a variety of iterations…

    James Corbett (XI)
    “Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source. It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more.

    James Corbett has been living and working in Japan since 2004. He started The Corbett Report website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. Since then he has written, recorded and edited thousands of hours of audio and video media for the website, including a podcast and several regular online video series. He is the lead editorial writer for The International Forecaster, the e-newsletter created by the late Bob Chapman.

    His work has been carried online by a wide variety of websites and his videos have garnered over 50,000,000 views on YouTube alone. His satirical piece on the discrepancies in the official account of September 11th, “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory” was posted to the web on September 11, 2011 and has so far been viewed nearly 3 million times.

    Broc West has been the Video Editor of The Corbett Report since December 2014. He currently lives in Southern Vietnam.”
    – IMDb Mini Biography By: James Corbett

    [SEE IMAGES of Documentaries, etc.]
    e.g. Known for: “Truth at Last”, “Meet Lee Harvey Oswald”, “9/11 Trillions”,…

    The Corbett Report (TV Series 2007)
    An award-winning investigative journalist, James Corbett has lectured on geopolitics at the University of Groningen’s Studium Generale, and delivered presentations on open source journalism at The French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation’s fOSSa conference, at TedXGroningen and at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto….

    IMDb is the acronym for the Internet Movie Database.
    Launched online in 1990 and a subsidiary of Amazon.com since 1998, IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content, designed to help fans explore the world of movies and shows and decide what to watch.
    Our searchable database includes millions of movies, TV and entertainment programs and cast and crew members.

    Me thinks that some of these dang uncontrollable anarchist voluntaryists have been applying renditions of #SolutionsWatch.
    PS – It is important to note that The Corbett Report has not received any Dino Awards.

  39. €1 ≈ $1.09
    One Euro = a Buck and a dime in the U.S. (A penny for your thoughts.)

    Mapping Average Hourly Wages Across Europe
    [See IMAGE – Visual Capitalist’s Map]

    Ranked: European Countries By Average Hourly Salaries

    Luxembourg, Europe’s financial services capital, has the highest average salary (€47/hour) across the continent. The country also has the highest per capita GDP in the world.

    Scandinavia’s Denmark and Norway also pay higher (€42/hour) though Sweden (€26/hour) falls more in the middle of the pack.
    Rank Country Average Salary (€/hour)
    1 🇱🇺 Luxembourg €47.2
    2 🇩🇰 Denmark €42.0
    3 🇳🇴 Norway €41.7
    4 🇮🇸 Iceland €39.5
    5 🇧🇪 Belgium €36.3
    6 🇮🇪 Ireland €33.3
    7 🇳🇱 Netherlands €33.0
    8 🇩🇪 Germany €31.6
    9 🇫🇮 Finland €30.5
    10 🇦🇹 Austria €30.0
    11 🇫🇷 France €28.7
    12 🇸🇪 Sweden €26.3
    13 🇸🇮 Slovenia €21.9
    14 🇮🇹 Italy €21.5
    15 🇪🇸 Spain €18.2
    16 🇨🇾 Cyprus €16.3
    17 🇱🇹 Lithuania €14.0
    18 🇲🇹 Malta €14.0
    19 🇵🇹 Portugal €13.7
    20 🇨🇿 Czechia €13.6
    21 🇪🇪 Estonia €13.6
    22 🇭🇷 Croatia €12.7
    23 🇬🇷 Greece €12.6
    24 🇸🇰 Slovakia €12.5
    25 🇵🇱 Poland €11.9
    26 🇭🇺 Hungary €11.0
    27 🇱🇻 Latvia €10.7
    28 🇷🇴 Romania €10.4
    29 🇧🇬 Bulgaria €8.1
    N/A 🇪🇺 EU €24.0

    Note: The source has not provided data for Russia, the UK, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino, Monaco, and Vatican City.

    Bulgaria records the lowest average salary in this dataset at €8/hour.
    [Irina Slav, a recent guest at Corbett Report, lives in Bulgaria.]

    The map indicates Northern and Western Europe have higher average wages than Southern and Eastern Europe, reflecting the differences in economic development and wealth.

    • U.S. monthly average hourly earnings for all employees 2011-2024
      11.11 U.S. dollars
      Published by Statista Research Department, Mar 13, 2024
      [See GRAPH]

      In February 2024, the average hourly earnings of all employees in the United States was at 11.11 U.S. dollars.
      The data have been seasonally adjusted.
      The deflators used for constant-dollar earnings shown here come from the Consumer Price Indexes Programs. The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Employees (CPI-U) is used to deflate the data for all employees.****
      A comparison of the rate of wage growth versus the monthly inflation since 2020 rate can be accessed here.
      [Click this “here” LINK to see “Difference between the inflation rate and growth of wages in the United States from February 2020 to February 2024” GRAPH
      ****Real wages are wages that have been adjusted for inflation.

      I rank as an expert pauper, highly skilled in poverty.

    • Croatia is nowhere near 12.7. The sauced up net average is 5.7, where did they find the extra 7 is anyone’s guess.

      • Must be the government employees. They always get the easy ride. 😉

        • Gubment employees are very poorly paid. They don’t work much to offset the cost.

          With the selection coming up soon, they have seen some pay increases this year. Relatively speaking, such percentage is unheard of in the private sector, but it basically covers the gap left by the inflation.

  40. — Negative Electric Prices —

    US West power prices turn negative on low demand, ample renewables
    April 2 (Reuters) – Mild weather and ample hydro and other renewable power supplies in the U.S. West cut spot electricity prices in California and Arizona to record lows below zero in recent days.

    Negative prices mean there is too much power in a region due to low demand and/or transmission constraints, and are used to encourage power generators to shut plants or pay to keep them running.

    In addition to negative power prices, low demand and pipeline maintenance have trapped natural gas in the Permian basin, the nation’s biggest oil producing shale formation, causing next-day prices at the Waha hub in West Texas to average below zero a couple of times in recent weeks.

    Although Waha gas prices have traded at negative levels many times in recent weeks, prices at the hub have averaged above zero most days.
    In the electric market, next-day power fell to a record low of negative $4.25 per megawatt hour (MWh) at South Path 15 (SP-15) in Southern California, according to data from SNL Energy on the LSEG terminal.

    That compares with the prior SP-15 all-time low of 50 cents per MWh on March 27, averages of $29.81 so far this year, $59.86 in calendar 2023 and a five-year average (2019-2023) of $57.31.
    In Arizona, power prices at the Palo Verde hub rose to a negative $4.50 per MWh on April 1 from a record low of negative $12 on March 28.

    That compares with prior all-time lows at Palo Verde of negative $9 per MWh on March 27 and negative $8 on March 25, averages of $28.70 so far this year, $59.03 in calendar 2023, and a five-year average (2019-2023) of $56.18….

    Bloomberg – Friday April 5, 2024
    High Renewable Output Pushes UK Power Prices to Negative
    Prices will drop as low as -£19 per megawatt-hour on Saturday (4/6)
    Grid upgrades and energy storage are key to reduce the issue

    ~~WWW bloomberg.com/news/articles/2024-04-05/high-renewable-output-pushes-uk-power-prices-to-negative
    [I think this was just for a 12 hour period.]
    [Natural Gas Storage levels in the U.S. are the highest seen in recent years for this time of year. NatGas is stored in underground salt domes.]

  41. Not sure where to post this, so I’ll put it in April Open Thread, where other comments have been made today:

    “Darkness At Noon” Remembering Arthur Koestler’s [1940] classic novel on eclipse day in Dallas


    An excerpt from the post by John Leake (who shares Peter McCullough’s Substack page):

    “At the end of the novel, Rubashov is so worn down with the interrogations that he accepts his fate with the following rationalization and resignation.”

    Leake then quotes Koestler: “And so every leap of technical progress brings with it a relative intellectual regression of the masses, a decline in their political maturity. At times it may take decades or even generations before the collective consciousness gradually catches up to the changed order and regains the capacity to govern itself that it had formerly possessed at a lower stage of civilization.”

  42. An EMF Hazards Summit will be held online from April 11-14.

    You can sign up for free at http://www.emfhazards.com/

    Some of James’ previous guests at the Corbett Report will be giving talks at the summit (RFK Jr. and Derrick Broze).

    EMF’s and RF’s are insidious polluters that are bathing us everyday in our homes, at work and at play all around the world and affecting our health to our detriment.

    To me this is one of the most serious health threats of our time.

    I’m sure it’s entirely a coincidence but almost all of SARS-CoV-2’s symptoms are identical to those exhibited by those affected by EMF and RF pollution.

  43. CQ!!!!
    Do you suppose the collective consciousness will catch up with the treachery and power grab of the Neo-Jew- Cons in decades or generations? The day the change in order was announced, I still hear and see Pappy Bush, the King of Houston saying to the Senate, and the lower Americans in front of their TVs…
    ” A new world order”
    Technological progress has certainly brought a relative intellectual regression to the masses. If the eclipse [4.5 minutes] is a metaphor for our present state , it’s gonna be dark for generations before we regain capacity to govern ourselves. It’s a dark metaphor don’t you think?

  44. This documentary, with some NWO statist perspective flaws, is actually good. It documents the NWO working the American people over. A case study in building weapons against humanity , for the ultimate imprisonment or destruction of humanity. At the center star wars actors and Pappy Bush. All for the ultimate death star delivered to the NWO. Even though it’s not portrayed that way, it shows how the NeoCons build the big things that don’t bring good things to life. Waxahatchy Texas, the 21 billion dollar hole in the ground. Now that we have had a little time to percolate $ 21 billion seems like small change compared to $ 2.3 trillion the fortunate son Dubya, stole. It’s all in space and who runs that? Oh, a space force, duh. Emf, RF Weapons will be our undoing as the body of Uncle Sam was possibly buried somewhere in this hole in Texas . I suppose Sam died in 1948 and like Weekend at Bernie’s he’s put on display when needed.
    It’s long but well done.



  45. My Anecdote – Solar Eclipse of April 8 in Dallas area (Total 1:41 – 1:45pm)

    The news feeds about the eclipse ramped up to overdrive these past few days. It was like the superbowl of superbowls on steroids as the whole nation’s attention was directed to this event.

    In recent weeks, I had marathoned some important Spring garden and lawn projects. I’ve learned that an early grip on these projects helps to avoid wrestling with problems during the heat of the summer.

    I have two blue bird nests (in birdhouses) on my very small property. One in the front and one in the back. The acrobatics are amazing. Their young stop chirping when I’m near.
    Daily, I’ve been putting out nuts for the birds. These parents have been busy… red headed finches, cardinals, blue jays, crows, doves, wrens and chickadees swing by. I see the woodpeckers test my trees. Two days ago a young red tailed hawk was screeching its joy while it followed Mom on a tour of the area.
    Today, near eclipse time, the back neighbors asked me, “What bird is that?” It was a Great Blue Heron flying over the Live Oak trees in the distance.

    I made it a point to do some projects and yard work around eclipse time.
    My adjoining duplex neighbor, a young Oklahoma gal has rarely been in town. Her father died in February and she plans to move to the farm across the Texas Red River border in May. The grass in her back yard is about a foot high, and today I de-wrapped her outside pipes.
    The gossip lady neighbor saw me and asked if I had my eclipse glasses. I said “no”, and she rightly pointed out that it was only a 4 minute event.

    In the back yard, I took a hand claw mattock to hammer at the rock-hard black clay soil in parts of the yard. I had my small bag of alfalfa seeds to sow in the cracks. Three days of rain is expected.

    Across my back chain link fence is the dirt alley which adjoins the chain link back yard of Phil and Lauren’s house. They were having a backyard family “viewing” gathering with lawnchairs. Phil asked if I wanted to borrow his eclipse glasses. “No, thanks though, Phil.”
    High, thin moving clouds shaded the sun. I would glimpse occasionally and see the sun’s crescent.

    As 1:41 approached, I could tell by the excited chatter of my neighbors.
    Then Total Eclipse.
    I could hear crowds screaming and cheering from a school about a mile away!
    It was kind of cool to hear
    So, I look straight up at the sun. The clouds briefly had parted. Just like the portrayals in graphic images…a black round moon with a sun’s halo.
    Then I look at my yard and the neighborhood. It was DARK. Very, very shadowed. Not pitch black dark, but the type of darkness one sees just before any glimpse of sunrise. Just enough light to see where you are going.
    Then, shortly, the total eclipse was over.

    The sun started coming out. I started to sweat. No real breeze. 78°F = 25.556°C
    I went inside to finish important stuff.

    • You should write a book- I’d buy it! I love birds and all creatures really! They reflect our simplistic desires, just to live and enjoy earth. It’s tragic to see how our lives impede them as we too are trying to be robbed of the joys we are intended to experience.

    • What an eventful day. Most of those lazy asses dragged around all day long, while you are pulling good moves. Hear hear on the book idea.

    • I agree with nlock and mkey about your writing a book. I’d buy it, even if it were just a collecting of musings.

      FWIW: Monday was a cloudy day for me in central NY state, after dozens of chemtrails/contrails painted the sky white until no blue was visible. We were supposed to witness a 90% eclipse, but there was not much difference in darkness from a normal cloudy day. No birds were fooled. No other animals “freaked out,” as far as I know.

    • I took a couple of photos of the eclipse in my area and they look nothing like the photos I’ve seen in the media.
      I must have photographed the dark side of the moon. 🙂

    • @HRS

      Thanks for sharing that!

      I was at work but I delayed taking my lunch break so I could enjoy the moment.

      There was heavy stratosphere aerosol injection activity prior to the eclipse but it was still beautiful and vivid at the moment of totality.

    • Ya’ll, thanks so much for the compliments about writing.

      QUOTE from anecdote:
      “The clouds briefly had parted.”

      Tuesday evening April 9, the Dallas-Ft Worth weatherman said,
      I really think the eclipse itself was kind of responsible for the fact that the clouds cleared out if you were outside, kind of leading up to totality.
      You definitely noticed the temperature drop as more of the moon started to pass in front of the sun and obviously we weren’t seeing much sunlight.
      So, the temperature started to fall.
      Well, those clouds that we had out there, they were kind of cumulus clouds, puffy cotton ball looking clouds.
      Those type of clouds, when it starts to cool off like that, don’t have the warmth and the humidity as much to form.
      So they started to just dissipate.
      So basically, as the eclipse started to happen, it essentially drove away the cloud cover. Because then once the eclipse ended, the clouds built right back in and we kind of ended the day with mostly cloudy skies.
      So kind of cool to see – wasn’t expecting that to happen, but glad that it did.
      What we do have going on right now is a tornado watch still technically in effect for Navarro County.”

      ~~WWW youtube.com/watch?v=T4qyYIqnWRU

      Jo-ann mentions the possibility of animals and birds reacting to the Eclipse…

      April 9 – CBS
      Zoo animals got quiet, exhibited nighttime behavior during total solar eclipse
      [CHEMTRAILS in 90 second video of article. Ducks had confused angst.]

      Some interesting behaviors with different animals are described in the CBS article. To me, it seems that the birds were most impacted…
      …An ostrich at the Dallas Zoo laid an egg during the eclipse. Other birds got louder before totality, then went silent. Flamingos and penguins huddled together.

      Birds also showed unique behavior at the Indianapolis Zoo, a zoo spokesperson said. Macaws, budgies and other birds got quiet and roosted up high, which is nighttime behavior.

      “You can hear they’re totally silent now – not a peep, and no movement,” Indianapolis Zoo President and CEO Dr. Robert Shumake said in a video recorded during totality.

      Flamingos at the zoo huddled together and also got quiet….

      • Since we are said to be at solar maximum I decided to watch the eclipse, in case flares might be visible. 70% of totality here, revised down from 80%. How does the path of an eclipse shift? No glasses available locally, glasses online available mainly in lots of ten or more, international shipping rates three times the price of the glasses, customers reporting scratches on the lenses and kid sizes that let in light. So I used the pinhole method. No flares visible, of course, and not awe inspiring. No noticeable difference in the brightness of the sunlight. While watching I began wondering how the Flat Earth Society explains eclipses. Does anyone here know a flat earther? They are eclipse deniers? Or what do they say about it?

        • Thanks for the belly laugh to: I began wondering how the Flat Earth Society explains eclipses. Does anyone here know a flat earther? They are eclipse deniers? Or what do they say about it?

        • There are all sorts of 2D projections they are usiblng to explain the movement of the celestial light.

          To me, neither these 2D models nor the official 3D model narrative makes much sense.

          Like the shadow the moon left on the surface of the earth. How does that size relate to the the official size of the moon?The moon is supposed to be a freakishly large (relative to earth) satellite. Things just don’t add up.

          • I’m not sure what you mean by the official 3D model narrative. From NASA? Recently I’ve seen a video clip at various sites online of the great blue ball, seems to be the same one supposedly sent from the moon or Apollo 11, said always to be the same photo, though I haven’t compared them, and I think the same one that is said to show a hurricane or typhoon or cyclone whirling in the wrong direction, now as a video with the shadow of the moon passing over – shading the entire Earth. If something else, do you have a link? NASA is said to have a very large movie studio in Venice Beach.

            • By 3D I meant the official narrative where the Earth is a spheroid with a freakishly large satellite and is revolving around the Sun in the same plane as the other planets in the system.

              The narrative where NASA lands on the Moon 50+ years ago and then proceeds to lose the technology. It’s like being unable to start a fire because of losing the technology required for rubbing some dry sticks together.

              My knowledge of astrology/astrophysics is very limited, but the fact that all of these objects are in the same plane is a tad strange.

              So is the fact that the Moon is practically revolving around the Earth with a varying speed that compensates for the elliptical trajectory so that it can keep showing the same side to us.

              Plus there are those videos of the Moon where it quite obviously exhibits some “glitches” at certain points in time, the so called Lunar wave.

              Again, my knowledge is lacking, but many of these points just don’t pass the smell test. And we are expected to trust known serial liars, in what world does that make sense?

              On the other end, many of the points brought on by the “flat earthers” are absolutely obscene, and probably as such by design.

              • You’d have no trouble with physics and astrophysics I’m sure.

                Physics is pretty basic stuff, though I have forgotten a lot of the details.

              • I see what you mean, mainly. Yes, some of the explanations of the moon’s rotation and orbit seem not quite to add up. For me the greatest reason to question the moon landings is the expressions and manner of the astronauts at the Apollo 11 post flight press conference. Also NASA’s statement that we haven’t sent anyone to Mars because we haven’t figured out how to get past the Van Allen Belts.

              • Oh, there’s planty of crazyness with moon fakery:
                – mylar used as cladding
                – chest mounted cameras, devices that could not handle exposition nor focus automatically
                – crazy shadows ans weird lightong
                – lack of dust and thruster resilient dust
                – evidence tampering (moon shot images appearing with more details decades afer)
                – wonderous spec suits
                – extremely restricted passenger space in the modules

                Please don’t get me srarted. And to think I believed all of that nonsense, back then when I didn’t know anything about it.

                The whole setup is absolutely obscene. And people believe in it like they would belirve in santa.

              • I recently found Dr. Philip Stott on YouTube. He’s spent his entire career in the sciences and he has done some excellent work in exposing many scientific impossibilities in the establishment’s narrations.

                Here’s one regarding the position of the earth:

                His channel is loaded with really great information in a variety of the sciences.

          • @ mkey 4/14/24 4:30 pm

            We are running out of comment levels.

            It was a very small school, and everyone knew I had rescued the owl, including all the parents and members of the affiliate church adjacent to the school. They enjoyed updates, and when I found out it was an adult screech owl and returned it to the wild, it seemed everyone was happy about it. The craziness was that I was teaching there at all. Everyone should teach junior high school students for a year, but they shouldn’t have to do it ever again.

      • Thanks for the info about the animals. I had seen a clip from a MSM web site that showed a young giraffe frolicking that got a couple of other zoo animals frisky – the narrator claimed the zoo animals were “freaking out” because of eclipse. The level of sunlight in the video looked bright, so I concluded they were just making up a story to fill airtime.

    • After a few days of soaking rain, Thursday April 11th brings some sunshine.
      Early this morning just as the sunrise was inching its way, a big fat possum (Mama?) was about 12 feet away from my desk chair as I looked out the back screen door. I heard it grub around on the patio and near garden area. I figure that it is the same one which once slept on the patio behind garden buckets during a hard cold spell.

      With the clear skies, around 10 am I was out back surveying the soaked yard and plants. A wren, my friend, again, lands close to me on a wire about 4 feet away, looking straight at me with a small catepillar in its mouth. It would chirp little noises and show off its catch. I talk. It talks. Back-n-forth. “Good job,” I say in admiration.
      I’m sure that it was the same wren that built a nest on my patio last Spring. The nest was right next to my screen door at about 4 feet (120 cm) high on a patio shelf. The parents would always fly off when I opened the screen to go outside. But they hatched some chicks. They were cute. At one time, they were kind of confused hanging around all the crap on my patio when trying to fly. I had to herd them out to the yard.

      Spring is such a great time of year.

      • How cool! I once saw a crane catch a rodent and fly away with it! That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

        I’ve been feeding birds where I live and a few weeks ago a crow dropped what looked like a ribcage of a small mammal right next to my house. I was wondering if it was giving me something because I was feeding and watering the birds?

        I really love animals (minus some insects)! Thanks for sharing.

          • Thanks! I really love birds of prey, especially owls, so adorable and yet so fierce!

          • As a young teenager, I had a fairly young red tail hawk. I clipped its wings slightly so it wouldn’t fly off. “I was gonna train him”, but that didn’t work out for me. My best friend, Steve W. said he would buy my hawk for $20 and train it. I sold it to Steve, but he couldn’t train it either. Eventually, his folks talked him into donating it to the Ft Worth Zoo.
            Here is Steve on the CBS News “Extra”…
            Steve has since left this mortal plane.

            In the beginning, I would let the hawk sit on my bare arm. Our backyard had a chain link fence, and I just let the hawk roam freely around the yard. I had 4 younger brothers, and they had friends. They all would play football in the backyard. I’ll never forget the day…One of my little brothers was running with the football and the hawk was chasing him. My brother was scared. That brother likes The Corbett Report.
            Well, the kids got to teasing the hawk, kind of provoking it.
            The next time I put the hawk on my bare arm, its talons clenched tight. It hurt like hell. I lied down on the lawn…and waited…and waited…and waited for that hawk to get off. If I prodded it slightly, the talons would clench tighter. Eventually, it got off.

            One day my hawk was not in the backyard. I scoured the neighborhood. Finally, Lisa (my age) called and said my hawk was in their backyard a couple blocks over.

            According to the book I read, I should not feed the hawk for a bit. Then use a string with meat on it to entice the hawk. The hawk showed no interest. My Mom would gripe at me and tell me I better feed that hawk.
            The hawk would hang out in a mesquite tree in the backyard. One day, evidently hungry, it caught a sparrow. Ate everything except the breastbone.

            The last straw happened when a neighbor’s kitten strayed into our backyard. The hawk swooped down from the stunted mesquite tree, and its claws gripped tight on that kitten, paralyzing it. My Dad was watering, and saw the thing. He went and kicked that hawk like a football. I was ordered to build a cage. So, I got some chicken wire and built a cage enveloping much of the mesquite tree. (The kitten was okay, just a bit traumatized.)

            Not long after, Steve bought the hawk.
            An aside – a few years later Steve and I went on a double date with two girls from a younger grade. We flipped a coin to see which of us would be with who. Steve won the coin toss. Years later they were married and then had a son.

            • I really like Hawks even though they can be pretty brutal towards their prey (appear this way to us). They are beautiful birds. I live out in the boonies now and have cats that I must protect from Owls and Hawks. I don’t let them outside yet because I have to make sure they have a place to take cover. They are city cats and probably not fully aware of the dangers of the open country.

              I’m sorry to hear about your friend. ALS is an awful disease. I knew someone who was a very kind soul and also a brilliant researcher who died from this disease. He was only in his 30s.

              It’s one of those conditions that I would not want to live very long with. Thanks for sharing.

              • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – Lou Gehrig’s disease

                Steve was an accountant at the local east Texas college. He would run long distances almost daily, training for marathons…as in a 20 mile run.

                He loved his aspartame diet Dr. Pepper in an aluminum can.
                He drank lots of the stuff.

                Steve did not buy into “conspiracy theories”, which included natural health stuff.
                That video clip was part of a “60 Minutes” expose on ‘fraudulent’ stem cell treatments. Steve was part of a sting operation circa 2010 on the people offering the stem cell treatment which would occur in Mexico.

                However, now Stem Cell Treatment is very mainstream and no longer considered fringe. To me, it seems like a fantastic therapy for many health conditions if a person can afford it.

                Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (Video documentary 2004) [examines aspartame toxicity]
                Ed Johnson, prior U.S. Assistant Attorney for the Western District of Texas, was a victim of aspartame poisoning, and he talks how it affects the nervous system.

                I suspect that the methanol by-product of aspartame could be a very strong factor for nerve damage.
                Aspartame consists of three components: 50% Phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol (wood alcohol)… Methanol further breaks down into formaldehyde a known carcinogen that the body cannot eliminate.
                As little as 2 tablespoons (30 milliliters) can be deadly to a child. The initial symptoms of methanol intoxication include central nervous system depression, headache, dizziness, nausea, lack of coordination, and confusion.

                Methanol is a solvent, a volatile chemical often used in cleaners/paints/automotive stuff. It is nasty stuff…I know, ‘cuz I used to handle the stuff when testing for contaminants at an Environmental Lab.

                There are studies which link ALS to volatile chemicals.

              • Linking nerve damage to neuro toxins such as aluminum? That’s crazy!

                Your aluminum foil hat is causing bran damage! … oh, wait.

            • How tragic that your friend succumbed to ALS. Apparently it still isn’t clear why some people are susceptible to it.

              So you kept a red tailed hawk. Long ago, in a very small private school, during a class the ninth-grade boys repeatedly turned around and looked up at what seemed to be a stuffed owl on the drapery rod. I ignored their attempt to disrupt and continued with the lesson. Finally one of them pulled on a string tied to its leg, and it moved slightly. Of course it was nocturnal, so it was mainly very still. After class, the boys told me it was a baby great horned owl and wanted to sell it to me. Out of pity for the poor thing I bought it and took it home. Since it was a baby and separated from the parent birds I thought it probably couldn’t fend for itself. I fed it pieces of meat, and a friend built a cage for it. I let it out to fly around my apartment once per day, handling it with ski gloves. I took it to an ornithologist in town to find out what would be the best way to care for it and was told it was an adult screech owl. So I put it in a box and drove it to an area where there were a lot of owls and opened the box. I didn’t even see it leave the box. It was just gone. I have no idea how the boys managed to catch it.

              • That was a very nice action on your part. People were probably looking at you as if you were crazy. But how stupid does one have to be to misunderstand compassion for insanity?

              • That is such a cool, cool, compassionate story, especially for a teenager taking that type of responsibility.
                The mental images of your story played in my head as I read it.

                If one wrote a book which had a collection of stories about Man’s humanity, this would be in it.

      • @ HRS 4/14/24 6:27 pm

        We are out of comment levels.

        I see that I wan’t clear. I was teaching in a small private school where some of the students were very bratty, not bad or mean, just brats, and my students brought the owl to class.
        One day when I walked into the 7th and 8th grade class I noticed that the room was unusually quiet, so I knew they were up to something. During the class when I went to get something out of my desk drawer a large spider dropped onto the floor next to my foot. I am quasi arachnophobic but was anticipating something and managed to say, “What a cute spider. How did you know I just adore spiders?” It wasn’t until the very end of the year that I was told the students had run my predecessor out of the school the previous year, and parents and substitute teachers had to fill in. When I arrived they had all been ringing their hands and asking one another, “Can she do this?” On the last day of class a 7th grader walked up to my desk, hands on hips, and said, “Well, ya made it. Sometimes I thought you were gonna crack up, but ya made it.” The owl episode is just a paragraph in a survival story. And, yes, I deserve credit for that.

        • 🙂
          That anecdote…with the spider would probably startle anyone.

          Now, I grasp more of the context and color of the owl episode, “just a paragraph in a survival story.”

          I feel that real life often plays like a captivating movie… …with us being the scriptwriters.

  46. New video by Lubomir Arsov, creator of “IN-SHADOW” in 2017:


    Can art reveal, transform, and inspire? What does it take to redeem a culture left in ruins?

    KINGDOM is an audio-visual experience that serves as a template for empowerment. It models the path of awakening in the face of adversity, becoming whole, and confronting inner and outer darkness in order to transform it. The film’s visual and musical arrangement imprints a more courageous way of being. With repeated viewings, this imprint strengthens and becomes available to the viewer as an inner knowing.

    It’s against immense odds, that the brilliance of one’s soul spark ignites – and it’s through the unison of our sparks that the purifying inferno of Truth blazes. One flame to ignite an inferno. Et Lux in Tenebris.

    Note: ‘Lux in Tenebris,’ in Latin, means “Light in Darkness”.

  47. Did anyone else that was in a path of totality of the 2024 lunar eclipse observe heavy duty stratospheric aerosol injection plane activity leading up to the eclipse?

    Here in southern Ontario, they started laying down a big grid of planes spraying stuff at about noon, and turned the whole blue sky a soupy grey by the eclipse time

    here are a few pics


    • Heavier than usual in central NY. They whitened the sky well before the trails had time to spread out very much, giving us an especially dark day. Not very convincing that all those trails were due to normal commercial flights.

      • jo- ann,
        Did it rain later that evening, next day?

        • Not certain – it probably sprinkled in the night. (Our weather forecasts usually predict a chance of rain every day, and it’s not uncommon to have a few minutes of precipitation – just enough to wet the pavement and grass.)

      • Thank you jo-ann.
        Also from Dr.Anna Mehalcea’s sub-stack, a reply that mentions some actors and possible acting. However, the ol’ adage of those who can’t be talked about fits here.
        From Fritz Freud’ s response in the reply section.


          • Was it an experiment to test lettuce uptake from chemtrailing Arizona by spraying Nano-technology bio weapons. Rain contamination undetected source of bioweapon attack?
            Once absorbed into the plant it can’t be washed off the surface and is a ticking time bomb for whoever consumes it later on. God bless Patrick Roddy.


            I wouldn’t put it past them. Some of the patents for surfactants and ice-nucleation used in geoengineering have live biological elements in them. It wouldn’t be any surprise that’s a cover for the testing and biological warfare applications hidden in the climate / weather programs of Harvard, David Kieth, Ken Caldera and DARPPA. Nothing comes in the original package anymore and is hidden in plain sight. We are 5 years behind in this life and death game.
            Pure speculation? Somewhat, but Sen. Niceley from Tennessee doesn’t think so.

            • For those who don’t know of Patrick Roddy he captured Ken Caldera in an interview 2006 stating putting pathogens and bioweapons into SAI
              (Stratospheric aerosol injection)was his research assignment.
              Here I have the testimony in front of the EPA hearing on persistent contrails .2015 from c- span. The 80 th or so search items on Google. Duh!

              • Thanks for all the digging! Lots of independent researchers have been delving into the food issue lately, though I haven’t been keeping up with them – just the headlines so far.

              • The Wyss Institute at Harvard is doing some nightmarish science:

                Tunable hydrogels that enhance the efficacies of adoptively transferred immune cells during their manufacturing by mimicking target tissue biomechanics.

                Soft hydrogel electrodes for better, safer implants – Novel conductive material safely records and stimulates electrical impulses in the brain, heart, and muscle to enable better body-machine interfaces for patient monitoring and rehabilitation

                Plus much more!!

            • If they are spraying insufficiently treated wastewater on crops meant for human consumption… just saying there may be another source of e. coli and viruses, plus all the other stuff they don’t treat for (e.g. heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc.).

              • jo-ann
                Lovely comments!
                ” Plus much more!!”
                As far as source of contamination it’s always a cat and mouse game and plausible deniability. On occasions an honest bureaucrat comes along and in fulfilling of his local duty he steps in the pile that DARRPA’s left from one of their deadly experiments. The daily load a crap, as you indicated, from radioactive fluoride, psfa’s to glysophate should of finished us off decades ago but we just keep refusing to succumb. So circumspect of our amazing spiritual qualities you got to wonder what we,individually, don’t come to know won’t hurt us.. .? Mary Baker Eddy was way before her time.

  48. Here is a alternative to Wikipedia’s political slant: Conservapedia

    The site was created by Andy Schlafly. Quote from America Out Loud News (emphasis mine):

    “Andy Schlaflyis general counsel to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. He received a B.S.E. in electrical engineering and a certificate in engineering physics from Princeton University. After graduating from Princeton, Mr. Schlafly briefly worked as a device physicist for Intel, then became a microelectronics engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. He then attended Harvard Law School along with Barack Obama. For two years, Mr. Schlafly was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. After law school, Mr. Schlafly served as an adjunct professor at Seton Hall Law School and worked for a large law firm before beginning private practice. Mr. Schlafly created the wiki-based Conservapedia in November 2006 to counter the apparent liberal bias in Wikipedia.

    Here he is interviewed on the topic of medical care: https://www.americaoutloud.news/doctors-and-patients-or-bureaucrats-whos-in-charge-of-our-medical-care-2/

    (I came across this as a subscriber to the quarterly newsletter of AAPS (Journal of American Physicians & Surgeons), where you can locate independent medical care.)

  49. VSRF Live #122: Our Food Under Attack | Apr-11-2024 | 1:56:23

    For the folks interested in the use of synthetic DNA and RNA in “vaccines” and medical therapies, applied to animals raised for human consumption, you might find this interview informative, beginning around 45 or 50 minutes. The whole interview is worth listening to or watching if you have time.


  50. Can Tree.Market Save Us From Debanking And Censorship? “Solutions Watch” with Derrick Broze
    Derrick Broze talks with Mariano, Red, and Apollo of Tree.Market, Unstoppable Free-Market Ecosystem with the goal of providing new generations with freedom to transact with each other, without interference from outside parties or fear of getting shut down.

    • BUMP

      Commerce is the bedrock of a thriving community.

  51. My jaw hit the floor. My mother told me she’s doing data annotation and helping AI improve. She’s a brilliant woman, Masters in English. Growing up, she always had a book in her hand (even while cooking). She is also a beautiful writer and even has her own blog.
    Now she’s helping to train A.I. I can’t believe it! She said she “has conversations with AI, rates the conversation, makes corrections and suggestions, and checks for errors and accuracy.” She said “I tell people I work for the Overlords. But it pays really well and I can work from anywhere”.
    I’m just dumbfounded and disappointed. Didn’t even know what to say…
    The only thing I can think is that “well, if AI is going to rule us all, at least Mom’s moral compass is a part of it.” (No doubt to be used to manipulate us better).
    Some people would say “good for her.” But I need some feedback from the clued in Corbetteers.
    Thoughts and advice are welcome and appreciated.

    • People believe in all sorts of stupid shit. And they are prone to do all sorts of stuff for money, stuff they would not do otherwise.

      • mkey

        I guess that’s the most disappointing part, I never would have imagined her doing something like this, just because it pays well.

    • I suppose it could be worse. She could work for a large defense contractor company. I have a family member who works for one of those and not in a low level position either. They use their intellect for the military industrial complex/war machine.

      On the topic of AI, I was watching a clip of a video between Catherine Austin Fitts and John Titus and they were discussing this. John Titus mentioned something about AI being in part technology of wealth transfer.

      I thought that was interesting. But regarding the technology itself, I don’t think as a tool it’s inherently bad, but rather how it’s used.

      I don’t know how I’d feel if I felt like my mom sold her soul to the building the slavery grid. Maybe your mom doesn’t see it that way. If you explain to her how you see it maybe she’d change her mind? Maybe you’d get her perspective.

      I understand money concerns though. Maybe I shouldn’t judge anyone since I work in health care. I don’t give Covid jabs though, and companies I’ve worked for have not forced employees to be jabbed. So I don’t think I’m extensively compromised ethically.

      In personal relationships I always think active listening is a good place to start and sometimes keeping politics separate if you know the person isn’t a psychopath. I have a sibling who’s confused with what’s going on but I’m at a loss for words with how to proceed. Not sure she could hear me anyway. But I know it’s a conversation I need to have.

      • Cu.h.j
        Thanks for the response.
        She jokes about “working for the Overlords” so I think she’s at least kind of clued in. I’ve tried talking to her in the past about the false narrative and digital enslavement we are being subjected to. (Along with much of what gets covered here on The Corbett Report). Her response is always along the lines of “there’s just some things I’d rather not know”. I mean we can’t get through to people who don’t want to know. The struggle is real. But I think we have to keep injecting the truth when we can. Good luck with your sister.

        BTW I don’t think working the medical field in and of itself is a moral compromise. You do much good I’m sure.

        And regarding AI as tool rather than inherently evil. I agree for the most part. Garbage in, garbage out. That is to say, if it’s fed better data the outcomes would be better. I know there is AI that you can put in whatever info you want. If AI had all the content from Corbett and Richard Grove, we might actually get an accurate view of history, for example.

        So maybe a QFC? Can AI be used positively?

    • A few months ago, I was talking with a really nice young man. I met him when he was about 20, about 25 years ago, but I have only seen him a few times since. When I saw him earlier this year (“New Year’s” party), we had a really good talk. He had been an electrician and I thought he still was, but he has started a business to coach people in communication. Sounded interesting. He wants to help people clearly communicate in ways others understand and identify with. He’s a really nice fellow, with a lovely and sweet wife and a nice family – four biological children and two adopted. I was impressed with him when I met him all those years ago, and I still am when I talk to him. He is a good dad and husband. His teenage sons speak highly of him and his leadership and example in their family.

      But then came the kicker. He is using AI in his coaching program. One story he told me was that he wanted to compliment one of his sons, so he put it into his program and it told him what to say. When he said it to his son, his son got teary-eyed and told him, “It’s working, dad.”

      I didn’t hint at my concern, but I thought about it more afterward. I would not be impressed if I found out someone got coaching from a computer program for advice on what to say to me. I’d rather have the plain and simple truth coming from someone’s heart than a computer-generated, glossy, sentimental print-out. Maybe others would prefer the computer option, but I find it very disturbing.

      A cousin’s son (into computers) wanted to work for Amazon and he now does. Before he got a clearance, he had to wear something that noticeably indicated that he wasn’t cleared (I think it was some sort of antenna on a hat or something like that) so that when he was in a room at work, they would know to be careful what they said. Well, now he’s been cleared for years and is apparently fully into whatever it is that Amazon is doing. I’m sure he makes lots of money. Maybe he’s happy with what he’s doing. I’d be ashamed.

      It does baffle me how people can get sucked into things without any awareness of the consequences.

      • the liliac dragonfly
        Thanks for sharing your experiences. I too prefer the authentic rather than the superficial and synthetic. Weird that the dad’s kid liked it.

        “It does baffle me how people can get sucked into things without any awareness of the consequences.” I completely agree. I think people just need to consider the possible effects of their actions before diving into these lucrative job opportunities. (They pay well for a reason, people wouldn’t do it otherwise).

    • @Torus

      I can relate, my dad is on a similar path (though he did not have any kind of impressive educational certification).

      Others in my permaculture circles idolize “AI” and turn away from hands on pattern recognition based learning in connection with real ecosystems to interact more and more with AI algorithms, asking questions or getting these computer programs to write essays (or even entire books) about gardening… very disturbing indeed.

      I do not have an animosity or fear of “AI” but I do see that the way machine intelligence, “large language models”, and chat bots etc are currently being used (for the most part) is lending itself towards the degeneration of human minds.

      I think we will see a divergence point in the next decade where many humans lean into dependance on “AI” related things in their lives, letting their minds and creative potential atrophy, leading to precipitously decreasing IQ in a portion of humanity.

      I am sorry I do not have any advice to offer regarding your own personal situation but I have exhausted all avenues to reach my own family involved with this stuff and others in my professional/social circles (failing to get through their enthrallment, fear and or hypnotic obsession) so all I can do is say I will pray for her.

      Incase you missed it, I recently posted about how I discovered a book on seed saving being sold on Amazon that I suspect is Chatbot generated


      Thanks for sharing the comment.

      • Gavin
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

        The AI takeover is disturbing indeed. Outsourcing our minds is a step in a dangerous direction. Not the the tools are “bad” themselves but what they’re being used for is frightening. I too worry about the decline in human creative potential.

        Also. I didn’t know about the chat-bot book writing. How are we to know? Especially if there’s people like my mother out there who can help make that shit on point? Unsettling, to say the least.

    • Torus,
      I appreciate you posting the anecdote about your Mother.

      Ethics, a personal perspective, is a rough road for us all.
      I don’t like having moral codes forced at me, and I try not to impose my moral standards on others…because who is to judge?

      Is using a fiat currency unethical? …or driving a gas (or electric) car bad for the environment? …or is eating meat unethical?

      Ai is coming fast. There’s no stopping it.
      In fact, with no exaggeration, the entire stock market has been pumped up to record price levels based on the Ai hype. The chip companies are part of it, but included are all of the huge Tech companies (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Meta, etc.) These big corporations literally pump up the entire stock market.
      It is a juggernaut and it is a bubble.

      We all will have to make our own personal decisions about Ai, and where we draw the line for ourselves.

      We all have to follow our own path, and have faith that our loved ones will do well on their journey.

      • Thanks HRS,
        I appreciate your insight here.
        “Ethics, a personal perspective, is a rough road for us all.”

        I needed that reminder.
        Ethics is a personal, individual choice. And as such, each of us has our own set of moral and ethical codes we follow. Learned and chosen. That’s the beauty of free agency- the power to choose your own path. I need to remember to honor that freedom. Even when I disagree.
        And for those that do judge, I would certainly be considered involved in unethical behavior. But we are our own judges. We each choose our own caliber of character.

        I suppose with my mother, I am just acutely aware of the heavy fog of cognitive dissonance she must be experiencing. (I think each of us can relate to some degree). She just doesn’t want to get out of it. The bright lights of reality can be overwhelming. I get it.

        We do indeed all walk our own path. But it sure is nice to have some help and good company along the way. Thank you 🙏

  52. I guess the big-name conspiracy theorists got it wrong this time.

    Has anyone else noticed that the huge vax kill off of hundreds of millions/billions of people that was predicted to happen by now never took place?

    • @Fawlty Towers

      I never heard/saw those precise predictions, though, sadly, I do not see a very bright long term future for the mRNA injection cultists (considering the skyrocketing cancer and infertility rates, among other trends).

      • Judy Mikovits, David Martin, Michael Yeadon and Luc Montagnier are just some of the prominent CS’s who made the prediction.

        I’m still waiting, breathlessly, for the shoe to drop.

        • @Fawlty Towers

          Thanks for elaborating on who made the predictions.

          If you were to give your own personal estimate of the number of unnecessary and untimely deaths that are directly attributable to the mRNA/viral vector injections, what would your number be?

          • It’s really difficult to say.

            Steve Kirsch estimates around 400K Americans have been killed by the jabs. If we extrapolate to the rest of the countries in the world, a good guess would be in the millions.

            A horrifying number but still easy to cover up.

            • @Fawlty Towers


              Yes, in the millions for sure, I would give a wild estimated guess of 25-30 million at this point in time.

              Though as you pointed out, what ever the horrifying number is, clearly proving it or discerning it when there is so much effective obfuscation, plausible deniability and multiple long term vectors of mass murder via injectable poisons underway is intentionally, almost impossible.

              Regardless of how many have been culled, maimed and are yet to be culled via the injections, the program itself has harmed many humans in ways that are more insidious than eventually fatal heart defects, neurological degenerative conditions or cancers.. slicing deeply into the soft tissue of hearts and minds, planting the seeds of conformity to insanity via coercion, totalitarianism masquerading as “civic responsibility” and mob mentality/emboldened state approved bullying and dehumanization via government edict.

              The wounds inflicted in those weak minds that were susceptible to the psychological attack are deep and lasting. They are damaged in profound ways, capable and likely to pass on their damage to future generations, like their DNA with spike protein production reverse transcribed into their genome.

              • I agree wholeheartedly with your summary of all the extra traumas and insidious unexplained injuries that have been caused by the jabs and scamdemic measures.

                I am reminded every day of just the psychological traumas that have been inflicted on the masses by the small but persistent group of people who still cling to their masks in a desperate attempt to distance themselves from the mortal enemies who walk among them.

            • SUB-THREAD – Excess Mortality – Life Insurance Companies – Funeral Homes Started January 2022

              The latest post was in December 2023.
              “Population – With a Disability, 16 Years and over” continues to climb. The trend is up in a higher range.

            • @Fawlty Towers

              The face diaper fanatics also persist here in Essex County in small numbers… it is strange, unsettling and disheartening to me, seeing them scurry around in perpetual fear of invisible microscopic boogie men, looking around at everyone suspiciously and getting all jumpy when you walk by them in the grocery store.

              For some, the scamdemic and its related government edicts were a very mentally deadly psyop attack indeed. Mass menticide was inflicted and I do not know how to help such people.

    • I did notice a huge increase of stupidity. And it does appear statistics are showing a more than expect rise in deaths, especially in certain age groups.

      • @mkey

        Yes especially stupid drivers, right in lock step with the face diaper wearing and the mystery genetic injection roll out.

        I had someone write me who bought a copy of my book who is a paramedic and he told me about the many times he was called out to collect dead and half dead people from vehicles that had drifted off the road on the way home from the injection centers. He said many of those deaths were designated by the coroners as death by Covid.

        Then months after the rollout of the genetic slurry injections he described an unprecedented increase in stupid deaths and injuries from vehicular accidents. It looks like widespread neurological damage is crippling millions of injected people’s hand eye coordination and cognitive faculties.

        I speculate this trend is reflected across the board in many industries and activities that require precise hand eye coordination (military, pilots, miners, loggers etc).

          • As much as I appreciate his efforts, this list will never prove anything.

        • My personal interpretation here would be that the lockdowns did it. Watching TV even more hours than usual, constant paranoia, less interactions with people … make dullards even duller.

          • The Substack post of A Midwestern Doctor – The Forgotten Side of Medicine is a fantastic source of information about the damages caused by the spike protein, including that from the injection. Lots of biochemistry, but quite readable. Basically, the spike promotes clotting all over the body, and this eventually causes disease(s) due to cell death.

            So people who’ve had the virus or the injection likely are having mini-strokes. Just like old people do.

            • I am having a very difficult time taking any of that virus/spike shit seriously as it is all based on a random number generator.

              On one had we have this mystical technology that may be doing some mystical stuff.

              On the other hand we have masses of people who subjected themselves to a wide assortment of treatments (isolation, reduced oxygen intake, even lousier nutrition practices) that easily lead to a reduction of IQ, while their starting position was not strong to beging with. Nothing mystical about any of this.

    • I was surprised more people didn’t die right away. Maybe some of the jabs were duds either purposefully or unintentionally or human physiology is remarkably complex and unpredictable and some people just didn’t get very sick after taking it.

      Not to downplay the death and destruction it has caused, but I expected it to be much worse. I know many people who took the jabs and boosters who seem to have suffered no ill effects. I have heard of someone’s young teenage daughter who died of a heart attack but otherwise non of my colleagues have had any severe side effects from the jabs (yet).

      I know there was a “bad batch” database that indicated there were batches that were much more toxic than others.

      I’m speaking about people who I know personally, not in the general world population. For some reason I don’t know a lot of people who have had severe long lasting health effects from it. I’ve seen patients with severe side effects but no colleague of mine has died from it so far.

    • Monday April 15, 2024 – Greg Hunter interviews Edward Dowd (VIDEO) – via ZeroHedge
      “The Lies Are Just Unreal” – Ed Dowd Rages As ‘Govts & Media Continue Pretending Massive Health Crisis Not Going On’

      Former Wall Street money manager Ed Dowd is still a skillful number cruncher. His recently updated and wildly popular book “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021, 2022 and 2023” has been correctly documenting the huge numbers of deaths and injuries caused by the CV19 bioweapon vax…

      … A quick look at the overall casualties from the CV19 vax reveal an unparalleled medical disaster.
      Dowd explains:
      “I went before Senator Ron Johnson in February to talk about the ‘pandemic scorecard,’ which is abysmal.

      Ever since the CV19 vaccine came on,
      we have had 1.1 million Americans die excessively,
      4 million permanently disabled
      and another 28 million injured.
      It’s 33 million people who have been negatively affected now.

      The question you have to ask is why are these institutions not screaming from the rooftops? I think the reason why is, it’s all because of the (deadly) vaccine. It’s all circular, and I think it’s a joke at this point.”

      Dowd contends, “Let’s just look at the disability data…”
      ” We surged to a new high in June of 2023. We have not gone to a new high since. It kind of backfilled a little bit, but the last two months we have seen back-to-back increases. This is a called a plateauing effect.

      If it was all clear, I would like to see that number come down. Unfortunately, it’s not.
      It can start to go back down, or it can have another consolidation and another spurt upward.
      The bad news is it is plateauing at a new high level.
      The good news is it has not gone up to a new level, but if it does, we have problems.”

      Dowd says:
      “The fact that people will not even say that cancers are on the rise is pretty comical to me. Doctors were reporting it anecdotally, and now we have the data to prove it. This is where we are…

      In 2022, I said that ‘60,000 millennials died excessively between March of 2021 and February of 2022. That was a Vietnam War.’ That tweet went viral, and Reuters and AP fact checked me and said no, our experts say that’s not true.
      Now, even the establishment is saying there is excessive all-cause mortality. So, we are now in a stage where cancers are not rising. They are now denying that. The lies are just unreal.”

      • St Louis Federal Reserve – [GRAPH]
        US Bureau of Labor statistics

        Population – With a Disability, 16 Years and over

        Notice the accelerated rise of the graph and how we currently are sailing along in a record-breaking higher range.
        If it climbs again to an even higher range, what would that trend forecast?

  53. New Year’s greetings to my fellow corbeteers.

    Exodus 12:2 “This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.”

    The first feast/festival in the biblical calendar is Passover, which will be celebrated next Monday evening (April 22 on Gregorian calendars).

    Here is a beautiful song I found a couple months ago in celebration of Passover:


  54. “Nudge” was recently, repeatedly mentioned at “The Behavioural Sciences and the Populist Revolt – Ben Pile on The Corbett Report”.
    [Do NOT miss the short 7:49 minute video Pt 1 in article. – “nudge”]

    April 13, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Andrew Afifian
    VIDEO: Feds Aim To Silence ‘Biggest and Loudest’ Dissidents

    A purported CIA officer and former FBI official was unwittingly filmed explaining how the law enforcement agency allegedly manipulates the fates of those it considers its political enemies.

    The revelations came courtesy of Gavin O’Blennis, who bragged about the FBI’s exploits to a journalist from Sound Investigations who was secretly filming the self-described “contracting officer” for the CIA.

    O’Blennis claimed that the FBI had about 20 undercover agents in the crowd during the Capitol protests on January 6, 2021, a number that the FBI has not acknowledged.

    “There are, there always are, when there’s a big protest in D.C., just in case it gets out of hand like that,” he said. “There wasn’t enough to turn that tide. I’m talking we maybe had 20. You needed 1,000 to get rid of that crowd.”

    O’Blennis claimed that he currently manages contracts for the CIA. He purportedly worked for two years at the FBI before moving to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), where he interviewed purported asylum seekers at the southern border.

    But perhaps the most incriminating admission by O’Blennis was that the FBI gets very close to engaging in entrapment, which is when a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a crime that he would otherwise not commit.

    Speaking about the jailing of anti-abortion activists, O’Blennis said, “We can, you can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do. You set them up. You create the situation where they have no choice but to act on their impulse. And once they act on that impulse, some would call that entrapment. It’s a fine line.”

    When asked if the FBI’s practice of setting up targets was common, O’Blennis said, “We get really close … we get as close as we can to it without doing it.”

    He said the FBI calls this practice giving a “nudge.”

    O’Blennis said the nudge could include a fake post tailored to an individual because the FBI already knows “everything about [the target].”

    “Sometimes you light the fuse and just wait for it to follow,” he said.

    O’Blennis said that the FBI was likely after Tucker Carlson. He then brought up Alex Jones, who he said the FBI wanted to take down for being the “biggest and loudest” dissident voice, seemingly suggesting the agency used CIA-obtained intelligence. O’Blennis claimed that when it came to Jones, government officials guided the families of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims to file a civil case against him, which resulted in a nearly $1.5 billion judgment against the political commentator…

    …CIA wants TikTok….

  55. Brain Rape and Sexual Mutilation of Children

    BACKSTORY – February 2020
    Dr. Anne Georgulas, a Pediatrician, is the Mother. Jeff Younger is the Father.

    Saturday April 13, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Carlos Turcios
    California Mom Wants Child Castrated Without Father’s Consent

    A mother may soon be allowed to have her son castrated without the father’s permission because she believes her son is transgender.

    California’s court system is preparing to allow a divorced mother, Anne Georgulas, to have her 11-year-old son castrated against the will of the father, Jeff Younger, based on the mother’s claim that the biological boy identifies as female.

    A pro forma hearing on April 25 will have court-ordained transgender “experts” take the stand, per National File. Younger will not be allowed to testify in defense of his son during the hearing.
    Younger said he believes his ex-wife will take their son to a gender clinic in California after the hearing, fearing the court will rubber-stamp the castration of his son.

    The divorced couple has been engaged in a years-long custody battle over their children. As previously reported by The Dallas Express, Younger petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to force the return of their children, who had been moved to California by their mother. However, on December 30, 2022, the court rejected the petition.

    DX recently communicated with Younger, who reflected on the disposition of his legal case in the Lone Star State.
    “My case is proof that the statutory design of the Texas Family Courts is abusive of the liberty of Texas citizens. The family courts are a clear and present danger to the welfare of Texas children. Judge ‘Bloody’ Mary Brown, 301st District Court, stripped me of parental rights without possibility of appeal, just because I want to raise my son as a boy,” Younger wrote in a text message.

    “Even the Supreme Court of Texas, under Justice ‘Blackhearted’ Blacklock, allowed my son to be moved to California where he is at danger of chemical castration, right now,” he added. “There are no limits to the child abuse these courts will inflict on children. It’s long past time for the Texas Legislature to fix these lawless child-abusing Family Courts. My message to the effeminate Texas Legislature: fix the Family Courts, or else.”..

    …Younger tweeted…”Texas is an empire of child abuse, led by Texas judges.”…

    • HRS

      I cant believe this case is still going on. I guess no one told him not to marry crazy.

      I am amazed that he has not gone temporarily insane from the pressure and done something totally unjustified.

      • Ditto
        “I can’t believe this case is still going on.”

  56. Here is an article I published on a highly versatile medicine plant that can grow in zones 3-8 in the shade.

    Schisandra chinensis (aka “five flavor fruit”)

    Exploring the many gifts offered by Schisandra the in the context of Food Forest Design. This is Installment #5 of the Stacking Functions in the Garden, Food Forest and Medicine Cabinet series.


    Medicinal actions:

    General tonic/stimulant/restorative, nervous system tonic, mild anti-depressant, anti-stress, adaptogen, adrenal tonic, regulator of blood glucose & mucosal secretions, antioxidant, astringent, anti-tussive, lung tonic, regulates blood pressure, anti-cholesterol, hepatoprotective, oxytocic, anti-allergen, anti-anxiety agent, improves memory, cognitive function, anti-aging, anticancer, irritation-soothing, suppresses platelet aggregation, cardioprotective, tumor suppressor, wound-healing and corrects metabolic imbalances.

    Medical uses:

    S. chinensis is widely used as an herbal supplement in traditional Chinese medicine and in Western phytotherapy, whereas in Russia—as a potent adaptogen, improving disease and stress tolerance, and increasing energy, endurance, and physical performance.

    Used as a general hepatoprotector, antioxidant and adaptogen by increase the nervous reflex response. Promotes vitality and increases memory and cognitive functions while providing resistance to stress. Will tone and strengthen the immune system to increase physical performance and endurance and promotes recovery after surgery. Will enhance athlete’s performance and improve liver detoxification and functions.

    Stimulates increased levels of Myelopoiesis (the production of bone marrow and of all cells that arise from it, such as mesenchymal stem cells) and haematopoiesis (the formation of blood cellular components such as haematopoietic stem cells).

    Schisandra glabra, the bay star-vine, is the only American species of this primarily Asian genus. It is native to the southeastern United States and northern Mexico. It grows in Louisiana, eastern Arkansas, southwestern Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, northwestern Florida, and Georgia, with isolated populations in Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Hidalgo. Despite its wide range, it is considered a vulnerable species.

    Recorded use of Schisandra dates back to the Tang dynasty, first described in China’s first known herbal encyclopedia, “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing,” or “The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica,” written and compiled between about 200 and 250 CE. It is considered one of 50 Fundamental Herbs’ in TCM. Chinese, Korean, and Russian cultures have used its berries in a number of ways; in tonic blends, as an ingredient in soups and stews, and infused into wines. Awareness of it reached the European and American countries relatively recently; Schisandra and its myriad offerings are still largely unknown to many in the west.

    • thanks for the post. I know this plant is on many lists for fighting the 2019 virus.

  57. Thursday April 11, 2024
    Nicholas Gerli of Reventure Consulting (Real Estate Market data for U.S.)
    Doomsday is coming. JP Morgan CEO just issued brutal economic warning.
    VIDEO (16:49)
    Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, just issued a major economic warning. Suggesting that interest rates and inflation could rise more into the future and that the US Economy still faces high risks of recession.
    This warning is a reminder to home buyer, stock investors, and economic analysts that there is significant downside risk to the economy. And that Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve might have difficulty cutting rates in 2024. In fact – they might eventually be forced to increase rates if CPI/inflation figures continue to come in hot.

    JP Morgan Bank, worth ½ trillion, has over two trillion in deposits.
    FORBES – 4/8/24 Jamie Dimon—Head Of U.S.’ Largest Bank—Warns Of 8% Interest Rates Along With Recession
    FRED Historical Fed Funds Rate with 2024 projections – GRAPH (2:17 video is more defined)
    4:37 mark – Government Debt Bubble Graph
    5:40 – Deficit spending graph
    7:29 – Immigration – GDP – Graph – US Employment Levels: Native Born vs Foreign Born
    10:00 – Possibility of higher interest rates
    12:00 – Rental Properties may not be viable with ROI “Return on Investment” compared to placing investment money into a money market fund. Nicholas Gerli shows the numbers.

  58. This review paper from 2021 is one for the covid19 archives. Found it when cleaning files off my old phone.

    Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G

    From the ABSTRACT:
    Relevance for Patients: In short, WCR [wireless communications radiation] has become a ubiquitous environmental stressor that we propose may have contributed to adverse health outcomes of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 and increased the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we recommend that all people, particularly those suffering from SARS-CoV-2 infection, reduce their exposure to WCR as much as reasonably achievable until further research better clarifies the systemic health effects associated with chronic WCR exposure.

    (Cannot help but notice the paper starts on page 666.)

  59. [vg.no | 24.04.15 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

    The government wants to close the door on cryptocurrency mining in Norway.

    – … we [are] presenting a law that will regulate the data centre industry for the first time,” says Tung.

    The government requires registration of who is behind the data centre, who is the manager of the centre and an obligation to state what services are offered at the centre.

    “Norway will be the first country in Europe to introduce this type of regulation for data centres,” Tung explains.

    – “The purpose is to regulate the industry in such a way that we can close the door on the projects we don’t want,” she continues

    – [Cryptocurrency] is associated with large greenhouse gas emissions, and is an example of a type of business we don’t want in Norway,” says Aasland, and is supported by Tung:

    – “This is an industry that has not been regulated at all. But it will be possible to supervise and control data centres,” she says.

    – We can’t manage digitalisation without data centres. And given the security policy situation, we want data storage on Norwegian soil – and physical access to the data centres. But then we have to be tougher on who we want and who we don’t want,” she says.


  60. Story that seems silly at first… until you think about it too much.

    Quote from RAW EGG NATIONALIST | https://www.raweggstack.com/p/finally-some-good-news
    It’s Friday, and here’s a story to warm your cockles. Manufacturers of vegetable and seed oils are apparently so flustered by our anti-vegetable- and anti-seed-oil messaging that they’ve come together to form, I kid you not, the “Seed Oil Coalition.”

    The blog goes on:
    “We are seeing more misinformation about seed oils, and a lot of that is coming through on social media,” Brittany Wood, director of canola utilization with the Canola Council of Canada, said during a recent webinar.

    The Canadian sector of the “Coalition has various initiatives planned to educate the general public.”
    These initiatives include a Canadian marketing campaign, working with social media influencers, preparing a manuscript that will be published in a peer-reviewed journal that will be distributed to dieticians and health professionals, and conducting consumer market research to make sure it understands the perceptions and use of canola oil. (Paraphrased from blog).

    • Seed Oils Coalition PR Propaganda

      This is an important story.
      The bit about “coalition” and then…
      Wood said the canola sector is also preparing a manuscript that will be published in a peer-reviewed journal that will be distributed to dieticians and health professionals to ensure they’re being informed about the health benefits of seed oils such as canola.

      Damn!…We have seen this type of grift before. It is in the propaganda handbook.

  61. Tuesday April 16, 2024 – “We are Change” – Tampa (Meetup)
    Chemtrail Awareness Month is in May, You could win an American Gold Eagle coin

    You can win a 1 oz American Gold Eagle bullion coin worth around $2380.00 if you win this contest by Clif High in raising chemtrail awareness.
    Chemtrail Awareness Month is May (bitchute.com)
    Reference website:
    Geoengineering Watch | Exposing the climate engineering cover-up

    Links to a 3:31 bitchute video which explains details.

  62. Part 1 of 4 – One’s Humanity

    What is often not said in the Business World:
    ”There is nothing more valuable than retaining one’s humanity.”

    I think that a statement like this is beneficial in shaping a narrative for society.

    The last weekend of March, I tried to turn on my air conditioner. Nothing happened. Although renting, I strive extremely hard not to incur maintenance costs for the owner. I tried all kinds of things to get the A/C unit to turn on; taking things apart, circuit breakers, even going to the hardware store for a fuse. Nada. Zip. Just sweat. On Monday April 1, I put in a work order with the property Management Company. They responded with an email that a certain HVAC company would contact me. Shortly after that email, another arrived saying that the Owner (Mr. P) was going to send his guy.

    Mustaf (not his real name) called me and came out that Monday afternoon. Mustaf arrived in a plain white, 4-door car. Mustaf was born in Pakistan, but has been in the U.S. for many years. He once worked “sales” for 12 years at a Hotel chain. An older guy, he is about my age, on either side.

    When he arrived, he wasn’t interested in the A/C. He was interested in my plants, and was asking all kinds of questions for the next hour. The peppermint and the horsetail intrigued him, and so I fixed him up with a couple pots. His nature was gentle, very well mannered, and full of compliments. When he saw the birdhouses and I told him about the baby chicks, he glowed and said that he was gonna buy some.

    Mustaf told me that he was the World’s Greatest Fan of the Guava Tree, and described how as a kid in Pakistan he loved the fruit. No one in this world was a greater fan than he. His Guava Tree had died during a Texas freeze. I told him about how I had used electric blankets on my Olive trees, but that I’m done dickin with it after several tough winters. I’m gonna keep the Olive trees in pots and bring them in. I asked him if I could give him my old, somewhat dirty, electric blankets. He was thrilled!

    Spotting the rifle under the work table near my desk that held spread out packets of seeds, he asked, ”Do you like guns?” ”Oh, I use that pellet gun for squirrels and rabbits. In fact I shot a rabbit eating my garden last week,” I replied. ”Did you eat it?” ”Naw, just buried it.”

    • Part 2 of 4 – One’s Humanity

      His bag of tools was just an old, grocery store tote bag. When he asked for a pen to write down the A/C model number, I quickly provided him with a clipboard of paper and pen. He refused to use the paper, because he didn’t want to waste it. He had found a small, weathered piece of paper from old cardboard that I had in the back garden. It reminded me of my depression era grandparents.

      I could go on with more details, but here is the EMAIL that I sent the Management Company:
      ”Mr. P’s A/C guy, Mustaf, came on Monday April 1.
      Mustaf’s expertise and also moral character were beyond impressive!
      Mustaf quickly discovered that the new compressor fan motor which had been installed last summer 2023 by Juan of XYZ Company had burned out. It was not ranked properly for the unit’s capacitor.
      Mustaf ordered the appropriate motor for the unit which took some time to arrive. Saturday morning April 13, Mustaf installed the motor and now my A/C unit runs like a champ!”

      “Not only was I impressed by Mustaf’s HVAC skill, but the humanity of his character stands supreme!
      Like me, Mustaf is very frugal.
      Moreover, Mustaf had character qualities which exemplify what it truly means to be a human being.
      There is nothing more valuable than retaining one’s humanity.”

    • [You can ignore the following. It is only context, texture for the wallboard that’s painted.]

      Part 3 of 4 – One’s Humanity

      I’ve been involved in the business world for much of my life.
      Business sometimes can be ruthless and cold-blooded. The rental market often exemplifies this, especially in the current market conditions. The owner’s Management Company “makes the rules” on a lease agreement, and it often can make the tenant feel like an “enemy target” with exorbitant penalties and fees, along with jacking up the rent on a lease renewal to outrageous amounts when the market is ripe. During the past 12-18 months, I have seen a host of neighbors on my block have to move out because of jacked rents.

      I have had three Management Companies since I first moved into my duplex in 2015. I am lucky because my original rental cost has gone up only 30%. Owners rarely get involved with the tenant, because it is customary for the Management Company to handle things.
      [To be fair, sometimes profit for owners can only be 4%. https://corbettreport.com/april-open-thread-2024/#comment-163548 ]

      A few years ago prior to the Pandemic, a fella of Indian decent (Mr. P) bought my duplex (without seeing the inside). The first time I met him and his realtor, I was loudly scolding them and cussing at them.

      BACKSTORY: The Management Company at that time lied to me. I was at work, and she tried to get my permission to have an appraisal inspector enter my duplex while I was not there. I hesitated, but then said “No.” We set up a three hour window on a Saturday morning for the inspector. Come to find out, it wasn’t for an inspector but for an “Open House” of prospective buyers. Surprised, I had more than 7 buyers and realtors show up. I have all kinds of valuable stuff lying around, and so I followed everyone. I was pissed at the ruse, and showed everyone the faulty foundation, the ugly bathroom & tub with holes in the bottom, concrete floors, and much more; along with the thousands of dollars that I had spent on painting, fixing plumbing and stuff. No one had an interest in buying this piece of shit that I live in, because it had too many core problems. Finally, everyone left and the “window of time” that morning was over.
      I relaxed, took a smoke break and kicked back trying to unwind…

    • Part 3 of 4 – One’s Humanity – […continuing BACKSTORY…]

      …In the afternoon, the doorbell started ringing frantically as someone kept trying to pull the front screen door off its hook while banging on the door panel. I opened the front door, and Mr. P’s realtor insisted on coming in still pulling at the hooked screen door. I yelled “No! Where are your manners?! You had your time slot! Set an appointment.” She kept insisting and kept pulling at the door to force her way in, and I verbally raged back at her. Standing behind her, Mr. P was meekly, wide-eyed looking at me as if to say, “Sorry”. He did statement-ask, “Your Management Company is a good company?” I shook my head and said “No. You don’t want them.”
      Eventually, I said, “Look, I am about to leave. I’ll be late.” And slammed the door. Then, a few minutes later I left in my car while they were viewing the property (both duplex sides) from the outside. I really did not have to leave, but didn’t want to contend with the realtor.

      So, Mr. P did buy the duplex. He has never stepped inside my unit.
      I had a Bradford Pear Tree (which do not fruit) in the backyard. They are short-lived ornamental trees which grow rapidly. They are crap. Years back, I had begged the previous Management Companies to let me cut it down. They said “No.” If I had been smart, I would had just done it without asking permission. Every year, I would trim limbs, but eventually the limbs were out of reach and hitting the roof and nearing the power lines. I called Management. Mr. P took the reins and scheduled some tree removal services to come out and bid.

      I met Mr. P again when the tree service guys were giving estimates. I took that opportunity to apologize to him about raising my voice the last time I saw him.
      During the second tree service cost estimate, like the first, I was standing to the side watching Mr. P and the guy negotiate price. I knew the game of negotiation, and Mr. P was a skilled pro. Mr. P wasn’t budging, while the guy was insisting on at least $900 for the job after having already been whittled down by hundreds of dollars. I stepped in and said that I will pitch in $100 cash to close the deal. It closed. This is unheard of for a tenant, and I could tell that Mr. P appreciated it. (I’m hoping he won’t raise rent.)

      • A lesser man would have defended his property with that gun. I guess realtors see the ownership matter differently.

      • Two great stories for your book!

  63. Another solution: pass local/state laws to ward off the WHO/WEF and/or write a book about it.

    Great Campaign Against the Great Reset
    Historic Louisiana Senate Leadership (SB133); Jason Jones’ seminal book is now published.

    The Substack post and book The Great Campaign Against the Great Reset are authored by Jason Jones.

    “Louisiana Says ‘No Way’ to the Great Reset’s Latest Power Grab, and the Next One That’s Coming”
    Guest Editorial by Jason Jones

    At the end of the post is an inspiring summary of Jason’s works. Jason Jones is a film producer, author, activist, popular podcast host, and human rights worker.

  64. Interesting, especially from a business perspective, interview of the founder/owner of Telegram:
    Ep. 94 The social media app Telegram has over 900 million users around the world. Its founder Pavel Durov sat down with us at his offices in Dubai for his first on-camera interview in almost a decade.

  65. For your awareness:

    Skynet Has Arrived: Google Follows Apple, Activates Worldwide Bluetooth LE Mesh Network

    Excerpt (Introduction) with emphasis added (bold):
    Wearables: Smartphones, fitness trackers, Smartwatches, hearing aids, Apple AirTags, Ring products, etc., all use Bluetooth LE (low energy) to form an independent “mesh network” that is not based on the Internet. All these devices can receive, send, and forward data packets and instructions to other devices. Almost all IoT devices will be equipped with BLE. Thus, the INFRASTRUCTURE is complete, just waiting to sink its teeth into humanity everywhere.

    Without AI running on massive computers, BLE would be a waste of time. Let me give you a simple example: CONTACT TRACING. With BLE, all other devices that you get close to can disclose frequency, length of contact, and other subsequent contacts that you make. Most BLE devices cannot be turned off, as in Apple Air-Tags. But Apple and Android Smartphones can transmit and receive BLE data even if the are turned OFF (only a Faraday bag can stop transmission.)

    So, the simple concept of Contact Tracing can be implemented during a future pandemic, documenting every person you have exposed and all you have been exposed to.

    Mesh networks form spontaneously and dynamically, depending on how many devices are nearby. With the latest update, Bluetooth “long-range mode,” distances over 1 kilometer is possible. Eventually, collectors on the Internet will forward packets to who requested them in the first place. Returning instructions can be dropped back into the BLE mesh network for execution and control of devices.

    Worse, BLE transmissions can blasted from space thanks to systems like Elon Musk’s SpaceX mesh network of satellites. To reiterate, BLE does not depend on the Internet or Internet addressing addresses.

    Bottom line: The minimal infrastructure for Skynet is now in place. This a dark day for humanity.
    — Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

  66. For awareness:

    Nigeria’s digital prison has been built and the gates are closing

    Excerpt (emphasis added):
    The digital ID, whose launch is supported by the Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”) and the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (“NIBSS”), will have payments and social service delivery functions and will facilitate access to other services including travel, health insurance information, microloans, agriculture, food stamps, transport and energy subsidies, just to mention a few, with payment and financial services being powered by a central bank pre-paid/debit/credit card scheme dubbed AfriGo.

    Among other features, the digital ID card will have a machine-readable zone in line with the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (“ICAO’s”) standards for biometric passports, a QR code that will contain the holder’s National Identification Number (“NIN”), and the possibility for face and fingerprints biometric authentication as the primary medium for identity verification through the data on the card chip, Biometric Update said.

    Effectively, Nigeria’s new digital ID is linked to a person’s central bank account. Nigeria already has a CBDC, the eNaira, which was launched in October 2021. One of the reasons the eNaira was needed, it is claimed, was to increase financial inclusion by allowing those with a mobile phone but without a bank account to have access to the CBDC through their smartphones.

    Smartphones are also linked to people’s digital IDs; the process has been far from voluntary. In December 2023, companies offering telecommunications services in Nigeria were given a fresh order from the federal government to entirely block all phone Subscriber Identity Module (“SIM”) cards not linked to the biometrics-backed NIN by 28 February 2024.


    2 minutes or more – QUEUED video
    Episode 368 – A New Dawn – The Highwire of 4/18/2024

    From Wikipedia
    Suno AI, or simply Suno (meaning “listen” in Hindi), is a generative artificial intelligence music creation program designed to generate realistic songs that combine vocals and instrumentation.[1] It has been widely available since December 20, 2023, after the launch of a web application and a partnership with Microsoft, which included Suno as a plugin in Microsoft Copilot.[2]

    The program operates by matching songs to text prompts provided by users. Suno does not disclose the dataset used to train its artificial intelligence but claims it has been safeguarded against plagiarism and copyright concerns.[1]

    Suno was founded by four people: Michael Shulman, Georg Kucsko, Martin Camacho, and Keenan Freyberg. They all worked for Kensho, an AI startup, before starting their own company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.[3]

    In April 2023, Suno released their open-source “text-to-speech+” model on GitHub and Hugging Face, under the MIT License.[4][non-primary source needed] On March 21, 2024, Suno released its v3 version for all users.[5] The new version allows users to create 2-minute songs using a free account.[6]

    • Sounds almost as bland as anything the music industry can churn out. It’s only a lot less expensive to produce.

    Mike Diver, 19-Apr-2024


    There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says ‘Morning, boys. How’s the water?’ And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes ‘What the hell is water?’
    – David Foster Wallace

    “In this analogy we are all fish, I’d like to claim to be the wise old fish for the purpose of this article but the old guy is swimming in the same water as the rest of us. The thing is our sea isn’t filled with water it’s composed entirely of propaganda. In this late stage of corrupt oligarchic capitalism and fake democracy there literally is nothing else. It is everywhere and everything. It comprises our entire experience.

    “Once the world is digitised, behaviour is driven from the outside. The lie they sell you is that your unconscious desires are driving your behaviour. Bullshit, it’s all propaganda: fear porn, actual porn, manufactured crisis, the science, climate malarkey, nudges, lies, trickery, deception, politics, debt, consensus, tv, Netflix, social media, education, race, employment, news, suggestion, hypnotic repetition, drugs – legal and illegal, atheism, bad parenting advice, academia, institutional subservience, centralisation, new age mumbo-jumbo, the internet, trans, psychological conditioning, behavioural science and war. All lies. Everywhere.

    “How do we shake ourselves from this hypnotic trance, how can we wake ourselves up? How can we remember what we really are?

    “Complete disconnection is the only answer. We must turn the internet off. If this sounds too radical please tell me what your freedom is worth, what your soul is worth.

    “I think we can all sense something: like music from very far away or the light from a JMW Turner painting. Something like a memory not made yet or the warmth from a log fire when you walk in from the cold. Something calling your very soul: ‘come home, come home’, it whispers, ‘this isn’t the life you intended’.

    “Listen. The old world is waiting for you, ‘still spinning its one syllable between the earth and silence’.”

    * * *

    I am taking a vacation from the internet for the rest of the month to play in the dirt, listen to music, and read for pleasure. Will log in May 1st. Be well.

    • Scouring the internet these days IS playing in the dirt. A pigsty, actually. A dirty one.

    • Oh brave explorer !
      you are disconnecting? You will be going into the wilderness; So too speak?. Unarmed without your fondle slab, notepad, laptop, or desk top?
      I am jesting, a bit! but this thought of yours has been crossing my mind lately.
      When you return, would not it be grand if you , reached for a book instead of that fondle slab? Like the old days?
      My main concern with this slab ( in my hand) and content it offers up is a construct we need to separate ourselves from. Permanently.
      However our host here has not yet produced a book. That would satisfy our thirst. The instant gratification of daily down lodes and the “I must be heard, I have something to say” never come to the whom it must be heard by .
      That would be the PTA, school board, water board, city council.
      Remember? There was a time when our thirst was less and our need was little and many things worked.
      Enjoy your time away from … Whatever this is.

  69. 𝟐𝟒 𝐒𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐬 𝐓𝐨 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐈𝐧 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟒


    We live in a time of widespread botanical blindness in the west, this is an era of artificially induced ecological illiteracy in which many people would starve to death if corporations and flimsy centralized infrastructures that metaphorically spoon feed them were to cease to function.

    It is possible that many modern day city slickers, suburban nose to the grind stone materialistic ladder climbers and rurally situated ipad addicted, credit card wielding, 5 nights of fast food a week central infrastructure dependent people would starve to death (all while being surrounded in a forest or neighborhood full of food) if centralized food production, processing and distribution systems were to collapse (and/or the centralized flimsy financial systems which the food systems depend on collapsed).

    Today’s instant quick fix, consumeristic, centralized technological infrastructure dependent dominant western culture wants to convince you that you can maintain optimal health from the comfort of your computer chair, one amazon purchase and herbal pill supplement at a time. Authors write about the healing properties of plants and fungi as products purchasable from profitable companies and yet they say nothing about the healing properties (for the heart, mind and spirit) of learning to cultivate those plant and fungal medicines ourselves and/or interact with them (and forage for them) reciprocally in their native ecosystems.

    As I stated in my article on Spike Protein Detox and Cardio-Protective foods, I have a strong belief that depending on flimsy shipping supply lines to remain healthy is a precarious position to take. I also think that lab made/isolated supplement forms of plant and fungal medicines often have weak levels of bioavailability when compared to over all increased synergistic benefits of whole food sources.

    Thus, whether you want to look at purely pragmatic / self-interested being resilient for emergencies/prepping practical reasons and/or you want to strive to live in a way that honors the sacredness of all life while also increasing your health, learning access food and medicine at home, via respectfully foraging for some of it is of paramount importance.

    Let us now attempt remedy this ridiculous poverty of plant knowledge and lack of adventurous spirit and explore the wide open world of foraged and fermented wild and (typically) forgotten spring harvests!

    (check out the article linked above for in depth info on some of my favorite wild spring time foods)

  70. How dare those “Animals” enjoy time at the seashore while we’re trying to kill and dehumanize them!

    “In a post under the heading “absolute victory”, Channel 13 journalist Almog Boker wrote: “This picture makes my body ache. While Zikim beach [in southern Israel, near Gaza] … is declared a closed military area and we the residents cannot approach it without military escort, on the other side of the fence – the Gazans spend time on the beach and bathe in the sea as if there is no war.”

    “One pro-Israeli commentator suggested people in Gaza “frolicking and having fun on the beach” showed that images of Palestinian suffering were “bullshit”.

    Another questioned: “Is this what ‘genocide’ looks like?””


    “But far from frolicking and having fun, displaced Palestinians took to the beach due to a lack of space, clean running water and electricity to stay cool during the hot weather.

    “We face overcrowding, health and economic issues as well as lack of food, so the beach is the only place we have to release the stress we endure,” Nahed Shabat, a journalist and activist, told MEE.

    “People come here to express their worries to the sea.”

    Shabat is originally from Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, but is currently displaced in Deir al-Balah.

    He said that as summer approaches, shelters and makeshift camps are getting increasingly hot. With parks and other open spaces in Gaza destroyed by Israeli bombardment, the beach is one of the only places left to go to.

    “Here, we are both happy and sad. Happy to get a respite at the beach, but sad for our martyrs who have fallen,” he said.

    “But at the end of the day, this is our land. We will not leave it.”“

    Please pray for the peace of Jerus…
    …Please pray for peace.

  71. Due to multiple simultaneous subsea fibre cuts between Europe and Asia, we are observing degraded performance for European customers attempting to reach DigitalOcean resources hosted in our Singapore (SGP1) region, and Asian customers attempting to reach DigitalOcean resources hosted in our Amsterdam (AMS2, AMS3), London (LON1), and Frankfurt (FRA1) regions.


  72. Is the European Union now the Chocolate God?

    For those who do not know, Cocoa prices are absolutely insane and will soon reach heaven.
    Click on “All” or “50 year” to see the chart…

    Reuters – Monday April 22, 2024
    Cocoa farming in Liberia risks undermining EU deforestation law

    JOHANNESBURG, April 22 (Reuters) – Farmers are clearing forests in Liberia to create cocoa plantations and are trafficking the beans into neighbouring Ivory Coast, undermining European efforts to curb deforestation, research by a conservation group showed on Monday.

    A law approved by the European Union and set to come into force at the end of this year aims to prevent agricultural commodities linked to deforestation around to world from entering the European market.

    The regulation also covers products such as coffee, beef, and soy, but cocoa is seen as an early test of the law that requires companies to demonstrate their supply chains do not contribute to the destruction of forests.

    As efforts have focused on tracing supply chains in leading cocoa exporting countries, Ivorian forest conservation group IDEF found that farmers from Ivory Coast are moving across the border into Liberia in search of land.

    “It’s a flow that’s accelerating, and it will continue to accelerate,” Bakary Traore, IDEF’s executive director and the main author of the research, told Reuters.

    Unless the exodus of cocoa farmers from Ivory Coast into Liberia is checked, it risks fueling a repeat of the widespread cocoa-driven clearances that have all but wiped out Ivorian forest cover, Traore said.

    Long the world’s leading producer, Ivory Coast’s cocoa sector faces challenges, including climate change, ageing tree stocks and disease that risk sending production into long-term decline…

    …Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority told Reuters that it was aware of the influx of cocoa farmers from Ivory Coast over the last three years and was preparing to take action.

    The Coffee and Cocoa Council – Ivory Coast’s cocoa regulatory body – and the European Commission did not immediately respond to Reuters requests for comment.

    IDEF carried out its research over a period of six months in a group of villages that satellite images showed were a hot spot for deforestation in Liberia. But Traore said the phenomenon was commonplace along much of the border between the two West African nations.

    IDEF found that migrant farmers began planting cocoa on land leased from Liberian villagers in 2018….

  73. [Brooksville is just north of Tampa, Florida.]

    Sunday April 21, 2024 – Hernando Sun – By Julie B. Maglio
    Chickens In, Fluoride Out

    The City of Brooksville City Council decided to put a halt on adding Fluoride to their drinking water system during their Council meeting on April 1. The City has been adding Fluoride since 2013 and in 2018, city residents voted to continue the fluoridation program in the November election that year.

    Council Member Bailey was outspoken on chlorinating and fluoridating city water, but by law, the city must maintain a level of chlorination for disinfection…

    …Since fluoride is not mandated by the state (as it is not necessary for sanitization) and the general consensus of the Council was that it is a health-related issue citizens should have control over, the Council voted to no longer add it to their drinking water system. Money was also a factor in this decision as this will save the City about $29,000 to $30,000 in the first year since the fluoridation system is currently down and needs around $23,000 worth of repairs. The annual cost of Fluoride is $7000.

    Chickens In

    Community Development Director David Hainley explained that while chickens are not illegal in the city, the limitations on what property types they are allowed to be kept virtually make them so…

    … “I would love to see us just model what Hernando County allows because it is unfair, in my opinion, to not allow people who live in the city not to have chickens, but you can go right across the county line and you can have five chickens in the county… no roosters,” said Mayor Blake Bell.

    Hainley will bring an updated ordinance to the City Council, which will be modeled after Hernando County’s chicken-keeping laws. It will most likely be around June or July when an ordinance gets to Council since it must go through Planning and Zoning first.

    Bell noted that for the time being, they would like to give flexibility to residents who currently have chickens in the city and “not look into any chickens.”

  74. A tiny miracle.

    “A medic holds a Palestinian newborn girl after she was pulled alive from the womb of her mother Sabreen Al-Sheikh (Al-Sakani), who was killed in an Israeli strike, along with her husband Shokri and her daughter Malak, at a hospital in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, in this still image taken from a video recorded April 20, 2024. Reuters TV via REUTERS


    By Mohammad Salem and Nidal al-Mughrabi

    RAFAH, Gaza Strip/CAIRO (Reuters) -A baby girl was delivered from the womb of a Palestinian killed along with her husband and daughter by an Israeli attack in the Gaza city of Rafah, where 19 people died overnight in intensified strikes, Palestinian health officials said.

    The dead, killed in hits on two houses, included 13 children from one family, they said.“

    18 innocent children slaughtered.

    • BUMP

      Sunny is an Israeli Jew from the north of Israel.

  75. Tuesday April 23, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Andrew Terrell
    Bank Under Fire for Alleged Anti-Christian Discrimination

    EXCERPTS (links in article)
    Bank of America, the second-largest bank in the United States, is under pressure from state financial officials regarding the institution’s purported track record of de-banking Christians and Christian organizations.

    In a letter to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan dated April 18, financial officials representing 13 states raised concerns about the firm’s de-banking practices and discrimination against religious organizations, particularly Christian ministries.
    [The letter was signed by 15 officials representing Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah.]

    “We write to express our concerns over Bank of America’s troubling track record of politicized de-banking. Bank of America’s de-banking policies and practices threaten the company’s financial health, its reputation with customers, our nation’s economy, and the civil liberties of everyday Americans,” the officials wrote.

    They cited several examples of alleged religious discrimination, including Bank of America closing or freezing all accounts associated with the Memphis-based charity Indigenous Advance Ministries; the Timothy Two Project, a global missions agency that trains Christian pastors; and Christian author and speaker Lance Wallnau.

    The officials claimed that Bank of America’s pattern of religious de-banking “strongly suggests that systemic drivers of religious and political bias may be at work” within the institution, pointing to the bank’s meager 8% on the Viewpoint Diversity Score Business Index, a benchmark tool for measuring corporate respect for free speech and religious freedom.

    Besides its allegedly discriminatory de-banking practices and “egregiously low” viewpoint diversity score, state officials also raised concerns about Bank of America voluntarily sharing its customers’ private financial data with the FBI as part of a financial surveillance scheme intended to identify “domestic violent extremists.”

    In March, the House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government published a report detailing how federal law enforcement had purportedly commandeered the largest financial institutions in the United States to spy on law-abiding Americans.

    As previously covered by The Dallas Express, federal agencies had instructed institutions like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and others to examine potential domestic terrorist activity by filtering customer’s financial transactions with keywords like “Cabela’s,” “Dick’s Sporting Goods,” “Bass Pro Shop,” “MAGA,” and “Trump.”…

  76. April 24, 2024 – The Dallas Express
    By Louis Rouanet – Rouanet is an assistant professor at the University of Texas at El Paso Center for Free Enterprise in the Department of Economics and Finance

    Opinion: New Policy Could Expand Texas’ Unbanked Population
    The Federal Reserve is pushing a new regulation that will disproportionately harm low-income Texans if passed.

    The Fed is the organization responsible for ensuring price and economic stability. Recently, the Fed has done all but this by letting prices soar 20% above their pre-pandemic level. Consumer inflation was up again last month, causing many Texans to feel anxious at the eroding value of their dollars.

    With the massive increase in bank regulations following the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, the Fed started to focus more on picking winners and losers rather than monetary policy. As an unelected bureaucracy, the Fed has done this largely unconstrained by Congress and the will of the American people.

    A recent example is the Fed considering expanding a price control on debit card swipe fees with a rule called Regulation II.

    Congress first introduced this price control in 2010. While it was supported by large retailers such as Walmart (which wanted the government to reduce their fees), it caused banks no choice but to recoup their losses by cutting reward programs, reducing the availability of fee-free current accounts, and increasing fees on small transactions.

    As a result, more Americans became unbanked in the United States, a problem especially relevant to Texas, where nearly 8% of the Texas population is already unbanked —35% more than the national average.

    From 2000 to 2009, 7.1 new banks were chartered in Texas each year on average. Once a plethora of regulations, including this price control, were introduced, this number decreased to 0.3 new banks chartered per year after 2010. In other words, regulators, including the Fed, reduced the number of Texans that could access the financial system, especially low-income families.

    Now, the Fed is looking to exacerbate its past mistake by proposing Regulation II, which would expand the last price control. Doing this would result in more problems for the people of this state.
    Texas has 368 community banks, the highest number among all 50 states. Small community banks are more likely to charge lower or no fees on current accounts, but Regulation II threatens their business model…

    …The Fed’s overreach problem extends far beyond Regulation II. Over 20% of its banks’ working papers are now on activist topics such as inequality and climate change….

    • Thursday April 25, 2024 – By Regina Imburgia
      Opinion | The Truth Exposed Under Oath: Water Fluoridation Must End

      Many of us have protested fluoridation before the Dallas City Council for the last twelve years. We have alerted the Dallas City Council to the individual and generational harm from consuming fluoridated water that begins in the mother’s womb and child’s developing brain.

      The neonatal brain is very fragile. Many chemical toxins permanently scar the developing brain of a child, but when they are combined, their poisonous effect is multiplied. We have provided the Council and our Dallas media have been given countless documents, scientific references and videos to back our claims. Science, medical and dental experts appeared before the Council in order to answer all questions, with the data to back their replies. But no one in Dallas is asking the questions.

      We never got the necessary eight Dallas City Council votes to Stop Fluoridation! Why?

      …Here is a short interview with an independent journalist that was at the Fluoride TSCA Trial 1/31- 2/20/24.

      The Main Stream Media did not cover one minute of the 10-day Groundbreaking Fluoride TSCA trial, the outcome of which, either way, will affect every American. Why not?

      This is NEWS! This is a historic groundbreaking lawsuit! This trial is the first time a Citizens’ Petition denied by the EPA was then brought by the citizens to trial in federal court….

      [Read the full article at the link.]

  77. Sunday April 28, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Andrew Terrell
    TX Firms Score Low on Viewpoint Diversity Measure

    …Of the 75 publicly traded companies that completed the Viewpoint Diversity Score Business Index in 2023, only five were located in Texas.
    The five companies were financial services firms Comerica and Charles Schwab, cloud computing company Rackspace Technology, telecommunications giant AT&T, and computer technology corporation Oracle.

    As the premier benchmark for measuring corporate respect for free speech and religious freedom in the United States., the Viewpoint Diversity Score Business Index is instrumental in identifying the level of respect major U.S. corporations have for such liberties based on their policies, practices, and other relevant criteria…

    …the U.S. corporations selected to participate in the survey are the companies with the greatest potential to affect free speech and religious freedom…
    …“The results of our inaugural Business Index reveal that there is much work to be done,” wrote Netzly and Tedesco, per WSJ.
    “The poor showing confirms that there is an alarming trend among major corporations to favor virtue-signaling even at the expense of fundamental American freedoms.”

    …According to Tedesco, all Americans benefit when powerful businesses respect free speech and religious freedom.

    “Unfortunately, the rise of ESG and DEI in American corporations has resulted in internal cultures that are increasingly political, censorial, and intolerant of different views,”
    Tedesco told The Dallas Express.
    “Sadly, the five Texas companies scored on our Index –- AT&T, Charles Schwab, Comerica, Oracle, and Rackspace –- are no exception.”..

    …Southern Baptist Theological Seminary professor Andrew Walker said the Business Index could help “level the playing field” against DEI and “woke” companies.

    “This is absolutely brilliant by ADF Legal. Woke corporations crush dissent, so why not begin scoring corporations on their commitment to free speech?” wrote Walker in a post on X.

    As The Dallas Express has previously covered, Google and its parent company, Alphabet, are allegedly prime examples of “woke” companies known for stifling free speech in the workplace.
    The viewpoint diversity score results show that Google and Amazon (4) were tied for the second-lowest overall score in 2023, just behind Airbnb (2)….

  78. April’s Audacity:

    Exploring the abundance offered to the body, mind and spirit through the month of April as seen through my lens.


    April is a month of blossoms opening, rain showers nourishing, foraging for spring greens and beginning to acclimatize my new tree seedlings and heirloom veggie plants that were started inside to be ready to set down roots in the living Earth so that they can achieve their true potential.

    Here in southern Ontario, we also sometimes get surprise snow storms and ice rain in April from time to time which is a reminder to work closely with resilient heirloom plants, native perennials and hardy trees in our garden designs.

    In April the forest floor comes to life with an array of verdant foliage and colorful blossoms providing food for the soul and nourishment for the body (to those who pay attention and are ready to receive those gifts and reciprocate).

    During the month of April we are gifted opportunities to gather seeds, tend seedlings to grow onto their highest potential and align our time and energy with the immense and irrepressible regenerative capacity of the Earth.

    As the acorns in the leaf litter germinate and spruce and pine trees audaciously send out their new growth tips and open their purple and red flowers to receive the life giving pollen and create seeds with the potential to create entire forests, we are reminded how big changes and abundance can result from small things tended with love and persistence. As the green shoots push through the leaves and weather the frosty nights to gather the sacred sunlight and transform it into nourishment for their flowers and food for other beings we are reminded that nothing can stand in our way if we align our will and intent with life and give our energy in service of life.

    The audacity of the seeds, the sprouts and the seedlings in the forest and in our gardens are teaching us how to be effective agents of regeneration, satyagrahi and contributing members in an ecosystem. They invite us to open up our hearts, our minds and our eyes to perceive the intricate wisdom imbued in nature’s design and the resplendent abundance and beauty that is all around us.

    I hope you enjoy this journey through the month of April as seen through my lens and I hope the pics (linked above) inspire you to get out there and explore, appreciate, forage, reciprocate and cultivate.

  79. Thursday May 2, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Derek Fleming
    Second Boeing Whistleblower Mysteriously Dies

    A former Boeing mechanical engineer and quality inspector who filed complaints with the Federal Aviation Administration over defects in aircraft manufacturing died on May 1 after developing a sudden and fast-moving infection.
    Joshua Dean is now the second whistleblower to have died under mysterious circumstances, which is fueling theories that Boeing is trying to cover up known defects in its aircraft.

    Dean was fired from Spirit AeroSystems in April 2023 after he reported to the FAA that the company had ignored serious safety issues in the manufacture of Boeing 737 aircraft fuselages, according to a report by The Seattle Times. Dean had given a deposition in a shareholder lawsuit against Spirit after filing a complaint with the FAA.

    According to the Times, Dean had developed an illness two weeks prior to his death that rapidly caused organ failure and his untimely death at the age of 46. A CT scan revealed that Dean suffered a stroke that ultimately took his life. Dean is said to have lived a “healthy lifestyle.” He was 45.

    In March, another whistleblower, John Barnett, was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound to the head outside a hotel he was staying at while giving a deposition on quality control issues at Boeing, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

    Dean and Barnett were both represented by the same law firm, Knowles Law Firm, only further fueling questions.
    Dozens of people on X are posting information about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the two whistleblowers and indicating there is a potential underlying conspiracy….

    • I think there is some potential that there is no underlying conspiracy, however the chances for something like that are quite slim.

  80. I sense that something is brewing for May around the Corbett landscape and it ain’t Tim Hortons.

    What Story will unfold?

    • Homie,
      You have spider senses!??!
      I hope it centers around a Book.
      A new book from Japan for those in the great race in life. The race from birth to the grave.
      A permanent statement in print.
      It may be rubbish as most first books are. However, once in a while it can be an historical or philosophical hit. At the very least an exercise in the art. As most of you Texicans know, those who have made the music splash in the Big Apples’ Carnegie Hall ( Van Claiborne) and on the larger world stage ( LBJ) , got there through practice. Practice, practice Practice. It’s all great and good to be a star in a new media, or hyping a new type of media message. The Truth, in presentation, shocking!. Now the exposure to Truth, possibly for first time in ones life , its so unexpected to normmies it could be taken for some masterpiece. Some great awakening.
      It’s disruptive to my sleep patterns. I wish we could move on from the cherry busting inaugural book to a second, a third and layer the classics in with this New Media stack.
      When he flips the script back, for we have certainly been flipped to the 1984 script. The pendulum is at the apex of 100 years of propaganda and will be coming back in the opposite direction. James has an opportunity to make truth propaganda into regular propaganda that will fill the plebian, scholarly and academic bellies for the future. Awareness and intelligence and lots of references must have been what’s taken so long for this literary Canadian genius to enter those ivory towers of perfection.

      Now, with such perfection you could hope the world will be a better place. A place where every win ticket at the Kentucky Derby is cashable. Who knows,one of the two maiden horses entered today from Japan might be one of them. You have practiced enough JC it’s time to race. Race with the big boys in the big race.
      That big old classic race.

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