Interview 1880 – The PYSOP Video is a Psyop (NWNW 553)

by | May 10, 2024 | Interviews, Videos | 38 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Faceless People, Invisible Hands – New Army Video Aims to Lure Recruits for Psychological Operations

Video: Ghosts In the Machine 2

The Second PSYOP Recruiting Video Is Here, And It Will Blow Your Mind

Episode 145 – You Are Being Gamed

The Internet Comes Together To Mock The CIA’s New ‘Woke’ Ad (May 4, 2021)

Episode 457 – How To Save The World!

Story #2: Prescription Drugs Are the Third Leading Cause of Death

The Notice of Liability Delivered to Individuals at the W.H.O. This Week

Search: medical error third leading cause of death

Bill Paxton’s Family Sues His Surgeon and Hospital for Wrongful Death (Feb. 13, 2018)

#MorningMonarchy: AstraZeneca Withdrawing Covid Vaccine Worldwide

Suing the Tyrants – #SolutionsWatch

Story #3: Harvey Weinstein Will Be Retried In New York After Rape Conviction Overturned

#MorningMonarchy: Harvey Weinstein’s Rape Conviction In New York Overturned

Bill Cosby Freed From Prison, His Sex Conviction Overturned (Jun. 30, 2021)

Porn Star Ron Jeremy’s 34 Criminal Counts Have Officially Been Dismissed (Apr. 3, 2024)

Woman Who Accused Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer of Sexual Assault Indicted for Fraud (Apr. 16, 2024)

Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV

New Doc ‘Spacey Unmasked’ Contains Fresh Allegations Against Kevin

Terry Crews Gets Emotional on Why He Couldn’t Stop His Abuser; ‘Brooklyn 99’ actor tells his story of sexual abuse before Senate Judiciary Committee (Jun. 26, 2018)

Video: “If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party in the Four Seasons, don’t go.” – Courtney Love, 2005

Former Teen Performers Accuse An Agent of Sexual Assault. They’re Hoping It’s Japan’s #MeToo Moment (Jul. 12, 2023)

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  1. I spent 12 years and multiple combat tours with PSYOP during the GWOT. 22 yrs total in the US Army. Some of the most propagandized, brainwashed people in the world are in that branch. Nothing chased me to seek truth like being the source of crafting top down lies around the world. I am so glad I found the Cobert Report, Unlimited Hangouts, TLAV and other honest people searching for truth.

    • Welcome home.
      3 years Army Medic w 4th Armor Div in Germany, 101st and 82nd stateside.
      I was in long before the Internet and all the many places to find like-minded brothers and sisters. Not quite Brown shoe with Eisenhower jackets 🙂

      This might give you some “ammo” for your thoughts…


      [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

  2. Corbett* not sure how I typed that!

  3. Just because I happened to listen to this the other day, here is a link to a recent Ann and Phelim Scoop video where they talk about (among other things) their take on the overturning of Harvey Weinstein’s conviction. They were present in the courtroom for the entire trial. You can start watching around the 11:11 mark.

    If this raises some hackles, please don’t shoot the messenger.

  4. I hope I’m not the only one who can figure out that Astrazeneca is only being “pulled” to ship out for the next round. They’re just gonna change the labels, that’s all.

    Like politicians. They’re gonna change the outside, and inside it’s gonna be the same old poisons. Resold under a different name.

    Just like they did with that vaxx that was causing meningitis. When enough kids were dead in the US to be noticed by someone, they moved it to Canada under a different name. Same same there, so they moved on to UK.
    “Medical Error” means arrogant, therefore ignorant, “doctors”/leeches.
    Errors aren’t a thing in themselves.

    That’s why the counsel to “hate the sin and not the sinner” is stupid.
    There is no sin without a sinner.

    • “That’s why the counsel to “hate the sin and not the sinner” is stupid.
      There is no sin without a sinner.”

      That’s because the sinner has been deceived. On top of that, we are all sinners.

      That being said, there is a good possibility that some of these sinners that we are discussing on CR/MM are from the damned bloodlines of the nephilim. You can hate those lol

      • Ah, I see now. Thank you.
        Some sinners are merely deceived…as in the definition given to the word “sin” as “missing the mark”.

        Then there are some who are not deceived, they are not “us”; in which case all commandments and ideologies reverse? Or invert?

        Love your neighbor morphs into hate your enemy, who is some kind of “other”. Some kind of defined “savage” or “alien” or “threat” from outside the circle of those who are merely being deceived.

        Sort of like this? :

        Those who sin because they are deceived are, concurrently, not deceived regarding “others”?
        It is easier to be deceived within ourselves, than it is to be deceived about “others” outside of ourselves? And if one is not deceived regarding others, what or who was the agent of deception which led to the act/practice of sinning?

        Is this a way of saying “the enemy is us”?

        What, other than constructed and maintained self-deceptions, can induce one to accept “the other’s” deception?

        Your society functions and coheres based on traded lies, denials, and deceptions.
        Every day, every where, including here.
        You’ve won. Entirely.
        It is as you say.

        You cannot but be deceived, and sin again and again and again.
        A Piscean rule of complete illusion has overcome the ea…well, “humans”.

        The critters, what’s left of them, appear to be carrying on as they always have. I saw a squirrel fly from a rooftop to a skinny palm trunk in the early morning peace.
        No cell phone. Ain’t seen one critter with interest in technology yet.

        How about this? “No More Excuses For Abuses”

        Try that one on. “It’s elemental, my dear Watson. ” Right?

        Have you ever heard of “The Seven Deadly Sins”?
        Greed and avarice are not considered “errors”. They are fully intentional


  5. Wow. You have the sense not to feed the cia’s greed for whatever, but weinerstein you’re willing to waste time on.

    “Sexual Mis-conduct”
    Right. “Rape” is the hardest word in the world for men to say and own.
    That’s why pornography is the largest grossing media, out grossing…take that every way to hell…all other media industries combined.
    Because men never rape, and women always lie.

    I hope the “Maker” notices soon that the bowl is overflowed, and flushes.

    • openlense

      “…hat’s why pornography is the largest grossing media,….”

      its a weapon.

      A person could die of old age watching free porn and never run out… wouldnt be free if it was a real business

      Porn is used to weaken the mind, an easier sell then weed to the masses because its even more addictive. It probably helps to make people Dopamine addicts kept running on the Hedonic Treadmill. Add in the fact that watching some OTHER dude doing the deed is not really the mark of High Status types who might stand up for anything and it is great for breaking down the moral framework of its subjects.

      As for “…. weinerstein …” , meh, its hard to care over much about what disgusting Hollywood types get up to, at least he was mostly preying on other disgusting types like himself.

      Hard to muster much sympathy for such people- Barbra Streisands casual attitude about the kids diddled by Jackson show exactly what sort of people work in that industry. I would guess from how long he was at it that they all knew what they were doing and chose to pay the price. getting upset about them is like being sad when the mafia kills criminals

  6. RE: Story #2:
    The Notice of Liability Delivered to Individuals at the W.H.O. This Week

    From 2003 to April 1, 2024, 889 cases of H5N1 have been confirmed across the globe, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Of the patients, 52 percent have died.

    WHO chief scientist Jeremy Farrar said recently that H5N1 has developed into a “global zoonotic animal pandemic” and that scientists are concerned that the virus could evolve to spread among humans.

    Tedros Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the organization, said Wednesday that “the virus does not show signs of having adapted to spread among humans, but more surveillance is needed.”
    —-From Friday May 10th…
    FDA Preparing For Possible Bird Flu Spread Among Humans: Commissioner

    Bird Flu Chatter and Links – CorbettReport May Open Thread
    (Does your eye itch?)

    • On that W.H.O. mention above, this video wins a prize:

      The Swine Flu hoax circa 2009…see this 3 1/2 minute NEWS Video
      Channel 4 News Exposes Swine Flu Scandal
      Channel 4’s John Snow reports on the Council of Europe’s investigation into the manufactured swine flu hoax. The former Chair of the Sub-committee on Health of the Parliamentary Assembly Dr Wolfgang Wodarg had accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of lowering the definition of a pandemic in order for the pharmaceutical companies and their share holders to rake in massive at the expense of tax payers in targeted countries.
      Video taken from Corbett Report February 23, 2019 (with TRANSCRIPT)
      Episode 353 – The Crisis of Science

      March 14, 2020 <–(Many people remember that week)
      Medical Martial Law

      • These news reports from way, way, back 15 years ago reveal the amazing rate at which the new industry has changed. Not that back then it was great it any way you look at it, but the contrast when comparing the way, way back than with today is mind boggling.

        One has to wonder whether this decline is an act of desperation or are they just “pulling” the industry as they pulled building 7, after rigging it first and then made it go down at the push of a button.

    • Duck, “porn is used to weaken the mind”. That recalls the discourses against masturbation, which for a time was the cause of all illness, death, and insantiy. Quite Victorian.

      Porn is for men to jack off to. Okay? Study it a bit and this is what you’ll find.
      It’s also for men to learn to conflate sexuality with violence. That’s why the courts just can’t decide “how much force” is too much.

      I understand, that anytime a female is conned into, or has ambition to enter the high earning places run and controlled by men, she must be a slut. Otherwise she could just be a slut for life in marriage and that would of course take care of all her life’s needs stellarly. Ambition is unattractive in females. So, there.

      And of course we know and have known for thousands of years, that once a woman is raped, that proves she was a slut to begin with. That’s why daughters raped by neighbors, relatives, or taxi drivers paid to drive them home from school in India are immolated by their male relatives whose “honor” they have destroyed.

      Maybe you could read some books, written by men of course, women always lie, who studied pornography and it’s real effects on real people. They’re out there.
      “Whose free speech” ?

      Pornography is a set of practices. It’s a form of torture. It’s a “theatre” of the endless war against women and life. It doesn’t “weaken the mind”, any man who watches pornography doesn’t have a mind left to “weaken”. Maybe it’s more of “weekending” the mind? Whatever.

      Pornography teaches hate , torture, and murder. That’s simple to assess, because that’s what it does to real people in real time. There’s so much there to deny, isn’t there?

      And men who watch it then enact the same on anyone they have access to or power over.

      Get it?

      Don’t expect truth when truth is what you spend your life running away from.

      If any one woman ever told the entire truth of her life, the “world” would shatter, like Humpty Dumpty. All the “king”‘s horses and men could never put their bullshit back together again.

      You ever read John Griffin’s “Black Like Me”?
      What the hell did he do that for? Did he think that being white meant he didn’t have a clue what it means to live as a black man?
      Damn right he did. That’s what we used to recognize as intelligence. That’s why his painfully created story was an international bestseller.
      He shut his mouth and went out and learned the truth.

      You want to talk about pornography, talk to the women and children and men whose lives have been destroyed by it first, okay?
      Especially those whose parents had them being fucked by animals from the time they could walk. That’s pornography, dude.

      “Weaken the precious male mind”. Give me a break. I’ve been on this planet with my eyes and ears wide open for seventy three years. Who do you think you’re throwing this lame bs at?

      You guys want all the big guys crimes against you to come to light? I agree. All the crimes of all against all need to come to light. Every single one.

      • “…Quite Victorian….”
        Considering that Victorians owned 1/3rd of the planet and modern Europeans are being replaced in their own nations I consider that a plus

        “….Porn is for men to jack off to. Okay?…”
        Men don’t nED porn to jack off, it does however stimulate hyper-jackoff and mess with dopamine addiction.

        ‘….. learn to conflate sexuality with violence…..”
        That is indeed ONE of the things it does, it also leads to homosexuality and eventually transex

        “….a female is conned into, or has ambition to enter the high earning places run and controlled by men, she must be a slut…..”
        Thats a weird idea, normally loose sexual morals make one a slut. But that goes for debuached men too.
        ‘…..Ambition is unattractive in females. So, there. ….”
        Indeed, it is.

        ‘…..we know and have known for thousands of years, that once a woman is raped, that proves she was a slut to begin with…..”
        Weird world you live in. Personally I would consider her a victim

        “….. Pornography teaches hate , torture, and murder. ….”
        NO, it teaches that people are OBJECTS, and there is no link of affection or bonds of loyalty involved in sex. Far worse

        “….And men who watch it then enact the same on anyone they have access to or power over….”
        Dudes who watch porn are LOOSING their power, their drive to actually do anything.

        “…..If any one woman ever told the entire truth of her life, the “world” would shatter,…..”
        No, thats the propaganda they fed women that they are important and special. Almost no one is actually special enough to shatter the world, and fewer still of those are women.

        “…..t to talk about pornography, talk to the women and children and men whose lives have been destroyed by it first, okay?….”
        Yes, but their destruction of the women came before they did porn- it came when they lost themselves enough to MAKE it, the destruction of the biys who watches being the actual aim.

        “…..“Weaken the precious male mind”. Give me a break. I’ve been on this planet with my eyes and ears wide open for seventy three years. Who do you think you’re throwing this lame bs at?….”
        How are your children doing? Since you know so much I hope they are all doing well from your guidance.

        ‘…… All the crimes of all against all need to come to light. Every single one…..”
        They wont, and honestly thats not worth worrying about. They made their choice. All anyone can do is save themselves and their family, most people are headed for the fire sad to say.

        • That was a quick degree. Ten bucks on the street in BAngkok?
          Only here, where you love to spend time, can it be the way you say it is rather than the way it is.
          And so be it.
          Yes, it is a “weird world” I live in. A world where crime is not going to end, by decree of those who know it all without looking or naming.
          Yes, all the children who are raped are immoral to begin with, Duck. It’s all just as you say, not the way it is.

          • “……Yes, all the children who are raped are immoral to begin with…..”

            What a strange thing to say.

            i thought we were talking about a specific case, not generally about pedos raping kids.

            Weinstein, as disgusting as he is, preyed on other disgusting hollywood types like himself- people who would do or sanction doing such things if it advanced them.

            Not the type of people I really care what happens to.

            I could tell you I am not a fan of rape or rapists, but you appear too lost in your own thoughts to believe me anyway.

            • Forgive me, Duck. I don’t belong here . My education comes across as fabulous and inexplicable to your preferences.

              And what’s more, you can’t even perceive sarcasm based upon your own statements.

              Take a sharp right at the next light, and head on out of town.

    • Oh yes, people who question everything join the police in droves. That’s the norm.

      Can’t think for yourself and are riddled with low IQ? No, we can’t use you lot, sorry! Maybe try at the house of parliament just down the road. Oh, you just barely didn’t get into MENSA and now you ponder the validity of the germ theory? Right this way, sir. Let me put this badge on you, please head over to the constable third door and the left to get fitted with a well balanced truncheon so that you may go uphold the law by administering senseless violence.

      • This terminology….”sense-less violence”…is questionable.

        Two definitions I can access: First, that there is no “sense” in terms of ……intention? practice? Meaning….no “reason” that can be “sensed”? It’s just random? Something out there like a virus just invades the o ne who practices violence?

        Or are we saying …..violence which cannot be perceived by the five “senses”?

        Like “Silent Wars”?

        Neither definition “holds water”.

        One cannot “name” a violence which one cannot perceive. So that’s out.

        As for violence coming from a “senseless energy/force/possessing “spirit”…..yes, we’ve been dealing with this “I just go out of control of myself; or alternately, the alchoholic’s version, “I’m not responsible for what I did while passed out cold from alcohol poisoning which I intentionally inflicted upon myself. ”

        It got to the point where a person who had been infected with the “the emperor is naked” …”gene” (sic)……piped up and asked:

        “If you’re always out of control, how come you always use your fists and always hit at the same places?”

        No such thing as “senseless violence”. Nor “Silent Weapons”. The only thing that makes them “silent” is the supporting society’s denials of the screaming pain of the victims.
        Nothing new there. I can hear the microwave signal all the time. Nothing silent about it at all.

        Nothing senseless about the practices of violence. Violence is not an ideology, it is a practice. The “idea” of violence won’t hurt you. The practice will.

    • That reminded me of the YouTube Heroes program they launched about a decade ago as part of their recruiting people to be the actual eyes and ears to catch what the algorithms missed. The Heroes program is in full implementation as people (including myself) have creatively escaped the censorship algorithms, only to be discovered by a Hero that gets gratification in shutting down voices that dissent the approved narratives. It’s draconian policies have devolved exponentially over the last few years. I just received a warning from YouTube that my comments on YouTube have been discovered to have violated YouTube guidelines under their hate speech policies. They didn’t reference any specifics, just warned me that if I continue leaving comments like this, my channel may be terminated.

      It’s going to get much worse online. Now alphabet agencies are getting warrants to search people’s houses based upon social media posts, which is one of the narratives of the hoax shooting events which supports the ideology that people should be either arrested, investigated, disarmed, detained, questioned, etc, etc for their ideology.

      Problem, Reaction, Solution

      • Alphabet agencies are getting warrants to search homes? How does that fit in with the law? It’s almost as if they are just another arm of the US government… hmmm…

        • I may have misspoke on the “warrant” part. I know that the FBI & DHS have conducted “raids” on people based upon their social media posts, but whether they had a signed warrant or not, I am not a aware.

      • I endevor to leave hateful coments on youboob and have never gotten such warnings. I guess time to up the game.

  7. re: NOL

    I have heard of this technique a number of times over the scamdemic.

    Mostly it was suggested as a tactic to be used with local politicians.

    i.e. “Council member ‘x’ if you force us to wear face masks / take vaccines etc. etc. and there are any adverse effects you will be personally held criminally responsible.”

    But using this tactic with giant tech firms like vax manufacturers/WHO/FDA/NIAD/GAVI etc. is another story.
    I am quite sure all employees are protected from such personal litigation once they ‘join the team’.

    • Well, I’m sure if there is going to be some sort of qualified immunity for these people it will need to covered by some sort if insurance.

      • To me immunity and insurance are two opposites.

        Immunity meaning you are covered by the legal system.
        Insurance comes into play when you lose a legal case and need to pay.

        • I don’t know. Immunity applies to judges too, and I believe they have to have insurance.

          But at either rate, it’s a big scam meant to keep the plebs in check.

    • You know, you can dive deep into how it’s all playing out at those levels…not everything I”m sure, but so very much of it….if you listen to the incredibly dynamic and bombshell interview which Doc Malik just conducted with UK MP Bridgen.

      Perhaps this long promoted discourse regarding “immunity” needs examining.

      The term and ideology is based on the bs coming from Biological Scientists.
      Dr. Tom Cowan has some pointed questions which haven’t yet been answered.

      Except with the silence of …well…the nothing burger it is.
      Very very useful on an ideological level, though. Isn’t it?

      Hey!! It’s “natural”. Like “law”. “Nature” makes “laws”. And has lawyers, and judges, and courts, too. And if you want to question that…..
      ask God. That’s the source of “natural law”.

      Round and round and round we go.

  8. Being from Ohio and a Cleveland Indians fan, I followed the Trevor Bauer accusations. The woman in question had text messages surface containing conversations with friends about how “she was gonna get paid”. These text messages were before allegations came out. She vindictively had “rough intercourse” so she could claim assault/rape.

    Nothing happened to the woman. How is that not criminal? She intentionally tried ruining someone’s career, for money. She should be in prison.

  9. James says “do not go watch that ghost in in the machine propaganda video” and the first thing I do is go watch the ghost in the machine propaganda video.

    It’s well done, actually. I’m sick of lousy propaganda. If there were any aspiring video editors out there they could recut that thing to deliver a completely different message.

  10. I would like to recommend a very interesting movie, which I did not hear about until the past week. TSM’s Melissa mentioned it in a recent video of theirs and I have to say this movie lays it on thick. It’s probably going to shoot straight over the head of most movie watchers, but certainly not all.

    It’s a story about the music industry putting shit into people’s heads. It’s quite thrilling and warrants a few re-watches.

    • South America has never forgotten…for we’ve known this as long as we’ve known religion….that music is evil, a gateway of Satan.

      Dancing, also. All that sweaty physicality brings on “concupiscence”. An instinctive “science”/way of seeing.

      That’s why they simply execute folk musicians with any popularity.
      Circle the wagons around your “minds” , folks, because anyone can insert anything into your weak human brains.
      We’ll do the thinking for you.

      How about the complete destruction of the healing potential of the whole sound wave by digital recording? How about that since 1980, huh?
      “The digital recording interfered with the healing nature of the sound. ”
      Testimony from a sound “scientist” working for twenty years with others to relearn the healing potential of sound, to Michael and Justine Toms in an interview on New Dimensions Radio Hour.

    • Nope. Never wondered.

      Already knew about Smart Tech, 5G, Nexrad, Haarp, geoengineering, weather warfare, liars in “high places”, Paradise California, Malibu, Redding, Santa Rosa; also, the convid agenda all moved militarily, and the sudden surfacing of the unmentionable “COG”

      It was pretty evident that it was about 5G. That’s what the “lockdowns” were all about. Covering the planet with 5G weapons. Mordor Towers.

      They don’t think or ask. Like the wild west, they shoot first, and let you ask questions later. Cool, huh? Tough Folk Weapons For Tough Folk Warriors. Taking Back The Land To Sell It Again.

      Nothing new. The Second Coming of The Great North American Genocide.
      That’s all. So easy to see.

  11. Thanks for shining a light onto this psychological poison ivy so that people can effectively avoid it.

    I used to seek out and analyze obvious propaganda pieces so that I could try and help inform others about the malicious intent that is infused into the material and then I realized that the propaganda creators were actually succeeding in their intended goal via luring me into watching their garbage (despite how skeptical and discerningly I watched the material as inevitably the images and material was being recorded by my mind, and thus serving it’s intended purpose).

    I can perhaps categorize the material in my mind in a more segregated format tan some, but I would not make the unreasonable claim that watching it has zero impact on my heart and mind (despite all the best “mental filters” I put in place while watching) as that would be arrogant and deluded.

    Thus, I strive to find a balance between keeping an eye on what the psycho billionaires (and their military, intelligence and government pawns) are up to and consciously balancing feeding my heart and mind empowering, uplifting and hopeful material. That is material which invites one to choose actions that are likely to result in hopeful results, not “hopium”.

    Anyways, thanks for analysing this material and providing the succinct observations and comments so that all of us would not have to expose ourselves to these psyops videos (which are actually psyops).

    Cheers guys.

  12. This is so interesting.

    “Midwives” do this also. They get upset and caution ignorance if a pregnant woman wants to read the “big book”, the official medical mafia’s book on pregnancy and midwifery…I forget the name.
    A midwife younger than I did thos to me once. Took the book back vengefully , she had said we could borrow her books, so I did, …wrong one!! Proprietary Info!!….her reasoning was that I was so weak mentally and emotionally that I would “create” the medical “emergencies” described in there.

    Dumped her. Oh, yeah, the book was “Myles Textbook for Midwives.” .

    I can handle the suggestion to “Know Thine Enemy”. Because I Know Myself.

    Cannot be lied to. Some of us are this way. No one appreciates our company, we mostly stay to ourselves.
    No one wants their own lies exposed. only those of “others”. “Others” as the “group” one “belongs to” defines “others”.

  13. If the prescription drug death data only includes those deaths that were recognized as properly prescribed deaths, then that number is likely way higher, just in the basis of deaths that were (im)properly prescribed. I personally know two people that were in their way out from side effects of their prescription meds, that neither they, their families, friends, colleagues or allopathic practitioners even knew that the prescribed medications they were taking were the cause of their chronic illness. I cannot guess how many people die every year from the side effects that were never even caught, being labeled some other disease rather than the actual cause (being the chemo,, radiation, BP meds, thyroid medication, etc..

    Doctors and nurses do not do their due diligence to closely monitor all of the patients that see prescribed meds to even know what the side effects are, let alone identify whether their patient is exhibiting side effects of said drugs.

    The more I learn about allopathic medical practice, the more I am convinced that nobody should seek their priests for remedying any illnesses that they suffer from.

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