May Open Thread and Subscriber Video (2024)

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Happy Golden Week, everybody!

Yes, believe it or not, May is already upon us. To celebrate that fact, I’ll officially open the May Open Thread for discussion. And this month there is no shortage of world-shaking developments to talk about.

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  1. I hope that the May Festivities of the WEF, UN and Whoo blow up in their faces because we all have had enough of this ridiculously obvious attempt to usurp the powers of all the worlds’ nations. Changing the wording of the actual grabs and then annexing it to the end of the document, to hide what they really mean is stoopid, pathetic, and got my back up. I really don’t like these people that think I want or need their supervision or guidance….holy hell give me a break! Get off this planet! with love, buz

    • You might have something there. They were kicked out of countries over a thousand times. So far that hasn’t worked.

      • Miss the old website, the “howdy” the seeing (videos) the reading (notes) all on one site… but it might all be due to my ancient browser. All the best, and can you pls say something on your longtime connection with global research where I first encountered you years ago.

    • Be nice if our governments did the same thing…got off the planet; who needs them?????
      Gross mismanagement of hard earned taxpayers money.
      Involving us in wars we never asked for, never voted for over and again; sending our money, and more that they’ve borrowed from banks in our names, to countries carrying on wars we should have nothing to do with, and thereby putting us into debt with banks for generations.
      Locking the country down for something no more dangerous than flu, thereby destroying so many small businesses. Yuck!
      Forbidding us from leaving the country in which we live unless we have permission… a passport. Treating us as potential criminals that have to be tracked and controlled. Huh!
      Judging us by their own sickeningly low standards is what they are doing.
      Apart from that, as James said, they also experiment on their own citizens.
      And we accept all that cr$p?????

      • 💯% agreed!! The bigger they (governments) get, the more corrupt they get. It’s obvious they aren’t representing our wishes, and have sold out to rich corporations and shadow government entities. Do elections (more like selections) really matter when we only get questionable characters at best (most are corrupt already) to choose from?

  2. When I was in Tokyo I went into a soup place with around a hundred choices on a vending machine. My technique for navigating it was the same one I used in the subway. I project an aura of dumb Canuck and help arrives almost immediately.

    I went to a sushi bar there that looked like a 50’s diner except there was a flowing stream on the far side of the counter. Sushi floated by and you just took what you wanted and stacked the bowls, which were shaped and coloured for the price of the dish.

  3. This may need to go to QUESTIONS FOR CORBETT: I wonder if the topic of esoterism is taboo for Corbett Report.

    I ask because it looks to me that humanity is in a huge spiritual war. It’s like two sides against us, meaning one side wants to annihilate us and the other just want to reduce the population for easier control.

    All of this, courtesy of mainstream and uninformed people on Earth continuing to beat the drum of fear.

    We have been lied to every which way about everything that matters. Who was it who said something about, “We will know we have succeeded when what everyone thinks or believes are lies”?

    I am not denying all the really bad stuff is happening as well as the silent trends we don’t see yet. It’s horrible and if humans do not change course, it will be a very tough landing for all of us.

    Not wanting to get deeply into the politics of a thing because it’s all nonsense to me. From my view, these factions are like a bunch of children fighting for who gets the best seat at the table. That’s also nonsense.

    I guess what I am wondering is if Corbett Report could do a documentary video on the actual news about how people are beginning to wake up (which by now should be in the millions if not billions). Are they shocked, angry, furious, wanting revenge; or are they shocked, angry, furious, and wanting to change their lives to be more self-sufficient – not out of fear, but for better healthy living? Kind of like “Solutions Watch” on steroids.

    • @Sherry

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
      William Casey CIA Director (from 1st staff meeting 1981)

      For far too many the term, IMO, “spiritual” is linked to religious myth. The reality of course is about the inner respect and love for consciousness, our sentience, and the magic of being able to breathe, talk, think, etc. and not some rule book of good and bad behavior made up by men to control women and others.


      [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

      • @ejdoyle

        Thank you very much for the quote and author. What other word may be used besides “spiritual” that is not associated with religious myth? If you have one, I’ll use it 🙂

        Nice song. Living in the country, planting your gardens and living in nature is fun.

        • @Sherry

          >>What other word may be used besides “spiritual” that is not associated with religious myth?>>

          It would of course be what is one’s intent in the usage.

          IMO we are in a war/battle/struggle for human sovereignty, independence, self-determination, and control of our evolutionary progress as sentient beings.

          James, other site owners, and most of the commenters here steer away from esoteric, metaphysical, “spiritual” (confusing it with religious,”) and other “right” brain perception and knowledge. IMO, this is the result from the intentional effort of the controllers to maintain their dominance through our ignorance (not stupidity, but lack of facts) of the larger beauty of being alive. Living quite free for well over 50 years I have seen/experienced some amazing things.

          The control arms of perception and “main stream” thought, the entertainment and media, keep people in the limited “left” brain behavior of facts and figures with no exploration into feelings, behavior, and uncommon ideas. The “know-it-all” geeks of the comment box, cut and paste web culture for instance are seeking likes and false positions of power though snarky, put down comments. That wiki-percepiton. Think about how many movies, TV shows, etc. have presented psychics, explorers of alternative ways of seeing reality as fools, criminals, etc. Why?

          This is the typical us/them, good/bad, discord and division paradigm that keeps humans bickering, killing, finger pointing, etc. under the assumption they are keepers of truth rather then locked in archetypes and models of restrictive thinking. With God, nationalism, sports teams, and on an on it is always mine is better then yours and I just might kill you to prove it :-/

          Just think about what the tribal cultures call “teacher” plants…hemp, Peyote, Mescaline, hashish that take a person within to higher levels of consciousness and awareness are “bad” and the use of alcohol that puts people in aggressive, infantile, “stupid” behavior that destroys lives, both the users and the victims of their actions from drunk driving, beating spouses, etc. that is seen as funny and permitted, one might say encouraged.

          By associating the killer “drugs” like heroin, meth, fentanyl, etc. with the truth seeking plants it is easy for them to jail, criminalize, break up families, etc. and use that king of control…FEAR to maintain the reins on society. Don’t want no thinking going on here buddy.

          So don’t be concerned with anything but expressing your independent thought to others Sherry, especially on the web where Internet anonymity breeds nonsense.

          (I hate the way 2nd or 3rd reply margins get so narrowed down here :-/ )

          • @ejdoyle, great response! You’ve painted the world as sick as it appears to be. Solutions are wanted by most sane folks; and discarded by insane folks. Granted. By “spiritual” I mean that which is the non-physical part of who we are here on Earth. It has nothing to do with any religion. Triggers are telling us where energy may be stuck inside (after all, we are energy beings).

            My view may be different from yours, yet I sense you have already grasped the spiritual side of your being.

            My question to James has to do with making a documentary about how people are reacting to waking up. This, to me, would make an interesting as well as helpful documentary.

            I see more and more folks waking up now than before. For those who have been following along without ever realizing why (like some of the University students protesting), may go through stun when they see accurate information.

            Those they were following may not wake up, who knows? If they all of sudden did, they would go through more severe emotions, perhaps some kind of psychosis in severe cases.

            Our education system is in shambles. Ignorance is a great tool for the controllers. Thankfully, there are folks like James who continue tirelessly showing interesting findings to the public.

            • >>You’ve painted the world as sick as it appears to be.>>
              I was a reporter for KPFA Radio in Berkeley; I write books, songs, screenplays, I do a lot of research. As you might hear in my songs I cover love, life, politics, etc. I always try to tell a story and share knowledge, not just “silly love songs”

              >>Solutions are wanted by most sane folks; and discarded by insane folks.
              One of my essays on the subject:
              SOLUTIONS (essay)

              >>By “spiritual” I mean that which is the non-physical part of who we are here on Earth. It has nothing to do with any religion.>>
              I get that. Comment box communication is challenging. Need to choose our words judiciously 🙂

              >>Triggers are telling us where energy may be stuck inside (after all, we are energy beings).>>
              As a medicine man with a small “m” from what what I have learned agrees with that. Yes, bags of water with energy potential.

              >>My view may be different from yours, yet I sense you have already grasped the spiritual side of your being.>>
              Same movie theater, just different seats. Which reminds me, when 2001 the movie came out, my then wifie and I and a college teacher buddy and his wife went to a little theater in Berkeley.

              We sat in the front row and were swimming the great expanse in Mescaline. He had me at the chimpanzee tossin the bone in the air 🙂

              >>My question to James has to do with making a documentary about how people are reacting to waking up.>>
              Great angle. Do they feel guilty? Still have same friends? Can they now empathize with what conservatives have been experiencing?

              >>This, to me, would make an interesting as well as helpful documentary.>>
              Indeed. Those on the fence can easily be helped over seeing folks “just like them” who have done it.

              >>I see more and more folks waking up now than before.>>
              Good. I’ve been far off the grid the past 9 years on 46 acres 25, 40, and 52 miles from towns so I don’t know what it is like here. Living in the mountains has a certain DNA to it sort of isolated from the worst stuff but aware it is there.

              >>For those who have been following along without ever realizing why (like some of the University students protesting), may go through stun when they see accurate information.>>
              Hopefully. It is recoverable 🙂
              The metaphysical angle would be people are dancing to pre birth tune of experience and lessons in sentience.

              >>Thankfully, there are folks like James who continue tirelessly showing interesting findings to the public.>>
              Indeed. Been with him from the start on a G3 Mac Pismo using a very slow modem 🙂

              • @ejdoyle

                <> Excellent. Let’s hope James sees this conversation.

                So glad to hear you live way out in the country. I do too but probably not as way out as you are. Nearest small town is 12 miles. Nearest big city is 2 hours away. Nearest neighbor is a couple thousand feet.

          • Like some followers here already pointed out , there is a “theoretical” chance to stop the antihuman program like WHO amendment and all the wars IF!!! a critical mass of clear thinking not psyoped people would get up and stand up against it.
            The written history about societies and their power control mechanismen speeks against a practical chance. The “human herd” is psychological in a un-conflictable mood. And it would be a conclict with peoples inner freedom to stand up against the enemies … unless people not have the feeling following the masses. Hence it is still the question: HOW MANY WR ARE ?
            From my view it would change something to more hope if the critical mass would grow and become more visible for the “herd”.

            So my question is again how many we are ?

            • I don’t understand most of your comment. A bit to “heady” for me??
              47 years ago I was asking questions…
              – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
              ALL I WANTED 5/12/77 ©Darn Good Music, BMI

              I hit the streets ‘bout sixty-four,
              saw the police go to war
              Broke into tears on my parents floor
              They said I was blinded and half crazy

              And I didn’t know chains could be so strong
              I didn’t know change would take so long
              ALL I WANTED was, to be free
              ALL I WANTED was, ALL I WANTED was, to be free

              The air outside, well it stings my eyes,
              imitation birds, burn the skies
              And all I hear are muffled cries
              Where is the family, why are you hiding

              Golden dreams stay buried deep,
              while nightmare schemes are unraveling
              Everyone’s livin’ seems to me
              like in a movie, with a sad ending
              – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
              Guess my ? to you is “What are you doing about things?”

              So much of Internet posturing going on seeking “likes” and the such it really is quite difficult to ascertain any true “numbers” of value.

              Resistance to change, as in my song, has been going on a long time. Mostly based in permutations of fear…incarceration, death, loss of social position and friends, etc.

              “The amount of tyranny you get, is the exact amount you put up with”
              Thomas Jefferson

        • One could say, acting in accord with ones own heart?
          Listening to it’s council?

          Or, living ethically, not harming others.

          Though I like the word spiritual, it is far less partisan than the word religious

  4. The other day, a friend told me she was working on refinishing their dining room table and chairs with a product called Odie’s Oil. I just made a shelving unit for my son, which needs to be finished, and he also has a new, unfinished dining room set. He had said he wanted to just oil the table and chairs and we had decided coconut oil was a good option. Always interested in natural, nontoxic options, I was eager to look up Odie’s Oil to see what I could find out about it.

    Another natural product for outdoor applications, which I learned about quite a few years ago is this one, from Canada 🙂 which I purchased and have used, although not on a major project yet:

    I have not bought anything from this organic fabric company yet, but am receiving their e-mails and keeping an eye on what they have and watching for sales too good to pass up:

    • I like to use beeswax on fresh sanded wood and its pretty good but kinda messy. I’ve soaked small things like knife handles in lemon oil

      Dunny story about finish- I just heard that japanese arisaka rifkes were finished in a natural finish that gives people somethink like poison oak when sanded.

      • I watched the video and had to send it along to my son. 🙂 Gotta watch out for those Japanese…. 😉

        How do you apply the beeswax? Do you mix it with some kind of oil? A basket-making friend mixes beeswax and mineral oil (melts them together and lets them cool) for her baskets. I can’t imagine using beeswax straight, even melted. (I just made a lot of beeswax candles today. 🙂

        Another friend uses Block Oil for his baskets, which is rice bran oil and lemon oil. It’s pretty expensive.

        I prefer raw linseed oil for my baskets, but it takes a long time to dry/cure, and one person who got baskets from me said they had a strong smell. He left them in his barn/shop for a few months and I guess they were okay after that.

        • “…How do you apply the beeswax? “….

          I’m kinda lazy- I go buy it from home Depot mixed up in a bottle. I apply it warm and let it sit for a day, polish it off with a nice cloth and then do the same. I’m not in a hurry so I do that for a week or two. I only do it in summer, otherwise its like trying to apply a stick of frozen butter. lol

          • “ like trying to apply a stick of frozen butter.” Right. 🙂

            There must be something else mixed into it if it’s in a bottle. I’ll have to check some time. I avoid Home Depot and use it as a last resort if I can’t find things anywhere else. We have quite a few locally-owned hardware stores here. But I do go sometimes (like recently when someone said they had eclipse glasses, but they were out of them when I went), so I’ll try to look for it. 🙂

    • I am very pleased with my experience with Tung Oil. It is much better than coconut oil and beeswax for finishing wood that gets impacts and washing. I got it from the Milk Paint Company. I used it on the kitchen cutting boards. I have washed and scrubbed them in very hot water dozens of times, and it holds up very well and has protected the glue joints on the boards..
      The downside is that it takes a long time to dry. You have to rub in multiple thin coats to maximize its durability. And it is pretty expensive, but it sounds like you aren’t covering a huge area. The citrus thinning agent is recommended for the first coat, to soak in and dry a little quicker. How long is long? It depends on temperature humidity and the type of wood… But at least the better part of a week.

    • @ejdoyle, great response! You’ve painted the world as sick as it appears to be. Solutions are wanted by most sane folks; and discarded by insane folks. Granted. By “spiritual” I mean that which is the non-physical part of who we are here on Earth. It has nothing to do with any religion. Triggers are telling us where energy may be stuck inside (after all, we are energy beings).

      My view may be different from yours, yet I sense you have already grasped the spiritual side of your being.

      My question to James has to do with making a documentary about how people are reacting to waking up. This, to me, would make an interesting as well as helpful documentary.

      I see more and more folks waking up now than before. For those who have been following along without ever realizing why (like some of the University students protesting), may go through stun when they see accurate information.

      Those they were following may not wake up, who knows? If they all of sudden did, they would go through more severe emotions, perhaps some kind of psychosis in severe cases.

      Our education system is in shambles. Ignorance is a great tool for the controllers. Thankfully, there are folks like James who continue tirelessly showing interesting findings to the public.

  5. My observation is that Americans seem to be permanently at each other’s throats. Whether it’s Trump hating, men vs women (the latest is that American women feel safer with bears than American men) or whatever.

    There is the ultra toxic and hateful transgender debate driven by an endlessly violent sub culture that treats JK Rowling as literally worse than Hitler. What kind of evil could turn adoring little Potter fans into flesh eating zombies ? It’s so extreme that I assume it’s the CIA, NSA or one of their legion of offshoots.

    American liberals are some of the worst people on earth. Constantly making accusations of racism, homophobia and so on I rarely encounter. This new antisemitism law (6090) is ultra dangerous. It’s the kind of thing liberals would have once stood against but they are too far gone. The brainwashing has destroyed them.

    • I agree that we have a real problem, but I question the way you expressed it.
      “American liberals are some of the worst people on earth”. I don’t see how they are worse than their counterparts in Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Are they worse than the Communists in China? Muslim fundamentalists? The Nazis in Ukraine? Hamas? Israeli warmongers? Well you said they were just AMONG the worst, so am I nitpicking? I wouldn’t bring this up, but you start off by bemoaning our polarization. Seems a little hypocritical. Classifying people as worst and best is not helping there. To the contrary, it feeds into the demonization that we need to avoid. Maybe a little more compassion for the brainwashing victims in the way we see these problems could be useful. Is there a better way to frame the problem?

      • Thanks hanky

        I see the endless venomous sneering and lying of American liberals online. I’m too old to have political beliefs but I grew up in a society (Scotland 1960s to 1980s) that many Americans would think of as near communist. A high percentage of the economy was state run. I really hate that they have switched left wing politics for capitalist identity based liberalism. Particularly gender transition. Like so called hate speech a major issue here in colonial Scotland.

        Since Gaza I realise that my outlook is similar to recent MP George Galloway. I am not a socialist but my general instinct as people of a similar age is to utterly condemn the genocide, and as a Corbett style conspiracy theorist to assume it was a false flag like 9/11. Galloway says he doesn’t have single liberal cell in his body. Me neither.

        I marched against the Vietnam war when I was 10 and am deeply anti American. I wish we (Europeans) could go back to that. I met a nice American doctor in Paris (1981) who told me his accent was met with extreme hostility. I laughed when he claimed America was our friend and protector. Couldn’t help myself.

        We knew this. Americans didn’t.

        ‘‘If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged’.

        Noam Chomsky

        • I heard about Scotland’s hate speech legislative moves.
          You made several points that I agree with.
          Still I wonder if there are better ways to look at our mess.
          Being 10 yrs old and deeply anti-American is an ideal?
          It seems there will be a lot of collateral damage and division sown with that. While the ‘might makes right’ paradigm certainly needs to be challenged, this didn’t start with the Vietnam War. Defeating that war effort would be meaningless, without dismantling the underpinnings of that paradigm, which has always been shared by all nations.
          I wish I had more practical answers to rectify the current insanity, but for a start, I respect the old adage, “First do no harm.”
          I am just a little older than you, and am getting philosophical. Healing works in mysterious ways, and often takes longer than we wish. This may apply to our civilization, as a whole. I don’t hold my breath waiting for Nirvana, but it seems things will eventually improve. But not in this lifetime. We are just entering the destructive phase of the current Empires.

          PS It seems to me being Communist requires great hubris and lack of foresight, as well as hindsight. My personal perspective is coming into line with Mr. Corbett’s, which features a very keen awareness of the shortcomings of our kakistocracies.

      • Gavin
        You are getting pretty good at this ! Eh!

    • Oh ya the topic of the above post is “24 Spring Foods To Forage For In 2024”

      Happy foraging everyone!

    • Some background on my motivation for doing the segment linked above with JEP (and the help of Casbot of course!)

      Most of us in the modern western world are surrounded in food and do not even know it! Whether we are walking in the forest, an empty lot or in our backyard, many of the plants and trees we see as ornamental, incidental or “weeds” have a long history of being used as food and medicine by those who lived where we now live, many generations before us.

      An Honest Assessment Of The Current Way Many Humans Live:

      We live in a time of widespread botanical blindness in the west, this is an era of artificially induced ecological illiteracy in which many people would starve to death if corporations and flimsy centralized infrastructures that metaphorically spoon feed them were to cease to function.

      It is possible that many modern day city slickers, suburban nose to the grind stone materialistic ladder climbers and rurally situated ipad addicted, credit card wielding, 5 nights of fast food a week central infrastructure dependent people would starve to death (all while being surrounded in a forest or neighborhood full of food) if centralized food production, processing and distribution systems were to collapse (and/or the centralized flimsy financial systems which the food systems depend on collapsed).

      I have been noticing how some people woke up to the scams and dangers which are inherent in the big pharma dominated industrial allopathic medicine system but now they have fallen for a different kind of trap and dependency.

      Today’s instant quick fix, consumeristic, centralized technological infrastructure dependent dominant western culture wants to convince you that you can maintain optimal health from the comfort of your computer chair, one amazon purchase and herbal pill supplement at a time. Authors write about the healing properties of plants and fungi as products purchasable from profitable companies and yet they say nothing about the healing properties (for the heart, mind and spirit) of learning to cultivate those plant and fungal medicines ourselves and/or interact with them (and forage for them) reciprocally in their native ecosystems.

      As I stated in my article on Spike Protein Detox and Cardio-Protective foods ( ) I have a strong belief that depending on flimsy shipping supply lines to remain healthy is a precarious position to take. I also think that lab made/isolated supplement forms of plant and fungal medicines often have weak levels of bioavailability when compared to over all increased synergistic benefits of whole food sources.


    • (..continued from comment above)

      I also think it is worth pointing out that here in the modern western world we are used to money (in the US and here in Canada) having a reasonably stable value and I think that as a result we have developed a kind of misplaced confidence in that perceived stability continuing because it is all we have known in our lifetime. But both history and current events tell us a different story.. and with so much of our fiat currency economy being tied into computers now, a stock market crash (due to a scamdemic or some other psyop the plutocrats have up their sleeve) or hyperinflation are not the only possible causes that could render our respective units of currency practically worthless in a very short amount of time. Not only are our computer systems and power grids dependent on unsustainable and finite resources, they are also vulnerable to being irreparably damaged / rendered unusable by both manmade and natural events (EMP-s, CME-s, hacking etc ) which means that the numbers in our bank accounts could be wiped from existence (or rendered inaccessible to us for long periods of time) without warning.

      We are also living in a time in which people had their bank accounts frozen for donating their hard earned dollars to support a peaceful human rights protest and/or for expressing views that oligarchs and their puppets in government did not like and a time in which the mechanisms are being put in place to make those types of overtly totalitarian measures a permanent facet of governance/law enforcement systems.

      Thus, whether you want to look at purely pragmatic / self-interested being resilient for emergencies/prepping practical reasons and/or you want to strive to live in a way that honors the sacredness of all life while also increasing your health, learning access food and medicine at home, via respectfully (and honorably) foraging for some of it is of paramount importance.

      Let us now attempt to remedy this ridiculous poverty of plant knowledge and lack of adventurous spirit and explore the wide open world of foraged and fermented wild and (typically) forgotten spring harvests!

      But before we get into what plants and fungi offer their gifts of nourishment and medicine to us (and many other beings) in the spring time, I would like to invoke a recognition of the importance of honoring those gifts (and not harvesting with an anthropocentric mentality) by sharing a quote that speaks to a concept called “The Honorable Harvest”

      “The honorable harvest is a covenant of reciprocity between human beings and the living world, and these guidelines were taught to me as a plant harvester when I would go out to pick berries, or to pick medicines, with wise teachers. This is what they told me…

      (continued in another comment..)

    • (..continued from comment above)

      One of the first things is when you come out to the berry patch or get out to the woods is You never take the first one. Because it might be the last one. It’s an ethic of self-restraint that has inherent conservation values. Different people have different rules about this – sometimes you don’t take until you’ve seen four, or five, or seven. But you wait. You restrain yourself.

      And then, if we encounter that next plant. you talk to the plant. Ask permission. You introduce yourself to the plant. Tell it who you are, what you have come for. What is it you need from those berries or from that medicine. If you are going to take a life, you need to be personally accountable for that transfer of life.

      If you are going to ask the question, you better listen for the answer. You can listen in different ways. You can look around empirically and judge whether the plants are numerous enough and healthy enough to support your harvest. There are also ineffable ways to listen and find out what they are saying to you. And if the answer is no, it’s no. You go home. You go home empty-handed because we remember that they do not belong to us. Taking without permission is stealing.

      And if you are granted permission, the honorable harvest says take only what you need, and no more. And this is a very difficult step in our materialistic, affluence-plagued society where the difference between our wants and our needs is blurred. We’re all encouraged to take everything that we get.

      The honorable harvest also says you take in ways that do the least harm and that do the most to benefit the growth of the plant. You don’t use a shovel if a digging stick will do.

      Use everything that you take. It’s disrespectful of a life that you take to waste it. And we have forgotten this easiest lesson – to have everything that you need is not to waste what you have…

      (continued in another comment..)

    • (..continued from comment above)

      …Be grateful. Give thanks or everything that you receive. In an economy that urges us to always want more, the practice of gratitude is truly a radical act. Thankfulness for all that is given makes you feel rich beyond measure, where wealth is counted as having enough to share. Gratitude pulls us into relationship with other entities, reminding us that our very existence is in their hands. And gratitude is humbling – an antidote to the arrogance of our time. It reminds us again, that the earth does not belong to us.

      The next tenet of the honorable harvest is to share what the earth has shared with you so we model that behaviour in return. A culture of sharing is a culture of resilience, that can endure these waves of plenty and scarcity that come to us.

      And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, reciprocate the gift. If you take from the earth, in order for balance to occur, you have to give back. We have forgotten this. Even our definitions of sustainability, are all about trying to find a formula by which we can keep on taking. We say our job as humans is not to ask what more can we take from the earth, but what can we give back in return, for the gifts of the earth.

      I don’t think what we need today is more data, more studies, new technology, or more money, but an ethical shift. A change in the story that we tell ourselves about our relationship to the living world. We need acts of restoration, not only for polluted waters and degraded lands. We need a restoration of honor. An honor that we can all choose in the daily way we live – ethics made in daily decisions. So when we walk through the world, we don’t have to avert our eyes in shame, but hold our heads up high and receive respectful acknowledgement of all the other beings, in return. And the reward is not just a good feeling. It could save our lives.”

      -Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

  6. I have a question about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Whenever this conflict is talked about why is the Balfor Declaration never mentioned? When it is mentioned this mere “declaration” is treated like some sort of grand treaty approved by all concerned. As far as I can tell it was never voted on by any august organization or authority. Not at any time. To this day, I do not see any organization that has the authority to approve this barbarous wanton land grab.
    When I was in grade school, ancient history for most of you, aka, the 1950’s, I distinctly remember on world maps that small patch of sand on the Mediterranean was labeled Palestine. A brief reading of history says there were Muslims, Christians, and Jews living there in relative harmony for centuries.
    Somehow, in 1947, all of a sudden, the patch of sand became called Palestine became Israel.
    From that day till now, there has been an ongoing decimation of all those who do not adhere to Shabbat.
    In reading what little is available on the subject of the Balfor “Declaration”, I cannot find where the authority came from. It appears to be a mandate, displayed by a small group of fanatics with no moral or legislative authority. Nothing but brute military force to execute those mandated claims. How can this be?
    Would someone please explain how this small patch of sand where the religious beliefs of the three Abrahamic religions originated became recognized as land belonging to a very small minority of religious fanatics?

    • b

      Secrecy! b , no one is allowed to know the details.
      Sir Alfred Milner, the man more powerful than the King of England. Unknown to the world untill Carrol Quigley wrote about him in his book Tragedy and Hope.
      To have that answer to your question you must read and read between the lines and read a lot.
      Theodor Herzl, was the political theorist, and father of Zionism. Read about Herzl and the divisions within the Zionist movement. Inside the movement those divisions are where you”ll find the fertile ground that spawned unbelievable horrors. The group that funded the Boar Wars and greased the political groups that promoted similar ideas of Zionism, apartheid and fascism. Power and control by deception and propaganda. Colonizing, enslaving grabbing weakly defended territories on a ever shrinking world. Read about The Milner Group, The Kindergarten, and the Round Table group. You will come to Lord Balfor and workings of England against America and Germany.
      Easy does it b. It’s the beginning of some awful bad times that are still active today . In all that I pointed out, the answer to your question, is in there.

      • You are saying those who call themselves the Chosen have unilaterally decided they bought and paid for Palestine, closed escrow and took possession in 1947?
        Some of us have read the books you mentioned. Fine and dandy.
        So, if I come to the house you have lived in for a thousand years, armed to the teeth and tell you to leave and you don’t, I can kill a few members of your family? And it is all nice and legal because you were told you must leave?
        If you continue to live in your house, I can keep killing your family until your bloodline no longer exists?
        I again ask, where is the moral or legal authority for the Chosen to take possession of this property and kill the inhabitants?

        • b
          By your statements you show how the propaganda has you completely fooled. I hope you would not do such as that you suggest. You cannot do that morally.
          Those fine and dandy books, are full of history about who is the authority that creates the illusion of a Chosen. I assume you mean Judaism or Jews as Chosen? Yes they are being used willingly and Brainwashed willingly and are rewarded for loyalty not morality. Their legal authority comes from the barrel of a gun. That gun and the propaganda that is behind it, is a deception that insulates the Financial Capitol Royalists from any liability . Using proxies for Clearing the land by any means and creating the perception of moral authority was perfected in South Africa. The concentration camps and genocide of the local population was perfected there. Jews are all over the world and are not all fooled by the Zionist in Israel now or their propaganda, thank God.. They are not immune to other propaganda. It’s as Duck says, hym Myth. That’s why Herzl was backed to take the fall should it fail.
          That’s what power looks like b. That’s what power does and right now the plans made back in 1898 or so, than adjusted in 1947 by men, financially powerful men who thought large. Their chickens are coming home to roost and disciples of Herzl will finish the job of stealing the rest of Lavent and Palestine for some sick demented family of Financial Capitol Royalists that had some small affiliation with the wondering Jews and where willing to sacrifice if need be.. That power has been used on the native Americans of North America, South American, Armenians, Chinese, Russians, European Eurasian and North Africans. Hell b it was used on Americans in NYC on 911. These are bold, immoral men who think large on a world wide plan.
          These powerful men want to rule the universe as some Greek god would. They will not stop or change. Time has little effect on them, they are masters of perception and create the reality to maintain control through multiple generations. Read, know, be just b.
          So, as I suggested, know your enemy and the propaganda that creates the myth that redirects your anger away from It’s proper and just destination. It’s unfortunate that Palestine is suffering so cruelly. If it were my house b ….but it’s not. This country has forsaken it’s moral obligations set forth by two generations back and two world wars. We are forgetting b . At least Your moral outrage won’t get lost in this crowd. Good luck shaking off the propaganda in time to be of any use.

    • b
      “….Whenever this conflict is talked about why is the Balfor Declaration never mentioned? …’

      Because it draws attention to
      1) The fact that Jews came from OUTSIDER Palestine and did not suddenly rise up and get self determination…. but basically came as alien colonizers.
      This matters because 80 % of people probably have some vague notion that Zionism is some kind of nationalist movement from Palestinian Jews,

      2)That the British were trying to induce international jews to help them win the war (which they did, by helping bring in the USA and also by fomenting industrial unrest in germany and giving rise to the ‘stab in the back’ myth….uhm …’myth’

      • Yes, a very good summary of the history. The Balfour Declaration was in the form of a letter from British foreign secretary Lord Balfour to Jewish banker Lord Rothschild.

        Arthur Koestler (who was Jewish) said that Russian, European Jews came from the Khazar tribe.

        Bibi’s father was Polish, Father was from Belarus. Very Caucasian in appearance.

    • “Traveling Israel” on YouTube has some good historical videos on this topic (as well as others like tourist videos and current events videos). I recommend them.

    • “I have a question about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.”
      “Would someone please explain how this small patch of sand where the religious beliefs of the three Abrahamic religions originated became recognized as land belonging to a very small minority of religious fanatics?”

      Its very simple when you boil it down. Certain people with an agenda purposely mistranslate particular passages in the Bible, purposely ignore others, and read into the Bible nonexistent conclusions in order to pervert the gospel and deceive a majority of the Body of Christ, (the church), and thereby secure support for the creation of the secular state of Israel.
      I think that the provably false doctrine of Christian Zionism in western governments and the majority of the churches that the middle classes attend is one of the primary reasons that the anomaly known as Israel exists in the form that it does.

      The establishment of the state of Israel was an event brought about by men and which most so-called Christians attribute to divine intervention and design.
      There is no biblical justification for that conclusion.

      The Jewish people are considered by the vast majority of so-called evangelicals, to be God’s Chosen people who have a special relationship with the Father without having a believing loyalty in Christ. Again, there is no biblical justification. And is blasphemous on it’s face.

      I am fully aware that most of my fellow Corbeteers don’t take things like this too seriously. I think that those who are orchestrating this epic tragedy count on that.
      Bibi and Biden are but tools in the hands of principalities and powers that most people refuse to acknowledge.

      There is only one solution to the problems that plague humanity. And that is to stop trusting men and to place our trust in the One who created humanity.

  7. Have you heard of Galen Winsor? I had no idea of this person until I checked out a video Ben Davidson posted on his GooTube channel entitled “The Nuclear Scare Scam – The Real Cover-Up”. I’m now aware of the #NuclearScareScam which Mr. Winsor demonstrates to be through personal experience. Take everything you’ve every thought about the safety concerns related to uranium 235 and plutonium and think the exact opposite and you’ll have the truth. He goes on to explain that the 1979 Three Mile Island event was a false flag to instill fear. The lecture was recorded in 1985. He eats Uranium 235 in the video and describes that when #FERC started their campaign of lies that he set out to demonstrate they were lying.

    He begins his story with his time in the Navy aboard a ship as a radio operator headed to Japan and how the bombs dropped over Japan got him a ticket out of the war and from that point on he wanted to learn all he could about this technology and he learned plenty.

    What makes this scam particularly interesting is that virtually no one’s politics, religion or personal beliefs are challenged and all who see can recognize the huge impact this lie has created for humanity. As Mr. Winsor puts it, we should have a nuclear power generator every 10 blocks to produce virtually free power.

    I am providing the GooTube link and a link to the video on Bastyon because I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see the GooTube copy, with 85K views in 2 weeks, get scrubbed from their platform. Ben said when he posted it was demonetized in seconds after his posting.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this and would be delighted if this one piqued the interest of this community and James Corbett and James Evan Pilato to spread the word.

    The Nuclear Scare Scam – The Real Cover-Up – Galen Winsor

    On Bastyon:


    • This hidden truth is wholly fascinating. I had read and understood that the ‘nuclear program’ paradigm story was a hoax but had little idea that all those dangerous-to-the-point-of-causing-you-to-glow-in-broad-daylight (or even flat out melt ya’ – take ya’ alllll the way down to the center-of-the-earth – yup!!) radioactive by-products were, not just more valuable than gold, but otherwise so harmless.

      Anyway, thanks so much for sharing!

      [Ooops, I see I inadvertently replied w/comment to Duck; Reposting now]

      • Thank you for sharing such lovely feedback. I’m amazed frequently at how woven the fabric of lies is that shapes the reality we have known and experienced. The best of all this learning for me is the realization that it all changes with what we learn and that our new understanding becomes the influence shaping a new reality to experience. Knowledge is truly powerful.

        • R.Snyderjr.
          This is a good place for this. I’d say this doesn’t help , in adding confusion of understanding the arms race, the nuclear weapons value . Or to who owns and who has their finger on the trigger. 1988 seems a transitioning year for the world and be when the PTSB came out of the closet.
          Col. Tom Bearden, first time this came to my attention was today

  8. Forgive me if this has been asked and answered before.

    I’ve been listening to some of James’ interviews on climate and exploring some of the links.

    Prof Tim Ball’s website is now a Hotel ‘website’, does anyone know where his info went to?

    I tried way back machine, but haven’t found anything yet probably not gone back far enough.

    Is the info lost forever?

    Thanks for any help

    • it might be good if you posted the address of the site. I dont know it personally.

      • Sorry Duck, I meant this for randallsnyderjr 🙂

        • Beg pardon, my mistake 🙂

          • Oh no, you’re good. I was replying to Randallsnyerjr but didn’t check to see whose ‘reply window’ I was typing in; then after the 5-minute edit window had expired I saw that I had inadvertently replied to you. (How embarrassing, Lol)
            But anyway, a quick shoutout to Randallsnyderjr’s link, “The Nuclear Scare Scam – The Real Cover-Up – Galen Winsor.” Perhaps you’re already aware, but for me the issue remains a real eye-opener. Yet another layer of twisted lies perpetuated by those who fancy to believe they are our ‘governors’.

        • Geck0H

          Looks OK on the wayback machine- i went to and put in and used the date bar at the top to scroll thru the snapshots just fine until the appears to go offline in 2019. Anything within those dates looked OK to me to click.

          First snapshot was from 2011 and links appear to work ok (though they take you to the linked page at the Date the snapshot was done)

          Jan 2019 look like its the last time the site was up….Did he move somewhere?

          all thru 2019 I found a “in progress’ poster” saying he would be up soon.
 then everything I clicked on got errors suggestingno site there…..they DO sometimes remove pages at the Wayback “”From What I Hear” but its not common so I dont know if

          Sorry I cant help 🙁 but the links do work , just frozen in time

          • @Duck,

            You are an absolute star!
            My fault I didn’t go back far enough. I’ll try again for the time frame you speak of.
            A million thanks to you for being so kind.

    • This hidden truth is wholly fascinating. I had read and understood that the ‘nuclear program’ paradigm story was a hoax but had little idea that all those dangerous-to-the-point-of-causing-you-to-glow-in-broad-daylight (or even flat out melt ya’ – take ya’ alllll the way down to the center-of-the-earth – yup!!) radioactive by-products were, not just more valuable than gold, but otherwise so harmless.

      Anyway, thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Hi James – For many years I’ve been embedding your videos in my weekly blog which is now on Substack: There you can see my ‘May Day! Uniting Sovereigns of Earth – The Solution to Divisive Global Tyranny’.
    For my backstory, see ’50 Years – Pioneering an Aquarian Vision’ in the May-June issue of Natural Life News – – which I co-founded 24 years ago.
    THANKS for your inspiration James:)

    • loggin

      sad to say it does not matter much- they pretty much are ALL in the pocket of Israel these days…… i guess its that or end up dead like Traficant….. amazing that he is one of THREE guys they kicked out of Congress SINCE the civl war!

      • Duck

        Thanks, yes they are all owned but Genocide Joe is the leading figure in possibly the most brazen, calculated and evil public genocide in history. Americans know what is going on but many will vote for him. America has a permanent war economy and they accept it.

        Nowadays they let others die for American profits (Palestinians and Ukrainians).

    • Blackpilled did a stream on him too now I think of it- he has super long intros, and takes a while to get on subject when he does start but worth a listen if you know nothing thing at all about traficant


  10. Curious James. Why do you put over 50 cookies on Firefox on my iMac?


    • Webpages are stateless so to store data across requests you have to use something like cookies. Its the reason you can navigate the corbett report without having to login everytime you change the page. Its nothing specific to mac or firefox. Just the way most modern websites are built.

  11. Euro Notes are decorated with MADE UP buildings and such, not actual places that exist in reality, so, yes, they do represent the EU perfectly 🙂

    Actually I must say Washington IS a good guy to have money- aside from everything else he WENT HOME after 2 terms rather then hanging on to power forever.
    “…..The architectural examples featured are stylised illustrations of the corresponding style, rather than representations of existing structures….”

    • …continuing the conversation with…
      Banknotes and Physical Currencies (Corbett video topic)

      I have used different paper and coin currencies as gifts.

      With kids I would give them a hodge podge of coins from different countries, or older unique U.S. coins like a steel penny or Buffalo Nickel or Mercury Dime.

      Just this month as part of a graduation gift, I sent a $2 bill with the other green bills. It was the last of my $2 bills.

      Earlier this year, I went into a neighborhood Coin Shop.
      Specifically, I was looking for something “mailable” in an envelope as a gift.
      Small weights of gold would work as something that could ride in an envelope, but they are way too rich for my means.
      — $1 Silver Certificates —
      The shop had them in a plastic shield, and the fella said he would sell them to me for $2.50 each.
      I bought ’em all, just under two dozen.
      I declined on the $5 Silver Certificates, because I mainly wanted a unique novelty with a high perceived value compared to cost.
      This weekend, I again mailed one of these as a gift. The year was 1935. Washington is on these $1 silver certificiates. I included a one million dollar bill which had cost me a buck.

      The shop had other paper currencies, but they wouldn’t easily grab recognition and interest with most Americans.

      I’ve mailed a two headed quarter before as a gift on several occasions.
      Years back, I bought about a half dozen two headed quarters at a magic shop. I’ve also mailed trick cards (e.g. three-card monte) as a gift.

      • Regarding small weights of gold that ride in an envelope, I have given valaurum notes ( as gifts in the past.

      • Over the years, I have given away a fair number of these.
        My adult grandkids got one of my last ones.

        9-11 Bill – Fraudulent Event Note – One Deception dollar

        Dick Cheney was my favorite, but I had a lot of Bush.

    • “made up buildings …” – great observation!

  12. What’s on my mind at this moment after watching the subscriber exclusive video is this question, James: Did you know a guy in a business suit was lurking in the background, behind a bush, as you were talking?

    He walked behind you, from right to left, just before the 1:00-minute mark. Then, when he reached the end of the grassy knoll (oops, I mean the grassy median) of the walking path behind you, he squatted and remained in that position, without moving, for about 25 seconds.

    When you first mentioned the word “banknote,” he got up, turned in the direction he was originally headed, and walked off. (We can’t see his face; only his suit.)

    Next, to my surprise, he came back and knelt in the same spot, at around 6:25 minutes, I think. After maybe 30 seconds, he got up and headed in the direction from which he initially came. After walking behind your back, he never appeared on the other side (the right) of you. He just vanished.

    Despite this puzzling distraction, I heard everything you said and saw all the banknotes you showed us. The fact that both the old and new 1,000-yen Japanese notes feature two famous disease-discoverers is as eerie as is the stalker behind you.

    • CQ!
      You are quite the detective. I’m gonna put you up for a bonus and a raise!
      That’s so creepy!

      • CQ has the eye, had to go back to see…creepy in the suit

    • CQ,
      That is impressive! Great observation.
      Thanks for the time stamps.

      I wonder…
      Is the guy taking photos of the patch of flowers?
      He was carrying something with him when he first enters the scene.

      • Hey GBW, michelle g., mkey, HRS, your responses to the creepy “stalker” scenario made me laugh.

        We Corbetteers could create a crazy narrative, adding more scenes and developing strange plot twists.

        The action starts with a nature photographer in a dark business suit who might have a case of the runs . . . or maybe he’s taking shots of pretty flowers planted on the median behind the bushes?

        Whatever he’s up to, he vanishes into thin air.

        Where’d he go? All speculations–ahem, conspiracy theories–are welcome.

        Maybe James and James will sell our collaborative whodunit with their other merch @

  13. My wife and I have been home teaching for some eight years now. It’s an incredibly rewarding thing to do, but it does take time.

    We are in the fortunate position that we run a small business together, making jewellery, which allows us to tag-team on work and teaching, but it’s really a full time commitment. Because of this, it is fair to say that it’s a financial commitment as well.

    To anyone considering home teaching, I would recommend using the Trivium and Quadrivium methods of teaching. Instead of teaching subjects as separate entities, it’s a millennia old method of teaching ‘how’ to think, not ‘what’ to think.

    There are a few online resources that can be of help, especially offers some good direction. I have found, however, that much of the material out there is very much geared towards strict Christian philosophy.

    I have looked to find more practical tips on how to approach the different stages of the Trivium, but it’s often difficult to find. It seems that much of the online resources are not being maintained, with some channels having been scrubbed [..gosh, I wonder why?!..] and I come across a lot of ‘dead links’. It also is notable that some sites are very slow to load and others appear to be ‘down’ a lot. One could suspect there is a deliberate nature to these hurdles.

    I would like to ask anyone if they know of any sources that are more ‘secular’, so to speak, or any sources that cover the practical application of Trivium teaching. I would also be really interested to hear of anyone else’s experience in teaching the Trivium to young children (our eldest will be 9 in the summer), and would love to get some ideas.

    To anyone considering home teaching in any way or form, I would surely encourage this, and I am happy to share some of my experience!
    Wishing prosperity on all!

    • I was also looking into the trivium and quadrivium methods and the material availble looked scant. Which kind of indicates that this would be the way to go for teaching children.

      • Thanks for responding mkey 🙂

        Yes, I totally agree. I used to say that children should be taught how to learn, not what to learn, so I was totally blown away when I found out there was an actual method for this.

        I allow my children to learn at their own pace, so I’m kind of hand off in that respect. My eldest is literally eating his way through an ever expanding library. He loves some of the more juvenile stuff like Enid Blyton, but I’m slowly pushing him to ‘meatier’ reads like Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Animal Farm, Wizard of Oz, things that are a bit more challenging. He also reads a lot of non fiction, mainly history.

        I wish Gene Odening was a bit more detailed in recalling how his mum taught him grammar basics in a week. The interviews with unplugged mum are a bit sketchy on the details and I think some of the episodes have vanished too.

        I did get a hardcopy of de Sacy, A. J. Sylvester, Principles of General Grammar, 1837, which does a good job of relating the functions of grammar and explaining the nature and logic of it. However, I think the point Gene made, how his mum connected grammatical concepts to everyday physical objects, makes a lot of sense. I will probably figure out how to do this myself, and in which order, but it would have been nice to have more than a brief summary of how she achieved this.

        Are you planning to teach at home, or already doing it?

        • My interest for this matter was more in the vein of teaching myself, undoing some of the damage.

        • My search landed me in a few different places.

          There is a collection on the archive:

          “The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric” by Sister Miriam Joseph & Marguerite McGlinn

          “Trivium: The Classical Liberal Arts of Grammar, Logic, & Rhetoric” as collection of several authors: John Michell & Rachel Grenon & Earl Fontainelle & Adina Arvatu & Andrew Aberdein & Octavia Wynne & Gregory Beabout

          • that makes a lot of sense. school didn’t challenge me at all as a youngling, so i ended up not putting any effort in (I never needed to in order to pass, and when u finally DID need to put in work I didn’t know how to)

            I also felt that a lot of what was being taught in secondary was illogical, incomplete and often outright wrong. So that didn’t inspire me neither. In the end I left school with an IQ of 150+ and no qualification.

            I’m glad though, because it helped me reject the system from an early age.

            I just wished sometimes I was more able to self-motivate 🙂

            Thanks for the links! I am reading Miriam, but I will certainly look at the other too!

            Did you get something out of your quest?

        • The way i was taught (literal) grammar (the trivium includes using “grammar “ more figuratively) was to learn latin. That way you are USING the concepts rather than learning them in the abstract without any obvious purpose.

          My own view is that education normally benefits from both a pupil-directed component, but also grappling with ideas which present the right degree of challenge, so that people have the experience of finding something daunting at first and then find that with some effort they can grasp it, only to find it easy with practice.

          Intelligence is made up of a variety of mental skills, and practicing them from a young age transforms one’s thinking.

          i’d also recommend looking at Edward de Bono’s oeuvre.

          • Hi Jonathan!

            I agree that it’s important to make use of the things you have learned. Turning these ‘concepts’ into something physical, I believe, will help with the comprehension of those concepts. But yes, putting it to use is essential to cement it.

            I just recently got a short but detailed book on Dutch grammar, which we will be starting on. When my daughter has caught up a bit with speaking it, I think it’s time to start with classics.

            I like how you put it, overcoming the challenge is a great way of developing mentally and gaining confidence and maturity.

            Thanks for the recommendation! What age were you when you learned Latin?

    • Trivium Pursuit is the only one I’m familiar with, but it is definitely from a Christian perspective. (Reformed) Despite that, I think their materials are pretty good. I knew them personally and communicated with Laurie (the mother) before she passed away a few years ago. Their five children are all grown.

      I’m not sure how active Harvey is now in keeping up the website and business, but it appears to be up and running.

      I have some of their books (written by them or their children) as well as some they recommend, like Opposing Viewpoints.

      • I was a little put off when I came across this site, but perhaps I should look at it again with a fresh, open minded attitude.

        Have you used it to teach? I know everyone and every child is different, but I’m keen to learn if there was anything you feel worked particularly well!

        • The Bluedorns’ hearts are in the right place. Their children did re-enactments, making their own outfits, had lots of opportunities as far as animals, plus learned some Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, I think. I don’t agree with their doctrinal positions, although I do believe in The Book (Bible) they base their beliefs on.

          I started out homeschooling full steam, but then moved off-grid and with all the work there was to do, plus being pretty isolated due to distance, finances, and time, I became more of an unschooler. I read a LOT (out loud to my son), but I almost entirely avoided text books (unless they were old). We read history and science, learned some Hebrew, Greek, and Latin (with some trivium pursuit materials). I did use the McGuffey readers early on and also Saxon math books. We did a lot of chores and work.

          I would recommend looking at the materials offered by trivium pursuit and getting the ones you like.

          I really like Arthur Robinson’s homeschooling ideas, which could be combined with a specific teaching method, like Trivium. One thing I really regret not doing is the writing his children did each day. I think it would be really neat to have that to look back at, besides the benefit to the children at the time.

          Here is the Robinson story:

        • I was also homeschooling illegally – without state permission, which was required in my state – so I was trying to keep a low profile and mostly stay out of sight during school hours. Now the laws have changed here and what I did is now legal, from what I have heard. I refused to comply with their requirements since I didn’t (and don’t) believe they had (have) jurisdiction over my parenting choices.

          • That’s really interesting, I like the idea of performing a story. I’m going to look into that. My daughter is only 5 so I’m going to have a look at what plays are suitable. My partner, she wants to teach them sewing, so that really works with that.

            Unfortunately, we are still renting a small place here in the UK. Not enough room for keeping animals. Lockdown killed our finances and nearly our business. I would love to go off grid, but that is still a ‘distant future’. Working on it…. 🙂

            So did you teach practical skills? Growing food, making and mending? We get the children into our jewellery workshop and let them make stuff sometimes. It’s not as often as I would like to, though, our business is our most demanding child haha. Many times I need to prioritise jobs and ‘let the children be’. We unexpectedly (I swear!) added a, now full-on climbing, crawling, grabbing-everything, toddler to the mix, which adds additional challenges to planning.

            I never really looked at the different home teaching styles, I kind of follow my heart, I guess. My wife likes to use these maths workbooks for children, but I’m not keen on them. It helps her teach though, which I can’t knock her for.

            Myself, I use learning opportunities in every day life. Arithmetic, history, science, biology and language have a funny way of popping up doing all-sorts. I do make them write cursive frequently. I’m trying every day, but it doesn’t always happen.

            I definitely want them to learn one classic language, if not all three. The eldest is fluent in Dutch and I’m trying to get the middle one to speak it more, so I’m holding it off for the next few months at least, until she is more confident. She is asking the right questions, so it just a matter of time [me praying….]

            Brave thing, you did! I feel the same way and I especially am not willing to subject them to the sort of ‘teaching’ that is the norm here. I certainly don’t want them to endure the bullying and peer pressure that I’m witnessing the results of in local children here.

            Here the freedom to teach seems to be in reverse now. I guess, because it’s becoming more popular, there is an agenda that’s trying to stop it in its tracks.

            Can I ask, is your son happy about your teaching choices? And is he doing something independent, as a result?

      • Thanks! I’m going to check this out 🙂

        Did you teach him yourself, or did your son attend regular school?

        • On a recommendation, my son (and I) went to a private school for an hour or two one day to see if he should attend there. We kind of got kicked out of class. I’m not sure exactly what was going on there. Maybe the teacher was nervous, being observed. Anyway, that’s the only time he ever went to school. 🙂

        • This isn’t exactly what you’re talking about, rebel.soul, but the hosts at The Free Thought Project have just launched their first book in what they hope will be a series called “The Little Free Thinker.” See

          • Thanks CQ, I’m going to look at that!

    • Home Education

      check out Richard Andrew Groves’ stuff. He does some courses nowadays, covering the trivium and more general life skills, but you can see and join in his journey to the trivium by going through his “Peace Revolution” podcasts, which are outstanding, cover an immense amount of material, but are lengthy.

      Richard is an impressive autodidact; but it was partly my slight frustration at his perception of the trivium that prompted me to start my own Substack. I see the trivium as part of the evolution of mental tools which we have accrued over the centuries, the collection of which we call “science “ (the method, not the body of knowledge or an institution).

      My most relevant article is “Coping with Disagreement and Being Wrong” (a terrible title)!

      i’m a big fan of home-schooling. There’s an organisation in the UK which should be able to help you with resources, called Education Otherwise.

      • I’d also recommend Pimsleur courses for learning foreign languages. Firstly you end up being able to speak rather than just write. Secondly the way that they revisit new ideas after minutes then days then weeks (i’m explaining very briefly and inaccurately) is structured to correspond to the way that memories are laid down, and noticing this enables you to apply it to completely different learning.

      • Yes, I know Richard’s work and his websites well. Some of his work is featured on www. in fact, including a podcast with him, James Evan Pilato and James Corbett, which brings me much joy!

        To be honest, the Trivium and Quadrivium, as beautiful as these methods are, were never meant to lift the masses out of ignorance. Much effort was spent to keep them exclusively for those in power, or at least to teach them only where it would benefit them.

        But regardless of this, they are beyond doubt the best tools we developed to help build minds that can progress thought and generate comprehension and wisdom.

        That’s a good read, btw. Bit long, so I’ll have to read in stages. I’ll be looking at what else you have brewing.

        I forgot about pimsleur! I’ve used them in the past, when I was still living in Holland. Thanks!

  14. I have been expressing for decades that the jewish lobby groups, especially AIPAC will be the ramrod for Noahide Law implementation in America. Now, Donald Trump (the MAGA Savior) is suggesting the death penalty for “antisemitism” (which simply means any noticing at all must be shut down and dealt with).


    • Mr. MAGA also brags about his “vaccine” as well. He revealed himself already even before that, but people gave him a pass.

      I think the problem is that people believe that force and tyranny is okay as long as they get what they want during the process. If it’s communism, tyranny is okay. If it’s forced medical procedures, “vaccines” or forced sterilizations or whatever, no problems. . And if it’s Noahide laws (theocracy) as long as it’s their religion, tyranny is fine and dandy. Many people who call themselves Christians are just fine with that. They were fine with the Inquisition so they’ll be okay with Noahide laws.

      Many people are a bunch of hypocrites and when they are confronted with it, are unable to see beyond their own biases.

    • Also, what does “antisemitism” or “racism” mean? And do people have a right to be racist?

      I think that people have the right to say what they want and hold prejudice and even be racist so long as they don’t hurt other people with violence.

      • cu.h.j
        Ok my dear. I have to ask you a question. ” How many ways can you hurt people without violence?” Some emotional hurts are like physical assaults. Not violent but just as triggering to counter attack. Does bating fall under the free speech exemptions ? It is toxic and where is the line to be drawn?

        • Some words do hurt very much, especially when someone is a child and has no choice but to endure. I speak from someone who was hurt emotionally as a young child with words rather than physical violence. I had some bullying experiences too which were awful and some of that was physical but compared to what some have endured, my life as been a cake walk.

          I know words can hurt but they can be countered with other words of kindness to reach people who have the ability to hear. They can also be countered with logical debate. Debate is critical for dispute resolution.

          Many things are context specific and nuanced so let me explain. What I was referring to is that adults have a right to speak their mind and no government has the right to limit speech. What is speech? Does it include tone of voice, words used? Does it include body language?

          In my adult life, I’ve been called names and had some of the most awful insults hurled at me but I have a choice to listen and take it to heart. Sometimes I’m able to discern that hateful speech comes from a place of pain, anger and fear and actually trying to listen with one’s heart can turn a negative situation into a positive one (sometimes). Sometimes I don’t have the patience and put up my boundaries.

          There’s a topic called “non violent communication” and it’s very good. If people are yelling and screaming and spouting hate, sometimes the best thing to do is walk away and put up a safe boundary or end the interaction. “I am done talking about this” is a good way to close a dialogue.

          You mean bating, gas-lighting? It depends. The MSM does this all the time, working people up into a frenzy. I don’t think people should fall for it but do they have a right to do it?

          What do you think?

          Also, most communication is non verbal-eye contact, tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. One soul to another.

        • You also ask

          “Does bating fall under the free speech exemptions ? It is toxic and where is the line to be drawn?”

          Bating, like manipulating someone into an argument?

          Sometimes explicit communication used in non violent communication can break down some of the miscommunication.

          A lot of “hate speech” comes from pain and legitimate frustration but inability to focus the energy productively and look at the situation from a place of calm.

          Also sometimes expressing vulnerability will cut through the anger.

          One might say:

          “When you said this, my feelings were hurt and I’m open to talking without the insults, etc.” “Are you meaning to convey X,Y. Z” etc.

          Just trying to give examples. I’m not even sure I’m understanding the question since I can’t see your facial expressions, so maybe I’m totally off.

        • I suppose if we are working out boundaries for speech, it would necessarily included discussions about private property and law.

          What about slander and lies? Does someone have a right to lie publicly?

          The MSM lies all the time with impunity with zero consequence.

          • cu.h.j
            Baiting, ISS, did not edit that.
            I was zoned out and not at all clear where I was going with that except to say Im a bit worried over the Zionists putting their hands on our 1st amendment. I was thinking of liability for baiting, or yelling fire in a crowed theater. Panicking a person, pranking and abusing. My thought is I remember a kinder and more civil behaviour in public. It was rare to see disruptions to the peace, much less violence. Now it’s a fight over every little thing. That has to be a manufactured agenda. Thanks for your thoughts.

            • Yeah, they sure are trying to do away with freedom of speech because they know how powerful words are.

              That is why I think it is good to use words wisely.

              People do behave atrociously nowadays. People are rude and thoughtless rather than polite and contemplative.

              I just wonder about the yelling fire in a crowded theater idea. I remember learning about that infringement. Like who does that?

              I suppose there are people who would do that, but then in a more liberty minded society there’d probably be more consequences for doing that. Not trying to invoke someone else’s harm, especially if it can cause death should be common sense, right?

              I know words can lead to violence sometimes but the wiser person will be able to avert this. The stronger person walks away.

        • One more thing, you said “Some emotional hurts are like physical assaults.”

          I would say that depends. I’ve experienced physical violence too with a broken bone. That was the worst pain I have ever felt, hands down. I will take a verbal battering over a broken bone any day of the week.

    • rbuse
      “….. is suggesting the death penalty for “antisemitism” (which simply means any noticing at all must be shut down and dealt with).

      An Anti semite was once someone who Hated jews…. Now its anyone a Jew Hates. 😉 lolol

      Its actually not good news for Jewish power if they need to pass laws- back in the 90’s they would pretty much boast about their cultural and political power in Movies and shows and documentaries (“An Empire Of Their Own” especially)

      When you need to start making LAWS to stop people noticing things its not a good sign for how much power you REALLY have, or at least how long you WILL have it.

      Its like when people start getting shrill because they know their position is weak…….on the other hand the Anti_antisemitism Bill does use Civil Rights Law to give a foreign body power to define whats acceptable opinion (and they already state that just saying REAL things like ‘jews have lots of power’ is NOT OK) so its probably going to be a nuisance in the future.

    • Can you provide a reference to the Trump suggestion of death for antisemitism? I could only find a story where he said the alleged perpetrator of a hate crime should get the death penalty. Thanks.

  15. i saw a vid from David Rogers Webb about section 8 of the UCC code and the derivatives market. i cant get a firm number on the total amount, 2-4 quadrillion and how that pans out for people invested via 401k and pensions or investments? Anyone hear about The Great Taking?

    • Yes, michelle g., doubtless a number of Corbett members have seen David Rogers Webb’s video, though I’m not sure why no one responded to you yet. Maybe it’s because the topics being discussed in this thread are ALL OVER the place!

      Did you download the PDF of Webb’s book from the website It’s well worth the read.

  16. Ya know…
    Sometimes I think about some of the folks who used to comment here.
    And, ya know, some of us are getting kind of old.

    I was happy to hear that ManBearPig aka NoSoapRadio was doing well and happy per GBW.

    Steve Smith hasn’t been around in a while.
    I know that he was wrestling with a health issue.

    During the Pandemic era, Debra.B had all kinds of really tough body issues. She even said that she may not be long for this world.

    There are others.

    • Yeah, I’ve wondered how Steve is doing. I know what happened with the former member Arby (I think that’s what’s his name was here) and it was very upsetting.

        • I know he has made other comments as well. He was very upset and traumatized due to the scamdemic and was worried about losing his housing (I think) which I think precipitated things.

          It was awful because he was a motivated activist. He staunchly supported the “no virus” issue. He was passionate about his beliefs and trying to make his mark on the world. He also said he was a Christian believer and spoke passionately on that as well.

          I think many people posted supportive comments but he took drastic measures and ended his life. I was stunned. I am always stunned when someone in good physical health does something like that. He could have done so much more with his life. It’s just terrible (for lack of a better word).

    • I remember Mohawk Man who was saying that he was going alone into a winter. But it does look like quite a lot of old comments are now gone. Maybe former members comments haven’t made it after the site upgrade.

      • mkey says:
        “But it does look like quite a lot of old comments are now gone. Maybe former members comments haven’t made it after the site upgrade.”

        I noticed that also, but on the flipside some former members comments are still there.
        There may be other factors involved, such a request from former members or their relatives.
        “Debra.B” is missing, but “I Shot Santa” is there.
        “ManBearPig” only shows up on certain threads when someone else mentions her name.

        • HRS,

          I remember fondly (and miss) not only MBP/nosoapradio and Debra B. and I Shot Santa, but also the musician from Brazil who used to banter with MBP (his name escapes me at the moment) . . . and the woman who had been ritually abused as a child.

          Anyone recall her name? At one point she provided a link to her weebly site, which featured art pieces, including a beautiful illustration of a young child sitting above a lovely lit-up city. I saved a screen shot of that painting, and whenever I see it scroll by on my monitor I think of her.

          We also haven’t heard from Animals Aren’t Food in quite a while.

          And a guy who went by three uppercase initials beginning with “F.” Maybe “FIW”?

          It’s nice to be part of this caring community of Corbett Report commenters. Even if some names are lost in the recesses of my memory, the warm feelings will never disappear.

          • CQ says: ” and the woman who had been ritually abused as a child.
            Anyone recall her name? At one point she provided a link to her weebly site, which featured art pieces, including a beautiful illustration of a young child sitting above a lovely lit-up city. I saved a screen shot of that painting, and whenever I see it scroll by on my monitor I think of her. “

            Victoria was her name. Going by my own hazy memory, I think she was living around Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had problems with allergies and sensitivities to substances, and was diagnosed with MS in 1995.
            Early summer 2020 she posted a lot of comments. For example: “Episode 380 – Meet Bill Gates”

            Here is your reply comment to Victoria with the WEBSITE.

            My general public statement:
            The Corbett Report is a bountiful Treasure Trove…

            The world is fortunate indeed! We have The Corbett Report.
            Not only does The Corbett Report offer superbly produced content freely and voluntarily, but James has given his audience a platform.

            The comments are rich with treasure in themselves. Viewpoints, perspectives, sources, links, stories, colorful characters and more from all over the globe.
            It is rich, deep, fertile soil on these threads.
            A seed can evolve and grow into something that can feed the world.

            The Corbett Report epitomizes Voluntaryism.
            If a Corbett Member is only voluntarily giving $12 per year, that person should re-evaluate their remuneration value system.
            (That said, I understand what it means to be financially strapped.)

            • Oh, of course, HRS, her name is Victoria. Funny, I was vaguely remembering that she lived in the Southwest US or Mexico; turns out it was both: NEW Mexico!

              Thanks for resurrecting the meaningful exchange she and I had back then.

              Ditto your “general public statement” and your “sidenote.”

              HRS, you’re the head cheerleader of the Corbetteers as well as our chief researcher, #1 anecdote teller, and probably longest-running regular commenter in TCR threads. Where would we be without you? Don’t ever leave your post, promise?

    • Steve hasn’t gone anywhere, Just changed his boring screen name.
      The writing is on the wall with the health issues but I’m enjoying and taking full advantage of the time I have been blessed with.

      It was kind of nice to see that I crossed your mind HRS. Thanks.
      One wonders sometimes if they have made any impression at all in this world.

      • BUMP
        Happy BUMP !!!

        • Hahaha, Slow Cured, when I read your comment too quickly the first time, I thought you were someone OTHER than Steve who was accusing Steve of having a boring name. I’m glad I took time to reread it to see that YOU are Steve. Yay! Glad you’re still hanging out both here and presumably at the west coast of Florida boat docks.

          • Well, I am accusing Steve of having a boring name. Though I am well aware that its not just the name that folks find boring. 🙂

            Thanks CQ, I love the Corbett Report community. I’ll be hanging out here as long as the eyes and fingers still work.
            Not able to hang out at the docks much anymore. More of a backyard garden kind of existence now. But I love that too.
            I’m truly blessed.

            • Yes, I know you feel blessed, Steve. How do I know this? Because you share your blessings with us.

              I admire your bravery. You freely and frankly (but also kindly) express your thoughts about sensitive subjects that I refrain from commenting on. Please know that at least one person is nodding vigorously in agreement whenever they read what you write.

              Glad you’re enjoying your garden and its fresh Florida sun-kissed fruits.

  17. Hang on! Hold tight! Time to be smarter than ever…Psychopaths’ are trying to strangle the life from you and yours.
    Turn off the TV, use cash, dont vote , invest in metals and try to forgive them. They have no clue on what awaits them.

  18. Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis – Reddit
    Megalopolis, an upcoming 2024 film written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is about an architect who wants to rebuild New York City as a utopia following a devastating disaster. Starring Adam Driver, Nathalie Emmanuel, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne and Jon Voight. Principal photography began at Trilith Studios in Georgia on November 1, 2022 and ended on March 30, 2023. The film is now finished and will premier on May 17, 2024 at the Cannes film festival.

    Megalopolis movie script by Francis Ford Coppola (undated, early draft)
    [Draft likely from late 80’s or early 90’s.]

    After reviewing the archived early draft, this YouTuber says:
    ”…Francis Ford Coppola predicted 9/11.”
    QUEUED Video around 21:22
    [Screenshot of script shown. E.g. “…the twisted remnants of the Twin Towers.”]

    “Shoestring” is a much respected 9/11 researcher who James Corbett has mentioned in the past.
    Shoestring authored this wonderful piece of work:
    “Hollywood and 9/11: The Movies and TV Dramas Resembling the Terrorist Attacks That Were Being Produced in September 2001”

    May 4, 2024 – Hollywood Reporter – By Christy Pina
    Adam Driver Controls Time in First-Look Clip for Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Megalopolis’
    Giancarlo Esposito, Nathalie Emmanuel, Aubrey Plaza, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Voight, Jason Schwartzman, Laurence Fishburne and Dustin Hoffman round out the cast of the director’s self-funded film.
    [First Look – 2 minute clip embedded video.]
    …He hosted a screening of the project at the end of March for potential buyers, with Universal’s Donna Langley, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos and Sony’s Tom Rothman all attending.
    However, over a month later, the film is still seeking distribution, as several of the screening’s attendees told The Hollywood Reporter that Megalopolis will face an uphill battle. One distributor said, “There is just no way to position this movie,” while another noted that while “everyone is rooting” for the director, “there is there is the business side of things.”
    One studio head even said, “It’s so not good, and it was so sad watching it. Anybody who puts P&A [prints and advertising] behind it, you’re going to lose money.”

    4/30 – Vanity Fair

    • Thanks for your stellar reporting, HRS. I well remember Shoestring.

      What would we do without you? You deserve a “True News” Lifetime Award from James!

  19. Dear James, I’ve been thinking about Larry Fink’s involvement with the Fed. Seeing how the economy has not collapsed yet, despite many warnings by various economists and YouTubers , I was wondering if Fink actually saved the dollar or delayed the collapse by his “going direct”. It seems to me that we have a new baseline for prices. I predict that Wages will gradually catch up . I was also thinking that although it did cause inflation, maybe flooding the economy with new money was the only solution to the economic crisis caused by the Covid lockdowns. Did the US manage to hang on to global dominance by these measures? What say you? I’d love a video or podcast on the current economic situation, high inflation and strong economy.

    • These people are well versed in propping up zombie economies. They can milk the suckers for decades longer, easily.

  20. Think you were underselling this video, it was very interesting.

    • Nikola Tesla – That’s cool.

  21. You’re welcome James

  22. Max Igan is doing a Croatian tour, and has one event scheduled in Bosnia. Two ecellent ladies from Zadar organized everything and managed to drag Max around, kicking and screaming.

    He’s doing has usual walk/standing and talks.

    Considering there was almost no marketing and not many people besides those who follow his work were aware, the venues were quite decently full. That was a modicum of surprise for me, I was kind of expecting an empty hall on the past saturday.

    Not many younger people attended, though. Hardly anyone below 40, which is “young” only to the older folk.

      • Just to set the record straight, Slobodni Podcast hosted by Andrija Klaric is not going to be shown on national TeeVee, not for a while at least.

        I think Max or some of his people confused this podcast with a TV show hosted by Kresimir Misak. That fella covers a wiiiide array of topics in the Zagreb studio, much to incredulity of Davide Icke who could not believe that type of stuff goes on air on the national television.

        I don’t know how Kresimir does it, I guess he’s just earned too much respect for them to shut him down. I am not aware that there is any other nationally broadcast show hosting antivaxxers, tin foil hat wearing lunatics and lizard people and chemtrail observers.

        Andrija is also doing very nice work, I think he is up to almost 80 interviews by now. More astute readers and watchers of the Corbett report will be aware that James also was one of Andrija’s guests, about 6 months ago. Give or take a fear and paranoia riddled eon or two.

        Andrija rose to prominence during the plandemic as a gym owner who, for a short spell, refused to stay shut down. He, however, could not genuflect sufficently when the cops shown up to shut him down permanently. So I do have some reserves toward this fella. Memory is a curse at times.

        I’ll have to check out the ATMA podcast, kind of aware of it but not sure that I watched any of their content.

        • Mkey
          Wow that was very interesting. Max Igan rang a lot a bells in my belfry.
          I need to learn Hungarian to better describe my life long companion; intuition. I call it “Jeeves” for lack of a better word to describe it and it’s 78% forecasting accuracy.
          Where has Igan been hiding all these years and why haven’t I ever heard of him?
          Croatia sounds better than you let on Mkey. Is it a secret, a Mecca for ex-pats like Texico? Andrija a typical Croate? No wonder !

          • Mkey,
            Opps, I meant Ines Zizic. Not Andreja. He probably looks like you but hardly as amicable as your fine self.
            I still wonder why Igan never got on my radar? Ines gave a great interview.

            • Max has been rather censored for a long while, so no wonder he’s not been on your radar. And he’s not really trying to do this work for a living. I’m pretty confident that he’ll net no funny money from this tour.

              Ines, I believe, is Bosnian. There are three peoples with a lot of shared history here. Were it not for politicians and stupidity, there would have been a lot less strife.

              Max has developed this idea of Croatia as some sort of a mecca, but that’s quite ingenuous of him. I think he really wants to give people something to hope for.

              Generally, there are advantages to a relatively small homogenous population. The problem is we are down almost a million in 30 years, with good reason.

  23. Not really surprising, but I give this propaganda a perfect score, thanks to the related articles links on the side and bottom. Are they building a narrative? Extensive expensive narrative.

    Medieval Squirrels Served as First Ancient Hosts of Leprosy
    Acorns weren’t the only thing that medieval squirrels stashed away. They also hoarded strains of leprosy.

    To think that I used to eagerly await my monthly subscription to Discover Magazine. I wonder if it is the same magazine?

  24. What’s in a bank note? – Subscriber Exclusive #121 redirects to SubEx #120 not 121
    PS: download the file redirects correctly

  25. Thank you, John, your video was really interesting, especially the story about the bacteriologist on the Japanese bill chosen and sustained “by Japan”. (I wondered why no US bill has the father of PR Edward Bernays on it!) Sorry to say that here in Ecuador we have old George Washington as our hero, as “we” changed our currency at the turn of the millenium (with a rate that, overnight, went from 5,000 to 25,000 sucres (our currency from 1884-2000, on behalf of our independent hero who fought with Bolivar), and caused around 1 million people to flee the country.

  26. Activist taking action against the chemtrails and how you can participate:

    Save Our Skies
    the legal update with Reinette Senum

    By Peter A. Kirby

    “There is an important anti-geoengineering legal movement afoot. It is being spearheaded by Reinette Senum. Reinette Senum is the former mayor of Nevada City, CA. Shortly after being elected to a third term, Reinette stepped down in 2020 because she refused to participate in the blatant and widespread government corruption associated with the Covid plandemic. This is a woman of great intellect, experience and integrity.

    “Since then, Reinette has been applying herself to the fight against SRM geoengineering as well as toxic conventional cloud seeding activities. She has been coordinating an evolving legal effort that ultimately seeks to shut down these incredibly destructive programs. Reinette took the time to sit down with me for about a half-hour in order to give us an update on her team’s efforts.”

    * * *

    Links to her SOS website and her Substack are below the video interview.

    The SOS project holds regular webinars and invites us to become SOS Skywatchers (“…which includes observing aircraft, collecting rainwater samples, testing for heavy metals, documenting changes in weather patterns, and putting your officials on notice”).

  27. Here’s what you have to do if you want your unemployment insurance payments in Texas. Hint: it involves a video selfie. 😞 I’ve typed up an opt-out letter I plan to try to submit in order to get my payments. If you want, I’ll let you know how it goes down. Oh, and btw, of course all the biometric data requirements are for my protection, y’all!

    • Hamirand,
      I hope you can milk those payments for all ya can, ‘cuz directly and indirectly you paid for them via your employers over the years.

      Thanks for the U.S. governments’ information.

      “You will need an official Government I.D.”

      Video posted Jan 15, 2021 #identityverification #digitalidentity #IDme
      Keep your personal information safe. specializes in digital identity protection and helps you ensure that nobody is pretending to be you online, which is very important when claiming unemployment insurance benefits. Watch the full video today to learn more.
      0:04 Verifying With For Unemployment Benefits
      0:06 Message From Our CEO
      0:25 Setting Up An Account.
      0:53 Step 1 Create An Account
      1:09 Step 2: Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication
      1:40 Verify Identity
      2:21 Take a Selfie
      2:37 Enter Social Security Number
      2:49 Consent To Share Data

      • Thanks! I may not even be able to get the 1st payment. I’m gratefully in a position unlike so many other Americans, to have the freedom to choose not to voluntarily hand over my biometric data. ‘They’ probably already have it from me staring at my fondle slab, but its a matter of principle to me to resist the NWO in as many ways as I can.

        • You may end up having to do the ID. Perhaps going to a TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) office might be a way to avoid the sub-contractor

          I still get the TWC business newsletters monthly, but I rarely look at them. They are designed for businesses.

          Later, further south on the May Open you will see some Texas stuff / economy that may interest you.

          • Thanks! If it comes down to starvation, then I will. Til then, I’ll do everything to avoid it.
            I’ll go look for the other Texas stuff. 👍

      • You will be digitally IDed and you will be happy.

  28. Purely anecdotal, but would like to hear if this is happening anywhere else… I’m in Colorado but friends in Massachusetts are experiencing something similar.
    An uptick in eye infections. Even among non-peers.

    @cu.h.j I’d be particularly interested to know if you’ve noticed this in your line of work.

    Thanks all

    • Haven’t heard of it over here. They only thing that caught my eye is the distance to which people are willing to go to pretend that the plandemic wasn’t a thing.

      • mkey
        “Caught my eye” nice one.

        And you’re correct. Some people get very uncomfortable when the plandemic is brought up, like they want to pretend it never happened, or is insignificant somehow.

        • These waves, for example, that are being made regarding the recall of AZ “vaccine” is a site to behold. Cognitive dissonance with potential to cause bodily injury.

    • Torus,
      That is interesting, because the current media hype-scare is the Bird Flu.

      April 1, 2024—A person in the United States has tested positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) A(H5N1) virus (“H5N1 bird flu”), as reported by Texas and confirmed by CDC. This person had exposure to dairy cattle in Texas presumed to be infected with HPAI A(H5N1) viruses. The patient reported eye redness (consistent with conjunctivitis), as their only symptom, and is recovering. The patient was told to isolate and is being treated with an antiviral drug for flu. This infection does not change the H5N1 bird flu human health risk assessment for the U.S. general public, which CDC considers to be low….

      Corbett Report Member Alexis Baden-Mayer [Political Director of the Organic Consumers Association since 2005.]
      She has written some stuff…
      April 11, 2024 – Alexis Baden-Mayer SUBSTACK
      Scamdemic Bird Flu: Vaccines for 33 Billion Chickens? Digital Food Rationing? The End of Animal Agriculture?
      The overhyped threat of a human bird flu pandemic is a hoax to “reset” our food system.


      January 4, 2023 Organic Consumers Association article by Alexis Baden-Mayer entitled “Is Bird Flu Being Weaponized?”
      [Profound history.]

      On Thursday May 2, 2024 “The Highwire” “Episode 370 – License To Live” Jefferey Jaxen addresses the recent Bird Flu scare.
      Around the 53 minute mark, Jefferey cites the January 4, 2023 Organic Consumers Association article by Alexis Baden-Mayer entitled “Is Bird Flu Being Weaponized”.
      QUEUED VIDEO—License-To-Live:7?t=3183

      Something most people don’t know…
      Chicken poop (and other crap) is often fed to cattle.

      Texas A&M
      Feeding Broiler Litter to Beef Cattle

      April 18, 2024 – LA Times – By Susanne Rust
      Avian flu outbreak raises a disturbing question: Is our food system built on poop?
      Poultry litter consists of manure, feathers, spilled feed and bedding material that accumulate on the floors of the buildings that house chickens and turkeys. It can contain disease-causing bacteria, viruses (including H5N1), antibiotics, toxic heavy metals, pesticides and even foreign objects such as dead rodents, birds, rocks, nails and glass.

      As of 2016, arsenic is no longer to be fed to chickens. The poultry industry got away with exposing the American public to arsenic for 72 years. Years ago, a Doctor showed me someone’s hair analysis with alarming arsenic. The patient ate lots of chicken.

      • In the end, (please forgive the pun), I think the entire food producing cycle does actually run on poop.
        While its a really stupid idea to feed the litter from your chicken coop to your cow, or to use human and animal poop as fertilizer without composting it first, it is a really good idea to add both to your thermophilic compost pile. The compost pile that is made from virtually all of the organic material, so often misidentified as “waste”, that you produce on the piece of earth that you occupy and nurture.

        I have a worm bin that I use to process kitchen scraps. I use the worm castings, (fancy name for poop), to mix with the composted material for new plantings and to feed the plants and trees.
        I collect the worm juice, (fancy name for poop juice), mix it with water in a barrel and use it for gentle root and foliage feeding.

        So yeah, I do think that our food system is built on poop and decay, (which is poop too if you boil it right down). And that isn’t, or rather shouldn’t be a problem. But as usual, when big business which is primarily interested in big profits, hire people with big brains but little common or ethical sense to maximize profits by ignoring or perverting the lessons that nature has made abundantly clear and understandable, you end up with cows being fed their uncle’s raw brains and fresh chicken poop. And then you end up with death.

        You end up with humongous pig farms creating massive lakes of toxic sludge, (pig poop). Rather than lots of small local farmers raising animals for local markets and processing the manure from their livestock responsibly.
        You end up with giant feedlots where cattle are treated in horribly inhuman ways. Jammed into confined spaces in huge numbers and forced to wade in their own manure while they are fattened up for slaughter. Rather than local farmers raising healthy animals in humane conditions for local markets.

        Big agricultural along with their cronies in government who conspire with them to control and manipulate markets and prices by creating regulations that restrict people’s freedom to produce their own food in a less centralized way, are, in my opinion, along with their compatriots in big pharma, (and others), directly responsible for the decline in the overall poor health of modern society.

        • Your poop talk worked up a thirst on me.

          I’m gonna grab some Yeast Poop (beer) to quench me throat of all this shit.

        • Anarco Hippie,
          I appreciate your articulate and creative perspective.
          I agree whole heartedly with your musings here.
          It is important that we are thoughtful about where our food is coming from and shaking hands with those that provide it. This will keep our local food economies healthy. While simultaneously improving the health of the animals, their ecosystems, and the people who consume them. Responsible, respectful farm practices (including use of poop) can benefit all beings involved if done appropriately. Consciously transforming the energy through interchange and exchange. The toroidal flow.

      • Hi HRS,
        Thanks for the reply. Interesting that one of the bird flu symptom is an eye infection; and that the fella in Texas had that as his only symptom. Which I don’t believe is typical of the “regular” flu. Curious…

        Also, it’s absolutely disgusting feeding chicken litter to anything but a compost pile. Glad I don’t eat factory meats; only free range, well kept, farm fresh animals for this family.

        -Cheers, by the way! I’ll join you with that beer!

      • Bird Flu – Zillions of chickens killed…
        Perhaps an agenda is Lab Grown Chicken…

        Tuesday May 7 – The Dallas Express – By Joe Edwards
        Will Texas Ban Lab-Grown Meat Like Florida?

        Following Florida’s recent ban on the sale of lab-grown meat, Texas finds itself at a crossroads and is considering whether to follow suit.

        As previously reported by The Dallas Express, two food production companies, UPSIDE Foods and Good Meats, were granted federal approval to produce and sell lab-grown chicken products in California last year. They were two of more than 150 companies globally that have been developing cultured versions of various types of meat, such as chicken, pork, lamb, and beef.

        Despite some scalability issues, the companies behind such products have touted them as more ethical, ecological, and nutritious.

        “[Cultivated chicken meat] has fewer calories and lower fat than an average piece of conventionally-produced chicken,” said UPSIDE Foods’ senior communications associate Brooke Whitney, per Very Well Health.

        In response to the growth of the lab-grown meat movement, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law SB 1084 on May 1, effectively outlawing the sale of “cultivated meat,” which was defined “as any meat or food product produced from cultured animal cells.” The bill imposes penalties for violating the ban and restricts activities related to the manufacturing, distribution, and storage of lab-grown meat, with exceptions for research purposes.

        DeSantis emphasized the importance of prioritizing traditional farming and ranching practices over what he referred to as “petri dish meat.”

        “Global elites want to control our behavior and push a diet of petri dish meat and bugs on Americans. Florida is saying no. I was proud to sign SB 1084 to keep lab-grown meat out of Florida and prioritize our farmers and ranchers over the agenda of elites and the World Economic Forum,” DeSantis said via X.

        Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller echoed the sentiment, expressing his support for Florida’s move and advocating for a similar ban in the Lone Star State….

      • Saturday May 11, 2024 – Zero Hedge
        The Escalating Threat Of Avian Influenza H5N1 And The Ethical Quandary Of Gain-of-Function Research

        Since the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) H5N1 virus was first identified in humans in 2003, approximately 600 cases have been reported worldwide, with a laboratory-confirmed case-fatality rate (CFR) of 60%.

        The recent death of a woman in southwest China who had no contact with poultry signals a potentially alarming shift in the virus’s transmission dynamics, raising the specter of human-to-human transmission, according to a report by the Federation of American Scientists. [LINK]

        Health authorities in Guiyang, Guizhou province concluded that two patients, including the woman who died, did not have contact with poultry before showing symptoms of the illness. Currently, the public health community remains cautious as H5N1 influenza viruses continue to evolve and potentially gain the ability to be transmitted efficiently to humans.

        The evolution of H5N1 over two decades necessitates an urgent and strategic response from the global health community. Scientific efforts are primarily focused on understanding the genetic shifts that facilitate the virus’s leap among species, aiming to forestall a possible pandemic. This has led to the controversial practice of gain-of-function (GoF) research, wherein viruses are deliberately engineered to be more potent or transmissible….
        [Bottom of article]
        Malerie Briseno is a Biosecurity Intern at the Federation of American Scientists. She graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Medicine with a M.S. in Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious Diseases.

        Christina England is currently a Masters Candidate from the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, specializing in International Security and Economic Policy. She is serving as a biosecurity intern at the Federation of American Scientists, overseeing its Virtual Biosecurity Center. She graduated from the United States Air Forces Academy as distinguished graduate, receiving her BS in Biochemistry.

    • Friend visited family in CA and got a raging eye infection.

    • Just come full circle on eye infections and shit talk, many associate conjunctivitis or pink eye with uncleanliness and kids getting poop in their eyes. However, according to Mayo Clinic, “Pink eye is most often caused by a viral infection. It also can be caused by a bacterial infection, an allergic reaction or — in babies — an incompletely opened tear duct.
      Causes of pink eye include:
      A chemical splash in the eye.
      A foreign object in the eye.
      In newborns, a blocked tear duct.”

      I didn’t know that eye infections could be viral in nature. Learn something new every day.

  29. Global House of Cards built on Debt

    U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
    “These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us.”
    – (King Lear, 1.2)
    ”Is this a dagger to the World’s Economy which I see before me?” – (Macbeth, 2.1 – 2024 financial version)

    Master Trader Gareth Soloway of Verified Investing breaks down the charts and macro-economic data in ways that the mainstream media does not.
    At the 10 minute mark of Wednesday’s May 8 trading “Game Plan” video, Gareth gives a quick overview of the U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen and its implications.
    QUEUED VIDEO (3 ½ minutes for topic)
    “This tells me that the Japanese Central Bank is in trouble,” says Soloway.
    He continues, “Now, this is where things get even more interesting. The U.S. government over the last couple days has said ‘Japanese Central Bank – Japanese government, we do not want you to intervene’….”

    [Disclosure – I am NOT a member of Verified Investing nor do I participate in their give-aways.]

  30. May 7 2024 – Reventure Consulting
    Capital One shutting down accounts. Card delinquencies spike to 2008 levels.
    (18 minute video)

    Nicholas Gerli of Reventure Consulting (a U.S. nationwide real estate data app firm) often gives some insightful glimpses into the economy, business and real estate markets. He shows the data which often should be mainstream headline news, but the media does not cover it.
    Consumer Credit Cards are a leading indicator to the economy.

    Chart that Nicholas shows at the 4:50 minute mark. (Indeed Job Postings Index)
    Indeed Hiring Lab
    Graphs – Hiring Lab Data Portal
    [Different States and Countries can be selected.]

    On a previous Nicholas Gerli video, he gave a great source metric of apartment construction nationwide. Surprisingly, Dallas ranked at the top. This implies that the apartment rental price market may swing lower.
    John Burns Research and Consulting – Total New Apartment Supply – U.S. Cities ranked
    Last 12 months deliveries + Units under construction
    Dallas – 20,062 last 12 months — 55,212 under construction (Link is

    McDonalds is a Real Estate company, not a fast food company – Reventure Consulting
    McDonalds has FRANCHISED 93% of their 40,000 restaurants. The way McDonalds makes money is to charge rent, royalty and franchise fees to the owners.
    4:10 time stamp –> Typical McDonalds owned by franchisee makes $3.2 million in revenue.
    I can relate to that annual revenue with my wholesale/retail business doing about 3.2 million around the year 2000.
    One third of the revenue in each – cash | checks | credit cards.

    I would never ever want to purchase a franchise. It is like signing up to work for the plantation. Also, I would never encourage any business person to sign a lease where you pay a percentage of your gross revenue. A lot of Malls demand this.

    Private equity acquisition of small businesses and small- to mid-sized franchises have skyrocketed in recent years.
    Nationwide, private equity firms are fixing prices and monopolizing essential industries like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, pediatric care, funeral services, daycare centers, veterinary care, etc. (Don’t let the business name deceive you.)

    12 News – Feb 28, 2024
    AG suing Arizona landlords for ‘corrupting’ market, colluding to keep rents high
    Arizona’s attorney general claims owners of apartment complexes in Phoenix have colluded with a software company to inflate rental prices.

    • Consumer “Phantom Debt”

      As noted above, “Consumer Credit Cards are a leading indicator to the economy.”

      But there are other aspects to consumer debt which are difficult to put a finger on. Pawn shops could be an example or the “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) offers.

      Wed May 8 – Zero Hedge
      The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle: Behind The Inexplicable “Strength” Of US Consumers Is $700 Billion In “Phantom Debt”

      Yesterday we discussed the latest consumer credit data, which revealed that the amount of credit card debt across the US has hit a new record high of $1.337 trillion (even though it appears to have finally hit a brick wall, barely rising in April by the smallest amount since the covid crash), even as the savings rate has tumbled to an all time low.

      To be sure, credit card debt is just a small portion (~6%) of the total household debt stack: as the next chart from the latest NY Fed consumer credit report shows, the bulk, or 70%, of US household debt is in the form of mortgages, followed by student loans, auto loans, credit card debt, home equity credit and various other forms. Altogether, the total is a massive $17.5 trillion in total household debt.

      But staggering as the mountain of household debt may be, at least we know how huge the problem is; after all the data is public. What is far more dangerous – because we have no clue about its size – is what Bloomberg calls “Phantom Debt”, and we have repeatedly called Buy Now, Pay Later debt. How much of that kind of debt is out there is largely a guess…

      …But while it is easy to ensnare young, incomeless Americans into the net of installment debt where they will rot as the next generation of debt slaves for the rest of their lives, there is an even more sinister side to this extremely popular form of debt which allows consumers to split purchases into smaller installments: as Bloomberg reports in a lengthy expose on installment debt, the major companies that provide these so called “pay in four” products, such as Affirm Holdings, Klarna Bank and Block’s Afterpay, don’t report those loans to credit agencies. That’s why Buy Now/Pay Later credit has earned a far more ominous nickname:..

      …Still, cracks are starting to form. First it was Americans falling behind on auto loans. Then credit-card delinquency rates reached the highest since at least 2012, with the share of debts 30, 60 and 90 days late all on the upswing…

      …And now, there are also signs that consumers are struggling to afford their BNPL debt, too. A recent survey conducted for Bloomberg News by Harris Poll found that 43% of those who owe money to BNPL services said they were behind on payments, while 28% said they were delinquent on other debt because of spending on the platforms….

  31. Possible Solutions Watch idea to spread awareness.

    I modified a couple 3d printable parts for the old school GI Joe figures on Thingiverse to try and spread awareness of the work of The Corbett Report, The Last American Vagabond and Media Monarchy.

    I am very much a novice, but managed this with free open-sourced 3d programs like Blender and free files someone else had made. I did little to no actual sculpting, instead using a displacement feature in Blender and images from each of their websites. Just imagine what someone who actually knows what they are doing and free time could do!

    Here is a video that is more of a demonstration of the displacement concept than a tutorial that I made.

    • That’s decent work. Have you tried printing one out? I’d kind of expect the detail is a bit too fine for printing out properly.

      • I did try and print some out on my resin printer, which can capture minuscule details very well. I had a corner peel off of the build plate, warping the parts but I don’t think it is an issue with the files as much as my printer itself and how I have the settings. Unfortunately I rarely have time these days to focus on printing like I would like too.

        • I wanted to get into printing many times, but there’s just no way in hell I could fit it in. I also liked modelling and did it professionally for some years, but that feels like it was during a previous life.

          I mostly did parametric modelling, though. More from a mathematical perspective insted of artistic. Recently I’ve had a few bouts with scad which is based on mathematics all the way.

  32. Using AI to create anti establishment music with video

    Although using AI to make any form of art does not particularly attract me, I must admit new results from the technology are impressive. And in this case, I think the usage is quit cool.

    This music video is by digital creator Yariv Hammer. Like me he is a conspiracy researcher and lives in the north of Israel, at one point I actually met someone who knows him personally though I never met him directly.

    Says he has ways of using AI directing it to his production needs as a music creator. I personally am not too much of a technological guy. So not sure exactly how to go about making such a video or any other form of directed AI art. Though maybe it is not too difficult to learn.

    • Thanks so much Jo-ann.
      Oh! What a NBC News title!

      Medical freedom vs. public health: Should fluoride be in our drinking water?
      Misinformation campaigns increasingly target the cavity-fighting mineral, prompting communities to reverse mandates. Dentists are enraged. Parents are caught in the middle.

      At the very end of the news video is Dentist/Activist Dr Bill Osmunson of Bellevue, Washington. He is a really sharp guy and has long been in this fluoride fight.

      Fluoride Activist Regina Imburgia flew Dr Bill Osmunson and Dr Paul Connett into Dallas for an October 20, 2014 Town Hall on Fluoride.
      Dallas City Council Member Sheffie Kadane bravely took the anti-fluoridation stance and you see him on stage.
      Of the 15 city leaders, on January 28, 2015 only Sheffie Kadane and Adam Medrano voted against the $1,060,800 contract with Mosaic to fluoridate Dallas’ water supply.

      • Michael Schulson of UNDARK has put out some decent stuff.
        UNDARK is long-form news.
        This was a nice “non-controversial” approach to gradually shaping the narrative.

        Monday May 6 2024 – UNDARK – By Michael Schulson
        In Millions of Homes, High Fluoride in Tap Water May Be a Concern
        In communities across the U.S., water contains levels of fluoride some experts say could be harm developing brains.

        The town of Seagraves sits on the high plains of West Texas, not far from the New Mexico border. Nearby, water pumped from the Ogallala Aquifer irrigates fields of peanuts and cotton.

        Dissolved in that West Texas water are copious amounts of fluoride. The tap water in Seagraves contains levels of the mineral that many experts believe could have neurotoxic effects, lowering children’s IQs. The science on that effect is unsettled, and most experts say better research is needed. But nearly everyone agrees that at some point, high fluoride levels ought to be a matter of greater concern — even if they don’t always agree on what that point is.

        Many cities add low levels of fluoride to drinking water in a bid to prevent tooth decay, but the policy has long been controversial.
        Lost in that debate are the roughly 3 million Americans whose water naturally contains higher concentrations of fluoride — often at levels that even some fluoridation advocates now acknowledge could have neurodevelopmental effects…

        …But, at least so far, the emerging science on neurological effects is not reflected in regulations. Consumer notices rarely, if ever, mention the possibility that fluoride could affect brain development. Nor do they contain advisories for pregnant women, even as many scientists, including some federal government researchers, now say there’s substantial evidence that such elevated fluoride levels can be harmful to developing fetuses…

        …In a recent interview, Anne Nigra, an environmental health scientist and drinking water expert at Columbia University, described the evidence of harm as “robust” and “very compelling,” even at levels far below those found in Seagraves.

        “If I was speaking to someone from one of these communities, and it’s someone who was pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant, or who had a young child, I would certainly want them to have that information,” she said…

        …Last year, Nigra and several colleagues published a paper estimating that around 3 million Americans live in places where tap water has natural levels of fluoride above 1.5 mg/L. Those communities, the team found, are disproportionately Hispanic and Latino….

        [Texas Fluoride Concentration Map]

      • From UNDARK…
        Anne Nigra, an environmental health scientist and drinking water expert at Columbia University

        Notice her publications, including…
        2017 “Poultry Consumption and Arsenic Exposure in the U.S. Population”
        [Go north to Bird Flu on May Open Thread]

        Dr. Nigra links to…
        REFERENCE – Columbia University Drinking Water Dashboard
        The Columbia University Drinking Dashboard is a tracker and data visualization tool of regulated contaminant concentration estimates in community water systems across the US for the both researchers and the public.
        Users can explore spatial and temporal variability in contaminant concentrations and download our datasets for use in epidemiologic studies.

        The contaminant list and data is impressive!

      • From UNDARK…
        Notice the headline’s PHOTO of the Comfort, Texas water tower.

        Segue to…
        Build a Bat House

        Comfort, Texas, founded by German emigrants, has a population of under 2,000 or 3,000 people.
        It is west of Austin, northwest of San Antonio and lies in the region near Kerrville and Fredericksburg. This region has a ‘Texas storybook nostalgia’ to it. The region has some very interesting history.

        At Comfort, TX in 1918 a Bat Roost was built. It still stands today.
        Standing 30 feet high, the roost is pier and beam footing, with shingles forming a pyramid shape. Only one dormer serves as a bat entrance; the others are ornamental.
        Bats fly in search of food during the night when mosquitoes are most active.
        In addition to reducing disease in the area, the design of the roost allowed for the collection of guano. The bottom is raised seven feet off the ground, which permitted wagon traffic below. Among other uses, bat guano was used to make gunpowder in the United States well into the 20th century.
        The former San Antonio Mayor Pro Tem Albert Steves had it built.
        Steves coined the name Hygieostatic Bat Roost based on the Greek words hygiea (health) and stasis (standing).

        If you search Hygieostatic Bat Roost, you will see an image and information.
        A fair number of Bat Towers were built in different places.

        Learn How to Build a Bat House
        [Watch the two minute video. Batcon is based in Texas.]

        Bat Guano ANECDOTE

        Almost 25 years ago, I bought some large bags of bat guano.
        If you have ever smelled bat guano, the smell will etch in your memory.
        The nitrogen content of bat guano is out the roof! The nitrates composition is why it was a great source for gunpowder. Gunpowder consists of charcoal (carbon), saltpeter (potassium nitrate or sometimes sodium nitrate), and sulfur.
        You can also imagine the incredible mineral content of guano from all those dead bugs.

        Bandana over my mouth and nose, one evening by hand I spread out the bat guano across our front lawn. I had to throw away the old long sleeve shirt and old jeans that I wore. No way was that going in the laundry room.
        Our house was situated in a nice, fairly affluent neighborhood with neighbors all around. In the weeks that followed, the entire neighborhood reeked of bat shit. A few neighbors made some comments.
        I must say…
        …the grass greened up like it was on steroids.

        Sidenote: A very high nitrogen content will ‘burn’ new seed growth. This is why corn gluten meal is often applied on lawns in the Spring to stop the germination of dandelions (for those who use non-chemical methods.)

  33. Just engaged in a court case with our county government. We are looking for some advice and media coverage.

    Our county snuck in land use codes during the pandemic. We have been fighting them for about 2 years now.

    The link explains the issue a bit but we just filed a suit to ask the judicial system to force the county to follow the actual law and consitution. They have denied our right to referendum petition, which is a constitutionally protected right in Colorado.

    Just wanting to spread the word.

  34. I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it is exactly about the war in the holy land that has elicited such a visceral response from that part of me that had grown sort of numb to human tragedy over the years.
    I almost didn’t notice growing numb to man’s inhumanity to man. I think I even pretended that it wasn’t happening by shaking my head in dismay and speaking against the constant stream of evil news to those conveniently within earshot and then going about my daily business as usual.
    I’m ashamed to say that I had grown cold. Maybe it could be called learned helplessness or just becoming resigned to the seeming hopelessness of the human condition.
    But now, the extreme brutality and excessive cruelty of this war has rekindled a raging fire of indignation within me.

    But I’m asking myself if it is really the horribleness of war only that has brought me to this point. If I’m being completely honest, I find myself more moved and outraged by the Gaza war than I am by the arguably much greater numbers of lost and destroyed lives in Ukraine or that which governments and it’s tools have and will bring about with their plague ridden, stratospherically injected, eugenically directed dystopian future.

    I think that the ramifications of this war and all the associated and contributing factors are more significant somehow. Spiritually speaking. (I believe that the writing is already on the wall for humanity physically speaking).

    I think the main thing that bothers me is perhaps that the Name of my Savior is being impugned and maligned in the efforts of so many to justify their support for Israel’s despicable overreaction to an also despicable, yet infinitely less far reaching and not entirely unprovoked surprise attack by Hamas on October 7th. Israel, the same secular state that the majority of the evangelical church assigns a “special” relationship and position with God to that is not based upon a believing loyalty or faith in the Savior that took upon Himself the sins of humanity, died to redeem humanity and rose again from the grave to glorify humanity. That false belief, that one can be saved without trusting in the Savior, is an insult to the Savior.
    More importantly though is that by supporting the war in Gaza, the Body of Christ, the Church, shows a blatant disregard for the eternal salvation of not only those who have died without ever having heard or understood the Gospel. But also of those Jews who are equally lost for eternity if they reject their Savior. And why would a modern secular Jew living in Israel ever embrace their Christ if Christ’s bride, the church tells them they’re fine just as they are.

    Is the murder of an innocent committed by a member of Hamas any more heinous than one committed by a member of the IDF in God’s eyes? How ridiculous. Yet that seems to be the position of the church that I’ve looked to for spiritual guidance and nutrition for most of my life.

    WWJD? I thought that the church used to ask itself that question.

  35. At my age and in my condition, I can’t do much about all this. But what I can do is attempt to overturn a few misconceptions and call out some money changers among my local congregation. Maybe I can reach a few before they drive me out.
    I can’t keep silent. Couldn’t call myself a Christian if I didn’t speak out where it counts.

  36. You will want to watch this, or at least parts.
    At the very beginning you will see Robert Groden on “Good Night America” 6 March 1975 with Dick Gregory and Geraldo Rivera when the Zapruder film was brought to national TV.
    (There are parts just after the beginning that you could just ‘do audio’, but don’t miss some of the visuals.)

    May 7, 2024 – America’s Untold Stories
    The JFK Assassination Zapruder Film with Robert Groden
    (2 hours)

    Join Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert of America’s Untold Stories as they sit down with the legendary Robert Groden to delve into his unparalleled legacy with the Zapruder film and his esteemed status within the JFK Assassination research community.In this captivating interview, Robert Groden shares his deep insights and experiences, offering a rare glimpse into the intricate web of conspiracy theories, evidence, and historical significance surrounding the Zapruder film and the JFK Assassination. Discover the untold stories and hidden truths as Groden provides a firsthand account of his involvement and contributions to this pivotal moment in history.

    Gain a deeper understanding of the impact and implications of the Zapruder film, as well as Groden’s pivotal role in shaping the narrative and discourse surrounding one of the most pivotal events in American history. This thought-provoking conversation promises to shed light on the enigmatic legacy of the Zapruder film and the ongoing quest for truth within the JFK Assassination research community.

    Don’t miss this exclusive interview as Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert guide you through a compelling exploration of Robert Groden’s profound legacy and his enduring influence on the enduring mystery of the JFK Assassination. Tune in for an unforgettable journey through history and conspiracy, as America’s Untold Stories presents a riveting conversation with one of the foremost authorities on this pivotal moment in time.

    Get Robert’s Books directly from [Email address in shownotes.]

    A decade ago during our 9/11 group activism in Dallas around Dealey Plaza and “The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza”, I remember often seeing Robert Groden selling his stuff. The cops would hassle him, but not the other guys who were selling cheap JFK tourist newsprints.
    Around that time, I think that I saw a newspaper quote him as saying that he did not think that 9/11 was a conspiracy. But I dunno.

    I heard Dick Gregory give a talk at my central Texas college about 1973.

    • Large size Coffee Table style hardcover book with nearly 1,000 Photographs – 346 pages – 1.58 pounds

      JFK: Absolute Proof, The Killing of a President, Vol. III by Robert J. Groden (2013-05-03)

      By Robert J. Groden (Click ‘See All Buying Options’ or ‘New’ above, and select Conspiracy Publications) (LIMITED SUPPLY) Exclusive: – Nearly 1,000 Photographs – CIA Agent: Oswald – Found: JFK’s Missng Brain – Lee Harvey Oswald’s Final Moments – The Smoking Gun Documents – JFK Autopsy Photographs – The Conspiracy Revealed Since 1975, the name of Robert Groden has been synonymous with the investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It was Mr. Groden who first released the Zapruder film of the assassination to the world on the television show Good Night America, an event which reopened the investigation after eleven years of official cover-up. He was author of JFK: The Case For Conspiracy (1975), High Treason (1989), The Killing of a President (1993), The Search For Lee Harvey Oswald (1995) and sections of Government By Gunplay (1976). He was Staff Photographic Consultant to The U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations from 1976 through 1979. To find out more about Robert J. Groden, visit

    • More on…
      Robert Groden: The man who brought the Zapruder film to the world!

      On Thursday March 6, 1975 ABC’s “Good Night, America” with Geraldo Rivera featured guests were Dick Gregory and Robert Groden who had the Zapruder film.
      This was the first time that the broad American public saw the Zapruder film!
      20:35 VIDEO
      [On the flip side of that night’s show was Raquel Welch and talk about the Bermuda Triangle.]

      ***** 5 STARS – Superb slide show presentation with important visuals!
      JFK: Absolute Proof: The Killing of a President – Robert Groden
      Published Nov 25, 2021 – Allen City TV – VIDEO 1:46:55

      JFK Assassination Truth – WEBSITE – Robert Groden – [BOOKS and DVDs listed]

      Abraham Zapruder had three copies made of the film. He retained the original and one copy. Two copies went to the Secret Service.
      On the morning of November 23, CBS lost the bidding for the footage to Life magazine’s $150,000 offer ($1,490,000 in 2024). CBS News correspondent Dan Rather was the first to report on the footage on national television after seeing it.
      His omission supported the single shooter theory of only Oswald firing from the rear.

      Dan Rather’s Zapruder footage account on CBS – November 25, 1963
      3:26 minutes
      Transcript EXCERPT of Dan Rather
      “…In the next instant, but this time Mrs. Kennedy apparently looking on, a second shot, the third total shot, hit the President’s head. His head could be seen to move violently forward.” Dan Rather moves his head forward and down – not back and to the left.

      CBS Website
      Dan Rather describes The Zapruder Film VIDEO (hard to play)

      Robert Groden obtains copies of the film…
      In 1967, Life hired New Jersey film lab Manhattan Effects to make a 16 mm film copy of the Zapruder film’s original version. Pleased with the results, they asked for a 35 mm internegative to be made. Mo Weitzman made several internegatives in 1968, giving the best to Life and retaining the test copies. Weitzman set up his own optical house and motion-picture postproduction facility later that year. Hired in 1969, employee and assassination buff Robert Groden used one of Weitzman’s copies and an optical printer to make versions of the Zapruder film with close-ups and minimize the shakiness of Zapruder’s camera. [From Wikipedia & videos of Groden]

  37. Hey Corbett family, I’m a founding member of We Are Change and want to let you know about my new political satire newsletter on Substack called The Farce Feed! Subversive satire with original art, roasting mainstream media, modern absurdities and overt government corruption. “A brighter shade of yellow journalism.” Please check it out and subscribe if you enjoy the content. Much appreciated!


    Yet another song which will be part of the soon to be released album.

    For independent thinkers
    Original Music by The New Age Project (c) 2024
    Lyrics and Music by Yariv Hammer, assisted by AI technology

    Narrativa Apocalypsa – The New Age Project

    [Verse 1]
    They plot, they steer, a world on the edge
    A crisis they conjure to seize and to hedge
    Exploiting our fears to tighten their hold
    Narrativa Apocalypsa, truth will unfold

    Crafted narratives orchestrated scenes
    Events distorted by deceitful means
    Twisting truth with skilled hands they ply
    Narrativa Apocalypsa, beneath a false sky

    Their unified vision a shroud of deceit
    Their illusions we’ll shatter, mission complete
    For every step they take in their power parade
    We’ll stand unyielding in the light we’ve made

    [Verse 2]
    Authority expands like a v it spreads
    Under guise of safety they silence our meds
    Centralizing power in the hands of the few
    Narrativa Apocalypsa, for freedom is due

    Freedoms restricted under watchful eyes
    In the heart of resistance spirit never dies
    Technological shackles seeking to bind
    Narrativa Apocalypsa a force of the mind

    Their unified vision a shroud of deceit
    Their illusions we’ll shatter mission complete
    For every step they take in their power parade
    We’ll stand unyielding in the light we’ve made

    Their propaganda machine in overdrive it spins
    we’ll see through their lies and break through their skins
    Economic transformation a tool of control
    Narrativa Apocalypsa, with heart and with soul

    Their unified vision a shroud of deceit
    Their illusions we’ll shatter mission complete
    For every step they take in their power parade
    We’ll stand unyielding in the light we’ve made

    let the drums of rebellion echo far and wide
    As we reclaim our destiny with courage as our guide
    Their resistance suppression will crumble and fall
    Narrativa Apocalypsa, we will stand tall

  39. Another archive of books, papers, magazines, comics, library records, metadata:

    “The largest truly open library in human history. ⭐️ We mirror Sci-Hub and LibGen. We scrape and open-source Z-Lib, DuXiu, and more.
    “31,603,758 books, 99,900,496 papers — preserved forever. All our code and data are completely open source.”

  40. Cash might remain even with CBDCs implemented:

    World’s Oldest Central Bank Keeps Sounding Alarm On Fragility Of Cashless Economies

    “Put another way, cash does not crash. It does not fail in a power cut or seize up during a cyber attack (though, of course, ATMs might). By contrast, digital payment systems need a stable and continuous internet connection to process transactions. When these connections fail, the result is often chaos. Digital payment outages have caused significant disruption in a host of countries in recent years, including the US, the UK, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, Spain and Norway. Generally speaking, the more cashless the country, the greater the disruption.”

  41. Apologies, James! I guess your search function is as good as the old site (I’ll take your word for it that it is, at any rate). I think I was thinking of content you put out under the title of ‘Cyber 911’ and not ‘Cyber Polygon’. I wonder if you couldn’t give us an update on that particular ‘Great Reset’ potential agenda, however. Maybe you have, and I missed it. With these recent Coronal Mass Ejections and Faraday cages/bags once again in vogue, however, maybe it’s worth addressing for the Corbett audience. Follow up: do you use faraday devices, James, or think that’s a good idea re: ‘prepping’?

    I do utilize your site search function quite a bit, though, when I shilling your links when relatable topics are brought up elsewhere. I guess I was having a bit of a panic attack when I couldn’t find what I recalled being there previously (Mandela Effects aside).
    3 Ways to Build a Faraday Cage

    What do you say, Corbeteers – should James & or guest(s) cover (more?) cyber false flag or digital ‘reset’ (see also CBDC implementation) content this summer?

  42. Dear Corbett,
    let me briefly explain the idea of TrueRepublic:
    For a representative democracy to function properly, the will of the people must be accurately represented. However, our current political system doesn’t achieve this, and our hierarchical institutions are prone to corruption.
    We propose a bottom up democratic approach, where decisions aren’t made by a select few at the top. Our idea, aims to technically enable what we call “proxy parties”. These political parties are completely controlled by their members, ensuring true representation.
    What differentiates the concept TrueRepublic from today’s digital voting solutions?
    1. **Decentralization**: The platform is decentralized and owned by its users, ensuring protection against data manipulation.
    2. **Domain Organization**: Users organize themselves into “domains,” which are encrypted spaces where identity is protected, ensuring that only members can participate. This fosters a marketplace of ideas and transparency regarding group preferences.
    3. **Moderation-Free Environment**: An economic model eliminates the need for moderation and censorship, while also enabling the decentralization of the network. Transparent rules ensure genuine will-transparency, while offering protection against spam and troll attacks.
    4. **Network Effect**: All users benefit from the network’s growth, leading to a self-reinforcing network effect that fosters the emergence of a democratic movement from isolated groups.
    5. **Incentivization**: Domains can be boosted, allowing organizations to reward members for their ratings. This enables proxy parties to use membership fees, donations, grants, etc., to incentivize high levels of participation.
    6. **Bitcoin Adoption**: The platform makes it easier for ordinary citizens to earn Bitcoin.
    7. **Simple Domain Structure**: The domain structure is straightforward and highly adaptable to the needs of individual groups, with a few customizable options.
    While the technological foundation for our concept already exists, there’s still a lot of development work to be done. We’re now looking to spread the idea and find developers. We want to keep everything open source and decentralized: no company, no foundation, no association. Groups can either provide their own developers or organize crowdfunding.
    You can find more information here: (start with “About Us” section). The white paper is also linked under FAQ, although it does get quite technical.
    Best regards,

  43. Chemtrails the “news” today:

    The Abstract episode 29 “8 States BANNING CHEMTRAILS”
    By Peter A. Kirby

    “It appears that the issue of chemtrails and geoengineering is finally starting to go mainstream. This is largely due to the fact that Tennessee has recently signed a bill into law which effectively bans weather modification activities and there are 7 other states with similar bills in the works. For a thorough understanding of chemtrails and geoengineering, please buy and read the author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.”

  44. 𝐏𝐚𝐰 𝐏𝐚𝐰 (𝐀𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐛𝐚)

    Exploring the many gifts offered by Paw Paw trees the in the context of Food Forest Design. This is Installment #6 of the Stacking Functions in the Garden, Food Forest and Medicine Cabinet series.

    Pawpaw is an unbelievable tree and fruit. Imagine a fruit the size of a mango, that smells like the most exotic tropical fruit. Cutting it in half reveals an incredibly sweet, rich, custard-textured flesh that has a flavor profile somewhere between banana, papaya, pear, strawberry and jackfruit. And you picked it from a tree on YOUR land! For our region, where winters can get to -26 C and heavy winds, it is a very special experience to have such a tropical seeming tree. The foliage and bark are not desired by deer or rabbits, so we find we can plant paw paw out with no browse pressure.

    The pawpaw is a cousin to the custard apple and cherimoya, the only member of the tropical sugar apple family living in the temperate north. Basically, the pawpaw is a tropical fruit tree that hitchhiked its way north as the continental glaciers receded at the end of the Ice Age. The pawpaw is now found growing indigenously, primarily throughout the eastern United States and very southern part of Ontario. This amazingly adaptive fruit tree has become so popular that it is being introduced into many other temperate regions of the globe.

    Paw Paw is an underappreciated and under-recognized tree. Within the bushcraft and permaculture circles, it is quite well known as an amazing tree to find, plant, and tend.

    One of the reasons that PawPaw is probably not more well known has, unsurprisingly, everything to do with the commercial viability of the fruits. PawPaw fruit is absolutely delicious but it only stays good for a few days after picking–so it would never survive the rigors of modern industrial agriculture. You can occasionally find it at a good farmer’s market, and it is well worth seeking out! You can also seek it out in the wilds. PawPaw is the only large fruit producing tree that grows wild in a north-eastern climate.

    This leads to the names for the PawPaw, which includes everything from Appalacian banana, Michigan Banana, Ozark Banana, Kentucky Banana, West Virginia Banana, to American custard apple, Quaker delight, hillbilly mango, and poor man’s banana. As you can see from some of these names, a bit of a stigma was once attached to PawPaw, which may be another reason it is not as sought out or well known. Such are the long term impacts of the type of food snobbery and big ag propaganda that I touched on in this radio segment (which I will link in another comment below for those that missed it on Media Monarchy last month).

    To learn more about the many blessings Pawpaw trees offer to the land, human beings and the non-human beings we share this land with read more in the article below:

  45. Canada – BILL C-63 – Online Harms Act

    Part 2 – Criminal Code
    hatred means the emotion that involves detestation or vilification and that is stronger than disdain or dislike; (haine)

    Hate Crime
    Offence motivated by hatred
    320.‍1001 (1) Everyone who commits an offence under this Act or any other Act of Parliament, if the commission of the offence is motivated by hatred based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life.

    PART 3 
    Canadian Human Rights Act
    Communication of hate speech

    13 (1) It is a discriminatory practice to communicate or cause to be communicated hate speech by means of the Internet or any other means of telecommunication in a context in which the hate speech is likely to foment detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination…

    …Mere indication, hosting or caching
    (3) For the purposes of subsection (1), a person does not communicate or cause to be communicated hate speech by reason only that they
    (a) indicate the existence or location of the hate speech; or
    (b) host or cache the hate speech or information about the location of the hate speech.


    I friggin hate this kind of crap. Uh-oh, I did a “hate crime”.

    • Same here. So a pedo rapes your baby and you are not allow to vilify him because of his sexual expression? Guess that is another side of trans-humanism. It’s menticide.

      • I like that term: menticide.

  46. 𝐉𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐧’𝐬 𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐨𝐫 𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 𝐝𝐨𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫: 𝐂𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 ‘𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐦𝐮𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐫’

    In an interview published April 19, Dr. Masanori Fukushima, who spearheaded the first cancer outpatient clinic at Kyoto University and launched the first course in pharmacoepidemiology there, listed a slew of problems with the COVID mRNA jabs, evidencing what he called an evil “abuse of science.”

    He pointed out that “turbo cancers,” a kind “previously unseen by doctors” that progress extremely quickly and are typically in stage four by the time they are diagnosed, have started to appear after the jab rollouts. These “turbo cancers” are emerging along with excess mortality due to cancer in general, which Fukushima says cannot be explained only by lost opportunities for screenings or treatment during the COVID outbreak.

    As a tragic example of the fatal danger of the COVID shots, the oncologist shared the story of a 28-year-old man who was found dead by his wife when she tried to wake him in the morning, five days after he received his second Pfizer shot.

    “The doctor who did the autopsy said that when he tried to remove the heart, it was soft and had disintegrated,” Fukushima said. “And even just one case like this shows how dangerous this vaccine can be.”

    He pointed out that these severe harms, including death, have been afflicting people – post-jab – who have a history of good health.

    “It’s serious. It’s essentially murder. In the end, I want to state clearly that this is my view,” the doctor said.

  47. I recently had some good people from Kjipuktuk (aka Halifax) in Mi’kma’ki (aka Nova Scotia) email me and ask if I wanted to trade some of their homemade organic oat cakes for a copy of my book.

    They also considerately and illuminatingly said “If you prefer inedible currency, I’ll certainly understand and will send that along instead.”

    I (of course) opted for the edible currency and I was not disappointed! 🙂

    They sent me a sample pack with a bunch of exquisite variations on their central recipe that included seasonal locally sourced ingredients included in separate recipes, such as wild blueberries, haskap berries, raspberries, maple syrup, flax seeds and lavender! Each package has a unique message on the back side of the label that exemplifies and describes what the oat cake creators were listening to when they made that particular batch.

    These people are not only creating delicious oat cakes using locally sourced organic ingredients, they also print empowering, evocative, mind opening, informative, heartening and humorous messages on the other side of their oat cake wrappers, making them what I would describe as experts in “Guerrilla Marketing”.

    Check out some of the batches I sampled and the messages they had on the package in the pics linked below.

    • If you live in the area commonly referred to as “Canada” I highly suggest buying some for yourself.

      Here is their website:

    • Nice post – made my day!

      • @jo-ann

        Glad to hear it, it certainly made my day getting that email and it made my day again when I opened up that box of amazing oat cakes. I think i`m gonna buy a kilo-tin of their “rebel-classics” batch next 🙂

  48. 05/18/2024 • Mises Wire • Ryan McMaken
    The Money Supply Is Growing Again and the Fed Wants It that Way

    …Money supply growth can often be a helpful measure of economic activity and an indicator of coming recessions. During periods of economic boom, money supply tends to grow quickly as commercial banks make more loans. Recessions, on the other hand, tend to be preceded by slowing rates of money supply growth.

    It should be noted that the money supply does not need to actually contract to signal a recession. As shown by Ludwig von Mises, recessions are often preceded by a mere slowing in money supply growth. But the drop into negative territory we’ve seen in recent months does help illustrate just how far and how rapidly money supply growth has fallen. That is generally a red flag for economic growth and employment.

    All that said, recessions tend not to become apparent until after the money supply has begun to accelerate again after a period of slowing. This was the case in the early 1990’s recession, the Dot-com Bust of 2001, and the Great Recession.

    In spite of last year’s sizable drops in total money supply, the trend in money-supply remains well above what existed during the twenty-year period from 1989 to 2009…

    …Since 2009, the TMS money supply is now up by more than 185 percent. (M2 has grown by 145 percent in that period.) Out of the current money supply of $19 trillion, $4.6 trillion—or 24 percent—of that has been created since January 2020. Since 2009, more than $12 trillion of the current money supply has been created. In other words, nearly two-thirds of the total existing money supply have been created just in the past thirteen years.

    With these kinds of totals, a ten-percent drop in the money supply only puts a small dent in the huge edifice of newly created money. The US economy still faces a very large monetary overhang from the past several years, and this is partly why after seventeen months of negative money-supply growth, we have only seen a slowdown in employment for the past several months…

    …So, in times of rising price inflation, central banks face two contradictory tasks: keeping price inflation low while also keeping interest rates low.

    This is where the Federal Reserve is right now. In spite of the fact that the predicted “disinflation” has not materialized—and CPI inflation is not headed back to two percent—the Fed in recent weeks has made it clear it has no plans to raise its target policy interest rate. Politically speaking, the Fed can’t let interest rates rise because the Fed is expected to prevent any significant increases in interest paid—i.e., yields— on government debt….

      • Gavin,
        I’m not much on doing polls and stuff. But I love your photos!

        I’m curious…
        On your excusions into the wild, do you ever grab soil and take it back to the home-place?
        Especially a sample from a healthy looking plant.

        My think is that it may make for a good mix of compost tea, or provide beneficial nematodes, or something.

        Saw your write-up on the fracking south of here. I hear ya (although some of their fracking techniques have gotten cleaner over the years.) –Fracking is still a problem.
        The only real viable way forward in my opinion is alcohol as a general clean fuel which easily integrates into permaculture and organic values.
        As a societal solution, it would cause an economic boom.

        • @HRS

          No worries! That poll was kinda all over the place anyways.

          Thanks I am glad you dig the pics 🙂

          That is a great question, as a rule I am about enhancing the biodiversity of wilderness places when possible (wild tending by foraging while spreading seeds of endangered plants etc) rather than diminishing them by subtracting large amounts of material from that place without giving something back in return, but i have made exceptions for taking small soil samples from old growth forests in order to “inoculate” my compost piles and Hügelkultur beds with specialized decomposing fungi, bacteria and other beneficial organisms (like nematodes). I always make a physical and spiritual effort to give back to those communities of life in some way when I do that.

          I have also harvested so called “invasive” plants (which are also edible and medicinal) right down to the roots (such as Japanese knotweed and garlic mustard) and used the soil attached to the roots for enhancing the biodiversity of my compost piles.

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts on fracking.

          That is interesting regarding your thoughts on alcohol, it would certainly be an improvement on all the oil wars, spills and fracking though one concern I have is that “biofuel” operations that grow copious amounts of corn for turning into ethanol can often incentivize deforestation of biodiverse old growth forests, and tie up fertile land that could be used by starving locals to grow food, so that huge energy corporations can cash in on biofuel sales. Then there is also the fact that Bayer and other transgenic GMO seed companies will likely get farmers hooked into their shady schemes growing GMO crops designed for fuel output, while crippling and further monopolizing the food supply.

          Wouldn’t it be nice if we did not have a murderous transnational cartel taking out people like Stanley Mayer everytime they come up with an alterative decentralized clean fuel source.. though I suppose if one could fill up their gas tank with rain water, that may not be very good for the GDP.

    Early 9/11 Truth Videos – Frank Ho @NLW911 video channel

    The Official ReThink911 Video – Campaign launched Sept 2013
    Ironically, this became signifcant for the City of Dallas policies…
    Sept 25, 2013 – Dallas Observer publishes “Dallas Gets It Very Own 9/11 Truther Billboard on Stemmons Freeway”
    November 2013 was the 50th Anniversary of JFK in Dallas.
    The City of Dallas did not use words like “assassination” in the white-washed, huge public event. They paved over the ‘X’ on the street at Dealey Plaza and prohibited “conspiracy theory” advocates from disseminating in that area.

    BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 26 Minutes Before It Fell
    This is a ‘clean’ version (7:15 minutes) with no arrows pointing to the Salomon Brothers Building.

    I discovered this Frank Ho Video Channel when I was searching to watch the hour long documentary
    Plaza Man (2014) — Impressive JFK documentary – NLsubs
    An impressive documentary, from director Kasper Verkaik, on the murder of John F. Kennedy, filmed through the eyes of Robert J. Groden, who investigated the murder on the 35th president of the United States for the most part of his life.

    The City of Dallas harassed and ticketed Robert Groden 84 times and arrested him twice, all of which was illegal and eventually thrown out in a higher court.
    Robert Groden’s story is quite amazing. North on the May Open Thread you will see more about him.
    Robert Groden is the man who first brought the Zapruder film to the American public.


    For those who do not know, the FluorideAlert.Org website has been ‘quiet’ and not updated since February 26, 2024.
    The last posted “Recent News” was Opinion: A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History by Tom Nolan.

    The website is being re-worked to an updated version.

    Dr. Michael Dolan recently posted a Fluoridation Review of timely stories. (May 18)

    • Saturday May 18, 2024 – Derrick Broze – The Conscious Resistance Network (TCR)
      Why Is the MSM Suddenly Pushing Fluoride Propaganda?
      [VIDEO of Derrick going over MainStreamNews]

      In this clip from TCR Live #124, Derrick Broze looks at 2 recent reports from NBC News which are focused on equating opponents of fluoride with “anti-vaxxers”. Why is this sudden push for fluoride propaganda happening right now? Does it have anything to do with the imminent ruling in the fluoride lawsuit? Find out in this important report!

  51. Got this in my feed, and thought it gives some confirmation that there is indeed Palestinian refugee people propaganda. Not only zionist propagnda. Have not checked it thoughrly though if at all that is possible, so maybe it is wrong?

    (Also, I think the UN is a evil criminal organisation instrumental in fueling a horrific conflict between zionism and the arab world, but generally they seem to be very anti IDF so I do not think they would make this up. And I do presume there are cases were some IDF soldiers exploit their power which is horrific, not to speak of the evil Israeli government on top)

    This week, the United Nations revised its estimate of civilian death in Gaza, cutting it by 50%.
    Today, they can confirm that 4,959 women and 7,797 children have been killed thus far in the conflict.
    According to i24, “The UN has acknowledged that its initial reliance on data from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, administered by Hamas in Gaza, contributed to the inflated figures.”
    These numbers can be verified on the website of Osha, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – [].
    However, you will need to sleuth a bit to find those numbers. The front page still gives the number of casualties as 34,900+ according to the MoH Gaza (That’s the Hamas-run Ministry of Health).
    Scroll down the page and click on the May 15 report, “Hostilities in the Gaza Strip and Israel – reported impact.” There you still get 35,233 as a ‘key figure’ of Palestinian fatalities. But if you continue to scroll down the page, you will get to the actual breakdown.
    Note: According to the UN in a report from 2 years ago: []
    Civilians comprise 90% of the casualties in wartime.
    In Gaza, it’s barely 50%.
    Every civilian casualty of war is a tragedy.
    These numbers however indicate an extraordinary feat of care by the Israel Defense Forces, one worthy of recognition.

    • You’ve misunderstood Sunny. It is convoluted and complicated but it all boils down to the number of people that have been identified.
      There is no dispute about the numbers of the dead, except of course for the bodies that haven’t been unearthed yet.
      The change in the number is only because they are only counting the bodies that they been able to positively identify.
      There are still at least 10,000 unidentified bodies that are undoubtedly mainly civilians.
      Hope this helps clarify the issue.

      “No, the death toll in Gaza has not suddenly been reduced”

      “The death toll in Gaza has not been revised down by the United Nations, the organization confirmed, clearing up a report from one of its agencies that has been used to fuel misinformation about the veracity of figures issued by authorities in Gaza.”

      The 35,000 number provided by the Health Ministry “remains unchanged,” said Farhan Haq, deputy spokesperson for the U.N. secretary general, at a news briefing on Monday. A lower figure that appeared last week in a report by the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs represented the number of dead who have been identified.”

      “According to the Health Ministry’s latest official count, 35,000 people in Gaza have been killed, 15,000 of whom are children and nearly 10,000 women. Those numbers are not in dispute, Haq said, and the 24,000 figure from the OCHA report represents the people “for whom full details have been documented — in other words, people who have been fully identified.””

      • Thanks! Will update the person who shared with a comment. Seems to be a misunderstanding or some kind of fake.

  52. Sunday May 19, 2024 – Zero Hedge
    Green Irony: Massive US Lithium Source Found – In Fracking Wastewater

    The global, government-coerced transition into “green energy” has geologists scouring the Earth for new sources of lithium — the element that’s required for batteries, like those used in electric vehicles.

    Now, in a cosmic practical joke on environmentalists, researchers say they’ve found a lithium mother lode — in Pennsylvania fracking wastewater.

    It turns out that the Marcellus Shale — a long swath of sedimentary rock in the northeastern United States that holds huge amounts of frackable gas — holds huge quantities of lithium too. Justin Mackey and other researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pennsylvania were pleasantly surprise when they studied the contents of wastewater dredged up in the fracking process at 515 sites in the Keystone State, reports Science Alert.

    [MAP of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York – Marcellus Shale]

    Long before the frackers showed up, deep groundwater has been dissolving the lithium in the Marcellus Shale for eons. “It’s been dissolving rocks for hundreds of millions of years—essentially, the water has been mining the subsurface,” Mackey told the University of Pittsburgh’s Brandie Jefferson.

    When they analyzed the wastewater data, they were stunned by the volume of lithium. The shale “has the capacity to provide significant lithium yields for the foreseeable future” he says. Their detailed findings were published in Scientific Reports.

    It’s unclear if other fracking hotspots have abundant lithium too. However, even using conservative estimates of how much can be recovered from the wastewater suggests that Pennsylvania alone could cover more than 30% of America’s 2024 demand…

    … The United States is way behind other countries. Here’s the 2023 lithium production leaderboard according to Investing News Network:
    Australia: 86,000 metric tons (MT)
    Chile: 44,000
    China: 33,000
    Argentina: 9,600
    Brazil: 4,900
    Zimbabwe: 3,400
    Canada: 3,400 (tied for 6th)
    Portugal: 380
    USA: Production numbers withheld, purportedly to protect proprietary company data….

    • @HRS

      Thanks for the heads up.

      While the apparently ecologically ignorant and clearly short sighted author of the article linked above seems to be endorsing and advocating for expanding fracking operations in the US (saying things like “Compared to that ((cobalt mining in the Congo)), harvesting Pennsylvania fracking wastewater sounds positively idyllic.” he neglects to mention how fracking will poison your drinking water, ground water, streams, rivers and soil (for farming).

      Comparing something that is super ugly to something that is ‘less ugly’ (when compared relatively and looking through an anthropocentric lens) does not make the second thing not ugly, it is just a manipulation of the mind technique.

      Anyone cheering for more fracking obviously has not lived near a fracking facility as the PR from the petroleum corporations sounds lovely until your local stream becomes flammable and the water you use for your livestock or farming becomes toxic (that has happened here in Canada, in the US and in Australia multiple times).

      For those that are not aware, the fracking process involves injecting a huge quantity of fresh water mixed with toxic chemicals — called fracking fluids — deep into the ground. Petroleum corporations routinely claim that these fracking fluids are harmless because they’re roughly 2 percent chemical and 98 percent water. But 2 percent of the billions of gallons of fracking fluid created by drillers every year equals hundreds of tons of toxic chemicals.

      Even worse, the oil and gas industry has no idea what to do with the massive amount of contaminated water it’s creating. Fracking fluids and waste have made their way into our drinking water and aquifers. Fracking has already been linked to drinking water contamination in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Ohio, Wyoming, New York, and West Virginia.

      Fracking poses serious threats to local water resources, especially in areas where water is already scarce like the Barnett shale in Texas. In the Marcellus Shale region, the most expansive shale play in the United States, 2 to 10 million gallons of water are needed every time a well is fractured. Because wells can be fractured multiple times, the total amount of water used for fracking is unknown and can vary by location and technology. In western states like Texas and Colorado, over 3.6 million gallons are needed per fracture. In 2010, 70 to 140 billion gallons of water were used to fracture just 35,000 wells in the United States, more than was used by the city of Denver, Colorado in the same time period. As of 2012, the fracking industry has drilled around 1.2 million wells, and is slated to add at least 35,000 new wells every year.

      Saying, “it is not as bad as child miners in the Congo” is nonsense. Cheering for fracking equates to giving the middle finger to the Creator and his beautiful Earth and spitting in the face of one’s great grandchildren.

      • Drilling wastewater is so poisonous, when a gas company that legally doused a patch of West Virginia forest with salty wastewater from a drilling operation, it killed ground vegetation within days and more than half the trees within two years. Wastewater from fracking has also been linked to livestock and family pet deaths across the country.

        Moreover, many chemicals used in fracking have been documented to have deleterious health effects at small levels of exposure.

        Some of the chemicals that comprise frack fluid are highly toxic and cancer causing, like Benzene, Toluene, 2-butoxyethanol (a main ingredient to anti-freeze and oil dispersants), and heavy metals. The Endocrine Disruptor Exchange (TEDX) identified 353 chemicals used in fracking, many of which can cause cancer and other serious health, even in small doses.

        Once the frack fluid mixture is injected into the ground it can also pick up or entrain further contaminants, like radium, a cancer-causing radioactive particle found deep within the Marcellus and other shales. Radium has a half life of over 1,000 years and is produced from Uranium, which has a much longer half life. Because Radium is water soluble, all frack fluid used in certain Shale types becomes radioactive to some degree.

      • One of the gravest threats posed by fracking is the contamination of drinking water wells, vital sources of water for many rural communities. Though the industry has attempted to obscure evidence of well water contamination by fracking, multiple instances have come to light.

        – In Pennsylvania, Colorado, Ohio and Wyoming, fracking has been linked to drinking water contamination and property damage. (See Propublica’s series of reports on fracking)

        – A Duke study examining 60 sites in New York and Pennsylvania found “systematic evidence for methane contamination” in household drinking water. Water wells half a mile from drilling operations were contaminated by methane at 17 times the rate of those farther from gas developments. Although methane in water has not been studied closely as a health hazard, it can seep into houses and build up to explosive levels.

        – In December 2011, US EPA released a 121-page draft report linking the contamination of drinking water wells near the town of Pavillion, Wyoming to nearby gas drilling.

        – An investigation by ProPublica found that years after their wells were contaminated by nearby fracking operations, EPA began to supply water to residents of Dimock, Pennsylvania.

        – In New York, claims have already been filed against the Anschutz Exploration Corporation and its subcontractors on behalf of nine families for the contamination of their drinking waterdue to natural gas exploration and drilling.

        – A scene in “Gasland,” a documentary in which a homeowner was able to light the water flowing out of his kitchen tap, made many people aware of the dangers of fracking. Scientific American also published a ProPublica investigation that found “a string of documented cases of gas escaping into drinking water – in Pennsylvania and other states.”

        – A 1987 report concluded that hydraulic fracturing fluids or gel used by the Kaiser Exploration and Mining Company contaminated a well roughly 600 feet away on the property of James Parsons in Jackson County, W.Va.

        In spite of the evidence, the oil and gas industry routinely claims that fracking has never resulted in water contamination.

        • Yep – fracking is “safe and effective.”

          There is a thread from prior months where HRS provided links to fracking sites and lists of chemicals used. I searched the lists for the PFOAs and PFCs and concluded that these forever chemicals are ingredients in the listed propriety surfactants. These chemicals are measurable in the contaminated water.

          • @jo-ann

            Thanks for the informative and thoughtful comment.

            I`ll have to add researching PFOA and PFC detoxing foods and herbs to the list of research items for my next book.

  53. Newsweek – New Study Links Behavioral Problems in Children with Fluoride

    Monday May 20, 2024 – Newsweek – By Pandora Dewan (Senior Science Reporter)
    Scientists Sound Alarm Over Drinking Tap Water When Pregnant
    In a new study, published in the journal JAMA Network Open, researchers from the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine analyzed 229 mother-child pairs to explore whether maternal fluoride exposure during pregnancy has any implications on their children’s social and emotional functioning.

    “Our results showed that higher fluoride levels in mother’s urine were associated with significantly increased neurodevelopmental problems in their three-year-old children, especially for internalizing problems like depression and anxiety,” Tracy Bastain, an associate professor of clinical population and public health science and senior author of the study, told Newsweek. “These results are very concerning from a public health perspective, given that the majority of U.S. communities have fluoridated water.”

    In their study, Bastain and colleagues found that a 0.68 milligram per liter increase in maternal fluoride exposure was associated with a near-doubling increase in their child’s risk of developing neurobehavioral problems, including emotional reactivity, headaches, anxiety and symptoms linked to autism.

    This is not the first time fluoride exposure has been linked to problems in brain development. “In experimental studies, fluoride has shown to cause biochemical changes in brain cells and increased inflammatory reactions even at low doses,” Bastain said. “Effects have also been seen on learning and memory in studies in rats. “
    “This is all critically important for pregnant persons, because studies have shown that fluoride can cross the placenta and the blood-brain barrier, which can harm the developing brain of the fetus.”

    Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) – JAMA, published continuously since 1883, is an international peer-reviewed general medical journal.

    Maternal Urinary Fluoride and Child Neurobehavior at Age 36 Months
    Ashley J. Malin, PhD1,2; Sandrah P. Eckel, PhD3; Howard Hu, MD, MPH, ScD3; E. Angeles Martinez-Mier, PhD, DDS, MSD4; Ixel Hernandez-Castro, PhD3; Tingyu Yang, MS3; Shohreh F. Farzan, PhD3; Rima Habre, ScD3; Carrie V. Breton, ScD3; Theresa M. Bastain, PhD3

    Dr. Howard Hu testified at the EPA Fluoride Lawsuit Trial

    Dr. Ashley J. Malin
    Ten years ago Dr. Malin and Dr. Christine Till conducted a study in the United States using CDC data.
    They found that kids living in fluoridated communities had a higher prevalence of ADHD than kids living in non-fluoridated communities in the U.S.

  54. Hmmm…maybe something is up here in May…routines have changed slightly.

    • Maybe temporary battle-fatigue?

  55. After the last post I shared which was not quite accurate and later corrected by Slow Cured Anarcho Hippy (though to my credit I did mention I did not thoroughly research it) adding here another post I got which seems to confirm a Zionism Arab purposely fueled conflict rather than a pure Zionist conspiracy, at the top of the pyramid. At least to my mind. It seems to ne more reliable than the previous one I put.
    This time there is no relation to the UN, which I believe to be another criminal evil conspiratorial organisation.
    Please if you have any correction from your knowledge do post it here. And I am grateful for the previous correction!
    Also please bare in mind I did a copy paste and Google translation. So it is not my writing, none of it.
    Of particular interest to me is the name Rockefeller. Soros was not surprising (who is Jewish, though as I know Rockefeller isn’t, but in any case I think people should be judged by their actions and not ethnicity)

    • Report: behind many of the encampments on US campuses are organizations supported by billionaire George Soros, David Rockefeller Jr. and Phyllis Gelman
      In an investigation published by the New York Post, it was shown how funds are transferred to pro-Palestinian associations that are behind the encampments and some of the protests on campuses

      Keren Zarihan
      April 30, 2024

      Pro-Palestinians protest at Columbia University against the background of the encampment they set up, April 29, 2024 | Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
      According to a report by the “New York Post” newspaper from April 26, many of the encampments on campuses across the US were established by an organization called “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP), funded by billionaire George Soros.

      The newspaper also reported that the “Rockefeller Brothers Foundation”, whose board of directors includes David Rockefeller Jr., scion of the Rockefeller dynasty, and Felice Gelman, a former Wall Street banker, are providing funding to the groups that set up the encampment on the campus of Columbia University in New York on April 18, and are Behind some of the protests in universities and across the US.

      A report by the “New York Post” states that “George Soros and his far-left followers are paying agitators who are fueling the explosion of radical demonstrations against Israel at colleges across the country [USA]”.

      “Identical tent cities have been set up at colleges including Harvard, Yale, Berkeley in California, Ohio State University and Emory in Georgia – all organized by branches of the Soros-funded ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ (SJP) – and in some of them students have clashed with the police. The parent organization SJP was funded by a network of associations that were ultimately funded, among others, by Soros,” it said.

      According to the newspaper, the “American Campaign for Palestinian Rights” (USCPR) is a group that pays thousands of dollars to its “colleagues”, whether they are from the local community or students, for organizing activities such as demonstrations – money that also originates from Soros.

      “USCPR provides up to $7,800 to fellows in the community and between $2,880 and $3,660 to ‘fellows’ on campus in return for investing eight hours a week in organizing ‘campaigns led by Palestinian organizations.’ They are trained to ‘stand up, revolutionize’ […] The radical group [USCPR] has received at least $300,000 from the Soros Open Society Fund since 2017 and also took $355,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation since 2019,” the report said.

      It was also reported that three groups set up the tent city on the Columbia lawn on April 18, which started the wave of protests: “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP), “Jewish Voice for Peace” (JVP), and Within Our Lifetime (WOL). A pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist activist organization active mainly in New York City.

      • And conitinuing… (Post too long to fit in one post here)

        “Our investigation shows that all three were funded by Soros-related groups. The Rockefeller Brothers Foundation also transferred funding to JVP,” it said. According to the foundation’s website, it “promotes social change that contributes to a more just, sustainable and peaceful world”.

        In some of the cases, the source of the funding is unclear, since it goes through several associations and “non-profit organizations” before it reaches the groups holding the violent protests. “Our investigation shows how Soros and Gelman’s funding made its way to students through a network of associations that help obscure their contributions,” it claims.

        According to the Columbia Spectator, a Columbia University newspaper, both SJP and JVP were expelled from Columbia University in November for using “threatening and intimidating rhetoric.” JVP blamed Israel for the terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7: “Apartheid and Israeli occupation – and US participation in this oppression – are the source of all this violence,” a statement on the JVP website said.

        SJP called the terrorist attack on Israel a “historic victory”. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the SJP is “a network of pro-Palestinian student groups across the United States that spread anti-Israel propaganda that is often accompanied by inflammatory and sometimes combative rhetoric. They organize boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel on campus, and specialize in using confrontational tactics such as disrupting pro-Israeli events.”

        “Former Wall Street banker Felice Gelman, a retired investment banker who devoted her Wall Street fortune to pro-Palestinian causes, funded all three groups,” the report said. “She was previously on the WESPAC Committee for Justice and Peace in the Middle East in 2009 when she was invited to Gaza by UNRWA, according to WESPAC’s website. UNRA has been heavily criticized for its support for Hamas.”

        WESPAC, fully called the Westchester People’s Action Coalition Foundation, also received funds from Soros. The foundation “was founded for civil rights and against the Vietnam War, but is now a major funder of anti-Israel groups, including Within Our Lifetime (WOL) and SJP,” the New York Post wrote.

        • Israel is a socialist shit hole (a dying country, demographically, economically and ethically) and lacks any moral high ground whatsoever. Very similar to what the US is now. but at least Americans are less delusional. I think I’d rather die than live over in that shit hole. I certainly resent paying taxes to prop it up.

          Most of the people I’ve known who lived over there have left because it’s a miserable racist country, a country where the leadership forces jabs and lockdowns on people and treats them like shit and the population still bends over and takes it from Netanyahu. They do this because of their belief that they are better than everyone else and also out of fear and cowardice. They know that they are just “useless eaters” to the elitists like the Palestinians are to them “animals” etc.

          There may be some good people over there who oppose starving children to death and treating people in such a disgusting disrespectful fashion but they are probably few and far between and that’s a shame.

          America and Israel are both dying nations demographically, economically and morally and I have no doubt both countries will be wiped off the map in some sense of the term. And to be honest we probably deserve it.

          Anyone who is okay with starving children to death probably doesn’t deserve to suck in air anymore but I’m not God (if that even exists) so I have no say in the matter.

        • It’s actually pretty sad what has become of Israeli Jews and Zionist Jews and their supporters in the US. They are a pathetic group of people a fearful bunch of cowards full of Chutzpa.

          Seriously who starves children and claims it is brave. It’s a disgrace and I am disgusted to have any genetic connection to that tribe or cancer of a nation.

          Excuses and lies to hide the truth of looking into the mirror in shame and disgust.

          • Thanks for the reply. Though I have endless issues with the gov. which I also think takes part in conspiracies like many other gov. and organisations (Say EU, UN) it seems I see some things somewhat differently than you, and may I mention having lived here for years and having interactions with both Israeli Jews and Muslims, and actually also Christian Druz and Beduin.
            Will mention a true story, make of it what you will. The other day had a long chat with an old arab muslim, whom I met for the first time. There was no financial incentive, just two people from different backgrounds chating in a daily situation as sometimes happens here in the north of Israel.
            We talked about a lot of things, and at some point we got to talk about current issues and had some agreement points. I had a good time talking with him.
            We were both not 100 percent for any IDF action, although seeing justification in fighting Hamas. And both very concerned with the gov. (Although I did not mention conspiracy research I am familiar with) and with how Gantz had an opportunity to put Bibi down and did not do so. Having said that, it seems like me he sees things differently than you, at least that is my impression.
            Also to some extent not sure how relevant your post is to what I posted, as it was more about evidence for a purposely fueled zionist arab conflict. But one could take the correspondence to a different direction I guess.

            • Thanks Sunny,

              I was just sharing some thoughts about Israel, the state. I do find it interesting that Soros and the like funds some of these leftist groups. Makes me wonder where their real loyalties lie.

              I have not known anyone who stays in Israel due to the political and economic issues there. Regular people can’t make any money.

              I don’t think killing civilians helps Israelis or anyone for that matter. Children are completely innocent and people who hate children even if they dislike the culture of the parents have something wrong with them. That degree of tribalism is pathological. No matter who does it, I detest it.

              At any rate. Good you share your thoughts and research. I hate echo chambers.

              I have no doubt that the Israeli government sees their citizens as expendable. I think that the actual people who live there could do much better without government.

              I do pray that there is peace over there every night which probably does very little.

              There are some good people who are a part of JVP who may be swept up in the other weird leftist politics but who do on the issue of opposing genocide against people I strongly agree.

              I think that it is important to sift through issues on their merit in addition to what funding is provided. Similarly there are some environmental issues I agree with that are backed by nasty funding sources.

              I think the elitists like to fund issues to control the directions they take and that sometimes the issues themselves have merit.

              I have no doubt that the Israeli government probably has some black budget for these terrorist groups. I think they serve a purpose to keep the population in line.

              I have been told that Israelis are comfortable with open dialogue so figured my comment would not be offensive.

            • I do probably see things differently due to contextual differences.

              I’m in the US. I do resent having my tax dollars stolen for wars abroad.

              I think that funding terrorism and war is wrong.

              Hamas was funded by the state of Israel to destabilize the PLO. Corbett has links to this.

              I know how despicably settlers treat Arabs and believe they have a right to come over and steal from them. They treat the Arabs less than animals and even animals deserve better treatment.

              Gaza is an open air gettho and innocent people who just want to live their lives live in conditions that I don’t think I could stand.

              I hear the argument “Gaza voted for Hamas” but I wonder do people’s vote really matter? Would an organization like Hamas allow voting? It’s an extremist organization. Who’s gonna vote against it? Also, imagine living in an open air prison for years and years. How would you feel?

              Would you resent it? I know I would. The tribal conflict there has been from both sides and because Israel is a nuclear power with much greater political power has terrorized the Arabs on a much greater order of magnitude.

              I am not justifying terrorizing innocent people and if my family was killed in a bombing would be very angry. No innocent people deserve to die or suffer, neither Israeli nor Palestinian.

              But I know that I could never hold an innocent person to blame for it, especially a child. To know that there are children being massacred and starved infuriates me.

              I have family who were chased out of Eastern Europe because of the evil actions of elitist and collective blame. It destroyed family members who did nothing wrong. What the state of Israel is doing adds to hatred of innocent people.

              Someone must take the moral high ground and oppose what the state of Israel is doing. People should also oppose harming innocent Israelis also and one way to do that is to not fund Hamas and violent organizations like it. The state of Israel who allegedly represents it’s citizens has done just that.

              • I think that you mentioned many true things.
                And also that there is a lot going on. In a complex situation, even on the conspiratorial layer.
                Also, I myself feel bad having my tax money going to a criminal conspiratorial government.

                Small examples of further things:

                1) Many Israeli citizens oppose settler violence, at least in the area I live. And I know for a fact some people in southern Israel where october 7th happened actually were peace activists, trying to create opportunites for business collaborations and friendships.

                2) The UN has been funding Hamas, some of its members take part in Hamas, and they (The UN!) publish books for Palestinian refugee people including maps with Israel not existing. Bare in mind it is the UN which voted for the creation of Israel. So that is fake indoctrination I think.

                3) Some Isreali citizens have mixed feelings about IDF actions and many are anti Netanyu and have huge issues with him commanding at a time of war. I saw several posts cuggesting Rafiah attacks mean the IDF is going too far. But people also feel there is some need to have military action against Hamas which will involve unfortunately civilian casualties. Of course there also Israeli extremists, not denying that.

                Personally, I think it is a complex situation with a lot going on, and that at the top of the pyramind the conspiracy is to have an endless zionist arab conflict. Yes the Palestinian refugee people suffering more that Israeli citizens which suffer as well (I have a friend who is kidnapped in Gaza, I actually think he is likely dead at this stage hope I will turn out to be wrong). But overall just an endless zionist arab conflict being purposely fueled.

                Would add to that to my best understanding Rabin was killed in a conspiracy. Due to research by Nathan Geffen (Do not know how much is available in english from it). Yigal amir shooting blank bullets and Rabin being shot later in the car. And that Rabin genuinely decided, at some point, let us truely seek peace with the Palestinian refugee people.

  56. Here’s a link to David Hughes’ book (free PDF or EPUB, or $125 USD hardcopy in USA). I am listing this because the download link on his web page requires the requestor’s email address.

    “Covid-19,” Psychological Operations, and the War for Technocracy
    David A. Hughes

    His recent interview on Geopolitics & Empire podcast was excellent.

  57. The missing piece of the jigsaw: German new medicine and the five biological laws of nature

    In June 2023, I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. I was told that it was very early days and the best possible type (whatever that means). I asked the docs how I got it and they said that it’s just something that happens, it could be genetic, we don’t know, etc etc. Anyway, they wanted to surgically remove it, remove some of my lymph nodes, blast me with mustard gas, I mean radiation, and put me on hormone blockers for the next ten years which would age me prematurely and bring on early menopause. I didn’t really fancy this option, so I explored other routes.
    There are lots of alternative theories out there – cancer is a fungus, cancer can be cured with ivermectin, cancer can be cured with diet, and so on and so on. You can even buy black salve which burns through your skin and draws it out.
    Anyway, I soldiered on and something in me knew that what the medical system was saying wasn’t right. So I came across the five biological laws of nature and the work of dr Ryke Geerd Hamer. He worked out, using his own cancer diagnosis, embryology, evolution, talking to his patients, and thousands of CT scans and discovered that cancer is a special biological programme of nature designed to assist our survival. He also discovered that this applies to every so called disease.

    I would absolutely loooooove it if James would look at this. It completely blows the whole western medical theories out the water.

    Btw, rather than being awarded the Nobel peace prize for his contribution to humanity, he was jailed twice, had his medical licence taken off him and had to live in exile for the rest of his life.

    This video explains it beautifully:

    • I’ve listened to a few podcast about new German medicine. It goes so much against the grain that there is nothing the system won’t back down from to try to shut it down.

      They are doing whatever they can to shut down pharmaceutical “cures” for cancer, ones that actually do something, forget about a completely new paradigm that would obsolete everything they have been building.

      Helping out people and reducing their misery be dammned, much of the medicine is not about it anyway.

      A coleague’s mother has recently went down the mustard gas path, it’s a ritually assisted suicide at best.

      • The whole narrative about what cancer is in the first place is all wrong, and Dr Hamer was able to show this.
        The idea that our bodies are designed to fail and that outside invaders are our enemy, is perfect for them. Keeps people ill and makes them worse. Dr Hamer was the first to recognise the role of the psyche and that everything is controlled from the brain and that the psyche, brain and organ are all one. Also the nonsense germ theory that was discredited is now the basis for modern medicine, despite it being disproven. Bacteria and fungus are our friends and the over use of antibiotics has been killing off these little helpers for years.
        With widespread fear and poisoning, we cannot get well. My experience on the NHS in the UK was appalling – I never once spoke to an oncologist, they kept sending me to an onco surgeon. They also tried to convince me to have the surgery by saying that if I went in they would do the other breast at tye same time, meaning I would have had the ‘best boob job ever, but free on the NHS’, like a used car salesman, like they were somehow doing me a favour. I’ll keep what I have, thanks.

        • Also, nine times out of ten with the mustard gas poisoning, the cancer comes back, but more aggressively because you haven’t actually dealt with the cause. Also the nonsense theory of metastases is dealt with by Dr Hamer. Again, apparently we have out of control cancer cells which randomly float about the body and decide to go to another part of the body, Yet they have never found these cells in blood. Moreover, if this was the case, then you’d think they’d screen blood for transfusion for cancer cells, but funnily enough that doesn’t happen either.

  58. Segment from Thursday’s May 23 “The Highwire” “Episode 373 Day of Reckoning”…

    (Xlear is pronounced “clear”) – 30 minutes
    Nate Jones, founder of best selling nasal rinse, Xlear, describes his long battle against the FTC’s attempt to shut down his clinically tested product because of its efficacy against COVID-19.

    SUB-THREAD – Xlear, xylitol, grapefruit seed extract (GSE)

    When following back some of the links on the Sub-Thread it will take a person to just prior to the Pandemic, February 2020, when James Corbett landed in Mexico for Anarchapulco 2020.

  59. Just for laughs

    Sharing a couple of Comments beneath a John Campbell interview: T cells, cancer and immunity

    (P.S. Highly recommend the interview – explains in easy to comprehend terms how the immune system works and how the jabs were designed the worst possible way – as though purposefully designed to suppress the immune system. The two doctors interviewed are charming as well – many comments of admiration.)

    God I love being a conspiracy theorist
    1.1K thumbs up and 138 replies!!

    I don’t even have a medical degree, but I study medicine for fun, so even I knew, when I first heard “cytokine storm” that people should be getting steroids and not ventilators. So did majority of nurses.
    88 thumbs up and one witty reply:
    Yep, me too. I was hooked when working 3rd shift in hospital maintenance. It was slow so I’d visit the library and read the medical journals. If you ever need an emergency abdominal aneurysm repaired, I can do it cheap.

  60. Has anyone here begun to dig through this archive?

    There is a lot of actionable intel in there on past and current facilities used for black ops involving exotic propulsion and weapons tech.

    More specifically, the terabytes of data available in that archive also offer a plethora of intel for those interested in understanding how bleeding edge DEW tech operates and is utilized to stifle dissent, hyper-consolidate control and initiate psyops.

    • Interesting find. Wondering why this information is available for all to see for the price of an email address.

      • @jo-ann

        That is a great question.

        At first glance I could understand why someone might be suspicious about the register your email sign in thing, though, given the weaponization of bot farms by various government and corporate black hats I can understand the preventative measure they put in place.

        The guy (Steven Greer) who is mainly responsible for accumulating all this intel over multiple decades (from hundreds to perhaps thousands of military men and women, intelligence officers, corporate contractors, scientists, government whistle blowers and other sources) says that after getting promises from high ranking intelligence, government and military people that they would assign a team to parse through this archive and condense the most pertinent intel, with the most profound (and not active military asset endangering) implications into a format that could be disseminated to the general public, those military, intelligence and government people began stone walling Greer and his lines of communication went dark.

        Given that they are not going through with what was promised, he decided to do this data dump, so that those who are ready and interested to educate themselves and taking appropriate action, would be able to do so, in the name of truth, integrity and one day initiating peaceful overt diplomatic relations with our cosmic neighbors.

        I think using a VPN-ed encrypted email to sign in makes it so that nothing is really lost in the process (as far as anonymity) but at the same time it prevents bot farm attacks from being able to tax their website’s resources to the point of bringing the database to a grinding halt.

        I have not begun to really dig in yet, but i have found a few maps and pics of facilities that my friend who worked in compartmented military R&D contracts has told me about in the past which appear to confirm that everything he told me about the vast size, heavy armoring, housed craft and weapons systems that exist in such facilities, was in fact 100% accurate.

        I`ll likely acquire a shielded portable drive to get this data onto and store it somewhere safe for austerity.

        Thanks for the comment.

  61. With keywords like “Bill and Hillary Clinton” and “Arkansas” and “ATF”, some folks may remember hearing about this news story back in March…

    On Tuesday March 19, 2024, in a predawn raid of a home in an upscale neighborhood, ATF and Arkansas Police swarmed the house of Bryan Malinowski the executive director of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bryan Malinowski, 53, had worked for the airport for 16 years and was making $260,000 annually running the airport. Bryan Malinowski was killed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
    Details were sketchy at the time.

    The following 9 minute Congressional video gives a good overview of what happened.
    Also notice the lack of empathy and remorse by the psychopathic ATF Director, despite how he tried to plastic-coat it.

    At today’s (Thursday) May 23, 2024 House Judiciary Committee hearing,
    Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) played video of the ATF agents planning a raid on Bryan Malinowski.

    Maybe it is just me, but I think that here in May, many of the news outlets are NOT mentioning “the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport” by name.

  62. Some people (such as Toby Rogers) think that allopathic medicine needs to be reinvented.

    While I do recognize that some of allopathic medicine’s contributions to trauma care are noteworthy and worth preserving in some format, I also see that at it’s heart, the germ theory mentality that pervades the medical academic establishment (no matter how well intended by individuals in those systems) is not about healing, but is in fact, antithetical to life.

    The machine thinking of Allopathic medicine which treats the human body as a molecular machine in need of being kept sterile and well greased by an array of chemicals and synthetic lab made substances is like the modern government funded environmentalist program that tries to quantify everything down to carbon units, obsessing over limiting them or sequestering them with more machines, while avoiding the fact that it is machines in the first place that decimated the environment and continue to (whether they are lithium powered or gas powered) and not even beginning to take into account other variables such as the massive influence that old growth forests (or the lack thereof) have on hydrological cycles as well as carbon cycles.

    Both are systems of machine thinking, treating living complex systems that are defined and only capable of being healthy, stable and resilient by the myriad symbiotic relationships woven within and around them as simple machines. Both involve one dimensional ways of thinking attempting to understand, heal and make whole multi-dimensional entities.

    The “trust the science” proclaiming doctor attempting to treat anti-biotic drug resistant bacteria infected wounds with more and more powerful anti-biotic drugs is like the techno-optimist self-proclaimed environmental activist cheering for more machines (perhaps lithium powered machines) to be built which are supposed to solve the problems created by the previous machines.

    The masked up, A.I. powered intubated breathing machine assisted, intravenously antibiotic juiced up hospital industry and psychotic cult like vaccine industry that claims to continue to provide the most safe and effective way to keep the bad guys out of the human body fails to take into account that human health is not achieved via maximizing sterility and control, but rather is a reflection of the health of the community of life that one exists within, and that exists within us.

    I advocate leaving most of Allopathic medicine behind, and only taking what we can carry with us as individuals with the tools at our disposal while simultaneously learning from the more holistic healing modalities of our ancient indigenous ancestors (yes we all have them). The Allopathic medicine industrial complex is corrupt to the core and incapable of being “re-invented” for several of it’s most core aspects are faulty, counter-intuitive to life thriving and they incentivize corruption.

  63. Here is a good primer for those interested in understanding how machine-based “selections” are rigged. The examples are for the USA system, but likely apply world-wide.

    “Let My People Go” Interview: Nation-State Vulnerability Expert Jeff Lenberg Details Election Machine “Instrumentation” That Manipulates Results Up and Down Ballots

    The link has embedded two lengthy videos (also on Rumble) detailing how it’s done. Share with those who think their “selection” counts with the current selection system… Even if machines are removed, I imagine other ways to modify the tallies and paper ballots unless there is incorruptible oversight of the entire process. The ending of the second video provides some hope, listing recent wins in court and recalled election. Also, some J6 and jab overlap in the second video, to illustrate how the government has been weaponized against the citizens.

  64. Since 2002 cancer has been responsible for the deaths of almost two out of every three firefighters, according to the International Association of Fire Fighters.

    Sunday May 26, 2024 – Cowtown Caller
    North Texan Kellen McGovern Jones interviews Diane Cotter, the wife of a firefighter living in Massachusetts.
    Diane & Goliath: One Wife’s Fight To Save Our Firemen
    [Firefighter gear has enormous quantities of PFAS and has been causing cancer in Firefighters. Dr. Philippe Grandjean is mentioned. Diane Cotter had a phone call conversation with Erin Brockovich, and attorney Robert Bilott (Dark Waters) helped her. Corruption is revealed with ties of the Union, publications, government to the Big PFAS corporations. A film is coming out.]
    BURNED: Protecting the Protectors (2023) – Official Documentary Trailer
    (90 seconds)

    Kellen McGovern Jones – Reporter – ARTICLE LIST

    TIMELINE for PFOS and PFOS perfluorinated chemicals
    Compiled by Fluoride Action Network (FAN) (aka FluorideAlert.ORG):

    Your Turnout Gear and PFOA
    Chronology of Events in ARTICLES

    The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)
    PFAS “FOREVER Chemicals”

    December 27, 2023 – People Magazine – By Johnny Dodd
    Firefighter’s Cancer Leads Wife to Discovery of Toxic Gear Killing Heroes Across U.S.: ‘It’s Infuriating’

    The Last Call Foundation is committed to supporting firefighters everywhere because every firefighter is a hero every day.
    –PFAS Initiative– Webpage
    Published in the summer of 2020 Dr. Peaslee’s research (link to research below) proved what Mrs. Cotter suspected, chemical coatings on bunker gear contain dangerous levels of known carcinogens. In my humble opinion not only should this be fully disclosed to every fire fighter, but it should be classified as an unnecessary exposure. The uproar in the fire service was deafening, first denials by manufacturers (sadly supported by many fire fighters) then mudslinging, then painfully slow, acknowledgment by the fire service.

    • Sunday June 9, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Kellen McGovern Jones
      Diane Cotter’s Fight Against Firemen Cancer Epidemic
      [Kellen lays out details of the story. This story is long-form with text links.]
      …Diane said she contacted the fire departments, unions, and even the gear manufacturers to ask whether PFOAs were in American turnout gear and whether there was cause for concern.

      “They couldn’t or wouldn’t provide answers,” she said before adding that the manufacturers told her the gear was safe and PFOAs were only present in harmless “trace amounts.”

      Diane was suspicious of this claim, so she decided to run her own tests of the gear. With the help of social media, she found and purchased unused gear from a seller in North Carolina. Then she got ahold of Graham Peaslee, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Notre Dame University. He told her how to cut samples from the gear, and he ran the initial tests.

      “Oh, you’re going to need a bigger test because there is so much more here than trace amounts,” Diane said Peaslee had told her. “[Then] we saw the fallout in the pushback from all sides, from the union who contacted the manufacturers who told them … there’s nothing to be concerned of.”

      “DuPont said [that] in their own material to the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) in both 2017 and 2018… The IAFF published a statement saying there was nothing wrong. We contacted the manufacturers, and they told us, ‘Don’t worry,’” Diane said.

      She attributes the IAFF’s willingness to believe the manufacturers resulted from a close advertising relationship between the industry and the union. She alleged the cozy relationship between union leadership and manufacturers was partly defined by a salesmen program that exists for firemen.

      “When you’re a salesperson for these [manufacturers], DuPont, 3M, Lion Gear, they all have sales incentive programs,” Diane said.

      She believes the major fireman magazines were silent because much of their advertising came from the same manufacturers.

      However, she broke through some of the silence with a 2017 article in Station Pride titled “The REAL Cancer In Your Gear.” …

  65. Fluoride in recent medical literature. Article in MedicalXpress:

    Fluoride exposure during pregnancy linked to increased risk of childhood neurobehavioral problems, study finds
    by Keck School of Medicine of USC

    “A new study, led by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC analyzed more than 220 mother-child pairs, collecting data on fluoride levels during pregnancy and child behavior at age three. The researchers found that a 0.68 milligram per liter increase in fluoride exposure was associated with nearly double the chance of a child showing neurobehavioral problems in a range considered close to or at a level to meet the criteria for clinical diagnosis.

    “The findings were published in JAMA Network Open.” [link to paper within sentence]

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