Interview 1882 – Globalist Succession Crisis (NWNW 555)

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Iran Launches Probe Into President’s Death In Helicopter Crash

Bell 212

Iran Begins Funerals for President Raisi, Others Killed

Are Sanctions Behind Iran’s Aviation Crisis? aviation-crisis

“It Wasn’t Us”: Israel Issues Clarification After Iran President’s Death In Helicopter Crash presidents-death-in-helicopter-crash/ar-BB1mHHPI

Who Is Mohammad Mokhber, Iran’s Interim President?

Turkey Says Helicopter Carrying Iran’s Raisi Did Not Emit Any Signal did-not-emit-any-signal

15 Nations Have Made Their Position On The WHO Sovereignty Grab, Misleadingly Spun As An “Equity” Effort, Publicly Known Before The WHA Meeting Commences misleadingly-spun-as-an-equity-effort-publicly-known-before-the-wha-meeting-commences/

Raisi Death Reshapes Iran Succession, Putting Focus on Khamenei Son

Story #2: The 77th World Health Assembly – A Decisive Moment for the Future of Global Health Cooperation of-global-health-cooperation/

Slim Chances for Pandemic Accord by World Health Assembly – But Agreement “In Principle” on Amendments to International Health Regulations charting-process-for-future-talks-may-be-possible/

Member States ‘Inch Closer’ to Pandemic Agreement; WHO Officials Sound Cautiously Optimistic Note sound-cautiously-optimistic-note/

Slovakia Will Not Support New Pandemic Treaty

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Expected to Survive After Shooting 24/index.html

National Movement to Protect Lives From the WHO

World Council for Health Japan’s 1 Million Signature Movement

Bilderberg 24 Madrid 30May-02Jun Eurostars Suites Mirasierra

Story #3: World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab Is Stepping Down


‘Succession’ Has Nothing on Davos: Elite Conclave Mulls Next Leader

‘Succession’ TV Series

Melinda French Gates Steps Down from Gates Foundation, Retains $12.5 Billion for Additional Philanthropy

Episode 403 – Meet the World Economic Forum

What Happened to the WEF? – Questions For Corbett

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  1. I just watched a report on the Highwire Episode #373: DAY OF RECKONING. In that show, Del Bigtree talked about a huge rally happening in Geneva on the day the WHO gathers to do whatever they plan to do. There will be people from around the world there to protest and make their wishes known. it will be available online for those who cannot attend.

    It is agreed that the only way to prevent the WHO and WHA from succeeding is to leave them. Yes, like a bad actor, they will probably return again and again until they finally realize that no one is interested in their games any more – except those who fund them. 🙂 Fat chance that will last too long once the fat cats see their funding isn’t profiting them.

    • Apologies, I can’t find the source. I think it was Baliwick or Badlands but someone traced the roots of that Geneva rally and it came back circumspect. I should have paid more attention to it.
      I got an email invitation from the organisers of that rally yesterday.

  2. Israel doesn’t kill presidents? Granted they used to only kill US presidents but they could certainly branch out.

    • Exactly, I don’t think you can ever go wrong assuming Israel was behind the death of a world leader, ever.

      The fact that “influencers” are not speculating Israel was behind this, makes its involvement even more likely.

      While I have not heard the usual controlled assets discussing the likely cause of the crash, other than “malfunction”, I have heard how President Raisi “suffered the wrath of God”, a fate that all who challenge Israel suffer. Of course, to an Israeli, if they massacres 20,000 women and children, “God was simply working through them”. Sadly, we are hearing this psychopathic insanity more and more from “our” politicians: ‘Blessed if you support Israel, cursed if you don’t’. But honestly, considering America has been doing Israel’s bidding for the better part of a century, I don’t think we can handle any more “blessing” from their God. It seems the definition of blessing is to have your nation economically raped, leaders corrupted, borders invaded and your nation ultimately destroyed, it’s quite the blessing. You can serve Israel for a hundred years, but the second you say no, you are their worst enemy. I would LOVE to hear one of our innumerable Zionist corrupted politicisms (Zio-TRUMP who is being set up as our Hitler, a man who will serve to destroy America, as Hitler did Germany) explain exactly how Israel is our ally, and thus why it is our government’s only job to serve them, always in spite of the mass destruction it does to US.

      • All western governments are corrupt in the same fashion. It may take an election or two but I think we’re on track to rid ourselves of them. I hope so.

        • Nah. An election or two won’t fix the problems. The system is rigged on the national level. Voting is a scam to pacify people.

          • You see things so clearly, It is true that elections don’t get rid of government.
            I didn’t mean to suggest that the election would do that, rather that we would suffer government for a couple more cycles before getting rid of it.

            • Yes and in the meantime, we satyagrahi will grow the wild apple trees, share the seeds and abundant harvests to build out the gift economy and undermine the rigged fiat economy. We will also as make and eat lots of sauerkraut, boycotting big pharma and building up our health sovereignty, so that we can starve the centralized government and their corporate friends and become ready to plant the seeds for that which can take it’s place when the time is right 😉


              We will vote with our actions that sow the seeds for freedom, decentralized food production, resilience and integrity, and in doing so, elect not some puppet politician, but rather ourselves, as we realize that it is we, that are the ones we have been waiting for all along.

              • I have four apple trees started from a strain from Kazakhstan. I got the seeds from from Gavin Mounsey.
                I make sauerkraut, I have gardens and I do not consume anything from Big Pharma.
                So you’re saying I can’t feed civil servants?

              • You are well on your way to becoming a significant threat to the perceived legitimacy of involuntary governance structures and the corporate monopolization (and homogenization) of our food supply. I commend you!

                Yes we must starve all the post office, social workers and police! They must all perish for the greater good!! Only jk 🙂

                haha I meant starve the systems, metaphorically, as in, deprive the parasitic institutions the lifeblood that they attempt to suck from us in order to continue to exist and wage endless wars etc.

                The civil servants however should be invited to the apple infused sauerkraut feast and emancipated from mental slavery! 🙂

              • PS – incase it is not already clear, this is Gavin Mounsey (I was doing two different paid subscriptions to JC’s website to support his work as much as I can but I am strapped for cash right now as I save up every penny for printing/self publishing my next book so I had to cancel one of those paid subscriptions). When I did I got locked out of the other account and the site for some reason and JC had to create a new account / identity for me (and he apparently chose the screen name “G” for me). I tried signing into my profile settings on here to change it back so everyone knows who I am but it doesn’t let me (or if it is changeable from my end, I can’t figure out how to do it) so I am just going with it.

                I am not usually into the whole ‘ambiguous screen name that attempts to protect my perceived anonymity thing’ (as my content is intended to be backed by my actions as a person, not just words floating around on screens) however, I think this “G” identity is growing on me.

                When I discovered my screenname was changed to “G”, it made me have a flash back to my youth when my friends out west used to call me by that nickname and when I went to Hawaii with my brother and found a secluded plunge pool far up a canyon, it was named thusly 🙂

                “G-pocket Falls”


        • I do not share your optimism tsingi, the powers that are moving against us are only doing what they are doing because they KNOW they can get away with it. I am rather confident the voting systems of the West have long been compromised, what they do now is all about creating the illusion we have a democracy. Just like with Covid, Muslim terrorism, “white supremacy”, Trump as an “American firster”…what these psychopaths are good at it creating illusion, they have done it for at least 2500 years.

          Right now they are creating the illusion Trump has mass support and he will right the crumbling empire, but he is being installed to do the exact opposite. The Zionists own Trump, Biden, Congress, most state houses, and on and on. IF rose up to challenge them, they WOULD KILL THEM, and say their car crashed, and idiot Americans would buy it, no questions asked. You cannot ignore your way to freedom, that is why we will lose it.

  3. what would the corbett report look/sound like if the skull duggers went extinct?

    I asked sogyal rinpoche a similar question once: “what does enlightenment look like to an enlightened person?”, he replied “ask me tomorrow”. I inferred that questions and solutions exist but are not part of the phenomenon of “enlightenment”, in pther words he said “wait for godot”.

    so, the lies that we strive to downdress may be an interdependant factor, our own symbiosis with, yet struggle to comprehend evil.

  4. Re the location of this year’s Bilderberg meeting. I live in Madrid and word has it that it is it to be held here this year.

    • Perhaps they have a little “blood bath” planned, and that’s too messy for Geneva. The Swiss don’t like to get their hands dirty, and I can easily imagine the Madrid Militarized Policia to be willing.

  5. What I have learned after 50+ years of activism is this…
    The cartoon matrix we live in will always provide something to be afraid of, concerned about, and suck up our precious time of being alive.

    Whatever, whomever is running the show, and we ARE quite controlled, are very brilliant in their sociopath way of maintaining the fear frequency from womb to tomb. Being awake to this, one has the choice to not dance to their tune as much as possible. Simple behavior with auto didactic learning, and a stoic foundation can lead one to decades of joy and life satisfaction.

    But as I have offered before…if you are under 50 it is very likely the majority of your life understandings… humor, history, vernacular, goals, etc. have come from peer group pressure and the controller’s propaganda machine, the Entertainment/Media business.

    Think about how many cliche’ things you do and say. When have you last just sat still someplace and be with yourself and your thoughts for more then a car ride to go someplace?


  6. From the secession of the “breakaway civilization”…problematical term there…to the successions of the civilization breakers. Hmmm….

    James Corbett, one question.
    It seems that you have drawn a loose analogy here between Iranian politics and US sports.

    Are you saying…as I’ve read in a meme….”The Patriarchy Always Wins”?

  7. About a year ago I read that Tony Blair was in line for the WEF succession. The source was the Guardian – it came up when I was doing a search.

  8. Thank you for another entertaining and informative episode.
    The artwork for this episode is quite stunning – nice job!

    • jo-ann says:
      “The artwork for this episode is quite stunning – nice job!”

      I agree! First time I saw it, I was impressed.

      Jo-ann, Your comment prompted me to investigate further.
      I’m glad that I did.
      Things went deeper than I first imagined.
      There was a lot of communication in that Broc West image.

      The Tiger Hunt [see image(s)]
      The Tiger Hunt is a large painting by Peter Paul Rubens, featuring a hunt for a tiger.
      It dates to between 1615 and 1616 and is one of the four hunting paintings, commissioned by Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria to decorate the old Schleissheim Palace. The cycle was seized during the Napoleonic Wars and this painting is now in Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes.

      It has been used in 2018 as a piece of staging in promotional materials for the HBO series Succession.

      In my comment below, I will have various links which further elaborate the Broc West communication.
      It will be in moderation until Corbett approves it.

      • Thank you for the education. I had no idea about the source or meaning of the artwork because I culturally live under a rock. With your research, I appreciate it even more, beyond it’s visual quality. Clever – all depicted are involved in succession of power.

    • Here is a large Broc West IMAGE of this
      Interview 1882 – Globalist Succession Crisis (NWNW 555)

      Notice what Broc did with the original “The Tiger Hunt”…
      Large IMAGE

      HBO series Succession

      COMPARE Broc West IMAGE with this article’s image…
      Monday January 22. 2024 – The Guardian – By Katy Hessel [See IMAGE]
      The monstrous old master: how Succession’s Rubens lays bare the Roy family’s brutality
      The 17th-century painting The Tiger Hunt depicts a visceral battle for power that perfectly sets up the HBO series – and paintings on the walls in other TV shows hold hidden messages

      The Roy family is known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world.
      Succession – HBO
      4 Seasons | 39 Episodes | TV-MA – Winner of 13 emmys
      The sale of media conglomerate Waystar Royco to tech visionary Lukas Matsson moves ever closer. The prospect of this seismic sale provokes existential angst and familial division among the Roys as they anticipate what their lives will look like once the deal is complete. A power struggle ensues as the family weighs up a future where their cultural and political weight is severely curtailed.

      Wikipedia – Succession
      Succession is an American satirical black comedy-drama television series created by Jesse Armstrong that aired for four seasons on HBO from June 3, 2018, to May 28, 2023.
      The series centers on the Roy family, the owners of global media and entertainment conglomerate Waystar RoyCo, and their fight for control of the company amidst uncertainty about the health of the family’s patriarch…
      …Succession follows the Roy family, which owns the New York City-based global media conglomerate Waystar RoyCo.

      Article – Columbia Journalisn Review
      What Succession said about the media business

      Article – Axios
      Media’s “Succession” obsession
      The media’s obsession with HBO’s hit series “Succession” drew outsized coverage of the show that was disproportionate to reader interest, according to new data.

    • That was like a reference wrapped in a reference wrapped in a reference.

  9. Are any Corbeteers giving any thought to what Ashton Forbes is discovering about MH370? Very interested to know if James has a take on this and what the community here thinks about it.

    • I heard a podcast recently where these ideas were discussed along with other sightings of advanced-technology air and underwater crafts. This tech seems fantastic to me. For now, I file these stories as distractions or psyops, though I remain open to their possible existence.

  10. I fucking love you guys!!!

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