Interview 1889 – Assange is Free, But Speech…? Not so much. (NWNW 559)

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Julian Assange’s Freedom A Huge Blow To Detractors – “No Physical Harm To Anyone By Leaks”

Assange Guilty Plea

18 U.S. Code § 793 – Gathering, Transmitting Or Losing Defense Information

Assange’s Plea Deal Sets a Chilling Precedent, but It Could Have Been Worse

What’s Your Take on Assange? – Questions For Corbett #044

Wanted by the CIA: Julian Assange – Wikileaks founder (and 9/11 Denier)

Story #2: Newly Released Video Shows Saudi Man Filming Locations Ahead of 9/11 Attacks

Investigators for 9/11 Families Examine Video Taken By Man With Ties to Saudi Intelligence Referencing “Plan”

Video: Omar al-Bayoumi Video Unsealed In Federal Court | 60 Minutes

What Was Omar al-Bayoumi Doing In San Diego?

Al-Hazmi, Al-Mihdhar Lived With FBI Informant

Interview 1161 – PFT Live: Debunking the 28 Pages

False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda

The Truth About What Is Happening To The Petrodollar

Sense and Nonsense on Petrodollars

Saudi Arabia: The Petro Dollar, China, and CBDC’s [sic]

Story #3: Pentagon Ran Secret Anti-Vax Campaign to Undermine China During Pandemic

Supreme Court Rules for Biden Administration In Social Media Dispute With Conservative States

CovertAction Bulletin Podcast: Pentagon Anti-Vax Propaganda Targets Philippines

Video: Macron Joins African Leaders to Kick Off Planned $1B Project to Accelerate Vaccines Rollout

CIA’s Fake Vaccination Campaign to Find Osama Bin Laden Raises Public-Health Fears (Jul. 14, 2011)

CIA’s Fake Vaccine Campaign to Find Osama bin Laden In Pakistan Led to Drop In Child Inoculations (May 13, 2021)

Explosive Study Once Removed by Lancet within 24 Hours, Now Peer-Reviewed and Public: Reveals 74% of Deaths Directly Linked to COVID-19 Shot

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  1. Great episode and an amazing result for American intelligence. It provides enough legal intimidation to put off all but the most determined journalist. So clever.

    I don’t believe Assange spent more than a few hours (for celebrity visits) in the embassy or in Belmarsh. He and his wife (a lawyer who has had different three names) managed to have two babies ‘in the embassy’ without anyone knowing.

    To me he is a brazen fraud, not a high minded journalist but a a convicted hacker with dodgy attitudes to women, charged with rape in Sweden, forcing MI6 to find him a berth at the Ecuadorian embassy.

    See also Julian Mossange.

    “Diplomatic secrets published by the WikiLeaks group has not damaged Israel and in fact strengthened its position, Prime Minister Netanyahu said Monday.

    • Also some threads I do not believe JC has ever mentioned regarding Assange:
      *2 degrees of separation from King Charles via close associate and probable satantist Vivienne Westwood
      *Grew up in “The Family Cult” that was full of RAAF airforce intelligence staff and psychiatrist involved in MKultra style human experiments.
      *Many who leaked to wikileaks met their demise.

  2. Re: Free Speech: The Holocaust™ is fake af; and Sandy Hook was a 2012 ritual sacrifice of children, with a practical aim of getting the ball rolling for 2A abolishment in the U.S.

    The Holohoax is the key to the fall of the West

    Sandy Hook school layout with the Temple of Quetzalcoatl

    We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook

    Wolfgang Halbig

    Robbie Parker crocodile tears

    Sofia Smallstorm’s ‘Unraveling Sandy Hook in 5 Dimensions (alternate link)

    • I look forwards to getting EM Jones “The Holocaust Narrative” one of these days, having lived long enough to see the story change a couple of times (though I’m not old enough to remember when jews were boiled like lobsters or electrocuted in an oven).

      It will be good to see the story arc from the beginning.

      The thing is the Nazis DID do actual war crimes, and thus framing them for more crimes was an easy job

      • >The thing is the Nazis DID do actual war crimes

        Citation needed. The Jews have systematically lied about bars of soap, lampshades, being locked in cages with an eagle and a bear, poisoned German shepherd teeth, masturbation machines…the list is endless. Let’s include ‘gas chambers’ in there as well. I’m sure atrocities happen in war (what about Dresden?). I’m sure there were ‘baddies’ on all sides. I just don’t believe the history of World War II, and I don’t trust Jews (and certainly not their version of ‘history’), generally speaking.

        I do own Jones’ Holocaust Narrative, but I haven’t got into it yet. I got redpilled on the JQ and WWII via /pol/. One can still find sufficient infographics and qrd evidence (not to mention memes) that support the Holohoax narrative. Conspiracy content researchers and media personalities are almost bad faith at this point if they’re not addressing the ‘JQ’. There is a certain willful ignorance if they’re not. James is kind of in this camp, although he has been proactive in his 9/11 research re: Israel, Mossad and specific Jews. I understand the hesitancy, of course. You will certainly lose much of your audience (due to a very Philosemitic culture we have, despite it being also highly astroturfed and pushed by a co-opted Media), get further demonetized, et cetera. I listen to other ‘normie’/granola conspiracy shows, and they are in this camp as well.

        Once James does a Holocaust debunking documentary (implying he ever will), say on the scale of his Al Qaeda or Big Oil series, he’s done for. At the very least, he will have to radically rearrange his consumer base, because all the hippie Leftists who migrated to libertarianism and voluntaryism, or slightly Left of center conservatism, will cry ‘antiSemite!’ and no longer support ya’ boy. He will forever be ‘a Nazi’ and all his fellow creator content pals will leave him (from Broze to Webb to CHD). Not even Pilato has the stones to go hard in the paint against the Holocaust™, since this (alternative media ‘grift’) is his livelihood, and knows he really can’t cross that line and continue supporting himself by doing this. Oh, well. I guess us ‘redpilled’ Jew h8rs are just going to have to go elsewhere for further JQ elucidation, like we have been since… (well, 2016 for me, after migrating to /pol/ from limited hangout conspiracy forums circa Wikileaks document dumps, the Podesta/HRC e-mails and the Vegas Paddock shooting).

        The Holocaust myths are a blood libel against Germans, and by extension Europeans and white, Westerners and culture. Even some savvy Jews will admit this. As much as I can appreciate James, et al, for much of their content, I still stand by my chagrin at their reluctance or unwillingness to address the JQ and WWII revisionism more thoroughly and definitively – especially at this late date of collective ‘awakening’.

        • The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry

          Holocaust Handbook series:

          The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements

          On the Jews and Their Lies

          It’s a crime* to question the Holocaust™ in many countries. If we can’t question WWII, and we can’t question Sandy Hook…what’s next: 9/11? JFK? Covid? the Apollo moon landing? All of it…


        • That is a huge topic to cover for someone who is a generalist like JC. His material IMO is fine the way it is as it appeals to a broader audience who can research things on their own.

          He does cover parasitic elitists of various types, Jews and non Jews alike, as you mentioned.

          People can (and should IMO) research the narrative in particular and how it has been used for the creation of the state of Israel and to justify it’s atrocities. It seems like Israel always gets a pass because of the Holocaust. The narrative has profoundly influenced how people think in the West, on a viceral level even.

          The fact that it is such a taboo subject and questioning it is persecuted via the courts in other countries is very telling. For anyone with a modicum of intuition, this should be a red flag.

          However, even if the narrative has been greatly inflated, innocent people were still persecuted for things outside of their control. “Collective punishment” is the term Israel uses.

          Is the JQ just a call for collective punishment or an honest discussion to inform people in order to stop the biosecurity/technocratic slavery grid? Is it relevant? Will it isolate the string pullers?

          Personally I think free speech and inquiry is helpful and informative but others may not like thinking outside of their world view.

        • BTW, thank you for posting all the links, I’ll check them out.

          And I do think that historical knowledge of the JQ and why it was posed is good to know about and to reflect on. I think it goes deeper than a cultural or biological issue though, perhaps a religious one.

          I started the book From Yahweh To Zion by Laurent Guyénot and it’s a fascinating book that I highly recommend.

          • cu.h.j

            If your interested in that you should listen to pete quinoes reading “Pete Reads ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’ by Israel Shahak ” part one starts just after epp 1065

            his site

            He is up to part six or so…the book, written by a liberal jew who hated these things, shows how horribly the jewish elite treated the lower jews and the evil Talmudic teachings such as forbidding a jew to save a non jews life except for money or to avoid trouble.

            • Thank you. I have read some of it on, but I’ll check it out because it’s the kind of book that is very dense and dry.

              I do think it is a very important book to read for anyone who honestly wants to understand Jewish culture and it’s totalitarian roots.

          • cu.h.j
            Oh, BTW re the Drake Series by SM Stirling here is a video about the series which is pretty good

            I see they have the full set on Annes archive

            but I would say its best to get the first three books individually since they will then contain the quotes from fictional writers that are mostly stripped out of the anthology. Books 2 and 3 are quite dark and book 4 is its own thing.

            Like I said, I wrote myself an essay about this, because it appears to me that some good fiction writers , by running a simulation of events in their mind, arrive at truths they do not even know they possess.

            • Thanks! I’ll check these out. It’s kind of weird how the mind works that way sometimes.

        • CRM
          “…>The thing is the Nazis DID do actual war crimes

          Citation needed. ….”

          Just because the allies lied (provably) about lampshades and soap and gas chambers does not make the Nazi’s the heroic good guys- they (and the the allies) DID do war crimes. ALL armies do war crimes.


          The army general order after Barbarossa to kill Commissars, Das Reich division whacking Oradour-sur-Glane in France, or you can go to YT and listen to Mr Irving talking about the Eastern European mass shootings of jews where the records were kept DOWN TO THE TUCK WAGONS and ammo drawn for the action.

          Just because there was no mass GASSING does not mean the German army and SS units did not engage in war crimes- however the FACT THAT THEY WROTE AFTER ACTION REPORTS SHOWS THAT THERE WAS NO MASS GASSING because they would have recorded them.

          All armies engage in war crimes. The numerous rapes in france by allied soldiers and the Sanctioned mass rape of German civilians by the soviets are just two that spring to mind. The SS had the Dirlewanger Brigade, made up of paroled criminals who disgusted the SS no end with their behavior.

          Just because the Germans did not do anything like the Holocaust mass gassing Narrative does not mean they were clean handed saints- the Hollywood Mindset is toxic in that it makes people think that if one side is bad the other must be good- that is not reality.

          Its a straw man to say that the germans did no war crimes- they did, they just did NOT do the mass gassing holcuast.

      • @Duck
        No Jewish Holocaust happened as has been mythed…no ovens, no soap, no sex slaves, no lamp shades, no mass graves, no death from the pest fumigant Zyclon B, no “Grand Plan,” etc. All attempts by unbiased researchers seeking the truth has been thwarted by the Zionists. Deep ground penetrating radar has shown no burials, bones, etc. around the sites.

        During WWII the International Red Cross had monthly unrestricted access to every German prison camp and contact with inside men who reported to them in detail the activities at the camps.

        In an 11/22/44 letter to U.S. State Department officials, the Red Cross said: “We had not been able to discover any trace of installations for exterminating civilian prisoners. This corroborates a report which we had already received from other sources …”

        Dr. Charles Larson headed a team of forensic pathologists sent into the camps at the war’s end to document war crimes. They conducted hundreds of autopsies at more than 20 camps and did not find a single body showing signs of gas poisoning. None have been found since, at any camp.

        There were 2.4 million Jews in all of German-occupied Europe. After the war, 3.8 million Jews claimed “survivor” benefits from the German government. The World Almanac: 800,000 more Jews were alive in 1950 than in 1940.

        The Red Cross, officially reported less than 300,000 prisoners of all nationalities in the German camps died of all causes, including old age, and barely more than half were Jews. Most died in several severe typhoid epidemics caused by allied wartime conditions from bombing supply shipments, which claimed many lives throughout Germany.

        • ejdoyle
          “….No Jewish Holocaust happened as has been mythed…no ovens, no soap, no sex slaves, no lamp shades, no mass graves, no death from the pest fumigant Zyclon B, no “Grand Plan,” etc…..”

          Thats correct.

          I know the holocaust is 99% myth.

          I am looking forwards to getting Dr EM Jones “the Holocaust Narrative” at some point to see how they story developed and was built up and Stone Choir even did an epp about ‘the big lie’ (they even had a pic of the plaque being changed out to Auswitz to reflect the new numbers

          I also know that the Germans (and the allies) did commit war crimes.

          The point I keep making is that I am extra sure the gassings DID NOT happen because when the Germans did war crimes they documented them (because….well, ‘their germans’) and HAD they ever gassed people they would have recorded doing so.

          As I said to CRM just because the Germans did not gas people does not make them saints. Their crimes are nothing like as bad as the liars from Nurenmburg on made out, though

          How come your talking to me again anyway? Last time we met you were figuratively cussing me out for agreeing with you about something.

          • >>How come your talking to me again anyway?>>
            A fireman/medic reaction to extinguishing issues for anyone.

            In this recent evolution of humans, EVERYONE has been killing, maiming, torturing others.

            America Has Been At War 90% of it’s existence
            We have over 700 ‘known’ military bases world wide.

            *Between 1898 and 1934 the Marines invaded: Cuba 4 times; Nicaragua 5 times; Honduras 7 times; the Dominican Republic 4 times; Haiti twice; Guatemala once; Panama twice; Mexico 3 times; and Colombia 4 times. All done for the corporations to get natural resources and farm land for them.
             *Eisenhower murdered over one million innocent Germans in open field prison camps, AFTER the war’s end.
             *President Truman dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki murdering over 100,000 innocent people.
             *Johnson, Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover were at Clint Murcheson’s ranch finalizing JFK’s murder the night before.
             *George Bush allowed 9/11 to occur then murdered a million Iraqi innocents.
             *Obama dropped over 26 thousand bombs in 2016 on innocents plus allowed the drone murder of wedding parties.
             *Dropping more bombs in Yemen in one week than the annual total for any prior year, or loosening the standards for “acceptable” civilian casualties.
            *President Trump increased Drone strikes by 400%; illegally attacked Syria; and taunted Iran, North Korea, Russia, etc.
            – – – – – – – – – – – – –
            WOUNDED KNEE:
            December 29,1890. 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota were murdered by federal agents and members of the 7th Calvary in a firearms confiscation “for their own safety and protection.” They were slaughtered AFTER the Sioux peacefully turned in their firearms. 200 fo the 297 murdered were women and children.

            • ejdoyle

              “….A fireman/medic reaction to extinguishing issues for anyone….”

              OK, the I will feel free to post to your comments any time I feel the need. 🙂

              .WHAT did I say that you OBJECT TO OR THINK IS WRONG????? Or are you just adding to what I said?

              I dont know what the issue is with me AGREEING with you that the Holocaust was fake, but the more who follow the links to the work of Dr EM Jones of Fidelity Press the better.

              Here is a repost of the link to the Stone Choir epp on the Big Lie the final few moments where they laugh at some of the more ridiculous Holocaust lies (eagles and bears, oh my) are quite funny too. LoL

              You list some true events, NONE of which alter my contention that while the Germans were Framed for the Holocaust they DID commit real war crimes too…..
              Its good to see you talking about the Rhine Meadows camps where the allies starved maybe a million German prisoners, I had the book some years ago but really people should look at the genocidal Morganthau Plan and the idea (British IIRC) of selling Germans to the soviets as slaves after the war.

              ‘Zoomer Historian’ on YT has a pretty good history channel for that kind of thing.

              If I want to quibble it might be about Yemen, thats not the US that Saudi using US weapons, and while Obama did murder lts of people with drones I very much doubt that ALL of that number you gave were ‘innocents’

              As to the Atomic Bombing, IIRC they killed fewer people then the firebombing raids did, and you have to give a bit of leeway what with it being a war (even if the US did rather force Japan into going to war its not like the japanese were all that humane in their treatment of subject peoples themselves)

              As to the marines- i think Mr Corbett did a very good bit on Smedley Butler who flat out said the same thing you did about the marines being the police force of big biz.

              • I apologize for my rely to you. I forgot how much you want to put your opinions out and not just basic facts. I won’t engage that again.

            • No need to apologize- honestly its kinda nice that we can talk again.

  3. I have never heard of Assange having Mossad connections- I will have to look into that. Does anyone know what James was referring to when he talked about Assange and Natashi Yamamoto? Was bitcoin some type of intelligence psyop?

    • I haven’t looked into it but have heard several alt media sources questioning bitcoin. Apparently (like Facebook) bitcoin is another arm of the CIA’s control measures.

    • I dont know who was behind it, but I would suspect that Bitcoin was a good way to soak up all the money that otherwise would have gone into panic buying gold as the economy crashes and burns. A good way to keep the currency viable for longer IMO.

      You cant have a viable fiat currency if Gold gets too high because it shows the ‘real’ value….. also Bitcoin is not private and honestly is less viable then coal tokens, or pretty shells, as a day to day currency for buying things like a burger and fries.

      That said I didnt buy Gold when it was 300 an oz because it was too expensive 🙁 and also thought no one would be dumb enough to buy bitcoin 🙁 🙁 🙁 so what do I know?

    • “(Arab Spring related) diplomatic secrets published by the WikiLeaks group has not damaged Israel and in fact strengthened its position”, Prime Minister Netanyahu said Monday.

      • that makes sense….easier to break up the big muslim countries if you can use social media to upset their governments

    • “Satoshi Nakamoto” is who was mentioned the supposed inventor of Bitcoin. Seems to me that bitcoin is a intel op invention created for multiple purposes: promotion of blockchain tek and digital money, means to sell weapons and drugs and also a money laundering tool.

      • It seems that Satoshi Nakamoto never existed. He disappeared with a large value of bitcoins which have never been claimed. He interacted with some of the smartest internet geeks on earth yet has never been traced.

  4. Thanks New World next week for another well balanced report. I too have suspicions about Julian’s connections; and is it interesting how Tucker Carlson just happens to be touring Australia on Julian’s return. I may be proven wrong but bets on the Tucker scoop?

  5. I dont doubt Mr Corbett is right that the US likes to threaten Saudi Arabia with 9/11 Truthers , but lets be honest – who thinks the USA could actually take and hold Saudi?

    Unless the US is willing to exterminate most of the people there they can do nothing serious to the Saudis. Even if they were willing to kill that many people they would then have to nuke most of the other muslim countries too. I’m sure the jewish Neo-cons would LOVE to do it but I cant see it succeeding.

    The days of US military hegemony are over

    • This is NOT REAL, it is just theater, this is just a show to keep the discussion away from Israel.

      Nothing is going to happen to Saudi Arabia, that is nonsense. Iraq was real because every news outlet, every talking head made Iraq an enemy, this talk about Saudi Arabia is just back ground noise, filling a gap of information for the idiot goy, to buy anything they are told.

      We already live in a NWO controlled by Zionists, covid demonstrated that FACT, what you see now is all made for TV soap operas, keeping the idiot masses entertained while they move the pieces of our destruction into place, right now that seems to be installing Trump with a imaginary mandate to RULE.

      • Rexleonum

        Its not “Zionist”, its Jewish.

        Plenty of harmful ideas are against Israel- there is kinda a civil war going on right now between the Zionist and the Commie jews.

        If you dont want to read a massive book written by a Catholic, like EM Jones “Jewish Revolutionary spirit”, you can listen to a book written by a Jew , Israel Shahak, who comes across like he was at least an honest fellow.

        You ca hear it read with commentary at in the ‘podcasts section linked top left on the page there

        Just after epp 1065 is “Pete Reads ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’ by Israel Shahak Part 1” he is up to part six or so now.

        When a jew tells you how disgusted he is by a jewish culture that forbids you from saving a non jews life its well worth listening.

  6. Good lord, Assange is only fifty two?
    This whole story somehow doesn’t quite add up, just like Snowden’s never has for me. But then I know that Snowden was playing alias roles as part of his employment in NSA. There’s no such thing as a “live” CIA “whistleblower”.

    What a rancid conclusion. Wiki Leaks didn’t physically harm anyone? As Mr Assange is supposedly standing there carrying this supposed prison and torture history? It never ends, does it? This totally nonsensical inherently contradictory speech. Gee, that kinda precludes Assange suing anyone over his detention? No harm was done? All so unreal in my estimation. Show time on top of show time. But don’t worry bout that Mordor Tower down the street there.

    AHH. That’s why they’re parading this out now. Focus on little guy traitor to the military, who is in military prison? While Assange is in a suit? Curioser and curioser. “You are getting very sleepy; your national guard will protect you….”

    This is about the military. IT’s his military reports they went with. Oh, good, you’re getting down to it. Indeed. It’s all feed. That’s why the stories never quite match themselves, somehow.

  7. LOL “citation needed”

    Further shows could begin with Beetlejuice announcing “It’s Showtime!”

    the Cnina vax, as well as the Pfizer vax, were all made by Biontech. I sent you the relevants, James. Fosun distributed it for Biontech to China.
    It’s all an incestous family, just like Vanguard Black Rock and State Street

    Same same Saudis Bush was getting checks from, and flew out of the US post 9-11? Same same Saudis as bought up US ports? Those Saudis? Same ones as legislate zero maternity leave for their citizens, just like US? Those Saudis?
    “This commercial was brought to you by Bibi and friends. Look over there. ”
    Oh, sure, the CIA and FBI and Pentagon and particularly the so called “intelligence” agencies…searching the cosmos for signs of intelligent life….they did everything. Beatles’ songs, anti war movements, it’s all them. Just believe it, give up. Funny.

    I’ll tell you why there was a “drop in childhood vaccinations” in Pakistan. Because they, the Pakinstani people, came out and shot the shooters before they could shoot the children.
    They reasonably retreated. That’s how THEY brought about “a drop”. Worked.

    Been saying for some time Germany runs the show. Get a load of how much Germany has invested in that WHO agenda, James. In the docs I emailed you.
    Pfizer everywhere, and Fosun in China are just distribution agents for Biontech. That’s why the vaxx says BNT in its code.
    When Germany rules the world, the world is at war.
    I sincerely doubt that either Maxwell nor her buddy Epstein ever did a day in a jail cell. Ever.

    • “…Been saying for some time Germany runs the show. Get a load of how much Germany has invested in that WHO agenda,…”

      Maybe the people who run Germany proffit from such things but Germany has been a puppet state of the USA since after WW2.

      There wont be any real Germans left pretty soon if things keep on the same track their on now. AFD is probably too little too late

      • His story has been turned on it’s head and more many times.

        Who do you suppose won the “paperclip” was, the US or Soviets?

        So, the German Nazi hierarchy moved to the US and Russia after WWtwo murdered millions of US and Russians, and they don’t run the show? Extraordinary!!

        We’ll see. We’ll see.
        The “US”, colonial slave state of european colonialism, the military training nexus for all of europe’s endless war, that US really “runs the show”
        That’s why it’s citizens enjoy such superior benefits from the state, compared to the poor way those folks in europa are treated. They only get eight to twelve weeks of paid vacation a year. What pussies!!
        We don’t really even need two!! We’re tough!! We can keep on working., so Europe keeps vacationing.
        Follow The Money….who dies by the tens of thousands in wars where?
        Oh, all these horrid wars in the US that euro citizens are always shipped over to die in.
        Just horrid.

        • Openlense

          “….So, the German Nazi hierarchy moved to the US and Russia after WWtwo murdered millions of US and Russians, and they don’t run the show? Extraordinary!!….”

          Who exatly are you talking about? Hess? Goering? Borman?

          Lol…..the people taken to the USA and the USSR were the ‘spoils of war’- what high positions did they get? What role of power did they get?

          Whatever Mae Brussell may say on the matter they were just very valuable slaves.

          “…… “US”, colonial slave state of european colonialism, the military training nexus for all of europe’s endless war,….”

          WHAT wars has Europe actually wanted to fight since the US buggered them in Suez? Can you name these ‘endless wars’ Europe is fighting?

          “…..That’s why it’s citizens enjoy such superior benefits from the state, compared to the poor way those folks in europa are treated…..”

          Have you ever been poor in Europe?

          Scratch that….let me ask you where in Europe you’ve been and how long you were there for?

          “….. They only get eight to twelve weeks of paid vacation a year. What pussies!!……”

          Where exactly do they get three months of paid vacation as a norm? I know for a fact thats not the case in the UK

          “……Follow The Money….who dies by the tens of thousands in wars where?
          Oh, all these horrid wars in the US that euro citizens are always shipped over to die in……”

          Only a woman would think that the SUBJECT people of an Empire are allowed to have a strong army. You get to BE the Empire by DOING the fighting.

  8. re:
    Story #2: Newly Released Video Shows Saudi Man Filming Locations Ahead of 9/11 Attacks

    *from UTube
    ->Video unavailable
    ->The uploader has not made this video available in your country

    ->We have not been able to archive the video associated with this YouTube page.

    couldn’t see the video from CalgarySE, Alberta, Canada

    🎶 🇨🇦 ☮️
    Going to hell in a hand-basket.
    PM and MPs are a collective criminal cartel of satanic psychopaths !!!

  9. Dear James, Technically, it is NOT yet completely over for Mr. Assange. Though he pled to a conspiracy to expose war crimes, he COULD….. I say COULD STILL file a motion to have this plea expunged from his record, on the basis of the original intent of the 1st Amendment, and cite the Daniel Ellsburg case and international Law on WAR CRIMES signed and agreed to by the US.

    For the corrupt lower US criminal courts, he would not “WIN” on such a motion. However, these is a chance the SCOTUS would hear his motion. Otherwise, the President can pardon him PERMANENTLY, and then threaten the DEEP STATE that he, the President, will pardon all such future prosecutions & persecutions of journalists who expose crimes of the DEEP STATE that hide their criminal actions under the guise of “National Security”. But, what do I know? FMR Intelligence Officer

  10. Assange had connections to Mossad, in other news, water is wet. I once said I doubted Assange as being authentic because his reporting omitted Israel, and did a great job in demonizing America.

    Assange’s job was to continue the demonization of the American government, while leaving out those who actually control the US government, Zionist globalists.

    It always amazes me how gullible people can be, but then I remember the old adage, propaganda does not deceive us, propaganda allows us to deceive ourselves. People just want lies they can cling to.

    A REAL leaker would not be alive very long, and information the powers that be don’t want leaked, would not be leaked, period. Reason, logic and deduction are far more reliable than leaks form some propped up savior.

  11. I have also noticed of late a push to link Saudi Arabia to 9/11 again, I gauss too many of the Goy are starting to see it might be Israel, so they need to reinforce their old lie, at least till their boy Chump gets back into office.

  12. It’s a shane we can’t comment and have to sign in after getting your stuff from the e-mail. Sorry don’t mean to complain, your stuff is worth hearing! I do not feel that we need a ‘government’. I think they are calling themselves a government so they can take our taxes and all the rest. They do not really have authority over us; all liars and cheats!
    So many conspiracy theories re 9/11 – they know we never believed them, so just invent another story; the whole thing looked weird. Government narratives to suit whatever they want us to think – without anyone knowing the truth

  13. RE: Story #2 Al-Hazmi, Al-Mihdhar

    Dentist who met 9/11 Hijackers poisoned in Texas
    Prior to 9/11, Dr David Graham reports the “future hijackers” to the local FBI.
    Following 9/11/01, Dr. David Graham contacts top government officials.
    Later Dr Graham dies a slow gruesome death following “radiator fluid” poisoning in Texas.

    9/11 researcher Sander Hicks reported on this story.
    Jeff Ferrell of Shreveport’s CBS affilate TV News KSLA 12 also reported on this story.

    Lots of info at the LINK

  14. Thanks for linking the old “Questions for Corbett.” Watched the segment on Assange.

    A friend had just conveyed to me that Assange didn’t believe 9/11 was a conspiracy, so it was good to hear that discussed.

    When my friend said that, it dawned on me that during the 2 or 3 years I’ve really followed his case, not once did it concern me *what* Julian Assange believed about this or that. He’s never been a go-to source of information for me, nor has Wikileaks. I will likely pay more attention to his perspectives in the future and filter from there. I would at least hope his beliefs on how much more evil the US government is than he thought have evolved.

    What bothered me most about his saga was that a human being could be locked up for such bogus “reasons.” At some point, this became a human rights ordeal to me first and foremost, though the issues surrounding journalism and freedom of the press have always remained in my mind, too.

    I’m as cynical as most in the reality world but don’t think, at all, he’s been a *willing* tool in a psyop, a crisis actor got on or off of the plane, or anything along those lines. Real things happen.

    He had an air of arrogance to me before. I’d venture to guess he’s lost some of it. But he very much seems a man of principle and sincerity. He’s also a man with an active, intellectual mind, which makes being imprisoned in near-isolation worse psychological torture than it is for a “normie” or a thug. Those responsible for locking him up know it, and putting him in the harshest of prisons was intentional, too. It absolutely broke my heart to see that done to him and imagine that kind of torment.

    Whether I agree with him on this or that (and, yes, 9/11 is a big this and that) is irrelevant to his plight. You guys basically said the same.

    I don’t at all discount the idea he played an *unwilling* role in games our overlords played with his saga.

    There’s already been much discussion of the precedent his plea deal sets for journalism. Things people aren’t talking about as much:

    -The US counsels’ admission in a US federal court that the famed Wikileaks publications caused no physical harm to anyone, which was one of the US government’s faux “justifications” for locking Assange up.

    -The implications of a country prosecuting a non-citizen residing in another country for a “crime” that allegedly violated laws to which he’s not subject. (No doubt not for the first time, but it’s still wrong.)

    -Why the Australian government made him pay for his flight.

    -Hacking charges in the original indictment.

    -UK complicity and kangaroo courts.

    -Reasons for the MSM’s flip-flop on Julian Assange being locked up, and people forgetting the major outlets’ original support for his imprisonment.

    Rarely does a media spectacle suck me in, but this alt-media spectacle did. And I watched too much of it to believe his release was fakery. It’s hard to fake genuine concern for a human being, and there’s been a lot of it from many corners.

    • Just thoughts…I would have to know a lot more context to decide what to make of that recording.

      People portray Assange as a guy apt to recklessly release anything he’s given. I’ve followed Wikileaks on social media for the past few years, mostly just to keep an eye on his case, and they have insisted over and over again that Assange took great care to protect sources and not release information that would lead to people being physically harmed. A point that the US government halfway admitted in court. I’m sure Wikileaks has tons of material it’s never published.

      It’s quite possible Assange was merely discussing such material that got into the wrong hands and wanted to warn this guy about it. Not saying this IS the context of that recording, but it very well could be.

      Either way, I think it’s wise to not make assumptions without proper context.

  15. “Authoritatives” Not actually a word I guess but its too bad that it didn’t catch on. Its a concise little term that encompasses government, deep state, globalists, corporatists, whatever. Basically anybody who violates the NAP as a matter of course in the operation of their business.
    All in one convenient little word. Its genius.
    I think I’ll start using it just so people will have to ask me what I’m talking about.
    Thank you John Young.

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