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There is so much happening in the world today but I am very busy working on a number of things for this week and some longer-term projects, so I’m afraid I don’t have time to cover them all. Just some of the bombshells from the last 24 hours:

-Theresa May using the London Bridge incident to call for a crackdown on the internet

-Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain cutting ties with Qatar

-Putin’s interview with NBC where he implies the US deep state is setting up to false flag Russia

…And I’m sure many other stories of import.

So to the awake, engaged, vibrant Corbett Report community I say: “Have at it.” Please do share your thoughts on these or any other stories of interest making the rounds today. I will be trying to touch on these issues and more in the coming days, so if you have any info I should know about, please do let us know in the comments below!


  1. If these guys decided to leave Qatar outside to dry, there will be a whole lot of implications. Like the Qatari pipeline, over which a big part of Syria/Iran/Russia/Ukraine affair was conducted.

    If the pipeline is being put on the backburner, US will probably move toward the “Asian pivot” which will draw Russia right back into the spotlight. There psychos have grown past comic book villainy and gotten to the “religious leaders” level.

    One positive thing being Qatar probably deserve whatever they have coming.

    • isn’t there a US airforce base in Qatar?

      • You are right. I didn’t know.
        June 5, 2017 News
        (CNN) — As Saudi Arabia, along with a growing list of other countries, cut diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday, it called on its allies to cease all travel and transport with its neighbor.

        One of Saudi Arabia biggest allies, however, is the United States, which also happens to maintain its biggest concentration of military personnel in the Middle East at Qatar’s Al Udeid Air Base.

        • That map is a bit old, I think.
          Also, it’s meant to be a map of bases, not deployments or occupations… I think. US sure fuzzied these definitions, what used to be occupation now is terned as liberation while freedom fighters are terrorists.

          For that I hold them in contempt.

      • As I understand it, the UAE, with the support of other GCC members (excluding Oman) is angling to have the US base moved there. The present Qatari Emir ascended to power after a similar treatment by GCC against his father. Qatar & KSA have been rivals in the region, & were on opposite sides in the power struggle in Egypt between Morsi & al-Sisi. Qatar lost that one. They have also sparred by proxy in Syria, supporting opposing “rebel” groups there. In fact, Libya was a Qatari victory which has failed to benefit them subsequently due to the roiling political situation, with 3 governmental bodies in Tobruk, Tripoli & Benghazi power centers claiming authority. Interestingly, the Qatari pipeline was in direct competition with the Iranian pipeline to be run through Syria in part. Now that Qatar is making friendly noises towards Iran, angering KSA, et al., could there be some compromise in the works to benefit both pipeline parties? That would be beneficial for the ME in general, & Syria in particular.

    • Was it Qatar that provided the planes to send the Libyan weapons into Syria (with a nod from Hillary)?

      • H.R.S , do you suppose that the State Dept. diplomat was murdered for double dipping some of the proceeds of the sales that were meant for the Clinton Foundation?

        • Don’t know. Corbett did a lot of stuff on Libya. But much has faded from this old man’s recollection.

    • The Clock Boy (the North Texas school kid with homemade clock who was taken into custody) has been going to school in Qatar.

      The Texas school incident occurred two days after his Father had a Facebook post about 9/11 Truth.
      EXCERPT from Fox with Megyn Kelly.
      …The boy’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, runs the Arabic-language National Reform Party Facebook page.
      That account has shared a 14-minute conspiracy theory video on the 9/11 attacks and a post that shows the smoking Twin Towers, describing it as a U.S.-sponsored hoax to launch a worldwide war against Islam…

      • James Corbett famously called the 9/11 official story a genuine conspiracy theory.

    • Dear Pablo, they are interconnected, it’s a global thing after all.

      But still there are several factions at play, people doing these oil deals are probably not the same as the people pushing through the pipeline.

    • Maybe Qatar as co-owner of the largest gas field on the world

      find out that pipeline through KSA, Syria… is not viable any more, because of high costs to build it (read high costs of concurring Syria, etc.) and potentially high costs to operate it (extortion from number of states and quasi-states).

      LNG is expensive to produce and use, so in partnership with Iran and Russia they could build alternative gas pipeline route to Asia or Europe. Win-win.

  2. Oh yea man!
    Putin just embarrasses the toot out of American media.
    And we know American media won’t show this full interview to Americans, because the American public would side with Putin.

  3. Hola a Todos,
    Interested in knowing people’s thoughts on why England is experiencing so much in terms of attacks atm. Is it Brexit, upcoming (s)election or…?

    Also James C has done a number of Eps relating to Hegelian dialect ie problem, reaction, solution.

    • We’re bound to see more of these throughout Europe. I’d say the base reason for these is to transfer more power from the people to the government without anyone asking why doesn’t increased “security” result in less “attacks,” instead of more.

      I’m certain some of these are not false flags, it’s just too difficult to pick them out of the bunch.

      • Ultimately TPTSB will use any such incident, whether it’s false flag or not, to take freedoms and liberties away from us. I’m watching what happens here in Australia following on from a hostage situation last night 5th June. MSM is reporting that a call was made to a TV channel by the man responsible for siege gave IS and Al Qaeda the credit for his actions e.g.…claims-responsibility/…/5673a6d8cf67b9f6f06e014d6a6742f8
        Apologies, i couldn’t get hyperlink to include complete link.

        • Shorten the url et voila

          Even worse that that, if they are false flag attacks, that means the government is ready to kill its own people as to fit its agenda.
          No surprise there, but sometimes most obvious things can escape attention.

    • Hola PdB;
      Yes I had noticed that; I’m invested in the fact that UK in particular are being targeted atm. Knowing qui bono in broad terms, i wonder why UK in are being specifically targeted 3 times in 3 or so months. Do TPTSB want to ram home a message to UK authorities? Are they attempting to gain leverage and influence for an immediate response, or is it just continuing to create mayhem throughout EU/ Europe? I understand that they TPTSB take the long term view and are often happy to allow lots of time to get to the end they desire, however it seems to me that the more incidents that there are in a short timespan, suggests that they want to see a quick result for their efforts

    • Your points re: crime are very valid. These terrorists just seem to have a great knack of ensuring that the authorities know who is responsible very quickly-a la Lee Harvey Oswald.

    • Right you are, dear Pablo.

      One only needs to remeber the Paris “attack”. If you are ready to question anything about it, question this: how could Hollande (known mass murderer and enemy of humanity) not even two hours after the attacks know (as he stated during the press conference) that “daesh” did it? He said he knew and that the investigation will further prove what he already knew was “true” and “fact”.

      I hold the media in contempt over not posing this question to him.

      Another, just as completely ridiculous point, how do these terrorist groups manage to have such a strong presence on the social networks? How is it possible these “representatives” of theirs are not taken down, at least via their profiles?

      • Yea…these ruses are so silly in substance. I guess the intended audience is in an oblivious stupor.

      • Dear Pablo, do you ever wonder what our lives could have been had we not needed deprogramming after first 20 something years? In my case it was almost 30.

      • That’s an odd conkidink, isn’t it?
        Are these intentionally made so badly?

  4. Hi James, I am wondering if all of these things we refer to as news,headlines or stories may be a distraction from something we should be thinking about like health? I don’t hear you talk about things like ozone therapy, when just a cursory look around at guys like Robert Rowen or Frank Shallenberger should spark you interest if not for your own health maybe your family, friends, or your viewers?:) I think if you look at these two websites, these two youtube channels and a couple of videos you should be able, in the way that you so boldly do on other subjects, show that the statements that these two make in their videos and in their writings (along with the testimony of their patients and the hundreds if not thousands of physicians that they have either trained or inspired)are absolutely as correct as any science can be and the following statement can be regarded as true – The way to health and to avoid health problems is to drink clean water and eat clean whole fresh food and if you get sick you can use phyto and micro nutrients,vitamins and minerals and certain other oxidative therapies to heal yourself like ozone, with it’s various methods of delivery, should be enough to keep you healthy without any other intervention other than injury care. You see with what I have learned over the last few months about ozone I think I can see a straight line thru things like – there is no such thing as disease only dysfunction,everything you have heard about the modern medical paradigm is close to being completely false. If you can reconcile something like – it looks like the classification of these so called diseases has been done solely for the purposes of medical billing and they have as much to do with your health as mickey mouse. If you delve into what so many intelligently sounding people that don’t evidently know each other are saying about just ozone therapy, and writing the papers and making videos with patients to prove it, you should see that there is a big possibility that the treatment for everything from the common cold to the worst “dis-eases” that you can think of, can be treated by yourself, in your own home for close to nothing, and if you choose you can find a doctor right now that will provide it for you at a reasonable cost. What would this mean to the entire world and I am sure you can see the side effects, pun intended. I am just wondering if you draw the same conclusions from the material. I’ll leave the links below, I know your busy but this would be a good one to spread if you agree. Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Robert Rowen website – and his youtube channel –

    Frank Shallenberger website – and his youtube channel –

    Also congratulations on your work and anniversary, I think you cite your sources and stick to logic which is what I thought journalism was supposed to be until I woke up. I think very soon whoever put you on the fake news list is going to regret doing so, since any review of anything at least I have ever heard you state as fact has a solid source, and that fact (that they put you on the fake news list) just out rightly exposes them as the real fake news. Peace and love, Al Soto

    • OZONE & UV Therapy (I and family and friends have done this and more)(Saved a friend’s foot from amputation).

      asdelta, I will bet that James is aware of these, but he has so many projects going. There often is a lot of chatter on health related things in the comment sections.

      I am thrilled that you mention OZONE !! It is amazing stuff. Rowan and Shallenberger have really helped to get the word out.
      asdelta, Keep getting the word out about Ozone and UV.

      Under one of my favorite Corbett Report documentaries, Rockefeller Medicine, in the comment section there is a good summary of UV & OZONE Therapy when one goes to the links for further research.

      How Ozone and IV Therapy was on Showtime’s Billions (below talking about GcMAF)
      …and more comments on the thread… Ty Bolinger was brought up earlier…

    • Asdelta Al, very nice line of thought, when I get time I intend to check out the included links. Thanks for those. On the line of thought you propose I would direct all to consider the lifes work of Mary Baker Eddy and her philosophy/religion of Christian Science. The physical worlds remedies are pointless in the spiritual morphogenetic realm of all mind. Medical arts are but one arm of the of the false dichotomy of the powers that shouldn’t be and I personally believe in truth of Mr. Corbetts statement that love will destroy those filthy inbreed bastards goals for us. Do we create our reality with our minds? Are our brains where our mind exist? Someday, maybe peace may break out and all their hate will be as not. We can love them to death.

    • I’ll try to inform myself on this subject.

    • asdelta,
      From time to time, when appropriate, please repost your thoughts on OZONE THERAPY.
      Often, not every subscriber reads every comment, nor visits every thread. It will help to reach a wider audience. And, like you said, this is extremely important information.

      “Repeat the Message”, a basic axiom of marketing and a fundamental to learning.

      • Also, the central tennet of propagandists.

        • Yea. I hear ya. Those axioms work for everyone.

    • Scientology – I am pretty sure that this video came from CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) which is a group sponsored by the Church of Scientology.
      That said, it does have a lot of facts to it.
      CCHR will feature many experts. You will see well known folks like Jim Marrs, G. Edward Griffin, Psychiatrist Colin Ross (Mind Control expert who lives in the Dallas area), and others…

      Decades ago, L. Ron Hubbard became fixated on psychiatry “as THE enemy”, as the primary culprit for the grief that is caused across the planet. Even in far distant past lives, the psyches were to blame for mankind’s amnesia and most of its ills. All of psychiatry and psychology is considered bad by the Church. The Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other mega-elite virtually are not really talked about.

      CCHR, an arm of the Church, primarily gets its money by directly soliciting funds from the Church’s members. In fact, most of the Church of Scientology buildings around the world have in large part been paid for directly from its members, often being strong armed into donating to these buildings. David Miscavige, the long standing tyrannical head of the Church, tries to milk parishioners dry before putting any Church money into property or a PR campaign.

      Actually, there are a few elements in the Church which have value (e.g. some parts of some written material), but the entire whole is smothered in a wild morass of deception and control and intermixed weirdness.

      • I agree 100%. Man! Most all of those mentally altering drugs are devastating. Many are now being prescribed for non-mental conditions, but rather body health issues. Nuts. And the Psych industry is just like the medical industry – twisted with perverse deceptions.

  5. Who I ask is the biggest enemy of the western plutocracy, being the world’s current dominate plutocracy? My guesstimate would be those democracy loving peoples with their various charters of freedoms that they so dearly love that reside within that plutocracies own bailiwick. This helps explain the sundry ‘terrorist attacks’ as theater or ‘gone live’ against this populous as a pitiful excuse to temporarily [permanent] suspend civil liberties like free speech on the internet, which the plutocrats detest most of all.

    Well if the public has been disenfranchised from most and certainly any important policy decision making then the populous needs to disenfranchise the plutocrats in any way they can be it ever so small. If the billion or so people living in the west each made an individual conscious effort to act in their own interest and/or against the plutocrat’s interests that cumulative effect would be something quite noticeable and felt. One easy one is to stop voting unless a ‘Gandhi’ or ‘Martin L King’ should happen to be on the ballot as extremely doubtful as that may be. Another is to introduce as many friends and colleagues as possible to the Corbett Report. Thousands of other individual actions are possible. I grow a potato, carrot and onion garden every year. I use free dead standing trees to heat my British Columbia home in winter. I pound our local community paper with letters to the Editor on the injustices of the banking system and occasionally they even publish one. I only keep enough money in a financial institution to pay my monthly bills and the rest is saved, spent on day to day living expenses or turned into my precious metal investment gamble. Please add to my list with your own ideas.

    • BladTheImpailer, Interesting thread of reasoning . I’d say from Robert David Steels comments to a group in Washington the other day when he rolled out #unrig with Cynthia Mckinney, we(Americans) elected Trump with 23% of the electorate. 50% did not even bother. How hard would it be to get part of the 26% Dems.and 1% third party and Trumpets to not participate at a later date? Probably very easily done after the midterm elections, given what Steele suggested (#unrig) we do in August 2017, holding the House and Senate to the fire to pass election reform on jurymandering on return from summer recess. I have to agree we have an opportunity to leverage them to do the peoples work and not the work of the deep-state. Otherwise there out. Secondly can you comment on the amount of Solar Radiation Management where you live? Here in Joklahoma USA we are under a constant cycle of high altitude aerosol spraying. My garden is dead. Maybe other than aluminum , but having done the work and things to keep it healthy , it has failed. My partner in life is very sensitive to the loading and unloading of the atmosphere wwith these poisons. I took her outside the other day and asked her if she could relate the numerous chemtrails we saw with her cycle of extreme anxiety she was being. dehabilitated by. After a month we now agree its on the download side that are the triggers and believe me , it has helped our domestics. I may be completely full of it but I observed, recorded and contemplated this for the last 8 months. For me after the spraying I feel thoroughly exhausted and sluggish in thinking and like a bad hangover. Thanks James for this platform, utterly brillent!

  6. The last 30 seconds of the video says a lot.

  7. They need those funds to fund your safety.

    All hail Krull, the omipotent.

  8. It is so refreshing to read the writings of people that sincerely care about their family, and that’s what we are. We are all connected the one race,,,,The human race. I read each comment and found they all had two things in common. No one showed any disrespect and there was a genuine concern in trying to find solutions to the things we as a people are facing in these dangerous times. Thank you,,,,,You give me hope.

  9. The Manchester suicide bombing, 22nd May 2017. At a Concert for Ariana Grande, mainly young female following, Manchester Arena. The bomb attack was carried out in the Lobby adjoining the Victoria Station. The bomber was called Salmen Abedi, and his family was of Libyan descennt.

    The first UK 2017 attack on Mancheser does certainly have hallmarks of a false flag terror attack,) but in my opinion a lot more information would be needed before any clear case could be put forwards. A second terror attack was made in London on Saturday 3rd , with the terrorists strapping fake suicide vests to themselves, a bizarre attack.

    Initially, after the bombing the mainstream opinion was seen to swung be against the socialist candidate (Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour party) who the mainstream media, even Liberal media have been trying to portray as a terrorist sympathiser for some time before the bombings. He is on the record as being against any deals for arms with Saudi Arabia, well before both of the attacks.

    The left are framing the UK Government’s numerous arms deals with the Saudi’s and their previous history of support for ISIS. (and under the so called New Labour of Tony Blair ) This article from 2009 shows a previous case of a threat of more attacks, or at least not preventing them unless an arms deal / bribe is given, which Tony Blair the Prime Minister at the time, ceded to.

    What is know about the first attack in Manchester?

    1. The bomber was certainly known to the authorities, had been freely allowed to travel to Libya and support the insurrection against Gaddaffi.

    2. It is claimed that American intelligence had recently warned the UK authorities about the bomber. Some in the Muslim community had also warned about his views. Obviously this could mean more of an attack that has been allowed to happen rather than a false flag, depending on who has been influencing the bomber.

    3. Soon after the attack, the US authorities leaked photographs of the bombs. Information has been released that the bomb was made from the same explosive as the 7/7 attacks and Paris attack and showed a level of sophistication that would require outside assistance. Other reports state that TATP could be homemade, I have no knowledge either way on that one.

    The Americans authorities leaked photographs of the bomb very soon after the attack, to the annoyance of the Manchester Police, who stated that they no longer wanted to co-operate with the US authorities.

    Firefighters were prevented from attending the scene for 1.5 hours after the event.

    This, to me seems like the most likely piece of evidence that something untowards happened, with paramedics allowed. Health and safety gone mad? Or something more sinister?

    I have seen no footage of the actual explosion on the internet, with around 20,000 at the actual event you would expect someone who is nearby to have filmed the explosion. Again, very circumstantial. There is some footage of a loud bang, and people running though, so I guess it could have been genuine.
    Again circumstantial, but most of the injured have been shown in pictures very similar to ones from the Boston bombings, or other false flag attacks with lacerations to clothing and blood stains but very little actual injuries.
    Looks like crisis actors to me, but obviously circumstantial again.

    I’m sure that there is lot’s more evidence or breadcrumbs if this is a false flag, I guess James has proabably discussed this before, but it almost seems like we are being invited to investigate this kind of thing sometimes.

    I think the London event from the 3rd June 2017 is very strange also, why would the bombers strap false explosive to themselves?

    Any more info on the Manchester attack would be appreciated.

    As an afterthought,Tony Blair, who was in charge at the time of the 7/7 false flag attacks, has been very quiet of lately, and has a known hatred / rivalry with Jeremy Corbyn. He was a the centre of a recent coup plot against Corbyn.

    • A very nice objective and levelheaded report.

      I don’t think James delved into this “attack,” previously he stated several times we need to take care not to get involved with every curve ball they throw at us, exactly like you concluded yourself.

      If these attacks are indeed real (false flag or not) and there are real innocent victims then it’s very sad I pretty much don’t care. There so much bullshit going on I have to take everything with a fistfull of salt.

      • Hola PdB,
        I’ve been too busy to read the torrent of information that has been written in this OT Ove rather last 24 hours; I look forward to catching up over the next 1-2 days. Completely off topic but of interest to me; I’m wondering how you come to speak Spanish, and whether or not you live in Latin America? I grew up in Peru, and my parents lived in Argentina for some years. I travel to Latin America when I can, which is nowhere near as often as I’d like.
        Hasta la proxima!

  10. June 6, 2017
    Intelligence Hacker sues Agencies – Hacking over 20 million Americans for U.S. Government
    Bill Still (of “Money Masters” fame) gives a brief video report with Fox news coverage included.
    (4 minutes)

    Article –

    (Comment – It is interesting that this government whistleblower gets mileage in the courts and in the MainStreamMedia news.)

  11. The Qatari debacle is too absurd. Border redaction; misdirection and distraction from somewhere else; punishment for consorting with the enemy tourorists (namely, the Iranians and Iraqis). “Those whom a god wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.”

  12. I feel like I already talk too much without thinking here, but I couldn’t set the “Send Email Notification Whenever A New Comment Is Posted.” for this Open-Thread without actually posting a comment, so…

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  13. This is my first comment ever though I have been following Corbett for years. I could only read 30 comments down before I had to say something. First thing you’ll must understand that there is a power struggle between different Sunni oligarchs in the Middle East with Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as the most powerful. Each one is is just doing what humans do. They try to get a bigger slice of the pie. When Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani praised Iran the oligarchs ceased their chance and said that Qatar was supporting terrorism through Shiite groups which we all know is bullcrap because all the the countries banning Qatar have been proven to fund and support Sunni terrorist groups. Now comes the big picture which is a further divided Middle East which the power at be love because the western economy is a farce and the only way to keep it going is through war. Now we will see were history takes us and it is not looking good.

  14. By the way it seemed peculiar to me that island country of Maldives cut off contact with Qatar but it only took 2 minutes of internet searches to reveal Maldives is just another tax haven for the Middle Eastern oligarchs.

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