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The Climate Hoax Tipping Point

If the blathering blowhards of the dinosaur media and the Chicken Littles of the Twitterverse are to be believed, the world has officially come to an end. And in a way, maybe it has. Not "the" world, of course, but their world. That's because, as you will no doubt...

Weather Is Not Climate!

Watch this video on BitChute / YouTube No, weather is NOT climate...even when it's warm outside. But in case there's a climate cultist in your life that insists otherwise, here are some facts about global warming climate change climate disruption global weirding and...

The Global Warming Pause Explained

WATCH THIS VIDEO ON ODYSEE Fact: the RSS global mean temperature anomaly dataset shows a least-squares linear regression trend of 0.0C from February 1997 to October 2015. But what does this really mean? And what is the significance of this global warming pause? Join...


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