Interview 1873 – Ben Pile on The Behavioural Sciences and the Populist Revolt

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Joining us today is Ben Pile of The Net Zero Scandal and Climate Debate. We discuss his recent article, “Behavioural Scientists Aren’t Just Wrong About How to Win Over Electorates to Crackpot Progressive Policies; Their Evident Contempt for the Masses Has Contributed to the Global Populist Revolt,” and what it tells us about the out-of-touch elitists of the globalist technocratic jet set . . . and why they are losing the war for the public’s hearts and minds.

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The Net Zero Scandal

Climate Debate

The rash of Carney

The unofficial official ideology of British institutions

Why there is no ‘climate crisis’

Behavioural Scientists Aren’t Just Wrong About How to Win Over Electorates to Crackpot Progressive Policies; Their Evident Contempt for the Masses Has Contributed to the Global Populist Revolt

2016 Margaret Klein Salamon paper calling for creation of a climate emergency movement

How To Protest (Extinction Rebellion Style!)

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.” —Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

SPI-B: “Use of fear to control behaviour in Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists

Susan Michie: British professor who is member of the Communist party appointed as chair of WHO advisory group



  1. Spoken communication:
    It is unfortunate that so many enlightened researchers and presenters have such challenged speaking skills. Ben has great things to say; however, it is painful to listen to him.
    There is a speaking style that seems common to many from the former (?) British Empire which employs a continuous breathless stutter of repeating words “um um um” “er er er” “and and and.”

    I hope that Ben and others might receive these observations patiently. There are training programs such as Toastmasters, and it would be useful for these presenters to at least watch a videotape of their presentations with immediate feedback from a coach.

    We have the 1) Message, the 2) Messenger , and 3) the way the message is relayed. Please don’t allow poor delivery to interfere with appreciation of the message.

    • Kindness could sure be a lesson for you Sir or Ma’am! There are many books such as the Bible to learn about love and kindness or tolerance. One could refer to the epic Bambi and the prophet Thumper to know if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

        • It’s easy to critique someone who’s creating, doing, risking instead of doing the work themselves but that’s just soft minded me 😉

          • Most folks these days have been indoctrinated to be word, clothes, car, political cops and have forgotten the “glue” of the tribe is in teacher/student, student/teacher relationships.

            Internet anonymity makes it so easy to be snarky, etc.

            Come take a read at an elder’s insights from 55 + years of activism…

            THE BIGGER PICTURE P 1

            [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

        • I like. If you’re dumb you are going to be abused and used.

        • I like, too. A more eloquent way to describe “thin-skinned” people: soft minded.

          • @jo-ann

            Was a day young American kids and young adults were far less obese, unread, and over sensitive. In Junior High we played flag football, in “gym” clothes rain or shine that eventually got to full contact, FOR FUN. No everybody got a trophy, but everybody did get to brag about being banged around, wet, and on the winning side 🙂

            • Yea, I remember with a smile.
              Those bruises with dirt and grass were trophies in themselves.

      • nlock
        I dont think he is being unkind, in that he gave a solution rather then just a criticism. Convincing people with a speech, if we like it or not, is 80% delivery.

        This chap WAS very good. but he did have a certain hesitancy speaking which some folks (not me as I have a this in speaking fault myself) that many people used to polished speech and a firm voice find less the convincing. This probably is kinda an indictment of human beings, but its the truth.

        There is no point in being 100% right if people think your a nut or cant follow what you say.

        I find I speak much better after I’ve done some writing on something, then edited and digested it a bit so that I can pull out the best phrases to convey what I’m trying to say. If your talking to normies who dont follow the news or read history books or think much about science you NEED to be on point in what you say- thats one of Mr Corbetts best skills, making complex stuff easy to undertsand.

    • I agree with Datta.
      Mr. Pile offered about 5 minutes worth of info in this painful, rambling presentation.
      James has covered this already, much better, with names, dates, quotes, publications, photos, etc.
      I can endure the long-winded and stuttering presentation, but the main value, for me, is in forwarding these things to my truth resistant family and friends. This clip cannot be used as such.
      Kudos to James for being kind and patient in his manner of mercifully cutting him off periodically.

    • I thought it also might have been related to anxiety or fear of public speaking. I don’t like public speaking and may have difficulty at times articulating my thoughts if my anxiety kicks in. Maybe he felt nervous speaking with JC since he has a wide audience?

      I checked out his Substack page and he has some interesting material at first glance.

    • Maybe but it’s infinitely better than listening to AI voices, which is what we are getting with an ever increasing numbers of videos, documentaries etc.

      • Absolutely agree!

  2. Thank you for a brilliant discussion. As a “well educated” Brit who is nonetheless penniless, from a working class background via being brought up in the midst of a middle class neighbourhood via a waste of time degree and now a full time stay at home mother of five homeschooled children with a husband in a low paid manual industry, I am completely baffled by the depths to which the populace will sink in terms of unintelligence on this matter. I am a planet lover – as in soil, animals, a home for humans – but few things are as treacherous to the survival of life as bringing this ridiculous climate scam into the light and dismantling it. And I can also attest that fuel costs have utterly crippled those on the ground who would be considered “blue collar” families (like my own). My kids go hungry a couple weeks a month because of the scam of fuel costs. I could go on. Thank you, Ben and James – we need more such discussion. I hope everyone will make time to watch the film “Climate- the cold truth” currently available for free on YouTube – I would link to it, but I do not know if that is “allowed”.

    • Abi,
      Yes. Posting a link to a video is “allowed” on the comment boards.
      It is always important to label and describe any link that a person posts.

      Stand alone links with no description will get the following note from Corbett…
      [SNIP – No bare links in the comments, please. Please repost the link with a title and/or explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

      I think this is the video that you are referring to…
      Uploaded on March 22, 2024 by Clintel YouTube Channel
      Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) Updated 4K version
      Subtitles in: Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America) and Swedish. More to follow.

      This film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It shows that mainstream studies and official data do not support the claim that we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather events – hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires and all the rest. It emphatically counters the claim that current temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 are unusually and worryingly high. On the contrary, compared to the last half billion years of earth’s history, both current temperatures and CO2 levels are extremely and unusually low. We are currently in an ice age. It also shows that there is no evidence that changing levels of CO2 (it has changed many times) has ever ‘driven’ climate change in the past.

      Why then, are we told, again and again, that ‘catastrophic man-made climate-change’ is an irrefutable fact? Why are we told that there is no evidence that contradicts it? Why are we told that anyone who questions ‘climate chaos’ is a ‘flat-earther’ and a ‘science-denier’?

      The film explores the nature of the consensus behind climate change…

      …The film includes interviews with a number of very prominent scientists, including Professor Steven Koonin (author of ‘Unsettled’, a former provost and vice-president of Caltech), Professor Dick Lindzen (formerly professor of meteorology at Harvard and MIT), Professor Will Happer (professor of physics at Princeton), Dr John Clauser (winner of the Nobel prize in Physics in 2022), Professor Nir Shaviv (Racah Institute of Physics), professor Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph), Willie Soon and several others.

      The film was written and directed by the British filmmaker Martin Durkin and is the sequel of his excellent 2007 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle. Tom Nelson, a podcaster who has been deeply examining climate debate issues for the better part of two decades, was the producer of the film.

      #ClimateTheMovie will be available for free at many online locations starting on March 21 2024. Subtitles for numerous languages are currently being created by the Clintel Foundation. Follow @ClimateTheMovie and @ClintelOrg for updates.

      • I watched Climate: The Cold Truth with my grandson (3rd grade). He got it. He was excited to hear the scientists reciting factual information. It was a good conversation starter. I have been teaching him to question what he hears about everything, especially since the plandemic. I encourage everyone to watch the film, especially with your children and grandchildren.
        Climate engineering must also be addressed. Our skies are continually being sprayed with toxins that are destroying our trees and poison the air we breathe. Not to mention the fuels required to fly all the planes almost every day. Chemtrails are constantly denied, but anyone with eyes and a brain that can see, knows the truth.

    • Hold in there Abi, relief is on the way. Zone in on X, account @nwo4ep after 12 April for download of a strategy that should hopefully give you, and a few million others, some cheer.

      • Saw a bit of the doc. Decentralize. Is good. I’m however a bit paranoid of twitter. A dude was on irlTimPoole & said the ImperialFed caught up w/ him 6yrs after the fact for a tweet he sent in 2016. Was a meme of the HildeBeast. Deep Kimchee!

        Was gonna follow another dude that was on the irl too. Young, energetic, all the nice things. Family guy. No longer at the twitter.

        When were the good old days when the fed would just sic the InfernalRev on ya? Now the courts are weaponized. The lists are being made. #DickNixonTheChoirBoy.

  3. “A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.”
    – Ezra Pound
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Mark Levin guest the late Dr. Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute in 15 mins of brilliant assessment of reality…

    Basically…in one hundred years of study, world temp has warmed up 9/10ths of ONE DEGREE.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Opening remarks offered by Maurice Strong, who organized the first U.N. Earth Climate Summit (1992) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, revealed the real goal:

    “We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrialized civilization to collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    There is no “peak oil.” The US has enough oil in the “Bakkan” field under Dakota/Montana/Saskatchewan to last hundreds of years. With the oil of Gull Island, Alaska included, oil should be 10 dollars a barrel and gas, .50 a gallon.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Oil is not a “fossil” fuel. Oil is unlimited, abiotic, and in constant renewal from deep in the earth.
    A gillion years ago the Large Animals did NOT have a convention to decide where to die.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Oil was first a lubricant and the 2nd most prevalent liquid on Earth

    After automobiles, in 1892 oil barron Rockefeller sent his scientists to a convention in Switzerland. And because everything is Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon, they got the convention to name Oil a “fossil fuel.”

    The mything of “fossil fuel” made it seem rare and a good validation to raise lots of $$.


    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

    • Mr. Doyle,
      Nice song. Thank you. Very 60’s style Dylanesque.
      You may have heard this Weird Al song, which features a less earnest take, but a similar title.

      I agree with your skepticism of ‘scientism,’ which is ‘science’, revered as an institution, rather than a method for exposing interesting and useful patterns in nature. It is promoted by propagandists, exploiting our psyches and laziness that elevates ‘experts’. This, of course, is very key to our current problems under a regime of bribes and lies. We see it in biology, psychology, 9/11, geology, physics, etc.

      Also astronomy!?! I recommend this site, for those who can open their minds, and prioritize logic over confirmation bias. Electric Universe Theory

      • @hanky
        >>Nice song. Thank you.>>

        Thanks Hanky. A lot more good stuff further down the play list as BitChute doesn’t’ offer the ability to put one’s music in categories or groups, just one on top of the other, so the bottom (top) of the list doesn’t get played as much.

        >>Very 60’s style Dylanesque.>>

        Others have said the same thing. I have dozens more political songs then Bobby, just not good marketing 🙂

        >>You may have heard this Weird Al song>>

        I don’t watch anything animated. No TV for 50 years till 2016 when given free cable. Might play it again as back ground to doing some work on my mac.

        >>I agree with your skepticism of ‘scientism,’ which is ‘science’, revered as an institution, rather than a method for exposing interesting and useful patterns in nature.>>

        Good on you friend. Very important to apply healthy cognitive thinking these days hey. One can see an example of how the “scientific community” treats Graham Hancock’s excellent research into the pre Younger Dryas era. The name calling and pointing fingers goes on for so many. I recall a female researcher down in South America finding remains that would set back the clocks on human development and she got the same treatment.

        IMO, people get entrenched in their ego filled lives. It would mean giving up the importance of their books and tenure and awards, etc. When I first read Cremo and Thompson’s 600 page or so Forbidden Archeology they were getting the treatment as well.

        Roman coinage found in a random Canadian core sample. Gold chain necklace found in a lump of coal in Massachusetts in the 30’s. Ancient steel balls found in South America. Multi-precious metal chalice, and on and on.

        When I was in the music biz in Hollywood producers and others wanted one’s songs to sound like what was popular and making big bucks, rather then take a chance on something new.

        >>It is promoted by propagandists, exploiting our psyches and laziness that elevates ‘experts’. This, of course, is very key to our current problems under a regime of bribes and lies. We see it in biology, psychology, 9/11, geology, physics, etc.>>

        Agree. Welcome to Clown World.

        >>Also astronomy!?! I recommend this site, for those who can open their minds, and prioritize logic over confirmation bias. Electric Universe Theory>>

        Interesting site for sure, my astrology/astronomy focus has been there but at this time my plate is quite full working on songs, essays, etc. and at 82, as much as I would like to not admit it, :-/ my energy is getting more limiting…arthritis in my right wrist (guitar playing hand) torn rotator cuff the same arm.

        “I’ve never been on a career path, I’ve been on a road to consciousness.”
        EJ Doyle

  4. Thanks for the great discussion. So many similarities between a relationship from hell and the population’s relationship with government. The use of manipulation to get what you want is a tool. Like magic , it comes in good and bad flavours. Getting a child to learn with a good attitude, by manipulation isn’t a bad thing. When the magic only serves the entity that is trying to deceive you, then it gets proper nasty. Anyone who has been cheated on and deceived will tell you , it wasn’t the act that hurt the most, it was the deception. When people realise they’ve been deceived they get really angry. It is about moral issues. Using nudging to stop people trafficking sex slaves would be a much more constructive use of such magic. Using it to make a ton of profits and creating a new customer base is criminal and when the people realise this, those behavioural insights people will be hung out to dry. Is anyone else seeing the similarities between the plot of Harry Potter – muggles, purebloods, dark magic, corrupt ministries etc ?

  5. More analdotes,
    Here in N.E. Oklahoma, on April 8th the world did not end . The sun was partially obscured by the moon and quietly returned to it’s full 7/8 ths brilliance. What?
    I went out and observed the observers. My destination and all along the 60 mile drive people were sitting on the shoulders of roads,turn outs , rest areas. ” Did you see the eclipse?” ” Yes, the sun was about 3/4ths covered”
    Did you see the chemtrails?
    Nope, The micro waves effecting the chemtrailing spread across the sky, you know the tiger strips? Nope.
    They were thick as fleas on an old dog in the sky. The darkness from the moons shadow made the faint shadows under trees disappear like HRS described, like the gray predawn light.
    The chemtrails spread out and a thick haze made the corona of the sun a brilliant white. Extending 4 times the diameter of the fireball with a black smudge in the center.
    It rained last night around midnight, common occurrence after the assault all day. What could have rained down?
    The world didn’t end, but we shouldn’t be relieved, for we were injured in the process and no one noticed . The climate psychologists won this round, round here. I have pictures.

  6. My son lives in a council flat in UK which is not damp it is flooded however it is more important to the Council to put solar panels up and ground heat sorce pumps – not fix the problem at ground level which appears as wet all around the walls about 10inches out! They seem to only do stuff if it follows the climate change narrative – the place floating down the hill dosn’t matter – there are cracks in the walls due to the wet!!! It’s quite cold – the only reason to believe in Global warming is to wonder why pinpointed burning of plans in the summer is happening is because of the Geoengineering that is going on. Life is complicated now. We usued to believe in this narrative until Covid came along and realised it was all part of the control mechanism we are let to believe.

  7. Thanks Ben and thanks James!

  8. Sorry; long comment, two comment blocks which ends with the future of Hydrogen energy.
    Good day James and Commentariat,

    I searched the article for hard science on either side of the question of Climate Change in Ben Pile’s article

    Sadly found nothing. Nothing on warming, science, climate science etc. Climate came to the fore in the 1960s and 1970s with the work of genuine science. The book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson is one. The work of Jame Lovelock and his collaborator Dr. Lynn Margulis is another that comes to mind as these two people really mapped out the Gaia Hypothesis which around 2000 became accepted as Gaia Theory. As long as these and other scientific investigations popularized by Co-Evolution Quarterly and Whole Earth Review were in the mind of the people, Climate Change nonsense could not happen.

    The works of James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis were published in Co-Evolution Quarterly and Whole Earth Review. In part starting the Environmental movement. It met stiff head winds from the Corporate world especially the Chem companies and Energy companies. Still thanks to people like Ralph Nader and others the people pushed back to start to reduce emissions in automobiles and industry. Most were band aid. It was a start. The key point is that people like Lynn Margulis were mocked and their work all but sidelined. Thanks to Co-Evolution Dr. Margulis work became popular and carbon was never an issue. Without carbon none of us would be here.

    So the whole Climate Change panic put forth by pseudoscience about carbon is bunk.

  9. Page 2

    Enter Hydrogen.

    An email expressing my concerns regarding the Hydrogen future. At the end there are links to the promise of hydrogen.

    The main problem I see with Hydrogen powered anything in the future is this:
    (by Kevin McKernan)
    This really struct home when we finally had 10 SOLiD sequencers humming along in Beverly Mass performing 50Gb runs and in a week we generated more sequencing data than was in all of Genbank from the beginning of time!
    The marketing folks couldn’t predict the market size as the world had never seen such sequencing capacity before and generally under estimated the revolution ahead of us. The small minded marketing executive would tell us to make the instruments smaller and slower so you don’t cannibalize the sequencing market with a single machine.
    Quoted from here here
    The opposite was true. The lower we brought the cost of sequencing, the more people discovered and the more hungry they became for more sequencing. There continues to be an insatiable appetite today.
    It is because India has such deep motivation for a Hydrogen economy and the smarts to make it happen, that I have hope that the marketing folks in the US and EU will fail and for the first time in the last hundred years true innovation and imagination will take hold.

  10. Here is what each of the above links cover.

    One Stroke Engines – 200% More Efficient??
    Are these 1-stroke engines paving the way for a new era of rotary engines, or is it just clever marketing? Together, let’s unravel the truth behind the concept of single-stroke engines. We’ll break down how they operate, discover what unique advantages they bring to the table, and address the burning question: Why invest hefty sums in R&D for internal combustion engines amid the global shift towards electric vehicles?

    What makes Toyota’s hydrogen combustion engine special?
    The Japanese automaker is aiming to use H2 to its fullest and some suspect this could leave EVs behind. With the hydrogen combustion engine, Toyota is working on a new branch in its diversified carbon neutrality approach.

    With this technology you can produce your own Hydrogen at home for free. I am extremely pro-Hydrogen. I believe that Hydrogen is the fuel that will power our future, from our cars to even power systems. But there are some problems with the fuel, namely a lack of infrastructure, storage and production costs. Now in the last year huge leaps have been made in all of these fields, making the technology more and more viable.

    An example of the current climate nonsense. I note that it took nearly 50 years for 3P (public private partnerships, or candidly fascism) to control the climate narrative. ~!Wm

    Ida Auken is MP for the Danish party Radikale Venstre and the former Minister of the Enviroment. She has written extensively about sustainability, climate changes, and circular economy in the Guardian. In this video from the MAD Monday “Trash or Treasure,” she speaks to an audience of chefs, farmers, and writers about creating a future without waste.

    JCB is moving to hydrogen power for all their big machinery. Here’s why.
    JCB are developing new hydrogen powered engines for their bigger machines that work long hours. I visit JCB to find out why Lord Bamford is backing hydrogen as the fuel of the future for heavy machinery, including agricultural equipment and HGVs.

  11. NEWS Related to “Ben Pile on The Behavioural Sciences and the Populist Revolt”

    Friday April 5, 2024 – Steve Watson
    Bizarre Reuters Article Warns Climate Change Is Hurting “Indonesian Trans Sex Workers”
    World’s smallest violin plays

    Reuters has published perhaps the most bizarre article ever, warning that climate change is having a detrimental impact on the income of Indonesian transgender sex workers.

    Yes, really.
    The entire thing reads like an April fool’s joke, but it isn’t.

    The author, Leo Galuh, complains that
    “Nearly 93% of respondents saw decreased income during the rainy season,”
    explaining “Trans women…are among the most affected by extreme weather linked to climate change, as well as suffering disproportionately when disasters strike.”

    Oh no, won’t someone think of the poor Indonesian trans sex workers?

    It continues,
    “Indonesia is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and trans women, who tend to face more stigma and marginalisation than trans men or other LGBTQ+ Indonesians, are also among those hardest hit by extreme weather.”

    Why? Well, because they are “are shut out of the formal economy” and have no other choice but to become prostitutes. Duh.
    But hang on, what’s this?

    “Despite gender-fluid communities being historically accepted in Indonesia, a rising tide of conservative Islam in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country has fuelled anti-LGBTQ+ persecution.”

    …“LGBTQ+ individuals are sometimes blamed for problems related to climate change, according to Arif Budi Darmawan, a researcher at the Bandung-based Resilience Development Initiative.”

    “Those outside the binary category are often labelled with the category ‘deviant’, (and) associated with the causes of environmental problems and disasters,”
    said Darmawan, who has researched how climate change affects trans Indonesians.”

    The article then complains that while the Indonesian government has a plan to manage the impacts of climate change, trans people are not factored in…

    …The article just kind of ends with the information that the trans sex workers are putting on their own movie nights and one of them transitioned into making cakes for a living, which isn’t so affected by climate change….

    • I guess some people will have no other recourse to carbon neutrality but lobbing off certain body protrusions and appendages.

      • mkey
        I can understand adult perverts doing that but more horrifying are the middle class parents who will let their kids get sterilized, or have their kids future jobs destroyed, rather then be thought of as low class bigots.

  12. “The Black Cloth” – Part 1 of 2
    Perception of a Real Emergency”, said James Corbett.

    Ben and James explored some fascinating aspects concerning “making people scared” or creating a sense of urgency, a sense of emergency. “How to mold an “Emergency” from CO2?” would be quite a challenge. Certainly an Extinction Rebellion “clown show” didn’t mold it – not like the emergency threats of terrorists, atomic bombs, tornados, Russians and Chinese.

    Notes on the same chord…
    URGENCYSynonyms— importance, extremity, gravity, hurry, necessity, need, pressure, seriousness, emergency, priority….
    URGENCY, a noun meaning the state of needing something very much or very soon.

    As the 1970’s broke open, my first ever “sales” job was to sell Kirby Vacuum Cleaners. The small town newspaper ad said, “Make $125 per week guaranteed by demonstrating the Kirby Vacuum to 12 households.”
    I was hired and sang the Kirby song at morning office muster before climbing in Nick’s van with the rest of our crew. Nick’s beautiful wife always rode shotgun. When I once asked why she never sold, she secretly confided to me that Nick, a very affable guy, could not read or write. She was there to fill out the contracts. Nick was the closer for us newbies.

    Our van would travel to the small west Texas towns and communities. I would be dropped off in a neighborhood and knock on doors offering housewives a free kitchen knife just to watch my Kirby presentation. When a wife took the bait, I would wait outside for the van to drop off the Kirby “full boat” box. The full boat had attachments such as a shoe shiner, buffer, knive sharpener, shampooer, blower, and more.
    I would do the demo, stage by stage, until Nick knocked at the door smiling, “Is one of my guys here?”
    Nick would then close. Ranger, Texas with it cash money peanut harvests was an interesting area. My jaw dropped when a lady bought the full boat with only a 15 X 20 rug in the house.

    • “The Black Cloth” – Part 2 of 2
      URGENCY and “The Black Cloth”
      Kirby was the beginning of my education into sales, marketing and “urgency”. For Kirby demonstration purposes, a square black cloth would be banded at the exhaust (where the vacuum’s bag belonged.) Then, periodically, I would remove the black cloth and unfold it on the floor to showcase all the dust collected by the Kirby from the carpet or floor.

      However, towards the end of my demonstration just before the “close” was the coup de grace, “the decisive strike.” Arming the floor unit with its handle grip and the black cloth, we all headed for the bedroom mattress. I would take the hand-held Kirby and briefly vacuum a portion of the mattress. Then opening the dreaded black cloth, a shocking amount of white powdery dust was revealed. Nick would play up the bit about the dead skin particles that collect in the mattress which a person breathes throughout the night. Agghh! Gross!! “Urgency” just stepped up to a different level entirely.

      To this day, I don’t know if it really was dead skin or mattress fragments or both in The Black Cloth. But through the years, especially in retail sales and marketing, I learned the value of “urgency” and how it can influence an immediate decision to buy.
      Every time you see something “On Sale”, that translates to “urgency marketing.”

      There are all kinds of variations for creating an “urgency”. Being an itinerant vendor can create an “urgency”, because there is the “here today, gone tomorrow” type fear of missing out. Even the stock market movers use this FOMO (Fear of Missing Out.) Doing a three day downtown Women’s Fashion Dress Sale during the 1980’s capitalized on a sense of urgency and an office woman’s thirst for nice clothes. The objective was to have a hundred women waiting outside the doors on opening day. They would rush in, clamoring to find that one style dress in their size before the other women spotted it. Panic, urgency, excitement, and a crowded room blended just right to create a marketing impression, a perception of “Don’t’ Miss This Sale!!” which was the bold, heavy font tag line at the bottom of the 5 to 10,000 flyers distributed before the sale.

      Anyways… The “Urgency” narratives on CO2 have some bad script writers.

      • Well, I think their is a warranted sense of urgency for us to get our fellow humans to look at these issues. But selling ‘Truth’ generally has a low profit margin.

        PS In the mid 70’s I went house to house in Dallas selling Kirby vacuums. I lasted 2 or 3 days. It really did not suit my persoality.

        • ha!
          The door-to-door Kirby era. One had to be there to fathom it.
          I understand about lasting a few days, especially in Dallas.
          Small country towns have a different character…not much is going on…so, a Kirby guy was entertainment.
          I sucked at sales. I lasted several weeks.
          The first or second week, I busted my butt and exhausted every resource to meet the quota of “demonstrating the Kirby Vacuum to 12 households for that guaranteed $125”. I met the 12 demonstrations in a week, but there were no sales. I confronted the guy who hired me (the franchise owner), and showed him the ad that I had saved. Ya could tell that he ‘hurt’, and he somewhat reluctantly wrote me a check. He was not expecting someone to meet that target of 12.

          One of my crew members bought a 1950’s era car that was parked in a pasture. He drove it home that day, then resold it for 2 or 3 times what he paid for it.

          From the internet: “The average annual salary in 1970 was $6,186.24, according to the Social Security Administration.”

  13. It makes sense that they can say and nudge quite easily when the population is not actually paying any price for the words.

    When it comes down to it poor people really do tend to care about mostly about how NOT to be poor, which is why middle class folks tend to swallow great gulps of Kool Aid since they dont pay the price as much as the plebs. The middle class tends to hate plebs anyway, and probably gets a little pleasure from their being pushed down lower on the social ladder: (note how they did not give a toss about the factory jobs going to china , ‘learn to code’ and all that)

    When the Middle Class gets the pain you actually get pushback.

  14. Thank you so much to both Ben and James for this lovely presentation. I enjoyed it so much I had it on in the background while I cooked my lunch through two rounds of it.

    There is a humanity, kindness, and an EDUCATIONAL VALUE to observing the ways, speech, information-selection, conversational-style, mannerisms, smiles, chuckles, word-choice, etc. of others and relaxing into a sense of appreciation for them as another unique example of One of Us Here In This Life Together.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the entire conversation. Thank you both for your hard work and time and for allowing us to “sit in” on your conversation.

    You both strike me as fun to know. 🙂

  15. I personally do not have any interest in slapping labels on my forehead and putting myself into some box, so I do not describe myself as an “environmentalist” but rather I am a human being that acknowledges that I owe all the blessings, nourishment and beauty I receive and perceive in this life to the myriad beings that exist in the more than human world (which support me, my body, my garden, the air I breath, the water I drink and so much more). Thus, I care deeply and will fight to protect and regenerate the more than human world (the wilderness, the ecosystem I live in or the “environment” as some might say) and so to some, they would see my activism regarding old growth forest clearcuts, lithium mines and other ecocidal crimes against humanity and the Earth and they would call me an “environmentalist”.

    This Ben Pile fellow depicts and describes “environmentalists” as a bunch of people obsessed with carbon emissions, global warming and other nonsense and personally I think that is both misleading and seems to exemplify a sort of anthropocentric hubris which I find quite distasteful, childish and shortsighted.



    concern about and action aimed at protecting the environment.
    “he claims to embrace modern environmentalism and an ecological approach”

    2. an interest in or the study of the environment, in order to protect it from damage by human activities.

    Ben Pile’s Substack is described as:

    “exposing the money and power behind the antidemocratic deindustrialisation agenda.”

    Personally, I think democratic governance structures are inherently immoral, degenerative and oppressive, so I suppose you could describe me as “antidemocratic”. Also, since industrialization is resulting in wonderful transformations of vast swaths of the living Earth into this: I would also say that I am opposed to many forms of it and so I suppose Ben Pile’s substack is theoretically about “exposing” me as well (though good luck to him finding any money and “power” on my end, I spend most of my money planting trees and sending people heirloom seeds and the only “power” behind me is the irrepressible regenerative power of the living Earth).

    I think we should take a look at the psychology of people who overtly oppose movements, ideas and initiatives that aim to protect, regenerate and increase biodiversity (not having anything to do with carbon emissions). The knee jerk reaction to lash out at those who align their life’s work with protecting natural places, healing soil, water and ecosystems is antithetical to life, such psychology might be described as “anti-life” or “anthropocentric/techno-optimist in the extreme to the point of being suicidal on a species level”.

    • Democracy is immoral by definition, yes. It is also very insidious at the same tine.

      This is not a mattter of opinion, but a hard fact.

      • @mkey

        As always, your succinct and potent comments are appreciated.

        If you were to describe why democracy is insidious in a sentence (or a paragraph if you prefer) how would you describe that innate facet of the involuntary governance structure called “democracy” ?

        • Democracy is tantamount to mass delusion, where the afflicted believe in moral superiority of the (perceived, not even mathematical) majority.

          False belief in the “divine” right (as sanctioned by the pope) to rule by the king has been replaced by the magical ability of the “majority” to determine what is right. And none’s the wiser. Somehow people were able to understand they were getting shafted by the majesty. Tactics had to be changed. The “democracy” is proving to be opaque and people just can’t see through it.

          I guess a lot more misery will need to come for moral relativity to become a thing of the past.

          • @mkey

            wow man, well said!

            When I look at the realities you highlight from perspective of the idealistic delusions of my youth, it feels like the punch in the gut to read those words, though a punch in the gut and a slap in the face is perhaps what is needed now, so thanks my friend.

            If I write about the sanctified mafia organization known as democratic governance again in the future I will likely quote your excellent summary above.

            Stay free and keep on throwing those solid gut punches.

            • I proof all of these on myself first. If a pronouncement is not causing some dis ease it probably isn’t worth being pronounced.

    • Are there any other “environmentalists” who are opposed to the carbon hypothesis in climate change and the use of governmental intervention to control this generated crisis? My guess is yes but numbers are probably small.

      I remember a couple decades ago, I used to go to the “the green expo” in my city and there were some cool ideas but I do remember the climate change/carbon issue being pressed as well. So I would say that many and possibly most “environmentalists” do also support carbon reduction and other government interventions to control human behavior. I would also say that perhaps, many or most “environmentalists” also view humanity as a negative destructive force on the planet and have potentially internalized the self hate a little bit.

      I would probably be a bit annoyed if someone labeled me a certain way like a feminist or whatever label. I do think the movement (narrative) to speak up for women’s rights as human beings who deserve the same respect and autonomy as men has been taken over/hijacked towards the transhuman agenda.

      Back to the idea of “environmentalism” though. I think there may be some people who do want to have some degree of infrastructure and technical tools at their disposal. However encroaching extensively on natural habitat should probably be thoughtfully considered.

      There are some human beings who are selfish and destructive but also others who are helpful and creative.

      Are people wrong to want to have a little bit of technology and urban development/infrastructure that they can access?

      • @cu.h.j

        I only have time to briefly comment tonight so cannot answer in full, been a long day working in a torrential downpour getting plants and trees ready to find a forever home at the Nursery and looks like I have another one ahead of me tomorrow.

        RE: “I would also say that perhaps, many or most “environmentalists” also view humanity as a negative destructive force on the planet and have potentially internalized the self hate a little bit.”

        I do not think many or most is accurate. Perhaps in your circles it is and depending on who you define as an “environmentalist” it could vary. Also, I do not mix with global warming cultists very much so perhaps I get a biased view based on my circles.

        Some do yes, but many others, such as this man and myself are choosing to consciously remember our God given gifts to serve as stewards, keystone species and not strive to decrease our impact on the environment, but rather Increase Our Impact Ten Fold instead.

        Humans were designed to be able to use our unique gifts to leave increased biodiversity and beauty in our wake, not death and desolation. The story that says humans are inherently takers and parasites is a lie and many of us are refusing to buy it, refusing to internalize it and are reminding others that they too can dig deep and redefine their relationship with the living planet that provides everything they need to live.

        On the opposite end of the spectrum from what you described regarding “self-hating” “environmentalists” are anthropocentric, hubristic, apathetic, comfort addicted and lazy city dwelling humans that want to cling to anything that can justify perpetuating our current way of living in the industrialized hyper-distracted, hyper-stimulated burgeoning smart city/human factory farm that they are helping to build.

        The self hating climate change activist and the humanocentric centralized infrastructure dependant old growth forest clear cutting cheerleader are both delusional and headed down pathways that are self destructive and counter-intuitive.

        Both extremes are detrimental and based on lies about our place in this world and what it means to walk an honorable path as a human being.

        • @Gavinm:

          “The self hating climate change activist and the humanocentric centralized infrastructure dependant old growth forest clear cutting cheerleader are both delusional and headed down pathways that are self destructive and counter-intuitive.”

          I agree with you. And it sounds like you are trying to steer the narrative in a more positive direction which is commendable.

          Glad you are doing things that you love and sending positive energy out into the universe. Take care.

    • “I personally do not have any interest in slapping labels on my forehead and putting myself into some box”

      That’s alright, the world will take care of that for you.

      Maybe you’re fortunate you aren’t a believer in Jesus who opposes war, the lgbq whatever agenda and illegitimate government in all it’s forms.
      Then they would call you a Bible thumping, fundamentalist, anti Semitic, homophobic, liberal tree hugging, anarchist.
      (The world isn’t required to be coherent). 🙂
      I guess we individuals aren’t either. 😉

      • @Slow Cured Anarcho Hippy

        True! 🙂

        I have been referred to with a great many amusing and intendedly demeaning labels. In my youth, I allowed that to bother me. Now, in a time when I strive to consciously align my actions with a moral compass and a path of integrity that involves unshakable faith and deep love for the living Earth and all her children (humans included) I see such attacks and silly labellings as indications that my work to help those living in stagnated mindstates, worldviews and heartstates as an affirmation that I am doing meaningful works. When stagnant states are illuminated via a mirror being presented to a conscious being, inviting them to see who and what they are currently deciding to be through their actions, this can illicit some very strong knee jerk reactions of deflection and denial. Such are signs that one is touching on a place with much room for growth, planting seeds in neglected, hardened and depleted soils.

        Such are the prevalent conditions in many hearts and minds on Earth now, the soils of their minds and hearts like the hydrophobic artificially decertified endless GMO corn and soy fields, unwilling to accept the life giving waters of truth, expelling and repelling them at first, but in time, with patience, foresight and grace, places that have the potential for regeneration and abundance to flourish once again.

        “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

    • Gavin says:
      ““environmentalists” as a bunch of people obsessed with carbon emissions, global warming and other nonsense “

      Here is something that I do on very often occasions…

      When I see a climate change article in a publication, and that publication is known for not discussing pollution and toxins in our food and environment, I will send an email to the assortment of Editors and writers at that publication.
      I’ll scold them for ignoring the toxins which are affecting the health and behavior of people, and cite examples.
      Like Trix the cereal, or PFAS in all the artificial turf, or sewer sludge used as fertizilers.
      I will chide them and tell them that they need to better conditions by exposing these harmful chemicals and toxins unless they are in bed with big corporations. “Our environmental group is watching you!”

      I want to make a point about activism…
      If more people emailed the publications on this topic, we would likely see their article attention move away from CO2 and towards toxins.

      Example of newsworthy news for these CO2 centered publications on April 9…
      Consumer Reports said it tested 12 store-bought versions of Lunchables and similar ready-to-eat meal kits, including from Armour LunchMakers, Good & Gather, Greenfield Natural Meat Co. and Oscar Mayer, and also found lead, cadmium, or both in all…
      …Consumer Reports’ tests also detected at least one type of phthalate or phthalate replacement chemical in every kit it tested, except for Lunchables Extra Cheesy Pizza, it said…
      …“Lunchables are not a healthy option for kids and shouldn’t be allowed on the menu as part of the National School Lunch Program,” Brian Ronholm, director of food policy at Consumer Reports, said in a statement….

      Anyway, my point is that each of us can move the needle.
      Direct these CO2 publications towards beneficial environmental objectives.

      We don’t have to poo-poo the silly CO2 stuff, just direct their attention towards a better target.
      If you want a little kid to stop throwing rocks, give him a ball.

      • @HRS

        Thanks for the words of wisdom and great ideas my friend.

        By the way, in some other thread where you shared an anecdote about your Eclipse experience someone said you should write a book.

        I second their sentiment and would like you to know that if you ever crowd funded it I would pay good money for “The Book Of Home Remedy Supply Anecdotes” (seriously) 🙂

        Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

    • In a way, I agree with you. I know change must come. The constant resort to war, pandemics, and false flags is not inspiring. This world of concrete and traffic jams cannot go on growing forever. Unsustainable was really a useful word, but has been misused by hucksters so much lately.
      The trouble is not the desire to see a cleaner more balanced world. The trouble is how this noble dream is being misdirected. The trouble is the governmental LIES being used to support changes. The trouble is the LIES and omissions of the mass media and education systems. Is the corruption of our scientists pointing to deeper lies about our society?
      Zealously idealistic people are, once again, used by cynical leaders. Humanity is being demonized, while Gaia is elevated. This has become a cult. Cults are, by definition, very dangerous to objective thinking. They also lead to more sectarian polarization, which we don’t need more of now.
      I will continue refraining from jumping on these bandwagons, for and against. Same for most issues…

      • @hanky

        Greetings Hanky,

        I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this.

        While I agree that the demonization of humanity is a cult and a detrimental/fallacious worldview I would like you try and gain more understanding regarding your views on “Gaia” being “elevated”.

        Firstly, assuming that when you say “Gaia” you are talking about the living planet Earth, could you help me to understand the harm in “elevating” the living Earth?

        I outlined some of the many detriments of the inverse opposite of venerating, having reverence for and seeing the living Earth as sacred in this essay:

        What I am hoping to gain more understanding about is how the choice to elevate the value, sacredness, aliveness, sentience and prioritization of the living Earth could be “dangerous”?

        Dangerous to whom?

        I feel it is important to always keep in mind that while our modern day history books present a very shallow and two dimensional story about the time before monoculture type agriculture, cities and “civilization”, if you look back far enough, each and everyone of us has ancestors thar were indigenous to a particular place. Those ancestors of each and everyone of us recognized the Earth as animate, they knew the plants, trees, rivers and mountains as possessing a spirit and treated them as such. They “elevated” “Gaia” (each in their own way). These were not drooling cavemen and cavewomen, these were skilled and learned students of mycology and botany (albeit studying those fields in a time before such words existed). It is worth keeping that in mind, when we draw lines in the sand between us (the “civilized”, “advanced” and modern human) and the indigenous peoples that “elevate” the living Earth and recognize her as sacred and deserving of our respect.

        • The trouble is in the lies.*
          The temptation to skew things into a narrative leads to hubris, which has some of us thinking we don’t need open transparent debate and rigorous logic. If one is a religious zealot, this pitfall will be guaranteed. I don’t know you personally, so I am referring to trends that I see, especially in the media.

          The current narratives around this topic have formed a religion. In our recent past, the immediate gratification of people overshadowed the rhythms of replenishment of the Earth. The laudable effort to correct this trend has been hijacked by demagogues and opportunists. Balance must be restored, which includes the essential striving spirit of man, as well as the conservation of the gifts we receive from this physical world.
          But a trillion dollar, cartoonish, black and white version has been presented to us, and largely swallowed en masse. It is full of ‘noble lies.’ Cynical NWO people have an agenda, where we, especially the ‘greenies,’ serve as mere pawns. Our resources have been abused and exploited, no question. So it is quite natural for us to seek to restore a sustainable balance. But the way it is being pushed by rich propagandists, and their fools, blinds them to much of the whole picture. They would have us feverishly push the pendulum, so to speak, at a frenetic pace, way past balance, into a new dystopia. It is a dark one, that features secretive and manipulative forces, trying to stay on top. This is the NWO. It implies that all your feel good efforts at conservation pale in comparison to their ideal, which is your disappearance from the face of the Earth.
          So Environmentalist, yes. Conservationist, yes. Liar, no. Sucker, no.
          There is no viable shortcut, that can avoid looking at all of the facts that can be gathered, especially those of your so called rivals. It is more than most can do.

          * According to science, CO2 makes the world green. You can purchase canisters of it from the nursery for your greenhouse.

          • @hanky

            Thanks for the reply.

            Re: “The trouble is in the lies.” and “It is full of ‘noble lies.’”

            What lies exactly are you referring to with regards to our original topic of discussion ( “Gaia” being “elevated”, in your words) ?

            Could you also please elaborate on what exactly you mean when you say “the essential striving spirit of man” ?

            Would that “striving” be something that should take precedent over the lives and integrity of other species and entire ecosystems?

            I would also appreciate it if you could define what a “greenie” is please.

            RE: “It implies that all your feel good efforts at conservation pale in comparison to their ideal, which is your disappearance from the face of the Earth.”

            Could you please elaborate on what exactly you are referring to with regards to my “feel good efforts” (as you describe them)?

            Thanks in advance for your time.

            • I don’t have time to answer all of your questions about why I used particular words in my comments. Maybe later, if I can get my head above water…
              Just please be aware of the lies and fraud associated with this agenda, and consider your own embrace of the narrative as possibly being over-zealous. Are you getting a feeling of moral superiority from trying to save all of creation?
              > Carbon is being demonized, along with carbon dioxide. The latter is wholly responsible for making the world green, really green, not politically correct green. The former is the basis of all life, as we know it. At least according to science.
              > I am not asking you to change your religion, but it would be great if you looked at the stuff James has written about it. His statements on the subject have plenty of links and show notes to support his theses.
              > The top climate specialists I know are climate panic skeptics, yet we are told 97% of scientists support this crap. That is a lie, especially if you consider specialists in the field. I mean out in the field, not just on their computers.

              • 97% figure is an absolute joke and pernicious lie parroted by “elite” politicians and other assorted talking dickheads.

              • @hanky

                Thanks for the response.

                Since I do not know exactly what “agenda” you are referring to nor do I know which lies and fraud you are referring to specifically I cannot comment on that aspect of your statement.

                I would like to remind you that I never said anything about carbon emissions nor global warming (nor any of the other non-sense propaganda that the UN, and WHO and various billionair scammers and parasites are pushing onto the world under the guise of ‘caring about the earth’).

                Could you please define “over-zealous” in the context of what I have said above (or in other threads on this website) and give specific examples of what you are defining as such so I can better understand your perspective?

                RE: “Are you getting a feeling of moral superiority from trying to save all of creation?”

                No. I see humans as no “better”, nor “superior” nor “more deserving” than other beings, nor do I see humanity as lesser, inferior nor less deserving than other beings.

                We are all equal in my eyes. I choose my path to tend to life, protect biodiversity, share the seeds for life and abundance and educate people about how to nurture the soil and their bodies because it is what my heart calls me to do, but it does not make me any better, nor lesser than anyone else. It is simply who I am, what I choose to do with my life and what provides me with nourishment for my soul. My path is not the only path to nourish the soul, it is just what works best for me.

                RE: “I am not asking you to change your religion, but it would be great if you looked at the stuff James has written about it. His statements on the subject have plenty of links and show notes to support his theses.”

                What religion is that? I do not subscribe to any religious institutions nor dogmatic religious belief systems (carbon emission/climate related or otherwise).

                I am familiar with JC’s work exposing the “global warming/climate change” fraud.

                As I expressed above, I have no interest in carbon-centric “climate change” narratives, rather I invest my time and energy in ideas and initiatives that aim to protect, regenerate and increase biodiversity (not having anything to do with carbon emissions).

                I feel compelled to re-iterate that the knee jerk reaction to lash out at (dismiss or banket label) those who align their life’s work with protecting natural places, healing soil, water and ecosystems as some kind of climate change religion idiots is a mentality that aligns with the will of the oligarchs. If you assume that anyone who cares about trees, soil, water or the integrity of ecosystems is a carbon emission fearing idiot, you are embracing a position that is antithetical to life, such psychology might be described as “anti-life” or anthropocentric the extreme to the point of being suicidal (in the long term, as that attitude which poisons and decimates ecosystems eventually leads to you starving, suffocating and/or slowly being poisoned to death by toxic water/food).

  16. How do you take the world’s temperature?

    • Back in the day, my old man woulda sd, “If God wanted to give the world an enema, he would stick the nozzle in Seoul, ROK.” Suspect he was just homesick.

      FF 2024 The sphincter of the planet has moved fr BatonRouge, LA, USA to SunnySide, WA, USA. ..hmmm…then there’s SanFran….Oi!

  17. Sounds like quite a challenge. This world has so many assholes, where do you start?
    Perhaps the Stinkshun Rebellion could pull it off.

  18. I guess that’s the last word on climate change. Corbett just republished his old last word on climate change, but he neglected to include your point.

    • 🙂 I’m laughing with this hanky-mkey back-n-forth “last word.”

  19. Great interview fellas! So much to ruminate! Must sit down & listen again. Thx!

    • Miss King,
      I was going to post this as a lone musing but I remembered your wordsmith proclivity.
      Bacon opened the door to the English; slang
      Mental -from the Old Country meaning deserving straightjacket kinda crazy state of thinking.
      Enviro-Mental…, should speck for itself.
      Gay-Mental, for those who haven’t been dosed and harmed by unknown chemical alterations to disrupt normal sexual development.
      Natural-Mental, a fukwit who can’t distinguish between natural environmental processes and anthropogenic propaganda.
      Vacuum-Mental, those who don’t know we live in a bubble in space.
      Hoover-Mental, those who suck up to propaganda and create a vacuum in this here earth bubble.
      Flatout Mental – obvious flat earththinker.
      Label-Mental, thinking you can put people into a category without inaccuracies.
      That pretty well puts me in the bin a Bacon bits.
      Slow day in the country.

      • Ha! is hilarious for a sunday! Many thx. PDQ addendum to Gay: & therefore REMAIN happy!

        p.s. Washing my brain w/ old skoole funk after visit fr UnkaRoger who pegged all but #3 on your list…. Thanking God too many for FrankieBeverly!

      • @generalbottlewasher

        AnestheTard – A LibTard working for a brain surgeon as an anesthesiologist. A 10min convo yeilds 10 mind numbing hours in which the surgeon could do ANYthing!

        GrandmaTard – When you get so old e’rybody looks 14yo & could be easily fixed if they ONLY put up the comics, got a haircut, & a real job.

        KnaveTard – Inability to recognize a rogue. Or delayed cognition of same bc you are a Pollyanna.

        NumbTard – State of mind after engaging LibTard in 10min convo. Effects generally wear off w/in 24hrs.

        SlipTard – Thoughts escape memory. Usually temporary. May manifest in times of fatigue.

        TempTard – Thoughts escape tongue temporarily. Usually due to excitement.

        TwitterTard – Old people trying to find the funny on the twitter, but don’t know which buttons to mash…..

        Thot about you as i suffered thru every single one of these items in the past 3 days. Is good to have a LOL at self & keep moving. Many thx! Ha! Upon review i see the key word is mental. I have Tard….hmmm…what you think is a thing is really another….__Tard. #8 things in 3 days must be a WerldRecordTard. 9 total… Could prolly make #10 B4 the day is out. Meanwhile, will make a proper list of yours & post where i can see.

        • Miss King ,
          You have now shown a solid daft idea of what I have been selling to the TempTards.
          Bacon English.
          Diplomatic weasel words thrown out there by the HooverMental to make a Knave Tard into a useful Numb Tard.
          It’s a virtual word war on mind in the Bacon English universe. Like throwing hand grenades to Slip Tards. Instead of 10 words meaning one thing Bacon came up with one word meaning 10 things. Gob smacking the AnestheTards giving plenty a room to fly their DroneMental ideas around healthy subjects…
          Good morning !

      • Wish we had a place for your dictionary. Would hate for same to get lost. Would be handy reference item for newbies especially.

        Recalled when @MonicaPerez used to have a dictionary on her site. She is pure genius at coining terms & phrases. Making hard to comprehend subjects simple & funny. Think the site was of WordPress. She said 1 day it just disappeared.

        Got a old skoole hard copy going on the wall. Learned another word, ebullient, about 5min ago! So nice!

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