Is the IPCC Rigged? – Questions For Corbett #096

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Today James demonstrates the proper way to formulate a question about someone’s research if you want to get a useful answer. And, as an added bonus, you’ll learn how the UNFCCC was rigged from the outset and how the much-ballyhooed IPCC report is nothing but a negotiated political document!

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  1. 2021 IPCC Report – Epic Failure
    SuspiciousObservers is again exposing the climate frauds within
    the mainstream science.

    New climate papers were completely ignored. CO2 has no influence. Water vapor does. And solar activity also causes changes in weather and temperature.

    So even on the basis of mainstream accepted science, one can see that the IPCC is completely corrupt

    • I took a few classes from the Environmental Studies degree at Université de Sherbrooke in 2015. When one student asked our teacher if water vapour was a greenhouse gas, the teacher abruptly responded: “Water vapour?? We don’t include that in the calculations!”. He left it at that. Needless to say, I didn’t take many classes! I went into Political Studies the following semester. Then I quit. ?

      • You can simply notice at night: If there is cloud cover, it stays warm. If there is no cloud cover is gets cold.

        Even more funny is that solar cells get very warm due to the sun.
        They absorb a lot of heat, but also convert some of the light to heat.

        I noticed that they forests were causing heating according
        to the propaganda. Plants convert sun and warmth to chemical
        energy, lessening the heat. Most people go to forests to cool off,
        so that was a really weird propaganda.
        They just want control over nature and agriculture.

        • Or they want to confuse. Forests produce aersols on which water droplets can form bringing rain. A dead rotting forest will produce CO2. But the soil under it will still hold a lot of CO2. A.nd at night plants respire and produce some CO2 but in daylight they photosynthesize and absorb it

          The CO2/ water vapour matter.
          Have you heard of dew point? As the air cools in the evening it gets to a temperature at which it can hold less moisture and things outside get covered in dew.

          CO2 heat blocking warms the atmosphere enough that it holds more moisture – a bigger drop needed to get to the dew point. And moisture in the air is what meteorologists know drives the weather.

    • “CO2 has no influence. Water vapor does.”

      And we have recently had a New Zealand university distinguished academic ignoring the connection of those on Counterspin Media.

      He makes other omissions and I think he is trying to lead activists who are working genuinely in many fields to waste a lot of their drive.

      Please see replies here and help out if you may:

  2. Paual, would you please ask this “question” of the open AI beast?

  3. “Climate change” means a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods.

    Doesn’t the statement –

    ‘which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods.’

    Mean that natural climate variability is being taken into consideration in the definition of “Climate change”?

    Which makes the following statement from Dr Ball –

    ‘… limited it, deliberately, to only human causes of climate change”

    and the basis of your argument, incorrect, considering the exact definition does take into consideration natural variability before any possible anthropogenic causes.

  4. Hi James – I’m also writing a book but pursuing a different line of research. The Climate Bunny. I’ve looked all over your site but can’t find any information on this really important subject. Nothing on the internet either. Can’t remember where I first heard about it. Maybe Alex Jones. But it explains a lot because the Climate Bunny has evidently been around for millions of years, which would account for the climate continually changing even before humans or Humvees came on the scene.

    Apparently, it is currently at the North Pole and dropping these enormous pellets wherever it goes. As big as school buses. I’m not talking about those mini school buses to pick up kids in rural areas, but full size ones. Not long droppings of course. Just imagine a bowling ball the size of a school bus and you get the picture. Anyway, the heat generated from huge piles of these droppings is going to cause the North Pole to melt by…I’m trying to find my notes…yes, here it is. The North Pole will melt by Yom Kipper 2024. Yom Kipper is the 10th day of the 7th month, so let me figure this out. Seventh month is…July. I think that’s right. And the 10th day would be…well it would be the 10th day. Whenever that is. Maybe Monday. That’s always been a bad day. I don’t know that much about Yom Kipper except it’s supposed to be the day of atonement. I think Yom Kipper means cleansing. So it kinda fits because all that water from the poles melting is gonna do a shit load of cleansing.

    If you’re looking for satellite images you probably won’t see it because it’s white and blends in with the snow. You might see piles of droppings, so circle those for future reference. Anyway, want to thank you for all the brilliant work you’re doing, James, even if you’re behind the curve on the Climate Bunny. Thankfully we still have time to prepare. A lot of clean water without sediment might be a life saver. Perhaps burying a stash of canned tuna in the backyard would come in handy. If you’ve ever wanted to build a tree house, now would be a good time. If anyone has more news on the Climate Bunny, please leave the links and share the info. That’s what friends are for.

    • He seems to travel around the world during Easter. You should be able to find him then.

    • For anyone that wants to know why “Space Rapid Capabilities Office” is situated at Kirtland Airforce Base, take a closer look at what Sandia National Laboratories or SNL, Phillips labs, Manzano Mountain underground complex, Coyote Canyon Test Site and the White Sands Complex have been involved with in the past few decades.

      They are tip toeing out of the shadows now for a reason.

      • Maybe the balloons got a map of some of the underground facilities.

        Is there any such map online?

        • @zyxzevn

          The classified facilities and compartmented operations in question are involved with applications of bleeding edge propulsion and weapons tech. These sites are seen as extremely sensitive with high security priorities and are coveted by those that have been read into the pertinent special access projects in intelligence circles. If you manage to find an up to date image it would not be a good idea to keep it on your computer. Significant private contracted security measures are utilized to protect the assets that are prototyped and stored at those sites.

          • I read of many underground facilities already.

            Many cold-war-era nuclear bunkers
            Denver Airport
            Jesse Ventura driving through huge underground facilities.
            Area51 and such likely have underground facilities

            The problem is that the intelligence also will spread fake
            stories to make investigations harder.

            I know of Muon detectors that can be used to see if some ship
            or pyramid has a hidden mass or hidden space.
            But you need to be low to the ground for that.

  5. EVERYTHING is rigged. Professional football, medical/pharmaceutical biz, elections, social media, the music business, and on an on.

    Can’t fight the truth…You were born into a prison of belief systems rigged to keep you under control, to live a life on a longer leash is not freedom.

    For most people under 50 most all your values, ideas, habits, language skills, etc. have been created by the entertainment industry from thousands of hours of watching TV, commercials, movies, ear candy music, etc. Monkeys in a cage.


  6. Is the IPCC Rigged? – Questions For Corbett #096 was a great review for me, and really helped to emphasize some important points.

    I wanna be prepared in case there is a pop quiz.

    I had a full, two page Word document describing a Question For Corbett. I think I will delete it now.

  7. Q: “Is the IPCC Rigged? – Questions For Corbett #096”
    A: Yes.

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