What Was the Jessica Lynch Story? – Questions For Corbett

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So, you’ve watched 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory and now you’re wondering who Jessica Lynch is? Well, you can always check the hyperlinked transcript. But while we’re at it, why not dig a little further into the Jessica Lynch legend and learn all about how the media fabricates war stories for the consumption of the fluoride-addled, television-addicted masses?

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9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Jessica Lynch myth

Jessica Lynch interviews from 2003 to 2023

A 2018 conversation on the “cleared hot” podcast with one of the SEAL team members involved in her rescue

The full video of Lynch’s 2007 testimony before the House Oversight Committee on the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch incidents

The entire (and entirely boring) video of the rescue operation

An overview and timeline of the media construction of the Lynch story via the Pew Research Center

BBC “War Spin” documentary on the Lynch hoax

2003 article on Bruckheimer’s “Profiles From the Front Line”

The Media Matrix

Mass Media: A History

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

Context Is Everything

Waxman discusses Hollywood construction of fake Lynch story during Lynch congressional testimony.


  1. I was such a Normie during the Gulf War. I fell for most of this rubbish hook line and sinker at the time.

    • I understand falling for propaganda. I used to believe in man made climate change caused by CO2.

      The wars were never something I believed in. Death, destruction and suffering were always things I was morally opposed to, even against “enemies” because usually there are people among the “enemies” who are innocent. And the fact that a vastly superior military would bomb a country indiscriminately was revolting.

      I knew the neocons were evil, but was fooled by the replacements for a while. Until they showed they were just as evil if not more evil because they were better liars.

    • I fell for 911 the same way. I hated muslims and believed they were all terrorist for years. It wasnt until i went over seas and met some and realised they were just like me. Good people, treat people the way they want to be treated and they just wanted to live their life in peace.
      I have a few mates that till this day still beieve they are all terrorists, for them to change there mind now means they would have to take back 20 years of belief and its to much for them to ever consider it

  2. This reminds me of the film “Saving Private Ryan” which came out in 1998.
    I think they were playing off of the film “Saving Private Ryan” Perhaps that was just a Hollywood story as well, eh!

  3. Jessica Lynch a.k.a. the good old Shoe. Thanks for asking and answering the question.

  4. Well, I’ve read that “Nineteen Eighty Four” is their playbook. So, “wars on the borders”, ad nauseum. Somehow, we just can’t see “big brother” on our tv/s.

    So excellent again, Mr. Corbett. Your steady intelligence gives me hope. Or perhaps evidences it, shares it. Thank you.
    Nice touch how the Iraqi doctor is flabbergasted at the stupidity of the military goons. And he sees right through the whole scheme. A tad more intelligent than most…anxious westerners.

    “Informed the …operation a full day before it happened…”
    Oh. Like how the Red Cross (ugh) set up near Paradise Ca. the day before the “winds” and “wildfires”? Yeah, like that.

    I have a question.
    WHY do so many love..or are addicted to…horror stories/movies ? Why? The past three years I feel showed each one of us a bit of this…innate possibility? Or is it encultured? I’ve seen it everywhere encultured, for ages.”Creature Double Feature” and “The Twilight Zone” were on my menu for a couple of years way back when I was a teen. So…there it is. It must be in there in us, though I’ve never confused myself with wanting horror anywhere but a story.And that not so much either.

    I would love to read a serious essay from you on this aspect of …media/mediation/hermes/liminal mercury.
    I just don’t imagine any other critter on the planet capable or culpable or wanting to create such.
    Peace Pilgrim advised to “give up the worry habit”, and defined worry as projecting deleterious outcomes into the future. All of our stories are about the past or future, those in our minds most of the time, those that cause “worry”. Some in the Electric Universe/Thunderbolts Project consider memories..well recorded planet-wide…of planetary changes and resultant chaos and disaster world wide to be the basis of unending “end of the world/armageddon/doomsday” discourses.
    And a great read on that is the Whole Earth Catalog’s special edition titled “On The Fringes of Reason”.
    In any case, the military seems to grasp the citizens’ addictions to horror. Somehow, it makes the whole deal so much more…patriarchal/patriotic. A friggin’ flag draped over her like a half dead soldier soon-to-be. Eye roll. I have many reasons to suspect that the true story about “Ashley ‘Babbitt'”…I couldn’t help myself, I had to look up the meaning of “babbitt”…will turn out even more the same. As in , she obviously played along, as well as many others.
    Before or concurrent with the name was the fact that a person dying by bleeding from the neck was carried down stairs head first. Sure. Makes sense. They can’t even get good role players, or script writers. What a goon show.
    I just happened..on my only ever pass through Europe, and that only Spain..to witness the preparations for filming in Barcelona a couple or two and half weeks before the “affair” there. The two scenarios I walked through while walking through the main series of “squares” there raised my hackles and voice impulsively at the time,though I didn’t see the context, only a plan. Until later..

    The article on context is complex..I’ve got as far as considering the definitions of “con text”.

  5. Well,well, look what just popped up in my feed. Something of the same.

    This poster’s previous interview with a mid-east journalist informed me in the first minutes that the zionists had many choices of land to settle in, but decided on Palestine.
    Which recalled a note to myself writ a few months back, to the effect that in Dante’s “Inferno”, the nine levels of hell, plus …were situated under Jerusalem.

  6. I have noticed an interesting phenonium of late, a bifurcation of accepted realty. While this bifurcation always existed, the speed with which the “accepted narrative” begins to fall apart is far far shorter, and there seems to be an agenda in showing the “accepted narrative” is a lie and daring us to point it out.

    Covid was a “deadly disease”, which killed millions OR it was just the yearly flu hyped to scare the public. AND what happened if you thought the latter?

    The Covid vaccine was going to save you OR life or kill you dead.https://principia-scientific.com/most-who-took-covid-vaccines-will-be-dead-by-2025/ AND what happened if you thought the latter?

    Israel is defending itself against a deadly adversary OR the Israeli government set up this false flag to justify a genocide of the Palestinian people. AND what happened if you thought the latter?

    The Earth is now “boiling” so we must take drastic measures to safe the future OR climate does what climates do, change over time. Climate change is more hot air from our corrupt leaders. AND what happened if you thought the latter?

    9/11 was a case of Muslim extremism OR was done by a mix of traitors within the government, as well as Israeli assists.

    One could endlessly add to this list of contradictory realities in our society. Of course there is nothing new about this duality in perspectives of reality, but I think the difference is how clear the distinction AND more importantly, there is a growing price to be paid for contradicting the government’s narrative. It reminds me of the book 1984, and the how many fingers am I holding up scene. It is like they are telling us an OBVIOSLY LIE, then daring us to say anything about it. “Harvard students groups issued an anti-Israeli statement, CEOs want them blacklisted”. Now, I am cynical enough to think those students wrote such a statement are simply doing so as part of this psyop, I’ve been to Harvard, I doubt they are NOT anti-Israel about anything (all those “Ivey league schools have been taken over-look at the reading list for freshmen students for validation of that perspective). This is just more establishing a narrative for the general public. Come out against what the government is supporting, and you will pay a price.

    This is complicated, obviously, but there is a subtext to much of what is going on in the news, something happening under the radar, attacking our freedoms, not with laws but with psychological warfare. the laws will come later.

    • Exactly.. interesting times we live in. And it is very interesting how many people have the memory facilities of a chicken, and can’t correlate the timeline well enough to even recognize that these things are linked ?

      • So TRUE, within living memory so much is obvious, like the incubator babies and WMDs, but I think the issue is acceptance or the inability to accept reality. Was it Franck Herbert who said, ‘people will believe the comforting lie versus the uncomfortable truth’. Too many would rather live in ignorance than accept the truth of the dire circumstances we are in. And I can see they are carefully lowering that bar everyday as to what is the comforting lie.

    • I do not use empirical evidence, on-line research, per se, to understand the world and parse truth from lie, rather I use reason and deduction. In a world long controlled by those who wish to do us harm, looking for absolute truth is near impossible. Thus, it took me about 3 minutes of listening to Trump’s first campaign speech to get the feeling he was just another puppet, saying all the right stuff, yet divisive in everything he said. With covid, there was no way to know, research wise that covid was a scam, it was the way they were hyping it, always in one direction that gave that scam away, just like ISIS. I always tell my family, if the problem goes away once you turn off the TV, it is likely not a real problem.

      I mention this need to use deductive reasoning because so much of what is happening is meant to confuse us, constant conflicting information. But when you develop a strong internal sense between truth and what is a lie, the world is not so very complicated.

      Like for instance, Jeffery Epstein, the whole theatrical presentation of his arrest and subsequent “suicide”. Of course there was another option in this story, he did not commit suicide, “he was murdered”. The Overton window is now established, he suicided or was murdered, only two options (Covid was made in China or America, but it existed for sure….).
      But there is a third option, he might have been spirited away, continuing his pedophilia on some private resort. For sure Jeffery Epstein and Pedophile Island had done its job and it was time for Mossad to shut it down. But what to do with Epstein, people like Epstein, Wexner, Kenneth Lay… don’t go to jail, they get spirited away. They certainly could not have Epstein go on trial, too much info would get out. When the Epstein “death” first hit the news, EVERYWHERE, I thought to myself, no way they killed this guy, how many actors would continue their roles if they knew they were dead as soon as they were no longer needed, none.

      They had a video of his death, it was played again and again, and there was two sides of the story, but the central theme was the same, “he was dead”.

      Jessica Lynch, Covid, with the people dropping like flies in China, MAGA Kids, we are living in a made for TV reality, where EVERYTHING is done for effect. I no longer watch TV, I observe it, looking for clues to its true intent. This is a time of truth, it is being laid out before us, we just have to learn to see it.

      • For people to be able to discern the very first step, I find, is to to be.able to differentiate between truth and fiction. In my experience, people are having an incredibly hard time with letting go what they want to be true. Reason and evidence be damned.

  7. Non-sequitur comment from the Jessica Lynch post, but I have a question for Corbett (I don’t see where to send in that specific category on the website, other than the ‘contact’ page, and I’m going to err on that should be used for tech or subscription aid solely).
    I saw the still image for the recent article post (Context is Everything), which is an image of (a younger looking) James on an airplane. It reminded me of James’ oft-mentioned run-in with Canadian TSA or airport security and the questions he was asked by a humorless, Joe Friday type there regarding his possessions and personal history, plans, etc. (‘go Calgary Flames’, or something).

    My question is how James would act or react to such a line of hostile questioning by the State and its proxy agencies and agents today. I know next to nothing about personal rights and freedoms in this regard, but I have tried to look into this protectionism content a wee bit in the intervening years. For example, I know there is a lawyer presenter, available through YouTube, that suggests ‘never talk to the cops’ and other (U.S.) Constitutionalist/Bill of Rights advocate positions out there:


    Furthermore, I’m aware Corbett has done site posts in the vein of more aggressive or offensive-posturing in this regard via ‘police auditing’:

    Auditing the Police – #SolutionsWatch

    I see this Police State resistance post* in the archives, which I and others may refer back to for further guidance in these matters, but still my question here would pertain specifically to James and what he may or may not do today if confronted by these globalist henchmen gestapo at a Canadian airport like he was in the 2000’s. I’m sure this would be of interest to more Corbett Report listeners than myself, and I’m not sure if James has addressed this hypothetical to date.

    *Resisting the Police State: Solutions and Answers

  8. The whole way through, I really liked how Corbett ran with telling this Jessica Lynch Story.

    – Fatherly –
    One particular aspect of Corbett’s style of presentation struck me.
    There was a warmth and almost a strong Fatherly trait as James walked us through the landscape ensuring that we understood the fundamentals.
    This Fatherly quality is part and parcel of who James Corbett is.
    This feature brings with it a full package of other attributes.

    This aspect has huge importance, and I feel that it is a plus for our side.
    Think about it.
    Thank about all the TV shows like “Father Knows Best”, or Wally and Beaver’s Dad.
    Think about all the properties which are affiliated with that image.

  9. Maybe I’m losing my mind, but didn’t I recently see a video on Grayjay (app for viewing videos) on this platform? I can’t find it now.

  10. Hey James!

    First time posting ?

    I just want to say ive been following you for over a decade, i trust in what you say you honestly believe and thank you for showing the truth to me and so many other people!!

    Ive heard u mention over the last few months the “jews”, in regards to people always blaming the jews and you have made it clear definaty dont subscribe to that. Over the years ive been fooled many times with theory’s, but the one that you cannot talk about the most or you will end up in prison in certain countrys is one that seems to be very interesting. Will you look at WW2 the same way you did WW1? Will you look into the holocaust, at least at the revised numbers or is that just to damaging to you and your page? Its a hard one, because its almost suicidal to take up that topic with any kind of scepticism. I would love for you to make me believe in the MSN, i would think of the world in a much better way. Seeing what is going on in Palestine at the moment is really starting to make me doubt all of history. Saying its the “jews” in my mind is ridiculous, there is good,evil and levels to everything. Have you noticed a tie to Israel or have i just been fooled again into another distraction? PLEASE HELP ME IF ANYONE CAN IT IS YOU! thank you so much for everything you do! ?

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