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“. . . but how do I make money from this information, James?” is a question I receive from time to time. Or, more charitably, “Given the conspiracy reality, how do I invest for my retirement?” That’s a better question. But still, how to invest our wealth depends on what we mean by “investment” and what it is we’re looking to achieve in the long run. No, I’m not an investment advisor and won’t give you the latest hot stock tip, but I do have some things to say about this topic.

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  1. My tip here would be to stock up on foods with long shelflife, and make it longer with vacuum seals.

    Like sugar can be stored indefinitely if stored correctly, so you could sell it back.
    But it takes alot of room.

    Silver and gold is the ultimate savings.
    I’m not saying storing cocaine or other narcotics is a bad idea either, because I dont think it is. But I dont think it will rise in value if shtf, unless like zombie stuff and then gold is worthless. And that will never happen anyways. Zombies that is.

    Capitalists on the other hand,can just print money. Not mine gold, silver, copper or steel.
    I would sure as fuck like to see them try!

    But yeah, I would diverse just like james say and invest in social security also. Or else there would be no need for gold or silver. Can’t eat it so, wtf you gonna do with it??
    If you think profit, I think gold and silver will go back to it’s near “regular” value, and that is that gold is worth 15 times more than silver, not 85 times.

    But then again, 1kg gold was worth 1 kg salt way back when…

    Everybody should have their own seed bank.

    • Yes, the search for individual solutions to massive social problems defines the American mind.

      Don’t change life, hoard.

      This is why America is doomed to failure.

      You cannot beat the capitalist financial system by buying gold or silver or hoarding.

      The system is the problem and you either recognize it, have alternatives, organize to build a better world or you will find that much like Las Vegas, you will be broke within years or sooner.

      Everyone trying to run away from systemic problems with little mroe than banal and antiquated solutions.

  2. I went to the first ever comprehensive (communist) state school in the UK, back in 1970. The one lesson I found the most pointless and boring in my 5 years there was on compound interest.

    Yet it was the only lesson I ever had that could have made me significantly wealthy.

    After a few years playing the stock market the penny dropped. I was doing it all wrong; buy low and sell high is great if you control the markets, but it is futile for the average investor.

    “The secret” is the power of compounding ; pick stocks that give high dividends consistently and buy them. Don’t even look at the price from one month to the next,you are not going to sell, unless the firm is going bust.

    If you hang in for the long haul you will at least double your money several times over.

    • That trend may change in 2024.

    • Welcome to the world of failing financial capitalism. A system devoted to putting profits before people for the few who own the means of production.

      And as they consolidate and get bigger, inequality grows and with it debt and with debt collapse.

      In the imperial core in America, nothing will change for the better. The blowback will last for generations.

      The only hope now is the global south.

      Remember: Rome didn’t fall in a day.

      Anyone invested in the stock market might as well go to Vegas and bet on KENO.

      The Casino economy game is rigged, the cartels own the banks, the investment houses, the stock market and yes, you.

      You cannot go out and get a job for the job will never cover the costs of living.

      And as debt swallows the Empire and the Republic, what remains is a seedy, little cut rate carny.

      Either organize to crate a better world or complain on the computer alone.

  3. I haven’t shared this link before but after hearing what James said about the need for people to agree to a method of transaction, I decided to share it. Do your own due diligence. Go to ice.io, and register with invitation code blueskies. Good luck to us all!

  4. Just a note that investing in farming and livestock is inherently risky, so don’t be naive. We live in the country and attempt to casually (not professionally) produce some of our food. We have lost many of our chickens to predators, plus they don’t produce eggs throughout their whole lives. We have also had many gardens that did not produce very much due to extreme heat and drought or insects. The high cost of raising chickens and gardening was a bit of a shock. You really have to educate yourself. Don’t be a dummy like we were, haha. That said, we are happy to have fresh eggs even if they are not cheap.

    • Have you considered getting a couple geese? They are pretty good at protecting their flock. Also, chickens can be very useful in the garden, hardy little workers that almost never go on strike.

      • What locale do you live where you can raise geese and chickens?
        I’m not in a city proper and can’t even do that due to bylaws.

        • I guess bylaws is a synonim for irrelvant garbage. As long as you are not in an urban area, people may frawn upon chickens, but you are free to do as you damn please.

          I remember an ex coleague telling me how somone from the municipality was trying to break their balls over having goats, but it didn’t go anywhere. Whoever that was, they probably suffered from grandiose visions for their 2k inhabitants municipality, tkinking it was an urban district or a megalopolis.

          • In a perfect world we would have no governments. Until that day comes along we need to comply with their laws or face the consequences for not complying.

            I contacted my municipality’s by-law office and inquired about raising chickens.
            I was told we were not permitted to do it.

            For the record, my municipality has a population of 14 K.

            Do you have experience raising your own chickens?

            • Can you have chickens on the “down low”? Do they really check?

              It really angers me that there is someone there to monitor a person who wants to have their own food supply.

              I understand not wanting to face fines and such though and I’m sorry to hear that you have to deal with that.

              Perhaps there are others who want to change this law/bylaw in your area and you could pressure the local government to allow people to grow food and have chickens and goats?

              • “Can you have chickens on the “down low”? Do they really check?”

                I hope others will chime in with their experience if they have tried this themselves.

                I just started researching ‘quiet’ chicken breeds.
                In my case, I would have to satisfy myself first (even before my neighbours) that they would not be a disturbance.

                I am extremely sensitive to noise.

                It is rather ironic though, because the amount of noise my neighbours create for seven months of the year mowing their lawns (1 hour+ each/week) and motorized snow shoveling for three months would make any chicken noise seem like whispering leaves!

              • Roosters are loud so I wouldn’t get one. But plenty of people have chickens in their back yard for eggs. Some people even have them as pets.

            • No, I do not. My gandmother used to have chickens and ducks and back then I was spending quite a bot of time over there. It was a rural area.

              But I can hear roosters early in the morning in this semi urban area.

            • Btw, to invoke the need for a perfect world to get rid of slavery, is a bit too much, don’t you think?

              I do believe we do not need to strive for perfection to rid ourselves of this ancient evil that draws its power from our consent.

            • “I contacted my municipality’s by-law office and inquired about raising chickens.
              I was told we were not permitted to do it.”

              Its usually much easier to get forgiveness than permission.
              Bureaucrats love to tell people what they’re not allowed to do. So don’t ask them.

              Rabbits are a good option for meat. Very quiet till butchering time.
              But its hard to beat chickens. I’ve been getting 5 medium to large eggs almost every day since they started laying from 5 hens.
              I share with the neighbors so they don’t complain about the small amount of noise.
              I supplement their diet by scavenging at the local grocery store dumpster.
              Its amazing how much food they throw out. I even get meat for the dog and cat that way.

              • Thanks Steve for this info, it’s good to hear you are having success with chickens.

                May I ask a few of questions?
                How much land to you have? How close are your neighbors to you?
                What is the weather like in your area, especially winter time?
                Do you let your chickens run free and how are they enclosed?

                I wouldn’t mind having a go at it, if I knew exactly what to expect beforehand and if it was manageable.

            • “How much land to you have? How close are your neighbors to you?
              What is the weather like in your area, especially winter time?
              Do you let your chickens run free and how are they enclosed?”

              I’m on a regular suburban lot. Neighbors on each side and across the alley.
              I’m in central Florida so it is usually hot and humid. Though currently it is wonderfully cool. We’re coming into the season that makes Florida paradise. We might get a few nights of frost in winter but rarely.

              The chickens are a little overcrowded in the coop but they have a nice little run area. They are shut in the coop at night and we let them into the run at sunup.
              I don’t let them run free but I “graze” them in the alley and sometimes in the yard under supervision. I’m wary of predators like hawks and cats and they can make a mess of the yard if left to their own devices. Digging holes and scratching up small plants and such. Plus they poop quite a bit and I always seem to step in it.

              The chickens are ISA Browns. They are bred for laying. Supposedly they will produce around 340 eggs per year each. So far they’re living up to that reputation. They are very friendly too.
              I also have a little Serama who pops out a tiny egg a few times per week for a month or so and then goes broody and tries to hatch the unfertilized eggs.
              She’s not really worth the feed but she’s my favorite since I raised her from an egg.

              I used to get a rooster sometimes so that I could get fertile eggs to raise chicks and I would keep him till he served his purpose.
              I might do it again in the future if the need arises. But they are loud. And the silly things usually start crowing around two or three am!
              Surprisingly though, only one of the neighbors ever complained.

              Chickens really are not much trouble and they do provide a steady supply of fresh food. Plus they are fun to have around.
              I hope that you consider getting a few.

              • Thanks Steve that was great info.
                I wonder what extra steps I’d need to take being up north in Ontario?
                I presume I’d need to heat the coop during the winter time, at the very least.
                I’d be extra sure to stay away from roosters. 🙂

              • I think hens are less regular without a rooster prancing around.

                Cuartis Stone keeps his flock in a small greenhouse during the winter. He also has a mobile coop with two positions, one for the winter and another for the summer (shade).

                Maybe if people complain about noise, you can say that you identify as a rooster.

            • “I presume I’d need to heat the coop during the winter time, at the very least.”

              Definitely. You would probably want to supplement the light too. They need 12 hours of light to produce eggs I understand.


              Mkey says
              “I think hens are less regular without a rooster prancing around.”

              I think that in some situations that might be true. Free range birds will probably be less stressed with a rooster around for protection.
              But I’m not sure that having a rooster would necessarily be beneficial or important with cooped birds and might even be detrimental in that the girls are less able to escape the constant amorous attention of the rooster when they aren’t in the mood. Roosters are quite forceful and determined and seemingly never satiated.
              As I mentioned, my hens hardly ever miss a day and they’ve never seen a rooster except for the little Serama. And she’s kinda nutty anyway.

    • lulule,
      If you actually are a friend to these people you will say it anyway, and if they get the Shots anyway, which I expect they will, you have done your part. Perhaps, one or all of them will at least begin to question the Shots after they start having Symptoms. If you say nothing, then they can continue to believe the lies until they die, where as if they at least know that they were harmed by one of the shots, they can speak out against it better you ever could.

  5. Forgive me for commenting too much but I have years of experience surviving with little money. The key for us is LOW EXPECTATIONS = Happiness. In other words, why waste your life trying to store up treasures for the future? A better plan is to make sure you have good relationships so that if something happens to you or your finances, you will not be homeless. Do good to others and hopefully they will remember it in your time of need. As James says constantly, build COMMUNITY, not piles of money. Don’t only care about yourself, like politicians. Tend your garden and be a good person. The government or rebels armies can take your land, your bank account, your freedom, your life, but not your soul, so enjoy your life now and pray for peace.

    • “I have years of experience surviving with little money. The key for us is LOW EXPECTATIONS = Happiness.”


      No gain is so certain as that which proceeds from the economical use of what you already have. Latin Proverb.

  6. James, the Odysee link above is linked to “What Was the Jessica Lynch Story?”

  7. Something to help put things into proper perspective: the good old mon-eye is one the oldest, if not the oldest, false gods.

    There is almost nothing most people will not sacrifice to get it. Nothing like it exists in nature. It is not the blood line of this system of ours but the resistance that is wielded as a weapon (or, maybe better put, a kitty laser) to draw the attention of the masses from one activity to another, to derail care, to cause despair.

    It is not true that there aren’t worthy and worthwhile causes, it’s just that following up with most of these causes won’t make you any money. And that is exactly its purpose.

    It has no inherent value, it is typically created ex nihilo and there it is going to go in due time. Every currency in the recorded history has gone to zero, eventually. Think about it, all those missed opportunities to do the right thing and this sought after treasure goes to nothing, its true value.

  8. Wish I knew who else was in the Monero community. I used to regularly see someone carrying a Monero flag on freedom protests during ths scamdemic. When I started to get into crypto myself I approached him specifically to ask about community and he told me that he only knew a handful of people who transacted in Monero, but that he would be producing a guide and details soon to help build a community; I’ve looked out for him since then but that’s the last time I saw him on any protest.

  9. Thank you James, an important point has been clarified for me:-

    There is a big difference between hoarding and investing. Investing in something means that it’s value increases irrespective of whether you or another benefit. This is key to building community. And while many still seem stuck on placing the most value on money or material goods it is our ability to create, share and work for community (the greater good) that really matters.

    It seems pretty obvious that hoarding as a way of protecting our future is going to have the opposite effect.

  10. Isn’t the concept of cryptocurrencies valid only as long as electricity is available? I know electricity seems as common as air but as most are probably aware, in the grand scheme of things it can still be considered a new fangled contraption.

  11. Monero is not hard. Easy to convert to other crypto when needed as well with swap only non-KYC sites such as stealthex.io.

    BTW some of your links are messed up. May want to look whether site is hacked. For instance download link gave a 404 and oddysee link went to the Jessica Lynch video.

  12. This QFC was a fabulous investment for me!

  13. I would have thought that James would have taken a more Philosophical view of Investments. For example, one invests in themself as they seek more knowledge. Time Invested in acquiring skills is most often a good investment as well.
    Acquiring friends is always a good investment, and you have to be a friend to have friends. So, the best investments are those that money cannot buy, yet the Banksters will try, as they lie.

  14. Yes, community first. Organizing cohesive groups of trusted, like minded people to form parallel economies. I suggest one of the most valuable forms of currency is ourselves. Our defense; knowledge. Increases one’s worth. For instance, understanding the history of the Cestui Que Vie Trust – https://www.bitchute.com/video/zElXHTplUeWz/

    Valuable information. Especially if the community intends to own land without the proverbial albatross of taxation. Aware, as a slave to the bankers/government, one never owns anything – https://www.bitchute.com/video/fI8Ga6jBJJyU/

    Shackled by legalese in a prison corporate debt, how to escape? Example – https://annavonreitz.com/stepbystep.pdf

    Complicated. However, in your community of trusted friends, someone who understands law vs legal – https://www.bitchute.com/video/6NMMpRvVVifM/

    Health. Also very important. A valuable member of your community would be someone like Canadian Dr. Amandha Vollmer, Naturopath – https://yummy.doctor/video/ A wealth of information on various topics.

    Suggestion: Rather than providing clues to your intention in emails, (?they know when you are sleeping…) better face-to-face meetings. Get excited. Kick around ideas. Kill the Strawman. Be free. Stay on track. Try not to become distracted by drugs and orgies. Loads of fun, but not helpful in the long run.

    Just a few ideas. For what they’re worth.

    • excellent thanks and yes to the suggestion, bots itch warning, dont scratch

  15. Predicting Market Prices and Money Flows – Gareth Soloway
    Free Education – Data points with 70% probability outcomes

    Every weekday morning just before the U.S. market opens, Gareth Soloway gives a 20 minute YouTube LiveStream Game Plan.
    His intent is to teach viewers how to read graphed statistics of market action. (stocks, bonds, commodities, crypto)
    Trick-or-Treat Sample Candy…
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    (24 minutes – all or parts)

    I’ve been watching these exciting instructional videos for months.
    The take-home concepts and understandings can benefit anyone, even if a person doesn’t delve into gold, silver, crypto, stocks, bonds or real estate.

    Gareth Soloway walks viewers through “how to learn the language of market charts”. The charts are a reflection of sentiment behavior. Soloway also gives pointers on how to respond to what the charts indicate.

    I kid you not – Some of these Gareth Soloway market predictions have been remarkably spot-on.
    For example: Early October when Gold was around $1815 was an excellent entry point to buy. Later in October as Gold prices climbed, the charts indicated a price pull-back was expected. A Trader might sell their Gold position and bet that prices would decline. Prices did decline as expected. And as expected, Gold prices would rally again. Gold is currently near $2000 oz.

    Everyone trades. Something of perceived value is exchanged for something of perceived value.
    I am not advocating for people to play in the stock market as a trader.
    However, gaining skills to better predict financial outcomes can benefit anyone.

    Financial Loss
    A person has one dollar invested in XYZ. The XYZ price drops 50%. The person loses 50% of that dollar. Now, with only 50 cents left, the person needs to make a 100% gain in order to be at break-even. Protecting your wealth from loss is important, because it becomes a strain to recover.
    Inflation just recently took 15% of your dollar. You now have only 85 cents. Now, every dollar that you own or obtain has suffered a 15% loss. Your dollars need about an 18 per cent appreciation in order for you to be back to square one.

    • Thanks for this summary, great info here. Glad you mentioned inflation and that our money is evaporating. It becomes important to mitigate this.

    • Welcome to the world of failing financial capitalism. A system devoted to putting profits before people for the few who own the means of production.

      And as they consolidate and get bigger, inequality grows and with it debt and with debt collapse.

      In the imperial core in America, nothing will change for the better. The blowback will last for generations.

      Remember: Rome didn’t fall in a day.

  16. Investing in health and ways to grow ones own food I think is important. What basic physical things are needed for existence? Food, water, shelter, “medicine”/health.

    Then what is necessary for quality of life? Community, family, legacy, etc.

    Thanks for this episode. It’s a good reminder of what is actually important and where should be spend our energy.

  17. What a coherent discussion. The broader planning for coherent government is being moved along,but not for us, especially if you are over a certain age.
    Catherine Austin Fitts has stated if you invest in an army you can defend your profits ,capitol,savings, wealth ,otherwise MONEY.. Then you better have a community to keep the value intact. Otherwise you become a North Korea. All outside exchange will be black market trades,buys and sales. Very dangerous and open to value swings that will put your army to the test of their expense of maintenance. Untill you become the mountain that everything rolls down from your existence is precarious.
    The time has come to abandon the material world and start planning for spiritual wealth. James your approach here is got me in a conundrum. Without the spiritual, the building of the agora will be a part and parcell of material statist sanctuary.
    Only because the statist control the propaganda from birth.
    How to remove the life long propaganda would be of greater long-term value. To do it without weapons in this realm would be spiritual. Every agora village should have a stockpile of weapons for when *”THEY”* come again. I’m thinking of that Brazilian movie with the corporate killers who were hired to sweep the land of it’s inhabitants. What was the name of that movie?
    I watched this broadcast and it put me to thinking about that Brazilian movie. Wonders never cease. Then I caught up on things missed,wallah! A thought.

    • The movie was Bacurau.

      Bacurau https://g.co/kgs/gGcWoF

      A violent movie but one that reminds us that the outside world will come into the most peaceful of places and take whatever it wants. The lesson is to be prepared for their unwanted offences.

  18. thanks James. I’m old, I’ve done what I could for my children 🙂

  19. Really nice episode and judging by the comments, it seems to have inspired people (including me) to think differently. Good job.

  20. This is a fantastic article.

    Was Bitcoin Created by the NSA?


    I worked that out for myself a long time ago but this is a much more detailed investigation.

    We are rapidly moving into a new world order where the most significant changes will be an absence of privacy and social control based on the authorities knowing everything about you (social credit score) .

    I remember a documentary a few years ago discussing the British government’s plans to make all private cryptography illegal. CBDC could be the anti privacy, anti crypto monster that will eat everything else.

  21. I am retired with two small pensions. I have low expectations. I survive fairly easily. I was a college lecturer for 13 years, took voluntary redundancy in 1998.

    The vile way myself and others were messed about pissed me off so much I turned down a university teaching job and in fact never worked again.

    Three or four nasty run ins with officialdom in the last few years has made me extremely cynical about how the world works. People do what their told because they have no choice and things get steadily worse. Nice out of working hours, often monsters at work.

    The media is now straight up criminal propaganda, particularly the upmarket media which is why the professional classes are so clueless.

  22. That old excuse about not having a choice is getting older by the minute. It’s the corner stone of the sturcture that has kept countless milions of people enslaved for millennia.

    Stop justifying it and help knock it down.

    If order followers (and their families) need to starve a bit because they are so incopetent that they can’t find another means to sustain themselbes, so bi it. Maybe starvation will help them screw their heads on the right way.

    They abdolutely do have a choice. Choice is not the problem. Being ignorant, cowardly, disgusting bums is.

    • You don’t have much of a choice if you have a family and a lifestyle they want to maintain. I had neither when I walked out. Similar to the vaccine. Very difficult if the family want you to take it.

      • Is it easy living as an immoral scumbag?

        Adapting to a lifestyle that is a better fit for your means is a choice. Harassing people professionally so that the wife can afford clothes she doesn’t need is a choice. Lifestyle does not justify the evil actions. Does not even begin to justify them.

        What about the lifestyle of people who get beaten, injured, harassed, physically and psychologically crippled, brutalized and put under duress? What about wives, husbands, daughters and sons of such people? What about their lifestyle?

        There is exactly one reason why we find ourselves in this predicament: orderfollowers are willing to do the unthinkable for a monetary compensation. And the completely insane masses of people justify their evil actions with most obscene mental constructs.

        Without orderfollowers you can not have a police state, tyranny, wars, massive deaths due to bombings or starvation or summary executions, massively destroyed infrastructure, streets full of shell shocked individuals who either shoot up their veins or shoot up other people as part of their daily job. Most of these calamities can alternatively occur only due to limitless forces of nature. However, the amount of misery one man can bestow upon another man is something that will shame any natural event. With the possible exception of the great flood, even though officially that wasn’t natural.

        Considering what’s at stake, I think the fam lifestyle can take a hit. It can take a hit, a stab and a severe laceration. Maybe the orderfollower bread winner could do any of the things done by billions of people who are not orderfollowers. Maybe they could change their job. Just like anyone else.

        • While all that is true, few people have the guts to walk away. Employment is a financial straight jacket.

          I left because the government made us teach higher level courses to the same level students. It can’t be done without letting students pass. It got to farcical levels and I didn’t want to be involved in a farce.

          I have never wanted to be a lecturer.

          What do you do for money ?

          • I am an engineer. Have experience doing administration, diagnostics, shipbuilding (drawings for hull assembly, electrical drawings, electrical runways projecting) and now I am doing IT of the worst kind, support.

            So yes, I know how difficult it is to change, switch tracks, move places, uproot the daily mundane etc.

            I personally would rather by a BBC evening news host than an orderfollower. But that may be just me.

  23. Mkey, you must be feeling in high spirits,you have been active lately too. Your first question at the top ⁉️ would apply to ninety % of the soft white automatons just outside my window. Even here in the rural village of household’s lining the street below.
    Applying the question is almost impossible to do since most actively evade any contact. I’m assuming it’s the residual COVID effect. Damnedest thing I’ve ever witnessed.
    May I ask, where are you going with that last comment?

  24. Mkey,
    The comment preceding mine
    @ 11-2-23 1:44am It begins by you asking a question, to whom was that question directed too?
    “Is it easy living as an immoral scumbag?
    Maybe that’s a local idiom, one I’m unfamiliar with.

    Not to put you in a headlock but the rest after that was curious and I’m lost as to what you mean.
    What is at stake? Order followers are not order givers and are just trying to stay alive. ” “Not order followers” are number less than billions, probably less than the order givers. Help me out her.

    • Freedom of people is at stake, GBW. Without the police there is no police state.

      I too am just trying to stay alive (thrive, actually) and I am not an orderfollower.

      Order givers are less responsible because they are not the ones doing the action. Orderfollower can not insulate himself from the wrong doing by following orders.

      • @mkey

        I posted another comment with a corrected discount for my ebook in the comment in the June Open Thread.

    • And I am sure most constituents of those funds won’t care one iota, as long as they make some profit.

      BTW pension funds are necessary because the people can’t be trusted with their money. It’s for the greater good, so either pay or die.

  25. Considering Black Rock and their ilk are doing all they can to rob my kids of a future of owning property, we realize our investment will be directly into launching our kids into independence and community. And yes, that looks more like homestead infrastructure, animals, and trees.

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