100 Questions! – Questions For Corbett #100

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Questions For Corbett is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Join James for this 100th Episode Extravaganza where he takes on the task of answering 100 questions from the ever-growing question bag in as entertaining and informative way as possible!

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Questions For Corbett #001 
Time Reference: 00:38


Search for “treasuries” on corbettreport.com
Time Reference: 03:19


Info about Bretton Woods
Time Reference: 03:42


Info about the petrodollar
Time Reference: 03:53


Info about Globalization 2.0
Time Reference: 04:22


Info about the multipolar world order
Time Reference: 04:25


Info about the deliberately engineered death of the dollar
Time Reference: 04:28


Info about the petroyuan
Time Reference: 04:30


Info about the digital yuan
Time Reference: 04:32


Info about the controlled demolition of the economy
Time Reference: 04:39


Party Like It’s 1907
Time Reference: 04:42


9/11 Suspects: Dancing Israelis
Time Reference: 05:41


Episode 413 – Give Send Gone
Time Reference: 06:56


Is the IPCC Rigged? – Questions For Corbett #096
Time Reference: 09:41


McIntyre: Reverse engineering a ‘hockey stick’ shows ‘bogus methodology’
Time Reference: 10:42



Corbett Report substack
Time Reference: 13:28


Chaos Out of Order
Time Reference: 15:05


Episode 440 – Operation Check Point 2.0
Time Reference: 15:45


Episode 436 – Opting Out of CBDCs
Time Reference: 16:29


Episode 404 – A Brief History of Hopium
Time Reference: 21:04


Interview 1801 – James Corbett on Obama, Trump, Q, Musk and Hopium
Time Reference: 21:22


Elon Musk on Universal Basic Income
Time Reference: 22:44


Elon Musk on the brain chip
Time Reference: 22:56


Elon Musk on carbon taxes
Time Reference: 23:04


Episode 429 – Meet Elon Musk, Technocratic Huckster
Time Reference: 24:22


“Missing Trillions” search on corbettreport.com
Time Reference: 26:05


Finding Your Lifestyle of Liberty – #SolutionsWatch
Time Reference: 28:51


I’ve discussed the Milken Institute talk over and over and over again
Time Reference: 30:20


I certainly have talked about spirituality
Time Reference: 34:25


I have talked about occultism
Time Reference: 34:27


I have talked about synchromysticism
Time Reference: 34:29


I have featured Daniel Sheehan
Time Reference: 34:32


I have covered the USA’s plutonium supply to Israel
Time Reference: 34:34


I have talked about Coleman’s Conspirators’ Hierarchy
Time Reference: 34:37


I have talked about Judy Wood
Time Reference: 34:40


I have done multiple Questions For Corbett and other podcasts on the COVID situation in Japan and how it tied into the Olympics
Time Reference: 34:44


I have made an entire documentary about the Federal Reserve and the creation of money that featured Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt, who I have interviewed many times
Time Reference: 34:52


I have talked about Assange on multiple occasions
Time Reference: 35:06


I have talked about adrenochrome
Time Reference: 35:08


Text of Bill C-11
Time Reference: 38:29


Liberals’ online streaming Bill C-11 passes Parliament
Time Reference: 38:32


The Theranos Scandal: Science, Charlatans and Globalists
Time Reference: 42:44


How to Research Online – #SolutionsWatch
Time Reference: 46:46


Research Resources You Should Know About – #SolutionsWatch
Time Reference: 47:16


Research Tools You Should Know About – #SolutionsWatch
Time Reference: 47:19


Make Your Own Newspaper – #SolutionsWatch
Time Reference: 47:24


Episode 283 – Solutions: Make Your Own Media
Time Reference: 47:28


James Corbett Encourages You To Do Your Own Research
Time Reference: 53:07


Is There Light at the End of the Rabbit Hole? with James Corbett
Time Reference: 53:32


Episode 288 – Open Source Journalism
Time Reference: 55:05


James Corbett on The Missing Link
Time Reference: 56:04


Corbett Report Radio 149 – How to Create The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 01:02:06


Episode 283 – Solutions: Make Your Own Media
Time Reference: 01:02:13


Autodidacticism – #SolutionsWatch
Time Reference: 01:05:00


The Highlighter is Mightier Than the Sword
Time Reference: 01:05:39


Kodomosan website
Time Reference: 01:06:46


Change/Update/Cancel your subscription on Stripe
Time Reference: 01:18:38


Manage subscriptions on Substack
Time Reference: 01:18:58


Change/Update/Cancel your subscription on PayPal
Time Reference: 01:19:06


CBDCs: Beyond the Basics
Time Reference: 01:21:33


Bill Gates-backed start-up EarthNow will provide real-time video of ‘almost’ anywhere on the planet
Time Reference: 01:22:00


EarthNow founder’s LinkedIn
Time Reference: 01:22:17


Steal This Podcast, Please!
Time Reference: 01:23:42


80% in Japan oppose tax hike plan to cover defense outlay: poll
Time Reference: 01:27:17


Catastrophic Contagion
Time Reference: 01:27:57


Who funds the WHO? (officially)
Time Reference: 01:29:30


Who funds the WHO? (officially)
Time Reference: 01:30:14


The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty by Collier and Horowitz
Time Reference: 01:35:21


Translate the Truth – #SolutionsWatch
Time Reference: 01:38:27


Seymour “Trust me, bro!” Hersh’s anonymous sources “reveal” the (self-evident) truth about the Nord Stream false flag
Time Reference: 01:40:56


Seymour “Trust me, bro!” Hersh’s anonymous sources bolster the (self-evident) lies about The Killing of Osama Bin Laden
Time Reference: 01:41:11


Episode 232 – AIG Exposed
Time Reference: 01:41:37


Insurance Song
Time Reference: 01:41:50


Buy the “Literally No Rulers” hoodie from LibertyManiacs.com
Time Reference: 01:46:58


Weather extremes are actually generally decreasing and even the WMO admits weather events are less deadly now than 50 years ago
Time Reference: 01:47:33


Interview 355 – Alex Jones
Time Reference: 01:52:13


Episode 355 – The Dark History of the Minimum Wage
Time Reference: 01:52:16


Time Reference: 01:53:01


Who Is Nicholas Rockefeller? – Questions For Corbett #038
Time Reference: 01:53:54


Vladimir “Biosecurity State / 2030 Agenda Pushing” Putin
Time Reference: 01:56:33


Donald “The Covid Vaxx Was My Greatest Achievement” Trump
Time Reference: 01:56:39



  1. Not a question but “Go Oilers”!!

  2. Wait, so as a newbie subscriber, I didn’t know there was a formal way to submit questions for James.. ?

    Appreciate all the links as there is just treasure trove information archived here and sometimes it’s good to cite topics you’ve covered before every now and then for newcomers and those who like me who may skim or skip sometimes due to time (and the usual deluge of emails)

    Regarding the replacing the Substack widget with a plain text link for the newsletter subscription, I suppose you could change the font size and/or using bold style and/or putting in a different colored box background or outline box around the link to make it stand out.

    Also is the [ 3000 ] characters available form at the bottom supposed to be a counter that reduces as we type?

  3. Question 101:
    Why didnt you answer my question!?
    Thanks for your efforts.

  4. On the topic of C-11, there is a whole slew of restrictive bills around the world for communications, such as the UK’s Online Safety Bill, the EU’s DSA, and the US’s pending RESTRICT Act, the EARN IT Act, which is alarmingly advancing through this time, all of which are just terrible, but those parts tend to be obvious even if buried, and already has coverage by rights-advocacy media.

    However this very recent US Senate Bill, “Protecting Kids on Social Media Act”, is more insidious because it plays with emotions similar to how the EARN IT act markets itself “for the kids” or how the RESRICT Act markets itself as protecting against TikTok, while being massive Trojan Horse to literally track and de-anonymize everyone online. I’ve been trying to raise awareness about by admittedly spamming different people and places, with no success so far, since very few appear to realize the vast implications.

    I don’t know if this is appropriate here but I’ll risk giving it a shot, because from my reading of the bill, it will definitely affect the comment section here too and WordPress based boards/forums in general


    the actual bill:

    It would in a nutshell, outlaw all means of anonymous mass communications. It requires all “social media” platforms (including the online applications themselves) to identify all users of that medium with real world verifiable or government ID. I encourage all to read the relatively short and straightforward details to work through all the implications

    Per the bill’s details, any medium–software or platform–that allows user-to-user exchange of text, video, or audio to large groups or dissemination of user-generated content to either the public or broad groups, MUST de-anonymize and obtain real world identity for every user or account. The stated intention is to perform “age verification”. Note that this has nothing whatsoever to do with adult speech or pornographic content at all.

    To that end, the bill creates a pilot program managed by the US Secretary of Commerce that introduces a federal digital ID system that centralizes this verification-to-protect-the-kids operations. While that federal digital ID system is optional, they highly incentivize its use over current commercial identity verification by providing a “safe harbor” or liability shield against complaints.

    This bill would literally affect the whole internet and not just what people associate with “social media” — again, see the bill’s definition of what it means i.e. user-to-user exchange in large groups or public dissemination thereof.

    Every user here would have to upload their real world government IDs before they could speak online. Every single independent creator, developer and website author that hosts a public comment system or discussion board would have to demand real world ID documents from every user, then either pay for commercial ID verification or opt into the federal digital ID program, or face criminal penalties. The bill explicitly states in the list of exemptions, such as email and direct messaging, that any medium such as message boards, or anything that allows messaging to large groups — which is virtually all the chat and messaging services — are NOT exempt and must comply (pg. 4, line 12 – Sec. 6 (C)(x))

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • This is largely why I think there should be a general push to get offline and rebuild in-real-world communication channels.


    Posted this before but

    1)Get a google account (see below for how to do so without giving details)

    2)get a youtube channel and upload the audio or video to your channel BUT MAKE THE VIDEO PRIVATE.

    3)wait a few days (longer wait long vids) then go to the video and look for the ‘three dots’ that are under the video window (usally near the thumbs up/down) and when you click them you should get some options including “show Transcript”.

    4)when you get the transcript (top right corner window usally) got to the three dots IN THAT window and toggle OFF time stamps (unless you want them)

    5)select all or highlight text and COPY…. you can now paste (it may sometimes only work for ‘Paste Unformatted”) into a libreoffice or word doc.

    NO ID GOOGLE ACCOUNT – If you have an old sim card less smart phone and you factory reset it you can (or at least you could) get a google account without needing a phone number or other ID verification . Note that its probably recording your sign up IP, phones IMEI, and location so dont do illegal stuff and think your’ll get away with it. But you can avoid feeding them a phone number

    • Hey, Duck, I didn’t realize it’s possible to turn off the time stamps in the transcript window. That’s a big time-saver. Thanks for the tip.

  6. James that was as fun as a barrel of monkeys. Thanks

    • GWB, it was indeed as much fun as a barrel of monkeys — and as a barrel of bonobos! Literally, I laughed the whole 1:59:40 hours/minutes/seconds.

      You can count on me keeping track of the future qfc episodes by number, in case you want to know when James hits the 1,000 mark. That episode will be 20 hours long, if I’m doing the math right. What a marathon that’ll be!

      It’s so good to see your name here. Funnily enough, I was just thinking about you today (actually, it was yesterday, I see by my clock). I trust all is well with you?!

      • All is well,CQ. As far as you could throw me, all is well… You know I’m a terrible lier. Thing are far from well but my core is well. It’s on the edges where the core rubs up against the lies of reality that are unwell. Hope you are well too.
        P.s. James why don’t you talk more about this!
        In this barrel of monkeys I came across some very contemporary and immediate rubs to my core. The Gem Faire is coming to town and with it is the Geoengineering Watch booth. I volunteer to pass out literature to the sheepal. In the QFC show notes it connects to “Climate is not Weather” and I revisited ( actually it was the first I had seen of it) in preparation for next week. There in was described an event, a weather warfare event in Melbourne, circa 2016 explaining the 8000 sickened and a handful of deaths.Labled by MSM as an Ashsma Thunderstorm. Much discussion , and some brilliant assessment by Homey,HomeRemidySuppy,a very fine assumption based on some good facts. However, as usual, no mention of FiveEyes,Weather as a force multiplayer or Air force owning the weather 2025. Not to mention the covert tests here in this country in Oregon that sickened a couple thousand, hundreds going to hospitals and a handful of deaths… Poor Patrick Roddy’s interview with DOD Dr.Death aka Ken Caldera who states rather proudly of his work in Bio-weapons delivery via clouds,aka weather warfare. All very close together on a time line.
        The point I want to emphasize is how TPTSB hide in plan site, cover the deliberate murder of test mammals with similar causal naturally occuring destruction of life and attributes it to freak weather. Nothing to see here, please move along. Well since 2016 ( which nosaopigman could easily conjure up that number’s significance, brilliantly ) we have had some very related events. I feel like Ben Button here, hindsight is 20 20 ( again nosoapigman could do a much better job illuminating that number too) and the hidden gift of Corbett’s archives is the access to the past events and the inaccessibility by outsiders to alter this library so we can use it to understand todays time line events . Hopefully a hammer and fire won’t visit his domicile as it did Hillary’s. That’s how well I am, how are you?

        • James, why don’t you ever cover this weather warfare stuff that is so in our face.? Oh, nevermind, Poor Patrick Roddy did and he got crucified.

  7. Bravo James. Thanks for everything you do and by the way, your patience is truly inspiring.

  8. I’m sure you don’t want to hear this but I actually love this quickfire question and answer format. Great fun episode, thanks!

  9. This QFC episode reveals there is still a lot of work to be done. A big LOT. And I really feel that after working several years in sort of customer support. The most daunting aspect is the apparent complete absence of improvement.

    Obviously, there is some improvement, but when you crunch the numbers it boils down to fractions of percentage points.

    What I find most mind boggling is how the apparent vast majority is struggling when trying to present even the most basic points; providing the relevant information to represent a point of view; providing the basic minimum relevant information to get a point across and pique the interest of the reader etc.

    For example: instead of asking “have you heard song x” putting forward “song x was interesting as it made points y and z” will probably deliver a lot more punch.

  10. Hah! I was waiting to see if someone else was going to call you out on this first but apparently not one of the Corbett commenters above has the proverbial cajones to do so!

    Well your laboriously affected John Galt aura doesn’t intimidate me so here’s MY question for Corbett!:

    Do you really think that by using a couple of carefully placed sock puppets to ridicule numerology and other ancient black magic symbols you can convincingly create a photo opportunity to publicly deny? WASH YOURSELF CLEAN IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD from the occult meaning behind the monolithic black cube that just happens, as if by MAGIC, to show up with YOUR logo? This “I-doth-protest-my-pristine-innocence-a-bit-too-much” stunt takes place at exactly 1 hour, 24 minutes and 31 seconds into the podcast, What a coincidence!! 1+24+31 =…? That’s right! 56!!! Just put 5 and 6 together, what do you get? Yup! 11!!! Ok, so, an 11 all by itself doesn’t seem very incriminating until you look into that HA HA HA! Biblical name JOB! Nice try James but it’s pretty obvious if you put together 10 (J) and 15 (O) and 2 (B) you get, (I can’t believe you would insult your listeners by suggesting they can’t work out basic algebra!) JOB, I kid you not! Equals 27!!!! Come on! 2 + 7! I won’t belabor the obvious but we all see that it equals 9!! Yes, that’s right folks: 9/11!!! Just a coincidence??? I think not!!! Especially when you consider that, we are talking about what???

    A CUBE!! And how many sides does a cube have?? Well contrary to popular opinion, there are exactly 6!
    What number was this QFC question again?? Oh Yea! I remember now!! Number 66!! Right!! The 6 sides of a cube plus the two 6s of Question number 66! 6 6 6!!! What are the chances THAT was HAPPENSTANCE???

    Still not convinced?? If you put together the letters Q, F and C (I’ll spare you the effort as I researched it all in advance HAH! Just like YOU JAMES!!)

    You get 26!! Subtract that from 100 annnnnnnnnnddddd? …. BINGO!!! 74!!

    7 + 4??? Whip out your calculators folks!!! You got it!! E L E V E N!!!

    So there you have it! An undeniable pattern of 9s and 11s emerges from the murky depths of QFC 100 hashtag 66, code name 666! Need I say more!!???

    Sorry James, Jimbo, my Bro!!! I’m afraid I’ve cooked yer goose, I’ve upped yer gig, you’re ALL OUT!! and it’s all OPEN SOURCE!

    So, having finally revealed the 2001 Space Odyssey truth about James’ black cube, we can turn to the hidden satanic message of your hit title “I P Freely”!! Not very subtle, James! Not very subtle!!
    I think we all see through that one! wink wink!!

    My next QFC question will query the dark implications of the triple-pointed crown of Media Monarchy renown!! Remind you of anything???? Here’s a hint:

    if you cross the logos of a famous coffee brand with a radioactive green energy drink…? stay tuned for the next QFC UNnumbered of course! As if by accident…

      • ah,yes. QFC in Puget Sound, of course… I see your coy reference to the Duwamish demise and the satanic white man’s Planned Urban Development projects removing the tribes from their lands and shuffling them onto reservations via PUD TONGUES: The official maleficent and misleading language of Planned Urban Development otherwise known as PUD-speak: PUD TONGUES being none other than the occult anagram for
        PUGET SOUND!
        You see, the darkest truths can not be hidden from those with long memories who care to see.

        • Nosaoppigman, you are on fire! And all along I thought QFC meant Qintucky Fried Chicken.

          • You are all wrong. QFC is Quantum Fact Checking.

          • These are some pretty finger-lickin’ good propositions but I’m pretty sure QFC is an ancient alchemical rune meaning

            Quit F’ing with Ciphers


            Quest For Conviviality…

            I’ll have to ask Alexa and get back to y’all.

  11. Regarding automated voice to text, there is an open source tool called whisper:


    It does a reasonable job although certainly not perfect.

    I’ve taken the liberty of transcribing this very episode with it – It took ~12 minutes with a GTX 3070. So quite a slow process, but not compared to manually doing it. I’ve noticed a couple of mistakes – Ayn Rand became Einrand! and a reference to corbettreport.com becomes corporatereport.com but not every time.

    Here’s the raw text output.

    It does also spit out srt, vtt, tsv formats which may actually be more useful.

  12. “James, why aren’t you covering this?”
    “James, you should cover this story I’m obsessed with”
    “James, you need to work on this”

    • b887: LOL! “James, why don’t you talk about why I’m so butt-hurt?”
      “James, do you believe in Christ?”
      “James, do Japanese women really have…?”
      “James, I’m upset. Please make it stop.”

    • With so much info provided in this 100th QFC, the AI department of Boston Dynamics will soon be able to clone the Corbett mind in order to hack it.

      Since such a surprisingly wide array of subjects was covered, here’s my question to complete the puzzle: which pub in Dublin was your favourite James?

  13. Regarding question #77 from Julian who wished James’ work were available in Spanish, I’d translated into Spanish (and French) a scamdemic SolutionsWatch interview whose content I thought was of great value.

    So, in case you read this Julian and want to verify if it will indeed smash the brains of like-minded Spanish speakers, here’s the link to said video: https://youtu.be/r_ZjwKUSAEI

    Sorry James, like I showed you in the email I sent you back then to tell you about it, it’s on GooTube…

  14. I really enjoyed “the experiment” (and that wonderful rendition of the the Mario Brothers soundtrack) 😉

    Rock on man 🙂

  15. Congrats on 100th episode. Questions, questions… Where I come from, Nebraska, it is considered rude to ask questions. Here in California, it seems like questions are how people make conversation. It’s like being interviewed by a cop.
    I like how the Irish always answers a question with a question:

    “So did you feck that girl at the bar last night?”

    “Did you jack off as usual to the TV weather girl?”

    Stuff like that.

    • I have question, although I am not from California or Nebraska. Heck, I am not even from Ireland! Nevertheless: Is it true that girls in Ireland sometimes are fecked in the bar?

      • I can assure it’s the truth. But honestly, I doubt this practice is limited to Ireland.

    • Lol! Your comments do crack me up sometime, just so you know.

  16. I decided to look up Kodomosan (before checking the show notes), and found this:
    I see that Kokomo means ‘child’ in Japanese, and having once worked in a Japanese company, understand that ‘san’ is a term of respect. Just curious as to why you chose this name, and if there is any connection to the website linked above…???

  17. Good informative QFC episode. To be fair, I’m guilty of not looking at every link in the show notes. I probably have time to look up more stuff though.

    But I’ve been guilty of going down the wrong path, “led astray” if you will. And if a person does their own research this probably happens less.

    Everyone will have biases. I know enough about human psychology and lots of experience just talking to people, a wide variety of human beings and no one is completely objective.

  18. Not sure where to post this and sorry if it has already been mentioned elsewhere but i searched and couldn’t find anything on this site.

    I was thinking about Graeme MacQueen just now and the Anthrax Deception book and I googled him to see what he was up to these days and it looks like he died on April 25th 2023.

    My apologies if I’m repeating old news but I thought I should mention it in case it was somehow missed. I was fond of his writing style and his contribution to 9/11 research.


  19. I just wanted to say I also liked the humor in this episode. JC has got a good sense of humor that adds a lot to much of the content. Thanks for sharing it!

  20. I really enjoyed watching the QFC100 !
    Thanks fellas.

    We are lucky as CorbettReport Members because we have the opportunity to participate and interact.
    This is a great Community.

  21. Happy 100 Corbett! Feel old yet? :>

    I would say, keep numbering the episodes! I always liked to see ‘the funny number go up.’
    Don’t mind me, I’m just being quirky. Have a good one everyone!

  22. What situation in Armenia, you say? Well Jason, imagine my delight when I had a chance to share something James didn’t know
    You mean Corby’s a mere mortal who doesn’t know about every random, landlocked and otherwise geopolitically insignificant country and their various issues? XD

    Some context on the current situation in Armenia – first of all, there are underlying issues that go back to when the various “greater” powers took the Azeris side in a state-manufactured territorial dispute against the Armenians (Artsakh); as well as a subsequent 6-year war (Most call it the First Nagorno-Karabakh War, but Armenians call it the First Artsakh War because NK is a Russo-Turkic term) over said land that Armenia not only won because in the 90s you couldn’t just buy a win with Israeli drones, but had initial claim to because Armenians have inhabited those lands for centuries.
    Basically, it’s old beef being used to draw Russia further into conflict because they’ve had Armenia’s back since before WWI…only now, due to a conveniently-timed color revolution a half decade or so ago, Armenia has a VERY western-friendly, Russo-phobic and utterly brainwashed population/government. Lots of Open Society funding and that sort of thing. So Russia has a convenient excuse to basically let the Azeris violate Armenian sovereignty in exchange for who knows what favors in return.
    The Azeri government’s latest stunt has been to send dozens of “eco protesters” to blockade the Lachin corridor since last December, which happens to be the only road leading between Armenia and Artsakh. Calling it sadistic would be a massive understatement.

    For more info on this slept-on dumpster fire and how it pertains to the bigger picture, I suggest checking out a paper written by the RAND Corp titled “Extending Russia: Competing from Advantageous Ground” where it argued in favor of various means by which (as the title implies) Western powers could extend Russia through inducing stress on “Russia’s military or economy or the regime’s political standing at home and abroad.”

    In chapter four of this paper, the authors describe “six possible U.S. moves in the current geopolitical competition: providing lethal arms to Ukraine, resuming support to the Syrian rebels, promoting regime change in Belarus, exploiting Armenian and Azeri tensions, intensifying attention to Central Asia, and isolating Transnistria (a Russian-occupied enclave within Moldova).”

    Extending Russia: Competing for Advantageous Ground

    • Oh, and for the truly geopolitically uninitiated – Azerbaijan and Turkey are basically brothers in every way, and from the 1890s til a bit after WWI, Turkey committed mass killings and deportations against various groups that culminated in a genocide against Armenians (along with Greeks and many others) because it’s a lot easier to blame local minorities than accept responsibility for the fate of an over-extended empire.
      Not hard to imagine -especially considering the rhetoric of Turkey and Azerbaijan’s leadership- this being an ongoing effort that just so happens to dovetail nicely into the sick machinations of NATO and her cucked subordinates.

      To eerily quote that one Hugo Boss-obsessed guy with the funny mustache: “…after all, who rememebers the Armenians?”

  23. I have looked in vain for the clip of the heath official (from the Netherlands i believe) who was giving a talk to elite people explaining how they were going to get the public to go along with the swine flu vaccine. Does anyone know the name of the guy or where I can see the clip again?

    • I believe I have seen this video. It showed some (possibly Dutch) guy who was doing a presentation in front of some media (or worse) people.

      But I would not know how to find this.

  24. Good show.

    FYI, a friend in a filmmakers group meeting at the Windsor Media Centre, Canada has one of two known existing next-Mellotrons, along with a bunch of original audio tapes featuring MANY candid recordings and performances of/by The Beatles as well as bunch with other artists. Trapped in limbo, our biggest problems to ever hearing them are:

    * I don’t recall the real name so “next-Mellotron” will do as this was their next instrument being developed after the Mellotron.

    1) Contract Insanity.

    In short, artists don’t behave as their exclusive contract stipulates and they’ll not get credit unless their label allows it. Releasing recordings would open endless problems. (IMO they should open-source them.)

    2) Death.

    Many of the artists are dead, complicating things.

    3) Proprietary.

    The next-Mellotron sound is rare and unique. They’re working on a digital plugin simulator of the next-Mellotron sound as well as the similar earlier-developed Mellotron that The Beatles used on some of their tracks. They won’t release any recordings of the next-Mellotron for fear folks will sample it, maybe use it a lot, and then make it so common that no one cares to help cover the expenses of their restoration work, whatever aspects that may entail.

    4) Rot.

    Restoration of the next-Mellotron tapes is difficult and expensive and sometimes fruitless.

    Maybe James would like to interview him for the fascinating story of A) the instrument’s precursor the Mellotron, it’s development, manufacture, and demise, B) the instrument and recordings restoration, C) the content of the tapes, D) the management organization, E) how it came to Windsor, Ontario, and F) their plans forward.


    I’m happy to see someone is mirroring your videos on YouTube. I still use YouTube because they have very convenient playlists and tools (I listen at 2.5x while multitasking) and I’m avoiding multiple social media addictions. When another platforms employ playlists I’ll switch. They’re all corporate, though I recognize some are worse than others. PeerTube is the solution IMO.

    I asked them to change the name to “The Corbett Report Unofficial Mirror”. https://www.YouTube.com/@NotCorbett

  25. Regarding the voice at the end of “When we was fab”, it definitely sounds like a woman speaking Japanese to me. Symbolic that its “at the end” of his song about The Beatles? Interesting on the 2009 remaster its truncated and pretty much drowned out by an applause track.

  26. James. Question 101. Why? You are Da man!

  27. Thank you for answering my question, James.

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