9/11 Livestream and Online Course

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James joins you today for a quick update to let you know about a 9/11 Global Livestream that he’ll be taking part in this weekend and a course that he’ll be teaching at Renegade University in November.


September 11th Global Live Stream (information and tickets)

Mass Media: A History (course information and sign-up)


  1. James – I Love your work

    Don’t need to hear about your very busy day – TWICE. …… gives the impression that you are being kind enough to lower yourself to impart your wisdom to the ” little people “. I know I’m being a tad harsh but you , I think , are such a well-grounded individual that you will take this criticism for future well-intended good.

  2. I appreciate James touching base with everyone and giving us updates.

    I know that he an Broc West have been busy.
    I miss seeing Broc West’s Twitter.

    In the NEWS cycles, I’ve been running across a variety of reports about Vietnam. Here’s a recent one…
    ACTIVIST POST – Sept 7, 2021
    Man Convicted of Infecting 8 People with COVID Will Be Jailed for 5 Years
    In 2020, Activist Post reported about Americans who were legally penalized for refusing to follow COVID quarantine protocol (see 1, 2). Now a Vietnamese man will spend 5 years in jail for it.

    [Article continues with details – short video]

  3. yeah I got the lawyers committee newsletter with the instructions for the event too
    folks, if you are interested in 9/11 sign up with your email. they don’t send out emails very often and it is the way to stay informed of their work.
    haven’t watched anything by Thaddeus Russell in quite a while because he does not seem to be on odysee (only on youtube). although renegade university is probably the content where it is really at.

  4. Do you remember the events of April 10th, 2010?
    Absolutely none of my students do.
    And none of them has ever heard of the Bank for International Settlements.

    You’re right. If it’s not on TV then it didn’t happen, like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest…

    or April 10th, 2010…

    • I’m just so sad because my ex just informed me

      that one of our son’s closest friends from nursery school, kindergarten, primary school, junior high school

      who is 18 and has always been recognized as being unusually gifted intellectually

      has been in a psychiatric hospital for the last three months…

      which reminds me of the father of one of my son’s other best friends who recently committed suicide during the lockdowns…

      We’re living in mass insanity… and I don’t know how to explain it it to my entourage who seems to find things relatively normal…

      I imagine, perhaps mistakenly, that poor Antoine, the young man, my son’s childhood friend, who’s been in a psychiatric hospital for the last three months

      understands what’s going on

      but can’t express it

      because it’s the rest of humanity who should be in a psychiatric hospital and not him

      and he knows it.

      And he can’t count on the parents, all masked and injected, to protect him…

      • can he read english?

        I’ve gotten heaps of inspiration and insight from the writings of Martin Prechtel. His premise is that the main rampart that we’re hiding/stuck behind is having forgotten how to express grief. His way of describing this is second to none. just a suggestion, In hopes of peace of mind, for you both.

        website mission statement and access to books:


        part 1 of 3 in talks about grief & praise


        • yea I was a tear listener yesterday

          so you did a good thing giving me this link vadoum

          this is a timely new perspective

        • I’m savouring parts 2 and 3

          no words to say how full and timely this is

          really thanks, my humble thanks

    • Those last two comments robert.t are very interesting indeed.

      Twenty years ago their attitude was different. Now they are all soaked, saturated and all but drowned in media.

      I wonder what happened that sent all these people, your neighbors and mine, into media land never to return?
      When I think about 20 years ago, what happened to me, well, 9/11…
      I, like the rest of the tuned-in world, had to interpret that event…

      maybe, as long as a person who was old enough to apprehend those images at the time they were created, when families became 9/11 victim’s families and everyone on the planet became suspects to be scrutinized from every angle down to the bone…

      as long as a person hasn’t come to grips with what that event incontrovertibly revealed, then they will be a prisoner of the media narrative, needing more and more narrative to convince them of what deep down they know isn’t true… saturating themselves with ever more narrative so they can live in a world that fits their manufactured vision of it, so they can hide from the bogeyman of the truth which has nothing to do with what exotic tech brought down those symbolic sky-scrapers or what exotic medication will save you from terrifying mass mediatized ills…

      I guess it’s as simple as understanding that it’s a show

      a formidable show with real death and destruction

      the true nature of which has been masked and choreographed to create a convenient deus ex machina illusion

      people plunging themselves into staged narratives, visions that allow them to hide from themselves

      so they can maintain the moral highground and the image they have of themselves, their government, their world


      • reminds me yet again of madeleine l’engle’s wrinkle in time (everything seems to)

        with the one big central pulsing IT

        that grabs you by your dreams and enslaves your mind forever

      • just a total side note:

        Yemen is of course a much more tragic event than April 10th, 2010

        and it’s shocking that, like the Palestinians, the Yemeni are being martyred year after year, in the shadows, to almost total worldwide indifference and ignorance.

        But what marked me about 2010 was just the message: We can, one sunny morning, in one fell swoop, murder an entire European government, 96 top brass, in full daylight, make the morning headlines and then a mere few hours later, effortlessly and effectively flick the whole incident down the memory hole.

        I mean, as far as I can tell, this fortuitous crash didn’t even make a blip on the alternative media radar.

        that’s my subjective impression…

        Only one person continued to cry “foul” consistently after the event and that was Lech Kaczynski’s twin brother.


  5. He lives in a backward nation.

  6. Does anyone have some pointers where I can find that video in which Ronald Reagan is summoned by the man behind a curtain, where the “president” reacts like a little obedient slave? I know I’ve seen this scene in a documentary somewhere sometime, but I can’t dig it up.

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