Remote Amazon Tribe Gets Internet Access . . . You ALREADY KNOW What Happens Next!

by | Jun 9, 2024 | Newsletter | 115 comments

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suddenly gave the internet to a remote, isolated indigenous tribe with no prior experience of the modern world? Well, wonder no more! That’s exactly what you’re about to find out.

Yes, as either an elaborate PR stunt or a selfless act of generosity (depending on whom you ask), a wealthy American benefactor has just bestowed the “gift” of Starlink antennae on an Amazonian tribe to connect their isolated community to the internet.

In other words, we are watching exactly what transpires when you introduce a non-technological tribe to the glories of the internet. And the result of this strange little experiment has been exactly as horrific as you might imagine. . . .

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  1. I call that million and raise it to ONE BBILLION DOLLLARS*

    (before grammar nazis get some sand in their private parts and at me, spelling “mistakes” are there for dramatic effect)

    * the payment processing will be possible only when a one billion USD bank note has been printed into existance and will be as common as one USD bamk note is today

    BTW a great article. This topic could be expanded into a riveting Crichtonesque thriller.

  2. I’m only half way through and I want to say Thank You James Corbett.
    I’m crying. I’ve watched this small town in Thailand just change so much in the past ten years due to cell phones. It’s a horror.

    Years ago I read that book done on the “Family of Man”, showing families in thirty some odd countries, with all their possessions outside their houses.

    And in there was the story of a tribe getting transistor radios for the first time. And for the first time ever, a father sent his child away gruffly to listen to a “soccer game”.

    I saw this while raising my children , I wouldn’t have any video machines at all. Just music.

    In others’ homes, if a small child came running and talking in front of the boob tube, it was chided away.

    What I heard once from an apartment in the Bronx, a child desperately saying as many words as he could between tv sounds, in every pause, never to be replied to, still breaks my heart forty five years later.
    And “children’s tv” is simply criminal.
    But the kids here. They spend their summer days at their mom’s work place, where they all, mom too, spend the entire day on their cell phones and tablets. They have their kids at work with them on cell phones from the time they are two. If you can call what they do work. It’s not much.

    So, yeah. Thanks. Especially about other stuff that gets me slimed and slammed for daring to. This I can cross post on my substack. IT comes from a man, and so will be considered. At least.
    Not that hardly anyone reads it. That’s okay. Dharma is dharma.

    What happened to our beautiful dream? Where’d all the good people go? I want to know what became of the changes we’ve waited for love to bring

    Grieving as the microwave weather control warfare agenda drills burn holes in my head and life.

    Also, I’d like to know how a “remote Amazonian Tribe” gets their whites so white and their brights so bright.

  3. nineteen years ago this November, out at the farm where we did the rice harvest with the family, a lovely , intelligent, friendly Canadian computer entrepeneur who had done very well, (he was also very good looking), told me he wanted to put a computer into the hands of every child in the Pai Valley.
    The blood drained from my heart and I said, NO, Please, NO.

    The sweet people here used to engage in conversation, learn to speak english, teach us thai. Now they don’t bother learning any language except cell phone. It’s truly an “alien world”

  4. That’s more money than I probably have right now.
    Is it possible to live in your neighborhood out of a van?
    Discretely? Sorta? The beach nearby?
    Any good music? I’m game. Why not?

    How much is organic brown rice in yen? for one pound?

    • Over here 1kg (about 2 pounds) in a web shop I kind of trust (Nutrigold) organic rice goes for 4.69€. Brown basmati rice, they call it. I’m not an expert.

      Hmh, just fund it in another store for 2.99€.

    • Better, more nutritious, is “wild rice”, only found growing wild at lake edges. Bought 10 lbs, from a tribe in Canada, $10/lb. I put it in pancakes, use it as a base for dishes, and raw, stores forever.

      It replaced organic, Idaho Russet instant potato mix made with butter, milk, garlic.

      I started, growing, eating organic in the ’50s, at 14, after researching healthy living and failed modern medicine.

      • In the 50’s, that’s awesome.
        It was three beets bought at an Erewhon in Cambridge, Mass. in 1978 that got me understanding organic. It was in the coop, but I didn’t know the difference, and it cost more, and I was with two children, always poor. But…
        I expected us to eat all three beets. But no, they cooked up so dense, and dark, and nutritious we only ate half of them. They didn’t turn pink when cooking.
        And those beets made me understand . Opened the doors to everything, basically. I started using and studying herbs then, too.
        and began to understand that my impulse to catapult out of the Six Year MEd Program at BU was correct and life saving. I wasn’t interested in dead bodies nor pharmaceuticals. I saw what they did to my mom. Something in me knew that was not the way to learn about health.
        There was no word “holistic” then. We are guided.
        Now I’m living, due to poverty, in a country where I can get nothing organic. Dang.
        KInda sucks, but I feel mother land calling me home soon. Whatever happens then, I don’t want to die here.

  5. The utility of every tool in existence is dependent on the user. Hammers can build houses and break windows. The Marubo can hand back the Internet or keep it. We also have that choice. But to give it up is to lose the benefits along with the detriments. The worst option is if the State makes the decision for the populace. In that scenario, who decides what is to be kept or discarded?
    The inherent risk of individual freedom and sovereignty is that our neighbour may take the licence and make poor choices that hurt others. However, it is the better way as it provides opportunities for learning and progress.

    • It’s an addictive media that can be used as tools for research and enrichment (access to vast amounts of information in minutes). So it’s dual purpose or rather if one avoids the addictive portion and limits their use it can be used productively.

      So I’d say it’s not only a tool. Not exactly the same but heroin is also a medicine or was used this way when it was first synthesized. However the addictive nature negated any good it does for pain. The internet isn’t quite the same but if someone doesn’t know about the addictive parts of it may fall into a trap.

      In the past when indigenous cultures have interacted with a modern culture like ours the results have usually been unhealthy for the indigenous culture. Case in point Native Americans were profoundly harmed by exposure to western culture. It is really heart breaking to see this. I have worked with this community in two states in the medical field and they are some of the sickest people I’ve ever encountered: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and alcoholism in addition to extreme poverty.

      Also, social media in particular have had profound damage on our young people. I see people glued to their phone who must have it by their side at all times. They use it as a drug rather than a tool.

      Having said that, it is possible to learn about harms of something and quit the habit.

      • Breaking and starting habits is hard work. Breaking addictions harder still. I see benefits in limiting access to those who are under 18.
        I suspect this heart-string piece regarding the impact of Internet exposure on an indigenous tribe is softening the ground for a new curated Internet 3.0.

        • Interesting point. You may be right.

          • No, you were right the first time. The heroin analogy fit like a glove.

      • “…the addictive nature negated any good…” can be said about anything that is fun, but excessive.
        Heroin is used by troops in battle to cope with the horror of war. Most, when released, stop using. ‘

        The quick communication worldwide, if uncensored, will be empowering, overall, as all tools. The default result of tools is productive. Tools are an extension of the mind, our ONLY means of survival.
        But, some use their mind destructively, ignorantly, mistakenly. Hence, the need for philosophy, for debate, for progress, to survive. That progress has been made, but not universally, due to censorship, propaganda, authoritarianism.

    • hedge101
      “…The worst option is if the State makes the decision for the populace….”

      The state says that people may not give porn to little kids….I do not consider that to be the worst outcome.

      I consider it far worse when the state gets LAX about such things and lets drag show and pervy sex ed happen to kids.

      The ‘state’ is what people make it, its never going away, its never going to be perfect, and we will never live outside of one (unless we go full Unabomber and live off grid) so I am all for GOOD regulation of things. Personally I think shoving people who make porn in jail would be a great (if somewhat anti-semetic) idea.

    • Thank you. I agree.

      I think that we need always to remember that the Human Species is a Social Species.
      Humans are compelled to know themselves through others. We can’t watch ourselves. We learn who we are through our interactions.

      And who doesn’t feel the delight and power of interacting and communicating with humans across the globe? What a time to be alive.
      IF it creates the ground for cultures to appreciate and support one another and learn from all. But that’s not what it’s doing. It’s trapping into what is already known and easy.

      “Everybody’s gotta fight to be free”. It’s a Practice.

  6. I tried to get my congressman to pass a law against free porn. There was never free porn before the Internet, why should it be allowed now?

    My interest was mainly to protect children, as the ‘are you over 18 years old’ question, to access online porn, was really nothing but an open gate.

    Many children are addicted to porn, one of the fastest growing addictions. Some talented kids will find a workaround, but most will be discouraged enough to let it go while they spend/waste their time on other things.

    The Internet is a fantastic thing.
    Smartphones are fantastic things.
    Like any invention, ie automobiles, it has its dangers and hazards which can be navigated and alleviated over time, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater; no one should want to end the Internet.

    It tickles me when folks say, in a high-handed snobbish tone, that they don’t watch TV, then train their eyes back to their cell phone for the best TV device ever known to man.

    • The difference between a TV and a “smartphone” is that the latter does offer the option to choose the content one wishes to consume, instead of having a scheduled programming.

      • I became a fan of movies at 8, when we got our first tv my mother stayed up late every night to watch old RKO films. I was banned, but snuck out and watched unnoticed.
        In the ’50s I became very critical of my favorite genre, sci-fi. From the previews I could tell the anti-sci fi, sci fi movies and boycotted them. My point is that no one forces entertainment on you. Discrimination in all things is generally possible, EXCEPT politics. All politics is authoritarian, force, the initiation of deadly threat, fraud. A voluntary politics is found in no country. Why? It benefits a few in the short run and they don’t think about or don’t value species survival. How do they stop voluntarism? They indoctrinate with “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose.

      • mkey
        “…..The difference between a TV and a “smartphone” is that the latter does offer the option to choose the content one wishes to consume, instead of having a scheduled programming…..”

        THAT is what makes it MORE dangerous, TBH. Only the saddest of sad sacks would stare at a boring boob tube for hours and hours but the phone allows people to gobble media they like every waking moment.

        I really LOVE the internet, but its has NOT been bad for maybe 80% of people.

        The real killer was the smart phone because it made it so stupid people could get online easily….a PC made you sit in one place, and you had to have a desire to BE on the net and could not just waste every second you were bored swiping as you can on a phone.

        • correction :

          It HAS been bad for 80% of people

    • chrisel

      “…free porn…”

      Its a sobering thought to imagine that its now possible to watch FREE porn every waking hour (and probably run it while asleep) UNTIL YOU DIE and still not run out.

      No way would it be free if it was not meant to hurt us.

    • Unfortunately, SMART technology is Military Armaments in Residential Technology. S stand for Secret.
      They are weapons. They’ve got every person nearly on this planet carrying around at all times a militarized weapon with which they can take down any individual human any time. Which they bought and paid for and keep paying for and keep active perpetually. It’s extraordinary to me.

      And they sell it, of course, as candy.

      they’re cheap, like gasoline is, in nations where they’re being instituted into the culture
      and they simply blow the culture away

  7. Ten years ago I had Chinese friends who had four little children,I knew all of them from birth.I would visit them two or three times a week.In the the early days the children would be all over me wanting piggyback rides, pushes on the swing,uncle Murray ,uncle Murray this ,uncle Murray that,then they got tablets for school and then ,in time when I visited they could barely look at me because they were so mesmerised by there AI devices.So sad ,very very sad to see children destroyed by technology.

    • I prefer merrier anecdotes, but I’ll take what I can get.

    • Sad, but think of it as evolution in action….keep your own kids off it and they have a good chance of being Ubermench compared to the smooth brain Ipad kids.

      Just being ORDINARY will put them head and shoulders over an Ipad kid.

    • YEp. Only time I ever saw my children sit still was when someone sat the kids they were playing with in front of a boob tube.
      It was the most unnatural thing I ever saw.

      What the phones have done is obscene and criminal. Parents seem to just love getting rid of their children. And oh, the children are sooo good, aren’t they? Still, quiet, turned off, basically.

  8. To be clear, the internet does not share the ways of the “white man”, any more than Hollywood and Wall Street are run by “old white men”, NOT AT ALL.

    This is about destroying any culture but the Zionist/Satanic culture, that is moving to rule the world, or at least those remaining after their innumerable genocides.

    • rexleoum

      The ways of the “fellow white” man….. as it says in the Documentary (and book) “An Empire of their own” Hollywood took American culture and replaced it with its own version

    • If you didn’t have the currently popular labels of “Zionist/Satanic”….what would you describe it as?

      Money? No matter how it dresses itself or which bs “philosophy” it espouses? Isn’t it all about money and power?

      Do you like money? Jesus supposedly died to end the usury, so they built a powerful political religion over his dead body, and soon decided that, after all, usury is okay.
      The world is about users and abusers. Don’t matter what they call themselves.

      I will have to admit, though, some folks have got it down to a sorcery. It’s a mind set that takes and breaks all over the planet, and it takes as many faces and forms and names as can be.

      It’s extreme self-interest. “Liberal” governance is based on “interests”.

      • “Jesus supposedly died to end the usury”

        Where in the world did you get that notion?
        Ending usury is most definitely NOT why Jesus Christ gave His life for us.
        Please read the book.

        Hebrews 2:14
        “Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;”

        • Read the “book” indeed.
          the story goes like this dude:
          Jesus turned over the money tables of the usurers at the Temple
          The Hebrew Temple, Jesus was a Semite born into a Hebrew family…supposedly…
          then, he got arrested for that, see? and then he got crucified, a common way to get rid of political opponent at the time and make a show of punitive violence
          But it you’d rather stuff your useless ego with the idea that one man is willing to get murdered to pay your asses’ bills here…good luck. Time will tell, yes?
          I was raised roman catholic and read that bible both books of it from cover to cover from the age of five until fifteen. ”
          What about you?

          I know. :”YOUR’ Jesus asks you to eat his flesh and drink his blood.
          Go right ahead. I’m not interested.
          Without that book, you wouldn know how to wipe your ass.
          Hypocrites, Total hypocrites.

          • “Without that book, you wouldn know how to wipe your ass.
            Hypocrites, Total hypocrites.”

            Ya know, I do expect to receive a lot of pushback from unbelievers. But I still find the unprovoked level of hate and vitriol from some to be rather jarring.

            Another thing that puzzles me is how often the Bible and Jesus/God is referenced and referred to by pagans.

            Nevertheless, I concede that you’re not wrong in what you say but it is akin to saying that Jesus died because someone stole a candy bar when they were a kid. Sure, that is true enough. But it kind of glosses over the big picture.
            But why would you care about understanding the big picture?
            Judging by your comments, you seem to be so happy and content with life. Why would you look outside your well adjusted worldview for answers?
            Have a great life. You have my pity.

            • Yes, I understand that you are puzzled.
              However, also understand that throughout my life I’ve had no interest whatsoever in “having” what is not mine to have.

              Your pithy is yours. That’s the correct spelling. Pithy.
              Maybe it’s in the Bible?

              “I believe in Pithy”
              What about you?

              The beauty and addiction of your “belief systems” is that they are neither provable nor disprovable.
              Knowledge is , of course.
              I know several excellent persons who were born in, and emigrated to, Israel.
              One of them said FU to military “service”, for which they are financial outcasts from the perks system for life.
              The other created a successful business while raising five children singly, moved her family to Israel, was immediately hired by the Israeli Govt. to provide what she produced for the IDF troops three times a week. Will it kill you if I tell you it was “tofu”? Which they ordered because at that time the Israeli Military trainees were mandated three vegetarian days a week?
              I’ve had close Jewish friends since the age of 17.
              All hell-bent for Peace.
              Here’s more info from the real world:
              The Italians told me they charge the Germans more.
              The French told me “the face sets the price”
              My French and German/Iranian and British friends I stayed with in Spain told me the British tourists are miserable and violent.
              You wanna hear what a Swedish woman told me about how the Swedes basically despise anyone who is not totally them and living in their own town?
              Naw, you wouldn’t “believe” it.
              Waste of time.

  9. I got to the point in this article where Corbett gives a link to ‘Israelis seizing 3 Palestinian television stations’ and starting to broadcast porn on them. I clicked the link, which brings you here:
    So, Corbett, the researcher, has decided that the information from three Palestinian women (who, frankly, are raised to hate the Israelis) is viable and is not borne of any political or social upbringing or opinions. The Israelis (in the article) deny this. Of course, there is no ‘research’ done to indicate whether the accusation is true or not. I seem to be noticing a bias in Corbett’s coverage of any Israeli/Palestinian issue. And am sorry to be noticing this.

    • you’re upset about one article he shared in this entire newsletter from 2002? LOL

      • I’m ‘upset’ because a trusted researcher should be verifying statements from three biased women, rather than holding this out as factual.

        • Sheeeh you clearly have an objective here. Pointing out a singular 2002 article from a slew of sources to try and debunk James is very strange behavior.

          • Then I suggest that perhaps you might try such ‘strange behavior’ in order to verify whatever information someone is indicating you are supposed to believe.

        • Have you ever been listening when James insists repeatedly that you “don’t take my word for it, research it for yourself. ”

          Which you did. Great. More to know there. Maybe you can go interview the “three palestinian women ” who are “raised to hate israelis”…really, many Israelis are married to Palestinians. And anyway, why would they hate Israelis? Women, of course, are not to be trusted. They lie.

          So, I guess you don’t have to do anymore investigation either. Thanks for that link, we can check it out and make up our own minds.

          How many articles over the years presented here that are admittedly full of it? Thanks for “doing the work”.

          Oh, by the way, on what evidence precisely did you conclude that these three women are “biased”?
          Bring it on.

          I’ve spent nearly eight years of my life in a town of international fame. Have gotten to know Israelis and Iranians well over the years.
          They’re all insane. Just plain insane.
          Like everyone else. Just different.

          I’d rather be in the US than anywhere else on this planet.

          ‘CAuse we just ain’t that insane.
          But some are. And some in those places are mystics and saints.
          Good luck figuring out which are which.

          I think we can also say, then, that Israelis are raised to hate Palestinians, right? They’re the ones been shoving them out for ever now. And using them as a slave population. Not the other way around.

          Is this relevant?

          • Many valid points here showing who is the biased one.

            • Wow, that’ was a fascinating input.

              You’re amazing. What else can you teach us? We’re slavering to know

    • Would it be of any help if James put “allegedly” after each linked source? The matter is simple: how many times has he said “don’t trust me, follow the sources and reach your own conclusions”? You simply don’t like the Israel coverage and that’s all this is.

      • Let’s try it another way. I subbed to The Last American Vagabond years ago, on James’ recommendation. Ryan gave excellent coverage about covid, medical reports, the alternative info, the mainline info,etc. Recently, Ryan has turned to the Israeli situation, and ALL of his links come from Palestinian sources. EVERY one. My point is that there is another side to the story of ‘Israeli porn’, other than the quotes from THREE Palestinian women, and to use those quotes as a factual source is misleading, at best. Why does James (or Ryan, etc.) NEVER attempt to get info from the Israeli side? We are seeing the same thing for the past few years in Ukraine, where there is no coverage from anything other than the Ukrainian view (we are winning the war!!). This is questionable reporting, and indicates a bias. Period.

        • Let’s try it another way: it’s one URL in the editorial pointing to information that is not even directly related to the matter at hand.

          You did not find the source to be trust worthy? So be it. Good thing that James was kind enough to link it for you so that you can investigate on your own. It’s almost as if done purposefully.

          Ley’s try another way: why are people being jailed and have their houses burned down for even trying to look at the so called “Jewish holocaust” from any other perspective other than the Jewish?

          I will agree that anti Israeli bias is as shitty as any other bias. But when it comes to innocenticide people get a bit emotional.

          • See, you advise that people are having their houses burned down when ‘trying to look at so called Jewish Holocaust’ without any link, reference, material, etc. Where does that info come from? Who writes it? What is THEIR bias? When you are attempting to form your own, intelligent opinion, you need those answers before deciding what to believe.

            • David Irving has had his house burnt down by ADL. He was also jailed for his work. Someone as ignorant as you likely does not even know who David Irwing is. Maybe James links it up for you, it’s his standard.

              You do not question the other claim, about people being jailed for questiong the Holocuast ™? That one sits right with you, ehi?

              When people like you question other people’s intelligence I get to exercise self restraint. Thank you for the oportunity.

              When people like you question other people’s bias I must say that I get disgusted.

              • Would you like to link to your source that advises that Irving’s house was burned down by the ADL? You might find some of the writing from Richard Poe of interest, particularly as much of Irving’s ‘difficulties’ stem from Great Britain.

            • Lets put the “house burnt down” on the backburner, pending citation.

              Would you like to discuss the “discuss Holocaust (TM) and go to jail” thing? Irving spent 9 months in solitary confinment, was dragged into court on several occasions, was forced to defend himself against a multi million dollar goliath, was ruined financially, his valuable notes stolen from him… Would you like sources for this one?

              • I think you need to give more thought, or time, to research the role that the British have in the Russian revolution, WW2, Israel, Mossad (and CIA), Irving and whatever other Jewish issue you may be interested in. If you think that it’s actually Jews pulling the strings here, you are sadly mistaken.

              • Oh right, always the victims, never the perpetrators. I forgot.

                BTW, do you have any sources for these claims?

            • Okay, you want the opinion of just about every other nationality that has loved this international destination…very poor one…for decades?

              The Israelis who v isit here are a total fucking pain in the ass. They are arrogant, pushy, cheap, demanding of discounts from super poor people, they’ll be glad t knock you right off your path because they don’t fucking move for anyone. They nang in packs like dogs, and everyone hates them and knows they will everntually disappear from their own shit just like the Chines have.
              So there. Real experience of people I had no damned opinion of twenty years ago. When I was in my mid=-50’s.
              NOw I know.
              Most Israelis are just plain raised to be hateful. TAke it or leave it.
              Or better yet. Got live with them.
              They can’t get along with anyone in this world. No one. That’s why they hand in packs. They have zero respects. Zero.

              • How utterly absurd. You can say the same for German tourists, English tourists, etc. And even Americans. Or maybe ask Europeans about the immigrants that they have ‘welcomed’ into their countries. Your point is ridiculous.

            • “you advise” ? …that people are having theirhouses burned down yada yada

              Dude, to write something like “you advise” is like pulling your pants off.
              You’re a “big word user” who doesn’t know how to use words and thinks he can make an impression.

              Word use is not intelligence. You’re floundering, but it you’re desperate for someone to talk to, carry on

              • The information that you are getting is from the Palestinian propaganda machine. Maybe ask yourself why you cannot find very much information on the internet from the Israeli point of view. There is a reason for that. You are adhering to the information that your rulers want you to believe. Try researching what you do NOT believe. You may find it compelling.

    • Reason Magazine talked about Israel and their love of spreading porn and had quotes FROM ISRAELI talking about this as a fact

      Now, they did try to fob it off as Arabs somehow transmitting porn to themselves, fro TV stations held by the Israeli army, but they acknowledged it as a fact

      “…An Israeli army spokesman told Agence France-Press that their forces had nothing to do with such clips, and even blamed Arafat for the footage. “Arafat is willing to go low in order to make himself look better in this uncomfortable situation,” said the spokesman. However, an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, taking into account that the porn-playing stations were after all occupied, was less sweeping in his denial, saying “I cannot believe that Israeli soldiers would engage in such despicable behavior.” He called it “shameful.”…”

      E M Jones writes about it in Libido Dominandi too

      • Hate to have to remind all of this, but the Middle East was pornographic in practice long before images were produced in mass. Of any form.

        So was just about every other “civilization” on the planet. If not imaged, in practices.

        Pornography is not “images”, “free speech”, it depicts practices.

        Not sure if it’s still so anywhere, but very recently there were yet States in the US where bestiality was “legal”.

        The formula is: Money, Sex, and Power

        Isn’t it here at corbett report that I got the links to the refutation of “Charlie Wilson’s War”? Testimony there of how the muslims delight in sodomizing their captives before killing them.
        Men created pornography. It was in them first. Maybe not fully human “men”. For sure not human.

      • So, as a somewhat intelligent person, I go to the link that you cite, and see that there is a link from the Israeli view, indicating that they had nothing to do with these porn broadcasts. I clink the link and get this: Nothing. And the entire bent of the article is that the US did this with Noriega, so, of course, the Israelis MUST be doing the same thing. Sorry, that doesn’t convince me, even if it convinces you.

        • inisfad
          The Article

          “…So, as a somewhat intelligent person, I go to the link that you cite, and see that there is a link from the Israeli view, indicating that they had nothing to do with these porn broadcasts…..”

          DUDE….I showed you an article the quotes FROM ISRAELI OFFICIALS ABOUT THE PORN TRANSMISSIONS and you want to whine because the article links somewhere else and has a broken link????

          That tells me you are arguing Talmudically and not honestly….you are not convinced because you dont WANT to be convinced.

          As a reasonably intelligent person you really ought to know that THIS WEBSITE YOUR ON also has broken links, because every fking website has broken links because of ‘link rot’.

          But you do not care, because you not arguing honestly.

          • DUDE, your article says this: “An Israeli army spokesman told Agence France-Press that their forces had nothing to do with such clips, and even blamed Arafat for the footage. “Arafat is willing to go low in order to make himself look better in this uncomfortable situation,” said the spokesman”. And the article does not indicate any names, either. So, you end up believing what you want to believe, which is exactly what you’re doing.

            • inisfad
              The article

              YES….thats right, so Israel ACKNOWLEDGED THAT IT HAPPENED.

              They did NOT say it did not happen, they just tried to say that arabs ‘somehow’ managed to transmit porn from TV stations NOT UNDER ARAB CONTROL.

              These TV stations did NOT normally transmit porn when the arabs had physical control of the stations.

              So I am led to believe that Israel DID do it, yes.

              As to “they give no names” …..what??? You think just MADE UP QUOTES FROM ISREALI GOVERNMENT SOURCES TALKING ABOUT THE REALITY OF PORN BEING PUT OUT TO ARABS????????

              Like I said, you are arguing Talmudically, with zero regard for Truth and focused only on forcing others to accept your twisted version of truth.

              The trick of quoting the guy blaming arafat is just that , a trick, since ARABS DID NOT HAVE POSSESSION OF THE TV GEAR. Its like quoting Tony Soprano blaming the DA for a mafia murder and saying thats evidence.

  10. The Internet is full of good content and bad content. Truth and lies. Valuable information and worthless drivel.

    I was on the “Internet” before “the web” even existed, so I was lucky enough to learn realy-on to filter and limit my Internet activity to things that bring value.

    This is why I’m glad to be a corbettreport subscriber!

    • True. Same with movies. No tv, so watched very few select movies over the years.
      Prefer documentaries, but know that can be included anywhere.
      Just can’t waste time on dumb stuff.

  11. Porn is a serious and insidious issue.
    It will surely hasten, or catalyze, the destruction of any traditional or wholesome societal values, such as honesty and integrity (aka lack of hypocrisy).
    Who broadcast it in Gaza? That is not clear, but I have not seen a denial of its actual occurrence.
    What is clear, is the strong pro-Israeli bias of one of our commenters. I do also agree that James has shown animosity towards the Israeli government and its war projects, but is he now not an objective source of news? Being an expert on our 9/11 false flag, how could he not see the parallels in last October’s Hamas attack? Also, the Israelis are admittedly the ones currently, at this moment, pursuing aggressive and brutal actions. He is still definitely a relatively ‘objective’ news source, and I would stick with him, despite his not aligning perfectly with you on all issues.
    His inclusion of the Palestinian porn broadcast in the article still seems thematically apt, despite not being sure of the details. Israeli high command? Goofy young rogue soldiers? Hamas false flag? Is it a total fabrication? Who knows?
    I don’t know why James didn’t question the source more critically, before publishing about it, but he is human, and the greatest news source I have ever seen. As he himself has said, totally objective news is a false myth.
    Don’t follow leaders, feed the parking meters…

      • correction, he had a podcast and follow up newsletter that I linked above.

        As soon as the event happened JC did indeed comment on similarities. He wasn’t the only one that noticed it though.

        I find it fascinating the some people have such a profound knee jerk reaction to defend the Zionist state as if it actually gave one single f..k about it’s population.

    • Hi hanky,

      Ramallah is in the west bank not Gaza. Though far enough getting confused. I myself as an Israeli Jew feel I can sometimes get confused with all that is going on.
      I think James is generally very anti IDF so to speak. And fair enough, each can have their own perspective.
      I also think he is very anti Israeli government. On that I actually fully agree with him.
      I put a comment which you can find scrolling down a bit, some thoughts and perspective about the incident regarding the porn broadcasting. Just my view.

  12. With 11 kids I would assume that Ms. Reneau just didn’t have time for internet porn.

    Remote Amazon Tribe Gets Internet Access . . . You ALREADY KNOW What Happens Next!

    The anchor text links are golden!
    This article is a great reference source.

  14. I read the reference to Israeli’s using porn. 
    And the source. 

    I would like to point out from what I know (Not always following much or investigating deeply) although physical take over of TV stations by the IDF may not happen frequently, take over of them electronically is possible technologically and can happen anytime. As has been recently done to warn citizens of bombings of Hamas targets to try and avoid citizen casualties.

    So, where as I do think in this case some IDF soldier jerk put in porn (Which is totally wrong and disgusting to my mind) and the IDF decided not to really investigate (Although palestinian refugee citizens and leaders propaganda definitely exists but I find it likely not it this case) in general, I think it is clear the IDF does not weaponise porn. 

    Else, James’s example, presumabley following websites which do anything they can to find IDF wrongdoings (And fair enough, each can choose what to focus on in a complex situation and horrific conflict) would not be from 2002, when the IDF can easily take over TV stations or radio stations at any time.

    The article includes no claim of such. But perhaps that impression can be given (As if once finally the IDF can take over a tv station that is automtically what is done) 

    And to be clear, I can not say I am 100 percent pro IDF, not at all. But I do think it is a complex situation and it is to jump to wrong conclusions or oversimplfy things. For all of us of course including me. And I presume there is a lot I do not know or for some reason or another misunderstand.

    • I despise the anti-Semite rabbit hole many of our friends are entering, but I must say the Israeli government, and its fervent supporters remind me of the abused child that grows up to be a criminal.
      It is definitely complicated, IF… you look at everything published about the war. I reckon at least half of it is half truths and lies.
      There may be a way to find a perspective to cut through the misleading BS and ‘complications’.
      If Oct. 7 was a false flag, it is not too complicated…

      • Hmmm, what anti-Semite rabbit hole might that be?

        • The ignorant, biased one. Da evil Juze are responsible for everything, as a default. Many things on the internet pander to that uninformed confirmation bias. Its the opposite of the Corbett Report, in that the references and documentation aren’t there. And the logic threads are absurd.

          • Yeah, clearly that’s not accurate. To blame an entire group of people is wrong.

            However if one collectivizes Jews as an ethnic group, “their” elite are responsible for massive damage throughout the world including the cultural wars going.

            Growing up aground Jews I dare say that the stuff about believing that one is special “chosen” and/or better than everyone else is a thing. And there is an underlying hatred and resentment of the goyim. I’ve heard it and I know it to be accurate. Not universal but enough to be a fail stereotype.

            At least this is how Jews I’ve known in my own family have been. Certainly not all Jews but nevertheless it’s a cultural thing. People can deny it and that’s fine but that would be dishonest.

            The issue is that there is actually a very wealthy and powerful Jewish elite and people will collectively blame the entire Jewish people and their ancestors for this. That “collective punishment” is wrong. This is why I hate what the Zionist state is doing.

            JC doesn’t need to mention the obvious. The origin of someone’s background is not always relevant or essential to the discussion. And he does call out the nasty Anglo elites too. They are just as foul.

            • excellent reply,
              I also grew up in and around learning negotiate the part of the Jewish cultural style that can dominate aggressively. as you say “its a thing”, though certainly not exclusive to that tribe. I suppose all cultures have their ways of expressing arrogance, some manage to hit it out of the park.

              these continued anti anti semetic exchanges raises the question, why is the acknowledgement of death so disproportionate? So often the dirty done to jews is hyped, while their retaliation which is always x10 or worse, doesnt get much press? It only a small part of that tribe, but they have the loudest voices or maybe its because they are more closely related to the machines? I suppose these are the albrights of our times.

              without their guns they’d be whistling a very different dixie.

              recent example: 200+? killed to get the 4 to safety, well “we think it was worth it”.


              Most of the world seems to understand that the misleaders and Israeli forces themselves are acting with demonic intent.

              • The Jewish elite play into the self importance and tribalism of normie Jews to keep the wheels greased.

                Most normies are essentially brain dead and going on auto pilot and they literally don’t seem to register that other people’s lives are important or just as valuable as their own.

                This is not “anti-semitic” or rather anti-Jew. People should not have to defend the starving of children so that Jews aren’t offended.

                People offend white people all the time and no one is threatening to throw them in jail.

                And this is how you know who is in power though. It’s who you can’t criticize.

                I’m not offended by it because I value truth and I’m not such a snow flake that I can’t admit that people I come from have some very evil people in their so called tribe. People need to get over themselves.

              • What is the main reason for the “underlying hatred and resentment of the goyim”?
                Doesn’t that include hundreds of millions of people?

            • cu.h.j.

              I do not think James corbett is anti semtic. Nor that you are for that matter.
              Having said that:
              Is the UN not a criminal conspiratorial organisation. Is it Jewish, is it pro zionist?
              The very influential Rockefeller family has and had nothing to do with judaism except one marriage to a jewish men, but off the main brunch of the family. And they also fund anti Israel groups as I pointed out in a previous comment.
              What about the non Jewish Klaus Schuab, Bill Gates, are they perhaps goodies? And the EU? And the non Jewish Elon Musk who some assume is a goodie although I have my serious doubts.
              Yes, there seem to be disproportionately many powerful jewish people, in terms of money, who are involved in conspiracies. Compared to how many Jews there are in general. There are also many powerful Jewish people who have plenty of money that I doubt have anything to do with conspiracies.
              And powerful non Jews involved in conspiracies.

              • When powerful people hate their subjects, IMO this makes it easier to dehumanize them. It’s very clear the Zionist government despises the Palestinians.

                Personally, I believe that elitist Jews don’t care about “their own” people any more than they do the gentile population evidenced by forcing the Jab on Israelis that did result in profound harm. The population was used as lab rats, some of the first.

                However, the cultural hate towards gentiles that many Jews in the managerial class express and the greater degree of tribal “loyalty” has resulted in people working to assist these psychopaths with their agendas.

                Or perhaps it corruption and greed and tribal hate is secondary. I can only speculate.

                I’m not arguing against tribalism but if this includes hatred of the “other” and a desire to destroy them, becomes problematic when there is a substantial power differential. Perhaps most “elites” hate their subjects regardless of their origin. They parasitically use their populations and dispose of them when they are done.

                I am not suggesting that all Jews are this way though. It is not within my moral framework to blame people for things outside of their control.

                What the state of Israel and the US are doing is disgraceful, revolting and inexcusable. I hope that citizens abroad can differentiate the citizens from the state but the longer this goes on, the more difficult this will be.

                My point with my initial comment was to point out and/or inquire about the effect that tribal hate plays in some of the events going on right now.

                Is this some self fulfilling biblical blue print to destroy Amalek? I think it’s a fair question and fair point.

      • Netanyahu is not “Semite”. As many of the Zionist hierarchy are not.

        The Palestinians are, however, “semites”. The “Semitic Races” are not a religious group. The “Semitic Races” does not describe a political group or persuasion.

        I think James already went over this?

        Education is not snack food.

      • HI Duck,

        That is a fair point to consider.
        I know very little about TV stations, how they work and how to operate them. And how it was back then.
        As I wrote I do think in this case the Palestinian Refugee people’s complaint is real. It could also be done by a group of soldiers or a commander, and could have been premeditated. I honestly don’t feel I can know how many people were involved and how high up the commands.. Maybe someone who wants to research deeply can find out more I am not not inclined to start learning about how TV stations operate, what you would need to broadcast, and what ever other fine detail one may find about the incident.
        One thought though, many young men (All over the world) are addicted to porn so maybe one or several of the IDF soldiers had some with them they were planning for personal use? I guess another possibility. Though i do not know how much content was put on and if it is reasonable to assume one person or several people would carry that much with them.

        Mentioning in advance, like many I am overloaded with things to take responsibility for, and at this stage probably will not reply if further comments are written. Although would have been happy to continue the discussion. Of course I hope those who wish to share their thoughts keep writing here.

        • considering the time the porn was transmitted it would have to be on DVD or video tape.

          Its was not the day of terrabyte thumbdrives

          As amusing as the idea of a stereotypical jewish looking IDF solider running about with VHS porn tapes strapped to his MOLLE (rubbing his hands together, no doubt….) its not actually very practical.

      • Yeah, porn is the largest grossing ( pun inherent) media on the planet, out earning since the late eighties all other media concerns combined.

        Because it’s real hard to get out there.

  15. Thanks James, you’re right. It all does seem pretty obvious, give a remote tribe the Internet and their society falls apart. No surprise there. It’s a great weapon and it has been working wonders to destroy society the world over. What makes you think that it wouldn’t work its magic equally in the thick of the Amazon?

    At the risk of quoting Buddhist dogma here, I suggest that there is a middle path. I have zero social media accounts – just a proton mail address (sure, I realize that proton is probably as crooked as the rest of them, but I live in Switzerland and here we like to support locally made products). I don’t use computers or electronic devices for work. I dial people direct or send a normal text message because I’ve zero apps downloaded, and anyway my friends and I socialize by meeting in person. I rarely check my phone during the day. Cellular data is nearly always turned off. In fact, mostly I use the phone to listen to Media Monarchy or The Corbett Report, with an occasional TLAV thrown in from time to time. I don’t even use computer devices to listen to pre-recorded music. I’ve gone back to the audio cassette. We have no television at home. We virtually never watch movies because I find that it’s mostly all trash.

    So no, I’m not 100% offline. But I’m suggesting that with minimal self-awareness and with almost no effort at all a person can control the Internet, not be controlled my it.

    Thanks for everything you do!

  16. And also (In addition to my last comment) very interesting and thought provoking article, certainly makes one wonder about ones usage of internet acess. And what would be a good approach to keep it a productive positive one. An issue I keep coming back to from time to time and not sure I have a clear cut answer to.

    • Sunny

      Bryan Lunduke the tech journalist did various versions of limiting his internet back when he was on YouTube regularly.

      Sadly I did not save most of his old videos, but AFAIK his best results were when he killed Wi-Fi and used the internet when his laptop was in ONE ‘workstation’ space. Having to sit down and connect made it so he only went on when he wanted something, and he kept notes on his productivity and stress levels and found he liked it like that.

      He carried his laptop around for OFFLINE work, but online was only at that one place.

      • Interesting, thanks for this!

  17. The internet…Sigh. What a journey its been.

    My wife’s father, whom I loved and had great respect for, got me started when he helped me acquire a hotmail account that he insisted I would need for my fledgling sailboat rigging business. He, being from the East Bay saddled me with the Ebonics inspired ibeearigger name.
    He was right I guess. There did come a time when the answering machine and phone booths became relics and I started carrying a cell phone (still have never had a smartphone though).
    The email became an important part of the business.

    It was obviously sometime after the advent of goootube that I began using the actual internet, because I remember making and posting some videos related to my work and beekeeping hobby.
    I ended up posting many videos which I’ve since deleted because of my disenchantment with the platform.

    It all started out innocently enough but eventually I started straying from the relatively safe confines of youtube and email and began exploring the wilder regions of the web.

    Oh how easy it was to get drawn into a shameful vice that I once believed that I successfully and finally conquered.

    After a very tumultuous and traumatic period, fairly early on in my marriage, which very nearly ended it, in desperation, I turned my life over to Jesus Christ. And what seemed almost miraculous to me at the time, the desire to smoke tobacco, do drugs, and perhaps most importantly to partake of pornography was taken from me. Almost instantly as I recall it now.
    Today, nearly forty years later I can say that I haven’t backslidden with the cigarettes.

    After becoming a born again Christian, I, as is my wont, went a little overboard. I became what some might call a Bible thumper. (Hard to believe huh?).
    Anyway, I inundated myself with Bible reading and listening to bible teaching on the radio constantly and regularly attended church and those vices, (appropriate term), which had held me so tightly in their grips seemed like a bad memory that I would never have to worry about again.
    I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

    As the years went by a my fervor faded, I found myself more involved and interested in the worldly concerns of my life and I relegated my fellowship with God to the occasion prayer. Emphasis on occasional.

    Along comes the internet.
    I honestly don’t remember seeking out the porn. But somehow I soon found my exploring stuff that makes me ashamed to think about even now many years later.
    I’m not saying that I don’t bear the complete responsibility for my choices. But it happened so easily that it seems almost like it was a trap.

    Ultimately, and perhaps inevitably, I ended up, like the Prodigal Son in another life crisis. Sadly, I was content to wallow in the filth for quite awhile before out of desperation, I turned back to my Father’s house and began the long journey home.
    But I thought that I could walk the road alone.
    Once again I was sorely mistaken.

    Sorry, but continued

    • Apologetically continued

      Eventually I was able to reclaim most of my self control. I wasn’t consciously seeking divine assistance but I am certain I was getting it.
      However I wasn’t able to regain the strength and confidence that I experienced when I was purposely and faithfully spending time with God.
      I did once again forswear pornography but I didn’t abandon the use of the internet.
      I discovered how vast the world of information was and found that there were a bunch of people out there who didn’t believe that the evening news was always telling the truth. There were people out there who were telling me that the government actually didn’t have the people’s best interests at heart.
      I found people who used photographic and video evidence to prove that the Boston bombing was a false flag event. Thats the one that woke me from my statist slumber.
      Eventually, I discovered a nerdy looking Canadian fellow living in Japan that told me stuff that shook me to my core. He still is, but I’m not so easily shocked these days.

      So, yes, the internet is a tool. But just like the pellet gun in the hands of the twelve year old kid who thoughtlessly murdered the innocent little bird just became it was there, how easily abused it is.

      The last couple of years of my life since retiring and undergoing a dramatic and in my opinion fully deserved decline in health, (see Romans 1), I use the internet quite a bit.
      I spend a least two hours doing Bible study every morning, utilizing three online ministries and three different sites with various translations.
      Then I turn to the news. Lew Rockwell, Drudge, etc. and of course Corbett.
      I watch Ron Paul’s Liberty Report religiously, (pardon the pun), among a few others. And I will entertain myself with a movie sometimes on bitchute. Last night I saw The Outlaw Josie Wales for the first time. A great anti government movie btw.

      So I do spend a lot of time online I guess. I don’t and haven’t watched television for years so I’ve got that going for me at least.
      But I can honestly say that since I’ve redevoted, (not a real word I guess), myself to regularly spending time with the most important person in my life, God, just the thought of viewing porn makes me cringe in disgust. Even some of the thumbnail pictures are offensive and I “eyebounce” when I encounter one.

      The Bible promises that God will sanctify those He has justified. It says that I will become more and more like my Savior.
      But the caveat is that in order for that to happen, I must spend time in fellowship with Him, learning about Him, worshipping Him.
      Its kind of a shame that He had to knock me on my butt with disease to get my attention. But I’m sure glad that He did.

      I just hope that anyone out there who can relate to anything I’ve written here will not be as stiff necked as I was and will avail themselves of the abundant source of support and love that Jesus Christ so freely offers everyone who is willing to accept it. Please don’t make my mistakes.
      God bless you all.

      • slow cured anarcho hippy

        Thank you for your testimony

        Most people will fight tooth and nail to defend their Vice because it becomes part of them…thats why there is such a lot of shrieking when anyone talks about banning porn.

        I am hoping that as the internet gets worse we will at least see easy porn taking a massive hit- though I suspect that will be the LAST thing to go 🙁

        Pornified people are easy to control, as EM Jones writes in Libido Dominandi

    • God made a woman who wrote a book to help you when he’s busy with your brothers.
      The name of the book is “Pornography”

      The name of the author is Andrea Dworkin.

      In there you’ll learn what pornography does to women and children. And men and boys. Maybe. If you’re willing.
      And the numbers of humans brought into emergency wards all over who have been harmed by those practices.
      You can listen online to those who’ve been used pornographically, by their parents, since three years old.
      There’s not a goddam salvationary thing to it.
      But do enjoy your journey.

  18. You are currently using the internet comment section as a stand-in for the confession booth? Are you Catholic or Protestant?

    • “You are currently using the internet comment section as a stand-in for the confession booth?”

      That sounds like a statement, albeit inaccurate. Why the question mark?

      “Are you Catholic or Protestant?”

      I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I would have thought that was obvious.
      Nevertheless, I’m curious why you would ask.

      • To me, a question mark placed at the end of a statement signifies ridicule or disapproval.

        For what it’s worth, I enjoyed reading your story.

        The Internet is a double edged sword. It can enlighten us and it can dumb us down.

        For me the Internet has been a blessing. I used the Internet to provide me a steady income enabling me to travel around the world (by sailboat) for many years enriching my life (not so much in money but in experiences).

        • “For what it’s worth, I enjoyed reading your story.”

          Thank you.
          I certainly wasn’t confessing to anyone here. I’ve already done that to the only One that matters.
          I was only hoping to possibly edify someone who could relate to my experiences.

          “I used the Internet to provide me a steady income enabling me to travel around the world (by sailboat)”

          Having done a bit of voyaging myself, I would very much enjoy reading some of your undoubtably numerous and interesting stories.

      • I wouldn’t have commented, but I thought it was so ironic that your internet porn struggle biography followed the article pointing out how the internet is replacing many things in our world. And the digital replacement is often toxic.

        Forget about my question of which Christian sect you originated in. It is not important. I was mildly curious to see if you had a guilt/confession trait associated with Catholicism. Maybe a proselytizing streak associated with other sects? It is not important.
        I apologize for being so snarky. I am having trouble empathizing with certain things that are a bit foreign to me.

        • “I apologize for being so snarky.”

          That is gracious of you. Accepted.

          For the record, I expect to receive ridicule when I write about my relationship with Christ. I was forewarned.

          1 John 3:13
          “Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.”

          Yet I am constrained and privileged to do so anyway.

          Matthew 10:32
          “Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.”


    • OUCH!! Bull’seye.
      ‘ Foucault will show you how psychiatric “talking” practices were derived largely from the monasteries, and their system of continuous confession in rabid detail to their “mentors”.
      More than worth reading.

  19. What puzzles me the most about this story is the speed at which this tribe were able to become literate (just nine months). Before you can navigate the internet one needs to be able to at least read one’s own language. Now I know you don’t need to read to watch porn, but is that all they do?

    • The buildings from mill-sawn timber, and western clothes were perhaps clues to the level of machines that they already have been exposed to. even so, the eyes can pick up thousand-word images without reading one.

      • Right. So I guess it will probably take them at least a few more months before they can start researching the Fed, 9/11 and CBDC’s. 🙂

        • what did the “angle” tribe, from what is now the danish-german border region, do?

          what kind of sorcery is this that led to their name becoming the dominant language over the entire planet? like the lowlanders say: “spreekt u engels”

          • vadom

            “…what did the “angle” tribe, from what is now the danish-german border region, do? ….”

            True…their funny little dialect became the new “Lingua Franca”….wait a sec….

            But its not a big mystery- basically Hollywood filth is cheep and compelling enough that it spreed like Herpes and English carried along with it.

    • I want to know how they get their whites so white and their brights so bright.

  20. The good news locally is that some kids are cutting the next edge and dropping having a phone altogether.

    Thanks for including the porn exposure factor. That imagery can haunt an imagination to the extent of disabling actual real-time interconnectedness between lovers; rather than hearts comingling, sex becomes limited to or distracted by an alone trip, but thats just the tip of the porn-berg.

    When we manage to finally drop it, Will past excess screen time have a lasting effect? Heroine users come right, at least the ones I’ve known, do seem to have lost verve (or found the lack?), as if the bodies ability to experience joy got used up all at once (literally burned synapses?). My guess is that the programming keeps us in a frenetic state of info-squall (meditation term: “monkey brain”) which eventually can be managed but at the expense of not developing that mind that is happy keeping it real.

    humans, if we dont come together to live in harmony, the dissonance of even a few will clanger the whole show, a symphony can be ruined from one member playing off key.

    If we’re gonna survive our imaginations, its gonna take group effort to sing that alices restaurant anti masacre movement into synergistic harmony.

    • Congress talking about reinstituting conscription/the draft. So we need to sing Fixin’ to Die Rag again too.

        • we’re still here, many of us
          Some of us overflowing with grace were allowed to protect many

          They ain’t seen nothing yet
          Those were our baby steps

          The three footsteps by which Vishnu spans the three worlds, are those same three steps which Thor takes after slaying the power monster, and then drops dead from the “charge”

          when the sky catches fire
          does the desert turn to glass?

          when the clueless bemoan, oh what what happened to our sturdy oaks?
          This won’t work anymore, I guess, but it’s somewhat of an answer to that

          It’s Fun to Fight The Man
          Im gonna listen to An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer, one of my faves

  21. My favorite olde book about the Internet is “Silicon Snake oil” by Clifford Stoll

    He basically points out that the internet is fake and gay, will never replace your newspaper, and could only ever waste peoples time with illusions so they get sad and isolated.

    He predicted, long before Funny Cat Videos, that ‘putting a TV’ on everyones desk would waste time and destroy productivity in offices, and was right that without fast video the net would never be used by most people. I watched Jason Scott (internet archive guy) do a talk about how much of the tech sold in the early days was ‘vaporware’, sold to dupes.

    Chris knowles “Lucifers technology” is also pretty on the money, firstly about the rather weird way this technology came about and secondly that it existed just long enough to get us to the level desired and is getting less and less useful…. If there even IS an internet in 10 years time it will be nothing like what we have now.

    NOW is the time to learn how to assemble your own PC (youtube videos aplenty) and how to install Linux and to build your own data storage.

    Its also a VERY good time to remove internet from your home so you have to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE to use it- or at least kill Wi-fi so you need to sit in a hard chair to use a wired connection.

    Kill your phone too if you cant bear a flipper an Iphone can put parental controls on your own device to lock out internet browsers or apps that waste those moments of boredom when people used to think and digest what they knew.

  22. I do not have a private smartphone, i am off of most plattforms except of Paypal. I am listening to TLAV, unlimited hangouts, Media monarchy it corbett while walking the dogs… i am doing fine now, but honestly, I believe the days on the internet are numbered anyways. I am outtie as soon as there is an ID based internet access.

  23. This is a very sobering exposé James, thanks for putting all this together.

    I shall contemplate the broader implications of this series of events and likely comment further here in the future.

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