The Secret History of Hamas

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Newsletter | 36 comments

Isn’t it funny how the establishment “news” makes its audience feel informed even when they’re frighteningly ignorant? An event like the October 7th false flag takes place and suddenly the very same people who couldn’t find Israel on a map are now self-proclaimed experts on the region, dutifully repeating all the talking points about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that they heard on the nightly news.

Of course, when you try to drill down on specifics with these people, you will quickly come to the limits of their knowledge.

Ask them about Hamas, for instance, and you’re likely to hear that Hamas:

  • is a designated terror group;
  • is sworn to destroy Israel;
  • won an election at some point and now runs Gaza as a theocratic terror state; and
  • consists of cowards who lob rockets into Israel and use women and children as human shields.

As is often the case, there are elements of truth to these regurgitated media soundbites. But the errors and omissions in this pat, Zionist-friendly, mainstream narrative are enough to make those who mindlessly believe it and repeat it not just wrong, but dangerously wrong.

Yes, the unthinking masses who buy into this propaganda are wrong about Israel. It is not the poor, put-upon democratically elected underdog of the Middle East, but a rogue nuclear power and apartheid state that wields an outsized influence on the world through its use of espionage (both real and virtual), subterfuge, lobbying and blackmail. It has been formally rebuked for its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and stands accused of massacres, atrocities, war crimes and genocide in the latest conflict.

But these propaganda parrots are not only wrong about Israel. They’re wrong about Hamas, too.

Or, at the very least, they don’t know the real history of Hamas.

So, what is Hamas? Where did it come from? What are its aims? And, most importantly, how did it rise to power in the Gaza Strip?

Today, let’s answer those questions and dispel, once and for all, the cloud of ignorance hanging over this conflict.


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  1. Here we go again. First thing I read here this morning links back to last I was reading last night.

    You say, James, …”people who couldn’t find Israel on a map are now self-proclaimed experts….”.
    Holy Moly. Ain’t it the truth?

    Mark Twain said:
    “God made War so Americans would learn geography. “

  2. This essay, James , is such a needed and stellar example of what real research is. Again and again and again and again, open-ended and open minded. There’s truth to be found in every perspective.
    I suspect that the motivating energy to this journalism rendered through Canadian politesse and Japanese precision, is at it’s core that of a great peacemaker.

    It’s a good time to write about the productions of illusions. The illusion factories of the society of the spectacle are working overtime just now, taking advantage of what they know.
    If I say anything here about how they know, I’ll be dismissed as they’ve taught you to. I don’t mean you personally. Mark Twain said that truth is journalists’ greatest possession, and so they are sparse with it.
    Nonetheless, he lived long enough to be a testament to informed discretion. And although it’s taken me forever to admit that the only way to get on in this world is to tell people what they want to hear, I ‘m sure I always knew and like plasma, just can’t appreciate the beauty of the theories and refuse to obey.
    Those 5G Mordor Towers and all that comes with them aren’t illusions, unfortunately. We ignore them at our own peril. We have enough knowledge. We are crippled as societies in which each individual must seek their own everything, and the only disagreement allowed is this disembodied one which cannot act. Cannot walk. Literally….precisely….twisted into the illusions.
    The colonizing dictum to shoot first and ask questions later works well through the centuries for the agenda-makers.
    Anyone as can in any way agree with Israel’s project ought to join their spartan army for the rest of their lives. Or any militarized venture for that matter.
    If men want to war forever, give ’em Australia. One way ticket. We can call it the Island of Dead Warriors. May the “best man” “win”. Until the next one arrives.
    We can call it “pre-emptive peace”. Emptying the nations of warmongers.

  3. That “Just For Fun” article was pretty wild… EXCERPT “The Unification Church, which bought the New Yorker in 1976”

  4. If every person was a pacifist, authorities would be unable to mobilize for organized violence.

  5. I find your source for the “obvious false flag” questionable. That guy, even though posting interesting stuff, is clearly biased and uses vocabulary unworthy of a documentary, and then at the end…the “Rothschilds rule the world conspiracy”. Surely there must be more neutral and objective documentaries out there that you could’ve sourced to?

    • When youre looking at primary data the source is irrelevant. What matters is how compelling and rooted in verifiable fact the presented data (and analysis of it) is. Someone who focuses solely on the presenter of information rather than how compelling the information is is completely missing the point.

      • I agree, and i didn’t miss the point. Still, this opens a door for criticism that could be avoided imo.

        • What would be the motive for “avoiding criticism”?

          What is the payoff?

          If it’s valid, avoidance is just a stalling tactic? An attempt at ignorance?

          Or is it the “honor” thingy? The ego experiencing “dissed-honor”?

          What happened to the “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” edict? Isn’t stronger the best of all?

          • An understandable motive would be reaching new listeners for example. If i’m a regular joe and i click on that link and then get presented with “the rothschilds rule the world and control everything” bs, i’ll probably dismiss not only that but also the initial website that sent me there as untrustworthy conspiracy content.
            The rest of your comment i gotta admit i didn’t really understand 😉

            • Ah, I see. Thanks. Yes, that makes sense.

              Those were just some epistemological questions for myself wondering.
              How do we know what we know? How do we configure here/this?

              I’m sure I have no idea what it can be like to be taken out of context when one is noticed enough to have that done to one
              ‘s work regularly.
              As a human, tho, I’ve been scrutinized enough to have ceased caring a long time ago. Like, eighteen years old.

              So it’s true I can’t imagine what it means to negotiate at James’ level.
              Then again, Corbett has made it more than clear that he expects readers to do their own research from these instigations into topics, and think it out for themselves.

              I never have found it compelling to convince anyone who made their opinion of me based on others’ words,… otherwise. They’re not ready for my level of living, relating, and knowing.

    • I agree, I think there are better sources that indicate the involvement of Israel on the Oct 7th event. If not for direct involvement, their actions/reactions were suspicious to say the least. Quite a few interviews from Israel citizens do tell us exactly that.

      Rather than sourcing the typical conspiratorial video/documentary that make blunt statements like Rotschilds rule the world, something more concrete could have been linked. Just my 2cents.

      That said, I still found the article to be of great quality and thought-provoking even. It focuses on the right questions that is usually glossed over and/or people are uncomfortable asking. It also highlights the gap in the stories/narratives and the answers to some of those questions are sketchy and therein lies the devil imo.

  6. Hey the website looks fancy! As for this article. 1. Yes, there are always two sides to every argument, and then there is the truth. 2. Curious what your solution is at the end when you said “Until we acknowledge these truths…”. The only truth is that this world is not going to get better. People don’t want truth, they want drama, death, and MONEY. Mostly drama and money and death of their enemies. Jesus offers life. But this world is coming to an end eventually. Even if we had ‘peace’, we’d have people controlling it through constant surveillance and instant punishment of dissenters. and 3. Are you Muslim? You really seem to hate Jews a lot.

    • pkadams,
      You seem such a pessimist. One of your declarations is a self fulfilling prophecy.
      ” the only truth is that this world is not going to get better.”
      Question: are you going about making it so?…
      Quote; People don’t want truth, they want drama, death, and MONEY.
      Question: Don’t normal people want what they are told to want. Edward Bernays had a lot to say on this. Propaganda is a truth, and forms government, religion and reality. People have a choice, Is it a tool of life or weapon for death?
      Is what you are saying news worthy?
      The end is at hand for you, me and our enemies. Yes, eventually so… Is that suppose to be frighting??? So what? What propaganda has told you a way out for yourself and leaving your enemies and me to fend for ourselves? Seems we will need a watchful eye by and of a priesthood so we don’t stray from what gives us life. Having peace with or without Jesus?
      Then , I don’t understand some of this . I do understand your #3.
      You have been told what and how to think. It has given you some anxiety reading this newsletter.
      What you could do is read again trying not to trigger the propaganda given, mostly forced on you since birth, this editorial, news, propaganda, his / story brought to you from TCR. Tries as you said to find the truth… . James has clearly pointed out;
      1. the evil attempt of Zionism to supplant ,use, the Jewish cult “in order to secure their greatest advantage for themselves.” Jew, Muslim, Christian have been used,lied to and abused.
      2. The innocent people ,Palestinians and Israeli people who would live in peace normally, pay with their lives for these games being played by Zionist.

      These two thoughts are saturated with propaganda, and his conclusion is where you started . Triggered by truth. You started out strong but soon fell into opinions without merit, innuendo and generalization
      Quote; The only truth…people don’t want truth … Jesus offers…? end eventually …You really seem…
      pkadams you are waking up and it hurts, it shows and I can relate from experience.
      Come get on the train and leave your baggage on the platform is what I was told. Made sense at the time, now I don’t kill anything but propaganda. It hurts some, washing away the logjam in ones minds eye. Peace be unto you too.

  7. Excellent article. The Hamas government is part of the Israeli state. Vladimir Putin said the vast majority of Islamic fighters are mercenary. Israel controls the most powerful country in history, why wouldn’t it control the Gaza government ?

    The British created the Muslim Brotherhood in 1942. the BBC admitted (at least twice) putting Ayatollah Khomeini in power in 1978. Islamists R Us. Divide and rule then demonisation.

    I’ll watch ‘The Secret History of Al Qaeda’ now.



      t. (((Tony Blinken)))

    • Nibba, why u not seen The Secret History of Al Qaeda yet? Pull this jaboroni’s card, Jimmy-boy!

  8. >>Isn’t it funny how the establishment “news” makes its audience feel informed even when they’re frighteningly ignorant?>>
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (written 50 years ago)

    “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”

    “We have a large public that is very ignorant about public affairs and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by candidates who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogans”

    [“Drain the Swamp” “Make America Great Again”]
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    There are 1,500 Newspapers; 1,100 Magazines; 9,000 Radio Stations; 1,500 TV Stations; 2,400 Publishers….ALL owned by 5 corporations about 300 executives, that control 90% of what 300,000,000+ Americans SEE, HEAR, and READ.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” – Richard Salant, former President of CBS News
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself.”
    – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “The American people don’t read.”
    – Former CIA director Allen Dulles, speaking about how the American people would respond to the inconsistencies in the Warren Commission report on the JFK assassination
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Why are Jews [Zionists/Sabatian Frankists] hated now?
    Because of their arrogance and murdering ways, decimating the Palestinians and their involvement in 9/11, Fukushima, and more. They exercise control of world banking and finance, and here in America of Education, Politics, Medicine, Entertainment, and the Media. They have used the lie of the Holocaust to dominate free speech world wide and much, much more.


    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

    • ejdoyle: Fukushima? Please elaborate. Thanks.

      • Wish I could. The information…photos, aerial photos, etc. were at Jim Stone’s site. Big facts and it brought big trouble to Jim apparently. Info is taken down at his site with no new stuff since last October.

        You’ll find many disparaging comments about him from the usual suspects. If you want to start at his site: and work some web magic you may find it. Perhaps in one of those old article archives.

        It was basically about some huge “cameras” for quality control put into the plant by the Israeli’s which were really bombs. This was for some political “bad” the Japs did to them. Explosions went off in the ocean trench causing a surprise, no warning tsunami and the plant went off at the same time. Not sure if that is the correct story, but close enough.

  9. And the game goes on…
    Bless ol’ Ron Paul, he quotes Biden telling BiBi that the US will not support Israel in the bombing of Iran , who in retaliation of Israel bombing the Iranians embassy, bombed Israel. Probably the only sane thing The Prez has said in his career, so whose hand is working that meatsock’s mouth?
    However, the US citizens will soon be rid of the Iranian loving Biden in November. Will his replacement be so like minded? Of course not! HWB and W 2-3.0
    Dr. Paul made a good point that probably goes over the head of even the choir. The US war hawks want to use that over bloated inventory of munitions on someone, even the war hawks in Iran have over bloated stockpiles. As do the Zionist manufacturers in Israel.
    So the tail is gonna wag the dog again.
    You would hope intuition tells you the outcome. But like water seeping through a hundred feet of concrete we keep thinking we won’t get wet cause a bunkerbuster can’t penetrate those walls. That is how smart they are in the use of propaganda.

    Disgusting stupid humans.

  10. For a couple of Jews, Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate (and his dad) are hitting the counter-narratives out of the park over on the Greyzone channel. It’s too bad the Rokfin app is absolute trash, or I might consider continuing to subscribe to it in order to support anti-Israel content like that, and which you’ll increasingly find difficulty in getting access to on JewTube.

  11. Thanks for the Hamas history lesson James.

    Bibi put his foot in his mouth the evening of 9/11 by saying the ‘attacks’ would be good for U.S.-Israeli relations.

    He learned his lesson and didn’t say Oct. 7 will be good for Israel and his government.
    But I have a suspicion champagne glasses were clinking privately as he and his cronies celebrated Israel’s 9/11.

    *Note. I have always been reluctant to describe the events of 9/11 as ‘terrorist attacks’.
    I view them as acts of sabotage.

  12. I recommend reading A Month by the Sea – Encounters in Gaza by Dervla Murphy

  13. The powers-that-should-not-be….always manifesting in every town, province, state, nation, continent, and planet. Always pursuing their own self-serving ambitions. Some blithering morons…some sly scheming snakes that are professional actors in their ways. They all dig such deep graves for themselves. Most so deep they can’t stop digging or ever turn around and repair or repay the damages they have done. The knowledge they cannot afford to atone, keeps them going further and further into that pit of doom their lives have become.

    That’s the reality that defines the hearts and minds of most their people. Some are just true monsters, and I don’t think they even have hearts. They really do need a personal intervention with the Most High God…nothing short of that can turn them away from the route they started down and have been trapped on. Some grow so exhausted they set their shovel down and let death take them. So many just keep shovelings away. Its such a narrow view. Total tunnel-visions, like being 100 blocks below ground in MineCraft, having no clue what time of day it is because you haven’t seen the sun in game days in hours of real time playing. All your shovels and pickaxes broke, and now you are just using your bare hands, and want out, but can’t find a way because you are soo far down in the hole.

    Pity these fools. They are learning the hardest of hard ways in life how to be humans…and they will only learn if they chose to, instead of remaining so stubbornly pig-headed. All their riches and luxuries really do not help them either. Materialism is an even greater driver of their hearts, as they just don’t want to give it up. Some will waste a whole life-time and never figure out how to be the master of their own body or mind because of that lust for the material world.

  14. HAMAS history is clear as mud.

    The other day that Scott Ritter fella as a Jimmy Dore’s guest was saying that the supposed Iran’s attack was a ebullient success because of the 7 ballistic missiles that were intended to hit something, 5 hit what they aimed to. The main point being that this area in Israel (the base/airport) is likely the best defended area in the world. And still 5 out 7 came through.

  15. Simply dismiss the Hamas Charter based on the claim of an academic activist: Why?

  16. Read this article and eventually decided to write a reply. 

    Obviously being an Israeli Jew from the north of Israel, this conflict is in some ways close to home. Also knowing people that were kdinapped and came back or that are still kidnapped either dead or alive. (I hope alive and to return home) 

    First of all, I actually have respect for the article. I fully agree with the ending about us all being pawns in a nasty horrific control game. I have also learned some new info with help from the research shared, so thanks for sharing. 

    Perhaps inevitably with such a conflict, there is a lot going on, and a lot that can be mentioned. I have my perspective, and decided to share some things I came across, doing my best to be accurate, though I may get some things wrong. Please see it more as additional perspective and info. as opposed to against this article. 

    * Palestinian propaganda – 

     Sure Zionist Propaganda exists. But to the best of my knowledge also the other side used and uses propaganda. All the way from 1948 where some Palestinian sources themselves eventually admitted to making up horrific atrocity stories to call for international help, to the current day with crisis actors and fake stories. If I understood correctly, in this last war outbreak there was a case where a failed missile launch by hamas harmed a Palestinian hospital. Hamas were very quick to mention how many died and that it is an example of zionist agression. The fake story went around the MSM, although much evidence available to those interested clearly showed another story. 

  17. Continuing…

    * On the origins of the onflict – 

     It is true that there were and are zionist conspiracies (Of which most zionists know nothing about) and atrocities done by zionist. But actually, there may be some true pro zionisit points which I doubt desrve to be classed as propaganda regarding the origin of the conflict. Did you know that where as in most areas of the war in 1948 the zionists had the upper hand in some areas the arabs did? Surely they would never do a war crime like ethnic cleansing would they? That is only something zionists did. Well, here is a true example,in Kfar Etzion, not only were Jews massacred but four Jewish settlements completely destroyed. Which side had a higher ratio of atrocities out of battles won I do not know. But Just depicting it as zionists doing a one sided ethnic cleansing of local arabs may not be very accurate. Also, zionists did partial ethnic cleansing, and a significant number of local arabs stayed  and love the country and are happy they live in it and not in one of the neighbouring arab countries. Some are not happy, but still enjoy equal rights by all means. There is also clear evidence that some arabs flew due to calls from arab countries to do so. Although denying some atrocities and evacuating by zionists would be zionist propaganda. 

      Also, much of the land presented to the world as Palestinian owned land, was leased from the state, from the British empire. To be fair, in practice it was owned by arabs, but still legally leased from the state. Putting such land aside, palestinian ownership  was only a bit higher than Jewish ownership. Not saying arabs did not lose lands, but adding this nuance to the picture. There was in fact no Palestinian state or full ownership of land independent of the British empire ever, and the term palestinian was only coined some time in the 20th century.  

     And you get the fact that in the 20 or so years before the 1948 there was more arab migration than jewish migration into Israel. Not percentage wise but quantity wise. 

     And Israel being a tiny piece of land out of the whole arab dominated middle east. 

     There is more, but I do not want to go on and on. 

  18. Continuing…

    * UN and Hamas 

     I am glad people point to the evil part Likud plays and played regarding Hamas. And Israel’s role in helping hamas grow to be powerful in the region. 
     But just saying Israel and zionist owned MSM may not cover some important aspects of what is going on on a conspiratorial level. 

     The UN actually has a special brunch for Palestnian refugees, seperate from all other world refugees. UNWRA. They have a special definition – A Palestnian refugee is someone who was forced to leave the land due to the war between 1946 and 1948. No need to prove being there before. Yet even if say, an arab moved in in 1940 and was forced to leave in the war, the world will likely get the impression it was a native citizen who lived there for hundreds of years (Not saying there weren’t some, just adding this fact. 

     But even worse, in addition to supporting hamas financially and in other ways they write indoctrination books for Palestinains children (Seperate from Hamas’s indoctrination books). Books by which Israel does not exist. Given that it was the UN who declared Israel can exist, I can see no reason for UNWRA to promote such indoctrination of children except as part of a conspiracy to fuel the conflict. Suggesting it is not a zionist conspiracy at the very top of the pyramid. Which may partially explain why Jews and Israel are not really that well of as you would expect in a purely zionist conspiracy. Whole nations being indoctrinated from a young age to hate us, want to kill us all and not want us even to have a tiny piece of land, and antisemitism still existing in some parts of the world.  

      * Terrible treatment of hostages –

     What could give a current hint to how Hamas operates? Many things that I do not feel like expanding on. One of them being treatment of Israeli hostages under hamas supervision. These include sexual abuse on a physical level, torture, and even extreme mental and emotional torture of a kidnapped child forcing him to look at video footage from them 7th of October, pointing a gun at him and shouting at him to be quiet if he starts yelling at the horrors. I also know for a fact some Israeli kidnapped decided not to speak out as they do not like or want the MSM talking about their personal experiences and you get extreme malnutrition and no medical care leading even to death. 

      * In conclusion – 

     Again thanks for the article and agree very much with the ending. And maybe it is good different perspectives are put forward. I am mostly horrified and sad (As i mentioned before I live in the north of Israel, and have both Israeli jewish friends and Israeli Palestinian friends, and frankly, peacefully coexisting is wonderful yet makes the whole thing look even more unnecessary). I put forward facts and arguments from my life here and things I got exposed to. I do think it is a complex situation with atrocities done by both sides and conspiracies going on. 

    • Sunny,
      Must be a day for comparative analysis. And a pole of the readers of your reporting.
      1.The ship of State; The Titanic.
      Is the flag flying over the bridge of the Titanic an Israeli or Palestinian flag.
      2. When will that damaged ship be going down?
      3 . Who is the iceberg in this collosal tragedy? Will it sink also?
      4. Products are on the market now for mind control and boost an 80% success rate. Which state would use it on their own people to maintain their mandates.
      I’m curious if it’s gone beyond any hope of either side of this remaining afloat. If I have any bias to any of the questions I proposed?

      • “If I have any bias to any of the questions I proposed?”

        Please translate this sentence into normal speak. I’m confused.

        • Ok SCAH
          In the pole, do you think these questions are biased to one side or the other ?
          Are they leading questions or neutral questions.
          The goal here is to get the imagination working to bypass the guarded well propaganda conditioned consciousness. So please use your imagination where the ship of State is the Titanic, a known outcome from its RelationShip with , no pun intended, floating iceberg.

          • Thank you for trying to help me understand what you are saying. Unfortunately, I seem not to be intelligent enough to make much sense of your metaphor.
            And I don’t know what pole (poll?) you’re referring to.
            Is there a poll in Sunny’s comment somewhere?
            I sincerely apologize for being dense but if you wouldn’t mind could you please break down the metaphor for me with words that a dummy like me can understand.
            Who is the iceberg and what role does it play in your metaphor. Another country? I’m totally lost.

            Icebergs melt, they don’t sink.

            • SCAH,
              No. Not a metaphor for measuring intelligence.Use your imagination. You have used it a little by your last comment. Icebergs melt they don’t sink. Use your right brain. ” If the ship of State is the Titanic, what flag flies above the bridge? That’s all. A quick answer is coming from, intellect,propaganda, sub- conscious?

              Poll, pole …auto correct, spell✓
              Bad phone bad phone!
              Sunny had no poll but I wish Sunny would take the poll.

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