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Nick Bryant joins us today to discuss Epstein Justice, an organization he co-directs that is seeking justice for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and his co-conspirators. Today we discuss the type of grassroots movement that will be needed to achieve true justice and to unseat the kakistocracy that is covering up these crimes. We also detail how everyday people can play a part in bringing about justice for these horrific crimes.

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Episode 304 – Political Pedophilia

Who Will Find What The Finders Hide? (Full Documentary)

Conspiracy of Silence (documentary)

The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant

Here Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book

12/4/21 Epstein Justice demonstration in New York City

GOP Congressman Stands By Accusation Some Fellow Members Have Been Compromised

For this episode’s PAY IT FORWARD, please pay forward your gratitude for this episode to any organization, group or individual that is caring for victims of child trafficking and abuse. In addition to Epstein Justice, Nick Bryant recommends The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, Children of the Night, Equality Now, The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, and Shared Hope International. What groups or organizations do you know or work with that is doing good work in this field? Who is worthy of support? Corbett Report members are invited to leave their thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. The MP4 link doesn’t work

      • Hello James, have you ever heard about the concept of “proxy parties”? I consider it the (only) solution to “hack” parliamentarism within the existing legal framework. Please help spreading the idea and join TrueRepublic:

  2. Considering they worked so hard to establish the idea that Epstein was dead, creating the Overton Window to be he either committed suicide OR was “suicided”, never the idea that he was spirited away, as is so often the case with the untouchables.

    I remember the social media outlets highlighting all the creative ways in which people were expressing the “conspiracy theory” that “Epstein was suicided”, almost like those outlets were promoting the suicided theory, and of course they were.

    Top level people like Epstein don’t go to jail and don’t stand trial. Florida AG Acosta said he was told to back off “Epstein belonged to intelligence”, and yet the NY Times reported he was working for Mossad, funny social media never pushed that meme. This was all theater, as is just about everything that gets pushed these days, for one narrative or another. With Epstein it was all about showing how criminal the “Deep State” was and what they did to those who might expose them, as well as closing the door, VERY PUBLICALLY on the Epstein/PEDO operation.

    I would wager, just like with Maxwell and Lay, Epstein is living it up on some excusive private resort.

    Oh and for those slow of thinking, those who believe such a secrete would get out, if you did know such a secrete, who would you tell, the NY Times, Fox News, maybe Alex Jones…LOL. They only report that which they are told to report.

    • I agree with you that convenient deaths at that level are always suspicious. We are only given two choices, suicide or murder, but faking a death is easy for people who have the wealth, resources, and connections to do it. They don’t have to worry about money (they have lots of it), they have wealthy friends and family they can count on to hide them (it only needs to be temporary), and the most important factor (the authorities) are in on it. Why not do it if you are Epstein? With only a slight change of appearance it would be easy to quietly emerge as someone else. The Federal Government does it all the time: it’s called the Witness Protection Program. Just imagine it repurposed. You might ask, “why not just kill Epstein, if he’s such an embarrassment?” If deaths and events are being faked all the time, there has to be some amount of trust amongst those that are doing the faking. Double-crossing would be counter productive.

      • “You might ask, “why not just kill Epstein, if he’s such an embarrassment?” If deaths and events are being faked all the time, there has to be some amount of trust amongst those that are doing the faking. Double-crossing would be counter productive.“

        Yeah, killing your seasoned agents probably isn’t the best way to boost recruitment numbers.
        It makes a lot more sense to simply fake the death and give the guy a new identity and a luxurious retirement package in a very secure environment.

        • Epstein seemed like a forward facing person. He was known and had connections and had some skill in finance apparently, but other than that, why keep him around once this thing could no longer be covered up? He was brazen and thought he was untouchable and might have ruffled some feathers in those who are calling the shots.

          I don’t think it matters weather he was killed or is still alive somewhere, what matters is that nothing was done to stop his crimes or expose who was involved and what other sick pedophile rings are going on now in the upper echelons of politics.

          He could be alive, but the easiest thing to do is get rid of him. Some people go for the easiest option.

        • Exactly Slow, those who think people like Epstein get offed because he may be an embarrassment, don’t know the system very well.

          A “person” like Epstein is seen as valuable, where as the masses, not so much.

          • I definitely have no real knowledge about how “power” in the system works, like who’s really calling the shots in any cabal. I do think there are probably multiple cabals, centers of power.

            Plenty of “made men” get offed. But I have no idea if he’s dead or not and don’t think that is what is important. The important part is how many other people were involved, who they were and what other exploitation networks exist now.

            I think that there are some people with real “power” who we never hear about and their names are never mentioned. Perhaps their existence is kept completely private. They’d never be in a black book at all, not with their real name anyway.

            I really don’t understand how these organizations work though, so you could be right. Hopefully people will continue to shine light on these kinds of networks. I think it’s important for tax payers to consider what their money is used for.

            • Not to put too fine a point on the matter, I don’t want to give the impression I know how any system works, I see these system layered one atop another, like a filter no one can get through. These innumerable all encompassing systems do not work for the benefit of the people, but against them. They work to DESTROY our internal locus of control and instead have us look upward to our “betters” to lead us.

              People HATE Trump, people HATE Biden, yet few blame the system which gives us this horrendous option. On each side, they blame those who support Trump or Biden as the cause of this Hobson’s choice. Yet voters, of which I am NOT, are simply supporting whom they believe will do the best job, they are just the consequence of the system working as it is intended, for our destruction.

              Government, Religion, Education, Social Norms established social media… are all there to destroy your individuality and have you look outward for direction. We saw so clearly with covid, how EVERY system I just named, was used like a hammer upon the human population. I also note, how those on Maui who ignored the authorities and went their own way faired far better than those poor individuals who TRUSTED the AUTHORITIES!

      • I think there are three reasons I believe (but do not know for sure, I’m just surmising) Epstein might very well be alive.

        1) Epstein was Jewish, likely worked for Mossad, went from a blue collar family in NYC to amass $6oo Million fortune, while never working…in other words, he’s a made man, a REAL untouchable.

        2)If those he worked for killed Epstein, a man who did his job VERY well (horrific as it truly was), and his reward was to be killed, it would greatly undermine others in his position who work for the same globalists.

        3) The MOST telling reason for me was they really wanted us to know he was dead, the ONLY question we could ponder was how he died. When the media goes out of its way to push a narrative, you know there is a misleading narrative being established. Everything that goes “viral”, supports their desired narrative, period. They established our two option: “suicide or suicided”, it is the third option that is often the correct answer. We saw the same with corona, the question was NEVER if it truly existed, it was just a matter of where it originated…We can only debate within their established framework, otherwise you are a “crazy conspiracy theorist”, guilty as charged.

    • I have to stress the value of seeing through their lies, I think it is an aspect of the “think globally, act locally”, meme.

      Covid demonstrated the battle for the minds of the masses is OVER. Go back and watch videos, not only of the media’s villainous actions, but how the masses responded, like RATS in a maze to OBVIOUS media propaganda. The game is over for the masses, they are lost, and maybe always have been (I’m in the Friedrich Nietzsche camp and the use of Christianity to turn people into sheep).

      “Socialism, Puritanism, Philistinism, Christianity—Nietzsche saw them all as allotropic forms of democracy, as variations upon the endless struggle of quantity against quality, of the weak and timorous against the strong and enterprising, of the botched against the fit”…and this has manifested into liberalism against traditionalism.

      The-powers-that-be have been waging this war against “the cattle” for centuries, and those who stand against them don’t live long, and those who work for them become fabulously wealthy.

      The value of learning to see their machinations can help you and your family, you are NOT going to fix this within the systems THEY have constructed, and the masses will NEVER stand against those systems, not because they can’t, but because they won’t, it is willful ignorance. Thus, I feel the battle has to be for your family and friends, whom you can guide. I steered much of my family away from Trump, Covid and the Vaccines, that IS valuable.

  3. About 1985 I accompanied my husband to Chicago where he was attending a conference at the newly renovated Downtown Hilton. I took our two children aged 5 and 11 to the lobby bar to listen to live music on a Saturday evening. A gross man approached and asked what my price was to traffic my children. I was shocked and let him know he was way out of line. His response: “ everyone has their price.” It was an awakening for me. My representative in Missouri, Ann Waggoner, purports to be a sex trafficking warrior. Is she?

    • Wow! He’s lucky your husband didn’t put him in the hospital.

  4. The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY.
    Even talking about this is a waste of time.
    We KNOW the controllers run the show and kill, hide or commit whom/what ever they want:

    JFK Jr;
    Seth Rich;
    Seal Team 6
    Vince Foster;
    The DC Madam;
    Monica Petersen;
    Michael Ruppert;
    Michael Hastings;
    Dorthy Killgallen;
    Journalist Jen Moore;
    Senator Paul Wellstone;
    Congressman Sonny Bono;
    Sect of Commerce Ron Brown;
    Congressman James A. Traficant,
    Lori Klausutis (Scarborough’s assistant;)
    Gary Webb, of the San Jose Mercury News;
    Senator John Heinz III on April 4, 1991,
    the next day his partner in investigation John G. Tower;

    Yes, a very incomplete list :-/

    And the last election:
    Harrison Deal, aide to Senator Kelly Loeffler, former intern to Senator David Perdue and boy friend of Lucy Kemp, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s daughter died in a car explosion that could be heard a mile away. The engine was ejected 50-60 yards away.

    (Loeffler and Perdue of course are the two Republicans that Mr. Trump hopes get re-elected to maintain the Senate.)

    WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

  5. LOVE 146 at
    been around over 20 years, well worth a look Thanks James

    • Nothing there?? Only this…

      >> has been registered at Porkbun but the owner has not put up a site yet. Visit again soon to see what amazing website they decide to build.>>

  6. I especially appreciate hearing about–and from–Alisha Owen, who spoke at the NYC demonstration. Nick Bryant calls her a hero. I wholeheartedly agree. And so is he. Thanks for interviewing him, James.

  7. Unfortunately, in Ireland at least, the government is agressively pushing back on any chance of dismantling sexual abuse of and trafficking of children. The education minister pushes for sex ed for children as young as 5, including teaching self-pleasuring. The “rights of the child” referendum actually took rights and decision-making regarding the child and his or her welfare from parents and awarded them to a disfunctional government agency. Requiring 5 year olds to learn about scores of “genders” and to self-declare which they are is a wonderful way to normalize the abnormal. People fighting back here are declared haters and far right. One teacher is sitting in Mountjoy prison for over 200 days for having refused to use male pronouns when referring to a biological female student. This will continue to be a challenging battle when the media, especially the entertainment industry thrives on child trafficking.

  8. Would these predators have any connectors to the “Global Predators” talked about in the Breggins’ book on “Covid19 and the Global Predators, We are Their Prey”? What I am thinking is how Mattias Desmet blamed “mass psychosis” for a lot of the pandemic associated occurrences. Peter Breggin said, “No,” it s predators doing it to us. Dr Robert Malone tried to back up Desmet, attempting to sue the Breggins for $25million but the case was dismissed. I am thinking of this poem, Mistakes were not made,” read by Dr Tess Lawrie, linking all the democides.
    I read a while back that predators my abuse people to dissociate them and create an alter for their purposes. These atrocities seem to come from a high up level and maybe even from entities who think they are doing good with depopulation and the rest. I don’t know if the old Greek man-boy love fits in. Can’t think more at the moment.

    • @bsand

      The predators have been around for a century or more, adapting their agenda to the inventions and abilities of the “weapons” available of the time…print and electronic media, “entertainment” business, corporations, big pharma, DARPA, Chemtrails, lies about everything, etc.

      The DEEP STATE is just a re-naming of the Illuminati who have been around since the inception of our nation (Skull&Bones, etc.)

      At work today: UN Agenda 21&2030; UN Wildlife Project; The New World Order Agenda and others.

      ALL of them part of the planned reduction of the population under 24/7 track, trace, and data basing living in 5G SMART cities, no private vehicles, no access to the country side, most living on the Government dole and forced to obey any laws or regulations put out by the Government to maintain the dole.

      Basic tools of destruction…divide and conquer (sports/politics, etc.;) addiction to infantile behavior through alcohol; over consumption of bad food; laziness; greed; loss of self esteem and a need to be “saved;” etc. Sociopathic brilliance is hard to beat.

    • I tend to agree with Dr. Breggin, predators are doing it but many people going along are possibly in a state of “mass formation”.

      I do think there is something to Desmet’s research, how people go along with tyranny. Perhaps it is more complex than cowardice or fear of scarcity? I’m not sure.

      Desmet did say it was important to speak out though and had some other valuable insights but I can also understand the perspective that people thought it muddied the waters.

      I think there are psychopathic predators and they obviously are above the law, rules don’t apply to them and they get away with just about anything. Also, there are industries, like pharma that could be described as a psychopathic industry. So there are systems that people work in that are immoral and downright evil. Good people end up working in evil industries and maybe this affects their willingness to buck the system.

      I suspect that the people who are on top are completely devoid of basic morality. Maybe this is a result of inbreeding but who knows.

      • @cu.h.j
        >>I suspect that the people who are on top are completely devoid of basic morality. Maybe this is a result of inbreeding but who knows.>>

        Since the 60’s the controllers have had a very strong influence on popular thought/belief, so being of stultified critical thinking, most don’t take into account other possibilities, even if only for expansion of consciousness.

        In the “As Above, So Below” thinking our military are the ones going into space, working with various DARPA inventions, etc. perhaps, just like the “Startrek” show, it was the military going into space.

        Given this metaphor, if off planet sentient beings (military) visited here and desired to conquer human kind they would have no dog in the fight as to who they killed or what destruction would befall the planet, birds, animals, fishes, etc. They might see us as a virus or pestilence.

        That might be an answer to ponder as to why we are in the process of destroying everything…air, water, species, etc. Some things and ideas are easy to make fun of but it doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

      • cu.h.j
        Strangely that turning aside from the mass beliefs seems to be also offered by J.Krisnamurti as a path to truth.
        However a number of people may become confused with loss of their believing friends. Which could bring devastaing circumstances.
        In New Zealand the new government has extended the terms of a
        Royal Commission about the covid days. I bet a lot of people will report the (ongoing) isolation whether from friends or employment. Once the predators have got us into this situation it will be very hard to socialise.

    • In New Zealand until 2005 children of age 16 could get married with parental consent. After that it requires the approval of a judge. But in many countries it would’ve been, would be abuse. I am not trying to promote younger marriage just trying to get an idea of actual vs legal abuse.

      I don’t feel all the “predators” to be in one category. Human urges are natural and strong, connected to hormones. But some predators I have to feel are motivated by other things. In New Zealand gang member prospects may have to break the law to gain their “patch.” I could suspect a similar thing in secret societies. The prospect may already be under some control which may be more powerful than the fear of state punishment.

      So I feel we should consider going after the secret societies including controllers not directly involved on the front line.

      • That leaves me wondering where to put Charles Leadbeater from the Theosophical Society who promoted telling boys about masturbation. Jiddu Krishnamurti, classed by some as a world teacher once spoke in earlier years of what Leadbeater had “done to us.” I note his associate Annie Bsant was in trouble with the law for promoting contraception in Britain.

        • I think anyone discussing that kind of thing with kids and they aren’t the parents is weird. Unless it’s a doctor or something where there is some kind of health problem, but an adult who discusses this kind of thing with kids that aren’t theirs is unusual. Parents really should be involved with anything related to their kids health and well being and any adult that side steps that involvement should be scrutinized. It could be some type of “grooming” behavior.

          People don’t need instructions on their own bodies from strangers. If they have a question, their parent should be able to provide an answer. That’s the role of the mom or dad and hopefully a kid has a normal parent who is worthy of that degree of trust.

          Contraception has been around for a very long time, but state officials and other “authorities” promoting it probably has some agenda IMO.

          • Annie Besant thought the poverty in London was due to overcrowding. But besides producig a panphlett on contraception she started a union of the girls making matches for Bryant and May Bell. Safety and working hours were improved and a communal room for the girls provided.
            You may be right about parental imvovement. Some kids won’t ever know just release in their sleep.

        • I think it would be odd for a parent even to even discuss some things unless it was asked about.

      • I think actual abuse involves behavior towards non consenting people and that includes minors. I think the age of 21 is probably a better age of consent across the board, although in the US 18 is common for most things. I’d say 21 is a better age to make informed decisions.

        I don’t think all human human beings have the same urges and some are abnormal. What Epstein was doing was abnormal, unethical and criminal and frankly stomach turning. Anyone associated with him should be looked at with a microscope. The fact that people like that exist is revolting.

        Grass roots activism against pedophiles is a good thing. People need to know that is abnormal and that that should not be tolerated and should be punished. Child abuse should be punished, harshly. That is something that should not even exist IMO, like psychopaths. They should not exist. Why they do confounds me. Maybe the challenge for good people is to stop them from hurting other people. A healthy group removes these kinds of people from their community.

        • Always being careful to go for the war-monger rather than the child soldier on the front line.

        • I had been in a fire alarm factory for a couple of years. Then a new manager came and wanted me to do military weapons stuff. So I left a good job and pay and opportunities. When I talked to my doctor he was trying to push the war monger’s angle: what side would you be making the weapons for. DISGUSTING.

          • We were being trained at school to be killers. Start the year with a week of it then an afternoon every month. When I became 18 I saw through it. But I would be in the minority. Some few will see through the cultivation of sex urges by society. But most need protection. This is where I trouble with my feelings against the censorship concept. You think it be fair game to cast out people who are being hurt by the promotion of sexual behaviour. At least I don’t remeber about rape in my school days, but I think it started in university days a guy using a drug on a girl. Now you may blame the perpetrator. Some countries punish the victim. But we need I suggest to go for the forces acting on these vulnerable souls.

            • Was Epstein the mind behind his own behaviour or more like one of those soldier pawns whom we kill but are not the true source of the trouble?
              “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein Paperback – 3 January 2023
              by Whitney Alyse Webb (Author)”

  9. Nick Bryant—what a true advocate for children. I will be supporting his work.
    Meantime, what to me is the most troubling about achieving ‘Epstein Justice’ is the US Justice system that is rampantly corrupt.
    Without the application of just laws in the courts, there is no hope of justice for the innocent. A pressing question that needs to be answered and accomplished is—
    How can we clean up our courts?

    Bottomline, everything that is amiss in our world comes down to the lack of morals and ethics.

    • How can justice be administered in the absence of a court? And can it be? I think it can. And the state intrudes and prevents administration of justice in many cases.

      Anyone who had involvement with Epstein once it was known he was a pervert, child rapist should be boycotted and blacklisted. They should be thoroughly investigated and exposed.

      Economic justice perhaps?

  10. Glad Nick Bryant was interviewed. His book The Franklin Scandal was excellent and outlines “political pedophilia” operates, how the system is set up to let these kinds of disgusting psychopaths off the hook.

    The disturbing thing is that this kind of thing is still happening every day. I think exposing these perverts is critical, even if the system is set up to let them walk, the public should know. Though there has been a push to normalize pedophilia, I don’t think that is working.

    Although if we look at how the institution of abortion has been normalized, I wonder how low people’s morality can sink. I’m talking about the institution and economy around abortion rather than the ethical considerations of individual cases and situational considerations.

    I think abuse of children, especially sexual abuse is some of the worst evil that exists. It can and does cause profound lasting harm to the victims, life altering or life destroying. If the state didn’t protect these perverts I think justice could be served.

    I think about what that is, “justice”. What does that look like? I do think Jeffry Epstein’s death covered up a lot of the corruption and prevented names from coming out. But even if he did name names, would the system actually administer justice? Probably not but at least people would perhaps know what their tax money goes to fund.

  11. This extremely important interview with Nick Bryant for a #SolutionsWatch was eye opening in many ways.
    I am so glad that Corbett interviewed him, and drove the path towards “Pay it Forward”.
    Hats off to Broc for the visuals.

    Nick Bryant mentions the prosecutor on a Grand Jury, and how the prosecutor can lead the jury in a manipulated direction.
    I can attest.
    It happened when I was a Deputy Foreman on a Federal Grand Jury. Both the Foreman and I were shocked to later find out that the prosecutor had duped us about one of the cases.

  12. Something Sad for Good People

    I love kids, always have. I love interacting and being friendly with kids. I have a vibrant history and fond memories of those interactions.
    Now, I am an old man and the era is different. Now, I restrain my communications and interactions with kids, because I don’t want some people to get the wrong impression; i.e. I don’t want them to think that I am a pedophile. I know how some people “think” and sometimes they will imagine things that are not true. Thus, I inhibit my natural outgoing affable nature, unless the circumstance fits exactly. This saddens me.

    The following story will infuriate you. I was sickened and haunted after reading it. Two boys, ages 2 and 3. A man befriended some working mothers who were desperate for child care. You can envision how the con went.

    January 14, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Michele Greer
    Gang Rape of Toddlers Yields 1 Arrest So Far

    • That’s probably wise. Some people’s fondness for kids is greater than others. I’ve never really “liked” kids and what I mean by that is that I have less patience for some frustrating behavior some children have (the kind I had as a kid). Some kids are really sweet and all kids should be protected from harm. Though my rapport with kids is limited, I realize how fragile they are and can empathize remembering what it was like to be a kid and being vulnerable and trusting. I have always found some people’s love of children to be an admirable and important quality. I think it’s important to have adult mentors and people who love children or our species would die out.

      It’s very sad how our society has devolved to such an extent that people cannot express genuine kindness to others, but it is what it is. As a female, I am even careful with interactions with children who are not relatives without having a parent present. Even in healthcare, female providers want chaperones now for some procedures because people have made false claims that can be profoundly damaging. This kind of thing has happened to teachers as well, false claims made can ruin people’s lives.

      The only kids I have a personal relationship with are my own nieces and nephews and they are really good kids and I’m very lucky to have them in my life. I do have patients who are kids a lot, but that is very different. Hopefully you get some time with your grand kids.

      At any rate I think there is a need for mentorship of children in our society and it’s sad that some adults have ruined the ability for some to give back to the community.

      • cu.h.j,
        With your occupation and interactions, I bet you often walk on a tricky path. For example; If you display “caring” it could be misinterpreted, but on the otherhand if you throttle that display then it could be misinterpreted as being cold-blooded and heartless.

        Men are pretty stupid sometimes at interpreting a female’s manner. Maybe “marriage” is actually an educational course for men so that they can learn the female language… …which often takes decades for those males among us that have rock-heads like me.

        I bet with your training and experience, you have insights about how hormones play a strong role with a person’s urges, physical / mental functions and behavior. Testosterone, estrogen, oxytocin, thyroid, cortisol, adrenaline, etc.

        The Human Condition is filled with complexities.
        There is no doubt that a fixated mental state can drive behavior.
        And, there is no doubt that hormones can drive or influence behavior.
        And, there is no doubt that situations or environmental factors can influence behavior.
        And, there is no doubt that nutrition or toxins can influence behavior.

        On the February Open Thread, I posted a “short” video about male/female memories from a lecture by Jorge D. Flechas, MD. The rest of the video also contains a lot of information on silica in the body.
        I had found this very interesting about Oxytocin…
        Clipped from “Hormones: A4M Conference Lectures all about hormones and HRT”
        Jorge D. Flechas, MD discusses some hormones: DHEA & Oxytocin
        5 minutes

        • Thanks, I’ll check this out. Hormones definitely have an effect on behavior. I’ve checked mine years ago, low progesterone. I should have it done again.

          I actually have good bedside manner and good rapport with patients I’ve been told. Occasionally someone will hate me, but this happens to all nurses. I definitely keep a barrier up between myself and any patient because it’s necessary to not allow the work to drag one down. There are some very sad things I’ve seen and I can’t get too attached if you know what I mean.

          But patience wise, mine has always been a bit on the low. But this is something that is learned and I can force myself when needed. I don’t really interact with many kids outside my family members or patients. I’ve never really wanted to be a teacher or involved with kids extensively. Some nurses like pediatrics and I never really wanted to specialize there. It’s nice to have skills to treat patients across the life span, but I’d never want only to work with kids. It’s too intense especially with parents under duress since I work in the emergency room. Having babies and children die and the parents reaction is really tough. It’s not something I want to deal with very often.

          Occasionally I’ll have a friendly kid approach me and I’m friendly and look out for them but it’s not the highlight of my day. Some people really are passionate about working with kids and love child development and stuff like that. It’s just not my cup of tea. Maybe since I don’t have kids of my own?

          I sometimes wonder why I never did and I think the primary reason is fear of having something go wrong and the devastation that can cause. Kids can die or turn out bad even with the best parents. Then there is the letting go part that seems rough.I just never wanted to take the risk despite the profoundly positive experience and also the importance of putting ones genes out there. Maybe it was a bad call, but I can do positive things that leave a legacy in other ways.

          Anyway, I’ll check out the video on hormones.

        • I have considered adoption because there is a great need for children to have good homes. Some may frown on this but people would be surprised how many kids live in awful homes with the worst parents. Some people shouldn’t have kids and aren’t fit to be parents. And there are kind and loving people that wanted kids but could never have them for some biological dysfunction or medical condition.

    • Very disturbing read indeed. Hopefully the other culprits are arrested. Jail or prison can be a dangerous place for people with those kinds of charges. It’s fascinating that there is a “prison code” or used to be and people with crimes against kids can be treated very badly by fellow inmates.

    • Such a sad situation with those little boys. How anyone could do such things to such small children is beyond belief. 🙁

  13. I want to stress the necessity of “striking at the root of the problem”. Doing less is not justified by “Well, at least I’m doing something.” To ignore the root, i.e., the fundamental problem, is a waste of time, energy. Cutting the grass doesn kill it, in fact grass is stimulated to grow back by grazing.
    We die. Ideas do not. That explains the persistence of war, crime, social chaos, political corruption documented by the first historians. The politics did not change. Blaming “human nature” is one argument, one idea, that is used to kill political progress by ending discussion of changing the political paradigm. If humanity was “by nature” self-destructive, our species wouldn’t exist. Our unique “nature” is the ability to reason, think, learn from the mistakes of past generations. The mistakes made are not proof that the same mistakes are permanent, and can’t be overcome, but must be accepted as eternal, “natural”. Correcting mistakes using our cognition is natural.It’s our ONLY means of survival. Waiting to be saved, by others, as a baby waiting to breast feed, while ignoring our ability to think for ourselves, is suicidal, self-abuse, inhuman. When we think, alone or together, respecting each other’s right to life, liberty, independence, we create. When we invoke fear by deadly threats, fraud, to force others to comply, we ignore our humanity, our nature, and we perish. The use of violence instead of peaceful cooextence, is a choice, a mistake, and not “order” as in “law & order”. It is “law & chaos”. Order comes from respect for every one’s individuality, abilities, and reasoning power. We learn from each other.

  14. I’m so happy to see the actual videos being posted and not just the embedded video from rumble/odysee. Its not quite as easy to navigate but it feels more legit to me for some reason. I’m weird.

    I also studied the philosophy of science in college. I learned more from what I was reading outside of class though. That was a major waste of money.

    Child trafficking is a very real problem. We just had a little girl down the road from us kidnapped to be trafficked and we live in the middle of nowhere. Thank god they caught them a few states away and she was ok but damn, its so hard to fathom thats even a thing let alone at the level its being done (and covered up) at. I do think awareness of the problem is growing or at least I’m holding out hope it is.

    Great interview!!

    • Whenever I hear people talking about “free range kids,” I think – those parents were never abused as children. I wish children could “free range,” but it is a different world now than it was 50 years ago, and it was bad enough back then.

      In the early 80s, a woman in a store was friendly toward a friend of mine who was shopping with her three (or 4) children. (I’m not sure if the youngest had been born yet.) A while later, my friend realized her oldest daughter wasn’t with her. She quickly scanned the area and saw that same woman taking her daughter out the door of the store. She frantically shouted, calling her daughter’s name. Thankfully the girl heard her mom and pulled away from the woman and ran back to her mom. Who knows what that woman’s plans were for a cute little girl with strawberry blond hair.

  15. I’m beginning to understand the level of depravity of our so called leaders and the public and private institutions occupying the top of the pyramid.

    I saw the link below from a Colorado legislator at today’s coffee and COVID post on Substack.

    It’s true. If stopping pedophilia and satanic ritual child murder and rape are not something that every person cannot unite against we are sunk as a species.

  16. I find this interview between Elanna Freeland and Dr.Mihalcea be explanatory for several of James’ stories that he has put together recently.
    I have to say it seems like there may be a clearing house for all these topics that come up almost simultaneously.
    Ridding us of the cesspool. Elanna describes it beautifully.

  17. Consider the idea of putting power into the hands of the victim, rather than the state. Many of the perpetrators have money and power so the law doesn’t matter. Exposure is something some can’t afford. My effort is to put the tools into the victims hands to expose the customer, or possibly mussel them with a dead-man-switch.
    The idea is presented with: “Modern day slavery – from cocoa to sex – offering a fighting chance for some”
    Allies are needed. Any takers?

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