Interview 1869 – The Flour Massacre and the Gaza Holocaust (NWNW 547)

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Flour Massacre – Lifesaving Aid Becomes Deadly Struggle In Gaza

Gaza Doctor Says Gunfire Accounted For 80% Of Wounds At His Hospital From Aid Convoy Bloodshed

U.N., EU Call for Probe Into Killings of Palestinians Awaiting Aid In Gaza

US Blocks Algeria Condemnation Of Gaza Aid Massacre At UN

Forensic Investigation Reveals Israel Lied To ICJ & The “Flour Massacre” Exposes Starvation Campaign

The Flour Massacre Setup/False Flag Attempt Exposed

Israel Attacks More Aid Convoys Even After Multiple Investigations Expose Flour Massacre Was A Setup

As Gaza’s Hunger Crisis Worsens, Emaciated Children At Hospitals

Hungry Children Are Dying In Gaza As Israel’s Chokehold On Aid Drives Territory Toward Starvation

Gaza’s Starving Children Need “Flood” Of Aid: UN

Scoop: U.S. Wants Israeli Written Assurances On Using U.S. Weapons In Gaza By Mid-March

#MorningMonarchy: Netanyahu Repeatedly Ignored, Frustrated Attempts To Disrupt Hamas Finances

Story #2: Musk Says Biden Flying 320K “Unvetted” Migrants Into US Sets Stage “For Something Far Worse Than 9/11”

Musk Says “Worse Than 9/11” After Biden Admits Flying In 320K Nat’l Security “Vulnerabilities”

FOIA: Biden Has Secretly Let 221,456 Migrants Fly Into The US In Past Year (Sep. 21, 2023)

Shocking 3.8 Million Migrants Have Entered US Since Biden Took Office (Sep. 21, 2023)

#MorningMonarchy: AG Merrick Garland Calls Voter ID Laws “Unnecessary”

The “Vetting” of Migrants At The Border Shouldn’t Make You Feel Safe

Don’t Worry! The Border Problem Is About to Be Solved!

Story #3: World’s Leading Authority On “Gender Affirming Care” Revealed To Be Unscientific, Unethical

The WPATH Files – Environmental Progress


Doritos Fires “Trans Activist” After Being Alerted To Sick Tweets

Video: Doritos Deleted Video Of “Samantha Hudson”

Kellogg, PepsiCo Urging Gen Z To Eat Doritos And Cereal For Dinner

Video: Kellogg’s CEO Says Cereal For Dinner Is “On Trend Now”

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  1. I don’t know if it was the a rumble or bitchute link that was playing at first or something but I got a movie trailer ad for “Cabrini” the first time I went to watch this episode on the website here.

    Upon investigating the nature of the film, I immediately thought of Corbett Report member “CRM114″‘s comment on the 7th Annual Fake News Awards regarding how Dr. Cornelius Rhoads regards Italian Americans.

    It looks like the bug is fixed now as I re-loaded the page and no more advertisement showing up before the NWNW video plays.

  2. In Israel there are:
    *Hebrews (Race)
    *Jews (Religion, not a blood line, Sammy Davis Jr. was a “Jew”)
    *Zionists (Political movement with anyone who wants to be as members)
    [“I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist,” Joe Biden said in April 2007, soon before he was chosen to be Barack Obama’s running mate in the 2008 elections.]
    *And finally, the Sabatian Frankist/Zionists (a true major evil of the world since before the founding of our nation,) who were behind the stealing of the Palestinian land to create Israel.

    A 200 year old group who hold no allegiance to any faith, political party, nation, etc. The true “hidden hand.” They work on theme of “donma” (to turn) meaning they are chameleon like in their conquests. Pretend to be Jew, Catholic, German, American, etc. to hold positions of power and authority to push their agenda.

    Most “Israelis” are Ashkanzi – Khazarian from the Black and Caspian seas area, a people of Mongolian, Bulgar, Iranian, Turkish, and other mixed heritage who originally comprised the Khazarian Empire. Originally kicked out of more than 100 countries.

    The Kasarian empire eventually broke up and they fled into Europe forming some of the more prominent modern day Jews. They have/had no connection what so ever to Palestine. They decided to get a foothold in the oil rich Middle East but had no real claim to the land. Using logic that they were “Jewish” and the biblical god promised them a homeland in the Middle East they acted on that lie.

    Sabatian Frankist, (and member of the “Round Table” Lord Rothschild of the Khazarian “Jews,” then head of the bank of England, “wrote” (to establish legal steps) Alfred Balfour, the British Prime Minister, (Fellow “Round Table” member) assuring him aid assistance, and funding in WWI if England would guarantee them a homeland in the Middle East.

    England agreed (already set up) even though the Khazarians had no legitimate claim to anything in the Middle East. That is Israel’s justification for their madness. The Palestinians, the true “Semites” of the area were invaded, murdered, and are now in the world’s largest prison, all based on lies of the sociopathic SF/Zionist Israeli’s.

    AGAIN…these are not truly “religious” people, Jews, they are imposters whose goal is world domination

    WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

    • I think Dr EM Jones has a better definition of ‘jew’, the people who are described in the bible as being enemies of all mankind (1st thess 2:15) , as people who have rejected the plan of God and thus run about trying to upset the natural order of nature and ‘become a revolutionary”.

      While ashkenazi jews (who are mostly descended from Turkic Khazars who converted to Judaism) are are the most visible actors in such things as promoting abortion, bolshevism, porn, culture rot and of late Trans-ing kids (as Scott Howard shows in “trans Industrial Complex” in painful detail) plenty of people have taken up the same way of thinking….. best book on it is EM Jones 3 volume “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’

      • >>I think Dr EM Jones has a better definition of ‘jew’,>>
        “ I like Dr EM Jone’s definition of a ‘jew”
        [Less lecture like and more owning an opinion]

        >>the people who are described in the bible…>>
        I am not religious, don’t believe in myths just historical facts I can cut and paste from my folders.

        >>While ashkenazi jews (who are mostly descended from Turkic Khazars…>>
        Apparently you didn’t read or retain my historical timeline above??

        >>best book on it is EM Jones 3 volume “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’>>
        Not sure why so many here need to do “one-upsmanship” and not comment other’s offerings??

        I put up a wealth of information in short order, and also a link to a song and you want to be teacher?? 🙂

        • ej doyle
          “…“ I like Dr EM Jone’s definition of a ‘jew”
          [Less lecture like and more owning an opinion]…”

          Well… what I was saying is that in my opinion his definition of a jew is better. Obviously its an opinion, I was just explaining why I thought it was better

          “…I put up a wealth of information in short order, and also a link to a song and you want to be teacher??….”

          Not really, just talking about ANOTHER person (actually several) that wrote very detailed books and gave sources rather then made assertions- NOT that making assertions is of itself bad (I often do it to 🙂 ) but its a better way to convince people that your right.

          “…Not sure why so many here need to do “one-upsmanship” and not comment other’s offerings??…”

          Sorry if you felt that- I was hoping to ADD rather then diminish what you posted. I WILL, however, say that reading EM Jones 3 volume “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” would do masses more to educate a person about how the modern world has been shaped into what it is then reading your comment or listening to you music will.

          Thats not a reflection on you as much as making the point that hanging out on the net and reading comments or even watching videos is not a real substitute for directed reading on a subject- Mr Corbett has a mass of books on his shelf to prove that.

          • >>Well…I was saying…my opinion his definition of a jew is better.>>

            Not what but HOW you said it. Internet anonymity/behavior has developed a lack of courtesy regard for others.

            >>…just talking about ANOTHER person…but its a better way to convince people that your right.>>

            My point, you are not RIGHT you are just putting out an opinion with a NEED to be right, do you get that?? I posted ‘facts’ and a link, you pushed your opinions.

            >>Sorry if you felt that- I was hoping to ADD rather then diminish what you posted.>>

            Not really, you wanted to “convince people that you are right.” You made no conversational reference to what I wrote other than put it down as not being as good as yours.

            >>…reading… would do masses more to educate a person…then reading your comment or listening to you music will.>>

            Could you be more arrogant or foolish. This is a comment box, brevity of thought is important, not a Jewish history course. Furthermore, being unable to ascertain anything from my comment and obviously have not listened to my Brain Food music your ‘opinion’ means little to me now.

            >>Thats not a reflection on you>>

            Of course it is. Your need of being right matches so many on the web. Rather then posting facts it is seeking attention. Like the behavior of folks who find it necessary to put multiple posts on one article. 🙂

            • ej doyle
              “…. I posted ‘facts’ and a link, you pushed your opinions….”

              Your link was to your song. Your facts were not linked to any source.

              “…. wanted to “convince people that you are right….. put it down as not being as good as yours.”……”

              I, as in ME, am not claiming to be the source of any idea – just talking about the work of of EM Jones and Scott Howard.

              ‘….. This is a comment box, brevity of thought is important, not a Jewish history course. ……”

              YES- that is what I said, and WHY I said that people can only get so far with comments and videos and such and they are NO SUBSTITUTE for well done books.

              We are in agreement as far as I can see.

              “…… not listened to my Brain Food music your ‘opinion’ means little to me now….”

              Music can indeed be brain food….sadly I’m allergic to some kinds of food

              “……. Like the behavior of folks who find it necessary to put multiple posts on one article. 🙂….”

              Or to post multiple links to the same masterpieces of sound…. as to being ‘right’ no one is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ because others agree or disagree with them.

  3. The Wpath and COVID rMNA vaccine programs seem very similar in all categories of ethical applications.
    What’s changed? I have lived long enough to remember people who spoke out and mobilized against such egregious violations of human rights.
    That doesn’t seem to be a part of medicine anymore .

    • Hats off to Broc West. When Pilato said censored broadcast I couldn’t help but think Brocast. Broc puts it where the rubber meets the road for our traveling pleasure and safety.

  4. Chutzpah? Or beyond criminality? The Israelis are holding real estate events in Canada and Teaneck, NJ if you like to get in on the ground floor of the next round of settlements in Gaza:

  5. I wonder what RFK Jr. has to say about it now, the Gaza holocaust? And how about the Zionist Christians? Or, are most Christians Zionists by definition? I suppose some human beings matter more than others because some “sacred” book says so. Absolutely disgusting makes me sick.

    • Sorry, don’t mean to sound offensive to all Christians. Some who claim that religion aren’t zealots praying for the apocalypse and praising the state of Israel for starving and killing children, but many evangelical Christians in particular do do just that. They want the end of the world, fire and brimstone. And I think they are nuts, “bat shit” crazy precisely. The evil monsters are the psychopaths who are doing it. Also, many Jews do hate the Arabs. They were taught to hate gentiles. It’s in the religion and culture some.

      Israel Shahak (and Israeli Jew) wrote about this phenomenon in the religion and I’ll post a link to the archive for anyone who’s interested in reading:

      This isn’t meant to incite hate against Jews in general because many don’t even know about this or are secular and not racists and actually are protesting against the massacres. But it is background to understand why people can turn a blind eye. If people think that they are more worthy, or “chosen” they may start to believe that other human beings don’t matter. That “God” is okay with whatever they do.

      I don’t really care for any of the Abrahamic religions, none of them appeal to me. Maybe a few nuggets here and there, but overall, they are a “turn off” mentally and spiritually.

      I’m just sharing thoughts that came up, not seeking to offend people in particular. Anyway, at least we all have food and shelter and aren’t enduring the pain of starvation. I would hate to know what that is like and I hope I never do.

      • I have a close relative who is a Christian Minister (Phd & Exec Dir) who travels internationally. About a month or so ago he was again in Vietnam, Cambodia, India and South America.

        In the past, he has organized group church tours to Israel. He knows about the plight of the Palestinians and injustice that occurs over there.

        It is somewhat reassuring that despite the Mainstream propaganda narrative, he communicates to others what they are not being told.

    • “I suppose some human beings matter more than others because some “sacred” book says so.”

      Have you read the Bible? It actually says the opposite of that.

      • I’ve read enough bible, but here’s a quick link

        Deuteronomy 7.

        There’s a ton of bible passages about a brutal, barbaric God who destroys the enemies of the “chosen people” in the OT.

        But some say oh, but the NT weaves that together but it’s there too, the hate and contradiction.

        IMO, the book was written by scribes as a propaganda piece, probably how many religious text were changed to keep people following orders of the kings.

        I’m not saying there aren’t sacred things in it, or to debate the existence of Jesus or anything like that, but that we’ll never know because the book is so blatantly contradictory and clearly a blueprint for the modern state of Israel.

        The Zionist founders said this very thing. And some Christians who can’t questions their own beliefs refuse to consider it. This inflexibility of mind is surprising to me.

        • When I say “chosen people” I’m not specifically meaning Jews, but whoever is supposed to get saved according to the story.

          “The unbeliever” heathen will be cast into hell irrespective of their deeds in the Christian faith.

          I asked my husband who’s technically an Orthodox Christian which is very different from Evangelical Christianity and he said they probably have that idea in there too. We must all believe and accept the lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior or we are all dammed no?

          This idea that there is a fundamental difference in worth and value is a moral error.

          If I offended you, it was not my intent. I’m just another heathen on the internet after all.

        • I get your point. The Bible isn’t always easy to interpret. That is certainly true. I suppose that’s why people have devoted their lives to the study of it for thousands of years.
          But there are some things that are so clear that the point is hard to miss.

          Acts 10:34
          Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

          Romans 2:11
          For there is no respect of persons with God.

          James 2:9
          But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.

          Ephesians 6:9
          And, ye masters, do the same things unto them, forbearing threatening: knowing that your Master also is in heaven; neither is there respect of persons with him.

          (Just a sampling)

          There are lots of instances in the Bible where God judges His enemies and even His own “chosen” people when they did things that warranted it. Like commit evil and break the Law and especially worship other gods. Just as man has always done and still does. But its pretty hard to make the case that God thinks that some people are better than others. Or that He condones it when man does it.

          • I’m glad you have a positive interpretation and your faith brings you joy and happiness.

            There are many Christians who actually seem glad that Israel is starving the Palestinians, that it is prophecy and we are closer to the “end times” or return of the messiah. They want to usher in the end.

            It sounds like this is not the case with you.

            People who can actually see a starving child and be happy about that is deeply disturbing. To me it does not matter what race a child is, to desire an innocent person to suffer is evil.

            • “There are many Christians who actually seem glad that Israel is starving the Palestinians, that it is prophecy and we are closer to the “end times” or return of the messiah. They want to usher in the end.”

              There are many people who claim to be Christian but may not actually be.
              But granted, there are probably more evangelical zionists than Jewish ones.
              It just goes to prove that people are really easy to lead astray when they are content to remain willfully ignorant.
              Whether you are talking religion or politics.

              • “The Most Dangerous Superstition” (by Larken Rose) explains the political paradigm “We the People” suffer under, namely, the initiation of deadly threats, fraud, i.e., law. This “inconvenient truth” goes unmentioned in MSM. It is defended as “a necessary evil” that must be our fate, to avoid chaos. Why? How? No answer is given, or possible. 1. We suffer chaos now, under the oppression of “the law”, the use of force, NOT reason, rights, personal self-governance. 2. The consensus may agree to be ruled by force, but the majority can’t force their decision on all, MORALLY. It’s a personal choice to submit to tyranny. It can’t be moral to use deadly threats, EVER, under any circumstances. Those who value freedom over a false sense of security may chose to live in a society where we cooperate voluntarily, e.g., as we do in the private sector. This works well there, why not in the public sector? No authoritarian has ever justified their violence, but will say, “the law is the law”, nothing more, implying that they don’t have to justify violence, just threaten it. Do you agree? No? Then why put up with it?

        • You wrote;

          “IMO, the book was written by scribes as a propaganda piece, probably how many religious text were changed to keep people following orders of the kings.”

          You say; “Sorry, don’t mean to sound offensive to all Christians.”

          Obviously you are aware that what you write will be offensive to Christians but you write it anyway.
          Your Oppinion of the Scriptures that are very special and important to God’s people is apparently based upon just that. An opinion. There is a very distinct reason why the writers of especially the Old Testament are refered to as Prophets.
          If you have any understanding of the definition of the word Prophet you would, or should realize that almost all of their writings are Prophesy. But it is obvious that you think only in physical terms and cannot relate to anything Spiritual regarding what is written. To you it is all just so much history. And that is based strictly upon which “book” you buy.
          I cannot and will not say that you are this or that when it comes to whom you currently belong to, but the day will come when you will no longer have any doubts about it. Christians are advised to “Try the spirits…”.
          But then there are Christians and those who say they are Christians.

          Try reading carefully what ejdoyle has written above and you may get a little insight into what is going on in this world. He is spot on when it comes to who’s who regarding the subject of Israel.

          I will give you one clue as to why that small piece of rock and sand is drawing so much attention. The true Israel of God is not some physical bit of ground. The Promised Land is not Physical. Until you know this, you will never understand what is happening, especially in the middle-east.


          • “….The consensus may agree to be ruled by force, but the majority can’t force their decision on all, MORALLY….”

            What is the source of morality?

            Why is it more or less ‘moral’ to feed the hungry or to enslave people?

            The only source for morality that is more then “I like that better” is external to humankind- in other words religious.

            And religion, being based in reality, understands the simple reality that Larkin Rose appears not to- men will always be ruled because its the nature of man to require it.

        • Cu.h.j
          The Passage your citing is about exterminating people who BURNED BABIES ALIVE to placate idols……… they were given generations to change their ways and the Israelites did NOT get the land until their evil was too much for God to allow

          He told Abraham at Gen 15:16
          “….After four generations your descendants will return here to this land, for the sins of the Amorites do not yet warrant their destruction.”….”

          and God warned the people who destroyed those tribes NOT TO DO THE SAME THINGS OR THEY TOO WOULD BE DESTROYED….. the promise of the land was tied to rejecting the evil of the former inhabitants and lists SOME of the things they got up to before warning the new inhabitants to never do them

          Lev 18: 3

          The child sacrificeing religion of the people exterminated was somewhat close to that of Carthage here is an article on them

          I will post a cool old doc on it in next post

    • This video explains one reason evangelicals tend to be mindless zionists.
      Short version, When the zionist movement started in the mid 1800s they knew they would need christian support. They went to the vatican, not interested. So, they went to the American protestants and found a sketchy dude named Scofield. Who created a study bible that said the jews had to be in israel to fufill the prophecies. Bad theology gets people killed.

      • “…. Bad theology gets people killed…”

        Very true! But Worse, it can get people damned.

        Christianity, as outlined in the Bible, does not hold ANY special regard for people who practice the religion based on the Babylonian Talmud which was assembled long after the Bible.

        Christians have often persecuted jews, sometimes for political reasons (such as jews siding with muslims against them) or for religious ones such as the Talmud teaches such vile and disgusting blasphemies against Jesus

    • Church-going Christians are bombarded with agency propaganda from the inside. None of them understand the origin of the Israeli state or the Crown Bank’s desire for a foothold in the Middle East. You could explain to them about the Balfour Declaration and Mandatory Palestine, and they still wouldn’t understand. They’ve got agents dictating to them how bad Islam is, and how they’ve got to fight this evil Islamic scourge. These agents misinterpret scripture and point to Islam instead of the Vatican and Crown Temple Bank. The Christians in church cannot comprehend that the Crown Bank is doing this and that Hamas is just a function of Mossad (or that the entire intelligence apparatus are Templars…criminal agents ritually initiated and sworn to secrecy like any street gang). They believe that modern Jews are the descendants of the Hebrews. They are so upside-down that they are never going to get right.

      • “ Church-going Christians are bombarded with agency propaganda from the inside. ”

        You’re absolutely right that in many local churches people are going to hear propaganda. Probably most of them.
        You’re also going to hear the Scripture being used as a tool to support unbiblical conclusions.
        You’re going to hear half truths and even outright perversions of reality.
        Pretty much exactly like everyone else in the world is bombarded and inundated with propaganda promulgated by miscreants in their daily lives.

        I’m writing this because of what I perceive as a unfortunate but persistent tendency of many to generalize about whatever group of fellow humans they are seeking to find fault with.
        Whether it is “Christians”, or “Jews” or secular “Boomers” they are usually considered as a blob, a unit.

        The labels themselves are often meaningless anyway. What is a Christian? I’m pretty sure that there are a whole lot of varied definitions of that word depending on who you ask.

        If I were to guess, I would bet that the actual proportion of awake and aware truth seekers in modern churches is probably very nearly the same as in the general population. Maybe slightly higher.
        There are actually many professing Christians and Christian pastors.
        But for some mysterious reason they don’t seem to get a lot of attention. Or else they are called anti Semitic and ridiculed.
        I stood out in the parking lot talking, or perhaps more accurately, debating with a fellow church goer after Wednesday’s night’s Bible study for over a half hour. And wouldn’t you know it, but I was eventually told that the only way he would ever seriously consider what I had to say about Gaza, 911, the scamdemic, or even the idea that our government regularly lies to us via corporate media propaganda would be if I were committed enough to my position to renounce my citizenship and leave the country.
        Point being, there are really stupid people in every social group and organization.
        But there also are some who might understand more than you give them credit for and perhaps they shouldn’t be discouraged by lumping them into a big normie basket of the willfully ignorant and stupid.

  6. Thanks for the reporting on the situation over in the holy lands guys, it is not pretty but I see your choice to honestly bear witness to what is happening there with an open heart as honoring those who are losing their lives.

    Very disturbing indeed.

    I also appreciate the intel you guys shared on all that weird gender mutilation stuff and crazy drugs they are pushing on the kids.

    It must not be easy to be a discerning and ethical parent with children in public schools right now.

    Stay strong, be courageous and thank you to all those out there who are protecting those that cannot protect themselves!


    “It’s a sad state of affairs. Take care of yourself and guard your humanity closely.”

    — Riley Waggaman

    • Meanwhile, on the otherside of the continent, the age old racket of war (sorry I mean the special military racketeering operation) rages on:

      𝐓𝐰𝐨 𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐍𝐨𝐭-𝐖𝐚𝐫: 𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝

      “But the YouTube Algorithm says it is good”

      “Edward Slavsquat is an outcome-focused blog and according to my calculations, the outcome of the Not-War is leaning towards “unfavorable” for all not-oligarch Russians, Ukrainians, Americans, Germans, Brits, Frenchies, Canadians, Poles, Eskimos, and all the rest of you weirdos.”

  7. The Palestinian holocaust and situation…
    …I am so deeply disturbed emotionally…I can’t communicate it…
    …and mixed in are all these other situations where humanity and well-being are deliberately being destroyed.

    Another troubling cloud in my head is that many people who say that the Pandemic woke them up — it didn’t. They still trust authoritarians and the “conventional sheeple ways”.

    I am saddened and disappointed. Major.

    I look forward to some garden therapy this weekend.

    • @HRS

      I can relate and have observed similar, thanks for speaking from the heart.

      May the bulging buds, crisp spring air and sprouting seeds remind you of the potential for renewal, regeneration and new life to take hold if we nurture it.

      May the resulting flowers, the bees that visit them and the crops you harvest ignite and fan the spark within you to burn brightly in alignment with the resplendent and irrepressible spark and beauty of the more than human world.

      May the garden you tend outside, also sow seeds in the garden of the heart and mind and may both serve to provide food and medicine for the body and the soul.

      So it is, and so it shall be.

  8. “Divided Again”

    As More Begin To Wake Up, Here’s the Next Setup
    Next Crisis, Global War Tachyphylaxis!
    Middle East Nerve, Off the Free Speech Path We Swerve
    Propaganda Thick, Division Makes Me Sick
    Problems Systematic, Called “Anti Semitic”
    This Sucks For You and Me, Here Comes World War Three
    Shame On Those Who Bring Us Here, Devil It’s Clear
    You See We’re Being Played, Sponsored Zion Raid
    Solution There Is, Perverse Incentives Fizz
    Diplomacy Seems Tacit, A Mere Facet
    Of Imaginations’ Plea, Why Can’t We See???

    (Written In the Arabic Masnavi Poetic Form)

    Keep Up The Great Work Fellas!

  9. What would the password be for the WPATH files on Proton Drive?

  10. Daylight Saving Time is the ultimate thing to show the nonsensical value of the governmental acting bodies!

    They can get together to send billions of $ to Ukraine, Israel, & to fund all the policeman of the world activities, but they CAN’T get together to put an end to this anachronistic Daylight Saving Time activity we have to participate in twice a year that costs $0 to do.

  11. RE: Story #2: Musk Says Biden Flying 320K “Unvetted” Migrants Into US Sets Stage “For Something Far Worse Than 9/11”
    FOIA: Biden Has Secretly Let 221,456 Migrants Fly Into The US In Past Year (Sep. 21, 2023)
    Shocking 3.8 Million Migrants Have Entered US Since Biden Took Office (Sep. 21, 2023)

    Wall Street & Jobs Reports

    Wall Street markets (stocks, bonds, et al) hang on the periodic Jobs Reports.
    Just so people know…
    …if the Jobs Reports show more unemployment, likely stocks will cheer! And rally high, because it means that The Fed might cut interest rates which means ‘free’ money for Wall Street.
    [Sidenote: Many stocks and stock indexes have broken all time highs or reached very high levels as the Indexes continue their climb. A dozen companies often carry the whole Index.]

    Always, and I mean always, the Jobs Reports come in often showing a robust employment of workers, and then a month later, the figures get revised down.
    But every month, the news feeds have had headlines about companies laying off workers.
    Many investors are puzzled by all of this. Yet, we know that it is election year.

    Zero Hedge helps to take out some of the mystery in the Jobs Report…

    Friday March 8, 2024
    Inside The Most Ridiculous Jobs Report In Recent History: Record 1.2 Million Immigrant Jobs Added In One Month

    Last month we though that the January jobs report was the “most ridiculous in recent history” but, boy, were we wrong because this morning the Biden department of goalseeked propaganda (aka BLS – Bureau of Labor Statistics) published the February jobs report, and holy crap was that something else. Even Goebbels would blush.

    What happened? Let’s take a closer look.
    On the surface, it was (almost) another blockbuster jobs report, certainly one which nobody expected…

    … what we find is that in February, the number of native-born workers tumbled again, sliding by a massive 560K to just 129.807 million. Add to this the December data, and we get a near-record 2.4 million plunge in native-born workers in just the past 3 months (only the covid crash was worse)!

    The offset? A record 1.2 million foreign-born (read immigrants, both legal and illegal but mostly illegal) workers added in February!

    Said otherwise, not only has all job creation in the past 6 years has been exclusively for foreign-born workers…
    … but there has been zero job-creation for native born workers since June 2018!….

    [GRAPH of monthly illegal border crossings in the southwest]

    • RE: Story #2: Musk Says Biden Flying 320K “Unvetted” Migrants Into US Sets Stage “For Something Far Worse Than 9/11”

      Tidbit: Lee Hamilton of 9/11 fame
      In 2009, I went to see Lee Hamilton speak at the University of North Texas (Denton).
      The topic of immigration was not really on the news radar at that time. I was surprised by Lee Hamilton strongly advocating for it.

      More here…

    • I guess new natives starting to feel like the old natives. Maybe time for reservations?

  12. What I got from the Bible: The 10 commandants (not helpful hints, suggestions, recommendations) were laws enforced by an all-powerful being (but not powerful enough to stop evil). The “loving” punishment? Eternal torture, even if the sin was out of ignorance because I wasn’t “saved” (told about the law and accepted it).
    So much to unpack, but that too is forbidden. No thinking, no judgment allowed. Just believe/obey all your life.
    I called that bluff. I think. I can’t help it. I love it. It’s my nature, my humanity. Any “thing” that threatens me, e.g., my life, liberty, property, happiness, real or unreal, is NOT my friend, my lover, my savior. Why do I say that? It’s only logical.

    • So how do you “think” you got here, an why?


    • Voluntaryist
      1) “…. laws enforced by an all-powerful being (but not powerful enough to stop evil)…”

      You do understand that what your saying is that God should have NOT given free will to people then….??? But without freewill people can not love by choice and would be just automatons.

      2)”….The “loving” punishment? Eternal torture, even if the sin was out of ignorance because I wasn’t “saved”…”

      Romans 1: 14 “……..(Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.) 16 This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares…..”

      As to ‘ignorance’ of God thats a weird late stage civilization thing- It takes training to make people who dont believe in a god….. every savage tribe knew.

      Romans 1 :18 “……The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse…..”

      “… NOT my friend,…”

      No, its not. Thats your choice though

      1 Cor 2:14 “….14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned….’

      • I am NOT interpreting, saying what god should have done. I am saying what He did, e.g., create us with free will, then threaten us when we use it in a way He disapproves, using reason, logic. The ancient theologians all agreed that we “know” god, not by reason, but by faith. Moreover, there was “blind faith” and a stronger faith that “saw reason” contradicted belief but chose to believe against reason. This anti-intellectual bias is conscious or unconscious, i.e., openly admitted or done without thinking.
        Religion is an attack on our uniquely human attribute of self-awareness, ego, e.g., love of being.

        • “…..create us with free will, then threaten us when we use it in a way He disapproves,….”

          You may have a legal right to own a firearm…. if you murder people with it you will get punished.
          Same for speech…. you may say what you wish but you can be sued for slander.

          A gift is often given with limits on what one may do with it.

          “…. using reason, logic. ….”

          Reason and Logic are not forbidden to anyone in the Bible. They are also, incidentally, not always the most effective way to navigate life. There is a reason that people have instincts and emotions, for example disgust when we see a human turd keeps us healthier. Reason and logic are rather recent tools of human thinking, useful ones but neither the ONLY one we have nor always the most effective.

          ‘….Religion is an attack on our uniquely human attribute of self-awareness,….”

          Since its human nature to be religious and every healthy human society has had some form of religion, whereas every failing empire has drifted to a greater or lesser extent towards atheism, i think you are not correct.

  13. Well, I guess that it is understandable that the U.S. death merchants felt a little left out of the action by only being able to contribute to the killing indirectly. Sure, providing the tools of destruction and helping to fund their deadly implementation by someone else is somewhat gratifying to godless tyrants and their sycophantic flunkies. But can that compare with doing the deed themselves? With the bonus of being able to humiliate desperate people and insult the intelligence of every critical thinking individual in the world by making a mockery of the very idea of humanitarianism.
    Dropping a pallet of nearly meaningless, but still weighty humanitarian food aid onto the heads of five kids, thereby killing them first hand, will surely bring the sick monsters some “relief”.

    Yay America! (:

    (Hope I didn’t choose the wrong comment section

    Guns don’t kill people. Parachutes do!

  14. Funny how these supposedly religious people committing genocide always find rationales for it. Seems they don’t understand “thou shalt not kill”, thinking it means “thou shalt not kill, unless I don’t like you”.

    • msh6

      It actually says “Thou shalt not MURDER” not “kill”….. there are plenty of Capital crimes listed in the Bible and (as I wrote to Cu.h.j in a comment earlier) the peoples marked for destruction in the old testament burned live babies to placate idols so its kinda hard to feel sorry that they got whacked.
      THAT said, modern jews have no religious mandate to return to the “Holy Land’ or to any special consideration by Christians over other types pagans- jews spent a good deal of money subverting the US Churches to create the idea of “judeo” Christian ideas.

      • Duck

        I see that you are a stickler for correctness when it comes to what Scriptures say. Murder vs. Kill.
        I couldn’t agree more. I have found so many of these “deceptions” in the Scriptures that it’s no wonder the whole world is confused about “who’s who and what’s what”.
        An entire book could probably be written about just this subject but probably few, if any, would read it. Problem is how misleading and dangerous it is when it comes to “who’s who and what’s what” and what one believes about it.
        I think you and I both know that there is a world of difference between Murder and Kill.
        I keep looking for those who “see” things the way I do when it comes to God’s Word. Not trying to justify or brag, but sometimes I think of how Elijah must have felt when he said “…, and I alone am leaft,”. III Kings 19:18 Douay.
        It was a pleasant surprise when I read what you said in your comment above about Ist Thess. regarding the enemies of mankind because that is one of the major deceptions I’m talking about. The KJV uses the word “contrary” where in the Rheims the word is “adversaries”. Quite a difference if accuracy is important.
        Dare I ask, how did you come to use the word enemies regarding that scripture? It is one of the most important things St. Paul ever said especially when you consider who he was talking about.
        What’s also ironic is the fact that in the introduction to the KJV we read “…diligently compared to the original Greek and Hebrew…”. That’s a flat out lie.


        • joebear

          “…Dare I ask, how did you come to use the word enemies regarding that scripture? It is one of the most important things St. Paul ever said especially when you consider who he was talking about…..”

          I think I first read it in EM Jones “Jewish revolutionary Spirit” (there is the old version up on archive . org but the new Three volume set is Worth the Money.

          Either that or I heard him talking about it and went to look it up- the funny thing is that over the last year or two it wont come up all that easily if you just search “Paul Bible enemies of all mankind’ even though the first time i did that search it popped right up first time at Bible gateway…… the internet is getting jankier by the day.

          “….I see that you are a stickler for correctness when it comes to what Scriptures say…..”

          Thanks for your kind words, it always struck me as weird that some people who are Christian often dont know what the basic text said- I had to read it in my own time and feel like I’m missing out on so much still.

          • Duck
            I first learned of EM Jones way back in the early 80″s. Culture Wars was the name. I was very new to the Truth found in Scriptures and had at one time in the 60’s just put it down and took the position that it was so confusing that I would never understand it and so why bother. The one Scripture that I just could not get around was “Ye are of your father the devil,” Jn 8:44. The problem was that I did not understand exactly who Jesus was talking to. I just ass-u-med that His words were for everyone. That’s how little I knew about the Bible. Zero. Zilch. Notta.
            Somewhere not too long after I ran across Jones I was led to a preacher in the Ozarks. He had his own little church. No 501c3 deal.
            Just a man who knew the Truth and was not afraid to speak it to anyone who wanted to hear it.
            The road that led me to that church is a really long and anything but straight path. But I can look back and see it in hind-sight and I know that it was not just dumb luck.
            I used to write some articles titled “The Spiritual Man” based upon St. Paul’s letters to Corinth. That is another one of those things that most people don’t seem to get. That very clear and important comment in the Old Testament that is so often spoken at funerals and goes over most peoples heads. “The spirit returns to God who GAVE it.”
            No-one gets it automatically. It can’t be bought or sold. Begged or borrowed. Some get it and some do not. That’s not our decision to make or to argue with. But you probably can see where that is leading. Key word there is “Chosen”.

            As far as missing out on so, much I think I know exactly where you are coming from. For now it is seen through a glass but later it will be clearly, face to face.


        • That they switched around these two words (mureder, kill) stands as evidence of the long game that is being played here.

          Game of subversion and brainwashing, with the ultimate goal of transforming people into NPCs and programmable drones, standing by for master’s orders.

          • mkey

            I couldn’t agree more. They also switched contrary for adversaries in Thess.

            And there are many many more. Lots in the OT.


        • joebear,

          If you contact me through my website and give me an address, I will send you a book I think you will find very interesting. I, too, am “obsessed” with accurate translations of the Hebrew and Greek texts. It troubles me when people claim “thou shalt not kill.” It shows they either haven’t read or haven’t understood much of the Bible.

          There are indeed lots of mistranslations in English bibles. I used to be KJV only until I discovered 25+ years ago that it wasn’t always accurate and later that it has some serious issues – meanings changed to support the divine right of kings, names changed, transliterations instead of translations to obscure meanings….

  15. RE: Story #3: World’s Leading Authority On “Gender Affirming Care” Revealed To Be Unscientific, Unethical

    I think that microplastics and their adverse health impacts (including estrogen mimic influence) are getting more notice.
    Of course, the Human Species might evolve into hermaphrodites before anything is done.

    Saturday March 9 – Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times – Via Zero Hedge
    Scientists Discover Toxic Microplastics In Every Human Placenta Tested In Study
    Harmful microplastics have been found in human placenta, with some of them known to trigger asthma, damage the liver, cause cancer, and impair reproductive function…
    …microplastics are so small they can cross cell membranes…
    …“It’s only getting worse, and the trajectory is it will double every 10 to 15 years,” he [Matthew Campen, Professor in the UNM Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences] said. “So, even if we were to stop it today, in 2050 there will be three times as much plastic in the background as there is now. And we’re not going to stop it today.”..
    … microplastics resulted in “behavioral changes as well as alterations in immune markers in liver and brain tissues. Additionally, we noted that these changes differed depending on age, indicating a possible age-dependent effect.”…

    Sunday March 10 (TimeChange U.S.) – The Dallas Express – By Michele Greer
    Microplastics Tied to Heart Attacks and More
    …Italian researchers examined the material removed from 257 individuals who had carotid endarterectomy — a procedure that aims to reduce the risk of stroke by removing plaque from the carotid arteries. These are found in the neck and provide critical blood flow to the brain…
    …the research team found “visible, jagged-edged foreign particles” [polyethylene] in the plaque using electron microscopes…
    …Moreover, the study discovered that the participants found with microplastics or nanoplastics in their plaque tissue had around twice the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke, as well as of dying from any cause….

    RE: Story #3: Video: Kellogg’s CEO Says Cereal For Dinner Is “On Trend Now”
    More here…

    “Enjoy Kellogg’s® Cereal for Dinner” – 15 second YouTube ad gets over 100 million views

    ‘Healthy Whey Protein’
    The Fruit Loop Bird and Tony the Tiger want you to enjoy Kellogg’s Six Star Pro Nutrition supplements for healthy athletic ability.

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