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It’s a new year so it’s time to bust out the dinos once again! That’s right, James Corbett will be hosting the 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards this Friday, so Corbett Report members are invited to log in and leave your nominations for worst fake news story of 2019 in the comments section below.

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  1. CBC Canada ran a story saying Iran doesn’t possess the technology to retrieve data from the black boxes.

    Then on the same day visible on the same home page ran a story saying Iran has some of the most highly developed cyber arsenals in the world.

    So Iran can hack the pentagon but cannot download from a hard drive? hmm.

  2. The Australian Fires are caused by CO2 Climate Change…

  3. Four that stood out in 2019:

    – Epstein’s “Suicide”
    – Al-Baghdadi’s “Assassination”
    – Greta Thunberg’s world climate tour
    – Afghanistan Papers

  4. In preparation for the False Stux-flag event and push for the impending Internet ID Act. I watched (Real-time) attack maps when I saw this story and although Texas has data centers, infrastructure & oil they did not seem to be a discernable cyberattack target.
    Texas Govenor Say’s There’s Facing 10,000 cyberattacks per minute.

      • +2

        That one was first class toy dinosaur material. It would be funny as hell, if it didn’t have the desired effect. So many people have the curiosity and attention span of a gnat.

  5. For the category of Scientism (“Science says” doctrine) or Crisis in Science: “Vaccine hesitancy a top ten threat to global health – WHO, Jan 2019”.

    This propaganda was picked-up by all major Western news outlets. Regardless of where you stand vis-a-vis vaccines, the fact a small minority exercises their autonomy in refusing vaccines – they are not an existential threat to global health. This rhetoric joins James’ “Going viral” video but takes a greater step in actually implying that certain individual thoughts / behaviours ARE ACTUAL risks (likened to Dengue) to global health. This is indeed gaslighting as I presume many Corbett readers are well versed in the ‘side-effects’ and cons of many vaccines that include death (see Dr. Peter Abby and Christine Benn work in Africa, their work show 5x greater deaths following adjuvant containing non-live virus DTP vaccine vs. those not given this vaccine – how’s that for global health and he’s the guy that has been running the vaccine program in Guinea-Bissau for 30+ years).

    James count yourself luck in Japan with your two young ones, Japan for some reason is the most ‘vaccine hesitant country’ – meaning they administer far fewer vaccines routinely than other countries and yet enjoysthe lowest infant mortality and life expectancy – what a conundrum. This is a problem for the WHO as it doesn’t match-up with the vaccine propaganda.

  6. The Kentucky gun shoot that was portrayed as war in the M.E. comes to mind but so do a thousand other stories.

    Other than that I recall Trump saying 911 was directed from Afghanistan but maybe that was more than a year ago and they all say that.

  7. I would like to submit MSM’s obvious false portrayal and the alt media’s missed oportunity of a correct portrayal of the Christchurch mosque shootings. I agree with Max Igan’s appraisal of this event.

  8. I’m sure Greta Thunburg is up for nomination on the climate change nonsense but I just wanted to throw a vote towards the flat earthers. Has to be one of the fakest things I’ve heard, although, it may be the furthest thing from news.

    • I prefer flat earthers. At least they are consistent about their claim. The Earth is not flat one day and then round the other. Climate alarmists om the other hand keep moving the goalposts. About the only thing they are consistent on is that it is all your fault, and you need to be punished because of it.

  9. Too Many to list this year, I do not envy James’ task, thinning out the dinosaur herd. Here are my suggestions, in no particular order:

    Jussie Smollett “attack”
    Nick Sandman & the Covington kids
    The Mueller report lead up coverage
    ongoing Russiagate coverage
    Kentucky shooting range footage said to be attack on Syria
    “austere religious scholar” Al Baghdadi article
    Trump impeachment coverage

    Only in government (falsely so called) and media (same) could you be this wrong, this often, and still have a job.

  10. I would like to nominate Dr Karl Kruszelnicki for the fake science journalism category for his article in the state owned Australian Dinosaur media.

    5G radiation health risks have been hyped, but Dr Karl explains why you don’t need to worry.

    In his article he starts off parroting the New York Times claim that concerns people have about 5G are simply Russian Fake news.

    He goes on to try and baffle people with the old “Ionising and non-ionising radiation” argument.

    He also tries to mislead people into believing that 5G concerns are unscientific and that there have been no studies that show 5G causes harm.

    I won’t go into further detail here as Dr Richard Cullen, from ORSAA (Oceania Radio frequency Scientific Advisory Association) has already addressed the disinformation in Dr Karl’s article on a point by point basis.

    For some background on Dr Karl himself…

    His qualifications and background are in Science and he has been science presenter since the early 80s

    At the age of 19 he designed a machine to test the the strength of steel (Just don’t call him on his talk-back program and ask how steel beams can melt in an office fire)

    He has won many prises such as the UNESCO’s 2019 Kalinga Prize, however for his work in shilling for the Telecom industry I think he deserves the more prestigious prise of the 3rd Annual REAL fake news award!

    He is not a one trick pony – he has also shown a lot of dedication in spreading vaccine propaganda. (Despite getting ill from a smallpox vaccination when he was 2 years old!)

    And it goes without saying he has worked tirelessly to forward the cause of Climate Alarmism.

    It would be good to see Australia take out the award this year, after all what other country is prepared to burn themselves to the ground just to win a Climate Fake news award?


    Does the Annual REAL Fake News Award accept bribes like the other awards? I’m sure the government has a budget for it.

  11. I nominate the following for the fake-news award in 2019:

    – The OPCW report on chemical weapons use allegation in Douma in Syria
    – Epstein’s “suicide”
    – Greta Thunberg’s Climate Change tour, or alternatively just the Climate Change coverage
    – Western media reporting on Iran, in particular the coverage of the situation surrounding the events that led to the assassination of Soleimani

  12. What year to choose from; MK Ultra bring confirmed, ufos “existing”, Shadow governments being talked about thanks to Epstein committing suicide (yes sarcasm), GMO not being the best for humans/environment. Royal families abuse of power, facebook power also over extending its reach …. list goes on.

    Its actually been a good year for humans in general I think (probably a reason for the plague starting!), most of the stuff we all probably have been called crazy for thinking about has in some degree or another been confirmed. My friends we are no longer the crazies!

    I’m digressing – My vote is not on a particular single vote but a story theme that has gone on for a very very long time in this area of research and that is – Vaccines. The very heart of cooperate science.

    Any question has been labeled not only crazy but dangerous and counties pushing for forced injections but oh and behold a video has come out with the WHO stating that they are not 100% safe and that there are problems.

    • I join MaryD, justine.k and summon in pointing out the ramped-up fakery of vaccine propaganda, with its fake settled science and its fake safety and its fake effectiveness and its fake charges of vaccine-hesitant parents being global health threats.

      Those are just a few of the lies being told to poor parents who are afraid for their children’s health and are conditioned to believe whatever medical professionals and regulatory agencies tell them.

      Ever heard of a parentectomy?

      I hadn’t, ’til I read this the other day:

      • Thanks CQ for bringing the term “parentectomy” to us readers. I read the newsletter you linked to. Tears well up when I think about the direction we are headed in with undermining parental authority & rights. The article also brings attention to enacted or pending legislation of “mature minors”, where a child deemed capable of understanding the “risk & benefits” can decide certain medical procedures without parental consent, this is another run-around parents involvement.

      • Thanks for sharing the info and advice on the refusal to vaccinate form, MaryD. I’d never heard of it.

        The Bible verse about being wise as serpents and harmless as doves keeps coming to mind.

        Which in turn reminds me of medicine’s symbol of the serpent wrapped around the rod. A search for the mythological origins of that symbol brought me here, where I learned that one of Ascelapius’ five daughters was named “Panacea”: Well, we can hardly call vaccines a “universal remedy” — unless we’re eugenicists, that is.

  13. The Vaccine Story that appears in the MSM daily.
    This guy needs a platform in the Senate to pound the Not So Obvious Establishment into the ground.

    Fake problems = Fake solution = fake health services. 1 hour long but dynamite at 49 mins… Truth bombs away.

    • He explains this issue really well!

      • He does indeed, summon.

        Thanks for the great find, GBW.

        I’m ashamed to admit I’d been looking up to Del and Bobby a bit too reverentially. Shiva’s wisdom, based on experiences he has had with HighWire and Children’s Health Defense, has knocked some sense into me. I can spot controlled opposition on other issues (i.e., on 9/11) but never imagined it could infect the anti-vaccine-mandate movement. Reminder to self: Question motives — always!

        • CQ, summon, I hope he is all that he claims to be and authentic. There is real potential for a great story here with so many angles. One angle , that might entice an interview with the Corbett Report is his decentralized leanings. How far do they go? From your neck of the woods, an interview he gave when he first attempted to run against Eliz.Warren. from the Cape Cod Times.

          It would be fun to look back and see if after being interviewed how he turns out. How the story goes. Deep plant or courageous closet voluntarism/ political anarchist

  14. Didn`t get to read through all the comments.
    What also stuck out for me in 2019 were the two (false flag) Gulf of Oman incidents, which were blamed on Iran.

  15. In my opinion the fake news that was deliberately spread as a smear by CNN about Julian Assange in 2019 after he had been dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy deserves mention as for me it demonstrated the collaboration of the MSM in the inhumanity and injustice that was already being inflicted on him.

  16. I would like to toot out my nominee for the best smelly fake news story of 2019…

    From “The Sun” (UK) on December 10, 2019 which was picked up by some other newspapers.
    Man whose deadly farts ‘can kill mosquitoes hired to create Mosquito Repellent made from his intestinal gas’”

    Reprint here –

    The odd job man says no one in his home village has ever contracted malaria because his powers knock out insects over a six mile radius.

    If true, that would make his fallout zone larger than that of the atomic bomb which destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

    Local barber James Yoweri said: “He is known all over the city as the man who can kill mosquitoes with his farts.

    “When Joe is around we all know that mosquitoes will vanish.

    “He is respectful of people around him and will only fart when there are mosquitoes around which bring malaria. His farts gets rid of this disease.”

    A Local chief who knew Joe, when he was growing up as a child, said he took him in to live with him during the malaria season and claimed no one nearby caught the disease.

    The chief said: “I heard about Joe’s gift and I took him in to help mop out the mosquitoes infesting our surroundings.

    “He respectfully drops these bloomers and it helped eradicate the insects. He does his thing and they drop – like flies.”….

    • UPDATE
      December 16, 2019 and again January 9, 2020 from “The Sun” by Colin Maximin

      GONE WITH THE WIND Correction: Mosquito repellent

      On 10 December we published an article headlined “GONE WITH THE WIND Man whose deadly farts ‘can kill mosquitoes hired to create Mosquito Repellent made from his intestinal gas’”.

      We now understand that the story originated on a news parody website. Mosquito repellant companies have not expressed interest in working with a man whose flatulence can kill mosquitoes.

      We are happy to set the record straight.

      • The original “news parody website” which The Sun refers to seems to be this one…

        A few of its headlined stories include:

        Male birth control testing has been halted in India after 30 test subjects t_______s exploded during sexual intercourse.


        Bee sting to the p____ can permanently enlarge it
        John says his volunteers are all happy. “Only one African volunteer is having a hard time because his girl is now scared of his much bigger….

  17. Last year’s fake news is dominated by topics that are NOT reported on.

    1. Truth about the Douma attack.
    RonPaul –

    2. One full year of yellow-vest Protests.
    Protesting against climate-change-policies that are hurting small
    companies and people.

    3. Julian Assange
    Arrested for no legal reasons at all

    4. Cold climate and Solar particle forcing
    We now know that waves hot particles from the sun can raise the temperature for weeks,
    because climate science is still progressing.
    Instead the media focuses mainly on hot areas and disasters.
    The UN gives “climate migrants” a free pass.
    And technocrats write articles about “how is it possible that we still have to discuss climate change”, pretending that it is settled.

    5. Ongoing bombing of “Iranian targets” by Israel
    And sending christmas rockets to Syria every year

    6. Biden’s and Hillary’s complete corrupt politics

    7. The financial problems caused by Federal bank and EU bank.

    8. Problems with migrants, like those rape gangs. Or talking about mass immigration.
    See Tommy Robinson.

    9. Violence by Ultra left Antifa .
    Planned violence on certain demonstrations to make opponents seem violent.
    This is just fascism with fake name.

    10. Censorship by google and many others
    Google= mafia?

    11. All other pedophiles besides Epstein that still have a lot of power
    And Epstein’s Mossad / blackmail connection.
    Like Biden

  18. It’s gotta be Greta! (Although the Epstein “suicide” is right up there as well.

  19. I nominate fake subject matter: matter that doesn’t matter chosen to divert attention from matter that does matter. Sky News likes to get them young with their FYI (For Your Information) programming of/for children. They have a group of kids hanging out together discussing worldly events with the help of teleprompters (as normal children do in real life). The ubiquitous global warming is, of course, treated as a given – given that Greta is keynote speaker at Davos this year.

    You’ll see their most recent Fake News segments (starting at 4:40… then 14:39) in the video: In this episode, it seems that practical joking is a form of fake news. The children have to guess which “news” is fake and which is true. I suggest that the most fake thing about much of today’s content is that it’s used to bury news. Why would a child interested in the truth about psychopathic koalas not take an interest in the truth about how money is created?

  20. The Closing by The Intercept of the “Snowden Archive” due to ‘lack of funds’ is a pretty amazing, given the amount of funds were reported that Omidiyar was said to have seeded the company with and how its just such been so obviously a psyop. And yet, a lot of independent media (for ex: -but Im sure there are many.

    Im reminded of the Toynbee quote: “If you can get them asking the wrong questions, you dont have to worry about the answers”. Its like we are so desperate for heroes that many people will accept an Assange and Snowden, despite the attacks by the former, and denial of by the latter, re 911 Truth, -Its only the watershed event of our time that continues to shape our world, for the worse. Why would they lie? Its been said, the best disinformation is 90% true.

  21. Late January 2020
    Vaccines – Coronavirus – Agendas
    Will this be a “crisis not going to waste”?

    There were some fantastic posts about vaccines on this “Announcement for the 3rd Annual Real Fake News Awards” Thread.

    With this recent news about the Coronavirus, I am pondering the many ways that different Powers will take advantage of it.
    Certainly, Big Pharma will capitalize on it.

    But, I am also afraid that governments and institutions are really going to attempt “power plays” and “authoritarian control factors” if the coronavirus is made into a crisis.

    Just one example of many:
    If the economy goes south or has a huge hiccup, then it becomes easy to blame it on the Coronavirus Crisis.
    Central Bankers or heads of state will point the finger to the virus crisis.

    • Homey a strange Ad came up on my screen this morning. It was an info- mercurial for pushing ” universal background checks”. A very Texas looking couple( older) encouraging the listener to contact your Senator to pass the ” universal background check” law. I thought of travel ban, China and virus and of course a vaccine forced on millions of travelers.

  22. Alex its time for a metaphor bomb. Perceptive yes you know.. However if ( and here it comes) we all drink from the same well ( internet traffic control. Now in China) That can be a point of departure… Is it physically possiblue ? I’d say so from talking to coders trying to escape poverty here by joining Uncle Sugars enforcement arm. They were clearly plugged in but with a healthy case of awareness of their purpose . The military psychics these kids pretty hard with the promise of money, and all the benefits if they survive it. When I tried to talk them out of going and working for Murder Inc., and going to one of the 130 foreign bases for racketeering enforcement, the youths said they Knew what they were doing. The Youth! God help ’em. What do you say when a $ 120k job not good enough.

    • Alex , there must be a vaccine for Metaphor Contagions.
      Ok ok I got a existential question for ya. Metaphysically you are just a frequency . Why wouldn’t you be influenced at a distance living on an electro mechanical magnet?. We all should be able to know (connect with) everyone’s frequency;All Bio-electrical living organisms. I would say ( simple minded ) that the metaphor is an easy way of going around languages control mechanisms. Obfuscating reality.
      Which brings up existential question 2. ;
      As the existence of a false reality is obfuscated by language and visual control mechanisms. A metaphor reveals to us our power of observation in a more metaphysical manner than a sensory manner. Dint you think?

      • Woah!

        If I may cut in here for a sec, that post above, alexandre, is a real doozy!

        Beautifully written!

        Btw, I’ve got a post awaiting moderation for you in the “Going Viral” comment section.

        Now, let me see if I did the bold italics correctly. And if I did, I’ll return to explain how to do it.

        • This is how you do it:

          You have to bracket the i for italic and the b for bold, separately. Leave no space between the bracket and the copy and also leave no space between the i and b brackets. Similarly, leave no space at the end of your copy and the ending bracket. The ending bracket has a forward slash in front of either letter within the ending bracket.

          It’s really that simple. But, the error I sometimes make is not noticing I’ve got a space somewhere. For instance, there should be no space between the forward slash and the letter within the brackets, and no space between bracket and letter. There’s no space between bracket and the forward slash…. Basically, there’s no spaces anywhere. It’s an error, though, that I don’t always notice.

          Have fun!

          Oh! you did it!

          Ha ha!

          HOT DAMN! 🙂

      • Alex , at the edge of the forest. Im thinking You are more than the sum of your parts. Does entering the forest make the forest devolve? It would if you where not spiritual. The forest evolves because you are spiritual not material. The forest can eat you materially. What does the forest know of spirituality if not by you?
        I may need to better understand primitive and how its used.. But is what I ask above the conundrum you stated? Those girly things that people long ago brought to the forest. The primitives Then;
        When we left the forest it became material and we really started to devolve. Like the British use, devolve into laws destroying our spirituality. Pure propaganda , we just forgot how to connect to the real law of nature through distractions. Budda falls short of the mark and is one of those detractions and devolves into sorrow. Can spirituality be sorrowful?.

        I hope James does not mind all this existential stuff but your pushing new cells into me cabana which helps in the forest of thinking. Thanks Alex. It time to recline.

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