March Open Thread (2024)

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Can you believe it’s March already? I, for one, absolutely and categorically refuse to believe it. But still, the calendar insists otherwise so here we are in the March Open Thread.

What’s on your mind this month?

Are you keeping up with the latest events in Gaza?

Are you interested in talking about Conspiracy Synergy or Anne Can’t Stand It or Prophetic Memetics or any of the other creators on the front lines of the meme wars? Or are you interested in sharing memes of your own (via link to another platform, of course)?

Are you looking to engage other Corbett Report members in a discussion about solutions, or to promote your own solution, organization or event?

Or maybe you just want to go outside, enjoy the fresh spring air and avoid screens for a while, in which case, this thread is not for you!

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  1. For you Champion Peasants…WATCH this elitist give you financial and health advice…

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    September 16, 2022 – By Ben Bartee
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      • Absolutely…”smums”…😰

        Psychology clearly reached levels unknown even to rats…

        One of the good parts with our “fine and developed” west, is the speed they now torture each other to death “for the fun of it” according to what’s left of my former slaughterhouse(very few I hear 😪)…imagine the silence..they could start eating each other…(Not meant for global solutions watch) ..may make the process of eating faster ..😰

        Their last meal could be a digged out un-identified “rubber-clot” from yet another committed “excess death”,covered in dried/frozen human blood or maybe, rat-stew from the cantine within Dublin City Council…seem to be the newest “trend”..

        According to the self proclaimed Danish WEF-“elite”, they probably should have stopped the killings but, as they are just doing it “for the fun of it” then, why not continue..they are after all “simply so happy”…

        Anyway, the sun was shining a few minutes today in Dublin..and very important “big pharma” have glorified days and, Heisenberg from “prominent” and “competent” Google, is in full swing, trying to make yet another nuclear experiment I assume…

        Just going through a few of the details from Northern Europe, made me go and vomit the other day …

        All “for the common good” is what I heard, now being the Catholic “way” – weird so many people are leaving these days.

        Thanks James, for sharing…and, thanks GavinM for your thoughts…

        • @john.c.a.m

          Thanks for sharing that.

          In the part of your article where you said “…while liberals were typically the organic granola-eating Gaia worshippers.” this makes me curious to learn more about your perspective on “Gaia worshippers” in general.

          Firstly, what exactly is “Gaia”?

          Secondly, what is a “Gaia worshipper” exactly?

          And lastly, in your opinion, is being a “Gaia worshipper” a bad (detrimental/harmful) thing? benign? or beneficial?

          Thanks in advance for your time.

          • Hi Gavinm,

            Gaia is a Greek goddess personifying the earth. More or less a “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature” personage.

            So people who worship her are worshipping the land/earth or the energy-intelligence holding nature together.

            Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s good, bad or neutral worshipping nature. It would partly depend on what you call worship, and what aspect of nature you are worshipping (matter, energy, intelligent design?)

            • Hey john.c.a.m,

              Thanks for unpacking what you meant my the term a bit.

              Lets go with defining “worship” in what ever definition of the word and context you intended to use when you used the term in your article.

              So in that case, would you say it is “good”, “bad” or “neutral” for someone to engage in worshipping nature, in your opinion?


              • I don’t think worshipping physical nature is a really good idea. I mean, spend a winter out in the woods without any man-made tools or protection, and all the nature worshipping in the world won’t stop nature from letting you freeze to death or be eaten alive by wild animals.

              • @john.c.a.m

                Thanks for the candid response John.

                “spend a winter out in the woods without any man-made tools or protection, and all the nature worshipping in the world won’t stop nature from letting you freeze to death or be eaten alive by wild animals.”

                That is a fascinating statement, thanks for sharing that.

                Are you aware that all people that would have (and continue to) recognize all aspects of the natural world as sacred, imbued with spirit and being part of God’s design (and thus they saw something like a forest as more worthy of worship than any manmade churches or symbols) would have used “manmade tools” and used them to create protective materials and structures for their bodies and shelter against the elements?

                What exactly is this strange hypothetical you presented supposed to indicate?

                That you see nature as “the enemy”, that is always trying to kill you?

                And are you saying that modernity, technology and separating your life from the natural world as much as possible with walls, and AC controlled vehicles and concrete and glass is a safer path which is more worthy of worship?

                In reality, when one sees the elements and our fellow non-human beings (such as animals, predators or otherwise) that we share this world with as sacred and imbued with the same spark gifted by the Creator that burns within us as humans, one learns to respect those aspects of the natural world, align one’s energy with them and live with reciprocity.

                In today’s world of modern convenience, many have lived unnatural sheltered lives of comfort and no longer take the steps to be capable of living in balance with the real world. In their infantilized state as statist cheerleaders, consumers and technology dependent fearful city dwellers, they would likely starve or freeze to death if the centralized infrastructure was to be crippled, or collapse (which in time, it will).

                Some people see the wisdom of our ancient indigenous ancestors (and we all have them) and we are taking steps to learn to work with our hands to align with the forces of nature, to respect the wild beings, learn from them and achieve a balance. Those who walk such a path would not freeze to death or be eaten by animals if they found themselves in deep wilderness, but rather, would fashion tools with their knowledge, use them to protect themselves against the elements, gather food, cultivate food and flourish.

                The modern idea of “civilization” has brainwashed a great many people into fearing nature and internalizing flimsy and hollow superiority complexes that would swiftly evaporate if the grid were to go down.


                I personally see the wisdom of the those that recognize the existence of a Creator and acknowledge the fact that forests are much more holy than churches as (unlike religious dogmas and institutions) forests are directly created by God.

    • That is some convenient propaganda. My revulsion for it is balanced nicely with the revulsion I experience for cereals themselves.

      One dollar per meal, thats’t what they often tout for poor Africans.

      • I was the same growing up. Couldn’t stand cold cereal. My brother at it every morning, but I refused. Really, medieval peasants had it better with at least hot, freshly ground oats.

    • Hi guys. I would like to say that I find it hard to believe how disconnected people are. After using Facebook as a main social platform, no one noticed them isolate everyone. I myself spent 8 years trying to wake everyone i knew up and getting very little progress. I then had a traumatic relationship and got lost for a few years. Now I’m trying again and it is even harder than before.

      I am 30 and live in the UK. Most of my peers are hard socialist and have no understanding of the information discussed on this site. They have baught the quantum lie and are following new age religion thinking nothing is real and nothing matters. The ones who “research conspiracy info are all lost in acient aliens and that crap. Everyone who isn’t just shouts aliens are coming if I talk about anything.

      How are you guys finding like minded locals to join up with?

      • Noz, One suggestion…

        Just talk to lots of people about anything.
        Ya don’t have to bring up ‘conspiracy realism’ type stuff.
        Ask about people’s interests or their thoughts on something non-hardcore, or make a comment about the weather to start the conversation. Be curious.
        The key point is to go for quantity of people.
        Example: At the checkout line, make a comment about anything (prices or produce) to the person next to you.
        Lots of simple, sometimes brief, conversations. Smile.

        There is no shortage of people. And everyone has their own unique viewpoints.
        Embark on that exploration and adventure. See what you discover.

    • Ha! Many thanks! Didn’t take our psycho rulers long to do a 180′ on the cereal. Anybody recall when FDA said LuckyCharm was worse than crack? Laughable!

  2. I’ve recently been called anti Semitic and was told I was falling for the false doctrine of Replacement Theology because I don’t believe that what is being perpetrated in Gaza by the modern secular state of Israel can be justified. Either biblically or in any other way.
    By a pastor of my church.
    Who knew?

    I kinda miss the old days when I was just accused of being a crazy conspiracy theorist.

    • Out of curiosity, how would you describe or identify your faith? How did you come to the faith?

      • “Out of curiosity, how would you describe or identify your faith? How did you come to the faith?”

        I’ll try to answer your second question first.
        I am convinced that I first came to a believing faith in God at age 12. I found myself in a life threatening situation along with my father and older brother after the sailboat we were on started leaking so badly during a storm that my father had no choice but to run it ashore in a remote marshy area on Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. We abandoned the boat and began making our way to a fishing camp that was on the chart which was the closest place where we could find help.
        After endless hours of wading through marshes and crossing bayou after bayou and having lost my puppy, (the only thing I took from the boat), I was nearly hysterical with fear. My father and brother were both exhausted and seemed to have given up. Night was quickly approaching and we were all very cold.
        We had stopped on the bank of yet another bayou and I remember that I was panicked because it was getting dark and my brother and father were no longer trying to move.
        It was then that dropped to my knees and prayed. I don’t remember what I prayed but when I opened my eyes, directly in front of me in the distance was a light.
        My fear immediately disappeared and I took right off across the final bayou heading straight for the light that wasn’t there a few moments before.
        I ignored the yelling from my father and eventually made my way to the single cabin in the fishing camp that was occupied, (evidently it was the off season).
        When the door was opened to my banging, I was not able to speak from the cold. The people put me into a hot shower for a few minutes, clothes and all and then gave me a “hot toddy”. I was then able to actually tell the people about my father and brother rather than just make wild articulations with my arms.
        The people immediately launched a boat and rescued my family and sheltered us for the night.

        There is nothing that can convince me that what happened that day 66 years ago was anything less than a miracle.
        At that time I didn’t understand anything about Christ but in the years that ensued the knowledge that God exists and that He knows us personally has never left me.
        It wasn’t until many years later when I was facing another, this time marital crisis and my knowledge had increased that I truly trusted in and submitted myself to the savior. When I became “officially” saved I suppose.
        I’ve fallen away and stumbled many times since then but God has a lot of patience and has a way of getting the attention of His prodigal children. This last time through what is likely a terminal illness.
        My faith has grown stronger through spending time reading and studying His Word and the things of this world have “grown strangely dim”.
        I’m looking eagerly forward to going home.

        • BUMP
          – Anecdote in southeast Louisiana

        • @SCAH, Thank you for sharing your testimonies. I had a few similar times when my only hope was the Lord and in desperation, I cried out to him and he immediately answered my prayer. Those are the times where He shows himself strong to those that will call out in faith, without wrath or doubt.
          It wasn’t until I repented to Him, confessed my sins with sorrow and sought mercy through his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, that I became born again.

          I have left the corporations that have the word “church ” in their business name because they are not the churches we read about in God’s words. They are substitute, impostor, mingled congregations of both believers and non-believers. The church that Jesus Christ has built is exclusively people that have found mercy and have been born again, being born of God’s Spirit, having his Holy Spirit in us.

          Those corporations are full of deception and lies. The love of the truth is one of the many character traits of the true believer

          • “The church that Jesus Christ has built is exclusively people that have found mercy and have been born again, being born of God’s Spirit, having his Holy Spirit in us.”

            That is very true. But the sad fact is that there probably isn’t a Christian congregation on earth that is made up entirely of true believers and which is 100% doctrinally sound. At least I’ve never found or even heard of one. And I no longer have the luxury to continue searching for the elusive biblical “Philadelphian Church”.
            And the truth is that even if I found such a perfect church, I’d probably ruin the whole thing by joining. 🙂

            It is possible to be spiritually fed even in a local congregation that is in error about certain doctrinal points. One must diligently study the Word for themselves and be submitted to the Spirit to be sufficiently equipped to discern truth from tradition.
            Its when believers unconditionally trust other men to interpret God’s word that they position themselves to be led astray.

            Just as truth and knowledge can be gleaned from even secular sources, such as the Corbett Report for example. A local fellowship that a Christian may not be in total agreement with on every issue can still provide important spiritual food and support.

            • I get what you’re saying. I was outlining the difference between the real church and the impostor church. The real church is exclusively those that are born again and have His Spirit in us. Reading the scriptures, they are obviously not “prefect” just redeemed and forgiven. They always gathered in homes until the pagan Constantine bribed the Judases and formed the government recognized religious authority of the faith that pertains to the Lord Jesus Christ.

              We should always be growing in the knowledge of the words of God and yes, we are commanded to speak the same thing, to be of the same mind and the same judgment. That only comes with the truth of God’s words and the unity of the Spirit.

              We are warned of the subversions of the faith, and in these last days an effective war against the saints to scatter the power of the holy people.

              The divisions among believers are widely because of lies that they hold on to and refuse to be renewed in mind by the words of God.

              I digress.

              The thing that brought me to James Corbett’s work over a decade ago was his excellent journalistic publications exposing the corruption that really does make up this final global dominion that was written of in the scriptures.

              I wish there weren’t so many antagonists against the faith in the “truth” seeking “community” though.

              • “The real church is exclusively those that are born again and have His Spirit in us.”

                You might like this little poem that I wrote in regards to that.

                The Church-

                the church is not a time or place its not built with wood or stone
                the church is sinners saved by grace, its made of flesh of blood and bone

                God’s Spirit dwells within the breast of every soul He died to save
                and because He rose we can all attest we needn’t ever fear the grave

                the church is not a place or time, we are Jesus’ glorious bride
                our destiny is eternal life sublime, when we at last in heaven reside

                we’re brothers and sisters, now one in the Lord, each of us Abraham’s seed.
                growing in faith through the truth of His Word. the faith we so desperately need

                “I wish there weren’t so many antagonists against the faith in the “truth” seeking “community” though.”

                I agree. I think that it has something to do with the “wisdom of the world”.
                We’re told that the gospel is foolishness to the worldly wise.

      • Now as to your first question.
        I would describe my faith as the simple childlike faith that is described in the Bible. Both the Old and New Testament.
        My salvation and assurance that I am a child of God is based on one thing. The only thing that is required.
        I believe.
        I believe and trust God.
        I can’t add anything to what Jesus Christ did when He took upon Himself the sin of the world and gave up His life as a sacrifice for anyone and everyone who will simply believe. I can’t earn my salvation by being a good person. By doing good works. By prayer or reading the Bible. I can only believe via the faith that is itself a gift from God.
        Anything good that I do, I do because of the gratitude I have for what He did in by giving His life for me when I was dead in trespasses and sin.
        I serve Him because of the love I have for Him.

        I have many theological opinions and I still have many theological questions. I am unsure about much of eschatology. But I’m absolutely certain about what is essential. The Gospel.
        The Sinless Son of the Most High God, Jesus Christ, who is God, took my sin upon Himself and payed my debt to God by sacrificing Himself for me. He was raised from the dead for me that I can be assured that I will be raised from death to everlasting life with my Creator.

        That is the best description of my faith that I can think of.

        • @SCAH When you look into the history of the organizations of the “churches” built by man, you see a direct relationship between the state and the organization. Most of those organizations here in the USSA are contracted with the Internal Revenue Service where the officers of the corporations have given the lordship of the corporation to the IRS in exchange for monetary advantages. It’s no surprise to me that the pastors of those businesses dismiss conspiracies that may indict their master or undermine their ideologies. When I used to attend them, I had believed many of the more common teachings and also had a lot of questions unanswered with contradictions in what I believed. It wasn’t until I realized that many of the things being taught were flat out lies and that every word of God is true, that I began escaping those snares of deception and addressing contradictions between what I believed and what God’s words actually say. His words are truth. They are historically accurate, scientifically accurate, prophetically accurate and literally true! KJV (for the English speaking folks).

          • There are good Bible believing churches that are 501C3s.

            • Jesus said “you cannot serve two masters, either you will love the
              one and hate the other or you will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” The US-26-501 (c)3 contract that they signed, makes the IRS the legal master of that corporation. They are not the churches that we read about in the scriptures. I can say of a certainty, all such organizations are, in fact, evil according to what God calls God and evil. “There are good Bible believing churches that are 501C3s” is a lie and an oxymoron in one sentence.

      • Truth Movement Comment. Replying here bc too close to the edge & the text lines up against the right wall in a weird way.

        i have been involved in 10thAmendment Project, FairTax, RonPaul & in general in public when i’m out since forever. Only online regular 2005-2015 ish. Now once a week ish i go to library to use the net.

        What i saw at the beginning was a lot of pple got saved bc the ultimate truth is Jesus. Now i see new pple in droves seeking truth. The result will be the same. Give them time.

        i noticed the other day when i was on Corbett’s, idk where-i have a hard time navigating the new site, but the guys were back-n-forth w/ some ish about no such thing as a virus, yes there is … A lot of links were given & i sd i’d check them out. Out of 10 links only 1 was worth perusing.

        i was reminded of the Corbett member i asked, Why HE disliked some girls face & he gave me all this ish of links w/ guys in labcoats-n-clipboards, judges, etc of why pple are judged on their looks. A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME! Tell me what i don’t know: Why should a more enlightened person judge a man so?!

        Right now i don’t want to check any links. The list of names was hard to narrow down to any 1 person. Smh at guys who want to appear the smartest, poke fun at what they dont understand, & tell the rest of us we are fools. They all sound angry & sad.

      • PS So when someone quotes the Official Narrative & won’t relent, or starts to Yaw-way or HawkPhlegm, or a catholick priest told me, or some book NOT lining up w/ a KJV-i just keep moving.

        Huh, whaaa? That’s where you choose to find truth? They cannot see. They are blinded. They reject truth. That’s when i think of the Reprobate in Rom1. They may be on their way. idk, plant the seed, keep moving. My motto: Save the Saveable.

    • “By a pastor of my church.
      Who knew?”

      this made me laugh hard, thanks.

      your story reminds me of a culendero once saying: “If you were the devil, where would you put your top agents? In the churches of course,,”

      justify genocide,, the justice of murdering because of race?,, anyone claiming to justify genocide aint onside but clearly off chops.

      • @Vadoum I’m guessing you’re referring to the pastards justifying the modern state of Isreal as recognized by the United Nations.

        They’ve been brainwashed to believe that that state is somehow the nation of Israel that the scriptures speak of. And they have believed many of the lies associated by that association.

        Just as most normies do, they dismiss conspiracy theories that cut against their worldview. If they were of God, they would hear the truth. Jesus spoke on that in John chapter 8 KJV

        • dear setatliberty,
          I am reacting to slowcure’s line,

          “I don’t believe that what is being perpetrated in Gaza by the modern secular state of Israel can be justified. Either biblically or in any other way.
          By a pastor of my church.
          Who knew?”

          anyone can spin whatever story line they prefer. We all fill in our coloring/connect the dots/sketchy-story books as we go. But none of it, narry an iota, less than zero,, including claims of deities and their intentions as transposed in linear print,, none of it supersedes the heinous-wicked-flagrant-flagitious-atrocious-villainous act being perpetrated in many places on planet, including especially gaza, right now as you read this.

          There is no art of/in war. It is a manipulation of many by a few, the entrainment into suffering which is likely a feeding process. As humans husband plants and animals, so too may humans be husbanded.

        • Its stunning that such blatant hypocrisy of principles “exterminate and do no harm” would be glossed over by, especially those that study it, thousands of priests; and odd that it comes out now, in force (see ejdoyle’s comment, near the top, on the recent “winning the meme war” post)?

    • Your pastor seems to be confused what the Bible says! People who reject Christ are not God’s people. It is pretty clear. You need ‘help’ to think any other way, like from Scofield.

    • Mr. Slow Cured Anarcho Hippy, glad you are saved & on your way to heaven. Also very happy you are not fooled by your pastor. Replacement Theology is a thing. The highway to heaven is now marked Jesus. Genesis is full of a tale of 2 nations: Cain-n-Abel, Esau-n-Jacob, Isaac-n-Ishmael… Major theme to miss in the NT… Your preacher has been blinded by rejecting truth (works salvation), indoctrination (bible college), has a fake bible (anything after 1880), or by money. No prominent preacher will ever be on TV, radio, or invited to WH Prayer Breakfast if they do not espouse zionist ish. They are all frauds, want to sell books, or too lazy to get work & want to be supported by their congregations.

      Sorry i got War&Peace already, but i have many friends who have fake bibles & believe zionist ish fr squishy preachers. It’s been a great heartache. I was compelled by your story of God saving y’all & coming to Jesus later. Ask, and it shall be given….Math 7:7 is all over that one! i have no doubt that y’all were saved by a miracle & that the puppy is waiting on you. We have the hope to meet again. That hope (Jesus) is sure.

      Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth…Heb12:6. We are saved from hell, but God will punish us on this earth. Examine yourself. Ps35 or 37. Are you in any type of overt sin? Raping, robbing, pillaging much? I seriously doubt it. (1John chapters 1-5 has this major theme of a Dagwood sin sandwich running thru it. If we say we have no sin, but if we sin…) We sin on the daily-foolish thots, loose our temper, etc, but God is NOT going to send us a serious illness to get our attention. Jesus has covered our sins. Some things are just by chance.

      I would pray that you can find some herbs to help your situation. Many things purify the blood: goldenseal root, sassafras/file’, sarsaparilla, dandylion. i’m w/ ya on “the things of this world have “grown strangely dim.” We are strangers in the land. Sojourning very much like Abraham. Heb11. This world is not our home. But i’ll not be put out by a bunch of commies, & i won’t give in w/out a fight. Every fight is better w/ Jesus.

      I really like your gospel presentation. I am grateful to you for posting same. Hoping that many young people will see & be saved & on their merry merry too. What JOY! That’s what these young people lack most of all. Jesus is the ultimate truth. Thanks!

      Mr. Slow Cured, if you are interested i can make a list of the hairy legged preachers i like. They are all young guys, don’t sell stuff, preach the whole council of God, & you can really learn fast. It is exciting to see bc the congregations are primarily young pple & full of children.

      • Thank you for the kind words.

        “I really like your gospel presentation. I am grateful to you for posting same. Hoping that many young people will see & be saved”

        That is my hope and prayer too.

        “i can make a list of the hairy legged preachers i like.”

        I would find that interesting. But if feeding on the word was fattening, I would probably be clinically obese. 🙂
        Sadly, most of the “meat” is not coming from my local church but rather from teachers on the internet. The three primary ones all dead oddly enough.
        Anyway, I’d like to see a list of who you feel are biblically sound teachers but I don’t have room to add much more Bible study time to my day.

        “This world is not our home. But i’ll not be put out by a bunch of commies, & i won’t give in w/out a fight.”

        Thanks for the good wishes. I’ve been fighting by using natural remedies and I strongly believe that they have been a major reason I’ve made it this long. But I probably waited too long before I implemented them to expect a cure.
        Besides, I’m getting pretty excited, (and maybe just a little bit scared), to “shuffle off this mortal coil” and finally enter into the presence of my creator.

        This life is a gift. A true blessing as Mr Corbett reminded us today. But this mortal life is just a short prelude to the eternal life that God wants for us.
        God bless you my sister.

        • “if feeding on the word was fattening, I would probably be clinically obese”

          Upon reading that again, I felt that I should rephrase. What I meant was that I am devoting quite a bit of time to Bible study with teachers I trust already and would find delving into another study difficult right now.
          I certainly didn’t mean to imply that I was wise or knowledgeable at all. If anything it was meant to imply that I’ve learned that the more I learn the more there is left to learn.

    • @Slow Cured Anarcho Hippy Dittos much study, behind on several studies too. Fav author (David Irving) died a few wks ago & dint even know. Been waiting long on his books.

      Did not think ill in any way-no need to rephrase. Much joy in fatty Spirit! Obviously, you are not avg guy saying, Oh, i read the bible once/twice in prison when unsaved ’cause i was bored. Or picked up wrong bible & weird ish.

      Interested in your dead guys. Can’t take the local either. Rah, rah zionists, children act like monkeys, weird bibles, fun centers, or such like. Milk if you’re lucky…

      Glad you got herbs. Another course of study amiss. Lack new herb book. Mine is old skool J.Kloss, “Back to Eden.” Prob is can’t find bulk herbs like B4 & is mostly pills. Or new aminos, Lugol’s iodine, & NAC (essential for me) not covered by Kloss. Need a list of RDA’s which s/b easy, but alas e’rything has 6 names & complicated. G’ma put 1/2 stick butter in & we move on, but on the cellular is called lipids….oi!

      Hate when pple say they don’t understand end times. Made a cheat sheet for you (& babes) several wks ago. Was fairly spaced, sm paragraphs, but still 4 1/2 pgs. (Took 3wks to find your original post. Wasn’t on QFC.) A lot was dedicated rightly divide-take doctrine fr clear verses. Also, exhorting babes to read John & ‘splain a bit ’cause recently heard a bozo say, “You have to understand the culture.”

      Was too long for Corbett limitation. Cut much to reply to you. May still post remainder, but feel guilty. Then y’day saw a pg w/ reams-n-reams of reply stuff! May fix & post so don’t take personal; but would be nice to be next to gospel presentation. Don’t have the net at the hse & hard to figure out a place to put same w/in battery limitation. Young pple are searching. They should understand the triumphant return of our dear Lord. My fav book.

      Not wanting to add to your burden. If only 1 for you: “Troubled On Every Side.” Pastor Roger Jimenez gave this sermon after the El Monte church (Bruce Mejia) got blown up by queer agenda. “W/out were fightings, w/in were fears.” Jimenez brought it on home, cookie bottom shelf, if Paul & Job can we can. (Also only right sermon ever of trainwrecks Rachel & Leah: “Family Series, What Wives Really Want.”)

      Love Bruce Mejia & Jonathan Shelley (run out of TX digs by queer agenda), but hard to catch bc utube shut down. Maybe on “All The Preaching.”

      Yet on utube is Jason Robinson WV (essential series “Baptisms”), Joe Jones ID (his worth a perusal just for titles. The latest: “In a Land of Beta Males”), Jared Pozarnsky CA (great science & “confounding” wize series), Ian Taverner, UK.

      My fav of all time Pastor Steven L. Anderson AZ. Essential to babes (i put on rumble): “Once Saved Always Saved.” Most recent trilogy Overview Revelation. Their web: has link to “All The Preaching.”

  3. “Or maybe you just want to go outside, enjoy the fresh spring air and avoid screens for a while, in which case, this thread is not for you!”

    Thanks for that James! I shall take that advice and get out there as much as I can this month! 🙂

    For anyone planning for their 2024 gardens I highly suggest you include this versatile herb in the mix

    Happy forest walking and garden planning everyone!

  4. Mistakes Were Not Made (the scamdemic was, and is, a racketeering operation)

    The above linked post shines a light on the unpleasant truth surrounding the last 4 years (from my perspective), airing out wounds so they can heal fully and expressing gratitude to those that chose the path less travelled (integrity).

    The above post is my attempting to do my own small part to do my best to ensure that what occurred during the last 4 years will not happen again.

    Thank you to all of you who chose courage in the face of conformity to institutionalized cowardice and mob mentality. Thank you for for trail blazing a path forward in speaking the truth even when it was not popular. Thank you for helping us to remember how the totalitarian tip toe many of us had been weary of for decades changed gears to a steady march during the scamdemic. Thank you to those of you (like JC and JEP) for creating a rallying point through your writings and videos so that those of us who refused to submit and swallow the lies could find kindred spirits and gather our strength to remain true despite the immense social pressure and coercion being weaponized against us.

    Thank you for being an exemplars of integrity and documenting the honest and ugly truth that mistakes were not made during the scamdemic.

    Together, I have faith we are capable of building a more honest, intregrous, hopeful and abundant future through decentralized, courageous and regenerative action.

  5. I was doing some basic research on geo-engineering and weather modification and reviewed a couple papers listed on the following website that contains some fascinating stuff:

    I was researching black carbon in particular and found this paper:

    “… One of the
    possible implications of the presence of BC in the stratosphere is a reaction involving the decomposition of ozone on
    BC, which would result in the depletion of ozone. Potentially,
    the lifted upper tropospheric BC in the stratosphere could
    harm the earth’s protective blanket. Thus, while aircraft look
    to be the cause of the sharp and confined high-altitude layers of BC, such layers when lifted to the stratosphere (under
    favourable conditions) can potentially affect the ozone layer
    and have significant implications for the health of all living
    organisms. Realising the potential impact of emissions from
    aircraft, a recent article (Editorial, 2016) also advocates for
    regulations on aircraft emissions. More observational studies using satellite and stratospheric balloons and modelling
    studies are required to address this important phenomenon,
    especially over regions of high aircraft activity…”

    The aformentioned study funding/acknowledgements by:

    “Acknowledgements. All the computations are conducted on the
    computational cluster funded jointly by the Department of Science
    and Technology FIST program (DST-FIST), the Divecha Centre for
    Climate Change and the ARFI project of the Indian Space Research
    Organisation (ISRO). This work is partially supported by MoES
    (grant no. MM/NERC-MoES-1/2014/002) under the South West
    Asian Aerosol Monsoon Interactions (SWAAMI) project. We thank
    the anonymous reviewers for the detailed evaluation and useful
    suggestions. We would also like to thank the Computational and
    Information Systems Laboratory (CISL-NCAR) for the Research”

    There are other interesting papers on the website.

    It sounds like paper may indicate black carbon in the stratosphere can potentially harm the ozone layer and cause atmospheric heating which sounds bad.

    It also seems on a superficial glance that this supports the man made climate change narrative. The black carbon is also reportedly in smog and caused by incomplete combustion of fossil fuels.

    My question (it may be premature to ask) is, does this not support he climate change narrative? “Man made climate change” via carbon/fossil fuels? On first glance it does if black carbon is indeed that toxic.

    However, I have not read any papers voicing alternative hypotheses and will do some research. I know that climate science is extremely complex and way over my head. I know a researcher with a Ph.D that studies climate in the normal realm of science (not working for government) and he says climate modeling is almost impossible, weather is hard to predict, etc. He’s a complete normie, but does know a great deal about astrophysics.

    • Ben Davidson, over at, makes the point that there are significant changes to weather patterns on most of the planets in our solar system. He attributes it (and many weather aspects on Earth) to changes happening at the galactic scale.

      Regarding the complexity of climate models, he points out that most models only allow for irradiance as the sun’s impact on our weather. But there are energetic particles, magnetic forces, etc. that also affect our weather.

      A recent video he did gives three specific factors that he thinks could turn Earth much cooler in the near future.

      I’m not saying that people monkeying with our atmosphere has no effect on what is happening…perhaps weather warfare is alive and well. But there seems to be a lot of actual science behind what Ben presents.

      • I looked at an old Corbett Report about chemtrails and he provided the following reference book that I will link below “Chemtrails: a New Manhattan Project” by Peter A. Kirby:

        There’s some fascinating stuff here including the history of substantial study into weather manipulation. It is a dense read, so it will take me a while to get through it.

        What was most fascinating to me on a quick skim was the part of the book about studying how to remotely influence human mental faculties and behavior via EMFs.

        Anecdotally, I’ve used “magnet therapy” for depression treatment. TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation and it was minimally effective and caused no personality changes or psychotic symptoms or anything like that. So I’m wondering, regarding the mind control via EMFs part of the book how prevalent this is and how effective it is. I’ll look for studies.

        The first part of the book is extremely complex IMO and really challenging to grasp for someone without solid knowledge of physics. I had some classes in college (not the watered down kind) but only basics.

        It would be nice to have a physicist in the community to decode some of it. I’ll give it a shot.

        • Actually, after reading most of the updated book, the first part isn’t “complex”. The author is very understandable and present substantial evidence that weather control has been extensively discussed by the military and by scientists. HAARP has also been discussed. The idea of using aerosols, natural existing ones (or artificially injected ones) in the “atmosphere” with directed energy to change weather patterns has been discussed as doable. If I recall, it may have been mentioned that this has been attempted. I will have to read the primary source material.

          When I say the topic is complex to me it is because there are many variables involved in the scientific part of this. Like how does the effects of the sun and moon come into play and the magnetic fields of the earth? Are there other factors scientifically that would affect the outcome of such an attempt? Also, I know next to nothing about jet fuel and such. I thought it had to be very clean.

          I know next to nothing about atmospheric science, composition, and the physics and chemistry of it. I know very little about electro-magnetism of the atmosphere and how zapping aluminum particles would affect it or change weather.

          I have no doubt they would do something like this or that they could potentially be spraying stuff in the atmosphere now, like aluminum compounds. But would this actually do the things they claim it could do? Would they make claims that they can do things they can’t actually do?

          I have a hard time trusting anything that comes from the military or CIA. They have studied a lot of things that didn’t work out so well.

          I will continue to research because it’s fascinating and also scary to think they have that capability and are now doing it.

          What are solutions? Testing oneself for aluminum contamination and chelating it out is one way. Soil testing for barium, aluminum and strontium is also a possibility and suing the government possibly?

          I have heard about “chemtrails” a long time ago but I had always thought persistent “contrails” were strange but always thought it was due to more air traffic at higher altitudes. As an anecdote, I remember looking out of the window of a plane I was flying in and saw a persistent “contrail” coming out of the plane I was on.

          I thought to myself, “whew, this must be normal”. But clearly there is something going on here confirmed by soil and water testing. Higher levels of aluminum are a problem.


  6. The following is worth a watch. Covers much more than the Plandemic: How governments have been captured, The Media’s involvement, Financial collapse, Excess deaths around the world, The WHO treaty (explained) and the end of all personal autonomy and rights, The UN’s involvement, Psychological effect on all populations, Speakers from various nations, and more.

    Four hours long (actually starts at about the 30 minute mark). I watched it in segments by time stamping.

    U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson leads a roundtable discussion titled,“Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?” where a panel of experts will expose the truth about COVID.
    The speakers will expose how the COVID Cartel – federal health agencies, Big Pharma, legacy media, and Big Tech – engaged in censorship and coverups.

    This discussion will also shine a light on the failures and corruption of the global elite and their institutions.


    Senator Ron Johnson
    Dr. Robert Malone, MD
    Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD
    Mr. Ed Dowd
    Mr. Kevin McKernan
    Dr. David Gortler, PharmD
    Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD
    Ms. Barbara Loe Fisher
    Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD
    Mr. Del Bigtree
    Dr. Sabine Hazan, MD
    Dr. Pierre Kory, MD
    Dr. Christian Perronne, MD, PhD
    Dr. Raphael Lataster, PhD
    Ms. Lara Logan
    Mr. Jason Christoff
    Mr. Rodney Palmer
    Dr. Mattias Desmet, PhD
    Dr. Bret Weinstein, PhD
    Mr. Randy Hillier
    Dr. Sorin Titus Muncaciu
    Mr. Rob Roos
    Mr. Phillip Kruse
    And many more Speakers.

  7. What do you think about the Netflix series, American Conspiracies: The Octopus Murders? Thought provoking. And made many people who were unaware of PROMIS and its implications for world surveillances objectives.

    • I finished it today. The story of Danny Casalaro and Promis software is trending on Netflix and reaching a massive audience. His friends and family are interviewed. They don’t think he killed himself and the documentarian mostly doesn’t think so either. Given this, why do I feel glass half empty after watching it?

      The implication you’re left with is that Danny didn’t solve the case. Book publishers needed more proof. What do you expect? A surveillance tape of some black ops guy stabbing Danny? A note signed by George HW Bush that falls out of the assassin’s pocket? They make it pretty damn clear in the beginning or middle of the documentary that Danny’s deep and numerous wounds are entirely inconsistent with suicide. By the end, people are saying maybe Danny killed himself since they can’t find a killer. So much time was spent on what they didn’t know and the dots they couldn’t connect. But if you stack the important things they can prove all together, I think it’s enough for any fair person to see that government is really organized crime. Most people watching just can’t pick out the signal from the noise so it’s just a big shrug.

      • The fact that the cuts on his wrists were so deep you had to ask, how did one hand cut the other wrist with the cuts so deep on both? With the information that we saw, he had to be murdered. Hopefully some people will stop and ponder Danny’s story. Sometimes I wonder if the CIA isn’t the worst terrorist organization on the planet.

        • It’s likely one of the oldest secret societies on earth, an instance of unfathomable evil, deeply entrenched into the society fundamentals.

          If it weren’t so horrific it would be glorious.

          • Knights of Malta? Do you know more? What pieces are you putting together?

            • Van, the only thing I have to go by is observation and witness testimony.

              I don’t know if CIA would tie into Knights of Malta, but certainly when you look at what these people have been doing, similar societies of days of yore would be absolutely embarrassed.

              If there is a route to KoM it would certainly not go there but through the SS/Gestapo. Operation paperclip certainly wasn’t made to happen based on connections made over Tinder. The people got to see the over the counter transfer of people, while the organisation running both sides was left occluded.

              Wars all over the world, drugs, pedophilia, salve trade, dumping massive loads of currency onto the markets… you name it. Only one group can profit from chaos and destruction on all sides.

              If you have some handy information on KoM, I’d like to give it a look.

              • William Casey is in the Octopus. He’s Catholic. Maybe Opeis Dei if I remember. His famous quote I’m sure you’ve heard is something like we will know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the american public believes is false.
                Knights of Malta was fresh on my mind because I listened to a really good pod episode about the Jesuits on Jerm warfare with guest Steve Falconer. Look it up if you’re interested. You’ll see why what you said made me think me think one of those old societies connected to the Jesuits.

              • Coincidently I was down the secret society / UN secret forces rabbit hole last night, reading a bunch of posts by Matt Ehret. Going after the video discussions today. These are sick people!


  8. I had dug up, rescued and re-planted some milkweed plants that were destined to be weed wacked last year and recently noticed their beautiful seed pods (having been stratified by the winter) were beginning to open up and send their graceful seeds on the wind to find new homes (super close up shot of one seed shown in this substack post: ).

    Since many of these seeds will land on properties of our neighbors in urban suburbia which would likely perceive their presence through the linguistically diminishing and belittling lens of the latter half of their english common name, I decided to collect a few pods for intentionally planting in our yard and tending to the wild spaces (letting seeds fly out of my hand on the wind) on the edges of forest parks and abandoned lots so they can do their sacred work of feeding winged beings and protecting/building the soil.

    As I closely observed the way the seeds were springing out of the pods so joyfully and willingly, lofting up on the more gentle breeze to float where the elemental forces guide them I was inspired to write about the wisdom embodied in those milkweed seeds.

    The genius, elegance and grace that is embodied in each living seed that I collect, sow and tend never ceases to amaze me and enrich my mind. Every moment spent in the presence of our photosynthetic elders offers an opportunity to learn something new if we open our heart and our eyes to be receptive with humility.

    If you look really closely, observing how the seeds of the wild and the seeds in your garden express themselves in form, how they forge alliances with other beings, aligning with the elemental abundance of the Earth and harnessing the forces of nature to achieve their sacred goals, you will know everything you need to know to live a life of peace, health, fulfillment, joy, purpose, abundance and grace.

    The living seeds of the wild teach younger species such as us humans how to live a life of purpose, grace and one that serves to feed and nourish that which is Sacred in the world.


    • We can emulate the wisdom of the wild seeds through preserving the seeds of regenerative (ecologically literate) cultural worldviews that involve tending the wilds with humility, holistic/honest forms of linguistic expression, and integrity in how we interact with our fellow beings (human and non-human). In doing so we become living fertile soil, allowing the seeds to set down roots to create a cultural ecosystem that feeds and nourishes the Sacred through living eloquently (as “washing the dishes like a baby Buddha” or living life as each moment is a piece of art).

      In doing so we become the fertile ground (in our hearts and minds ) so that such cultural seeds, spiritual seeds and ways of being can set down Roots, flower and self sow into other hearts and minds within the reach of the seed pods released on the wind through our words, art, purposeful eloquence floating, allowing those seeds to be lifted up, effortlessly, levitating and moving gracefully as though they have a mind of their own , like a milkweed seed in late winter … dancing her way to carry out her sacred work, coming the gently rest upon fertile soils/souls to regenerate and nourish the ecosystem of which she is an intrinsic part.
      Many people only see Milkweed as the famous preferred food for Monarch Butterflies, but her gifts are myriad and she also offers many of them to help nourish our human family and empower us to live more regeneratively.

      Common milkweed is a tasty edible plant (for humans), and is becoming one of my favorite spring greens. That’s right my friends! Milkweed is edible and super tasty. It tastes remarkably like asparagus, only better.
      The various edible parts of common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca is the only species I’ve eaten in quantity) were traditional foods for indigenous peoples of North America. In Native American Food Plants, Daniel Moerman mentions multiple parts of the plant being harvested and consumed.

      For more info:

      Besides the monarchs, milkweed naysayers may claim that it’s not edible, that the plant is in fact poisonous to humans. This is not true, it only applies to milkweed in it’s raw, uncooked form.

      Raw, milkweed contains cardiac glycosides and other compounds that need to be denatured by cooking. Typically the plant is blanched in boiling, salted water, but I also enjoy the buds steamed, and consume the flowers raw in miniscule amounts as a garnish. I have never had a problem eating cooked, common milkweed in large amounts (4-6 oz or more) but, just like with many other foods, sensitivities vary, and some people seem to be more sensitive to eating milkweed than others.


    • Every time I tell someone this, they immediately say, “Shhh…don’t tell people. We have to save it for the Monarchs!” The truth is, eating milkweed can and will actually help the monarchs.
      Let me tell you why…

      foragers get a lot of pushback for even talking about eating milkweed. There’s this thought that, if the general public knows that milkweed is not only edible, but delicious, then they’ll eat it all up and there won’t be any for the monarchs.

      Reality is just the opposite. Tell people that it’s delicious, and they’re less likely to weed them out of the garden. They’ll tend it carefully, and go out of their way to plant it, knowing that if it’s carefully stewarded you can harvest “wild” milkweed alongside their other vegetables.

      Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is a perennial plant, and with a little care, it can be harvested at all stages of development and it will regrow with increased vigor.

      Imagine a plant you can cut in the early stages like asparagus. Then later, when it resprouts, the flower buds can be harvested like broccoli. Then, the flowers themselves are tasty edible flowers.
      Leave a few flowers, and after the bees are done with them, the young pods can be cooked like okra. A few weeks later, the immature seeds make a vegan cheese substitute.

      Every stage is edible, and milkweed has a new gift to give every week of the summer.
      (If you can’t find milkweed in the wild, that’s all the more reason to plant it yourself.)

      I was happy enough knowing that milkweed is edible, and encouraging others to grow it on their own land. I recently learned though, foraging milkweed in the wild might actually directly help the monarchs. Nomi Foraging discusses this (i`ll link their article in the comments later), in relation to his region of Northern Michigan.

      “Overwintering sites for these migrating butterflies are in a variety of locations in the southern US and in Mexico. Coupling that fact with their relatively short lifespan of only 2-5 weeks, we know that the Monarch populations that we see in Northern Michigan could be 4-5 generations removed from the original traveler. It is vital for these migrators to arrive here with a hefty supply of food to feed their young. The paradox here is that the most endemic species of Milkweed in our area, and their preferred food source is the Common Milkweed, and by the time these butterflies arrive in Michigan our Common Milkweeds may be too old and tough for most of the Monarch caterpillars to feed on!

      For more info:


    • This is where we foragers get to help in the cause by feeding ourselves. Over my years of teaching foraging, I have come to see that occasionally a selfish act is actually the opposite. It’s what I would call a win-win-win. We benefit, by getting to eat a delicious and healthy vegetable, the Monarchs benefit with fresh and tender leaves to feed their young, and the Milkweed benefits because rhizomatic plants grow more dense with disturbance. Common Milkweed spreads by underground rhizome, which is to say that the portion that you see above ground is not all there is to this story. This underground rhizome spreads rapidly underground creating clonal colonies of milkweed that all originate from the same source. When Common Milkweed is cut back to the ground, it has the amazing ability to resprout from its rhizome. Which works out wonderfully for both the Monarchs, the Milkweed, and us humans.”

      I am no expert on Monarch butterfly life cycles, but he does make a good argument.

      And, if all those amazing gifts are not enough, the seed fluff (known as “milkweed floss”) can also be used as a cruelty free alternative to goose down and more ecologically friendly than cotton!

      For more info:

      Numerous uses for Milkweed Floss have been explored throughout history due to its unique properties.
      Milkweed Floss is a sustainable fiber that is:
      – Six times warmer than wool.
      – Hypoallergenic.
      – More buoyant than cork.

      A cruelty-free alternative to goose down.

      There are some really amazing applications for the milkweed seed “floss” (seed fluff) so if farmers switch over from their heavy tilling annuals to milkweed in a few acres (milkweed only needs to be planted once every ten years, is drought tolerant and does not require pesticides/herbicides) they would get a solid income, butterflies get food, oil spills can get cleaned up (the seed fluff is very absorbent), sustainable and warm clothing can be made, soil gets protected and humans could get food too.

      I hope this inspires you to try growing some of your own at home and spreading those seeds in the wild where you live. Plants like this can become long term allies and teachers to us humans if we just choose to use these human hands of ours to co-create, tend and plant seeds and use our eyes, hearts and minds to learn, adapt and expand our understanding.

      • Thank you for all the info about milkweed. I have been protecting (not mowing) several groupings of it growing wild in my yard because I love the fragrance of the blossoms. It also grows wild in the fields adjoining my property, but gets cut along with the hay/weeds by a farmer a couple of times each season. I bought some seeds of 6 different varieties of milkweed that I intend to plant any day now. I will do further research on preparing it to eat. My dog invariably will knock down or break the stem of a plant or two; now I can eat them instead of adding them to the compost.

        • @jo-ann

          My pleasure!

          Yes I like the smell of the blossoms too, it is reminiscent of fresh raw honey to my nose.

          For eating you want to (at the very least) boil shoots for 30 seconds to one minute first and toss out the water before enjoying.

          Some other tips from the Forager Chef (Alan Bergo ) regarding eating Milkweed shoots:

          – Blanch your milkweed in salted water before frying to ensure it’s tender.

          – Do not over-indulge, especially if it’s your first time. Eat a few shoots first to make sure they agree with you, as everyone’s digestive system is different. Over indulgence can make some people sick, even if it’s well-cooked.

          – To find where the milkweed is tender while picking, break it off where it breaks clean, just like you would asparagus.

          – I like to remove the large leaves from milkweed when I’m going to eat the stem, up until the very top leaves. The leaves you trim off can be cooked separately, if you like, I suggest chopping them, then braising until they’re soft and tender.

          – Milkweed loves fat, it’s hard to explain, but the leaves have a tendency to taste “dry”, imagine eating cooked sage leaves. Butter, oil, vinaigrette, lard, use whatever you want, just keep it lubed-up and it will be delicious.

          – The leftover leaves from trimming milkweed can be braised until soft, or pureed to color pasta.

          For a video on steaming milkweed buds by the same guy:

          (I personally briefly blanch the buds to denature more of the compounds that can be problematic for some peoples GI tract but everyone is different in their tolerance)

  9. Not sure if you have heard of David Webb. Here is his take on how they will force CDIBs upon us. It seems plausible since they have shown us that they have complete control of our governments. With the plandemic as our example of the boundaries of their control. Surely they are now ready to steal the last of our dignity and possessions.

    Good Luck Everyone

    • I, too, very much enjoyed the documentary The Great Taking. Though, I saw a very interesting video discussion between our dear Catherine Austin Fitts and John Titus on the Solari Report website in which they said they were suspicious of Webb’s turning everyone’s singular attention to states’ Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

      They agreed that after reviewing some states’ UCC that the codes which Webb cites actually don’t seem to say what he says they’re saying.

      Food for thought. I’m sorry I just spent ten minutes reading through Catherine’s website and I can’t find the video. It was each of them in their offices chatting…about ten minutes or so long. It was lovely. Sorry it doesn’t come up under searches: Webb, UCC, or Titus.

      • I have heard Catherine state that she and David Webb are long-time friends and that his book deals only with securities, ignoring all the other types of property that the “great taking” encompasses, such as real estate, for example. Because I don’t have a membership at Solari, I suspect I saw this video at The Children’s Health Defense web site.

        • Thank you very much.

          My concern is the bonds that cities, counties, states pass with bond elections. What is the collateral for those bond sales after the citizens supposedly voted on them?

          If the currency collapses, then these bonds won’t be paid. How are the creditors made whole? Is it our house and property they will take as collateral?

          Printing is the only thing keeping this thing going.

        • Thank you so much for finding this video. I’ve got it bookmarked now and I’m grateful to have access to it….I shouldn’t’ve been so quick to just watch it and move on without ensuring I could find it again. Thank you!

          • I watched the entire interview somewhere – but I cannot find it either. The video I found and linked above is only a short clip. If you ever find the whole interview, please let me know.

  10. Interesting Substack article about RFK Jr.’s interesting stance on free speech surrounding Israel:

    There was also mention of him flying on one of Epstein’s planes, hmmm. Why are all these political players affiliated with Epstein? Are they all perverts, or just didn’t know what Epstein was doing or something else?

    I can almost understand wanting to get votes to try to “save America” motivating him to compromise his integrity with respect to Israel, but involvement with Epstein is a double whammy, like WTF?

      • Yeah, I checked the internet copy of the black book here:

        It does look like Epstein flew a lot of people around, a lot of “big wigs” but we’ll never know who was involved in sexual abuse of minors by politicians since Epstein is now out of the picture.

        It would be nice to get the info on who went to the island.

        Trump was chumming around with Epstein for quite a while too. Who really knows what he did.

        I’m not saying RFK Jr hasn’t done some exceptionally good work, especially with his book on Faucci and his work with Children’s Health Defense and everything opposing the scamdemic and such.

        All major candidates for president are supporting the carnage in Gaza, so that shouldn’t be surprising.

        There are plenty of other red flags, like “gun control” and other democrat talking points he’s spouted that are infuriating.

        Anyone named to have flown on Epstein’s plane should be questioned and investigated very carefully. There have been a lot of creepy things going on in Hollywood, very dark things.

        Why was Epstein so attached to politicians and actors I have to wonder.

        • Thinking about things a little bit more, I think “gun control” disarming the population is a deciding factor for me as to where loyalties lie.

          Monopoly on violence by the state or “monarch” is not good for us, especially considering “the great taking”

          American’s must be armed and be prepared to fight if these evil tyrants are actually considering coming to our doorstep.

          I don’t think the have the manpower so I don’t think they could do this logistically but if I’m wrong, we must be prepared to fight. I would much rather die than be robbed of everything I have and starved and my life is one thing I will fight to protect, my line in the sand. I am sure there are many who feel the same.

          Catherine Austin Fitts has made a very important point “there are some fates worse than death”

          A person who goes willingly into physical slavery when they have the capability to fight is a coward. Look at what has happened historically to populations who give up their guns. Look at Canada now. We are very close to that situation.

          • “Thinking about things a little bit more, I think “gun control” disarming the population is a deciding factor for me as to where loyalties lie.”

            Well said. Whatever good RFK has done (under whatever motives) he’s clearly unqualified to lead a free nation.

            • Nobody is qualified to lead a mass of people. Some just think they are and the mass of people falsely believes something like that is at all possible.

  11. Do you know the “value for value model” (V4V) used in platforms like It decentralizes the relationship between content creators and consumers and enables P2P monetization, while protecting against censorship and spam.

    The “Unbiased Value Model” (UVM) has some similarities to V4V, but is intended for a different purpose: it allows groups to make better decisions. The core principle of UVM is that you “pay your peers to rate your ideas”. UVM is made possible by a coin which can be exchanged for Bitcoin and also enables the decentralization and security of the entire platform. Groups can organize themselves into “domains”. If you want to have an idea evaluated, you pay for it into the group’s Domian wallet and the domain automatically rewards members for their ratings. Nevertheless, the platform maintains absolute neutrality and does not favor popular ideas economically. This promotes an unbiased representation of the group’s preferences.

    In addition to decentralization and protection against censorship and spam, the coin offers another significant advantage – the network effect: as the number of users increases, the demand for the coin grows and so does the price due to the limited number of coins. Consequently, all participants benefit from the expansion of the network. This can transform isolated groups into a movement.

    What could such a platform enable? Well, the potential becomes particularly fascinating in the context of political parties. Imagine a party governed directly by its members – such a “proxy party” would be almost immune to corruption because decision-making is not limited to a few officials but involves all members equally. The network effect would make such parties very attractive. In addition these parties could use their earnings (contributions, government grants, donations) to further incentivize members’ active participation on the platform.

    What is the caveat? The platform currently only exists as a concept. The team behind the idea wants to remain open source and is looking for developers and groups interested in independently crowdfunding developers. Further information and contact details can be found at:

    • Interesting idea for sure. It reminds me of what the social media site ‘zion’ I think its called was attempting, being promoted by JP Sears. I don’t have it as I believe it only works on ios and android and I don’t use those platforms but looked into when it was first released and it definitely sounded similar to what your describing.

      • Thanks for the tip JCH129. Zion clearly seems to belong in the V4V category. UVM is not about monetizing content, it’s about a governance model! You don’t get paid for content either, you pay others (from your group) to rate your idea. In a way, the opposite of the V4V model.

        An example: you are not satisfied with your organization’s policy and want to put your own proposal on the agenda. You pay for the other members to read and evaluate your idea. If you get approval, you will influence the policy in your favor. In this way, policy is made directly by the members and not by functionaries and representatives in a pyramid-shaped institution. If you think of a political party that uses this model, it eliminates the influence of corruption, because not all members can be bribed. Decision-making is shifted from the top to the base.

        • Ah that makes sense. I guess I didn’t read your comment very closely. It sounds like a cool idea though!

          Personally I think we have the technology that makes the whole need for political representatives obsolete since the internet could allow for literally everyone to vote on any/every proposed piece of legislation in real time, something not possible previously hence the need (or at least perceived need) to have political representatives in the first place. (Lately I’ve been drawn towards voluntarism which i guess makes the whole idea of government unnecessary in the first place but i guess thats a different topic.)

          Unfortunately the tyrants are content with the very corrupted system we have currently so it doesn’t seem like it matters what alternative we come up with. Regardless these are important discussions we should be having since the trajectory we’re on is not sustainable…

          Thanks for sharing

          • Agree with you! Many do not read closely because we are trained to process large amounts of information through categorical thinking. 99.5% of posts about cryptocurrencies are scams, and the same goes for promises made by politicians. So those are two poisoned categories. And then we have the technically oriented people who are not interested in politics and the politically oriented people who are not interested in tech. So it’s not easy to talk about this solution, even though it may be the only way to stop the shit from hitting the fan…
            TrueRepublic could be truly transformative, but even the word “transformative” is poisoned by the WEF.

            However, the state will not disappear if we ignore it. Unless everyone ignores it at the same time, but that is probably not realistic and would have very extreme short-term consequences. If we want to push it back in an orderly manner, we need some control first. Cryptocurrency has the power to do that job, but we need to focus on decentralization rather than just get rich quick.

          • The idea of the right of rule the majority somehow magically possesses is put there to poison the well and lead the though process astray.

  12. Hello. Though I’ve been listening to James for some time now I’ve never posted here. I emailed him regarding a project I consider a Solution-oriented creative endeavor. He suggested I post it here. So here it goes. I’m a musician and first time filmmaker. The band I co-founded is called No Matter What! and our recently released concept album/film is titled People Power

    Thanks for your feedback, if you have the time to watch this trailer/campaign


  13. Anyone interested in taking a deep-dive class into actual climate science taught by David Siegel? Want to be able to horrify people at parties with your actual scientific knowledge about this heavily politicized topic? (To puuutttt it mmmiiiddddllllyyy.)

    You can take a one hour version of the class by the teacher at this link to see if you’re interested:

    Below is the information on the class. One class will be for folks on UK time and another class for folks on US/Canada/Americas time. I’m going to be there or be square, Central American style.


    For those interested in my upcoming climate class …

    UK people

    I believe we have 24 people signed up. I will probably close the class at 50 people. I’m particularly interested in people who need to understand climate for their work or fundraising. Please tell your friends to sign up here:

    The format will be:
    30-minutes presentation
    30-minutes discussion and answering questions
    30-minutes more advanced material and discussion (optional)

    I’m setting up the online community and resources. All meetings will be on Zoom and the videos will be available in the system. If you have already paid and want to come in early and test everything with me, please reply and say so. For the rest, you should get an invite next week.


    You will have a chance to see the recorded videos in the system any time. The Zoom sessions will be Thursdays from 7-8:30pm beginning March 21st. I can give you two options:

    1. Just have access to the community and resources, so you can watch the videos after we record them. This will be $100 for 12 weeks.

    2. Come to as many Zoom sessions as you like, plus have access to the community and recordings. Those who take this option will have plenty of time with me, as this class will have fewer people. $150.

    Please tell your friends about my class:

    US people, you can pay by Zelle or PayPal. Contact me and tell me which you would like.

    See you soon!

    David Siegel

    • Weather Derivatives are important for certain commodity related entities, like agriculture and energy.
      They can be used to hedge an entity’s liabilities.

      One example is Natural Gas, an extremely volatile marketplace with many players at all different levels and locations. I trade it sometimes (US not the UK or Europe (TTF)).

      In recent days, Gold has broken through to new highs.
      Gareth Soloway points out that the charts indicate that we might see Gold at around $2500 an ounce within the next 12-18 months.
      But if a recession hits and stocks take a dive, so will Gold prices. Everyone bails on everything when panic sets in.

      • I am totally stupid when it comes to financial stuff.

        I can save and spend, but the science and theory of investing is a mystery to me. I think it’s because my mind needs a reference standard. The values of the dollar (or other currency), precious metals, crypto currencies, or commodities seem to be measured only in reference to one another, with scarcity also being a factor.

        I used to feel bad about not being able to understand the way the system works until I learned that even the so-called experts aren’t so good at it. I think the way to successfully play the game is to have insider knowledge or have enough money/shares to manipulate the market, or just be lucky.

        The last several years before I retired I added to my 401k only the amount that the company matched and put the rest in savings or other cash accounts, knowing that I was not reducing my tax burden as much as I could. I reasoned that all the options in my 401k were overpriced (in the bubble) and might be better off having the cash in hand to invest once the bubble pops. I am thankful I am finally seeing some interest income (still less than the dollar devaluation / inflation) while waiting for the bubble to pop.

        In any event, I don’t expect to get ahead financially under the current world circumstances. I am just hoping to maintain enough value in my very modest portfolio to keep a sound roof over my head until I leave this world.

    • Thank you for this. Your point is well made.

  14. PFAS & Biosolid Fertilizer from Wasterwater Sewage Treatment Plants

    March 4, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Michele Greer
    Texas Ranchers File Toxic Sludge Complaint
    Two Texas ranch owners are pursuing legal action against a waste management company that allegedly sold a nearby farm fertilizer containing “forever chemicals.”

    Roughly an hour south of Fort Worth near Grandview, two small farms have allegedly been rendered worthless by a biosolid fertilizer sold by Maryland-based Synagro. The fertilizer reportedly contained per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The owners claim that PFAS chemicals have tainted the water supply, poisoning their families, killing their livestock, and leaving their fields in ruin, according to Progressive Farmer…

    …Significantly high levels of PFAS chemicals were found in the families’ drinking water wells, in the carcasses of the dead livestock, and in soil and water samples taken at the farms. For instance, a stillborn calf at one of the farms tested 250,000 times the PFAS exposure limit set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    “Alarmingly, there is little to no resolve to [the two families] as to the impact to their property because it is at best devastating,” said Fuller….

    …In 2019, Synagro spent $59 million building a biosolids processing facility in North Texas, where — thanks to a contract with the City of Fort Worth — it converts sewage sludge into fertilizer for resale….
    [It is insane to use sewage biosolids for fertilizer. This is everything that goes down the toilet, including ‘approved’ industrial wastewater. Even the urine and feces of people is highly contaminated with all kinds of chemical toxins and drugs. After all, the body is trying to excrete its waste.]

    • The Winning Narrative
      PFAS vs Water Fluoridation – Two opposite narratives

      PFAS is a super multi-fluorinated molecule. The harmful effects of PFAS have been known about since The Manhattan Project when fluoride was being used for the atomic bomb program.
      However, in 2019 the film “Dark Waters” with Mark Ruffalo (Marvel’s Hulk actor) hit the scene.
      [See Video clip & info ]

      This changed the public NARRATIVE and put a spotlight on PFAS with Congressional testimony.
      Suddenly, the EPA was under pressure. The EPA created new safety standards and mandated testing for PFAS by water districts.

      Ironically, Dr. Philippe Grandjean worked with the EPA on setting the safety standards for PFAS.
      However, on the flip-side…
      Dr. Philippe Grandjean testified in the TSCA Lawsuit Trial against the EPA on water fluoridation.
      The Winning Narrative is that fluoride swallowed for teeth is safe and effective.

      There is F-irony here with fluoride chemicals and The Winning Narrative.

      • They repackaging human waste for fertilizer?!

        That’s disgusting and as you say insane. Not only is that disgusting but chemicals in human poo and urine persist, lots of medicines/drugs have metabolites that can contaminate water and food.

        Tax money is spent for a large government that does almost nothing beneficial and is in fact doing things to directly harm the public. We are paying for our own destruction. That is insanity.

    • Within the last year I read that organic potting mixtures and organic fertilizers may also contain the human waste sludge. So now I don’t know which is worse, the petroleum derived fertilizers potentially contaminated with heavy metals or organic fertilizers potentially contaminated with PFAS and drug metabolites. In both cases, whatever is spread on the land, eventually gets into the water.

      There is something in the Farm Bill – maybe folks can look into / take action on:

    • …more on TEXAS FARMERS
      EXCERPT sentence
      “Such fertilizer is portrayed as organic but is anything but”, Woolley said.

      VIDEO – Feb 16, 2024 Special Commissioner’s Court – (Johnson County, Texas)
      (The findings of the investigation are presented to the public and commissioners.)

      February 19, 2024 – The Cleburne Times-Review – By Matt Smith (Johnson County, Texas)
      [Good article]
      Investigation reveals “stunningly” high toxin levels near Grandview
      EXCERPT sentence
      Such fertilizer is portrayed as organic but is anything but, Woolley said.

      Granulite® Fertilizer Pellets
      Lawsuit Complaint Court Document – Filed 2/27/2024
      The lawsuit details that Synagro has a contract with the city of Fort Worth, Texas, to take sewage sludge and convert it to a fertilizer application. Synagro produces about 26,000 tons of fertilizer, which is then sold to landowners in 12 counties. Synagro built a $59 million biosolids processing facility in the area to further process the sewage sludge into compost, fertilizer pellets or soil conditioners.

      An environmental crimes investigator with the Johnson County Constable’s Office opened an investigation into complaints about piles of biosolids from Synagro on a neighboring farm.
      The drinking water wells on the farms that sued Synagro tested at 90,900 ppt. Another family’s drinking well tested at 268,200 ppt, and a separate well on the same property tested at 192,710 ppt…
      …The county investigator then tested two fish and two dead calves from the plaintiffs’ properties. The two fish came back at 57,000 ppt to 74,460 ppt of PFOS chemicals — 30,000 times higher than EPA’s standard for daily exposure.
      The liver of a stillborn calf on one of the Texas farms tested at 620,228 ppt — which is 250,000 times EPA’s exposure limits.

      One couple who filed the lawsuit reported medical issues that they had not experienced before, including high blood pressure, skin irritation and respiratory and cardiac issues. They also reported increased death losses from their various pets and livestock, as animals drank from well water or pond water and grazed in pastures.

      “Now that their property and only water source is polluted with ‘forever chemicals,’ they face the stark possibility of having to abandon the home they love and the property they have developed into a working ranch, raising cattle, freshwater fish and game birds, which may have to be euthanized….

    • The EPA regulates water.
      The EPA has actually pushed the concept of sewer-wastewater sludge recycling.

      November 2018 – EPA documents
      EPA Unable to Assess the Impact of Hundreds of Unregulated Pollutants in Land-Applied Biosolids on Human Health and the Environment
      The EPA identified 352 pollutants in biosolids but cannot yet consider these pollutants for further regulation due to either a lack of data or risk assessment tools. Pollutants found in biosolids can include pharmaceuticals, steroids and flame retardants.

      At a Glance – EPA one page document
      Our analysis determined that the 352 pollutants include 61 designated as acutely hazardous, hazardous or priority pollutants in other programs
      … The EPA’s website, public documents and biosolids labels do not explain the full spectrum of pollutants in biosolids and the uncertainty regarding their safety. Consequently, the biosolids program is at risk of not achieving its goal to protect public health and the environment.

      EWG: ‘Forever chemicals’ may taint nearly 20 million cropland acres

      December 15, 2023
      Montana PBS investigates a growing concern over dangerous chemicals found in treated human sewage called biosolids. It’s found in compost and fertilizer, but is it safe to put on crops and gardens?
      Special Investigation: Dangerous Chemicals in Compost | Montana PBS Reports: IMPACT
      (28 minute video)
      [6 minute mark – “Organic Compost” in a bag containing biosolids.]

      The Sierra Club and the Ecology Center identified dozens of home fertilizers made from biosolids. We purchased
      9 fertilizers: Cured BLOOM (Washington DC), Tagro Mix(Tacoma, WA), Milorganite (Milwaukee, WI), Pro Care All Natural Fertilizer (Madison, GA), Ecoscraps Slow Release Fertilizer (Las Vegas, NV), Menards Premium Natural Fertilizer (Eau Claire, WI), GreenEdge Slow Release Fertilizer (Jacksonville, FL), Earthlife Natural Fertilizer (North Andover, MA), and Synagro Granulite Fertilizer Pellets (Sacramento area, CA).

    • “ORGANIC” TOXIC CHEMICAL SOUP – Garden and “organic” farms
      That garden supply purchased “organic compost” bag may actually contain a large amount of toxic metals and chemicals.

      See IMAGE of Glacier Gold Organic Compost made with biosolids. QUEUED 5:56 Minute mark

      April 1998 – (EWG) Environmental Working Group
      Dumping Sewage Sludge On Organic Farms?
      In December, 1997, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposed draft national standards for organic agriculture. As part of this proposal, the department invited the public to comment on the idea of allowing application of municipal sewage sludge on land used to grow organic foods. The (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency’s top sludge regulator urged the department to allow “high quality biosolids” (i.e., sewage sludge) to be used in organic food production.

      The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), a federally mandated advisory body established by the 1990 National Organic Standards Act, recommended to USDA that, in general, sewage sludge should not be allowed in organic food production. Experts within the organic food industry maintain that organic farmers extremely rarely, if ever, use sewage sludge now, and they resolutely oppose allowing its use under the final organic standards rule. The vast majority of the more than 115,000 public comments filed to date on the proposed rule explicitly object to the use of sewage sludge as a federally approved organic farming practice…
      … heavy metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium,… phthalates, toluene, and chlorobenzene…dioxins…pesticides…

      April 21, 2017 – Dr. Axe.COM – By Leah Zerbe, MS, NASM-CPT, NASM-CES
      Human Sewage Sludge in Compost? It’s Really a Thing (and BEWARE)
      Human sewage sludge in compost can be marketed using words like: “organic,” “sterilized,” “pasteurized” or “sanitized.”

      Is Sewage Sludge a Safe Fertilizer? What are Biosolids?
      …Sewage sludge was renamed as biosolids to make it less yukky. It can show up on a label as “compost”, “organic fertilizer” or one of many brand names such as “Nutri-green”…
      … If you get compost from a local recycler of municipal waste, you may end up with some form of sewage sludge. When you see the word “organic” don’t assume it is sludge-free. Ask specifically if it contains biosolids (Class A or B ).
      Dehydrated sewer sludge is sold by major cities in the United States and branded with catchy names: Los Angeles – Nitrohumus, Milwaukee – Milorganite, New York – Granulite, and Chicago – Nu-Earth. For more brand names, see the link in the comments….

      • What a shit sandwitch. This all sounds like soylent brown to me.

      • @HRS

        Thanks for the heads up, organic and even “regenerative” are certainly terms that are being distorted, abused and applied for greenwashing/profiteering.

        All the more reason to learn to compost at home. Being able to trust one’s soil is the foundation of being able to trust one’s homegrown food.

      • Wow! Thank you for pulling this together! (Now I wonder what to do with the bags of organic potting soil and compost I have in my shed.)

        • Your bags of “Organic” compost and stuff might be copacetic.
          Hopefully, it doesn’t contain wasterwater sludge or an assortment of other toxic crap.

          GOOD THREAD at the link…

          Who Regulates Organic Labelling?

          “Trust the (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture”

          On that THREAD…

          A news headline:
          New report finds most US kale samples contain ‘disturbing’ levels of ‘forever chemicals’
          PFAS was found in seven of eight samples bought at US stores, with ORGANIC KALE containing higher levels of the toxic compounds

          • Thank you. I read that thread and the news article about the kale – unfortunately it was not the only organic item found to be contaminated. So there is yet another man-made chemical we cannot entirely avoid that is guaranteed to slowly harm people and the rest of the planet provided some other made-it-happen tragedy doesn’t strike us down first.

  15. as a general comment, thank you all for info and links for my further study xxx

  16. 𝐒𝐩𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐢𝐧 𝐃𝐞𝐭𝐨𝐱 𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐬/𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐛𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐢𝐨-𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐢𝐨-𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐏𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐚𝐥

    Some people took the toxic mRNA injections under duress due to coercion/peer pressure or realized the error they made after taking it and now want to heal their body, the post linked below is for those people.

    Who might benefit from the spike protein detox info available in the article linked above?

    If you have had one of the gene based Covid-19 injections, or are experiencing symptoms that may be related to Covid-19 “vaccine” transmission (also called shedding), you may benefit from using one or more items from our list of detox food and/or supplements to reduce spike protein load.

    Many people have been unable to find help for spike protein related illness (also called spikopathy) through existing healthcare services. This information is relevant if you have experienced adverse reactions after a jab or have post Covid-Injection Syndrome (pCoIS).

    FYI: Some of the information in the post linked above involves supplement products. If at all possible, I advocate for sourcing out natural whole food sources of medicinal compounds (or giving your body the required building blocks and stimulation to endogenously produce said medicinal compounds) over buying lab made/isolated versions of those compounds. This is not only due to my strong belief that depending on flimsy shipping supply lines to remain healthy is a precarious position to take, but also due to the bioavailability and over all increased synergistic benefits of whole food sources vs pills and supplement sources.

    My Substack newsletter is intended to not only shine a light onto unpleasant truths but more importantly, to offer viable courses of action and solutions to the challenges we face which can be applied in a decentralized way. Thus, I share my recipes and info on the healing power of real food in the hopes it can provide you with increased food/health sovereignty, resilience and longevity.

    • Very nice webpage with beautiful images and lots of good health information.

      • @HRS

        I am glad you appreciate the content and I hope anyone you might share it with finds it to be helpful.

        Cheers! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing! This is excellent info.

  17. UNDARK.ORG does long-form news (not a few paragraphs which you most often see in publications).

    Wednesday March 6, 2024 – UNDARK (long-form news) – by Michael Schulson
    Baring Teeth: The Long Battle Over Fluoride Comes to a Head
    [Republish feature]
    A court battle brings to the forefront a federal report on fluoride safety, which some say has been stymied by politics.

    • jo- Ann , you are gushing interesting story’s. The weather derivatives takes the cake. That one is going to be the swindle of the decade.
      The scenario I envision will be the CIA informing Citadel about the next jinned up disaster . Citadel takes all the bets that fall on the bad bet side, won’t back the good bets and makes a killing on the killing of whatever area of the country gets destroyed. Much more subtle than bets in the commodity markets. No more mother nature just loaded dice and crooked ShuffleMasters stacking cards against pension funds and retirement savings. Ken Lay is dancing in hell or the Marianna’s knowing his baby has grown up into the monster he envisioned.
      Where do you find these little nuggets of news? Thanks for posting them.

      • I wish I had a better answer to “where do you find the little nuggets of news.” There is no set of “news” resources that I check regularly. I check out links in articles I read (various alt news sites, organization sites, and Substack articles) and various podcast I listen to. These sometimes have other interesting links embedded.

        The bit about the weather derivatives came from a comment in a podcast (that I stumbled upon) that I decided to check out for myself. I recall the podcast was Catherine Austin Fitz and Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. Farrell made the remark about the derivatives and pandemic bonds.

    • Ukdavec,
      This is insightful.
      One take-away of mine is that these “university educated elite” actually end up shaping much of the public narrative.

      First, who are these garden variety 1% elites in question? Rasmussen breaks them down into three prerequisites:
      ~~ Postgraduate degree
      ~~ Make more than $150k per year
      ~~ Live in a densely populated urban area
      Their other basics come down as follows, which reveals they are ‘surprisingly young’:

      70% of elites trust the government, while only a miniscule less than ~20% of the public does.

      77% of the elite would impose restrictions on gas, food rationing, etc., due to “climate change”, while 63% of regular voters oppose such measures. In fact, the elite in general roundly support bans of gas-powered vehicles, wood stoves, SUVs, non-essential air travel, and even air conditioning while the vast majority of voters are totally against….

      • The Rasmussen pdf is also an interesting read.

        The author is an interesting follow – their other blog is mainly focussed on Ukraine and wider geopolitics.

        The good news takeaway for me is that the ability to narrative shape is being gradually eroded by the likes of the author and, of course, Corbett.

        My general experience is that people are waking up, albeit slowly.

      • The longer the people are institutionalized, mushier their brains become. They also get used to scrounging of off some “institution”.

    • Yes, interesting. Also what is missing. The real elite, the “shot callers” have an income much higher than 150K. 150K is barely enough for a good quality of life in a city given the high rent costs, food, and that people may be paying off loans and saving for retirement.

      But I suppose the “narrative shapers” do come from that section of society. They know just enough to be able to write a good story but not enough to really be decision makers. Those “think tanks” contain people who are much more cleaver. I’m sure some people are tapped from the “bottom” though.

      Think tank quality people probably have an IQ greater than 150 and/or some type of personality disorder. Maybe a few psychopaths from IQ less than 150 range. Just my speculation.

      “Cognitive elite” are not mentioned on my skim of the article, but it was fascinating nevertheless. Also, no mention of other demographic categories.

      • We can still learn from what’s missing though. I sometimes think some of these polls shape narrative by excluding ideas from discussion among the general population.

        The fact that the income per year minimum of greater than 150K was used in interesting. “Elites” are making much more than that. I’d say anyone with an income less than one million per year is not an “elite” at all.

        But, there are some lower income people who still shape the narrative.

        The survey probably captured the managerial class pretty accurately though.

        They also did not mention the percentage of the population the categories represent. What percentage of the general population is male or female for example.

  18. Introducing a new monthly series on my Substack Newsletter :

    𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐂𝐥𝐮𝐛

    The post linked above explains the new monthly post(s) I will create inviting subscribers to participate in a digital book club and monthly review / discussion of a single book voted on by subscribers.

    This monthly Book Club series is intended to stack the following functions:

    1. Through many of us reading the same book and interpreting its contents through the unique kaleidoscope of consciousness that each of us possess (an unrepeatable lens of perception that is defined by our cumulative memories/life experiences, intellectual knowledge, intuitive capacity and our soul’s unique essence) and then discussing it together afterwards we will all be able to glean valuable insights, assess alternative viewpoints and perhaps contemplate previously overlooked perspectives that we would not be able to access via simple reading the book on our own.

    2. Through opening up the possible books that we can vote on to suggestions from subscribers we give everyone the opportunity to offer their own hidden literary gems to the list (giving obscure authors covering pertinent subject matter a chance to shine and enriching all our minds through a “cross-pollination of literary seeds”, if you will).

    3. As we learn about these topics together as a group, we can help each other connect the dots between seemingly disparate topics, concepts and pathways of learning contributing towards a reciprocal “ecosystem of knowledge” that is comprised of members contributing towards each other’s mutual well being in a sort of gift economics, like how the old growth trees are interconnected through the mycorrhizae.

    If go through the link above you can vote on what book we should all read in the month of April.

    I hope some of you learned Corbetteers with your excellent collections of obscure literature and unique perspectives will participate, make suggestions for books each month and offer your reviews of the book we choose.

    I look forward to reading (and re-reading) many books along side many of you and having enriching discussions about the books.

    It is my hope this community symbiosis based way of learning can help us all to hone and unlock our own unique gifts and passions so that we may put them into use in service of life and leave this world a little bit more free, biodiverse, ecologically literate, honest and beautiful than it was when we got here for those who will call this place home after we are gone.

  19. Good news. “We don’t want your toxic corn, Pinche Gringo!”

    Thursday March 7 – ZeroHedge
    Mexico “Still Hasn’t Seen Science” From US Proving Genetically Modified Corn Is Safe

    Mexico submitted an official reply to the United States in the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade dispute about importing genetically modified (GM) corn. Mexico argued that the herbicide glyphosate in the corn is unsafe for human consumption. Corn plays a vital role in the Mexican diet, particularly as the primary ingredient for tortilla flour.

    In a written submission to a USMCA panel, Mexico, the top buyer of US corn, used science to show how GM corn and Glyphosate harm human health. This has given Mexico the authority to ban GM corn for human consumption.

    Here are the most critical parts of Mexico’s submission (list courtesy of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (ITAP)):

    The scientific evidence of GMO safety presented by the US is out of date, much of it from industry studies not supported by peer-review. According to Mexico, the US did not present any peer-reviewed study showing it safe to eat large quantities of GM corn exposed to Glyphosate in minimally processed form over a lifetime. Mexico makes the case that the US regulatory process is not stringent enough ensure that products are safe for Mexicans to consume at high levels.

    On public health, the submission details that GM corn, especially Bt corn engineered to kill insect pests, can have adverse impacts on non-target animals. Mammals have been shown to suffer damage to their digestive systems from a GM trait that kills its targets by attacking their guts.

    Mexican tortillas have been proven to be contaminated with GM corn and Glyphosate, the latter in residues from treatments of GM corn engineered to tolerate the herbicide featured in Roundup. Mexico shows that even low-level exposures can have negative long-term health impact.

    Mexican Deputy Agriculture Secretary Victor Suarez told Reuters:

    The United States “argues that the decisions in Mexico are not based on science and that their decisions are … But we still haven’t seen the science of the United States or the companies. We are looking forward to that study with great pleasure.”

    • Cool.

      Mexico has applied to join BRICS. Might be a bit early and provokative to invite them in yet. I think the big summit is late summer.

      Pepe Escobar joins on nato’\”s march to wwiii with russia as putin, china chart multipolar world, Haiphong interviews Escobar, Danny Haiphong, 2024-03-08

      • I wonder if their joining BRICS will have an impact on the proposed MX/US/CA merger into a regional governance body. Would be nice if that idea gets scrapped entirely.

    • I was curious about the Mexican government’s banning GMOs, but taking no action, not even mentioning, fluoride, so I looked into it and found this:

      Main points:

      • In 1991 fluoridation of salt became law, following an agreement among the Health Secretariat, the Industry & Commerce Secretariat, and the Mexican Association of Salt Industries. The measure was based on advice by “dental experts” and funded by the Kellogg Foundation.

      • 250 mg of fluoride is added to each kilo of salt.

      • The average Mexican probably ingests 7 grams of fluoridated salt per day.

      • Areas of Mexico that have natural fluoride in the water were to be excluded from the fluoridated salt mandate, but actually these areas receive double exposure to fluoride.

      • Fluorosis is a major problem in Mexico. Studies have been done in Mexico on fluorosis in various parts of the country, but none on the effects of fluoride on general health.

      • Mexico is a major producer of fluorite. Fluorite mining is a major employer and a major source of pollution.

      • The Mexican government and Mitsubishi are the co-owners of a Mexican salt producing operation, the largest in the world.

      • The role of the Kellogg Foundation:

        Main points:

        • W. K. Kellogg’s company, as a major producer of sugar laden breakfast cereal, used fluoride based pesticides for cereal crops. When news of the ill effects of sugar became known, Kellogg went into action to promote fluoridation of water to protect teeth.

        • In the 1930s the Kellogg Foundation was established for the purpose of promoting fluoridation worldwide. W. K. Kellogg transferred to the Foundation a majority of his company’s stocks.

        • The Foundation staff included directors of the American Dental Association and WHO. The first president was a U of Michigan graduate in public health.

        • The U of Michigan received a grant for the purpose of establishing at the School of Dental Health a graduate dental education building named after the Kellogg Foundation.

        • The Foundation offered all dental schools $10,000 for student loans and scholarships.

        • The Kellogg and Rockefeller Foundations donated $1M to the U of Michigan for a new School of Public Health. The first lecturers and directors of this school were members of the Kellogg Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

        • A U of Michigan dental researcher announced:

        …should information about sugar’s bad effects “become widespread to the extent that the sale of sugar becomes seriously affected, teeth would be spared only at the expense of our economic welfare. Too large a proportion of the world’s population is directly dependent upon the sugar industry for its distress not to be felt by everyone”.

        • In the 1980s the Kellogg Foundation funded the “science” of oral health and fluoridation programs in the Americas.

        • Those who initiated the fluoridation programs in Latin American had received Masters of Public Health degrees in the US.

        • The Kellogg Foundation supported the founding of the CEDROS Project, an organization in Brazil that provides links among dental associations in Latin America and supports cooperation among academic, government, and corporate entities.

        • As an example of the Kellogg Foundation’s manipulation concerning fluoridation of salt, in 1992 researchers from the Americas met at the Indiana School of Dentistry to promote communication networks in Latin America. The conference was funded by the Kellogg Foundation and the School of Dentistry, U of Puerto Rico. Proceedings of the conference were sent to 225 dental institutions in Latin America.

        So there it is. Any questions about fluoride in Mexican salt? Not enough fascism yet?

        • Most of the tap water in Mexico is undrinkable, so salt is the preferred carrier of fluoride. In place of drinking water, people walk around swilling from one liter bottles of soda, especially Coke. Since all one needs to do to avoid dental carries is brush with baking soda, the justification for fluoridation of salt to prevent cavities is obviously lame. Most of the population of Mexico is probably poorly supplied with tooth brushes (this might be the problem with cavities rather than lack of fluoride?), but they could be instructed to rinse with baking soda in bottled water. They apparently are attentive to health directives and do not need secretive additions to their food to protect their health. For example, it is rather unusual to see anyone smoking, but there seems to be no education provided about sugar, vegetable oil, or white flour, much less toxins in processed foods and drinks. Obesity is the norm, and the rates of diabetes and heart disease are high.

          Various studies have measured the fluoride content in various foods in Mexican markets and supermarkets and have compared with foods in the US and UK:

          • Damn Good Research, mutig!

            Thanks for laying out the script. It was a smooth read!

            • @ hrs 3/16 2:18 am and 2:25 am:

              (We are running out of comment levels.)

              Yes, that is quite a kellogg advertising campaign.

              I just now got around to speed reading the Philippe P. Hujoe article. The American Dental Association is clearly one of the most evil organizations on the planet. I haven’t been to a dentist in a couple of decades. I get along well with baking soda. And of course I supplement vitamin D (D3 with K2 — without K2 the D3 moves calcium out of places where we need it — you know that, but many people who read these comments perhaps do not).

              • mutig,
                ha!…I know about that “speed reading”.

                I’m glad you restated the K2 aspect. It reinforces my memory on it…and there’s a person that I was planning on mentioning K2 to.

                By the way, I shared your write-up with Fluoride activists in the Dallas area.

            • @HRS 3/19 5:27 am

              The “research” was only a search for Kellogg fluoride or Latin America fluoride, or something of the sort. It seemed that the two articles should receive wide attention, so I summarized to perhaps make the content more accessible. No one has time to read everything we should. I’m glad the information is available to your activists in Texas. Thank you for forwarding.

          • This stuff reads itself. I like how how smoothly Kelogg has taken over by playing the long game.

            • Yes. I haven’t seen an explanation for why they chose Latin America, but clearly fluoridation there was long in the planning.

              • Notice how Kellogg’s targets Hispanics in their advertising.

                The very first top comment on the March Open Thread has other stuff about Kellogg’s.

            • Review-Study by Dr. Philippe P. Hujoe
              Private Interests and the Start of Fluoride-Supplemented
              High-Carbohydrate Nutritional Guidelines


              Link came from February Open Thread
              A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History

  20. Hello everyone,

    I’ve been following The Corbett Report for a while, but I’m new to the community.

    This is what I do for those who want to take a look:

    • Wow! Thank you for sharing your link.

      • Thank you!

  21. Hi Corbetteers!

    I just posted another piece of 2-D analysis. Nothing terribly new for this community. The reason I mention it was that I like to add a cultural reference (usually music) and was a bit blank. Then “Smashing Pumpkins” came upon me.

    I’ve yet to explore the Pumpkins, a joy which awaits. So, I I just searched and downloaded a popular song.

    It could not have fitted more perfectly. I know I’m going to like Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I think of JC whenever I think of Smashing Pumpkins. Hence this post.

    Peace be with you,



  22. Comment FlashBack!

    (with additional intel for all you eastern/northern Turtle Island foragers and gardeners)

    𝐄𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐬 (𝐏𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐬 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐮𝐬) 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐛𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐮𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 such as Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Beta-Phellandrene, D-Limonene, Germacrene D, 3-Carene, Caryophyllene, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Eastern white pine needles also contain shikimic acid, the same molecule found in star anise herb used historically in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat plagues and respiratory illness.

    𝗘𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻 𝗪𝗵𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝗣𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝘀𝗲𝗲𝗱𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝗺𝗲𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗾𝘂𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗳𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗻𝘂𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗯𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗱𝘀: Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin E (tocopherol- alpha and Tocopherol-gamma), Calcium, Copper, Selenium, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B-6, Folate, Choline, beta-Carotene, Beta-sitosterol, Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Valine, Glutamic acid, Glycine and fiber.

    𝗣𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗣𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻 𝗡𝘂𝘁𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗛𝗲𝗮𝗹𝘁𝗵 𝗕𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗳𝗶𝘁𝘀

    Pine Pollen has over 200 bioactive compounds:

    Including phytoandrogens, antioxidants, flavinoids, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals – including:

    – Brassinosteroids: bio-idential DHEA and testosterone

    – Glutathione

    – 20+ Amino acids (complete profile)

    – MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

    – Superoxide Dismutase (anti-inflammatory)

    – Vitamins: C, D, E and B’s

    – Calcium, magnesium, potassium, silicon, copper,

    manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc

    The pollen grain carries everything it needs for germination. 15% amino acids, 1-2% lipids-sterols, various polyphenols and antioxidants, including 2% flavonoids, myoinositol, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylserine, lignin, and various polysaccharides (complex sugars)—two of which are vital to immune health; arabinogalactan, and xylogalacturonan and on top of that boasts liver detoxifying agents like glutathione, MSM, SOD.

    It also has vitamin D2/D3, magnesium, selenium, silicon, potassium, calcium, iron, strontium, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine, manganese, and various other vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids such as L-dopa and Arginine that help with blood flow and the nitric-oxide cycle.

    Pine pollen health benefits come from a huge number of bioactive molecules needed for germination.

    Pine pollen also has five other potent plant hormone compounds, required for germination burst: Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins, Ethylene, Abscisic acid- all with biological activity, such as; antiviral, anti-cancer, anabolic, pro-survival, stem cell/immune response activation, and anti-aging effects.

    • This powerful arboreal ally produces nutrient dense food and powerful medicines which can be harvested honorably and regeneratively while she also provides habitat, protects soil and nourishes the soul with her beauty.

      Medicine, food and solutions are all around us if we just open our eyes and receive the wisdom and gifts our elder species are sharing with us and then give back to them in reciprocity.

      We can create food forests filled with amazing generous beings such as the Eastern White Pine to create habitat, nurture/protect soil, feed and heal ourselves while leaving this world a little bit more beautiful than it was when we got here for those who will call this place home after we are gone.

    • Harvesting Wild Pine Pollen | Harmonic Arts :

      How to Harvest, Store and Use Pine Pollen :

      Pine pollen: A review of its chemical composition, health effects, processing, and food applications :

      from the study linked above:

      “Pine pollen is a rich source of macronutrients and bioactive compounds that have demonstrated various health benefits, including antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, glucose and lipid metabolism regulatory, antimicrobial and antiviral, antitumor and anticancer, hepatoprotective, gastrointestinal modulatory, anti-aging, and other biological properties.”

  23. Greetings Corbretteers;

    Here are a couple solution ideas:
    1. when signing up for any website’s services you must agree to their terms & conditions. I wish there was a way were we could attach our counter terms & conditions, such as: “I can change my terms at any time; I must be reimbursed for any information on me that you sell at 75% of sale price; I can remove my consent to use my data at any time with 30 days notice; By accepting my log-in and allowing me to use your platform/services, it is deemed you have consented to my terms.” all this would be written in legalese of course.

    2. I think we should get paid for any data a site captures on us and sells. After all, we are the ones generating the data they are selling. In a real sense we are the ones producing the ore in the data mines.

    3. I got this idea from the book “Freakonomics”, chapter 2,: the authors explain that by taking private, secret or otherwise hard to find/understand information an entity wants kept from the general public and making that information very public and easy to find and understand, that will, basically, take the power away from that entity. For example: by publicizing on main-stream-media platforms the New World Order plans of Davos, or Bilderberg Group, or WHO, NATO, etc. (and adding a little commentary) the mass of normies will start to understand and wake up and refuse to go along with the NWO. Yes, this is what James and The Corbett Report has been doing for years… but, the Corbett Report is not on YouTube, or Facebook, or Twitter, etc. because he’s been booted off. Yet the very info that exposes the NWO is would be from their own publications and public statements. So how can that be seen as “disinformation” or “false information”. If, say, a person’s YouTube channel is shut down because the info is deemed “disinformation” or against YouTube policy then the WHO, NATO, Bilderberg, Davos, etc. would also have to be shut down.

    By shinning a bright light on these group’s publicly stated plans for the NWO, people will wake up. (at least I hope so). Can you imagine what it would be like if all James’ documentaries were promoted freely on mass media? The world might just wake up.

    Any way, just a couple thoughts. If anyone has the skills to write a program that people can attach to their reply when they sign up to a site/platform that would be great. I don’t even know if it can be done.

    Thank you, James, for the Corbett Report.

  24. Part 1 of 4 – MARCH 2024 UPDATE
    Actor and “Story Teller” Jamie Foxx plans to TELL A STORY about his medical experience

    BACKSTORY RECAP (My very ‘short’ rendition)

    Jamie Foxx “was hospitalized in Atlanta on April 11, 2023 after suffering an undisclosed medical emergency….”
    Was the COVID mRNA shot to blame?
    [See Photo of Jamie Foxx and Dr. Peter McCullough arm-in-arm.]

    SAG-AFTRA is the Union of Hollywood Actors. After months of striking, SAG-AFTRA finally made a deal with Big Money Media. SAG-AFTRA is a union which votes on policies and agreements. President of SAG-AFTRA is Fran Drescher, but she is not a dictator of policy.
    Fran Drescher continues to run her non-profit organization Cancer Schmancer which promotes a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle. (I got an email the other day.) In March 2019, James Corbett featured Cancer Schmancer’s “Be The Change!” Sizzle with Jamie Foxx, Fran Drescher, and a bunch of kids talking about healthy choices.

    As you may recall, the Hollywood consensus was pro-jab and that Big Money Media had mandated Covid vaccines.
    In February 2023, Fran Drescher again created a shit-storm by speaking out.
    e.g NEWS Headline: ” Fran Drescher calls for Hollywood to end to ‘bulls–t’ vaccine mandates in SAG speech”

    I will give you my speculation on WHAT REALLY HAPPENED which prompted SAG-AFTRA by April 27, 2023 to vote against the studios’ mandated vaccines.
    Evidently, Jamie Foxx got the Covid jab near early April, 2023. He had been avoiding getting the jab, but it was mandated by the studio when he was working on the production of “Back in Action” with Cameron Diaz. Because he was hospitalized, this led to Director Seth Gordon using body doubles in Foxx’s place.
    I speculate that the scuttlebutt in Hollywood about Jamie Foxx’s vaccine injury led to the SAG-AFTRA vote. Of course, it is taboo to say “vaccine injury” for anyone working in Hollywood. They would never be able to work again.

    Hollywood’s COVID Vaccine Mandate – SAG-AFTRA – Fran Drescher

    • Part 2 of 4
      — SOURCES – SUBTHREADS – (continued from Part 1)
      6/12/2023 – PART 1 of 7
      Hollywood and… …Jamie Foxx, Fran Drescher, James Corbett, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Drew, A.J. Benza, Robert F Kennedy, Jr., Michael Jai White (aka Black Dynamite), Candace Owens

      –MARCH 2024–
      Sunday March 3, 2024 – AAFCA
      Foxx took the stage on March 3, in Los Angeles at the 7th annual AAFCA Special Achievement Awards luncheon, presented by the African American Film Critics Association. Jamie Foxx plans to reveal what caused his mystery illness — in an upcoming stand-up special. Foxx said he’ll share details about his medical emergency in “a funny way.”
      – Urban Hollywood 411 –
      Jamie Foxx Says He’ll Reveal What Caused Health Crisis ‘In My Way’
      (7:22 minutes)
      Better Audio – Close side angle camera
      Jamie Foxx Cracks Crowd Up at AAFCA Luncheon
      (11:50 minutes)

      [Context – I should mention that this event comes right after February, which is Black History Month in the U.S. Black History Month receives a lot of attention in the Press.]

    • Part 3 of 4
      Monday March 4, 2024 – Variety – By Angelique Jackson
      Jamie Foxx Plans to Share Details of His Medical Emergency: ‘I’m Gonna Do It in a Funny Way’ on Stage
      Foxx was honored alongside Datari Turner, Deon Taylor, Fatima Robinson, the late Michael Latt and ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’
      …On Sunday afternoon, Foxx offered attendees of the African American Film Critics Association’s (AAFCA) Special Achievement Awards luncheon a sneak peek at the tone of that material — a mix of heartfelt reflection with some top-notch zingers — while accepting AAFCA’s Producers Award alongside his Foxxhole Productions partner Datari Turner.

      2023 was a big year for the company thanks to the back-to-back successes of Netflix’s “They Cloned Tyrone” and Amazon’s “The Burial.” But while Foxxhole’s movies were shooting to the top of the streaming charts, Foxx was fighting for his life after suffering a medical emergency — the nature of which has not been disclosed.

      “Everybody wants to know what happened, and I’m going to tell you what happened. But I’ve gotta do it in my way,” Foxx said. “I’m gonna do it in a funny way. We’re gonna be on the stage. We’re gonna get back to the standup sort of roots.”

      “It’ll be called, ‘What Had Happened Was,’ and it’s got all the things that happened, especially on our side of our community,” he said, joking about the online rumors that the “Jamie Foxx” sightings after his hospitalization weren’t, in fact, him. “I dove out of a car to save this Black woman’s purse,” he recalled. “That ain’t no damn Jamie, that’s a clone.” (Spoiler alert: it was him.)…

      … After what he’s been through over the past year, Foxx said he sees life differently.
      “I’m so thankful. And I just get emotional. Because it was really… it’s beyond the scope. Cherish life. I have some people in my life that really made sure I was here because it was dire straits,”
      Foxx said, throwing in a joke that he’s almost too thankful for everything nowadays (or at least his daughter thinks so).
      “I was drinking some water, like ‘Wow, you taste this water? It’s so wet. This is the wettest water’ [and she replied,] ‘Dad, you’ve gotta chill out.’”

      [Cool Quote on Art]
      “We should be so enthused to be in this business of playing make believe – at its highest level,” Foxx said.
      “But it’s still those moments when you were in the mirror and you were acting like you were Billy Dee Williams. … Now that we’re here, it seems bigger than what it actually is because there’s a lot that goes along with it. But at the core of it, it is us [playing] make believe, putting smiles on people’s faces, and it is our art. And art is subjective.”

    • Part 4 of 4
      Wednesday March 6, 2024 – WPIX New York City, NY – By Marisa Rodriguez
      ‘I passed away’: Jamie Foxx speaks on medical complication that left him hospitalized last year
      LOS ANGELES (WGN) – The African American Film Critics Association had its annual luncheon on Sunday at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Among the several celebrity guests present was actor Jamie Foxx, who was awarded AAFCA’s Producers Award.
      Foxx took the stage to accept the award, and during his speech, he humorously touched on the medical health scare that left him hospitalized last year…
      …In December [Monday Dec 4], Foxx touched on his health scare again during the Vanguard Award for Amazon Prime Video’s “The Burial.” At the time, Foxx said he had been unable to walk.
      This past Sunday [March 3, 2024], Foxx touched on another experience many may take advantage of every day: drinking water.
      “Cherish life, man. I have some people in my life that really made sure I was here, because it was dire straits. So I value, I’m telling you. My daughter thinks sometimes I’m too thankful, nowadays. Because I’m just so thankful. I was drinking some water, ‘Wow, have you tasted this water? It’s so wet! This is the wettest water. Was it like this before I passed away?’” Foxx joked with the crowded room….

      –DECEMBER 2023–
      In his first public appearance, since his illness, Oscar and Black Reel Award winner Jamie Foxx accepts the Critics Choice Association’s Vanguard Award. [Monday December 4, 2023]
      Jamie Foxx Makes a Surprise Appearance (Full Speech)
      ”helping to expand the Gaze of who gets to tell our Stories”
      QUEUED at 3:53
      [Audience laughter can be heard in the following 7:51 minute clip]

  25. Saturday March 9, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Tom Nolan
    Opinion: The Value of a Child’s Fragile Developing Brain

    Among brain damaging chemicals are arsenic, mercury, lead, fluoride, pesticides and a list of chemicals with acronyms which are foreign to most of us, such as PFAS, PERC, PBDEs, and PCBs. Fluoride/fluorine is the most reactive of the elements.

    In the early 1900’s, it was known by many that lead damaged the brain. It took about 100 years for the government to officially state that there is no safe level of lead. In fact, it is now well accepted that early life lead exposures can predict future outcomes, such as school failure, delinquency and crime.

    Many have forsaken the value of a child’s developing brain. In humans, the developing brain experiences a period of rapid neurogenesis in which an estimated 4.6 million neurons are generated every hour between birth and 1.5 years of age.

    The developing brain of a child is a very fragile thing. Many types of chemical toxins, alone or combined, can permanently scar the developing brain of a child.
    This is well established in the scientific literature.
    Learning disabilities, poor memory retention, slow strained thinking skills, an inability to focus or concentrate, dispersed attention, hyperactivity, impulsive or erratic behaviors, lethargy, anxiety, nervousness, aggressiveness, easily agitated, depression, emotional imbalances, mental health thought disorder symptoms, conduct disorders, antisocial delinquent behaviors, psychopathology and criminal activity.
    – Any of these traits can result in a child who has been exposed to certain toxins during brain development.

    The history-making EPA Fluoride Trial, a six year long “Citizens fighting Government” lawsuit, which again began January 31 should have closing arguments on February 20, 2024. It could end water fluoridation.

    As noted on Day 1 of the trial, the EPA agrees that these are undisputed facts: Fluoride has neurotoxic effects on the developing brain of a child, and that fluoride is transferred from the mother to the fetal brain.
    During the course of the trial, scientific testimony and evidence was introduced which demonstrated that very low levels of fluoride can damage the brain, much less impact health.

    The world famous Dr. Phillipe Grandjean testified at the EPA Trial. When discussing factors that make the developing brain more vulnerable to the impact of environmental toxins, Grandjean stated: “I wrote a book on this called “Only One Chance” because you only have one chance to develop your brain… …You’re weakly vulnerable because there are so many processes…that have to happen in sequence at the right time. And if something goes wrong, you don’t have a chance later on to remodel the brain.”

    Let’s give our kids that one chance.

    • [Note: Tom Nolan is a pen name which I have used for years, and utilized often for “salt your data”. The Wall Street stuff which follows is a peppered mix. I’ll take any legs that come along for getting this information out. Two first names is a nice recipe.]
      Salting Your Data – #SolutionsWatch

      LINKS – Embedded Text

      early life “lead” – Dallas Press Release – January 15, 2024

      “crime” – Study – The association between lead exposure and crime: A systematic review

      “neurogenesis” – Study – A Critical Review and Meta-Analysis of Impacts of Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances on the Brain and Behavior

      Little Things Matter – The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain – Dr. Bruce Lanphear

      “conduct” disorders
      Phil Donahue: Misdiagnosed Allergies with Dr D Rapp MD 1988



      “Day 1”


      “Dr. Phillipe Grandjean” – Dallas Press Release – February 5, 2024

      Monday February 26, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Tom Nolan
      Opinion: A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History
      Corbett Report – Intro Foreword and all links

      February 6, 2023 – The Dallas Express – By Tom Nolan
      Opinion: Censor the Science on Fluoride
      That hippie kid Derek Broze is mentioned in this article.

      Articles by Tom Nolan – The Wall Street Journal Journalist
      — Contributing Writer and Book Reviewer, The Wall Street Journal –
      — Los Angeles, United States – Arts and Entertainment, Opinion and Editorial –
      As seen in: The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Entertainment, Business Insider, Forbes, MSN (US), The Mirror UK, PBS NewsHour, Yahoo, Adweek, MarketWatch, Rolling Stone, The Conversation, The Daily Beast,, Flipboard, Salon, The Mercury News,, Boston Herald, Irish Examiner, Gallup, SBS, The Village Voice, Mic, Silicon Republic, The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, GuitarWorld, MYSA,, Law360,
      (…MUCK RACK to be continued…)

    • (…MUCK RACK continuing…)

      …Law360, ThePrint, GBH News (Boston, MA), Los Angeles Review of Books, The Art Newspaper, The Tyee, Buffalo News, Defense One, Powhatan Today, Roanoke Times, Winston-Salem Journal, Yakima Herald-Republic, Waco Tribune-Herald‎, Bryan-College Station Eagle, Grand Island Independent, Idaho Press, The Daily Progress, YES! Magazine, CommonWealth, The News & Advance, The Free Lance-Star, The News-Gazette (Champaign, IL), BJGP (British Journal of General Practice), Montana Standard, WMGT-TV (Macon, GA), Guitar Player, Hickory Daily Record, The Statesville Record & Landmark, Independent Tribune, The Arizona Mirror, Homeland Security News Wire, North Platte Telegraph, The Chicago Reporter, The Daily Nonpareil, Morganton News Herald, Kentucky New Era, Limerick Post, Martinsville Bulletin, Ohio Capital Journal, Moguldom, Inner Self Magazine, McDowell News, Chronicle-Tribune, Mystery Scene Magazine, Law360 UK, Gulf Breeze News, RealClear Books, News from the States, The Dallas Express, IQ Fin

      Articles by Tom Nolan
      Opinion: The Value of a Child’s Fragile Developing Brain
      16 hours ago | By Tom Nolan Verified | The Dallas Express Verified
      Among brain damaging chemicals are arsenic, mercury, lead, fluoride, pesticides and a list of chemicals with acronyms which are foreign to most of us, such as PFAS, PERC, PBDEs, and PCBs. Fluoride/fluorine is the most reactive of the elements. In the early 1900’s, it was known by many that lead damaged the brain. It took about 100 years for the government to officially state that there is no safe level of lead.

      Opinion: A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History
      13 days ago | By Tom Nolan Verified | The Dallas Express Verified
      A Dallas African American school teacher opened the door to a dark, hidden history. It is the history of secret human experiments by the government, universities and industry during World War 2 and the Cold War. It is the history of water fluoridation and the toxic, multi-fluorinated PFAS “Forever Chemicals” like Teflon and Scotchgard. Prior to World War 2, no one ever thought about swallowing fluoride. It was mainly used for pest control and industrial applications.

    • This would be a great win for activism, however I fear the courts may be scrambling to hit the full demoralisation mode.

      Similar to what we witnessed with the climate kangaroo courts recently.

      While the truth is obviously inversely proportional to the show on display. The more they scramble the more they risk lifting the veil for the masses. And that is a very weak position, indeed.

      God bless.

  26. UK and Israel have entered into a strategic partnership. Worth a quick read to see the melding of government and industry interests, and the specific areas of interest (e.g. science, health, cyber security, climate measures, technology, etc.).

    Policy paper
    2030 roadmap for UK-Israel bilateral relations
    Published 21 March 2023

    Policy paper
    Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office on the UK-Israel Strategic Partnership
    Published 29 November 2021

    • I wasn’t aware their previous partnership had come to an end.

      • Same here. I cannot find a policy paper for the USA. Instead, I find (on an Israel library site) there are a multitude of separate Memorandums of Understanding or agreements, and groups/agencies that manage business interests between the US and Israel. The site is good in that it lists all of the historical agreements in chronological order and by topic (e.g. education, energy, etc.).

        I never realized how much industry and government were intertwined, beyond the legacy media, military support, and pharmaceutical industries. I am embarrassingly naïve. I am done looking at this part of the world that I was unaware of – nothing interesting except that it exists.

  27. Contentious subject, as can be seen by so many comments. So much heartache, so much destruction, so many ruined lives, all because people are trying to prove that they are the “beloved of God.”
    What we all might want to consider is that there was a Man who came to talk to us about being beloved of God…Jesus Christ. He said He came to die so that all might live, so that every person might join the family of God.
    It’s a message of peace that could solve all of the conflicts of our present Age. Do I think people will listen? Maybe a few. Are you one of those with ears to hear?

  28. Just thinking out loud.

    It appears to me that Washington DC is trying to get three regional wars going on at the same time.

    1) Europe
    – using Ukraine. At present there are only rumors that other NATO/EU nations will commit to sending soldiers. This might commit Russia to a never-ending war in Ukraine. Weakening NATO and the EU (while at the same time trying to expand them).
    2) Gaza
    – could the Gaza genocide be used to bait other Arab nations to fight against Israel? Weakening not only the Arab nations, but Israel too.
    3) Taiwan
    – this hasn’t started yet, but I wonder what will be used to get it going. This war would most likely include Japan, North and South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, etc, maybe even India.

    There are other cards Washington DC has yet to play:
    1) The Dollar Collapse
    – no doubt this will be weaponized against every nation in the world.
    2) The Covid-19 Injections
    – I tend to think this is one part of a binary weapon, with the other half having yet to be released. It appears that the US based pharmaceuticals have everything to do with all the injections in every country. Thus, once released, will affect all countries involved in the injections.

    What do you think?

    • Regarding point number 1, I don’t think that’s going to work as Europe has been thoroughly neutered. Maybe if they weaponize those immigrants, then possible.

      Regarding the final point, I don’t think they really need that. People are already living miserable lives thanks to all the false beliefs.

  29. Essay on the progress of Digital IDs from Corey’s Diggs

    Visa & Mastercard: The Real Threat To The Digital ID Control System

    “In August of 2023, Sarah Clark elaborated on Mastercard’s progress in the digital identity space, stating that they have been “on the leading edge of the paradigm shift that we can all see is happening today with respect to identity.” She noted that Mastercard’s digital ID network is live in two markets – Australia and Brazil. In Australia, legislation, regulations and the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) have paved the way for Mastercard’s digital identity network to be implemented. In June of 2022, Mastercard became the first private organization to receive accreditation under the TDIF. She added that Australia is a “template for other parts of the world” and that Mastercard’s digital identity network has “done pilot activities and prepared for launch in two other markets – the UK and the US.””

    “One thing people need to realize is that they already have everyone’s data, it’s just a matter of merging it into a single ID that routes to a unified ledger that is integrated with other ledgers so that they all communicate the rules and regulations to one another, giving people an undesired outcome.

    “In this 2022 Bank for International Settlements (BIS) report they make a very significant statement on page 13 regarding whether a system could be carried out without the use of CBDCs:

    ““It needs to be noted that many of these features can, in isolation, be offered by other payment innovations, and many gaps could be addressed through regulation and sound oversight arrangements.” CBDCs may not be necessary because “combining different payment innovations such as open application programming interfaces (APIs), fast payment services, contactless chips and QR codes could achieve many of the same goals.” “

  30. Hi folks, I am new here (to this chat, not to The Corbett Report). James graciously invited me to post about my new venture. I hope y’all will check it out. In a nutshell, we are Do What You’re Told, a Substack newsletter which aggregates independent, non-mainstream media from multiple sources. Think Yahoo News but with very different sources. James was one of the first true indie journalists but now… it’s catching on! In our newsletter, we shout out folks like Corbett, Webb, Kennedy, Brand and newly awakening journalists like Weiss, Taibbi, Shellenberger, and others. Check out what we are doing online and in print too (billboards!) at or Would love for you to subscribe. I’s free but a paid subscription if you’re like-minded is greatly appreciated too. Let me know if you have any questions! In solidarity, Jennifer Buhl, founder/independent thinker-in-chief // P.S. I’m hoping to interview James on the rise of indie media, whether it will shift the world’s trajectory, and when he ‘awakened.’ — what do yall think?

    • DoWhatYoureTolders,
      A hearty Welcome! from all us on these comment boards. We love seeing comments from Corbett Members. It helps us all gain insight and perspectives.

      Do What You’re Told [See image]

      • Thanks HomeRemedy!

  31. What is a common man’s definition of insanity?

    Donald Trump for President again

    President Joe Biden claimed that COVID vaccines are now helping cancer patients during his State of the Union address on March 7.
    This prompted an immediate response on “Truth Social” from former President Donald Trump.

    During the address, President Biden said:
    “The pandemic no longer controls our lives. The vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat cancer, turning setback into comeback. That’s what America does.”

    President Trump then wrote:
    “The Pandemic no longer controls our lives.
    The VACCINES that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat cancer—turning setback into comeback.

    • Homie. Thank you for posting this gem.
      It may well make it into the Medical Diagnostics Manual. These crazy mental diseases are curable, but alas there’s no book in print for cures. The clinician must work from memory. The cure is simple, remember, Nancy Just Say No , “N.J.S.N” it really does cure the mental disease of Required Participation “R.P.”
      What? you may ask of your readers? To recognize crazy dissonance in mental tomfoolery.
      Also the pages of side effects that the primary diseases metastasize into.
      What? You may ask which is craziest , the 6 month or the 12 year condition of We Are Required Participants “W.A.R.P” sick think? Both are crazy, but the 6 mo.version probably should be addressed clinically right away. Be careful here for the side effects of the cascading craziness, they may have deadly consequences should it be ignored. The downstream nuttiness that can be found in the Robot K Jr. subject ,a condition of mental dissonance that has been called the ” Lone Gunman Syndrome, L.G.S.. It assumes that a mandatory injection is warranted and encouraged when the 6mo. or 12 yr. vaccine is ruled safe, when, by consensus of manufacturers of the vaccines, or their proxies in Government Agencies say so. Again the trait of “Required Participation” is much stronger and will take a long time of billable hours to correct.

    • If “vaccines” kill people early, cancer doesn’t get the chance to go at them.

  32. I am reading a very educational book (link to PDF shared below) that provides a lot of material that correlates and confirms other accounts which were provided in another book titled “The Dawn Of Everything” (by David Graeber) pertaining to how the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, generally viewed the European interlopers (early pilgrims/colonists/missionaries and military men arriving in what is now called Ontario, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New England and other areas in the 1500-1600-s) as very primitive, dirty, immoral, unhealthy and inept.

    It is interesting to put oneself in their shoes (taking into account what we know now of the health, ecological literacy and skillsets that were common in the people from of both cultures) considering the starkly contrasted (and inversely judgmental) views that some Europeans had (and still have) towards the original inhabitants of what is now called “north america”.

    This morning I came across a passage that I found particularly humorous and illuminating which i`ll share below :

    “As for the Indians, evidence suggests that they tended to view Europeans with disdain as soon as they got to know them. The Wendat (Huron) in Ontario, a chagrined missionary reported, thought the French possessed “little intelligence in comparison to themselves.” Europeans, Indians told other Indians, were physically weak, sexually untrustworthy, atrociously ugly, and just plain smelly. (The British and French, many of whom had not taken a bath in their entire lives, were amazed by the Indian interest in personal cleanliness.) A Jesuit reported that the “savages” were disgusted by handkerchiefs: “They say, we place what is unclean in a fine white piece of linen, and put it away in our pockets as something very precious, while they throw it upon the ground.” The Mi’kmaq in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia scoffed at the notion of European superiority.

    If Christian civilization was so wonderful, why were its inhabitants all trying to settle somewhere else?”

    – page 49, from “1491 : New Revelations Of The Americas Before Columbus” By Charles C. Mann ( )

  33. the interview with rick frye posted today has prompted me to go back and look for the much older post with freeman fly about signs and sigils in corporate imagery

    this looks like it should be the post but seems to have mismatched audio – anyone concur? know where to find the freeman fly piece?

  34. #QFC or Maybe HomeRemedySupply could help me out with this one.

    So the term “fossil fuels” was made up basically to create a sense of scarcity, is that right? (I think there was a Corbett flashback last year where it was mentioned in the interview.) I mean, crude oil is being found on moons that supposedly have no “fossils”. Was this a Rockefeller creation? Just trying to get some sources to site for this one.
    Actually, I bet it might be in the BiG OiL documentary… I’ll check.
    Thanks to anyone with evidence of this term being manufactured into existence.

  35. James invited me to come here and share with you this excerpt from my novel, Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Lover Story, where James Corbett gets weaved into the story in a rather amusing way:

  36. Tue, March 12, 2024 at 5:00 AM CDT·5 min read
    By Leah Asmelash at CNN, your trusted source of news and facts. So, don’t look. Your eyes are deceiving you. Those lab tests you did to measure aluminum fallout don’t count. Don’t believe GBW. Believe CNN’s Science.

    The truth behind those white streaks trailing behind jets in the sky

    We’ve all seen those white streaks trailing behind jets, creating stripes against the blue sky.

    The lines are called contrails, short for condensation trails, and they appear when water vapor condenses and freezes around the exhaust from an aircraft, according to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

    At least that’s what science says… …

    Are chemtrails real? Here’s what experts have said

    Scientists have said there is no evidence for the existence of chemtrails. Even if there was a government conspiracy at work in aircraft contrails, such a large-scale program would be difficult to cover up given the amount of people who would be necessary for operation, Harvard researchers noted.

    Around the world, scientists have conducted investigations debunking the chemtrails conspiracy theory, describing the existence of contrails and their variances at length. Even Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency, has stated that chemtrails “are not a thing.”

    Still, believers are not convinced. Belief in the theory has become so strong that meteorologists around the world have reported an uptick in harassment and threats, usually after extreme weather, particularly from conspiracy theorists accusing them of hiding information.

    “The collective agreement within these communities often overpowers the rational dissent of scientists,” Xiao said. This makes it “exceedingly difficult for factual corrections to alter these deeply entrenched beliefs.”

  37. So I just heard on the radio that our government is gonna use some of the money they stole from me and millions of others (using the threat of violence and kidnapping) to give the fun loving people who like to launch tear gas grenades into peaceful crowds, wack female (non-state approved) journalists in the face with batons and use medieval style militarized horse brigades to trample elderly indigenous women with walkers, a “reasonable number” of semi-automatic weapons in each community.

    Yay! I feel safer already.

    “Another important regulation with the law, Baxter noted, is one specifying what equipment front-line officers should have access to in case they respond to an active attacker situation, including heavier body armour, a battering ram and 𝐚 “𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐧𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫” 𝐨𝐟 𝐬𝐞𝐦𝐢-𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐬, which will vary between communities.”

    • Were this provision made for the peasantry, I’m sure they would be writing about murderous assault weapons. But in this context semi automatic rifles sounds much more reasonable.

      • Peasants are not experts in shooting other humans! Killing devices should only be used by hardened killing experts that obediently follow orders who practice how to shoot other humans regularly! For safety reasons!

        Yes these devices designed to end multiple lives per second take on a new comforting and reassuring appearance when they are used by those who are desensitized to violence and those who can use violence to ensure that all those “fringe minorities” and “anti-vaxxers” stay silent and know their place.

        ..much more reasonable indeed

  38. Anyone here have any hot takes on the situation in Haiti?

    I remember Catherine Austin Fitts talking about how much much the central banking cartel despises Haiti ever since the successful slave rebellion (and them making conventional slavery far to expensive for the banksters to continue to fund considering how their “property” in Haiti showed that people are capable of actually picking up weapons, defending themselves and refusing to capitulate) and I wonder if that plays any part in the slant we always get in the mainstream news about Haiti being a “lawless” place full of “dangerous criminals” etc.

    This also makes me think of that Haitian President Jovenel Moise, and how he was one of the only supposed leaders of a nationstate to go against the WHO scamdemic de-humanizing policies and injection mandates and then he all of the sudden wound up dead.

    I also stumbled across this old mainstream news article and found in interesting to contemplate considering what the mainstream propagandists are saying now about the situation in Haiti.

    • For a glimpse of some mainstream news propaganda on the current situation in Haiti (March 12, 2024):

      from the article above:

      “Criminal gangs more powerful that Haiti’s state security forces have attacked prisons and the airport serving the country’s capital, forcing businesses and schools to close and driving an estimated 15,000 people from their homes in Port-au-Prince. On March 12, Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced that he would resign once a transitional presidential council was created, capitulating to international pressure as his country faced what some experts had already labelled a low-scale civil war.

      Henry announced his decision hours after officials, including Caribbean leaders and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, met in Jamaica to discuss a solution to Haiti’s spiraling crisis.”

    • and from today (march 13, 2024) :

      From article linked above:

      “An anti-terrorism team of U.S. Marines has been dispatched to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to bolster the protection of the U.S. Embassy amid escalating gang violence and a deepening political crisis that has left some Americans stranded.

      With no clear plan for a transition to a new government and with free and fair elections in doubt, Haitians are seeking to escape their turmoil-ridden country. Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced Tuesday that he would resign once a transitional presidential council is created.”

    • Yea, this whole thing stinks. Thanks for the links.

      • @jo-ann

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

        If you come across anything related to this I would appreciate any links you can share.

          • @jo-ann

            That is interesting regarding the Clintons and Soros attempting to cripple Haiti’s indigenous agriculture cut out the competition and perhaps use food as a weapon.

            It fits in with what Catherine Austin Fitts was saying in her book review that I linked above.

            from the review:

            “Dr. Chery is Haitian, born and raised, and lives in the United States. Her training is in the biological sciences. Scientific training has served her well in writing the story of the current invasion of Haiti, the unnecessary death and hardship of its people and the expropriation of its resources. It takes great discipline to observe and document the lawlessness of the forces destroying the people and land that one loves. Dr. Chery’s training may be in science, however, she also understands economics and does a good job of helping the reader follow the money.

            Rather than invade a country and take what we want, we have created an extraordinary new process where we do the same thing, if not worse, under the guise of “helping.” Helping to support people in a disaster, helping to bring democracy, helping to bring modern health care, helping to study and preserve ecology. The extraordinary lack of productivity evidenced by the “soft revolution” that we now use to invade, dismantle, harvest and control places is driven by the extraordinary expense of making this all look like we are doing good.

            Dr. Chery has chosen her weapons well – a fearless intellect and a passion for the truth can and do overcome the media hype that surrounds the lawlessness and genocide visited upon Haiti.”

  39. “Canada to Sentence Citizens to ‘Life Imprisonment’ for ‘Hate’ ”

    from the article:

    “The Canadian government is rapidly advancing plans to usher in full-blown tyranny and will soon begin sentencing citizens to life in prison if they are found guilty of committing the “crime” of so-called “hate”

    Many are likening the new laws to George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” as Canada will soon start handing out severe penalties for wrongthink.”

    • “Trudeau Demands Life In Prison For Speech Crimes
      Shocking crackdown by Canada’s Liberal Party also seeks incarceration for crimes that haven’t been committed”

      from the post above:

      “But Virani’s bill is totally unnecessary to protect children. Its real goal is to allow judges to sentence adults to prison for life for things they’ve said and for up to a year for crimes they haven’t committed but that the government fears they might commit in the future.”

      • Can Canadians still turn this around? Hopefully they will require evidence, not just a she said / he said. In addition to the cell phones nearly everyone caries around, I think that surveillance cameras have audio as well, so if you are out shopping or walking in public, something to keep in mind. In USA an agency reportedly is scouring social media posts looking for possible thought criminals, making profiles on citizens.

        • Good question… since I personally do not value the existence of the nationstate and government of Canada, I am less interested in “turning this around” and more interested in severing ties to those structures any way I can, starving them and leaving them behind, but I do try to stay apprised of what the power hungry statists and their goons are up to so I can plan effectively.

          Yes the data mining and retrospective investigation of people’s social media, emails, texts etc for thought crimes is likely a thing here and will likely continue to accelerate and expand and intensify in the future.

          I just had facebook censor a post on the page for my permaculture gardening/cook book about the health benefits of turmeric (it was posted way back in 2019) and I was accused of “spreading dangerous misinformation” (even though there are thousands of years of well documented safe medicinal use of turmeric throughout human history and a pile of modern scientific studies to boot). So it seems as though this is increasingly a situation where anything goes as far as “thought crime accusations” if what is posted/said could cut into the profits of big pharma, big tech or big ag.

          I will just keep doing what I do and ignore their irrational totalitarian systems. Thanks for the comment.

  40. Gaza Oct 7, 2023 – Deep Dive – Introduction to the 20-Part Series – By Richard Gage

    Jan 31, 2024
    A Series on Gaza & Its Astounding Parallels with 9/11: Introduction

    March 13, 2024
    A Series on Gaza & Its Astounding Parallels with 9/11:
    PART 1 — “A Territory or Country is Targeted for Previously Established Geostrategic Goals”

  41. This graphic explores some of the cognitive distortions I often encounter when dealing with techno-optmist/transhumanists and “bright green environmentalists” that show up on my gardening, food forest or permaculture related posts:

    I come across people promoting one or more of these cognitive distortions about industrial technology quite regularly when I am publishing educational material about regenerative agroforestry techniques for creating food cultivation systems. Those are horticultural techniques that were (and are) “low-tech” by today’s standards also represented advanced ecological literacy on the part of the pre-industrial indigenous cultures which invented these food cultivation methods. Essentially, the ancient food forests represent a much more sophisticated, effective, productive, sustainable and potentially even regenerative form of food cultivation than the methods promoted by modern universities in conventional agriculture) and this really hurts the egos of the techno-optimists in universities that think massive autonomous tractors planting monocultures are impressive.

    In essence, the very existence of the food forest and the fact that people like myself are shining a light onto these ancient food cultivation systems (and how they not only provide abundant food, medicine and sustainably harvested building materials but also simultaneously build soil fertility, water retention, prevent floods, moderate climate extremes, stabilize rain patterns, protect soil from erosion and provide habitat for animals) is a seen as a threat to the modern industrial agriculturalist (with his friends at Bayer and Exxon Mobile) and also seen as a threat to the lazy techno-optimist (that wants to sit around and have machines do all the work for them) as for it illuminates the self-destructive nature, detriments and fallacies promoted by conventional industrial agriculture advocates, revealing how primitive, eco-logically illiterate and unsustainable their ‘high tech-low intelligence food cultivation systems’ are, and showing how advanced, ecologically enriching, productive and sustainable ‘low tech-high intelligence regenerative agroforestry food cultivation systems’ can be.

  42. An opposing view to the MSM narrative (see re “chemtrails” airing live today and available immediately afterwards as a recorded episode:

    The Highwire EPISODE 363: EYE IN THE SKY

    “Del sits down with Jim Lee, the founder of, to discuss the latest in weather modification and geoengineering. Jim has collected and archived over a decade’s worth of weather modification history for the public to access. In an attempt to get to the bottom of what’s really going on in the skies above, Del dives in and asks the hard questions.”

    • Very interesting interview and not what I expected. I wish Del had ask Jim Lee how he would explain the “dashed” contrail patterns if these are simply the result of jet fuel exhaust. I liked Jim’s proposed “citizen scientist” network to collect data.

  43. Facebook has begun targeting posts about the health benefits of turmeric which I had posted on the page for my book (Recipes For Reciprocity: The Regenerative Way From Seed To Table) for censorship.

    (the post they censored shown in the screenshot above was posted way back in 2019, so they are retrospectively censoring now).

    The posts they have taken down listed the well documented health benefits of compounds in turmeric such as Curcumin (with extensive references to studies).

    This trend of censoring info on specific medicine plants that have multiple millennia long histories of safe use by humans leads me to think that perhaps we should be ensuring that we have access to turmeric and take steps to grow it ourselves if possible.

    I also read an article with some noise from the FDA talking about how they tried to ban turmeric from being sold with a law at one point in 2019.

    I think it is worth noting that I experienced similar censorship regarding information I published about the foliage of Pinus Strobus (Eastern White Pine).

    Both Turmeric and Pine Needles are central (highly efficacious and widely available) components in my list of Spike Protein Detox Intel and Cardio-Protective foods/herbs.

    • That these idiots would ban plants is nothing new, is it? We have been engulfed in this form of stupidity for the duration of our lives. Of course, abject evil is behind it all.

      • @mkey

        True, its not “new”, it is just one more increment and one more step forward in the totalitarian tip toe.

        I suppose I just like to show people the ‘thermometer reading’ in the pot of slowly heating water (with all of us froggies in it) every now and then to document how we (or at least most Stockholm syndromed, quadrupole injected, elon musk loving normies) are being slowly cooked in the making of their technocratic totalitarian stew.

  44. Interested to hear whether other people living in the US are seeing state bills quietly passed that look like this:

    House message: Governor allowed to become law without signature on June 12, 2023

    Bill summary:

    Subject: Conservation and development; land use; land conservation;
    biodiversity; community resilience

    Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to establish

    State goals of conserving 30 percent of the land of the State by 2030 and 50 percent by 2050.

    Currently 80-85% of Vermont land is privately owned.

    This means that in the next 25 years, the State has a goal of transferring 30-35% of privately owned land to the State.

    • CORRECTION: I did further research, and it sounds like conservation land can still be privately owned.

      “Conservation easements protect land for future generations while allowing owners to retain many private property rights and to live on and use their land, at the same time potentially providing them with tax benefits.”

    • I haven’t looked into that yet, but I am ticked off that the WEF’s “environment health” bs has been instituted in my county in upstate NY. When I saw a job posting for an Environmental Health Specialist on the county web site, I wondered what kind of job it was. A search on the internet showed “environmental health” in WEF and CDC documents. They want to be sure people are not too hot or too cold or otherwise impacted by “climate change,” you know. They don’t care about the pesticides and heavy metals in the water, or filthy air we breath… No doubt they will use this job to move people out of their homes or off their property “for their safety,” of course.

    …and HomeRemedySupply eats crow….

    ”Eat Crow” definition – US, informal. : to admit that one was wrong or accept that one has been defeated.

    Man-o-man! How ‘bout them waffles?!***
    I have had some assumptions on the topic of Chemtrails which were completely off the mark.

    Del Bigtree interviews Jim Lee.
    QUEUED VIDEO 30:42 and the Jim Lee interview continues almost to end at 1:52:52—Eye-On-The-Sky:e?t=1842

    Thursday March 14, 2024 – The Highwire – Episode 363 – Eye On The Sky

    Climate Viewer News – Tracking the Climate Changers
    EXCERPT ”I am James Franklin Lee Jr. (Jim Lee) and I help people understand complex ideas by creating maps, timelines, articles, and lectures. I am going to talk about Pollution, Privacy and Propaganda every chance I get because they interest me, affect us, and I care about our Planet. ClimateViewer News is my blog and the central location for all of my research…
    I have devoted the last seven years of my life to understanding and reporting the truth about the lengthy history of weather modification.
    I represented people like myself at the EPA’s hearing on aviation pollution in August 2015, lectured at Ed Griffin’s conference Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie in December 2016….”

    ClimateViewer Maps is your source for personal education and geophysical monitoring with live imagery on a gorgeous 3D globe….
    waffles?!*** – Reference:
    Waffles prompt Black Dynamite to solve the Anaconda malt liquor conspiracy…
    (3 minutes)

    [Black Dynamite taken via this SUBTHREAD – ]

  46. Friday March 15, 2024 – By Tsvetana Paraskova
    Japan Looks to Restart the World’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant

    FULL Article (without text links)
    Japan is stepping up efforts to have local authorities approve the restart of the world’s biggest nuclear power plant, the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa facility north of Tokyo, Japanese newspaper Niigata Nippo reported on Friday.

    Next week, Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ken Saito, is expected to ask the local governor of the Niigata prefecture to approve the restart of the power plant, according to the newspaper report.

    In the wake of the Fukushima disaster in 2011, Japan closed all its nuclear power plants that underwent rigorous safety checks and inspections.

    Kashiwazaki-Kariwa has been offline since 2012, while the Nuclear Regulation Authority in 2021 barred the plant’s operator, utility Tepco, from operating the facility due to safety breaches.

    The regulator lifted the operational ban on Kashiwazaki-Kariwa in December 2023, paving the way for the restart, which needs the approvals of the Niigata prefecture, the city of Kashiwazaki, and the village of Kariwa to resume operations.

    Japan is bringing back nuclear power as a key energy source, looking to protect its energy security in the wake of the energy crisis that led to surging fossil fuel prices. The resource-poor country which needs to import about 90% of its energy requirements, made a U-turn in its nuclear energy policy at the end of 2022, as its energy import bill soared amid the energy crisis and surging costs to import LNG at record-high prices.

    The Japanese government confirmed in December 2022 a new policy for nuclear energy, which the country had mostly abandoned since the Fukushima disaster in 2011. A panel of experts under the Japanese Ministry of Industry has also decided that Japan would allow the development of new nuclear reactors and allow available reactors to operate after the current limit of 60 years.

    Restarts of nuclear reactors, high natural gas inventories, and increased renewable power generation have dragged Japan’s LNG imports to multi-year lows in recent months.

  47. “Canada to Incorporate Social Scores in Banking:

    The Canadian banking system is set to be radicalized by open banking framework. Proponents are framing this as a way for banks to easily share information and access user data.”

    “…The Canadian Press outlined the true motive in plain sight: “One of the biggest areas of growth is in credit assessments. Under open banking, lenders could directly access an individual’s banking data, so they can look beyond credit scores. Consumers can also use it to build their credit scores, for example, by proving reliable rent payments.”

    Looking beyond credit scores equates to determining if a person is fit to participate in the global economy based on their personal views. Look at what happened to Nigel Farage. He never committed a crime or did anything to warrant what many have called the “Farage fiasco.” Nigel was suddenly debanked by Coutts and was unable to access any of his checking or savings accounts. His credit cards were deactivated. He was unable to participate in society without a moment’s notice.

    Farage did his due diligence and found that there were countless people who experienced the same financial attack carried out by the banks on behalf of the government.

    This is a widespread phenomenon. We saw it happening commonly during COVID lockdowns, where users were not permitted to access places if their digital COVID passports failed. In China, when banks were facing a liquidity crisis, the CCP simply denied depositors the right to access their money and blocked them from physically accessing their banks. The government successfully prevented a bank run. We saw a few celebrities debanked from the system for voicing unpopular opinions without any legal proceedings or crimes committed.

    Canada is one of many nations hoping to use unofficial social scores to control the masses. All of these actions are setting the stage for how CBDC will operate, a collective network containing everyone’s personal data and accounts. Governments have already begun debanking individuals and these steps will make it increasingly easier to force the masses to bow down and relinquish all control to the almighty government.”

    • So sad. If it is any comfort, I think we all have had secret scores for some time.

  48. For those monitoring the state of “free speech”

    23 States and District of Columbia File Amicus Briefs in Favor of Joe Biden and Government Censorship and Regulation of Speech in America – via the MO v. Biden Case

    “Twenty-three Democrat run states and the District of Columbia, the home of our nation’s capital, filed amicus briefs in support of government censorship and banning of free speech in the United States.

    “These 23 states and the District of Columbia filed amicus briefs in support of the Biden administration in the SCOTUS case is Murthy, et al v. Missouri, et al, 23-411 (Missouri v. Biden) case.

    “The states essentially argue that they have an interest in collaborating with tech companies to “encourage” the public to behave themselves and “discourage” the public from believing alleged “disinformation” or engaging in online predatory behavior. The clear message is that they believe that the government has the right to shut down and censor speech.

    “The “most important free speech case in a generation” Missouri v. Biden (Murthy v. Missouri), is set to be heard by the Supreme Court on Monday, March 18th.””

  49. For fun and inspiration: The Man With No Legal Identity – Off the Grid in Appalachia US

    “Deep in the woods of rural Appalachia is a man that lives alone on his land. He grows his own food, has no government ID, his overhead is $140 a month, and he possesses a claimed happiness by being free from the system, inspired by faith. Join me as we travel into the sticks of Kentucky to dive into the fascinating world of Titus Morris.”

    • @jo-ann

      Thanks for this!

      My buddy that goes by the substack name Neo just shared a video by Peter Santenello with me that explores another off grid guy’s set up in the Appalachian mountains.

      “Deep in the woods of North Carolina is a man name Joe Hollis who’s lived off the grid for 50 years. Here he’s mastered the techniques of a life tuned to nature, dependent on his natural environment for survival. He also has the largest collection of native Appalachian and Chinese medicinal herbs in the Eastern US. Join me on this most epic look into a lifestyle that is becoming more attractive to many in this rapidly developing world.”

  50. The Stock Market is not the Economy. Stocks, bonds, commodities are a “Trading Game.”
    Mainstream often has touted stocks as an “investment”, financial instruments to buy and hold. Personally, I disagree with that. If the trend is up, it can be fine. But trends don’t go up forever.
    Everybody trades. Something of perceived value in exchange for something of perceived value.

    Below are a few folks who I often follow. I learn a lot from them. Even if a person has no interest in trading, there are a lot of insights to be gained about many things, about many aspects to the economy and human nature.
    If a person has an interest in buying Gold/Silver or Crypto, then certainly there are some very beneficial nuggets with the information gained.

    Friday March 15, 2025 – “Game Plan” by Gareth Soloway
    [9am Eastern Time – Markets open a 9:30am. Close at 4pm]
    Trading & Investing: Options Expiration Manipulation, Day Trades, Swing Trades, Stocks Crypto Gold Silver Oil NatGas and More
    (“Game Plans” run for 20 to 25 minutes before markets open every weekday morning.)

    The above Gareth Soloway video is a prime example of the education which a person can learn about the markets.
    Gareth lays out the rigged “Options Trading” platforms and how they manipulate market prices.
    ‘Mike Jones Investing’ also often talks about the “Options” rigged market, and Mike shows traders how they can sometimes capitalize on it.
    Every trading day, and Friday is no exception, Gareth will give the audience some tips on how to recognize different Chart indicators. He also often relays how to more safely enter trades in increments.
    [Sidenote: Gareth is long NatGas. But I am short, which worked well for me today.]

    “Mike Jones Investing” YouTube Channel – He offers a lot of insight at the end of every trading day and on Saturdays Q&A. Mike comes from a blue collar, regular guy background.

    I also like FX Empire
    Bruce Powers gives some excellent insight on his one minute videos. Example: Natural Gas Price Forecast: Buyers Likely to Drive Prices Higher
    James Hyerczyk at FX Empire has some excellent short article digests for each commodity.

  51. Despite Ayn Rand’s novels being based on the theme of objective rationality, there is a recurring plot element that I find neither objective nor rational: namely, great accomplishments being achieved by characters under prolonged conditions of sleep deprivation:

    • That’s an interesting point you are making. Just recently I was listening to a talk on neurogenesis. The fella was saying how there is a daily capacity for establishing new neurons and connections.

      Once this capacity is exhausted, memory loss is to be expected, in such way that these newly established connections (occurring beyond the point of exhaustion) will replace some older (random?) connections.

      He offered an example of people watching fear porn news in the late night hours, making them integrate all of that garbage into their worldviews and poisoning it permanently.

      Now back to your point. It would seem logical that if you would like to forcefuly imprint something affable into your mind while eliminating something else, doing so while being exhausted would seem to be an efficient way to do it.

      Not that I would recommend that to anyone. I do remember a period in duration of a few years almost 25 years back during the university years, where I spent many sleepless nights programming in assembly and reverse engineering various applications. Mostly for fun.

      I was quite fervent about it and have to say that knowledge was imprinted very well and I am making good use of it most days of the week. It allows for insight into computer systems most of my coleagues don’t have and probably never will, since it requires to have a one track mind over a span of several years.

      But I am not aware of knowledge that was lost during those years, even though from time to time my friends try to remind me of some events I have zero recollection of.

      Thanks for the interesting comment.

      • I have an interest in this ‘memory’ stuff…

        mkey says:
        “It would seem logical that if you would like to forcefuly imprint something affable into your mind while eliminating something else, doing so while being exhausted would seem to be an efficient way to do it.”

        I think that I understand what you mean. It makes sense.
        Fixating attention and energy towards certain targets, exhaustively. I can see where that would “imprint”.

        “Affable” may not be the best descriptive. Perhaps “forcefuly imprint a desired content into your mind” …or something which a person has a strong affinity for.

      • This sounds like the theory posited in The Indoctrinated Brain by Michael Nehls.

  52. This is a continuation of several related threads pertaining to the Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025,” challenge to existing elites by the “PayPal Mafia” including Peter Thiel, the New Right, Curtis Yarvin, and the writings of James Burnham from Feb. 2024 Open Thread.

    Politico recently issued a lengthy article, Is There Something More Radical than MAGA? J.D. Vance Is Dreaming It, that explains some of these relationships.

    “In certain conservative circles, Vance has emerged as the standard-bearer of the “New Right,” a loose movement of young, edgy and elite conservatives trying to take the ideological revolution that began under Trump … in an even more radical direction. Unlike Trump’s more conventional Republican followers, Vance’s New Right cohort see Trump as merely the first step in a broader populist-nationalist revolution that is already reshaping the American right — and, if they get their way, that will soon reshape America as a whole.

    ““He is absolutely going to be one of the leaders — if not the leader — of our movement,” said Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, the leading conservative think tank in Washington.
    “Vance and his allies, meanwhile, have positioned themselves as non-liberal reactionaries who stand apart from “the regime.”

    ““The thing that I would like to persuade people most is that [too] many people think the problem with the country and the world right now is, like, Klaus Schwab in a private room figuring all this shit out,” he said, name-checking the proudly plutocratic patron of the World Economic Forum in Davos. “The problem with the elites is not that they’re malevolent, it’s that they’re stupid. I think that recognition that incompetence and stupidity explain a lot more than malevolence is …” He trailed off, thinking.

    “Vance’s other critical political connection — and his primary political patron — can be found 3,000 miles to the west of Washington in Los Angeles. In recent years, Peter Thiel, whose venture capital firm Vance worked for before running for Senate, has become the chief financier of the New Right ecosystem. And Thiel’s idiosyncratic brand of techno-libertarianism — which combines an abiding skepticism of liberal democracy with a belief in national restoration through utopian modes of technological innovation — has become a touchstone of intellectual discussions on the New Right.

    “Vance’s contributions to the burgeoning conservative counter-establishment have been intellectual as well as institutional. Vance is a recurring guest at the National Conservatism Conference, a buzzy annual gathering that brings Trump-aligned Republicans together with leading New Right writers and academics. He has also gone out of his way to inject New Right intellectual ideas into the conservative mainstream in Washington.”

    • The Kingpilled Podcast just issued a new episode that is devoted to the Politico article about J.D. Vance and the New Right, mentioned above. The hosts of the podcast read and discuss the article and related topics.

      Kingpilled – Ep. 57: VEEPSTAKES? J.D. Vance’s Vision for America’s Future

      He’s one link:

  53. Related to my previous post above.

    This article was a pleasure to read and offered hope in foiling plans of the Davos crowd.

    Inside the New Right, Where Peter Thiel Is Placing His Biggest Bets
    … Curtis Yarvin and the rising right are crafting a different strain of conservative politics.

    by James Pogue
    Vanity Fair | April 20, 2022

    “Vance is a former employee of Thiel’s Mithril Capital, and Masters, until recently the COO of Thiel’s so-called “family office,” also ran the Thiel Foundation, which has become increasingly intertwined with this New Right ecosystem. These three—Thiel, Vance, Masters—are all friends with Curtis Yarvin, a 48-year-old ex-programmer and blogger who has done more than anyone to articulate the world historical critique and popularize the key terms of the New Right. You’ll often hear people in this world—again under many layers of irony—call him things like Lord Yarvin, or Our Prophet.

    “Political reporters, at least the ones who have bothered to write about Yarvin, have often dismissed him as a kook with a readership made up mostly of lonely internet weirdos, fascists, or both. But to ignore him is to underestimate how Yarvin’s ideas, or at least ideas in conversation with his, have become foundational to a whole political and cultural scene that goes much deeper than anything you’d learn from the panels and speeches at an event like NatCon.

    “…Thiel has been influenced by the intellectual currents and political critiques of the New Right that he’s now helping to support. Many of these people are friendly with Thiel, or admire him, but are by no means beholden to him. And many of them hold views that would seem to make Thiel, a tech oligarch currently worth around $8 billion who recently resigned from the Meta—née Facebook—board of directors, their natural enemy.

    “To truly be red-pilled, you have to understand the workings of the Cathedral. And the way conservatives can actually win in America, he has argued, is for a Caesar-like figure to take power back from this devolved oligarchy and replace it with a monarchical regime run like a start-up. As early as 2012, he proposed the acronym RAGE—Retire All Government Employees—as a shorthand for a first step in the overthrow of the American “regime.” What we needed, Yarvin thought, was a “national CEO, [or] what’s called a dictator.” Yarvin now shies away from the word dictator and seems to be trying to promote a friendlier face of authoritarianism as the solution to our political warfare: “If you’re going to have a monarchy, it has to be a monarchy of everyone,” he said.”

    The article goes on to explain the plan to extricate USA from the hidden rule by oligarchs and return the soul of the country. Now I understand why Michael Malice and Pete Quinones are giving Yarvin air time. Highly recommended reading.

    • After posting the above, I wondered WHY Politico and Vanity Fair would post such long, fairly unbiased articles about the New Right. To educate their liberal readership about the apparent opposition or to indoctrinate them into the benefit of dictatorship? Is the New Right narrative an elaborate psyop?

      How would the New Right extricate control from the central banks, where the real power lies?

      Haha, I apparently have fallen into the “everything is a psyop” trap.

  54. Came across The Diary of a CEO Podcast titled, CIA Spy: “Leave the USA before 2030!” Why you shouldn’t trust your gut! – Andrew Bustamante. I fast forward to the chapter labeled, “America is going through a hard period.” The host poses the question, “Are you going to leave America in 2030?” Bustamante replies, “I am going to try and leave America by 2027.”

    Aside from Bustamante’s assessment of available information, I am sure he maintains relations with persons within the intelligence community.

    Recently, it was assessed an incursion is likely to occur against Taiwan in/around 2027. Perhaps this could be the catalyst that projects the Chinese government to fulfill the role as the next global superpower or competing superpower. Maybe this assessment plays into Bustamante’s decision to try and leave the USA by 2027.

    • Remember the massive exodus of CEOs in 2019/2020 and stories of elaborate bunkers being built for them in New Zealand? Seems like they also know something is coming to the USA mainland – cyber pandemic, downed electrical grid, another biological pandemic, more weather warfare, all of the above?

      My initial gut reaction to Trump’s border wall was that it was going to keep people from escaping. Time will tell…

  55. Our cold hardy Egyptian Walking Onions are springing to life and exploding with new growth outside in the garden!

    Sometimes also called “tree onions” these are an unusual perennial onion, Allium x proliferum (formerly classified as Allium cepa var. viviparum, bulbiferum or proliferum) is a cross between Allium cepa, the cultivated onion, and Allium fistulosum, the Welsh onion. It gets its common name from the way it “walks” across the garden. This is a low – no maintenance variety, and I never have to re-plant them as they replant themselves. I receive endless onions at any time of year and the bees like the nectar and pollen in the flowers.

    We are in zone 6 but this is an extremely versatile species and is hardy in zones 3-10. I often see the green shoots of our walking onions poking through the snow during winter and I can harvest the greens to use as chives or dig up the bulbs if I need a stronger flavored and more substantive addition to a recipe.

    I love to use the bulbs that these produce in my Sambal Matah recipe in the place of shallots. I shared the full recipe on Substack recently and I will re-share a link below here as well.

    I will also share some additional pics of this species (which you can view through the archive dot org link above) so if you scroll through the pics you can see how they grow and can be harvested throughout the year (with little to no effort required and in a wide range of climates and growing conditions).

    • 𝐒𝐚𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐥 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐡

      This post shares a full recipe from my recently published book that offers you a passport for you senses to explore the vibrant culture of Bali (using many ingredients you can grow in the north).

      In an effort to find unique ways to enjoy and preserve our own home-grown limes (we grow them in pots and bring in during winter), chilis and walking onions I found an interesting Balinese recipe that I adapted so we could put every bit of our beautiful homegrown limes to good use (peel, pith, leaves, juice and pulp). I combined that with some other favorite ingredients (hot peppers, Egyptian Walking Onions/shallots lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves etc) and created our own interpretation of an exuberant and delightful Balinese condiment called Sambal Matah.

      I share two different variations in the post linked above. One fresh (the traditional way but with non-traditional ingredients). That version is super fun and refreshing.. its floral, tangy and playful and is fantastic on rice or with fish. Another version is fermented (which allows you to preserve the goodness for the long haul, add an extra tang and create a mind-blowing probiotic brine for flavoring dishes in the months to come.)

      It is really hard to put the flavor into words… it is soft and inviting, progressing to sassy and complex. The aromas that fill the kitchen when simmering the lemon grass, chilis, lime leaves, garlic and shallots (or walking onion bulbs) is out of this world.

      Enjoy! 🙂

    • Thank you, Gavin. I will shop for some of those. I forwarded the link to friends and family. Looks like a perfect addition to the edge of a food forest, where there aren’t thick tree roots.

      • @jo-ann

        My pleasure!

        You only need a few of the bulbs and they will proliferate quickly once you start replanting the bulbs that form on top (or allowing them to replant themselves). Think about them multiplying by 5-10 each plant annually (sometimes multiple times a year) it adds up fast.

        I usually do a big harvest a couple times a year and pickle lots of the bulbs for using later in the year (usually fermented in a salt brine so they are probiotic and tangy).

        Ya they would work great on the forest edge and even under a tree canopy that provides speckled sunlight.

        I have some in shady corners of my yard that still produce a solid crop.

  56. MARKETING FOOD Part 1 of 3
    Permaculture Folks, Garden Enthusiasts, Urban Farmers, Greater Resetters with a plot of land, or City Dwellers

    Some Business Idea(s)…
    There might be a variety of “expandable” business ideas for the marketing of different food stuffs, potted plants, seeds, eggs, etc.
    Perhaps a person becomes more of a merchant or middle-man in the promotion of your niche.

    EXAMPLE: Bob Anderson of “Gourmet Garlic Gardens”
    In 2006, Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips, a staple of Texas TV since 1972, ran a 6 minute story on Garlic Man Mrs. Anderson sold Organic Grassfed Beef via the cattle on their small spread. Anderson’s business evolved…
    EXCERPT: …Bob Anderson, a retired management consultant from Bangs, Texas, started his Web site in 1997 to sell hardneck garlic for as much as $16 to $24 a pound.
    During those first years, he sold a couple hundred pounds a year. Today he sells about a ton, and says people are drawn to the “beautiful, rich garlicness and rich warmness and pungency” of the hardneck varieties.
    Though he grows some of his own, most of the garlic Anderson sells comes from a few dozen small farmers around the country, many of whom are in remote areas with no local market for their crop….

    Today in 2024, Ben or Claire Ronniger of Idaho have the website: Gourmet Garlic Gardens Scroll down to see how to buy direct from growers.

    EXAMPLE: Sept 2020 – Texas Black Gold Garlic (Texas Country Reporter) – (6 minutes) –
    Stephen Paprocki says: “So when we first started, we did 180 pounds a month. We’re about 3 000 pounds a month right now.”

    EXAMPLE: Video Meme : $1,000 per ounce! – Feb 2024 Mike Rowe Uncovers the SECRETIVE ‘SHROOM MARKET of New York (Marketing Truffles – 18 minutes)
    Mike Rowe – Wikipedia –

  57. MARKETING FOOD Part 2 of 3

    ANECDOTE: Roadsiding – Plants
    Back in the early 1980’s, a fair number of gas stations went out of business because of economic conditions. On a sunny, pleasant weekend day in the early Spring of ’83, I was roadsiding framed “’Lazer’ Photograph Pictures” at an empty gas station in northwest Dallas.
    A friendly fellow with a big rental truck pulled up. He asked if he could set out plants and sell them next to me. I said, “Sure. Anything to draw a crowd.” He had an illegal Mexican fella help him unload the truck full of house plants. He had cheap prices like $5, $10 and $15. Back in those days, house plants like palms and ferns were not often carried by Big Box stores. Pretty soon, our lot was a bee hive of people coming in to get some plants. It got so busy, in a panic, the Plant Guy hands me a big wad of his crumbled cash and says, “Watch my stuff. I’ll be back soon.” He and the Mexican returned within 30 minutes with a fresh load. I knew what he was doing. He was buying wholesale at a nursery and then reselling.

    I have roadsided many, many, many things, including Shrimp.
    When ya roadside, you run into other roadsiders. While everyone is protective of their turf, there still is a community-type bond and network among fellow roadsiders. I once even hosted a backyard dinner lined with 8 foot banquet tables and filled with roadsiders. Anyways, you find out from others certain successful actions.

    • MARKETING FOOD Part 3 of 3

      Shrimp was the first and last ‘roadside food experiment’ that I ever did. But I spoke to a fair number of people who had roadside “Produce Stands”. In some respects, often local permits for “farm produce” and where they can vend are more lenient than for hard goods. Many of the roadside operators for their “Produce Stand” would actually go buy their produce at wholesale warehouses / distribution places. In fact, there is a whole industry which revolves around the distribution and trucking of produce from farm to market. You can even hire a trucker or trucking company to ship stuff directly to you. (I have done it with hard goods.)

      Almost every time that I had set up at a Flea Market, I regretted it. Flea Markets are not filled with buyers, but “lookers”. Notice how many people are NOT carrying packages of stuff at a Flea Market.
      A busy street corner gave me much more visibility. You want “bodies in the shop” or on the lot. When drivers see that others are stopped at your place, then ‘they don’t want to miss out’. I’ve hired shills before just to give that impression.

      After making sure that I was copacetic with code enforcement permitting for roadsiding in a certain town, I often would make a deal with a business owner to rent part of his parking lot on a daily basis to sell my wares. I did “daily” because weather conditions change. Negotiated rents would vary from $20 to $50 per day. I would tout how my display would help to draw in customers. In truth, often many of the owner’s customers were my customers.

      Retail Building — I have rented or leased many indoor places for retail sales during the years, including Hotels and Motels.
      I believe that we are entering another economic downturn where there will be more vacant retail space. This can be an excellent opportunity for a negotiable “month to month” lease. I’ve done many of these. It can be a great way to pilot a business plan without too much liability. Do some homework before signing papers, such as what it would take to get a Certificate of Occupancy, inspections and all.

      I give a toast towards a vibrant, prosperous community of like-minded people.

      • This reads like a sales bible. I wouldn’t know how to sell blankets to eskimos, but if I would venture into sales, I’d take these directions at face value.

  58. March 14 – Paul Joseph Watson
    Toronto Police Gives Advice on Auto Theft: Just Let Thieves Steal Your Car
    …Toronto Police Service Constable Marco Ricciardi said, “To prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your [key] fobs at your front door because they’re breaking into your home to steal your car. They don’t want anything else.”

    And believe it or not, some people are actually taking the advice….

    • [Interesting comparison in car thefts and population]

      Monday March 18, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Michele Greer
      Canadian Auto Theft Guidance Flops

      Crime data from Toronto police shows that 12,235 motor vehicle thefts were reported in 2023 — a 24.7% increase from the year prior. Breaking and entering incidents saw a similar spike, increasing by 25.3% to 7,642 incidents.

      By comparison, Dallas — a city whose population of 1.2 million is dwarfed by that of Toronto (2.9 million) — clocked 18,847 motor vehicle theft reports that same year, according to the City’s crime analytics dashboard. This was a 40.6% rise from the year prior.

    • @Camille

      Thanks for this.

      Here in Canada the lithium mining is that is beginning to scale up exponentially up north is likely to result in the same kind of ground water, lake and river contamination which has occurred in Tibet.

      For more info:

      It will involve compounds like Arsenic, radioactive tailings and hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid (among other toxins) and all hard rock lithium mines send these out into the surrounding water systems (it is recorded across the board).

      That means that once it gets into Lake Superior, that contamination will move into all the Great Lakes (resulting in killing and poisoning the largest fresh water sources on Earth).

      The propaganda on the radios, tv and schools here is thick.. always telling people how “green” and “sustainable” lithium based electric cars are and how it will create so many jobs. Having lost their connection with the living Earth, many confused humans lap up these hollow promises and lies and become cheerleaders for the lithium corporations (even though it will result in the poisoning of their own water supply).

      If the plutocrats poison the great lakes while pillaging the Boreal Forest for lithium and cobalt that will severely impede tens of millions of people’s access to drinking water

  59. March 7, 2024 – The Defender – By Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.
    Woman Sues National Park Service After Being Told She Can’t Use Cash to Pay Entry Fee
    In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Elizabeth Dasburg and two other plaintiffs allege the National Park Service is violating U.S. law by refusing to accept U.S. currency. Children’s Health Defense is financially backing the lawsuit.

  60. 3/05/2024 – The Defender – By Dr. Joseph Mercola
    90% of U.S. Cheese Contains GMO Made by Pfizer
    Rennet is used as a clotting agent to curdle the milk into cheese, separating the liquid parts of milk from the solids. Pfizer makes a genetically modified rennet, but because of a labeling loophole, cheese containing Pfizer’s rennet does not have to be labeled as containing a genetically modified organism.
    [Many details in article.]

  61. Last St. Patrick’s Day, my son and I put together a video titled “Driving Out the Covidian Snakes.” It said some things about the WHO that the thought police at YouTube Inquisition would usually ban.

    For some reason, however, they’ve left it alone.

    It’s a bit of a satire, so it might be protected by their “comedy clause” or maybe St. Patrick is looking over it.

    Anyway, it’s just as amusing one year later (especially my attempts at an Irish accent). You can watch, like and share it at:

  62. Monday March 18 – Supreme Court – Washington DC

    March 18: DC Rally To Restore Free Speech! By Neenah Payne

    The landmark case Murthy v. Missouri (formerly Missouri v. Biden) challenging government censorship on social media is considered the most important Free Speech Rights case in US history! On March 18, the Supreme Court will decide whether to uphold the injunction against five federal agencies in the case. At stake is whether the government can direct social media companies to censor and suppress speech protected by the First Amendment. People from all over the country will converge on the Supreme Court Building to send a message to jurists and policymakers that our right to free speech shall not be infringed by any administration.

    Rally At Supreme Court 9AM

    Children’s Health Defense will hold a rally outside the Supreme Court Building beginning at 9 AM at One First Street NE in Washington, DC. All free speech advocates are invited to attend this free public event CHD TV, X, and Rumble. CHD TV will live stream the event and CHD’s X account will broadcast live audio of the oral arguments before the Supreme Court.

    Speakers include Del Bigtree, founder of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) filmmaker, and individual-liberties activist; CHD founder and president Mary Holland; Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance founders Pierre Kory, MD, and Paul Marik, MD; Aaron Kheriaty, MD, director of the Program in Bioethics and American Democracy at the Ethics and Public Policy Center; and libertarian author and publisher Jeffrey Tucker, president of the Brownstone Institute.

    Although censorship surrounding information on COVID-19 from medical doctors, scientists, and researchers was the primary impetus behind the Murthy v. Missouri appeal, evidence presented to the court goes far beyond public health issues. Statements of political support for candidates for public office, satire, commentary on foreign policy, antiwar activism, free speech advocacy, children’s rights advocacy, and criticism of public officials have all been subject to censorship at the direct behest of the Biden administration. SCOTUS will hear arguments on why this is a violation of the First Amendment.

    Multiple plaintiffs, including epidemiologists, consumer and human rights advocates, academics, and media operators, claimed that various defendants, including numerous federal agencies and officials, engaged in censorship, targeting conservative-leaning speech on topics such as the 2020 presidential election, COVID-19 origins, mask and vaccine efficacy, and election integrity.

    The plaintiffs argue that the defendants used public statements and threats of regulatory action, such as reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, to induce social media platforms to suppress content, thereby violating the plaintiffs’ First Amendment rights….

    • Doesn’t look favorable.

      Supreme Court skeptical of restricting government communications with social media companies

      Excerpts (first and last paragraphs):
      “After nearly two hours of oral argument on Monday, a majority of the justices appeared sympathetic to the Biden administration’s argument that a federal court in New Orleans went too far in an order that would limit the government’s ability to communicate with social media companies about their content moderation policies.”

      “A decision in the case is expected by summer.”

      • Oh man!…geez.

        Government for the government by the corporations in order to harvest human activity.

        • Disappointing. But not surprising. (For our safety, of course. Forget the Bill of Rights because people prove again and again that they are too stupid to make wise decisions. The article gives the example of an online “challenge” for kids to jump out of higher and higher windows.)

          I don’t know how the SCOTUS works, but I don’t see anyone calling for concerned citizens to mail the judges.

          Is there nothing the people can do? Boycott the major platforms? I doubt there are enough awake subscribers to make a difference (folks should leave them for others reasons as well). Unless a person is in one of the regime-supported dissident groups (e.g., BLM, ANTIFA), probably best to stick to old fashioned means of distributing newsletters, or voting with your wallet (boycott) or feet (leave USA). Mass protest could end up as J6-v2; even expressing a dissenting opinion at a local school board meetings can get you on the FBI domestic terrorist list or worse.

          We must push back. Got any suggestions?

  63. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) in the age of ubiquitous corporate propaganda peddled as “The Science”, the dangers of analyzing the mind without acknowledging the soul and the pathologization of dissent:

    If the therapists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and councilors etc that are administering something like CBT were omniscient, uniformly benevolent, and incorruptibly objective than I think that process (at least, as he describes it in the post linked above) would work for the benefit of the one receiving the therapy 100%.

    However, our psychiatrists, psychologists and councilors are human beings. Many of those human beings are being targeted by corrupt institutions and corporations by indoctrination, bribery, blackmail and weaponized mob mentality (Ashe conformity experiment) dynamics and they each have varying degrees of mental, emotional and spiritual maturity, resilience, integrity and courage (and thus are impacted by said indoctrination campaigns to varying degrees and with varying results).

    The stated goals of the CBT procedure sound benign and beneficial at first glance, however, when one takes a closer look at the inherent corruptibility of that system it actually has the potential to become a weapon rather than a pathway to healing (IMO).

    We live in the era of “trust The Science” corporate slogans (pushed by corrupt and subservient governments and academic institutions) which have been used to gaslight (and/or coerce) billions of human beings into allowing experimental, toxic, ineffective, gene based injectable pharmaceutical products (which were manufactured by corporations with repeat felony fraud criminal track records) to be put into their bodies.

    The propaganda that was (and is still being) disseminated about said injectable products was so prolific, so ubiquitous and projected through so many institutions we have been raised to trust and respect, that many people that were typically critically thinking individuals capitulated and conformed to the irrational, unscientific and irresponsible corporate slogans, simultaneous government propaganda and government edicts/coercion tactics (internalizing the propaganda even though everything about it represents a radical departure from critical thinking into a sort of dogmatic belief system or cult).

    Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and councilors were not immune to this propaganda and psychological warfare campaign of unprecedented proportions, in fact, people in those professions were targeted with coercion and gaslighting campaigns by big pharma corporations and complicit governments in a much more concerted and relentless way than the general populace.

    • Agreed. It seems all the “tools” have been weaponized systemically.

      I have retired friends also with advanced degrees that are entirely propagandized, one a former college professor, the other a former college student counsellor. They are annoyingly smug about their superior virtues – climate change aware, pro jabs/distancing/masks, pro mass migration, and have TDS (anti orange man). I have never tried to argue with them because they are out of their minds – shouting their mantras, repeating the words of the talking heads on TV. My friends are mind controlled by the legacy media.

      • Yeah, I work with people like this. And it’s pointless to argue with some people because they can’t hear or won’t listen.

        I can’t really be emotionally close to people like this because I don’t trust them anymore. It’s kinda sad but it’s helped me look for others to build community with and I have actually found some folks who are more open minded. Some of them are propagandized the other way a bit, “orange man good, war is good” etc but they will at least listen.

        One of the other members here “mkey” mentioned something about segues rather than direct debate. Slipping a few seeds in here and there and sometimes people can change their minds. I thought that was cleaver.

        For me personally, I’d rather work on people who are more flexible anyway and build something with them rather than waste time on people I think are already lost.

        Anyone who’s ever worked in the public sector knows that it can be a waste of time trying to convince people. People either want to know or they don’t and they will want to change or they won’t and that’s just how it is. At least that’s what experience tells me most of the time.

      • @jo-ann

        Thanks I appreciate the comment and your sharing your experiences with “highly educated” and highly propagandized individuals.

        That is a phenomenon I have encountered a fair bit myself as well, and one of the main reasons I sought to express my concern about psychiatry / psychological treatment protocols that could involve these highly propagandized “professionals” going about mentally herding their patients back within the corral of the accepted and approved government narrative (by CBT-ing them and telling them something like “hey, don’t be so paranoid and apprehensive about Bill Gates, he is actually a really nice philanthropist, I know better than you because I have diplomas, so what I am telling you to perceive is a more ‘trustworthy’ reality”).

        • I should have specified that I was commenting specifically to the section: many people that were typically critically thinking individuals capitulated and conformed to the irrational, unscientific and irresponsible corporate slogans, simultaneous government propaganda and government edicts/coercion tactics (internalizing the propaganda even though everything about it represents a radical departure from critical thinking into a sort of dogmatic belief system or cult).

          Your point about the medical profession being weaponized was well made. Indeed, if these folks did not abide by the prescribed belief system, they would be out of a job. So now that we know only propagandized professionals (or fakers that are going along to keep their jobs) remain in the medical system, how many folks will decline to seek help?

          • I think it’s a form of Stockholm syndrome or cognitive dissonance in response to trauma. People didn’t want to believe the truth. It’s harsh and doesn’t feel good. They’d rather chose the alternative, that they can trust everything they have been taught has been for the greater good. It’s more psychologically appealing, less painful.

            Then there are the fakers, like you said who knew but went along to keep their job. There are many people who work in health care and even the CDC who didn’t take the jab because they knew very well the shit is toxic.

            People will decline to seek help due to the breach of trust but some will recognize the need to compartmentalize when seeking help.

            People need to know enough to be able to direct their own treatment which takes research and effort.

            • cu.h.j.
              Sometimes …some good things pop out of your head. I can go along with much that you expressed here.

              • Thanks for the comments GBW

                How are your seedlings coming along my friend?

              • Gavin,
                Like cu.h.j’s fully formed ideas, my seeds are popping their heads up from the pots in the south windows . The amaranth bed is ready and I’m going to direct seed to the ground, unless you think I should start them in pots? Never grew anything like amaranth. I removed about 40 Canna plants and will enjoy the amaranth for the return on the sweat equity…it’s gonna look just as beautiful as the canna plants. Can the gojo berries reside in with the amaranth patch?
                The black beauty tomatoes all came up but only 10% of the peppers popped up.

              • Hey, what ever became of…?
                I’m interested to know if James has the seed pots in the southern windows? Do the kids have theirs?. After watching Jamiesan wrestling those radishes out of the ground like a regular Calgary radish wrangler, I thought for sure those kids would want to take it to the next level. What say ye?
                Ideas for the half baked… Start some seeds and pass them on to someone with dirt. They will finish the life cycle. At least you might start wondering,then inquiring, then you might get up to the dirt management level. Start small, grow with your seeds. Pass along healthy babies, and watch them grow.
                As if that’s all you can do! It’s a start…

                Bacon English was intended

              • Well,…that’s a very deep subject. What? You mean it’s all connected? Words as definers,descriptors with different meanings with the same spelling? What?
                The meaning of life ? The purpose we are aware of early on. As James so easily and tenderly explained about the seed, his and his wifes seed, that sprouted and takes reality into the near future. If it were a rose it would still smell as sweet. If it were a ripple on a body of water , it expands, it grows. Living in the slipstreams of expansion the child developes ideas, the simplest are the hardest to keep over a lifetime .
                Teaching children the delicacies of life is a parents duty . There will be time for learning all the bad stuff. But now is the time for the simple stuff. Like a seed in a cup. The transformation too a plant is slow, real and expanding for the child, in real time. I’ll let lilacbutterfly explain it to you.
                Learning comes in like a tsunami, floods the childs brain .
                A seed cup created by the child has so much potential . Almost like ‘I , pencil ‘ packed with good things. If only to start a seed, and learn that the child can’t continue the rest of the life cycle which motivates the child to find a safe harbor,where the seed will be given the care the child can’t. And it goes on. Reevaluation. Riding in the slipstreams of expansion. Life is fragile and care is nurturing.
                QFC, is this where we learn dependence on others, others than parents, culminating in the state?.

                Lilacbutterfly 2024 “the greatest blessing” comment:
                In November of 1949, a young mother gathered her five children around her. They were ages 9, 8, 7, 6, and 4.

                The young mother told the children she had a surprise for them and asked them, “What is the best thing in the world?”

                “A bicycle!” cried the 8-year-old girl.

                Other children may have had ideas too, but 6-year-old Shirley quietly said, “A baby.”

                Her mother said, “That’s right… a baby.”

                She then told her children that she was going to bring them a baby, but what she DIDN’T tell them was that she and their father had decided they couldn’t handle any more children. They were a poor farm family in rural southern Vermont. Mother stayed home with the children and father found work where he could, besides tending the very small farm in a valley on a dirt road in Marlboro. So, before the baby was born, they had given the baby up for adoption.

                The adoptive family named the baby girl, but the parents had second thoughts. They changed their minds and decided they couldn’t let her go.

                That is when the above conversation took place.

                I’m not sure how old the baby was when her parents went to retrieve her, or if she had even left the hospital to join her adoptive family yet.

                The baby’s parents decided to keep the name the adoptive parents had chosen, and the baby was taken home to join her five siblings, completing the boy, girl, boy, girl, boy … girl family.

                My grandma never told me about this until, after planning to give my baby up for adoption, I changed my mind after he was born.

                While growing up, my mom (Shirley) had told me the story of her choice of a baby as the best thing in the world when she was a tender six years old. I thought it was really touching, and do even more now.

                Those were times of more innocence in many places. None of the children knew a baby was expected. They had their own childish things to keep them occupied and busy. They were times when children didn’t need to know adult things when they were so young. Babies appearing (“out of nowhere”) was part of life. It was not something to draw young children’s attention to.

                A very touching article, James.

      • jo-ann,
        There could be a little nudging going on from unseen directions. This science of audio mind manipulation is for sale if you have the money.
        Poppy Crum @ Dolby and her mentor Elizabeth Rauch @ Technic Electronics. Mind control products.
        Thanks to Camille @pleasestoptheride for calling her out.
        Were they,who you speak of, victims of propaganda or recipients of products from Poppy Crum, audio scientist?
        How could you tell if the results present the same peculiar behavior?
        Poppy’s mentor claimed a 80% retention rate.

        • Thanks for this – I recall having heard of research in this area as a possible weapon, but had not heard of this person.

    • @Gavinm:

      I’ll have to check out your article, sounds interesting. As an anecdote, I’ve done a lot of CBT based therapy, somatic therapy, and just about any therapy known to man and for me personally, I don’t think CBT itself is bad.

      In fact I think it can be helpful for people who have addictions and depression and other mental health issues. It can help people be more in the drivers seat of their mind. This coupled with mindfulness, meditation, exercise, “spiritual” connection (higher purpose/inspiration), and physical exercise can make a profound difference in mental health.

      Depression and negative thoughts can trap a person in a state of dread and narrow focus and sometimes prevent a person from seeing anything positive. And some of these states of mind are due to errors in thinking, fallacies. CBT can help a person look at “both” sides.

      But I agree with you that therapists, doctors, nurses have been sucked into a cult mentality and people need to think with their own brain rather than “trusting the science”.

      I dumped by therapist in 2020 because I felt I couldn’t trust her but it doesn’t mean the therapy itself was bad. In fact, I think somatic therapy in particular is great. It’s where people tune into what their body is telling them and how that coincides with thoughts and feelings. I think it’s especially good for people who have experienced trauma.

      • @cu.h.j

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences on “CBT”.

        With regards to my concerns with what I described as “CBT”, I have not experienced the therapy or researched it myself, I was just going by what the author of that article (Peco Gaskovski, the neuropsychologist) was describing it as.

        In Peco’s post he stated “In actual CBT therapy, distorted beliefs are corrected by finding objective evidence that contradicts those beliefs based on observations of the real world… …we might think we can’t cope with our anxiety, until we confront the anxious situation and discover it isn’t as bad as we imagined… … It’s only by connecting to objective reference points outside the self that we can correct the distorted perceptions within the self.”

        As I stated above, professionals in the medical field (whether mental or physiological health professionals) are just as susceptible (in not more susceptible) to corporate propaganda, government funded psychological warfare operations and group-think indoctrination campaigns pushed forward by racketeering interests as the rest of us.

        Considering that fact, it becomes clear that depending on such individuals as the sole authority capable of declaring what “distorted beliefs” are, and what “objective evidence” or “objective reference points” are is an extremely risky proposition.

        People seeking help and having a psychiatrist/psychologist use CBT may find it to be a helpful and benign process (as you seem to have) or they could also find themselves in the crosshairs of covidian cultists that could knowingly (or unknowingly) use a framework like CBT to engage in the pathologizing of dissent.

        Did you read my full post linked above? I provide several examples expanding on what JC has already warned about regarding the pathologizing of dissent.

        RE: “CBT can help a person look at “both” sides.”

        That sounds great, but what about an undiscerning person, that has been raised to trust and respect (and obey) people with fancy diplomas without asking the hard questions or going against the grain that finds themselves face to face with a brainwashed psychologist?

        That could result in someone simply being indoctrinated to “one side”, purely due to their proclivity to trust the proclamations and statements of those with authoritative sounding titles (Milgram Experiment anyone?).

        I see what you are saying and like I said in my post above, I think that if one finds a therapist / mental health “expert” that is ethical, discerning, self-educated and courageous in the face of tyranny, perhaps something like CTB could be very helpful. However, my point was that not all mental health experts fit that description, and thus whatever “sides” they are presenting as “trustworthy realities” could be two corrals within the same factory farm of the mind, both leading to the same slaughterhouse of the mind (a factory farm of menticide, if you will).

        Thanks again for the comments and for sharing your experience in these matters.

        • I do think there are objective reference points, objective truth if you will. This is why pro-vaccine pushers won’t debate, but if people take the time to actually look at the evidence, it’s clear they don’t work. Even traditional vaccines don’t work and they can be harmful.

          If we expand the use of CBT type analysis into other areas of focus, not just interpersonal relationships and the like, I think more people would be waking up. They might at least be able to listen to a different perspective IMO.

          I don’t think people even need a therapist to use CBT although it was helpful in the beginning for me. I also don’t think a therapist needs to know the inner workings of my mind to help with specific issues. But, I do think it’s necessary to trust a therapist and if they are stupid enough to believe the government, they aren’t the one for me. That’s why I dumped my therapist because she went along with “social distancing” and all the bullshit. I didn’t want to support that financially. But the actual concepts of the therapy seemed sound to me.

          I see it as a very specific tool used for very specific issues. Social anxiety, addictions, depression, etc. If people can overcome some of those, I think they could do more positive things in the world.

          I do think psychiatry in general has been used and is used to pathologize dissent and yet there are still a few nuggets of good that can be obtained in specific cases.

          I think there’s some nuance here is all I’m saying and I’d say that if someone can use CBT instead of psychiatric drugs, that’s preferable.

        • @Gavinm:

          I understand your point and I agree. I haven’t ever seen CBT to be used in that way, but maybe it has?

          I really don’t understand how someone could use logic as a propaganda tool though because IMO, looking at the facts clearly shows that vaccines don’t work and particularly that the mRNA jabs are incredibly toxic to many people. Also, they were completely unnecessary.

          Not only that but big pharma can’t be sued in most cases and they were forced on people. That’s a breach of medical ethics right there. People have the right to refuse and be free from coercion. It’s patently obvious to me.

          I can understand if a medical provider is propagandized and believes in their own “medicines” but forcing a patient to take something they don’t want to is unethical.

          If a person can find someone who shares that basic ethical principal, autonomy, I think people can work together. The system though is working to get rid of that, but it’s still there as an ethical standard and even the some of the most moronic doctors I’ve worked with do still recognize the importance of this. At least in the ER this seems to be the case in my experience.

          • @cu.h.j

            I see your point and I wish we lived in a world where I could endorse telling a wayward soul and undiscerning person (having lived on the ‘human factory farm conveyer belt’ depicted in the music video of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” ) that they can go to the institution of psychology and psychiatry and receive trustworthy help across the board.

            However, based on what I have seen, it is hit and miss, and I don’t know if the people seeking help are necessarily in a position to tell whether or not a therapist is brainwashed or not. I mean, you obviously are, but I do not think everyone has your mind.

            (continued below..)

          • (..continued from above comment)

            On a lighter and somewhat connected side note.

            What do you think of this lady’s version of “forest bathing” as “psychological therapy” ?


            She seems to have taken the prescription of time in nature (which I commend her mental health person for suggesting) and ran with it, “flying the coop” as they say! 🙂

            I mean, as one listens on in the video it becomes clear she is still investing herself in the idea that some centralized authority of “experts” and “academic knowledge keepers” knows better than her, but on another level, she appears to have sought to cultivate a connection with the land that is in turn providing her medicine for the body, mind and soul. And I find that to be heartening and inspiring.

            Thanks for all the thoughtful comments.

    • @Gavinm:

      I think some of these things can be used as tools and are not in and of themselves bad. Just because someone is able to ease their depression doesn’t mean that they should henceforth join the rat race and stop caring about important things. It’s just a tool to get people out of their heads and identifying with their thoughts. At least this is how I’ve interpreted the overall purpose of it.

      People are more than their thoughts and feelings and sometimes their minds are leading them astray, such as the drug addict or social media junkie that believes they need it to be complete.

      It’s certainly true that manipulative people are also leading them astray, but is is their own mind that convinces them.

      It’s helpful to occasionally check what ones mind is telling them and put it into context.

  64. “Reddit Fever” – The Contagion Spreads

    Reddit has never turned a profit in nearly 20 years, but this week it will go public on the stock market with an IPO (initial public offering). There is a lot of hype.

    Sunday March 17 – Reuters – By Echo Wang
    Exclusive: Reddit’s IPO as much as five times oversubscribed, sources say
    [un-named sources 😉 ]

    FULL article
    NEW YORK, March 17 (Reuters) – Reddit’s (RDDT.N) initial public offering is currently between four and five times oversubscribed, people familiar with the matter said on Sunday, making it more likely the social media platform will attain the $6.5 billion valuation it seeks.
    While the oversubscription does not guarantee a strong performance in the stock market debut, it means the company is poised to at least reach its targeted price range of $31 to $34 per share when it prices the IPO in New York on Wednesday, the sources said.

    The sources said the marketing of the IPO was continuing and asked not to be identified because the details are confidential. A Reddit spokesperson declined to comment.

    Reddit has already curbed its valuation expectations after it was valued in a $10 billion private fundraising round in 2021. The company’s IPO is currently seeking to raise as much as $748 million.
    Despite the loyalty of many of its users, Reddit has lost money every year since its launch in 2005 and has lagged the commercial success of contemporaries such as Meta Platforms’ (META.O) Facebook and Twitter, now known as X.

    The focus of many Reddit users on niche subjects and the platform’s somewhat loose approach to content moderation has been a sticking point with some advertisers. Reddit relies on volunteers from its user base to moderate the content posted on its forums.
    Moderators can decide to withdraw from their duty at any time, as in 2023, when several quit in protest over Reddit’s decision to charge third-party app developers for access to its data.

    Reddit’s 100,000 online forums, dubbed “subreddits,” allow conversations on topics ranging from “the sublime to the ridiculous, the trivial to the existential, the comic to the serious,” according to co-founder and chief executive Steve Huffman.
    The company’s influential communities are best known for the “meme-stock” saga of 2021 when several retail investors collaborated on Reddit’s “wallstreetbets” forum to buy shares of highly shorted companies such as video game retailer GameStop (GME.N).

    To tap retail investors, Reddit has reserved 8% of the total shares on offer for eligible users and moderators on its platform, certain board members and friends and family members of its employees and directors.
    Reddit had an average of 73.1 million daily active “uniques” – users who use its platform at least once a day – in the three months ended Dec. 31, 2023, according to a regulatory filing.

  65. Quick update on our Animated Musical Film: People Power.

    We got an Official Selection by the 2024 Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival and we won two awards at the 2024 Berlin Indie Film Festival: Best Animation and Best War Theme Film

    We are as excited as grateful for the unexpected response and hopeful that other Festivals will also consider us. We don’t do this for money or popularity, we believe the message is a healing and positive one and our aim is to promote Peace, Reconciliation and Unity.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this




      • Thanks so much Jo-Ann. I’m currently working on the production of a sequel more focused on the issues of the day… Bio-Security, Financial Tyranny, Global Governance, etc. and always stressing the importance of bringing people together from different walks of life to see how these issues affect us all equally.

        Have a great day and thanks again.

  66. Monday March 18, 2024
    Nvidia Reveals Project GROOT and Disney Bots at GTC Conference
    3 minutes

    Watch: Nvidia Unveils ‘Project GROOT’ Robot & New ‘Grace Blackwell’ Superchip

    Nvidia has been on a dynamic uptrend, especially in recent months. In fact, it often carries other stocks up with it or the entire Index of stocks, because of the hype on chips and Artificial Intellegence (AI). Look at the price per share.
    CHART – NVIDIA Market Cap: 2.211 Trillion with a T for March 18, 2024

    • US stock futures held steady on Tuesday as investors reacted to the latest announcements from Nvidia.
      The chipmaker unveiled a new generation of artificial intelligence chips and software for running AI models as the firm seeks to solidify its position as the go-to supplies for AI companies.
      In regular trading on Monday, the Dow rose 0.2%, the S&P 500 gained 0.63% and the Nasdaq Composite jumped 0.82%.
      Nine out of the 11 S&P sectors finished higher, led by communication services, consumer staples and consumer discretionary.
      Apple and Alphabet gained 0.6% and 4.6%, respectively, on news that Apple would integrate Google’s Gemini AI engine into the iPhone.
      Tesla also surged 6.3% following the company’s announcement of price increases for its Model Y electric vehicles in some European countries and the US. Conversely, Boeing pulled back by 1.5% amid persistent security concerns.

      • “bloodbath”
        It pissed off the co-founders/owners of The Dallas Express (Monty Bennett and his wife, Sarah Zubiate Bennett). The Dallas Express originally was an African American newspaper a hundred years ago. Archived copies are on the Home Page.

        Friday March 22, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Tiffany Chartier – Assistant Editor
        DX Publisher Calls Out Legacy Media Bias

        A recent media frenzy spurred by a speech former President Donald Trump gave while on the campaign trail inspired The Dallas Express‘ publisher to comment on legacy media’s propensity for taking remarks out of context to create a certain narrative…

        …as many news outlets have taken the liberty of quoting the former president’s words out of context, even creating headlines to modify the truth to fit their narrative:..

        …The Dallas Express’ publisher Monty Bennett took the opportunity to reiterate the reason behind the founding of the publication.

        “This is why I had to start @DallasExpress,” he wrote. “No matter one’s views on Trump … a little research shows that the ‘legacy media’ clearly and purposefully misrepresent his statements. Who does that? What ‘news’ outlet purposefully deceives? Outrageous.”

        …The Dallas Express launched in 2021 with the mission “to provide fact-based news for the people of the Metroplex,” per the company’s website.

        In the premiere episode of the paper’s podcast, Bennett explained that he wanted to start The Dallas Express so readers could “have the news delivered in an unbiased way so that people themselves can make decisions on issues.”

        …DX aims to provide news that allows our readers to form their own opinions when presented with the facts….

    • Thanks for the share! Some of Malone’s stuff is great and I’ll check it out. I suppose it’s good to separate the messenger from the message sometimes.

      I don’t know him personally and didn’t understand his motives for the lawsuits but some of what he puts out is quite good.

  67. In addition to the other indoctrination programs implemented by the US school systems, they are now preparing to indoctrinate them specifically about c19. This article is about the Johns Hopkins Health Education and Training (HEAT) Corps in USA, but I expect it is likely part of a worldwide program.

    Parents beware: Johns Hopkins HEAT wants to brainwash your school-aged children.

    I am unable to copy and paste an excerpt, but recommend folks read the article for awareness and reminder of how the youth programs were used in other totalitarian regimes.

  68. How many of you have heard of something called the Five Flavor Fruit (Schisandra chinensis) ?

    I am excited to be adding these to our young food forest this year.

    I was chewing on a few of the berries today and wow! What an interesting vibrant and complex flavor. They are tangy, peppery, savory, salty, floral and sweet all at the same time!

    The berries also offer myriad health benefits due to their potent adaptogenic compounds.

    As a preview of the in depth info i`ll be providing on this amazing multi-layered food forest/shady garden design candidate soon i`ll share a list of the medicinal actions offered by the Schisandra chinensis berries below.

    Medicinal actions:

    General tonic/stimulant/restorative, nervous system tonic, mild anti-depressant, anti-stress, adaptogen, adrenal tonic, regulator of blood glucose & mucosal secretions, antioxidant, astringent, anti-tussive, lung tonic, regulates blood pressure, anti-cholesterol, hepatoprotective, oxytocic, anti-allergen, anti-anxiety agent, improves memory, cognitive function, anti-aging, anticancer, irritation-soothing, suppresses platelet aggregation, cardioprotective, tumor suppressor, wound-healing and corrects metabolic imbalances.

    I am happy to announce that I will be focusing on that species in my next installment of the Stacking Functions in the Garden, Food Forest and Medicine Cabinet series next month.

    (For more info on the series :

    If you have grown these and/or created with them in the kitchen or apothecary please share your experiences and favorite recipes in a reply below.

  69. This News Story must be satire …or not.

    Wed March 20, 2024 – Authored by Steve Watson at via ZeroHedge
    Scottish Police Trained To Target Actors And Comedians Under Hate Crime Laws; Report

    Police in Scotland are being trained to target actors and comedians under new hate crime laws set to be activated next month, reports The Herald, citing leaked police documents.

    [[SCREENSHOT of The Herald with headline…
    “Police told to target comics under new hate crime law”]]

    Training materials obtained by the outlet state that content deemed to be “threatening and abusive” under the Hate Crime and Public Order can be communicated “through public performance of a play.”

    A slide from the leaked training material titled “stirring up hatred” also lists ‘protected’ characteristics including age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and transgender identity.

    In other words, under First Minister Humza Yousaf’s new law, any performer who for example ‘misgenders’ trans people, jokes about race or religion, or even criticises migrants can potentially be prosecuted.

    The training material further states that even those forwarding or sharing material deemed to be ‘hateful’ can also be targeted under the law.

    It states “The different ways in which a person may communicate material to another person are by: displaying, publishing or distributing the material, for example on a sign, on the internet through websites, blogs, podcasts, social media etc., either directly, or by forwarding or repeating material that originates from a third party, through printed media such as magazine publications or leaflets.”

    …The Scottish Daily Express previously reported that police had been given mandatory training in how to deal with alleged hate crimes, including a question asking
    “A high profile, male politician who is a strong supporter of the LGBT community is abused in the street during campaigning and called a ‘Deviant’. What aggravators would be recorded for this crime?”

    The multiple choice answers provided were
    “Disability – physical impairment;
    Racial – white Scottish;
    Transgender Identity – female to male;
    or Sexual orientation – Gay man.”

    The Scottish government, led by Yousaf, has also floated proposals to punish parents who refuse to accept their children identifying as transgender with up to seven years in jail under a separate new law….

  70. For Your Information – PDF book available in seven languages:

    The Predators versus The People: The Big Picture
    The Big Picture of the 500-year Secret War against Humanity, and how to regain our Stolen Planet, Freedom, and Future.
    Mees Baaijen | Feb 28, 2024

    Excerpt from the Substack page:
    “Please save yourself the huge and confusing hassle of figuring it all out on your own! With the insights and peace of mind brought by The Predators versus The People, you can spend your time on helping to find ways to regain our stolen planet, freedom, and future.

    “The book is now downloadable in seven languages, for subscribers who pay a yearly subscription of only $25 (a special offer with 50% discount), see section Book Download (sorry, but at age 72 I still have to pay off a significant debt).”

  71. For anyone that wants a good laugh and heartening read about some people that are living well


    “One small step for man, one giant leap for cheese & puppies
    Scientific breakthroughs by the Edward Institute for Village Studies”

    “The Edward Institute for Village Studies, the most prestigious Russian think tank in the entire world, is proud to announce two of the biggest game changers of the 21st century.

    The first, cheese. And we also made puppies. We’re just following the Science, here.

    After consulting a top secret cheddar recipe on YouTube, senior analysts from the Edward Institute employed three liters of the freshest udder nectar to create an unsurpassed wheel of cheese. The result was a spunky village Parmesan. Whatever. It still tastes good and we just invented endless cheese.

    Do you understand Our Power?

    Our second think tank breakthrough was that Ekaterina’s dog had ten puppies.

    We were sort of hoping for two or three but ten just shows how advanced our puppy technology is.

    We have the technology” (Puppy Power) 🙂

    • On a personal note (in response to Riley’s awesome Village Institute post):

      I have made lots of stuff in my kitchen and cellar but never cheese yet! I shall endeavor to change that this year thanks to Riley’s inspiration 🙂

      and he says they are gonna make hot pepper infused village Parm, that is next level!

      And when they combine the power of endless cheese with the power of endless heirloom peppers through seed saving, they will be capable of destabilizing the entire global economy!

      Long live the Edward Institute!

      (for more info on how heirloom pepper power is almost as world changing as puppy power and endless cheese power: )

  72. Tennessee Senate passes bill to end chemtrails…

    Quote of Tennessee conservative activist Robby Starbuck:
    “The Tennessee State Senate passed a bill today that would ban the spraying of chemicals for geoengineering in our skies. Here’s some of the key language:

    “The bill would ban the “intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any mean, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances or apparatus within the borders of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of the sunlight.”

    See link for the rest of the article and for documents and photos Starbuck shared.

    • jo-ann, I thought of you today when I saw this…

      Friday March 22, 2024 – Business Insider – By Pete Syme, who writes on something that he knows nothing about.
      Tennessee is trying to ban ‘chemtrails’ from planes based on a wild conspiracy theory

      FULL article
      ~~ A Tennessee state bill is trying to ban chemtrails and references a conspiracy theory.
      ~~ The trails released by aircraft are formed of water vapor and linger in high humidity.
      ~~ The wording of the bill means it could actually lower climate emissions.

      Lawmakers in Tennessee are trying to ban chemtrails in a bill based on a conspiracy theory.

      SB 2691 passed in the Senate on Monday, according to The Tennessean. It has not yet advanced in the house.

      The chemtrail conspiracy theory claims that commercial aircraft spray chemicals into the atmosphere for malign purposes.

      This is referenced in the state’s bill, which claims the federal government “may conduct geoengineering experiments by intentionally dispersing chemicals into the atmosphere.”

      A 2017 study polled 1,000 Americans and found that 10% of them believe the conspiracy theory is “completely” true.

      In reality, the trails produced by jets, called contrails, are made of water vapor.

      Because the water vapor is so hot when it comes out of a plane’s engine, it cools down in the atmosphere. At high altitudes where the humidity is in the right place for condensation, it forms contrails.

      So contrails don’t appear from every plane because atmospheric conditions can vary, and have to be just right for condensation to occur.

      When the humidity is higher, the contrails linger in the sky for longer — which causes more alarm among the conspiracy theorists.

      TWITTER X – Jon Ostrower IMAGE
      Not to make light of what is vaguely unhinged legislative behavior, but read a certain way, the Tennessee state senate just inadvertently passed the most aggressive climate and emissions legislation this country has ever seen.

      The state bill could actually end up lowering climate emissions, as pointed out by The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower.

      The bill says: “The intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any means, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances, or apparatus within the borders of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of the sunlight is prohibited.”

      [Over 90 comments – Many are making chemtrails a stupid Republican thing.]

      • Thanks for the article and the reaction. The normies can rest assured.

        Too bad Dane Wiggin’s and his ilk can’t get published on Yahoo News or someone from the UN funding this program doesn’t blow the whistle. The condensation theory doesn’t explain the microorganisms and plastic fibers reportedly being sprayed, nor the intermittent spraying and pattern-design. Also, the humidity at high elevations, especially in winter, is relatively low, yet the trails exist in the winter on a day when no normal clouds exist.

        An aside: I wonder what the professional sky-writers use to create their messages for special events.

          • More palatable to a wider audience, for sure.

            For those of us that spent our childhoods playing outdoors all four seasons in the 1960s, we saw contrails that dissipated within yards of the plane’s exhaust, never ones that persisted the entire width of the sky. We never had cumulus-like clouds with indistinct edges. They must have changed the fuel formulation – I would need to see that timeline to be persuaded that it’s only the fuel causing nucleation of moisture at 40,000 ft.

          • I will keep my camera ready and be on the lookout for a shot with two planes flying at approximately the same elevation, one with a persistent trail and one without. I have witnessed this in the past but never thought to take a picture, as I thought one was probably a chemtrail drone and the other simply a commercial airplane.

            • jo-ann,
              You are most perceptive in questioning the narrative, so convincing but somehow lacking
              in complete details. It should remind you of something. How the world works?
              Jim Lee is a statist, trying to get the scoop on what the state has laid out without looking at the spooks.The 900 pound gorilla in the room is never looked into detail. Jim let’s them do their thing but wants law and order, to cop the cover story of climate, weather and the prescribed propaganda prepared by the perpetrator. It’s much bigger but Jim wants to use the system to prosecute what’s mostly outside the system.
              Did you know of Patrick Roddy. He had the scoop of the century when he got Ken Caldera bragging about his work in bio weapons delivery for DARPA. He was bankrupted out within the month, lucky he didn’t get killed. Jim can’t go into the bio spraying , or any other spraying cause it’s all in the fuel. Maybe he is a genius with a legal strategy of fuel of the airline industry suite, class action, instead of the illegal acts of a deep state, black opp military completely off the civil legal rails. Depopulation, control scenario? World carbon tax? Transhumanism . Things that can’t be stipulated in court. Crimes against humanity?. Knowledge of past CIA off the leash and off constitutional law. Dr.Strangelove, Teller, his proteges, Eastland, Kieth, Caldera, I don’t think Jim is aware of how off the rails it is. Or Bigtree, he has more of an understanding of what is capable but can’t say. Theater. Did they speak about HAARP, cell phones, GWEN, Doppler, NextRad. It all is connected. This is above legal remedies. So who you gonna call, 911, 007, Ted Gunderson? Ted called them death sprays and was dead in a month. Jim Lee, Dane Wiggington , gate keepers anonymous.
              Thank God for the irrational Tennessee lawmakers. I hope they take all the National Guard of Tennessee, all assets and use them to prosecute, to the fullest, these world class evil minds. Elanna Freeland is my go to for news from the front lines, not poor Jim.

              There, I feel better now. You remind me of ManBearPig on occasions. Has anyone ever complimented you with such odd colloquial idioms? Well, keep up the perspectives, keep up the pictures taking, hope it’s not a Google phone. Much liked reading. Seems there is no fully independent truth tellers when investigating any CIA directed operation, cause it’s been tinkered with at every stop along the way.. They all have an agenda as my friend Alan Watt use to say. The big Agenda.

              • Old Olympus digital camera. (Reminder to self: practice taking pictures of the sky… )

                Thanks for the history lesson. I didn’t know about Patrick Roddy or Ted Gunderson.

                I didn’t take Dane for a gatekeeper, but sense he has no appeal to those not already aware something is up. Jim did mention in the closing minutes in his interview with Del that there is more to discuss.

                I hear what you are saying about legal recourse – it’s like having Alan Dulles investigating the JFK assassination.

              • P.S. Did you know Alan Watt? I miss his soothing voice in his “Cutting through the Matrix” podcast.

              • jo-ann
                Yes, Alan was a letter writer, we corresponded . Miss him greatly… Great Scot.

          • Jim Lee is the host of The weather modification timeline page has lots of interesting info (scroll down the page) that can be sorted by geoengineering, weather modification, and space weather modification. Interesting headlines such as Climate Global Control Trading LLC Creates and Steers Hurricanes with Ionospheric Technology.


      • An article in the non-legacy media:

        The Companies Manipulating Australian Weather
        Written by Tott News on March 22, 2024

        History of cloud seeding and weather modification in Australia. Pictures of news clippings from the early days.

        “Although no longer operational, one of the most public cases of geoengineering to hit Australia was Project Stormfury, which from the mid-1960s to 1980s was a project dedicated to experimental hurricane modification.

        “The hypothesis was that the silver iodide would cause supercooled water in the storm to freeze, disrupting the inner structure of the hurricane. This led to the seeding of several Atlantic hurricanes.

        “Former Cuban president Fidel Castro alleged that Project Stormfury was an attempt to weaponize hurricanes, as a new field of weaponized warfare became a reality as the 20th century came to a close following this suite of experiments.

        “Although now gone, this program would pioneer cloud seeding across the world.

        “Geoengineering continues across Australia in 2018 – and is more advanced than ever.

        “Today, while some government-run projects exist, the most popular type of project involves coordination between the government and a private company.”

        Towards the end of the article, the money trail leads to Rupert Murdock.

        “Current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced in 2007 that $10 million from the Australian Government Water Fund will be given to the investigation of an ‘untried technology’ that aims to trigger rainfall from the atmosphere, even when there are no clouds.

        “The money bankrolls research into mysterious ionisation technology promoted by the secretive Australian Rain Corporation (now Australian Rain Technologies), in hopes of using forthcoming trials to show the technology can bring increased rain.

        “The company will be taking methods previously discussed above, and adding electrification of the ionosphere to create clouds out of thin air, even when there is no rain, a technique so far not explored.

        “Mr. Turnbull’s office says there was no breach of caretaker protocol because the project was actually approved before the election was announced.

        “Malcolm Turnbull’s fundraising group, the Wentworth Forum, includes a long list of generous donors responsible for this move, including Frank Lowy, Ros Packer, John Simons, and Matt Handbury – chairman and part-owner of the Australian Rain Corporation!

        “It has been revealed that Mr. Handbury is the wealthy nephew of Rupert Murdoch and chairman and proprietor of Murdoch Books, which is the headquarters for Australian Rain Corporation!”

        • jo- ann
          What didn’t this article cover? Nasty stuff by nasty people. Very interesting read. Very fair assessment of the black opps and lies covering the mistakes made along the way. Once you get them addicted to this you naturally take it away, and latter charge triple the rate as before.
          Tott News gets a hat tip.

  73. I recently posted a substack blog that was expressing concerns and (constructive) criticism on a post by a Peco Gaskovski regarding his championing a psychology treatment protocol called CBT so I thought I better dig deeper and assess his other work to see who I am dealing with. I found that he wrote a book and bought a copy. Below are my thoughts on it thus far.

    𝐒𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐩𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐬 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐄𝐱𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐬 (𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑) 𝐛𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐜𝐨 𝐆𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐨𝐯𝐬𝐤𝐢

    I have read about 1/4 of the book so far, it provides a very disturbing (yet compelling and potentially useful) cautionary tale regarding the depiction of a possible future where humanity has allowed technocratic totalitarianism to run rampant. The story depicts a Mega-Smart City cutting through the heart of what is now called North America where a fine tuned social credit system (called Etch Points) is used in conjunction with ubiquitous drone surveillance, weaponized drones, in house “smart features” surveilling 24/7 for social engineering, behavior modification, oppression and the patholagization of dissent. The Smart city only allows humans to have one child each and only via artificially gestating them in fake wombs using GMO embryos selected by the state for ideal characteristics. The smart cities brain washed soldiers (not only brain washed via social credit behavior modification and relentless propaganda but also pharmaceutically brainwashed) dominate the outer smaller low tech communities that refuse to conform to their transhumanist technology dependent ways and they send out convoys of thugs with weaponized drones and merciless surgeons to forcibly sterilize the residents. The main character is described as enjoying fried crickets as a favorite food and looks down on the people living close to the land and wanting to have children via natural birthing.

    Description/Blurb from the jacket of the book:

    “Out of the collapse of Old America rises Lantua, a glittering thousand-mile metropolis where drones patrol the sky and AI algorithms reward social behavior. The most compliant citizens enjoy the greatest privileges, the poorest struggle to rise up the echelon system, and criminals are subjected to brain modification. Birthing and genetic quality are controlled through mass embryonic selection, with fetuses grown outside the body in artificial wombs–a technology known as exogenesis.
    But rebellion is brewing.

    Lantua struggles to control the Benedites, a rural religious people who refuse to obey one-child regulations. Each February, Field Commander Maelin Kivela oversees the forced sterilization of Benedite teenagers, a duty she carries out with unflinching zeal–but this year comes with a shock. After escaping an ambush by insurgents, Maelin returns to the city to choose one of over three hundred embryos to be her child, only to come face to face with a secret that will tear her life apart and alter the course of her civilization.”

    • It seems science-fiction literature has been replaced by dystopian literature. I remember reading Jules Verne as a kid – Around the World in 80 Days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth – and was amazed that he predicted spaceships and submarines in the third quarter of the 1800s. Science fiction was an adventure, not a nightmare. (Was it predictive programming?)

      Also I recall seeing in the late 1980s or early 1990s a photo of the sheep or goat(?) embryo growing in a plastic bag – yet here it is again in the news, over 30 years later. It looks like the same picture, based on my memory.

      • @jo-ann


        I also read books like that in my youth.

        Have you read any of Madeleine L’Engle’s or Ursula K. Le Guin’s books?

        I was always very fond of A Wrinkle In Time and my wife is currently reading another by Madeleine L’Engle called An Acceptable Time which involves time travel and the overlap of the lives of a young science minded girl with an indigenous girl from 3000 years ago in Connecticut. She was been reading some select passages from it to me when she finds something moving and I have really enjoyed those windows into the story. I shall likely read it my self when I have time.

        I also love Ursula K. Le Guin’s EarthSea series.

        The idea that there is a hole in the world is what drives the plot in Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Farthest Shore, the third and in my opinion the greatest novel of her Earthsea series.

        Through the hole, all the world’s joy, vitality, and wizardry is draining away. Le Guin’s haunting description of the leak as it afflicts one city, Hort Town, eerily foretells what our own society has become.

        “There was indeed something wrong about Hort Town, wrong in the very air, so that one might think seriously that it lay under a curse. And yet this was not the presence of any quality, but rather an absence, a weakening of all qualities, like a sickness that soon infected the spirit of any visitor… The squares and streets bustled with activity and business, but there was neither order nor prosperity…. The people, for all their restless activity, seemed purposeless. Craftsmen seemed to lack the will to work well. Even the robbers robbed because it was all the knew how to do.”

        Le Guin wrote these words in 1972, when America was still to all appearances a vital nation. Nonetheless she recognized the early signs of a deep cultural malady and foresaw where it would lead. Not only does she diagnose the cause, she also prescribes a cure, a path toward the recovery of our aliveness.

        In the book, the cause of the problem was an evil wizard named Cob, who sought to defeat death and be immortal. In fact, Le Guin never actually refers to him as evil. Yet my use of that term is deliberate, because Cob’s motivation is as well the ultimate source of what we call evil: the ambition to overcome death once and for all, and the delusion that this is possible. Because what is that ambition really? It is to preserve the separate self for all time. It is the epitome of selfishness.

        That ambition is really the heart of all the transhumanist and technocratic delusions of the billionaires with their creepy smart cities, brain microchips, GMO CRIPSR humans and AI brain upload obsessions.

        Something I talked about in this post:


        • (..continued from above)

          The main character of the book is a youth named Arren, who accompanies the wizard Ged in his journey to shut the hole in the world. Ged asks Arren to describe the people of Hort Town. Arren says, “They seemed uncaring. They were like sick men, like a man who had been told he must die within a year, and tells himself it is not true and he will live forever. They go about without looking at the world.”

          What do you and I become, when we are told we must die within a year, or ten, or fifty, and act as if it were not true? Can we hold life precious, imagining it will never be lost? Can we hold the people around us as precious, imagining they will always be with us? Have you ever had that moment, upon a loved one’s passing, of wishing you had but one more moment with them, a moment in the full realization of their preciousness. “If only I had understood how precious she was!”

          That understanding can be called many things: wisdom, love, devotion… but Charles Eisenstein has come to call it sanity. ( He now shares things as part of something he calls “The Sanity Project” that speaks to this: )

          He says that to be sane is to see and accept what is real. In today’s world of goggle wearing virtual reality people and AI algorithm altered social media selfies many have a feeling that life is a charade, that the world and its relationships are simulacra, cardboard cutouts of some other, lost, reality. As Le Guin describes it, “Under the surface, things did not seem entirely real.”

          I see that many now sense in their hearts that “reality” in our industrial civilization of glowing screen addicted humans working a nine-5 so they can be bled to death by statist parasites is empty, without life or warmth or color or sound. Without meaning. There are no heights or depths. All this lovely play of form and light and color on the screens, a playing of illusions on the shallow void.

          To illuminate the issue further, let’s turn again to Le Guin. Ged speaks to Arren of what has gone wrong in the world: an “upsetting of the balance.” Arren asks the cause of it. Ged says, “An unmeasured desire for life.”

          “For life? But it isn’t wrong to want to live.”

          “No. but when we crave power over life, endless wealth, unassailable safety, immortality, then desire becomes greed. And if knowledge allies itself to that greed, then comes evil. Then the balance of the world is destroyed, and ruin weighs heavy on the scale.”


        • (..continued from above)

          Power over life. Endless wealth. Unassailable safety. What a good description of the priorities of Canada and the United States over my lifetime, with its full spectrum dominance and homeland security, its explosion of (financial) wealth, lockdowns, total information awareness, the incursion of “liability” into every corner of public life, and the removal of all the fun playground equipment. The roping off with police tape of all the playgrounds during the pandemic was nothing new, really, just the logical extension of a long trend.

          A ruined wizard explains the price to be paid to conquer death. “What can you buy life with, but life?” His condition is both pitiable and contemptible. He is maimed, filthy, and ragged; his magic is gone; he is addicted to a horrible escapist drug. He demonstrates what we see in our own society, that the quest for power over death achieves only its ironic opposite: the degeneration of life.

          As Charles said in his “Safety Third” essay

          “Safety first shrinks the horizons of possibility. What starts as caution becomes comfort, then habit, then a prison. The prisoner carries the key in his back pocket, taking comfort in his pretend helplessness. I’m not lecturing you, I’m speaking from personal experience. One feels less and less alive. What is there to live for, confined to the fortress, looking wistfully out the windows at a lush but distant landscape?” (from: )

          The Earthsea series offers perhaps the most compelling and metaphysically satisfying account of magic of any fantasy novel, although it does bear some affinity for Tolkein’s conception of magic being a function of voice, song, and word. For Le Guin, magic (a word she rarely uses, favoring rather wizardry or magery) is about the true names of things. As the magic drains away through the hole in the world, wizards forget the names, chanters forget the songs, artisans forget the crafts, life loses its luster, and everyone goes through the motions of existence.

          Here too is a parallel to our own society. China is about to launch its first hyperloop, a mag-lev train between Hangzhou and Shanghai that may travel at 1000km/h. China’s maglev hyperloop train has already broken the world speed record in a test run, reaching a blistering 387 mph (623 km/h).

          Such a project seems impossible for Canada or America today. What is wizardry in the real world? It is to make something happen outside of an existing, inertial course. It is to bring something new to the world. It is technology. It is the exercise of our creative powers to alter reality. And, while technology in the West is certainly still progressing, it seems somehow impotent to accomplish anything really worthwhile, certainly anything on the scale of the problems that afflict us. Our magic isn’t working anymore.


        • (..continued from above)

          Such powers, of course, can be used for good or for ill. Ged speaks of the need for restraint, lest the wanton use of wizardry upset the balance. Call the mage wind here, and all winds everywhere are altered. Each act has consequences. Le Guin has Ged say:

          “All that the beasts and the green things do, is well done, and rightly done. All of these act within the equilibrium. From the hurricane and the great whales’ sounding, to the fall of a dry leaf and the gnat’s flight, all they do is done within the balance of the whole. But we, insofar as we have power over the world and over one another, we must learn to do what the leaf and the whale and the wind do of their own nature. We must learn to keep the balance. Having intelligence, we must not act in ignorance. Having choice, we must not act without responsibility.”

          Here she is speaking, of course, of the responsible use of real-world human wizardry, the powers of science and technology. Some of us may disagree with her about the balance; and rather would say that the responsibility is to the continued coming alive of creation, the continued unfolding of life and beauty in the cosmos. There is balance in that, but also change, a continual becoming. Yet we have often used technology not to further life, but to control it, to simplify it, to subjugate it, to exploit it, to extract it. Ged says to the fallen wizard Cob:

          “You sold the green earth and the sun and stars to save yourself, but you have no self. All that you sold, that is your self. You have given everything for nothing. So now you seek to draw the world to you, all that life and light you lost, to fill up your nothingness. But it cannot be filled. Not all the songs of earth, not all the stars of heaven, could fill your emptiness.

          All that you sold, that is your self. The forest where the quarry went, that was our self. The flocks of swans, that was our self. The whales so numerous the horizon was obscured by their mist, that was our self. The vanished sea anemones in the tidal pools, that was our self. To be is to relate. Existence is relationship. When we destroy our relations, of course we are empty. Our kin live and die inside of us. That’s obvious when a loved one dies; one can feel that emptiness. What fills it eventually is more relationships, other loves, more dependency. If one holds back from ever loving again, the hole remains open and life drains out through it. Le Guin writes, “There is no safety, and there is no end. The word must be heard in silence. There must be darkness to see the starts. The dance is always danced above the hollow place, above the terrible abyss.”


        • (..continued from above)

          The obsession with safety and security, the agendas of domination, the mentality of control, the attempt to hold the world in stasis, the mania for preserving youth, the capture of the world in categories and property, the exchange of embodied sensuousity for data—all carry profound social and ecological impact. They are the door through which joy, passion, creativity, life, and meaning leak out of the world. Shut the door, I tell myself, shut the door.

          Turning my back then to the hypnotic delusion of escape, I look out into my yard, I see the potential of my sleeping garden, I look into the forest for wisdom to glean, I look down at my handful of seeds and I feel an unbreakable hope and knowing of the potential for a future where we humans use our magic for good instead of evil.


          (much of the above posts are modified segments from a Charles Eisenstein essay, which speaks to my feelings on the subject matter above better than I could)

        • I don’t recall that author’s name or book titles.

          • @jo-ann

            Well I highly recommend a wrinkle in time especially. The story involves the depiction of an entire planet dominated by a force that seeks to create absolute uniformity, predictability, quantifiable, measurable and controllable people, a cautionary tale for the end result of technocratic transhumanist reductionism/deterministic thinking (although in a less disturbing format than the book I described in the first comment).

            Disney took a couple swings at making a movie out of it and of course severely degraded the finer points of the story with their generalized, watered down please the masses, always godda be woke and please all star cast approach, but if you were not gonna read the book I suppose the movie would be better than nothing.

            Here is the trailer

            “A Wrinkle In Time Official” Trailer


  74. Here is a head-exploding video (6 years ago, 33 minutes):

    Ex Illuminati Ronald Bernard INTERVIEW – New World Order Conspiracy

    “Ronald Bernard speaks out about what is going on in corporate banking, some things discussed are: bank, illuminati, masonry, power, corruption and Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory.”

    • This story above aligns with David Icke’s view, although does not mention lizard people. A more recent article provides more details:

      Some things are too weird to believe. In the video (previous comment) Ronald states you can find the white papers online for the creation of crypto currency by the intelligence community. He says the second and third generation cryptocurrencies are better because they lack the “back doors.” I assume he is referencing the anonymity feature or lack-there-of.

    • Very nice production. Thanks for sharing the link.

  75. Can anyone help me make sense of the USA state governments’ warnings for residents to prep in advance of the upcoming eclipse April 8th?

    According to these articles, NY and OH governments are telling people to stock up on medications, food, water, gas, and stay home and inside. Possible cell service interruptions. Comments beneath the articles are making fun of the warnings, because they too do not see an eclipse as a hazard. So why are they stoking up fear?

      • Interesting article. It will be interesting to see what happens. I had a flash-back to Y2K when reading it. 😉

        I knew a man in the 1990s who had worked in computers in the 60s and he said even back then, with how they were programming, they wondered what would happen when it went to 2000, so we tried to get prepared as much as we could.

        The government could use any event (contrived or natural) as a reason to bring about their desired result.

        I’m going to ignore them and watch the weather. If the forecast is for a clear day, I’m planning to take a drive north to get in the direct path. I already told my client I would not be working that day. 🙂

        • “It will be interesting to see what happens.”

          There are a lot of outlandish claims and predictions being promulgated about the eclipses.
          You might be interested in what this fellow has to say about it. He is coming from a kind of messianic Jewish perspective from what I can tell so it made me think of you.
          Frankly, I’m reminded of the Bible’s proscription against date setting. But I have to admit that there are a number of remarkable “coincidences” in regards to these events.
          Still, I have my doubts about the eclipse being the harbinger of the appearance of the Antichrist or the rapture of the church or the second Coming. My bet is that things will continue as they’ve been until God decides that its time for direct intervention. And I don’t think that He’s planning to give the world a “heads up”.

          • Since I agree with your comment about not setting dates and God not giving the world a heads-up, etc., I think I will save the link and watch it after April 8th. 😉

            Years ago, we knew a fellow who always had a new date for the end of the world. I disagreed with him about some significant issues so I didn’t listen to him, but he held sway over my son, who got bogged down in his continual doomsday predictions, for several years. My son finally learned that whenever one date passed, there was always another … but this one was for sure the real thing.

            But they never were.

            The messianic Jewish world is about as varied and wacky and unpredictable and generally unreliable as the Christian world. Anything goes. Believe me … just about anything.

            I’ll let you know in a couple weeks what I think of the video. 🙂

      • @ jo-ann

        There you go again , making sense.
        Rare events of planetary scale will bring out the big thinkers.
        Electromagnetic, gravitational all the way around to life sciences cause,effects and relationships will be studied. There will be experiments; you can count on that. What could go wrong? Never waste an opportunity. At least it’s unlikely that a high altitude hydrogen bomb burst will occur but you never know with these kind a people.

        • ” “”There is ample reasons for concern. Geophysical stress is measurable, but when an unknown additional force is present, stresses and crust behaviour becomes unknown. Greedy corporations overshot its allowances in the past making the management of large models unpredictable. The scientist knows where the failures will occur but are unable to stop a cascading gravitational event. They can’t control the magnitude or attenuation once it goes beyond the threshold of inercia. ” “”*
          “. “”All the balls lining up in the sky are gonna have an effect. All the bad decisions of the past are going to be resolved. The results may be minimal, or the Mississippi may start flowing though Oklahoma next year.
          Rethinking the oil business will be necessary at some time. Can’t keep hiding some facts.” *

          Check out the waste wells .earthquakes and just the shear number of deep, high pressure wells. Who in the world came up with this strategy?…oh yeah, Rockefeller, big oil.*

          ** The General.

          • I’m very concerned at what industry/government is doing to the planet and people.
            The amount of toxic ‘permanent’ pollution will haunt generations.

            After reading an article about Texas wells injecting 40,000 pounds of PFAS, I discovered this website…

            The national hydraulic fracturing chemical disclosure registry.


            “Find a well in your area” is very impressive when ya zoom in on some.

            • Homie.
              This fractious act is so damaging to life . The lifespan of this act is a product of a fractured mind. Psycho killer. Sometime in the future it will be uncovered, like a long buried, long forgotten land mine. Gets uncovered and blows up in the faces of the unsuspecting.
              This is what makes a cynic, a fractious cynic.

              fracetious meaning

              Seems you got a front row seat to the best cozmic event in years. Thanks for digging up this interesting enjoyable info.

              • Homie,
                in honor of the Great Scots ban on exposing the gullibly of Oklahomans southern neighbor, I’ll try to be a little more sensitive to the large disparity in hat sizes.
                fractious meaning
                The hole subject is facetiously depressing. Hope you are well.

              • Yea, I got such a big head… (Texicans always do as the braggin hot air inflates it up)…that I need a 55 gallon hat. And that’s a tight fit.

                Speaking of 55 gallon hats, drums and barrels.

                March 24, 2022 – Oklahoma oil/gas group photo with Mike Rowe
                The REAL Mike Rowe says:
                “Today I learned that a roughneck in Oklahoma can make $80K in his 1st year on the job working just 6 months. Some guys use the extra time to freelance in other trades. Plumbing, electric, HVAC, the need is there and the opportunities are endless. Thanks guys for your hospitality.”

            • I did not find any PFAS listed in the fracking chemicals listed on that site. Perhaps Texas is not disclosing this information to this particular web site?

              This is a good site to reference while searching for a new state to call home.

              • I searched a couple dozen of disclosure lists and saw a few proprietary ingredients identified only as mixture and surfactant. Maybe the PFAS are hidden in these proprietary ingredients or I simply didn’t view ones that openly list any fluoride-containing ingredients.

              • March 27, 2023 Texas Tribune
                A new report from a public health watchdog found that more than 40,000 pounds of PFAS has been injected into more than 1,000 wells across Texas — and warned that the chemicals could pose a risk to public health
                …The group criticized state regulations that allow energy companies to withhold information on the use of chemicals they deem to be proprietary…
                …PFAS are used to reduce friction for drill bits as they move through the ground, said Barb Gottlieb, an author on the study…

                …The studies analyzed publicly available data from FracFocus, a national registry that tracks the chemicals used in fracking.

                The database is managed by the Ground Water Protection Council, a nonprofit made up of state regulatory agencies. The data that PSR was able to analyze might not reveal the full extent of PFAS contamination in Texas, the authors said.

                FracFocus is composed of industry-reported data, and there are major exemptions in state and federal law that allow companies to withhold certain information by labeling it a trade secret.

                The study found that 6.1 billion pounds of chemicals injected into Texas wells were listed as trade secrets, meaning that no one — public health researchers, local environmental regulators or landowners who might be drinking contaminated water — knows what they’re being exposed to….

            • @HRS

              Thanks for the heads up, the link and thank you for caring about our Mother Earth.

        • @GBW

          Thanks for the insightful and thought provoking comment.

          I had not considered the influence the alignment of those celestial bodies (the upcoming eclipse event) will have on biological organisms but of course it will (we are electrical/magnetic as well as biological and spiritual beings).

          I am reading a really interesting book right now that was talking about some scientists that were studying the growth rings of a Yew trees that are over a thousand years old and they found a correlation between when the three known occurrences of when stars in our Galaxy went Supernova (in the years: 1181, 1572, and 1604) that occurred during the trees lifetime coincided with an extreme slowing (or even total halt) to growth in the trees for up to 15 years. It seems that the trees perceived the supernova events and reacted (perhaps physiologically via electromagnetic fluctuations, or maybe they were “mourning” the death of a being they have grown fond of perceiving and sensing in the night sky, who knows?).

          Anyways, there is another section of the book that pertains to a measurable connection between deforestation and a weakening of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

          I uploaded pics of a few pages here so you can scroll through from one side to the other to read more than the one page for more context if you like

          The author presents data that implies that sensors have picked up a direct correlation between clearcut old growth forests and a corresponding weakening of the Earth’s natural magnetic field directly above where the forests are destroyed. If this is true, it would seem that humanity is shooting itself in the toe (or perhaps the head?) big time as we destroy the forests for profit.

          Could it be that “we” (humans in general whether through purchases, complacency, or direct complicity/profiteering on deforestation) are setting in motion a large scale “karmic” pendulum of sorts (weakening the Earths natural EMF that protects us from cosmic radiation) that will come back and smoke us in the face if our human family keeps this up?

          • Gavin
            Just a thought, thanks for the book pictures. I will read today.
            The measuring and sifting through the noise the electrojet makes seems to me, and I’ve been wrong on more then one occasion, to be a perfect reason that many experiments will be conducted during these rare events. Worry, no; but think yes. The past performances make me bet that the egghead’s looking are looking for something. Good things for humanity? Or just another weapon to use against humanity. With the hubris of a David Kieth, to reach a goal and thousands are killed then ask is the moral price worth it? They don’t have any morals. So sacrifices will be made for a ROI. You can bet on it.

          • Gavin,
            Nice book, I’ve seen a few papers/ books that support this.
            You said it clearly above but I’m afraid the less spirited people aren’t going to get it
            Quote ” humans… Are setting in motion a large scale” karmic” pendulum of sort…”
            Weather their earth,sun, galaxy controlling efforts
            become capable or even a remote possibility, karma may occur just because they tried.
            I might add it’s all frequency, and the pendulum swings both ways. They have pushed it to a limit

            • @GBW

              I am glad you enjoyed those pages from the book. If you go back to that link and refresh I have added pages from another chapter incase you would like to read a bit more.

              Great questions in your first comment.

              Yes the pendulum seems like it will come back at mach 5 sometime in our lifetime based on how much energy some humans have put into swinging it so far in one direction.. time will tell…

              BTW, I wanted to tell you that I was building a Hügelkultur raised bed the other day and threw out my back and I used some of that DIY topical medicine you sent me and it really helped! Thanks again for sharing your potent medicinal creations with me my friend! 🙂

              I have a few self sown seedlings of my “Purple Ponderosa” strain already waking up outside (getting frozen solid at night but still waking up the next day and continuing to grow). This year they plants have taken minus 6 Celsius multiple times and survived, so they appear to be getting tougher with each successive self-sown generation.

              I`ll upload some pics and share a link when I have time.

              • Gavin
                Sorry to hear the back aches,glade you have the back survival rub. It has played a huge roll in mending mine. So glade it helps.

                Can you e-mail me directly. This is not the form for any of that kind of horticulture. Must be considerate of the Japanese sensibilities for the hosts integrity. I seem to have lost your email /g-mail at home. I seem able to erase as fast as I can type. Frustrating fumbling smart phone.
                No more personals here please. Thanks Gavin.

            • @GBW

              Hey brother

              Sure no problem i`ll communicate via email regarding plant species that are frowned upon by various statist systems if you prefer.

              I apologize for any inconvenience my comments may have caused and I give JC permission to delete the comment posted with the time stamp “03/28/2024 at 4:51 am” if that is what you (or he) would prefer.

              • Gavin
                You are too polite, don’t bother with all that. We are in a open source news site but it’s Japan.
                The state has a ridged backbone on something’s. Maybe the editor has something to say about the traffic too, I can’t speak for him. We won’t have any news worthy things to talk about till fall. That’s when we’ll compare notes on, the genetics and bloodlines ,the chemical targets. You do all kinds a good things and your seeds are spread all over the hemisphere..thanks for calling me back. GBW

            • @GBW

              Sounds good RE: comparing notes this fall.

              “your seeds are spread all over the hemisphere”

              You betcha! Southern Hemisphere too! I just clocked in 40 countries that I have now sent heirloom seeds and/or copies of my book to, I think i`m gonna start a world map with little pins in it soon 🙂

              My heirloom seeds have even now penetrated the Iron Curtain of Russia ! (thanks to the illicit vegetable seed smuggling efforts of one Edward Slavsquat).

              I am excited to see if he posts any of his fun village posts showing some crops grown from seeds I sent him this summer.

    • This winter I have been working on making a telescope with our local astronomy group at Stellafane. The eclipse is a big deal to these people. Many are traveling all the way from New England to Texas to watch the eclipse there, although the path will go through a few hours’ drive north of here too. I asked why. There is less likelihood of cloud cover in Texas than in New England in spring. No one that I know of is worried about the eclipse for any astronomical reasons, so if there is a hazard, it is of government origin.

      A group in Texas is having a big event the Saturday before:

      Possibly a scare tactic. Use anything possible to instill fear. Or maybe there are rumors. I hadn’t heard any warnings or suggestions of anything until reading your post.

      • Lilac dragonfly, I miss handled your handle once , calling you butterfly, ISS.
        You may be right.
        I found this interesting in the pamphlet they produced.

        ” “”Bring your whole family, and join us for this memorable day learning about the marvels of our solar system and the Lord Jesus who intricately engineered it all! ” “”

        Maybe my bible missed the real creator, the engineer of it all. Lord Jesus or Lord God? in Genesis ? Are these words a play on words or am I confused? Now I’m suspicious. I must refer to Bacon English to get what they are selling.

        Now on to Purim. That’s much like the celebration after an event like Tulsa Race Riot. Where somewhere in the imagination one builds a fantasy to block the horrors of the current reality
        The brutality of the state followed up by a stimulus check to go shopping. What in the world could take our minds away from what happened in Gaza. Body count takes on meaning? What?…not today! Strange times indeed. The abuses paid forward

        • I think the reason the organization words it the way they do is because of Colossians 1:16 “Because in Him (Messiah Yeshua) were created all that are in the heavens and that are on earth, visible and invisible…” If Yeshua is God, as He claimed, then both are true. God created and Messiah/Yeshua created. (I stick to these more accurate translations of the words.)

          As far as Gaza, here is a video by an Israeli titled, “Israelis must listen to the Palestinians!”

          • lilac dragonfly,
            The dilemma of King James and Francis Bacon. That should be a QFC/ documentary. I stepped out of all the opportunities to study Philosophy and the confusion of splitting the singularity into smaller parts. I see these two past figures who played a major role in Protestant religion as I would Sir Alfred Milner and Cecil Rhodes. Maybe the creators of Zionism.?A mystery and power of the earthly gods.I Cannot formulate it in any language. So…
            The Purim and the Muslim. Yes, the fear and the Holocaust by a murderous religion. How did it get to the judicial point of measuring body count as the qualifying factor of reparations? This to me is the God of creation, proof of the justice scale in action. A force to cause Payment for past indiscretions too Gods law by Gods chosen people, or his intended will. It’s a chore to do the right thing. The divine comedy of trying to fool God with lies and deceit. We have Two immovable liers with hatred and deceit in their hearts. They deserve each other. So should we, Americans wash our hands? The comedy script says we should for Pilot did and we will be made to dirty our hands again in a further escalating oxymoronic move to undue Gods plan… philosophy …. history… religion…ugh.

    • Friday March 22 – Authored by Caden Pearson at The Epoch Times via ZeroHedge
      FAA Issues Warning For Air Travel Disruptions During Total Solar Eclipse On April 8

      The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a warning on Thursday about potential disruptions in air travel surrounding the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8.

      The celestial event, set to cast a path of totality across 13 states, is anticipated to impact air travel operations before, during, and after the eclipse, according to the aviation agency.

      The FAA indicated that the eclipse’s effects on U.S. airspace are anticipated between approximately 2:30 p.m. and 3:40 p.m. ET. At this time, some 32 million people in North America are expected to witness the rare event, which is anticipated to be the most-watched solar eclipse in history.

      A total solar eclipse occurs when the new moon passes directly in front of the sun, completely blocking out sunlight and casting the moon’s shadow on the surface of Earth. The most recent total solar eclipse to happen on American soil was the Great American Eclipse in 2017.

      A notice issued by the FAA to airmen emphasized potential impacts on air traffic and airports along the eclipse path from April 7 to April 10. Pilots and aviation personnel are advised to stay informed and prepared for possible disruptions.

      In a statement, the FAA suggested that aircraft should ready themselves for potential airborne holding, reroutes, and departure clearance times that might be issued for all domestic IFR arrivals and departures during the eclipse.

      Departing aircraft from airports along the eclipse path are “strongly encouraged” to coordinate their departure times as early as possible to assist fixed base operators with staging aircraft and alleviating ramp congestion.

      “There may be a higher traffic volume than normal anticipated at airports along the path of the eclipse. Traffic should anticipate delays during peak traffic periods,” the FAA stated.

      The agency cautioned that parking may be limited, particularly at small, uncontrolled airports. Delays with issuing IFR departure clearances might also happen.

      “VFR departures may also expect delays for airborne pickup of IFR clearance within 50 NM either side of the path of the eclipse,” the FAA stated.

      The eclipse will also impact or possibly prohibit aircraft from conducting practice approaches, touch-and-go operations, flight following services, and pilot training at airports during the event.

      “Airmen should check NOTAMs carefully for special procedures/restrictions that may be in place at affected airports. Specific NOTAM procedures may be revised, and arrivals to some airports possibly restricted so please review NOTAMs frequently to verify you have the current information,” the agency advised…

      …Totality will last for longer than four minutes in some parts of the US.

      • Unless air-traffic controllers, pilots, and other airline staff get stuck in traffic gridlock, I cannot imagine why the flights should become delayed. They did mention higher than normal volume. More than Christmas or Thanksgiving? Unless they expect some false flag event or earthquakes, like you mentioned. Will planes forget to turn on their lights during the few minutes of darkness and crash into each other, on the tarmac or in flight? (rhetorical question) Wonder if satellites will be affected.

        • Personally, I think that because of the hype on this eclipse (which has been in the Press repeatedly for months), that the FAA wants to be proactive and just issue a statement…so in the event that some weird things occur, then they covered their butts.

          Like you mentioned, schools are closing in some areas.
          People are making travel plans.
          It seems to be a big deal for a lot of people.

          A lot of hype.
          News outlets want to gain eyeballs, and so we see a lot of attention put on this…kind of like a crowd builds when people see other people flocking towards an area ‘because of a fist-fight’ or something. Reminds me of $1,000 Nike shoes and their marketing.

          February 23, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Jesse Oberoi
          1 MILLION Eclipse Safety Glasses Being Donated

          Ahead of the Great North American Eclipse on April 8, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science plans to donate one million safety glasses to nearly 575 schools throughout North Texas.

          According to the Perot Museum website, Dallas is the largest City sitting in the path of totality. To ensure that as many students as possible in the region can enjoy the rare eclipse, the museum has partnered with the Carnegie Institution for Science to provide safety glasses, allowing its users to look upward while protecting their vision.

          “These glasses are particularly made for the eclipse. You should never use just regular sunglasses… They have the right amount of filter to ensure that the UV light that’s coming from the sun doesn’t damage your eyes,” Dr. Linda Silver, Eugene McDermott CEO for the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, told Fox 4 KDFW….

          Where I live, I think there will be about 4 minutes of completely ‘covered’ sun around 1:41 pm central time.
          I’ll probably take a gander (a quick look) now and then.
          But I won’t cry if I miss it.

          Some years ago, I remember a partial eclipse. I looked up at the sun briefly off-and-on without protective lenses, but couldn’t tell much. I did notice…and the memory stuck…that the small front lawn seemed very shadowed. Kind of surreal, it had a lack of visual acuity – different than dusk or predawn.

          FOMO – Fear of Missing Out
          This is a term used in stock trading. The crowd piles in on buying over-expensive instruments as they see it climb, which makes it climb further. But nothing goes up forever, and the current hype will fade.

    • Anybody else sense a false flag event(s)?

      • jo-ann,
        I’ll bite! ; of course it may just be an experiment that runs away from the mad- men.
        What really makes its way into the wasted time of worrying about something, is the unknown names behind the experiments or the “going live with it ” chain of command. These people have names
        and agendas unknown. There is a qualified immunity for agencies, but who is making the decisions that take the lives, deny the liberties, profit from the carnage of a new weapon or apparatus or new procedure for new abstract agenda outcomes?
        It’s what Jim Lee won’t touch is ” who is spraying, and who is paying?” No one in Washington acts to stop it. Half the state legislators are payed to lobby for the unwarranted military contracts in their jurisdictions. So, if the skies are full of planes spraying the day of or the week of, duck, cover and take pictures.
        I’m guessing the HAARP scientists are going to be busy. Pilots are warned of radio,HAARP, or radar weapons testing in commercial airways.The Minds that want control over the earth, the sun and the galaxy are probably, excuse me here, creaming in their pants to try out something big for their new weapon of mass destruction.

        • jo- Ann

          Here is a curious thing to try, it is not too hard and if you think about it, it has some connections to the coming eclipse and the tests that might transpire from the moon interfering with the electrojet of the sun.

          How to determine if you have a Mac address from the jab or the shedding of a jabbed person.
          Dr. Len Ber explains how.

          As you will have to go into a remote area to avoid any electro smog or rouge signals that may give you a false test.
          The same holds true of the coming planet alignments. An artificial space will be created, this event is not repeatable, to block the electrojet interference. Try to imagine the tests of bio surveillance, ease dropping or …? Sun as a force multiplier or as a interfering force. It’s endless .

          • I will not be in the 100-mile width of the eclipse shadow, but thanks for the ideas. I will be watching for reports of any scientific results related to the event.

    • @jo-ann

      Thanks for posing this question to the community.

    • Wednesday March 27, 2024 KDFW FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth – North Texas
      2024 Eclipse: Kaufman County issues disaster declaration
      (3:11 minutes)
      With hundreds of thousands of people expected to visit for the April 8 total solar eclipse, Kaufman County has issued a disaster declaration.

      Kaufman County (population 160,000) lies southeast of Dallas. Actor Jamie Foxx is from Terrell in Kaufman County where he played High School football. Terrell will offer a large amount of total eclipse viewing time. Hotels are booked up.
      GLITCH – It could be overcast on April 8th. Weather models show a chance.

      I am amazed…at the hype…
      Even with people I run into, friends or relatives…this is one of the most talked about things I’ve seen in awhile.
      The media has been running stories about the eclipse for months.

      Public “attention and interest units” are off the scale. Kind of like the Meme Stocks (e.g. GameStop) or Game of Thrones, but much more so.

      • Thanks for the post. Yea, the interest is probably the result of the media hype – after all, that is their job. The comments under the video are funny,
        Only Texas can turn staring at the sun into a mass disaster.
        Pathetic. No wonder America is in decline.

        I don’t know, maybe the disaster declaration rules include pre-disaster situations.

        If they run out of gas, water, or waste removal services (trash and sewer), parking places, I can see a bit of chaos happening.

        Let’s hope humans can gather together peacefully for one day in observance of the wonders of the solar system.

        • QUESTION – FAA & April 8 & Chemtrails?

          Your posts and conversations spawned questions/ideas in my head.

          Remember this post?…
          FAA Issues Warning For Air Travel Disruptions During Total Solar Eclipse On April 8

          Also, remember the Chemtrails Jim Lee | The Highwire EPISODE 363: EYE IN THE SKY?

          Didn’t Jim Lee mention that the FAA and air-traffic controllers would route commercial aircraft depending upon atmospheric conditions or whatever?
          …and thus the polluting chemtrail like exhaust trails might change in areas.

          The Solar Eclipse will be along a channel across the nation with time stamps for best viewing. [See NASA MAP north of here.]

          Can you imagine the number of pissed-off Eclipse Watchers if a checker-board chemtrail pattern appeared prior to showtime?

          Does anybody have any thoughts on this?
          Anyone have connections with the ‘High Command’ for chemtrail activity?

          • Might want to repost as an original post so others are more apt to see it.

            I can imagine a scenario where eclipse chasers clog up the highways as they search for a clearer view.

            I would expect the cloud-making trails to be minimal along the eclipse trajectory to keep general awareness of the program low.

            This event feels like a pagan holiday.

            Call me crazy, but should we trust those eclipse glasses without having them tested first? – unless we explicitly trust the manufacturer. Quality Control is not what it used to be and counterfeits are possible.

          • I guess I am not so crazy being concerned about the eclipse viewing glasses. I will make a new post with a link to the article that has resources linked – trusted vendors, manufacturers, etc.

            • You are right…
              Solar retinopathy – (Retinas do not have pain receptors and thus “damage” is not recognized until later.)

              We studied 15 patients who suffered solar retinopathy as a result of viewing the subtotal (98%) solar eclipse in East Sussex on 11th August 1999.

              …“Eclipse glasses are very important to prevent photothermal injury to the retina, and not just any old glasses — they have to be eclipse glasses with the ISO 12312-2 filter,” said Dr. Nicole Bajic, a comprehensive ophthalmologist at the Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute.
              The glasses are “thousands of times darker” than sunglasses, according to NASA…

              … The only safe moment to look at the eclipse with the naked eye is “when the moon completely obscures the sun’s bright face — during the brief and spectacular period known as totality,” according to NASA, which adds: “You’ll know it’s safe when you can no longer see any part of the sun through eclipse glasses or a solar viewer.”…

      • CHEMTRAILS – Jim Lee

        Thursday March 14, 2024 – The Highwire – Episode 363 – Eye On The Sky

        Del Bigtree interviews Jim Lee.
        QUEUED VIDEO 30:42 and the Jim Lee interview continues almost to end at 1:52:52—Eye-On-The-Sky:e?t=1842

        Climate Viewer News – Tracking the Climate Changers
        EXCERPT ”I am James Franklin Lee Jr. (Jim Lee) and I help people understand complex ideas by creating maps, timelines, articles, and lectures. I am going to talk about Pollution, Privacy and Propaganda every chance I get because they interest me, affect us, and I care about our Planet. ClimateViewer News is my blog and the central location for all of my research…
        I have devoted the last seven years of my life to understanding and reporting the truth about the lengthy history of weather modification.
        I represented people like myself at the EPA’s hearing on aviation pollution in August 2015, lectured at Ed Griffin’s conference Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie in December 2016….”

        Pollution Posts
        Metals Detected in Jet Exhaust
        “The detected metallic compounds were all internally mixed with the soot particles. The most abundant metals in the exhaust were Chromium (Cr), Iron (Fe), Molybdenum (Mo), Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca) and Aluminum (Al); Vanadium (V), Barium (Ba), Cobalt (Co), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Lead (Pb), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Silicon (Si), Titanium (Ti) and Zirconium (Zr) were also detected.”
        —- Abegglen, Manuel, et al. “Chemical characterization of freshly emitted particulate matter from aircraft exhaust using single particle mass spectrometry.” Atmospheric Environment 134 (2016): 181-197.

        Interactive TimeLine of Events/News

        ClimateViewer Maps is your source for personal education and geophysical monitoring with live imagery on a gorgeous 3D globe….

        TOP of this SUB-THREAD
        ECLIPSE SUB-THREAD April 8, 2024

      • Estimates of over one million visitors to Texas for Eclipse
        Traffic volume is predicted to be very high.

        A couple from Norway are interviewed. They plan to visit Texas for the Eclipse.
        [2 minute Dallas TV News Video]

  76. “All involved have been arrested and the security forces are doing everything to protect against further mass murder, the Russian President said in his address to the nation following the Crocus City Hall tragedy.
    He has also announced March 24 to be a day of mourning to remember for those who have lost loved ones.”

    This attack is deplorable. Its horrible, vile, inhuman, disgusting and heartbreaking. But what I find additionally discouraging is reading and hearing countless voices crying “terrorism, terrorism!”, as if when the state engages in equally heinous abuses its not as bad.

    The apparent fact that most of the world is incapable of seeing government as the inherently evil and corrupt concept that it is and has always been is, in my opinion, confirmation that mankind has no hope of improving it’s lot.

    I don’t think that anyone could think of a government that could be described as good at any time in history.
    Those who presume to rule others have been and continue to be the major cause of evil and human suffering.

    But I’m not pessimistic. For me the answer is obvious. I believe in a God that created everything that exists and that He is the only entity in existence that I owe my loyalty to. I also believe that the Bible plainly teaches that God doesn’t like it when other created beings attempt to usurp His supremacy. Yet that is what humanity continues to do with their belief in the legitimacy of governments and human rule.

    When the ancient Jews demanded a king so that they could be like their pagan neighbors, God warned them against it.
    God had disinherited those nations at the Tower of Babel incident and allotted them to fallible creatures that He ends up judging and condemning in Psalm 82 for leading their people away from Him instead of the opposite. Which was their job.
    They, those principalities, those rulers of darkness, that spiritual wickedness in high places ARE STILL ON THE JOB! Those are and have always been government.

    But there is a better day coming for those who put their faith in the only one worthy of it. The only true King of Righteousness. Trust Jesus Christ and forget about Putin or Trump or whoever.
    Jesus Christ is the savior of humanity and His is a government that you can believe in.

  77. Study Preprint Made in JAPAN
    Concerns regarding Transfusions of Blood Products Derived from Genetic Vaccine Recipients and Proposals for Specific Measures

    Saturday March 23 – Authored by Naveen Athrappully at The Epoch Times via ZeroHedge
    Japanese Preprint Calls For mRNA VaccinesTo Be Suspended Over Blood Bank Contamination Concerns

    Receiving blood transfusion from COVID-19-vaccinated individuals could pose a medical risk to unvaccinated recipients since numerous adverse events are being reported among vaccinated people worldwide, according to a recent study from Japan.

    The preprint review, published on March 15, examined whether receiving blood from COVID-19-vaccinated individuals is safe or poses a health risk. Many nations have reported that mRNA vaccine usage has resulted in “post-vaccination thrombosis and subsequent cardiovascular damage, as well as a wide variety of diseases involving all organs and systems, including the nervous system,” it said.

    Repeated vaccinations can make people more vulnerable to COVID-19, it said. If the blood contains spike proteins, it becomes necessary to remove these proteins prior to administration, and there is no such technology currently available, the authors wrote.

    Contrary to earlier expectations, genes and proteins from genetic vaccines have been found to persist in the blood of vaccine recipients for “prolonged periods of time.”

    In addition, “a variety of adverse events resulting from genetic vaccines are now being reported worldwide.” This includes a wide range of diseases related to blood and blood vessels.

    Some studies have reported that the spike protein in the mRNA vaccines is neurotoxic and capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, the review stated. “Thus, there is no longer any doubt that the spike protein used as an antigen in genetic vaccines is itself toxic.”

    Moreover, people who have taken multiple shots of mRNA vaccines can have several exposures to the same antigen within a small time frame, which may lead to them being “imprinted with a preferential immune response to that antigen.”
    This has resulted in COVID-19 vaccine recipients becoming “more susceptible to contracting COVID-19.”

    ….“In order to avoid these risks and prevent further expansion of blood contamination and complication of the situation, we strongly request that the vaccination campaign using genetic vaccines be suspended and that a harm–benefit assessment be carried out as early as possible.”

    …Since “there is no way to reliably remove the pathogenic protein or mRNA, we suggest that all such blood products be discarded until a definitive solution is found.”

  78. SOLUTION being built?

    Someone posted in the past few months that blockchain technology could be used to store or share documents in a decentralized fashion. I was not able to find the original post, unfortunately, so I am replying here with an example I saw today where blockchain has been proposed to reclaim the scientific peer-review process.

    Nepetalactone Newsletter Mare 23, 2024

    The author goes into great detail about the nightmare he had with the peer review process where the reviewers were stealing his data and stalling his approval while they published related papers. Towards the end of this lengthy article he tells of a possible solution being worked on:
    “There is an effort ongoing in the Bitcoin standardized El Salvador to boot up a Peer to Peer review system. We look forward to their success.”

    The above quote links to a X-post by Dr. Jack Kruse:

    He states:
    “In 2000, the healthy life expectancy of Americans ranked 38th in the world.

    “In 2019, we were 68th – behind China, Cuba and Jamaica

    “Yet, we spend $1.5 trillion more per year on our healthcare system than other wealthy countries.

    “Americans’ ROI is horrendous due to the PEER review process and how big Pharma controls the Journals and the editors.

    “Big Pharma funds most clinical trials and, therefore, controls the research agenda, withholds the actual data from those trials as corporate secrets, and shapes most of the information relied upon by health care professionals.

    “In El Salvador, @ZorpZK and I will seek to end that power by decentralizing the Oracle problem that sits in the process.”

    The link @ZorpZK states: Zorp is the Nock company. We build Nockchain, a Layer 1 proof of work blockchain built using zero-knowledge proofs. You name it, we prove it.

  79. This video is from August, 2023, but I just received the link today and just finished watching it. I think it will be of great interest to CR folks. Two medical doctors discussing how to practice medicine outside the system of maritime law, as well as some other health information and tips. Lee Merritt and Carrie Madej.

    About 30 minutes long on 1.0 speed. Less if you speed it up. 🙂

    • @the lilac dragonfly

      Hey I am glad to find you on here! I was reading an intense sci-fi book recently and thought of you and your comments chastising me for using expletives on my substack blog (which I see you have now edited to further express your discontent)

      ( for anyone curious: )

      The story I am reading depicts a future where “vulgarity”, “profanity” and “obscenities” and “moral correctness” is enforced by drones guided by AI algorithms (operating as part of the “MOBM” or “Ministry Of Behavior Modification”).

      In the story there are EYES everywhere (that is some kind of acronym for a high res multisensory surveillance device that is in every room, on every street, in every vehicle and hovering around everywhere on drones) recording every speech pattern, every facial gesture, every posture and hormonal output.

      These EYES are programmed to detect forbidden speech patterns and behaviors (such as swear words/expletives and forbidden religious words, or unapproved flirtation) and if one breaks the rules, these drones hone in on the person (using facial recognition and other biometric ID variables) and ding them on their social credit score (called an “etch score” in the book, short for echelon ranking) which decides what kind of quality of food, comforts, gadgets and luxuries and freedom one will be allowed to have.

      I was wondering if you would endorse a system like that if the AI was programmed to follow the Bible’s interpretation of what is right and wrong, and your interpretation of what words people should be allowed to use and not allowed to use?

  80. “Listen we’re gonna get out of the big cities and try to create a life that is closer to the good Earth…

    …For me at a certain point it (city life) just got exhausting, its like you are just chasing these fleeting pleasures, and your paying a lot of money for it. And on a certain level it is very superficial and I would say that about any city (not specific to Moscow). You know look, I think we live in this age where we have the ability to connect with so many people and obviously it is a great blessing, and we are very lucky to live in such a time. But at the same time, I think people need to be cautious, of this idea that you have like 800 friends on facebook.

    You have three friends. You have like three real friends, you don’t actually have like 800 friends. And so village life is much more real in that sense. You realize, “ya i`ve got like two or three friends” but that’s normal! I don’t think there is anything weird about that or unusual. I think that is just being honest about what life is like.

    I definitely would not recommend this life your all alone, and you don’t wanna interact with anybody (not connecting with a community) I mean that sounds horrible and depressing. But if your able to make connections with your neighbors your in a good spot. And your heading towards something genuine (with real human connection).

    You`ll never find a place that is perfect in everyway but for me it ticks off many of the check boxes. I feel like everyday has meaning.. .. I just wanna feel like I have earned my calories for the day, and the village is a good way to do it and its a very peaceful life, you get to have these human connections that I think are very difficult to have in the cities. I feel like everyday I am sort of upgrading, I am learning new skills, I am learning just how to live… and I think that is an art that maybe we`ve lost due to convenience, or technology or who knows what, but it is a sacred and beautiful art, just learning how to live.”

    – Riley Waggaman, (aka Edward Slavsquat)

    Quote source:

  81. I am hoping to hear what Corbett Report community members think of this article I just read in our local newspaper

    The article is titled “𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐝𝐚 𝐢𝐬 𝐔𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐇𝐀𝐁𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐅𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐥 𝐅𝐮𝐞𝐥𝐬”

    (you can read it here: )

    What do you think? Agree? Disagree? If so, why? If not, why not?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    • I actually wrote a paper and held a presentation, in front of a half full auditorium consisting of mostly sleepy and easily distracted students, on the Kyoto protocol some 20ish years ago. What a time to be alive. And stupid.

      BTW, Jean Chretien’s surname sounds eerily similar to “cretin” doesn’t it? In my mother tongue cretin is spelled “kreten” (which would we pronounced like Craig without g and number 10) which sounds 90% similar to how one would pronounce that surname. Kind of synchromystic.

      In regards to the article, I take umbrage at the “fossil” fuel moniker, but other than it does make sense. Of course, nobody would be surprised if Canada would become uninhabitable, they would naturally make the connection to climate change. After all, everybody knows that before and up to start of global war… cool… climate change Canada was amid a thousand year long spring.

      • @mkey

        Interesting! I was still drinking the conventional climate model Kool-Aid as recently as 7 years ago so I understand the retrospective exasperation regarding this subject matter.

        Kreten haha nice! 🙂

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding the article.

        I suppose for me, the title and article as a whole just reeked of the same kind of condescending, industrial infrastructure idolizing/dependent and brainwashed perspectives regarding “Civilization” that Lyla June was discussing in this video clip:

        After all, if we take a step back from the era of modernity, technological coddling, disconnection from the forest/natural world and infantilizing synthetic comforts we can see that “Canada” has been inhabited for at least 9000 years, probably much longer.

        The fact that the article made zero mention of habitation, aside from the modern industrialized concrete jungle and endless cookie cutter centralized infrastructure defendant urban suburban sprawl variety, speaks volumes about the perspectives of the editors that approved the article and of course the author with regards to the pre-colonial inhabitants of this land.

        It seems to me that the author and who ever rubber stamped that article has totally dismissed a rich spectrum of ancient cultures that inhabited (and continue to inhabit) this land (from where I live on the 42nd parallel all the way up into the arctic circle) for millennia.

        Aside from that attitude which I describe above being seemingly built into the article linked above, I have seen a range of other hypocritical, (non-fossil fuel related) deforestation/ecosystem destroying industry cheerleading and statism idolizing articles in Druthers that has turned me off to their publication so I unsubscribed. I`ll check in from time to time online to see if they get better but for now I can’t keep giving them money while they are cheering for lithium mines in the boreal, clearcutting ancient forests and military expansion.

        I wrote the paper’s staff to express my observations about how them pointing out how corrupt and duplicitous our federal government is in one breath, and then cheering for more tax payer money being spent in expanding military (Canadian Armed Forces) operations in another breath is hypocritical and how their writing about how we should be “attracting international investors” to bolster our lithium and cobalt mining / processing industries because it is “good for the economy” is self-destructive, antithetical to life and a choice that constitutes choosing comfort and materialism over leaving a future worth living in for our great grandchildren (that will inherit this land).

        I do not expect an answer but who knows.

        End of rant.

  82. Part 1 of 2 – Mike Rowe
    Mike Rowe – A self-carved celebrity & non-elitist, freelancing philanthropist

    No doubt, Mike Rowe has a composite of qualities which appeal to a large audience. He has trained and marketed himself well. What’s more is that he is trying to change the official narrative about “WORK”, which hopefully, most of us know something about. He founded the ‘Mike Rowe Works Foundation’.

    Mike Rowe – Wikipedia –
    … he read to students at the Maryland School for the Blind during his service project for Eagle Scout. He cites this as one of the reasons that he became interested in narrating and writing… graduated from High School in 1980  where he excelled in theater and singing…1985…a degree in communication studies
    About Mike Rowe
    …Prior to Dirty Jobs, Mike freelanced in the entertainment business for nearly 20 years. His career began when he crashed an audition for the Baltimore Opera Company, where he wound up singing for seven seasons and then, very nearly ended when he was fired from the QVC Cable Shopping Channel, for reasons he now admits were “entirely justifiable.”
    He lives today in Northern California, which he hopes you won’t hold against him.


    Mike Rowe Works Foundation
    America is profoundly disconnected.
    We’re working to change that.
    We’re attacking the problem.
    America has declared war on work, and the casualties are all around us.
    [Read More]
    We’re kicking butt and taking numbers.
    Because America’s been sold a load of crap, we’re not buying into it.

    For the tenth year in a row, we’re launching the next Work Ethic Scholarship Program and giving away another $1,000,000 in scholarships this year. We’re looking for hardworking men and women who will keep the lights on, water running, and air flowing–people who will show up early, stay late, and bust their asses to get the job done. It’s not for everyone, but we know hard workers are out there.

    [Apply Now]

  83. Part 2 of 2 – Mike Rowe

    The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge
    IMAGE –
    The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge stands for “Skills and Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo.”
    It’s a collection of beliefs that outlines the importance of work ethic, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, and a positive attitude that we believe every worker can benefit from embracing it.
    Full disclosure—it’s not for everyone, and that’s okay with us.
    But anyone who applies for the Work Ethic Scholarship Program must agree with and sign it.

    Evidently, Mike Rowe is not well-skilled in social media platforms. And this is an example of Mike Rowe gaining some Foundation money…
    …As many of you will recall, the last time a presidential candidate reached out to me personally, I wound up with an autographed bathrobe from Donald Trump, which I auctioned off as a fundraiser for mikeroweWORKS. Some people are still pissed off about that, but…what can you do? We raised thousands of dollars from that robe, which paid for half-a-dozen work ethic scholarships….
    …which LINKS to this…
    Dear Mike – You likened your fundraising efforts in a previous post to a “perpetual telethon.” Might one conclude from that characterization the advent of some entertainment on this page? Speaking only for myself, I might be more inclined to bid on Donald Trump’s autographed bathrobe if you were to sing me a song. No guarantees – $11,000 for a bathrobe worn by a guy I’m not even voting for is pretty rich. But your cause is just, and I’m in the mood for a melody.
    Donna Dixon
    PS. I’d like to see Freddy as well. His absence on Friday’s has left a crater in my soul.
    PPS. Also, I’d like to see you wearing the robe as you sing, and not over your street clothes. If I wind up owning the damn thing, I’d like to know that you were the last one to wear it, however briefly.

    [WATCH the 2 minute video where Mike Rowe sings with his dog while wearing the robe.]

  84. Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) Updated 4K version 1:19:53

    Excerpts of description:
    “Subtitles in: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Danish. More to follow.

    “This film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It shows that mainstream studies and official data do not support the claim that we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather events – hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires and all the rest. It emphatically counters the claim that current temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 are unusually and worryingly high. On the contrary, compared to the last half billion years of earth’s history, both current temperatures and CO2 levels are extremely and unusually low. We are currently in an ice age. It also shows that there is no evidence that changing levels of CO2 (it has changed many times) has ever ‘driven’ climate change in the past.

    “The film explores the nature of the consensus behind climate change. It describes the origins of the climate funding bandwagon, and the rise of the trillion-dollar climate industry. It describes the hundreds of thousands of jobs that depend on the climate crisis. It explains the enormous pressure on scientists and others not to question the climate alarm: the withdrawal of funds, rejection by science journals, social ostracism.

    “But the climate alarm is much more than a funding and jobs bandwagon. The film explores the politics of climate. From the beginning, the climate scare was political. The culprit was free-market industrial capitalism. The solution was higher taxes and more regulation. From the start, the climate alarm appealed to, and has been adopted and promoted by, those groups who favour bigger government.

    “The film includes interviews with a number of very prominent scientists, including Professor Steven Koonin (author of ‘Unsettled’, a former provost and vice-president of Caltech), Professor Dick Lindzen (formerly professor of meteorology at Harvard and MIT), Professor Will Happer (professor of physics at Princeton), Dr John Clauser (winner of the Nobel prize in Physics in 2022), Professor Nir Shaviv (Racah Institute of Physics), professor Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph), Willie Soon and several others.

    “The film was written and directed by the British filmmaker Martin Durkin and is the sequel of his excellent 2007 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle. Tom Nelson, a podcaster who has been deeply examining climate debate issues for the better part of two decades, was the producer of the film.

    “#ClimateTheMovie will be available for free at many online locations starting on March 21 2024. Subtitles for numerous languages are currently being created by the Clintel Foundation. Follow @ClimateTheMovie and @ClintelOrg for updates.”

  85. Just forwarding this heads up to ya`ll as it appears there is some weird noise regarding military operations and disruptions in various tech services expected for the total solar eclipse coming up soon.

    Maybe just clickbait fear-porn and/or over exaggerated reports, maybe something else? Not sure.


    “Why Is The National Guard Being Deployed During The Great American Eclipse On April 8th?”

    “The National Guard is only supposed to be deployed in emergency situations. But these days the National Guard is being used for all sorts of things. For example, hundreds of National Guard soldiers are being used to check the bags of those riding the subway system in New York City. That sets a very alarming precedent, and I don’t understand why more people aren’t upset about this. And now we have learned that National Guard troops will be deployed during the Great American Eclipse on April 8th. What in the world do they expect to happen during this eclipse?

    I can understand that they feel the need to be prepared.

    But bringing in the National Guard is overkill, don’t you think?

    Residents of Oklahoma are being urged to “stock up on gas and groceries” prior to the eclipse, and they are also being instructed to have “multiple forms of communication besides cellular”…

    To prepare for the eclipse, the state laid out some tips to plan ahead.

    Oklahomans should schedule errands and appointments a few days in advance before the eclipse as well as stock up on gas and groceries. The state also recommends having multiple forms of communication besides cellular, being careful on the road and staying updated on weather conditions.


    They want people to do all this for an eclipse that is only going to last for a few minutes?

    Actually, Oklahoma is not the only state that is issuing such warnings. According to a Newsweek article entitled “Map Shows Warnings for People to Stock Up on Food Ahead of Solar Eclipse”, at least four states have now warned their citizens to stock up on food…

    At least four states within the path of totality have urged residents to stock up on groceries before the eclipse. Some officials have already issued disaster declarations ahead of the event, and some schools have decided to close, citing student safety.

    Texas officials have issued a slew of warnings, including that people living within the path of totality should stock up on groceries and gas and run any errands—such as filling prescriptions—in the days before the eclipse. One official also urged pet owners to stock up on supplies for their animals.

    I realize that the areas that are in the direct path of the total eclipse are anticipating large numbers of visitors, but it feels like authorities are really going overboard.”

    • Just to let you know there has been earlier commenting on this topic that might answer your questions.

      • @jo-ann

        Oh thanks for the heads up, I have not been reading the threads that much. Been too busy starting seeds, checkin on my forest foraging spots for signs of life and taking hard wood cuttings from fruit trees.

        Since you posed the original question, have you gathered any new intel or gained any insights you could share here as well?

        I wonder if the P.I.E.G.s ™ would use something that as an excuse/cover for doing a cyber false flag/EMP grid attack to try and roll out the next stage in their totalitarian tip toe to the Digital ID / technocratic gulag system ?

  86. 2024 is the Last Year of Free Speech and Democracy in the Western World
    by Paul Craig Roberts via Covert Geopolitics on Feb. 22, 2024

    “Everyone needs to understand that the ruling elite in the US are implementing a decision to redefine democracy in a way that eliminates democracy, makes Congress superfluous, voting pointless, and discards the Constitution as an outdated document inconsistent with the power the ruling elite intend to wield over Americans and the rest of the world.”

    P.S. Nice graphic below the article of depicts the history from the Canaanites to the U.S. Novus Ordo Sseclorum.

  87. Trix are NOT for kids…or anyone – See IMAGE of “Loaded” Trix.

    March 18, 2024 – by Zen Honeycutt
    General Mills “Loaded” Cereal is Loaded with Dangerous Levels of Toxins

    …Heavy metals are widely acknowledged by physicians and regulatory agencies to induce neurotoxicity (potentially causing damage) developmental delays, inability to function, and cancer. Many exposed to heavy metals experience permanent life long damage and lose their ability to live independently.

    In America, 1 out of 6 children have learning disabilities.
    This was not the case a generation or two ago.
    Currently, Moms Across America supporters are reporting extremely concerning levels of autism and developmental delays.
    “In my preschool class of 13 children, 12 are on the autism spectrum,” shared one concerned teacher. She described how, after eating highly processed foods, she saw notable differences in the children’s behavior, turning erratic, emotionally uncontrollable, and aggressive.
    Teaching children to learn has become an insurmountable task for most teachers.

    Moms Across America is committed to get to the source of the altered behavior and inability to learn, to protect our community’s children and support a prosperous future for our country and world superpower.
    Food containing neurotoxins and carcinogens are counterproductive to supporting a prosperous future….

  88. In response to the February 27th #SolutionsWatch episode ‘How to Stop the WHO’, this is a call to any musicians in the Corbett Report audience who reject the ‘Pandemic Treaty’ and amendments to the IHR, and who fancy collaborating in the creation of an anthem to the cause, to engage and inform the currently unaware. Obviously the time frame we would have for this is very short.

    I’m an amateur musician and have penned and recorded a song provisionally titled The WHO’d Better Think!’, set to the tune of Aretha Franklyn’s classic ‘Think’ and its repeated ‘Freedom!’ chorus cry. I’ve done a rough recording, warts an’ all, and uploaded it here:

    I don’t have any recording equipment, so I simply recorded myself on my phone playing each instrument in turn and singing the vocal parts (though I am no vocalist!), and then put it all together roughly using some free mixing software. But I’d welcome suggestions for alternative songs. In any case, James Roguski informs me that one of the verses is now out of date according to the latest IHR amendments draft he’s managed to get hold of, so some rewriting would be necessary in any case.
    But first and foremost we would need someone au fait with musical collaboration software. Ideally the music would be accompanied a video, in order to elucidate and drive home the messages in the song.

    If anyone’s interested, I’ve set up a ‘The Corbetteers’ Telegram group for us to collaborate:

    Or you’re not on Telegram you can contact me by email:



    • Dave
      Very enjoyable! I recommend everyone take a listen.

  89. This just in: A Netflix viewer has reported that the Francis Scott Key Bridge is featured in some way in an apocalyptic film based on a novel that was on one of Obama’s summer reading lists. A quick search turned up this:

    Obama not only produced the film but provided advice and edits for the script, says the director.

    I have never owned a TV or watched a Netflix movie, don’t follow Hollywood or do reading assignments, so I can’t comment, but this looks like something that should be looked into.

    • I heard someone say the ship in the movie is the same or similar to the one on the Dali – a big cat (e.g., tiger) maybe?

    • I meant to say the FLAG on the ship was the same or similar.

  90. 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐧𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡

    The post linked above explores the abundance offered to the body, mind and spirit through the month of March as seen through my lens.

    March is a month where the first signs of spring time begin to arrive in the Carolinian Forests of southern Ontario.

    The buds begin to swell and open up, breathing in the precious celestial light into their cells to begin their sacred work of making the air we breath and feeding countless beings. The bloodroot flowers and ramps poke out from under the leaf litter and the early bloomers such as haskap (Lonicera caerulea) begin to open up their flowers.

    I like to walk through the forest in March and collect fallen seeds from native trees (which have now gone through their natural stratification process and are ready to wake up) so I can germinate them in pots and help them find homes in other regenerating forest patches and food forest designs.

    We still typically still have many frosty nights and a few snowfalls in the month of march (which can result in out onions, nettle, kale, heirloom cannabis, lemon balm and a few early bloomers getting covered in snow, but thankfully we grow hardy varieties that can take it the cold).

    And sometimes if the weather is gnarly outside and I get bored I play around with technology that allows me to defy the force of gravity (I share some videos and pics of that in the post linked above).

    March offers a reminder that nature has an incredible and irrepressible capacity for regeneration and renewal, offering us the invitation to align our lives with that regenerative capacity, becoming the stewards of the Earth and a keystone species sending out trophic cascades into the ecosystems that support us. Embarking on the path to align with and become an agent of regeneration and abundance begins through observing the wisdom inherent in a functioning ecosystem and then moving on to combining that knowledge we have gleaned from our elder species with a handful of seeds that has the potential to become an entire forest teaming with life and producing an abundance of food and medicine.

  91. FYI – More info on Dali cargo ship coming out in bits. (Other info about cyber attack claims by U.S. intel and power problems cause by refrigerated cargo is linked in above comments.)

    NTSB Releases Data on DALI’s Black Box, Reveals No CCTV Footage Found, Sensors Cut Off and Turned Backed On, Voice Recorder Disrupted By Background Noise

    Feb. 24: US Govt. Confirms China Compromised US Infrastructure via Cyber Attacks Including Transportation …March 24: Major US Bridge Collapses After Runaway Cargo Ship Takes Out Bridge Support

    • Update: It seems that the Key Bridge actually is not in the movie. The ship in the Obama film runs aground, after a cyber attack I think, and the name of that ship is White Lion. As you say, the ship that ran into the Key Bridge was headed for Sri Lanka, whose national flag, or perhaps national symbol, is a lion. Lions are on so many flags and coats of arms I’m not sure what connection we should make here.

      This review is detailed enough that I don’t feel obliged to watch the film:

      There is also supposed to be much numerology in the film. I’m not sure what to make of it or whether the parallels here are as strong as in other events preceded by predictive programming.

      • I meant to say, are the parallels here strong enough that we should think they are predictive?

        The numerology is connected across the Obama movie and the Key Bridge event, but like lions on flags, I’m not sure what to make of it.

      • I won’t watch the film either. (I should check to see if there was a solar eclipse in the film.)
        I doubt that a cyber attack caused by China is the cause – only because it is hard to believe professional liars. If the electrical system was having repeated problems during the 48 hours the ship was docked, why did they get permission to begin their journey, especially without an escort out of the bay during high tide. Too many coincidences, as usual.
        I expect there will be toxic chemical spills or fire forthcoming from the ship in the days or weeks ahead.

      • Mutig
        The was a interesting read. Hollywood at its finest.
        My favorite film of predictive programming was
        ” Schlachtof- funf” Slaughter House Five. Where we get the message that war is horrible, but must be revisited on a regular basis. Somewhere on the boobtube I saw a question to the audience about what was the famous line from the book? Not the movie? ” “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.” Since I never read the book, All I remember from the movie was ” remember the good and try to forget the bad”
        Maybe in the mind it gets reversed to ” remember the bad and forget the good”
        The elites must have one sick sense of humor.

  92. More environmental tragedy hits Texas:

    “…a massive swathe of solar panels in Damon, Texas were taken out by a hail storm

    “And not only were the expensive panels rendered useless by the weather, but now they’re leaking a toxic compound, cadmium telluride, into the water

    “So not only do Texans get intermittent energy instead of constant energy, not only do they waste thousands of acres of land with solar farms, but now the pointless panels are leaking into the groundwater”

    • @jo-ann

      Thanks for shining a light onto this.

      There are places in Asia where they have deforested entire mountain tops to build solar farms and then stuff like this happens, the technology is useless, the water is poisoned and they get mudslides as there are no more trees holding the soil in place.

    • Here is a pic of that a solar panel farm suffocating the mountain tops in China:

      According to one study, between now and 2050, solar and wind “development” threaten to destroy as much land as urban sprawl and expansion of oil and gas, coal, and mining combined. Solar “development” outranks GMO agricultural expansion and wind (tied for second place) as the single largest “development” threat considered in the study. Yet mainstream environmentalists continue to push solar, wind, and other bright green lies as solutions. This has become a movement that does not help the earth, but rather helps its destroyers.

      Lead and carcinogenic cadmium are just two of the persistent pollutants that rainwater can leach out of solar modules. It’s worth noting the scale of the problem: a proposed solar harvesting facility that would partly power Microsoft data centers would contain 100,000 pounds of cadmium alone.

      Also worth noting: These panels are made of glass and, as any four-year-old can tell you, glass breaks.

      Solar panels only work outside and hence can be damaged by the things that predictably happen outside: hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

      As noted by jo-ann above, this has already happened at industrial solar harvesting facilities around the globe. A tornado destroyed 200,000 panels in the Mojave Desert, hail damaged 18,000 panels in San Antonio, Texas, and Hurricane Maria took out a majority of the panels at Puerto Rico’s second-largest solar installation.

      In addition to being a waste of money and a potential source of water and soil contamination, some solar may be a waste of energy. One paper published in 2015 calculates that solar systems in northern Europe have a negative energy return on energy invested (ERoEI). The study found that energy used for production, transport, installation, maintenance, and financing of solar PV power facilities in Switzerland and Germany was greater than the total energy produced by these panels during their operational duration. The study concludes that “the ERoEI [for solar systems in regions of moderate insolation] is significantly below 1 … [indicating that] an electrical supply system based on today’s PV technologies cannot be termed an energy source, but rather a non-sustainable energy sink.”

    • Thanks ya’ll.
      Ron Paul lives not far from Damon.

      Hell, hail…it is that time of year.

      2021 KXAN
      Green energy report: Where does Texas rank in solar, wind and nuclear energy?
      Wind Energy
      Texas is #1
      Texas leads the nation in wind energy production, putting out over 30 gigawatts in wind power each year.

      Solar Energy
      Texas is #2
      California leads the pack (by a large margin) in solar energy production with Texas coming in second.

      Nuclear Energy
      Texas is #27
      The state has two nuclear power plants — South Texas Project and Comanche Peak Power Plant — both with twin reactors. These two facilities employ more than 2,200 people with an estimated worth of $140 million.
      [Back in the very early 1970’s when LBJ’s friends of Haliburton were constructing the Comanche Peak Power Plant, I worked there in one of the domes for about 2 weeks. My job was to push a broom on the upper floors of planks so that the construction dust would fall onto the lower floors of planks with those workers. Their broom pushers would do the same.
      My son’s 25 acres is not far from Comanche Peak. Dynamic country and history in that region.]

      [Around 2007 when at college for a research paper, I called a guy in charge of building wind farms in western Texas. At the time, it cost a million dollars per mile to build the power lines from the wind turbines. Traders are constantly trading grid electricity from/for different markets.]

      NatGas is the most used power source in Texas.

      I think that alcohol is one of best alternative and regenerative sources of fuel. There is virtually no pollution.

      • As part of my past work life, I’ve visited a chemical plant in Bishop, TX several times and whenever I drove along the cotton fields on my way to/from my hotel, all (hundreds?) of the windmills I saw were stationary. I asked about that once and was told it was either too windy or they didn’t need the power. I recall it was very HOT and the cotton balls were blowing all over the roadways.

        • Oh wow! Bishop is down by the King Ranch, not far from Corpus Christi and Padre Island. The wind can really blow down there.

          I didn’t know that they grew cotton down there.

          • Actually, the wind turbines and cotton were along my travels to Bishop. The Celanese/BASF plant itself is surrounded by fields of corn.

        • Great thing (one of many) about modern wind power plants is that they have diesel generators built in so that the blades keep turning regardless of the wind being present. Isn’t that a technological marvel.

          • I have seen some of those barely turning turbines in my years of travels, but the miles and miles of turbines I drove past in TX were motionless if I recall correctly. Maybe they were all taken out of service.

            I was told the wind turbines have something like 80 gallons of motor oil lubricant in each of them. Maybe they need to keep the blades moving somewhat to keep the lubricant distributed?

            • And also to give the impression the turbine is producing power. That’s a very nice side benefit.

          • The sound waves (heard and not heard) from those turbines …
            It would drive me nuts.

            I remember visiting a small farm in the country and they had their own small wind power generator.
            It killed the idea of quiet country living.
            It made some noise.

            It seems to me that the sound is different from windmills for pumping water to the trough.

            • I heard the turbines create sub-sonic waves – areas of low air pressure and high pressure. These pressure differences supposedly are what kills wildlife on land – explodes their lungs. Not sure how these turbines are killing sea creatures. This wind and solar “green energy” scam is murderous. Neither of these “solutions” has a very long lifespan, nor are they recyclable when they must be replaced. Makes me want to curse.

              • The deadly effect of these turbines on wildlife should not be taken lightly.

                But there is something far more serious happening not just in the countryside but in towns and cities all over the world.

                I posted this link recently, but many here probably didn’t see it (due to the constantly disappearing ‘recent comments’).

                The EMF’s, RF’s (4G-5G), that are showering all life (plants and animals) on this planet are slowly causing disease and killing us.

                I highly recommend watching this entire video:


                Due to a recent personal experience the gravity of the situation has shot to the forefront of my concerns.

      • Alcohol – that comment reminds me that there are companies turning food waste into biofuel. The scale might be small and local – probably near universities where they can get student researchers to work on things. Possibly something to put in a future “solutions” toolkit.

        • Alcohol – MOONSHINE – A freeman’s solution
          [cost per gallon can be very low]
          An anecdote which is currently being done on a large and also a small scale:
          During the distillation process of alcohol production CO2 is given off. This can be fed into a greenhouse to accelerate the growth of plants and to also kill off the bugs. (Note: Greenhouses sometimes will purchase a CO2 machine for this purpose.) The mash left over from the alcohol production can be fed to fish, which in turn can be sold commercially. The fish poop can be used to fertilize the greenhouse plants.

  93. For those interested in weather:

    Polar vortex is ‘spinning backwards’ above Arctic after major reversal event

    Or GPS malfunctions:

    More than 1,600 planes are hit by mysterious GPS jamming across Europe – with Russia feared to be responsible

  94. Some great quotes from a book a I am reading called “Spirit of Trees: Science, Symbiosis, and Inspiration” by Hageneder

    (warning! If you worship manmade buildings, symbols and dogmatic anthropocentric institutions, and/or if you like to look down on “tree huggers” and see yourself as “so much more civilized than all those Gaia Worshipping types” because you live in a city and pride yourself in never having dirtied your hands and “toiled” to grow your own food, as you see that work as being beneath you and for the peasants, these quotes may not resonate with you) 😉

  95. Helmsman’s view of the Dali incident:

    “I’ve had power-outages like this happen on a warship at sea with far more redundancy than this cargo ship has. Things like this can happen. Even with backup generators running, managing the electrical load on a ship like this is complex. It would have taken the engineers some time to figure out how to address an outage. As you can see from the video, the outages did not last long. They just happened at the worst possible time.

    “There is no conspiracy.

    “I would need to see some proof of sabotage before I believed this was planned. Killing the power also means killing the ability to steer. If the ship can’t be steered, there’s no way to intentionally aim it at the pier.”

    The comments beneath the author’s commentary are interesting as well.

  96. Info about the Dali electrical system problems prior to departure:

    Claim Workers Noticed Dali Electrical Issues Before Bridge Crash Redacted—and Affirmed
    Despite conflicting statements, who knew what when about ship’s power failures will be pivotal question in probing the Baltimore Harbor disaster.

    You might be able to read without having an account, though you might need to sign in with an email address (maybe try a temporary or disposable one).

  97. [See IMAGE of Drivers License]

    Thursday March 28, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Derek Fleming
    North Texas Man Changes Name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’ – Runs for President

    A North Texas man has legally changed his name to “Literally Anybody Else” and is now running for president of the United States after being disenfranchised by both primary candidates.

    Else, 35, formerly Dustin Ebey, changed his name to make a point. Else is a disabled Army veteran and a seventh-grade math teacher who resides in North Richland Hills [north side of Ft Worth], per The Dallas Morning News.

    “People are fed up,” Else explained, adding, “Government is supposed to be by the people, for the people, but that’s not what we have here. We have a billionaire and a career politician,” reported the DMN…

    …Else realizes he has practically no chance of winning, but he claims his campaign isn’t about winning but about making a statement.

    “For too long have Americans been a victim of its political parties putting party loyalty over governance,” his website states. “Together let’s send the message to Washington and say, ‘You will represent the people or be replaced.’
    America should not be stuck choosing between the‘King of Debt’ (his self-declaration) and an 81-year-old.”

    Else noted on his website that ‘Literally Anybody Else’ is more of a “rally cry” than a person…

    “As we started getting closer and closer to the election season, it became clearer and clearer that it was going to be the same, if not worse than the last two elections,” Else said to The Hill.
    “It’s just kind of… in that feeling of desperation, I was like, ‘Man, is there any way we can put literally anybody else on the ballot?’”

    Recent polls by The Pew Research Center show that a significant segment of the American population is dissatisfied with both primary candidates. The poll results found that over one-quarter (26%) of respondents held unfavorable views of both candidates, with just 2% of respondents saying they held favorable opinions of both candidates.

    Slightly more poll respondents, 37%, held favorable views of Trump than Biden, at 34%. The deviation was more stark among voters between the ages of 18 and 29. The poll found that 2 of every 5 respondents in that age group held unfavorable views of both candidates….

    • Funny story but sad that politicians seemingly must answer to the money (corporate & lobbyist interests) or they won’t get their bills passed or be re-elected. Thomas Massie stands alone on many issues. We no longer have a constitutional republic.

  98. U.S. Population Estimated at 335,893,238 on Jan. 1, 2024. –

    March 21, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Justin DeSales
    Record-High Number of Foreign-Born People in U.S.

    The Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey has indicated a record-high number of foreign-born people in the U.S., with a significant increase since President Joe Biden took office in 2021.

    According to the Center for Immigration Studies, this survey found that 49.5 million foreign-born people lived in the U.S. as of October 2023.
    This population includes people who crossed into the country both lawfully and unlawfully, and it is the highest recorded number in the U.S.’s history.

    Additionally, these 49.5 million people comprise 15% of the U.S. population, the highest proportion of the population recorded in the country’s history. The second highest percentage came in 1890, when 14.8% of the U.S. population was foreign-born, with the third highest percentage being 14.7% in 1910, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

    Since 1910, the percentage of foreign-born people in the U.S. continually declined until reaching a low of 4.7% in 1970. Following that year, the percentage began to increase for the next 50 years.

    The Congressional Budget Office states that the total U.S. population in 2021 was 332.5 million, with 44.7 million people being foreign-born.

    This increase since President Biden took office comes out to roughly 4.5 million people, with the Center for Immigration Studies estimating that roughly have crossed into the U.S. unlawfully.

    If this population were to be identified as a single state, the 4.5 million people who have entered the U.S. since President Biden took office would make it the 27th largest state in the country in 2023, sliding between Kentucky and Oregon for the highest populations, according to Stats America. As of 2023, Kentucky’s population was 4,526,154, while Oregon’s was 4,233,358…

    …While some may be concerned about the large number of people entering the U.S. since 2021, immigrants have shown to be some of the most important people to the country’s economy.
    The American Immigration Council found that in 2021, 13.6% of the country’s population was foreign-born, and immigrants accounted for “22.2 percent of entrepreneurs, 22.8 percent of STEM workers, and 15.2 percent of nurses.”….
    STEM = science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
    STEM includes computer workers, engineers, mathematicians and statisticians, life scientists, physical scientists, and social scientists.

  99. Short Corey’s Digs article:


    “I don’t know if people realize the internal programming happening within their brain that they themselves are allowing and in fact creating. The learning is important for awareness, but the repetitive thoughts and words are building one heck of a circuitry in your mind, and these control seekers are fully aware of that.”

    “I hope people are beginning to realize – if it’s out of your control, it is a distraction and a time and energy suck. If it’s within your control – how can you exert your time and energy unless you yourself are in a balanced state without reacting emotionally? That is the state where creation takes hold and it projects a powerful force that inspires and motivates.”

  100. Ginseng article by Walter M Chesnut with links to clinical research:

    Friday Hope: Ginseng: Alleviating Post COVID/Spike (and Other Post-Viral) Fatigue

    Regarding the medical establishment’s view of Ginseng’s uses, it does appear to increase the activity of the immune system during COVID infection. It also possesses another wonderful property. It BINDS SPIKE!

    • I tried growing Ginseng in Texas. It’s too damn hot. By summer, those little green leaves shriveled.

      I had bought fresh roots at the Chinese/Korean and Asian grocery, H Mart.
      I think that they import it from Canada.
      There are some interesting YouTube videos about Canadian grown Ginseng.

      Even Daniel Boone got into the ginseng trade. In the winter of 1787 he senta barge load of dried ginseng to market in Philadelphia from his trading post in what is now central West Virginia. On the way, the vessel was swamped, and Boone’s ginseng ruined.

  101. Some easy to understand explanations for the changes in climate and weather patterns with a simple illustration:


    The original text is taken from sections of The Outline of History by HG Wells et al. Copies of different versions are available on

    These globalists know it’s going to start cooling down in about 2030, just in time to show their cures are effective? or just in time to have us all freeze/starve.

  102. 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐲 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐭𝐞 (𝐄𝐩𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐝𝐞 𝟑) is now up on my gootube, Rumble and Odysee channels:

    Poll : The 𝗣𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿’𝘀 𝗼𝗳𝗳. 𝗚𝗿𝗼𝗰𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗲𝗺𝗽𝘁𝘆. 𝗚𝗮𝘀 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗱𝗿𝘆. What will you do? (Media Monarchy audio segment linked above)

  103. Eclipse glasses: What to know to keep your eyes safe

    The story has embedded links that will not be given here:
    “The American Astronomical Society — a NASA partner — has compiled a list of vendors you can trust to find safe products that will protect your eyes.”

    “The best place to find eclipse glasses is either an approved vendor on this page (we’ve narrowed down some favorites below), or you call your local library, astronomy club or a nearby university astronomy or physics department to see if they have any ISO-approved pairs they’re handing out.”

    “Eclipse glasses from 2017 are unlikely to still be in the pristine condition you want them to be when viewing the eclipse. It’s likely they’ve been scratched, bent or marred in some other way, thus reducing efficacy and exposing you to increased risk for eye injury or damage.”

    • Them 2017 glasses are also reducing their 2024 sales.

  104. GOLD prices have reached record highs recently – $2232 ounce or so.
    Silver is hovering around $25 ounce. In 1980, silver reached $50 an ounce with all the hype.

    Thursday, March 27th, 2024 & 1980 – Bloomberg Television
    Silver Thursday Anniversary
    (3 minutes)

    …It was one of the Zenith episodes in financial history.
    Seen it all the way back in 1973, when the energy tycoon’s Nelson Bunker Hunt and his brothers Herbert and Lamar, seeking to hedge their oil fortunes from inflation and taxes, began buying physical silver at around $2 an ounce

    …They chartered Boeing jetliners to fly the metal to warehouses in Switzerland at least three times. Within seven years, they had stockpiled more than 200 million ounces of silver. That’s roughly two thirds of the privately held supply in the world at the time.
    Prices soared, tripling to $6 an ounce by the end of 1978, then surging to $30 by the end of 1979, peaking a couple of weeks later at around $50 in early 1980….

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