Epstein Eugenics: The Plan to Seed the Human Race

by | Apr 28, 2024 | Newsletter | 55 comments

Remember the summer of 2019?

Remember when—after months of growing awareness of the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein, rising concern over the blatantly illegal cover-up of those crimes, and renewed scrutiny of his “philanthropic” efforts—Epstein was finally arrested in New York?

Remember when Epstein then “committed suicide” in the Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan, where he was being held on sex trafficking charges?

Remember when “Epstein didn’t kill himself” became a viral online meme?

Of course you do, because those events weren’t just covered by alternative media outlets like The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy, they were also covered (or is that covered up?) by the lamestream dinosaur media. In fact, in those heady days before the scamdemic kicked into full gear, it seemed talk about Epstein was well-nigh inescapable.

So, do you remember how that same lamestream media continued its limited hangout coverage of the Epstein op for years? Remember the flood of podcasts and video reports and “special investigative series” on the Epstein rabbit hole, always promising sensational new revelations about the case but only delivering tawdry, sensationalistic claptrap?

Again, I’m sure you do.

And do you remember how Whitney Webb dove straight down that rabbit hole with One Nation Under Blackmail and—in two incredibly dense, extensively footnoted volumes—blew the lid off of the almost-completely neglected financial and intelligence aspects of the Epstein story?

As a Corbett Reporteer, you probably do remember that (if only because you saw my interview with Webb about her book).

And did you pursue the cookie crumb trail back to researchers like Nick Bryant, who has been covering the Epstein story for decades and who is now heading a new organization, Epstein Justice, which is seeking to achieve justice for Epstein’s victims by ending the kakistocracy that enabled his crimes?

Again, if you’re a devoted Corbetteer, the answer is probably “yes.”

But here’s another question: do you remember the headline “Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA“?

If you’re like most people (and you’re being honest), the answer is likely “no.” At best, you may have caught this story when it was first (briefly) reported in the MSM and then quickly lost track of it in the flurry of the 60/24 news cycle.

If so, why is that? Don’t you think the fact that Epstein was engaged in some bizarre eugenical quest to seed the human race with his DNA might be worth more than a fleeting mention in a few articles from half a decade ago? Don’t you think we deserve to know more about this aspect of the Epstein saga?

I know I do.

Let’s fill in that gap in our understanding with an exploration of Epstein’s eugenic master plan.


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  1. GOD HELP US FOR WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE DO ! and may it be written in stone and protected
    some how some where, so that THOSE WHO COME AFTER, will know OUR LAST WORDS !

    • Dear James. Wow what a piece of reporting. This could be a book in itself. It touches all around the subject of Genetics. One cannot come away from this story without knowing the importance of genetics to humanity. In the physical world, the unseen genetic diversity is a shield.
      Why else does it become the special interest, and of high importance to the 1% kakistocrats who strive to control the remaining 99% of humanity?
      Denial! And protection. Our mixed up genetics are our greatest and last defence from those few Dr.Stangloves out there that would dare to create a Chimera synthetic organism that could kill every living thing. The risk? Their mentality of “If they can’t achieve their goals of total control then nothing shall be allowed to live “. I think you prosecuted those ideas effectively. So, then to speculation of what the Co V19 scam- pandemic was, we confirm it to be a giant genetic experiment. It seems they are proceeding to break the 20% effectiveness of alterations to our genome but are failing. But as you report are moving ahead even though Jeffery Epstein has been left behind. Obviously he weren’t no George Church.
      More light needs to be shown on George Church.

      • I reckon george and Jeff were just uncle Oswald try-hards
        (read Roald Dahl’s “my uncle oswald”)

        • Vandom,
          ribald and just funny enough to blush the S.W. Missouri school teachers cheeks.
          In my post a word got misspelled, Stangloves
          Should have been Staingloves, not as one would have said in their head, Strangelove. Great reference catch V.

  2. It is all a group effort at controlling the natural evolutionary process/progress of humanity,

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.”
    – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
    – Goebbels
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “There is no such thing… in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print…

    The business of the Journalist is to destroy truth; To lie outright; To pervert; To vilify; To fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.

    You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance.

    Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”
    – John Swinton, the former chief of staff of the New York Times, called by his peers, “The Dean of his profession,” in a speech at the New York Press Club.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated….
    “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind.”

    – Dr. Jose Delgado (U.S. government mind-control experimenter associated with the “MKULTRA” program who demonstrated a radio controlled bull on CNN in 1985)
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
    — Voltaire

    The tenacious tendrils of transformation starts at birth. The majority no longer breast fed are infused with the toxins of big phama and the food industry “baby food” from the work of lobbyists playing on the greed of congressional hyenas.

    From the Healthy Home Economist:
    -In 1950, there were 3 childhood vaccines typically given when a child
    entered school.
    -In 2016, the schedule has increased to 74 doses by age 17 with 53
    injections and 3 oral doses of rotavirus.

    WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

    • E.J.
      Chorus of thoughts. They go well with that artwork, music of yours.
      John Swinton
      J.W. von Goethe.
      You been around awhile E.J., what’s the future hold for you?

      • @generalbottlewasher

        New pads for the swamp cooler.
        Tune the carburetor on my motorcycle.
        Put a new HD in my iMac.
        Research for another “Breaking Truth 1 2 3 for June”
        BREAKING TRUTH 1 2 3 for May
        Clean up my shooting range from all the storms that came through.
        Prep the front deck for painting.
        Detail my 73′ Dodge Van
        Finish reading Graham Hancock’s America Before
        Fence in my pot plants. (6 per person legal in AZ)
        Get my hair cut on Thursday.

        How about you??

        • ejdoyle

          “…Put a new HD in my iMac…..”

          You are a man of skill if you can do that- I bought a 2011 or so macbook and the SOB would randomly bork the OS (MAc, windows and linux all tried) and then randomly KILL the SSD. Actually dead, never seen that happen ever.

          I love the way old macs look but I am never working on one again. 🙂

          • @Duck
            Been a mac user since 1984ish. Met one of the inventors in 1st class on a plane flight from North Carolina to California. Can’t recall who it was but fascinating conversations.
            First time I used the GUI cursor on a MacPlus screen I knew it was something I always wanted but never knew existed.
            Apple lost their way as providing a “people’s” computer a long time ago. A mac without a CD player, Firewire ports, easily removable batteries, and not easily self-repaired or upgraded is no longer a mac in my reality.
            Been using the mostly same 2000 Pismo G3 for all my off web work…slide shows, books, music, etc. with some great 3rd party apps from 30 years ago or so. I have replaced so many hardware parts I’ve lost track.
            I also have some excellent other older macs 14” iBook G4, 17” Aluminum G4, etc.
            iFixit has great repair vids. Won’t get into the politics of Apple today.
            The day my iMac 2009 can no longer get on the web, that is when I give up surfing.
            As Ghandi said: “There’s more to life then increasing it’s speed” 🙂

            • If your mac gets too bad on the net you could try Linux as iI’ve seen it turn an old old PC into something snappier then a new Windows 11 (yuck) one.

              You could try Pop OS, which looks pretty “mac like” when it wont surf anymore.
              Its Free to download and use, they make full computers too but those are for fancy people.


              • Ironic. Just left a reply and the site crashed??

                Was sent a Linux disc by a guy I met on Fetzer’s site years ago.
                Haven’t looked at it yet.

                My tech interest has waned considerably as my hair got grayer and I started grunting when standing up from the couch 🙂

                I bookmarked the Pop link.


        • E.J.
          That’s quite a list.
          This here American must aquire fire wood. LPG is $2.49 and not in the budget. Need about 5 cords to make it comfortable till May of 2025. Got 2-50ft. dead oaks to harvest within 100yards of the splitter. Must find a tree man to lay them down. That’s the hardest part. I don’t have time for art when the wood crib is empty, but I do have time for golf when my pocket is empty. Lost Wages Golf Tournament in Henderson May 4th. Something about that dessert draws me in, to perform above my capabilities. A win, I’m in, a loss and I’m having miss meal cramps. When something is on the line something gets our attention and I can feel the Gestalt of something, life. Things get done. That may be what’s missing in the younger ones. Some discomfort like the miss meal cramps. Is that eugenics or genetics or part of the illusion? I got a belt,harness and rope and if I got cold enough I would be up those trees in a minute. Darwin award be damned…

          • A good Christian (I’m not religious but I am good 🙂 propane provider family up here allows making payments. I’m about to get a refill on my 250 gallon tank that will last me well unto the Fall. Heating is the main usage for me. Do have a new “camper” wood stove just in case…

            Shot a 94 on 9 holes when I was 18, never played again 🙂 The “game” makes no sense to me. Destroy thousands of acres of land, using thousands of dollars of equipment, to push a 2″ ball into a hole.

            Tennis was always my sport…used wooden racket from a thrift store, shorts and tee shirt and sneakers, lots of laughs and fun.
            Shooting pool and eating Sen Sen and saying “Nyah” my fun.

            Good luck on your competition.

            There is obviously a LOT missing in the “younger” folks considering all the propaganda and control that has been laid on them by the controllers.

            However, careful viewing on youtube and one can find some amazing young folks designing their reality their way in a lot of physical activity…parcor (sp?) skate boarding, jumping long distances, cool little bike tricks, etc. Incredible women gymnasts gets my back aching 🙂

  3. E.J.
    Excellent Sunday morning music and chorus of thoughts of other men.

    • @generalbottlewasher

      Thanks?? Unsure of what you are referring to??

      I only get notified if someone replies to my comment. Just happen to come by. You must have just made a general comment hey?

  4. They all sound like really bad cases of arrested development, still enamoured with comic book daydreams of superman and sci-fi. Boys who’ve never grown up, have never questioned their fantasies’, the side effects, the possible damage… in true inexperienced, closed off from reality (for most of us) teenage fashion…apres mois le deluge (sorry if the spelling’s wrong), all that concerns them is their fantasies coming true, so that people (their nefarious funders) will pat them on the head…good, clever scientist! Plus there’s money to be made if you please the hand that dishes it out. I wonder what their mommies and daddies and teachers did to them in their early years??? Our civilisational standards have got really low.

      • I always wondered why soldiers parents dont implore their children (who are pretending to be soldiers so hard that they are actually commiting their own lineages and those they’ve brutally annihilated to long form suffering). Parents and those closest to these misguided brainwashed kids, could start with “following an unjust order is to break your oath”. (spoiler: genocide is unjust from any angle, including military standards).

        I often wonder if the whole evolutionary excersize of earning the privilage to wield free will is about finding an elegant response to violent domination, or a stealing of another’s “free will”? We need a gesture that transmutes or at least gives the thugs enough courage to look in the mirror, and ouroboros their heads off.

        The most powerful response to aggression that I’ve encountered is the empowered aura: pure white centered, surrounded by gold which is surrounded by blue ,,,light (I looked at 6 or 7 sites for a full description to link to,, none were more than a skimming over the general nature).

        The effects of the light on anyone/thing (like a slanderous lie or even a bullet) is to instantly disarm the danger, the blue leaves the classical judgement of allowing the perpetrator to commit to devoted service or choose an obliteration/return to the pool of creation.. the gold causes an instant reversal of the charge which then becomes more and brighter gold light. the white light is the truth, It is active but isnt languagable. that maybe a big clue.

        Sounds magical, but Its just a higher physics than most are unfamiliar with.

        Perhaps there’s (literal & figurative) guidance to be extracted from the way these white/gold/blue light frequencies behave?

        • To Vadoum:
          Nice guitar.

          Interesting concept light/colour that I believe can be useful in everyday life…the visualisation of such is already helpful.

  5. I wanted to edit and add to the above, but I took too long…that it was very interesting to read what Epstein’s ‘best friend’ thought of him.
    The whole bunch of them, those wishing to control EVERYTHING, appear to be suffering, in varying degrees, with mental illness of one variety or the other.

  6. J.C.:
    “But here’s another question: do you remember the headline “Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA“?

    If you’re like most people (and you’re being honest), the answer is likely “no.” At best, you may have caught this story when it was first (briefly) reported in the MSM and then quickly lost track of it in the flurry of the 60/24 news cycle.”

    I sure do remember the headline.

    Amazing Polly covered the headline and the story you are writing about, back in 2019.
    Here’s the link:


  7. Apologies that I lost the article’s subject matter when writing the comment above.

    The piece left me circling over the target, with all the smelted mess floating to the surface.
    He seems like some n’er do well A teamer. “the best bullshitter knocked it out of narcissist park t’day”. There are a few animal/insect/reptile species that behave like he did (gorging on the faith and adrenaline of humans. not too sure he was human?), some spiders, very few species of snakes,, its a fat leech thats latched on this time, what with human novelty blowing the roof off (over the past 100yrs), we must be knocking on an evolutionary gateway.

    I prefer the rotting chrysalis to butterfly able to inspire a hurricane on the other side of the planet with a simple flap of wing.

    At the least, lets this time make it so the days of the dominators are done. they have no power nor place here. said the recalcitrant centaur to the chuckling extra dimensional farmer.

  8. I’ve been starting to wonder if the “life-extension” thing and even eugenics might not just be an excuse for the super-rich to command their own laboratories so that they can secretly employ scientists in producing population-control pathogens and injections? If the New York Times was talking about Epstein & the scientists he funded “seeding” the human race with their “superior” genetics, it’s got to be something even worse, more genocidal. https://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2015/10/billionaire-philanthropists-funding-anti-aging-research

    • It is interesting that you should mention that.

      EXCERPT [Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp describing a process of taking the “technology learned from Covid” and repurposing it to kill cancel cells within the human body.]
      Interviewer: So, is this as big as it sounds?

      Hoenderkamp: I think it potentially is. I mean, it’s very early days. So basically they’ve discovered that if they use the same technology that they use for COVID, and they use some mRNA, which is a messenger part of DNA, they take your particular cancer, they biopsy it, they take some of the protein on your cancer, and they put it back into your cells, and they tell your cells to make that protein.

      The idea is that your body then makes antibodies against it. It gets the memory cells, the t cells, the ones we heard about, lots in COVID. And so then after you’ve been treated for your cancer, if any of those cells are still floating around, or if any of them start to come back and multiply, your own immune system will recognize them from that vaccine and kill it.

      Authored by Mark Jeftovic at BombThrower.com via Zero Hedge – Monday April 29 2024
      When Life Imitates Apocalypse Culture…

  9. One thing we do know for sure, if the masses know your name, you are not the one pulling the strings, Epstein is like Bill Gates, a Trump, or an Elon Musk, men who have been made and seem to have a perpetual leg up on the rest of us.

    I don’t believe for one second Epstein is dead, the idea they provided us with a very specific, and VERY publicized Overton Window, he either killed himself or was murdered, there was no other option, less you be considered crazy. I can always sense their up to something when anything “goes viral”. Unlike the ignorant wishful thinking masses, I KNOW, if something goes viral, it is because THEY want it to go viral, thus the question is why…and here it is pretty obvious, the shuttled Epstein away to live out life in luxury for his service to the cause. The idea they would kill something like an Epstein is preposterous, they don’t kill their one, “his life is worth a billion of ours, if not more.

    Nevertheless, I don’t believe this is “Epstein’s plan”, but the plan of those looking to wipe most of us out, and turn those remaining into slaves.

    On a side note, I know for a fact that there is a whole lot of money being spent on researching the effects of the vax on the population. It is HIGHLY unlikely the same vax was given to everyone. I would wager Israel got a VERY different vax (likely saline) formula, than did those living in Georgia. No doubt this testing of the vax was a big part, but not the only part, obviously, of the covid scam.

    • Rexleonum
      ‘>…I don’t believe for one second Epstein is dead….”

      I do, but it does not matter much if he is or not, the real issue is that normies think he was murdered to hush up elite sex rings AND NO ONE CARES. That is the truly horrifying fact.

      Agree on the vax- I have read that number of reactions is its all about batch numbers- but its also as likely the diversity hires actually giving the shots did not store it properly and some it had gone bad (which would be ‘good’, lolol) by the time they injected it into folks. I dont know enough to be of s firm opinion though

      • The reason why understanding the full scope of the Epstein psyop, and if he is alive or dead, does matter because in doing so, we gain a true understanding of our enemy.

        Too many people look at each psyop as an event unto itself, not simply a continuous line of events to get to a particular goal. Thus, each time a psyop begins, they start from square one. Covid may have “woken up” many of the “normies”, but if they don’t see Covid in its proper context, they miss the big picture. Instead of mice in a maze dealing with each new obstacle, they see the maze and purpose of these obstacles.

        For instance, Jan 6th was an obvious psyop: Biden was GIVEN the election, and the election was MEANT to look suspicious. Trump, then purposely roused his base to come and support him, but he was really setting them up to be used. Once the protesters arrived at the Capital they were unceremoniously joined by a group of agent provocateurs, who were carefully inserted in amongst the real protesters. These agents were actors, meant to paint the protesters as extreme, and the media dutifully filmed the most egregious actions of these agents. This was all to make the Jan 6th protesters look bad in the media, thus taking away public support AND establishing a precedent for dealing with free speech and protesting, among many other more subtle goals.

        Now, if we lay the template of the Jan 6th protests over the current protests on college campuses we see many strong similarities: Here again we have honest, well meaning protestors, that are being injected with agent provocateurs. These agents are acting more like ANTIFA than peaceful protesters, and again the media is there to hype the actions of these agents. We see the purpose of these agents is to undermine support for the protester, turning the public against them, while simultaneously continuing the precedent of not allowing free speech/protests/anti-government stances.

        Back to Mr. Epstein, understanding that Mr. Epstein has REAL value to this cabal, and we the people have no value, is important to understand. The only goal with the arrest of Epstein was controlling the narrative and for continuing the perception of the high level of corruption within the US government. There is no logical reason to think they would kill one of their own, for what, “justice”? Epstein is a lifetime actor, and he is well rewarded.

        The enemy’s primary power derives from the masse’s endless underestimation of this threat. People create copes to explain away this threat, instead of seeing it for what it truly is. The enemy knows this human propensity for accepting the comforting lie, so they feed us lie after lie.

        • Rexleonum

          “….The enemy’s primary power derives from the masse’s endless underestimation of this threat…..”

          No, the threat is in OVER estimating their ability and putting ourselves into a Panopticon of our own imagining.

          Look at it like this…… if the Ruling Class is actually competent enough to fake being incompetent on the Trump election then you are already screwed. If they were actually that smart you would ALREADY be in the pod eating the bugs.

          They are people, on some level I would argue argue people on some level directed by spiritual powers, but still people. They are not even the BEST people, many of them being either geriatric and loosing their edge or Nepo Babies who never had to actually claw their way to the top of the snake pit.

          Their minions are often as dumb as rocks and attracting talent into their circles appears to be getting harder as the ruling class acts weirder and weirder. The Managerial State needs good managers, but it tends to punish talent and original thinking.

          What possible reason would they possibly have to fake being bad at faking an election?

          They can no longer attract enough poor white boys to staff their war machine, and the diversity hires are mid, at best. Without the war machine they cant extract tribute from their vassel states by making people accept devalued dollars.

          Their Industrial power depend on having a competent class of workers to generate their wealth, and they are importing the third world because the they think low IQ cattle are easier to manage then high IQ ones.

          Not exactly a winning strategy- its like Tony Soprano whacking all his best guys and replacing them with kids so he can cant be challenged for the post of being Boss. pretty soon some other Ruling Class will replace them, or they will get eaten by some other countries Ruling class.

          They ARE going to bring down their own system, and they will try to get onto the new one but odds are not in their favor.

          stop making them out to be supermen, its like the pro psychopath propaganda about how smart such folks are when they generally are self destructive aholes.

          Epstein was an important cog- but I am sure he was not over hard to replace. What reason do they have to keep him alive other then any blackmail he might have on a ‘dead man switch’ ? Just a mid level fixer as far as I can see, not useful if he has to sneak about the world fixing.

          “…. There is no logical reason to think they would kill one of their own….”

          I am sure many criminal types who knew too much about their boss would differ with you on that. Whacking the guy who knows too much or drew too much attention makes perfect sense to me.

          • I agree with Rex that Epstein is still alive. Just seems to me that if organizations make a habit of offing their assets or allowing others to do so, they would quickly see a mass exodus from their ranks and a precipitous drop off in recruitment.
            If they had simply wanted him dead, they could have slipped some poison in his food and called it a “stress induced heart attack”. Why all the obfuscating nonsense with broken cameras, sleeping guards and suspicious cell mates? Such sloppiness doesn’t make sense to me unless it was simply for the purpose of instilling confusion.

            But I also agree with you that it doesn’t really make much difference either way.

            • Slow cured

              “…. Just seems to me that if organizations make a habit of offing their assets or allowing others to do so, they would quickly see a mass exodus from their ranks and a precipitous drop off in recruitment…..”

              I dont know, the Mafia appear to have had no trouble recruiting. If your basically a criminal organization I doubt your hiring normal people who care about company loyalty and such.

              Just for the thought experiment imagine you want to kill some guy in prison.

              You need to have access, you need to have some kind of privacy/cover to stop too many folks knowing, and you need a guy to actually do it.

              If he was in protective custody i’d guess (not being jail bird) that he was under 24 hour lock up and food came round on a wagon, probably dished up by a Trustee of some kind. The Trustee is probably watched while he dishes the food out, so the guards would need to be cool watching him sprinkle the powder or whatever. Assuming he does not chicken out or screw up somehow.

              Probably neither the guards nor the prisoner would be cool with doing that because most low level thugs and criminals still are kinda leary about doing murder. Being told to take a slow walk and not see anything would be much easier to swallow IMO.

              They could have brought some actual killer convict up to do the job, which would mean not checking anyone into the prison and only involve the guys who walked him to the cell, since a prisoner can probably not walk from block to block or open their own cell.

              Even James Bond would have a hard time getting INTO a prison without a lot of staff noticing. There is a LOT of security, and even if you have a presidental warrant to go do such a thing people will notice, and some of them may talk and have actual paperwork or camera fottage to back up what they say.
              Maybe this (cameras and such) is the best they can actually do since its not like they actually RUN the prison itself. I wouod guess a prisoner since a professional would have Burked him or something making it look like a heart attack.

  10. Monday April 29, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Andrew Afifian
    UN Wants To Control World Population, Author Claims

    The UN is allegedly implementing an agenda to drastically reduce the number of people worldwide and will use war to bring that about, at least according to an author and media consultant who attended the global organization’s summits.

    The warning comes from Alex Newman, who claimed that the UN openly discusses its plans in its written materials and at many conferences.

    “One of the interesting things about going to the UN conferences is they are totally open and totally transparent about the fact that they think there are way too many of us on this planet. We are taking up their space and consuming their resources. They say this openly,” Newman told host Greg Hunter when he appeared on the USAWatchdog podcast.

    According to Newman, conference speakers tell the audience that “too many people [are] having way too many babies, and we have to drastically cut back on the number of people on the planet. They have a whole agency dedicated to this called the UN Population Fund.”

    Newman argued that the UN is trying to usher in a “totalitarian one world government” under its purview, explaining that “they want millions and millions of people dead so people will give up their attachment to the nation-state, self-government, and individual liberty and give up anything, money or freedom, anything to make it stop.”

    He pointed to the current Ukraine-Russia war as an example of that plan in action. He noted that the conflict has effectively destroyed Ukraine’s highly important agriculture industry, bringing about a food crisis in parts of Europe and Africa while cutting off access to Russian energy resources, which has exacerbated an energy crisis. The war has also induced Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

    Newman noted that the Eastern world’s reaction was to grow and deepen its own union, a process that Russia and China are currently actively engaged in….

  11. Chris Knowles (secret sun blog) has expressed the opinion that a good deal of the “Super Science” stuff is brought about due to a combination of scientists ripping off the Elite for grant money by promising impossible BS and the power fantasies of the current ruling class being mostly nepotistic shoe ins rather then the smart people who clawed their way up before.

    He has said that much of their seeming desperation is because they are reaching then end point of the BS.and reality is going to reassert itself. That kind of makes sense- imagine if your an evil rich guy whos been told anti-aging is “ten years away” for decades and your reaching deaths door.

    Interesting article about the plan to nuke the Soviet Union,
    I used to think it was a shame they did not avoid the Cold War by finishing them off right after WW2, but from what i have read the Cold War was more about the New Deal Ruling class being angry that the Soviets (who they had plenty in common with ideologically) did not want to accept their role as Junior Partner. These days I shudder to think what the world would be like if the New Dealers had managed to impose themselves on the rest of the world like they did on Western Europe and the USA.

    I started listening to the war speeches tape, but its hard to take a commentator seriously when he says “hiter became Germany” when Nazi Germany was less unified and under less totalitarian management the the New Deal USA and the Soviet Union. All three had lots in common, its just that Hitler was too much of a theater kid to be a proper head of a Managerial State and the Reich was more like a medieval feudalism them a true ideological or managerial state.

    Looking forwards to reading the book on the occult roots, but probably would advise anyone who thinks that weirdo cults (like the Thule society and such) in politics ought to start by reading Dr Spence “secret Agent 666” on Crowley and his activities. I bet people who think the nazis were super weird have never heard of the British love of Vril and the first fan convention they held .
    Chris Knowles has also done good work on this.

    The British magical revival was after Free Masonry became too middle class and ordinary, though it was how much of the Gov was organized. Dr Spence used to be all over you tube but not seen him being interviewed in a while and is getting harder to find there. He said cultist links was a good way for intel people to make contacts overseas.

    • Duck:
      “Interesting article about the plan to nuke the Soviet Union,
      I used to think it was a shame they did not avoid the Cold War by finishing them off right after WW2, but from what i have read the Cold War was more about the New Deal Ruling class being angry that the Soviets (who they had plenty in common with ideologically) did not want to accept their role as Junior Partner.”

      Totally by chance I clicked on an old link yesterday of a Paul Hellyer video (2017). He was Canadian Minister of National Defence in 1963.

      He gave a speech at the Alien Cosmic Expo in June 2017, if you can believe it!
      It’s a 50 minute video that I think is well worth watching.
      He talks in detail about the Cabal. He also talks about alien landings on earth and briefly about 9/11, the banking cartel and global warming.

      Some may accuse him of having been a gatekeeper. 🙂 Who knows.

      He gets most things right, but of course we can’t verify his alien claims and he’s off on the Judy Wood and global warming stuff.

      He died in 2021 at 98 years of age, so he was 94 when he appeared at the 2017 expo.

      Here’s the link to the video.

      ‘Paul Hellyer talks 9/11, the banking cartel, global warming, and Roswell’


      It’s already been scrubbed from Gootube! I would download it while you still can.

      I mention the video now because of what you wrote about the Cold War/Russians.
      He believes it would have been a grave mistake had the U.S. attempted to attack the Russians at any time. I think he’s right.

      • Fawlty Towers
        “…He believes it would have been a grave mistake had the U.S. attempted to attack the Russians at any time. I think he’s right…..”

        Attacking the Russians is generally a bad idea- but absent the New Deal neo liberal weirdos building an American Empire on its corpse smashing the Soviet Union would have been wonderful IMO.

        The Soviets were way way more evil then the Nazis were, when the Russians rolled back the jewish leadership (see Winston Churchill write on who did the revolution https://archive.org/details/WinstonChurchillZionismVsBolshevismStruggleForTheSoulOfTheJewishPeople1920 ) somewhat it did at least stop the US from brain fking Eastern Europe they way they did the west.

        The US was not serious aboutthe cold war until quite late, had they just re-armed the Germans the combined armies could have been in Moscow by 1947 or so.

        • Hellyer’s opinion (and mine) wasn’t based on how good/bad the Russians were/are.
          It was based on whether the U.S. stood any chance of winning a war.

          • I think Churchil would have tried it had the public not been so war weary, but the Soviet Union in 1945 would have been screwed, TBH. Paton would have loved to have a crack at them.

            WHY I think this.
            1)They were getting masses of their supplies FROM AMERICA, which in a war would have cut them off. Now, in real life the US was bending over backwards to help them so i’m just talking ‘in theory’

            2)They had lost masses of troops, and were occupying Eastern Europe but had not yet snuffed out non-communist forces. They would have had several frounts open up real fast locally.
            3)The US could have slapped new uniforms onto the army and SS troops who were already experiences and battle hardened and would have been considered as expendable as Ukrainians. Also there were masses of people that the allies sent back to be murdered by the Soviets, these folks would also be highly motivated.

            4)The allies had masses of heavy bombers they could have deployed forwards into Europe and bombed anything worth bombing in tonnage the Luftwaffe could never have hoped to do

            5)Germany still had a pretty decent industrial base, no longer cut off from oil and critical ores they would have been pulling their weight in production in no time.

            Now, its true that the UK was war weary and just about to be shorn of its Empire and the US was still not well controlled enough that you could guarantee publicizing soviet horrors would have kept the public from resisting a war but that factor- Will to fight- is the only factor that would have been a serious obstacle to victory.

            6) Throw in a couple of Hiroshima sized A bombs on Moscow and some other big city and the war would have been over real quick IMO. The Germans had already bled the Russians pretty horribly.

            Just playing armchair general here, since the New Deal gov wanted the Soviets as junior partners and were ideologically sympathetic.

            Whats YOUR scenario for how it would have gone?

            scroll on from 1945 or 6 and it gets more dicey, true

            • Your assessment was pretty good in my estimation.
              There are some other factors to consider.

              As you say the window of opportunity to have attacked was quite small, sometime before 1949.
              That’s when the U.S.S.R began their nuclear testing in earnest.

              We need to consider the motivation/goal for such an attack.

              Would it be to gain territory? That wouldn’t work. Would it be to change government? That wouldn’t work either.

              The public would not be impressed with routing the country and leaving them to struggle for survival.

              So it would be a big hard sell to convince Americans to go to war with the Soviets at that time.
              And if they did, a win would come back to haunt them in the future.

              • Fawlty Towers

                I agree, when they had the atom bomb they would have been MUCH harder to win a war, new weapons are really ONLY useful if your the only one with them. 😉

                On the other hand, playing General Ripper here, if you HAVE to fight a war its best to fight it before you foe gets any stronger- better x megadeaths today then x2 megadeaths in 5 years or x5 in ten. Horrible way to think, but true.

                I also agree that selling the public on a war would have been hard – i think it would have been harder in the UK then the USA because while the Soviets could have reliably hit the UK I dont think they could have reliably hit the USA. Setting off a false flag bomb in a non industrial city and calling it a ‘soviet first strike’ would have given an acceptable casus belli. They might want to keep the US intact and instead hit a city in a NATO country, the UK probably.

                Massive First Strike by the US was probably JUST viable until 1968 when the soviets got solid fuel rockets which could be kept ready to go rather then needing gassing up with liquids (30 min to do I think) before launch

                There still would have been masses of death, but mostly in Europe, so maybe the US would have seen that as a plus

                “… Would it be to change government? That wouldn’t work either….”

                I Disagree with you on that- the Soviets were not a popular giovernment, recall how many Russians fought for the Nazis because they hated the Soviets more.

                “….And if they did, a win would come back to haunt them in the future….”

                True, unless they did to Russia what they started to do to Germany before the cold war got going and just starved most of the population to death, destroyed all industry and let any one not dead only exist as peasant farmers.


                Again, as a normal person its horrific to imagine, but these people have actually DONE such things, in WW1 and 2 and even later… as madeline albright said i’ts an acceptable price to pay’

                ugh…. need to go think about something else now.

              • before I go I’d like to point out that at the end of WW2 in the pacific a majority of the American Public were in favor , when polled, of exterminating ALL the Japanese population.

                i doubt they would have been merciful after a real atomic war with Russia. Especially since most of the voters would not need to actually see the murder up close

                Thats why I wonder if Israel has really though out its who alleged Samson Option thing of hitting European nations with atomics if they ever face annihilation.

              • Just thought I should recommend this book to expand on on the Western Powers ideas and designes on Rissia- they funed the Bolsheviks in order to get a chance at looting the massive mineral resources of Russia- thats actually how the Koch bros dad got his trip to Russia, as a western working in the re-industrialization of Russia (which would have economically outpaced germany in a few years had WW1 not happened). The Bolshevik Revolution gave access to western industrialists after the mass destruction of Russian industry during the Civil War, as the experts often fled. The Soviets kicked them out later on. IF a post ww2 war had happened turning Russia into a source of raw materials for the West would have been the end goal, IMO, as it was with the post cold war looting.
                Wallstreet and the Russian Revolution, Spence

  12. on the WW2 theme, A pretty good olde tyme radio show was “Words At War” which is kinda like a dramatic synopsis of books, some are meh some are good, but its nice to hear what the propaganda was like, and some are even good stories. If you like it grab it before they nuke the Internet Archive with their ongoing case. Its kinda important to know how propaganda used to sound, because it makes you laugh to see it being re-used or, funnier, how history has changed.


  13. I doubt Epstein thought his jizz was anything special. I mean, he and Ghislaine weren’t exactly happy householders.
    I’m more inclined to think they were experimenting on the women/children/et al.

    I do recall…?…that Jeffrey had to split mid-semester for the same reasons Turdeau was abruptly gone at the elite BOYS’ Schools he “taught”….no doubt….at. EL-ite Bosom Buddies.

    Or, here it comes. Some tabloid will feature fuzzy photos of Ghislaine and Jeffrey’s secret devil child.

    I hope you didn’t miss Don Doomsday telling us how “Steven got thrown off the island because Bill Clinton was complaining that he couldn’t get hard with Steven around because he looks like the human embodiment of calimari. ” (JP Sears (pure gold): What They’re NOT Telling You About The Eclipse)

    As far as Jeff’s supposed math skills, you bet he’s one of those mathemagicians. They all are. That’s why they are the Banksters’ Darlings. Molls.

    Silly James. It’s not a trillion buckaroos saved by “the people”, rather a trillion made by himself.
    Because the only way to eliminate a genetic disease is to eliminate the gene carrier. They always “clean up” the remains.

    Ah, again and again, they continue to commit their original sin of attempting to cross the species barrier. Or, if all fails, run it over. Just DEW It.

    AS if such a creature as Epstein ever had “a dream. ”
    How can a nightmare have a dream?
    By the time Rahu moves out of illusory Pisces, few will wake surprised to find their eyes and ears attached to the soles of their feet. There’s only just so much common senses can take.

    Isn’t New Mexico the location of all those radiation exposures experiments on most of the US population, via The (Phallic) Big Bang Bomb?

    Now, I’ll always remember good ol’ Jeff as a Prime Menu Icon at the Cannibal Club: Frozen Mouth Stuffed with Dick. Alongside Boris

    Again, how interesting it is to have been considering in the past day writing about my experiences at an elite prep school ,as well as my experiences throughout life of being “voted out”.

    I never have been able to pay attention to these freaks for long at a time. Their playbook is so thin and repetitive. How they sell folks the same same in a new wrapper again and again is beyond me. Gotta be a romance. That’ll do it every time. The Romance School of Dumb and Dumber. Instant degree just for entering.

    Same way hollywood “action thrillers” are all writ by and for the fifteen year old hormonally
    No doubt Epstein will be memorialized as a quirky Peter Pan…and if that’s not another example of the jokes writing themselves; oi vey…..I won’t go on. Guffaw.
    The guillotine is rumbling.

    As I just hours ago posted your Gaza report as a stellar example of real research journalism, I’m doubly grateful that it was followed up by being able to immediately cross post this prime example of what real journalism is.
    You’re a jewel in a pig’s stye, James Corbett. Thanks to/for the lynx.

  14. For those interested in a historical deep dive on Transhumanism, I can recommend this book:


    I haven’t finished it yet, but it definitely leaves no stone unturned. (though, admittedly, when you follow too many threads, you often lose the bigger picture)

  15. It’s unfortunate anyone is falling for the CIA psy-op that is Jeffrey Epstein since it’s just a diversion from the real deal and its history via the MKUltra and the whole unsavory truth in the longer history.

    Remember back in the 90s and the whole “Satanic Panic” engineered by the same CIA when hundreds of therapists across North America and the UK allegedly implanted the exact same memory in hundreds if not thousands of clients for some inexplicable reason and the general public decided to look the other way? I assume it was too scary for people to come to terms with abuse and torture of children in spite of the fact the US/NATO tortures, rapes and kills people all the time within their network of military bases globally.

    We’re missing the big picture and the long play these psychopaths are playing if you get caught up in the Epstein narrative.

    • Up to a few weeks ago I had never heard of “Satanic panic” and now you mention it. Even if that was fake, it’s likely for every faked SRA victim there were 10 real ones.

      • Forgive me. I posted the wrong link from my friend and instead posted a rundown of Whitney Webb’s work on the Epstein case.

        In any case, I’ll write more on the subject of the child trafficking in official circles. .

      • mkey

        Yes, plenty of real cases

        “Children for the Devil” by Tim Tate, an actual TV documentary maker / journalist got banned and unsold copies destroyed, due to a libel case about one paragraph. It is probably the only sober, non-Fundie non Tin foil book on the subject written.
        He has done lots of other work, and has a web site where you can see some of his doc’s.

        I found a copy on annas, there is one on Internet Archive too somewhere, seen it but cant find it now.

        The cases he documented, in the Pre-internet days where kids told the same weird stories on different continents make me sure there is something to the story, exactly what is hard to put ones finger on. i have no doubt that kids would have been given drugs to make them see insane stuff, hence we have unbelievable stories ,

        (see the story at about 11:50 min for a more amusing example of this technique “Wheezy and the Moonpies”)

        There are plenty of convictions in cases of small sex cults abusing kids, but the SRA thing got so skunked that prosecutors tend to keep such details quiet for fear of putting the jury off.

        The SRA panic got hyped way beyond the evidence which was great for

        1)Making Christians look ridiculous (politically important at the time)

        2) Letting people who want to do such things look like their being victims of a ‘crazy witch hunt’ if details come out about their crimes

    • sshao

      Tim tates Book, “Children for the devil” is one of the few , if not only, book written from a Non-Fundie, not tin Foil point of view by an actual TV documentary maker and “professional’ journalist
      You cant buy copies anymore because of a legal case about one paragraph deemed libelous
      There is a copy on internet archive but I found it at Anna


  16. It’s a more complex story but I can assure you child trafficking pays for many black ops becoming official policy post WWII. Here’s an expose by an ex-intelligence friend who has since gone dark:


    I’ll be writing more on the subject since I was trafficked internationally within the network for many years..

  17. The “Satanic Panic” is a result of survivors of the MKUltra program or more specifically, the Monarch Program coming forward decades after the original abuse of rape and torturing children to create systems of multiple personalites that could be tapped into and used. If you recall Nazi scientists were imported to North America via Operation Paperclip and these mind control experiments continued on military bases and psychiatric hospitals affiliated with universities.

    The usual pattern is for deprogramming to start around thirty and many sought the help of therapists to understand what they were experiencing. When you have hundreds of people claiming to have been abused by the government as children, you need a solution to shut people up and “Satanic Panic” was the result.

    It’s well known within official circles, the CIA/DOD in the NATO/US network are the biggest child traffickers around along with child porn snuff movies. I speak from personal experience. Except there was a moment when kidnapping children off the streets or from anywhere else as the global social fabric continues to dissolve was easier than creating systems of multiples in children.

    I appreciate Whitney Webb’s work and it’s true she probably would have no way of knowing this history of the MKUltra and the Monarch Program, which interestingly enough was also a program of expanded consciousness with similar results coming out of Russia since Nazi scientists also went there but I’m overstepping boundaries by making this claim.

    The weapons systems of the Technocracy started to evolve at this time just as the now out of control organized crime – drugs, arms , human trafficking – of official agencies began to take shape as business as usual.

  18. RE: Corbett’s newsletter Epstein Eugenics: The Plan to Seed the Human Race

    …To understand why the prospect of tinkering with our genome in the quest to live hundreds of years is a frightening concept, we can turn to “Bayer’s SynBio Spokesman George Church,” written last November by Corbett Report member Alexis Baden-Mayer at The Scamerican Century Substack. In that article, Baden-Mayer fills in an important piece of the puzzle of Church’s background—namely, that he kick-started his career with a “Monsanto Postdoc Fellowship” in 1985.

    Then, she points to a 2020 “Leaps by Bayer” video in which Church discusses his work in “synthetic biology”—a field of research that, as Genome.gov helpfully informs us, involves “redesigning organisms for useful purposes by engineering them to have new abilities”—and a 2022 BIOS video in which he enthuses about how the scamdemic softened up the public to the notion of tinkering with the genome of humanity on a mass scale….

    Regarding: Corbett Report member Alexis Baden-Mayer

    On Thursday May 2, 2024 “The Highwire” “Episode 370 – License To Live” Jefferey Jaxen addresses the recent Bird Flu scare.
    Around the 53 minute mark, Jefferey cites the January 4, 2023 Organic Consumers Association article by Alexis Baden-Mayer entitled Is Bird Flu Being Weaponized.

  19. You got to ask ” Have we been seeded with a new kind of jizzum, for a new kind of human?”

    Let’s begin here on one of James favorite ” splain it to me sites, Wikipedia.”

    Now you have some ideas what ” germ warfare” is. Let’s move along to where we are today. The last 6 years have been a robbery of the American taxpayers Treasury and a germ warfare attack on the world population. It may not ever go away but keep replicating and attacking us. Perpetuating an on going racketeering crime. Karen Kingston has kept reporting on this continuously since 2022.
    Today’s report:


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