Interview 1330 – The Ochelli Effect on Big Oil Technocracy

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Interviews | 3 comments

James joins Chuck Ochelli of The Ochelli Effect to discuss soft censorship, big oil and technocracy. As we move into the technocratic future, how do we make sense of the past that brought us to this point, and how do we counteract the agenda?

The Ochelli Effect

Shots Fired in the Media War! Corbett Report Hit!

We Need To Stop Normalizing This!

Surprise, surprise! YouTube DIDN’T censor The Guardian for “sex robots”

Firefox warning about StartPage searches

How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World


  1. Just an observation…

    StartPage’s home page notice to Firefox users seems to have toned down significantly over the past 48 hours. (Now I wonder why that might be…. : )

    I should have screen grabbed the one I read yesterday (!) From memory, it included the words “Google” and “aggressively” (i.e. in terms of FF re-setting users’ default search engines to Google).

    Current message: “Firefox’s latest update (57.0.01) tries to reset your default search engine. After the update you can easily reset StartPage as your default search engine.”

  2. Good report. Just a note for writers and readers:

    My good friend and colleague, Steve Miller wrote a very important piece in 2013 on the current moves to privatize the brain. Yes, that is right, privatize the brain. It was then the Obama Brain Initiative.

    As Steve wrote back in 2013:

    “When someone is shown a picture of their pet dog, for example, science can detect exactly which part of the brain activates. Scientists are thus able to detect which brain structures are involved when you dream, when you drive the car, when you fall in love or when you do your taxes. The brain, however, is perhaps the most complex thing in Nature. It has 10 billion cells that make 100 trillion connections. Getting down into the individual neurons and connections themselves offers the possibility of actually determining the structures of the mind, human personality and memory.

    These amazing advances will all be privatized. Corporations intend to claim parts of the brain as private property and sell access for a price. The privatization trend has been rampant in biology and medicine for 30 years.”

    You can read more of the history of the privatization of life, the brain and bacteria, as well as all living things at Philosophers for Change. Steve’s article, “Taking Notes: privatizing the brain” can be found at:

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