Interview 1582 – Benny Wills Wins Hearts and Minds With Conscious Poetry

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Interviews | 15 comments

Benny Wills joins us today to share his conscious poetry and discuss his work spreading understanding, compassion and humanity through art.

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Allegory of the Cov

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From JoyCamp to Poetry

Information on Parrhesia course

Contact Benny at benny [at]


  1. fucking fantastic! thanks benny. thanks james. i sincerely appreciate it.


  2. ‘One of the heroes of our time’… couldn’t agree more!

    This guys got it. In every way. Creating life. Learn what you need to, then switch to solutions. And communicating to people(talking about ‘normies’ here) without being a conspiracy theorist. That last one is critical, if I can’t pull that off, I don’t even bother opening my mouth – the outcome is always negative, divisive and destructive. Not productive. I implore you to take Benny’s course if this is difficult for you. So important. Communication.

    Congratulations to both of you, two powerful heroes of humanity. /bow /clap

  3. Well done. Congratulations Benny, may your child be healthy and open minded.

    As for the topic at hand, yesterday I revisited the incsightful short animated film, In shadow. Maybe a good opportunity for someone to catch up.

  4. It is such a joy to see humans so capably and fully express themselves, touching on the universality of our shared human experience. It is art that is most evocative, most expository to the soul of a person, and that’s where truth is found, that universality. All the more galling and frustrating that censorship is the new norm. This art exposes the only motivation behind the current actions of those pushing this can only be control and their last-gasp attempts to wield what power they have (ownership, slave master) remaining before it’s ultimately dissolved by truth. That is not just the value of art, but the reason it is most prized, I think. That bit that connects you to the unspeakable, undeniable human truth and understanding of the value and sanctity of life, which may not be denied but all too often is.

    The thing that makes them powerful, is ownership of information. This censorship we experience now is in service to that ownership.

    But it hasn’t stopped us.

  5. Benny Wills mentioned that he was considering moving to Idaho. This prompted me to offer an alternative location. I (we) are truly fortunate to live in an environment that offers many more positives than any of the numerous places I have visited, all over this country, and a few others. I live in N.E. Kansas, between Lawrence and Topeka on 26 acres of perfect, fertile land with trees and creeks on gentle rolling hills. We relish the entertainment industry’s stereotype and the general populaces preconceived notions of our locale. Often, the remark made by us is, “I hope the people on both coasts don’t figure out what we have out here.” Wildlife is abundant, deer, fox, turkeys, bobcats, owls… too many to mention. Chrystal clear pure ground water can be had in copious quantities at an average of 25 to 50 feet down. The growing season goes from mid March to the end of October. Every conceivable plant and livestock does well here, except tropical varieties, and those are done inside a green house when desired. 6 to 8 weeks of hot and humid in the summer with 6 to 8 weeks of cold and snow in the winter. Higher education per capita is above average, the cost of living is low, services and opportunities flourish. Very nice properties can be had for $150,000 and up. Social and ethnic diversity is prevalent, tensions are almost nonexistent – a hand shake and a nod mean something. Hundreds of square miles are owned by individuals ranging in mostly 3 to 30 acre spreads with a nice house. Most roads are paved and generally laid out in a one mile grid, others are curvy and twist through dense trees and over creeks. There are 9 mailboxes on my one mile stretch. “Fresh eggs” or “Honey by the Jar” – “Alpaca’s for sale” are advertised with makeshift signs along the county roads “Gravel work, Stump removal, ponds dug.”
    Lawrence is very liberal of course, heavily influenced by Kansas University, and that’s great. The latest bands pass through playing different venues, independant book stores, coffee shops, Boston pops at the Leeds center, art galleries – Greek, Tia, and Tapas restaurants. All of the modern culture provided in the thriving downtown area gives one the feeling of displacement, as if transported many hundreds of miles away to some place similar to Boulder Co. Yet, you can drive 20 minutes in a different direction and enjoy small town hospitality second to none, more conservative but generally moderate. Fantastic local restaurants, blue grass music, antique stores and a farmer’s market that covers a complete city block. Locally owned businesses offer equipment repair, sewing, taxes prepared, computer and networking services, face to face with the person doing the work. Big city amenities are available in Topeka and Kansas City. KCI is one of the easiest airports I have ever been through.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • I agree. Kansas has a lot to offer. One side of my family hailed from southern Kansas.

    • You don’t want to promote that place too much 😉

  6. We have excellent golf courses, tennis facilities, sport complexes, endless miles of hiking trail and bike routes through Clinton or Perry lakes and abandon railroad beds. I believe Kansas had one of the highest number of votes recorded of any state for Ross Perot, Dr. Ron Paul and even Gary Johnson. When I go to the hardware store or lumber yard or the grocery, I have a scarf around my neck that I can pull up if necessary – Not once have I had to. Half of the time the employees pull theirs down when they see I don’t care to comply. Yes there are signs indicating that masks are required but few seem to care. We went to the local Mexican restaurant and not one person, working or eating, had a mask. We currently have a democratic governor, but that switches back and forth like it always does, it has no effect on us and we simply don’t care.
    It’s not perfect out here, just better than most places, all things considered. Yes, we have some rednecks and hicks, but they are hardworking and honest for the most part. They are the first to stop when she has a flat tire and offer to help. We have friends that are doctors, Lawyers, plumbers, heating and air specialists, financial advisers, factory workers, university professors, many walks of life, none of us make much of a distinction or give a damn, we care about integrity and character and we get together when ever and where ever we feel like. The local constabulary is not bad and tends to leave people alone. Some counties are better than others. People walk along downtown Lawrence doing one hitters, the badges, if there are even any around, don’t care.
    I’m not completely sure why I am offering this information. I think it is because if you are a supporter of the “World class” James Corbett, and are considering moving away from the megapolis mania in search of improving your self reliance, a better life with greater security, then you are probably a decent and intelligent person and therefore welcome around these parts. People interacting with one another to barter, have agricultural or domestic discussions, or just enjoying a locally made brew is more important now than ever I’m told, so I will do my part. If someone has questions or is actually in the neighborhood and would like to get shown around, I would likely accommodate. Thanks James, for all of your excellent analysis and relentless pursuit to dispense knowledge. Please pass this along to any member you think might benefit. Vibes

  7. Beautiful poetry Benny. Thank you James for reminding us of the power of art. The balm we so desperately need along with getting outside into the real world.

  8. This was such a pleasant and soul soothing interview with Benny Wills.
    I enjoyed it.

    Benny has incredible communication skills. His choice of words, both in poetry and in conversation is impressive. The facial expressions, and even the lighting, help add to his conveyance of ideas.
    His demeaner seems very “approachable”, even to casual strangers.

    As the years have passed, it is interesting to see how we all evolve.
    I know I have.

  9. In my life music has always been my greatest teacher. People can over look the arts because of its non-utilitarian nature, yet at the same time as James points out it is very fundamental, and a healing to an individual on many levels.

    Joni Mitchel sings W.B. Yeats:

  10. Wonderful messages to hear in these stressful times. Very uplifting and a great elixir for maintaining our humanity. Thanks. Parenthood is so powerful! Congratulations Benny! I’ll keep up with you on Bitchute:) Oh yes, my middle name just happens to be James..:)

  11. Way to go lads!
    An absolute breath of fresh air and joy to watch, leaving me feeling peachy. I think this is the way forward once you know the score.
    Thank you.
    Here is a poem I wrote called Mosquito

    A mosquito bit my leg
    I squashed it and felt it’s blood
    Or, was it my blood
    Or, was it ours

  12. You guys are both so great. Thanks for what you do and the inspirations you provoke in each of us that tune in to our black windows in an attempt to use them for good.

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