Interview 1878 – Dubai Doused by “Rain Bomb” (NWNW 552)

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Story #1: What Is Cloud Seeding and Did It Play Any Role In the Dubai Floods?

Image: Build a giant city in the desert. Invest in cloud seeding to make it rain. Forget to install storm drain or rainwater collection. Forget to install storm drain or rainwater collection.

Did UAE’s Cloud-Seeding Operation Flood Dubai?

Operation Popeye

Image: Weather modification – need proof?

Interview 1514 – Jo Nova on the Australian Bushfires

No, AXIOS, the Dubai “Rain Bomb” Has No Ties to Climate Change

Dubai Floods Explained: Is Cloud Seeding to Blame for Submerging Desert City?

Story #2: Dutch Retailer Albert Heijn Sets Up Food Transition Advisory Council

Why We Should All Be Eating Insects

Swapping Red Meat for Herring, Sardines and Anchovies Could Save 750,000 Lives, Study Suggests

This Week in the New Normal #88

Eat Ze Bugs or You’re Racist! #PropagandaWatch

Corbett Report Search: The Future of Food

Scamdemic Bird Flu: Vaccines for 33 Billion Chickens? Digital Food Rationing? The End of Animal Agriculture?

Story #3: UPDATE #1 – Massive Climbdown From WHO as Latest Draft of IHR Amendments Drops Almost All Offending Aspects

PDF: Proposed Bureau’s text for 8th Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations – April 22-26, 2024

NWNW Flashback: In Japan, Tens of Thousands Protest WHO’s ‘Supranational Grab Over Global Health’

UPDATE #2 – Anti-ULEZ Campaigners Hang Bat Boxes on Cameras to Stop Engineers Fixing Them

NWNW Flashback: New World Next Year 2024

UPDATE #3 – Controversial CRISPR Scientist Back at Work After Jail Time for Creating Genetically Modified Babies

NWNW Flashback: Scientist Announces Gene-Edited Babies, Goes Missing

UPDATE #4 – BRICS Eye Stablecoins, CBDC Bridge To Advance Financial Integration

NWNW Flashback: 22 New Countries to Join BRICS Alliance at August Summit? (NWNW 526)

UPDATE #5 – Mystery Deepens: Ukrainian Officer Linked to Nord Stream Sabotage Vanishes

Insurers Suggest ‘Government’ Possibly Have Ruined Nord Stream

NWNW Flashback: False Flag Planted in Nordstream Pipeline

UPDATE #6 – Google Appears to Have Partnered With the Company Behind Sports Illustrated’s Fake, AI-Generated Writers

NWNW Flashback: Sports Illustrated Published Articles By Fake, AI-Generated Writers (NWNW 536)

Door to Freedom Team Shines a Light on How Little Has Really Changed In the New Version Of the April 2024 Amended IHR

WHO: What You Need To Know

NWNW Flashback: China Trying To Gain Space Through Force, US Admiral Says

US To Convert Pacific Oil Rigs Into Military Bases as Part of Anti-China Buildup

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  1. In 1980 I was representing KPFA Pacifica Radio out of Berkeley at a survival gathering put on by Native Americans and others on a pasture. The two week gathering drew fifteen thousand participants from around the world. I sold my sweet 1965 VW sun- roof to help finance my trip to South Dakota.

    They came to a couple of hundred acres of donated pasture land at the foot of Elsworth Air Force base located just outside Rapid City, South Dakota. Lot of classes went on from politics to food. Classroom shelters were set up to educate each other on a wide range of topics such as the secret agenda groups working within the government and the illegal surveillance techniques in use on the public.

    A professional sound stage provided a space for daytime speeches and nighttime entertainment. Some old acquaintances used the stage.. Mishio Kaku, Jackson Browne, Floyd Westamen, Bonnie Raitte, etc. Holly Sklar who wrote one of the first books on the Trilateral Commission, Wallace and Grace Black Elk.

    I ran into Thomas Banyacya, a Hopi elder. I had seen him in SF on an old B&W TV on a “talk show” discussing the Hopi prophecy rocks. During the remainder of the gathering we smoked the pipe together and from conversations and one of his classes I learned the full story of the Hopi prophecy rocks.

    One day in the blistering sun of the South Dakota summer he gathered us all in huge circle, maybe about 100 or so. We did a ceremony to bring rain. Within an hour it clouded up and then some rain came, not flooding, but water from the sky without any chemicals or planes involved.

    Intention is a powerful tool for change.

    I recorded this at La Pena Cafe in Berkeley when we were organizing the gathering…

    JOHN TRUDEL MAY 1980 (speech)

    • Doyle,
      That was a nice anecdotal write-up and worthy 90 second video. Thanks for that.

      Rapid City, South Dakota – The bluest sky I have ever seen. It struck me.

      The Black Hills / Rapid City had a dam break and flood late Spring 1972 which swept through the streets picking up cars and such. It was national news.
      A few months following that flood, I hitchhiked starting from Texas for 2 weeks on $50 (came home with maybe $10).
      I went to Rapid City and later to western Minnesota, east of Fargo, to see an old girlfriend, the daughter of a Dairy Farmer. Then back down to my podunk near-west Texas town.

      I had a friend, a drummer and musician (who later taught music at a University), living in Rapid City. His father was retired military. My friend toured me around the gorgeous Black Hills area in his VW Bus.

      Serendipity Coincidence…
      He and I spent a night up in the hills by a hot spring, and just finished a morning dip. We were on military base land.
      We see a jeep coming. The MP’s (Military Police).
      “Oh no!”, we thought.
      But ‘Lo and Behold’, when the main MP walks over to us, all three of us were surprised!
      It was Johnny from back in our podunk Texas town when we were all in High School. Sometimes, my buddy and I spent the night at Johnny’s house and popped fireworks off in his yard.

      • My name is EJ. Unless preceded by a (Mr.) calling one by their last name assumes some power or authority over them. Unfortunately Internet anonymity breeds poor or no civil accountability. Nor does writing lots of comments at a website offer any rank in order.

        You are at an alternative website. I am an obvious well experienced activist elder. Show some respect or don’t engage in any contact.

        Thank you

        • Okay, Mr. Doyle.

          • HRS. Your living example of humility, long suffering and grace causes this wretched Christian to blush in shame at his inadequacies and failings.
            Thank you.

  2. I’m glad James E. P. got his mic fixed for this week’s show. 🙂

    BTW, the Corbett Report old logo, is still alive and well, not quite a collector’s item yet. 🙂
    It can be seen when you click the link to any ‘Recent Post’.
    It’s on the right side, at the top of the ‘Become a Member of the Corbett Report’ gif.

  3. JEP ,,about having been to a conference in seattle,, “actually vandana shiva was there too”.

    3rd time asking on this thread: Anybody know why that woman, who seems to be a champion for grass roots efforts away from industrial farming, and speaks as though an ally of caring decent people, is also a member of the “club of rome”?

    I’ve asked this on other forums and directly to people who can describe some of her initiatives, yet noone has tried to answer as to why she’s also affiliated with population reductionists?

    • Perhaps it is a sign to put your mind somewhere else??

      Our world has far too many dancing on the dark side and IMO I just choose in a stoic manner…being concerned about things of which I may have the ability to affect.

      Chemtrails years ago burnt me out. You can not believe how difficult it is to get someone to even just look up let alone offer any insight as to how to change.

      Now I just stay indoors on bad spraying days.

      • “put your mind somewhere else?”

        fair enough.

        “Chemtrails years ago burnt me out”
        back in the suspiciously normal days of the end of 2012 (lead-up to the expected targeted end date of the Mayan calendar, did anything happen? maybe someone got the count wrong? what about leap year?), a couple of addled bushies told me to “look up at the chemtrails,,”

        The sky had a fat condensation trail that did seem odd shaped for a con-trail (the edges were too edgy? the “cloud” density was not uniform in odd patterns?). I assumed I was not complete novice at reading the cloud cover because of the blue water sailing I done. I also thought the people seemed to be predisposed to paranoia.

        clearly I was projecting biases onto them,, about 6 months later, I too was asking people to “look up”. few do.

        I tried to protect people from bad (proximity to microwave pulsing) habits when the screen phones started. and after a few years of 99% failure at sharing meaningful conversation,, I finally gave up, with the exception of, when an infant is being exposed to a transmitter less than a meter away, then I’ll do my best to stand up for the kid by asking the parent to change their bad habit.

        Here in oz, the spraying is less obvious where we live (rural, interspersed with a few big towns), but it does happen, the shape of those trails give them away, and the fact that those that should know arent willing to splain WTF?,, makes me think I’m being groomed to be predisposed towards paranoia.

        • Like many of us, your concern for others and life is heartfelt coming from within and fine behavior of what a truly caring society should example. Most admirable when it does not come with a price tag of religious or political conversion. However to the controllers it is seen as a vulnerability or weakness and their predatory posture seeks to destroy, demean, and shut us up.

          This is the video description of a 48 year old song of mine I recently posted… World War Blues in E…

          “Looking at the current picture of human development it’s obvious there’s been a successful result to keep humanity in line with some dark agenda of control. The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR (Commies/COVID, etc.) and a belief in SCARCITY Food, Oil, Water, etc.) and now we have entered the SCARCITY OF TRUTH realm.

          IMO it is always important to look at the bigger picture or as much as one can either handle or truthfully find. A true historian’s first questions about the past hundred + years should be….”Why have tribal cultures world wide be considered so dangerous to the controllers? What frightens them so much to the point if eradication, torture, etc. for so long?”

          I would offer it is life truths, the inner knowledge of one’s connection to all things and the tools of creation found within and with the “teacher plants” like Mescaline, Peyote, Hashish, etc. that are now sold as deadly when aligned with fentanyl, heroin, meth, etc. by the controllers main weapon of disinformation and propaganda…the media/entertainment “business.”

          They would much rather we partake of alcohol with it’s infantile, regressive behavior results rather then the go-within herbs.

          So when the Hopi ancient prophecies talk of “Cobwebs in the sky” being one of the signs of destruction of our world the truth of the geoengineering effort by the controllers looms large.

  4. How are we gonna get free of the WHO?
    It’s easy to take action.

  5. RE: Story #1: What Is Cloud Seeding and Did It Play Any Role In the Dubai Floods?

    I thought that this was a superb story presentation!
    It crosses off so many unanswered questions and speculations.
    “This is The Corbett Report.” <– say it with emphasis in a deep Gregory Peck voice.

  6. James Corbett. Annual supporter here of the J&J NWNW work. Fabulous investigative journalism. But you lost the plot & missed the mark badly on the “cloud-seeding” Dubai story. It’s a hoaky lame psyop sir. Cloud seeding in it’s entirety in our times is the Deep State non-truth setup storytime meme laying cover for how REAL geoengineering operations are performed in the 21st century. I expect on the next NWNW show you will address this. In fact in Vegas they are laying odds on the table 6:1 you get ‘er right on the next stab at the story.

    • Care to explain? I’m not well versed in modern geoengineering. It’s atmospheric spraying right?

  7. On a side note, what is going on on American universities campuses seems to be a coordinated effort to destroy the first Amendment. It also seems to be establishing a two tier system, one rule for us, and another for Israelis, who can do no wrong, whom you may not question of criticize, or you be branded a criminal.

    This IS the early stages of Noahide Laws.

    This feels like covid style psyop all over: the claims of a great threat, measures taken to deal with the great threat, where no threat exists at all. These protests are peaceful, they they are being treated like terrorists.

    • The First Amendment is almost DOA already. If you read ‘dumbest generation grows up’ or ‘millennials’ you will see that Millennials and Zoomers have very little tolerance for free speech. The IDEAL of unlimited Free speech was useful for dismantling society but long term not wanted

      The Israelis still have lots of power right now, but jewish interests have been sawing the branch they were sitting on off by attacking mainline churches, patriotism and importing masses of third worlders who cant accept the holocaust guilt NPC programming and give zero F’s about Israel….. I have heard some folks say that some jewish interests are getting behind Trump in the hope of rolling some of that back.

      • The so called rise of “anti-semitism”, is all part of the plan. We are seeing a repeat of the 1930s Germany, from the Weimar Republic used to drive the German’s crazy, to Hitler, but in America that savior figure is in the form of Trump. Everything is going exactly as planned, they have created the illusion that anti-semitism is everywhere, they are radicalizing decent, and will use that to crack down on freedom and drive the Jewish Diaspora back to Israel.

        Israel/Communism/Globalism have had the reins of power for a long time. America has long been in the grips of this evil cabal, one need only look at how the Federal Reserve was created, the Lend Lease program which built much of Russia’s military might and so many other obvious examples, not least of which was open borders, MFN status for Commie China…and on and on.

        9/11, World Wars, Covid…all part of a Zionist continuum that is methodically driving us towards our destruction. The 1st Amendment may be dead, but showing the sheeple it is dead, is a different matter altogether. America/the West has been under Zionist tyranny for quite some time, but they hide this tyranny, using our politicians as front men because they don’t want the general public to see the truth. Thus, showing US the truth is a new escalation, it is part of a progression to overt Jewish rule.

        Trump IS the Jewish candidate, he is Cyrus, and he has been groomed for decades to bring the fall of America. But Trump and the Jewish money/power behind him would be nothing if not for the Christian Zionists who are Trump’s primary supporters. Trump leads the insane Judeo-Christian death cult and they are working to bring an end to the West, likely culminating in war.

        • There is no such thing as “Judeao” Christianity….. the zionist leanings of evangelical Churches are purely created by massive influxes of jewish money.

          The “judeo” part of what you say funded atheism, paganism and as much corruption of traditional Christianity as possible.

          We agree on Trump being the Jewish candidate, or at least the candidate of ONE side of the jewish bloc

          • Paganism preceded monotheism. Christian practice borrow from pagan roots. It’s a fact.

            • cu.h.j
              “…Paganism preceded monotheism…”
              Actually if you look at most primitive Pagan cultures they tend to have a belief in “THE” God, a big single one, but they dont tend to have interactions with him. The smarter, most sophisticated Romans and greeks were also well past Polytheism though the public cults persisted ‘gods’ were often seen by the educated as being ‘aspects of” God rather like in hiduism

              “…Christian practice borrow from pagan roots…”

              Some practices did indeed carry over….just as African culture is seen in African Christian churches.
              What….you think people just forget their party days and weird little traditions?

              now, if your going to start with the silly ‘other virgin births” (actually…no they were not if you actually read the myths) or the “parallels with Egyptian myth” (which were imagined BEFORE we could actually read hieroglyphics….and now dont stand up so well) we might disagree. If Your just saying people pinched old holy days and slapped a new coat of paint on we’re in agreement

              • Exactly, Maimonides, the top Jewish Rabi of all time, specifically spoke of Christianity was not meant for the Jews but for you Goyim, it was a tool to bring the Pagan world to the Jewish God. Which is EXACTLY what it has done.

                Furthermore, Christianity IS incontrovertibly a Jewish sect, every single person who created it was Jewish. It is also a fact that early Christians were like ANTIFA today, they went around destroying Pagan idols and temples. They would carve crosses into the statues and break off the noses. They created a break from European peoples and their ancestors, just LIKE THEY DO TODAY!

                To say early Pagans were monotheistic is ridiculous, it was diverse, it was polytheistic. Certainly Rome, Greece, Celtic, Germanic, Viking, ALL had multiple Gods, it was the Jews who hated polytheism and worked, AS ALWAYS to make their enemies, our enemies.

                Christianity is nothing but a tool to destroy the native cultures and bring all under their Jewish God. Richard Currier does a great job debunking the Christianity psyop. Friedrich Nietzsche, who hated Christianity because he thought it was a religion of slaves, he postulated the theory that is obviously true , Christianity was pushed to weaken the peoples of the world, not strengthen them.

                Of course, I rely on results to define movements. With Christianity, it is pretty easy to see the outcome of its control. Under the guise of “saving people”, it has destroyed countless native cultures and religions. In Europe they used war to push the cancer of Christianity into northern and western cultures. If you questioned Jewish Christian dogma, you were tried as a heretic, sound familiar? Early on it was the Rabbis that were the primary book burners, a ritual which was accelerated under Christians rule. The Christians burned far more books of historical importance than the so called Nazis ever did.

                The West is supposedly Christian, yet that does not stop the West from supporting war after war. There would be no Zionism without Christian Zionists. Of course, some Christians will say, Christian Zionists are not “real Christians”, and I am sure they would say the same. But anything that is so easily corruptible is flawed.

                Christianity was spread either through the point of a spear or law in ancient times, if you went against Christianity you were killed, yet Christians today think Christianity was that which made Europe, a shocking concept, considering Christianity outlawed so much scientific research and human development. Europe grew in spite of the plague of Christianity, not because of it.

                Christian coping is getting quite tiresome, as they and their Jewish masters match us towards Armageddon. They fall for the older trick in the book, because the Bible says “Jews hate Christ”, they believe it, and ignore the fact that those same Jews who control Hollywood have made countless movies building up the Christian myth.

              • Love to see which privative Pagan cultures were monotheistic, perhaps you could be a bit more specific, because as a person of Irish decent I am aware of Celtic GODS, plural, Roman Gods Plural, Greek, Viking, Germanic, all plural…how far back did you actually have to go?

                Christianity, a cult that does not mind theocracy, as long as they are running the show. How many untold suffered the evils of Christian Theocracy? Of course that was the plan, build a religion for the Goyim, that will lay the ground work for the Jewish NWO. Christianity was just the scaffolding that the Jewish NWO will be build upon. Don’t read Richard Currier, he pretty much destroys your Christian coping. It is EXACTLY like listening to someone who buys into global warming, ignore the fact that these systems are 100% supported by the powers that be, NO alternate ideas are allowed: climate science, democracy, capitalism and most certainly Christianity. Atheism and Paganism is used derogatorily in our society, just like anarchy and “Climate Deniers”…You simply have no idea what is coming. Most can’t imagine this is a 2500 year old plan, if not longer, coming to fruition.

                Here is a link I am sure you will not partake, truth is the enemy of blind faith. Onward Christian soldiers marching off to war…no truer words have ever been spoken, Christians will fight any war for their masters, but never for themselves, period.


            • That’s because religion has been hijacked, weaponized and watered down in the church. They say they wanted to attract pagans, however I am at the point where I think it was done intentionally to try to separate us from God.

              Hence why I don’t regularly attend church, but prefer to read the bible, research extra biblical texts and listen to alternative Christian voices.

              Gary Wayne is one of my favorites. He’s like the James Corbett of the Bible.

        • Releonum

          Dude….the number one target for Jews has always been Christianity.

          If your silly enough to think that there was a coherent Paganism- or even sillier that there is any way to reconnect with it- then you are free to LARP it as much as you like. The common thread of jewish activity has always been to subvert Christianity, because it at its heart says Judaism is just a man made LARP.

          Pretty much jewish power is happy with anything BUT Christianity, they even hate zionist Christianity though they use it freely.

          Jews as you see them today follow a religion they created based mostly on the work of babylonian Rabi’s IN RESPONSE to Christianity.

          But you do you…. 🙂 Enjoy

          • I don’t agree or disagree with your contention, but from what I know current day Orthodox Judaism is exactly the same as the Pharisaic practices of Jesus’s time. (I haven’t researched this in depth.)

            Additionally, the rabbi’s around 100AD (after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem) modified their scripture to remove prophecies that Jesus fulfilled. This is easily seen in the differences found between the jewish Masoretic OT text and the pre-Christ greek Septuagint.

            So from that aspect Judaism was facing an existential crisis and did everything they could to discredit Christianity and ensure the survival of Judaism. How those descendants relate to the Kazarian jews today is a completely different discussion.

            • “….How those descendants relate to the Kazarian jews today is a completely different discussion…..”

              Even as mainstream a book as “Silk Roads” by PeterFrankopan talks about the kazarian Empire, but honestly the MOST comprehensive book ever written on jews is “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by E M Jones (you can find the single vol copy online but the new Three Vol one is so worth the money)

              “….ut from what I know current day Orthodox Judaism is exactly the same as the Pharisaic practices of Jesus’s time….”

              In some ways its similar, but no- without Temple Worship and a priest hood to do animal sacrife it is a VERY different religion- first because it has no way to actually carry out prescribed worship and secondly because its built on centuries of Talmudic arguments WHICH SUPERSEDE the Old Testament scripture. The Talmudic arguments of the various rabis have created a whole new set of religious regulations to replace the Scriptural ones.

              The continuity in culture between Orthodox and Secular Judaism is covered well by Macdonald in “Culture of Critique” (I will link to annas archive but hve not personally inspected this copy)

    • Rexleo…

      Is this what you are speaking about?
      Free speech in action. Cops being cops.
      This poor professor is learning something about Noahide or being in the wrong place at the right time. Not enough information to be of any use.

      • Wow. That’s awful. Speaking out against the state of Israel will get someone in serious trouble these days. It’s similar to the cops in Texas arresting an old lady for not wearing a mask during the scamdemic. It’s authoritarianism and it sucks. It’s funny how people defend it when it’s people they like who is doing it though.

        I wonder how some of the Christian’s here would feel about Noahide Laws being passed here. That essentially erases freedom of religion in the US and also free speech.

        I think many of them would be just fine with that so long as it’s in line with what they believe.

  8. Watch those WHO they have not backed down and want countries to sign up before they ratify the moot points in their programme; the most contentious details being covered up until 2026!
    Can’t miss the chemtrails between the clouds today – what are they doing it is already raining up there? Could they be planning for an extreme weather event in our mountains her in France? Bombs away, of every kind paid for by us!

  9. That bat house thing was quite funny. I just adore stuff like that. Bats, defending against 5G in hopes of recovering the scamdemic faux pas… Priceless.

    BTW I hope that determined cat found her way to safety.

  10. Sound interference on James E P’s broadcast made that an uncomfortable listen.

  11. Latin “sci enti fic” translated to English means “know that it is fiction”. Oh my. It may also translate to “they know it is fiction”. Go try it yourself.

    Max Igan made me aware of this tidbit. I’m confident this is a 100% epistemological koinkidink.

    • Dang! What the fic?!

  12. Last month’s flood in Dubai was supposedly due to a different kind of weather modification. @SunWeatherMan details how they used electrification to create the rains which he says blows up their climate change narrative (which excludes solar effects)

  13. And all this reached Afghanistan as well and 150 people died in recent floods there… Man!…

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