Interview 1867 – Soros, Tucker and WW3 on The Ochelli Effect

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Interviews | 23 comments

via The Ochelli Effect: Chuck spoke with James to pick his brain about where the media and the associated Racket of War are currently and the future of the industrial complex that seems to be more unified than the one-party American system.

A few notes on the many clown cars pulling up to the arena of public observation are covered in this discussion.

James is one of the last men standing in what was once a huge independent media landscape that has been absorbed into the current composite matrix of media. If you haven’t encountered James Corbett before now, we wish to welcome you to the other side of the information-looking glass.

Israel, Ukraine, and Discount Anderson Cooper Failure (AKA Tucker The New Alt Media Darling Carlson) are also included as points of interest.


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  1. Tucker Carlson has never told me anything that I didn’t already know.

    • Speaking of Tucker Carlson, I was disappointed to hear him say in more than one of his reports about his visit to Russia that he has become “radicalized” by what he saw. Repeated use of that particular word seemed like blatant manipulation of viewers that are easily swayed by being told what to think. What a tool!

      Furthermore, his videos of modern, clean supermarket, mall, and subway in a communist state to illustrate they are so much nicer than in USA – maybe the message is that communism is better?

      • jo-ann
        “…. clean supermarket, mall, and subway in a communist state to illustrate they are so much nicer than in USA – maybe the message is that communism is better?…”

        Did you MISS the part where Communism (and the USSR) fell…..?

        The USA is more Communist the Russia these days- worse then Russia Elites are moderately competent and Russia is not actively trying to destroy its own tax cattle while the ruling class in the USA is sawing off every branch they sit on.

        In many respects (bankruptcy,incompetent elites,failing economy,ect) the USA today is rather like the last days of the Soviet Empire. Here is review of a book about it (there is an audio option where he reads it aloud, which is nice if you want to listen and do something at the same time)

        • Haha. I never said anything about the USA, which is not a democratic republic and never was a democracy. And it’s economy hasn’t been based on pure market capitalism since… never?

          I believe Tucker stated that Russia, as a communist nation, is not expected to be so well-to-do according to the MSM narrative. That is why he has been “radicalized.”

          • “…I believe Tucker stated that Russia, as a communist nation, …”

            If he said that I would imagine that he is probably making a joke about how people in the USA still think that its a Communist state.

            I dont think the USA ever was free market Capitalism, TBH, they were always giving land grants and favoring certain industries and stuff like that. But then, no country is ever anything but an Oligarchy and never will be, human nature being what it is.

            The book review IS pretty good, though, and the guy also has a pleasing voice.

            • Yes, the taste it leaves in your mouth is more reminiscent of fascism than it is of capitalism.

              • Tsingi

                I kinda see Fascism and Communism as (in theory) being all about the “Total State” …… the same thing just with a bigger dash of Capitalism in the economy.

                That said the Nazi’s gave capitalists a smack over the low quality and chemical additives in industrial food.

                Auron MAckintyre on the total state

      • In his interview with Trump, Israel and genocide were off the table, not a mention.
        NOT a journalist, NOT a president. Very clever to make you think so.

        It’s like Matt Taibbi or Glenn Greenwald. They got 9/11 completely wrong, but didn’t stop there, they called out as fools anyone questioning what happened.

        You do not support broken clocks, when you need them they can revert to their 9/11 views and point fingers, or hide things by getting attention for one uncovering, while leaving the most protected secrets completely hidden.

        Find integrity. Stay with integrity.


        • I understand the sentiment here. Anyone with a brain and a functioning conscience if they look at the facts would conclude that Israel massacres Palestinians on a regular basis. “Mowing the lawn” is the term the Zionist leadership has openly called it. “The Hannibal Directive” is another term they used towards their own citizens.

          To me, Israel is obviously an evil state. Is it worse than the US? The two are enmeshed anyway so maybe it’s impossible to speak of one without the other.

          Why would RFK be on the side of Israels most recent genocidal and homicidal military intervention? Perhaps he has some wealthy Jewish donors? I would venture a guess that most wealthy Jewish donors are also Zionists, because it’s very hard to maintain ones wealth if they step on the wrong toes. Also, consider the possibility of blackmail. Who’s name was in Epstein’s black book?

          To be clear, I am not saying all Jewish people who are wealthy support Israel and there maybe some who know right from wrong, but the people with connections will turn a blind eye.

          I do think RFK is sincere in his concern for American children, but his support of Israel given his prior stand against the Covid tyranny is confusing.

          There’s some quote or statement that goes “those who can’t be criticized are the people who rule over you” and I strongly believe this is true.

          I think James has clearly and consistently established his position against genocide in all forms, so he does not need to denounce anyone.

          But I also think that people will always compromise a little bit of their idealism in the real world in some way. “Purity tests” if you will will sometimes be discarded in some cases and maybe in RFK’s case.

          Does his good work in one area negate his “blindness” towards human suffering in another area?

          Also, does RFK Jr. have a right to be wrong and learn from his mistakes? And can this be applied to someone like Tucker Carlson?

        • Sympathy for the Palestinians is a good filter isn’t it! I see it from some ex-military analysts, good filter there too.
          No politicians yet, but then they all had to sign agreements to support “My lovely Israel” in order to get elected.

      • Carlson is just another global mouth piece playing a role, he went to “Russia” (see: CCCP “The Perestroika Deception”) on a propaganda tour for Putin (BRICS), to point out how “well” Russia is ruled, as compared to the West’s leadership. Same reason they make Putin seem anti “woke”, anti gay, “Putin, like Trump, will put an end to this wokism”, of course woke is just another name for Marxism and is just a tool to undermine us (At ANY TIME they could switch woke off, those at the top of the “woke agenda”, care about “social justice” as much as they do Palestinian rights in Palestine, ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Of course the same Lubavitchers run Russia as they do the West. This is all theater, moving the ignorant masses to the BRICS, and away from the West and “late stage Capitalism”, total nonsense. “They” orchestrate the movement of jobs out of the West and to China, THEY orchestrated the “elections” of the treasonous human garbage that now sits in every capital in the West (Of course, while these Western “leaders” may be at odds in many ways, one common theme rules without exception, total fealty to Israel and its “security”). They also orchestrated endless migration into the West, and orchestrated one debt creator after another: Covid, Housing Crash, Airline Bailout, Funding war after war…

        At the end of the day, even though they orchestrated every aspect of where we are, they blame it on US, oh it is “wasteful, racist, lazy, bloated WHITE Western societies, that is why the West is failing”.

        All propaganda, all lies, total war on the west.

        • Gee James, this is your new and improved site? Really?

          It’s interesting to hear your frequent references to the “dinosaur” media. They are old news but you sure keep bringing them up. Curious.

          New and improved; really?

  2. chuck mentioned a few times that he thought nothing huge would happen, before the selection. whynot?

    If an accidental kaiser-khan was trying to take down the usa,,, in other words population reduced by 80%, all ownership revoked,,, north american slave traders 2.0

    the level of charge that comes through people when thinking about who to vote for, is fertile ground for manipulation. working that to divide, and let them conquer each other, would be cost effective. augmenting with already in place mercenary/terror cells, and the odd power stop and or communications stop.. I doubt them-their globaloney wants anybody happy.

  3. The Tucker Carlson interview is best seen, in my view, through the media’s response to it and the US intel agencies attempts to prevent it. He mentioned that his attempts to contact the Kremlin were undermined by some unclear means (interception, impersonation etc. capabilities which the NSA/CIA possess).

    Irrespective of that, EU technocrats suggesting that Carlson should be investigated, denied transit or other stupidities, along with the Queen of Warmongers rolling out the tired phrase of “useful idiot” displays their anger at the fact that the huge audience which Carlson enjoys would have a chance to hear an uncut, uncontrolled interview with the Russian Federation president.

    The volume of response to the interview displayed that a sizable portion of the US audience was interested in this.

    These are, of course, surface notes, which is what I do in 2-D land.

    Over to you,


  4. Not sure why but I feel this is a nice conversation avoiding the most pressing issue on the planet, the open genocide. It’s like the NY Times putting top story bottom page 9 instead of front page

  5. Great conversation and Yes I do agree the big thing on the table is the WHA meeting in Geneva; and their cooking up of something very very bad. I can also see why James though the US presidency battle; may not give anyone any new freedoms as regards the above – does anyone know the mind of anyone in power before they get there? However Trump believes in God does he not?

  6. Just thinking out loud…

    Concerning radio stations being bought out by “Son of Soros”, is it possible that these are being scooped up to prevent alternative news podcasters from using them as a broadcasting source in the future. Especially, once the internet is gets closed off to them, which should most certainly happen in the future.

    What do you think?

    • They cant cut off the net- just break it into smaller neighborhoods and walled gardens. They can control what you ‘stumble on’ but cant shut it off totally.

      Aside from the ability to spy ON people and propagandize they super well the issue for them is that flat out killing the internet crashes the system- phone calls, stocking shelves, credit card shopping, it would all stop and there would be mass panic all at once.

      They may be stupid enough to do that one day- but honestly IMO it suits the ruling class better to keep people finger swiping their lives away

      • The internet is as reliable as your electric outlet.

    • “Why radio may be important.”

      I think that one of the Soros strategies has been to augment an infiltration of authoritarian officials on a local level. It is a bottom up approach towards controlling the narrative and people.
      Countless Texas officials have received Soros money or influence.

      Texas radio is still alive and it targets local communities.
      Also, it is one of the few media platforms in Texas that offer a voice for the political right, and/or for business promoters (e.g. organic gardening Howard Garrett – Dirt Doctor).

    • Won Fat Fuk, that would be a perfect ____ stragedy___ for someone who believes them selves to be god like. A weapon to be held in reserve. However untill that day comes the bills have to be paid. Around the country, those who work rely on background noise and the radio is the perfect media for job site location. Most that I come across in the field are listening to sports. The factory workers I know listen also. All seem to be getting the line. The sports book business is large,very large.
      As Elanna Freeland recently commented on the Gods have plundered the tax cattle so heavily,the once pools of public debt money is dried up. 33trillion $, gone just in the US. So where is the value now in the US? In paychecks , savings, coins and mattresses for those that don’t work, gambling. Drugs, sex trafficking, human trafficking and gambling are the old/ new ways of financing the God wantabe Hegemony .
      Radio is cheap right now and a virtual universal tool waiting to be used. In the mean time push the sex,drugs and gambling lines.

      What do you think?

      • On radio being important .

        Stephens Media Group is a small company in the NE Oklahoma.
        They are a Christian broadcaster, some country and an employer that takes notice of their employees. However,they are heavily computerized and AI driven. I use to service some transmitters and know them not to be of the Soros ilk.
        They have grown by buying bargain transmitters and licenses in small- mid markets. I’m sure they would counter any threats of the NWO. They are real people. I’m glad America has such owners as this.

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