Interview 1862 – NATO Preps New Cold War Exercise – #NewWorldNextWeek

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Interviews, Videos | 46 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:


Story #1: Federal Court Declares Trudeau’s Emergencies Act Use Unconstitutional

Ultra Vires

Government Will Appeal Federal Court’s Emergencies Act Decision, Freeland Says

PDF: 190 Page Canadian Federal Court Decision

Episode 434 – Canada’s Freedom Convoy Commission

Episode 437 – Canada Criminalizes Dissent

Commissioners Report – National Citizen’s Inquiry – Canada’s Response To Covid-19

Story #2: NATO Holds Its Largest Military Exercises Since Cold War

US, UK Launch More Strikes In Yemen As US Names New War Against Houthis

The Able Archer War Scare Declassified PFIAB Report Released

Episode 346 – 9/11 War Games

Story #3: Ubisoft Executive Says People Need To Get “Comfortable” Never Owning Games

Game to Stop Selling Pre-Owned Titles

Here’s How Life Could Change In My City By The Year 2030

#MorningMonarchy: Fake Biden Robocall Told Dems They Should Skip NH Primary

Sports Illustrated Publisher Guts Staff, Future Unclear

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  1. Awesome episode guys!

    Is that a new intro segment or is it just the different size of the video player that is giving me the impression it is new?

    @JEP, I just heard yesterday’s Morning Monarchy broadcast ( ) , it was awesome! 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words about my work my friend. I am looking forward to doing more monthly “Mounsey Minutes” with you guys and I am honored you feel my material is worth sharing with your audience.

    @JC Thanks for helping me to connect with JEP and thanks for all the important work you and JEP are doing in sharing these informative and entertaining segments with all of us.

    Cheers guys!

    • Hey Gavin!
      I listened to Wednesday’s Media Monarchy. So cool you got to share your content to inspire people to start gardening.
      We are expanding our garden this year, my husband is building us a greenhouse. I’m stoked to extend the growing season here in Colorado.

      And guess what? The Malus sieversii apple seeds you sent me have finished their winter stratification slumber and are now happy little seedlings in my southern bay window. We got a 50% germination rate, which I feel is pretty good for apples! Nine tiny trees with abundant potential. Thank you again.

      Also, for JEP and anyone else in northern New Mexico or southern Colorado;
      You’re invited to the Pueblo Sun Soil Water Ag Summit, Saturday, February 24th. An all day event with local food producers, speakers, and break out sessions. The theme this year is People Power. Only $15.
      I will be giving a short presentation with Pikes Peak Permaculture and would love to meet some fellow Corbeteers.

      Happy Gardening!

  2. I was working in Shetland when the largest ever NATO exercise took place in 1978. A simulation of a Russian invasion.

    It was bizarre to encounter fully camouflaged troops in ditches at the side of the road. I drove to a place called Eshaness which has spectacular cliffs to be greeted with the surreal sight of military ships across the entire horizon. A bit scary actually as their guns were pointed in our direction.

    “The exercise was conducted by 40,000 men, 22 submarines, and 800 aircraft from nine countries. Two amphibious landing took place, one in the Shetland Islands and a second in Denmark.

  3. New site design looks great, my compliments to the designer/developer.

  4. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
    — Voltaire
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “I think it would be a good idea.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948)
    when asked what he thought of Western civilization
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth in defense of our great nation.”
    – George W. Bush
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “We don’t learn from war; we repeat it. We don’t prevent war; we perfect it.”
    – Heather Mallick
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    • We need a new yellow West movement.
      Let’s call it yellowmonero 2024:P

    • From my FREE 11/24/21 pdf download
      LINE IN THE SAND (essay)
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      The RT-PCR test tests cell samples seeking genetic sequences (bits of NON-human DNA) not specifically “Covid-19” and are present in dozens of human genome sequences.The PCR test does not detect “Sars-cov-2.”

      “Positive” results nationwide are found in fruit, sterile water, animals, etc. Tests may pick up dead debris, inactive viral particles posing no patient risk, indicating past colds, but not detecting current or predicting future illness, even if contagious.

      The inventor of the PCR test, Nobel Prize recipient Kary Mullis, repeatedly stressed it should not be used as a diagnostic tool because it’s incapable of diagnosing disease.

      Therefore, logic says the hundreds of millions of diagnosed cases, sparking mass vaccinations and unconstitutional lock downs, are based on deception.

      Hospitals received CDC “symptoms” of “CV-19” matching the common cold/flu. When examined, those patients with the “symptoms,” are designated “having” “Covid-19” in spite of other diagnosis’ such as cancer, COPD, Asthma, heart trouble.

      Hospitals also receive Government monetary incentive for “CV19” diagnosis.
      Ordinary flu or pneumonia – – – – – – – – $4,600
      Same symptoms called CV19 – – – – – – $13,000
      And “CV19” death on a respirator – – – -$39,000
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  5. Hey, James, I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about your gorgeous new website. The colors. The design. The size of the graphics. The new logo. The font. Even the light violet hyperlinks and boxes, etc.

    Wow, you and your site designer sure have great taste! Congrats on a remake job superbly done.

    • I agree! The website looks gorgeous, vibrant, with a clean feel to it!
      And from a marketing perspective…in this era, it positions the content very well…an elevation of value to a normie eye.

      There were aspects of the old website design that had advantages… …the bird’s eye overview, an “at a glance” without scrolling.
      I always did like the “Recent Comments” list on the right side. I could quickly open tab windows to each comment, then read them one at a time.

        • @mkey

          Yes I noticed that regarding “There are no links to individual comments any more.”

          I hope that option is added back in some form so that one can link pertinent comments elsewhere on the internet and/or link them on here to avoid having to repeat something over again if possible.

      • Hey, HRS, could you please remind me how to make my words italics and, separately, bold? Thanks a bunch!

  6. James, I haven’t even started to watch the episode of NWNW, but already I have to make a second comment.

    I thought I’d hit the wrong button when I settled in to watch you and JEP but saw, instead, an ad! Huh? And then, not one ad, but two ads from the same company. To say I was floored would be an understatement. To say I was pleased would also be an understatement. You two deserve to be compensated for your work. And 4 Patriots deserve to be put in front of your audience. And your members deserve to learn about 4 Patriots.

    Why do I say this? Because I’m already a proud 4 Patriots customer. Yes, after a deep freeze and power outage a couple years ago, I bought the 4 Patriot solar-powered generator, which came with a set of solar panels (I later got a second set) and lots of other free gadgets, plus some long-lasting survival food. The company has since come out with an upgraded model of generator, which I’d buy if I didn’t already have one.

    OK, back to NWNW we now go . . .

    • Thank you for the feedback, CQ. To clarify, the ad that you saw was placed there by Rumble. It has nothing whatsoever to do with me or James Evan Pilato or New World Next Week. The Corbett Report has never run ads and never will. I have replaced the Rumble player with an Odysee player and will refrain from using Rumble embeds in the future to avoid any such confusion.

      • Might consider BitChute. I have been there for 3+ years now. No word police and smooth operation. Some how “influencers” just don’t recommend it??

        I’m guessing with the missing choice option that all of our comments are being signed up for response when replied to? And I do miss the “Howdy EJ” in the right corner 🙂

        • Yeah, ej, come to think of it, I, too, miss the option of choosing whether we want to receive emailed responses to our comments . . . and the friendly “Howdy, CQ” in the upper-right corner! 🙁

      • @Corbett

        I had noticed those ads and was briefly surprised myself, but then I figured it must be something like that (a platform adding them on without you requesting them to).

        Thanks for clarifying and thank you for your integrity.

      • Oh, so THAT’s how the ad(s) sneaked in there, James.

        Well, I admit I’m relieved, because I was wondering if things were bad financially. (You’d mentioned the other day that some members weren’t re-upping on their credit cards in the new year.) That’s why I thought that you and JEP had resorted to running commercials (even if they’re worthwhile ones). And I wasn’t about to NOT be supportive if that were the case.

        But I join Gavin (whose comment is just above mine) in thanking you for having the integrity to stick with your initial decision.

        Thanks, James, for the clarification and for going back to the Odysee player to remove all doubt.

  7. LOVE the website! I was quite dazzled when I saw it, a surprise even though I knew it was coming.

  8. The 2024 Election year is going to be a real doozy, with one psyop after another, but at the end of the day, the question is, are they going to install Trump, OR build up an inevitable Trump election, but give the election to Biden to foment a “civil war”? It would be sold as a stolen election and the media would hype that fact.

    Democracy IS over, the Zionist Communist Globalists own the media, control the lion’s share of the donations and control the ballot counters (either directly in terms of controlling the software or the counters themselves), they will install whom they so desire, end of story.

    The question is whom will they install and why. The religious aspects of the ZioComs (Chabad-Lubavitch) seems to be proclaiming Trump is the new “King Cyrus”, to again save the Jews from persecution, Trump is their “Chosen One”, who will lead to the “war of sons on light against the sons of darkness”, “Gog vs Magog” and all the other “end of days” nonsense the psychopaths that created the Abrahamic religions believe in. It seems the Abrahamic religions were created to establish mutual destruction of the masses (“Christians” vs “Muslims”), leaving the Jews alone to manage the planet. Though don’t expect either of the tools to see this, “it is easier to fool a man than convince him he has been fooled”, ego is a powerful tool in self-denial.

    One way or the other, Trump is their guy, but will they install him and then use some ZioCom false flag/terrorist attack to justify war against Iran and thus trigger WW3 (understanding that would only represent the military phase of a war that is already being waged on us right now) OR will they create the perception of a Trump win in a landslide, but then give the election to Biden, (They did this to the Dems with Clinton, making it look like she had the win on MSNBC/CNN, thus increasing the emotional let down of the dems when they installed Trump – to be clear I am not saying Trump did not win, who knows, I am just saying they gave the impression to the dems, Clinton would win-it is all about fomenting the maximum emotional response) and use their control of the media and maybe a few FBI coordinated false flags to be blamed on “white Christian nationals “to simulate a “civil war”, and Marshall Law. I do not believe there will be an America as we know it post 2025, obviously, I hope I am wrong.

  9. Interesting, NATO war simulation, is this like all the pre-war simulations we have witnessed, like before 9/11 and Covid?

    Certainly, 9/11 and Covid were aspects of the war against humanity, but it seems they have such control they can test out their attacks right in front of our faces, knowing their control over the media will insure no unwanted questioned will ever be asked.

    On a relevant side note, it always makes me roll my eyes when I hear the fallacious argument against the existence of governmental conspiracies as “too many people would have to be in on the conspiracy, someone would blab”. But the total control is NOT in the action of one conspiracy, but controlling the decimation of that information: TV, Radio, Print Media, and the internet. If I knew they planned on doing another 9/11 and wanted to leak it, who would I tell, Julian Assange, Alex Jones, maybe Joe Rogan, lol. All these publicized jokers are nothing but controlled assets of the system. If someone was real, if Mr. Assange was real, you would NOT hear about him in the media, he would not be a thing, he would be DEAD! The idea a TRUE enemy of the state would be hold up in some 3rd-world embassy is beyond ridiculous, let alone covered by the MSM. Noting all that Juicy info Assange leaked did such a good job exposing American diplomatic antics, but leaving out Israel’s ever present dealings within America’s diplomatist dealings.

    • The powers that be want the American government to look bad, they ARE taking down America from within, they have been for quite some time. The point is, the world they create is an illusion, Democracy, Capitalism, Christianity, all tools of control. Everything they do they do to build up these pillars, only to be able to take them down when the time is right. The reality is, much of our so called reality is controlled, contrived, and it needs to be seen as such. That is why words like anarchy are so demonized, ALL aspects of their control are external, they do not want internal locus of control. Democracy we have our “elected” officials to govern us, with Capitalism we have CEOs, boards and banks, with Christianity we have Priests, Popes and the Bible telling us how to be. Of course now we see it with the media where they get to tell us who we should “trust” for our news”. I knew covid was a scam from the start because the word I was personally witnessing did not match up tot he world I was being sold by the media.

      • Rexleo
        “if Mr. Assange was real, you would NOT hear about him in the media, he would not be a thing, he would be DEAD!”

        He’s real. I dont know him personally but have contact with his father who has passed through town a few times,, trying to keep his son alive. His suffering is real or his dad is atop master actor whopping liar. nah, he’s real.

        your point about him being used in some capacity as apposed to being dispensed with may have merit, but was it julian “leaving out Israel’s ever present dealings within America’s diplomatist dealings”. can you back that up?

        “these publicized jokers”, get f’ckd.

        after his courageous act, that likely you have benefitted from, and ensuing years of enforced suffering,,, . best you go look in the mirror to catch a glimpse of who may be “joking”

        • I don’t know Assange and I don’t know you, but I do know a psyop when I see one.

          PROVE that Assange is REAL, prove you have contact with his father, prove anything YOU say… yet you have the audacity to expect proof from me? You need to check yourself, in a world of smoke and mirrors, we are all trying to make sense of the war that is being waged on us all, and you have no more authority to speak on matters than anyone else.

          Dismissing your suspect emotional (hasbara?) nonsense, what we are seeing across the media sphere is a move by the Zionist Globalists to discredit the West, all in a move to lift up the BRICS (Communism) nations to supplant the West, anything that furthers that goal is suspect.

          The idea someone, anyone, can get away with revealing secretes the powers that be don’t want revealed, flies in the face of history and current events. You can have the entire nation of Germany protesting, and not one major news media outlet in America will cover it, and the same can be said regarding innumerable stories the media won’t cover. The media is NOT independent, it is an arm of the Zionist Globalists, thus, if we are hearing something on their media, it is because they want you to hear it, PERIOD! That means, one way or another Assange is doing their bidding (knowingly or possibly not).

          The fact that Assange left out of his big reveals the MOST duplicitous, deceptive and subversive nation on the planet, Israel is no mystery, but you want me to “back that up”, back it up yourself. I am here to express my opinion, not educate the ignorant. You think you know so much about Assange, but don’t even know what he “leaked”…You need to do your own homework.

          • gee thats a lot of hot air.
            i should have expected as much from a leo.

            To be fair, the most likely truth is that neither of us knows the 100%truth behind what was exposed how,what,&why of the wikileaks story. Though my source couldn’t be closer to the bone. Over several direct contacts I’ve come to trust him. Where-as, you project a belief based on lack of evidence as evidence.

            My comment pointed to your fetid arrogant claim that Assange is a “joker”. Thats all. Based on direct contact with his father, I believe his suffering is real. Your ignorance of that demands reproof.

            Your stack of politic-diatribe type assumptions, including that I may be israeli propaganda (miss), finishing with “you don’t even know what he leaked” (of which you have no idea), its your “tell”.


            A real king could have the temperance to show respectful humility for the suffering of others.

            • I’m not sure if in your mind what you think you are doing is trying to get a point across, but you might try to at least get that point across before regressing to your staple ad hominem fallacy. Maybe some meditation or medication would help, but I’m not interested in being on the receiving end of you psychopathy.


              • “not interested”?

                good on ya.

                “you think you are doing is trying to get a point across”

                for the 3rd last try: Your claim that jullian assange is a “publicized joker”, considering the years of prison he’s endured is appalling.

                Your statement was a “staple ad hominem fallacy”, which you accuse me of. That is text book “A.R.R.S.” (accusative responsibility reversal syndrome).

                “Maybe some meditation or medication would help”. I wish you all the best with it.

  10. Wow! Shiny New Website/Portal. Congrats on the appearance and all who worked on her 😀
    Just upped my hitherto paltry subscription to a slightly less minimal amount in celebration.
    Thanks for all the hard work over time JC, JEP, and BW.

  11. Amazing how there’s always money for war and war games. and even the money to fund other peoples wars, yet there’s not enough cash to ensure a good health service.

    With ref, to ‘get rid of everybody’ and replace them with AI…Wouldn’t it be funny if AI ended up controlling these control freaks🤣 and maybe even getting rid of them???

  12. A fellow ran into my automobile recently and it had to be replaced. I got a newer model of the same make and it’s requiring I make some adjustments.

    And now I’m having to adjust to the newer model of the Corbett Report as well!

  13. I’ve always had issues with the embedded Odysee player, even on the old site. Sometimes the audio plays, but the screen is black. Now, I’m getting neither audio or video on this episode. I think the audio was playing initially, but not after I reloaded the page. I wound up watching via one of the external links. I’m using Safari on Mac and don’t have any active content blockers for this site.

    A suggestion for under the videos where it says, “Watch On:”. Maybe add popup text as you hover over the different video platform icon links to make it clearer what they are. A few are obvious, but not all.

    Overall, it’s looks like a great makeover James and much needed.

  14. A great improvement! You are always busy it seems and put out a great deal of great work! Thank you

  15. There are until now at least 4 countries in Europe whose Minister of “Defence” told the people that there will be a war against Russia within the next years:Germany, Sweden, UK, Netherlands.

    I am puking. I want peace with the Russians and throw out the US Oligarchs.

    • Further proof that Europe is really just The Fourth Reich, reconstituted from an MRE-type foil package – not tasty, not nutritious but a possible trade for sex with the natives.

  16. Recommendation of the week, podcast:

    Climate Change on Trial

    Find it on your podcast application. Mann vs Mark Steyn on trial. You don’t want to miss this event.

  17. James, the site looks sharp! Very nice. I love that the “comments” sends you right to the bottoms of the page. Very helpful.

    However, I do miss the “recently posted comments” section. But maybe that’s just me.

    Thanks for all you do and thanks to your cohorts as well.

    • @Torus

      It is not just you.

      I found that feature to be like a way to ‘take the pulse’ of the heartbeat of the Corbetteer community at any given moment.

      I found it very helpful considering all the intelligent and well read people on here that may be shedding light on current events through their shared comments in diverse threads.

      Also, in particular, I found it helpful due to the fact that people often comment on older posts that are highly relevant to current events (older posts which some of us may not have had the opportunity to find yet through diggin in the archives).

      Thanks for the comment.

    • Yes, I too miss that recent comment overview and as I mentioned earlier, I was generally wondering a bit about the structure/software of this comment-section, could it not maybe be improved by

      a) NUMBERING the comments

      b) SHOWING THE MOST RECENT COMMENT always AS THE ONE FURTHEST DOWN instead of having it totally disappear in the above text if it was an answer to earlier comment


      To clarify what I mean, if interested, look at this comment-software/structure of the Unz Review:

      Sorry to be so critical, I just think an improvement like that could potentially make the dialogue/sharing of information in the Corbett comment section much more effective and popular.

      Other than that, great new website James, keep up the great work!

  18. Love the new format… but not sure where to share my loathing of the abominable dwarf – Chrystia Freeland. It’s (my profound for said personage) background is as murky as that of a man called H. Itler living in Argentina with a permanent erection of his right arm in the middle of the last century.

    You probably know a lot already but… there is a huge chill on investigating anything about these Operation Paperclip types and their various accomplices. To quite one such: “Ve haff infiltrated haff zee cabinets of the world.” Nice of them to be so proud of destroying our societies and our feeble and flawed democracies that they blurt such things out from time to time. But to get to my point(s).

    Freeland’s parentage is very murky as is her entire private life. Her UkroNazi grandfather was known to. at least occasionally move in the highest Nazi intellectual/political circles in Nazi Warsaw at the very least. Exactly where and with whom he met is largely a protected secret in the West. But meetings with Goebbels and that level of the ‘elites’ are absolutely likely as Chomiak was a key player in the propagandization of Nazi occupied Ukraine – A key territory in the Operation Barbarosa scheme.

    Visually, though suffering from dwarfism, Chrystia ‘Freeland’ is frequently the ‘dead spit’ of Magda Goebbels. Compare thumbprints if you do not believe me. Her husband is kept as closely under wraps as possible, but Magda’s first husband was Friedland, and she had children with him prior to moving on to better things – Jozef Goebbels. Conclusive ? No but circumstantially plausible and my intuition buzzes loudly whenever I contemplate the delicious possibilities.

    Magda, show-woman, good, loyal Hitlerite and wife that she was, named all her children with Jozef in honor of the dictator’s first letter – ‘H’. (I won’t list them here but it is so.) Chrystia Freeland then, fall out of that family tradition, except for that fact that in the Ukrainian language the ‘C’ which begins her name is silent or absent, making her, with an ‘extremely high degree of probability’ Hrystia …Friedland.

    As the Collective West is now in a state of Onus Reversus when it comes to their actions and dark personal histories, let her prove otherwise.

    • a) “a man called H. Itler living in Argentina with a permanent erection of his right arm in the middle of the last century.”

      – May one ask:

      a1) since you bring up the name/topic already in the 2nd sentence and then all way through, what do you think about the concept of reducio ad hitlerum (not meant polemically, would just interest me to know if you think it is a valid concept or not?)?

      a2) how much have you studied/know about the person you talk (presumingly in wording meant funnily?) about there (A.H.), any scholarly books you recommend?

      b) “Her UkroNazi grandfather was known to. at least occasionally move in the highest Nazi intellectual/political circles in Nazi Warsaw at the very least.”

      – That is rather a lot of Nazi for one sentence….

      May one again ask, what academic/scholarly material you have studied regarding that (Nazi) topic and would recommend and -most of all- whether you would say that you are approaching/have studied the entire topic objectively or with a bias?

      As said, not meant polemically, just interested.


  19. It was a breath of fresh air to hear the result of the court decision in Canada this week. The Canadian Charter of Rights has been trampled so often since Covid. Yes they will appeal but the decision is so well written that they might not be successful. Great new design on your sight…. I miss the “Howdy”…. As for the NATO war exercises…. yes they are an indication of their willingness to put us through WWIII. With Sweden trying to join NATO and so on. With Russia get more and more cozy with China it does not harbor well. I still think that there is a possibility that if NATO keeps on pushing far enough the bear will start attacking and the best route would be from Russia to Alaska then BC then US. It makes me angry. The population needs to get off the couch and send a clear message to the elite and their gang that we are not interested in wars.

  20. Very good episode guys , and I love the new intro

  21. The “subscribe to everything”-scam at least take away the need for the “planned obsolescence”-scam.

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