Interview 1870 – Where’s Kate? (NWNW 548)

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Why Is The CDC Now Treating COVID Like It’s The Flu?

CDC Shortens 5-Day COVID Isolation, Updates Guidance On Masks And Testing In New 2024 Recommendations

Video: Local Experts React After CDC Drops 5-Day COVID-19 Isolation Guidelines

Four Years Ago This Week, Freedom Was Torched

Trump “Clearly Hasn’t Learned From His COVID-Era Mistakes”, RFK Jr. Says

Story #2: Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead Days After Testifying Against Aviation Giant

ICIJ: Boeing Whistleblower’s Journey From Pre-Crash Warnings, To Going Public In Their Wake

Ed Pierson: Former Boeing 737 Program Senior Manager Director, Foundation for Aviation Safety

NWNW Flashback: The Mystery of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (Mar. 13, 2014)

United Airlines Reports Fifth Incident In Over a Week As US-Bound Flight Returns To Australia

Boeing Is In Big Trouble

“Feels Like The Enemy Is Within” Boeing Airplanes, Says Pilot Who Flew For Air Force During Operation Desert Storm

Story #3: A Timeline of the Drama – and Conspiracy – Surrounding the Princess of Wales

Photo Agencies Refusing To Publish Portrait of Kate Middleton With Her Children Over Concerns It Was Manipulated

Kate Photo: Princess of Wales Seen After Saying She Edited Mother’s Day Picture

Forget the Occupants… FIVE Tires?!?😳

Kate’s Photo a Fake?

What? Another Kate Middleton Post? Yea. This Edit Blew My Mind.

Video: Evidence the Mother’s Day Photo Was Photoshopped

It’s clearly the same photo. They need to just do better, or just tell us what’s going on…

Prince William “Beside Himself” Over Kate Middleton’s Decision to Step Away From Royal Duties: Report

Stephen Colbert Trolls Prince William’s Alleged Affair With Rose Hanbury Amid Kate Middleton Drama

Thomas Kingston: Remarkable Life of the ‘Relentlessly Optimistic’ Royal Found Dead at 45

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@MediaMonarchy Called It.

Netflix Series on the Octopus Murders Continues Cover-up of Reporter’s Death and CIA Crimes He Threatened to Expose

Marc Bernays Randolph

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  1. For anyone new here I am repeat posting my 2 year research paper (free pdf or watch the video)

    It has all the basic information of who created the lie, masks, vaccine, PCR test, etc.

    It will give talking points “ammo” for those you may want to help understand the bigger picture and good to have for refreshing your own understandings.

    LINE IN THE SAND (essay)

    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

    • Regarding Trump…

      Zbigniew Brzezinski
      Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (written 50 years ago)

      “We have a large public that is very ignorant about public affairs and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by candidates who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogans”
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “Drain the Swamp” “Make America Great Again”??

  2. About: Kate’s family photo a Fake?

    The zipper goes dark (3), door-edge/cement-shift (4), knee (5) and do not look exceptional.

    Even in the zipper brightened picture, it looks as if some other clothing goes in the way.

    The moving hand (1) and transparent sweater (2) may just be artifacts of a camera with AI.
    These are places that are in the dark.
    The modern cameras are using AI to improve pictures or fill in bits.
    Like you can make a zoomed-in “photo of the moon” with AI-enhanced camera and
    it may generate an image from memory.
    So you need to know the camera (+lens) and its settings.

    With bad lighting (bright and dark places) this post-processing may cause all kinds of artifacts.
    Additionally there can be image compression artifacts.
    Especially video-compression can cause weird things.

    Finally, most photographers are also using AI in Photoshop to make things look “better”.

    The boy’s hand (left, on the table) is the only thing that looks weird.
    He seems to be missing his index finger.
    But may be how he holds his fingers in a weird way.

    All children hold their fingers in a difficult position and have open mouth smiles.
    That is very hard to do with AI, because it is not a common position.

    One could claim that Kate’s face was copy-pasted into the picture.
    She looks more standard. But there is no evidence of that. Things around her face are fine.

    One could think of a combination of 2 or 3 pictures, when the children smiled on camera at different times.
    This would be post-processed to make them all smile perfectly at the same time.
    This is actually what a traditional photographer might do.
    It would require very little movements of the persons in the picture, and have them sit tight.
    And these small changes might be visible in:
    the moving hand (1), transparent sweater (2) and zipper goes dark (3)

    In the “five tires” picture, the “fifth tire” is clearly on the other side of the road.
    And likely a tree or something.

  3. I would once have thought that the powerful could fake stuff like photos properly, but honestly they appear to be suffering from the same competency crises as the rest of the west right now.

    • I disagree with the incompetency theory about the Kate photo, and agree with Mr. Corbett that this is some sort of psyop. JC says it may be to discredit future photos that are real, and we’re being prepped to believe the opposite. It may also be a psyop against websites such as He has done extensive examination of historical photos and shown many of them to be terrible fakes, and thus has thrown considerable doubt on the history that we’ve been told. These photos have been out in the public domain for too long; you can’t just make them all disappear, so the strategy is to confuse and brainwash the public on this matter and hope that they will just give up and trust the MSM to tell them what’s real and what’s not.

      • Yep, no need to look any further now we’ve got BBC Verify. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. BBC Unverified is still 100% accurate though of course. BBC Verify just has additional fancy dan ‘geolocation’ capabilities.

  4. I learn so much stuff at Corbett Report…I did not know this…

    Edward Bernays & NETFLIX

    Marc Bernays Randolph (born April 29, 1958) is an American tech entrepreneur, advisor and speaker. He is the cofounder and first CEO of Netflix…

    …Randolph was born to a Jewish family in Chappaqua, New York, the eldest child of Stephen Bernays Randolph, an Austrian-born nuclear engineer turned financial adviser and Muriel Lipchik of Brooklyn, New York who ran her own real estate firm.
    One of Randolph’s paternal great-grand uncles was psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud.
    Another paternal great-uncle of Randolph was Edward Bernays, an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda.
    Randolph spent his summers during high school and college working for the National Outdoor Leadership School, becoming one of its youngest instructors. He graduated from Hamilton College in New York with a geology degree.

    Randolph’s first job out of college in 1981 was at Cherry Lane Music Company in New York. Put in charge of the company’s small mail-order operation, Randolph taught himself direct mail and marketing techniques while tinkering with different ways to sell Cherry Lane’s catalog of sheet music directly to consumers.
    Randolph’s fascination with using computer software to track customers’ buying behavior would ultimately inform his decision to create a user interface at Netflix that doubled as a market research platform.
    He further developed his theories about using direct mail to influence and retain customers doing circulation work while helping found the U.S. version of MacUser magazine in 1984. While co-founding computer mail-order firms MacWarehouse and MicroWarehouse with Peter Godfrey and his partners about a year later, Randolph made the connection between overnight delivery and improved customer retention.
    The discovery later proved crucial to Netflix’s growth and survival: the company’s subscriber base first blossomed and cut into Blockbuster Inc revenues in cities where Netflix offered overnight DVD delivery….

    • When I heard his middle name my first thought was to look him up. Thanks. He is related to the dreaded Edward.

    • This show has inspired countless memes for me, including the one I’m about to make about Netflix

  5. What if the Illuminati are looking at the calendar too and take you out on your week off so that their brain dead conspiracy theory about how you died has more time to operate on the sheep? Do they know that the sheep don’t even know who you are?
    I’m just going to worry anyway.

  6. I have a very strong sense that this will be the least attended “selection” mime in history. It’s like a remake of a remake and the first one was so bad, you couldn’t believe there was another remake. NO one of substance can possibly be anything but appalled at the repeat selections.

    Like Hollywood, there is nothing new, because real art is about truth and they are a dam to Art. 9/11 was in my view the final brick in that dam.

  7. **It’s what they did to air travel. Airlines still have sales reps. You are right, each airline has its own niche/market, mostly around hubs and they have the “pie” divided up perfectly to be inter-supportive. A new kind of monopoly. But more than that. They also own hotels, and baggage companies, and tour companies, and car companies, and… So what has happened is you are going to fly the airline you must for convenience and fare and you will stay in a hotel that is part of a chain because private properties are hidden and under reviewed. You will dine at the restaurants advertised in their local guides… all along the way you are feeding a now very limited number of individuals. It doesn’t matter if you go out of your way to avoid it, they don’t mind exceptions, they are too big to care about that.

    Apply to everything.

  8. What’s going on is the entire system of travel is being set up to accept some kind of “credit” or “credit score” or “security approval” and all will require “real id” which was supposed to be in place about 3 years ago, and from the inside it is being kicked down the road, but now “guaranteed” to happen by… 3 or 4 years after they wanted to. Covid helped a lot, I’m sure.

  9. I haven’t seen any evidence that the UK’s Emergency Coronavirus Act is being repealed. When it was first enacted I wrote to my MP about it, but as usual, he didn’t bother to reply.

    I think they’ve bumped Kate off so they can take full control of the heirs. Who are “they”? No idea. Maybe the “dark forces” that Queen Elizabeth apparently spoke of. It’s a strange world in those circles. Not one I’d want to be part of – or to pay my respects to.

  10. ‘Bald Bill’, ‘Half-brother Harry’ 🤣🤣🤣

  11. I am vehemently opposed to lockdowns, “vaccinations” (forced or otherwise), masks, and all of the other tyrannical impositions foisted upon us during this covid-1984 era, however, I must state a very unpopular opinion in the alt media space. Covid is not the flu. It is wholly possible and probable that cases of common colds and flus were conflated with covid to amp up the fear and the numbers. It is also the case that there have been very “mild” cases of covid abound.

    All this being said, there is a novel disease agent that has been introduced to the population. I don’t know if it can be explained by the Wuhan lab leak theory, or even by the biological effects of the new EMFs enveloping our planet, but I do wish the more measured journalists in alternative media would consider that this is indeed happening. I’ve been a longtime skeptic of germ theory, and I denied the fact that “covid” existed at the start of the scamdemic, until I started seeing very unusual symptoms appear in the bodies of loved ones and eventually in myself. Lots of circulatory and neurological dysfunction that resulted in (among many things) swollen and discolored fingers and toes, sudden onset of hypoxia with no overt respiratory symptoms leading up, crushing migraines that lasted for weeks at a time, heart palpitations and tachycardia, permanent cardiac damage, fainting, insomnia, involuntary spasms, seizures, permanent loss of smell, tinnitus, gastroparesis. These symptoms would sometimes come and go for months at a time. I was a healthy young woman in my 30s with no prior health diagnoses, and after a severe case of covid in early 2021, I have lasting neurological damage.

    If it needs being said, I am unvaccinated, as are most in my family and friend group who have experienced strange and severe bouts of illness. I live in the most populated part of the US, ground zero for covid in 2020. Recently, I’ve had a couple friends who have had no prior run-in with covid and who remained skeptical of its existence until now, who recently got sick for months this winter, with very bizarre and debilitating symptoms that do no resemble any common respiratory illness. I do understand how people who haven’t seen this first hand might still think we are dealing with a cold or flu, but it’s not. At least not here in the US. The more severe covid symptoms resemble what we are seeing with vaccine injury. I suspect it’s a similar toxin acting on the body.

    Sorry for the rant. I think acknowledging that a bioweapon has been released is a very important part of the story that needs to be told, along with condemning the resulting tyranny. Not mutually exclusive positions.

    • I totally agree. Also unvaccinated, I did catch whatever they are injecting in the skies, food or elsewhere, first in Feb 2020 (before we were bombarded with the covid scam) and in 2021. The symptoms where not like a flu. The chest pain the first time was nothing like I had felt before (1 week bed with natural vitamin C only cured it); and the cough the second time almost lead to thrombosis. The difference was that I was never going to resort to hospitals or normal physicians. The one I found the second time respected my decision on vaccines and accepted there was something tricky around. But, true, it was not a simple flu. (Not that this eases my mind and stops me from thinking that the “normal” flu surely was another scam ini the early 20th century)

      • “I started seeing very unusual symptoms appear in the bodies of loved ones and eventually in myself.
        Lots of circulatory and neurological dysfunction that resulted in (among many things) swollen and discolored fingers and toes, sudden onset of hypoxia with no overt respiratory symptoms leading up, crushing migraines that lasted for weeks at a time, heart palpitations and tachycardia, permanent cardiac damage, fainting, insomnia, involuntary spasms, seizures, permanent loss of smell, tinnitus, gastroparesis. These symptoms would sometimes come and go for months at a time. I was a healthy young woman in my 30s with no prior health diagnoses, and after a severe case of covid in early 2021, I have lasting neurological damage.”

        The phenomena that both ya’ll mention is worth noting.
        I have heard first-hand from others mentioning similiar scenarios.

        Sometimes, I speculate that it is a result of shedding from the vaccinated.

        • I have considered that as a possibility. It wouldn’t account for the illnesses I witnessed pre-vaccine rollout, but there is certainly a concern about shedding now.

      • Good on you for taking your health into your own hands and for finding a conscientious doctor. And thanks for pointing out that there are real treatments and cures for this disease that don’t involve running to big pharma. I’ve had 2 experiences with “covid” (whatever it is) and both times ozone therapy saved me. The first time the therapy was administered by a likeminded doctor who was having a lot of success using ozone to treat both covid patients who were being turned away by hospitals and later with covid-vaccine-injured patients. She also noticed the new mystery illness among her patients in late 2019, before we were all propagandized to notice it.

        And, I agree about the “normal” flu. There is likely a lot we don’t understand about so-called communicable illness in general.

        • Idele says:
          “I’ve had 2 experiences with “covid” (whatever it is) and both times ozone therapy saved me.”

          I’m a BIG proponent of Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapies.
          Here is one Nov 2021 Thread…

          Ozone treatments REVERSE blood cell clotting, lumping caused by covid vaccines – striking visual evidence

          • Thanks for sharing! I really respect Dr. Levy. The clotting is also an issue with the non-injection-derived version of the disease, so it makes sense that this helped me.

          • Awesome! Ozone in hospitals would be revolutionary. I have a home unit now for maintenance therapies. Really invaluable in these times

  12. I didn’t know Tracy Twyman called out Prince William as AC. I’ve been leaning towards this for probably near on a decade, now, because I was early impressed with Grace Powers’ documentaries, Ring of Power and Ring of Power II (the Zion King), which alludes to William being the antichrist. There’s another author (The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea by Tim Cohen) who states it would be King Charles, but that seems unlikely in light of his cancer and poor health currently.
    I’m glad the two James’ speculated about this a little towards the end of NWNW, even though they (or at least Corbett) holds little truck in this occult and esoteric mumbo jumbo. But that’s why your numbers are so fucking low, Jimbo! Those are rookie numbers: you gotta’ pump those numbers up! Maybe YouTube will let you speculate about the AC on their platform, now that they Corona crisis has abated for The Science™ and the mainstream. Maybe you should start having more conversations with Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli rather than Meryl Nass and Ernest Hancock (actually, please have less conversations with Ernest Hancock…at least recorded ones).



    Prince William the Antichrist according to Tracy Tyman maybe

    RIP, Tracy

    The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea

    P.S.: And if I ever hear you swear like that again on this family fucking friendly broadcast, Corbett, I will cancel my goddamned subscription, post-motherfucking-haste.

  13. I like when James gets frustrated with the Trumptards and starts spitting fire. Makes me laugh.

    I think just about any story right now is ultimately a distraction from the all cause mortality data, because they’re screwed if the average normie really figures out what they did.

  14. You’ve made me laugh, guys. But I’ve been following Spanish and UK monarchies’ events since December, for the first time in my life (truly) I have watched AND FOLLOWED tabloid shows ad nauseam; they puked so many theories that finally made me stop. However, having listened to all of those, and having followed other events in the last years related to migration, banks, agriculture in Europe, I got the feeling of some kind of deja vu Revolution Française. I mean, do consort queens and princesses have the power to overthrow royal crowns? Why did they choose them in the first place? No one can believe this came from them, so… are the owners of the world fed up with royalty (or the new generations thereof), once so useful to them? The Spanish case is delirious, believe me, don’t miss it! We can laugh, because many things make us crack up, but something is cooking. And the fact that you brought this up, confirmed it. Abrazo!

    • great memes!

      #17 misses the mark, though, someone misinterpreted what they are saying.

      • @reflector

        Thanks! I`ll keep adding more as I have time.

        I think that meme about the heart attacks was just a silly attempt at highlighting how the mainstream news and industrial medical system was coming up with a whole plethora of random excuses why there were (and still are) an unprecedented amount of heart issues occurring in seemingly healthy young people (in lock step with the roll out of the mRNA and viral vector injections).

        Perhaps this one better encapsulates the message:

        • for sure there was some deflecting going on in the msm, trying to blame other things for heart issues.

          but, that particular slide (i guess it is #20 now, looks like you added some) seems to suggest that change in blood pressure when standing up is an indicator of whether you’re likely to have a heart attack. which may very well be legit. they aren’t saying that standing up causes heart attacks, just that if your blood pressure changes a lot (increases, presumably) when you stand up, it means you’re at a higher risk level. they’re not saying that standing up is the cause of heart attacks.
          hopefully that makes sense.

          • @reflector

            ya it wasn’t a meme I made, just something that was pointing out one of the many ways propagandists were telling us that everything is causing heart attacks (except that one thing!)

            I am sure that some of the things the propagandists were hyper-focusing on could actually pose a potential for decreasing cardiovascular health or causing issues in some, but the fact that they were sending out a tidal wave of such articles in lock step with the roll out of the heart crippling/heart failure causing injections was the part that made their abundance of heart attack causing activities “news reports” fishy/suspicious.


  15. one thing that should be pointed out about covid 2020 vs covid today, is that they aren’t the same covid.

    one of the hallmarks of a genetically engineered virus, as i understand it, is that it is not genetically stable, it will mutate over time, and degrade.

    the covid i had in mar 2020 was absolutely brutal, even though i was in great health, it took 3 months to mostly get back to normal, and another 3 months to get to 99% normal.
    what i’m getting over today, probably covid also, feels weaker, it’s taken 2 weeks+, but it still has that quality of going away, then resurging the next day, like only covid does.

    today, not only is the virus weaker, but, also, most of the world has developed some resistance to it, it’s not a brand new thing for the immune system to encounter.

  16. I get it … we love James … but those minutes long monologues — when this is supposed to be a con-ver-sa-tion gets really tiring.

    • Which one? They both go off on rants and they are great.

    • How do you mean? You’d like more of a devils advocate thing going on where they help the other get more watertight positions?

  17. I totally agree about the scamdemic. It makes me so mad how stupid people have been. I still see them wearing mask. lol

  18. All this reporting about Boeing and that does not raise your Spidey senses? Where is Boeing located, Metro Seattle, and what is going on on the West Coast and Seattle in general, total deconstruction. Boeing stocks are dropping…get ready for a strike. They are destroying Boeing, OBVIOUSLY, Boeing offers good jobs to white professionals, can’t have that..

    They are doing the same to the Movie/Entertainment industry.

  19. Whats going on with Boeing?

    >In damning messages turned over to Congress Thursday, Boeing employees joked about apparent deficiencies in the 737 Max and discussed dodging federal regulators to hide problems with the passenger jet that would be involved in two deadly crashes in the span of five months. “This airplane is designed by clowns,” one employee wrote in 2017, “who in turn are supervised by monkeys.” That same year, another employee referenced an internal push to bypass costly simulator training. (Boeing apparently insisted pilots could transition to the new model with a simple, low-cost tablet training.)

    Well I’m a superstitious man

    >The research, which was begun early last year, found that 22.9% of the company’s workforce are women, including nearly one in three (31.8%) executives and over one in five (22.2%) managers.

    >With regard to racial and ethnic diversity, the report found that Asian Americans are significantly more represented in the Boeing workforce than in the general population (14.2% versus 5.4%). Likewise, they are statistically over-represented among executives (8.3%), managers (7.9%), engineers (17.6%), and production workers (16.6%). Asian Americans are also 13.9% of new hires.

    >The numbers for African Americans and Latinos were less positive, with Black employees representing 6.4% of the overall workforce and Latino employees 7.0%.

    >Some of these findings may reflect where Boeing workers are concentrated in the U.S., home to all major Boeing production and engineering facilities. For instance, 40% of the Boeing workforce is located in Washington State, a state in which African Americans are under-represented and Asian Americans are over-represented relative to the national population.

    >The company last year put in place an “equity action plan” to raise the presence of under-represented groups in its workforce, and has established a Racial Equity Task Force as an internal think tank to develop inclusion mechanisms.

    >Calhoun said in his email that Boeing has a zero-tolerance approach to discriminatory behavior. Since June of 2020, Boeing has terminated 65 employees and taken corrective action against 53 others for behavior deemed to be racist or hateful.

    >The company acknowledges that its assessment of workforce diversity is incomplete, and plans to expand efforts at inclusion in the future. Boeing’s chief human resources officer, Michael D’Ambrose, told me Thursday that he views the first report as “putting a stake in the ground, from which we can improve.”

    2023 Boeing Report

    • Any guesses in regards to skin color of the 65 terminated and 53 corrected (ex)employees?

      • For all I know they could have been these Asians they seem to be so concerned about (presumably because they can be relied on to hold down a job) but somehow I doubt it. It would be one thing if they were interested in the end product and the poor beggars that have to use their planes. That would convey at least a little bit of respect but in fairness my country and the civilisation more broadly has become decadent so we will need to pay for teaching.

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