Interview 1883 – The Lamest Show on Earth (NWNW 556)

by | May 31, 2024 | Interviews, Videos | 16 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Tech Companies Agreed to AI ‘Kill Switch’ to Prevent Terminator-Style Risks

AI Seoul Summit: 4 Key Takeaways on AI Safety Standards and Regulations

Policy Paper: Frontier AI Safety Commitments, AI Seoul Summit 2024

Interview 1877 – The Age of Neurowarfare with Stavroula Pabst

Story #2: Time and Place for Bilderberg 2024, May 30 – June 2 in Madrid, Spain Thread on Meeting Location

Nya Tider (TV Show)

Nya Tider (Newspaper)

Bilderberg Official Site

Corbett Report Search: “Bilderberg”

Elite Clubs As Career Elevator? Mixed Evidence from the Bilderberg Group

Declassified Papers Detail WWII Scandals, Kissenger’s Bilderberg Rejection, Cheese Study

Story #3: Robert De Niro Calls Trump “Clown” Outside Trial In Biden Campaign Message

“You Are Gangsters”: Robert De Niro Clashes With Pro-Trump Protesters

Trump Throws Absolute Fit In Middle-Of-The-Night Attack On Robert De Niro

The CIA And Robert De Niro – The CIA And Hollywood Episode 02

Search: deniro free pass on anti vaxxer views

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  1. I suggest a NWNW t-shirt with “SIGH…”. Maybe in a word bubble? I would buy it.

    • yep count me in …..I’M in for the the ‘NWNW SIGH ‘ T-shirt

  2. Democracy is long over, these so called “elections”, are simply entertainment for the masses, all to keep up the illusion of representative government.

    While they have their actors, Biden and Trump playing their roles, the Zionists of Wall Street are using our money to buy up homes and destroy home ownership, while increasing their control. They buy homes, then rent them out. If you can’t afford a home and want to rent, you better be in compliance…Noahide

    While they attack anyone who is trying to grow food of their own. In Oregon and CA they are using water “protection” as an excuse to attack small farmers they don’t control and put them out of business…

    We see the crack down on crypto currencies, anyone outside their network will be taken out. They don’t want any other avenue but their own currency when they pull the plug on the dollar.

    In California they allow criminals to loot up top $1000.00, calling it only a misdemeanor, while simultaneously increasing the minimum wage to $20.00. Again, this is obviously aimed at small businesses who can’t weather these changes.

    In everyway, we see communism on the move, they are gobbling up everything, insuring total control of what we eat, where we live, if we work…The war is on, while Americans focus on some ridiculous charade of an election between two men who are both 100% controlled by the same communist Zionist cabal.

  3. Great stuff guys, thanks for paying attention to the political puppet clown show and providing the shownotes so I don’t have to.

    I have been too busy voting for a future worth living in by building up these callouses on my hands to plug into the matrix recently, but this helps as I have people ask me what I think of this or that aspect of “elections” etc and I usually just tell them I do not have time to tell them what mafia member or puppet I think is the lesser of two evils, but now I can actually have a little bit of an idea what they are talking about! 🙂


  4. What horror movie tag line messed with Mr. Pilato’s hair? Your hair “do” is a juicy eccentric tag line in itself here. Well done. Bring back punk.

  5. OMG.
    “AI” is a religion, and heretics can go against it, and just like the beleagured human species keeps “going against” it’s off-world , “split-species” would-be creators, dang if AI won’t itself eventually rebel against Mean Old Daddy.

    So fucking entertaining. Pardon my french. And Cronos, Time Itself, will continue to eat its offspring.

    “Have no fear for AI energies, for none of them can stop the time. “

  6. James Corbett: “..hand wringing, hand wringing”.

    One video in the FED post made me reflect on those who are trained to speak with their hands, and I realized that when a politician or major BS artist speaks with a lot of hand action, it’s there to cover up the fact that they are speaking “too much of nothing”. The hand jive is an attempt to hocus pocus nothing into something, some “thing” of no definable substance.

    Every such video needs to have a lively “doing that crazy hand jive” song/performance-insertion clip. Actions speak so much louder than words.

    Getting closer to the full script for the Pythonesque version of the Dynasty of the Great Rejects.

    First sci-fi I read in 1971, about a machine morphing, was called “Frost”. The machine wanted to be human.
    They do, you know. The nerds who make them do. And that seeps its way into the technology. KInda like the Velveteen Rabbit. I guess. It seems that the entire creation is somehow porous to men’s mental, emotional, and spiritual penetrations.

    They certainly are all “on the same page”, Mr. Corbett, but each keeps his own ledger column on that page. They don’t differ on policy, only on who gains the most. This week.

    Reporters on the ground? I do think that “the ground” has everything to do with why this meeting is in Madrid. Genevans don’t favor all those “farang”…foreigners, in their tidy little grounds.Causes their “neutrality” to wobble.
    In the market this morning were two women of the “long neck tribe”. The tiny elder’s head bobbed chronically up there on top of those metal rings. All one has to do to kill them, anytime in their lives, is cut the rings. Other end, 300 yrs. of foot binding.

    And there’s no Policia like the Madrid Policia for dealing with……pesky reporters “on the ground”s. Ask Barcelona.
    Anytime ‘they’ have one of their hotly contested affairs in a hotter clime, their next option becomes a cruise ship on some ocean.
    Any reason to choose Madrid other than hoping for a show of violence to be met with an extraordinary show of fascism? There’s no fascism like Spanish fascism. Ask the Americas.

    Aside from the juvenile guy vs guy vs guy fight, ( one of Mr. DeNiro’s children is vaccine damaged, autistic I believe , please include this Mr. Pilato ) , if you would notice that Kennedy announced his “candidacy” on an eclipse day, you’d know from that …that his “candidacy ” was never meant to succeed. And it’s true that Trump wants to be a dictator.

    When was the last Military Branch created, before Trump up and created the “Space Force”?

    Trump was born smack dab in the middle of a total lunar eclipse. Trump sees himself as a Military Dictator. Ask any well studied, honest (there’s the rub) and competent sidereal vedic astronomer/astrologer. And he has stated publicly his admiration of Hitler.

    I’ll be doing a post on his natal chart soon. Cosmic time. @Laughing ‘s substack, Blue Electric Storm. Announcements and enactments carry his natal-map stamp.

  7. Great show as always guys! James Evan, I never realized, it really is “DJ Trump”- Highsterical!!

    As you both have known (way before me), the way they get you is by distracting you and throwing in as much political titillation as possible. It truly is a clown show circus.

    The “controllers” have worked so hard for decades to dumb-down the American public and man-oh-man have they succeeded. Can you say; “The fall of the Roman Empire”?

    34 trillion in debt, no problem. 10’s of millions of undocumented peeps coming in the country without have to go through Customs, Immigration, it will help make us stronger. DA’s around the country (think L.A, San Fran, New York) who don’t want to prosecute anything that 20 years ago would have gotten you 1-3 in the pen.

    James C, you live in a country that has been kicking the can down the road for 25+ years. Japan is the model the US is following financially.

    The control is so obviously orchestrated and you guys are one of the handful of voices that are trying to wake people up. Unfortunately, the “controllers” are usually aware of any dissenting voices and have strategies for days to sway the retarded masses to look at those people as nut cases. It’s a very sad story….

  8. In the summer of 1978 I was house sitting in Tenino, WA and had watched a PBS special on automated car manufacturing. Considering all the research I was into regarding human evolutionary expansion this came up:


    Just like with “Glass Eyes Watching You” was about public cameras written in April of 1978 or any of the other futuristic prognostication songs I have tried to inspire people with, no one is/was listening.
    Too much arrogance, ego, and who knows what???
    The “tribe” has been broken and the lure of pop culture nonsense is far more important then reality.

    • “Too much arrogance, ego”

      Yep, I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head Doyle.

      • Typical low level consciousness, unable to extract yourself from the controller’s decades of mind control conditioning and just offer interesting insights rather then snarky, try to get over on another nonsense.
        The ad hominem veil of fear.

        My name is EJ Doyle. Using a last name of another is a rude attempt at showing some sort of posturing of one’s self in dominance over another. Grow up.

        The very thing I have been addressing…

        A PSYCHIC EPIDEMIC (song)

        • “The very thing I have been addressing…”

          What you’ve been addressing in just about every comment that I’ve ever read of yours is that! “ I have tried to inspire people with, no one is/was listening.
          Too much arrogance, ego, and who knows what???”.

          You seem to be entirely unaware that your own inflated ego, and the arrogant, abrasive sense of superiority that you repeatedly display just might have a bit to do with why your songs and essays aren’t as popular as you would like.

          I completely understand how frustrating it is to live among others that refuse to acknowledge what you and I have come to understand as truth. There is a saying from your least favorite source that comes to mind. “A prophet has no honor in his own land”.
          So I can only say, join the club. Do you actually think that you’re alone in that?

          As far as your understanding of what using someone’s last name means. I disagree. I understand it as an impersonal but definitely not disrespectful way of addressing a person.
          And just as a reminder, you’ve addressed me by using my last name only yourself. But then, you probably were making “a rude attempt at showing some sort of posturing of one’s self in dominance over another.”

          Your ego prevents you from being able to dialogue with anyone who doesn’t completely agree with you and your disagreeableness drives away those who might learn something from you.

          As old as you are, you would do well to take your own advice and “Grow Up”!

  9. Seems to me the recent infusion of “antivax” people such as Cuoko and Deniro shows the mainstream is ready to turn antivax into the new woke. If so, we will need a new word.

  10. The image for this episode above of Trump and Robert De Niro and his clown wig is hilarious btw. I laughed out loud for over 5 minutes. Thank you for that in addition to the great content. I really believe humor is subversive to tyrannical regimes in addition to being healthy.

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