Interview 1891 – Canada Prepares to Flush Turdeau (NWNW 560)

by | Jul 4, 2024 | Interviews, Videos | 17 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: First Liberal MP Calls On Justin Trudeau To Step Down

Trudeau No Longer Going To Calgary Stampede, As Some Liberal MPs Call For His Resignation

Special Counsel Worried Jurors Would See Biden As Too Senile To Stand Trial (Feb. 8, 2024)

Biden Vows To Keep Running As Signs Point To Rapidly-Eroding Support For Him On Capitol Hill

Sunak, Tories Set To Suffer Total Annihilation As Final Mega Polls Predict Keir Starmer’s Labour Will Romp To Victory

Giorgia Meloni and Her Six Lame Ducks: Italy’s PM Takes Center Stage As Biden, 81, And The G7 World Leaders Smile Through The Pain Of Facing Devastating Elections Back Home

A Year Of Elections In Democracies Around The World Is Revealing Deep Dissatisfaction Among Voters

Story #2: Monsanto Drops Lawsuits Against Mexican Government Over GM Corn Ban

PDF: Congressional Research Service – The U.S./Mexico Genetically Engineered Corn Dispute

Glyphosate In Bulgaria Is Now Banned For Non-Professional Use

Story #3: Rapper BG Ordered To Have All Future Songs Approved By US Government

Susie Morgan

Video: Key & Peele – “Rap Album Confessions”

GunRack – “Killing Darnell” Lyrics

Video: ‘CB4’ Trailer

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  1. I’m sure you’re correct, JEP, that most – nearly all – people with those little spray tanks are spraying poison, but I bought one yesterday (as much as I dislike plastic) to foliar feed with minerals which I will make from Redmond Real Salt, as recommended by Steve Campbell, ranching consultant. His website is

    I would have preferred to just use my old metal watering cans, but since it’s a salt product, metal won’t work very well, so I had the choice of buying a plastic watering can or a plastic sprayer. 🙁

  2. What a spelling mistake galore. Turdeau this, Turdeau that. James even kept pronouncing it incorrectly. As if Castro’s bastard child is a piece of shit, or something.


    On a more serious note, calling these scum sucking bottom feeders “bums” is not nice. Bums never hurt nobody, at worst they are only motivationally impaired.

  3. As I understand it, Biden’s 1991 crime bill filled private prisons. In order to keep the influx of people constant, the private prisons started record labels featuring gangster rap.

  4. I always appreciate James for calling these “sections”, as there is NOTHING Democratic about this nonsense.

    When it comes to Biden and the “debate”, the so called debate was before the party conventions, since when do candidates debate before they have been selected as candidates by the parties? Oh, and we have a debate with NO AUDIANCE?! Without an audience, it seems they could easily edit and produce a debate to fit any narrative they wished. Let us not forget how some states did not even have Democrat primaries, that’s Democracy for you, no choice but the Chosen’s choice.

    This is theatrics from start to finish. We have all the talking heads coming out, shocked, shocked I tell you, that Biden was senile, who know, lol. This SEEMS to be all about handing Trump the Presidency on a silver platter, THAT IS NOT TO SAY THIS IS A MEANINGFUL ELECTION, NOT at all, but this IS about giving the illusion Trump has wide public support, so he can do his (when I say his, I mean his Zionist Jewish master’s bidding) evil with the illusion of public support.

    It is hard to imagine all the evil they have planned for Trump to do, but war with China, Full Support for Israel’s war on the Palestinian people AND Noahide laws here in America, all seem to be likely. All the while he will have his Christian supporters marching to Zion and to our DOOM.

  5. as for GMOs and Mexico, while there are many aspects to this story, one that I focus on is the effect this does to American agro business. If everyone but The US blocks GMO’s then American produced crops become highly undesirable.

    Organized Jewry has American in its sites and they are using all their control of America to destroy us from within.

  6. “Deep dissatisfaction among voters”, and in other news, water is wet. Yes, when they start announcing what we have been observing for some time, you can bet we are in for another re-arrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    You can be sure every single single bum they boot out of office, will be replaced by another ZOG crony, the only difference will be these cronies still have the veneer of democracy on them, they have not YET shown their true colors.

    We see this all the time, new boss same as the old boss, but this allows a sort of reset, both on “Democracy” and our leaders. The new politicians will say all the right things, the media will play right along, only following the narrative of HOPE AND CHANGE, “Democracy works”, until it doesn’t, because you can bet when the next global psyop is rolled out (and it is coming), these NEW politicians will be right on board with the Zionist Globalist agenda. Their actions will be wrapped in the flag, in social responsibility, in the environment, but the result will be the same, further enslavement, further erosion of rights and massive death and debt.

  7. Thank you James and James for this excellent episode.
    I always look forward to NWNW❣️

  8. paranoia aside, could it be that the recent “wins” or wobbles in the techno-globalist soundtrack, might be hopium to calm the anti-tyrannical majority, to relax the stance, guard down/lowered, as we stroll complacently complicit, towards the big brown out (a sudden loss of power & communications for most)?

  9. Greenpeace and the Mexican people have been fighting illegal GMO seeds shipments into Mexico for many many decades.
    Mexico’s corn heritage is it’s strength.
    Nice to know that Monsanto is German too. Always were it seems. It’s Germany everywhere we look these days.

    The last time I ate GMO corn, took a chance on some nachos, no knowledge of what kind….my gut felt for five days and nights as if it had been run over by an eighteen wheeler.
    I’d rather fast to death.

    Well, if you look into the industry, you’ll find that the only rappers who got commercial support and promotion from their “record companies” were those who laid the violence on thick. That was just the fact of it. That’s why rappers with “socially conscious messages”, ….., had to do their own labels and sites, etc. This is more circus, that’s all. So that the kids want more of what daddy “prohibits”. Snacks on hooks.

    Well, if you know who has always controlled the “music industry” in USA, they just want to make sure he doesn’t say anything about……….three guesses, first two don’t count.
    LOL…throw them in jail for years with only other felons, then let them out and say they can’t associate with felons. Uhmm, that would mean not going to probation appointments!!! Brahma said “DUH”.
    I hope I stop laughing at stupidity soon. It’s stupefyingly hard to do.

    LOL…Larry Lawyerstein. Fucking perfect. Pardonnez mon francais.

    Can’t profit off your crimes? Only they can? Isn’t “personal profit/interest” the motivation for every crime?
    “Ive got a vivid imagination”? Dead corpses are “vivid”? He has shit for vocabulary.
    On imagination:



    I’ll bet he found his “imagination” in pornography. Just sayin’. It’s way bigger than rap. Rap is it’s little bro.

    Too bad we can’t shut every politician up with that “law”. Maybe they already have been….

  10. For the U.S. 4th of July, I thought that the following article was ‘okay’.
    Especially the final line:
    “The story of America is a testament to the enduring power of individual effort in shaping a better future.

    July 4, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Kellen McGovern Jones
    Fourth of July: Remembering Early Patriots

    • Kellen McGovern Jones has a Substack.
      On July 2, he did a piece on the French elections.
      French Elections: Is Le Pen About To Sweep France? with Ryan James Girdusky

      Personally, I don’t have much interest in elections and politicians.
      But quickly reading the text, France seems to have a very complex electorial system.

  11. My thoughts about the people living in so called “Democracies” around the world rising up to toss out the old corrupt politicians is that the world oligarchs are orchestrating it all as a means to bring about a new One World Order under their control. It looks as though the systems of civilization that have existed over the last few hundred years are failing and will soon be replaced. I think the oligarch’s plan is/was to create food shortages, division and chaos, then provide a solution to the starving masses which enslaves those they chose to let live.
    The way I see it, as the old systems crumble their will be opportunities for new and better systems to out compete what the oligarchs have to offer.

  12. In my worthless opinion, the rapper gag order is fake, likely was the whole thing. Plenty of fake trials these days: Alex Jones, Trump… Interesting that the supremes had to put the kibosh on some of the Trump baloney, seeing where the ridiculous theatre would lead. Did Sotomayor really say she cries in her office? That woman is a total embarrassment.

  13. 5 hundred and
    60 — EPISODES!!!!!!

    Slap yo’ mama and call me Sally.
    I never thought you had it in ya!
    Good job
    Way to go!!!

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