Satire is Dead (2018)

by | Feb 24, 2024 | Videos | 130 comments

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FROM 2018: Satire? On the internet? Are you crazy? (2024 UPDATE: Yup.)


Satire is Dead (and We Have Killed It)

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9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

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Episode 236 – Peeling The Onion

Is Satire “Fakenews”? – How Fact-Checkers Peddle Snake-Oil

The 7th Annual Fake News Awards



  1. Hello James,
    Really enjoyed this post. Yes, joy is part of a healthy life and satire is a sign of a
    healthy person who can laugh at life and them self. This reminds me of my favorite satirist, Mark Twain. I spent 25 years looking for one of his books titled: Weapons of Satire published by a British man named Zwick. This book was blacklisted in the
    west because it contained mostly Twain’s anti-imperialist writings as America began its full blown imperialism beyond its shores.

    It’s a sad state of affairs that humor in general has been one of the victims of the neo-Maoist infiltration and destruction of our education and cultural systems.
    Humor has been replaced by tragedy. But a tragedy divorced so far from logic and
    reason, so far removed from facts and dialogue and the value of words that learning is suspended.

    Highly recommended reading: Abuse of Language-Abuse of Power’ by Josef Pieper. Extremely germane to the death of humor in our society.

    Thanks for all your good and hard work!


    • Satire LIVES!

      It’s understandable in these crazy times that people might be hooked into believing a satirical joke is real. That in itself is funny! Not everyone is going to get every joke.

      We all need more laughs…keep ’em coming!

      • I thought he was dead??

        Wasn’t he the French philosopher, playwright, novelist, screenwriter, political activist,etc. considered a leading figure in 20th-century French philosophy and Marxism? 🙂

    • Are you kidding? Of course you should do satire. We all look forward to your crazy satirical news stories of the year debunking, among others. The small minority who do not get it just don’t get it. We’re not all the same and some people were not raised or schooled in it, I guess. But whatever you do, don’t stop.

    • Did you find the book? Thanks for this great post, and the book titles. Very well stated.

    • James, I am greatly disappointed in the lack of professionalism that you and Brock have displayed over the years in the presentation of supposed satire. It is obvious that you are slow learners, because you have no conception of the most important and necessary component in presenting satire. The only way that the American public can distinguish between reporting of The Nightly News and any TV sitcom is, “THE FAKE AUDIENCE LAUGH TRACK”. Get it? I hope that you will correct this dereliction in the future so that I can better understand your intent. Please don’t take this personally, I am only trying to help your career in journalism.

      • I hope James and Broc got a kick out of your sarcastic comment, johnnyo. I did.

    • Satire is not dead, it is resting. It is probably just pining for the fiords.

      Remember you are a teacher as well, my friend – even if that includes teaching the essential skill of indentifying satire.

    • I think that you are completely right and that we should do away with humour. it’s absolutely unnecessary and requires brain power to comprehend. It is crucial in this environmentally conscious times to conserve power at all cost. Greta would be extremely annoyed at you and your audience and I certainly don’t want to have her wrath come down on me as her words can be so harsh and painful. The word satire has also been deemed racist as it comes from two words “SAT” and “IRE”. Showing anger towards lazy people is frowned upon in our “modern” society as being lazy is one sure way to collect government payments and thats the ultimate goal of every good citizen.
      In conclusion I have been drinking the water “they” provide and it has done wonders to keep my brain hydrated so it’s not going to be difficult to make the move to koolaid if it will help keep the zombies at bay.

    • Please, keep the satire, in fact I think there is not enough. The powers that be of all things hate to be mocked.

  2. End satire ?!?!?!? Hell NO ! ! !

    I love satire, and must admit that sometimes I don’t get some, but that shows me that I’m missing something, so, it’s on my side !

    Satire is part of the human being, if you are always serious that would kill a part of us being humans.

    Besides I love the type of satire that James does.


    Another point, if James make everything serious, that would be tiresome, and we need to have a good laughs once in a while, if a person gets everything serious, you will have a breakdown !

  3. Satire needs to pumped up if anything. The more people get punked by it, the more will learn. My satire/sarcasm/bot filters sometimes fail, that just means I need more practice, that’s all.

    But maybe a good idea for a new series you have there. Fact check yay or nay yearly event. Something like “JC answers 100 questions” but on a regular basis.

  4. Black Adder, Major Star. Blackadder: ‘Everything goes over your head, doesn’t it, George? You should go to Jamaica and become a limbo dancer.’

  5. Hi James,

    I just became aware of you yesterday after seeing a clip of one of your 9/11 Conspiracy videos on Jimmy Dore’s YouTube channel, though I’m embarrassed to admit I still view anything on YouTube. Dore said you’d been kicked off that platform, which I see as a badge of honor. I was recently suspended from X and will probably remain that way because I won’t delete the offending post. I want nothing to do with censorship.

    Anyway, I think part of satire’s power is that it often fools the ignorant, which seems to add fuel to the fire, so to speak. It’s like “any news is good news.” Probably the most famous case of this is Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.”

    Satire is not going to end, no matter how many humorless authoritarians and their minions try to kill it. It is the most powerful weapon we have to fight them. It’s been with us for thousands of years, but it depends on people like you to keep it alive.


  6. CORBET – Love the satire. Keep it up forever!!!!!! Your best most memorable videos have been satire!!

  7. It has always been my opinion that if everyone gets your sarcasm it was lousy sarcasm and labelling it makes it pointless.
    Just take the hit.

    • I’ve always said you could make a post that says, “Don’t inject babies in the head with heroin” and someone would complain and get offended lol. There’s ALWAYS someone….

  8. Absolutely do NOT end your Fake News Awards!..I look forward to it every year! It’s just too bad that some just cannot ‘get it’, but I’m really not surprised as I have noticed this past year that it appears that everything published is either…Totally in or Totally out…Good or Bad…Right or Wrong…indeed there seems to be very little that is ‘middle of the road’…and I believe some of it is due to the influx of people who have no critical thinking capacity…or have lost it along the way. Your satire is GREAT! Keep it up!

  9. According to MSNBC Taylor Swift has denied her connection to the CIA helped her win the first Nobel Prize for Dating. She has a vast global audience of pre teen girls and American football fans who are said to be thrilled.

  10. You are being satirical about quitting satire , right?

    Better Be. That Fake News Awards was awesome!!

    For sure, having no sense of humor is like never having an orgasm. Can’t decide which would be worse.
    Aw, thanks so much for that post about Sophia. I hadn’t been aware, and that is pure gold.
    For a fact, the meme lords kept satire alive and biting from 2020 through 2023. I couldn’t have got through those years without them. Haven’t seen either, and didn’t know about your satirical skit on 9-11. Something to look forward to.
    I have a daughter lacking a sense of humor, or irony, or sarcasm. A simple math joke…”There are three kinds of people in the world. Those who can count, and those who can’t. ” left her in limbo for forty five minutes!! When she finally said “I don’t get it” we told her what it said.
    Her response? “Why would anyone want to make a joke on themselves?”
    Indeed. How sad.
    One Vedic sage said that the true nature of humans is to be unnatural.
    Humans are nuts. The comedy never ends.

  11. That 9-11 video is classic. What a loaded one, just amazing. Just great. So many thanks.

  12. When treading one’s path to enlightenment, three keys should always on hand: Honesty, Humility, and Humor.
    Here is an example of satire forwarded to me, which I viewed this morning:

    Peggy Hall is fabulous! She’s so entertaining and smart. AND FUNNY with how she talks about things that are censored by Jou-Tube by using different terms for things while making it obvious what she’s talking about to the listener.

    If you’re enamored with RFK, Jr, you’re going to have to take a step back and listen to this with objectivity.

    “Without truth there is no freedom.”
    “YOU WERE RIGHT ABOUT RFK Jr.” (41:02)

  13. I guess you never read facebook, I think your percentage of people who do not get satire or even get a joke is off the mark. BTW was the end of you video satire?

  14. James, I just hate it when I don’t “get”your satire. Please stop… 😉

    • R.farmer, I totally agree!
      It is so frustrating!
      And it goes against my diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) standards for living.

      For example:
      New World Next Week is not one bit inclusive.
      The wit, jokes and satire are rapid fire. Continuously throughout the show I have to rewind the video because the phrasing patter is so fast that I can’t process it.
      James and James need to first explain the wit before they articulate it. After the phrases are explained, then they can machine-gun those phrases so that audience members like me can get the joke.

      Fortunately, some countries like France are working on legislation to address this injustice to DEI.
      Soon, it will become a criminal offense to tell a joke without saying the punch line first.

  15. Now you do know James that if a majority of comments somehow stated that you should give up SATIRE, you would not comply with it. However, you are rightfully confident that we would never tell you what to do. 🙂

    That said, increase the SATIRE.

  16. Having fun, even while working, is, dare I say, essential for sustaining one’s enthusiasm. Stick with the humor and satire at any cost. Laughter and grins are healthy, and we certainly are in need of that.

    • yes totally agree and yes to satire.

  17. NO off course not, sad for people who have no humor.

  18. Holy double golly gee, no. You need it as much as we do.

    If I post this 10 times is that 10 votes ? Thanks for all you and JEP do

  19. Dear James,
    I want you to enjoy your work, but don’t overdo it!
    It is time to quit doing satire, at least temporarily. This is because our robots are very inaccurate in their processing of such input. We depend on the robots to analyze and publish data and news to a great extent, and that trend is only growing. So until the singularity is reached, we don’t want to burden the bots, engineers, fact checkers, and legislators with extra headaches. They currently have enough on their plates, rectifying anti-vax Trump Republican diehards with their savior, and pro-war Democratic peaceniks with today’s war glorification.

    On a more philosophical, less practical level, we need to listen to those who don’t get it. Kakistocracy is the order of the day, and as such, this kaka should be encouraged and allowed to tell us what is right. In any case, catering to the impaired and handicapped, aka physically and mentally ‘challenged,’ is the right thing to do. We must be kind, and understand the humorously challenged among us, as well, and not irritate them with superfluous subtleties, just to entertain and soothe our psyches. We can be glad that we are blessed with the gift of humor, but should not flaunt it publicly. This is serious.

    • Hanky, THIS is what we’re talking about here! Well Done!

  20. Keep the satire James!! Or am I being satirical…

  21. James and fellow subscribers,
    I know the subject here is about satire, but I need to raise this urgent issue.
    Please help in implementing a public health solution to a serious problem. As you probably know, there have been efforts to end breast cancer by organizing footraces and distributing pink ribbons. In my neighborhood, they run ten miles around the lake, in a clockwise direction, but this is not working; in fact, it is actually getting worse. Clearly we have been running in the wrong direction. By conducting the race in an anti-clockwise direction, the anti-cancer benefits of this practice will be finally scientifically realized.

    As far as the ribbons are concerned, a color revolution may be useful. I would suggest that we change the pink to its opposite on the color wheel, which is green. Unfortunately, that is already taken. Perhaps the CIA could help us solve this…

    • 🙂

      Sometimes I walk up to those pink ribbon donation tables in town and explain to them how they are being scammed by big pharma’s cancer industry and I offer a handful of apricot kernels as a donation.

  22. On the subject of breasts and Public Health, I am willing to donate my trademarked acronym to Pfizer to replace their GET SCIENCE brand, which makes for a poor acronym. They should promote TITS, the acronym for TRUST IN THE SCIENCE. The word ‘the’ is very important too, as it subtly emphasizes how only their science is THE real science. Isn’t TITS more memorable and catchy? Like a pandemic of acronymity.

  23. Love your serious ánd your not so serious way of reporting, please keep making satire!

  24. Not on my watch! 😉

    Here are some helpful resources and lists for all you seditious satyagrahi out there interested in resisting turf tyranny and embracing food sovereignty.

    𝐂𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐭 𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐆𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐫𝐚 𝐎𝐟 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐚𝐰𝐧 𝐍𝐚𝐳𝐢𝐬:

    (I am waiting for people to show up in the comments section on substack and explain all the reasons why front lawn fanatics are not involved with Nazism and it is highly offensive that I would suggest such a thing)

    • When I read that people in a FL town were fined for not cutting their lawn I thought: “Why would anyone live there?” Then, I remembered, I couldn’t turn my Folsom, CA front lawn into a garden because it was against city regs. Someday, people will read about these laws and be glad they didn’t live “back then”. I believe political progress will continue, it must, or our species will not.

      • @Voluntaryist

        Yes it makes me think of that track from that weird film Donny Darko and how this is indeed a very very mad (human) world we live in.

        Here where we live in southern Ontario, our town decided to use our tax dollars to buy a military grade surveillance drone that they send out to hover over our yards and scan our property for unapproved plants species or frowned upon “unruly” gardening designs so they can alert the goons with badges and guns to knock on your door and rake in big money in fines.

        I wrote the essay linked in the comment above tryna offer a little light hearted alliteration to maybe give people a chance to laugh a bit, but in all seriousness, the current state of affairs is pretty dark and ominous.

        Nevertheless, even in the midst of the cold winter winds of a dominant industrial culture gone mad, I will continue to sow the seeds for abundance, health and hope in the living Earth. Its what I came here to do, and I am not gonna let any lawn nazis, grass gestapo or other aspects of this Mad World stand in my way.

        “All around me are familiar faces
        Worn-out places, worn-out faces
        Bright and early for their daily races
        Going nowhere, going nowhere..

        ..When people run in circles, it’s a very, very
        Mad world, mad world”

  25. Considering the nature of what you’re reporting, I would actually have liked it if you did it cut and dry. I often get confused by you and that other guys banter and humor and sarcasm. I love that you’re doing it, love that you can have a laugh, but very often I lose track of what’s actually being said, which is also because a lot of the humor is based on already established facts or tropes that’s being taken for granted everyone knows. Sometimes I just want someone to tell me what’s going on in a matter of fact way. Facing these issues that you are reporting about, I don’t actually get depressed or unmotivated by, I don’t need the humor to endure it. Just tell me whats’s going on!

  26. Satire along with it’s more pointed and usually personal brother sarcasm, are extremely effective tools for making a point. They are efficient. Don’t ever give them up… like we needed to tell you that. We are all fools at times and part of being human is embracing that. People need to lighten up.

  27. Love all the satire included in the comment section thus far. If we stop using humour, including satire, we let the umbrella people (mr. global, globocap, etc.) win. I am heartened every time you young people continue with the best parts of human activity…it really gives me hope. Thanks James and all your supporters.

  28. Personally I can see how someone could hone in on that satire as something to research. All of us respect your work and the work of others as being fact based, not speculative. Cited and verified, not conjecture. Your emphasis on not sharing opinion and if so stated clearly, as opinion. As a long time listener of you and JEP I sometimes catch a rapid fire quip that causes me to rewind and verify through a search only to find out it was satire, or it was an off handed reference to something, made humorously, that was an important detail I was un aware of. It happens all the time with me as I am obviously less researched and adept in this process than many of the fellow Corbett Reporteers. I do not take all satire as fact, nor do I assume all humor is satire. The reader who emailed and I had a conversation about the comment and I suggested he just email you. He is well researched and spends a lot of time looking into information to verify for this own knowledge. In my humble opinion he was doing his due diligence on something he thought might be a interesting detail missed my many. I’m not defending him nor suggesting your reaction was unwarranted. I would just say, we all come from a different perspective and a different sense of humor. I heard it and didn’t think twice. While we were discussing it, I thought nothing surprises me these days. Why wouldn’t they TM it. I forgot the company name beforehand so that was a detail I heard but didn’t remember. To conclude this long winded post. Please James don’t change a thing. We appreciate you and your approach. A simple misunderstanding is not a reflection of you. We’re all different people out here.

    • Agree with you .
      I miss things too and maybe I’ll sharpen my wits after reading all this feedback .

      I don’t think it’s a bad thing not to get it sometimes .

      • Agreed. Admittedly sometimes it doesn’t have my full attention so I might miss a detail or two

  29. rossd Did you find it? You MUST publish some/all, please!
    My favorite satirical lyrics: “God is great, God is good, He protects your neighborhood. But, it’s generally understood, NOT in the way you would.”- James Browne (Is it “generally” understood?) I suspect the majority of people, worldwide, are superstitions, e.g., Larken’s “The Most Dangerous Superstition”.

    When I am confronted with a delusional person/idea I try to reach that person by using Larken’s “Candles in the Dark” method of “deprograming”. I practice on my wife and her Q-anon quips. It always ends with: “I don’t know!” (shouted). I know it’s time to stop.

  30. Please don’t lose your sense of humour!
    Keep the satire coming – we need to laugh at ourselves and others
    If people suffer from a lack of sense of humour that’s their loss – don’t let cramp your style. Gallows humour is good too – no holds barred

  31. Hi James,

    Keep going with satire — it’s essential in these Orwellian times.


  32. Is Satire Slowly Succumbing to Subservient Submission and Slithering Succinctly into the Sinking Sun and the Sidelines? When syncopated SS satraps steal my satirical synapses to sanitize and sterilize me into senility and senselessness surely my soul will not surrender to the less than serendipitous stinking state standards striking me severely.

    Your 7th Annual Fake News Awards had two powerful alliterations that were greatly appreciated. Recently, I watched David Icke’s “documentary” “The Dream” and this notion came to me that maybe David Icke is a member of the MI6’s P13 patrol properly protecting the Empire:
    Propaganda &
    Programs for
    Plots spiced with
    Phantasms of

    A question I’ve been asking my fellow Christians is: “Should we ‘Pray for Peace and a Cease-Fire in Gaza’ or ‘Send more U.S. bombs to Israel'”. Sadly, way too many lean toward the latter, wittingly or unwittingly because of the widespread notion that the modern state of Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, which it isn’t! Check out my memes on this and other satire at

    The state may steal my sidearms but never my satirical state. Keep the satire coming, James! We can take it and demand more!

    Tom Compton
    Phoenix, Arizona

  33. Yes agree, satire is a useful way in to normies, that gets a point past their guard, as its ‘only’ humour. The dark side of that is msm newsreaders telling lies with a straight face, which sharp watchers will realise is the powers that be flying a kite, distracting from the real trick, or just generally adding to confusion for the inability of most to find out what is or isn’t true. Re your patent ‘the science’ story, just today on insta gram, a woman read out a list of patent numbers and their descriptions, all about devices or frequencies, employed to change our mood at a distance, and similar remote psycho effects, some or all of which may be possible, as Harari also stated, its a take or leave mad menu, all day long

    • NAY

      Satire is the juice of life. It enables one to spot bullsh*t.
      Trains the BS receptors.
      Quads the flex BS biceps and all that.

      And it is very clear when you use it although non native English speakers do have difficulty with the ‘British sarcasm’. Which is a language barrier not a sarcasm problem.

      So NAY: don’t stop. It’s very, very funny

    • Beetje I had a normie friend who used satire on me on a ‘conspiracy’ subject about the Air traffic controller man going missing just after the MH-17 disaster etc.

      So I can confirm it works both ways.
      Sarcasm is like a Suez canal between us and the psychopaths 🙂

  34. I think you should make a shift to straightforward information, you never know if at some point you might say something that will get you cancelled or possibly even offend one of your listeners. You really need to understand the paradigm shift that occurred over the last 10 or so years on the internet, ideals and attitudes have changed. You need to look at what’s popular on the internet and gets you lots of followers, like Reddit – one of my favorite sites. Reddit is a great standard to take after, since it has lots of moderators to ensure nobody gets offended by someone being mega toxic, and it also makes certain info/posts more visible depending on how many upvotes it has. A with such a feature would make it more appealing to wider audiences and I would start using it more often, myself.

    These are, of course, very obvious changes to make and I can forgive you for not making them sooner, James, seeing as how you are the sole proprietor of this website. I can’t expect everyone to update to modern times so quickly. But the best time to make a change is right now, is it not? The best way to put your right foot forward is employing more moderators to ensure nobody in the comments sections of your articles/videos/etc. gets up to any toxic behavior like racism, fascist-apologism, Misogyny, or any other things which might make the site as a whole less palatable to the general public. Get this done and you’ll have earned my full respect, James.

    It’s time to drop the arrogance of thinking your rights don’t end where my feelings begin.

    • Me thinks you need to get off your throne. Sometimes the truth offends woke people who can’t handle it. Who are these moderators you are suggesting? Do they need to be cleared first by the FBI, YouTube, Bill Gates, Bibi Netanyahu, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or some other arbiter of truth and justice? Let’s call for a referendum to vote on the candidates so we can perpetuate our “democracy” and be happy for four more years!

  35. James, have you ever seen the BBC’s “Spaghetti Harvest” clip that aired on April 1, 1957? Quite a few people were taken in by it, but I like this quote from an article discussing the prank:

    “Some heavily criticized the broadcasters for deceiving viewers, raising false expectations about cultivating spaghetti.

    David Wheeler, the program’s producer, showed no remorse for his involvement in the spaghetti frenzy. During a 2004 interview with the BBC, he expressed, ‘I have no regrets about it at all.’”

    So… keep it coming. And never apologize.

    • Dots, thanks for turning us on to the Spaghetti Harvest video! That was a riot!

    • The BBC’s spaghetti prank half a century ago was harmless–and hilarious–compared to the trickery of the BBC’s disinformation specialist Marianna Spring these days.

      Funnily enough, I came across a travelogue on Switzerland the other day ( and, realizing I knew very little about the country that hosts the WEF in Davos and the BIS in Basel, decided to watch it.

      The second part of the documentary was all about the Ticino region of Switzerland, which I’d never heard of. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I saw the spaghetti growing on trees in the very same Swiss region I’d just learned about the day before. Small world.

  36. James,

    Please NEVER give up on satire.

    As you and Other James began discussing years ago, comedy/humor is a great way to get past people’s knee-jerk response to disturbing information.

    The world needs more humor. Look at comics like Dave Smith, Benny and JP, who make great use of humor while commenting on this crazy political landscape in which we find ourselves. Without humor the world would be a serious, dry, and overall DREARY place.

    Humor is also a coping mechanism for many of us as we navigate a world we never expected to inherit. Just the past 4 years would have been unbearable if I had lost my sense of humor. One cannot live on outrage alone – it is poisonous. Humor is an antidote to that poison. Laughter is the best medicine…

    I know I’m speaking about humor, but satire is a huge component of humor – whether people get it or not. The Onion was super-funny back in its day, and the Babylon Bee uses satire to speak to its audience as well.

    Just because satire isn’t universally appreciated, or because its shelf life is ever-shorter these days doesn’t mean it hasn’t value. I think the 911 video’s success proves its value.

    And don’t feel the need to post “Satire Warnings” on every funny thing you do – it waters it down just a tad. Satire isn’t meant for the slow-of-wit. It goes over their heads like adult humor often goes over the heads of young children.

    Satire is a different language, coded for those who get it. Those who don’t, well… Won’t. It’s an encouragement to become smarter, tougher, thicker-skinned and more worldly.

    Just my $.02…

    Doug from Northern Commiefornia

    • Well said and so true.

      CR humour almost makes up for hellscape . Of course not, but it does induce a chuckle .

      Getting to that point is a relief . A release valve . If you took this stuff seriously all the time , it would make you miserable .

  37. I enjoy your satire James so please don’t cease. I thoroughly enjoyed the fake news awards and look forward to next years. Aside from your evident passion and dedication to presenting factual and cited pieces the well placed satirical quips are part of the reason I listen. I have to say I do feel for the person who spent so much time searching for the evidence. I reckon the comments section could be well used to clarify your use of satire.

  38. Granted there are some people who cannot recognize Satire or Jokes at all. I pity them as well, but that is not a reason to discontinue the practice of Satire and Jokes. Perhaps it depends on the intention behind the satire or joke. If the intention is to be funny, then absolutely go for it. If the intention is to hurt someone, then don’t do it. Of course, that makes this an individual thing, IMO – not something that needs to be regulated by anyone else.

    Trouble now-a-days is that too many folks get their feelings hurt for stupid stuff, then they make a huge deal about it when no one else even cares. 🙂

  39. Leery of loose laughter? Scared of scathing satire? Hiding from horrible humor? Cringing at corny comedy? Try totalitarian tyranny! It’s guaranteed to make you secure in your timid, yet smug, mind.

    Seriously, laugh or cry at the situation.
    Depriving ourselves of humor will leave us like timid gray, less than human, beings working our ant pile. The emotional outlet that is provided, for both the creator and the audience is essential. It helps us maintain emotional balance, as well as shine a stark light on hypocrisy and foolishness.

    However, I think only corporate and government-approved satire should be allowed, so we can compete with the Chinese. Also, it should be absolutely prohibited to mix satirical comments with earnest expositions in the same 2000 words, for writing, and in the same 30 minutes for audio and visual content. Do not disturb and confuse the sheeple! Especially, as dinnertime is approaching…

  40. Hi James,

    I beg you, please, keep the satire! It’s part of my armour against the despotism. And please don’t flash the satire warnings, it would make it less effective.

    I live in Macronistan, I need your humour even more than ever.

  41. Haha — keep being funny 😃

    Also…are you sure the commenters who ‘don’t get satire’ are not bots or CIA? It clearly (somewhat) bothers you — which I think is part of their day job.

  42. You wound up covering it, but yes, people don’t know what Satire means. I like your humor James, don’t stop. Some of this stuff you just have to make fun of because it’s so ridiculous.

  43. I would be extremely impressed if you were to mention shiva ayyadurai…

  44. Satire is a very important tool in these crazy times and can be wielded like a deadly weapon to expose the ridiculous narratives of our wannabe overlords. Plus i really enjoy it as well. I say even MORE satire is what’s needed; not less! 🙂

  45. You have to keep the satire. The best part of it is some of the most outlandish satire becomes reality the following year. It’s really astounding how difficult it is in these times how reality is sometimes crazier than the fake news

  46. Thanks James,

    Please stay the way you are…very much appreciated


  47. Hey James, I love that you have a sense of humour! Yourself, James Even Pilato and Ernest Hancock are 3 of my go to listens through the day because of the Information, but also the satire. It’s serious stuff but satire points it out in a obvious way. Keep it up.

  48. reference Corbett Report “Laughing at Tyrants”
    Essential to laugh, otherwise we just cry.

  49. Hey James,

    when I was watching this years fake news awards I had the impression it took you a lot of time to write all that text. I also thought you were the one having the most fun of that episode. I’m quite deep into the rabbit hole and even for me it was a bit over the top. I enjoy the fake news awards every year you make them and I remember thinking” Ahh well, if james wants to make a legacy show out of something, fake news awards is actually pretty good.”, but I want to emphasize i really did think: “wow, this must have cost an awful lot of time to produce and is it really worth it?”

    I’m not going to say what somebody should or should not do, if I enjoy what somebody is doing I will pay attention to it and if not I go and look somewhere else.

    I try to communicate to a larger audience myself. I’m not as successful as you James and I can only say that you got your audience because you are you, if that works out I don’t see why you should change that. I really do enjoy every episode, also this latest Fake news awards and (I think) I can distinguish satire from serious information. I don’t think you should adjust to anybody else their level, you publish what you feel is right and the right people will follow you because of that. I think it’s great you show some of your character in something like the annual fake news awards. We all know you can create awesome documentaries and I have personally learned a lot from you.

    If I should give you any advise it would be to always remember your core feeling and motivation. Are you here to entertain us, or are you here to inform? The information you share is not admired by anybody and the game we got mangled up in is not really clean, I would really hate to hear you got suicided just before you latest bombshell and then the mainstream propaganda tells everybody you are going to be remembered by spreading fake news about patents concerning “The sience” held by astra phizenica and that all your followers believe such stories.

    Yes we are having fun and it’s better to smile about reality and make the best out of it, personally I would not change a thing and if legacy media would report my suicide and spread some bogus story about me I would be honored. I don’t want to make my response too dark, but since some weeks I have realized I should become more professional if I want to take my reality to the next level. What is satire what is not? Some people laugh about things that others take serious. Maybe it’s time for a disclaimer at the start of every new video: “Unlike the annual Fake News Award, this information is not satire. Vote now for the upcoming annual fake news awards of”

    Anyway, I’m still a bit new and fresh on this forum and I want to try if I can share links, this is my most recent blogpost I wrote:

    Friendly EFL greetings from near Liberland,

    Your Children Live On.

  50. I do not tire of satire…especially from Open Source James Corbett. Please keep on keeping on satirizing.

  51. Don’t give up satire! It’s funny and important.

    But all the parents and kindergarten/ primary school teachers should know:

    Children (up to a certain age) CANNOT understand irony. If you use irony in conversations with them, you will only confuse them. Irony (and satire) is for grown-ups only.

  52. Speaking from Belmarsh high security prison on the outskirts of Tel Aviv Julian Assange congratulated himself on being the greatest conspiracy theorist of his generation. He read a long list of establishment newspaper, alternative media and celebrity endorsements.

    How many celebrities endorse Corbett ? Bugger all, he exclaimed.

  53. LOL…

    I think part of the problem these days is that with so many things being discovered by people as being false when they’ve always understood such things as being fundamentally true, folks (like me) would not be surprised to hear something so outlandish & over-the-top and consider it to be potentially true.

    As for continuing to do satire, I say, go ahead. 🙂 I think it’s still a valid & worthy mode of communication in the right circles.
    (Maybe it *would be helpful* though, to put somewhere in fine print, if not flashing in the middle of the screen, that what’s being communicated is satire for folks who may not make the distinction on their own.)

    We live in crazy times, no doubt, with so many people *not on the same page* regarding what’s true & what’s not. I completely understand why folks could mistake truth for satire and satire for truth.

    Therefore, I think if we want to be effective in our communication with most people, then we probably need to make sure they’re receiving our communication correctly (in other words, knowing when we’re joking, and when we’re not). Otherwise, we’re sort of telling “inside jokes” in public and some might consider that to be rude, and it may mar our reputation with those who don’t know us very well.

  54. Yes! James,
    Please keep the satire.
    We need this, I go back and listen to some of the old Joy Camp and Whitest kids you know skits once in awhile.
    Thanks as always for all you do.

  55. I think there are people who cannot accept satire in their news reporting because the content moves from “factual news reporting” to “entertainment” and entertainment does not have credibility with this population. I think the mainstream news networks exploit this by intentionally keeping the delivery of their “reporting” to appear dry and objective. When someone does express satire in mainstream news, it makes headlines and that person is often smeared (Tucker, for example).

    However, humor is part of our human evolution and especially in times of difficulty it is important to “laugh so we don’t cry” as the saying goes. So, I appreciate the effort you make to use humor to point out absurdity even if it is sometimes even over my head and makes me think twice. Thinking twice about anything is probably a good practice, especially in this age of tech and human control.

  56. Satire Is Dead, had me chuckling, love the humour in ‘Corbett Report’, or as we say over here, piss taking, keep it going James, actually I would be surprised if you didn’t!

  57. Hi James, I love watching your videos and you are brilliant and funny. I love your satire. Of course you should continue with satire and humor of many kinds. But there’s one thing I would like to say besides that. I’ve noticed lately that you make fun of things like Witch doctors, sorcery, witchcraft, and now apparently astrology. That is very disingenuous since most of the world, less in the materialistic West, but still most of the world including in the West is well aware that that kind of stuff is true. They even live their lives based on it at least to an extent. That would include me and so many of my friends. So I would suggest you start leaving that kind of stuff out of your satire. It doesn’t make you look and sound good. No matter what your beliefs or philosophy are. Anyway, in general I love listening to you and you are very funny. Thanks for all that you give to the world.

  58. Yes, PLEASE Keep the Satire….it is literally in the top two freedoms worth, and in need, of cherishing and protecting. Thank you sir, always.

  59. People on the autism spectrum (Asperger syndrome) have common characteristics of not being able to understand satire, facial expressions and the like. My adult son falls into this category. It’s quite frustrating at times to watch shows and even commercials with him, because he doesn’t “get it.” So, unfortunately, there truly are those people. 😬😣

    • Is your son blessed with the gift of honesty and freely speaking his mind? Is he aware that he does not understand the finer features of communication?

      • He is honest and speaks his mind. He doesn’t fully get that he doesn’t “get it.” Although, fully understands that he is “different.”

  60. Yes please keep the satire. Your snorting a rail of “the science” was one of funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  61. So this is the last place you should write satirical news? Ok I’ll post my news on all the other satirical CR episodes.

    Diogenes was condemned to exile by the Sinopeles, So , Diogenes condemned them to stay where they were.

    • Stay ! Bad dog Stay!

  62. Keep it real James, there are times to cry, times to laugh, times to grieve, and times to dance. No one does it better than you James! So keep on doing what you do best, I support you, and I love your podcast. Thank you so much for being you, Sonny

    Ecclesiastes 3:4
    New Living Translation

    A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance

  63. Nah! Keep satire goin’…its good for the soul to laugh. Though I don’t guarantee to always get it 🙃

  64. Why listen to people who can’t get jokes, that is, psychopaths and the dim-witted? Imagine a world that catered to them. I’m sure there are plenty who would love to bring it on, that is, fellow psychopaths and dimwits.

    The ridiculousness of the ridiculous should be confronted head-on, and there is no better way to do that than with satire. It also provides a fun means of attacking subjects that are so nauseating (eg Epstein) or boring (eg financial fraud) that they’re difficult to approach conventionally. And it helps spread the word. Just keep doing what you’re doing. There can’t be anyone out there with a more impressive oeuvre.

    • Like gwen posted above, people on autism specter (i.e. likely vaccine injured) also do not understand nonverbal communication. Think sheldon cooper.

      So no, not only psychos and dimwitted.

      • Yes, true, but the autistic can be extremely difficult to communicate with by any means. You can’t tailor all your communications to suit them, just as you can’t with the deaf or children. If you try to address everyone it will be almost impossible to say anything.

        • I was not suggesting anything of the likes should be done.

  65. Hello James, thanks for another great video. Yes, please keep the satire coming, as an Australian band called the Whitlams said, “sometimes you have to laugh in their faces”. I’m not sure if you’ve already covered this or not, but about 6 years ago, the then Attorney General of Australia, former senator George Brandis QC, actually tried to take satire to court and have legislation drafted to qualify what is or isn’t genuine satire. Any rational person with a sense of humour might think that this was actually satire but no, he was very serious. I suggest that Monty Python couldn’t have written a sketch that embodied satire any better than the actual debate that transpired in the Australian parliament. Is the nature of satire the most important thing that the Australian government should have been discussing? Probably not.
    Link to the actual parliamentary discussion, running time 4:34,
    Thanks for all of your great work and comedy. I mean that quite seriously, not being sarcastic or satirical.

  66. Hi James, yes it is sadly true that some people have no sense of humor. Please, please do not stop using satire in your work. If you did it wouldn’t be your work. Your work is making my brain cells create more connections so I may avoid vaccine shedded dementia.

  67. No James !! Please don’t stop with the satire. It is one (amongst many things) that sets you apart from your colleagues out there, and personally, I depend on the humour and derive much pleasure from it. It keeps things real and balances out the fear that one can so easily get swept up in.

  68. There are people who are tone-deaf, can’t understand rhythm, can’t tell blue from green, imagine they should be the opposite gender…or no gender, think someone is talking to them out of a crack in the wall. It’s just how human beings roll in all their complexity and lack thereof.

    You be you, James. That’s why we’re here.

  69. Stop the jokes! No humor!!!*

    Actually, fact check…
    Your style is superb. Stay genuine, true to yourself, and keep us laughing. If people don’t get it or like it, there’s lots of choices out there.


  70. I personally hate laughing, it hurts my face so I would appreciate it if you would stick to being serious and factual. I can’t recommend your content to my “normie” friends if you’re going to mock astrology.

    Bad James……

    But in all seriousness(so that someone doesn’t think the above paragraph is serious), please keep the satire. I love your humor and it’s one of the reasons why I have been a staunch corbettreportee.


  71. James, your sarcasm is what is wrong with our crumbling society. Humor is only running humans into extinction and distracting us from the fear that we should be focusing on so we willingly surrender more of our rights and privileges. You should be ashamed of yourself for averting our focus from the fear that will only keep us safer by creating a safe space of complete control around us from the scary world that is designed to destroy us. Just…shame.


  72. IMHO you are just one of those people who can’t/shouldn’t make jokes and it takes one to know one.

  73. James, you can’t be serious. What would the world be without the Annual Fake News Awards?!

    A few things to consider: 1) There are those, wired much differently than the rest of us, who will never get satire; 2) English is the second language for some of your subscribers. You must remember – you are a global phenomenon; 3) There are probably deep state bots as paid subscribers whose primary mission is to frustrate the fk out of you.

    After hearing your plea I immediately thought of Ricky Nelson. James Corbett/Ricky Nelson?! However, there was more to that young man than most realize. Which may have been responsible for his DC-3 bursting into flames near DeKalb, Texas, December 31st, 1985, ending his life/career at age 45. Destination? Love Field, Dallas.

    Thirteen years earlier, July 1972, Garden Party was released in response to his 1971 Madison Square Garden appearance. He began with familiar tunes, but when introducing new material, there was a commotion. It’s not clear the genesis but it appears the combination of some unhappy fans prompting an over the top reaction by NY police. Who don’t have a reputation for diplomacy.

    Partial lyrics: “I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends, a chance to share old memories and play our songs again. When I got to the garden party, they all knew my name. No one recognized me, I didn’t look the same. But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well, you see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself…If you gotta play at garden parties, I wish you a lotta luck, but if memories is all I sang I’d rather drive a truck.”

    My suggestion: Lower your incredulity threshold. When it comes to satire, don’t hesitate to go one step beyond. An example –

  74. Life has become satire. I laugh a lot these days.

    Here’s one: a very rigid, woke, school board member. “I can work with anyone and I’ve proven it. I never agree with Bryan on anything (disgusted sniff) but I agreed with him one time.”

  75. KEEP SATIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s okay. Most of us get it right away. There will always be some slower than others. They will catch up eventually. LOL

  76. Hello James!

    I am following your work for several years now and want to thank you for all the information you are putting out. Generally speaking I agree with most of what you are saying about climate change, word tyranny and misinformation. But this particular time you must be mistakening.

    Satire is a book genre, and death is a condition that can only be applied to living beings.

    But I hope you didnt do this intentionally and may be you were talking about satyrs, S-A-T-Y-R-S, creatures in greek mythology. These can be dead. But even if so as an english teacher with a degree in literature you must know that you shouldn’t say that somebody is dead, because it is rude to their relatives. Who knows how sensitive they are these satyrs. So please change the title of your post to “The satyr has passed away”
    Thank you

  77. As Editor In Chief of The Globalist Gazette ( I wish to express my utter contempt for the very idea of using satire for the purposes of expanding on important issues. We live in a chaotic world that is difficult enough to navigate without the added challenge of having to discern whether or not a writer is deploying subtle humor. Would we laugh at the serious world-shattering issues raised by Greta Thunberg? Would we sneer at the tremendous difficulties faced by the marvellous champion of the Free World Joe Biden? Would we scoff at the very very serious matters being raised by the venerable George Soros?

    I think not. We must continue to keep our language clear and free from nasty jibes and innuendo. We must also keep in mind those who aren’t able to process humor, and ensure that the internet continues to be a welcoming place for them. It is the only through such generorisity of spirit that we may continue to forge a way towards a just and equitable world.

  78. I’m not sure if you are joking about giving up satire, so I’m meta-confused now.

  79. Just as a side note, James, your Fake News Awards episode has over 18,000 views on Bitchute. Significantly more than other recent posts. So it seems that people like it, just the way it is.

    • Or, maybe, they just like getting repeatedly offended.

  80. Should you give up satire? No! I like satire even if I might not get a joke, I like it. I think a sense of humor is a gift and should be expressed. If I don’t get a joke, I’ll try to figure out why I missed it.

    I think jokes do get past cognitive walls people put up and I think they are also good for exercising parts of the brain that perhaps aren’t used as much as parts used for analytical thought. Life wouldn’t be the same without laughter and jokes. Laughter facilitates resilience and people need that. I could go on an on, but I think I made my point.

    I’ve always wished I had a better sense of humor and admire people who do. I especially enjoy their company on a regular basis because I like to laugh.

  81. Hell No!! I’ve enjoyed your humor for years, Stupid people are going to be stupid, we can’t change that, and they’re multiplying!

  82. No way James! Keep the satire and humor going, we need to bring it back if it is dead. Fakes News Awards became a great show and I am looking forward to it every year now. In general I do appreciate the humor in your videos. At most, probably Broc can add a visual warning in the video at times just to be safe!

  83. Absolutely stay with satire. I personally love your sense of humor and want to keep hearing the satire. We all need a good laugh in these crazy times, Thanks for bringing that to us.

  84. Good god keep the satire coming. We have enough talking heads in this world. At least satire provides context. Snl was famous for that but now so woke. If you can’t make light of all the garbage, what’s left?

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