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The Revolt of the Pawns

In early 1980, as the diplomatic fallout from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan began to play itself out on the grand chessboard, then-US President Jimmy Carter sent his National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, to Pakistan to rally the mujahideen fighters...

Episode 444 – Remembering Graeme MacQueen

Episode 444 – Remembering Graeme MacQueen

Esteemed scholar, researcher, author and 9/11 Truth and Justice advocate Dr. Graeme MacQueen passed away on April 25th. Today, James pays tribute to Dr. MacQueen's life and legacy with a remembrance of his groundbreaking work and the testimonies of his friends,...

Dissent Into Madness: Escaping the Madhouse

In the "Dissent Into Madness" series, we have been exploring the nexus of psychology and politics. In Part 1 of this series, "The Weaponization of Psychology," I detailed the process by which the psychiatric profession has been turned into an instrument for repressing...

Dissent Into Madness: Crazy Conspiracy Theorists

In "Dissent Into Madness: The Weaponization of Psychiatry," I told the long and sordid history of how the study of the mind has been used to suppress political opposition and subdue unruly segments of the population—not just in the "enemy states" of Soviet Russia or...


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