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So what do you call it when someone creates a specialty podcast that focuses very intently on a very niche area of interest or that very closely follows a short-lived event? Well, I call it nichecasting, but whatever you call it, today I explore that idea as a potential solution for how the independent media can keep people who want to know about very specific areas of interest informed about that topic.

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Jury awards climate scientist Michael Mann $1 million in defamation lawsuit

Remembering Tim Ball

“Ball’s Bearing” by Mark Steyn

Climate Change on Trial podcast

National Citizens Inquiry

National Citizens Inquiry – #SolutionsWatch

Episode 445 – James Corbett Testifies at the National Citizens Inquiry

The Freedom Convo Podcast

James Corbett on The Freedom Convo Podcast

NCI Testimony of Chief Greg Burke, from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Everything You Need To Know About Week 1 Of The 2nd Phase Of The #FluorideLawsuit

UPDATE on the #FluorideLawsuit: Both Sides Rest Their Case

The Biometric ID Grid: A Country-by-Country Guide



  1. Clif High does a couple ~20 minute audio files every week or so when he is driving into town and back. They’re basically Clif High brain dumps.
    That format is very convenient to listen to. I support him by buying a supplement.

  2. Niche Casting is a great idea. Finding them can be tricky, especially if they are new or you don’t know they exist. I have looked for podcasts that I heard about in another podcast that are not listed in the search results in my podcast player. I usually end up going online to search for them. I probably need to improve my searching skills.

    • Niche casting has the potential of becoming a community research tool, where truthers, freedomlovers and other virtueseekers can acces these nichepodcasts in order to have good information and analyses on different topics of importance.
      Also, this niche podcasting can be a very useful tool for other more general podcasters who di research on more broad themes.
      So, at a certain point, there should be like a library of niche podcasts that can be used sistematically by good faith independent researchers for primary sources.

      James, I don’t want to seem hiperbolic, but my feeling is that your videos and the kind of ideas you’re exploring lately make you some sort of a podcasting mentor for the entire alternative media. 🙂

  3. I listened to a really good podcast a couple of years ago. Private Victories by Iman Gadzhi on digital marketing. I loved that format and I looked forward to the next episode.

    I found a life coach through that podcast and it was memorable.

  4. The Hidden Life is Best – gnosticism, Francis Bacon, British Empire, freemasonry. Nine brilliant episodes before they went behind a paywall.

    I have been following Derrick Broze’s reports on the Fluoride trial, and I send a few dollars his way to help him continue his great work.

    • minnie says:
      “I have been following Derrick Broze’s reports on the Fluoride trial, and I send a few dollars his way to help him continue his great work.”


      Feb 7 – Derrick Broze VIDEO
      – Some nuggets in here, plus an exclusive backstory on a scientist’s interactions.
      Week 1 of the #FluorideLawsuit Is Over – Here’s What Happened

      • I just watched Derrick Broze “Week 1-fluoridelawsuit2:2” provided by HomeRemedySupply in the link above. I have been aware of the Water Fluoridation issue for some time, and even addressed my local Water Commission about it. The head of the Water Department told the group that it is put there to reduce tooth decay. He also said that he had 2 young Girls that did not have any cavities. I said that the harm far outweighs the 3% reduction in tooth decay, and then walked out of the meeting after stating that it’s a xxx Toxin! The man with the PHD, who heads the Water Department, also said that they put the exact amount in the water that is recommended by the ADA (American Dental Association. These are the guys that have been filling cavities with Amalgam containing Mercury and calling them “Silver Fillings”. The ADA is a Private Organization created to make more money for their members. Like the AMA they lobby governments to help them create more customers for their members.

        Anyway, I think that Aluminum Poisoning is an even bigger issue. It was discovered 40 or 50 years ago from autopsy’s that people that died with Alzheimer’s Disease had Aluminum in their brain. Corporate media had us thinking that it was caused by our cookware and I did get rid of my Aluminum cookware, but now I see that they have been spraying our sky’s with it for decades, and breathing it is far more likely the cause. They were spraying our sky’s with Aluminum long before the Climate Crisis, so I have to ask, why are they really dumping nano particles of Aluminum on us?
        Also worth noting is that Alzheimer’s did not exist before Aluminum was created, which also has created a lot of Fluoride.

        • They want us rotting in a ditch somewhere, after a life of misery. They want us to pair a miserable existence with a miserable demise, while we believe there was no foul play.

          And then they get a kick out of seeing a paltry few zoom about while trying to tell people about what’s going on, only to be ignored, ridiculed and outcast.

          Sounds just about right. Someone is getting good, hearty laughs out of this.

  5. I think that James Corbett’s concept of Nichecasting – #SolutionsWatch is a brilliant idea for those who have a bailiwick.

    “Story”, “Narrative”, documentary script writing, “Mass Media: A History” – A 3 Lesson Online Course, “The Media Matrix” (DVD), et al.
    – All these are right in the middle of Corbett’s wheelhouse.

    Clenching the Nichecasting mental image, was Corbett’s mention of voice actors and a narrative rendition of a specific event. “Climate Change on Trial” is worth an ear-glimpse in order to solidify the creative concept.

    — MLK 1999 Trial —
    The first Nichecasting “legal trial” idea that popped into my head was the 1999 trial with William F. Pepper and the Martin Luther King family. I think the transcripts should still be available at the King Family website or out in the ether somewhere. In addition, there is an intriguing backdrop to the story with colorful participants such as the famous TV day-time Judge Joe Brown or the eyes of local ABC TV news anchor Wendell Stacy. Some videos of the trial are out there.

    The Art of Storytelling – While I’m no expert on Storytelling, I think that the Nichecasting idea opens the door to many things.
    For example: I would love to hear Nichecasted renditions of scientific studies designed for the layman, but flavored with a non-drab, non-lecture spicy narrative.

    Voice Actors – Narrative Long-form Stories
    I love hearing different voices on an audio. It is animating and tingles the mental images.
    Recently within the last two months, the wonderful non-toxic Dentists (e.g. Dr. Griffin Cole, Dr. David C. Kennedy) of The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) uploaded the AUDIO BOOK for The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson. Voice actors often portray different people when a character is quoted in the book. It makes a big difference.
    The Fluoride Deception – AUDIO BOOK

  6. I like this niche casting idea. Great idea James.

    Only thing I would advocate with regards to this (which likely goes without saying for the long time discerning subscribers here) is that when searching out “Niche-casts”, one should check sources and ideally seek out at least two alternative niche-casts that cover the same subject matter (if possible) to cross reference and avert any potential of falling into echo chambers or giving our energy to “trust-the-expert-casts”.

    I attempted to provide a list of suggested books at the end of my first book intended to empower those looking to embark upon niche learning paths which were beyond the scope of my printing budget (which anyone interested in optimizing their gardening productivity, growing mushrooms, enhancing preserving skills or natural medicine harvesting/preservation skills can find here):

    I do seek out niche blogs and niche podcasts so I can get nitty gritty details on specific subjects from those who are deep diving on that particular area of research but my own substack blog might be seen by some as a sort of “anti-niche-cast” (as I do not only focus on regenerative gardening or permaculture, but also herbalism, nutrition, spiritual ideas, exposing government corruption, unveiling the plutocracy and sharing random nature photography, among other things).

    I don’t know if the wide ranging focus of my blog is seen as a good thing or a bad thing by those who stumble across it, but the steady increase in subscribers over the last year seems to indicate to me that my approach to blogging is appreciated by some. I would love to have access to a forum of “niche-casts” compiled by the good people of this community though so that when I write about a specific subject I can suggest people go check out this niche-cast or that niche-cast for a deeper dive on the subject (and as a way top pay it forward).

    Thanks again for the interesting idea and creative word alchemy James.

  7. Considering my Mark Steyn paying it forward example fell flat, let me clarify:

    I was trying to say that what Mark was doing, his entire effort was an investment in the future generations, his way of paying it forward to truth and reason at the personal cost of, as it seems, everything.

    Having followed the climate trial podcast, what I have found most puzzling is my belief that the trial could have ended aby other way. I am thoroughly convinced “they” had an inside man in the jury.

    In regards to effectivness of the podcast, I would say the most important aspect, besides the high production value, is condesnation of the content.

  8. I love to listen to rants, IF they are clear, concise. I will spend all day doing so and often commenting. I spend as much time drafting a comment, as I do listening. Careful proofreading shows respect for 1. The subject. 2. The recipient. 3. Communication. But, it’s much more work than extemporaneous comment.
    My two favorite speakers are J.C. and L.R. James does well, off the cuff. Larken, not so much. He is repetitive. I must tell him to write it out, edit, and he will eliminate the unnecessary repetition, saving his audience time, reach those who only watch short podcasts, and be a more effective force for change. Ironically, it was Larken who told me to proofread my writing.

    • I believe target audience plays a role. If one is talking to people with thick skulls, repetition is in order.

      • Mkey,
        How dare you, I resemble that remark.
        How dare you I resemble that remark.

  9. A Solution to Watch from John Perkins

    I just finished reading “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” 3rd Edition 2023 by John Perkins. After going into some detail on the problems created by three waves of Economic Hit men of which he participated in the first wave, he does get into Solutions. Apparently he has been lecturing all over the world on how to turn a “Death Economy” like the one he participated in, into a “Life Economy.
    I highly recommend reading the book, because you have to learn how it got this bad and what motivated people to destroy our world. John Perkins joined the Peace Core in the 1960’s to help make the world a better place, yet he was recruited and manipulated to do just the opposite.

  10. Very cool concept. I can see how helpful this could be. And I love the portmanteau “nichecasting”

  11. Your Own Back Yard is a podcast by Chris Lambert about the Cal Poly Student, Kristin Smart, who was murdered on campus by another Cal Poly student, Paul Flores. Due to Cal Poly’s and the San Luis Obispo
    sheriff’s negligence if not corruption, Kristin’s body has not been found. If not for this podcast that dredged up all the memories and developed more clues, the murderer would have gotten away with it. The murderer’s parents who likely helped him bury and later move Kristin’s body did get away with that. Lambert did an excellent job, not just in putting together an expertly produced and interesting podcast, but in shaking things up in San Luis Obispo and being instrumental in getting some merger justice for Kristin Smart and her family after 25 years. Here’s the link

    Another podcast along the same vein is about a brutal murder in Australia, I’ve forgotten the name and how to find it. If anyone is interested, I’ll research that…

  12. I’d like to bring attention to a couple of podcasters that I love.

    Operation Red Pill Podcast – despite the name, it isn’t a pro Trump podcast. Jason and Christopher weave together conspiracies, current events, popular culture and the Bible in a hilarious and informative way. I’m currently binge listening and absolutely love it.

    Amazing Polly – I listen to her on Rumble. She’s a Canadian truth teller about current events and she’s really good at pointing out controlled opposition among other things. She used to be bigger before she got banned on Twitter, she seems to be struggling a bit more now.

  13. Hi James – inspired by that item on ‘Niche Casting’ (good name); I’m thinking lately of a kind of sign-posting service to point people in the direction of more detailed analyses. It would be like the old idea of a GP who knows about many different approaches so that you can find the specialist you require. For a ‘niche-cast’ example, we could have ‘Infoshare Ireland’ which would present topical or pressing matters for Irish listeners (such as our upcoming referendum, the ‘hate speech’ bill, and the WHO Pandemic Treaty, for instance); people could then contextualise that niche to a more global perspective like the one you often provide.
    Good work,

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