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One enterprising member of The Corbett Report community has taken it upon himself to set up a Corbett Report mirror on Qortal. Joining us today to discuss this development and what it means is previous Corbett Report guest Mike Swatek.

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Decentralized Communication – #SolutionsWatch

Interview 1593 – Introducing Agorist.Market with Mike Swatek

Reticulum Network

Check out CorbettReport on Qortal at:


qortal://WEBSITE/CorbettReport on Qortal

Download Qortal at

Learn more about Qortal at

CorbettReport coder pioneer opportunities:


Q-App coding sessions on Q-Tube at


with more at




MidContinent Liberty Festival where people can visit with Mike Swatek in person from April 10th to April 15th:


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  1. He says Qortal will run on raspberry pie!!

    And I thought this high tech stuff would be beyond the comprehension of my low-tech laymen mind and could require materials I do not have access to!

    I have an untamable, incorrigible, abundantly producing raspberry patch in the corner of my yard and a self-sowing amaranth patch that grows seeds for baking (whether I like it or not!).

    I like the sound of this berry desert powered decentralized operating system, count me in! 😉

    • No but in all seriousness, this sounds like a valuable service, Thanks for a great explanation Mike.

      I will still lean into physical books more than digital databases for storing important knowledge I want to have access to in the future, but I am all about stacking functions/redundancy/resilience through diversity and I cannot carry around hundreds of books with me so this service / operating system and its many apps sounds like it can facilitate some very constructive and beneficial interactions and pathways of learning (and I will try it if I can figure it out).

      Great Solutions Watch James, thanks for providing this helpful info.

    • It’s been 25+ years since I discovered the protein rich amaranth grain. I keep forgetting to order some flour to bake bread. I consume a lot of rye toast/guak or toast/almond butter/coca/cinnamon/maple syrup.

      • @Voluntaryist

        It is a very versatile seed, you can grind it into flour, pop it like pop corn and eat right away, sprout it or use it to grow microgreens, you can chuck a handful in a soup or mix some in with rice for a stirfry, you can make bread, muffins or Dosa batter.

        Most healthy plants in my garden produce about 1lb of seed per plant (and the nutrient dense leaves are also prolific and available for many months for adding to recipes).

        I do love me some rye toast for making a sandwich with homegrown ingredients, big juicy heirloom tomato slices and fresh basil pesto with some goat cheese or tipping the toast in a sweet potato soup mmmm 🙂

        you put coca on bread?! That is intense! I have never tried ingesting that plant myself. 😛

        Did you mean coco? and/or cacao?

        I love making our own maple syrup and this year I am making Birch tree syrup too.

        Thanks for the comment.

        • I meant “cacao” raw, organic powder. Recently I discovered a new grower in P.R. who sells the raw, organic beans. I bought to lightly roast, grind for sprinkling on my hot cereal, kefir.
          About a decade ago I bought some “c” leaves from Peru to make tea. It was mildly stimulating. I took it to the poker room to use when I got tired, instead of coffee.

          • @Voluntaryist

            Ahh I thought so 🙂

            That is great you found an organic cacao grower.

            I wrote an article on the health benefits and ecological niche of theobroma cacao (the cacao bean tree) which you can read here:


            I also share links to my friend’s website who runs a beyond organic (regenerative) cacao farm as part of her food forest in Ecuador in that article above. Her stuff is really top notch and each purchase helps to regenerate the cloud forests.

            That is interesting regarding the coca leaves, my buddy in Whistler that went downhill mountain biking across Peru told me that the villagers would often offer him coca leaves to help him with elevation acclimation.

  2. If I remember correctly, James hosted a video that highlighted the qortal network a year or so ago. Intrigued, I downloaded it and installed it on an spare computer upstairs but was unable to make much sense of it or use it it any practical sense. When I checked in on it in a few days later it had either shutdown, or froze up, or something of that nature which gave me the distinct impression it was not fit for ordinary use yet.

    Perhaps it has matured. Perhaps I’ll give it another go. But I’m not going to spend a lot of time trying to get something to work or trying to fix problems. It’s not because I’m a technophobe. Far from it. I’ve been using Linux operating systems exclusively for the past 20 years. It’s just I reserve most of my time, energy and concentration on doing things in the real world outside of the digital one. And I have a lot going on in the real world. That’s not a complaint 🙂

    • Qortal has made great strides in a year. Hope you do give it another try. If you have difficulties, first check in then support is also at:
      telegram and

      Within Qortal add groups “New Tech Support Qortal” and
      “Qortal Group For App Bug Reports” which will cost 0.01 QORT each.
      Then participate in those groups in Q-Chat

      For Q-Chat to have the anti-bot throttling removed you’ll need at least 4 QORT which can be traded for LTC in the Qortal DEX. I suggest getting at least 6 to have enough to also buy a name for 1.25 QORT. If you’re not comfortable with the DEX, you can also ask for a few QORT in Q-Chat in the “Qortal General Chat” group you’re automatically a member of.

  3. Dear tech geniuses,

    Here’s what we, the everyday freedom-loving people, need:

    Is there anyway to flash an iPhone (or an Android, or whatever other phone that exists) with a completely new operating system? We want on OS on our phones that is not connected to or manufactured by an autocratic tech giant. Also, we want to see all of the so called irrelevant older phones becomes useful and relevant once again. The dream: a new battery goes in, flash the OS, and presto – total privacy in communications is restored!

    Also, can an IMEI be blocked from visibility on the network without rendering the phone totally useless? Perhaps a series of random, totally fake IMEI numbers can be offered to the network, thus hiding the unique identity of the given device.

    Thanks kindly for your interest and your attention,

  4. Question:

    Firstly, for some background on the kind of tech/coding/website/crypto illiterate person you are dealing with, I am someone that has trouble even maintaining a basic wordpress based website (that someone else set up for me) and someone that finds adding new features to it near impossible. I am also someone that finds cryptocurrency illusive and beguiling yet challenging to use.

    Could you provide a step by step list of how I could offer my book as a product for sale/trade/barter on both Agorist dot Market and/or the Trade Portal on Qortal?

    (FYI – I do not have a telegram nor a discord account and I have only ever used cryptocurrency once so I could buy some really high end heirloom cannabis seeds, but since then the “wallet” software I was using is now asking me to comply with “KYC”, and it seems like it is tryna get me to sign up for some kind of Digital ID prison precursor, so I am not down with that and no longer using that “wallet”).

    Thanks in advance for your time !

    • Looks like to sell an individual item (and/or put one up for possible trade/barter) on Agorist dot Market it requires one to have a telegram account (which I do not) so please scratch that part of the question in the comment above.

      • The Telegram group AgoristMarket is for selling on a limited time or quantity basis, like CraigsList. I will list sales there for my products which are always available through my Agorist.Market listing. Your book could instead be offered in an https://Agorist.Market listing

        • @mas

          Thanks for the clarification.

          Ok sounds good. Can I list it with just silver, cash, money order and/or barter/trade as the payment methods until I can figure out how to get a non KYC crypto-wallet and account set up in the future? Or do I need to have crypto as a potential payment method in order to list a product/business?

          I`ll start compiling the necessary info for the email to initiate a listing, thanks for the thoughtful response.

    • posted my reply as a new post.

  5. can i use qortal on my laptop without having a cell phone mike? thank you so much!!!!!

    • Qortal doesn’t yet have a mobile app. The necessary lite version is in process. When setting up an account on your PC, it doesn’t ask for email, phone number or any other form of identification. So, no cell phones are currently involved in Qortal.

  6. Agorist.Market is a place where buyers can find your listing, like an introduction service. They then get directly in touch with you or your store. To place a listing, in the main menu at select “List Your Business For Free”. The instructions there indicate you can link to your existing website offering your products. Some people use a telegram channel as a website. However, Telegram is not required. Some people only provide an email as a contact. If you have a Q-Shop, a link to that can also be provided, like qortal://APP/Q-Shop/AgoristMarket/q-store-general-ppmSilver . Email the information as requested to be added to https://Agorist.Market which is also a website on Qortal at AgoristMarket

    On Qortal you also have the option of selling a pdf of your book for some QORT at QbookStore. Install the Q-App as follows
    Open a new Qortal UI tab.
    Select Q-Apps
    Search for QbookStore
    Select and Open
    Then you can publish your book pdf with a price.

    You can also set up a Q-Shop to sell physical or electronic copies of your book for QORT or ARRR (Pirate Chain). This still requires the buyer to trust you will deliver. They can also leave a review.

    Hope that helps

  7. just have to clear up detail discussed on this video during the Qmail section regarding hashing vs encryption. These are not the same things. Typically in computer science one-way hash algorithms are used, and can be used in combination with encryption. Bitcoin uses a one-way hashing algorithm for proof-of-work, and encryption for the signature algorithm. Qmail must be using encryption for the messages, for if it was hashed (here typically a one-way hash) it (the message) could not be reconstructed on the other side.
    One-way hashing algorithms can be crudely thought of as something that jumbles up stuff, that CANNOT be un-jumbled, where encryption typically is jumbling some message that CAN be un-jumbled.

    • Thanks for the clarification

    • I misstated the hashing vs encryption thing. Fortunately, Jason Crowe provided an explanation which follows:

      QDN/Data on Qortal

      The way it works is…

      EVERY MESSAGE in Q-Mail, whether a thread or instance and private group, or a private message (or a private message with alias…) are encrypted to the individual accounts they are sent to. Q-Mail is 100% private.

      So yes, everything is ENCRYPTED.

      I think where you got confused with the ‘hashing’, is that everything on QDN (literally anything published on QDN, be it in private Q-Mail, or anywhere else…) is encrypted/chunked, and the HASH of the FILE is stored on-chain. This is how the data is secured by the chain, but doesn’t have to actually BE on the chain.

      ALL data on QDN, whether public or private, is handled the same way, encrypted/chunked, and hashed with the hash being stored on-chain.

      The only difference between public and private data, is that the private data is encrypted with a key that only the receiver can decrypt. Public data is encrypted, but the key for public encrypted data is made available so that Qortal users can decrypt the data.

      Doing things this way means that regardless, no data on QDN can be viewed in transit, and no data can be viewed at all without being viewed through a Qortal node.

  8. I’m interested in running a node (alongside contributing), but I’m weak in terms of networking skills and understanding port forwarding. I do not want to put my computer at risk. What do I need to learn and where should I learn it to put my mind at ease to follow the wiki guide on port forwarding? This would be for raspberry pi node. Alternatively could a node be run within a cloud provider’s VM?

    • Also is it correct to say I could pick up a LORA Radio Sx1262 module and attach it to a raspberry pi 4/5, install reticulum (daemon <—- – _ – ) on the pi, add a couple of 18650 batteries for charging and still connect to the Qortal UI from the Pi assuming I’m in range of a large mesh network?

      • You can skip the above. I’m really interested in learning the technical details of using Qortal over LORA. Does 1 node to be connected to WiFi? Will there be separate instances or states of Qortal depending on the mesh you have within your hops? I’m thinking of this with meshtastic in mind

        • Reticulum is a high priority for the core development, as I understand it. has more details about that protocol. I’m not directly involved in the core dev team’s integration or details of Reticulum.

          Meshtastic is a similar but different thing. I don’t know if that code will eventually interact with Qortal or use the same radio chipsets. Reticulum is a high priority for the core development, as I understand it.

          Hopefully, someone who knows more about that will be along to properly answer your question.

          Thanks for asking,

          • Thanks for your thoughts.

        • Here is a reply regarding Reticulum from Jason Crowe:

          On the topic of Reticulum / Mesh Networking

          Reticulum is a communications protocol that allows direct P2P connections to take place with ‘any’ wireless technology that exists on the machine being used.

          However, something to keep in mind, Qortal needs higher bandwidth than that which can be provided by things like LoRA radio. (LoRA radio is good for tiny low-bandwidth data like data from sensors and things like that. It cannot be used for a network like Qortal, at least not for a fully functional full Qortal connection.)

          The idea is that Qortal will need to utilize higher bandwidth connection types, such as ‘beam’ 2.4Ghz wireless technology (or any other higher bandwidth wireless connection that may become available.) I have been in talks with somone who claims to have a newer wireless tech that was built to control drones long-range, and it has much higher bandwidth than LoRA. I was considering speaking to them about utilizing that in the future.

          But, for the first Qortal mesh networks, I would assume things like the Ubiquiti Beam wireless devices would be perfect. They, even the older ones, can send a 2.4Ghz wireless (typical ‘wifi’) signal up to 18 MILES with LoS (Line of Sight). I would suspect that the majority of the early Qortal Mesh-connected nodes will be utilizing typical 2.4Ghz wireless connections. Everyone already has it, and with some small modifications, or not very expensive hardware upgrades, much longer range connections are possible. With bandwidth that is more than enough to run Qortal.

          I would really like to see in the future, a means to connect Qortal Mesh Networks over much longer distances and higher bandwidth, and at the same time utilizing a frequency that is BENEFICIAL to nature/humans instead of harmful radiation. But that will probably be a lot longer term future.

          I could definitely see something like LoRA radio being utilized with an off-chain app (that may be a ble to be distributed with Qortal, etc…) for text-based communications and things like that, but in order to have a full node running, QDN fully functioning, etc… LoRA just isn’t going to cut it. we will just have to take things as they come.

          End of part 1

        • Part 2 of Jason’s reply:

          But the way I see it working initially, and how it has basically always been planned, is that Qortal rolls out the way it is now, connecting over ‘the internet’, we build the Mesh Network support (reticulum protocol) into Qortal, then roll that out in an auto-update.

          Every node then automatically has the mesh capability, and will attempt to utilize reticulum for communications. Most likely at the beginning, we will not ‘enforce’ reticulum, but we will ‘prioritize’ it. I would also like to make it so that reticulum is utilized whether connecting via mesh or connecting via ‘the internet’, as reticulum can connect over the typical TCP/IP connections, and provides a bunch of awesome benefits.

          However, initially, to be sure we don’t cause any issues with the implementation, it would be just ADDING reticulum to the core, and having it run alongside the normal TCP/IP networking stack. The system will attempt to establish a mesh connection if it can, and if not, it will attempt to connect via reticulum over TCP/IP, if it still can’t do that, it will fall back to the normal TCP/IP connection. This way, we won’t have any issues.

          After the mesh update, mesh network pockets will begin to be established all over the world. Nodes that are close enough in proximity to one another, will connect via mesh, node-to-node. In the early days those mesh pockets will need at least one node on the mesh to have an internet connection, so that the mesh conencted nodes can reach the rest of the network.

          I think that having the default be to automatically enable the ‘internet bridge’ on every node, that way it will ‘just work’. People who do not want internet bridge turned on, may disable it in settings.

          This way, it will be ‘fully automatic setup’. if you have 5 nodes within wifi range of one another, and they all have wireless connectivity possible, they will connect directly to one another. Then as long as at least one of them also has a connection to ‘the internet’, the entire mesh will have communication with the rest of the Qortal network.

          Anyway… I didn’t want to go on forever here, but hopefully this helps!

          • Very thorough answer. Thank you! I’m heading over to matrix and discord to catch up with you all there

  9. Mike Swatek mentioned April’s MidFest – a Mid-Continent Liberty Festival for a Stateless Society in beautiful northeastern Oklahoma.

    Oklahoma – A great state to live with relatively low housing costs. Lots of rural areas. Diverse landscapes/climates across east-to-west and north-to-south.

    I wanted to mention Oklahoma for anyone looking to make a move.
    A lot of freedom lovers reside in Oklahoma.

    • Learn more about Mid Continent Liberty Festival at
      and on Qortal at

      Hope to meet, hug and visit many of you there in this quiet relaxed setting. We have several people who have relocated to the area after visiting Midfest.

    • Homie,
      I think I missed my wake-up portal to reality when I came across your post. It might have gone without my awareness of it but know that I’m onto the glitch and now contemplating going back to bed and reawaking later today so as to reinstate myself into the proper reality, and at the proper station platform.
      I see your strategery and would strongly advise against moving to OKlahoma in favor to moving to Texas instead. Dallas is open to all and very welcoming to transplants. It’s really not that crowded.
      The General just might make an appearance in Spavinaw for I have an affinity for copperheads. Which I might add there are none in Dallas for those wanting to relocate.
      It would be great to see you there. My house is close if you need a place to stay and you would be welcome. Tell James to give you my contact info. Now back to bed to try and wake up back on planet Earth.

  10. Qortal has fascinated me since I heard about it on the “Pursuit of Privacy” channel. It’s a lot to expect, but I would like to ask the developers of Qortal to take a look at our concept for decentralized decision making. I am sure they will realize that it is worth it. Qortal could be the ideal infrastructure for the client software.

    • The decentralized voting system is a high priority, as I understand it. Then most decision making can be voted on. Some votes will only be among developers where some tech knowledge is needed to do the best thing for the platform.

      Hopefully, someone closer to the new voting system will be able to fill us in.

  11. James,

    What happened to TheCorbettReport on IPFS?

    • Not sure. Will check and get back with another reply later. I know the people who did it for James.

      It’s a lot more difficult to create a website on IPFS which responds quickly, unlike Qortal. The biggest challenge for IPFS is not having the ability to “follow” with automatic updates so it’s preloaded when you visit. It also needs some visitor side apps to streamline the experience. There are already people with IPFS publishing front-ends like PirateBox, but nothing for the visitor side that I know of. I published many websites on IPFS for a while while trying to promote its use. When Qortal hit my radar, I saw it’s improvements over IPFS and what could be built there, then moved on to Qortal then to help with testing and promotion.

      • The IPFS site had not been updated in awhile when featured on the old website.

        Anyway, I don’t dispute the benefits of one platform over another. For me it is neither “either or”, but more like “all”.

        I’d like to see corbettreport on Freenet/onion/i2p/qortal/ipfs and whatever resilient technology will be around.

        P.S. is “mas” Mike from the qortal video?

    • OK, here’s the full scoop from the person who publishes Corbett on IPFS. Everyone else, don’t be intimidated by this reply about IPFS and scroll past if you like. It has nothing to do with Qortal.

      Here’s a bunch of great stuff.

      And here’s the direct link to the last Corbett mirror:

      And here’s all Corbett videos that I have

      There’s a couple newer ones here:

      What I am still updating is all the YouTube that gets posted to FP. You can find all of those here:

      If you want to get a direct link to any of the content in the master folder, you can use ‘ipfs resolve’
      For example:$ ipfs resolve /ipfs/QmYUx3LGQRWQSJKYNYkmztaWU59su4qG445bzmbXqVTvuD/The-Presidents-Advisory-1776-Commission-Final-Report.pdf

      • Many thanks for this, appreciated!
        Gonna save your comment for future reference


        Although not fully up-to-date, this content would deserve to be linked somewhete on the main (on the “clearnet”), rather than be buried in mas’ comment.

  12. If Q annon people catch wind of this there’s gping to be hell to pay.

    On a more serious note, I gave qortal a spin a year or so ago and it was to clunky for me to stick with it at the time. But I’ll try to give it another go.

    • That was one of my first thoughts, mkey! haha..but not really funny. I would like to know how the name Qortal came about. Just curious.

    • repeat of the reply above

      Qortal has made great strides in a year. Hope you do give it another try. If you have difficulties, first check in then support is also at:
      telegram and

      Within Qortal add groups “New Tech Support Qortal” and
      “Qortal Group For App Bug Reports” which will cost 0.01 QORT each.
      Then participate in those groups in Q-Chat

      For Q-Chat to have the anti-bot throttling removed you’ll need at least 4 QORT which can be traded for LTC in the Qortal DEX. I suggest getting at least 6 to have enough to also buy a name for 1.25 QORT. If you’re not comfortable with the DEX, you can also ask for a few QORT in Q-Chat in the “Qortal General Chat” group you’re automatically a member of.

    • @mkey
      If my memory serves me well … and it doesn’t these days, back when I looked at Qortal and downloaded it, I was thinking it would be resource hungry as everything is stored on the user node.
      Of course I could be mistaken 😛

      • You can how much drive storage is used by Qortal. Instructions are at

        See the last setting on that page:
        maxStorageCapacity – This setting can be used to limit the amount of space available for QDN data hosting (in the folder specified by the dataPath setting). By default, there is no limit aside from the available drive space on your system. The value should be given in bytes. For example, 1073741824 would limit storage to 1 GB.

        Qortal downloads and stores everything you access, plus everything published by the names and websites you follow. I suspect that after reaching the capacity limit, the least used, unfollowed data goes first. Will update here if I learn different.

        • Thank you Mike for researching and providing that link so I didn’t have to go searching for myself.
          I’m happy QORTAL has been updated and more developments on the way.
          It is a great idea and sounds a lot simpler than IPFS with it’s complicated addressing and file system. I shall have another look AT QORTAL.

  13. I recently installed it on Ubuntu maybe 4 months ago now (I had heard about it from another freedom fighter hero). Anyways it synced and started working. It was a little slow but I got the gist of it. I dabbled a bit and then haven’t used it until just recently. It had updated and seems to be more refined then last time and ironically I was surprised to see the presence of the CorbettReport in there!! Haha. Then I come across this Solutions Watch. Full circle. So I figure I must be into something good. I now need to get into the LoRo setup.

    • To join the discussion about Reticulum in Qortal, join Qortal group “”mesh network and hardware group” in Group Management. Then you can participate in the Q-Chat discussion on the topic to learn more.

  14. Something good? Came across this in my paroozing of the state of tech. I’m very deficient in this area and like magic it popped up.

    Q*= Q star. From my knowledge of the day in/ day out problem,reaction,solution mindset, I see this lawsuit as just that.
    Can anyone else see the importance of the legal precedence here? This fellow does a nice dissection of this lawsuit.

  15. Great project and initiative!

  16. I’m about halfway through the video, and already very intrigued. I will definitely give Qortal a whirl. I do have one question, however… in light of what’s going on right now with the Icognito market exit scam and subsequent extortion… I am _incredibly_ hesitant to rely on platform based encryption to protect my privacy. So my follow up question is… does Qortal support private PGP encryption?

    • I’ve never heard anything about that and very seriously doubt it. After Reticulum incorporation, all Qortal communications will be again encrypted, over the top of the existing encrypted.

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