Announcing the REAL Fake News Awards!

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So we all saw Trump’s “fake news awards” last week and enjoyed the stupidity of the dinosaur fake news establishment being skewered once again. But #fakenews is not limited to bogus stories about Trump. As Corbett Report stalwarts will know, fake news is being pumped out all the time on any number of issues. So let’s hold a REAL fake news awards!

Please help with this effort. Corbett Report members are encouraged to log in to the site and leave your nomination for “Fake News Story of 2017” in the comments section below. Remember: please make it a specific link to a specific story, and include your reason for classifying it as “fake news.” The more specific the better.

If I use your story on the show, you will receive a free Corbett Report DVD of your choosing. But act fast. I’ll be making final decisions within 48 hours!


Trump’s 2017 Fake News Awards

The WaPo’s “Fact Check” of the awards

Fact check of WaPo’s fact check


  1. Bana al-Abed: From a Syrian War Zone to to New York City
    There is nothing more infuriating than creating a Anne Frank scenario for a girl who’s mother handles(coaches) & a father who was an attorney acting as judge, conducting ISIS court during the siege. Thank you NYT one trove of fake news cue CNN to rival & surpass in loss of credibility.

  2. My favourite as a UFO researcher:

    “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program

    Claim: Tic-tac shaped UFO with strange aura, is moving with amazing speeds.

    Problem with the claim: The video was already on the internet for quite some years (via earthfiles).

    From Assange(wikileaks): “The New York Times fake news apocalypse has reached perfection with a front page story claiming UFOs exist. No surprise to see CIA-parapsychology-Scientology frauds like Harold E Puthoff involved and the most basic journalistic questions unasked.”

    Explanation as given via UFO-researchers (Dark Journalist youtube-channel): “the NY Times UFO Story footage was the result of a training operation and actually only shows normal aircraft at a distance on Infrared shot on Gun Cameras with a Gimbal revolving head. It’s obviously being passed off as something exotic by insiders who should know better and mainstream journalists who are not consulting aviation experts..”

    The shape and aura are caused by the infrared camera being slightly out of focus. The speed is caused by the rotation of the camera.

    I don’t think this will be in the news soon, though. The Pentagon and CIA usually give us fake UFO stories. Maybe to muddy the waters. Maybe to market and control the story. Maybe to check the reactions of the public. The amount of disinformation on the subject is already gigantic. More interesting incidents usually attract aggressive “debunkers”. They come up with the usual “swampgas” and “venus” explanations.

    What is funny though, is that now the secret is out that many UFO related files (and materials?) have been sent to Bigelow and kept secret.

  3. I nominate April LaJune (Channel: for gems such as “CONFIRMED: Marines Land At Langley To Stop Coup – Hillary Worried Over Indictments” ( or “BREAKING: TROOPS DEPLOYED WORLDWIDE WITH 10K SEALED INDICTMENTS!” ( or really just about any one of the many fake stories of hers that have been perpetuated and spread, and then explained away as some deep state manipulation or 7-D chess, when they don’t come to pass. It is those such as herself that have really hurt the independent media. We have all been fooled here and there, even been flat out wrong, but this is intentional manipulation, either for an agenda or just good old fashioned profiteering, in my opinion,

  4. The general western media coverage of Syria as Aleppo was being taken back by the Syrian army is some of the most blatent and sustained fake news I have ever seen.

  5. Good one! That whole site is a nightmare. When the Onion and DPRK Twitter feed has more credibility masquerading as humor.

  6. My pick is the BBC and it’s report of the permanent Iranian millitary bases in Syria. JC or JEP brought this to our attention, but I had to nominate it because it’s so badly written and even more badly sourced:
    I present… a bunch of Google satellite images and some western sources that say stuff…
    My favourite fake news (poop)-scoop line is:
    “The images shows a series of two dozen large low-rise buildings – likely for housing soldiers and vehicles.”
    I was so convinced by these likely soldier and vehicle houses, but I erred on the side of caution when I read:
    “In recent months, additional buildings have been added to the site. However, it is impossible to independently verify the purpose of the site and the presence of the Iranian military.”.. which I nominate for the ‘most blatant disclaimer added by a lawyer’ award.

    Perpetuating the BSBC poop-scoop was nearly every Israeli news outlet going including:

    And no surprises that this bunch did too:
    Finally I’d like to thank this two-bit intelligence source for the images Personally I wouldn’t trust them with my wedding ariel shot let alone meddling in middle-eastern affairs…congrats guys.. enjoy your British tv licence rake-off.

  7. Reported hijab attack on 11-year-old girl ‘did not happen,’ Toronto police say

    “Her story captured national attention, and drew public condemnation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory.”

    I heard about it from Jeff C at Fake News Report
    Hijab Hoax – Quebec Mosque Shooting Connection! #FakeNewsReport

  8. It’s not a big story in the scheme of things, and it is the DailyMailOnline, so maybe it doesn’t even count, given this lot are serial offenders! However . . .

    Fake image: It’s the third image down the page and, to my eye, looks to be a composite: the shadows on the three young men leaning to the right fall to the right — looks to be about 11am in the morning — whereas Salman, the boy circled in red — fall to the left. Are there two suns in Libya?

    • Yeah not a big story, but good catch!
      Also the shadows on his face are on the ‘wrong side’. 🙂

  9. I nominate CNN continuous reporting on the N Korea threat … and never mentioning that N Korea would suspend its nuclear program if the US & S Korea would stop the war games simulating an invasion of N Korea.

    Many example to choose from, but this one from Jake Tapper is one of my favorite fake news segments …

  10. I nominate “Journalist” John Podesta for:

    1. Russia Gate Coverage via his WAPO articles, these were akin to the fakest news ever printed or tweeted.
    2. His “self debunking” of PizzaGate, a very real scandal. See the interview I did with the Hacker who found and reported to DC Police (call recorded and is on youtube) the Child Porn on Comet’s server.
    3. For being hired by WAPO which took 600 million from the CIA.
    4. For being the “reason” Hillary lost, lol like it was one thing.
    5. For being a creepy alleged pedophile.
    6. He is John Podesta and he works for WAPO, you couldn’t get faker than that.
    7. His claims that Haiti relief funds didn’t go to Clinton’s wedding.

    I can keep going the more I think about it, the more he deserves it.

    Cheers, Titus Frost.

  11. Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow
    Washington Post. July 19, 2017.

    The article alleges that ending a CIA program that provided arms to radical jihadis (the same type that committed 9/11 *wink wink* and hate Americans) is a move sought by those evil Russians. The argument they are trying to paint here is straight out of Orwell and downright laughable. Fake News 100%.

    *note: I don’t believe Trump ended the program (if that’s truly what he did) because it was corrupt. Rather, he ended it because America’s influence in Syria is waning and they failed to overthrow Assad).

  12. This is late 2016 but I loved this one cause I was in Windsor the following weekend and asked EVERYONE I possibly could about it and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wanted it back in there water. This crap news like below is just so in your face at every level

  13. Perhaps not the biggest fake news story over the last year time period but it just may be the most ominous fake “fake” news story. This is of course the “fake” alert warning that Hawaii was facing imminent nuclear attack from a ballistic missile said to be incoming.This fellow has it dead nuts correct:

  14. Hello James,

    This should be if not 1st one of the largest fakes in 2017 – – CNN Kate B. 12/0817: CNN Exclus Emails: Wikileaks Attempted To Get Clinton Emails To Donald Trump. It’s only entertainment this msmbs thing is and not very good entertainment, what a waste of resources.
    Someday I hope some university or many, present a James Corbett course, comparison and contrast of political life and reality 2005-2015. The professor can tell students news of the day and then show the Corbett Report on the same topics, see how it all turned out. You are a real journalist in my humble opinion. Thank you for your work! Peace and Love, Al Soto.

  15. I’m going to offer a story about the South African president, Jacob Zuma. Zuma is no stranger to controversy. He was called up on rape charges (which he weaseled his way out of) and is on trial for multiple fraud and corruptions charges, which were suspended when he entered office. They have been pending for nearly a decade.

    Then a journalist wrote a book called The President’s Keepers, explaining who was funding Zuma and how they have kept him out of prison on order to use him as a puppet. Of course this was big news. One report has tried to move the attention away from Zuma to another family mentioned in the book.

    The article explains that members of the Fraser family have been called into question regarding illegal activity and they are preparing to press charges.

    The South African Revenue Services (SARS) have sent cease and desist letters to the publishers and are threatening to take legal action against the author, Jacques Pauw, for “divulging private taxpayer information”. This should not apply, as the president is a public figure, so his tax information should be public. They cannot take him to court or the truth that Zuma hasn’t filed taxes in years will come out. If Zuma does file taxes, he will either have to lie (and thus be taken to court and removed from office) or admit that he is insolvent (and be removed from office).
    The cease and desist has only led to increased demand for the book, which publishers barely being able to print them before they fly off the shelves.

    ….on second thoughts, maybe this should be a Good News Next Week story.

  16. ABC’s Brian Ross statement about trump colluding with the ruski’s and causing a little panic on wall street.

    they left out the truth and knew it was a lie for hours.

  17. Thank you for all your responses so far, everyone. Now I have some bad news and some good news.

    Bad news: I’ve succumbed to a particularly nasty flu bug, so there’s no way I’ll get the “Fake News Awards” podcast out this week as I had originally intended.

    Good news: You have another week to suggest stories! Keep ’em coming!

    • Rest up and get well soon JC. Best wishes from New Zealand.

    • Take care and get well soon.

    • Someone didn’t get his flue shot. It’s the mercury in the shot that kills the virus, you see.

  18. I nominate the reporting of “Storm Caroline” in the UK last month (Thursday 7th December 2017).

    Storm naming is becoming increasingly common. Previously it was only the worst hurricanes that were given names, but now almost any windy day in winter will be given a scary storm name.

    Apparently Storm Caroline was “the third named storm of the season”.

    “Storm Caroline” hit the west of Scotland with winds of… wait for it… 53 miles per hour! On BBC Radio 2 that day, the presenter Steve Wright announced that a gust of 116mph had been recorded… but he forgot to mention that it was recorded at the summit of Cairngorm mountain, at an altitude of 1245m (4084 ft).

    The BBC Online website displayed garishly-coloured headline images of the storm that was due to hit the west of Scotland:

    Yet on the very same website, the weather forecast for Luss, a village in the west of Scotland, showed winds of up to 52 mph, not exactly uncommon for the time of year:

    There were stronger gusts in the western isles – again, not exactly unusual for the time of year. Thankfully, there were no reports of casualties or major damage. Although when driving during the morning of the “storm” I did notice a small tree branch blowing across the road.

    • Well, we had “Thundersnow” a few days ago, which just looked like… snow. And the week before, we had a “Polar Blast”! (or a “cold front”, as we used to call it).

      • Hahaha – no, at least we don’t get that kind of panic here. Maybe our weather forecasters aren’t quite hyped up enough yet. But it’s very different from the way I remember it about 15 years ago, when you’d see gusts of 100mph on the weather chart and the weather forecaster would smile sweetly and say, “It’s going to be breezy.”

  19. Sorry my nomination must be Trump-related, but I truly think Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) deserves a piece of the action, so I recommend this dead-ringer: “Rachel Maddow Cements Russia-Trump Connection/ Proves Collusion; Confirms Trollops Involved”.

    • Rachel Maddow – definitely … she has used fake news to get the highest rated show on cable news … I like her finding Trump’s taxes and drumming it up for hours … and then showing two pages that were probably sent to her by someone pro-Trump since it puts Trump in a good light … it warms my heart to think someone scammed her that way

  20. Bogus Indictment which duped “Trump Truthers”

    …“…We hereby charge DAVID ROCKEFELLER with violation of (18 USC 2381) twelve times. ROCKEFELLER is deceased, yet committed capital treason under law.
    As such, he will be sentenced to death a second time for his role in assisting the illegal…
    (9/11 related crimes).
    The penalty is public death by firing squad. The Military is ordered to find a suitable stand-in and fire upon them.
    Military may even shoot up a test dummy to send message….”

    (My comment — This is not really an “entry into the contest”, but appropriate for this thread.)

  21. Fake news about Fake news from the BBC! According to the Big Brother Corporation it only started in 2016! podcast.

    Quote below is from the program description.

    “The term “fake news” has been impossible to escape over the past year.
    It started with teenagers in Macedonia pumping out posts to make cash on Facebook during the 2016 US presidential election”

  22. Here’s some garbage by Geoffrey A. Fowler at the Washington Post. It’s under a “analysis” and Geoffrey states it is not a partisan issue. However, I would call it a speculative opinion article with weak sources. Probably not a winner for whole year, but I think some of the Net Neutrality noise should be recognized.

  23. The best real fake news story? How about:

    “SOMETHING NOT FROM THE EARTH” with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

    In this clip, former U.S. Navy Pilot, David Fravor, gave public testimony in this clip with eye-witness details (his own) regarding UFOs during his career. It is some of the most compelling testimony on UFOs to be given on a mainstream media news outlet to date.

    Why should this clip get the Real Fake News Award?

    Because throughout most of Fravor’s testimony, Fox is running a video clip of the footage that was released by Tom DeLonge and The New York Times earlier in December of 2017.

    Fravor’s testimony has nothing to do with that video footage. Nothing. That footage is a bunk video clip that is being torn apart by a variety of alternative media sources.

    Why did Fox News run that video beside Fravor? His testimony describes a significantly different situation than the bunk video clip from The New York Times. That video was run to distract viewers away from Fravor’s testimony, no question about it.

    I don’t know if this clip should get the BEST Fake News Award. But I would say it’s up there for the most obvious *misdirecting* fake news award.

    • Further up the page, I posted the following comment-reply which is a clip from Tucker Carlson…
      – UFO NEWS ten days ago (January 11, 2018)-
      “…real, we are not kidding….”
      (about 5 minutes)

      Personally, I definitely believe that extraterrestrials exist.
      But I detest Tucker Carlson, especially after he tried to squash Dr. Steven E. Jones of 9/11 fame.

  24. “Russian Hackers penetrated our power grid!”
    It was revealed in January 2017 that the Washington Post had declared “Russian Hackers had penetrated the US Utility Grid” It turns out it was just an employee who had downloaded some malware to his personal laptop. The Post had not called the power company to confirm the story.

  25. I get this one as my top result

    But you did point out an interesting article, it’s very “commentable”

    I could care less about bitcoin.
    I can’t believe the number of people whom are using this expression incorrectly. If you could care less, then there are obviously issue you care even less about, thus making said issue care worthy.

    God bless the blockchain.
    IMO god doesn’t even understand what blockchain is all about, forget about having it blessed.

    Cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, I think are also fine. … But it will still be a dollar cryptocurrency. What I have an issue with is a non-fiat cryptocurrency. So crypto sterling, euro, yen, they are all fine.
    My personal opinion of this man is that he’s a very stupid human being. Otherwise I could come to think he’s trying to pull a quick one on us, but even slow is too quick for this idiot.

    I don’t personally understand the value of something that has no actual value.
    What this guy doesn’t understand could fit in dozens of big tomes let alone valueless cryptocurrency as compared to valueless fiat currency. Big difference right there, the only thing holding these together is the promise. The difference being the government can’t print one out of the ass like it can the other, that problem being only one of the myriad of issues facing financial world of today. I.e. thanks to fractional reserve lending you don’t even need to print that much currency, why, one simply wills it into existence.

    The only value of bitcoin is what the other guy’ll pay for it.
    Like every other asset, commodity, service; ever.

    A fiat currency is when a government says this is your legal tender, you have to give it and accept it.
    Oh Jamie, you should unleash that inner 3 year old child in you, or at least provide it with some education. “A fiat currency is when…” oh is it now?

    Pardon the ridicule, this guy really grinds my gears. Schmuck.

  26. Thanks for sharing this article. It looks like a massive fightback against the independent news research into the White Helmets that’s been going on for over a year.

    I’m short of time these days, but not wanting to dismiss it out of hand, I followed up the “conspiracy theorists” link in the article, and it brought forth an astonishing Guardian article by George Monbiot ( which effectively smears anyone who questions the official theory of the (alleged) Syrian chemical weapons attacks being perpetrated by the Assad government as falling prey to far-right “conspiracy theories”.

    The pull-out quote emphasises this. Monbiot says that when he challenged the claims, “people” accused him of being an Isis sympathiser, a paedophile and being blackmailed by the government. I’m sure many independent journalists have had similar claims levelled at them.

    Just because a few nutters support a particular argument doesn’t make it’s wrong, as George Monbiot, a prominent environmental campaigner, should know. But it’s an old propaganda device to use a few antagonisers to discredit an entire movement, and it’s sad to see the Guardian sinking to this level.

    Monbiot’s article also makes repeated reference to the “OPCW report” – but the link leads to a blank page.

    He disregards the arguments of John Pilger, Noam Chomsky and Seymour Hersch, while backing up his argument by linking to a couple of blog posts that, he says, have “patiently explored and demolished” [these contradictory hypotheses].

    The first of these, Linux Beach (, credits a tweet from the Bellingcat ( blog as having been “the first we know of to speak of a chemical attack”.

    The blogger writes: “There were many, many reports from the ground and many videos uploaded to YouTube” to back up Bellingcat’s claims, and that detractors “really need to interrogate the posters of this tweet and video, because it [sic] they didn’t really see what they say they saw, they must have been in on the plot to have posted so early.”

    Yes, this is one of the sources that Monbiot uses to back up his argument that anyone who disputes the “official” line about the Syrian chemical weapons attack is falling prey to far-right conspiracy theories.

    Honestly, the more you look into this, the worse it gets! It’s like unravelling knitting.

  27. That’s actually a very good idea, we could run such database independently and transparently. I can setup a simple site for if there’s interest in doing so.

    It would be like the historycommons site, but it would index bullshit instead.

  28. That trello post hasn’t come through yet, aparently. I don’t know anything about, but will look into it.

    My first thought was managing a simple docu wiki, the platform is simple, freely available, and can be setup in minutes on a php server. Free php servers may be a bit harder to find these days, but something reliable or quasi reliable should be available somewhere.

  29. Uh, uh, I have a notable (and apt) quote for the front page already.

    Remember, remember, the 5th of November
    The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
    I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
    Should ever be forgot.

  30. Trello is nice and simple, however I don’t see a way to manage a timeline with it.

    I also don’t see any way to have immediate access to content for local backup, reupload to some other site etc. What I think this would need is some sort of a tag cloud, that would be essential as I see it.

  31. Hello James,

    Thank you for this interesting project. Since you asked us to be specific, I nominate the CNN Reporter, Christiane Amanpour and her ‘Aleppo Boy’ story for The Real Fake News Awards and have included the following three links for background. I could not pull up the original 2016 interview between herself and the Russian Diplomat, Sergei Lavrov. Probably, some algorithm-changes. Strange! She was later invited by RT to interview the Aleppo Boy but she did not take this opportunity to clear her name. Instead, CNN released a distorted account of this boy’s story.

    Media used my son for their purposes’: CNN’s Amanpour challenged to go talk to ‘Aleppo boy’
    RT, Published on Jun 8, 2017 *

    Russia: Zakharova invites CNN for an ‘honest interview’ with ‘Aleppo boy’ Omran Daqneesh
    Ruptly, Published on Jun 8, 2017 *

    Boiler Room – Omran Daqneesh’s Story – (“Syria/Dusty boy” – no more MSM lies)
    Alternate Current Radio Network, Published on Jun 15, 2017 *

    James, this exercise has been an eye-opener, as it took me on a journey which focused on individual reporters/news-analysis hosts instead of faceless media outlets. Initially, I had seen them as vessels used for the reading of scripts. Now, I see them as having become those scripts. I am now better able to discern and assess these reporters credibility through their work, their career paths, their public connections through the revolving door, often married to high-placed officials and, finally, through the power they wield over the public. After doing some reading, I chose to do my research on Amanpour and came up with some very scary, fictitious stories. These reporters work for politicians, not for us. Further, they can do what politicians cannot do, namely access and interview people, in public, in the name of the Free Press while denouncing those who refuse to answer their questions. Public interviews are good if they have been independently researched and have been conducted in an objective manner.

    The following twenty-three 2017 You Tube Videos were taken from this Public Domain on January 23 and 24, 2018. I have placed asterisks on the MUST READS. I also nominate CNN’s Christiane Amanpour for the content and volume of the fake news provided by her in 2017. I recommend the longer reads, as the Zenger Lecture, because it touches many areas. She participated in the uprisings in Yugoslavia and the Arab Spring, among others and often uses rhetoric to insight people and their governments into attaching their countries. In this lecture, she insights main-stream journalists to rise-up against the fake news/social media journalists and she uses words as war, fight, must win, invading our territory etc.

    Amanpour has interviewed most of the top world leaders over the past two decades and has received every major broadcast award, including an inaugural Television Academy Award, ten News and Documentary Emmys, four George Foster Peabody Awards, and nine honorary degrees. She is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and an Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo.

    Christiane Amanpour on Pres. Trump “Fake News” Claims Creating Real Danger. @camanpour #Trump
    Almutaz Bur News Network, Published on Dec 15, 2017 *

    Amanpour Talks About The Press And Democracy
    Wochit News, Published on Nov 14, 2017 *

    How to seek truth in the era of fake news | Christiane Amanpour
    TED, Published on Oct 30, 2017 *

    London Real, Published on Oct 15, 2017 *

    London Real, Published on Oct 11, 2017 *

    Christiane Amanpour I could go to jail for telling the truth about Trump
    Finou75019, Published on Oct 8, 2017 *

    Christiane Amanpour: Zenger Lecture September 19
    Columbia Journalism School, Streamed live on Sep 19, 2017 *
    (Notes on this lecture: She comments that she does thorough research before interviewing others, unlike Trump, and criticizes his verbal attacks on the media. She describes journalism as a moral voice, truth, facts and CNN as trustworthy, honest, real journalism working within the free press of America. She speaks about the media spikes, during the elections, despite an era of the fake news crowd on the extremes of the environment; no fact checking; there is a difference between truth and lies; between democracy and dictatorship. She speaks about the following: problems of on-line and social media while professional journalists provide deep analysis, considered judgment. She blames the press of other countries such as Russia (see 33:00); America and New World Order (38:00); her job to be our eyes and ears (39:00); currency of our age is information, who to believe, only professional journalists (40:00); conspiracy theories (41:00); her mantra to be truthful not neutral (43:00); global warming (43:00); fake news, Bosnia ethnic cleansing, false moral equivalence (44:00); conviction, courage, character (48); on the Judging-Board for Livingston Awards to young journalists (59:00); invasion of our space by unqualified media (1:01:25); forced democratic, human rights, moral leaders not to turn away from Bosnia (1:06:41).

    SOPA 2017 Awards Christiane Amanpour speech
    SOPAAsia, Published on Jun 15, 2017 *

    Syria – Christiane AMANPOUR April 4, 2017 *
    LK TJ, Published on Apr 4, 2017. (Another chemical attack; she calls for action against Assad).

    Power of Film and Moving Image, Published on Feb 21, 2017. (She calls for action against Assad).

    duPont 2017 Honorees: Christianne Amanpour
    Columbia Journalism School, Published on Feb 1, 2017 *


    So-called “Journalist” Can’t Conceal Her Liberal Bias
    Remorseless Cuck-Slayer, Published on Nov 23, 2016 *

    Amanpour receives Press Freedom Award
    CNN, Published on Nov 23, 2016 *

    Christiane Amanpour: 2016 Burton Benjamin Memorial Award Acceptance Speech
    Committee to Protect Journalists, Published on Nov 23, 2016 *

    Christiane Amanpour, CNN lies about the Hungarian Tripping case, SUBTITLES
    Petra Laszlo is innocent, Published on Oct 5, 2016 *

    Christiane Amanpour calls on media to stand up for Journalists’ Safety
    UNESCO, Published on Mar 14, 2016 *

    Christiane Amanpour’s message on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2015
    UNESCO, Published on May 2, 2015 *

    Christiane Amanpour UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
    UNESCO, Published on Apr 29, 2015 *

    CNN heavily redacts RT host’s interview
    RT America, Published on Nov 24, 2014

    Christiane Amanpour Gets Syria Dead Wrong
    Secular Talk, Published on Sep 14, 2013 *

    Alex Calls Out CNN Propagandist Christiane Amanpour
    The Alex Jones Channel, Published on Sep 13, 2013 *

    Christiane Amanpour: “My Life As…”
    The Center for News Literacy, Published on Aug 29, 2013 *

    Thank you, James, for providing us Real Journalism, Quality Journalism.


  32. I nominate a new news-story, which came in just yesterday (April 25, 2018). A small excerpt:
    “Hackers from the Dutch intelligence service AIVD have provided the FBI with crucial information about Russian interference with the American elections. For years, AIVD had access to the infamous Russian hacker group Cozy Bear. That’s what de Volkskrant and Nieuwsuur have uncovered in their investigation.”

    The link is:

    The significance of this story is that it claims to cover the specific source on which the Americain Intelligence Agencies based their “high confidence” that the Russians have hacked the Democratic Party. This story also claims that this is the reason that special prosecutor Rober Mueller started investigating the Russian interference with the elections.

    The reason I think this is fake news is because:
    – earlier reports indicated that publication of the DNC emails were a leak from the inside, not a hack.
    – Deep State interests in promoting Clinton as president and undermining Trump
    – I hear this story promoted in one of the Dutch leading newspapers (de Volkskrant) and a leading current news program (Nieuwsuur) but I here nothing at all from the Americain news mainstream media. You would think they (eg MSNBC, CNN, etc.) would be al over this, but there is only dead silence.
    – All the wrong actors (for example Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Kasja Ollongren) are using this story to promote a new law that gives the intelligence agencies in the Netherlands much broader spying powers.

    I don’t think that the fact that is story is from 2018 should be reason enough to exclude this for the nomination.

    • In a broader sense you could say that this story claims to be the legitimate reason for the intensification of the attack on the alternative media.

    • But I am no expert (at least no intelligence expert), so I’m hoping you might have something sensible to say about this.

      And of course, winning the real fake news award for this story would be great.

    • The only two things I do find believable about this article are:

      – At the time the DNC leak occured, the US media did mention that the hack was uncovered with help of a foreign ally. So IF the story IS true then that would be somewhat of a corroboration (however slim). Also, in the Dutch current news program ‘Nieuwsuur’ it was mentioned that the Dutch were furious at the time that it was mentioned that the US had help from a foreign ally in uncovering the DNC hack, because even that very summary statement could be enough to compromise the methods of the Dutch intelligence agencies with respect to the Russians. So that could mean that the US are now somewhat hesitant in providing more details without letting the Dutch take the lead on this specific case.

      – I do not think that the Dutch intelligence agencies are as rotten to the core as the US intelligence agencies are (but I’m not quantifying how much less I think that is).

    • Update:
      The Washington Post has now also written an article on the same story with the title “The Dutch were a secret U.S. ally in war against Russian hackers, local media reveal”.

      The link is:

      So if it is a requirement that the nomination for the real fake news awards must have a source from U.S. origin, then you can also use the link I just provided above.

    • My apologies for my many comments on this article, this will be the last one.

      I want to conclude with a word of caution: be careful which story/article you select for the real fake news awards – and that definitely also goes for this article I nominated as well – because if the story DOES turn out to be correct (how do you know for certain that it is false?), you’ll have some egg on your face and I would not like to see that happen.

      Keep up your good work!

    • Zerohedge is on it:

      Dutch secret service recruiting computer scientists as nation-state hackers to spy on Germany
      (Dutch hackers see their secret service as assholes)

      From all the information it seems that the hardly capable dutch agency possibly found some hacker activity many years ago, and the US tries to bend that as proof for hacking of the DNC.

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