Can Chaos Be Good? – Questions For Corbett #040

by | Jun 30, 2018 | Questions For Corbett | 130 comments

Why don’t the Saudis sell Aramco to China? How will Japan cope with Iranian oil sanctions? Are Atta and the 9/11 “hijackers” just Lee Harvey Oswald? And can the chaos on the global chessboard be a good thing? Find out in this month’s exciting installment of Questions For Corbett!

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  1. I searched for “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory James Corbett” into the Youtube search bar and found “The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory” first. I still haven’t found 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory.

      • Cush350,

        Like James said, the issue isn’t that it doesn’t exist on YouTube, the issue is that it isn’t searchable. Someone just perusing through 9/11 material or other related material wouldn’t find it because it won’t appear in any results besides James’ Youtube channel.

        • Could this have something to do with the country of origin? Google does cooperate with governments. It might not show up in some because that government is nervous. JimBob who thinks a heap too many people are letting the bloodsuckers write their narrative. You never see stoners rioting. Just saying.

          • Interesting point JimBob. If anyone gets bored they should try changing their VPN servers to different countries and see how it affects the results.

            • What? I got a techie question right? Or at least made sense. Wow! A 92 karma really does a lot. JimBob who is starting to like this karma stuff. He actually learned how to use abacuses and slide rulers when he was in school.

          • Could be correct, I am in Australia and I can find it on google inside utube and other search engines and it bring up the james corbett utube site as well.

            Maybe AI have off days???

            • A search of ‘9/11 a conspiracy theory’ points to James’s YouTube video 9th in a DuckDuckGo search. However, a YouTube search of the exact title including quote marks and the colon after ‘9/11’ does not show on the first page. Yet, a video that purports to be a rebuttal is there on that first page of searches. A rebuttal ahead of the actual? Hmmm.

      • Strange, I entered “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory James Corbett” into the Youtube search engine (not James’Youtube channel) and it came right up number 1. Do the results of our searches have to do with our personal online data bases kept by TPTSB? 😉

        • easy way to test… use someone elses computer at a different house and see if it gives you the same results.

  2. hey james, i searched for 9/11: a conspiracy theory on duckduckgo and it came up as number 11. cheers.

  3. There is a CIA black ops agent named Robert “Cody” Snodgres who tells tales about OKC and other CIA misadventures. Is this guy the real thing? Could you interview him?

  4. I didnt put that together that the original video was censored. I found 9/11 in a nutshell which is the video but not your upload. Strange…

    • If you use Google it appears on top. (…I know…?)

  5. Hello James,

    I typed in ‘911 Conspiracy Theory Corbett Report Less than 5 minutes’ and many, under different photos and sub-titles, came up at the beginning of page 1. I guess it comes up when there is more specific detail given or it may have been recently uploaded.

    Thanks for all the great work and the research that goes into it.


  6. James, Do you think Mad Max from California will explode in public in a fiery blaze of crazy? Just trying to get a question you’ve not heard before. Though this one may sound crazy, but this is Mad Max we’re talking about. Or at least I’m talking about. JimBob who finds the democrats more amusing than the republicans since they lost their minds.

    • While I am not very good with technical stuff, I do seem to remember that there is a problem with the search engine algorithms that help to personalize your search returns. Could these be tweeked for certain groups? I don’t know the logic behind it, but it would be a google thought, so logic may not be a factor. JimBob who is trying to be helpful, but probably isn’t. Which is why he doesn’t try too often.

      • Its always fun to log into Youtube or do a google search for the same things you normally do on somone elses computer at someone elses house.

  7. James, I actually have a serious question. I’ve been following the q psyop lately and I thought of a certain KGB defector in the 80s, I think. He was given asylum and told a story about how Russia planned on collapsing and then re-building and destroying us from within. The story was buried. I think the whole Q Op may be unraveling that. I’m not basing this just on Q. It’s just more obvious in that scenario, because that is the obvious direction it takes. There are many clues all over the place. I also think this question will be answered before your next questions for Corbett. I think they say next month it will be happening. I don’t know if we should be worried or not; but I, for one, always hated waiting more than anything else. Though I don’t think it will go that way. JimBob who always prefers kittens to bloody kids. Unless it’s that pesky kid down the road. I’ve got my eye on him.

    • By the way, just to be clear. Regardless of the source, I think it is becoming obvious to the world that there is something very wrong with how the world has been going. Whether it be through some psy-op, or some long-buried KGB plot, or just general evil of assorted types, most people are starting to notice it. The narrative is slipping. I don’t claim to know what their narrative has been, it could be so many things. To me, I feel as if a great evil is being brought forth into the light. Whether through the power of the internet, or through some other entity. This is good. Evil is a coward and just falls apart whenever it’s been exposed. Unless you’re a wuss and run away, that is. But if you were a good person, that just wouldn’t be an option. JimBob who notes that next month starts pretty soon. And if the government says it’s doing something big, one should pay attention. Not saying they have good intent. Just saying they have intent.

      • True, Evil has been increasing, but not many seem to want to mention God or Satan…

        If you look at the break down of society and the increase of Evil you will find matches with the Bible, and the writings of the American Indians and almost every other belief on this plant.

        Interesting and would be scary to not know the outcome…

        • I poorly practice the Stoic version of theology. There is a bit of the divine in all things. At it’s most fundamental level, evil is evil in all of the loving religions. But from a Buddhist approach (or even a new age enlightenment viewpoint), you might find this global evil being purged from our collective conscious to be a focusing of our own inner purgings, and mark a paradigm shift in our spiritual evolution. I like this one. I’m pretty flexible as I don’t think most religions actually read their doctrines. I got a completely different message out of the bible than what is taught. JimBob who does think that lead and riveting incomprehensibility did play a part in Revelations and that many people seem intent on making sure it happens.

    • Was that – Yuri Bezmenov Deception Was My Job – who at same time explains how socialism was used to destroy Russian from within and other countries.??

      Would be interested on an opinion of the Q phsyop as well.
      interesting to watch from over the pond.. 🙂

      • Well, it is claiming to come w/Trump’s blessing and he is at least encouraging it. As to the intent, I am hoping it’s a level beyond the communism angle. The darker, Baal stuff which is beginning to sound as if they are really doing. The sick sexual exploitation which is coming to light finally. However, it could all be a scam, and we’re completely screwed. In any case, I know that Q said next month (or next week? which is also in next month and is most likely) we would all know. On this, I believe this is as official an announcement as you can get for something big to be announced. Usually this would mean a 9/11 type “incident” but I’m hoping this one is a change for the good. There is a very good chance of this. People are on-line and are paying attention. 1 very good thing about the q op is that a lot of people are paying attention to it. That means a lot of people know the government is diseased. Anyway you slice it, that is an important factor to consider. Regardless of whether Q is legitimate, if he’s not he will be exposed. Freedom cannot be extinguished. And anarchy is no longer considered fringe by more and more. I used to have people get quite upset (which amuses me) when I said I was one. Today, they seem sympathetic. No matter what, there have been too many people saying no more. I’m fine with next week, good or bad. I hate waiting. JimBob who also notes that when it’s really, really bad you might change your mind on that.

  8. YouTube’s search engine is garbage.
    If you want to search for a YouTube video using an engine provided by google, use the Google Video search engine instead (

  9. Tidal power was last I heard somewhat expensive to set up and MAY have issues with changing coastal enviroments for wildlife. I also would expect that a bg sea storm could take out the array a lot easier and more often then a wind storm would take down windmills.
    I also read an interesting article (in the New scientist I think)
    YEARS ago that spoke of the actual energy limits on how much energy enters the atmosphere/ weather system and how much you could take out before you use it up and actually change weather patterns. It sounded a bit far fetched but was an interesting idea I’d never thought of.

    • “…. ideas of the ‘atmospheric and terrestrial energy limits’…”
      Well… there must be an ACTUAL PHYSICAL LIMIT of how much energy we absorb, the idea that we could ACTUALLY extract that much is definitely on the crazy end of the idea spectrum. I kinda think it would be like emptying the sea with a bucket. lol
      That said it just occurs to me that weather modifcation is more about nudging the weather where you want it rather then making or destroying it so maybe it could do ‘something’ ????

      • “..And cosmic Energy keeps penetrating the atmosphere doesn’t it, energizing everything else?…”
        ‘Cosmic’ rays dont do much heating except maybe really really high up, SOLAR energy from the sun is what drives climate, however the fact that we have not melted to our component atoms suggests that the amount of solar radiation the atmosphere absorbs is a finite quantity and most of what the sun puts out radiates off into space and misses us totally…omly a finite (but huge) amount of the availible energy gets ito thwe atmosphere
        I would suspect that we are agreeing that if you are right and only the energy TAKEN INTO the atmosphere can be TAKEN OUT…
        If we wanted to extract ALL RADIATED ENERGY from the sun we could always build a dyson sphere… but I Prefer the ‘Pratchett Disk’ 😉

      • “…can we small humans we use up all the Energy…?…”
        Yes… I am now going to bed. Lol
        Seriously I doubt very much that we could ACTUALLY do that in real life

  10. With regards to safe operating systems
    1)Windows 10 will auto update itself to open up your system to “telemetry” even if you set it not to. Windos 10 is also said to report back on the NAME of every pic and doc you open. Windows code is kept secret and Microsfoft is said to have put ‘back doors’ to enter the system in as far back as windows 95.
    2) Linux is free and the code is open for anyone to see and audit. It is also free to download (you ‘should’ donate if you like the distro after using it but its not a law)and has free versions of just about any program you would want. LibreOffice can even save as ‘word’ files.
    3) The only issue with Linux is that there are so many “distros” put out by different folks that too much choice hurts peoples brains.. If all you want to do is watch vids, surf, write and spreadsheet ect Linux Mint or Ubuntu are the easist
    4) You generally dont need an anti virus with linux IF YOU DONT CLICK ON STUFF OR GO TO BAD WEBSITES… actually you hadly NEED one for windows if you do that but most viruses are written for windows
    5)If you want to just watch videos and surf and write just by a raspberry pi 3 which will do everything a chromebook will do AND MORE.
    6)If you are paranoid and dont even want to have a hard drive in your PC (or have an old POS computer from 2000 you want to use) Download Puppy Linux and run it from a ‘live USB’ The down side is Puppy Linux is less user freindly… run like this it lives only in RAM and will vanish without a trace if you pull the plug on the machine (unless you tell it to make a ‘save file’).
    7)YTube is your Linux teaching pal and Joe Collins, SwitchedToLinux, sneakylinux and a ton of others will let you see what the various kinds of Linux look and handle like

    I know plenty of folks here know all these things but I wrote this for anyone who doesnt. I didnt and this kind of thing helped me.

    • Note on Raspberry pi 3 use… the Operating System goes on a camera card and there are many you could use and you can just slot a whole new operating system in and start it up in seconds if you have cards ready
      Cost is 30-50 bucks for just the board

    • Thank you so very much.

      I worked in PC industry until 1999 and always talked about going to linux as I hated windows, and thought apple was way over priced.

      1. I can still pull apart a pc and upgrade it etc but OS, I am still better at cobol or DOS.

      2. You have given me a starting point. I have a net book with XP which runs great, DELL laptopn with w7 which is ok.

      3 and Hp Probook, which MS asccessed and over wrote my w7 OS with w10, and its ##? CRAP..

      4. also have smart phone and tablet which I dont understand, and they seem to have a mind of their own [samung]

      5. Why do I have so much??? I have ‘great friends’ and relatives who think buying me stuff to bring me out of the dark ages is good for me.

      6 and last, is there any more info you can pass on..
      All I do on my PC is email, go to normal sites which are all related to DIY, I do paid surveys, and apart from that and utube for learning vids, and also news sites like Corbet, 21stcentury wire, RT, UK colum News I dont have a TV and only use phone to call when not at home. And my Trend antivirus will be running out soon so I really dont want to renew to cover 2 pc and tablet.

      Can I doctor the tablet and smart phones??? to limit what they do???

      Thanks heaps and apologies for the long waffle. 🙂

      • For the XP netbook you can install the latest Linux Mint with the Mate desktop which looks much like XP and uses about as much ram and CPU as XP. Very secure and user friendly. Or Lubuntu (Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop) which uses even less resources and is very stable fast and easy to use.

        Both will install the OS and all of your basic applications like firefox web browser, Thunderbird email client, Libreoffice office suite, etc automatically in less time than it takes to just install windows. And you can forget about antivirus applications.

        For the other computers with more than 2 gigs of RAM Linux Mint with the Mate desktop is my recommendation. (don’t forget to back up all your data first) you will be amazed at how fast stable and secure Linux is over windows – especially Win10.

        I also was working with computers in the late 80s and 90s (I almost miss DOS and setting IRQ jumpers) and can tell you first hand how much easier Linux is to install and use. Its now far easier than windows to install and to use. The filesystem is superior and is less inclined to fragment or get corrupted. And it is resistant to 99% of “cyberherpes” infections.

        And yes there are linux alternatives for the tablet and phone but these things must be handled delicately to not lose your basic phone function. Remember when folks used their phones to call each other?

        • “….The filesystem is superior and is less inclined to fragment or get corrupted….”
          So true… My Windows 7 PC was slowing down horribly the way windows machines always do and I got tired of having to re-install the operating system every year and a half. My PC does not slow down as the file system gets cluttered the way windows always did.
          Ubuntu also made my ageing PC work faster then when I got it new.
          I use Mate but I miss the Unity desktop though. It made Ubuntu special

        • PaulsDiggs & Duck, I also thank you for your input on the tech question. Just the other night, my son and I were (again) discussing the Linux alternative. From what I’ve read over the last couple years and is confirmed by you here, Mint seems to be the right one for us.

          If I’m understanding you, it sounds like you’re talking about using an already existing older computer. Would one have to have tech knowledge to start here? I’m afraid neither of us is that technically inclined (yet). Is there a pre-packaged, brand new tower distributor that will just plug and play?

          • “How to Install Linux Mint” on Youtube


            You download the “iso” (basicly an image of the dvd) and you can put it on a real dvd or put it on a USB (the ‘iso’ needs to be put on using a program they will tell you about in the vid)
            You need to make sure you are ‘booting’ from USB or from CD drive (enter setup when you boot…usally by pressing on of the F1 thru f12 keys it will say if you watch the screen from the begining. In set up go to the boot menu and tell it what to boot from and SAVE AND EXIT) MOST PC’s will boot from CD/dvd drive IF there is a bootable disk in there.
            One warning… IF you encrypt your “home” folder then you will have to decrypt it with a key at boot up and wont be able to recover it if you forget it and dont have that code written down somewhere safe …. Linux is a ‘multi-user’ OS so ‘file permissions’ in Linux are a setting that tells you ‘what user’ can read, or write to any file. Using the same user-name when tranfering a physical Hard disk from one PC to another I never had an issue but somone else logged on with a different user name may not be able to open or read (and prob not write) to a file unless you set that files permissions to let other do so.
            YOU will always be able to change YOUR files.
            That is one of the reasons why Linux is more secure.. if I get INTO your PC from mine I prob wont be able to change much and I wont be able to do “administrator” stuff as easily as if you were using windows. I once got an old Windows PC with a password and looked up in less then ten min how to get rid of the password for the owner who lost it

            • Thanks for this, Duck; it looks easy enough.

              One last question though: what happens to Windows – just leave it alone?

              • When doing the Mint install you will be given choices – 1) automatically install Mint beside windows, 2) erase the hard drive and automatically just install mint, or 3) do something else.

                If you have the free space and want to be able to boot into either Windows or Linux, chose #1. If you have backed up all your data and don’t care about windows choose #2 to just have Mint. #3 will open up a disk partition program to allow you to resize and create new partitions. very dangerous if you are not familiar with the process. but if you mess up you just start over but windows and data may be gone leaving you with just installing Mint.

              • Lol… somone should make a “Corbett report” Distro, they already made Hanna Montana Linux and Ubuntu Satanic Edition (not an official version of Ubuntu BTW….)

              • Good to know, PaulDiggs. Thanks!

        • Thank You,
          I will have some work to do – will keep me busy inside while winte rages outside.

          Will be interesting to get the three going and checking the specs I have a feeling the Netbook with XP had extra ram installed.

          Re backing up all my data??? I am assuming this is data that is not related to OS?

          I have always partioned my PC disks. Think the Netbook is partioned as it has larger HD. OS on first partition and data on second.

          The HP & Dell came with small ssd? HD so it only has OS and all other data is on external 3T external drives.

          For future reference, the DELL & Netbook Dont come with CD/DVD rom, BUT I think In my box of PC treasure I have an external CD/DVD drive as well as a 3.3 Floppy Drive to play all those hundred of great games I collected from before XP days.

          I am going to have fun.

          Might start with the HP which Had CD/DVD drive but will have to check it it works as the downloading of win10 has messed so much up on this unit it is a pain.

          Off to get some breakfast and then work.

          Thanks very much.

          Janina 🙂

          • “…I have always partioned my PC disks. Think the Netbook is partioned as it has larger HD. OS on first partition and data on second…”
            You should get an external hard drive (or better still TWO…) to keep any files that you would miss if your PC decided to eat them. I only had it happen once but it was anoying enough that I back up now. Best is if you keep one of those external back ups at someone elses house (in a lock box if you dont trust them or you could encrypt or both) so if you have a fire you still have your baby pics and scans of your tax doc’s

        • I miss the days when you told the computer what to do and how to do it.

          Now its more You get what we give you.

          I remember when phones were phones and not robotic “fake friends”

          I actually still have 2 flip phones which run under 3g which I am having looked at and going back to using one of these for call.

          And the very smart samsung s5 which [IMHO] is a piece of crap, try to have everything blocked/removed so I can use it for calls and photos only.. but that migh not be worth it. but a lot lighter than camera and take great vids and photos when travelling.

          OH the good days, when life and PCs were/was simple and we got so much more done, spent more time with humans, and actually looked at the sky and not the ground 🙂

          • “…OH the good days, when life and PCs were/was simple and we got so much more done, spent more time with humans, and actually looked at the sky and not the ground ?…”
            If you dont decide what your electronics are going to do they really quickly end up telling YOU what to do. I swear attention span has dropped off these last ten years or so with mobile internet everywhere distracting us.
            You should look up Lunduke on Youtube “30 Day Challenge: Use modern computers like it’s 1989” He did I think 4 updates the last being something like “being always online is weird” where he discusses how much extra time he found and how much he enjoyed using computers again instead of getting stressed out and wasting time just by using computers “at stations” or mobile ONLY with internet turned off like he did back ‘in the day’.
            He has done all kind of other cool challenges like run only on an emulated Apple IIgs or only DOS or other fun stuff and is generally fun to listen to while working.

          • Janina,
            I too miss some of the older technology.

            One example: It was easier on the eyes.
            Even the early Windows had a standard blue blue and easy to recognize contrast…not the faded lighter shades we now see on computers and websites.

      • Hi
        If people have an Old PC then Lubuntu might be good too. Mint or Ubuntu is nicer though…
        Your Tablets are prob Android (which is a kind of Linux, as is chrome) but you do not have “root” so you do not have full Admin ‘superuser’ control. Basicly your the low ranked user and cant do certain system changes.
        From a security standpoint android tablets and phones are prob not and prob never will be secure. There are ways to get “root” access but I dont know them well and I’d suggest looking it up on Youtube or on a forum.
        If your just reading and watching vids u should be fine.
        Re DOS i’d say use ‘FreeDos’ if you want to play old games since it runs modern(ish) hardware better. I have an old netbook that runs freedos and win 3.1 for games and writing, my ambition is to surf the net with it one day. hahaha
        I also put Run DosBox on a tablet, Installed Freedos and then ran Win 3.1 ON A TABLET wich was funny. You can run a ton of PC stuff on tablets if you know how to run emulators, which will ‘pretend’ to be a PC for the programs U run…. I dont know emulators very well 🙁
        winworld has a ton of old OS’s and programs

        • Thanks,
          My smartphones are samsung and android,

          Was dreaming about having a use for the tablet which has been just sitting in draw collecting dust

          would be nice to put them to good use, but not essential at moment’

          My old XP is set up to just play music and games. Though it would be nice if it was operational as it is uch lighter and easier to take when travelling.

          Thanks again, I have a lot to think about 🙂

          • per the smartphones – android is just a arm hardware optimized version of linux designed by google where Google has backdoors and all the admin rights. there are alternative versions of android and other linux distro which could work but if you are not tech savvy could “brick” your phone and may not be compatible with your carrier. That’s why I still use on old flip phone with no gps or internet.

      • I used Xubuntu, a lightweight ubuntu version, on older hardware with a lot of success. These laptops with less than 2GB RAM are really locked out of anything past Windows XP, which is really getting ancient. Xubuntu, on the other hand, is a modern system, allowing security well beyond anything XP ever had to offfer.

    • I immediately switched from Windows to Linux Mint after watching a Corbett Interview with someone (I forgot his name) who was helping people make the switch. I emailed this gentleman and he helped me with Dual-Boot Installation as I was not ready to completely let-go of Windows. Now I only use Linux Mint, through Ubuntu is also great. I have never gone back and never will. For MAC Users, Linux Mint has a similar ‘command structure’ so it’s easy to master. For those who have not ventured into this area, LM is an Open Source Product, developed by the global LM Community and the contributors of each release are recognized for their expertise, whether they have helped with the soft-ware as developers or testers or financially or sent coffee. Great for skill-development and for resumes. The Linux Mint OS come as Maya, Rafaela, Sylvia etc. with the latest being Linux Mint 19 Tara. The Editions come as Cinnamon etc. and there are updates from the Update Manager. The OS is free and faster and comes with thousands of free, open-source software for all our emailing and Internet needs. My Linux Mint OS includes around 39,000 software packages, such as Firefox Web Browser, Libre Office Office Suite, VLC Media Player, Thunderbird Email Client and much, much more. Been using it for around five years, no malware or virus attacks; no expenses on Norton or Intel/McAfee etc. with their sale-gimmicks and self-inflicted bugs; no defragging needed; trouble-shooting is easier with the LM Live CD/DVD/USB because it’s running off RAM; secure and stable because of no spy-keys. It is also user-friendly without those annoying MS ‘error-messages/vague messages’, fragmentation etc. and there are several versions for our simple to complex needs. Today’s popular Android technology (Android Open Source Project) is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices and later developed for Android TV, Android Auto, Wear OS, game consoles, digital cameras, PCs and other electronics. Background Stuff on Unix, Linux and Ubuntu: ‘Unix was and is (mostly) proprietary, so in the 1980’s, some people put together something that reproduced Unix functionality without copying its source code, which would have been illegal. One of the first GNU/Linux distributions was Debian. Ubuntu was created by people that had been involved with Debian and Ubuntu is officially proud of its Debian roots. It’s all ultimately GNU/Linux but Ubuntu is a flavor, in the same way that you can have different dialects of English. The source is open so anyone can create their own version of it. Most new GNU/Linux users come first to Ubuntu or Mint (which is based on Ubuntu) because they are simpler and more user-friendly than Debian.’ Speaking for myself, I prefer the challenges of the original Linux and the original DOS to the spoon-feeding of Windows GUI.

      • Lol… somone should make a “Corbett report” Distro, they already made Hanna Montana Linux and Ubuntu Satanic Edition (not an official version of Ubuntu BTW….)

        • I second that motion, Duck. 🙂

    • Linux, for all of its advantages, does possess shortfalls which are not widely publicized, unlike the shortfalls of Windows. For the sake of completeness, I wish to share some of my objections to Linux for the readers of this thread:

      1. The device-drivers of Linux are rendered inoperable and must be recompiled (sometimes re-written) with every new minor-version of the kernel. This is the main reason why driver-support for Linux is so poor.

      2. Linux has no official instruction-manual or help-files. The team behind Linux refuses to write documentation explaining how Linux works. Furthermore, authors of books and tutorials regarding Linux are encouraged by the Linux team to avoid explaining Linux itself, and instead, to focus on explaining the commonalities between UNIX, Linux, and BSD. One of the motivations behind this is to make it harder for a company to create a closed-source competitor which (superficially or deeply) resembles Linux.

      3. Almost none of the programs which run on Linux were written for Linux specifically. Instead, nearly all of them were designed at the outset to simultaneously support UNIX, Linux, and BSD. The fact that the programs are not tailor-made for the system is evident in the lack of quality and the inconsistency of design. Unfortunately, for complicated political reasons, both the Linux and GNU organizations encourage this practice. When relatively famous programmer Lennart Poettering tried to write programs tailor-made to Linux, it caused an uproar in the community.

      4. Linux has poor backwards compatibility. Programs break after 1-2 years, unlike with Windows where programs are expected to work after 20 years and across numerous system-upgrades.

      5. Programs under Linux cannot be freely moved between folders as in Windows. Once installed, they are, generally speaking, anchored to a specific folder. You are not free to choose your own directory-structure.

      6. Programs cannot be moved between computers under Linux, as in Windows. If you have a program and want to give it to a friend using a USB drive, it is nearly impossible.

      7. Multiple versions of the same program cannot be installed.

      • It’s important to understand that Linux is just the kernel, everything else – graphical interface, libraries, programs,file browsers, terminal etc is part of the free Unix style operating system GNU. Thus Linux is actually GNU using the Linux kernel. You could also have GNU with a Minix kernel.

        The reason GNU came to be is that early Unix had many proprietary “distros” – AT&T, Sun, IBM, Xerox, and even Microsoft, etc had (and still have)expensive proprietary versions. The free Software foundation and GNU were created in 1983 to create a common ground and a license for open source “so that computer users can have the freedom to share and improve the software they use.”

        This was a perfect example of decentralization through voluntarist cooperation to take control away from the corporate giants. It works so well that even the Corporate Giants now participate in free/libre Open Source. Perhaps James can do an episode on this sometime as one example of when Voluntarism and anarchy won and made the world a better place. QFC?

        I agree and disagree with some of your points.

        1. Drivers. Linux driver support is actually pretty good, and built into the kernel itself. All drivers in the kernel are open source. There are thousands of hardware makers releasing products daily. They usually write their own propitiatory drivers for Windows and Apple. Many are very broken on those platforms. If the manufacturers refuse to release proprietary information to create open source drivers they will not be in the Linux kernel. Open source enables stable, secure,and back door free drivers that anyone can read the source code. And there is no need to update or recompile your kernel other than security updates. But if you do those drivers are also automatically included and updated.

        2. The source code and change log for the Linux Kernel is available to everyone. Documentation on GNU is likewise readily available. It is the licence that prevents closed source competitors, not lack of information. (Mac OSX is just a proprietary layer and graphical interface based on FreeBSD Unix because the licence allows propriatary changes.)

        3. Programs – Posix Compliance is a standard for programs to be compatible in any operating system and even Windows NT includes some Posix compatibility. No body writes programs just for one OS (except M$) Everyone writes posix compliant software which is ported to GNU/Linux, BSD Unix’s, Solaris, and all the proprietary Unixes.

        • 4. In my experience windows programs are notoriously not version compatible and subject to dll incompatabilies and registry changes. Not so with any of the “Nixes” the programs are stand alone and there is no “registry” to tell the os how to handle every aspect of every program. Problems can arise when different programs share the same library but it gets updated. This is one of my favorite complaints and was resolved only by PCBSD (a distro of FreeBSD where the programs specific libraries are placed each programs directory)

          5, 6, and 7 moving, sharing, and multiple versions of programs – just not true. may just require a bit more understanding.

        • I’ll have to play devil’s advocate here. As a Windows XP/Vista/7 power user with tens of thousands of hours experience in using, abusing, administering and programming I have to state that some of the factoids you presented are incorrect.

          Much of the notoriety windows earned, as far as instability goes, dates back to windows ME, which was gastly in its own right, but for some reason windows hasn’t managed to shake that legacy.

          XP was quite stable, especially considering its age, I only managed to jam it up a few times by doing stupid stuff with drivers. XP wasn’t an exceptionally secure operating system, though I managed to get infected only a) intentionally or b) when I was doing really stupid stuff. Mind you, I haven’t been using any realtime AV programs for almost 15 years now.

          Vista was a lot better in this regard, but it failed in quite a few areas, especially regarding drivers support. It did introduce enhanced security and stability features, though.

          7 was even more stable, secure and efficient. Not that 7 was that efficient, it’s just that Vista was quite terrible at it.

          Windows 8 and 10 went further regarding stability and security, but I consider both of them complete failures in other regards so I won’t waste any further time here.

          In my experience windows programs are notoriously not version compatible

          Saying that windows programs have quite a lot of notoriety is very true. What isn’t said is important here, and that’s the fact much of this notoriety has been rendered obsolete for decades now.

          The way of handling file versions introduced with Vista and kept in later windows iterations was brought in specifically to handle issues which may arise from specific programs requiring specific system file versions. Program compatibility, with additional compatibility options, for this reason was quite exemplary. I’ve only ever had trouble with some old games, those dating back 20 years in which case an emulated XP would come quite handily to the recue. Supposedly, compatiblity options were just as good as an emulated windows install, but in my experience that wasn’t the case.

          Even some rather old drivers, despite the odds, managed to operate correctly. I’d be interested to hear examples you can provide from your experience about the type of programs that had problems running on specific windows versions.

          The main problem I have with Linux (which I’m slowly distributing among my friends and customers as the tide is obviously shifting, I didn’t have the need to switch personally just yet) is that much of the community has a proclivity to drag Windows through the mud instead of thinking about how to better promote their product and put its very numerous strengths and advantages in the spot light. This form of exceptionalism is what kept Linux riding shotgun and its what will need to change before Linux becomes omnipresent.

          I agree with majority of your other points, but I think objective truth is important.

          • mkey
            “…Windows 8 and 10 went further regarding stability and security…” Any operating system that is designed from the ground up to Spy…cough, cough…I mean supply telemetry on what your doing to outside servers is inherently vulnerable to hacking.
            True all OS’s have weaknesses but I’d say open source where anyone can see the code makes it way less likely that people can build in spying access or leave accidental ones there for long.
            Also Win 10 will reset itself OVER USER COMMANDS and go back to spying…

            • None of your points deny anything I had to say in that statement nor are in collision with anything else in my original post. Am I missing something?

              • mkey
                “…is that much of the community has a proclivity to drag Windows through the mud…”
                🙂 Lol
                You should listen to Lunduke telling his ‘Inside microsoft’ stories over on Youtube and the time steave Ballmer went into a ballistic rant about Linux at an internal party and sprayed SPIT over him. LOL.
                To be fair you do kinda have a point that Linux folks are rude about windows but considering Microsft called Linux cancer I guess its just a hate hate thing folks have going.
                Personally I like OLD windows and Windows 7 pretty nice as a daily driver but now I’m open source all the way.

          • Hi Mkey, I agree that objective truth is paramount. And please don’t take this the wrong way – but your defense of Windows is the stock refrain of Stockholm Syndrome victims who have not experienced the difference first hand… “I didn’t have the need to switch personally just yet” … so windows gets a bit better day by day. If its all you know it is indeed vastly superior to what it was if you don’t look at the ever increasing spying and intrusion.

            I am also “power user with tens of thousands of hours experience in using, abusing, administering and programming” and a small business owner/IT administrator/chief cook and bottle washer. I started in the 1980’s with two apple IIe’s using visicalc, and spent a fortune to upgrade them to 1 meg of RAM and TWO 5.5 inch floppy drives (no hard drives) when networking was carrying a floppy across the room – not as a curious teenager but as a young man trying to incorporate technology to streamline a small business. Back then dos did not mean Microsoft it was just Disk Operating System of any brand. I went through MSdos5-6.22, DR dos, caldera dos, etc but needed networking so incorporated Novell and BTrieve on a 486 server with 8 megs of ram to serve 386 workstations with 4 megs – not gigs – megs. I went through Windows 3 overlay on dos, OS2 (loved OS2 Warp and still have the tee shirt), Xenix (microsoft unix), NT3 and 3.1 server, NT4 workstation and server, dumped win 98 for Win2000 because it was real 32 bit NT technology, discovered and tried to implement BSD Unix (FreeBSD4 and OpenBSD but was too difficult to implement on the desktop (except for servers and firewalls), loved XP but hated its vulnerabilities, shifted to Win7 screaming and dragging, Refused 8 and 10 because Linux was finally ready for prime time etc, etc, etc. Seen it, been there, got the tee shirt. No agenda – just give me the most cost effective solution for my business. Windows always problematic. IBM too expensive. Mac great for art but sucked for business. Then GNU/Linux started, and FreeBSB tried to adapt to the desktop. Took decades to become user friendly enough so I could escape windows but could run my business and not have to be a full time IT administrator. Thank you Jesus and the Free Software Foundation.
            I’m not a tech Guru, I’ve just been rode hard and put away wet trying to use technology to advance my small business. Not a technology business – I sweep streets and haul trash.
            But if you think Microsoft spying is new – Due to public uproar Microsoft had to release an update that removed unique identifiers and telemetry info back in MSOffice97! 1997!

            • Firstly, as I usually do in this type of situations, I will dismiss your armchair psychologist analisys of my personal experience and character. Not only is it unwaranted but it’s also completely baseless. I’ll also shake my head at your patronizing stance, it’s sad to see people behave like that. I ought to be used by now.

              Secondly, I’m left amazed how you manage to pull out a wall of text and not adress any of my points. But that’s OK, people will have their opinions no matter what. Enjoy.

              • mkey, it was not my intention to cast aspersions, but you obviously took offense, so I offer my sincerest apology. I have enjoyed your many posts and have great respect for the insights and opinions offered on this and many subjects you have commented on.
                What I was trying to communicate (poorly) is that you are correct that Windows has made great progress in stability, and even security other than the spyware it has built into it on purpose. However it has always been playing catchup to other operating systems that were specifically designed with stability and security in mind. The severity of windows failings are not as obvious if one hasn’t been also working with those alternatives and the bugs become accepted as par for the course and no big deal.

                The advantage windows always enjoyed was its familiarity and ease of use. But the biggest bug for me (with both windows and windows programs) has been the constant forced upgrades by dropping previously supported protocols features and standards. Especially when it comes to accounting and database software. Often the upgrades are more bloated, lose functionality, and require data structure changes. Often business have “legacy” applications that are very specific to their business but M$ makes it difficult to maintain. I can’t tell you how many times a windows update has broken mission critical programs. Or memory leaks have brought a MS workstation or server to its knees. Or had .Net framework errors. For an example of version incompatibility just try installing Access97 in Win10. It aint happening. I have a program for interfacing with a specific fluorometer that can’t be bought anymore and won’t run on anything above XP. I have had upgrade compatibility issues with several Adobe products, Sage/Peachtree,check scanner drivers and atm terminal software, etc. Perhaps we have had different experience because we have had different software needs.

                I have been running unix and linux on servers and firewalls for decades, but it had been too difficult to adapt to the desktop. Now that Linux has finally achieved user friendly status I have changed all but 3 workstations to GNU/Linux and use virtual machines to run the specific version of windows I need for the specific program that needs windows. Everything else is open source. All internet facing programs (web browser and email) is in linux. Since that change the IT demands on my time has dropped 90% and we have not had a “cyberhepes” event since. Thats been my experience. Open Source is delivering me from software tyranny and reducing my workload. I’ve got more time for the Corbett Report (-:

                Your right that open source proponents tend to bad mouth Windows. I would prefer to promote the advantages of open source than denegrate windows. I still use windows as needed. All software is just a tool, and is good or bad based on how it does its job.

                Again, my apologies, no offense was intended.

      • St Gregory of Nyssa
        1) “….driver-support for Linux is so poor…” NEVER been an issue for me, now I dont buy bleeding edge hardware stuff but everything I’ve shoved a USB in found its drivers and worked fine 1st time.
        2) “Linux has no official instruction-manual or help-files..” You have forums where you can find the dozen times your question already got answered… there is easily as much help as for windows.
        3)”…s evident in the lack of quality and the inconsistency of design. \…” ‘INCONSISTENT’ I’d accept but since most of them are FREE… and I’d say that its flat out wrong to say that the software lacks ‘quality’ is no more or less true then for Windows software. Theres a ton of stuff as good as each other to do anything you want to do in widows or linux…since you dont usually have to pay rent ‘subscription’ for Linux software or EVEN PAY FOR a ton of it I’d say advantage Linux
        4) “.. Programs break after 1-2 years..” Depends on the distro, plenty of them DONT change much and plenty are bleeding edge and only for super smart tec types. I’ve found Linux to be MORE stable then windows once set up to my liking it doesnt usually decide its going to force install stuff on you
        5)”..Programs under Linux cannot be freely moved between folders as in Windows….” That doesnt matter to anyone I know
        6)”…Programs cannot be moved between computers under Linux, as in Windows….” Uhh… you may or may not find that possible depending on the program in windows.
        Since you generally download Linux software from the repository most people do what windows users would normally do and just install it on the other computer. Linux has an advantage here though since you can turn the hard drive into a Virtual hard disk image and Linux (unlike windows) wont go all wonkey if you stick such a cloned OS in a new machine.
        7)”…Multiple versions of the same program cannot be installed…” I cant see why that would bother most people, if you are a super user or need specific software then use what you need for your work, most of us are just keyboard punchers who have no issue at all except finding the Distro of Linux that suits us best- which is Windows ‘one size fits none’ advantage of simplicity.

        • Duck, per windows stability, drivers, and virtual machines – my wife made an interesting observation after I switched her to Linux and created Windows virtual machines for her apps that needed Windows (XP for M$ Access 97 and and Win7 for Peachtree accounting).
          She commented that for the first time Windows was stable for her and had far less issues and crashes running as a VM in Linux. It seems that Windows is far more stable as a VM when it does not have direct access to the hardware. Today she hates Windows unless it is virtualized and sandboxed. She also loves having Facebook sandboxed in a separate VM. She feels much safer.
          If a Grandma in her mid 60s can adapt easily to Linux and multiple Virtual Machines I think Linux has come of age and is ready for prime time. A testament to Voluntarism. 🙂

          • PaulDiggsJazz
            I run a ton of windows machines in VM but mainly things like 98 and 2000 to play old games on.
            I tried to run Sims 1 in VM on a REAL HARDWARE win 7 machine and it was clunky and slow…same machine with Ubuntu installed on it runs the same VM on it FAST AND SMOOTH… Windows wastes a ton system resources.
            I saw Linus torvalds saying the NSA asked him to put a back door in linux kernal and he told them if he did everyone using it would see it and TAKE IT OUT AGAIN…. lol.
            He may have been joking since I cant imagine the NSA being that tec illiterate.
            Windows = Spyware
            Mac = Spyware
            Linux = Freedom (except the chinese edition maybe..)

            • Sorry.. I mean The N Korean version RedStar OS

  11. Was unable to post using brave browser, just checking if OK in firefox

  12. I thought Japan used some wind power, I have noticed that Japan has developed some amazing wind turbines, and I remeber the old wind mills that our parents and grandparents had, the powered the houses 70 years ago,

    looks like the world is becoming so liberal it is going backward in every area of lif….. SAD

  13. Teri – alternatives to Apple and Windows computer software:

    For security and privacy I prefer Linux to get away from Apple and Microsoft for non-techies. Linux is Open Source with no spyware and much more resistant to viruses. If you are used to Mac you have actually been using Unix (with a proprietary desktop interface) so adjusting to Linux should not be difficult.

    There are Operating Systems that are specifically designed for Privacy and Security like Qubes OS but they are not newbie friendly and need a lot of system resources – RAM and CPU power.

    Chances are your 8 year old laptop justs needs cleaning and a new hard drive and then you could just install Linux. There are several “distributions” of Linux and several desktop graphical interfaces available. But its not as confusing as it seems. I will focus on 4 User Friendly Linux distros that will do well on old hardware (or new):

    Linux Mint with the Mate desktop is my personal choice for 15 computers at work and home. Very user friendly and would do fine with only 2-4 gigs of Ram or 32 gigs. When the OS installs it also installs most of the programs you would ever use – libreoffice, firefox, thunderbird, gimp etc. More free software is available in the Software Manager. You can run windows programs using WINE or create Linux, Windows or Apple virtual machines using Virtualbox. (I created a small linux VM for my wife just for accessing Facebook so Facebook is sandboxed and can’t spy on her email or other activities). I have installed Linux Mint for many friends and family trying to escape Windows – most well over the age of 60 – it is easy to use. Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop is also fine too but uses more Memory.

    Lubuntu is Ubuntu Linux with LXDE desktop. Very stable fast and lightweight. I like it a lot but prefer Linux Mint.

    Elementary OS is a Linux distro that is designed specifically for Apple users. I have never used it but several reviews recommend it for Apple users who are tired of Apple.

    Puppy Linux and is one of the most lightweight and user friendly Linux available. Perhaps the best combination of both for absolute know nothing newbies where you set it and forget it. Grandma friendly for the computer illiterate and so light weight that you can install it on a thumb drive and boot it on any computer with 256+ megs of RAM. It is very secure, and if run in RAM leaves no footprint. I have used it and installed it on many computers for people who are not at all tech savvy. Install to the hard drive or run in RAM.

    • Thanks “PaulDiggsJazz”. Great write-ups!

    • Since we’ve been looking into it, my son brought this to my attention. Looks pretty cool. Thoughts?

      • I should’ve anticipated that. For me personally, it’s not an issue since I don’t have a problem with the people, but do with their corrupt government, as I do with all the world’s power players.

        Looking it up, it’s surprising to learn how many technologies Israel has contributed to the world, particularly that which some of us hold in the palms of our hands to communicate here. Kindle technology too! It seems there’s not a single field they’ve not significantly influenced, for the better (agriculture, medical) and the worse (AI, cyber-tech, etc etc). I suppose the same may be said of every innovative nation.

        • So true. It’s both humbling and encouraging to be reminded of such individuals, as well as see them shine in the video you provided. Much appreciated.

          • Lots of good points were made there, such as at 5:33. Methinks I ought to rethink.

  14. Teri – alternatives to Apple and Windows computer hardware:
    If your 2010 macbook laptop is actually dying there are several sources of computers with Linux preinstalled (I’m assuming you want a laptop):
    (lists 16 suppliers world wide)

    If you want a small compact desktop computer (about the size of two cigarette packs) with Linux Mint preinstalled check out the MintBox Mini 2 for $300 or the MintBox Mini 2 Pro for $350

    There are many sources of hardware with Linux preinstalled. Some have sought certification from the Free Software Foundation and some even have Libreboot open source bios to make sure there are no back doors even in the hardware.

  15. I used to do finance. I don’t go near the stock market. You don’t have weak business ideas; you have weak faith in yourself. What’s your passion? You can learn the business aspects; but what is your passion? That’s your best investment. An asset manager might get you back around 14% a year by investing in somebody else. That’s nothing compared to what you can get back if you believe in yourself. How to develop your business testosterone? I watch a lot of fitness videos because I’ve always led an athletic life. Long distance runner, bicycling, skyiving, etc. I recently found the worst visual video I’ve ever seen. However, the audio is all you need to know in order to make your business work. Here’s the link:

    JimBob who says them sharks in wall street make the megalawhatever look like a minnow.

  16. Regarding that Teri, Barbara question.
    And a link.
    Jim Lee recommended this as an ideas generator:
    Namecoin which James talked a pretty long time ago here to find too.
    Also interesting to hear the first seconds about a new ’employee’. Indirectly answered my QforC a bit.

  17. Q4J

    Hi James,
    It has been a while since you reported last on the obvious engineering going on above us in our skies. The last record I found on your site is from 2016 (with Spiro), yet since then it seems that the geoengineering programs are now in full swing.
    I have been doing a lot of research on the subject. It was a very long ride from disbelief to shock to anger and astonishment. There is soooo much trash out there online, and everyday more. It seems though that people are noticing daily more and more that something is happening to our skies.
    Since 2025 is approaching quite quickly (Owning the Weather by 2025), and the term “geoengineering” is becoming more en vouge in the mainstream media (with SRM, SAI,…), what are your thoughts on how we can stop these programs. Do you think “they” will own the weather by 2025 or do “they” maybe already “own” it?
    Momentarily the most serious and comprehensive source I have found online is Jim Lee’s and his What do you think of these and have you two been in touch?

  18. Akachi’s question on the Biafran War has clearly revealed the limits of James’ knowledge. Since James was unable to give an opinion, I thought it was time for me to chime in.

    For those who don’t know, the Biafran War was a civil war between the government of Nigeria and the Republic of Biafra, a secessionist state made up of the Igbo people. This may seem like an obscure conflict but there were many parallels with the topics covered in The Corbett Report. For example, we have the familiar theme of control for oil production and international involvement from governments such as Britain, the Soviet Union, France and Israel. As with today’s wars, mass media and celebrities played a key role in swaying public opinion at the time. John Lennon reportedly returned his MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire honor) partly in protest against Britain’s role in the conflict.

    Much can be written about the Biafran War but I would like to draw readers’ attention to foreign mercenary involvement in the region, particularly during the period of 1966-1967. Although the US officially declared itself neutral due to Britain’s influence in Nigeria, American meddling via the CIA was demonstrated by the assassination of a Norwegian mercenary known as ‘Roland’. Roland’s considerable skill had earned him a high degree of noteriety. It’s not clear why the CIA wanted Roland dead but presumably his rising fame threatened to expose their dealings. Using the typical CIA tactic, a fellow mercenary by the name of Van Owen was bribed to assassinate Roland. The assassination was successful and Roland was killed in an explosion that decapitated his head.

    This is where the story takes a bizarre twist. Van Owen himself was later assassinated in Mombassa and witnesses claim the assassin was a headless corpse. This same corpse was said to appear in other areas of CIA involvement including Ireland, Lebanon, Palestine and surprisingly, Berkeley, California. The latter location was the start of the whole Patty Hearst and Symbionese Liberation Army debacle. We shouldn’t be surprised that Patty Hearst was later outed as a CIA agent but that’s a whole different rabbit hole.

    • siopaomeow
      Re Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
      I heard (online…. so , yeah…) that the song was based on a true story but never found any actual sources I would trust.
      Is this that Satyre thing Corbett was talking about?

      • Unnamed sources within the CIA confirm that Warren Zevon’s collaborator on that song, David Lindell, was an ex-mercenary who had worked in Africa. You might not be able to trust other sources on the internet but you can trust me. The other sources are probably Fake News®™.

    • Thanks siopaomeow
      I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers Biafra. Understanding its context in the 1960s demonstrates that the more things change the more they stay the same.

      But one thing has changed: back in the 1960s and 70s there was nothing controversial about discussing the suffering caused by these events as the result of competing national and corporate interests manipulated by power elites and CIA involvement. It was understood by the man on the street and seen in historical context. Just 50-60 years latter it is now considered “conspiracy theory” and “fake news”.

  19. For follow-up on the 911 stuff:

    Airliners likely switched with unmanned military drone airplanes

    I found this list:

    Most evidence now shows that the airliners were switched in the air with drones, above/near military airbases. So those planes that hit the towers were very likely unmanned.
    Hijacking were staged inactive military exercises. Which are currently hidden behind top-secret.


    Most evidence collected on PilotsFor911Truth seem to show that there has been switching of the original planes with military drone-planes.

    This evidence should be considered independent of the demolition of the twin towers.

    1) The course of the planes towards a radar dark spot. This strange course makes a plane switch easy.

    2) Fuckery of the transponders and ACARS. It is easy to pretend to be a different plane by reprogramming the transponder. Also I think that “hijacked” airplanes were reported in use again.

    3) Remains of the planes. The found remains (like engine) belong to different models of aircraft.

    4) The high air speed and high manoeuvrability of the planes that crashed in the buildings. The speed is to high for safe and precise flying with the original planes. (Not impossible though).
    The pentagon version might be different from the others. Its observed manoeuvrers are really extreme for a big plane.

    5) Reported exercises of hijacking commercial airplanes.

    6) Likely staging of telephone calls from planes (via other source).

    7) The presence of an AWAKS flying around. (via AlienScientist)
    Fighters to intercept the planes were blocked, but an air-control plane is still flying around the area.

    8) Released CIA reports of planned plane switches above Cuba, to give an excuse to attack Cuba. page 10 section. 8.
    This also talks involved drones.

    9) No black boxes, but at the same time passports and toy are “found”.

    10) Military airplanes are strengthened with titanium and may penetrate steel beams.

    11) Inside the original planes were security people / CIA / military people that were able to deal with hijackers. (AlienScientist)

    12) Some “hijackers” were still alive.

    13) Total disabling of all air-defence around the most important military buildings. Or should we believe that the pentagon has no SAM? Nor any good security cameras from the pentagon.

    14) Direct destruction of relevant evidence.

    Where the planes did really go to and what happened with the passengers is unknown. Maybe they were murdered. Maybe some went in hiding or left with the Laden family. There are enough black projects.

    • I posted this above, but it also seems appropriate as a reply to this comment:

      Has anyone noticed how much the ‘highjacker Jarrah’ (32:40) looks like Jerry (Jarrah) Seinfeld??

      • You are right.
        He does look like Seinfeld.

        Where’s Kramer?

  20. Your second question, Lorenzo, has been mine as well for quite some time.

    And amazingly, JimBob, due to my reading here, I have come to realize that I am the best investment, only my thinking was leaning more toward going back to school, as I don’t think my passion in butterfly gardening will get me very far. But then, another part of me knows the schools are a mess, jobs are scarce, and frankly, I’m just not keen to become another cog in the machine. What to do?!

    • Pearl, I think James is a good role model to emulate. He just started this site for HIS pleasure. Look at it today. Just follow your passion. It may not work in that area, but it might lead to something even better if it doesn’t. I actually disagree with your assessment of butterfly gardening. I have plans for a small farm and I want a section set aside for a Monarch breeding safe zone. I live in one of the areas they love to breed. start looking it up on the net, you might be surprised at what other people would want. JimBob who has finally broke through his plateau of 92 and at 93 karma points is no longer able to see his fingers as he types.

      • That’s so cool, JimBob! Texas is a sort of funnel during spring and fall migration, but the numbers aren’t what they used to be, just tragic, so they need all the help they can get. I imagine Flourida skies are graced with the loveliest of butterflies – you’re in a prime location to discover this fascinating hobby, learning all the host plants to specific species – just plant it and they will come!

    • My take as well, Lorenzo. Diversify!

      Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

    • You mean run about 10 businesses at a time? with passion? I’m sticking with what I know and love. That’s too much work to do that many. Plus, why do people think you need all this capital to get started? All you need is what you’ve got. Don’t get caught in those positivism traps. Just do what you love and let the rest take care of itself. Having a business is less a money maker than it is an expression of who you are and what you have to say about yourself to the world. I was giving James as an example, because I think he makes a good example for what I’m saying so poorly. He also might make a good apostrophe as well, but I still can’t find him on Facebook. JimBob who knows it was apostrophe but he’s way too lazy to check on what it was that was coming so quick.

      • “I was giving James as an example, because I think he makes a good example for what I’m saying so poorly.”

        I don’t think you say anything poorly. You may be a bit prickly, but hey, it’s a good kind of hurt.

      • Well, when I used to do financial planning, we would always harp on having enough cash to last you for a certain period of time. I don’t practice this myself as I don’t have enough cash for that. Instead, all I’m doing is everything into my one basket of investing in myself. However, if cash reserves are a concern, then that should probably be what you should concentrate on first. This could be banks, anything that can be liquidated fairly quickly and without undue hardship via penalties for early withdrawal. But, I wouldn’t count on me as an example of what to do in terms of a conservative approach. JimBob who just likes to put it all on Black 13.

  21. Has anyone noticed how much the ‘highjacker Jarrah’ (32:40) looks like Jerry (Jarrah) Seinfeld??

  22. James, I just wanted to commend you for staying on point and keeping your answers concise. I think I can confirm youtube years back has recommended to me your short 9/11 video and that was probably how I came in contact with your work. Google refined this algorithm a bit, it was a tad too efficient.

  23. Having civilisation descend into Chaos will be essential for us to gain back our freedoms and to not come under an inescapable global control grid.

    The solutions that James advocates such as the P2P economy, decentralization, growing you own food etc are all excellent and ultimately the only way people can remain free. We should be practicing them now – however the problem with those solutions is that at a community level it is going to take 2 or 3 generations before they become effective enough.

    We don’t have that much time, I’d say we have 5 to 10 years at most before we reach a point of no return. If we are lucky, in fighting amongst the power players may slow down the advancement, but in general it will be moving in the same direction of total control of the population. What will be needed is a period of total chaos to slow down the advancement and retard the control grid.

    We have to be careful what we mean by chaos, we need true chaos (in which no one is in control) not contrived chaos by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be in order to justify their solutions to their contrived problems.

    Perhaps nature will provide a source of true chaos. A Solar flare, Asteroid collision, major volcanic eruption, non man made pandemic etc. But if it doesn’t in time, will freedom lovers be prepared to create their own sources of chaos? (say taking ideas from the CIA’s dirty tricks manual and turning them back on the system?)

    It will not be pleasant. Do people who say they value freedom really value it so much to be prepared to suffer to protect it?

    The alternative is the boot stomping on the face of humanity forever.

    • You make it sound as if chaos is automatically violent. The violence you get out of it is the violence you bring into it. While it is true our system is screwed, it is only because of intent. We could collapse the debt today, continue printing fiat (just from the treasury), and be just fine. Violence is never the solution, that is how the problems are created. JimBob who ain’t against violence, it’s just that he’s too lazy to get all worked up about it.

  24. Perhaps a search with “” might help you find what you are looking for.

  25. [Re: Satire]
    Dear James,
    I hate to be the one to say it, but you know as well as I, that this here internet has its fair share of twits and half-wits. However, I guarantee there is a certain type of wit out there, who considers it their sole purpose to reply to SATIRICAL material AS IF they’re someone who has no concept at all of what satire is. They might think they’re being uber-satirical, but then, if every piece of irony and satire needs explaining to the masses, then there’s not really any point in either of them is there!?… I find the fun of reading the arguments section is knowing that nobody knows who they’re talking to. Present company excepted of course; different class of commenters at the Corbett Report!
    Anyway, I promise I’m not one of these comedy trolls, but I can’t say they haven’t made me chuckle once or twice. Then again I read Robin Cooper’s Time Waster Letters once, so what does that make me?…
    In the spirit of open-source intelligence, here’s a 10 minute video about Ken M. And whatever anyone thinks of him, I’m sure we can all agree on the sentiment of his closing number:
    P.S. I knew one day I’d find out on The Corbett Report why the lead singer of The Dead Kennedys calls himself Biafra; Mind you, if his parents called him Jello, I wouldn’t put it past them to be the activists. (The other James had a record behind him once, but the subject wasn’t brought up.) Thanks for that siopaomeow!
    And thanks James, you’re a diamond!!

  26. I don’t think we can or should rely on chaos as a solution to the final pieces of the NWO falling into place. It is too much like waiting for divine intervention for my liking. I would like to point all of James’s followers to a video I watched today which genuinely scared me about the e-society being piloted in Estonia.All too soon it will be rolled out globally. It has changed my attitude about what is worth fighting for – it is too late for most of the endangered and cherished things we care about like good education, health care, a free internet and stopping the endless wars. We have to accept that we are at the 11th hour. There should be no more debate about where we find ourselves, only what we do about this existential threat. I would be interested in your comments and ideas about how to slow down these changes as we are entering a period when there will be no privacy, no access to information without the sanction of the State, no money, no freedom of movement or speech.

    • E-stonia is their dream. But they’re a bunch of idiots who never get anything right. Twenty seconds after they implemented that system, I’m sure some 10 year old gamed it and is making a fortune on a black market. Rednecks can’t be contained that easily. JimBob who keeps meaning to take that hacker’s manual tutorial, but he don’t really want to put in all that effort.

      • IShotSanta
        They dont care about the uber smart 10 year old… society has always had bandits and criminals and still functioned. They care that 90% of the people are returned to the relatively impotent power level they enjoyed pre-Infomation Technology.
        Being ABLE to ‘break the law’ and get away with it is not the same as being truly free.
        Chairman Mao said something like ‘gurrillas swim in the sea of peasants’… in a totally monitored State system the ocean dries up or at least gets very shallow.
        Shallow , just like me

        • I don’t care about the 90%. They obviously don’t care about their freedoms, so don’t go thinking I should care more than they do. And I disagree on the outlaw. You are focusing on criminals and bandits. I say only the outlaw is free. We are outside the law. We do not abide by the law. We are not protected by it’s rules. Use the sovereign sense of the word as a punishment, but make it a blessing. And there are a number of those in this world. And I doubt a single dang one of them cares one whit what Mao had to say about us. Now tell me that we ain’t free.

          • Whatever you like… but its a lot wasier to do what you like when 9 other guys are also doing their own thing.
            Freedom is an unnatural state in that most humans were not free… being free is as special as having a good education or being well fed…and like ‘doing the right thing’, a lot easier when everyone else thinks its generally a nice thing.
            Free people are like any other animal and will do better in the right habitat… It’d be bad to end up like the Tigers in less and less forest

            • I ain’t following 9 dumbasses who can’t find their ass with both hands. That’s the 90%. No thanks. And freedom ain’t unnatural. It’s just not for the weak. And if you think a human tiger is going to wind up with less jungle, you ain’t thinking right.

              • OK,
                whatever you like.
                But if freedom was natural then more strong Russians and Ukrainians would have enjoyed it even under Communism.
                It didnt take a long time for Romans who were literate to have illiterate kids and grandkids
                And if you think the human tiger is going to thrive living in a Technocratic society where the system knows how much toilet paper he uses per week you aint thinking right

              • I’m sorry, but if you’re arguing that freedom is unnatural; then you are talking to the wrong person. That is a slave mentality and I absolutely detest slaves. Freedom of association on my part now lets you know I want nothing to do with you. JimBob hating slaves since 1960.

              • “…I’m sorry, but if you’re arguing that freedom is unnatural; then you are talking to the wrong person..”
                Its as unnatural as being able to lift heavy bar weights or do calculus. Freedom takes training and strength and health and the conditions that encorage it have not existed thru most of human history.
                Feel free to disagree..or ignore or block or whatever… if it was an easy natural state then it would be common as horse poop instead of rare like rocking horse S%%^

              • Maybe submission comes natural to you, but not to me. You don’t need any overlord to control you; you already insist on enslaving yourself. No matter what, you will seek some imaginary owner that keeps you from being the superstar you imagine you have inside you. It’s there, you just don’t have what it takes to get it out. Instead, you seek for ways to remain a slave. As for telling me to feel free, you have no idea what that is. The advice/order/needs of a slave mean nothing to me. JimBob who knows a slave mind when he sees one.

              • Ishot Santa
                Look, feel free to insult me all you like but it would be more useful to both of us if you actually answered the point I’m bringing up.
                1) If freedom is a state people ‘naturally’ exist in then why have the vast majority existed in sevitude?
                2)IF (as I think) freedom can only exist when people are smart and educated enough to exercise their natural rights then what went wrong with the 90% and can it be fixed?
                3)Does a lawful concealed carry permit holder have more or less freedom then a Detroit felon with a gun in his pants?
                They both exercise the same rights but the ‘outlaw’ exists only as long as society is unable or unwilling to remove him. OUtlaws make legends…they dont write history because they dont win long term
                4)Seriously… no one wants you to ‘follow’ the 90% of lazy slobs… but when they arent there living free will be a lot harder

              • Estrogen and trust, duck. stupid people trust. Those become followers. smart people don’t. And I am free to insult you. You are trying to claim your servitude is superior to freedom. This is something I find sickening. We are done if that’s how you think. I don’t talk to slaves; they’re just too disgusting.

              • Ishot santa
                “…Estrogen and trust, duck…”
                who says you should trust? Enjoy beating that Strawman
                “..stupid people trust. Those become followers. smart people don’t….”
                Wrong..plenty of smart slaves out there… just not many dumb free people
                “… And I am free to insult you…”
                “… You are trying to claim your servitude is superior to freedom….
                Who is claiming servitude is BETTER????
                Why are you beating on a strawman??? I said to be free you need to be educated in freedom enough to use your natural rights… most people are not and never were
                “… This is something I find sickening…”
                Yeah..I would too if somone claimed that
                “…. We are done if that’s how you think.,,”
                Lucky I never said that, eh?
                “… I don’t talk to slaves; they’re just too disgusting…”
                Well.. honestly thats kinda dumb since their slavery is just a thought away from breaking…but hey, whatever.
                Enjoy beating up on that strawman… but such chest beating and machisimo is so very much part of that slave think you hate so much.
                You think blacks are more free when they go all gangsta life or when they were working hard to educate themselves and build their own system?
                Theres a reason the toxic culture pill got pushed on them with the crack epidemic… criminals are easy to deal with, free minded people no so much
                Duck out

              • why would I care why the weak do what they do. there is no strawman argument. It’s just your question was impossible to answer in a comment. go educate yourself. as I said, since you are claiming you are superior because you are a slave; I have no respect for you. In other words, we’re done. I despise slaves. How hard is that to figure out? JimBob who is always surprised at how stupid slaves are. Enslaving themselves they always do.

              • “… It’s just your question was impossible to answer in a comment…
                Its impossible to say if a CCW holder is more or less free while exercising the same natural right then a detroit lawbreaker???
                “… since you are claiming you are superior because you are a slave;…”
                Huh??? You been drinking n interneting again?

              • Your question is also the strawman argument. People have not always chosen to follow. I quit reading past your first sentence. slaves aren’t worth any more effort than that. Nor will I respond any more to your dissertation that you are superior because you are a slug. JimBob who really hates slaves.

            • “…Your question is also the strawman argument.
              A QUESTION is an argument? Grandpa quit drinking and typing
              “… People have not always chosen to follow…” Nice point about nothing I actually said..
              “… I quit reading past your first sentence…” Then how do you know what the hell YOUR responding to ?
              “… slaves aren’t worth any more effort than that….” Then what? Typing random stuff into the internets?
              “…Nor will I respond any more to your dissertation that you are superior…”
              1)I bet you DO respond 2)I NEVER SAID I WAS SUPIRIOR.. you got some kinda inferiorty complex or something? I never even said anything about you
              “… because you are a slug…”
              Wiggle wiglle..your words wound me. Your might insult burns freeeezeeese… aghhh
              “.. JimBob who really hates slaves…”
              Thats nice 4 you… but whats that gotta do with me?

  27. By the way, I was at a friend’s house yesterday and they had a tv on. It was Fox and they seemed to be obsessed about the Supreme Court. It was either the news or one of those crime things. But the commercials were interesting. One that showed a bit was a yogurt making a big deal out of being GMO free and also Michelob ultra (I think) yapping on about it’s organic grains. This is mainstream. The hemp bill coming up is the end of the oil/plastic/pharma/GMO companies. People are more awake than ever. By the way, I watched this video (and no, I don’t trust this Q thing, but it’s something to be aware of) And then we get this Second Coming/2nd American Revolution/anti-kakistocracy/all evil will be annihilated video. Now, I don’t care if it is absolutely true or not. If the purge goes on, it will be with people screaming for it. Deserved or not. And so much power will flow to the anointed one. Will these things come to pass? All I know is they have given a time-frame. I’m guessing the word fireworks means something. Me? I’m going fishing that day. Without a license. In the city pond right behind the courthouse. Why? Because I’m a free man and I like Bream. Just picked some cattail to make a little flour for the pan-frying. Oh yeah, redneck paradise. JimBob who’ll also get the cornbread going as well.

    Almost forgot the link.

  28. Pretty slick move on their part! Also, I think I just heard something about sales tax on the internet. I already pay for my state, but I think this crosses that line. Taxes are such a nifty tool to crash an economy. JimBob who don’t like it when some bean counter starts counting his beans like they’re his or something.

  29. Regarding MacOS and security, I like “little snitch”.

    It monitors your network activity, thus showing you exactly when an app wants to connect to a server in the internet and asks if you want to allow this connection.
    You can set up rules: either denying or allowing these connections in the future:

  30. The strange inconsistencies of the Parkland 2-14-18 Shooting.
    I am dissatisfied with every article I have seen about this shooting. It seems that the mainstream and the alternative both either lie or ignore the important stuff. So, I wrote my own article. Here goes.
    1) Student David Hogg on Florida school shooting

    In the above video, at the begging, David Hogg claims to have been in his environmental science class when the shooting started.

    2) Sneak peek: 39 Days – a CBS News Special

    Starting at the 4:25 mark of this video David Hogg claims to have been at home when the shooting started and that he had to ride his bike as fast as he could to get to the school to get video of the shooting.

    So, um… like which is it?

    3) Brave student interviews classmates about gun control whilst hiding from shooter

    Starting at the 1:00 mark of this video is recording of David Hogg saying that the Alex View interview, done in the closet and supposedly during the shooting, was made at 9:32 on 2-14-18.

    4) Student Reporter Interviews Classmates Hiding From Gunman in Florida High School

    Here you can see that same video without the overlaid imagery… except there is something missing, and that something is the part of the video where David Hogg clearly stated that the recording happened at 9:32 on 2-14-18. I think this was the version of the video that appeared on twitter.

    So, you can tell how the part where David Hogg stated the time of 9:32 on 2-14-18 was certainly edited out. You can tell that these are the same recordings by comparing the 1:09 mark of video 3 and the 40 second mark of video 4.

    This wasn’t recorded at 9:32pm like some try to claim. There is no way anyone would have still been in the closet at 9:32pm. The school had been cleared out long before that. And you can tell from the video #4 recording at the 8 second mark that it is clearly daylight when the video is being recorded. See the light coming through the window in the upper left side?

    5) New details: How the Parkland school shooting unfolded

    Here we can see that shooting started at 2:22pm.

    You can see Cruz was arrested at 3:40pm. So, why would they still be in the closet at 9:32pm? They wouldn’t. It’s clear that the Alex View interview was recorded at 9:32am.

    That same article claims “Cruz remains in the lounge for two minutes before he discards his rifle and races down the stairs. He flees out the west doors of the building with other students.”
    This brings me to the next section of this mess.

    6) Alexa miednik official interview

    This video is interesting because as we can see during the Alexa Miednik interview there were shots fired even after Cruz had ditched the gun and blended in with other students to leave. She claims there was another shooter with shots coming from a different part of the building.

    7) Student witnesses confirm multiple shooters in Florida school shooting

    At the 45 second mark of this video another student claims there were 3 shooters.

    Keep in mind that I used to have a vid of another student make similar claims. I haven’t been able to locate it again so I didn’t include it.

    If Nikolas Cruz did the shooting then why are multiple people claiming more than one shooter?

    8) The meth head claim?
    At first I thought this was a red herring, but I have to wonder after seeing the complete inconsistency of David Hogg’s claims in videos 1 and 2.

    I will let you decide what to believe on this one. (this 3 pages of his arrest only appear in the pdf version of this article.)

    9) Friend Says Cruz He Knew Was ‘Nice Person’

    After all the demonization of Cruz I thought it would be interesting to include this video of someone calling him the nicest person they ever met. Just thought it was interesting.

    I’ll let you decide whether you think this was a false flag or not. Seems fishy to me though.

  31. Just thought I’d post this here. I think I had made a Q ref. first on this thread. Once again, I am not a fan of Q. I just think we should keep an eye on it. Also, Brian from HiImpactFlix just posted this video on his take, which I do agree with. Yet, I am still glad that so many people are really looking into this. I don’t think they will like what is coming, but I do hope I’m wrong. Though the narrative (not mentioned here) is that we will start seeing stuff in July (or within the next two weeks if you’re nasty!) and troops home on Vet Day. Though I doubt the troops will be as useful as people think in terms of martial law. Soldiers are not just stupid pawns who merely follow orders. Though there are plenty of those. Anyway, here’s the video link from Brian:

    I just don’t get it. This Russia election thing just won’t die. Did the Russian State interfere with the U.S. 2016 election process on the side of Trump? And, if so, how?

  33. James,

    Do you have any opinions about the Mandela Effect?

    A real effect?
    Just a harmless meme?
    Deliberate meme fostered for Intelligence purposes?

    Interesting bit about recently released information on Mandella by the CIA…–say-released-cia-documents/

    “The apartheid government had fears that SA would erupt in “unrest” if former president Nelson Mandela died in prison.

    This revelation was contained in a US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) document titled, Nelson Mandela: What if Alive and Well and Free in SA.”

    • Thanks for that link. It was actually a pretty good analysis of the situation in that it appeared impartial and did not over-reach it’s conclusions. Most of the people within the CIA are NOT monsters, and in fact are just data analysts and the like. And they do provide a lot of good data. Now, what the leadership does with that is another matter. Personally, I think the Mandela effect may have a lot to do with information overload, but I’ve not really put a lot of thought into it. It may also have a lot to do with re-evaluating the truths we’ve held before. But could the intelligence agencies take advantage of this human frailty? Of course, and I’m sure they not only do take advantage of it, they probably encourage it to help maintain confusion in the public mind. However, I don’t think the CIA ever really comes up with anything on their own. They usually find people already doing something and then they get them to work for them, or they encourage through the media such effects in order to amplify them. These bureaucracies aren’t really very creative; they almost always have their ideas handed to them from outside sources. JimBob who thinks that all bureaucracies suffer from a terminal case of check this box and move on disease.

  34. Question for Corbett:
    I fairly recently started watching your videos and exploring information on your site (love it already). Before I was familiar with your work, I was looking at info from Peter Joseph’s work for The Zeitgeist Movement (a lot of his inspiration came from The Venus Project). I don’t know if you are familiar with this work. He often argues that the socioeconomic system (and, by extension, the hierarchy of government) is at fault for corrupt human behavior. I know you would disagree with his resource based economy solution (although a bit different than the definition you’ve laid out). I know he has the right motives. This is the summary of one of his books on the Jimmy Dore Show:
    All the background details out of the way, now the questions:
    Do you think there is a viable version of Capitalism?
    What is an example of a capitalist system that has worked best in the past?
    What needs to change in capitalism to make it viable?
    How would you go about adjusting capitalism to work in a finite growth model to avoid resource depletion?
    Who would make money in a Voluteerist/Anarchist society if money is still viable?
    What are you thoughts on TZM and the venus project?

    • You sure hit some interesting spots with your questions, so I have to chime in.

      1. in my view capitalism, even if you kept it unregulated (but of course held accountable), has a natural tendency for pyramidal convergence of power and control. And as such will always lead toward the end goal where one takes all. Besides, capitalism is inherently against progress if it colides with capitalization.

      5. I’d guess anyone who decided to take part in the markets and exchange.

      6. me too had some cuddly warm feelings about the Venus project and the resource based economy. However, where it all boils down for me is the control of the database which says who gets what. Who controls it and how? I don’t think there will be any answers to that question which can alleviate concerns. Maybe efficient mass voting could work, but that just opens another can of worms and history of voting is what it is.

      VP also sounds like a new version of globalism, something I’m fervently against because it’s unnatural and dangerous.

      • FREE capitalism without market manipulation by govermental power has much less tendency to permanent pyramid structure…. its when that money is mixed with the power of the government that things get fixed in place… as for ‘capitalism’ i’d say its working just fine in that we have more of what we want now then we have ever had before…. and if what we want is gross and wasteful that says more about us then about capitalism itself.
        The Venus project is technocracy… also (possibly…) with a dash of new age weirdo religiouslity of the Lucis trust kind.
        Honest money and (actual…rather then fake)free markets are the best safeguard for keeping freedom to do waht you like with your life.

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